Trump Calls Omarosa Manigault Newman ‘That Dog’ in His Latest Insult

Ms. Manigault Newman responded that Mr. Trump, who has also insulted Don Lemon and LeBron James, “has absolutely no respect for women, for African-Americans.’’

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  1. Trump's entire administration reeks to high heaven, and his racism is quite the cherry on top.

  2. So the President's plan is to discredit the author of a book that claims he is unhinged by... being unhinged? I wish I was a stable enough genius to understand this logic.

  3. @Thad Your right. Omarosa just got the trump to prove the accuracy of the title of her book.

  4. Regardless of what his supporters think he can do in terms of jobs, trade deficits, immigration, etc., can they seriously think about voting again for someone who has so clearly exposed himself to be an inveterate, rabid racist?

  5. @Kathy McAdam Hahn Sadly, that might be what they like about him.

  6. @Kathy McAdam Hahn You obviously don't know his supporters. The answer to your question is "yes." Disturbing, isn't it?

  7. @Kathy McAdam Hahn Yes.

  8. “Dog;” “Low-life;” “Dumb;” “Low-life.” There’s nothing new here about Donald Trump and African-Americans. His worst, as far as I am concerned, is his refusal to respect Barack Obama’s presidency as legitimate. That’s the absolute worst because it mirrors the acerbic denial of millions of white Americans to accept a black president. What else does “Make America Great Again” mean?

  9. @Soxared, '04, '07, '13 There are millions of white Americans , myself included, who voted FOR President Obama. You're engaging in racism and disparagement, just as Trump is . Frankly,while I don't endorse Trump's insults, by any means, I'd rather be compared to a dog that to Donald Trump, while you have just likened myself and millions of other white Americans to Trump, which is the greatest insult of all. Dogs are fine, loyal, noble living beings. There is no reason to believe that dogs are a lower life form than the finest humans. Surely, they are a superior life form to Donald Trump.

  10. Another of Trump's deeply offensive racist put downs was when he dismissed Congressman John Lewis as "all talk, no action." Trump wouldn't even recognize courage and accomplishment if he tripped over them.

  11. @Soxared, '04, '07, '13 Counting on '18 as well.

  12. In my experience, most dogs are loyal, loving, and adore their owners even in the face of constant abuse. Seems like just the sort of people Trump likes to keep around him, which would explain why he liked Omarosa.

  13. Do you hear the barks that come from the White House? I was passing by here and I just heard the last barking of Putin's puppy ... (sorry dogs!)

  14. @JCost in this particular context it is much more than physical denigrating of her appearance. It means she is vile, without worth, mean. A cur.

  15. What a racist and despicable comment by Trump. To think, this man is our president. Where is the outrage? Where are the cries of our leaders, denouncing this abhorrent and blatant racism? It's sickening. I'm ashamed, deeply ashamed, to be an American right now.

  16. @Oguz K. Saltik Where is the outrage? After 18 months of daily outrage, it eventually gets hard to sustain and you check out - this of course is the problem but how much of my own life am I going to waste with this buffoonery? Our erstwhile political leaders don't seem to care either so we have the clown car rolling on until the wheels fall off. Maybe he'll get a wakeup call in November. I sincerely hope so.

  17. @Oguz K. Saltik Oguz, the indignation train left the station a while back. Still, glad you were able to finally jump aboard even though the view outside is only going to get uglier the more Trump is emboldened by the silence of the GOP and the continued rancor of those supporters of his that continue to believe that he can do no wrong.

  18. I am too but Christine Hallquist’s primary win in Vermont moved me to near tears. Beneath this torrent of bigotry, racism, misogyny, and homophobia there is an encouraging undercurrent of something much more positive. (PS I wonder about Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s credibility but anyone who is such a thorn in the side of the “President” is a heroine to me. PSS my phone’s dictionary already had “Manigault-Newman” in it before I had ever typed her name. )

  19. Newman is not an admirable person but Trump is on a way different level. I am convinced that he would order extrajudicial killings if he thought he could get away with it. He's no better than Duterte, maybe worse.

  20. @vbering The only reason, I truly believe, that we haven't already sunk into a full-blown dictatorship is because this guy is so incompetent. The rule of law has kept him at bay so far, but mainly because this is the dumbest group of grifters to ever ply their trade.

  21. @vbering ... We'd have a problem with judicial killings as well, but give him a chance, he's packing the courts ...

  22. Way to give credence to Omarosa’s charge that you suffer from mental deterioration, Mr. Trump. Nicely done.

  23. There something repelling about an individual whose manner of defending himself is to use the crude arms of insults, dehumanization, put down, all expressed in the most vulgar terms. Saying that Trump is the way he is, does not justify him but characterizes him for the boorish person he is. The aspect that intrigues me is why did Kelly choose the Situation Room to face Omarosa. What was so perilous about the firing of this relatively insignificant person that required the protection of this inner sanctum. Or was this a way of ensuring that whatever was said could not be overheard. Some criticism is being made of the taping in the Situation Room, but what was being discussed had no national security issue. Indeed, the "desecration" of the room is done by Kelly, undoubtedly told by Trump to make sure that matters were kept quiet. Anyhow, there is no end to the debasement of national norms by this Administration.

  24. @Frank Casa, it is particularly repelling from someone who is supposedly president.

  25. @Frank Casa I completely agree with you. Her tapes do not divulge any national secrets. I do not understand why people are complaining that she had the audacity to tape in the Situation Room. She understood who she was working for and taped the conversation for her own protection.

  26. Trump's methods are reminiscent of what extremists and people with volatile self esteem do when they are confronted with problems they don't like. Insult, insult, insult. It doesn't solve the problem but it does take one's attention away from what it is. If I were Trump and the rest of his minions I'd be careful who I insult and how. None of them are displaying honorable behavior. None of them are polite or tolerant or even remotely nice to people who disagree with them or lightly criticize them. All this behavior was on display during the 2016 campaign. The problem is that enough Americans liked this behavior to vote a petty bully who is incompetent into office. The warning signs were there. Trump is getting no more than what he deserves from Ms. Newman and the rest of the staff that is leaving or being fired. If Trump is such a successful businessman he must know that treating people as badly as he is leads to precisely these outcomes.

  27. How can anyone support this poor excuse for a human being, let alone a president?

  28. I have to be honest: I'm not convinced that current disparaging tweet is racist. As stated in the article, Trump has used the "dog" insult against White people. Make no mistake: Trump is racist and sexist, but there are far better examples of this than this tweet against Omarosa. Regardless, the bottom line is that he does not deserve the dignity of the office. As a side note: I absolutely believe that there are tapes with Trump using the N-word. I hope they come to light as soon as possible. This way people can come to fully realize what we have done by electing him to office.

  29. "I absolutely believe that there are tapes with Trump using the N-word. " And I believe that you are accurate here, but the real shame is that the trumpsters will applaud such verbiage - not castigate him.

  30. @Danielle his base will love him even more for it.

  31. I agree that such a tape (or worse) probably exists. However, if it had been made public before the election, how many of those who voted for 45 would have voted for someone else or just stayed home?

  32. I’m puzzled as to why Kelly chose the most secure room in the White House, the Situation Room, for what the WH says was a firing for cause. That’s weird, as weird as using an NDA contract and a no show campaign job to silence Omarosa forever. Does she know even more than she’s letting on?

  33. I saw a bumper sticker a few years ago that read, " I may be fat, but you're ugly, and I can lose weight." Whatever Ms Manigault's shortcomings might be, they are reparable. The same cannot be said for the president.

  34. She and Trump deserve each other.

  35. Every day, he finds a way to go lower.

  36. This is all quite tiresome. We all know the ending - soaring ratings drama as Trumpian schadenfreude grips the nation! The real question is, can we NOW, at long last, end the two party 'system' and have actual non-psychopaths and non-sociopaths as our leaders? Please? Now, before we run out of a planet to plunder?

  37. I have to go after NY Times editors for this story. This story is correct in its assertions and its look at the President but there is a problem - the more of this type of coverage you create, the worse this will get. This is a highly narcissistic President who will do anything for attention and by covering his garbage, you are giving it to him. I am very much concerned by the lack of editorial foresight when covering every tweet from a narcissist who has no grip on civility. The more you cover him in this fashion, the worse it will get from him. The President can say what he wants, he is insulated from criticism and consequences, so what is the point of giving this President more attention? Like every narcissist, he is an attention addict and this just gives him more. I understand that he is the President and that tradition is that everything the President does is news but this President does not qualify for that privilege because his demeanor, lack of character and generally low-life manor that disqualifies him. When idiotic tweets come through from this President, they need to be filtered and generally ignored unless the actually have some relevance, which most do not.

  38. The more this president’s infantile inability to handle the rigors of the job are revealed, the more people will come around to his and his ilk’s absolute unsuitability for office. Feel free to ignore what you find distasteful, but don’t force your ostrich behaviors on the rest of us.

  39. @BSOD That could be true if he didn't conduct his presidency primarily through Twitter and Fox "News". The man is an unhinged narcissistic, bullying, sociopath and he needs to be taken down and removed from office. It is impossible to ignore him no matter how much we'd like to. The media should continue to call him out on his every flatulent utterance.

  40. Please, Mr. President, continue what you are doing. With each new insult you hurl, you not only alienate more Americans against you, but you also alienate more voters against the party you lead heading into November. With more actions like this, it becomes even more difficult for voters to focus their revulsion exclusively on you. Eventually you and your sycophants on the opposite side of Pennsylvania Avenue blur into one. And in that, there is a certain and well-deserved sense of justice.

  41. @Tom Q But of course, you know that hard-core base is just as, well, base and vile as the President. They're not going to abandon him -- his calling a black woman a dog is just what they adore.

  42. @Tom Q I wish I could agree with you, but that is not the case, especially here in Tennessee. The more Trump insults, the more popular he becomes. The more he lies, the more folks around here lift him up. Here in Tennessee, Trump can do no wrong. He is untouchable. He is exactly what the majority of American's want to see in the White House, makes me sad to say that, but it is true. Spend some time in TN, KY, GA, FL, will see that Trump is the perfect way to 'get back' at the fact that there was a black man in the White House.

  43. @Asher I grew up in northern Minnesota. He is a hero there too. But, I keep hoping for enough anger to make a difference in swing states.

  44. It seems DJT doesn’t understand how much We the People love dogs, especially underdogs.

  45. Usually, I respect the pieces in the New York Times and have considered the NYT's work to be relatively objective, but I have to say that the headline of this article seriously undermines this and has left me with a bad taste. The article is unnecessarily incendiary; it provokes racial tension where there need not be any. One could very easily infer from this headline that Trump has never used the 'dog' reference towards white people, that he only refers to black people as animals, which, of course, is not at all true. If you do read through the article, then you may realize that Trump has called white people, like Cruz and Huffington, 'dogs', but if you do not read through this, or only skim, then one could very easily assume from the initial tone of this piece that Trump only refers to black people as animals. Why highlight race and draw racial conclusions like this as if they were fact and not a particular interpretation and viewpoint? Trump makes disparaging, insulting comments about all races. The headline should read, 'Trump's 'That Dog' Attack Is the Latest in a String of Insults.'

  46. @Damian T. It's not as if Trump doesn't have verifiable history in this arena. He and his dear old dad sign not one but two agreements with DOJ to correct their redlining of African americans in their vasy holdings of rental properties. It's also safe to assume he's a racist since he disparages just about everyone and everything that is not part of his family, makes money for him or makes him look good. In some ways, Sarah Sanders was right, he is an equal opportunity hater.

  47. So Americans, you think calling someone who worked for you a "dog" in public is a great leadership attribute?

  48. When Michelle Obama said 'When they go low, we go high" my first thought was that she is truly a class act. Now we live with a president who just keeps going lower and lower and lower. All this nonsense with Trump and his 'best people' is becoming almost unbearable. I miss the Obama's more every day.

  49. @mak Their version of going "high" involves using the power of the Federal government to go after political enemies.

  50. @jaco: Examples? Evidence?

  51. @mak "I miss the Obama's more every day." I miss Richard Nixon.

  52. The overt racism of Trump and his sycophants, including Republicans running for election this year, are often called "dog-whistles". No they aren't. They whistle their overt racism loudly from from all places, be it from the White House, campaign ads and trails, in order to keep those whites without college agree - a large number of Trump voters - and other mainly old whites afraid to not be seen as superior to all "them Others". As a matter of fact, every time I hear the use of the word dog, I can attest that what I pick up after my dog leaves something behind on his walks smells like roses compared to the sewer smell in the White House.

  53. No surprises here. Trump is just staying classy. Third class.

  54. I view it as misogyny, pure and simple. Devoid of race or class, the term "dog" as applied to a woman indicates personal unattractiveness in a violent and dehumanising tone. Men refer to women as dogs only when they are a)sexist and b)threatened. It screams of lashing out from a sense of deep seated masculine insecurity, calling on the lowest common denominator, that of criticising a woman's appearance, in a quick thoughtless effort to take her down. It's just another example of how much women intimidate Trump, and how he will go to any lengths to bring himself up in comparison (even if by resorting to such pathetic taunts he does exactly the opposite).

  55. You know what I am beyond being dismayed, shocked, and/or embarrassed at the crassness being constantly spewed by an American President - try wrapping your head around that - an American President, a laughing stock really to all but his base, using vile and juvenile insults. Who would have thought . . .

  56. President Trump was correct to refer to Anorosa as a “dog.” It is not the worst insult. Some of us like our dogs. She betrayed the Predident and her country. She is indeed a dog. The insult has nothing to do with race.

  57. I'm not an Omarosa fan. Its 2018, anyone who allows cell phones in the Situation Room is daft, especially a WH that needs NDAs and offers of 15K hush money on a daily basis. I'm not OK with POTUS using the slur on his official twitter feed. He is betraying the office of POTUS too. There used to be a certain expectation of decency and decorum from the highest office in the country. But as they say, birds of a feather flock together.

  58. Hey Steve, Clearly, your standards for the behavior of an American president are lower than most.

  59. NY Times, find something better to report on. Ms. Newman is trying to make money with a tell all book where she bashes the president and he is merely hitting back. She fired the first salvo. A better person would have avoided hitting back, but that's not how President Trump works. He insulted her, it was a little childish, but he insults everyone. Get over it.

  60. I won't get over it. None of us should. He is the president, and he should not behave like this. It's really that simple.

  61. No. Once you "get over" this type of behaviour from the occupant of the highest office in your land you're in big trouble as a country.

  62. @Ben I stand with Nmt and Nosegay of Virtues. I will not "get over" it. It is not acceptable for the President of the United States to behave in this manner. Just because "he insults everyone" doesn't make it right.

  63. In what kind of world, in what kind of America do we have a president that speaks like this?

  64. @John Agreed - and we cannot become numb to this. It is not the "new norm".

  65. A one where our constitutionally mandated system for choosing the president was not adhered to by the continuing to do-nothing congress.

  66. @John, a crazy America with 60 million crazies who voted for him.

  67. Well, this kind of discourse in the public square is dimeaning and damaging for Mr Trump himself. That he does not see that is quite astonishing.

  68. America is like a tree attacked at its core by beetles. Trump at the top is an assurance that it will collapse in the woods without a whimper. The GOP boys in Congress are laughing on the way to the bank with their stolen money.

  69. We already know he's a racist. The question is, who are we? Why are we allowing this to go on?

  70. @RCJCHC "We" are not "allowing this to go on." The Republicans are "allowing this to go on." Don't tar decent Americans with this brush, please.

  71. Our first good opportunity comes in November. I hope America is ready to do what’s necessary to get Congress to do something.

  72. Ask the GOP. They have all the levers of power in hand.

  73. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

  74. Is this the definition of a trumpster fire? He certainly sounds unhinged. This is a wounded animal lashing out or a pitiful cry for help. He is clearly irrational. "Only the Best" Who knew down hill could be so long? Every time we think it couldn't go lower he finds a way to drag it down further. He takes everybody with him, who in his orbit is not being ruined? Or maybe its backwards, all the worst gravitate to him naturally. Why? Birds of a feather...

  75. Listening and watching the lady interviewed on'The News Hour' last night, my original estimate--positive/believable--of this woman's book drastically took a horrible nose-dive crashing in unbelief. Another of my idols fallen totally.

  76. The media is supposed to hold people in power accountable, not chase tweets like golden retrievers. Will the Times, for example, be reporting on what happened to prosecuting Trump for inciting a riot when he encouraged people at his rallies in 2016 to beat up protesters? Nope. Not a word. Instead, the Times prints vapid stories about tweets. Tomorrow will be another story about another tweet. Newsflash: that's not actually holding him accountable (we see the tweets, but thanks anyway NYT).

  77. @Nate, literally the most brlliant thing I've read all year! I too have been wondering when the NY Times will get it togther. Guess we'll have to contnue holding our breath a bit longer..SMH!

  78. Just more bluster from Reality Show 'prez.' I am now confident that nothing will stop him from serving at least one term. Nobodt will speak of his corruption precisely because of this; they will get publicly denigrated and lose their jobs. Democracy in America? Not any more.

  79. How ironic, considering dogs are known most of all for their loyalty.

  80. The shock is over for me, I’ve accepted that this man defines the bottom of morality and his provocations no longer interest me. The real problem is the 35% of Americans that has been cultivated to approve of this behavior. He is their reflection, and a symptom of our deeply sick society. Is it possible to nurse our culture back to decency?

  81. @TS not until this country makes education a priority. We will continue to churn out idiots until the day we decide to invest heavily in education. We spend on the military - everything else falls by the wayside.

  82. @John And you are an example of the exact the point that TS and Mike are making. Rather than saying that you disagree with John, you insult him. My friend, Trump and his followers, like you, have dragged this country down to a new low. There is certainly a sickness, and it isn't liberalism. It is called Trumpism. The correction starts this November 6.

  83. @TS I'm in total agreement. None of this surprises this reader anymore. The moral abyss that Trump has crawled down into will be negatively associated with this country by others for years - perhaps decades - to come. Those that refuse to acknowledge that our president has a profoundly serious intellectual deficiency and fractured moral center are in fact the 'deplorables' that Hilary Clinton so rightly identified. As for the GOP representatives that continue to buttress and enable his tantrum-throwing behavior my go to definition for them would render this letter unprintable. I am disgusted with my government. Its Day of Reckoning cannot come soon enough.

  84. This tweet says lots of things. Like all his Tweets it shows Trump being Trump at his physic base. Not the political base. The tension between our physic and a civilized one aka growing up brings up to an ability to succeed. Make more money than the next guy. Run a bank to big to fail and an economy to the brink of ruin. If a country matures it can govern itself with the tensions between immature attack to conquer people that want a fair share. Then there is Trump. Senator Fisher, Senator Sasse, Representative Fortenberry and your Congressional Representatives are accepting Trump's behavior. This is what they want to rule? This is what they want to teach school age children? This is the only Republican capable of a Leadership role? Seems like it.

  85. The date to watch for is September 11 when Bob Woodward’s book is shipped to stores. This book is written by a legendary journalist, not a reality tv star or a ghost writer. Bob Woodward was probably one the main reasons Nixon had to resign. We may not be using the word president before Trump for much longer.

  86. “But calling her a “dog” was jarring, even as he described her as a “crazed, crying lowlife” in the previous sentence. Mr. Trump has deployed the “dog” insult previously, in one case saying his onetime political rival Ted Cruz “lies like a dog” and, in another, calling Arianna Huffington, co-founder of HuffPost, a “dog.” Such shameful, embarrassing and despicable behavior from the president, especially when making these comments publically, is harmful, hateful and destructive in its own right. But for crying out loud, stop already with the dog comparisons. Even the meanest dog I have ever countered doesn’t come close to the mean, deliberate, and cruel behavior of this president. As a matter of fact, I’ve known more loveable, kind and sweeter dogs than people. But then, Trump’s a dog hater, so I should not be surprised by this kind of attitude.

  87. @Marge Keller. You know, okay, dogs are nice, but I’m getting tired of this kind of comment. “Dog” as an insult is not nice. He wasn’t comparing her to an actual dog, he was trying to be mean and cruel, and he succeeded. Let’s just face up to the fact that we have a disgusting human being as a president.

  88. As a long-time rescuer of abused, abandoned and neglected dogs, I recall with profound pride and pleasure the wonders that dog can be. I had a fine dog, orphaned Anni, who died of a broken heart following the death of her best buddy Bandi -- who came to me having a broken jaw from having been shot. Bandi -- compassionate, understanding, a true blue pal in times of trouble, a joy with times were filled with joy. Ten thousand Trumps would not make up for one of Man's Best Friends. Doug Giebel, Big Sandy, Montana

  89. That we have to suffer the person most deserving of the slings and arrows he regularly casts at others is the greatest insult of them all. The amount of disrespect this man shows for the American people, the laws of the land, the office of the presidency, his own administration and our valued American institutions should disqualify him as president. The people that continue to support him and the congress that continues to enable him are dragging the rest of us down with them.

  90. Just remember calling someone a "dog" is simply A-Ok with his base since they equate resistance or any negativity of his characterizations of others from the left simply as them being wimps and politically correct.

  91. I hope children will be empowered by the president's language. They can use his tactics and words to dominate the playground and bring down every friend-turned-foe.

  92. such an easy man. he attacks when he feels attacked ; he flatters when he feels flattered. isn't he that predictable?

  93. You may or may not agree with what she did or why she did it but relationships are a process that unfold over time. One thing I got from her interview on Meet The Press was that the better she got to know our president, the more she felt the need to protect herself. The president once again comes across as crude and immature.

  94. I don't find Omarosa Manigault Newman terribly credible, but to have the President of the United States make these kinds of comments is beyond belief. Anyone who still respects and/or supports him should take a long hard look at themselves.

  95. @REF What they need to do is tear themselves away from Fox News, Facebook and Twitter and start reading legitimate articles about the man they are supporting.

  96. Well she's proving that the statements in her book that the media and most people like you don't find credible is indeed true back up by evidence of tapes. While I am definitely not a fan of hers, I would not discount someone who is just as slimy as trump and company are. I love it that she using his own sick medicine back on him. He taught her well.

  97. @REF They’ve had more than ample time for reflection. They’re not going to change. Their guy is in the Awful Office, and that’s all that matters.

  98. This is a person who Trump personally brought into the White House as part of his "I only hire the best people" plan. Untrustworthy and a person of questionable character she may be, but what does it say about the man who hired her and kept her on for over a year. The only low life dog that I see here, is the one sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office, that is, when he is not playing golf at one of his resorts? If I have insulted any dogs, I apologize.

  99. Congress, only you can end this national nightmare. If you don't have the guts to live up to your oath of office, give up your seat to someone who does.

  100. And if you don’t have that decency, millions of American voters will help you out of those seats you cling to. My God. What kind of nation have we become?

  101. Ask Roseanne how well that tactic worked out for her.

  102. Oddly, aren't we all depressingly used to this type of comment coming from our Commander in Chief? Shouldn't we be shocked by this? But we aren't. He's used these terms before for women, people of color, etc. It's sadly and strangely normal. What is even more alarmingly normal is that we hear not a peep from members of the GOP about these disgusting insults. This is their leader and it's A-OK.

  103. No surprises here. However, Trump's mental competency to serve as President should be examined.

  104. Clearly, neither of those "Witch Hunt" tweets were written by Trump. That is not his voice at all.

  105. Another 3:00 AM tweet. It must be exhausting for him to constantly go after his 'enemies' and at the same time boast about how great he thinks he is. This is the entirety of his presidency. What other president has denigrated his fellow citizens on this level? He is playing right into Omarosa's narrative of him, but then again, this is truly who he is. Can this please be the final straw, Congress? If not for Congress, I hope it is for the voters.

  106. I'm so used to Trump using insults that I'm unaffected by this latest one against Omarosa who was his greatest champion for more than a year before turning on him. African Americans had to endure watching her fawn over a man who they all knew despised them for racial reasons alone. What I do find disturbing however is that Trump's supporters don't seem to mind his use of insults on a daily basis to be unsuited for a President. It appears manners and any sort of politeness have disappeared from our culture and that Trump has helped them disappear.

  107. Every time I read or hear another story about this man, I think of his enablers in Congress that are afraid to speak out. They should be called out every time for their complicity. When will they reach the Joseph Welch moment of "Have you no sense of decency?"?

  108. @Lou - They no longer have any decency as they are impotent. They have allowed themselves to be willing participants in this abusive relationship. They no longer have a way out and can only sit and take it. In November they will be removed; all of them.

  109. How many more of these pitiful, childish attacks on “enemies” can we tolerate from this president? Very few people seem to care these days what he says. Mr. Nixon’s administration, by contrast, now seems like a tea-party.

  110. @Bevan Davies Of course, you are referring to the historic meaning of "Tea-Party"?!

  111. @Bevan Davies His hardcore base does not "tolerate" it; they are enjoying the "show" which they believe has produced positive "ratings" for the country.

  112. @Bevan Davies. in public Nixon did not degrade the office of the president. In public he was dignified and certainly more intelligent and knowledgeable about world affairs and policy than Trump.

  113. If he ignored the Omarosa story it would have disappeared in one news cycle instead this will be discussed for days......

  114. @skuled58: Whatever deflects from the Russia investigation and the Manafort trial...

  115. @skuled58 he loves being in the news. He loves turning any problem into a campaign stump.

  116. @skuled58 There is a reason. Be patient. It's coming.

  117. He could have called her an obsessively narcissistic self promoter. Birds of a feather clash together!

  118. I have zero empathy for any person who chooses to ensnare his or her livelihood with this Human Stain. Like the song goes........"You knew I was a SNAKE before you took me in." Looking at you, REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS AND RNC; you are 100% complicit.

  119. On what planet could the head of any institution or organization or company call a black female subordinate a DOG (or a crazed lowlife) and then live to see another day in their profession? Only in Trump's America could the president use such a derogatory, racist, and misogynist tone and have 50+ million citizens continue to cheer him on while the GOP and many reporters continue to laugh at his jokes, glad hand him, clap and cheer at his Rose Garden shame sessions, and remain silent otherwise.

  120. "That Dog" is Trump. And there's never been a dog as dirty and full of smut as our president. Put a muzzle on that dog! There's not a dog house in America to house "that dog" and yet he's sitting "pretty" in the WH! I feel so dirty as an American. It will take us decades to be able to get over this dog mess. I hope he'll be locked in his cage by then. In orange, of course. I feel sick daily.

  121. "Mr. Trump has deployed the “dog” insult previously, in one case saying his onetime political rival Ted Cruz “lies like a dog” and, in another, calling Arianna Huffington, co-founder of HuffPost, a “dog.” So, is this a racial thing or does he just insult everyone?

  122. @Reasonable Person It doesn't matter how many people trump calls someone a dog. It isn't American, it isn't presidential, and it isn't normal!

  123. Look at today’s “top stories” and it lets you know the POV the Times wants to sell. The so-called has lashed out viciously at scores of people in the very same way. Just as he panders to his base, so does the Times.

  124. Trump talks trash to engage fools who share those attitudes and to deflect the public discussion away from more serious issues which he wishes to avoid being openly debated. He is also a low life who has no respect for anyone who is unlikely to thrash him in retaliation. Nobody who objects to racial prejudice will ever forget his despicable contribution to racism in our country.

  125. Republicans = trump. trump = Republicans. Vote.

  126. How can any African-American support this unhinged bigot? Then again, why would anyone buy Omarosa's book? Trump was her god when he made her famous; she followed him to the White House and was one of his staunchest supporters. Now that the inevitable has happened, and he has dumped her, she suddenly realizes Trump's true nature. A plague on both your houses!

  127. The President apparently does not have a dog.

  128. @Observer If he did, he would kick it, like Hitler kicked his.

  129. Oh, how I despise this man! I would not have though it possible to have a president evoke such horrible feelings from me.

  130. He is a deplorable and disgraceful low life. Counting the days to never having to see or hear him from any media outlet ever ever again!!

  131. Did I say “dog”. I honestly meant to say “god”.

  132. @John David James: I was driving one afternoon in Colorado and glanced over at the car in the lane beside me. A man was driving and a large dog was sitting in the passenger seat with the seat belt on, looking out the front windshield. As the car sped ahead, I noticed the bumper sticker on back of the car. It said, "Dog is my co-pilot." Cracked me up.

  133. They are as bad as each other. What does it tell you when our “ President” surrounds himself with tacky, low life, lying, thieving creatures ? And, once again, his base does not care. Vote, donate, knock on doors for Democrats and sane Republicans. Let’s get back on track. We are so much better than this.

  134. Truly remarkable that the party of "family values" is now represented by someone who spouts racist and misogynistic comments on a daily basis. Yet its Congressional leaders remain pathetically mute. Hey Melania, is this what you mean by "Be Best?" November's election cannot come soon enough.

  135. So we have gotten to the stage where black people are above criticism? I guess we could see it coming. The funny thing is the Times-niks really think they are doing African-Americans a favor by this double standard. There must be very few people in public life that Trump hasn't denigrated at one time or another, but the Times can't resist its itch to make it all about race. Today in the NYT Michelle Goldberg calls Manigault-Newman an "amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter." The Times would have called for Trump's impeachment if he'd said that.

  136. @Ian Maitland um... you can criticize whomever you’d like. However, given the fact that the USA has systematically discriminated against blacks since they were brought to this country, you do have to watch your tone and choose your words wisely. And it what world is calling people names a fair and intelligent form of criticism? That is just cruelty. People have lost to ability to reason in this country.

  137. @Ian Maitland Trump lacks the verbal acuity to say that.

  138. @Ian Maitland In your first three sentences, you accuse the NYT of having a double standard regarding African-Americans and of holding black people above criticism. Two sentences later you point out that Michelle Goldberg has criticized Manigault-Newman in today's NYT. Does this strike you as self-contradictory in any way? BTW, there is a difference between my calling Donald Trump, for example, an "amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter" based on his race, and my calling him an "amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter" based on his long history of being an "amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter."

  139. The Don is a racist pure and simple. I wouldn't let him off by referring to him as unhinged, which is demeaning to those who are suffering from mental illness. I firmly believe his racism is central to his being, and predates and cognitive decline.

  140. First, this is no way near as low as he is willing to go. Second, If anyone is shocked it is because they have been in a coma. Lastly, The Deplorables love him even more now. We are halfway through the mobster presidency.

  141. This article is ridiculous. They have to go to an Australian to justify their claim that this a racist comment? In American slang, calling a woman a dog means she is unattractive, hence the application to Ariana Huffington. Trump constantly criticizes woomen's looks and he disparages all people who don't fawn over him, regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity. It's not a racist thing, it's a sociopath thing.

  142. @Alice Tay He's a racist And a sociopath. If you haven't noticed the distinct words he uses against African Americans as racist dogwhistles, you haven't been paying attention.

  143. Despite believing that Trump is obviously racist, I don't understand the assumption that his current insults are driven by it. Does the author of this article think Trump is unwilling to childishly insult white people? Because that's pretty well documented. The attitude that it's such a big deal because she's black is sensationalism.

  144. @R "Sensationalism"? -- Not really. When you look at all the hateful insults Donald Trump has thrown at Black people through the ages, it's more like par for the course.

  145. @R That Trump evinces the same longstanding pattern of disparagement toward a long list of women and African-Americans is not sensational, but factual, and, before you even go there, not in any "alternative" sense.

  146. @Davide And what of his long standing pattern of disparaging literaly everyone who openly disagrees with him? How would his insults change if she were a white man like Comey or dozens of others? There's plenty of true naratives of racism the media can run with, in this case they're trying to invent one

  147. "Associate yourself with people of good quality," Booker T. Washington observed, "for it is better to be alone than in bad company." How any African-American could work for this man of constant race-baiting is beyond my comprehension.

  148. Is the GOP even trying to hide the fact that it's a Whites Only institution?

  149. @Frank Ramsey They call it a feature, not a bug.

  150. @Frank Ramsey Are you serious? You are hopeless. If you are a "minority," then you are a true DISGRACE to the one which you belong. If not, you are truly mentally deaf and blind.

  151. Just further proof of what a disgusting creature this man is. And the people who still support him, after all these insults on Twitter, are as complicit as all those who debased themselves in serving this man. I never want to hear again about Kelly as well, no honourable man would behave such as he has, from immigration to the White House, he has also shown his true colors. All of them , from Paul Ryan to even Ted Cruz, have shown themselves to be craven , sniveling cowards. Nancy Pelosi is an example of what a class act is, regardless what these peons in the Republican Party try .

  152. Dog? Our poodle would do a better job than the current occupant of the White House. She's loyal, protective, and won't sell us out to an adversary.

  153. This is despicable. List of negatives has surmounted POTUS credibility. Fire him.

  154. @TA Given that his credibility is zero, this occurred long ago.

  155. MAGA, anyone? Anyone? Not even a a little bit?

  156. As Trump says, "thats what you get when you hire a lowlife dog to work in the WH". Yes, he is right on about that and is the lead dog.

  157. In case anyone doesn't know by now, there is nothing that inspires fear in Gen. Kelly and Trump than a strong Black Woman. While Omarosa is no better than she is, Trump clearly can't help himself when faced with his fear. Insult attack mode with an extra two scoops! I know it's not funny that our POTUS does this but it is no longer a surprise that he is such a disgusting man. Trump's failure to even mention Senator McCain yesterday during a ceremony honoring McCain's work is also in keeping with the our Failure As A Human-In-Chief's total despicable character. Trump has got nothing else. No intellect, no moral or ethical compass, no integrity, no empathy, no love (other than self) and no humanity. All Trump has are his words and even in this his vocabulary is severely limited. A dumb coward who hides behind bully tweets.

  158. Every single Democratic Senate and House campaign this autumn needs to run this one minute ad, and only this ad, day in and day out on every medium: 45 seconds of John McCain in 1967 after having his bones reset by the North Vietnamese without benefit of anaesthesia, followed by 15 seconds of Captain Bone Spur in 2016 insulting and disparaging McCain's service. The American public, if it has a shred of decency left, will flip Congress and limit the damage that this man can do over the next 2 years.

  159. Yet another racist dog-whistle to Trump's most committed MAGA-head base. Make no mistake, attacking black people turns out the Trump voters. They just love to "stick it" to black and brown people and to "them liberals" who "love gangs" and "want immigrants and THOSE people to take over." Trump sycophants hope that Trump will turn the clock back to nativist and Jim Crow era politics. They may be right if we don't stop them in November.

  160. A bit of Yellow Journalism here, no? He used a dog metaphor when referring to Ted Cruz, and Arianna Huffington but when he aims it at Omarosa, it's racist? C'mon, I'm not buying it. Not a fan of Trump but this endless twisting of his coarse insults to be racist is a stretch. He is crude and vile to EVERYONE! IF fact it's the one area he shines. Being rude to all despite, their race, age, gender and political affilation. The outrage and story here should be about the secret recordings. What are the laws when it comes to this for ordinary citizens? What are the laws for Whitehouse staff? Can the NYT investigate this further and report news and not on hurt feelings ad nauseam ?

  161. @Norville T Johnson Whether or not something demeans a perion's origins or background depends on context. Call Ted Cruz "lazy" and there is no group context where laziness is meaningful. Call Don Lemmon "lazy" and there is.

  162. @Norville T Johnson: Cherry-pick and deflect all you like, but the author is on solid ground when noting that Trumps's public outbursts against women and people of color follow a tired and tawdry pattern: targeting their physical appearance and intelligence to distract from his own depravity.

  163. @Norville T Johnson "He is crude and vile to EVERYONE!" Really? What animal did he compare Cohen to? Cohen has more tapes than Omarosa. What animal did he compare Stormy Daniels to? She's also betraying his trust, right? You can be a racist and still be a mean, unstable, jerk all around, one doesn't preclude the other. (By the way Cruz is Latino and Huffington is an immigrant. Not exactly great examples of not being racist.)

  164. And this man is President of the United States, representing us to the world. By the way, isn't calling a woman a "dog" primarily an attack on her physical appearance, saying she's "unattractive"? As I recall, he's attacked quite a few other women, Black, Latino and White, in the same way; he's an equal-opportunity misogynist. He tends to attack Black people in terms of insults to their intelligence -- which of course he does here too. I'm so sick of this man I could vomit.

  165. @Ellen Valle You took the words out of my mouth, so I'll simply recommend....

  166. Yes, I recall back in the dark days of the 50's and 60's "dog" was the insult of choice pertaining to a "girl's" looks. It was the go-to name for the cool guy who just got dumped or wouldn't get a second look from a female.Ellen Valle

  167. @Ellen Valle I agree with your comment that Trump mainly uses the word "dog" to call women unattractive. I've heard many an "old school" male from New York refer to women that way.

  168. Yes, he does like his 'dog' insults, doesn't he? So many people have been "kicked out", "dumped" or "fired like a dog" (and one person "came to my office begging for money like a dog" -- that's a pretty smart dog). These weren't necessarily black people or women, although, from a cursory Twitter search, this appears to be the first presidential dog-firing. Are the dogs making a comeback, or does he think that Omarosa is exceptionally deserving? I'm afraid I can't dispute Bill Maher's counter-insult that Trump is a whiny little female dog -- after all, Trump himself said "I am a whiner".

  169. what does calling the woman in question a "dog" have to do with anyone's skin color? Unless one chooses themselves to make it about skin color, thereby introducing the race card. I think it was a crude and juvenile of hitting out at her ( almost justified, in her case, by her behavior on TV. Trump can't say he wasn't warned)), and, at the same time taking taking a lame swipe at PC police, by the use of the term dog. Which, I take it, is suppose to remind one of word that rhymes with witch. Daily, our political employees, one cannot call them leaders any more, on BOTH SIDES, reduce the environment to one resembling a bedpan. But we are getting what we deserve. Look around us at the level of discourse today.

  170. @jonst And this is where I'd suggest that you take a closer look at Donald Trump's long history of discrimination against Black people,

  171. @N. Smith Your suggestion assumes a fact 'not in evidence'. How do you know I am not familiar with with those, alleged allegations? How do you know I am not black? I might have lived in those apts in Queens in 1971 when the law suit was filed. All that is irrelevant here. Sometimes a cigar is simply a cigar.

  172. Trump is indeed the most unprofessional, tactless, and negative person in our USA. A President, humane, civil being-- he is not and never will be. His lowest level continues to top itself as time goes on.

  173. This is utterly unacceptable language by the President of the United States. He is completely lacking in grace, style, courage, strength and class. Every Republican should be asked, repeatedly, if they support this language, and if this man is the best they have to offer our country.

  174. @Molloy I assume you mean rhetorically, because by now I think most of know the answers - to both questions. Their actions have spoken louder than any words.

  175. If everyone simply stopped using that useless Twitter app, the "dog" in the White House would be essentially defanged.

  176. Call me "evangelical," but I don't think a President of the United States should have any dignity, integrity, honesty, loyalty, decency, humanity, compassion, capability, experience, intelligence, knowledge, curiosity, restraint, ethics, leadership, generosity or capacity to learn. I believe that any mobbed-up, bankrupt bigot will do. But that's just me and 36% of America.

  177. First of all the idea of a U.S President insulting people who disagree with him, is cringeworthy and smacks of bad reality TV. However even a less than careful reading of the news would be that Trump has insulted hundreds of people regardless of race. So does insulting five black people make one a racist.? Or is he just an equal opportunity insulter? Either way would have to say the headline is creating a narrative that is unproven by the story.

  178. The last week has been rather therapeutic for those of us who regarded Mrs. Omarosa Manigault Newman, as an Apprentice. Instead she should be regarded as an Obi 1 Keno-be Jedi Master. What a poised delightful person to quietly gather breathtaking intelligence on what a clown house the Oval Office has become, and then she "gonna take my shot" with a slow drip release of tapes to the news outlets. Kinda reminds one of Capt. Jack sparrow taking out Geoffrey Rush at the end of the initial Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

  179. @Steven of the Rockies You do understand that what she has done is the definition on espionage, right? Do you understand what this is and what this means?

  180. Omarosa is not someone who can be defended as she is nasty personality, just like Trump. After being fired, she appeared on GMA and Robin Roberts correctly alluded to the fact that we should wait for the book tour and here it is. She was willing to defend Trump and stand by his side and when she got thrown overboard, she suddenly has all this to share with us. Tell us something about Trump that we don't already know! Bye Felicia!

  181. Donald Trump is a despicable human being but he could not befoul the Office of the President without the aid and comfort provided him by Congressional Republicans.

  182. @BB Fernandez: Trey Gowdy accusing anyone else of monomaniacal partisanship has to be the most infantile display of rank hypocrisy in the whole Republican congressional delegation.

  183. Just when you think this low-life of a president can stoop to a lower level, he does it again!

  184. How ironic and telling that Trump's Twitter insults --"crazed, crying lowlife ... the dumbest man on television ... low IQ ... crooked ... lies like a dog" and so on -- describe Trump to a tee.

  185. @Mark Hugh Miller yes. the classic psychology of a complete narcissist... projection.

  186. @Mark Hugh Miller So true. Mental health professionals call this behavior "projection." The accuser is merely projecting what he knows himself to be on others. So every slander that emits from the Narcissist-in-Chief's vulgar mouth can and should be preceded by "I am..."

  187. Trump is the epitome of projection.

  188. What a crybaby! For a President, he's more like the bully on the playground who got put in his place.

  189. "the “dog” insult is typically used to convey a person is “morally depraved and stupid,” Well yes, maybe in the English language of the larger world, but in the America of the last 50 years it's an insult typically used to convey a woman is unattractive. How would the writer of this article not know this?

  190. This was a trap set by Trump, and the NY Times fell right into it by pulling the 'race card'. Trump has a history of calling people 'dogs'.....male, female, white, or black.

  191. @RP Smith BOOM. exactly. Chess, not checkers like the MSM and Dems. Here comes the fun.

  192. There is no honor among thieves and lowlifes...

  193. Who is the real lowlife? So far it's the one who has the nuclear football.

  194. Trump calling any African American a "Dog" is a way to remind his base that black Americans were once considered live stock.

  195. Could it possibly be that the President self-censored himself and did not tweet the word reserved for female dogs specifically? Ughh, what ugliness coming from a President but I'm sure his base thinks using such slurs in print is just dandy for POTUS.

  196. He could have called her much worse names. It's about time that the media stopped focusing on the POTUS tweets and the white house name calling. The focus should be on his lack of accomplishment. I was astonished today when CNN was so caught up in coverage of the POTUS v. Omarosa with their talking heads that they failed for hours to report the tragedy of the bridge that collapsed in Genoa.

  197. Excuse me? He could have "called her much worse names"???? So what...We should be thankful? Excuse us for covering this in our news cycle instead of the bridge collapse in Genoa, but we're living in a nightmare where all our bridges seem to be collapsing daily. This terminology may not be particularly offensive to you, but it is to many of us, thank you.

  198. @BJM Well, OK, but even I don't connect the bridge in Genoa as in any way an example of "trump's" lack of accomplishments. But you are right, the SHOULD focus on that and stop giving him a platform for his tweets. Stop putting him on camera. Just report on what they are doing.

  199. Trump/GOP is racist. No need to fight it; it is a fact. Why would any woman or any person of color vote Republican? Look at Trump cabinet; old white men.Look at Trump rallies; white; white and whiter. Repeat; why would any woman or person of color support Republicans? Vote out GOP. Ray Sipe

  200. There are also racist Democrats.

  201. Omarosa is yet another example of Trump getting “the best people.” They deserve each other. One term.

  202. Why would a PRESIDENT ( for goodness sake!) give a “ crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, “? Has anyone asked him that? How low can we go?

  203. Hey Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, now you are really able to see the true colors of the person you are supporting!!! You get what you deserve, and as a matter of fact, you both should be ashamed of yourselves for not calling the president out on his comments.... There really isnt anyone in power who will stand of to this McCarthy type of behavior! I guess we too will have to call the russians and get some of the videos they have of him begging for......... money for his failing real estate shell game a few years back! How far we have fallen, so fast... Agh...

  204. There are MANY vulgar names one could pin (truthfully) to Trump - but, sorry, they should be kept out of Press Publications!!!

  205. Trump is insulting everyone of every nation, race, gender, you name it. When you have such unhinged individual running the country you have to ask one thing first: Who elected this calamity of a person? Next question is: why are people not kicking him out now that they know he is unhinged? Could it be that the majority of the electoral college is made of irresponsible, ignorant fools? Maybe the answer to the last one is a “yes.”

  206. "Dog" as an epithet is also often used, quite cruelly, to describe a less than (subjectively) attractive woman. In my mind he has once again played the misogynist card. I don't like to fall back on the injured womanhood argument but feel it's important in this instance to include his misogynist bent among his racist, egotist, bullying personality defects.

  207. There's only one dog in the white house, and he's in the oval office. Time to call animal control (and Bob Mueller).

  208. Trump's calling Omarosa a dog is not only racist but also misogynist. It's indefensible and members of Congress should call him out for it. especially Republicans. By remaining silent they are condoning it. Ironically, this is the same president who hired and fired her four times. Omarosa is a clone of Trump. Her behavior is unethical and maybe criminal. Still at the end of the day a president or any decent man should not have made that racist, pejorative comment. He also called her a low life. But he's the one for stooping to the lowest common denominator. This is not the first time nor probably the last time Trump will make a racist, anti-woman tweet. There is a distinct pattern here by Trump to not only pander to his rabid supporters, but also shows his true colors. He needs to be condemned in the harshest terms. This is unacceptable. Trump has polarized our nation and put minorities in harm's way. Again, all members of Congress should call him out for what he said. Only his parasites like Sanders. Conway, Sekulow, Giuliani, and Fox News will defend him and spin it. How many scandals and cover ups can they support. You can't defend a junkyard dog.

  209. @g.i. "Trump's calling Omarosa a dog is not only racist but also misogynist." I disagree on both counts.

  210. @g.i. I hate being in the position of defending the filth occupying the WH, but how is calling Omarosa a "dog" racist when he's used the same term as an insult for white people? And if we're being honest, Omarosa IS a low life.

  211. And of course, as Trump knows full well, a "dog," during Trump's formative years, was the standard juvenile term used to insult a woman's looks. She's a dog meant she's ugly. In Trump's misogynist heart, this is the ultimate insult for a woman. When he calls her a dog, he's saying she's ugly--and if a woman is ugly, in Trump's heart, she's worthless.

  212. Contrary to Mr Trump, I won't compare it with a dog. That would be a too big insult for dogs...

  213. And what insults did Ms. Manigault Newman fling at the President of the United States? Well? It's quite evident that the liberal 'resistance' has no regard for our national security. The NYT is full of praise and support for people who violate our national security laws and regulations that were signed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The NYT writers and 'reporters' treat out national security with a casual disregard of someone caught chewing gum in school.

  214. @Aristotle Gluteus Maximus It has been reported Trump uses a personal cell phone, so he really doesn't care about national security.

  215. @Aristotle Gluteus Maximus Here we are with preschool-level standards, "She started it!" Is that really what we aspire to in this country now?

  216. @Aristotle Gluteus Maximus Was'nt it Kelly who fired Omarosa in the Situation Room? I'm not condoning Omarosa for bugging her firing - in the Situation Room. Far from it. I think she broke the law and should be punished. But Kelly, a decorated General should have known better. Was this the only room available?

  217. Why did Trump choose to describe OMN as a dog in his recent tweet? My guess is that rather than reflcting racism, Trump subconsciously realizes that the release of surreptitious recordings made by ex/White House employees like Omarosa,who fell out of favor with Trump, are likely to “dog” this administration so long as it remains in power. He's in for a ruff ride.