I.R.S. Website Crashes on Tax Day as Millions Tried to File Returns

A computer failure crippled a crucial part of the agency’s website that allows taxpayers to make their payments directly from their bank accounts on the day taxes were due.

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  1. If the IRS has been hacked, can someone please release Trump's taxes? He still hasn't come through on his own promise to do so.

  2. I find it someone amazing that the Don's taxes haven't been leaked! So much else has.

  3. @Vanessa: Well, since becoming "president" (in the loosest sense), let's FOIA them. He's public, baby. Part of his library and what not.

  4. Trump spends his time in office ranting and raving. Congress spends their time obstructing and double-talking. Basic functions of the government are failing. It reflects on the party in power which has failed the American people every way they can.

  5. This is what the aptly named 'neocons' (with an emphasis on 'the con') call 'deconstructing the administrative state.' What normal people call chaos, anarchy, mayhem.

  6. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but let's acknowledge that the IRS is underfunded and you can't expect them to run a first class data processing system on a shoestring. The way to fix the IRS is to give it the resources to have the best systems and the best people so that all tax issues can be addressed efficiently and intelligently. It's not going away, so we may as well make it the best it can be. You wouldn't go to a dentist who was underpaid, overworked, derided and insulted on a daily basis and used the oldest equipment, would you? Think about it.

  7. All of our government agencies are underfunded. There's an $11 or $12 Billion maintenance backlog in the National Park Service alone. The Forest Service is underfunded, as is the Bureau of Land Management. And that's just in the Interior Department ...

  8. I should clarify: The Forest Service is in the Agriculture Department, but its budget is actually set by the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee.

  9. But hey! Defense is doing quite well, thank you.

  10. Maybe they should borrow some I.T. staffers from LL Bean or Amazon. :-)

  11. Or borrow some I.T. staffers from Moscow/St Pete, which is likely why there is a so-called glitch to begin with, lol.

  12. Nope. Can't afford 'em.

  13. The website glitch is not so much an example of governmental incompetence, as Joe Walsh says, but of Congressional incompetence. It's like Walsh and his ilk are playing a game of cutting and cutting our government to see how long it takes to bleed. The IRS outage is one part of the answer.

  14. It's all part of "Starve the Beast." Cut taxes, slash budgets, then blame the resulting problems on government inefficiency. Rinse and repeat. It's a shameful game the GOP plays with our democracy.

  15. Actually, you are incorrect. The outage is only the tip of the iceberg - the IRS is incompetent to the core. There are few that have a clue, administration is bloated beyond belief, and the agents work about about 6 hours.

  16. And Democrats let them play this game without calling them out on it, and without trying to do the right thing, because the Republicans might call them socialists, which they always do anyway.

  17. The IRS received $11.2 billion in funding in 2017, which was a decrease of more than $900 million since 2010. The agency has lost the equivalent of around 18,000 full-time positions in that time, including some 3,000 in the taxpayer services division and 4,000 in the enforcement division. The Republican Congress has worked hard for decades to ensure that that the IRS cannot do its job, that people don't pay their fair share, that government is NOT properly funded and that there are not enough revenues to support basic government functions. Government nihilism, collapse and bankruptcy: GOP 2018 Nice GOPeople.

  18. Fewer IRS specialists to review Suspicious Activity Reports submitted by banks to catch money laundering and tax evasion. By design?

  19. Or, perhaps, the IRS should be able to leverage technology to do more with less, you know, like the entire private sector? $900 million sounds like a lot until you realize it is an 8% decrease in funding.

  20. Did you think that maybe 18,000 full time positions was too much. Maybe the goal-post was too wide?

  21. I e-filed early, back in late February. Anticipating at least 2-3 weeks for my refund to be processed, I was stunned when the refund was processed and electronically transferred to my account within 4 days. That seemed highly competent and efficient to me. Perhaps the flood of last-minute filers overtaxed a system that the GOP has starved to the bone and wants to destroy?

  22. Yep, and I bet you could have lied through your teeth and maybe even owed them (not saying you did) and they wouldn't have the resources to know otherwise or do anything about it. What you call efficiency I have a suspicion is just rubber stamping the paperwork on through without batting an eyelash.

  23. Since we are talking about processing God knows how many returns by means of computer systems, I seriously doubt there's any actual "rubber stamping the paperwork. . .without batting an eyelash". I would imagine the programming is designed to red flag outright errors and, um, obvious irregularities. I really don't know.

  24. Yes, Ignatius, there are less resources to audit and find cheaters, like Trump, who pays no taxes because he's "smart," because Republicans keep cutting the IRS budget. And every dollar they cut from IRS costs the governed $7 increasing the debt you pretend to care about whenever you don't control the purse strings.

  25. I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?

  26. Nah, I don't think it was Trump.

  27. There are beds that weigh 400 pounds?

  28. Ha!

  29. I wonder if this is a cyber attack as mentioned on the front page of NYT today?

  30. Yes, cyber attack. All the hallmarks. There is absolutely nobody at the IRS who would write such a message. Also there is no US citizen who would say ET rather than EDT or EST. Putin outlawed daylight savings in 2014. Russians don't have to deal with it there, so might miss it here, despite good English skills.

  31. Everyone should be given a one week extension.

  32. Hint: Don't wait 'till the last minute.

  33. And use USPS.

  34. Evidently the author stopped reading the error message after reading its headline (that the “planned outage” would last until the year 9999). The small print below is even stranger (if such is possible). It says that the outage started today but will end in the past (September 2016). It then asks the user to return after that September 2016 date. Leaving aside the obvious: that the users who tried and failed to use the system actually did use it after September 2016 — who knew that outages can go backwards in time? If only we all could. The election would then have gone the other way.

  35. I am pretty sure time travel by one day is sufficient to avoid the "outage". No need to travel by whopping two years back to 2016 (and out of the filing season).

  36. The impossible date range is what probably caused the Dec. 31, 9999 message. The program didn't check to make sure the end data was past the start date, which created a negative duration. That in turn triggered an overflow that set the variable to the largest date value that it can store: Dec. 31, 1999

  37. On December 31, 1999, Americans were worried about the Y2K bug. It looks like the IRS, by invoking December 31, 9999, is trying to prepare America for the Y10K crisis.

  38. A Cobol programmer made so much money doing Y2K remediation that he was able to have himself cryogenically frozen when he died. One day in the future, he was unexpectedly resurrected. When he asked why he was unfrozen, he was told: "It's the year 9999 - and you know Cobol

  39. "Technical" problem or hacking by Russia?

  40. I bet Amazon or Google can run the IRS much more efficiently and for half the cost. They already know everything about us. As for me, I'm happy about the glitch. Hopefully my money will stay in my bank account for another day or two.

  41. Half the cost; twice the personal data.

  42. And what evidence do you have for that?

  43. Amazon would let you direct part of your tax payment to an Amazon Prime membership. Google would fill out your return, file it, collect the tax, then show you websites that people with a similar tax return found interesting.

  44. Maybe Vladimir Putin can use help the IRS by using his hackers for good instead of evil.

  45. Could be hacked. Or could be because Congress has starved this agency for years. While you try to pay your taxes (and you know they'll extend the deadline to make up for this glitch), think about the billions in uncollected taxes that result from the failure to invest properly in this essential agency.

  46. I suspect if they go to one hard-to-find part of the sql code, and put in an end date < 9999, then go change the error message to 2018, it will be fixed. You are welcome. The other possibility is that they left themselves open to a sql injection and someone put in 9999. Maybe some guy in his mom's basement? in Uzbekistan?

  47. I thought Jared was going to fix the IRS and government technology? I guess he's been too busy meeting with his lawyers and landing bank loans for the family business to look into all of that.

  48. On top of bringing peace to the Middle East.

  49. Russians? Everything else The Times talks about includes Russians, why no suggestion they are behind this?

  50. There's no excuse to file this late, even if you owe money. My return was filed electronically weeks ago - but what I owed was only deducted from my bank account this morning. Maybe if we funded our Government agencies properly they would be working better. We cut their budgets, then holler when nothing works. Just like Kansas.

  51. No excuse, other than, you know, that that's the deadline… If they wanted an earlier deadline, they should have set one.

  52. Filing taxes on April 17 is not filing late.

  53. Not too surprising given that the GOP has been cutting the IRS's budget to the bone. Makes it easier for all Trump's cronies and corporate honchos to avoid audits and get away with tax evasion....

  54. What a conundrum for the GOP -- you want so badly to cut the budgets of those nasty government agencies, but you need to be able to collect taxes so you can transfer that money to your patrons.

  55. Say what? They were not ready for the 'roll-out'? Will we hear the same screams of incompetence directed at the Obama administration? Don't hold your breath...

  56. Trump requests extension- one of the headlines. You cant make this stuff up.

  57. Well that's got to be fake news though. Trump doesn't pay taxes.

  58. Sadly, this outage exemplifies this Administration, Ideology, and GOP. In "normal" times we would have written this off but the first though that occurred to me on see this was that traffic was being redirected to the Kremlin.

  59. For Republicans eager to call the IRS incompetent, remember that the IRS budget has been starved for years. Why? So all the grifters will avoid paying taxes.

  60. Come back on December 31, 9999? I'll gladly take that extension.

  61. I don't have to pay any more taxes until 12/31/9999, i.e. the rest of my life? This Trump tax plan is great. Thank you, Mr. President.

  62. If the temporary director of the IRS ever goes before a Congressional committee, he should answer every question with the same words: "When you provide us with the funds for systems, personnel, and infrastructure." The funding of the IRS has been consistently cut back.

  63. Yes, people forget how much the current and past governments starved their own agencies and departments of needed IT spending.

  64. Trump filed for an extension. C'mon!

  65. Maybe he couldn't find someone to do them for him, the same way he can't find a lawyer.

  66. Trump : This is your fault. If you're going to grab the glory, you also MUST take the blame. That's how it works, Big Boy. Seriously.

  67. Trump is acting out just as he did as a teenager, that when is parents decided they needed to send him to military school because Trump was unmanageable at home. When are the American people, and most all of the congressman and the senators of both parties, going to send Trump out of our Whitehouse back into the role of private citizen ?

  68. Keep in mind this is basically Trump's fault. He's head of the executive branch, the IRS is a federal agency, he paid no attention to the fact that it was tax time because, for all we know, he doesn't pay taxes. At any rate, I feel for the millions of stranded, desperate procrastinators, and I'm really glad I mailed my checks in this morning.

  69. This is hilarious. People are complaining and getting upset because the IRS won't take their money? Lordy. I always mail mine so that I can hold onto my cash as long as possible.

  70. Everyone should be able to file taxes on a post card. 10% tax on all income. No credits, deductions, etc.... The 70K employee agency could be reduced to 10K employees.

  71. But then how could various third parties make money off of the system? This is America, where everything is a profiteering opportunity, even our tax system.

  72. Prey tell, Why would anyone wait until the very last second to pay their taxes? Even more to the point, they've had two extra days to do it! That tells me more about too many Americans than it does about our over-worked and hugely underfunded IRS.

  73. RLC.....I always wait until the last day for a variety of reasons, mostly because I've dedicated my life to the art and joy of procrastination...I'm also a CPA. But TurboTax and the USPS were both working fine today. Different strokes for different folks, my friend.

  74. I love turbotax / macintax.

  75. The text of the message indicates the site would be available on Sep 22, 2018. Someone goofed when creating the subject (banner) text. Nonetheless, taking such a site offline for “maintenance” just before a critical filing date does not make sense. Was the site hacked?

  76. I doubt humanity is going to make it until 9999. If Trump has his way we won't make it to 2019.

  77. Guess I won't have to wait for a new MasterCard then.

  78. The real story about the IRS will be next year, when anyone who took deductions totaling more than $12,000, along with half the populations of NY, NJ, MA, CA and a few other (mostly) blue states, will pay higher taxes. (If your state and property taxes total more than $10,000, you are in this bill’s crosshairs) I went to my tax guy this spring as I’ve been doing for the past 9 years, and he told me not to bother next year, the tax bill is putting him out of business and my taxes will go up. Of course the counter-argument is, why don’t blue states just cut taxes? Well, in the case of the great State of New York, we can’t. We send $42,000,000,000 more to Washington every year than we get back in federal spending. So in addition to paying for our own schools, roads, healthcare, etc., we are paying for those things in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and every other state that hate liberals, hates the government, but will gladly take my money! Thanks, GOP!

  79. That's great Thanks! Dems are all about those being able to pay doing so. New York should send even more money to the feds. Good to see liberals putting their money where their mouths are.

  80. The Tea Party's rise will further impoverish red states by cutting social spending, while blue states will be busy trying to protect themselves from attacks like the new tax bill. If the GOP thinks this will all be fine, they are whistling past the graveyard.

  81. States like NY and MD have a 50/50 state /federal match for Medicaid. States like those mentioned have an 80 federal/20 state match. I don't mind helping my poorer country-persons. I do resent the disingenuous residents and leaders in those states who bash the Feds, the blue states and anything wreaking of the Affordable Care Act, while some of the same states take advantage of expanded Medicaid under ACA and others refuse to do so on "principle."

  82. I had a double hit - my previously-scheduled 2017 payment was withdrawn twice by the IRS, with different legends, from my bank account. Wonder if there's a connection...

  83. Hey Jim From Colorado I was also double hit!!

  84. Now this...money being withdrawn twice might suggest some kind of nefarious activity or an issue greater than a temporary system shutdown.

  85. No problem for Trump. He never pays taxes.

  86. Is anyone surprised that the criminally incompetent Trump administration crashed their IRS direct pay website on Tax Day? This is the kind of service that we've come to expect from such a criminally corrupt administration. There's no money in the Trump administration for government services and the people. There's only a transfer of stolen riches from the Treasury in the form of welfare payments from the middle-class and poor to the bloated billionaires and corporations.

  87. If this glitch were happening under Obama, the Republican members of Congress would be blaming it on him. I don't know of any Democrats in office blaming this on Trump. Why? Because Democrats have more integrity.

  88. I guess you haven't read the comments. See directly below.

  89. In Reply to Somebody: In my comment I was careful to say that I don't know of any Democrats in office blaming this on Trump. I don't think that any of the comments below, which I had read before posting my own comment, were from elected officials, Please read my posts, and those of others, carefully. Thank you.

  90. "Planned Outage" indeed. This whole country is on a planned outage, for a long time. Gas prices soaring back up, internet hacked and crashing, and Trump is headed for another golf outing.

  91. 'Nobody knew collecting taxes could be so complicated.' But still, it's so great. The best in history, folks, the best ever. Trust me, best ever. They're doing a fantastic job, fantastic. It's because I only hire the very best people. https://www.salon.com/2017/11/13/while-you-werent-looking-trump-just-app...

  92. Should include the salon article title--- "While you weren’t looking, Trump just appointed a tax evasion expert to head the IRS As “interim director” of IRS, former Ernst and Young partner David Kautter, won’t have to face a Senate vote." All Trump courtiers will undermine the purpose of their office.

  93. I'm sure I can simply read Thoreau and everything will be A-ok.

  94. I was wondering who hired that guy in Hawaii after he was let go due to the false missle alarm.

  95. Sorry, this is not funny. He was also dealing with a system with no safeguards and fail safe and no expeditious method to reverse the mistake. He took the fall for others' incompetence and failure to adequately plan.

  96. I have a novel idea. Maybe it will catch on. Send in a check. OMG! What a great idea.

  97. Can I write it on a dead fish, and address it to the White House?

  98. It's all due to Trumps extension. The computer system had a total meltdown. " Taxpayer Identification Number Invalid". As in, never paid before. Just saying.

  99. It's a tossup. Will he claim executive privilege or just pardon himself for not filing?

  100. Work of Russian hackers?

  101. Peter-That went through my head too....

  102. No. Probably the result of farming out software work to India, where they don't know much, get paid much or care much.

  103. Obviously a plot, to get Red State Americans in Huuuuuge Trouble. The prime suspect being Hillary Clinton. Lock her UP !!!

  104. Despite the frustration of what is likely a heavily overloaded system as a result of last minute filers, the Trump Republican Tax Bill is a highly regressive bill serving mostly giant once American companies (now called "multi-nationals"), and moves about $1.4 trillion, mostly from the dwindeling middle class to the super rich. Google the recent article entitled "The Republican tax bill got worse: now the top 1% gets 83% of the gains". To make matters worse, this bill meets the agenda of the like's of the Koch Brothers and their megalithic propaganda machine and fake "representatives" who use their money to get elected and push their self serving greed. The Trump Republican Tax Bill literally steals from the rich to give to the poor, who now more than ever, don't need a tax break. The same people who pushed this like Ryan, McConnell and mostly the Goldman Alumni in the White House and Trump don't care that this bill creates massive debt, something Ryan and so many of the Koch Republicans promised they were against. Hypocrisy? Yes, but the corruption has run deep for a long time. If we end up with a fascist, authoritarian neo-nazi police state, it is because good people didn't get into action, vote, drive voters to polling stations, volunteer at phone banks, protest, post truth on social media and challenge the so called "news" networks that report anything other than what real journalism calls for, unbiased, ethics based, TRUTH!

  105. Is this another example of Russian hackers' humor?

  106. Maybe them Russian hackers are not so bad after all

  107. President Trump filed for Extension, why? He could have easily wait till new date 12/31/9999 & pay nothing as usual.

  108. Wasn't this in Mr. Kushner's portfolio? Fix all the outdated stuff???

  109. IRS has been hacked. Don't send any money to the IRS - it will go to Russian hackers.

  110. Maybe the employees of the underfunded IRS will stage a prolonged walk-out, like the teachers in our underfunded school system. That's the only recourse when elected officials don't represent the public.

  111. Federal employees are fired if they try a walkout. Remember the air traffic controlers strike under Reagan? But they are true professionals. Did you listen to the audio of that Southwest flight coming into Philadelphia after the engine blew and shrapnel penetrated the plane. The (female) pilot was unflappable--a veteran, former Navy F18 fighter pilot. And the air traffic controller was equably unflappable, despite all the other flights he was controlling. We really do not appreciate our civil servants. Agencies are being bled dry. We often find out how valuable and high quality their services have been after they deteriorate or disappear.

  112. I did it the old fashioned way, I mailed them a check. It's never failed me. Even the good old USPS has never lost it. 5 years ago, it would often take them a month to cash the check. Now it takes less than a week.

  113. That's cause Trump needs every one of our dimes--for himself!

  114. Oh,the last-minute tax rush! Felt good back in the day, but in Trump's America,I wouldn't risk it or anything else at all. In fact,this year I 'procrastinated' and did my taxes at end of March and still that had me nervous, because without fail for a decade, I have completed my taxes and received my refund by Mid-Feb, but something about this year,I just couldn't quite catch up.

  115. Uhmm, if you did your taxes near the end of March, yet received a refund in mid Feb??? Time Traveler?

  116. Okay my bad, you did them in previous years early, but not this year. You cool, love you!

  117. I looked at your first response quizzically and had no response because I figured you perhaps were too hasty in your reply. But it made me chuckle, so you aight! *still chortling*

  118. Given the widespread reporting on this week's Russian efforts at cyber attack -- said to include homes -- can anyone say this isn't because of that?

  119. I e-filed my taxes in this last Sunday. Received confirmation within a couple of hours. No problem at all. Of course, now we have Donald Trump in the White House and the Republicans in charge of Congress. There is a lot of messiness in the new tax bill. No surprise we're having difficulties. Expect more.

  120. We have a representative republic government. President Trump is not the problem. The representatives we elected are. Are they doing the job we expect?

  121. The requirement to spend hours filling in forms and calculating is a travesty. The government already has all the data it needs to calculate what you owe ... they should just send me a bill together with a statement. Only then if I don't agree would I have to appeal. That's the way it goes for my friends in England. Maybe let TurboTax run the IRS ...

  122. Understand but maybe the Gov't doesn't know everything about you. They give you an opportunity to chime in and reduce your representative tax bill. Happy?

  123. December 31, 9999. That is the day Trump will pay his taxes. It is also the day when hell freezes over.

  124. Cue the Trump rants to have the IRS privatized by some of his fellow grifters in the spirit of "public-private partnership". I shirk when I hear this description; however, expect Sean Hannity on Fox "News" to schedule ( from payola ?) the next several days to criticize the IRS outage as a diversion for his legal "problems" which likely fall into the same category as Trump and Broidie with their fixer Cohen.

  125. Well, this year has been taxing enough with Trump (a paradox considering he doesn't pay his taxes), so might as well party like it's 9999.

  126. Let's party till it's 9999!!

  127. Not to worry, mail the check directly to Mar a Lago- those golf vacations don't pay for themselves. Or better still, mail them directly to the boss in the Kremlin. Save the bank fees.

  128. So the Russians succeeded in hacking the IRS now? I hope you don't think that alert message is actually from the IRS. Though the header says December 31, 1999, the maintenance window called out in the body of the text goes backwards. So folks, it's positively a hack.

  129. It says December 31, 9999 not 1999.

  130. The IRS should just extend the deadline by 2 days. They have this mechanism in place for victims of natural disasters and such already. Why not give procrastinators a break as well?

  131. Frankly, I don't think they bother looking at postmarks until quite a bit of time has passed -- and I think that's even more likely now with the pressure they are under with budget cuts,new tax laws, etc.

  132. Well since the Obamacare website was definitely all Obama's fault according to the histrionic media with Michael Shear of this paper infamously calling it "Obama's Katrina", surely the media is primed to blame the crashing of the IRS website that has never happened before on Trump? Somehow, that is not what I am reading...just a computer glitch hey when GOP is in charge? Sickened by our polluted tilted media that overreacts to every conservative concocted horror when Democrats are in charge but never blames a GOP president no matter what happens.

  133. Looks like a cyber attack to me

  134. A glitch? Or perhaps hacking from abroad? Doesn't bode well for our elections.

  135. You didn't vote in the the 2016 Presidential elections, my Soviet contacts tell me! Don't worry, we voted for you!

  136. Sorry that the IRS site has crashed. But I have to say, I can't help feeling just a teeny bit smug, having filed my taxes EARLY this year (for a change) -- filed them electronically, without a hitch, late Saturday evening.

  137. Wait, what, Saturday not very early and not that long ago!

  138. Put my stamp on the envelope, stuck it in the mail - no problem!

  139. Thanks O-Trump. The US post office is just the IRS delivery boy.

  140. I just went there and it seems to be up.

  141. what fun is that?

  142. Simply write a check and put it in the mail for a postmark by midnight tonight. Problem solved. No extension necessary. This is a non-problem, being blown all out of proportion by the media. Relax.

  143. mmm. I think it's funny, not blown out of proportion....

  144. If the return is accepted, e-filers can print out the1040-V voucher that the program generates and mail it with a check. As I understand it, a payment with tomorrow's postmark would be a late payment under the IRS's "mailbox rule." So the trick at this point might be finding a post-office that is still open and can provide today's date as the postmark.

  145. I have mailed my returns a day late and never had any complaints.I didn't really care whether I got fined, but I didn't have fines, penalties or interest imposed.

  146. The IRS is happy to take your donations to the war machine! A day late, okay no problem!

  147. elliennyc EXACTLY! I have always thought for the "little people" this has always been a sham. A sort of "honor system" built on ffear of the bog bad boogeyman I.R.S. - gotta reach that deadline lemming style. It means nothing . I've paid late and owed them and was never fined. They probably just don't have the resources to review things.

  148. If you could post a check to the USPS by midnight to night there would be no problem. Perhaps Amazon could workout a deal with the IRS too provide the service.

  149. Well, that's one way to make up for some of the new deficit.....late fees!

  150. From one Joe Walsh to another: https://www.google.com/search?q=joe+walsh+life%27s+been+good&amp;oq=Joe+...

  151. Actually I think Joe Walsh only ran for Vice-President. He didn't want to actually do any work. maybe only collect guitars.

  152. Yup. Tax day and can't get access IRS website until a date a year and a half ago (Sept 2016?).

  153. Russia, if you're listening, we think you hacked the IRS systems. You now have access to Trump's taxes - all of it. We got to see 30 years of taxes paid from Hillary. Please do share Trump's taxes with us, the US electorate. Maybe release them through WikiLeaks or better still maybe on Facebook. We never ever got to see them like Trump had initially promised. But you already know that. So maybe we can now. Russia please do step up!! LOL

  154. why would you want a russia hack? and for what? to see his taxes? donald j trump has paid more in taxes than several of the most richest people combined. thats what you get when you're one of the worlds most successful businessmen. let is go. im sure crooked hilarys taxes are hiding a lot. how many many times did she speak for bankers or at graduation ceremonies ? and yet they're poor. makes no sense

  155. What business is President Trumps' tax returns to you? You can barely understand your business.

  156. Going to Canada.

  157. Okay see ya!

  158. Obviously, IRS should extend filing period for a day if it is able.

  159. They don’t mention it, but the $15 convenience fee to pay by credit card is a nice twist of the knife.

  160. In Utah, state tax will cost approx 25% to pay by Credit Card. Luckily I had electronic cash units in my Credit Union account.

  161. Why on earth are Americans paying charges to pay taxes? It’s bad enough to pay Intuit to use their Turbo Tax 1040 software, but whenthey demanded an extra $26 something to e-file a State Return, I balked, printed it out, and snailmailed it. Filing a tax return on line should be easy, free, fast... and straight into where it is supposed to go. Message to Turbo Tax: Your consistent year after year acceptance of my foreign address, but not my foreign phone number in your little boxes, is really getting on my nerves. Another message to Turbotax. If US citizens have to file US tax returns from every corner on the planet, what was behind your unwillingness to accept foreign credit cards? Message to Congress: Why are US Corporations who are “People” now enjoying Residence Based Taxation, but not US People who are “People”? GOP tax “Reform” was a joke for every US Citizen living outside the US... and we Vote.

  162. As a law abiding citizen, I will follow the instructions and try to pay taxes again on December 31, 9999. Assuming I am available, which I should be, as I am a Chilean citizen and the last time I asked for an ID card, they specified January 1st, 1800 as my DOB.

  163. Apparently the singularity in life expectancy occurs in the next 20 years. Re:Ray Kurzweil. If you can endure until then, by 2050 we should live forever. Just don't die!

  164. Good American! Keep up the struggle! Pay taxes and stay out of American Prisons!

  165. I hope no one is really thinking this is a "planned outage". For one the header indicates a maintenance window of almost 8000 years ... And the body of the text states a negative window - starting today they would complete the outage in September 2016. Maybe the Russian hackers travel back and forth in time.

  166. I hate time travelers!

  167. Only in this administration would senior people like Larry Kudlow be able to joke with out consequences about the IRS glitch. Hopefully it's not going to be too tough to get it straightened out. It's probably going to be a nightmare for IRS employees and the taxpayer's whose returns were not processed correctly.

  168. That is a hoot and a half!!! Maintenance is either done before it's started or it will be done when the sun burns out! Too funny (if you've already paid your taxes)!!!

  169. If you head towards the Sun at maximum warp and then slingshot around it you can travel back in time to Sept. 2016.

  170. thx for the tip!

  171. The body of the announcement also says it goes until September 2016.

  172. Maybe Trump should declare a special day to mourn the US becoming a third-world nation: Its tax system doesn't work; its civil servants are under-strength, under-paid and harassed by politicians; its military measures are a laughing-stock after the recent strikes on Syria; its cabinet officials are corrupt; and the head of state is a pathological liar and con man fixated on a military parade.

  173. This doesn't look like a glitch, but more like a hack. Note the crazy time and dates. Another reason not to procrastinate, I guess.

  174. O fer. It's not a hack. If I were the Russians or some fat guy in mom's basement hacking this, I'd make it look normal, but have the money paid to me. This is just stupid stuff. A plain old error. Never ascribe to malice that which is easily explained by low paid, harried, poorly educated software geeks.

  175. It's obviously a hack. We'll be told the truth as soon as Trump yields to more blackmail from Putin. Bingo!

  176. I don't know how this applies to electronic payments, but I have in the past mailed my tax returns (am probably one of last people on earth doing paper returns) a day late because I either wasn't ready on the deadline or, more likely, I couldn't stand the lines at post office on deadline day. So went a day later when lines shorter. Never got any complaints, fines, penalties, etc. from feds or state. So if these people want to just mail a check tomorrow I doubt they will have any problems. Alternatively, could just wait and do epayment when system is working, but I have no idea what consequences of that might be if the system is down for a long time.

  177. Me too. I used to mail my returns at the nearest local mailbox on tax day. I also never got a complaint or penalized in any way. I also never put in the 00's you're supposed to put in cents column for every entry. WHY?! Everything goes smoothly without them. Does anyone know if the general post office on 8th Ave. backdates the postmark after midnight at the end of tax day for "late" returns?

  178. So it's unavailable from now until September 22, 2016. They've obviously caught on to my trick of traveling back in time to postmark my return by the due date. Darn.

  179. Interesting... "IRS - Direct Pay" and "Predict - Syria" are anagrams... Close enough for me - let's bomb something really relevant this time around, like the MySpace building in Damascus... Beyond that, only one thing to do... Party like it's 9999...

  180. Yeah, yeah, the usual Trump suspect, Obama. Coming soon. Sigh.

  181. Oh my goodness. I’m going to have to print out my return, write a check. and mail them. Nobody’s done that since the Stone Age.

  182. You write a check and mail it if you are paying a sizable amount. If you're expecting a refund, you file electronically.

  183. It’s not just the IRS. The whole payments system lingers in the technology dark ages. To explain to readers on the outside how the payments system in the US works: Paper checks are still being mailed and when you set up an electronic payment, the country’s largest bank actually snailMAILS a check to your payee. Real electronic payments are onerous and need to be initiated on the Payee End by filling out THEIR form and waiting for them to activate the system from their side, not by the Payer with the simple facts: bank routing number and account number. They pull the funds out, you don’t push it to them. This bank had introduced all kinds of systems “sending” money using your payee’s cell phone number, their email... then your payee has to log in and retrieve the funds...everything to avoid simple fast “my bank account to your bank account” immediate payment transfers, with the option to email a receipt. You can transfer money between your own accounts at the bank, but there is no provision to add a memo explaining why. US debit cards have pin numbers, but credit cards without them was a dumb idea from the start. It makes dealing with ticket machines a real challenge. Bank issued Mastercard and Visa outside the US have pin numbers, but the cards they offered in the US did not. Giving the IRS credit, they have been depositing your refund directly into your bank account for years. Paying them is annoying in more ways than one.

  184. Your description is about 10 years old. The current payment system has several inexpensive or free options for same day funds transfers. Even when mailed, checks typically get scanned and imaged within 2-3 days of mailing and then cleared same day. Large and medium billers now offer apps that offer practically instant crediting of your payment with actual funds to follow next day. These changes are a result of 9-11 and realization by Feds of our reliance on planes, trains and automobiles. I really doubt the IRS issue was a hack. The IRS itself is not on the Web and has very limited, tightly controlled entry points, even for authorized vendors. What we think is the IRS on web is not the real thing. It is more like the National Archives. It is slow, reading parchment, but you cannot hack it. The old technology itself limits activities even if you get entry. It is just slow. Wealthy people simply mail in the return. A postmark is all you need to make IRS delays work in your favor. No it is people that get refunds that electronically file on the last day. How much sense does that make?

  185. I rather doubt it's hacking. The IRS uses ancient computer languages such as COBOL, Fortran, Assembler variants, etc. Not many hackers can use them. On the other hand, maybe the FBI should look into suspicious activity in nursing homes.

  186. Don't dis FORTRAN

  187. FORTRAN was the best engr computer language in the early 80's. Assembler, also. God I miss those days.

  188. During the government shutdowns, the EFTPS system worked just fine.

  189. And the FDIC in the last bank crisis, too.

  190. I don't know which is the worst option - that our government is this incompetent or that the IRS was hacked.

  191. These options are not mutually exclusive.

  192. Don't wait until the last day to write your term paper. I learned that in freshman year.

  193. True, I did try to start mine early. BUT there were people who pulled all-nighters who got As. Never worked for me. I always needed my ZZZs, even if the usual eight became six the night before an exam.

  194. Probably why the Big T delayed filing his. Geez, can't he afford an accountant?

  195. "There's no greater example of government incompetence" then slashing an organization's budget, dumping a lot of extra work on it, and then expecting it to perform as normal. Joe Walsh sounds like every horrible manager and stupid boss I've ever met.

  196. So, the grifters Mnuchin and Ivanka journeyed to New Hampshire to applaud the tens of thousands they will personally recoup as a result of their Plutocratic Tax Plan. Was this campaign event paid for by American taxpayers? It would be shocking if it wasn't.

  197. Um...this has Russia written all over it.

  198. Not necessarily. It has starve-the-beast written all over it, too.

  199. yes because it says "planned outage". what a great russian sense of humor!

  200. It's either complete incompetence, which seems to be the norm now, or it's the Russians attacking again.

  201. We always were told that nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes. Does this mean taxpayers get a life extension until at least January 1, 10000?

  202. Maybe the IRS systems are being run by the geniuses who brought us healthcare.gov. The should move over to Amtrak where they can help kill more people.

  203. ew. does not sound like a midwesterner to me. are you a transplant from Philly?

  204. Be aware that the IRS might record your quarterly payments incorrectly. Somehow my $500 check got credited as $5.

  205. I made a double payment by mistake and they caught it even before I did, and sent a refund for the overpayment.

  206. Can’t Trump fix this?

  207. He caused it because they've discovered income he hasn't reported

  208. Didn’t he say “I alone can fix it”?

  209. He broke it.

  210. I do wish that, with the ongoing news reports of people's identities being stolen when they simply attempt to pay their taxes, the federal and state agencies would stop stressing how supposedly "secure" e-filing is. Their ads often start with the word. Simply put, it isn't.

  211. "The crash was reminiscent of the problems that plagued the Affordable Care Act’s online health insurance exchange under President Barack Obama." Not a fair comparison. The ACA problems occurred when the site, which was dealing with an exceptionally complex set of regulations, went live for the first time. In contrast, tax day electronic filing has been in operation for years. Perhaps a better place to look would be the constant decreases in IRS funding.

  212. Nonsense. The Obamacare exchange was terribly managed. Not even tested before being rolled out. A debacle if there ever was one.

  213. The millions of illegal aliens who voted for Hillary Clinton have simultaneously filed fraudulent tax returns crashing IRS servers according to Fox News reports. As President Trump told the most massive inauguration crowd in world history, once Mexico pays for that border wall, stuff like this won't happen.

  214. Really Fox News? Thanks for your diligence!

  215. I cannot fathom how any government on earth would not prioritize its legal right to collect taxes. Perhaps it's because the rich GOP and their powerful supporters think they have less chance of being audited by a skeleton crew.

  216. The IRS uses a Clinton RX 2016 super computer made by IBM. Today Trump filed for a TAX REFUND for 2017. The RX 2016 just freaked out and blew up. Jarad is there now trying to fix it.

  217. "Note that your tax payment is due although although IRS Direct Pay may not be available. As a liberal, I hate to admit that Reagan was right Government is the Problem, If any, that is ANY private collecting agency would have posted such a message it would be suit in court - and lose the case with ANY jury.

  218. Unless you've seen it firsthand, whether with the IRS, Justice or any other big government agency with prosecutorial power, it's hard to imagine how imbalanced the power structure is. They come down like a sledgehammer with little accountability for their own misbehavior. The responsibility of holding them accountable often falls on republicans. I'm glad someone is doing it.

  219. We don't seem to be asking many questions. Cyber attack?

  220. Russian response to Syria attack.

  221. Yeah, no. Good hackers would take the money, not leave a stupid error message.

  222. For those wondering how Russia would respond to our expelling 60 dips, standing with the UK on the attack against the Russian and his daughter, and the American/British/French bombing of Syrian chemical weapons facilities, we have our answer.

  223. Considering the volume of returns that the IRS deals with, I think they do an amazingly good job processing all of them, particularly after the Republicans have starved the agency to prove that government can't do anything. I have had better experience with the IRS than with a lot of private firms that handle far fewer accounts.

  224. True! And they sure work faster than my state of residence.

  225. Wait, what if I come back as instructed on January 1, 10000 and there is a Y10K bug so that I still can’t pay? Will the IRS waive the $237 million in interest charges on the $44.12 I owe for 2017?

  226. I recall when the ACA’s website rolled out to volcanic-like criticism. President Obama was all but run out of town on a fence-rail. Can we expect similar anger from citizens (and Republicans) about this (Trump) government website failure? Or is this just a glitch?

  227. Larry Kudlow is a joke. He's hanging out at tax payer funded golf outing and the guidance he has to offer is "“Sounds horrible. Sounds really bad. Hope they fix it." I'm guessing Mr. Kudlow doesn't do his own taxes then. The IRS should audit Kudlow and Mar-a-Lago just out of spite. After rushing a partisan tax bill, you really shouldn't put the heat back on bean counters. An unwise decision if you ask me.