Trump Calls Justice Dept. Report ‘Total Disaster’ for Fired F.B.I. Director

“Doesn’t get any lower than that!” Mr. Trump wrote of findings in a Justice Department report that detailed texts between F.B.I. agents who opposed his presidential bid.

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  1. It is clear that Trump did not even read a synopsis of the report. He is lying to the public about the conclusions. This is how we drift into the decline of democracy. Add the camps for children taken from their parents, and we have the beginning of fascism.

  2. Fake News! Not the Times reporting, but Trump's interpretation of what was plainly stated. NO EXONERATION! We'll see about collusion when the Mueller investigation is released for public perusal.

  3. Every time I read comments like "...this is the beginning of fascism" I am stunned because we should realize the fact that we are already in the middle of it.

  4. This is how democracies fall and dictators empower themselves. Lies, propaganda, distortions and fear, smears despite independent investigations. Again, Mr. Trump exaggerates anything that he can claim to support himself and turns upside-down whatever supports his "enemies."

  5. Yes, with the help of FOX News

  6. The worst part about it is that there are far too many people who believe the lies, propaganda, and distortions. The real question is "Why?"

  7. It is the height of elitism to think that those voting for Donald Trump hadn't already made up their minds prior to the July 2016 press conference by Mr. Comey. It's also totally ridiculous to think that that sector of the voting public is stupid, uneducated and had not followed all the debates. Au contraire, they had been paying extremely close attention if the pundits and the Beltway gang had cared to read something other than the main stream media. As usual, the elites seem to think that that middle America doesn't have the capacity to make an informed judgement before voting without investigating why people were so disenchanted with the Democrats' platform. Wrong!

  8. Feel for you!

  9. Except that middle America keep proving the exact opposite to all of us, day after day, when they continue to believe even the most easily refutable lies that this man spews. But go ahead and keep insisting that people take you seriously, that's working out really well.

  10. a) Your point is well taken. b) How is this remotely on point to the article? It is the height of apathy to continue to point to the victories of the past when there is a problem facing us in the present. You voted for Mr. Trump on policy grounds, as you should. Now, I would ask that you voice what should be a concern on those same grounds. Your President - our President - continually contradicts his own administration, undercutting its credibility and his own, destroying its effectiveness, and instilling a sense of divisiveness even at the highest level. That is the height of horrible public policy.

  11. This is hilarious and dangerous. The report explicitly states that there was no bias. He is lying openly and daring the reporters listening to challenge him. What was vicious about pointing out how awful he is appealing to ignorance and hatred and fear?That is the very antithesis of what our nation is meant to be. It makes the lie that all other systems especially monarchies allege is why our system cannot work, seem true. The lie is that people in general are not smart enough or sophisticated enough to govern themselves. Every time someone backs him up or fails to challenge his lies he succeeds at making that lie seem to be true.

  12. @ magicisnotreal "The report explicitly states that there was no bias." No. The report said there was no evidence of bias. Of course the lead FBI investigators were biased - their text messages prove it. The report has simply not (yet) found evidence that they explicitly acted on their bias.

  13. Masterful twisting of the actual conclusions and the entire narrative to suite his own lies and version of the truth. It is frightening the degree to which so many Americans will hear his blather and believe him over what is actually revealed in the report.

  14. Over and over the media gets unwittingly co-opted into repeating his tweets and echoing his lies. Many people hear only what he said repeated by the media and don't take the time to hear the analysis or perspective. Trump is a lesson for all of us in how propaganda works.

  15. His base won't bother read the report either.

  16. That's why it took 24 hours to tweet. Wonder who worked on the "narrative"? Miller?

  17. So, when someone disparages or opposes Trump, it's "criminal", but when he, and/or his minions, colludes with our sworn enemy, it's "fake news". When will he demand being named President For Life?

  18. The "Trump Cult" in Congress is working on it!

  19. Soon.

  20. He will let us know when everyone is saying they want him to be dictator. He just wants us love him so much that, like the North Korean people, we wouldn't think of criticizing him, just sit up at attention when he speaks.

  21. Nothing in the IG report exonerated the president it didn't say such thing. The IG report put into print what everyone already knew, that Mr. Comey was out of line going before the public, first to say no charges would be brought but that Mrs. Clinton had mishandled classified material, and second that the investigation would be open again because of emails believed to be in Anthony Wieners lap top. It wasn't his place to do that he should have as the report says gone to his superior the AG. It is pretty clear that Mr. Comey inadvertently helped elect the president. The FBI the report states did nothing wrong, did not have a conspiracy going to elect Hillary, and did not interfere with the special counsels investigation. In fact when the special counsel found out about the texts of the two persons from the FBI he summerly fired them sending them back to the FBI to be dealt with.

  22. No sense of values, integrity, ethics and he can't seem to read as well! His flirtation with and aversion to truth is mind boggling as much as it is frightening. What can be believed that comes out of his mouth? He is a transparent manipulator , at least to those who see him as a threat to democracy.

  23. Yes. IG's report gave no hint of criminal wrongdoing. PLUS: Comey's insubordination did nothing but INCREASE the odds that Trump would be elected.

  24. Trump clearly believes, paraphrasing Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass, that words mean what he pays them to mean, no more and no less. What he does is good, what any opponent does is criminal, at the very least. He has no need to concern himself with "truth", only his own warped perception of the reality he wants to see. At another point, Lewis Carroll has a character say that he can believe six impossible things before breakfast. Although Carroll did not know Trump, he described him pretty well.

  25. If Trump gladly reported his income tax forms to us, then maybe I'd go along with his assertions of good ethics on his own part. If Trump hadn't dodged the draft with his bone spurs bedtime story, maybe I could see his positive instincts. If Trump wasn't selling weaponry to the Saudi's and gassing their planes up to slaughter Yemen civilians, it is possible I might be able to see a little of this his way. But Mexico is not going to pay for it, Obamacare is here to stay and we are not filling out IRS forms on a postcard, all promises that Fearless Leader has been touting since day one, including the fabrication of Hillary's foundation practices when we find out Trump's foundation is the Trump family's favorite vehicle for laundering money. I can't give this guy the time of day, he's incarcerating children running for their lives, come on!

  26. The "total disaster" that always seems to be the lowest of the low, before exceeding itself, is this man's presidency. The report makes clear that all the agents professional conduct was unbiased. That they found agents who expressed private political opinions, in their spare time, should surprise nobody during a hotly contested election. The report highlights that 5 of them didn't care much for Trump's brand of reasoning (Gosh, I can't imagine why) The report did NOT mention how many agents expressed private unfavorable opinions of Hillary Clinton. But this is clearly because the report is more interested in protecting the president than in protecting the FBI and our ability to objectively apply the rule of law.

  27. So here is the rest of the Trump defense: He fired Comey for the benefit of the American people. It was "a great service," and had nothing to do with obstruction of justice and that Trump and Russia thing ...

  28. Its clear from Pres. Trump's comments on the WH lawn this morning that he didn't read the IG's report. Its telling that he did the press gaggle at the same time as Manafort is going to court. Trump is feeling the pressure.

  29. The only total disaster in this country right now is Donald J. Trump. The FBI's motto fidelity, bravery and integrity can be seen in this report. However since Trump doesn't possess any one of those three characteristics it's easy to understand why he is so fast to condemn them.

  30. James Comey disgraced himself for all time. But that’s not enough for this president. He’ll hang his hat on those three words texted by Agent Strzok but that doesn’t justify the president’s smear of America’s top law enforcement agency. Agent Strzok posted an ill-advised text and has been reassigned but this gaffe is no less egregious than the president’s birther remarks about President Obama. That was an outrage, if there ever was one.

  31. A sitting president rooting for the failure of the FBI is a lot worse than two FBI agents rooting for Trump's campaign to fail.

  32. @NM -- you're right, dear friend. The president would rather destroy his crack elite law enforcement bureau than encourage them to do their best. My replies to your excellent posts haven't gone in this week for some reason. Maybe the Times is reformatting something but something has changed.

  33. The OIG report proves there was no bias against Trump, and that, in fact, Comey inappropriately discussing the in-progress investigation obviously was the reason Trump won the Electoral College.

  34. President Trump will, of course, see what he chooses to see in the report--facts have never really stopped him from making outlandish assertions, so he won't be constrained by them now. That the report will serve as a pretext to dismantle the Mueller probe was widely expected even before its release. Meanwhile, Russians continue to meddle in US elections and the President is MIA on this file.

  35. If there is someone guilty of treason and fraud it is trump.

  36. Mr. Strzok, replied, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.” ..... Realistically this is hard to explain, no matter what you think this is so wildly inappropriate that it baffles the mind. Jim Comey usurping authority and interfering in the flow of legal events is also an inappropriate situation. This long drawn out American misery should be terminated as quickly as possible.

  37. Why would you "explain" someone else statement? The report says that they looked at his work and there was no bias. You've never talked about how your boss was wrong while doing exactly what he instructed? It is literally the same thing.

  38. So, a personal text message between co-workers who didn't think an incompetent should be elected President and who had no power to direct any type of investigation of Trump or Clinton is more important to discovering whether or not the current President might be beholden to a hostile foreign nation? Gotcha.

  39. About 63 million Americans had the same thought and I know I, for one, sent Emails to many with similar sentiments. Why you think expressing your views to a work colleague is wildly inappropriate is beyond me. It's called free speech.

  40. If Mueller doesn’t finish and report/induct soon, it will be game over. The United States stands now on the precipice.

  41. Agreed, Comey did a terrible thing, he got Trump elected.

  42. A "total disaster", not unlike the the effect of his presidency.

  43. "President Trump called James Comey’s behavior 'criminal' a day after a Justice Department report that made no accusation of criminal wrongdoing." In Trumplandia "criminal behavior" is any behavior that doesn't support and/or agree with Trump.

  44. I truly think Comey should sue for defamation of character.

  45. When he calls Comey criminal, I think it's because he mixed up the exonerating report by IG with the NY lawsuit that was issued against him yesterday.

  46. Earlier this month, the president asked "when will the people start saying, 'thank you, Mr. President, for firing James Comey?'" I say thank you Mr. President for firing James Comey and then admitting to Lester Holt on television that you did it because of this thing with Trump and Russia. Thank you for saying the same thing to the Russians in the Oval Office. Also, a big thank you for firing James Comey because it led to the Mueller investigation which may actually expose the truth about your campaign's very suspicious ties to Russia and how it helped get you elected.

  47. Trump: "“I would never want to get involved in that,”* Mr. Trump said. “Certainly he, they just seem like criminal acts to me. What he did was criminal**.” *No, of course not. Too busy defrauding a charitable foundation to his and his family's benefit. **Can a President actually say that?

  48. An empty barrel makes the most noise. Behold, America's perfect reverse barometer.

  49. The empty barrel is damaging our country on an hourly basis. I'm waiting for the press to stop covering Trump. Giving Trump all the air time he wishes is feeding him.

  50. So if a cop runs a red light en route to a bank robbery, the robber gets to go free?

  51. It’s quite clear that 45 is projecting. Again.

  52. Trump has no standing to call himself a patriot when he is gleefully trying to diminish the FBI's worth.

  53. trump gets much right. every text is against him, none against hilary. every person involved in the investigation of hilary and then of him, if they show bias, show it against him. The investigation of hilary handed out immunity several times. Once, to that Paul Combetta guy, after he TWICE lied about substantive things to the FBI, AND erased - knowingly and illegally - email evidence from Hilary's server. Compare that to the charges filed by Mueller against Flynn. Very lopsided. Finally, Dems say, "well Comey announced new emails on Weiner's laptop, that hurt Hilary." That was the ONE thing he did to hurt her - and he had NO choice. He had told Congress she had no more emails. Once he discovered more he sat on it, until NY based US attorney started asking what was he going to do about the emails they found! Then he HAD to announce he was looking at it - or else he would have effectively been lying to congress. There is a massive bias evident here.

  54. the real question is: how did the seventh floor of the FBI, managers who are in politically sensitive jobs and careers, EVER wind up being the INVESTIGATORS on Trump and Hilary!? The investigators are in the field offices. The managers all left being investigators, one. And, two, it is a TERRIBLE idea to bring an investigation into an office where political considerations exist. Find out WHY they moved the investigations to the desk of politically involved FBI seventh floor. Every bad decision that follows flows from that ridiculous decision. My guess: it was moved to headquarters/seventh floor by the Obama White House.

  55. You are correct. There is massive bias against Trump. But where did this bias emanate from? Where's (or, who's) the match that lit the fire? How far back do you want to go to see how your guy lit fire after fire after fire? Birther? Trump U scam? Ripping off vendors? Marital infidelities? What are observers, including the 'media' supposed to do with this stuff? Sit on it? Say nothing about it? Find out that the man flat out lies about any manner of things and not call him out on it? I ask you, how many free passes should he get? You love him? Great. But you are no different than me in one respect: When this all comes to a head, together we will lose. Your fidelity to Donald Trump will get you absolutely nothing more than my disgust for him will get me

  56. Emperor Donald the First thinks he can condemn anyone and anything by edict. Rather than condemning his "accused," he ends up condemning himself. Sorry, Donnie, you do not get to make your own laws, and you do not get to be the judge and jury.

  57. We sincerely hope!

  58. So, once again the conman is lying, a routine and predictable set of tweets, trying to exonerate himself from colluding with the Russians. It would be boring if it weren't so frightening - The Big Lie, just like his Russian puppet masters have honed over the years. It's 1984 all over again. Sadly, there will be the crowd that believes what he writes, those who will not bother to actually read the report or its conclusions. Does he ever tell the truth?

  59. If ever we needed MORE proof that Mr. Trump does not appear to read anything produced by his own administration...

  60. Most troubling in this sad drama, is there anyone in America who has the stature to refute Trump's outright lies? Congress has abrogated its responsibilities, the Supreme Court is muzzled, and the Cabinet is composed of sycophants, while the White House staff enables and supports Trump's egomania. Our government is paralyzed by the infuriatingly constant mendacity spewed by a man plagued by an overcompensated inferiority complex and totally unqualified to be president.

  61. He had already written the report before it was released. No surprise here.

  62. Trump, along with his unwavering supporters in Congress and the media, traffics in propaganda.

  63. It's not the FBI that's the disaster.

  64. Trump continues to show that, beyond all else, he simply can not process information. Either that, or he is delusional. What is certain, is that he continues to be a clear and growing danger to the fabric of our nation.

  65. Perhaps Trump should learn how to read. Oops, forgot, he doesn't read; he just watches fox propaganda which tells him what he wants to hear. The report totally vindicated the FBI but said Comey used bad judgement and helped Trump.

  66. The report proves just the opposite but as usual with Trump up is down and black is white. Sadly his uninformed, gullible followers will believe him rather than the exhaustively investigated thorough report.

  67. His opinion is worth zero! How long do we have to endure this nightmare?

  68. Hang in there - we still have elections!

  69. MH, His opinion is worth a lot. That's why the nightmare is still going on and on.

  70. Funny, but when I think of a disaster all I can think about is who sitting in the oval office right now.

  71. Mighty loose definition of "criminal", and especially rich coming from one whose actual criminality is becoming clearer every day.

  72. “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.” How many words of the Report did he actually read? As per usual. Dan Quayle gets the last word on Donald J. Trump’s daily hallucinations.

  73. We’ll see who the criminal is. Manafort will be locked up later today, this is all a sideshow before the Trumptanic hits bottom.

  74. By taking the podium at Fox News and spewing forth his opinions Trump keeps himself in the limelight. You can bend a piece of metal back and forth many times. When metal fatigue sets in the metal will break. Trump is bending the American people back and forth in hopes that fatigue sets in and we accept his line of reasoning. He is accustomed to getting his way. I hope He gets taken down by his vanity, that his own words send him packing.

  75. corrected headline: Trump Contradicts Justice Dept. Report, Calls it ‘Total Disaster’ for F.B.I.

  76. Mister President, I know you read these posts. Nobody believes you here. Your criminality in running your own Foundation is the narrative of the day. People are not so stupid as to believe you. Certainly not people from Manhattan or New York -- where you want to be liked (but aren't). Eve Howard Stern knows how sad you are these days.

  77. Trump claims there is '“criminal” behavior by the bureau’s former director." There he goes, projecting again!

  78. No, Mr. President; the Inspector General’s report is a “total disaster” for the concept of an impartial and independent investigative agency and the American people. As is usually the case, “it’s all about you” (thanks, Boney James). You were far from cleared of any complicity in any foreign entanglements while you were a candidate. The report was unsparing in its stern assignations of unprofessional and improper conduct by the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch; and the-then F.B.I. Director, James Comey. They were both cited for mishandling this case. But, sir, you’re premature in thinking that this exonerates you. Please consider the unsettling effect that this will have upon our nation going forward, perhaps for generations. A true patriotic would worry about that—not just himself.

  79. Naturally, Trump responds with alternative facts to a thorough report. As for the self-centeredness, well, to Donald, the sun rises and sets in his own orange skin.

  80. “When will people start saying, ‘thank you, Mr. President, for firing James Comey?’” when he'll freezes over, that's when ...

  81. What a surprise. Trump lies about the IG report. The IG report, of course, does the exact opposite of what Trump claims: it shows no political bias in the handling of the Clinton e mail story, and in fact it is shown Comey erred in his handling and harmed Clinton, perhaps fatally to her 2016 chances. A few low level staffer texts hardly support Trump’s false deep state conspiracy allegations. Trump’s media fluffers at Fox “News” and other GOP propaganda organs and his congressional lackeys, of course, will spread Trump’s lies. They will then repeat them and claim the lies are now facts. We live in post truth America until the Trump GOP can lose control of our government.

  82. Where in any of the Times's coverage of the report is the fact that FBI agents hostile to Hillary Clinton were leaking information to Rudolph Giuliani? In the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Giuliani was bragging about the explosive information he was getting from anti-Clinton FBI personnel. This should bracket any statement -- whether written by a Times reporter or spoken or tweeted by Trump and his cronies -- regarding FBI agents who were not going to be voting for Trump. It should also be a question raised by Times reporters: why is the FBI IG's report silent on this issue?

  83. It looked to me like something was going to leak about Clinton and Comey decided to simply jump ahead of it.

  84. Seems to me the President needs to brush up on his reading comprehension regarding his interpretation of the IG report. But then again, he is living in his own alternative universe.

  85. Called trump fox world

  86. I just realized that narcissists lie so often that they can't distinguish reality from made up fantasy. Their version of events are always confabulated. The President is a highly delusional individual with alot of power. God help us all.

  87. Just because a President says "I am not a crook" doesn't mean he isn't one.

  88. Trump has poked the bear a few too many times. At some time, the FBI is going to poke back and it pokes hard and strategically. There will be no love loss.

  89. One has nothing to do with the other? The same crooked den of thieves were working on both.

  90. All those surprised by Trump’s comments, raise your hands.

  91. If there's anyone in the government who's engaging in criminal behavior, it's Donald J. Trump himself. Trump and his family should be criminally prosecuted for his criminal conduct in conjunction with his misuse of his charitable foundation, including income tax violations and campaign finance violations. #LockThemALLUp

  92. "Total disaster". Such a poverty of speech and thought. The same tired words and phrases spouted over and over. Very weak!

  93. “Doesn’t get any lower than that!” Was he looking in the mirror? As for Rudy's prediction of jail time, let's not forget Rudy's past success with predictions. After going 0-and-7 in presidential primaries, Rudy boasted that things would turn around in Florida.

  94. The boss of a criminal gang accusing and blaming a honorable man for a professional mistake. This is incredible.

  95. Let's all try to keep in m ind that the so-called president DOESN'T READ. Kinda helps to explain a lot.

  96. Of course he did. Everything with Trump is "a total disaster." He didn't get more ice cream than everyone else? "A total disaster!" I can't believe anyone save his delusional base cares what he thinks about anything anymore.

  97. By all means, Mr. President, don't let reality get in the way of your divisive ranting.

  98. I WON'T EVEN READ THIS ARTICLE...reporting on the presidents continuing LIES is too infuriating. i will look at puppy videos. From now on, instead of saying what his lies are, simply report, yes, the president lied again today. The outrage is starting to leak from fearful republican mouths..but not nearly enought; make no mistake, this president plans to be dictator before 2020.

  99. my typos: president's, enough

  100. Trump creates shiny objects and the press reacts like Pavlov’s dog. Giving him the attention he craves. The complicity serves him well.

  101. Just once I'd like to see the press preface a statement by Trump with.... "Another Trump Whopper":

  102. Want to see a "total disaster," Mr. President? Look at your administration.

  103. He has totally lost his marbles!

  104. What does Mango Moussolini know about the law? Except how to evade it

  105. Said the man who runs a fraudulent charity,

  106. News sources should simply stop reporting Trump's utterances. Or add a note such as "Without citing any proof ..." or "Trump lies again, says ...." We are long past the point of giving him the benefit of the doubt and he is playing the press for suckers.

  107. Amen! They won't stop reporting but I agree, the news outlets should preface Trump's tweets/statements as "rants", "ramblings" "outright lies", "unsubstantiated statements", "claims"

  108. Best post in the NYT in months Hey are you guys listening?

  109. This is exactly what the press needs to do! I'm sick of every single Tweet being shoved in 'our' face and stating how strong trump is when he's lying. Thank you Peter!

  110. Trump got what he wanted. Debasement of the FBI and Comey. Whoopee. Who cares? Americans have better things to do. We are all sick of e-mail this and that. All this pales compared to the corruption of the Trump admin.

  111. Can he make up his mind, or, has senility led him to forget that in the past he's claimed the opposite? OR, is he simply playing any side of the multi-dimension Trump coin (that biggest, greatest, most-sided coin) that he sees fit to sow more question, division, confusion, exasperation, etc...........?????

  112. Will someone-anyone-please get him to shut up. 2 year olds don’t whine this much. Geez.

  113. And you, sir, are a total disaster for our country. Thanks for giving me the words.

  114. With Trump, it is all projection. He is the criminal. Strap in. He's on a lot of radars now.

  115. Trump should know criminal behavior. He has long history of breaking the law. The difference is that he thinks he and his ilk are above the law. Would some please get that guy a copy of the U.S. Constitution!

  116. He and the GOP would have to know how to read it. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  117. The only thing criminal that happened in 2016 was the FBI telling he American people everything about the Clinton email investigation and nothing about the Trump TREASON investigation.

  118. What reality is tbis president living in?

  119. he lives in the unfortunate reality that 40% (though i hope that is inflated) of this country's voters think his lying and buffoonery are sticking it to liberals and women, people of color, and foreigners must be subjugated, punished, kept away, and the country's riches are for the very rich to exploit, and the law does not apply to anyone in his administration. i am sure i missed some, he thinks his hair looks good, but that is not a reality.

  120. Nope, not "criminal" per the 500-page report. Read it, Mr. President?

  121. Trump can't, won't, and doesn't read. He's a 70-sonething and NOBODY from his entire life can ever remember him reading a book. All we have is Ivana saying he would glance at a book of Hitler's speeches.

  122. "Doesn't get any lower than that" could also describe every single action by Trump including, but not limited to, praising white nationalists, mocking a disabled reporter, grabbing women by the genitals, obstructing justice via Twitter, fawning over dictators, lusting over his daughter, and so on...

  123. Disgusting. But you knew that, right?

  124. "In a wide-ranging interview on Friday morning with “Fox and Friends,”" Don't you mean "rambling whiny tirade"?

  125. Darn right it's criminal. It got Donald Trump elected!

  126. I'm listening to Trump talk and brag about himself with reporters right now, can be explained no other way, as MIND NUMBINGLY DUMB! Trump is saying how much he loves Kim Jong Un, can you imagine FDR talking about Hitler during the 1930's about Hitler in the same way. Donald Trump has no values that I agree with, he makes me sick and want to throw up!

  127. I say ask your trump loving friends how much they loveKim and his murderous regimes. In those very words. Don’t wait for an answer. Let them stew on it. Let them choke on it. Then ask what is their favorite Kool Aid flavor. Walk away. That’s all his defenders are worth.

  128. white is black, war is peace, love is hate.

  129. Dear President (sic) Trump: You work for me and I want you to stop lying. Immediately. Thank you.

  130. The FBI findings really didn't have that much to reveal but trust Trump - like clockwork- to distract from the Trump Foundation law suit here in NYC which is far more serious with very serious ramifications - don't think for a minute Trump doesn't know that he is in extremely hot water. So any distraction will do. His long history of fraudulent behavior (thus his unwillingness to disclose his tax returns during the 2016 election cycle) is all beginning to unravel. Buckle your seat belts - it is going to be quite a hot and steamy roller coaster ride over the summer -culminating with Special Prosecutor Mueller's findings which will probably happen in September.

  131. The report shows Comey committed insubordination. In the FBI, maybe that's considered criminal behavior.

  132. There is not one Republican in Congress unaware of the threat trump poses to the wellbeing of this nation. They are destroying us to line their pockets. It is that simple.

  133. Once again we are dealing with Trump's self-serving hyperbole. This report only confirms the investigation was properly conducted and concluded with Hillary Clinton, even though Comey inappropriately inserted himself into the Presidential Election in a way that appears to have hurt Hillary Clinton. Indeed, Trump lauded Comey just after the election for his behavior. If anything the FBI should have let us know about Trump being investigated before the election about Russia to balance what Comey said about Hillary Clinton. This report only undermines Trump's legitimacy as our President. Both he and Mike Pence should resign for the good of our country. Then we need to fortify our election process so a Trump can't happen again.

  134. Mr Trump seems to not have a clue about certain things. For one, the FBI individuals doing the investigation happen to be sharing personal email, which SHOULD be protected speech under the Constitutional right to free speech. It does not matter that they are working for the Govt and it's Law Enforcement Arm, the individuals are people and have the right to their own opinions, as long as that does not interfere with the way they work. Strzok and Page are entitled to their opinons, being Adult Citizens. Second; Trump's reading skills must be on the short end as the Report specifically States that Comey Broke No Laws, therefore there is NO reason for the president to be surmising that Comey should be jailed. Where Comey erred was being on the Cautious and Neutral Stance of giving information to Congress so close to the Election. It Helped Trump, so what is he complaining about? Perhaps it is a matter of projectionism, where Trump actually is stating that he knows the crimes and treason he himself has done, and what those crimes merit, at the least. He knows he won the dirty way, he knows he is not fit for office, no matter his 'staged diplomacy of nothingburger'. From where I sit I can see a ton of crimes surrounding Trump like a cloud of dirt. Of course he is scared and trying everything to project that on someone else. Comey at least TRIED to do the Right Thing, something I do not think our present president has ever even considered.

  135. Do not let us forget his comparison to Kim this morning. “He (Kim) is the head of a country and I mean he is the strong head," said Mr. Trump. "Don't let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." For full disclosure he did state it was sarcasm when later asked by a reporter on those comments. The typical “joke” tactic we are all getting so used to.

  136. "It concluded that Mr. Comey was insubordinate and broke with longstanding policy in his handling of the Clinton email investigation. " Yes, it showed that Comey's actions went against longstanding policy (holding a self-righteous press conference, announcing an investigation days before an election) and actually hurt Hillary Clinton. Why can't the media make that clear when they write about the IG's criticism against Comey? Is it too much effort?

  137. Why can’t the NYT follow this headline with “but Mr. Trump has got it exactly backwards.”?

  138. In what way is Trump exonerated by the IG's report? There is no reference to Trump's possible ties to Putin and Russia. Nor does it judge either way whether Muller's indictments thus far relieves Trump and his ilk of any wrongdoing. It's revealing that Trump cites his instinct for deciding to fire Comey. Instinct is defined, in part, by Merriam-Webster as "behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level." Who could possibly support a US president who uses his animal intuition and not deeply, thought-through rationale for his momentous conclusions?

  139. Two things jump out at you if you read each article and essay about this report and then you read this story. 1) We have arrived at a point where truth simply has no value any longer. The lies made by Trump aren't well crafted or clever, they can be easily checked. But his Trump Party ( there really is no GOP any longer) has no desire to check his statements. Much like Lenin, Trump sets out the taking points and that becomes the truth. 2) We are on the verge of beginning political imprisonment. From what Trump says Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey and no a low level FBI investigator are all criminals. We must now prepare ourselves for what we are going to do when Trump orders Sessions to arrest each and Sessions follows these orders. Trump supporters often say "look at what he does not what he says" , well we need to ask what we will do when he begins political imprisonment. We know that the Trump Party, including those who say they oppose Trump , will do nothing. It will then be up to the majority whether we choose to save our democracy or allow it to slip into darkness.

  140. “If you read the I.G. report, I’ve been totally exonerated,” Mr. Trump said, Right. None of it ever happened. No 20 indictments, no Russian Internet Agency with e-mailed instructions to help Trump, no meetings in Trump Tower, no false explanations dictated by the President himself, no Manafort, Cohen, Gates, Papadopoulous, no NRA involvement, no Flynn texting Russian sanctions are toast from the Inauguration podium, no unanimous vote in Congress to block Trump from relieving sanctions, no 17 months of trying really hard to help the Russians, no effort to reinstate Russia into the G-7, and best of all, no Special Prosecutor. In Trump's fantasy world, carefully nurtured by his sycophantic staff and friends, he is the greatest President ever.

  141. WWJD? Remove this tumor from His movement. But His movement is feeding this cancer that's sooner or later going to kill the movement. Who is the movement? His voters + congress who enable this ultimate mountebank; Fox + Friends (of the Devil). Strange bedfellows indeed!

  142. Why lead in your headline with Trump's lie? Why not lead in the headline with the truth?????

  143. Will you guys and ladies stop chasing your tails?? You are doing EXACTLY what the emperor wants...reporting gossip as hard news. Stop it!!!! FOCUS on the REAL stuff that will affect ALL of us.

  144. Pot, meet kettle.

  145. I wish one of the reporters asked Trump to show us all again, how he saluted that North Korean General. Why does he fall in love with Butcher Dictators, but seems to have a problem with Democratic Leaders of free counties?

  146. The violent spins of the spin cycle are in full throttle today. I guess Trump is in denial about the part of the report that said there was no political bias in the oversight of the investigation. Trump- "Comey will go down as the worst leader in the history of the FBI." Well, at the one-year mark of his presidency historians rated Trump as one of the worst presidents in US history. (NYT- HOW DOES TRUMP STACK UP AGAINST THE BEST- AND WORST- PRESIDENTS.) Nothing has changed at the 500-day mark.

  147. I guess that Trump thinks that the 65,840,000 votes for Hillary in 2017 were also "criminal". Last I heard, every US citizen not only has the Constitutional right to vote for whomever they wish, but also the right to express their thoughts through the First Amendment. I will allow that the two FBI members who used their government electronics to discuss their personal thoughts should receive admonishment, which they did. One left their job and the other was reassigned to a non-decision-making position. Neither, however, faces criminal condemnation. Trump declares anything and anyone who does not proclaim everything he says as admirable and doesn't vilify everyone who doesn't declare blind loyalty as criminal. Sounds a lot like Kim and Xi. He also doesn't understand that everything isn't about him. As to his innocence in the 2016 debacle, that remains to be seen. I, among others, are very anxious for the final results of the Mueller investigation...but I also understand that under every rock that the probe turns over, there seems to be another swamp creatures, and for every bit of muck that is removed there seems to be another layer. I am willing to wait until the entire swamp is cleaned up.

  148. The list of his abuses grows, amazingly, every single day. If Democrats take Congress he will be checked, if they don't we will have a very bad situation.

  149. When President Trump calls someone out, he usually does it to deflect from his own short comings. As far as we know neither Clinton nor Comey have ever broken the law nor have they been convicted. President Trump however had run-ins with the law multiple times. Not too long ago he was ordered to pay 24 million Dollars to people he defrauded by making false promises about a worthless degree of Trump university. Yesterday he was accused by the New York attorney general of having broken laws that govern charities and campaign finance laws. The president is a huckster, swindler and con man. In the past he ripped off clients and small businesses that usually noticed it when it was too late. The same is happening to his voters and all US citizens.

  150. Aren't there any laws on the books to punish defamation? In most civilized countries (as in most of western Europe), it is impossible to call somebody a "criminal" and not pay a heavy either in cash or jail time. There must be some laws in the US which punish such heinous talk as comes out of the President's tweets or his extremely foul mouth.

  151. N.Y. real estate tycoon: " Conflation, conflation, conflation."

  152. Thank you once again, NYT, for writing a piece that merely parrots what trump blabbers. Maybe reminding readers that he applauded Comey’s announcement to re-open the Clinton investigation right before the election or that his “I would never get involved with that” comments on possible prosecution is a direct contradiction to his tweets. Stop making what he says the primary point and focus on his words being a constant contradiction (lies) to the truth.

  153. It is infuriating to see such baseless tripe being repeated with no substantive rebuttal. That's not reporting. What's the point of the New York Times if all it will print is the president's incorrect tweets? The public can simply use Twitter if that's all that's going to be presented here. The President lies. We know why he fired Comey. He admitted it on national television. Why is the New York Times skirting this hypocrisy? Address the issues!

  154. Everything TRUMP doesn't like is a total disaster or fake news. None of us non-base people are mystified like his base OR similarly unable to use brain power to understand the ACTUAL reality VS the ALTERNATIVE reality TRUMP prefers.

  155. Well I'm satisfied. The emperor has spoken.

  156. “If you read the I.G. report, I’ve been totally exonerated,” Mr. Trump said. Sure, Mr. President! And if you read the Bible, you’ve been totally exonerated. If you read the constitution, you’ve been totally exonerated. If you read the UN Charter, you’ve been totally exonerated. In fact, if you read the Iran Deal, you’ve been totally exonerated. If you read anything that isn’t about you, you’re in the clear. I wouldn’t be so quick to send FBI agents to jail for thoughtless text messages, though, because your “time in the barrel” certainly seems to be coming.

  157. Trump is a walking fake news outlet. Everything he yammers on about muddies already clouded waters. So destructive, unhelpful. Used to think his Twitter account was a necessary hot-air release valve, more dangerous without it. Not sure anymore. Without it he’d have to speak, face questions- might be better. If I ran Twitter I’d take down the entire platform, for everyone, until Trump was out. Fox News is a state-sponsored media outlet. Without the Tweets to buttress it, it would die on the vine.

  158. Any chance Trump actually read a single word of this report?

  159. "in terms of our Constitution"? Does this guy even know the first sentence of the Constitution?

  160. Trump himself writes that Agent Strozek "texted his lover" that he was going to stop Trump. Was this an official FBI communique? And these two persons out of an agency of over 35,000 must exert extraordinary sway if Trump regards this as a serious threat to bring him down.

  161. I appreciate that the NYT is trying to ride a fine line in this environment and not appear overly critical of Mr. Trump. But by just repeating what Trump has said, you are publishing his lies. The report showed that THAT TRUMP IS LYING. There is no evidence that political bias affected the investigation. What Trump is spouting out in your article is more lies. We have an unhinged President who lies all day long but he is smart to throw out uncertainty towards the very insitutions that are there to protect democracy. People reading your headline and this article will take away, maybe Trump is right, maybe there is something wrong. There comes a point where you have to be super direct about his lying otherwise you are just enabling it.

  162. NYT: be strong in continuing to call out this mendacious fool out for every lie and attack on our justice department. What Trump is doing is the stuff of dictatore-- and unless he's checked now, he will indeed give himself dictatorial powers to jail anyone he pleases. Congress is failing. Our Fourth Estate is becoming more important than ever before.

  163. The Snowflake King is melting. Meelllllltttttiiiiinnnng. Someone break it to Donald that criminal is defrauding your customers at your fake university and being ordered by a judge to pay out 29 million to the people you cheated is in the "criminal" category. "It was a terrible thing to the people" as Trump says. People gossiping during a campaign about how bad a president he would be is not criminal. Unprofessional, yes, and that is something Trump knows ALL about. FYI Donald: the MAJORITY of America also said "Trump's not ever going to become president. Right?" So sue us. "Should he/she/it/they be locked up?" In the end it will be easier to put Donald in the can than imprison the entire country.

  164. I would say that the president’s actions are criminal, and we should lock him up.

  165. Trump always exhibits pathological projection; the NYAG’s report brands Trump a criminal by detailing specific misdeeds of his “so-called” foundation. His knee-jerk response is to project his own criminality onto another- James Comey. I bet Trump did the same thing as a child- always blaming someone else for his own bad behavior.

  166. 2.5 more years if Mueller doesn't give us somethingnwith which to impeach him. he might be collecting evidence right now, just hoping that we can put Congress back in order with reasonable people. I'm not even picking sides outside of choosing sane versus insane people. Don't care if your liberal or conservative, as long as your candidate is a reasonable person, whose sex/drug scandals don't involve sexual harassment, assault, or rape, and who can manage to hold a conversation without sounding like a child. The main reason being that even reasonable conservatives are likely to dislike Trump. You need people that when shown the evidence of how often Trump has lied, and used his position to bully and try to make money, before we touch on his sex scandals or imcompentancy, won't just stay with Trump from some misguided loyalty, but will impeach him in an effort to dig the Republican party out of the sinkhole Trump has put it in. Any vestiges of moral high ground the right had from their faith in god is decimated. Not that it was really ever all that high.