The Night Sky

What is your strongest memory of looking at the night sky? Where were you? What did you see?

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  1. After reading the article,"The night sky," the biggest memory of the night sky that I have is when I was young, and the curiosity of the night sky filled my mind. Once, I went on a trip to Crater Lake national park for the night. It was late, and I decided to go explore. I sat on the edge of the lake, and looked up into the ocean of stars, then looked upon the lake, still as glass. I looked into the sky and wondered what could be out in the vast ocean of stars, that we call the night sky.

  2. I distinctly remember staring at the sky for the entire night in place of sleeping. It was the first night of a summer camping trip with my family. We had not anticipated any cool weather, but that night was freezing. I had no sleeping bag, so I was in complete reliance on my thin blanket and my sweatshirt. I had on two pairs of socks and my boots, but my toes felt numb. My nose felt like and ice cube to the touch. Everyone else in the tent managed to fall asleep, but the cold kept me up and alert. I gave up on trying to sleep and tried to distract myself from the bitter chill running up my spine by staring at the stars. My dad had found constellations when we were around the fire, but I had no such luck. I preferred to enjoy the stars individually as each one emitted an astonishing amount of light, glimmering behind the trees. I quickly forgot about how cold I was. I had seen the sky move and watched as the endless darkness evolved into deep oranges and pinks. In that moment, I wandered how surreal could be legitimate. It was the greatest feeling to watch one of nature's greatest views, and be apart of it, alone.

  3. After reading the article "The Night Sky", My strongest memory was when I was a little kid in my backyard. I looked up in the sky and saw millions of stars in the sky. That is when I first wondered what other things are out there, and would I ever live to see them.

  4. My strongest memory of the night sky has to be in sixth grade when my school went on an environmental field trip. As a child I had always been afraid of the dark. I was scared of monsters when I was younger, and scared of the unknown of the darkness as I got older. On this trip there was one night where we ate dinner and waited for it to get dark so we could go on a night hike. They didn’t want us to use flashlights since they wanted us to get the full experience. Most of us were worried about other things than the "experience". Would there be bears? Maybe wolves? I will, however, never forget the moment we stepped out of the cabin as i looked into the sky. It had looked as if someone had spilled little salt crystals across the never ending night sky. Each star shone bright in the night and I was filled with pure awe. The excitement made me almost fall as we hiked, as I was too busy looking into the sky to find my first shooting star. I never really feared the night after that day. I now embrace the night sky. Without the dark, stars would not shine so bright. Since then, whenever things in life become a little too much I like to look into the night sky and gaze at the different stars. It helps remind me that rough patches are the scary, unknown part of life. Without those rough patches though, people wouldn't shine as bright and become the person they were meant to be.

  5. My strongest memory of looking at the night sky was when I was on the car ride home from New Hampshire. It was the summer when I was going into my freshman year. We were on the highway at about nine o’clock driving home from the lake. I was looking out the window at the night sky, basically because there was nothing else to do except look at the stars and the moon. It was a very clear, pitch black sky, and the moon was a crescent shape. I remember it mostly because I thought it was interesting that I kind of lost my train of thought. Just staring off into nothingness made me zone out and the ride home felt faster than it realistically was.

  6. My feet were freezing. When I think back to the time I first time I really stared at the night sky, this thought seeps into my memory. I was with my friend at her lake house in New Hampshire the summer I was going into my freshman year of high school. We had just finished a long day of swimming when the late August night turned very cool. We both laid damp, soggy, and barefoot on the brisk, harsh dock. Staring up at the stars I felt so small. Thousands of stars stretched across my eyes from corner to corner. I slowly felt myself being swallowed by the universe. Never had I seen the sky look so dark, yet so bright. We laid there for hours fantasizing about high school while gazing into the overwhelming calmness of the sky. Suddenly, the hushed sky was illuminated. A fluorescent light glided right to left across the spread of sparkles above us. I sat up on the brisk dock and exclaimed, "Did you see that?" My friend stared back at me in shock slowly nodding her head. I laid back searching for another shooting star. "Let's make a wish," whispered my friend. The sleeping lake grew quieter as we both laid there wishing. Even after we finished, we continued to lay in silence surrounded by the stars until we went inside. In life we get distracted from the simple beauty around us. I had lived under the sky my entire life, but my phone and many other things had kept me from observing what's around me. I had experienced so many nighttimes before, but never any night skies.

  7. I am in love with the night sky. I think it is the most beautiful thing I have laid eyes on. Every time the clouds clear at night and the stars come out, I always find myself staring into the endless dark abyss above us. One of my most fond memories of looking at the night sky was two summers ago at my best friend’s lake house in New Hampshire. We were all out at the fire, and my friend and I decided to go down to the dock to see if the stars were out. And they were out. The whole sky was lit up by billions of stars all around us like a fishbowl. We were in awe as we sat down and started. We laid there on the dock for about two hours, trying to see as many shooting stars as we could. We ended up seeing twenty-one. We laid there laughing and talking about nothing important, taking in the darkness interrupted. It was an amazing feeling to be out there, to feel like I was on the edge of the world, at the edge of time, with my best friend. No glitches, no interruptions, just endless wondering and dreaming about the infinite space above us.

  8. When I was eight years old, my parents took me, my six year old brother, and my almost one-year old sister camping. We slept in a cabin because my sister was too young to sleep in a tent. On the third night of our stay, my mom came into my brother and I’s room to check if we were asleep. I couldn’t sleep. I had played outside all day long, but my little eight year-old mind wasn’t tired. I poked my head up from underneath my covers. When my mom noticed me, she whispered to me and asked if I wanted to come outside and sit with her and my dad by the fire. I nodded my head excitedly, my ponytail bobbing up and down, and slipped on my pink flip flops. My mom handed me my GAP sweatshirt, and I held her hand as she led me out of the dark room, through the door, and out to where my dad was sitting by the fire. I remember feeling so grown up. This was something I could taunt my brother with the next day. I got to stay up late with Mommy and Daddy, while he missed out on everything because he was asleep. I remember the stars. So, so many of them, more than I had ever seen before. My dad laughed at the surprised expression on my face, and I climbed into his lap. His ghost of a beard scratched my cheek- he hadn’t shaved in a few days, but I didn’t mind. I leaned my head back to admire the sky. I tried to count them all, but deemed it impossible. I had decided I didn't want to be an astronaut, but I remember wanting to know what it would be like to live among the stars.

  9. The night sky was not something I had the opportunity to immerse myself in often. However, in sixth grade on a field trip to an environmental school, I was able to see the beauty of the sky for the first time. The goal of this field trip was to show us how to live in a more environmentally friendly way - activities included recycling, going on hikes, and playing games in groups. The moment I vividly remember occured at night when we were on our way back from a hike. The trees and at the peak of autumn had turned from a stunning red and orange landscape to a silhouette surrounding us. In the middle of the small field we were in, our group leader told us to take a look at the night sky. As we looked up, I saw for the first time the beautiful navy night sky, every star glistening, the constellations unfolding. Before then, I had never seen the sky without any light pollution. It was something truly magical to see stars, moons, and planets clearly. I will never forget the awe that rushed through me as I realized how beautiful the world around us really is.

  10. My deepest and strongest memory of looking at the night sky when the sky is full of stars without the moon. It was when I'm in the countryside, after a long trip, we finally arrive, the first thing impressed me was the sky, it's full of stars, it looks as beautiful as the galaxy. I'll never forget that scene because it was my first to see the sky full of stars, I've been live in the city and rare to see a sky full of stars, only see the moon. I really love the stars, they look pretty and shining like little diamond.

  11. when i was 7 years old, me and my family took a trip to stone mountain. all we mostly did was some of the rides and watch some of the shows in the area and eat good food. the thing i remember the most was the night sky at the top of the mountain. we had just finished the laser show and we decided to go to the top of the mountain to get a nice view of everything. we had to take the sky tram. i haven't really been on a sky tram before, i was a little nervous but it was fine. when i got to the top we got a nice place to set up and we looked of the mountain. when i sat down and got comfortable i didn't want to leave, ever. the view was breath taking the sky was pretty the air was cold and it was quiet i just sat down and looked at the sky for hours and hours. i didn't wanna move at all. i could have sat there for hours but we had to leave and go back home. on the way home i dreamed about the sky and how i was living with it. in the dream i could fly and i could reach the sky and touch it. when we got back home i had to go to bead and that night i felt sad. sad that i couldn't see that sight again

  12. The strongest memory I have looking at the night sky is at a youth camp in the summer. We had just gotten to the beach after a long eight hours or so, everyone was tired and wanted to get things done. The sun was beginning to set, and we had free time. A group of us went down to the beach and played Frisbee and games. That is when I met my best friend Emerson. We decided to sit down in the sand and watch the sun set into the night, brilliant dark shades of blue mixing down into the dark shadows of the ocean. For three hours, we sat and watched the sky, talking about anything there was to talk about. I made one of my best connections that night, and I always think about how brilliant the stars looked and how the moon reflected out on the water, the waves softly crashing into the sand. It was definitely one of my happiest moments in life.

  13. The strongest memory of looking at the sky would have to be from when I lived in Japan. Me and my best friend were bored so we had decided to go up to the rooftop of the apartment type building. When we got there we had found out the maintenance people forgot to lock the gate to the outer perimeter so we went out there and laid on a jutted out part. We looked up and stared at the sky while talking about random topics for hours. I think i remember that because it was when I didn't know my friend that well yet because we had just met. That night i got to really know my closest friend.

  14. My strongest memory of looking st the night sky was a few years back. I wasn't tired, so I went out onto the cold porch, wrapped up in a blanket, and swung on the porch swing. I also played some nice relaxing music off of my phone, and stared up into the windy night sky and thought of my aunt, who had recently passed away, and other things. I still do that almost every Friday night, to this day, except I have more things to think about, and a certain few people I text whilst out there.

  15. My strongest memory of looking at the night sky was a long time ago. I was getting ready for bed and I looked out my window and I saw a shooting star and it was really bright and I will never forget it.

  16. my strongest memory of looking at the night sky is when i was little me and my dad just moved in to a new house. We had to sleep on the floor that night and i looked out the window and saw pretty stars and i never really knew why I remember.

  17. After viewing the New York Times picture prompt "The Night Sky", my strongest memory of the night sky was when I was about 8 years old. I was at my grandmother's house way out in the country where there are hardly any cars or any street lights for miles. I laid in the grass staring up at the dark blue, beautiful night sky. I thought to my self that I had never seen this many stars before. I wanted to stay outside for hours admiring the beauty of the night sky. I still remember this because I was filled with aw and wonder but at the same time I felt so small and almost insignificant compared to the vast heavens.

  18. I like how it asks you to remember the sky or the night I never tried to so when I did I thought of family and thought who love me.

  19. The night sky has always been a part of my life. My family and I frequently go camping so looking at the night sky while sitting on a log in the middle of the forest is just another part of my life. When I was living in the Marshall Islands we would go camping on other islands. Every single time we went it felt like a new adventure. Since there is a lot less air pollution there, it is so much easier to see the sky. I remember one specific time when we went to an island, Enamanit, and we slept on the dock that night. A small blue blanket laid beneath our backs was the only protection we had from the water that irregular would splash the dock since it was high tide. The air felt so fresh and clean on my skin and I remember the second I looked at the sky, I was in awe. It looked a thousand million hundred thousand million huge flashlights were pointed in my direction. The stars were so bright and the moon looked profoundly ginormous. It was only the second week that I'd spent in the Marshall Islands but, when the brightest shooting star I've ever seen shot across the sky, I knew it was going to be a wonderful two years.

  20. As someone who lives in the city, anytime I am able to clearly see the night sky is memorable. However, I believe when the moon is full and bright, that is when I feel most at peace. Most times, I am unable to see stars, at most four or five, so whenever I am traveling I make sure to appreciate the scenery. I love it especially when I'm driving back from my sister's school in Massachusetts because there is practically no city life and you can really appreciate the nature and just the silent beauty of the sky.

  21. I have always had a strong memory since I was younger, looking up at the night sky and staring off into the stars. I felt so small and distanced from the world. I thought, how can something so far away look so clear to me? How is it possible to be looking at something that is actually millions of light years away? Each question I had came with a different intense emotion. I remember the main thought I had that I still keep with me everywhere I go. As a human, it's so easy to get so caught up in our daily lives, drama, work, and issues but there is a huge overwhelmingly beautiful reminder of what's really important in life right above us.

  22. My most in-detail memory of looking at the night sky was over the summer 2018. I was with my dad, and he lives near a lake, I was very sad that night, hundreds of emotions washed over me like a tsunami. Around 10:30, I trudged over to the lake and sat on the pavement, sighed deeply and got lost inside my thoughts, I was tired, so I used my jacket to lay on, the sky was overwhelmingly beautiful, almost like a vignette effect, dark navy blue on the outsides, and it gradually got lighter and lighter into the middle of the sky, it made me feel really happy, it had been a long time since I had smiled that big, which inspired me to play a soft lo-fi tune out of my earbuds, I continued watching the stars, each and everyone of them seems to love each other, like they were all family in some sort of way. The moon was the most prepossessing though, it was a very light purple with a lot of grey, and all of the sudden I was okay, music and chilly summer nights are so cool, I don't know why, but they always just make me think I don't have anything to worry about. But then I walked back because I thought I heard an alligator in the lake.

  23. Whenever I look up at the sky, the first thing that comes to mind is of this time then I was really young with all my cousins at my aunt's house. We used to play together so much but we don't anymore because we're so much older. Well, it was after a cookout and I remember looking up at the night sky and seeing so many stars. It makes me sad because everything is so different now from what it used to be. Now when I look up at the sky I barely see any stars.

  24. The night sky is a mysterious portal to infinity and beyond. Every time I look up and clearly see the trillions of stars above me, my mind goes crazy. What's out there? Who is out there? When does it stop? And after I experience a moment of shock, confusion and disbelief, I think back to the countless memories I have had in the northern Canadian wilderness. We drive 8 hours every winter and summer since I was born, to The Lake, as we call it, my favorite place on planet Earth. The feeling of being surrounded by nature, my favorite cousins and friends, and being completely disconnected from the world around you, creates an indescribable feeling. I have spent countless hours laughing, chatting, baking and looking up at the night sky. Whether my cousins, friends and I float on our backs in the water or pile dozens of pillows and blankets into a rowboat and drift to the middle of the lake, taking time to let the light of the stars reflect upon us, and gaze up attempting to savor the moment forever is essential. These are my happiest moments. The lack of light pollution, allows us to fully appreciate and experience the planets, starts, moon and hundreds of shooting stars we see every night. We laugh, tell our secrets and snuggle up together under the enormous, speckled blanket above us. The emotions that run through you when being at the lake are hard to capture in so few words, but I have tried to show a glimpse into the stunning memory of the night sky that I have had.

  25. Lying in our field on the fold-out foamy covered by my old down sleeping bag, during the Periseds, watching the shooting stars in the sky, lying next to my Darling Dale, and thinking about how incredibly fortunate we were.

  26. My family and I decided to go to Jamestown one day. Climbing rocks and moving through branches, we could see the waves crashing on the rocks. I ignored my surroundings and left reality. Standing on the rocks and looking at the waves was a beautiful scene itself. Feeling the wind guide through my hair felt like something from a movie. Feeling the little splashes on my cheeks was subtle yet delightful. Watching the sky go from a pastel blue to a bright purple and pink was breathtaking. I sat in awe trying to take all of the beauty in. The soft yellow of the sun reflected on the water making it glisten. I didn’t want this moment to end. Occasional “wows and woahs” escaped my mouth when I saw the sky transition. I fell in love with the clouds and dreamed of everything and anything. The night sadly came to an end as the sky turned dark. The Stars ended up lighting the sky which was just as beautiful. Everything was silent but it wasn’t the awkward kind. I could feel myself smiling as it was coming to an end. Although I wish it could last longer. The moon came and stole the show making me gasp. The moon followed me home that day, making me feel special that it was by my side.

  27. Living in the mountains doesn't give you a perfect view of the sky but when you're on the top of those mountains, you can see everything. The trees, the houses, the little towns; you can see everything. I've never lived on the top of a mountain before. But when my mother started dating this guy, he just happened to live on the top of a steep hill. While, yes, a hill is not a mountain, it can still be quite large. On the top of that hill, there were few trees therefore you could see for miles. The most beautiful site I have ever seen was late at night, at his house. First off, the sunsets are so vibrant and beautiful. Than, if its not cloudy at night, you can see so many vibrant stars. Just sitting and watching the sky is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love the sky and it's eye blessing beauty.