Jimmy Kimmel Pitches for Stormy Daniels’s Legal Fund

Kimmel said, “Now you can give money to a porn star — just like the president of the United States.”

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  1. Sex workers get no respect and Stormy Daniels is the reason why. Prostitution is illegal yet it survives and thrives as an institution because it is a legitimate, although illegal, way for some people to earn money and for some other people to get sex. Prostitites and johns are mutually vulnerable at every transaction. There is an implicit reciprocal contract wherein the parties agree: I will pay you and I won’t hurt you/I will do what you want and be discreet. She collected money for sex. She took extra money to stop talking about it. And now she wants MORE money to break the contract she made. And she wants it from everyone. Donald Trump didn’t sign the contract but she did. By all and any means, take this man down, but don’t give her another cent. She’s already been paid and, like him, she didn’t keep up her end.

  2. Well said!

  3. You have a very strange sense of outrage Ricka. You're a lawyer aren't you?

  4. Not outraged Rusty and not a lawyer. I just don’t like her or him. I do think that anyone who gives either one of them money is stupid, unless they are into humiliation. Then Ok. I’m not fit to pass judgement on anyone. Trump and Stormy, such rancid individuals, it seems. Maybe they are right for each other.

  5. Kimmel is a smart, insightful, funny man. However I don't watch his show any longer because I find him annoying when he voices his politics (unlike Jon Stewart and Colbert who more artfully bring in politics). Kimmel becomes annoying