G.O.P. Hopes Anger Over Treatment of Kavanaugh Propels Voters to the Polls

Conservatives hope to use the liberal opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination as a graphic example of the threat posed by a Democratic takeover, but they worry that passions will dissipate.

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  1. We remember the unConstitutional gerrymander. We remember Merrick Garland. We remember Republican voter suppression laws. We remember the slave-state inspired Electoral College. We remember the tax cuts for the rich. We remember the attempts to repeal the ACA. And we will remember to vote in record numbers against the Republican Party that has worked tirelessly to destroy democracy, justice and representative government . November 6 2018

  2. Aye, Socrates. The barricades of democracy are calling.

  3. @John Bill Clinton was a sleaze bag. Does that make Kavanaugh less of one? What's your point?

  4. As a progressive who disposes everything that Trump stands for, I am in a quandary over whether or not I want this temperamentally unfit, political partisan to prevail here and join the other eight members of the High Court. Kavanaugh would, after all, only be replacing a generally conservative Anthony Kennedy, and if he is defeated, Trump would find an equally conservative jurist to take his place. The effect of Kavanaugh's defeat would most probably be a terrific energizing of republicans in November who might vote in numbers so as to keep the house and senate as red as it is today. Conversely, perhaps the fury of voters, most especially women, at Kavanaugh's appointment could lead to the Blue Wave in the House that Democrats like myself so fervently hope for, and should they assume committee chairmanships and the ability to order investigations, we will not have heard the last accusations against a Justice Kavanaugh.

  5. Number 1, if Donald Trump is impeached, he will have impeached himself through his efforts to solicit foreign aid in his election and his attempts to cover it up; number 2, it was never the Republicans' country in the first place, but all of ours, and number 3, Judge Kavanaugh does not have the moral character and dispassionate judgment required to serve on the Supreme Court. But go ahead and run attack ads denying these three arguments anyway.

  6. Anger or righteousness? It depends on perspective.

  7. "Kavanaugh Propels Voters to the Polls" Well the 2nd half of the headline is correct. Millions upon millions of "Blue" voters will be headed to the polls to vote against the Republicans injustice of Dr. Ford. And a myriad of other injustices against, refugee children held in internment camps, tax cuts for the rich, our environment, etc.

  8. More than likely in the wrong direction.

  9. In November, Republicans should corner the Dems on 3 points. 1) Democrats support anarchy fueled by aggressive activism over rule of law. 2) Democrats support illegal immigration putting vote driven identity politics ahead of public interest. 3) They and their backers in media are totally disconnected from average Americans of every race and ethnicity. Thy are pushing over an entire population, a version of thought that is on extreme fringes of ‘social media hyper activism’. In other words they don’t represent concerns and sensitivities of average Americans.

  10. I guess we will see how angry people can get when they get what they wanted, and how upset many more people will be after they have had the Court stuffed down their throat. The court full of people who don't like government except when it is enriching the rich and invading bedrooms to tell people what they should do.

  11. After watching the Senate hearings and the responses that Kavanaugh gave, there is no way I would feel comfortable having this loud, aggressive, uncontrolled, partisan person in such a position. Theatrics do not belong in the Supreme Court. Well,perhaps for the lawyers... However, judgements should be as unbiased and rationaley considered as humanly possible when decisions are issued. Kavanaugh clearly is not such a judicious person since he can’t even keep himself under control when pressure is on. The Supreme Court would be a position under pressure most of the time.

  12. @Kam Most reasonable people believe our new supreme court justice acted in a completely responsible expected way. The allegations by democrats will hurt them for many years to come.

  13. @Charles in service, He acted completely irrationally. He even wrote an op-ed to explain his behavior. He's completely unfit to be on SCOTUS.

  14. They can do that. We expect it. They lie, and a cross section of people will believe those lies. It is easy to get people riled up in a closed off beer hall. So vote. Get your friend to vote. Get their friends to vote.

  15. Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union says Democrats “don’t just disagree with Trump, they hate him and they want him in prison.” So in his view, Democrats are evil to want Trump in prison, but Conservatives are right to chant “Lock her up,” about Hillary Clinton. Add that to the Kavanaugh crisis: Republican Chairman Grassley berates the Dems for trying to stop Trump from getting his nominee, but it was OK for Republicans to stop Obama from getting his nominee. The G.O.P. has lost its “grandness” and its fairness. It has been hypnotized by Trump’s vision of make-believe reality.

  16. @Mary Doan: I have reinterpreted "G.O.P" as standing for "Greed, Oil, Puritanism."

  17. @Mary Doan "[The democrats] want him in prison" Wasn't it Trump whose campaign slogan was an anti-HRC chant of 'Lock 'Er Up!' with no mention of what crime she was guilty of? Or doesn't thast matter in the republican world? For myself, I don't care what happens to trump to evict him from the White House. As long as he's evicted.

  18. The Democrats have over reached and they are going to pay a price for it. Demeaning Kavanaugh may have protected Dem Senators from backlash from their left wing and charges of not fighting hard enough. However, it has exposed their nasty, unfair, and highly polarizing insulting language and word points of view. The worst of it is that they have tried to destroy both Kavanaugh and the Court not out of principal or out of true opposition to Kavanaugh but rather to oppose Trump and to mobilize their base. Shame on Schumer, Feinstein and the rest - they have driven many people who wanted to abandon Trump for something better by demonstrating that if anything the Democratic Resistance is not better, it is worse than Trump.

  19. @John no, children in profit-making detention, abandonment of green oversight, huge tax breaks for the rich, suborning foreign state election interference. . . Nobody’s worse than Trump.

  20. Do you people listen to yourselves? Have you been asleep sine 1994? The GOP has been poisoning the well and paying dirty for two decades, and they've been winning for it. Now, the Democrats finally grow a spine and fight back, suddenly they're despicable. America politics is war now; stop lying to yourself that it's anything else

  21. @Angry You are right. I just hope that the lethargy that seems to overtake us liberal Democrats right around election time will have been burned away by this latest, and really almost unbelievable atrocity. Not only have we been asleep since 1994, but I am afraid we are culpable in our quiet indirect way in creating this situation. Most recently are those among us whose moral purity wouldn't allow the terrible compromise of voting for Secretary Clinton and so we either got all starry eyed over the ego-driven Bernie, stayed home at the election, or "voted our consciences" (as several friends admonished me) by casting those ballots at the feet of Tweedledum and Tweedledee--Johnson and Stern? Get it together, folks. Here is not only one more chance, but very possibly the last chance for many many years.

  22. I'm a registered Democrat in a purple state-this nomination debacle makes me declare that I will never vote for a Democrat again, the party has become unhinged and left rational thought behind.

  23. @Ncinblood and how did you feel about Merrick Garland?

  24. What a joke. You sound like the trolls peddling #walkaway. If the Democrats actions during the confirmation were disqualifying, what does that make everything the GOP has done for the last 40 years?

  25. @Ncinblood - So funny! I have seen a few of these 'turncoat' declarations and I don't believe them for a moment. No thinking human could possibly believe - at this point in time - that any Republican has theirs or this countries best interests at heart. It is numbingly clear that trump and his ilk operate in murky waters (think sewage). They lie, steal and cheat at every opportunity. And, they aren't Robin Hoods, they're just thieves

  26. Kavanaugh should get a vote when Garland does. Until then, all the GOP complaints of Democrats and their behavior ring false. The Republican voter numbers tend to be consistently stronger during midterms, so this “groundswell” of conservative rage is irrelevant. Nothing charges that Democrats need to show up to vote regardless and to vigorously defend the principles and values that have been enmeshed in the foundation of this republic for two centuries. Liberty, freedom, and open opportunity for everyone to be whomever they are and happy.

  27. Diane saved the world! The perfect timing of Kavanaugh;s rape disclosure meant it got full bore attention focused only on the fact that Reps would place a rapist on the Supreme to overturn Roe and destroy all women forever. Now the women of America know where Dems and Progressives stand, and how they will do absolutely anything, as evidenced by the steps they took in both the pre and post rape hearings, to derail the Reps. All praise to Diane. She will be solely responsible for the upcoming election sweep by Dems, the simultaneous impeachment of Trump and Pense, and Nancy installed as our first female President.

  28. Republicans now believe that anything a person does before the age of 23 is irrelevant if you are white. I guess that’s why we have a school to prison pipeline for black and brown kids. #Hypocrisy

  29. The "Red Wave" GOP Trump base votes every election and for a straight ticket. Thier wave has been an effective ripple in elections with low participation. They are a minority within an ever shrinking minority and will be overwhelmed by an energized electorate of reasonable people .

  30. @rich Could be but not anytime soon. Get used to a conservative supreme court for the next 30 years.

  31. @Charles in service, Get used to losing your rights and a devastated environment. I hope you don't need Medicare or Social Security because they'll be gutted.

  32. Just like the ads we have seen so far from candidates and PACS where we live, almost every Republican ad is an attack ad or a fear mongering ad while at least half of those from libertarian and democratic candidates have provided discussion of solutions to problems. Results may vary depending on where you live. Then again, we live in a purple state and red district that shows the Republican candidates falling farther behind and reeks of desperation.

  33. Kavanaugh humiliated himself, and pretty much admitted so in a recent op-ed piece he wrote.

  34. Mitch McConnell essentially lit the match that started this fire so its more than a little strange to see him railing against the process. The political environment in Washington today seems unsuitable for making lifetime appointments to the supreme court. There should be a timeout until they figure out how to do this in a more fair and civil way. Otherwise we will continue to get embittered and tainted appointments on the highest court in the land ... for life. I think we can all agree that we should strive for more than that.

  35. Kavanaugh has been treated the way a nominee with a serious charge against him should be treated, despite the whining of conservative snowflakes. Gorsuch had no such problem because he faced no such allegation. A reasonable President would withdraw Kavanaugh from consideration and nominate the next candidate on the list supplied by the Federalist Society.

  36. Leave it to the GOP to cynically stoke up anger amongst its “base” because there is legitimate opposition to a Supreme Court nominee who is utterly unsuited and is likely a sexual predator. Maybe next time Trump can nominate Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, and Roy Moore and use them as GOTV motivators.

  37. How Kavanaugh was treated? Says it all about the GOP.

  38. The absolute lack of conscience by the administration and its supporters is breathtaking! Democrats and liberals "stealing" a conservative seat? Republicans rallying around a liar and a sexual abuser, conducting meaningless investigations, ignoring witnesses and then claiming that there's no corroboration? Their tactics are a graduate course in political theft. I pray that their calumny against Dr. Blasey and her supporters rains consequences down on them, and helps to end Republican control of the government.

  39. Treatment? Kavanaugh showed us all his colors as a member of the true elite class in the United States. These are the elites we need fear, not the movie producers and newspaper men of Trump’s tales.

  40. They're stoking anger among more than liberal Democrats. I'm a conservative former Republican who is angry about how McConnell has killed the Senate. First by not even permitting interviews with Merrick Garland two years ago, and now with cramming this undesirable nominee down our throats. This man may be qualified on paper, but he doesn't have the temperament or the interest in serving the law. He has his own agenda and. coincidentally, it's the same as McConnell's.

  41. @DBA This whole process calls into question exactly what temperament is. The temperament of the democrats and their hurled insults and accusations calls into question whether there should even be democrats in the senate at all.

  42. @DBA - We may look at things with different perspectives, but I am grateful that you, as a conservative, are willing to stand up for what is right. I wish more (former) Republicans felt the way you did, instead of mindlessly following the party line. The Merrick Garland fiasco was a tragedy - an excellent centrist candidate chosen for his broad appeal, and stopped by Mitch McConnell simply because he could. And now we're likely to have Judge Kavanaugh on the bench.

  43. I hope their fears are correct. Regime change is needed to save America.

  44. "hope to use the fervent liberal opposition to his nomination to the Supreme Court as a graphic example of the threat posed by a Democratic return to power" They do. They also use what they see as unfair and disrespectful treatment of Trump, and of themselves as Trump voters. That is real too, a real feeling, and with a real foundation (no matter what you actually think of Trump). Republicans have a lot to use, and it should be no surprise they are using it.

  45. @Mark Thomason. “...unfair and disrespectful treatment of Trump, and of themselves as Trump voters.” Because they showed such a deep and abiding respect for Donald Trump’s predecessor, didn’t they? Have you not read any of the books and reporting on the inner workings of this White House, and of Trump’s capacity to handle this job? Haven’t you paid attention to the confirmation that Trump himself provides to all the negative coverage on a weekly basis? Have you not listened to what comes out of his mouth, or watched any of the videos of his ugly campaign rallies? Trump’s in the arena. He’s earned every bit of the opprobrium sent his way. His treatment by the media can only be deemed “unfair” when it’s proven to be false. Call us when that happens.

  46. @NA -- "Because they showed such a deep and abiding respect for Donald Trump’s predecessor, didn’t they?" And how did you feel about that at the time? Well now they feel the same way. As for Trump's lack of ability, I said that. Yes. This is about the reactions of his followers. Spin them up, and they'll turn out to vote. Ignore that, and be surprised. Again.

  47. It's true many Democrats, myself included hate Trump, but it's not because he's a Republican and beat Clinton. It's because he's a deplorable human being and a disgrace as a president. This is all in addition to being just a plain crook. He's lived a life of luxury on the backs of the people he's cheated. Trump not only doesn't belong in the presidency he belongs in jail. I am still puzzled why any rational thinking voter wants Trump to represent this country. I understand the anger with a government that seems only interested in their self interest, but Trump? He's the epitome of all that is wrong with this country and yes I look forward to the day he's impeached.

  48. "Democrats “don’t just disagree with Trump, they hate him and they want him in prison,” Mr. Schlapp said." What else should be done in a nation of laws, to a person who seems to have committed treason, engaged in very shady financial deals, serially stiffed people, defrauded students, committed tax fraud, paid off hookers, and broken laws for which ordinary people are often committed to prison? Why do republicans love him, and want children in jail on the border? Mr. Schlapp seems to suggest that a democracy should champion a criminal because he is promising the American Valhalla, a white christian nation where everyone else is subservient or at best plain tolerated, where women are subdued and without rights, is gutting the nation of its hallowed institutions like justice, education, and environmental protection, and now tampering with free trade with crazy tariffs (see the disaster of tariffs on aluminum, when we have a stockpile of half a million tonnes in aluminum ingots right here in Louisiana). I am aware that the likes of Schapp find these propositions a deep opiate. But if this is a democracy and a nation of laws, then he should be laughed out of the public domain.

  49. Meh. Trump's "base" is always going to show up to vote anyway. Outside of those nuts, people actually think with their brains and, if they aren't already burned out from all of this madness (as I am) and actually show up, will likely as not split their vote.The rest of us are definitely going to vote and instinctively "pull the Democrat lever" without the need to ponder the circumstances.

  50. Trump and his political pawns exhaustively rant and rage in futile efforts to gaslight millions of Americans who know that Brett Kavanaugh is unsuitable for the Supreme Court. Trump et al offer a toxic stream of relentless lying, distortion, denial and what are so obviously ultimate projections of their own weaknesses and failures. The current Congressional debacle is not about nominating a sterling man or woman of unwavering character and political impartiality for SCOTUS. Thinking Americans, though, aren’t fooled. This Republican circus is led by carnival barkers Trump, McConnell and Grassley to install on their rickety Republican roller coaster an obviously unsatisfactory nominee whose primary function will be to protect Trump at all costs. God bless America especially today.

  51. Anger is the GOP's best tool to motivate low-information voters who otherwise have nothing to gain by Republican policies. It works because emotional and angry people turn out to vote to express that anger at the people they've been told are responsible for their troubles. The Democrats, as usual, could learn from this.

  52. @Pat If you read Breitbart and its far-right ilk you know that these are not "low-information voters" but false information voters.

  53. Mr. McConnell is correct. This process has been governed by fear and underhanded gamesmanship for too long. Since 2016. McConnell's refusal to even meet with Judge Garland is an enduring disgrace. One thing I have learned about people for who desire power beyond anything else is they tend to accuse those they have wronged of doing what they have done while ignoring or blatantly denying their actions. They fact that Republicans are accusing Democrats of trying to steal a Supreme Court seat is the definition of chutzpah.

  54. . “Republicans perceive that Judge Kavanaugh is a man who has led an upright and honorable life, certainly as an adult * * *.” The key phrase is “certainly as an adult” which qualifies everything said before. Add to that the obvious lies Kavanaugh told the Committee and the belligerent, insolence with which he told them and you have an unqualified candidate who has no business on the Court.

  55. @EJS The male brain doesn't fully mature until about age 25 in most cases (you can google it), so yes, young men sometimes do stupid things that they would never, ever do as adults.

  56. @Trilby I appreciate the comment and that could certainly explain his excessive binge drinking and other misconduct in high school and college. An excessive feeling of entitlement and privilege could also be a factor. Last time I checked, however, he’s now 53 years old. Is his male brain still developing?

  57. @Trilby I'm so sick of rape apologists grasping at every possible straw to minimize and neutralize these allegations. "They didn't happ2n, and even if they did, rape isn't that big a deal."

  58. What bias. I guess Dems aren’t working up their base at all.

  59. "A Democratic plot to steal a pivotal seat...." Guess they're fine with what McConnell did regarding Merrick Garland. Words to describe these people and the GOP are not fit for print.

  60. @susan That's assuming there was no Ford with vaporware in his past, right?

  61. Print? Seems they're unfit to even say! Last time someone used the right words, she had to apologize on her TBS show.

  62. @susan Merrick Garland deserved a hearing imo. However, some historical perspective is worth consideration ..... "We should not confirm any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court, except in extraordinary circumstances." Chuck Schumer in July 2007 ..... 19 months before the presidential election.

  63. Here's why this strategy will backfire: Election day will be a solid month after Kavanaugh is confirmed. Mission accomplished for Republicans. How can they be angry when they won? Dems on the other hand will be furious and will remain furious. Senate elections? Please, they're going to tumble for Dems, including North Dakota. It's going to be a wipe out and this country will finally return to democracy and hold this immoral Bozo in the White House accountable.

  64. @Schwartzy From your mouth to God's ears.

  65. Republicans are angry even when they win. To look at the angry faces at the Trump rallies one would guess they are sick of winning.

  66. I agree on some of the President‘s issues, I really do, but it’s the way he interacts with people that makes me want to vomit! Not only is he not a politician (not always a bad thing) but he clearly is not a gentleman and we deserve that as citizens of this country when it comes to the highest office in the land. This Kavanaugh fiasco is not really about morals or women’s unheard voices; it always was and it looks like it always will be about the concept that „our guy“ gets in this time because „your guy“ got in last time! Kavanaugh is just a name, any name. He could be a pet rock and it wouldn’t make a darn bit of difference! If you’ve scoured the historical blunder called video proof in the internet, you, of course, will have seen various expositions of democrat and republican posturing to get their candidates in or deny the other‘s candidate. No matter what the cost! You see, this time it’s no different. Every single republican congressperson goes home to their partner after “work“ and expounds that if anyone would touch their daughter they’d get out the shot gun! But back at work they clock-in like they’re from the Road Runner Cartoon and fight to get their man in, no matter what he did or didn’t do. When you tune-in to some news channels all you get is doses of McCarthyism injected directly into your veins! They don’t care either about decency. Wasn’t that the reason why America was supposed to he great in the first place? Common Decency?

  67. I will propel me for sure, and many other men I know....

  68. I have been independent for years now but seeing how the republicans lie cheat steal and disrespect anyone who thinks differently I’m believing it’s time to vote straight dems until all the republicans are either voted out or retire in my 60 years I have never witnessed such pure evil form one political party. The republicans are simply bad.

  69. FoxNews is "two minutes hate". The hate is always stoked and ready to go. Injustice, scapegoating, unfairness, hypocrisy, anecdotal proof of all claims, dozens of smiling handsome and beautiful smiling conveyors of the arty line. Brett is installed, and more importantly state appellate courts are staffed with dark money, and will vote exactly as those who installed them want, give over mineral rights, duck pollution and health protections, worker's rights, and get on with the highest possible return on the dollar-- beyond what was legal. yesterday.

  70. I’m weary of recriminations over doing the right thing and voting against a dictator. Vote em out! I’m with Willie!

  71. I would bet that most "angry" republicans don't have a clue as to how a Justice Kavanaugh might impact their everyday lives. Unless they are quite wealthy the odds are that they will be effected very negatively and they may never actually realize who did it to them.

  72. @B Windrip Not just that they won't realize who did it to them - they will wait to be told who. And like good little authoritarian pit bulls, when their masters present them with an enemy, they will turn all of their rage and aggression on that target.

  73. It was the country, the Constitution and the Supreme Court that were abused. With Kavanaugh on the verge of being confirmed, it will be hard for the Republicans to stoke much anger, particularly anger that will last for a month. Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is a disaster for the rule of law, but it will stoke the turnout of progressives, women in particular, for the midterms.

  74. @David Indeed it was. Unless somebody has the gift of time travel, (which, according to what I understand, millions apparently do), not one of us can ever say with certainty of Kavanaugh did what he was accused of. I can say, however, that all constitutional protections of innocent until PROVEN guilty, all due process, has been abandoned in the very process of confirming a Supreme Court justice. That is bigger than Kavanaugh, and far more troubling. Democrats don’t stand on the moral high ground any more than Republicans do.

  75. @Nancy yes all due process has definitely been in question.This committee does not need to meet the standards of a court of law to serve its function to advise and consent a nomination for a Supreme Court Justice. However when information has come to light , that brings serious question, about his Fitness to serve, then due process should be followed, not a sham investigation, ignoring at least some potential witnesses including the principals, on both sides. Dr. Ford was treated as egregiously as Dr.Anita Hill, and by some of the same senators as 30 years ago. She was placated and ignored , and this was witnessed by the all of the American people . Judge Kavanaugh should have supported a full investigation into these charges, and kept his composure when asked reasonable questions about them by the Senate. He abdicated his responsibility as an officer of the Court to pursue due process ,to a senate majority on the committee, White House and unfortunately FBI, that was not inclined to do so.It is impossible to escape the conclusion that he feared revelations of facts that would not be positive to him , whether related to the allegations or other issues . He revealed himself as being hyper partisan, paranoid, disrespectful, rude and evasive and at times lying about easily verified facts. How can non partisans now ever trust him to be impartial when they come before the court ? He knew this, which is why he wrote his mea culpa opinion to the newspapers.

  76. He lied under oath. What happened to their vaunted morality? What happened to being a small-c conservative? This confirmation is not careful, moral, prudent leadership. They need to start over and stop playing power games with our nation. Being greedy is not the same as being conservative or being American.

  77. @mjw As the article clearly infers, the politicians are more concerned about being elected than doing the right thing. They would put Putin on the court if it got them re-elected.

  78. Someone spent good money on a t-shirt to support a privileged elite who would probably sneer at the t-shirt wearer clothed in any other shirt? There is general male entitlement, and the wholly separate elite male entitlement. Regardless of the vote outcome, the guy likely won’t wear the t-shirt again, but can use it to wash his car. At least $20 not spent on something worthwhile and wondering why he can’t get ahead. Maybe wash a few cars to recover that foolish expenditure.

  79. It shows how out of touch the average Republican voter is. The idea they would be motivated to go out and vote over how Judge Kavanaugh has been treated is amusing. Kavanaugh is a corporate judge same like Neil Gorsuch. These two men don't care about the average American. They don't care about workers' rights. Just look at the recent lawsuit where a man went all the way to the Supreme Court arguing that as part of a public union he should not have to pay dues. The court ruled in his favor. So now if you belong to a public union you can opt out and not pay dues. That means you weaken the union. Less political clout. History shows that unions help keep wages up. The less unions there are the lower the wages are or they remain stagnant. For some reason the Republican leaders have convinced the average Republican that they don't need unions and that right-to-work states are great for them. In those states you can be easily fired. You have no rights. And when you reach a certain age good luck proving age discrimination if you are turned down for jobs. There is so much ignorance in this country in such a modern age it's a crying shame people can be so dumb. Yeah rush out and vote because you are angry that a corporate judge got a hard time during the nomination process because he feels he's entitled to that job regardless if he's an alcohol now. Most people who start drinking at a young age and still say at age 53 " I still like beer" most likely is an alcoholic and hides it.

  80. @Wayne...… Your comment describes well how a great nation is coming under the bus. No interest in politics but a permanent engagement in drinking beer shapes the new citizen. Reading the others comments opens up a world of disappointment and laziness. But to keep up democracy and a certain standard of civility in our society we all are being engaged to bring our society forward. You just can't step aside and say "let others do it". Western Civilization has come pretty much to the brink of loosing its standards. This is really a pity, and we have to fight to survive.

  81. Matt Schlapp is simply a provocateur who revels in demonizing anyone to the left of his historical hero, Attila the Hun. He's one if the things that's wrong about the conservative movement and why it's gone so far off the rails. He and it have lost all contact with what America and it's ideals are all about. If he and his modern day hero, Trump, are permitted to continue their dissembling about those who dare to disagree with him unchecked and put aside the facts, we are definitely on the road to perdition.

  82. This has become purely about tribalism. When else in their lives, do you think, the deplorables have so passionately defended an Ivy-league crybaby named Brett?

  83. @AG This word "tribalism" means nothing. It's a cliché meaning the same as PARTY LOYALTY. Nothing more. Little is new under the sun in U.S. history.

  84. I'm prepared to do my part. Where can I get a t-shirt that says: "I stand with Bart"?

  85. @sgoodwin In a comic shop that sells The Simpsons items. Now if it's an "I stand with Brett" t-shirt, that would probably be the gutter.

  86. Brett? Who's Brett? I'm talking about Bart O' Kavanaugh (R), who is currently standing for election to SCOTUS. And "I stand with Bart" sounded better than "I stand with Ralph".

  87. But registered Republicans are 28% of the electorate and falling while Democrats 39% and rising. Republicans are only one point ahead of independents who have risen to 27%. Even if Republican intent to vote is rising some to meet the Democrats', the numbers say they lose. I get that parts of the media want this to be a horse race for commercial reasons, but conflating their desires with reality is just a bit disingenuous if it doesn't point out these relevant facts.

  88. @John Figliozzi The GOP has waged a relentless 40 year campaign to nullify those numerical advantages through gerrymandering, voter suppression, and motivating their supporters with constant propaganda and stoking fear and anger as this article discusses. Democrats have fallen way behind in the face of these efforts, and this is why Republicans control all branches of government despite receiving far fewer votes at all levels.

  89. There are roughly 30 congressional districts that must flip in order to change control of the house. These are competitive districts with about equal fractions of motivated voters on the Right and Left sides of the spectrum. I think it is self evident that the outcome of these districts will hinge on the perceptions and turn out of independents and moderates.

  90. Why do you think our anger had to be stoked? It was a witch hunt, pure and simple, it was highly partisan,and yes, we are angry about it. Charges were made which were impossible to prove or disprove, and now this man is forever tarnished and his family suffers too. What's not to be angry about?

  91. @TrilbyCan If we're citing our reasons to be angry, that process should begin with Merrick Garland.

  92. @Trilby This man is hardly tarnished, his career and family are intact, he has his self-esteem and loft education and upbringing. He is fine. He would have been better off taking the high road and simply stating, "Her account of that party is different than mine and if she believes that this actually occurred, then I support a full criminal investigation since I have no recall of assaulting her and unequivocally deny her allegations." He should have ended it there and then opened up the questions and answered each one calmly and stating, when appropriate, that is outside of the scope of this hearing. This would have made him look non-partisan, impartial, balanced, not defensive, judicial, and maybe even worthy of a job for life deciding the fate of millions of US Americans. Instead, he went down the rabbit hole and made himself look angry, sad, juvenile, spoiled, and partisan. Not to mention the fact that he doesn't seem to be able to control himself under pressure. He's fine. What's to be angry about are the people who jump on his bandwagon and ignore the bigger issues.

  93. “Your” anger? Does the name Merrick Garland ring a bell? It’s Karma.

  94. Why oh why did Trump select Kavanaugh with his dodgy background when there must be many many other highly qualified conservative judges he could have selected for the Supreme Court. Was Trump just looking for a fight or did he owe Kavanaugh a favour? As we know Trump does nothing which does not directly benefit Trump and therein I suspect lies the answer. He 'owes' the religious RIGHT a big favour and Kavanaugh is that thank you.

  95. @Dave Steffe A> Trump and Kavanaugh are birds of a feather. What you see as faults for someone on the Supreme Court Trump sees as kindred spirit and beneficial. B> Kavanaugh believed in, supported, and advocated for the infallibility and the Imperial Presidency before Trump came along and feels even stronger about with Trump in office. C> Trump see B as a get out of jail free card. Worth just about any price.

  96. @Dave Steffe trump has already said that he has never known Kav The Caveman. trump was handed a list, end of story. He knew none of them. He was TOLD which one to pick, the one who would rid this world of Roe so this nation would have millions and millions of unwanted children that no one could afford, so that the minimum wage would never have to be raised because everyone would be desperate (thanks, Heritage, Cato and Federalist Society!) and. yes, this was a freebie given to the Fundie pastors to terrorize women. And, incidently, men. And, you are mistaken: There are no "better qualified Republican, conservative judges". Kav IS the Crown of Creation. All of the rest of them are just as creepy.

  97. If recent events don’t motivate Democrats to get off of the streets and into the voting booths in November, the left deserves what the right has in store for it. Elections have consequences. VOTE!!

  98. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, spoke to this sentiment on Thursday when he condemned the actions of activists he described as “rampaging through the halls, accosting members at airports, coming to their homes.” No, Sen. McConnell, being "accosted" is what Dr. Blasey Ford was subjected to. What you were subjected to in the airport was the voice of the people, something you signed on for when you chose to become a politician in a democracy.

  99. Yes, there are people out there that are terminally ignorant, who couldn't explain the difference between a "democracy" and a "republic" even if their life depended on it. But that has little to nothing to do with being actually betrayed and actually diminished by one's country. I watch the snippets of video from the trump campaign rallies and I study the faces of those around him. They know that the camera is on them every second. They KNOW it. But watch them carefully. Where are they looking? For the most part they are peering out at the audience. They are not watching trump - they are hoping to receive hints from the audience on when to applaud, when to laugh, when to hold up the pre-approved corporate sign that they were handed after they took their seat. When they receive their cues they lose their pensive, befuddled look: They laugh, they cheer, they hold up their sign... And, within 10 seconds they are back to looking befuddled and unsure. These are the people that are going to sustain their rage for longer than 10 minutes? These are the ones who are going to verbalize the arguments? Explain the history? And here's the inside joke on them: The Federalist Society and the Heritage think-tank don't give a monkey's belch what happens to these people. trump is a cult. So is the Federalist Society and Heritage. This is Jonestown and the kool-aid is ready. Kavanaugh is just another sip. If they see others drink, then they will, too. That is "obedience", not "anger".

  100. @rosa actually I think we are moving towards a corporate kleptocracy

  101. GOP and Trump have opened my eyes to the real victim in our society: the white male. I’m just heartbroken to learn what the white male has to deal with. First, somehow he’s not born into privilege like Trump and Cavanaugh. He doesn’t get rich from his own hard work, just richer from Daddy’s money. You’ve even taken away his narrative of a heroic journey! Then, some woman attacks the white male because he’s successful. The con isn’t that women with their smaller frames were made to drink more alcohol than their bodies could handle, for the shame of looking uncool, in a culture where men defined what cool was in the first place... and that at least one in six women were sexually asssulted. “At least” because the number is vastly under-reported. No. That’s not the con. The con is the 5% or less of the men are falsely accused of sexual assault. After all 5% for men is greater than 16.6% for women in white male victim math... Accountability is for the rest of America.. GOP is aiming to rile up the white men to the polls. Creating this narrative of a war on white men. Aided and abetted by Fox News cronies like Tucker Carlson, Hannity and others like Limbaugh. They likely want to avoid the fate of fellow right wing loudmouth and bath robe king, Bill O’Reilly. Hey, GOP. Enough with this farce. I grew up in the 80s but knew better how to behave. I fear no accountability from women. Neither should men with nothing weighing on their conscience, and those who believe in equality.

  102. @Patrician Dear "Patrician, but not a Patriarch", Thank you and well said. But I think even "5%" is too high. The examples that are given are ones I remember from the early 80's or 90's. For the young, that was an entire lifetime ago. Where are the new examples? And, thank you for bringing up Limbaugh. I remember when he called Fluke a "slut". I couldn't believe it when he remained on the air. What a creep! The best to you!

  103. @rosa You don’t need to be a man to be a feminist ;) I’d like more men to fight for the principle of equality than for preservation of their (privileged) status. You’re likely right on the 5% being too high. I heard that stat on CNN. They probably got the denominator wrong. So, if it’s 5% of accused men that number will be 1% or less of all men (given the 1/6 women who report assault). Possibly even lower... Let’s fight the good fight!

  104. @rosa To my earlier note: I meant you don’t need to be a woman to be a feminist... damn autocorrect.

  105. I based my opinion of Judge Kavanaugh on his performance at last week's hearing. However, I was hoping to learn more from the FBI investigation. I was disappointed that everyone who seemed to have known him at Yale or in high school didn't have a chance to be interviewed by the FBI. After hearing Trump at the rally in Mississippi attack the character of Ford, I was pretty sure that the FBI investigation would not be complete and thorough. All I can do is vote in November. I have written my senators and have voiced my opinion, but if they don't care or don't listen to differing opinions about their President and their nominee, all I can do is try to vote them out. I have said this a number of times, and am saying it again. This is not the Republican party of my father.

  106. It will sap the energy much like passing the billionaires tax cut didn't work out the way it was supposed to. Both issues share a common root; they are not born of the majority. They stem from narrow interests that can only win through gerrymandering the democratic system.

  107. For the last decade, perhaps even a little longer I have been telling my friends that the Republicans worship a harmful kind of trilogy: Hate, Fear, and Anger. In fact, after the election of Trump, I wrote an article on my blog, "No Fear, No Anger, No Hate" promising to myself and encouraging all my readers, no matter how small, that I will not succumb to the deadly trilogy. My current beliefs are not fueled by hate, fear, or anger, and I trust many who are protesting this appointment are in the same mind. The nominee has shown a wealth of evidence why he does not belong on that bench. A very short while ago, another nominee went through the same process and the only conversation about him was that he was too conservative and there was no talk about his ethical stretches, his temperament, his untruths. No, it is still the Republicans who push that trilogy forward: Hate, Fear, Anger. Don't give in!

  108. @Cemal Ekin I agree. When they get so high and mighty and accuse the Democrats are being purposely obstructive, I'm not sure why they don't remember that the GOP did get one one of their nominees in. And there other candidates that can be considered. It's not a 'party' thing re Kavanaugh. It's him and him alone. He doesn't merit this lifetime appointment at all.

  109. @Geneva9, after all the "misstatements," contradictions, tantrums, offenses against the Senators by not withdrawing his nomination he also showed a lack of judgment. What a sad thing to say about a judge!

  110. . . . Mr. Trump has been framing the midterm elections as “a vote to reject the politics of anger, destruction and chaos,” as he said in Mississippi on Tuesday. The only meaningful response to that framing at this time in history is to vote Democratic and end this long national nightmare.

  111. Think of that Grandfather we all knew; kind, gentle and a little gritty. He just about had "Republican" tattooed across his sun stained forearms. He knew guys like Brett Kavanaugh; guys who never once let up on the privilege of being white, male, rich, alpha and connected. Remember his wisdom, girded by the heart of a true conservative. He might be scared of a world that is changing faster than he can comprehend. Still, he would have none of this. He would be voting Democrat down the ballot for the rest of his days.

  112. Democrats “don’t just disagree with Trump, they hate him and they want him in prison,” Lock her up? How is it that these people are so blatantly accusing Democrats of everything they did during the past administration and 2015's campaign? I believe the words I'm looking for have been on display this week--entitlement; self-righteousness; obstruction. What a basket of deplorable.

  113. The GOP is going to get their wish, and it going to be a Tsunami of voters to vote them out of office because they are tone deaf to the abuse of women!

  114. “This process,” Mr. McConnell said, “has been ruled by fear, and anger, and underhanded gamesmanship for too long.” This from that snake McConnell, who denied Obama getting a Supreme Court justice ratified by refusing to vote on it. Underhanded gamesmanship my butt.

  115. @Mgaudet He's absolutely correct. And he is the main perpetrator.

  116. It's truly pathetic and extremely dangerous to our Democracy that Trump has inadvertently stumbled into the polarizing battle over white male power of all time. Make no mistake about it -- Trump knew Brett was a bad boy, nobody could miss it, look at his yearbook page. That's a feature, not a bug, to Trump. Ditto the entitled white-male upbringing, and Trump has always had a thing about Yale. Trump always works by maximum conflict. His entire election was the "you will lick our boot while we crush you" victory for the angry white right. He needed a supreme court justice that would deliver maximum wailing from the snowflakes followed by maximum gloating from his base. Winning is no longer about success, particularly not success achieved by quiet competence or compromise. Winning is hob-nailed boot on your enemy's throat, and then crush them. One doubts any of the Republicans expected Blasey, though a sensible man looking at Kavanaugh's public history might have worried about it. It was all on McConnell's path to smoothly confirming him even so, until Brett exploded in maudlin rage. On TV, under oath, he acted like a drunk, attacked members of the senate verbally, made ridiculous lies, engaged in wildly-partisan conspiracy accusations. He now admits "he said things he shouldn't have said." Duh. No matter, it could not have worked out better for Trump. Millions of angry white men get to rage about "false accusation" and identify with Brett as a "victim."

  117. @Lee Harrison Yes exactly. Even Kavanaugh's lying is a feature, not a bug. They already say, the people voted for a liar, so they must want a liar as president. Soon they will be saying the Senate confirmed a liar to the Supreme Court, so we must want liars on the court. If we let the Party of Trump shred the Constitution, that boot on you're knack won't be metaphorical, and neither will that water be metaphorical and you panic from tree sensation of drowning. Trump said he would "bring back waterboarding or worse," and calls for violence against political enemies and the press. Google the counts of "dissapeared" (which means tortured and murdered) human rights and union activists in South and Central America, for example. It runs into the millions. If you want to see mass graves in the USA kei compromising with the Party of Trump. Think I'm exaggerating? Do the research. Compare Trump to Sit American dictators: how they rise to per and what they did with it. Came happen here? Are the Tulsa Massacre. Hate, greed, and violence? Or Love, sharing, and peace. Choose a side!

  118. The shameful reality is that sexual misconduct should not be shaded in terms of liberal or conservative.

  119. Well, the Republicans will get their wish as far as I'm concerned. I'm an angry Republican and I'll do my best to vote Lindsey Graham out of office when his time comes and vote other Republicans out of office too. If for no other reason, Kavanaugh's demeanor and his biased rants at the Senate hearing are enough to disqualify him. He is NOT Supreme Court justice material.

  120. According to news reports The Con Don spoke to a crowd of under 6,000 in Mississippi. Television made it look like there was a huge packed crowd in the arena. There wasn't. Just another con. I'd like to know how many were paid to be there. According to news reports Beta O'Rourke, who is running to unseat the despicable Ted Cruz in Texas, is pulling crowds of 50,000+. The Koch brothers and their Robber Baron brethren and operatives inside and outside OUR governments have only one tool: hate-anger-fear-Lies,Lies,Lies-chaos-WAR. Their partners in democracy destroying are the catholic church, evangelicals and other supposed "christian", "islam" and other radical organizations who use the same tools to try to keep average people around the world under control. It's a centuries old game. Time for it to end. NOW.

  121. It is amazing that a party that stole a seat on the Supreme Court has the guts to pretend that Democrats are somehow being obstructionist. It is stunning that these people feel that it is their right to force an accused sex offender and partisan hack onto the court and to decry the majority of people opposed to their selfishness. But then again, GOP morality died when Donald Trump descended his gilded escalator.

  122. @COgoeasMA "Partisan hack"? That charge has some validity. Kananaugh is more likely a high level lawyer using his legal skills and manipulations to achieve the same goals as a partisan hack, which is why he should never have been nominated. As for "accused sex offender", lets be fair. Anyone can be accused. We will never know all of the details of what went on 36 years ago. I accept that Blasey Ford had a traumatic experience, but is the new standard someone has to be able to prove innocence to escape any allegations made? How? A very difficult standard to achieve in a just society. Bill Clinton was trapped, somewhat, in the same dilemma in regard to allegations made about his conduct.

  123. @COgoeasMA I agree, but put the time of death at the uttering of the statement "our number one goal is to make Obama a one term president".

  124. Republicans will be damned if they do and damned if they don't. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of hypocrites.

  125. @Christy Republicans damned themselves when they voted for a corrupt pathological liar for president.

  126. Our country is being torn in two and nobody but our enemies will win. We are being pitted conservative against liberal, of color against white, man against woman and even fan against fan. Politicians who stoke and thrive off this divisiveness should be voted out as they are the enemies of our country. United we stand divided we fall and the rest is mostly noise.

  127. Yeah, those poor men just can’t get a break in our society. Whomp whomp.

  128. Understand the GOP's problem. As a party representing a diminishing minority of Americans, since Obama was elected the GOP has created or enhanced perceived threats to increase the percentage of Republican voters who show up at the polls. Combining the spinning up of their base with voter suppression, gerrymandering, and a system that favors rural states, the party has managed to hold on to power. The GOP's original 2018 problem has been the absence of an issue that could drive Republican voter engagement. President Trump, whose political talents remain underappreciated recognized the Kavanaugh nomination as this year's best option and the Republican Party has picked up the message. Expect more "outrage" from GOP operatives as the election approaches - I am listening to Chuck Grassley's rant in the Senate as I write this. In 2018, as an old sports broadcaster used to inveigh, "Folks, we've got a real barn burner!"

  129. The Republican Senate holds confirmation hearings for judicial nominees of Republican presidents but not for those of Democratic presidents. That goes beyond simple hypocrisy. It's unconstitutional and they should somehow be called on it.

  130. @Clark Landrum The Democrats refuse to hold Republicans accountable for anything. Republicans blocked Obama's nominees, so Schumer fasttracked their nominees. Republicans spent eight years treating a perfectly respectable and too reasonable president like a corrupt pathological liar. Now Democrats are treating a corrupt pathological liar like a respectable and reasonable president. Republicans pretend they have principles, while they lie and cheat to win elections. Democrats pretend they have no principles, while they tell workers nothing can be done for them, and lose elections. Democrats constantly attack the left for "identity politics," even though what the left is doing its fighting for justice by defending against Republican attacks (many violent) based on identity. Now the Democrats are hoping the MeToo movement will stop this nomination. This is necessary because Democrats essentially surrendered in this nomination from the beginning, by constantly saying they don't have the votes to stop it. The Republicans are attacking our Republic, and he Democrats are helping them by voting for their legislation and nominees! No party will save us. Only We the People, by the tens of millions can save the Constitution, and save each other from the Party of Trump. I'm not saying don't for for Democrats, but I am saying voting for Democrats is not enough.

  131. @McGloin Obama should have asked that the Supreme Court intervene when the Republicans unconstitutionally refused to hold a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland. The Democrats are passive. The Republicans are aggressive. That's why they win all the time.

  132. The Republicans in Congress...and Trump and his rally mobs...have become Nazi storm troopers. What else can you call a Senate Majority Leader who accuses his colleagues of "conspiracy theories" when they exercise their constitutional duty to "advise and consent"? This is going to end very badly for OUR country unless the Democrats regain control of Congress and take back some state legislatures and governorships. We are looking at confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice who is an extreme partisan, who cannot truly perform his function because more than half the citizens of this country would not get an impartial decision from him.

  133. For Feinstein, Harris, Booker, and Coons to parade a charlatan for the purpose of a character assassination is really unforgivable. The WaPo is just as guilty for this hit piece of poor journalism and vetting...more a National Enquirer-like smear than serious journalism. They could have easily contacted her partner of six years to know that she was not what she purported to be. To watch Warren rush to the camera and pump up these young women on a false accusation made me sick to my stomach as most decent people would be. Disgusting and totally disgusted!

  134. I’m so tired of today’s America.

  135. I feel like outrage and anger are the only things the dwindling GOP have left...

  136. @NB Dwindling? The GOP controls the WH, both chambers of Congress, and now the Supreme Court. Outrage and anger have worked spectacularly for them.

  137. My response Merrick Garland.

  138. Sending law enforcement agencies to investigate credible claims of sexual assault by a man who may sit on this nation's highest court, thus delaying his nomination proceedings by a week or so: apparently, totally unreasonable. Setting democratic norms and manners on fire by simply refusing to consider the nomination of the both supremely qualified and ethicially spotless Merrick Garland, as a court seat sits vacant for over a year: apparently, absolutely fine. But of course, it's the Democrats who are politicizing the courts.

  139. As an independent I find both parties at fault for making the confirmation process brutal. Judge Kavanaugh treatment was horrible but judge Kavanaugh went a bit too far in defending himself by attacking Clintons. In the end judge Kavanaugh deserves to be confirmed as the 11th hour 7th FBI investigation of his background check came out squeaky clean. There were no questions that he was one of the most qualified judges in the country and he was thoroughly vetted . To not confirm him after all this drama and unfair uncorroborated accusations will be a travesty of justice for the supreme court nomination process.

  140. None of that is true. Trump wants him on when gamble vs the US goes before the Supreme Court so trump can pardon himself at the federal level and not be charged in the state level

  141. @Girish Kotwal Over 1,700 law professors found “squeaky clean” Kavanaugh did not possess the temperament needed to be a justice in the highest court in the land. The ABA previously had strong opinions about his suitability. His behavior during questioning betrayed a lack of civility, a lack of decorum and not the actions and attitude one would expect of a justice for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. And no, he was not thoroughly vetted nor was the FBI “investigation” done at the request of Senator Flake a thorough one.

  142. @Girish Kotwal He Lied in his hearings. That is what should disqualify him. He has been bought by someone to protect trump's hiney & to take away women's & minority rights. He Is Owned! No One But trump, mcconnell & gop wants him on court...the people are saying NO.

  143. "Democrats 'don’t just disagree with Trump, they hate him and they want him in prison,, Mr. Schlapp said." "Innocent until proven guilty." Um--"Lock her up! Lock her up!" "'This process,' Mr. McConnell said, 'has been ruled by fear, and anger, and underhanded gamesmanship for too long.'" Um--Merrick Garland. I get that politicians and political actors often talk out of both sides of their mouths. But the GOP hypocrisy in this situation is truly breathtaking.

  144. Who cares if Republican conservatives get angry? How about the rest of us, don't we have the right to be angry about how our democratic country has been betrayed by the so called patriotic Republican party?

  145. You should care if you want to win elections.

  146. The behavior we have seen since the start of the Trump regime is an enormous disservice to all Americans. We must elect better leaders. Let’s talk about term limits for Congress and for the Supreme Court. You do not need a lifetime appointment to be a fair and impartial judge- let’s go with one ten year term. In the meantime November is coming. Vote!

  147. “Republicans perceive that Judge Kavanaugh is a man who has led an upright and honorable life, certainly as an adult, and feel like his reputation is being trashed and his nomination is being railroaded.” Certainly as an adult, Christine Blasey Ford relives the fear and humiliation of Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of her 36 years ago. And certainly, by attempting to justify his crime and shield him from accountability, the reputations of Senate Republicans will one day join his - in the trash.

  148. So many ignorant, jingoistic, easily gulled people. A sad failure of the education system.

  149. I Stand With Merrick

  150. Oh, please. The Democrats do not seek to use this to propel their own voters to the polls? Why is an action taken by the GOP sinister and reprehensible, and the same action by Democrats laudable? Only in NYT-Land.

  151. Actually the article simply discusses the politics; the value judgment’s of your own devising.

  152. From all the testimony we've heard from those who knew him back in the day, it sounds like Brett often had a hard time just standing up at all.

  153. I'd say Republicans really must be scraping the bottom of the idea barrel if the only thing they've got to 'fire up' voters coming into the midterm is a SCOTUS nominee accused of sexual assault. What's ultimately behind it is a now-tired and completely out of place platform. Republicans don't run on ideology anymore so much as they run on opposition to Democrats. It may have worked when Democrats controlled congress. It may have worked (though less effectively) when Obama was still in the White House. But, Republicans still just don't seem to understand that they're NOT the opposition party anymore. They're the GOVERNING party - or at least, they're supposed to be. Now we the people must decide, do we really want to keep a governing party in power when they've clearly demonstrated that they do not understand or have any interest in the task of governing.

  154. Max Sshlapp: Democrats “don’t just disagree with Trump, they hate him and they want him in prison,” --- Max must have been in the kitchen fixing another martini when he heard all the "lock her up" chants and was so far gone he thought the channel was on some Democrat's rally. The Republicans are trying to bestow upon Bart Kavanaugh the same level of political importance that history assigned to Archduke Ferdinand. Someone should tell them Bart was never on the original list Trump said he would choose from. There are other names on that list that would be much more palatable to the country at large, just as conservative, and who would make a fine Justice. This is all about power. Raw power. And if they get their way Trump will have a green light to fire Mueller.

  155. @medianone Yes, Trump specifically picked Kavanaugh to help stop the Mueller investigation, which is a corrupt reason to pick a nominee. TRUMP PICKED A JUSTICE TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

  156. Turnabout is fair play. Democrats have been stoking resentment and anger among their base ever since Trump was elected. The Times itself has ramped up the anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric with front page after front page columns and opinion page rantings. The excoriation of Judge Kavanaugh by The Times and Democrats without one scintilla of proof to substantiate claims of any sexual attack is proof enough that the left has perfected thwe art of character assassination. No wonder that Republicans and conservatives are ticked off. We are tired of being kicked around because of our political and social values, and we are not going to take it any more.

  157. @paul: Nobody needs to "stoke" my anger and resentment, because I'm an informed voter who does not want to give any more power to the current incarnation of the Republican Party, which has become reactionary and seems to want to undo all the achievements of the twentieth century.

  158. @paul Listening to Trump lie, insult, and trash the Constitution makes me angry. Hating Trump would be a waste of time, but he does stoke my anger. (And any of you Democrats still falling for these manipulative pathological attacks, where they try to play on your sense of fairness, while they cheat, really need to work in your self esteem.)

  159. Mr. Trump said “the PEOPLE get it far better than the politicians”. Absolutely right, that's why we didn't vote for you. That's why you lost the popular vote. That's why Gorsuch was confirmed by senators representing only 53 million votes versus those opposed representing 73 millions votes (read Michael Tomasky's piece in todays paper). The people didn't want Trump for president. The people didn't want Gorsuch on the Supreme court. The people don't want Kavanaugh. But it doesn't really matter what "We the People" want. We have a 2 party system that is heavily biased to the side that does not represent the will of the people, in other words, we've got little choice and no real voice. The veneer of legitimacy, gold plated but covering something really tawdry, that's how I would describe all three branches of government today.

  160. Republicans will soon have close to 60 Senate seats and will be able to quickly confirm replacements for Breyer and Ginsburg when they finally step down.

  161. You guys just keep doing it to yourselves.

  162. @Richard Luettgen Sadly that is true. The Democrats are no match for Republican levels of partisanship and placing the interests of their patrons over that of the country.

  163. @Pat Undoubtedly why their influence on our governance is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  164. And you guys just keep jumping on top of women. I’ll take this side, silly as it sometimes is, on the grounds that knowledge, decency, and some sort of interest in the country (as opposed to fascination with the wealthy) are to be preferred.

  165. This ought to be simple, regardless of his political leanings and alleged but still unproven high school and college conduct, he openly lobbied for the job on his favorite partisan news outlets. If him signaling in advance from those news outlets who he will be ruling for, is there anything worse in the performance of his potential new job that would make him a worse candidate

  166. One man's "plot" is another man's "strategic political move." Regardless of how it is characterized, the facts clearly point to an intentional move on the part of the Democrats to play with the information they had and time its disclosure so as to buy time and make a public spectacle of the process, while, in the meantime, lives are seriously upended - on ALL sides. I say this as a registered Democrat since 1976 (although I will soon be switching to Independent). Whether or not one agrees with the suitability of the candidate, the manner in which this process has been handled is atrocious - and counterproductive, for the Dems - once again - have thrown red meat to the lions who will probably devour them.

  167. @Romeo Salta Please show me the facts that the Dems played with the info they had. All I know is that Sen Feinstein was asked to keep that info confidential until Dr Ford was ready to come forward. Feinstein kept her word. How is that a plot?

  168. @Mike It was leaked at just the right time, instead of divulged confidentially to the other members of the Committee, and there could have been a confidential investigation with both Democrats and Republicans.

  169. @Romeo Salta So, you have decided to throw away the one real power you have: the power of the vote. Do really believe that Independent votes are given to either Party at the end of the day?

  170. Over the past year, I've read more than a few opinions from people who voted for the current occupant of the White House, have come to regret it, and are now ready to vote for candidates who yearn to represent working Americans. I think I understand the anger of people who lost their jobs to globalization, have seen their home towns wither, and fear that their children and grandchildren will be worse off than they were. I understand that millions of people voted for a change agent out of desperation and fear. Okay. You made your point. Now we all have to pull together to fix the worse mess we're in. Isn't it time to think of our country again for all our sakes? Look around and see who is running for office who will truly represent working Americans. Donate a few bucks to their campaigns, man a phone bank, and encourage your family and friends to vote next month for people who will unite and govern rather than divide and rule.

  171. @Alexander Harrison - Are you aware that, in less than 2 years, Trump's GOP has added over $4 TRILLION to the deficit through their "tax cuts"? Are you aware that over the next two years Trump's GOP intends to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to "pay" for those tax cuts? Are you aware that stealing over $4 TRILLION from our country is going to result in a devastating recession? Are you aware that your "president" defrauded America and Americans (including you and all other Trump supporters) of $400 MILLION in unpaid taxes? Do you think your time might be better spent by something other than attending Trump "rallies"?

  172. This entire ordeal has fired up Republicans like Garland's situation did Democrats. Two sides moving farther apart and each has a good, strategic reason to do so, played properly to their constituents, which ensures that'll bipartisanship is as good as dead. I'm satisfied with Kavanaugh and tolerating Trump, McConnell, etc. gets easier every day as the Dems continue to sink to new lows.

  173. @LR The bottom was reached when McConnell refused to give Merrick Garland a Hearing. Posters in favor of Kavanaugh always forget the Garland low. Can you explain that 12 mo. plus delay? You have a lot to say about the "unfair" treatment of Kavanaugh; please explain Garland and Mitch McConnell.

  174. @LR Lol, more fantasy from Republicans. The problem with the Democratic Party is that it keeps trying to be reasonable and compromise with a party that openly calls compromise evil and a sign of weakness to be exploited. In response to Hillary Care, Newt Gingrich offered a Heritage Foundation Healthcare plan. Then Mitt Romney implemented it in Massachusetts. Then Obama proposed your plan for the whole country and you attacked your own plan as radical socialism run amok, and kept trying to repeal it. Mitch McConnell openly said that for party would block everything that Obama tried to do and were successful in making the recovery from your Great Recession take years. I hate the Clintons because everything they did was Republican policy. NAFTA was a Republican Pan that Bill had to twist Democratic arms to pass. Three Strikes leading to mass incarceration of minorities was supposed to prove Democrats were tough on crime. Clinton expanded the drug war as you demanded. Hillary voted for Iraq. Democrats voted for Bush's tax cuts for the rich. Republicans wanted to attack Khadafi for decades. Hillary did regime change in Libya. Democrats keep bending over backwards to compromise with Republicans, while you attack the plain meaning of the Constitution, and you just get more extreme. And the more power.you gain the worse things get for the American People, but you blame Democrats for the results of your policies and they let you. Stop lying to yourself and others.

  175. why aren't there any complaints about the treatment of the victim? the mocking by DJT? Oh, right, I forgot, he can't do anything wrong. So very, very sad, that many in our great nation has lost all compassion.

  176. @Sally McCart the victim was a female & therefore inferior to the white men running the country. She doesn't matter. We need to remember but to these people running the country we don't matter to these old white men who have lived past their usefulness. Vote Them Out!

  177. Back in the early days of the feminist movement, there was a slogan that went something like, "Men of quality aren't afraid of women's equality." It's still true. The fans of the current Republican president whom I have met have been mostly ignorant men who are disappointed in their lives. They're not necessarily poor, just not as financially secure as they expected to be, and they're angry. Along come the Republicans to tell this uninformed demographic that their problems are the fault of immigrants, African-Americans, unions, especially unionized teachers; GLBT people, and especially, uppity women, all of whom have declared "a war on white males." I'd almost feel sorry for these guys if they weren't so snide and mean. The men of quality that I know--and it's the majority of men that I know--are not fans of the current Republican president. They take responsibility for learning about the issues instead of just accepting whatever pours out of the AM radio speaker. By the way, it may come as a surprise to women who read The New York Times, but there are women who are single-issue voters on the subject of abortion. They are capable of great sentimentality when it comes to "the poor little murdered babies" and have no sympathy for the pregnant women who "shouldn't have been sleeping around." I bet they're a large part of the women who voted for Trump.

  178. @Pdxtran There are also a lot of women, and I mean a LOT of women, who are single issue voters on the subject of abortion - as in, you don't stand for protecting my right to choose and my bodily integrity, you don't get my vote. Ever. Period. Full stop.

  179. @Pdxtran Somehow they have managed to conflate abortion with "murder" with no opposition. Legal abortion is within the first trimester; there is no "baby"; there is an embryo, not a fully formed baby. If we accept their definition of murder, imagine what they might say about miscarriages: caused by an unhealthy life style, or drinking, or . . . Abortions after the first trimester are done to save the life of the mother who hoped to carry a wanted child to term; it is a tragedy for her, and her family. Where do these women get the time to stand in front of PP clinics and scream epithets at those entering or leaving? Are they unemployed with no productive volunteer activities on their calendars?

  180. @Linda Miilu - Every anti-choice Republican who talks of abortion will use the terms "children" and "babies" and "murder," thus invalidating their entire argument. We wouldn't have to take seriously people this ignorant if not for the fact that they elect politicians who are willing to exploit their ignorance in exchange for political power.

  181. Governing by egregious lies must stop. I saw a man who did not answer questions when asked directly multiple times. There were answers that were proven to be lies with documented records. His body of work was cherry picked by a partisan lawyer who the White House chose. The whole process was lacking in integrity. There were moments of showboating on the left including questionable timing of information. I saw no "vicious attacks" on Mr. K. I did see one from him. The majority showed no interest in doing their job. The truth was not important. I struggle with the hypocrisy with the MMc calling foul. His choice to hold the prior Presidents pick for 10 months was unprecedented and egregiously unethical. That anyone does not see this as shocking or see it as a "good move" by the majority, is extremely alarming. I know that both sides have had their share of ethical lapses, but the right has no interest in keeping the process of governing within the bounds of respect and order. This is critical to unite us as a country so that we trust them and the process. With Mr. Trump, there is no sign of governing with integrity in service to all. His lies are innumerable.The primary goal is to take and hold on to as much power as possible at all costs. The right is running a raw power grab. Sewing division of the people with lies, is designed to make that happen. This is dangerous. All of the lies must stop.. The right has abandoned the truth, our Democracy and the people in it. VOTE

  182. When we talk about anger towards Washington - the timing of this interview was unusual. On TV was Larry Summers - ex Secretary of the Treasury. Offering up negative opinions on President Trump and all things Republican. This is the same fellow - who when involved in the Administration at Harvard - offered up the opinions that 1. Women aren't willing to put in the hard work that men do to be truly successful and 2. Men are more disposed to be geniuses. Wow. since he is a Democrat, I guess we are to assume that he has been redeemed and now knows better. Much like Keith Ellison - there is more leeway with Democrats. After all, it's OK for a potential State Attorney General to be accused of physical abuse. Boys will be boys, after all

  183. @Jim Baugh It is understood that we can't throw stones in glass houses. But, that doesn't make the argument for the GOP, and what they are currently doing, justifiable.

  184. @LB Agree and understand At the same time, we should not condone unacceptable behavior from anyone. one of the things stoking the current rampant ill will is the hypocrisy of crucifying one person and blowing off another. Kavanaugh's accuser is right by default and Ellison's is ignored. Trump condemned for his attitude on women and Summers treated with respect At some point, it has to cut both ways

  185. The 'Electorate' often complains that the Democrats do not talk about their policy issues. But I say that the Republicans manufacture wedge issues and smears that steer elections away from policy, because the Republicans do not want to address what their policies are. And they surely don't want to allow air time for Democrats to talk about health care or income inequality. So here we are, barely a month away from the mid-terms and what are the Republicans talking about? Democratic plots in order to get the Republican base fired up. This has nothing to do with long term governing of one of the largest, most complex countries on earth. No, it's all about turning out their base, based on their fevered imaginations. And since the Republican tax cuts aren't popular and their continued attempts to eliminate health care is also unpopular, what's a party like the Republicans to do? Strike fear and resentment in their base. That's all they have. So when people want this country to run like a business, here we are: governing quarter by quarter.

  186. @JD Ripper I lived and worked in CT when the Saudi pilots flew into the Towers; the early news showed clear skies; planes invaded prohibited air space and flew right down Broadway; the military jets in NJ never got off the ground, so there was no interception. Arab men were shown boarding planes in NJ; they were identified, then that news disappeared. Bush had many rich Saudis as friends; he grounded all flights except for those which flew Saudis out of the country from FL. That was news in real time; the news eventually reached the edited stage. So it went.

  187. Who thinks the Senate, about to appoint a proven liar, political partisan, and intemperate rube to the Supreme Court, against the recommendation of over 3000 law professors, will show an iota of respect for Roe v Wade? In the week the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to two persons fighting against sexual violence as a weapon of war, the Senate has turned sexual violence into a weapon for power. Eleven white men in committee had tantrums, one announced as a "single white male."Collectively they used women as beards, blamed victims, blocked the calendar and the beer drinking age perjury, remained silent as Trump mocked a courageous survivor, choosing her most painful moment/self-absorbed boys laughing. The Senate silenced women's voices who had the audacity to break the silence on sexual violence. In the face of a million stories from decades ago, the Senate told the world their fear was for men. The Senate is the jury that votes, 51 wins. To win, they put blame above facts, expediency above patience, and a sham review over due process. You think they really care about the country?

  188. Republicans were lethargic and divided one month ago. The Democrats’ overreach with Brett Kavanaugh has now united and energized Republicans. Once again, Democrats are working overtime to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  189. @John Exactly. Feminists have many legitimate goals, but the MeToo Movement has a dark, vengeful side that turns off many voters. Its excesses are exactly what the Democrats don't need. The people who disliked Hillary Clinton may stay home again if Democrats can't focus consistently on a more positive vision on issues (health care, social security, income inequality, climate change) that concern everyone, not just the upper class. They've got to turn their tactics around.

  190. This was not “Democratic overreach.” A patriotic woman came forward to her congressional representative stating that a Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted her. If there was overreach, you need only look at and listen to the vitriol, obfuscation, and slime-filled machinations of the Republican senators who will stop at nothing in order to get their way. Vote in a November.

  191. @John, yes, it is a stark difference between a party that has voters who hold them accountable for their voting record and behavior outside of politics and a party whose voters only care about how their party votes. I could never vote for a man who bragged about being a sexual predator just because his policies fit my political agenda.

  192. Grizzle says: Kavanaugh will be appointed to the Supreme Court; however there will be a challenge to Rowe vs. Wade and he will write a decision taken from "The Handmaiden's Tale," which he took to be a blueprint to a better society. Then, Trump will be unsuccessfully impeached mostly due to his decision based on Rex autem super lege, which no Republican will understand and cheer while Trump takes away their social security and Medicare. Since there will be no election in 2020, SCOTUS will finally come to their senses and try to adjudicate us back to democracy; at which point they will all be imprisoned, along with their families. Kavanaugh will learn to make beer illegally in prison and turn the whole prison experience into something very close to a drunken Yale frat party.

  193. Come on people, it’s so obvious ... trump is panicking. He desperately needs Kavanaugh on the supreme court because of the judge's view that a sitting president cannot be indicted, to wit his words: "the country loses when the President’s focus is distracted by the burdens of civil litigation or criminal investigation and possible prosecution.” It’s a tacit assertion that the President is therefore above the law. It could well be trump's "get out of jail" card against the Mueller investigation. This unprecedented judicial positioning actually taking root in the nation's highest court is not only insidiously ominous but frankly a current and present danger to democracy worldwide.

  194. Exactly what treatment of Kavanaugh is the Right whining about? The guy's behavior during the Senate hearing, if you insist on describing the proceedings as a hearing, which I don't, was that of a petulant child in tantrum. I cannot imagine why anyone would believe anything he says. And reading his numerous Appellate Court decisions, I would not trust him with anything, let along the fate of anyone coming before nation's Supreme Court.

  195. @wm.h.evans. How quickly Democrats abandon the allegation of Dr Ford. Nobody will stand up for her 3 weeks from now. They will all say it doesn’t matter if her allegation was actually true. So predictable.

  196. Who stole what from whom? President Obama nominated a qualified candidate for the supreme court, and Mitch McConnell obstructed it from getting to the senate. As promised when President Obama was re-elected, the Republican mission would be to obstruct the president at every turn. He was successful, and now the McConnell choir blames Democrats for being obstructionists. Partenship aside, most Americans want wise men and women on the supreme court. Is that asking too much? Republicans are uniting the majority in opposition to them. That is the only thing I find encouraging about the impact of this administration.

  197. @Terry Huff - Obama did nominate a qualified candidate for the supreme court (Merrick Garland), and Mitch McConnell did obstruct it from getting to the senate. That was a sad performance by the senate and in no way comports with "advise and consent" responsibilities. It actually happened to hundreds of nominees during Reagan's second term when the democrats controlled the senate. That's politics. But Obama's nominee, the Republicans did not launch a public war of personal destruction against Garland as democrats have done with Brett Kavanaugh. That is makes this worse than McConnell's pocket veto of Merrick Garland.

  198. I don't "hate Trump." I feel sorry for Trump, because he obviously has a giant hole in his soul that he tries to fill with money, power, and lies. What I hate is what Republicans and Trump are trying to do up the country that I love. Trump always puts his own interests above the interests of We the People. You cannot listen to him speak and actually believe otherwise. That is not his job. Everyone let's their personal interests get in the way of their work occasionally, but Trump is unable and unwilling to even pretend that he doesn't think that We the people are his personal servants. He doesn't know that president is not king. He even said that we should "sit in attention" for him with "fervor" like the North Koreans do. This nomination is a perfect example of Trump putting himself before the people. There are lists of hundreds of possible appointees for him to choose from. Trump specifically made this nomination because Kavanaugh has said that a president can only be investigated by Congress, and because he has an overly expansive view of the president's power. Trump expects Kavanaugh to help shut down the Mueller investigation and help make him president for life. That is corrupt intent. This fight never should have been about Kavanaugh. It should have been about Trump's fitness for office and his corrupt intent in making this nomination. Anyone actually qualified to be on the Supreme Court would refuse a nomination from this corrupt president.

  199. And while Brett Kavanagh , in his completely unhinged performance last Thursday was whining about Democrats spending money to keep his nomination from being confirmed , he of course never mentioned anything about the millions of dollars that the NRA has spent to back this man who in his moment on the world stage, showed himself to be temperamentally unfit for a seat on the highest court of the land. Of course he apologized for his behavior in the Wall Street Journal, no doubt an action that was prompted by the White House. How's the rage working for the GOP now ? Seeing that this may be the only thing they have left, it's pretty pathetic. Aren't we tired of seeing the country run by a bunch of grumpy old men who remain continuously out of step with the voice and the needs of the people?

  200. @RD I think Orren Hatch might be old enough to have helped bring about the first Senate.

  201. The problem with this nomination, and its aftermath, was the human element, of each person involved coming at this from their own goal, Ford, Feinstein, Kavanaugh, and the other women, and men who talked about Kavanaugh from decades ago. If even one of them was thought to have made up allegations(Julie Swetnick), or had partisan interests, it just ramped up the outrage on both sides. I believe we are further away from ever seeing the truth on most issues again, and having common ground than ever before.

  202. @MaryKayKlassen We Americans share acres of common ground across the country; that is the ground we all stand on. We see truth on most issues, every day; lies on important issues are called out, every day. When it matters, as it has done in times of war, we stand together in support of our men in service, regardless of how we feel about a particular war. We are tribal, as are most nations; we will fight amongst ourselves, and we will stand together when our nation is under attack.

  203. How can we keep our country moral, decent and honest? How can we protect our little children? How can we stop promoting indecent and immoral lifestyles to the rest of the world? Simply put God back into the equation. Whether republican or democrat, male or female, Christian or atheists, if what we think, say, or do is decent, moral and right...then it comes from God. If what we think, say, or do is indecent, immoral and wrong then it does not come from God. You can only lie to yourself and others, but not to God. This may be why separation of church and state exists. Blessed be those that believe in His name: who are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

  204. @manoflamancha - Challenge: point to a single Republican holding public office who believes in the separation of church and state.

  205. @manoflamancha Here's a news flash: the Founding Fathers were products of The Enlightenment; they were rationalists; they did not all believe in God; they believed that all men were created equal, including non-believers. "In God We Trust" did not start with them. Not all Americans attend church on Sunday. We have no State religion; we have freedom of religion; we are free to choose to believe or not to believe.

  206. The three branches of government are now fully aligned against what equates to more than half the population. It's obvious the GOP just does things to annoy that half of the population. It's government by spite. History will not be kind to these despots.

  207. Re Mitch McConnell's recurrent whining about how the Democrats are trying to "destroy the life" of Judge Kavanaugh, who already has a "for life" appointment as a circuit court judge at a currently $220,600 annual salary. McConnell evidently is out of touch with how many Americans would love to have their lives "destroyed" like that.

  208. How convenient that Conservatives seem to have forgotten about a man named Merrick Garland. Let them throw their toddler-like tantrums because the rest of us are angry at what a joke they have made out of our country. Hopefully the polls prove just how angry the rest of us truly are...

  209. @Kait W No one forgot about Merrick Garland. Obama didn't fight for him so he didn't get on the Court. Can't blame that on Republicans can you?. Obama had options, he chose not to use them for political reasons. He made a Calculation. He calculated wrong as he often did but he made a deliberate choice not to fight for Garland.

  210. @GregP It absolutely can be blamed on the Republicans. President Obama nominated Garland at the suggestion of GOP leaders. The GOP Senate refused Merrick Garland for no other reason than they wanted to wait it out and see if they could retake the presidency (which, unfortunately, they did) in order to put their favorites on the Court. They gave no reasons for their dismissal, just a big old no. At least the Democrats gave a plausible reason why Kavanaugh should be disqualified. How exactly was President Obama supposed to "fight" when the GOP refused to even consider a candidate that they suggested?

  211. The GOP's fake anger over the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh seems outrageously funny compared to the Dems' justified anger over the GOP's treatment of Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland. But there have been so many low points in the GOP's enabling of their Russian-sympathizing leader that I'm sure we have not yet reached the lowest of the low yet. Every day seems to bring a new low for Trump, McConnell, Graham, etc. etc. etc.

  212. Yes, it’s firing up anger on both sides. Who could possibly have been more successful at dividing America than Judge Kavanaugh!

  213. "The increasingly aggressive attacks on Judge Kavanaugh’s main accuser and the dark warnings about Democrats from his supporters are part of an effort to harness Republicans’ outrage over what they see as a Democratic plot to steal a pivotal Supreme Court seat." That's rich, after McConnell stole the nomination of a twice-elected (electoral and popular votes) President because Mitch thought "the American people should have a say". So Mitch sat on that nomination for nearly a year, not doing the job a Senator's oath should mean gets done, which is to vote on a President's nominated judges. He could have put it to a vote, and rejected the nominee. No, he hijacked the process instead. And now they're bawling like they don't have a big long list of other conservative nominees that could go instead of Kavanaugh. Democrats stealing a nomination? That's rich.

  214. The NY Times has investigative reporters. Perhaps they could be tasked to find voters who are simply evaluating things on their own - without being "stoked" Surely, there are some to be found - it would be refreshing to hear their point of view.

  215. @Maurice Gatien I think it's important to realize the power of propaganda. There is no doubt that Fox News is a propaganda machine. What is the only TV show the president calls into? Fox and Friends. What network did Kavanaugh choose to receive softball questions and kid-glove treatment about his accused assault? Fox. When major news comes out that is negative about Trump, which news station ignores the news completely? Fox. The far-right radio personalities also constantly spread propaganda. If you want to see some good investigative reporting, read the Times report on Trump's family finances. It includes original documents and was so detailed that the authorities are able to use it as evidence to look into possible fraud.

  216. @Matthew S - In film of the event, Fox also obligingly deleted the laughter that greeted Trump's embarrassing and absurd boasts before the UN. Those of us who receive our news from actual news organizations saw what really occurred - the entire world laughing at Donald J. Trump.

  217. These right-wingers, who are upset about the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, are paid shirt-wearers and sign-holders that are paid professionals being funded by Donald Trump.

  218. @Irwin Hewitt I believe the GOP would call them crisis actors, no?

  219. It is not reasonable to trap an animal into a corner without expecting to be bitten. With death threats hanging over his family and the annihilation of his reputation hanging in the balance I can not imagine any other reaction. Judge Kavanugh is human and I applaud his temperament.

  220. @Charlie Interesting. He has everything to gain and his accused had everything to lose. Yet she did not show anger or spew venom during her testimony. Kavanaugh, a christian, did not follow Christ's example when he was falsely accused.

  221. @Charlie - Brett Kavanaugh could have spared himself all this by simply requesting an FBI investigation into the allegations. Right?

  222. @Matthew S He was not falsely accused; Judge is hiding so as not to testify as a witness to the assault; dozens of women victims want to testify on her behalf; over 1,000 law professors have signed a Statement on her behalf. That would be highly unusual for an accused in any forum.