Trump’s Meeting With Rod Rosenstein Delayed Until Next Week

The meeting about the deputy attorney general’s future was rescheduled as the president monitored testimony about his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

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  1. Is Mr. Trump using this threat of firing Mr. Mueller's supervisor to coerce Senators into supporting Kavanaugh?

  2. So briefly put, the Prez will yet again while away the morning watching FOX. He must be prepping for yet another golf weekend.

  3. trump can’t go to work today because there is something on TV he needs to watch?

  4. Roadrunner Cartoons.

  5. It has been widely reported, for the last 1.5 years, that Rosenstein is all that stands between justice (i.e, Mueller being allowed to finish his work), and the liar-in-cheif being allowed to get away with all of his illegal acts. And yet, knowing this, the NYT published at article about information that surprised no one (that any one with brains and loyalty to the Constitution thinks the liar-in-cheif should be removed from office), which would clearly put Rosenstein at risk. So I have one question - why run that story? It adds nothing to the public discourse, but gives the liar-in-cheif an excuse to put a stooley in charge of Mueller's investigation. It seems to me this could be disastrous to our democracy.

  6. @bob The job of the NYT is to report the news, not make it. The day that the NYT starts putting its thumb on the scale by not publishing a story -- whether for the left or for the right -- is the day the first amendment starts to die. Yes, I'm sure there may be discretion used as to timing, but a story this big is either disproven and interdicted or published. No fear, no favor.

  7. Every single thing Trump does demonstrates he is unqualified for office. Sounds like he can't trust any of his "greatest people" to monitor the situation while he takes care of other business - he actually has to watch the hearings himself. Micromanages, doesn't manage, manages by the seat of his pants... nothing shows he actually knows how to do what most of us call work.

  8. Having to focus on the Kavanaugh hearings should take about 30 seconds - if he can last that long because that is all the attention span he has before his mind starts wandering over to "what about me".

  9. Once again, the “President” shows he can’t do his job.

  10. @Stephen If trump remembers to put on both shoes, he thinks he is multitasking. Nobody has the heart to tell him that the shoes are mismatched pairs...and both for the left foot.

  11. @R.Will Lol! I can hear Ivanka now. "Daddy, you're such a forward-thinking trend-setter! Factories all over China will be making only left shoes from now on!"

  12. More Buffoonery from the White House.

  13. Trump is the guy who puts peanut butter in his roommate's shoes while they're asleep. He is *that* guy. He calls Rosenstein into his office to discuss firing him and cancels the meeting so he can watch TV. It's not like Trump aides don't block off TV time on the President's schedule. They spend more time blocking TV time our of Trump's schedule. The Senate testimony was on the calendar. This was intentional. Trump was intentionally disrespectful to Rosenstein. I can't describe what I really mean without profanity so I'll stop here. However, the sentence begins with "What a..." You can fill in the rest.

  14. Amazing that tRump is too busy "monitoring" a hearing about which he has openly acknowledged having already made up his narrow, prejudice-riddled, ego-maniacal, and scattered mind. How ironic it is that "The Donald," who made a name firing people to their faces on on "reality" TV, now finds he lacks the courage to do the deed for real and has found that he can only muster the courage to 'can 'um' behind their backs. (Remember the FBI Director who was fired by Kyron while speaking to his troops across the country?) This arrogant, pompous man who is so filled with self-love for himself, hate for others, and disrespect for our precious country is the worst possible role model of adult behavior for our youth. May God shed His grace on us in these troubled times.

  15. Let me get this straight. Trump's priorities are 1) watch TV, 2) meet with supporters, and 3) (maybe) iron things out with the deputy AG, when he gets around to it. Because we now live in Bizzaro World.

  16. So, he’s watchin’ TV.

  17. My take is that Trump caused these two serious problems (the poorly thought-through Kavanaugh nomination and Rosenstein's situation and constant attack on the FBI), but he does not have the skill, knowledge, insight or attention span to effectively resolve either one. Trump's solution? Divert attention by kicking more wasps nests! That's what his shaky performances at the UN were about. But, that darned Dr. Ford and Rosenstein! Just won't go away!

  18. He's probably waiting to find out if it's safe to fire Rosenstein, then get rid of Mueller.

  19. I disaree

  20. I think that Rosenstein will be fired very shortly and the Kabuki that we are seeing now is designed to allow trump to package Rosenstein's departure as amicable, and not a firing. Firing Rosenstein would gum up the works in terms of chain of succession for trump, so he must make this look like a voluntary departure. I think the rumors floating around the putative Rosenstein offer to resign a few days ago were just that, rumors, but that Rosenstein probably switched up the game at the 11th hour in some fashion and refused to leave quietly. Any interim activity will be solely for trump to navigate around this obstacle and make Rosenstein (as he has tried to do with Sessions) uncomfortable enough to leave on his own. To the extent that he is still there, Rosenstein is playing trump and may be hoping to extend that game until after the midterms when democrats might take up legislation to protect Mueller. Trump for his part wants the focus on Kavanaugh (another distraction from trump's own sexual assault history). More power to Rosenstein for acting like a patriot. It must be alarming to trump that the deep state that he worries about is actually comprises mostly Republicans: it is hard to keep a conspiracy theory afloat when others can see the face of the conspirators and see that they are all Republican.

  21. Trump delaying the meeting with Rosenstein is like a cat playing with a mouse it has captured. He wants to have some fun before killing it. If Kavanaugh's nomination is rejected or withdrawn, would Trump nominate Rosenstein to the Supreme Court? Remember, in Bizarro World stranger things have happened.

  22. @jbartelloni Rosenstein is a very smart guy. trump is a moron. trump realized, in a well documented moment, that he was being laughed at the UN but 5 minutes later was telling yet another lie -- that he had set up a gag line...against himself. The odds of that are zero. trump has never heard the adage that if you don't know who the sucker at the poker table is, it may be you.

  23. She's lying - Trump is your president until 2024 - Suck it up and at least try to act like adults

  24. @Gregory Sullivan Funny , trump won't survive the the impeachment next spring /period .

  25. “I hope I can watch,” Mr. Trump said on Wednesday. “I’m meeting with a lot of countries tomorrow,“ — his built in excuse for not responding if things don’t— as they haven’t — go well. His meeting or not with Rosenstein is completely orthogonal to this committee meeting - I believe he’s trying to figure out how to play it. And waiting to see if his boy “comes out hotter” today than on Fox News. If Kavanaugh doesn’t, I suspect either Trump will drop him as soon as he can find a bus, or else he’ll “persuade” Kavanaugh to withdraw to spare his wife and children the unfair trauma. Of truth, but trauma nonetheless. And I suspect Rosenstein is safe until the day after the midterms.

  26. We know that Trump will use this opportunity to push Rosenstein to rain in Muller. That would be the perfect outcome; block Muller without paying the political price for it. Rosenstein will have to decide whether he will play that game - and how he will play it. Ultimately, both men know that this relationship, if saved for now, will still be rather short. The question is what does each man want and how does he intend to get it. We know that Trump will lie and say whatever he thinks will get him what he want. How much misleading will Rosenstein be willing to do and for what purpose, that is the big question.

  27. @Ivan Rosenstein has already been burned once by trump in a very direct way (The Comey Letter) and Rosenstein has watched trump deceive and short-change people for over a year. Rosenstein is a very smart guy and is not going to fall into the trap twice. trump has already used up his one and only strike with Rosenstein so get out your popcorn.

  28. This effectively is Mr. Rosenstein calling Trump’s bluff.

  29. I wonder if The Con Don learned about the worldwide "Trump Is Not Above The Law" demonstration/march planned if he fires Deputy AG Rosenstein. The link is below. The website still shows 400,000 people signed up but it probably needs to be updated because some of us are just learning about it. When you go to the website look at the list of "partners". The major democracy-loving organizations are joining forces to stop the vicious attacks - from inside and Russia- on OUR democracy! Every single American who values democracy must pay attention and hit the streets when the call comes. P.S. My earlier posts on this called Mr. Rosenstein the Deputy FBI director. Sorry for the error.

  30. @njglea There are so many events listed that most people should be within a short drive of one. Complacency kills democracy. Thank you for posting the link.

  31. What a surprise: Trump’s Meeting With Rod Rosenstein Delayed Until Next Week Another distraction occurs, so the fire under Mr. Rosenstein goes out. “We’ve had a good talk,” Mr. Trump said. " . . . he was very nice, and we’ll see.”

  32. I suppose Mr Putin is satisfied with Mr Trump's performance at the UN, and in no particular hurry to change the news focus back to the investigation.

  33. Today we are told they don't want to interfere with the hearing. Earlier this week that's exactly what they wanted to do: get it off the top of the news. Business as usual: real issues don't matter. Manipulating the nation's attention, fears and worst instincts to stay in power forever, that's the only goal.

  34. Allowing an exceptionally talented, passionately devoted, highly and widely respected public servant to twist in the wind only happens in third world banana republics. Now it's happening here, sanctioned by a POTUS whose bully yet cowardly pulpit demands fear based management as a tool to exercise power and control. The good news here is that Rosentein's reputation will continue to be burnished by this disgracefully undignified presidential behavior while the President's will continue to be increasingly tarnished. Vote.