A Cousin of the Martini, the Alaska, Strikes Gold

The century-old gin cocktail, tinged with yellow Chartreuse, is catching on again at bars across the country.

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  1. Oh hi, did not know this was called the Alaska. In our town in Washington state we call it the Bijou. It is very delicious and it's good to know the history of it. Try it, it is truly a good drink. Enjoy!

  2. I believe the Bijou is a hybrid, with both vermouth and chartreuse.

  3. The Bijou is an equal parts cocktail of dry gin (not Old Tom), green (not yellow) chartreuse, and a dry vermouth. The Alaska should be noticeably different.

  4. Oh! The funny thing is, at home we make it just with the chartreuse, because I thought it would be more delicious. It is! So, I've accidentally been drinking that Alaskan. And David, we've accidentally had those ingredients too. Lucked out there.

  5. Where in Minneapolis is this cocktail available?

  6. Nonononono, this is not a Martini or even barely a relation. A Martini is dry, the mouthfeel is dry, the texture is dry, the flavor is dry all due to the herbal tannins from the Gin and Vermouth. The Alaska could be seen as variation of the Martinez, the cousin of the Martini made with Sweet Vermouth although to be fair its at least a cousin twice removed. Gin is a superbly versatile spirit but just because something uses Gin as a base it doesn't mean it's a Martini, or even a close relation. Oh, and off-yellow Chartreuse is oxidized Chartreuse, if anybody offers it to you throw it in their face!

  7. Gin and Vermouth share some botanical ingredients, bay leaves in particular. So, in mixing G & V, one is repeating some ingriedients to build the Martini. Having found a pleasing gin, I skip the Vermouth. Waiter, "A Boodles Martini, twist of lemon, hold the Vermouth."

  8. This sounds so good...I am a fan of gin, which is so much more interesting than vodka. It strikes me as a sign of civilizational decline that when one orders a martini these days, the bartender will ask if you want vodka or gin. Or, if not, just make it with vodka.

  9. The Threesome Tollbooth has been serving a version of this, the Smoked Alaska, for a while now. It uses some different Chartreuse that isn't normally available in America, and a dash of mezcal. The owner is from Alaska.

  10. "Everything old is new again!" All of these recent "cocktails" are the creations of failed chemistry majors! Give me a break!

  11. It is a very interesting news, when people arrive at a bar or a restaurant they obviously see the dishes first but for them it is interesting to have a drink that matches the food. the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis new flavor that can be dark but not at the same time is very good.