Do Parents Ever Cross a Line by Helping Too Much With Schoolwork?

How much help is too much help?

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  1. My parents do not help me with schoolwork, although they will occasionally asked me if I have done it. Often times, if I am unsure of something, I will go in and ask my teacher for help, but never my parents.

  2. Personally, my parents never help me or try to help me with my school work. The only time I would go to someone in my family for help would be on a math problem I couldn't figure out and for that, I would usually go to my brother who is now in college. Since he left the person I go to for occasional help has not changed to my parents. Instead when I'm stuck on something I just circle it and ask my teacher about it the next day. I feel like most parents are super controlling about trying to help their kids with their school work. Overall I am happy with the way that my parents support me with my homework and school work.

  3. I feel like parents should not interfere with the students work. This is because it takes away from the students ability to prove their academic skills. If parents get too involved it does not let the student show their full potential.

  4. When I was younger, in elementary school, my mom would help me with my homework occasionally. When there was a math problem I was stuck on or if I needed help studying my vocabulary words she would help me through it. She did occasionally check my homework to make sure it was correct before I handed it in. Once I was in middle school she still helped me with my homework but not with the actual content. She would help me get organized so I could complete my work fully. By high school, she had stopped helping me with my work. I was on my own. I occasionally read her my essays and ask her if certain parts sound right, but she always responds with "thats better than anything I've written" which isn't much help even though its nice.

  5. I personally don't ask my parents for help because they either don't really know how to help me with my homework, or they want me to do it by myself. My friends in the class I need help with are the ones I go to. They know what we have been learning in class and know what the teacher wants. I am a fairly organized person and rarely if ever, need a reminder about an upcoming assignment. I try and work until I cannot or really don't understand how to do something. I think receiving help makes me see a different perspective on how to work through the problems. I think parents who help with college essays are overstepping because the college essay is a chance for the student to express who they are not in terms of grades. If the parents help, it is showing a person who isn't the applicant, its a mix of the parent and applicant.

  6. My parents do not really help me personally with homework. In middle school I would ask my dad to proofread an essay but he would never change any of the wording, he would just look for grammatical errors. I believe that parents can help with schoolwork but if it turns into the parents work then it becomes a problem. A parent can help bring a thought out or fix grammatical errors but should never have the ability to basically make the essay theirs.

  7. @Matt I think parents stop asking or helping you when you are moving on from grade, like from middle school to high school. Like, I remember that in middle school my mom will always ask me about homework and by the time it was finish, she will look at it to see if I make any errors, but this was just in math because she is good with it. Later, she stop helping me or checking on my homework because she want to take the responsibility to re-check my own work, or to ask my teachers instead. So, I totally agree with you a parent can help but never let them do it for us.

  8. Ever since middle school, I never really asked for help from my parents. I just did my homework, and they never chimed in. Once high school came around, I was fully independent in my homework and never felt like I wanted to ask my parents for help. If I was ever stuck on a concept in any of my classes, I would go straight to my teacher. My parents trust me, know I work hard, and don't want to give me help unless I need it. They have never helped with editing my essays, with a math problem, with studying for tests, etc. I do everything myself. They have their own worreis in life–not my high school homework. I think the only time I have asked for help from my parents is when I am asked to write a paper with some topic of my choice and I need some help coming up with ideas. I am happy with the way my parents don't help me with my homework because I think it has helped me develop my character with independence and dilligence.

  9. This is Kyle. I frankly don't understand this situation. For me it is very rare for my parents to help with my homework, since they are busy with their job, making dinner, sorting bills, housework etc. I feel as though it would be selfish for me to ask them. Having my parents help me with my homework wouldn't benefit me at all in the long run.

  10. while I was growing up, not once has one of my parents helped me with homework. maybe they've told me to do it or that maybe, I should be doing it, but they've never done it for me. that is where I cross the line, parents helping/doing homework completely destroys the point of the homework and clearly shows that the child knows little. I also feel like it is quite selfish to ask my own parents, who have bills to pay and jobs to work, to help me with homework, even then, making them do it is extremely past the line.

  11. I am so thankful that my parents are not interfering in my school work. They trust that I am trying my hardest, and they know that questioning me about my GPA will just stress me out more. Being on my own with my school work has taught me to be independent, organized, and resilient. Using my parents as a crutch would be so unproductive towards my development as a student/person.

  12. I'm a high school junior and the last time my parents helped me with school work was in middle school. I'm the 4th child out of 5 and at this point, my parents have given me plenty of space when it comes to homework assignments and tests. Rarely do I hear the question "How did your math test go?" or "How's that English paper coming. I think they know I don't want to answer it or they don't actually care. It's not a bad thing though as I have enough space to write authentic pieces and keep my voice in my writing.

  13. I think parents have the right to assist their children with their homework but to an extent. The homework is meant for the student and needs to be completed by them so they can understand the topics and do well in the class.

  14. I feel like parents should help their child out with school work and assignments, but their is a line. Helping your child out means you help them with the one question they have and you make sure that when your done they understood what you did or why you deleted/ added something. The children need to learn from what the parents did, so they can be ale to do it on their own. But their is a line, when they talked about how a parent helped them write their college essay, that's a huge mistake because theirs a difference between helping with you understand something and then helping you by doing the your work for you.

  15. After reading the NY Times articles "Do Parents Ever Cross a Line by Helping Too Much With Schoolwork?"I, personally never get help with my homework from my parents, mostly because almost 100% of my assigned homework is math, and my parents don't understand the common core that I, and all others my age was taught with, then when I try to tell them that the way they are telling me, is not the way we do it in class, they get mad, and sometimes yell at me in frustration, but also I don't ever even ask for help with my homework, because I'm not that bad at math and my other schoolwork, and don't need help, but in conclusion I don't think my parents cross the line with helping me with my homework too much.

  16. I think that it is okay for parent to help their children with homework, but not in excess. Helping you child with their homework builds trust, and gives your child practice with their work. I do however believe that you should not constantly be with your child helping them. This is not okay to me because the child should still learn from their mistakes and so they are able to know how to do the work themselves. If the kid cant learn from their own mistakes and correct it, they are just the same as not learning anything. In conclusion it is okay and encouraged for parents to help their child with their homework, but like all things it should be done in moderation.

  17. I have not received help on my homework from a parent in a few years. I personally feel that if you have something you do not understand, you should ask your teacher for help on the subject or clarification. I think that it would be much more effective to have a teacher help you with your homework because they will be able to not only help walk you through the assignment and get the material, but they will make sure that they are not doing it for you, but instead are helping you do the work yourself. A teacher will also be able to expand on the material and know everything about it so that they can help you, where a parent might only be guessing for some things. If you are unable to have a teacher help you with your work sometimes texting a friend who is taking the same class as you will be very helpful and they can work through the problem with you, but I feel that a parent is not always going the be the most useful person in the world for an assignment.

  18. When completing my schoolwork, I try to overcome any challenge I face by myself. While this may not always work, it at least teaches me the important skills of perseverance and problem solving. When it does not work, my parents can be good resources to ask questions or even just discuss the topic to spark ideas in my head. After I write an essay, I usually ask my mother to read it over. Whether she just corrects punctuation or simple mistakes I may have missed, or helps me to refocus my writing, I find this to be a very beneficial resource. However, when this can become too much and potential cross a line is when parents do not allow their children to think freely and instead micromanage the situation. It is great for parents to want their children to do well, but it is not great for parents to do well for their children. When parents clip the creative and intellectual wings of their child they are hurting them in the long run. Even if their help results in a good grade, they miss out on important knowledge and skills that they could have gained from completing the assignment themselves. Overall, parental support and even help is fantastic and children should take advantage of the opportunity if they are lucky enough to have a parent that is invested in their schooling. However, it can become damaging to the child if their parents take full control of their students academics.

  19. Personally, my parents do not really help me with my homework often and I don’t mind that. I enjoy being independent with my schoolwork and thinking on my own but I can also see why some people like to get help from their parents. I believe that it is okay to ask for help but in some cases it can cross the line. The example that is described in the article above uses the example of a student’s parent practically writing their son’s college essay for him and I think that is definitely not okay. Students should be forced to think and do work, especially big projects like their college essay, on their own. I think it is totally okay for student’s to need some assistance with their work but I believe no parents should be writing big pieces and practically doing their child’s homework for them. I feel that students need to be independent in their work in order to express themselves and their own personality. If a parent were to do their essays, it would be taking all of the student’s personality and style out of their writing and that will only hurt the student in the future. Also, this wouldn’t be enabling the child to learn anything. The whole point of school work is to learn valuable information and if a child’s parent is intervening in their work too much, then the whole point is lost and the student is the one to suffer.

  20. Yes, on occasion, I do have my parents or older brother help me with my homework. I’ll have them read over an essay for spelling mistakes or to check if a sentence makes sense. They’ll help me work through a math problem or two or quiz me if I have a test coming up. They are always assisting me in my school work, and never doing it themselves. I do think that parents helping with school work is completely fine but there is a line between helping and doing. By providing guidance a parent or sibling is passing their knowledge to you which helps you to become more insightful in how to apply that new knowledge in the future. If they do end up crossing that line then there is no new knowledge to be passed. That would be like if you were in an art class learning how to draw hands, asked the skilled, professional, art teacher for help, and them just drawing it themselves without helping or showing you how. By having someone else do the work for you, you are not learning how to be independent or how to take accountability for your actions. This leads to people that just expect things to be done for them after high school or college. You are not always going to have someone to help you every step of the way throughout your life.

  21. My parents do not really help me personally with homework. In middle school I would ask my dad to proofread an essay but he would never change any of the wording, he would just look for grammatical errors. I believe that parents can help with schoolwork but if it turns into the parents work then it becomes a problem. A parent can help bring a thought out or fix grammatical errors but should never have the ability to basically make the essay theirs.

  22. Neither of my parents or sibling help me with my homework. But they always check power school to make sure I'm keeping my grades up. I don't worry that I'm too dependent on my parents because I do a lot on my own. Over all. I'm fine with my parents not helping me a lot because when in college I won't have them.

  23. My parents don't help me on my homework, unless I need help on an essay. They don't help me because they are always busy and gone, and they just flat out don't know how to do it. In the past, I've asked for help and they look at the paper and try and figure out how it works. I think it is beneficial foe parents to help because they teach kids how to fix their mistakes. Also, if a kid is struggling, it is good for a parent to step in and help. Parent don't cross the line because they are always busy and they trust you to get your own work completed. My friends parents don't help them out very much because they are also busy, plus it's good responsibility for their kids to do it. Overall, I am happy with the way my parents help me because they only help me when I need it, and they don't get in the way of me completing my work.

  24. I don’t think parents help enough with their kids school work. There are parents that sit around and let their kids by with just passing grades if the parents got more involved not only could it help the grades but the relationships might improve. My mother helps me with my math and my father helps me with my english when I need it and most of the time they do know what they are doing believe it or not. It might also help the parents because if their child is struggling and the parents know they are they can try to help not always will the children want or accept the help but it is the parents job to offer help.

  25. My dad does not help me at all with my homework. I never ask for help though because its my responsibility and not his. if I'm working on an important paper when i finish sometimes I give my mom my paper to look it over and revise it but that's about the only help I ever get. Parents don't understand the negative impact of doing your child's homework.

  26. I personally do not ever really receive help on my homework from my parents, and I don't hear my friends ever talking about their parents helping them with theirs. This leads me to believe that parents are not helping their kids too much with homework. However, just because I don't personally see it that doesn't mean it isn't happening. I think if parents are like completely doing the homework for their kids that is a problem because then the kid isn't learning. If they're just helping and still letting the kid do most of the work then I think that is fine.

  27. The only one that really helps me with my homework is my mom. She usually just tries to help me understand my work. My mom does a great job at helping me. She never gives me the answer straight away, she works through it with me. Honestly she is a better teacher than some of the teachers at my school! I am really happy with how my mom helps me when I need it.

  28. Sometimes my mom will help me with my English homework, but that is the only homework that she can help me with. She is not very good at Math or Science because English has always been her thing. My mom always make sure that I am doing my homework, and that I study for test which is a good thing and I am thankful for her for doing that. Yes, I do think that parent help with homework id beneficial because it can make the kid less stressed out. But, I don't think it makes you become a more independent learner. Yes, I am happy with the way my parents help me with my homework and I appreciate it very much.

  29. I believe that parents should be able to with their children homework, but to an extent. If the child does not understand something they are suppose to be doing as homework they parents should be able to help, help them understand what they are suppose to be doing. Parents should not be doing their children's homework for them though, that does not help them learn, it just helps them get it done and thats not the point of having homework, or work at all. Personally I never get help with my homework, but if or when I do ask for help they usually do not know how to help me because they either never learned it in school or forgot it from when they are in school.

  30. My parents only help me on my homework if I’m struggling on it, it’s usually my mom that helps me. She never does my work for me, half the time my parents cant’t help me on it because they don’t know what I’m working on. I don’t have any older siblings like my friends who can go to them for advice or help.

  31. I think parents should help out their kids with school work because they might not be understanding whats going on in school and the parents could at least help them understand a little bit plus the parents would understand whats going on in school.

  32. My parents or siblings never really help out with my school work. I do once and a while ask them to read some essay I wrote, just to see if it makes sense to someone that isn’t me. I think that not having my parents write it for me is very beneficial for my success in the future. Because there will be a point when they won’t be there to help out at all. Being non-stop coddled by your parents with your homework can be harmful when they decide that they won’t help you. I don’t know anyone with parents who go too far with helping with their kid’s work. I am happy with my parents not helping out with my work often.

  33. My parents have never really helped me with my homework. They were clear that homework was my responsibility. They didn't even remind me to do it. I think that since they did that, I take school a lot more seriously than someone who is always nagged about their grades. Parents should help with some of the questions if their child needs it, but for the most part I think it should be up to the student. My friend gets nagged by her mom about her grades and homework, if my mom did that I think I would feel the need to rebel and not do it.

  34. I personally never get help with my homework from my parents, mostly because almost 100% of my assigned homework is math, and my parents don't understand the common core that I and all others my age were taught with, then when I try to tell them that the way they are telling me, is not the way we do it in class, they get mad, and sometimes yell at me in frustration, but also I don't ever even ask for help with my homework, because I'm not that bad at math and my other schoolwork. If I have any other homework my dad or mom can usually help me but sometimes its too hard and I end up just having to learn how to do it by myself.

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  36. I don't think parents cross the line when it comes to helping on homework but on projects yes I do. Parents help way too much on projects and its not okay.

  37. My parents never really help me with homework. A lot of my assignments are too confusing for them because they havent learned this pointless information since high school. This just proves we shouldnt learn a lot of this stuff because we wil never use it. My mom will revise my papers and help me add detail but thats about all she does.

  38. In my opinion, it is okay for parents to help out their kid if they are struggling in school, but not to the point where they are doing it for them. My parents do not tend to help me too much because I can figure it out on my own and if I can't I will go to my classmates because they are more familiar with the material. I know students where they will have their parents do the whole assignment or essay. that makes it so when the student gets tested over the material, they are not knowledgable because they didn't do it.

  39. When I ask my parents for help, it’s usually something that has to do with helping my study by asking my questions to test me or maybe a minor questions that I have but I never have them do work for me. I am pretty independent when it comes to work and I don’t usually ask my parents much anyways because they probably don’t know it. I would never let my parents to papers or assignments totally for me though because it doesn’t teach me anything and it’s wasting their time. I think that parents can provide help but you can’t let them provide too much help or else people will get used to it then realize how hard it is to do things on their own.

  40. For me, parents who are involved with their kids school work is a good thing. To know what they are doing and to help them if they are struggling. I believe that parents shouldn't just be handed a computer and have them do all of their work but to be able to be their for them. Later in life they wont be their to help so for them to now is good. My parents have never been the ones to just do my homework, she asks if I need help but that's about it. Usually my moms the one that revises papers or gives me suggestions on what would be better. When I do my homework I feel like its my issue and responsibility and not theirs so id rather not ask.

  41. My parents do not help me with my school work anymore, they help my younger sister who is in middle school but not me. When my mom does help it is to read over my papers for errors in grammar. Other then papers she does not help me with school work. I think it is beneficial that she looks over my papers because it shows that no matter how many times I read something there is always some type of error that someone else sees. No, I do not think my mom's help crosses any lines, she tells me what to fix and why so that it is not just her doing my paper. However, I do know a lot of students who get lots of work from their parents and I think they cross a line. I accept that I do not get much help on work now a days, if I really need their help I would ask.

  42. I am one to admit that I do have trouble with homework sometimes and I do get help from it from my parents but I think that there is an extent to how much a parent should help their kid. Whenever I’m really stuck on a problem I always ask for help from either the teacher or one of my classmates because for me, I learn a lot better when things are explained one on one to me, rather than being lectured at during a class. The solution to the problem becomes a lot clearer this way mainly because I’m able to work out the problem with someone instead of being afraid to raise my hand in front of the class with a chance of getting the question wrong. It also helps me become a better learner because I am then able to look at similar problems and know how to do them. I think it’s beneficial when a parent helps their child start out writing an essay but not the entire essay. Often times I find myself stuck on as to how I should begin my first sentence of the essay and all I need is a word or phrase to get me started. In the end I am happy with how my parents help me with my school work because with their help I always get a better understanding of the assignment but they don’t do the assignment for me which is where I feel like a lot of parents sometimes go wrong at.

  43. Getting help on my homework has not been common at home in the past. I have never had a parent do a paper for me, nor have they guided me through the majority of any. It's never been necessary, and the idea of a parents doing my homework has never struck me as efficient. Usually, it’s just a matter of them not being informed on the content involved. The extent of editing that my parents have done is on essays is when I ask them to proofread. However, this does not mean I let them write it. When anyone edits my work, parent or not, I make sure they use the “suggesting” tool, a way that keeps my original writing while also showing potential edits that the person made. This allows me to notice the patterns of mistakes I am making, while changing it on my own terms.When they tell me to do my own work, I do it, because I believe their argument regarding the harmful effects of parent micromanaging. . As students approach their future, perhaps to attend college, excess amounts of help from parents on any work will chip away at the ability of the student to become independent.

  44. As a child of a mother who succeeded greatly in school, I have been taught to focus really hard on my school work, and to work independently. After reading this article I can see why my mom has me do my own work. I noticed that if you do not do your own work you can fall behind in learning the material. It is a necessity to learn how to do things on your own, or else you will not be able to succeed in life. I believe that it is okay to ask for help and be shown how to do something, but you should still try and complete some of the work your self. Its like the saying, "In order to succeed you must be willing to experience failure." I think that this quote is very important because it shows that no one is perfect and can't always do things right the first time, so they must keep trying and never give up. It is the reason why I think it is important to do your own work without your parents help, so you can learn.

  45. I ask my parents for help when I am struggling or not understanding the material we are learning in class. After I finish my paper and go over it, then I have one of my parents go through it to double check and fix any of my mistakes. When I have a test, we normally get study guides, so I give the study guide to one of them and have one of them say the questions out loud. Other than that I do the rest without help and go through my notes to figure it out. In my opinion, I think this strategy help student learn. Plus it keeps parents involved with their kid's education and life.

  46. My parents only help me when I ask, they help me by showing me how to do something. For example my mom will help me with my math by showing me how to do it if I am not sure on how to do it. My parents will help me study if I ask them to. My dad asks me everyday if I have homework to do or if i’ve got it done yet. I think the help my parents give me is beneficial and helps me succeed in school. My parents never cross the line with helping, they will never do my work for me they make sure I do it myself. Yeah I know someone that has their parent basically write their papers for them. Yes I am happy with the way my parents help me with school, they help me to the best of their abilities.

  47. I do know of people who get adult help that does cross the line. Sometimes it is the teachers that help one student but not the other or they have favorites. There are some parents who do all of the kids work and when the children comes to take a test they fail it cause they didn't do their own work.

  48. My mother always helps when I ask questions on homework. She does not always know the answer, so she'll look up how to do it then help. My mom will always read over my essays and correct anything she thinks needs to be done, but will not write it for me. My mom doesn't think it is her responsibility to do my homework though, which is understandable. She'll always help me, but never do it for me. She's also there to remind me to get things done at a reasonable time.

  49. Yes, I am happy with the way my parents support me when it comes to homework. My parents help me when I need it but they don't do it for me which makes me have to think. They are intelligent enough to know certain things so that helps with the issues that come up while i'm doing my homework.

  50. When my parents help me with school work its usually with math. My parents like to show me a less complicated way to do the math so I can understand it better. They never do my work for me they just get me going on the right track. My parents also look over to make sure I got all of my math schoolwork right.

  51. When I was in elementary and middle school, my father did help me when I was stuck on a math problem. The thing is that they never did the problem or wrote my paper for me. I wouldn’t let my parent or tutor help me by plagiarism. I believe that is not beneficial for a student, especially at a young age, because it doesn’t help the child. The child wouldn’t learn how to do out a problem or write an essay/paper, also it is plagiarism. There is nothing wrong with getting help or advice on math, English, and more; but there is a problem with doing the child’s homework, project, or papers. I am happy with the way my father does help me because he is helpful but not a helicopter parent. I think this is because my father is also in school for getting his degree, so he knows when he is being too helpful and overbearing. He lets me be my own person when it comes to my school work.

  52. My parents usually help me with my homework by explaining the problem not, but not actually doing the work for me. My parents do not help with projects. But they do help me study for test, remind me to do my work and turn it in on time. I think that this is healthy and beneficial towards me as it helps me get concepts I don't understand allowing me to do better in school. I think that even with the help from my parents, it is still my work nor do I feel dependent on them. Some of my friends let their parents do their whole project for them, which I say is a bit to much and is crossing the line with the help they receive. Overall I am happy with the way my parents support me. I would not change anything about as I feel if they helped me anymore I would to dependent on them.

  53. I believe parents should help their children with homework. Parents understand the way their kids work and how to talk to them. Too much help when it comes to homework in my opinion is not a thing. Parents could also teach their child something in a different way too. It’s another way for parents to become involved in their child’s life. Overall there is no problem with help from a parent unless the child is dependent on the help.

  54. My parents/siblings do not tend to help me much with school work. If I ask, of course they will help out and I am sure they would do a lot for me, but I don't usually ask them for help. I am sure there are parents who do cross a line when helping their kids with work, especially while in college, parents write entire essays for their kids. I am happy with the way my parents help me out, I know when it gets out of hand and am willing to tell them to take a step back.

  55. 1. My parents/siblings have always helped me with homework. As I have gotten older, my sister has helped more than my parents but still, when I need help with a math problem, or someone to read my essay to be sure it flows correctly, they are always there. 2. When I was in middle school my parents would be sure that they helped me study and stay on track in order to create good studying habits, but in more recent years, I have done most of it on my own. Helping me and guiding me in the beginning allowed me to have better study skills. This has helped me become a more independent learner and a better test taker. 3. In the past occasionally I have used the help of others and not recognized it as my own work. In hindsight, it was a bad idea, but all students have most likely gone through something similar to this. 4. I know someone personally who used the help of many family members when working on most of her college applications. With this help she got into a semi-prestigious college, but then struggled in her freshman year because she herself was not prepared for what the college required. 5. Overall, I am happy with the way my parents groomed me to be academically. I believe their insight was helpful, but not overbearing and shaped me to study and work the way I do today.

  56. Every parent helps with school once in a while, but the amount of parent help may be crossing a line, and can lower grades and work ethic. About 40% of parents, regardless of race, help their children with homework 3 or more times per week, with 34% doing so once or twice. Only 26% helping their children less than once a week (“How Often Do Parents Help Kids With Homework?”). That’s about three-fourths of parents who are helping, maybe too often, with their children’s work. Help with homework or getting too involved in a kid’s school life can actually backfire when the goal is getting good grades - a study that took over 63 variations and levels of parental involvement in school shows that parent help had no positive effect on grades and sometimes even lowered the child’s standardized test score (Goldstein). While these tests aren’t a complete measure of a student’s skill, the extra help seemed to defeat the purpose of schoolwork. The children don’t absorb all the material they should have, which can lower grades when it comes to testing. Plus, it promotes bad work ethic, because why should you do something when others will do it for you? Parent help with homework may satisfy the short-term situation, but in the long run, it actually gives a negative school experience, installs bad habits, and lowers grades.

  57. It has become the norm for parents to help with homework, and as such, the question of if this is really helping is never brought up. Mostly, students and adults alike assume that it is beneficial, as grades may see a temporary spike. However, these positive effects are short term, and there is much more to be considered of the topic. A study conducted by the Varkey Foundation involving 29 countries and 27,000 parents compares the amount of time parents help with homework with the students’ average score on PISA. The study showed that the less time parents helped with homework, the higher the students tended to score (Anderson). As shown by the study, parents helping students do their homework is NOT helpful. Excessive help can lead to students being confused on the actual subject, and not learning for themselves. Students lack certain skills when they become dependent on their parents. However, for many parents the idea of not helping their children is unimaginable. Parents shouldn’t be helping an excessive amount with homework, but there are other ways to help. They should continue to support their children. According to a booklet released by the US Department of Education, parents need to show their children that they care about their homework. This leads to students putting more effort into assignments and turning them in on time. There is a fine line between supporting kids in school and doing homework for them, and it is up to parents and students to find that balance.

  58. Homework is a way for students to grow and build many lifelong skills including responsibility for the work they did/didn’t do, time-management, and learn independently. When parents interfere with this independent learning, they are snatching their child’s opportunities right in front of their eyes. I have seen this very situation happen to one of my close friends. She had a stay-at-home-mom, and throughout her school years, her mom “helped” her and wrote practically all of her essays for her. It is not because the girl was not able, but her mom thought that adding her expertise into her daughter’s work would help her and her future. As her daughter went on to go to the University of A&M, she had little skills on truly working hard. Currently, she is failing all of her classes and prefers to lounge around in the dorms while her peers are in class. I daresay that her mom’s influence on her assignments has only hurt her. After nearly 12 years of help, it’s hard for a person to suddenly become self-sufficient. I understand that her mom wanted be there for her, but I feel that there is a certain boundary that shouldn’t be crossed so your child stays responsible even after they become independent. The most beneficial thing that parents can do for their children is to set their expectations with their children. It is important for parents and kids to consult their realistic expectations with each other, so that the child understands what must be done independently.

  59. In this article when reading I noticed that some things looked very familiar. At the start of the essay it talked about how it didn’t sound like Mikey's writing when he said henceforth. My parents have always told me they will help me with schoolwork but they won’t it for me because they won’t be there in college, and I have to know how to do things on my own. Although this sounded all too familiar when they were talking about Mikey. For years I had felt bad about my own writing because other people in my classes had way way better writing than mine.I always thought that my writing was way worse than people my age. Over the years I realized it wasn’t me not doing a good job. It was the fact that all my friends were getting a ton of help from their parents. It got to the point where their parents would practically be writing it for them. I realized that when things go tough in college I would be a lot better off then some of my classmates because my parents had always taught me that I need to do things myself.

  60. Although it is ok to get help on homework occasionally, there is a strong line that parents shouldn’t cross. Too much help can lead to less effort put into work as children are more likely to get used to the feeling of comfort by not doing work by themselves. Not only is providing too much help unreasonable, but it also doesn’t impact the child positively in any way. Not only are they not learning anything, but they are also less likely to succeed in life due to being dependent on help all the time. Homework is a task for the child to do for practice, to build, and to grow necessary skills for life. According to a study stated in the U.S Department of Education website, children getting too much parental help will drift away from being responsible and independent. It is always good to be involved in your child’s school life, but too much involvement can produce severe negative outcomes. Children need to do their work without too much help in order to succeed in life. This way, the child will have a sense of independence without having to rely on parental help all the time. As they grow, they are likely to be highly capable of getting things done quickly, and with no help. The most help a parent can give in their child’s academic life is to encourage them to set goals they can strive to achieve. Parents who show they care for their child’s academic success, are more likely to influence their child to work hard in life.

  61. Well, in my opinion, the parents don't cross the line. Why? Because we are the ones who let them do it, in how much we let them help us. Yes, it's great to ask for help and they can support you but if you let them finish your homework for you then you are the one who doesn't have the ideas right. In my experience, I can't ask for help because most of my family doesn't speak English, and to be honest I wish I had someone to ask for help. I found out that students can ask for help and they will give you an idea of how to start whatever you doing, but I think the most help a parent can give is support, encourage, and wisdom. Every human has the intelligence to do things by their own.