Will Bill Cosby’s Trip From America’s Dad to Sex Offender End in Prison?

The judge who sentences him next week will confront a frail old man convicted of sexually assaulting one woman, but accused of abuse by many others.

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  1. The whole prosecution was a travesty from the start. From the politically ambitious campaigning for that office on prosecuting Mr. Cosby even though his predecessor entered into an agreement not to prosecute Mr. Cosby. Who then in reliance on that agreement made those incriminating statements in the depositions that the politically ambitious prosecutor used to indict and try Mr. Cosby in violation of the agreement reached with that office. And, in the second trial that politically ambitious prosecutor and the clearly biased judge arranged for evidence relating to Mr. Cosby's prior bad conduct to be admitted. I can go on but you should get my point!

  2. @Harold C. Yes, we bet your point! And it's a very sad one. Not for the accused, but for all of the victims who want justice to be served.

  3. @Harold C. Yes, Harold, we get your point. Thanks. Mr. Cosby is a victim! Of course! Oh, about those 60 + lying women who were drugged and raped? Nada? Nothing? Really? In the words of Fat Albert, "Hey, Hey, Hey"!

  4. @Harold C., yes, your point is that nothing about Cosby's crimes or his victims registers with you. Here's another point: your time is up.

  5. Justice deferred is justice denied. I don't care how old he is. Life in prison.

  6. He should do a lot of time. He committed many rapes and deserves no sympathy, even though he has tried the "I am blind and disabled" game with his last trial. Seen it many times. All balderdash.

  7. Will Bill Cosby end up in prison after his decades of sexual/drug abuse of women who trusted him completely? Yes, he should. So what if he was America’s dad for years. While admiring millions of fans viewed Cosby as a positive figure, he lived a double life 180 degrees removed from the wise and caring father he was merely play acting. Cosby’s age shouldn’t be a deterrent to the judge’s sentencing in this case. Cosby continued his criminal career only until a courageous woman blew the whistle on him and his house of cards fell apart. Cosby may be a frail old man with failing vision but in the full flower of his youth he was an unapologetic sexual predator. He deserves no mercy.

  8. Lock him up and throw away the key. He is unrepentant and deserves no reprieve.

  9. Cosby does not look "frail" to me. And I'll bet if he had not been caught he would still be perpetrating his crimes. Stop with the sympathy for this arch criminal.

  10. This article explores whether a man convicted of multiple rapes should get jail time. The discussion here, in itself, highlights why we have a problem. Some folks get special treatment. Money, celebrity, race and gender all play their parts. The man is a convicted, serial rapist. It's unfortunate, for him, that he got caught. It's unfortunate, for him, that he got convicted. But don't we generally go ahead and put convicted rapists into prison? Let's put aside the plight of Bill Cosby and take a look at his string of victims, whose lives and careers were in many cases, if not ruined, certainly scarred.

  11. Yes! Thank you. Why is this even a question?

  12. @Andrea R It seems to be a question because the three men who authored this piece apparently think "celebrities" should have their own "special" judicial process. THEY SHOULD NOT. How about a Cosby story written by three WOMEN?

  13. fame fortune drugs and sex, how come in never ever entered his mind that raping women with drugs that make them unconscious is not a crime? and 60 + people later? really? even if not, he couldn't realize at just one? you know, something is missing, in his mind. he knows it. it doesn't matter how famous or how much money you have. you do that, it's unconscionable. so. cosby, somehow did it that way.

  14. Of course he should go to prison.

  15. Mr. Cosby used his "good deeds" to commit evil deeds. For that, any good deeds that he did in the past should not be considered in sentencing. He is a manipulative, evil person pure and simple.

  16. Sex sure seems to be dominating the headlines. While we’re on hold for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the news that (formerly) “America’s Dad” might be going to prison is not—for me—an occasion of sadness. When a powerful man employs his power to exploit the vulnerable or helpless (drugged or drunk) to satisfy his base pleasures—for perhaps couple score of years—he’s got to pay the price. A sexual predator takes more than a body part from a woman; he destroys her self-respect, and the crime is a stone in the proverbial pool: the unholy stain spreads to every other woman because, in the actual victim’s place, there too, might they be. We are supposed to be a nation of laws in which powerful individuals and powerful interests are supposed to be leveled. Bill Cosby found out this morning that he’s just another man, and a criminal to boot. All those laughs and fun and good times are gone beyond recall. Perhaps “America’s Dad” can re-live them for the rest of his life—behind bars.

  17. @Soxared, '04, '07, '13 - this is NOT about sex. Sex is not dominating the headlines, rape, sexual abuse, religious pedophilia - that is what is dominating the headlines. Other than that - I do agree with your other points.

  18. @Sharon Thank you for pointing that out.

  19. next let's march into court all those who chose weaker victims to exploit, children; count on the kids to be nearly voiceless and when they find a voice, years on, it is clothed in ancient shame and silence... let's march those life-destroyers into court

  20. The fact that we are having this discussion shows the double standard between having and not having wealth. If Cosby was the average 80 year old Afro-American working man, accused and convicted, he'd be sent away for life. No questions asked.

  21. Even referring to Cosby as "America's Dad" is inappropriate. It was a label fashioned by pubic relations on the basis of a fictional television character. Cosby was always a phony. Never a nice person or anyone's "Dad." I know this from some indirect, but reliable, personal information. It's media hype to see this as a fall from the grace of "America's Dad" to the possibility of jail. Put Bill Cosby in jail where he belongs and forget the fictional sentimentality.

  22. Your sub-headline for this article (the one visible on the homepage) should conjoin the last two clauses with an "and," not a "but." Linking a sexual assault allegation with sexual abuse allegations via "but" makes it sound like one lessens the credibility or impact of the other, as would be the case in a "he said-she said" situation. If you believe that to be the case, you should indicate why. Otherwise, link these two clauses with an "and" -- and give the accusers the credit they deserve unless proven otherwise. If anything, the fact that he stands accused of sexual assault makes it more credible that he has abused other women as well.

  23. You refer to Cosby as a "frail old man" on the webpage subtitle. He doesn't look very frail in the picture. How is it that these elderly criminals--typically war, sex, money, or mob related--suddenly become "frail" upon sentencing? He's a relatively healthy sexual predator of longstanding. Lock him up and let's move on.

  24. Put him in prison now. Cosby should not be allowed to use his money to keep himself free until he "runs out the clock." He is guilty not only of the sexual abuse, but the colossal breach of the public trust he enjoyed as "America's Dad." Not to mention the inconceivable hypocrisy of his sanctimonious later years! Although his advanced age will mean his sentence will be short, at least he will experience the hopelessness of knowing he will be there for the rest of his days. Small comfort for all the women he violated, but some justice nonetheless. I hope there will be also extreme financial sanction to his estate from all the civil suits.

  25. Frail? Old? Cosby is an ACTOR. The slow, unsteady gait he exhibits when surrounded by news cameras is not representative of who he is in his private life. For all we know, he plays tennis on his estate and works out with a personal trainer.

  26. Everything should be considered, his age, his frailty, and then he should get locked up for life.

  27. I never thought of Cosby as ‘America’s Dad.’ At the height of his fame, I felt a certain distrust, as I always have for celebrities who are on a pedestal. When those celebrities commit some egregious behavior, they don’t simply fall on the face; they fall down a manhole.

  28. "America's Dad"? To whom? He was an actor, and by the criminal findings, a darn good one. He should have been jailed long ago.

  29. He was convicted and should pay the price. I hope for maximum sentences because the women he abused (and yes I believe them) don't get a reprieve from the pain and harm he caused.

  30. Frail old man? Really? Old yes. Frail, no.

  31. Seeing Cosby holding onto the arm of one of his team of lawyers is nothing more than theatrics. Just a couple of weeks before all this started way back when, I saw him on some talk show crawling all over the floor and ducking and hiding behind a couch as if that was supposed to be funny.

  32. Not just probably guilty but guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Putting him in prison would be a service to society in that those inclined to do what he did will think twice. By dying in jail Cosby will be doing a service to society by serving as a good example.

  33. This conviction of Mr. Cosby is very unfortunate for him. His is now a felon who should spend a appropriate amount of time in prison for each of his offenses regardless of his age and medical conditions. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

  34. What a shame that the facts didn't come out decades ago, with the caveat that #METOO were in force then, preventing many of the encounters. That it went on for so very long is the saddest part. He's pretty unlikely to do it again--so what? Put him away, judge, and show that women's pain matters. It's almost unimaginable that this is happening at literally the same time as the Kavanaugh hearing. No fiction writer would get away with that.

  35. Sorry, he played a dirty game and he should be sentenced consequently. His now frail appearance should not impede the trial, despite the fact that his incarceration will bring up higher costs to store him in jail. Letting him go on house arrest due to age, sounds rational but isn't the solution, especially in his case.

  36. Good to know having lots of money is the key to working the judicial system. If he was poor, he’d very likely already be in jail

  37. What kind of person feels sympathy for the convicted serial sexual assailer rather than for the victims? Is it someone who knows him or herself as one, too? or who has a father, son, husband, etc who has been so accused, and feels bitter towards all accusers? What justification can be made to prefer to have people who sexually abuse others free to travel among the rest of us?