New York Today: Cuomo vs. Nixon One-Liners

Thursday: Notes from Nixon vs. Cuomo, and Broadway Week

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  1. For the first time in my nearly 45 years of voting in primary elections, I'll leave the governor's line blank and vote down the line. Cuomo has been an uninspiring governor and Cynthia Nixon-well, I was taught if you can't say something nice, don't say anything. She's has not given me a reason to say anything nice.

  2. I'm going to vote for Nixon (never thought I'd say those words--lol) primarily as a protest vote. In the last election Teachout garnered 30+ % of the vote, which clearly pulled Cuomo to the left. Previous to that, my republican friends were quite happy with his leadership, which was center right. Cuomo has no passionate issues of his own, and he is guided by polls. This is how registered Democrats signal a yea or nay to his politics.

  3. Whoops- I was wrong- just found the coverage. Apologies.

  4. As these scripted one liners from both candidates show, the whole debate thing is just reality TV. Nixon's candidacy is a joke, entertainment for bored Manhattanites who think politics and government is a theater for their feelings rather than obtaining results, which Cuomo does time and again. Raising the minimum wage, gay marriage, the NRA's worst enemy, building infrastructure, fighting to protect immigrants, etc. What's the complaint? Sure, Nixon can read her prescripted jokes and lines effectively.Shes a trained actress. But not a serious candidate for governors, especially in the time of Trump.

  5. I support Ms. Nixon as a more liberal candidate, but please Ms. Nixon do not interrupt when your opponent is speaking and it's their turn! This shows bad form, is unfair and rude.

  6. @Richard - That is interesting, as I noticed the Governor's being very respectful and often careful in that particular way. I found that fascinating since his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN has become the most chronic interrupter in show business since he moved to prime time, and then interrupts to explain why he needs to interrupt. It makes his new show very lively and entertaining, but must frustrate his guests, but did I mention it makes the show more entertaining? :) And the guests seem to keep coming back! I've tried to point out to my spouse how enjoyable and charming it is when Chris Cuomo interrupts, that it's very warm and ethnic and means you're comfortable with the conversation, like in all the Scorsese movies and Mamet plays. He didn't buy it, and pointed out that everyone always ends up hating each other in Mamet plays. (And I guess in thinking about it, the Scorsese movies don't tend to end that well either, except I think for "New York, New York.")

  7. it’s nice to see the metropolitan diary here each weekday, however, where have all the comments about the story gone?

  8. Why does the Washington Post do an actual report on this debate and the leading paper in the state of this gubernatorial race just give snark? As a native New Yorker now living in Boston- and someone alienated by Cuomo- that is frustrating

  9. Instead of a story devoted to gotcha moments and disparaging retorts, how about some content?

  10. For those of us more interested in substantive policies than in zingers, it sounds like this debate was the big nothingburger.

  11. very interesting to have weather from ashburn, va.

  12. To prove you’re able to join the fray Cynthia Nixon, fix our subway And once that job is done Take on another one Otherwise your skills are just hearsay

  13. "At debate watch party in Bushwick, the pro-Nixon crowd had little patience for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s usual rhetoric." At the debate watch at home in Flatbush, I had little patience for Cynthia Nixon's lopsidedness. She is in favor of letting public unions go on strike and cripple New York City. This from someone who's been taking limos all her life. She's in favor of legalizing pot. That'll let pregnant women off the hook, ditto young men whose heads should be kept clear so that they can do well in school and get a job. If she is concerned about income inequality, then I'd like to hear her come out in favor of birth control. And who else but developers -- not that I like the breed -- are going to build affordable homes? NYCHA has thousands of vacant apartments in its grip that need renovating. Where's the action on that? Nixon has yet to learn that she can't just snap her fingers and have people doing her bidding. Where's her concern for quality of life issues? When Uber drivers park in people's driveways, strolling men unzip and urinate wherever they please, crowds of men hang out and block apartment house entranceways, graffiti continues to deface our buildings, cars speed down one-way residential streets and blow through stop signs and traffic lights, and noise becomes unbearable, you can't just tell people to move out of the city. Some of us remember New York City when it was quiet and safe. Given her platform, Cynthia Nixon couldn't even govern the city.

  14. While I am personally very liberal, I must say that people too often forget that change takes time. Governor Cuomo has changed with the times and by and large has been ahead of the times by pushing for gay marriage, family leave, strict gun laws, and helping women overcome the pay gap. These things cannot happen overnight and require the legislature to be on board. Is everything perfect? Of course not, but the point is that Governor Cuomo is working towards a better future. Candidates like Ms. Nixon can make promises but executive orders cannot solve every problem. Also, I find it incredibly infuriating that she shows up without having any experience in politics and wants to be the governor of New York. If she had worked in some smaller capacity for the city of New York or maybe in the state legislature, even for 3-4 years I could give her some credit for trying to learn. As things stand, she's completely unqualified and the only reason she's garnering this much attention is because she is famous and rich. Go and vote in the primaries; don't take Governor Cuomo's win for granted. He has worked hard for the state and will continue to move us in the right direction. Oh- one last point, I think people need to stop focusing on Governor Cuomo running for President. I would be proud to vote for him. He has experience by serving on a national level and a state level. I think he would do a great job as President.

  15. When are you going to tell us about the battle you brought up in yesterday's New York Today? Who prevailed about the temperature in the room? Was it 76 degrees (as Ms. Nixon wanted) or around 50 degrees (as she said Mr. Cuomo wanted)? I gotta know.

  16. I was impressed by Nixon's poise and grasp of the issues, interruptions aside. She came out swinging which was unexpected, and much welcomed. Too bad there won't be a second debate because I bet she'd be much more polished. As for Cuomo, of course he has the support of labor because he's in bed with them. Nixon could have played up Cuomo's enabled corruption in Albany much more. Look up slick, pretentious, money grabbing politician in the dictionary and you know who you'll find a picture of.

  17. @Cyrus "As for Cuomo, of course he has the support of labor because he's in bed with them." Thank goodness someone has the sense to support labor unions and yet believe that they should not go on strike and cripple our city. In bed with unions? Or would you prefer Ronald Reagan, who broke our air control system? Or other Republicans, whose Supreme Court justices have whittled down the power of unions? If we no longer have health insurance or retirement benefits from our employers, you can thank the politicians who tossed the unions out of their beds.

  18. In all honesty, I didn't watch this debate because one doesn't need to be clairvoyant to know of its outcome; especially since Mr. Cuomo has already been in office long enough to predict what he's going to say and how he'll act, since he hasn't really changed his agenda all that much; particularly when it comes to sticking our city for upstate projects. So in the end, this probably wasn't a debate as much as it was a sense of deja-vu. May the best candidate win.

  19. Look, I’m not the biggest fan of Andrew Cuomo’s, but your story on “best one-liners” between him and Cynthia Nixon is something more worthy of the Daily Caller than the New York Times. First, the entire premise for the story is an insult to your readers and subscribers, which I have been for almost 50 years. Could you find a more inane angle for a story on an important election to lead 18 million people and deal with life and death issue like poverty, human rights, and healthcare? Secondly, your bias in the story became clear when you provided a link to individuals “linked to the Governor who have been convicted in corruption scandals,” while at the same time a “fact-check” proving that Ms. Nixon “did release” five years of her tax returns. If it’s your idea of balance that your Cuomo links indicts him by association, while your Nixon link exonerates her by it's existence, you’ve lost all sense of new judgment. Your story is truly Nixonian, in the absolute worse sense of the word. Either that or your writer has spent too much time watching Fox News and reading Page Six of the New York Post. You owe all of us loyal readers an apology for masquerading this important story as the review of comedy routines. The Times would have been more honest to place the story in your Arts & Leisure section, where most of your ink on Cynthia Nixon has been spilled. When a serious source of journalism sinks this low, it’s no wonder Donald Trump was elected.

  20. Tune of “Single Ladies” - maybe this time Liza in ”Sex and the City 2” All the zingers lately! (3x) They got their scripts out! The snarks that flew As if on cue Meant they were planned ahead. When they let rip, Each practiced quip Got voters filled with dread. Rehearsed eruption Coached interruption “Incompetence or corruption!” Do we feel stress? Yes, yes, double yes! ‘Cause neither earned much cred. Though we like a chat that has a lot of zing in it. Where each Democrat is there and really bringin’ it. We’d prefer if they were just wingin’ it. Sounded planned and canned to us when they were slingin’ it. Uh, uh, oh!

  21. Cuomo vs. Nixon: I can't stand either of them, and I don't believe either of them. I'll be writing in a name on my ballot on election day. Cuomo is a mean, nasty guy - talk about having the face you deserve after age 40! He's like the portrait of Dorian Gray. Nixon is full of ideas (many of which are crazy IMO), and has no experience "running" anything but her mouth.

  22. I'm torn. Cuomo was a better speaker than Nixon, but he's had more practice in political debate. Cuomo's attack on Nixon as a "corporation" was ridiculous. It was a Trump move, intended to rile the ignorant. Even before she explained that many actors and freelancers create corporations to protect their assets, I knew it was a silly remark. She's not Time Warner. Equally dumb was his comment about her forwarding an email that was intended to help a local business or her attempt to make the Shakespeare in the Park performance more pleasant for the audience. He's had impressive jobs, but he's also had terrific connections all his life. He didn't go to great schools and I've never heard he has an exceptional intellect. She's smart and a hard worker, but she has no experience in government. Why on earth is her first bid for office the governorship? Maybe I'll vote for Nixon to send Cuomo a message. But what if she actually wins? Well, she couldn't be worse than Trump.