Capturing the Beauty of Everyday Life in the Bronx

For two decades, students of the International Center of Photography at the Point have learned analog photography and documented their community.

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  1. In the 30's my dancing school held it's culminating "show" in the Spring at Hunts Point Palace. The neighborhood, at the time was vibrant. As the years passed and I left N.Y. I watched as things changed. How great to know that it is coming back and Art and Culture will bloom again.

  2. These photographs make me love America in all her diversity and splendor in spite of the awful times we are experiencing at this moment in our history. Features like this should be presented daily on the front page to remind us that we are still who we think we are.

  3. How inspiring that hundreds of our young adults have had the opportunity to learn analog photography in the Bronx. With all the crime and man-made disasters, their photographs will be able to record and express the pain and aguish this community has experienced. Bravo to those involved.

  4. These photos are marvelous and deserve a many week exhibition at the ICP. Bravo for the photographers and the ICP and the Point.

  5. Photography allows you to capture a moment in time, hold it in your hand, ponder it. Lovely photos.

  6. Misra Walker's image of the nail technician is absolutely stunning. It's probably a cliche to describe it as Frida Kahlo painting but I'm going to say it anyway.

  7. More please.

  8. The article speaks of analog photography. Does that mean film? It would be nice to explore the relation of film to the recording of an emotion, a feeling, a connection to one hundred eighty years of photographic evolution. Digital is great, but there is a purposefulness of shooting film. I own both digital and film cameras. Each has their place. But rendering a feeling, an emotion, needs more exposition.

  9. These photographs are so gorgeous and alive. More please is right! I wonder if the ICP will consider holding a closing reception to the show, I would love to go and meet some of the artists. Just wonderful, congratulations.

  10. Does anyone have contact information for Misra Walker?

  11. Bravo. Nuanced, intelligent, beautiful image making. I'm impressed, these works are impressive and informative. Thanks for sharing. I echo the refrain, 'more'...please!

  12. I love the photographs here that show the emotions of each subject in such a straightforward way. Thank you, International Center of Photography, for your continued support to those with eyes and hearts wide open to learn what it is to communicate with the art of photography.