Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump in New Essay: ‘Our Democracy Is in Crisis’

In a blistering critique published by The Atlantic, Mrs. Clinton accused President Trump of ignoring the law, dividing the country and serving himself above all.

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  1. Because she has never ignored the law. Not defending Trump. But she is not the oracle for clean behavior.

  2. @Millie Bea I don't think Hilary is claiming to be an oracle of any sort. She does have credibility on how Trump is anti-democratic because she campaigned against him, not to mention that she has a brain and is a citizen. Unfortunately the conservative smearing of her in the 1990s was fulsome and complete. And it conflated in public's eye legitimate criticism with sexist attacks and downright paranoid conspiracy theories. So who is the oracle of clean behavior? Answer: No one, except the star you idolize.

  3. I have a friend who voted for Trump. He said at the time that he was at least less corrupt than Hillary Clinton. We joke that he's gained ten pounds since the election from eating his own words.

  4. The current "president' gave EVERY indication during the time up to the tainted election of what his bloated, dangerous, incompetent, narcissistic Administration would look like. And people are surprised? I hope the country can withstand the damage.

  5. What a waste of time. Have we not had enough preaching to the choir? Have we not fully absorbed the facts that our president is functionally illiterate and, as a narcissist, could not possibly care less about what any of the rest of us think or experience? The only part of this Trump will hear about is what his friends on Fox tell him. I voted for her, but I wish she'd just shut up now.

  6. Good essay, but if she wanted Trump to read it she should have published it in TV Guide or Playboy.

  7. I'd say she's partially responsible due to being politically tone deaf as a candidate.

  8. Hillary has a platform with old Democratic media outlets run by old baby-boomer Democrats foisting old Democratic positions. She doesn't know enough to go away so she pops up here and there spouting grand euphemisms such as "Our Democracy is in crisis"....a phrase that means nothing. Her campaign had no message...so she lost...to Donald Trump.

  9. Great to hear our most high-level and intelligent American democratic voices speaking up, including lawfully elected officials, like Obama, and those who were cheated of their due by treasonous means, like Hillary. Abolish the electoral college asap, and let's work on getting these corrupt, regressive GOP out of the system.

  10. Mrs. Clinton is a lightening rod for the right, whether or not it's fair, and whether or not she deserves to be, is not the issue, it is the reality of the situation. If she really wished to help the Democrats in the upcoming election she would go on vacation overseas to luxury resort and stay there until Wednesday November 7th.

  11. @Glen It wouldn't do any good. The GOP and Trump need her as a target for their 24-hr. Daily Hate. Clinton has been quiet for 18 months while Trump leads his followers in chants of 'Lock Her Up' at his Triumph of the Will' re-election rallies. She has no choice but to fight back.

  12. I voted for Bernie Sanders, and Clinton's recent whining validates my decision. Sanders was a sincere, brilliant, honest human being who just happened to be in politics. Hillary Clinton is just another entitled politician. She was tone deaf to the needs of the American people, enabled her predatory husband to continue his sexual prowling for decades and, in the end, a sore loser, who was -- ironically -- defeated by someone even more dislikable than herself.

  13. Although everything Secretary Clinton says is already understood, it's an excellent essay, and I urge people to read. But here's how Republicans and folks at Fox News will respond: they will immediately engage in ad hominem attacks against both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton. They will say "she's one to lecture about corruption and lies," or "what about abuses of power at the Clinton Global Initiative"? What the Republicans won't do is actually address the substance of the essay. They won't refute that President Trump called neo-Nazis "very fine people." They will ignore the many ways the President's private properties are profiting from the office he holds. They'll look the other way while President Trump continually attacks the free press because it publishes stories he doesn't like. They'll continue to pretend climate change isn't real, despite the scientific consensus, and even as hurricanes grow stronger, the wildfire season is now year-round, and major insurance companies and our own military now plan for the costs of our changed atmosphere. What Republicans and conservatives WON'T do is face facts. It's too easy to engage in ad hominem attacks against Secretary Clinton; she's an easy target. When you can't refute facts, just go after the person saying them. As long as Republicans get their tax cuts, appoint their conservative judges, and please big business and dark money donors, they couldn't care less if our democracy burns.

  14. I can't even begin to imagine Trump has the ability to write one paragraph, let alone an entire essay. Hillary was a flawed candidate, but at least she has the ability to turn her thoughts into written words. I have let to see any evidence that Trump is even literate. Seriously, has anything that he has written (by himself) ever been published? Even almost two years out, I still have a hard time believing he is the president.

  15. Hillary continues with her uninspiring style. I smiled when I read "there are five main fronts of this assault on our democracy" because it reminded me of her campaign speeches and debates. I am convinced that this contrived style of breaking her points into meticulous lists cost her the election to DJT. The analysis is so bland and lacking any new insights that by the time I reached '"Fifth, ..." my eyes glazed over.

  16. Good! It is about time Mrs Clinton. We need all of the support we can get to rid us of this foul mouthed, badly developed human being. He is a menace to our great nation and a disservice to everyone.