Smearing Robert Mueller

Sean Hannity and others are blaming the special counsel for one of the F.B.I.’s worst scandals. But there is no evidence to back up their charges.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the details of this case with us. Gaslighting an enemy is a common practice but it's only successful if no one with credibility speaks out in support of the victim. Only someone with something to fear resorts to these tactics. Mr Mueller will present the truth to us once his investigation is over. Human nature won't stop us from speculation but personal attacks on those leading the investigation cross the line and are not acceptable. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing." Cliche but still so very true.

  2. Sorry, but cliches are always bad and lazy.

  3. Ami and Rolf: this is not a cliche; it is a slightly misquoted excerpt from a letter written by Edmond Burke, the eighteenth century Irish statesman; and its wisdom is timeless.

  4. Sorry @Rolf, making sweeping generalizations are always bad and lazy.

  5. As I oppose the idea of special prosecutors in many cases (some exceptions, but including this one) and prosecutorial abuse in any situation, I also oppose smearing a prosecutor for political purposes. The judge's op-ed is convincing. No doubt, Hannity and others are fighting against frequent smear jobs against Trump too. It doesn't matter what I or anyone think of any of them. All of it is wrong and bad for our country. The spirit of liberty that Judge Learned Hand spoke about so eloquently during WWII (available online - and very inspiring) has risen to critical levels again. The problem isn't so much any one person - Trump, Mueller, Hannity or Schumer for that matter. It's the partisanship and the things people are willing to do to win or destroy their adversaries.

  6. Can you explain? Are you saying that if there is the possibility that crimes have been committed, the possibility should not be investigated because...well, because why? Most of us have watched Trump in operation since he began his campaign and, among, other things, heard him say publicly that he fired Comey because of "the Russia thing". Are powerful people like the president not to be investigated? Why not? What is your objection to having a special prosecutor in this case, especially given that Congress is utterly supine in regard to Trump? Personally, I wish someone were demanding an investigation of the way Trump is using his office for personal gain. Why are we not hearing about how money is flowing from, we, the taxpayers, into Trump's pockets as he makes his cute little jaunts to Mar-a-Lago? Why is there no protest about his self-dealing? And, why, given that there have already been four guilty pleas, would you object to this special counsel?

  7. @Annie: I'm following this from France, where a sitting president cannot be prosecuted while in office. Watching the harassment campaign against Trump, orchestrated by the Left and disappointed Hillary supporters, makes me think there's some sense in guaranteed immunity for presidents, at least as long as they're in office. It's evidently very easy to disrupt governance with perpetual marches, smear campaigns, investigations, and politically-motivated late-show hosts keeping the hysteria at its highest.

  8. You don’t get points for being a centrist when one side is clearly in the wrong. The only smear job against President Trump is the faithful reporting of his words and actions. The smear job against Trump’s opponents are fabrications willfully propagated by his cronies.

  9. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with the Russian investigation. So why would they bring it up?

  10. It doesn't have to make sense; it just has to smear and injure the victims. I hope the American people rise above all this corruption and get us back on track again.

  11. Just throwing mud and seeing what sticks. Lewandowski is now blaming Comey for the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 with absolutely no evidence. In fact, Comey was a private citizen at the time of the bombing. Absolutely shameless.

  12. The purpose is to undermine Muehller. To discredit him by any and every means possible. He has something on hannity. Just wait.

  13. Judge Gertner says: "If they do, they should produce it. If they don’t, they should stop this campaign to discredit Mr. Mueller." It is not about truth for those people. It's just politics.

  14. These people are to inept even for politics. Let's just call them what they truly are, conspiracy theorists.

  15. No..not just politics. Much worse than that.

  16. Agreed. Greed is big for those who cannot seem to think of the common interest.

  17. Anyone that believes the accusations against Mueller more than likely wants to believe anything. It is letters and articles like this that need to be produced to inform the public, differentiating from slant and bias. With a daily consistent news thread of the same facts, it is impossible to believe Trump and Trump supporters.. Today it appears America is allowing all of the chaos and lies from Trump to become acceptable. Let Mueller do his job. We are all waiting on justice to prevail. We truly hope America will regain its composure and soon.

  18. Meanwhile, McConnell has gone to great lengths to prevent bringing a measure to protect Mueller to the floor. He is as much a party to the Hannity, Limbaugh lies as the media outlets for whom they speak. Our country can't afford to be run by corrupt extremists any longer.

  19. @Suzanne: how right you are. Mitch McConnell is just a rarified Senate version of Devin Nunes. He's protecting Trump by refusing to join with people worried by abuse of power. In fact, old Mitch is actually part of the GOPs longstanding abuses of power--Merrick Garland, anyone? Refusal to join Barack Obama informing the American public about Russian meddling? Oh yes, and now this. One would almostcthink that Trump has promised McConnell something long term, right? Whatever it is, its clearly a small price for a man who clearly wants the freedom to act above the law.

  20. How did McConnell know that stonewalling Merrick Garland's nomination would succeed in any way. Everyone... everyone... knew Clinton would win in November. At best McConnell could hope to stop the appointment of a center-left justice for eleven months only to be forced to hold hearings and vote to confirm a likely more liberal nominee of Clinton's choosing. And in doing so abrogate the oath of office he swore. Where was the upside for Republicans? He pulled off the political coup of a lifetime, denying a lawfully elected Democratic president the appointment of a justice and guaranteeing a conservative majority on the Court for twenty or thirty years. But as a political move in February '16, it makes no sense unless McConnell knew that a Republican would be elected president.

  21. It made sense because McConnell had nothing to lose. At worst, Hillary would become President and Garland would've gotten through. On the off-chance that a Republican won the election, then he has his, as you put it, political coup of a lifetime. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  22. Thank you for bringing out your genuine criticism of the FBI, along with actual knowledge that refutes the smear campaign. The attacks invoking some bits of actual history with massive distortions and outright lies are toxic to the entire justice system. It is difficult to maintain an honest and fair system - god knows we have plenty of real examples of injustice to deal with, yet this chorus of FOX News Trumpies would never support the reforms called for. I remain still puzzled by how far the attacks can go without becoming libelous: they claim malfeasance and criminal acts. That is not giving an opinion - it is deliberately lying without evidence in order to render ( in this case) Mueller less effective or to create fury against him among Trump supporters. How far must it be allowed to go? As for Alan Dershowitz comment "absence of evidence is not conclusive evidence of absence" . Would he argue then that if no evidence is ultimately found to link Trump to fraud, money laundering or Russian 'collusion,' - that it wouldn't really indicate that Trump was not involved in any of the suspected activities?

  23. The truthful perspective of the person who knows best. Should be case closed, right? Sadly, tragically, insanely, we can now expect Hannity and his cadre of moral paragons to break the story of the Mueller-Gertner crime family.

  24. Nah, they'll go after Judge Gertner. Maybe spilled her milk in the cafeteria when she was in second grade, and they'll turn that into an effort to poison the school with spoilt milk .

  25. It sounds like Hannity and his companions have committed slander and libel. All legal means should be employed to ensure that they are held accountable for their words and actions. If they are not held to account they, and others, will continue with this practice and the United States will slide deeper into the swamp.

  26. Wasn't it Trump who wanted to 'open up the libel laws'?

  27. So you're saying that FOX is again pulling news stories out of their backside. And that having been out of the news for an indecent amount of time (at least from his perspective), Alan Dershowitz was doing the same. As Gomer Pyle used to say, back in the day: Surprise, surprise, surprise. Thank you, Judge Gertner, for setting the record straight.

  28. Fox and others are not "trying to discredit Mr. Mueller"; they are slandering him. They are out and out lying, as they do about many other things. It used to be called propaganda, now it's considered a "perspective", but I do think we should be calling it what it is. Would any of the deep pockets out there like to finance a comm program to correct the record created by Fox, Limbaugh, Breitbart, Jones et al? A regular podcast, broadcast, website and ad campaign etc widely promoted and called "What Fox Doesn't Tell You"? Please. The CIA runs counter-info programs in other countries to put the US message out there, and to counteract government propaganda. We need the same thing in the US and for the same reasons, but the stakes are much higher.

  29. The problem is that many Fox fans believe absolutely that Fox is the only news source they can trust. They reflexively disbelieve anything coming from other television stations because the Republicans have been telling them for years that the media has a liberal bias. Trump, of course, has made it worse with his relentless cries of Fake News. There are already places that inform people of "what Fox doesn't tell you". Fox fans don't believe a word they say--if they even listen to the words at all.

  30. I can't believe that a retired federal judge, who was directly involved with the case, has to defend Robert Mueller from the conspiracy theroies of Fox News. Doubt it will stop Sean Hannity or Rush Mr Limbaugh from spewing lies. Unfortunately, these men have no shame. If they had, we wouldn't be in this current vicious political climate.

  31. When one goes for the jugular, they can be sure they’re going to get bloodied. Bob, there are very specific protocols for blood borne pathogens you’d be well advised to bone up on real quick.

  32. By the time the Truth can get its boots on, the Lie has been around the world twice.

  33. Come on, who are you going to believe, a federal judge who went through every detail of the case as part of her job and vindicated the falsely accused men, or Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? She's probably part of the Deep State.

  34. What an unfortunate subhead: "Sean Hannity and others are blaming the special counsel for one of the F.B.I.’s worst scandals. But there is no evidence to back up their charges." It makes it sound like there's some truth to the "scandal", which is no more than calumny at its worst. Please chose your words more carefully.

  35. The scandal is true, it just happens that Mueller had no involvement

  36. Brava! Judge Gerner. A virtuoso performance. But Mr. Hannity-vanity, he will not listen.

  37. I read today that two of the families whose children were murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre are suing Alex Jones, as his claims that the killings were staged have resulted in death threats to the parents. The same should apply to here, and in other such cases; this is not a 1st Amendment question, as the 1st Amendment does not give one the right to lie, libel and slander. If people like Hannity and Limbaugh had to defend their actions in court, they would be more circumspect in what they claim, and it since they have neither shame nor integrity, it might be the only way to stop them from spreading their poison.

  38. Judge Gertner, the accusations against Robert Mueller by the president, et al, don’t have to be true. If the drum beat is loud and continuous enough, converts will be won and the stories will gain credibility for those anxious to smear the Special Prosecutor. It doesn’t matter if Mueller was not involved in the Whiter Bulger case. His time spent in the Boston US attorney’s office is enough to make Mueller guilty by association. It’s simply a matter of optics and Fox News and their talking heads make it appear that Mueller is hopelessly flawed and therefore unfit to be impartial and oversee the investigation of the president.

  39. With the revelation that Donald Trump's "fixer," Michael Cohen, also has Sean Hannity as a client, we have another member of The Don's mob outed. Now we know what Hannity has really been up to--spreading the "Big Lie" on behalf of the big boss and his enabler Rupert Murdoch. Former FBI Director James Comey may be right in comparing this nefarious group to a political mafia actively engaged in crimes against the very democracy that has allowed them to enrich themselves. It's a conspiracy by criminals engaged in undermining our democracy. This is "treason" as defined in Article III of the Constitution that states, "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." Mr. Hannity is walking a very thin line along with Rep. Devin Nunes and others is siding with a man who seems strangely afraid to say or do anything hostile or derogatory about Vladimir Putin and Russia, who seems by a series of overt actions like the rescinding of recent sanctions on Russia to be clearly guilty of "collusion," bordering on conspiracy and treason.

  40. I'm sure Hannity has jumped on the bandwagon to smear Mueller. He now has a vested interest to get his boy Trump off the hook. He is now vulnerable himself and Fox may not be able to save him this time. Corruption runs rampant in the United States of Trump..

  41. The American people need to accept that certain personalities on Fox News, specifically the trio on Fox & Friends, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity are the president's actual advisors. His hired and fired rotation of experts and handlers are not his advisors in any practical sense: the rabble rousers on Fox are. Accept it. But along with this strange arrangement, this motley crew must be held to account for everything Trump does. We cannot let them pivot when an ill-informed project goes tragically wrong (like the Iraq War, which they shilled for at the time). Or when they pivoted on the national deficit. Or when they pivoted on the importance of the president being a monogamous family man. Or when they pivoted on the importance of behaving with basic decency and honesty. These people need to move beyond being mere propagandists, which carries no responsibility, and accept that their rhetoric now has serious repercussions for our democracy and the world in general. They are the president's real cabinet and should be scrutinized and criticized, aggressively and relentlessly, for every single word that comes out of their sycophantic mouths.

  42. It needs to be remembered that this iteration of the Republican Party creates it own facts, its own evidence AND its own history to fit its own agenda. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Karl Rove, 2004

  43. To start believing this gang of unadulterated LIARS at this time doesn't even enter the picture. We all knew the closer Mr. Mueller came to unlocking the truth would be when the scurrilous GOP, Trump, donors, would be getting desperate and even more despicable than they have already. What a sad country we are. We could all hold our heads up high, we weren't perfect, but at least we could say with pride at the end of the day, we had the best government. Do any of us still believe this? The blatant , obnoxious, actions of those conniving to keep this ridiculous administration going. And at what cost? OURS.

  44. Trump and Hannity can smear Mueller until the cows come home, so long as Congress has Mueller's back. That situation was made dubious with McConnell refusing to allow a bill to protect Mueller but listening to veteran GOP senators such as Grassly and Graham one can assume that if Trump cashiers both Rosenstein and Mueller it will spark a constitutional conflagration that should end Trump's tenure.

  45. I'm pretty sure they won't, Judge Gertner, as the lack of facts or evidence has never stopped them before.

  46. Quantifiable and objective evidence from the right-wing radio and TV personalities is unimportant for both them and their listeners. They serve only to validate the feelings of their fans and then stoke those feelings to a more intense level. "Pizzagate" and the unfortunate murder of Seth Rich in Washington, D.C. are perfect examples. This pack of "journalists," when lacking a boogey-man have no reservations about creating one or more for purposes of goosing their ratings. Evidence the high school students of Parkland High School, Florida, Huma Abedin or the wife of Andrew McCabe. Unfortunately for the willfully uninformed and the poorly educated, Hannity, Limbaugh and their ilk are there only to serve one purpose. Boost the ratings, increase the ad revenue and fatten their personal wallets. Perhaps some day their fans will wake up but I doubt it.

  47. People will believe what they want to believe. For some, facts no longer matter.

  48. For listeners of Fox and Limbaugh and their ilk, facts have not mattered for years.

  49. Thank you so much for writing this Ms. Gertner. It is an invaluable public service when someone of your background (Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, (Ret.), with a direct understanding of the facts, sets the record straight about Robert Mueller. As you show, Alan Dershowitz has repeatedly laid the ground for Fox News’s Sean Hannity to attack Mueller. Hannity uses Dershowitz's misinformation to spin conspiracy theories, the entire goal of which is to so undermine Robert Mueller that Donald Trump can claim that he is justified when he orders Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller. Dershowitz has repeatedly and materially misrepresented Mueller's record. He consistently plays fast and loose with facts, or simply fabricates information. Dershowitz, despite having been a Harvard Law School professor, was never highly regarded in the legal community. I recall that while I was writing the National Moot Court Competition problem in law school, I watched a large number of taped Supreme Court arguments. Dershowitz's was the worst by far. It was later used as an example of how not to argue a case. Dershowitz has lost all respect within the legal community, so it is hardly surprising that he now goes to right-wing propagandists to air his opinions. One must wonder where in the world Dershowitz gets his information from. Since his allegations are both outrageous and patently false, I'm forced to conclude that he is simply making it all up.

  50. As a former student of Dershowitz at HLS, I can confirm that he is every bit as bad as you say.

  51. Narcissistic grifter Trump and his minions have no comprehension of how professionals work and also conduct their lives. Mr. Mueller and his team are a total mystery to them. As a profession critical care nurse, I admire Mr. Mueller and rely on him and his team to bring justice to our country.

  52. Facts do not seem to get in the way of the barrage of lies we are fed daily. If we have learned one thing in the past year, I believe many of us have learned this: A democracy dies when it is based on lies; alternative "facts," and the constant assault on truth. Truth knows no allegiance. It is not Republican truth nor Democrat truth. Truth casts no moral judgement. It is simply that which is true, not false. If we do not continue to state the facts, as Ms. Gertner and others have done, we may never unravel this horrific situation. My fear is that monied power and the blissfully ignorant will win rule the day. If this occurs, we will all suffer the consequences..the liars and the truth tellers alike.

  53. Sadly, I fear we are already feeling the consequences. HOW did SO MANY of our friends, neighbors and family become so immune from seeing facts that are in clear sight?

  54. Sadly, those of our friends, neighbors, and family who only watch Fox News and/or listen to far right talk radio don't have access to such facts as Ms. Gertner's first-hand knowledge of this story. If all they're getting is Hannity's or Limbaugh's version, and all they're interested in is Hannity's or Limbaugh's version, that's all they'll ever know.

  55. I can only speak for my own family, and from my own experience. My in laws are very right wing, and very bigoted. My husband and I disagree with their views, and try to speak with them respectfully about our differences. For a time, we managed to coexist. At times, I thought we actually got some meaningful dialogues going (even though I knew we were getting our news from very different sources). Then the 2016 election came. My in laws told us, in no uncertain terms, that we were out of the family unless we voted the way they did. We said that, in America, people couldn’t tell other people how to vote. So, we’re no longer part of his family. I noticed that my in laws took great offense at the political correctness movement (sadly, their idea of freedom of speech is using the n word and posting memes of Barack Obama as a monkey). In my opinion, many people like my in laws saw Trump’s election as vindication. Fox News serves as a daily affirmation of this message. The real irony for me is that my in laws are evangelical Christians. How they can reconcile some of their beliefs to the Bible is still a mystery to me (and, yes, we have talked about it). Where it ends, I cannot say. All we can do is continue to reach out to one another and never doubt that truth will, eventually, find its way to the light.

  56. Hannity, Trump's paid mouthpiece and part-time Chief of Staff, is grasping at straws to try to salvage what little there is left of a Trump presidency, and it appears there is little left to salvage. As the noose tightens around the Trump group and evidence is revealed it is becoming clear that collusion, or more importantly, conspiracy (a criminal offence) is likely to be proved. Jail sentences are likely the result; is Hannity willing to go to prison to protect Trump? Trump will certainly sacrifice Hannity is he has to. Hannity needs to think carefully before he scuttles his career for Donald Trump. His reputation is going down every time he continues to propagate FAKE NEWS and now it will only descend further.

  57. Hannity and Trump are flailing in a desperate attempt to slime Mueller and to find any excuse that will let Trump fire him. The inevitable most likely has happened: Mueller has found the connections between Trump's businesses and the Russian mobsters to whom he is utterly indebted. Cohen, the fixer, is the link who will sink Trump. And, who knows, but he may sink Hannity as well.

  58. Nothing Hannity or Trump tries is working. Everything Mueller does is working. Is that why they're trying so hard to discredit him? Or is Hannity panicking? Could there be notes or tapes in Michael Cohen's files that proves Hannity's involvement with the Russian collusion investigation that they're trying to hide? Is it only a matter of time before Hannity gets a subpoena to testify before a grand jury for his purposed disinformation directed from Trump to obstruct the investigation? There is a possibility that the taint team or special master will transfer documents to Mueller's team if that is the case. If so, Hannity could be looking at doing time in a federal prison. Would Fox News still be on his side then? On the side of criminality??

  59. Conservative reporters point fingers at all contrary opinions, labeling anything but what they say as “fake”. So obviously biased and yet there is still a shockingly large number of people who believe them.

  60. When Trump's supporters resort to lies, personal attacks and defamation of those who are a threat to him, you can be assured that the threat is real.

  61. Of course if Trump has his way a public figure like Mueller will be able to sue his accusers for slander or libel.

  62. I appreciate the judge’s sober and careful argument. But I also see how it falls on (so many) deaf ears. Her conclusions are irrefutable and her reasoning is iron-clad. I wholeheartedly agree with her as would any rational thinker. However, it’s boring, long, clinically dry and without pretense — making it exactly not what gets consumed and shared in our social media and pop culture driven world. Facts are boring when you can feel the passion of violent agreement or disagreement on the cable channel or feed next door. Who needs to think when you can feel, “hooray for our side.” The unpopularity of “intellectual” arguments crosses party lines, but it must be said that a disproportionate proportion of this style are Democrats, especially left-leaning ones like me. And then we lose. Time and again, louder, less sensical (even blatantly untruthful) voices drown us out. We “win” less with relevant messages (policies and ideas) than we do relevant messengers. Barack shedding a tear, Bernie raging against the machine. We need the thinking her honor displays here (in this Op-Ed) , with the charisma of a rockstar.

  63. Wow! A remarkable column. Now let's see if Hannity and others at Fox State News stop spreading false rumors they have no evidence for. They don't really traffic in evidence so it is unlikely, but the truth is there for those who are interested.

  64. Attacks on Mueller might have their desired effect on Trump supporters, confirming that Mueller, despite a life of public service in the military, as a federal prosecutor and in the FBI, is a man from the "Deep State" capable of framing the President. That the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh, without any apparent evidence, are peddling this lie should be no surprise. But what is Alan Dershowitz doing? And when presented with the lack of this single phantom letter, which seems to be for Dershowitz proof of Mueller's flaws, why does he retreat to blather about the mysteries of federal files? Indeed, Dershowitz has become, especially on Fox, an apologist for Trump regardless of how ill-informed he might be about the facts as this story evidences.

  65. They should stop this campaign to discredit Mueller, but they won't.

  66. Great article. Too bad it will never see the light of day for those who are deep into Foxland. Our country is slowly dying because of the technology that allows a portion of the country to believe only in Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Dobbs, etc.

  67. How can anyone (especially congressional republicans) support him when he doesn't say the same thing 2 days in a row? He's a man without principles and the republican party is as well.

  68. I appreciate Judge Gertner's effort to set the record straight. It's important. It's also probably futile. People like Trump and Hannity are shameless. To them the truth is for losers. They lie simply because they can. No one is going to stop them and no matter how outrageous there is apparently a significant minority of the population who don't care if it's true or not. If it fits in with their preconceived notions and is beneficial to their "side" they'll take the lie and run with it. This is the world we live in. Sometimes I think I've lived too long.

  69. Judge Gertner is one of many good women and men who see what is happening to our country and want to stop it. But it’s an asymmetrical battle when one side will simply lie, lie, lie and the public is (finally) too debased and cynical to recognize it. I fear that we are past the point of no return.

  70. "When Mr. Hannity and others say Mr. Mueller was responsible for the continued imprisonment of those four men, they are simply wrong " No they are attempting to discredit Mueller with lies or trumped up misinformation. They have no credibility at all.

  71. My family, from outside the US and non citizens, keep asking me why people like Hannity and the faux fools aren't taken to prison or stopped from spewing lies. I don't know what to tell them other than quote the first amendment. But then, when does freedom of expression to too far?

  72. This is an important account, but I doubt it will make any difference to Hannity or Limbaugh, who no longer have any interest in truth. They are partisan liars, without honor.

  73. Hannity, Limbaugh, and other co-conspirators have never been constrained by neither facts nor ethics.

  74. For people who are seriously interested in knowing what skeletons Mr. Mueller may have in his closet, I suggest reading the June 2017 Huffington Post article by former FBI agent Colleen Rowley. Ms. Rowley was a 2002 Time Magazine Person Of The Year for her work in exposing FBI malfeasance for denying a search warrant for Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called "20th hijacker" of 9/11. The article details a number of cover-ups and ethical lapses under Mr. Mueller's oversight. I don't pretend to be surprised or even outraged by the cold-blooded politics of statecraft and national security. What I find egregious is the patronizing attitude that our leaders hide behind, the idea that the public "can"t handle the truth". The fact is, they just don't want to lose their jobs when they should. It's really just for our own good!

  75. It is increasingly hard to know who to believe these days. Coleen Rowley, who many of us admired for what we believed to be her truth-telling during the Bush-Cheney administration, is either lying in her Huff Post article or former Judge Gertner is lying in this op-ed. Rowley writes: "Long before he became FBI Director, serious questions existed about Mueller’s role as Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston in effectively enabling decades of corruption and covering up of the FBI’s illicit deals with mobster Whitey Bulger and other “top echelon” informants who committed numerous murders and crimes. When the truth was finally uncovered through intrepid investigative reporting and persistent, honest judges, U.S. taxpayers footed a $100 million court award to the four men framed for murders committed by (the FBI operated) Bulger gang." Rowley continues with other accusations against Mueller, including alleging that he "was even OK with the CIA conducting torture programs after his own agents warned against participation." Is that true? Should one simply trust it's true because Rowley says so?

  76. Yeah, um, that is the same publication which lists Putin as one of its honorees that year. Time magazine is not a good news source.

  77. Hannity could not hold his briefcase. Nor Hannity's lawyer. One of the most decent guys in government service - ever. Integrity unimpeachable. He will call it like he sees it. You can count on that, and that is what America needs. Our election was compromised, people! Complex investigations take time (their own time). We cannot let the investigation of one subversion be subverted by another -- even if DJT is as pure as strawberries and shortcake....

  78. Thank you Ms. Gertner, for so thoroughly setting the record straight. I can't imagine these slanderers care one bit about the truth, but rather only care about how to manipulate their audience's opinions. This is par for course when it comes to Faux news.

  79. “Absence of evidence is not conclusive evidence of absence...” I think the jury might laugh that one out of the courtroom.

  80. Thank goodness the Judge came to the defense of Bob Mueller relating to the Whitey Bulger case. Now, perhaps, the Judge can also explain how Bob Mueller managed to be involved in the second biggest scandal of the FBI, the wrongful investigation and accusation of several government scientists alleged to have sent anthrax in the mail in 2001 to several people who died from the exposure. The scientists were hounded until one was eventually exonerated, and the other committed suicide. Come to think of it, why leave this explanation to the Judge. Why doesn't the Times ever do a follow-up piece on the Mueller-Comey debacle relating to the hounding of two innocent men for a crime they never committed? But that would weaken the Mueller hero-worship, wouldn't it? And who would award a Pulitzer for reporting the time when Bob Mueller helped ruin the careers of two innocent men, without even saying "I'm sorry"?

  81. Thank you for your profile in courage and public service to call out these manipulators of America. Dante has a circle for these masters of deception. Whether it be our environment, our voting process, our legal system, fairness in taxation, journalism, our national defense or the lives of our fellow citizens, these operatives have poisoned the airwaves with misdirection, deception and fear- for what?- the punishment of Barak Obama and a few tax breaks?. As disgusted as I am with the flourishing of this group, I still hold hope in collective wisdom as long as there are good people like yourself and a good newspaper like this to publish. " In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."-- Ann Frank

  82. We are on the verge of a grave constitutional crisis. Mueller and Rosenstein are probably being set up to be fired. This is very worrisome.

  83. I can't believe Trump is really that stupid.

  84. Lies designed to smear Mueller, so that when his report implicating Trump in illegal activities comes out, they can try to discredit it and avoid impeachment.

  85. The saying: "The Buck Stops Here" might apply to Mueller who headed the FBI's Boston bureau. His agents reported to him. As far as that missing letter is concerned, it would not be the first piece of evidence to disappear.

  86. Robert Mueller has given his life to service for his country.....From his days in Vietnam, to US attorney, to FBI director for 12 years (2nd longest stint next to Hoover) and now investigating the most corrupt president in US history... Mr Mueller could have easily opted for a big paycheck with a big law firm working 9-5 with weekends off and a suite at all the local teams sporting events... When this investigation is all said and done, Mr Mueller will probably be mentioned in the same sentence with General Dwight Eisenhower, General Patton, (among a couple others) as a TRUE American hero...

  87. When instead I think we should rename the FBI building for him instead of Hoover, who was not an American hero in any way, shape or form.

  88. It would be an excellent idea to simply begin ignoring people who are in the habit of making baseless accusations. By writing about these accusations we simply amplify their voices. Enough!

  89. So why don't slander laws apply to Mr. Hannity and others like him?

  90. John Kerry and John McClain, who both served honorably in our military, were similarly attacked for political purposes. Fox news and Rush Limbaugh have a reckless disregard for the truth.

  91. Cpl. Bone Spurs has a following - none of whom served this country.

  92. As does everybody who continues to watch and consume their "infotainment" (short on both info and entertainment in my book)! Unless and until there are consequences for these self-centered, publicity whores, they will continue to poison our nation and get paid handsomely for their efforts.

  93. I’m just guessing, but I don’t think there will be a link to this column on anytime soon.

  94. A good example of the right wing propaganda machine's "alternative facts." Until or unless there is a penalty for slandering people in this manner, it will continue by both the right wing propaganda machine and our liar-in- chief.

  95. Pathetic attempt to change the subject and distract the American people. Nice try but we trust Mueller more than anyone in or out of government.

  96. Undoubtedly, Hannity and the like are proving to their boss that they are faithfully following in his footsteps. Since he is the consummate liar, almost equal to the Great Deceiver, they are his demons-in-training. Thank Goodness, we have the Times and other honorable institutions to inform the world of the Truth.

  97. Hannity and Limbaugh should be sued for defamation. They are traitors to democracy, poisoning their gullible viewers and listeners. At the very least, their sponsors should be called out.

  98. I agree. Sue them until they squeak truth instead of screaming lies an innuendo.

  99. Judge Gertner presents a damning case against Limbaugh, Dershowitz, and others who've lied repeatedly in an attempt to smear Mr. Mueller's reputation. She's painstakingly laid out her case showing their repeated lies. But now, in this America, facts no longer matter. I say this as someone who became a lawyer in the late 1970's. I made my living developing cases that were based on undisputed facts, solid evidence. Many years ago, there was a common understanding of what was true, and what were lies. And there was an understanding that when one is caught repeatedly lying, then one's credibility would be gone. We no longer live in that America. We have a liar-in-chief who now lies, even about his own lies. He does this because he understand that there is no price he will pay for doing so. His minions (Hannity, et al) lie for the same reason. They understand that they may continue to lie with impunity. And why would they do this? Because some forty percent of our citizens, Trump supporters, want them to lie. They refuse to look at facts, to look at hard evidence, to look at scientific proof. They aren't ignorant people who have been hoodwinked. Rather, Trump, and the Fox "news" cabal know that his supporters want to continue to hear these lies, because it fits their beliefs -- that as white Christians, they're the true Americans, and Trump is "their" president. And this lying will continue as long as Trump's base can keep him in power. This is all they've ever wanted.

  100. Trump lies about things he said that are on video tapes everywhere. He just said he didn’t fire Comey over Russia but Lester Holt has video that says different. Why do these liars at Fox & the White House think they can just say something & it’s true? Worse of all is Trump’s base has the attention span of gnats. They don’t remember hearing Trump say things but believe him when he says he didn’t.

  101. Trump´s diehard supporters have been hypnotized. Listen to recordings of Trump at his rallies (ok, I know it´s like hearing nails scraped down a chalkboard, but still...). He talks like a hypnotist, and says nothing of substance!

  102. Thank you. So: more lies and smears from Fox News. This is not newsworthy. Alan Dershowitz seems to have a novel legal theory: Any assertion asserted by Alan Dershowitz as fact must stand until proven true. A claim made based solely on a letter that does not exist, as shown by search, and by the testimony of all of the principals involved, must therefore be held as true until the letter is found. It cannot be proven false until Alan Dershowitz allows it to, because he said so. Perhaps once a great legal mind, Alan Dershowitz seems to have gotten well and truly lost inside his own ego.

  103. Dershowitz comes across as a gadfly. A man once held in high esteem, he refuses to leave the scene, and will say whatever creates controversy, in a pathetic vainglorious attempt be appear relevant. Heads up Alan. Intelligent people no longer care about your opinions.

  104. your good friend Alan Dershowitz, who recently dined with #45 (#notmypresident), does no big favors in the cause of truth these days.

  105. He hasn't for quite a long time now. Defended O.J. Simpson, for example.

  106. He has sold his soul - long ago.

  107. Being attacked by Hannity is a badge of honor, not a smear.

  108. Incredible. These people have no shame.

  109. ...and exactly why is anyone paying attention to what "Mystery Client" Hannity saying???

  110. Well, finally I understand what the Trump supporters mean when they complain about a ''Deep §tate.'' Its actually them and the corrupting money, ideology, and propaganda which manufactures their beliefs. It's time to go on the offensive and expose all of this for what it really is, anti-democratic bunk brought to you by the likes of Fox News and Friends.

  111. Judge Gertner, Thank you!

  112. This black mass is a Trump Black Hole, full of ignorance and spite. And his henchmen are the usual suspects, peddling their propaganda to the rubes. It's how they make Money, prostituting their dignity and OUR truth for profit. Infotainment, the other opiate of the masses.

  113. This is the constant tactic of Limbaugh, Hannity, Dershowitz, and of course Trump himself. Nearly all Trump supporters use the same approach. Constant bald-faced lies, based on no facts whatsoever. Loud, frequent, malicious lying is what the GOP does all the time. I'm sorry, but I worry very much for the future of America, and I see the GOP as being flat-out evil, due to this approach. I cannot trust any Republican, until they clean up their act completely, and I have no faith that they ever will. We are marching down the corridor of constant lies to total fascism. I fear for our future.

  114. our recourse is in November at the voting booth. If we fail to clean house then, I agree that all may be lost.

  115. Oh, right. Sean Hannity will step up and acknowledge that this is an attempt to illegitimately smear Robert Mueller. When pigs fly. What a despicable human being, Sean Hannity is, when facts represent no meaningful friction for his crazy agenda. Fox News, faux news, all the way down.

  116. I've never been a big law and order guy, always felt somewhat suspicious of the FBI, CIA, etc. But what they're doing to this guy, to Comey, to the whole justice department, is sickening. It's hard for me to believe most conservatives support this daily slander. I know these guys are mostly straight arrows, but I wish they'd use their brains to mess these people up and give them something to really squawk about.

  117. Tom, " But what they're doing to this guy, " " I know these guys are mostly straight arrows, " In future postings could you please use names instead of " they " and " these guys " so readers can understand who exactly and what you are talking about. Thank you.

  118. I think if you watched the ABC interview of Comey you would have to come away with at least a little wonder at how he managed to become the Director of the FBI. That's a fact that he was the Director of the FBI. Then, I think, you have to wonder how did the organization manage to make him its Director. Or, maybe he was faking it during the ABC interview and all he really wants to do is sell a book any way he can.

  119. He was appointed by the president to be the Director of the FBI, that is how he got the job. An appointment to that job is normally for 10 years to give stability to the position. Unless a guy like Trump, trying to deceive the FBI, and the American people, is trying to cover up his crimes. Why else would he fire the Director of the FBI.

  120. I'll trust Mueller over Hannity, Limbaugh, and Dershowitz any day. Mueller has integrity. The others simply do not.

  121. Mueller is in it for the truth and Hannity, Limbaugh, and Dershowitz are in it for the money.

  122. Trump appears to think integrity is for losers.

  123. Sadly. Doubt the so-called President has a clue what the word truly indicates, except simply, it's not about him, so integrity is for losers.

  124. Sadly, the truth is of no consequence to broadcasters of the right. Facts have no value to them. They would be the first to condemn others as not being patriotic, but honoring facts and truth are core to the values of our country. As a group, their patriotism must be questioned.

  125. When I read this article, all I could think is how alien these details and proofs are to folks like Sean Hannity. I'm sure all he knows are the pre-formed conclusion, not even the general background of a case he's willfully misrepresenting as the basis for this slander. I hope people that this man is president Trump's chief consigliere--they apparently talk numerous times a day. no wonder he gets nothing done--he should be getting paid by Hannity for helping him develop his show. But more to the point slandering Mueller is as bad as the continued assault on our judicial norms by a self-serving president who's calling for his enemies to be investigated and jailed. I'm sure Robert Mueller never dreamed when he was battling with utmost bravery in Vietnam that 50 years later, he'd be facing a far greater danger from within by domestic enemies determined to protect a corrupt president over the rule of law. Unbelievably seditious behavior, lies, and slander cloaked under fake patiotism and rabid politics.

  126. Some of the comments here really nail it to the wall. Go after the sponsors on Fox. Organize an onlline protest, as one of the Florida students did, to make those sponsors aware that they will have to pay a price for continuing their support of Hannity and Fox. This is something that even Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, and other Republicans can understand. The money. That is all they care about. As Mueller is doing so well right now, just follow the money.

  127. Barry, The people at Bayer have it both ways. They finance Fox 'News' which leads to the headaches we are all experiencing so we run to the medicine chest and swallow their aspirin.

  128. Thank you Judge Gertner for taking the time to shed valuable light on such an important matter; one I was not aware of as I never spend time listening to the propaganda machines you cite which have disparaged and slandered Mr. Mueller. Regrettably, the people who should be reading your exculpation of Mr. Mueller don't generally read the Times, preferring instead to be made angry each day listening to the likes of propagandists like Hannity and Limbaugh. The First Amendment is being abused daily. It seems a price we must pay to avoid the tyranny that might arise if some future authoritarian should surface and attempt to bar your right and mine to freely express our views as we're doing here. An enlightened electorate will surely find a way to avoid that scenario, where a 'leader' arises who engages daily in misguided, mean-spirited assaults on the press, the courts, anyone who opposes him, and on the people who populate the various branches of government that have historically protected us from despotism: the Justice Department, the FBI and our brave military veterans. Let's hope there's still time. I have my doubts.

  129. The problems arise when you realize that he was to oversee those particular operations and has refused to much discuss it as unimportant. Now ,it wouldn't much matter though there are other questionable investigations such as the Uranium one deal ,and scandal slowly arising in Congress where Mr. Mueller was supposedly heavily invested to the Clinton troops and in Russia perhaps in representation of the affair.

  130. Unfortunately, the Judge's airtight defense will never be heard by the many that have given up on rational analysis. The scandal manufacturers are at it again - they'll just keep repeating this nonsense over and over on Fox and talk radio - smear and destroy, whether its the Clintons, John Kerry, Barack Obama, or now the many Justice officials, Comey and Mueller, the only strategy for a dying party which is has sadly become nothing more than a front for billionaires, nativists and the hopelessly gullible.

  131. How is it possible that Fox allows this shenanigan? Can they be sued for broadcasting patently false information, smearing people with no consequences? Is there a law out there that could protect us from Fox's venoms

  132. Fox News has been getting away with their smears for years. Right before the election they falsely"reported" that Hillary Clinton would be indicted after the election and that the Clinton foundation paid for Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

  133. thankfully I can and do avoid all communication with trump supporters at all costs - I do not want to go to jail for knocking someones teeth in.

  134. Oh my goddess, am I the only person who opened the NY Times in 2016 and groaned over the headlines which gave even more ink to Donald Trumps latest tweet? Bad ink is so much better than no ink, even if the bad ink is true, thoroughly researched, and carefully corroborated. Add extreme immaturity to the list of reasons why Trump should not be president. Or have we all forgotten the childish retort "I'm rubber and you are glue. Bounces off me and sticks on you."

  135. I'll never understand how it is that Hannity and his ilk can use our airwaves to tell blatant lies without consequence. Especially when they give facts and figures (i.e. migration stats) that are demonstrably false. They do this knowingly and with malice. Can some very rich person sue for the harm it is doing?

  136. See that's the beauty of the Big Lie. Just don't back down. Exploit blind prejudice and bias. Repeat and repeat and repeat. The virulent loam of ignorance will incubate and bring to flower baseless hate in protecting Precedent Dennison and the power it permits him to wield.

  137. Fear is the factor that drives our tribal politics. You agree with Trump that immigrants, global trade and environmental laws will hurt you and your family? Yes? Then you fear Mueller because you know he might take Trump down. You fear white nationalists, the monied elite of Wall St. and climate deniers? Hmmm ... then you fear that Mueller might fail to take down Trump leaving you and your kind with a country you don't recognize. If a wave of a wand could dissolve the tribal fear, then we could work all this out, right and left, like we used to do. But, I'm not holding my breath. Neither am I expecting Hannity and Limbaugh to read Judge Gertner's article and issue retractions of their latest fever dreams. It's going to take some fearless folks to fix our country. Likely, under 30, patriotic, untethered to either party with hearts of gold. I'm holding out hope but wish they'd hurry.

  138. So, in your world Democrats and Republicans are equally responsible for the "tribal fear"? Where have you been? The problem we have in this country is that the extreme right wing has taken over the Republican Party due a relentless strategy of lies, manipulation and divisiveness dating back decades.

  139. Hmmm, Alan Dershowitz, a liberal and civil libertarian also believes the Mueller investigation is tainted and biased. So do lots of folks. To characterize the criticism as just coming from Fox news is just more misinformation and bias. I'm not happy about Trump but he was elected. Mobilizing for the midterms is far better than this fishing expedition.

  140. List of fish caught or identified so far: George Papadopoulos (plead guilty) Mike Flynn (plead guilty) Paul Manafort (indicted, hasn't plead guilty, has had more charges filed against him) Rick Gates (plead guilty) Richard Pinedo (plead guilty) Alex van der Zwaan (plead guilty) 13 Russian nationals (indicted) 3 Russian companies (indicted) Cambridge Analytica is a bonus fish and makes Facebook a bonus bonus fish by extension.

  141. You have no basis to call the investigation a "fishing expedition."

  142. >>> To characterize the criticism as just coming from Fox news is just more misinformation and bias. But that's not what Judge Gertner has done. Not even close.

  143. Rush Limbaugh makes more than $40 million annually, Sean Hannity, $20 million. How are these two men not considered part of an “establishment swamp?”

  144. The lying by so many Republicans is a major epidemic or plague now--it's almost as though it's been simmering below the surface, and Trump's win caused it to erupt, oozing over the GOP. It makes me so angry and ashamed that Republican politicians are trying to besmirch the reputation of one of our most honorable men. It reflects badly on all of us that TV personalities can get away with outright lies on air seemingly without paying a price. The Mitch McConnells and the Paul Ryans appear to lack any moral compass, and decency has gone on vacation in Congress!

  145. More lying lies by perpetually lying liars. In some ways it is good to know that if Hannity, et. al., accuse anyone on the air you can absolutely ignore and dismiss it as partisan hackery and outright lying. What I don't get is how they can stand to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. But the same is true of Trump and his personal cohort of lying liars.

  146. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh's bona fides for the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party are well known. What is perplexing is that Alan Dershowitz is willing to risk his reputation as a top-drawer lawyer--politics aside--to wade into the Stygian waters of everything Trump. This smear upon Robert Mueller's professionalism and integrity is, of course, all designed to erect concertina wire above the stockade defending the president, the better able to, perhaps, win over reluctant Republicans on Capitol Hill who might be realistically enlisted in a right-wing offensive designed to remove Mr. Mueller from his post. Lame-duck Paul Ryan, abdicating his throne in the House of Representatives, lent the prestige of his office to Devin Nunes, an avowed idolator of the president. Mr. Nunes did everything he could to produce a one-sided, ideologically and party-inspired coup against the continuance of an investigation in which the foundations of our country may have been compromised. Ah, patriotism. Mr. Dershowitz has recently lent his name to the ranks of Republicans who want Mr. Mueller's probe ended--not limited. That Messrs. Hannity and Limbaugh would beat the piñata that is this investigation is hardly surprising. Judge Gertner, you are to be roundly commended for your essay here, setting the record straight. But how much of your scholarly and unimpeachable legal work is enough to turn Mr. Dershowitz aside from his ill-conceived idea that this president has been wronged?

  147. Trump and his ilk are cynically using the truism that charges don’t have to hold up for their ramifications to be real. Trump milked that during the campaign, when he referred to his opponent as ‘crooked,’ and baselessly accused her of ‘terrible crimes.’ Just this week, Trump tried to steal Comey’s credibility by accusing him of committing ‘many crimes.’ As for Mueller himself, Trump already tried planting seeds of doubt against him by saying that his own lawyers objected to the way Mueller had obtained information and that he was ‘not looking good.’ The Trump team could not care less about truth. They are fighting a legal battle with a cheap PR strategy.

  148. President Trump is desperate to find out what the Feds got from Cohen so he can start a campaign to discredit the evidence. He will keep fighting to the bitter end. It’s all he knows how to do.

  149. And yet the Trumpkins still say "he tells it like it is." They apparently want to hear his delusional ideas.

  150. The Democrats can launch a full-scale attempt to defame Trump, Hannity, and any other Republican but when they fight back it's a "smear." Not convincing.

  151. It doesn't take a lot of effort to defame a man who went broke building a billion dollar casino on credit, has cheated on all 3 of his wives, has been caught on tape bragging about sexual assault, has not put any assets into a blind trust before taking the oath of the highest office in the land, has put members of his immediate family into advisory positions in the White House, and whose idea of daily presidential conduct is retweeting rightwing conspiracy theories and live-tweeting Fox News.

  152. Are you kidding me? Trump and Hannity are doing this to themselves, the democrats are fighting back from the non stop denigration by trump and fellow republicans. The difference is that trump and the corrupt republicans have to resort to lies, and we see them slowly being disproved. i.e the supposed FISA conspiracy and the desperate attempt to tie Hillary to anything and everything. Even Trey Gowdy knows republicans are full of it and their only interest is winning at all costs. Trump has destroyed the party and that’s why they are all jumping ship, wouldn’t you? However, your attempt to claim that they are fighting back is laughable and is what you saw in one of trumps brilliant tweets. Also, I find it curious that you can’t defend what they say, but instead you just repeat hollow statements to make yourself feel better.

  153. Yes and you forgot stiffing his contractors out of millions, his Trump University con game, dirty dealings with Russian mafia, marketing his properties and brand while serving as Fake POTUS and on and on. And then the lies that never stop. It is quite a list he has compiled. Could be a record for any single U.S. individual let alone a POTUS.

  154. The legal minutia is more than a bit over my head, so I can't add too much more than to add my appreciation for your effort to write your multi-year conclusions as you have.

  155. "If they do [have documents implicating Mr. Mueller], they should produce it. If they don’t, they should stop this campaign to discredit Mr. Mueller." Mr. Hannity and Mr. Limbaugh are not lawyers; they are propagandists. Propagandists do not need any evidence for maligning "the enemy". To them, this is a war and in a war anything goes. Mr. Hannity's role, in particular, goes beyond being a propagandist, as he has apparently a dog in this fight.

  156. Your Honor, Thanks for setting the record straight. And now a bit of satire: Liars Wanted "Pseudo-patriots please apply. The work entails making up smear campaigns for honorable people including Robert Mueller or anyone else who threatens the POTUS. The Truth is not required. Please apply to Fox News directly to Sean Hannity, Director of the Fox News Counter-Truth Section."

  157. This desperate smear campaign against Robert Mueller shows just how vile and despicable people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can be. How anyone can take them seriously is beyond me.

  158. At the risk of stating the obvious, we are dealing with criminals.

  159. You expect that in Russia, Trump's favorite country. But not here. A deep deep cleansing is long overdue.

  160. Let's ask Hillary Clinton if Mueller's gone to far. Given the well over 25 years of constant investigations, hundreds of hours of Congressional testimony, constant attacks on her alleged corruption during the 2016 campaign and too many to count conspiracy theories against her on Fox News, right-wing radio and web sites. Let's ask her what "gone to far" means. And just a reminder: for all that effort, there's been not a single indictment or charge of fraud brought against her or the Clinton Foundation. Not a single plea deal, not a single FBI raid. How about you and your administration, Donald J. Trump?

  161. What possible reason could Hannity have to do anything other than lie at this point? His interests are clearly directly at stake with the raid on Cohen's office. His employer obviously has no interest in maintaining his credibility (or their own). The "man" in the White House he's kissing up to in order to sit close to the throne doesn't have even a passing relationship with the truth himself. His viewers have demonstrated that they'll put tribe over country every time. Finally, Hannity has shown again and again that he has no personal ethical qualms about spreading disinformation. Why wouldn't he lie? Heck, why would he ever tell the truth?

  162. Dershowitz has sold his credibility and integrity for apparently Fox cash. The fact he did not re-broadcast an unsubstantiated rumor about a supposed letter, no-one with access to the complete file has ever seen, means nothing. He did not retract or apologize.

  163. These are the time that try the souls, professionalism, integrity, and mutual strength of the decent, honest people whom Trump and his dangerous minions call The Deep State. Trump's attack on democracy strikes at the foundation: the fact of fact itself. If that buckles, the Republic ends.

  164. Rupert Murdoch better get rid of this guy Hannity and fast. Murdoch, Hannity and the whole of "Trump TV" are complicit in the delegitimization professional journalism and are taking the country down, too. Murdoch isn't even a US citizen. He should be barred from owning any US businesses, placed on a terrorist watch list and prevented from entering the US.

  165. Hannity, Limbaugh, and perhaps even Dershowitz, have all kissed Trump's ring. They have no interest in honesty and truth. Their only interest is to denigrate anyone who supports the efforts of those looking into Russian interference in our election and other related information uncovered that may prove illegal activities by our president. But revealing the truth, as Ms. Gertner does, is the one thing Trump's ring kissers need to be afraid of. If/when enough people realize the importance of truth those who spread such baseless propaganda will eventually pay the price. I am optimistic and hopeful that such a day is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  166. There was a time when even retired judges felt compelled to remain silent in matters like this. But unjustified and unsupported personal attacks by extremists, or other extreme positions which have been legitimized by those same people, have forced some such judges to speak out. Bravo Judge Gertner. Glad you wrote this. Sad you had to.

  167. Meanwhile, Trump led a publicity campaign against five young men, African-American and Hispanic-American, who were accused and imprisoned for attacking and raping a white woman jogger in Central Park in 1989. (There were questionable confessions by the teenagers.)The men were finally exonerated and released from prison when the actual rapist confessed and DNA testing confirmed he was the attacker in 2002. However, Trump continued to state publicly, as late as October 2016, that the five young men were guilty. Once more, Trump and his allies accuse his opponents of behavior that he is guilty of himself.

  168. How can that shameless liar and hypocrite Sean Hannity still be broadcasting his venom on Fox News? And how can he have the gaul to attack an honest man like Mueller?

  169. Trump and Hannity and their fans think people with integrity are chumps. Donald and his pals think it's smart to lie, cheat, and steal, do anything to get what you want.

  170. God Almighty, do I hate right wing talk radio.

  171. Thank you for the TRUTH. In short supply on Fox "News".

  172. Dershowitz is attacking Mueller for something he was not involved in. What does he think of Trump advocating, by way of a full page medit ad, for the death penalty for five men, the Central Park Five, who were wrongly accused and fully exonerated of murdering a woman jogger?

  173. Umm... Central Park Five?

  174. Apparently Alan Dershowitz will do anything to stay in the television limelight. He should be ashamed.

  175. Having Sean Hannity attempt to smear you is one of the best character references anyone could possibly have.

  176. Evidence? Honesty? Limbaugh? Hannity? Please. Dershowitz? Hmm.

  177. To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, “facts, facts? I don’t need no stinking facts, I don’t need to show you any stinking facts” so says Limbaugh and Hannity. Since when were those two spewing facts?

  178. Wow! Gratuitous grave accusations against Mueller by charlatan pseudo-journalist Sean Hannity (at Fox Noise); but when was the last time he( they) sought the truth before spilling the lies? He may be at one with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, another liar now being taken to court for it. Shameful. And irresponsible.

  179. With the Cohen investigation hannity has some serious skin in the game. I hope he ends up in prison.

  180. So Hannity and Limbaugh are liars. Stipulated. From Dershowitz, alumnus of Yale, and a former professor at Harvard, I expected better.

  181. This is a dirty, dirty administration. Disgraceful. And Dershowitz is behaving in a most unlawyerly manner, casting aspersions without evidence. I am sorry the law has come to this state of degradation in America.