California Today: Devin Nunes vs. The Fresno Bee

Friday: The congressman’s battle with his hometown paper, a typhus outbreak in L.A. County, and Ronald Reagan’s likeness appears at his presidential library.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that Citizens in Fresno are supporting anyone other than Nunes. I understand that locals are tired of having his office vacant because he is in DC working at the beacon call for Trump. There's no hometown support for constituent's needs from him, and that's been a problem for years. He has lost touch.

  2. Devin Nunez is a complete tool. I hope the people of Fresno show him the door.

  3. @Mary Rose Kent, here in New York, when I was a kid, we knew Fresno from Johnny Carson’s jokes on The Tonight Show, like beautiful downtown Burbank on Laugh-In, which had been a joke way back, I guess. But boy, both were lovely on an early 2000's trip when as tourists, we felt we really wanted to take in both well-known places. [Regional impressions can be interesting, like this June when I was staying in Redmond right near Bellevue Washington (a gorgeous Seattle suburb, with Bellevue Magazine at your fingertips in every cab) where they were surprised, and a Bellevue-based project backer even googled right away, when they heard “Bellevue” implied being out of your mind when said in New York.]

  4. Nunes talks a good game on the water issue when he returns to his district in California, and he makes lots of promises, but what has he actually done for his district to solve its most important problem? The answer: next to nothing, because once he returns to Washington, he slips right into his preferred role as Trump's errand boy. Someday, perhaps even this November, Nunes voters will wake up to the fact that he treats his district, CA-22, like an absentee landlord. He's too busy leading the high life in Washington and toadying to President Trump to represent the interests of his constituents. It's time for Nunes to go. His opponent, Andrew Janz, actually lives and works in the district and will focus on solving the problems his constituents bring to him. The Nunes family long ago moved their family farm from the California Central Valley to Iowa. If Janz does win in November, perhaps Nunes would be well-advised to move to Iowa too, and become an actual dairy farmer again.

  5. Nunes may find himself testifying to Mueller or the DoJ for Obstruction of Justice in his dealings with the Trump Team and the "Russia thing". I was born near Fresno 74 years ago,and have watched it turn from a valley of farmers and small businessmen to one of Agribusiness, where everybody works for corporations and Big Money.

  6. once it was revealed his "local" family dairy had been moved to iowa? well, goodbye representative scam artist.

  7. Hmm. A "40-page glossy mailer" has cost the Nunes campaign a small fortune. Perhaps even the skinflint Fake President has opened his own wallet to aid the electoral efforts of his most devoted, sycophantic Congressional overt agent!

  8. I am one of his constituents. I have written to Nunes several times with no response. He refuses to hold a town hall and only holds high-paying private dinner fundraisers. There is a real underbelly of support for Andrew Janz, his opponent. Janz has been doing events all over the valley. In my neighborhood there are more Janz signs than Nunes. This is completely anecdotal I know, but it is a shame the national Democratic Party hasn't put much financial support here.

  9. I put DCCC on call block. They're a bunch of incompetent hacks who sandbag good candidates, enable bad ones, and don't mind losing seat after seat as long as the fundraising holds up.

  10. The Bee has stung. . .A ray of hope in Fresno.

  11. The Bee should regard the vitriol from Nunes as a badge of honor.

  12. Nothing like running as a fellow "Family Farmer"- whose Family Farming enterprise is now located in Iowa. In August, Tulare farmer Paul Buxman filed a petition to have the Nunes' designation of Farmer (that is- active farmer) removed from the November ballot because Devin Nunes is no longer involved in his family's farming operations. Unfortunately the request was denied even though the Congressman has not earned a penny from farming since 2007 ( August 9, 2018). The man has an office in Fresno County used primarily as a mail drop and has not met with constituents there in years; preferring to hold exclusive high-dollar fundraisers instead. His 22nd District (Tulare and Fresno)comprises two of the poorest counties in America; and he simply cannot be bothered. Here's hoping the constituents won't be bothered with him in November.

  13. The central valley is little more than Oklahoma West even to the speech accents and just as conservative. Nunes continues to fool his constituents into thinking he has them at heart when in reality he just needs their vote to continue living the high life in Washington and rubbing elbows with Trump.

  14. Flipping this district is a long shot but a lot of people, even in the central valley, are fed up with the party uber alles mindset of the Republicans. Nunes' actions have been particularly egregious and it has not gone unnoticed. He could be unseated. Once again however we hear that the DNC is not going to even show up. Leaving Andrew Janz to tough it out on his own. When will they figure out that local candidates need the support of the national committee? Of course the race is unwinnable if you don't bother showing up to run it. I really am getting fed up with the Democatic Party leadership. I don't know who they are even trying to represent anymore or if they are trying at all.

  15. @BC I feel Janz has a real shot and would have an even better one if the national party supported him at least somewhat!! The national party is their own worst enemy. I don't trust them to help us win these midterms and possibly even the presidency.

  16. Ha ha ha ha, Fresno bee liberal? Ha ha ha ha, you got to be kidding... Nunes is a tool... if he looses nothing would make me happier... I’m shocked Fresno bee didn’t endorse Nunes...

  17. “California can show true leadership on climate by rejecting a ballot measure [Prop 6] that would cut off money for mass transit.” Because more than 80% of of revenue generated by California’s gas tax pays for repairs to existing roads and highways, it’s questionable how the tax is supposed to encourage Californians to drive cars less, rather than more. Most of California came to be in the age of the automobile. It not only determined how residents get around, but defined the very shape of California residential and business development. For that reason, mass transit (especially in southern California) has always been a tough sell. From the start, available land has kept population density low, and taking mass transit to work may involve four or five transfers to other routes or modes of transportation. That makes a cheap car, fueled by cheap gas, an attractive alternative. Whether California is showing true leadership on climate is debatable. Most of our state’s carbon reductions can be chalked up to vehicle efficiency standards. But efficiency improvements have a limit - once the low-hanging fruit are picked, they’re harder to come by. And the shutdown of carbon-free nuclear plants has made our grid increasingly dependent on gas-fired electricity, limiting the possibilities for reducing carbon emissions with electric vehicles. That means consumption of gasoline in the future will be more and more proportional to California’s population. That’s a problem.

  18. Devin Nunes has become the poster boy for everything that is so rotten and foul with what was once the Republican party. Turning his back on representing his district, he's the ultimate swamp dweller who grows more corrupt and reptilian as his involvement with Trump grows deeper and more malignant. The irony is that he heads an intelligence committee, yet he's well known as one of the least intelligent people in Congress. As the corrupt circus becomes more surreal, Trump nominated him for the Medal of Honor yesterday, our nation's highest honor for military members who've displayed extraordinary courage. Nunes, who never served in the military, like his bone-spurred master, has no idea of what real courage is or how it is shown. I hope the people in his district wake up and realize they would be far better represented by Andrew Janz, who is running against scourge that Nunes has become.

  19. A good friend of mine dealt regularly with Nunes in the last administration and described him as utterly mediocre and forgettable as a legisaltor, but not unreasonable. He says he doesn't recognize the Trump waterboy/treason enabler Nunes has become. He puts Nunes in the camp of small men seduced by Trump's glitzy ... I don't actually know what to call it. I know Nunes's district reasonably well. Andrew Janz is a very appealing candidate - an excellent one, in fact. Unfortunately, it is a district that lags behind in education and voter engagement, which helps keep a craven submissive hack like Nunes in office, despite an appealing alternative like Janz who would actually show up and do something for the valley's constituents. We'll see what happens Nov 6, but regardless, I hope Janz sticks around for 2020 when I suspect the whole country will learn just how deep and treasonous the Trump-Russia connection goes and Devin Nunes has a lot of explaining to do - to both his constituents and a jury.

  20. Mr. Nunes has labored to win the admiration and support of those who knowingly seek to undermine a free press, compromise the integrity of the FBI, and place partisan well-being ahead of national service. Is Mr. Nunes thin-skinned? Remind us of anyone? Bravo to The Bee for stinging this self-appointed palace guard who embarrasses himself, his district, fellow members of his House Intelligence Committee, and our country.

  21. Devin Nunes is nothing but a feckless political hack, and the ultimate proof of this is the fact that the Ultra-Conservative Central Valley rag, the Fresno Bee, has refused to support him, and this is after 8 different times of enabling him in the past. Lets really look at what he has done for his constituents: Has he brought them more water for their farms - NOPE. Has he worked to lessen regulations for grower, harvesters, or fruit and vegetable packers? - NOPE. Has he shown independence and forethought in defending Orange Menace? - NOPE. So really, why should anyone support him? The best thing that could happen for the Central Valley and for all conservative voters in California would be if Nunes gets the old "Heave Ho" and is tossed summarily out of office. He is damaged goods and cares little, if at all, about what the people of his region really need. The loss of his seat, especially to a democrat, would be a windfall for the people of this region and they should work as hard as they can to vote this useless "anguis" out of office as soon as they can.

  22. Shame on them. Shame on Nunes's district, for "shrugging at the Russia investigation", and putting "supporting local farmers" ahead of our country's welfare. I have relatives in Fresno, and I give them no quarter whatsoever for being in the so-called "Trump Country." I mean that- Nunes' enabling of Trump, as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was a national disgrace, and a stain on congress. A direct attack on the norms of democracy. Hello? How much imagination does it really take, to realize that Janz would also "support local farmers", without the downside of, you know, selling out the U.S., at the same time?

  23. I'm just going to bet that the Fresno Bee is not a bastion of liberalism out in the Central Valley. My guess is the paper has more of conservative bent and that is at it should be to reflect the views and interests of it's primary audience in Fresno and surrounding areas. Could it be that they just find Nunes repugnant base of his business dealings and his sycophantic adoration of President Trump? You don't have to be liberal to want better representation for your district...just reasonable.