Trump Lawyer Obtained Restraining Order to Silence Stormy Daniels

The order was obtained last week to keep the woman quiet about an affair she is alleged to have had with President Trump.

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  1. Does Trump do anything but create chaos and turmoil? Personal life (which is no longer personal when one is president and first lady - sorry, you're not in NYC anymore, Melania) and public life, both in shambles and we have no recourse as citizens - not until November 2018. He is a black hole and all who come close - sucked in and destroyed. A few thousand conned people and and an electoral college which failed us - it could be the end of our republic.

  2. Our republic is being severely tested.

  3. Severely destroyed!

  4. Far cry from the days of Ken Starr. Hypocrites.

  5. You do know that Ken Starr investigated and presented a Perjury Charge against Bill Clinton. Perhaps you should be more angry at the American Bar Association. Apparently they don’t take kindly to a sitting U.S. President testifying in a trial and LYING. They disbarred him...but was just about sex, cigars and blue dresses in the White House..right? We’re a very forgiving nation. Apologize up front and own up to your mistakes and we’ll let it go. Clinton never did apologize. Clinton also never got a Confidentialy Agreement signed while putting the young intern in the hands of Vernon Jordan. Stupid is...stupid does

  6. I AGREE! The impeachment proceedings should start immediately.

  7. We didn't need restraining orders when we had Linda Tripp all wired up and pumping an intern over her personal life while having drinks at a bar - a conversation the intern thought was private. Then Ken's henchman dragged the intern off to a hotel room and started the questioning. Times seem to have changed.

  8. If the president didn't sign the nondisclosure agreement with Ms. Daniels, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. All he can do is threaten and bluster, using the weight of his office to crush the lady's credibility. It's not likely that Ms. Daniels would risk $1 million in penalties to defy the president so she must have right and the law on her side. Also, Michael Cohen has griped to friends about the money he paid out to the lady and that the president hasn't yet reimbursed him. The president is learning that hell hath no fury than that of a woman scorned, or lied about. With this legal matter pending with Ms. Daniels and the Mueller investigation ongoing and threatening to swallow him up, the president's past is catching up to him, little by little. In the meantime, he is not making America great again.

  9. I agree Trump has had his legs cut out from under him on this. I also believe part of Ms. Clifford's activism and confidence stem from third party backing, promising to indemnify her for any losses, should she suffer them. Few believe she will as legally, on the face of it, no signature means no agreement. Then there's the "secret" arbitration which she had no notice of or opportunity to respond to, which is called lack of due process. It will not stand either. I'm guessing Michael Cohen missed a few days of law school on these topics, or is, like so many before him, so enthralled by Trump that he's forsaken his training and abandoned his common sense. This is typical of the ham handed histrionics orchestrated by Trump before. Think Devin Nunes, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci. These guys, and this administration, can't seem to keep from shooting themselves in the foot. All that time, money and effort to keep Stormy out of the public eye, now she's front page news. What's sad is she's obviously telling the truth, the rest of them are weaseling, lying through their teeth. At bottom the $130k was an illegal payment in kind to affect the outcome of an election. It's a felony. While it appears the agreement is unenforceable on various levels, the underlying crime remains. A lesser included charge of attempting is equally serious. It's unfortunate Trump will only hang for the top counts, like treason and conspiracy. I'd like to see him serve every day of the max for it all.

  10. Making America Gape Again. But maybe not even that anymore? As someone pointed out earlier, watch what laws will be passed behind the scene while we're being distracted by what plays out on stage.

  11. If Trump has nothing to hide why issue a restraining order? If Trump has nothing to hide, why pay this woman $130,000? If Trump has nothing to hide, why fire Comey? Why is he so concerned about Mueller? Why won't he release his taxes? Why won't he investigate the Russians meddling in the election? Why, why, why....Why is this incompetent moron still in office? Mr. Ryan? Mr. McConnell? Members of Congress? Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas....Boys, you'll be going down with this corrupt, rotten ship.

  12. Do you really believe Ryan or McConnell will step up? Why even bother with the fantasy? My fantasy is that Congressional Democrats will end their complacency and step up LOUD, BOLD, and CLEAR.

  13. Lie down with dogs.

  14. Here is what blows my mind: It's now basically accepted as fact by all parties that Trump had sex with a porn star right after his third wife gave birth to his child. But this is barely even a story. Why? Because his whole presidency is a carnival .... but not the fun kind of carnival. This is the kind of carnival where every attraction is a house of horrors.

  15. Bravo! Well put.

  16. Restraining order....well, she persisted. REAL men just hate women who persist, have minds of their own and don't obey. At least our dear leader doesn't use Vlad's solution.

  17. ".well, she persisted." This was uttered by McConnell against Sen. Warren. Trump must be jealous. McConnell share same spot with him as the most detested man in America today.

  18. There goes your hopes for a shot at Mt. Rushmore, Mr. trump!

  19. He may still make it into the Museum of Porn; he's already in the Adulterers' Hall of Fame.

  20. Presidential sex scandal? Gee, I guess Ken Starr needs to come out of retirement to investigate. I wonder if Rehnquist left his fancy stripey impeachment robes for Roberts.

  21. Ken Starr could not be bothered to investigate hundreds of rapes at Baylor. I dont' know what gets the Starr going, but iI doubt this republican president can do anything at all that would bring Starr out of his coffin. He needs to be thrown in jail.

  22. What about the First Amendment? Doesn't Stormy Daniels have every right to speak in public? This right cannot be infringed by a POTUS, Can it? In order to sue Ms Daniels Mr. Trump would have to acknowledge some relationship with this Porn Star. No matter what happens next, this whole sordid business shows just what type of sleaze we have elected to be POTUS, as if we didn't already know what Trump was before the 2016 election. He will not be the first POTUS to have had extramarital relations but he certainly must be the first to have had relations with a Porn star; unless of course one thinks of Marilyn Monroe as a porn star. Unfortunately his personal sleazy behavior seems to extend to his presidential dealings as well as hi personal life. Bill clinton was impeached by a Republican House for less egregious behavior. (It must be something in the nature of those who seek the presidency.)

  23. He was impeached for lying under oath, the eventual fate of tRump I expect.

  24. Of all the mayhem and war Trump has started in and with other countries it would truly ironic if the thing that brings his presidency down is a pornstar. We do need another Mark Felt - pseudonym not required.

  25. Let Stormy speak. If we have to suffer through having the nasty Republicans in charge of the country, at least let us have the benefit of some juicy gossip.

  26. You're right. She needs to get it all off her chest.

  27. What would Stormy Daniels be able to tell us about Trump? His sexual proclivities? Gross! The only ones suffering from this skirmish are probably Melania and Barron. Trump's supporters are just fine with our stud in the Oval Office. The GOP Congress seems to have avoided the MeToo# movement and there will be no calls for accountability by Trump. So is this just about Stormy using her 15 minutes of fame to maximum effect? A campaign finance infraction? That is a nothing burger. Embarrassing? No, just another day in Trumpworld. Steve Bannon had said that during the final days of the transition before the inauguration hundreds of pay offs were being arranged. It appears that Trump's pit bull lawyer, Michael Cohen, may have become overwhelmed and improperly executed this agreement with Stormy. He certainly should have had this NDA down pat with all the work if Bannon is to be believed.

  28. Assume that for you, Bill Clinton's personal life was also a nothing burger.

  29. Compared to this, it was.

  30. Okay, so President Trump's lawyer sought a restraining order to silence a pornographic actor who claimed to have had an affair with him. Meanwhile, his administration is under multiple investigations for potential collusion with the enemy, financial malfeasance, and likely a battery of other charges. Yet the GOP remains obtusely, stunningly silent. Remember the GOP's seething contempt for President Obama, whom they deemed "amoral", "imperialist", "elitist," "inexperienced", "unpatriotic", and the like? Where is Rudy Giuliani, the man who denounced Obama as the "President who does not love America"? Where is Gov. Scott Walker, the man who brazenly speculated that Obama "is not a Christian"? And Ted Cruz, who said Obama is an "apologist for radical islam", have you lost your voice too? Your collective silence will go down in history.

  31. I expect they are all in the same place as the liberal feminists who loudly denounced Bill Agee’s relationship with his subordinate Mary Cunningham but fell inexplicably mute when President Clinton abused his far more extreme power imbalance with Monica Lewinski. Now the we no longer are talking about a liberal at Democrat(Bill Clinton) those brave feminists have rmiraculously recovered their MeToo voices! What hypocrites!

  32. JR-- RE: "...feminists..." You were apparently not listening back when--there were many of us who denounced Mr. Clinton's behavior. It was wrong. The problem for me is the converse of Ronald Reagan who claimed the Democrat party "...left [him]..." The part of "family values left me & millions of others when they allowed the likes of Newt (trade in one wife for a newer model) Gingerich, Clarence Thomas, et. al. to spit in the face of women so repeatedly for years, and then embraced Mr. Trump. Likewise, though active in in Campus Crusade & a number of other Jesus Revolution experiences in the '70s, the un-Christian ugliness of Falwell/Falwell, Jr./Franklin Graham/Pat Robertson/Jimmy Swaggert/Franklin Graham/the Duck Dynasty bunch/etc. demonstrates how far Evangelicals have strayed from the teachings of Christ.

  33. JR...winner of today's "whataboutism" award. Congratulations!

  34. How can anyone issue a restraining order against someone in secret without talking to the other party? This is the case f another hush money paid by Cohen to the arbitrator or judge to buy him off. This s like a secret trial against someone without the accused party and convicting him/her. This is supposed t be a free democratic country, not a police or iligarchical state.

  35. It can be done for a short-term temporary order - until a hearing can be scheduled for both parties to attend and be heard.

  36. Reminds me a bit of the British star chamber.

  37. RE: "Reminds me a bit of the British star chamber." Indeed--let's hope this is brought under control before they manage to turn the inside of the Pentagon into a modern Tower of London for heads to roll at King Donald's decree.

  38. The Republicans don't seem to care if Trump sold America out to the Russians; now, they don't seem to care if he is the Harvey Weinstein of the West Wing.

  39. That is why I never could understand anything that motivates a republican besides greed, money for power. Criminal from the get go... Go figure.

  40. It should be illegal to enforce an NDA to cover up a crime. Trump either paid for sex or he paid hush money. Either way it's a crime.

  41. The more the man tries to shut her up, the more he incriminates himself. Way to go Donald!

  42. The Restraining Order names Peggy Peterson as the Respondent. Is that another of Ms. Clifford’s names?

  43. I'm sure that Trump's lawyer paid her with his own money purely out of the goodness of his heart.

  44. This may seem minor but it really annoys me. Yesterday at SH Sanders presser she states "President Trump won an arbitration case to keep Stormy Daniels disclosure secret". OK then how come not one of the cream of the crop "journalists" did not ask "How can President Trump have won an arbitration case to something you say never happened?" Am I being too simplistic?

  45. You aren't, and that angle got plenty of play after the press conference. WH correspondents have a difficult line to walk, and if they press too hard, they can find themselves getting blackballed and left out in the cold, unable to do their jobs. Given 24 hours to marinate, however, I imagine that question (or ones similar) get asked today. Dimes to donuts it isn't Sanders at the podium today.

  46. The journalist from CNN did try to press her but she rebutted with the same response, "This has already been asked and answered. Direct more questions to Trump's outside counsel."

  47. Let’s play this out. Assume Ms. Clifford defies the secret arbitration order. What is President Trump going to do? Have her held in contempt? Bankrupt her? She’s no Obi-Wan Kenobi but such moves would only make her more powerful. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Den-nison.

  48. I would think the threat of bankruptcy would put some brains back into this woman’s head. Someone is advising her that she’ll become rich and glamorous if she just keeps talking to the media. Someone is giving her bad advice. There’s a reason there’s a payout and penalties. It’s in exchange for your silence.

  49. A private arbitrator cannot hold you in contempt, and that's who issued the so-called order. The underlying issue is that if the NDA (Hush Agreement) is invalid, then anything arising from it is as well. The validity may rest on President Dennison's lack of signature or his attorney having revealed it and confirmed the payment. Just sayin'

  50. No court in this country would hold someone in contempt for defying a secret arbitration order. That’s why the arbitration was filed; the goal is to set up a damages case in arbitration and try to keep it all secret. Good luck with that.

  51. "Ms. Clifford said their relationship was consensual..." So Melania signed off on the deal?

  52. Hate to say this, but the ONLY thing that would sway his supporters would be if Stormy Daniels turns out to be a drag queen who had an affair with trump. I'd like to see the evangelist (who said he accorded trump a "do over" on an extra marital affair) handle THAT!

  53. NDAs and private arbitration are the rich man's tools for evading justice. They create situations of disproportionate and asymmetrical access to the fair rule of law. Time to use, gosh, the justice system, and not private contracts, to settle legal disputes. What have the rich got to lose? Oh... right, all that posturing and talk about values, flushed right down the hypocrisy drain.

  54. can't we all together donate $1,000,000 to Ms. Stormy, so that she can speak?

  55. Why? Were you expecting anything actually interesting to be said?

  56. Hard to believe one feels sympathy for Sanders, but think of it, she stands there and lies day after day to defend this scoundrel official, makes one slip and acknowledges a favorable (if one-sided) arbitration ruling and now she in the dog house. Oh, well, she will figure out a new way to lie

  57. "President Trump’s lawyer secretly obtained a temporary restraining order last week to prevent a pornographic film star from speaking out about her alleged affair with Mr. Trump." Please, please, could every purported "Christian" evangelical who supports Trump be asked to justify their support every single day of his ongoing sleaze-fest Presidency? Because I just want to know why it is acceptable to Jesus that this is the Presidential news my daughters have to wake up to. Please make them explain this.

  58. Which brings back the subject of Citizens United and "strongly held beliefs". Your question to evangelicals and these "revelations" show that merely having a strongly held belief does not necessarily mean that one will make honest, truthful and proper decisions. How can any legal decision be based on a completely intangible statement . . . or belief? The Rule of Law can not be ethereal.

  59. Isn't it time for this bumbling and embarrassing administration to be gone? Too bad that the republican House and Senate lack the ethics and backbone to make it so.

  60. The inside scoop to this savory dish under wraps.

  61. So trump says she can't talk about what never happened?

  62. She can't argue that she should be allowed to talk about what never happened.

  63. This comment nails it.

  64. Oh, stormy, oh, stormy, bring back that sunny day Yesterday´s love was like a warm summer breeze but like the weather it changed New things are dreary baby and it´s windy and cold and I stand alone in the rain callin´ your name Stormy, by the Classics IV

  65. Carl Hultberg-- RE: "Now things are dreary baby and it´s windy and cold..." Love it--except that it ruined one of my favorite sing-a-longs...I'll never hear it again without thinking of this sordid mess. :>(

  66. If Trump had exercised some restraint this restraining order wouldn't be necessary.

  67. Lawyers and arbitrators are using non-disclosure agreements and secret arbitration proceedings to cover up the commission of a federal crime - an illegal $130,000 campaign contribution. The legal profession should be ashamed of these lawyers and arbitrators who work for people so tawdry that they can't even use their real names.

  68. I don't see how such an arbitration proceeding could occur without notifying Ms. Daniels and her lawyers. Is there anything in this whole story that does not smell like a week old convenience store sushi?

  69. I'd love to know how the "Christian" right, the evangelicals, the "family values" die-hard Trump supporters are rationalizing this one away. At some point, when this horror show is over, there is much to be learned about how it all came to pass that otherwise decent people with genuinely held religious views and convictions could deny truth, facts, reason and support a person whose every action contradicts what they believe. Fox News? Racism? Russian bots? The possibilities for social studies are endless.

  70. They will not even address it. The fallback position on any debate is to mention "Obama" as though it is a magical word that wins any argument.

  71. It shows their beliefs are rather flexible.

  72. Don't you get it? Trump hates black and brown people and thinks it's OK for kids to get gunned down, so long as the NRA gives him money. Christians? He speaks their language.

  73. This is even less interesting than Monica Lewinski and the then President Clinton. Trump wasn't President and this was 12 years ago. Move on.

  74. Character matters.

  75. What makes this much more more interesting is the blatant hypocrisy of Donald Trump, the denials, the 19 and counting woman who accused him of sexual assault or abusive behavior and attacks on them, his sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton, his abrasive misogynists public shaming of woman, his blatant lying about his predatory behavior which most likely is continuing to this day, and this is only the tip of the Iceberg; besides I want to hear Stormy Daniels full story and see whatever pictures or video she may have to show the people.

  76. Let this play out, it is a real scandal. It clearly speaks to his despicable character and will knock him down a few pegs, as he has counted on his wealth to allow him to do as he pleases. Amusingly he doesn't hire the best and the brightest. Cohen is a sub par lawyer who graduated from one of the worst degree mill law schools in the country. If you breathe you can gain admittance and roughly 50% pass the bar.

  77. It shouldn't come as any surprise that Trump would instantly find a way to block her.

  78. He blocked Peggy Peterson. The stable genius did not sign the non disclosure agreement, and the arbitration is for Peggy Peterson. I think he needs some different legal representation

  79. This story is far more salacious than Kennedy and Monroe. Our democracy hangs its' head in shame as it would appear that Trump's election may rest on this payoff.

  80. It's beyond salacious. It's disgusting.

  81. In the Supreme Court's opinion in Clinton v. Jones, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in a unanimous decision, " appears to us highly unlikely to occupy any substantial amount of petitioner's [President's] time." The decision led to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice and then to Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1998. For Want of a Nail . . .

  82. The GOP had to resort to attacking President Obama because he wore a tan suit. But Trump has so lowered the standards of the office and overtaxed everyone's outrage receptors that this sordid mess barely registers and Democrats don't even bother to score political points. We are through the looking glass here, people.

  83. Think so, huh? We'll see you in November...

  84. I hope the Evangelical right wing of this country is pleased with the character of the person they supported for president. As for that guy Obama, with one happy marriage and not a hint of an affair, well......

  85. Its black and white, and painfully clear whats going on here.

  86. That's where the Evangelical's have always been. Gettin' on the radio, buggin' you for money. They've always been a bunch of corrupt, sleazy operators, fleecing their flock.

  87. They claim "redemption" and "forgiveness"

  88. This is nothing. No Democrat can attack Trump for his sexual behavior, after Clinton’s. Non-issue.

  89. Clinton didn't align himself with bible thumpers who wanted to insert religion into public policy and lecture the rest of us about how to conduct our private lives.

  90. No, all we need is a independent cousel to take care of the impeachment proceedings for us.

  91. And by the same logic, no Republican who criticized, accused, voted to impeach, and/or railed against Bill Clinton for his affairs can stay silent now without admitting to the worst type of moral hypocrisy and intellectual fraud.

  92. Well gee, if those close to Trump are paying large sums of money to keep women from making baseless claims of sex with Trump, I and many other women would like to know how to get on that list. You don't have to actually have sex with Trump, but just to claim you did, and you get paid to stay quiet? What a deal!

  93. Janice - Excellent!! I want on that list as well.

  94. Would you want that reputation, even for $130K?

  95. The plot thickens! What I thought might make a surreal Lifetime cable television movie is well on its way to becoming an NBC miniseries, one in which we are left hanging as to whether Dubious Donald will come clean as to why he wasn't at Barron's first birthday party and whether Melania will stand by her man... Regardless, I can't help but think Ms. Clifford has a great deal of evidence that the affair did happen; letters, email, photographs, gifts. And in that it was a consensual affair, why is it that so much attention is being paid to this story and not to the stories of the women who have accused our President of being a sexual harasser?

  96. These salacious reports of Trump’s myriad moral failings don’t seem to matter to his unquestioning base, including evangelicals and the “victimized” white working class. These reports certainly don’t matter to the GOP donor class. For evangelicals, it’s all about abortion. For a narrow slice of the working class, the allegations only add to Trump’s “street cred.” For the GOP donor class, it’s all about money, money, money. My advice for everyone else is to avoid Fifth Avenue for awhile.

  97. For a narrow slice of the working class, the allegations only add to Trump’s “street cred.” I take it you mean the men who go to strip clubs?

  98. Please carefully re-read Michael Cohen's statement. He says he didn't make the payment to Ms. Clifford in behalf of "the Trump Organization" or "the Trump Campaign." He did NOT say that the payment wasn't made in behalf of Donald Trump personally. This is a classic non-denial denial, which the press, including the Times, has passed along far too credulously, instead of commenting on the mile-wide loophole Cohen left. Furthermore, he says it wasn't a campaign contribution. Pushed to the wall, I'm sure he'd say it was a settlement payment, aimed to resolve a dispute about money owed for services rendered.

  99. That would open up another fascinating can of worms, wouldn't it? What services, and for whom?

  100. Agreed. There is a dearth of cogent reporting on legal matters in general. Even a one-L would spot the issues you’ve noted.

  101. I was sick to death with the Clinton Monica Lewinski story and all its salacious details. Without passing moral judgment I found the affair a private matter between husband and wife even though it seemed impossible with all the righteous out there who were at the time shocked - just shocked and appalled. I feel the same way today even with the tawdry addition of a payoff for silence which may or may not have to do with a political campaign. Didn't we do this before? Didn't we suffer enough with this type of scandal? Must we repeat hours of discussion and judgment once again? It appears today we aren't sure whether or not we should listen to Cotton Mather or adhere to the free love movement. Anything goes or it doesn't. We do and should expect more from our leaders but unfortunately we elect flawed human beings, some more than others.

  102. Trump as the de facto candidate of hard line religious complicates your narrative. Preaching at people and then supporting a porn star on the side still doesnt pass the smell test in America.

  103. Dear LAM, Please don't forget the very big difference between the Clinton scandal and this: we the taxpayers paid tens of millions of dollars for the Starr investigation, including paying for prurient pornographic footnotes in the Starr Report that served no purpose whatsoever other than to internationally humiliate a sitting President. We paid for that. Stormy Daniels is costing taxpayers nothing. That's a big difference.

  104. Yes, we must repeat it because this time it is a Republican in the crosshairs of the same gun that the Republican party wielded against Clinton. They brutally and ruthlessly waged a devastating campaign in the name of morality and family values that gave the presidency to Bush. Now, magically and conveniently, morality and family values mean nothing to Republicans after they used that slogan repeatedly to grab power all across the land. And they are now speedily dismantling the country before our very eyes. Yes, we must repeat this again and again with Republicans to expose them for the hypocrites they are and force them to a reckoning. If you're sick to death of it, then stop paying attention but I for one want every one Trump's affairs exposed and paraded before the Republican Party so that their nuclear weapon of morality and family values that's wrecked this country is effectively neutralized once and for all. My future is at stake because of it. PS: Bonus points for the Cotton Mather mention. It's really his angry puritan spirit that's been animating the Republican Party which has held us back for so long. It needs to be exposed and sent back into history where it belongs.

  105. Why shouldn't the American public know about Trump's affairs? We knew all about President Clinton's. We've heard all about President Kennedy's. Grover Cleveland, LBJ, Warren G. Harding. FDR, Thomas Jefferson, James Garfield and even George Washington had affairs. Why shouldn't the current president's affairs be discussed? It's not like the information isn't public already. He has practically admitted it himself. No one believes he's been faithful to his wives--in fact, it's public knowledge that he had an affair with #2 while still married to #1. So, what's the big deal? Let the woman speak and write her inevitable book.

  106. By the way, did anyone notice that the restraining order Trump's lawyer obtained is against a person that doesn't exist: "Peggy Peterson"? Good luck with "Donald Dennison" (or whatever "Carlos Danger"-type name Trump adopted to conceal his identity in this deal) enforcing this "order". Also, unlike a court order, one entered by an arbitrator paid by Trump has to go to court for enforcement. Somehow, I can't imagine "Donald Dennison" deciding to to that.

  107. I think the real intent is not to "silence" her -- since her story is pretty well known, having been published long before she was paid off -- but to prevent her releasing or selling text messages, selfies and videotapes of Trump. Read the hush agreement.

  108. She will be curating a bidding war between Trump and the media for the purchase of those "momentos".

  109. How uncharacteristic. I would expect Trump to be bragging about the affair. That it happened is already public knowledge. Unless it was paid for, or "unsuccessful."

  110. ....or contained another element, such as an abortion........ that might actually wake up his fans?

  111. Dear L.J., except she's a porn star. If she got pregnant by Trump, it would have been on purpose, and the pay off to end the pregnancy would be a lot greater.

  112. What & where would Trump be without his army of lawyers & thugs? This is not a rhetorical question. Based on what we see of his guttural actions against friends & foes alike, he clearly understands what is waiting for him without his wall of fear and chaos

  113. I am a bit confused by the legal implications of Ms Daniels disclosures. It is reported that she could be fined over 1 million dollars. I am sure she could make a lot more by disclosing everything. Moreover, it appears to me that she has already disclosed enough to be fined. So why not disclose everything? Can someone clarify this?

  114. The $1M is contractual damages for breach of the NDA, and can be awarded by an arbitrator. However Trump would then have to get the arbitrator's award to a Court before he could enforce it. There are many obstacles before any award in any amount would be enforced by a Court.

  115. As she is in the entertainment business, why not get the publicity?

  116. It's 1 million per infraction, so it could really add up. But I'm with you - I don't think the contract has validity. But just to make sure she needs to go through the courts.

  117. This article states "The contract gives Mr. Trump the right to seek financial penalties of more than $1 million in arbitration should Ms. Clifford break or threaten to break her agreement to stay silent." This makes me want to go out and start a GoFundMe account to raise the $1 million. Perhaps there are enough other interested citizens who would contribute in order to start hearing the truth about our so called "President". This also begs the question: How much would we need to pay to see Trump's tax returns?

  118. My thoughts exactly!

  119. Except then you'd be raising $1 million to go to Trump and/or his lawyer. Do you really want to do that?

  120. Don't worry, we'll see them as soon as the audit is completed.

  121. Well, we all know now. She was asked to keep it to herself but obviously wanted the publicity. As this relationship was prior to the presidential election and doesn't appear to have any effect apart from the publicity, and perhaps embarrassment, I don't care. I feel sorry for someone who wants a one time romance to be her big claim to fame. Plenty of presidents carried on affairs before and during their time in the WH. The big difference now is the current attitude over self-disclosure and attempts to establish a social media persona at any cost. If you don't like what is going on with this president you might want to consider that this isn't going to stop any time soon and will continue through future presidencies. In the future any president who doesn't get this kind of treatment must be brought up in a monastery or convent - oops, strike that - on a desert island.

  122. Was this your reaction when it was Bill Clinton? Was this your reaction when Trump paraded Clinton's supposed "victims" at the debate who were also publicity-seeking and equally consenting opportunists? Did you see this sort of thing with Barrack Obama? As far as I know, he wasn't brought up on a desert island.

  123. The story is that his side reached out to squelch the story, in connection with his campaign to be our President. Please think about that.

  124. Really? Tell that to Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Pretty sure they weren't brought up in a monastery or desert island, and yet we never heard about any of them carrying on affairs before becoming president. Stop trying to rationalize this President's low moral fiber and lack of character. This country deserves better.

  125. What I find interesting about this is that the original "hush order" apparently included the term "paternity" in the list of topics she was agreeing not to discuss. Doubtless, Trump fans will argue that that term is just part of the "standard language" of these types of agreements. I doubt, however, that Trump's well-paid attorneys did nothing more than provide him with a standard form you could find on a website. I believe that every word in that agreement was chosen specifically for his situation. Is $130,000 the going rate for keeping quiet about an abortion?

  126. O'Reilly had to pay 30 million to just one of his victims. So this explains why Trump urged O'Reilly to fight against these sexual harassment accusations so vehemently. Trump knew his own hush money measly $100 K payments would likely be "revisited" by his accusers.

  127. Seems a tad low to me.

  128. A question of standing will have to be decided with regard to Mr. Cohen and his ability to enforce a contract to which he may not be a party. Unsigned contracts are generally not enforceable and I have not run into any State that will enforce or find valid a contract wherein there is a false name used for signature of a contract. " In some cases, AKA" or alias names may be used when there is sufficient evidence that the name is a commonly used name for the party and proof can be offered that the party used the name in legal proceedings prior to the signing. Here, there appears to be no signing, thus no expression of a meeting of the minds, therefore a void contract. Even with a valid contract, Mr. Cohen appears to be counsel and has represented himself as such and would not be a party to the agreement or dispute. Mr. Cohen has further stated extemporaneously that he was "not reimbursed" by the party for whom he made a settlement payment, thus cementing his status as a representative of teh party and not a party to the contract or agreement.

  129. Would there be an argument that there was an enforceable 'quasi contract' based on her acceptance of a payment?

  130. Is there not something inconsistent about the president's stance? If he is truthful (which would be a first for him) that he did not have an affair, then why is it necessary to issue a restraining order preventing her from talking about it? It would mean that she was paid $130,000 to not talk about something that didn't happen.

  131. Pretty much.

  132. Precisely. But the restraining order (such as it is) is on behalf of EC, LLC. Not Cohen, not Trump. So EC will need to dial in some people - a CEO, staff, board, etc.

  133. We all know he has a strong ego, so there is that. And, for him, that kind of money is probably not a big deal if it would avoid embarrassment.

  134. What an ugly embarrassment - on literally ever front. Talk to a fellow from up North (Canada) the other day and he said "yea, we used to have such respect for America - Obama was so classy"..... yep!

  135. It’s no wonder that Stormy Daniels is unhappy with her $130,000 payment. Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to drop her sexual harassment lawsuit.

  136. Not sure about Clinton since you provide no source. Cite one or two. But Daniels stands to make millions blabbering about David Dennison, AKA POTUS.

  137. Are Trump supporters still going to shrug off these revelations? How much more do they need? In my view, even this isn't going to turn them off -- I think they secretly admire this ignorant, racist alpha male and will continue to support him. Evangelicals. ---can we hear from you now?

  138. They might not even know about it. Fox News makes no mention of Stormy Daniels - check out their website and you'll see they live in a different universe.

  139. Nothing burger again for his base. There is a letter to the editor in my local Virginia paper extolling the virtues and greatness of Dear Leader. Astounding.

  140. Who enforces the private rules of ADR Services, Inc.? And who is Peggy Peterson?

  141. An order from rent a judge, without giving notice first is not due process. Jacqueline O Connor the LA ADR judge should ashamed.

  142. RE: "...Jacqueline O Connor the LA ADR judge should ashamed" In that universe there is no shame...just look at "Judge Jeannine" on FOX--if I were an attorney, people like that would make me find a new profession.

  143. Please what Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the GOP are afraid to do...expose Trump for what he is...a man without shame or a conscience! Gratefully yours, An American patriot!

  144. How do we know if the actress Stormy Daniels isn't some sort of Russian operative mole?!? 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and 'From Russia With Love', she starred in these, right?

  145. I wonder how this makes Melania and Ivanka feel with this swirling around them, are they still in denial or can they bring themselves to support Stormy Daniels and realize that the husband and father they thought they knew, is not worth standing beside, he's a philandering liar and always been that way!

  146. The only person who we should feel sorry for is the child.

  147. Too much column space on this in the NYT. This belongs on HuffPost. Please address real issues. The coverage of Native American issues, lack of communication infrastructure, and plenty of other stories should be on the front page. Not this. Trump’s affairs are nothing new. The Republicans don’t care. Nor does the hypocritical Christian Right. Trump has lots of skeletons in his closet. I’m only interested if they get him indicted for real crimes.

  148. Not enough space given to this issue!

  149. You don't see this behavior as of a piece with Trump's cooperation with the Kremlin? Trump or Cohen hid from the FEC his campaign contribution of the funding to keep Ms. Clifford quiet in November of 2016.

  150. Republicans declared pornography a "public health crisis" in their 2016 platform. They seem awfully mute about the misdeeds of their leader with some of that industry's stars.

  151. You declared that womyn should earn as much as men, and yet there are virtually no male porn stars, they're all basically stand-ins paid nothing. When do you plan to, well, rectify this travesty of gender inequality.

  152. The whole point of the Stormy Daniels affair is to prove Trump a liar, once and for all, in open court. It's amazing how his supporters all believe him as long as he says fake news. There is a mountain of evidence and accusations against him yet they refuse to acknowledge. Although any normal, logical person believes the accusations, they can still be considered questionable because he denies and there is none of what they consider hard evidence. This would be a concrete example of his lying.

  153. Look, I don't really care what President Trump, or private citizen Trump, is or was doing in his spare time. That is his business and that of his family. Liberals need to be very careful here: recall the various defenses they threw out to rationalize President Clinton's extra curricular activities before and after he became president, But I enjoy watching these Bible Belt Republicans, who rail about family values, twist themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize the President's sophomoric behavior, or lob out the "no comment" line. Imagine if President Obama had been caught with a porn star, or a librarian for that matter. The GOP and Fox News would have been apoplectic, calling for investigations etc.

  154. I care about the fact that a sitting President is spending time and money on this instead of working.

  155. Fascinating, both the President and Ms Daniels used false names. Not even commonly used by either, just made up. As commented in another post, generally courts do not even recognize agreements signed using totally Reading the arbitrators stay what strikes me is the invented names, not used or known to be used by the parties. Kind of like your signing an agreement as “Yosemite Sam”. What? Who? Honestly, I and probably most readers are well over somehow thinking this is special or unique for Donnie. Casual paid sex, simple reality for him. Duhhh, kind of so what? Groundhog day anyone.? The biggest issue is the fake movement of money and payola between Donnie and Mr Cohn. That is clearly a big big legal issue, violates federal campaign laws as an unreported contribution. Violates , seemingly, a multitude of bar association ethics rules, comingling assets, tax law 1099 anyone? ( Who gets the 1099? Donnie for gift? Ms Daniels under the pseudonym used here? Whose SS number? Holy cow, the tax fraud and law violations one sees here are massive. Sex, who cares, I dont, donnie is donnie and has played that role for 40 plus years, YAWN, tax and election fraud.... now THAT is real.

  156. Cant wait to hear the ever-evolving defense of Trump's behavior from people like Franklin Graham, the evangelist and Donald apologist. Last week it was the "Cyrus the Great Defense" from Netanyahu and American fundamentalists- where the Lord uses a moral wreck of a guy to do "His will". Not sure about restraining orders for involvement with porn ladies while your wife gives birth, but I guess we will see.

  157. Serial wife-cheating Trump is giving the evangelicals an infinite amount of practice "forgiving".

  158. Well, he didn't want the job in the first place so let's just fire the transgressor and get back to governing the country with some one who actually cares and wants to be a respectable President.

  159. The silence from the republican party is so loud it's deafening. Lying and cheating is the rule of the day for that entire party...does Gerrymandering come to mind????

  160. Is the arbitration firm ADR Services, Inc. and the arbitrator Jacqueline A. Connor participating in the cover-up of a federal felony - an illegal and unreported contribution to the Trump campaign by Michael Cohen or an undisclosed person? Are there no ethics left in the legal profession?

  161. An arbitrator has only authority to rule on a narrow question of whether a contract was breached. Her Temporary Restraining Order is only intended to last until there can be a reply by Ms. Clifford. That is why it is called "temporary." The Hon. Connor has no power to consider wider legal issues. She is not a judge of general jurisdiction in any court.

  162. Cheaters cheat and he is a known cheater - in all aspects of his life. It is appalling that he got elected, but his past personal and business behavior inform what type of president he would be. Aside from how we will prevent Russian interference in elections in the future, I want to know when we will require full financial disclosures for candidates in the future.

  163. With all the money in politics it seems even $1+ mil in potential damages wouldn't be an obstacle to violating a restraining order if it meant damning dirt on Trump. The question is to what end. The only part of Trump's base that might conceivably be jolted by the revelation would be the Evangelical culture-warriors, but they've already given Trump a blanket 'mulligan' for any sinful transgressions whatsoever. But if a Democrat was doing any of these lies/scandals/treason that Trump gets away with under his blanket license to sin? Heavens! Mercy!! God's wrath would be made manifest by 24/7 outrage on fox, Christians would be marching in streets demanding immediate resignation, & they'd likely get it.

  164. Sara Sanders is now in hot water because she said trump had "won" the arbitration. Only the Best and Brightest.

  165. Apparently now S Huckabee has made a slip...or told the truth! Same thing in this administration, the only time the truth will be uttered...And now Trump is tied to Stormy...and eh is fuming! He is no better than the people he derided during the election and the Republican representatives have said not a peep, unlike their ranting and screaming along with Trump about BIll Clinton, who at least owned up to his behavior, but I am sure Trump will now pay more than $130,000 and this is good news.

  166. somebody can easily end this saga-who? Any of the plaintiffs now suing Trump for slander for calling them liars for claiming he harassed them can subpoena Stormy and take her deposition. A private nondisclosure agreement usually will not permit a witness to refuse to answer relevant questions, otherwise thee would never be any witnesses to anything

  167. We all know there was an affair, even if it makes us a little ill to think about it. So why are Trump's people so desperate to muzzle Miz Stormy? She must have something to say that goes way beyond, "We had sex." Like something highly personal that would be damaging to the manly image Mr. Trump tries so hard to project?

  168. That's ,exactly what it is, the affair part is out and known. The hush agreement was for her to return media she appropriated from him (not about them) probably from his phone when he was sleeping, pics and text messages, and maybe also conversations they had. It concerns his family, children, 'alleged' children, paternity, sexual conduct (as opposed to sexual actions). Stormy said she was moved to share that information after the other women came forward. Their relation was consensual, so it is NOT about their affair. Either he has other children out of wedlock, Tiffany is not his daughter, or confirmations on the rumors between him and Ivanka.

  169. Ms. Daniel's should follow Hope Hick's example. Release the photos, then claim that your email/computer was hacked.

  170. Just how much of Trump’s time, energy, and (limited) focus is being spent on this? To what crewmember of this rapidly sinking ship of fools is he relegating his daily duties as POTUS? Based on how he obsesses (especially about himself) I’m pretty certain this is all he is working on these days. Will the Right begin to scream about how much of a distraction from the people’s business and conduct unbecoming this is, as it did with Bill Clinton, or will it continue to whistle a happy tune while looking the other way? (No need to answer that. I know what it’ll do.)

  171. I am no legal expert, I only watch TV shows about lawyers, but this restraining order is for Peggy Petersen, not Stormy Daniels or Stephanie Clifford. So, Peggy if you are out there, we are behind you and hope you get your day in court. Stormy and Stephanie, feel free to sing from the mountain tops.

  172. Sing about what? Sex? Clinton, JFK and LBJ all had girls on the side.

  173. While this is a juicy side-story that potentially speaks loudly to the moral functioning of our POTUS, I believe there are significantly "more important" matters that concern the nation, no?

  174. And we're reading all of those stories, too.

  175. Looks like Stormy yanked the last shard (an iota) of honor and integrity out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I guess Sarah Huckabee Sanders skips that part of her Scripture about lying down with dogs... Salvation is a miracle and our thoughts and prayers go out to Trump, Daniels and Sanders is this winter of malcontent. Like the Prof. George says in "...Virginia Woolfe" "I'm mistrustful, very mistrustful."

  176. A haiku for Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Sarah’s false witness Insults our intelligence Please make her stop now

  177. Boy, I bet Clinton wished he had one of those for Monica.

  178. But Monica never talked. She still hasn't. Her friend did.

  179. This story is still making the front page? It didn't happen during his presidency, so who cares? No one, except for hypocrites that supported Bill Clinton.

  180. Oh Please. People don't pony up 130K in Idaho for nothing do they?

  181. Hi Andrew, I just had an Idaho potato for lunch. Fascinating isn't it? Thought this would be something you would care about.

  182. The story is happening right now. The coverup of what was arguably an illegal campaign contribution in the final days of the election (that can only have helped Trump win) is ongoing.

  183. NYT Commenters reduced to rooting for a porn actress who engaged in blackmail. Says everything.

  184. You misunderstand the comments, my friend (or Russian troll). People here are rooting for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  185. Remember when GOP Rep. Peter King declared that the tan suit worn by Obama revealed his "lack of seriousness." Or when Sean Hannity and Karl Rove mocked Obama for his so-called "latte salute" to US Marines? But now we have a situation in which a star of adult films is far more credible than the sitting president regarding claims of an affair that took place while Trump was playing celebrity mogul and his wife was home with a 4-month-old baby. If find the current silence by the GOP and Fox just as disgusting as the notion of a 60-year-old pajama-bottoms-clad Trump hooking up with a porn star in his hotel room in Lake Tahoe and now pretending in 2018, in classic adulterer fashion, that it never happened while his attorney scrambles to cover up his hush money scheme gone wrong.

  186. Sarah Sanders stated yesterday that Trump won the "arbitration agreement". Sarah's in big trouble as she admits Trump was actively trying to shut Stormy up.

  187. President Trump consistently denies reports which are later proven true. Each additional occurrence casts greater doubt on the denials which have yet to be resolved. I wonder, what are the statistics here? Are there any credible reports that have been denied, where Trump is later vindicated? Or, do they all fall into one of two categories: denials that have been proven to be lies and denials where the jury is still out?

  188. Why is Sarah Huckabee/Sanders addressing this issue as a government employee? She speaks for the Executive Office; she's not a private personal secretary. So it's a matter of national concern, then, and the public's business. Trump can't have it both ways.

  189. A contract is a meeting meeting of minds. With Trump the denying he entered the contract, never having signed the contract and it now being known that he was not the source of any money paid pursuant to the contract, why does Trump's lawyer and the arbitrator think he has anything to do with the contract? Trump's lawyer denies that he's a party to the contract. So miss Daniels has a contract with nobody. There is no Meeting of Minds or contract.

  190. I don't get why this is news. FDR, JFK, Eisenhower, all had consensual affairs and Clinton, of course, had his issues consensual and some maybe not. If the point is that rich powerful men have their pick of beautiful women, I think most every adult understands that.

  191. maybe this is less about beauty and much more about dishonesty [and probably a whole lot else]?

  192. Because the hush money, paid to keep her quiet during the election, might have constituted an illegal campaign contribution, among other reasons.

  193. Naturally, attempting to silence Ms Clifford only calls more attention to an illicit affair. Right-wingers appear to have no problem concocting preposterous story lines and conspiracy theories to advance their political agenda, so it seems like the other side will now have free rein to let their imaginations run wild with this story and how it affects Trump's politics - and marriage. Not the first lie or failure to disclose that gives progressives this opportunity.

  194. The Order of the "Emergency Arbitrator" is what's called a "Temporary Restraining Order" or TRO. It does not signify that Trump (or Cohen!) has "won" the arbitration; rather, it just directs that the status quo be maintained during any process of arbitrating the dispute. A party should establish "a reasonable likelihood of success on the merits" in order to get a TRO, but this one was issued on an "emergency" basis, apparently with no input or opposition from Ms. Clifford's side. Hence, the "reasonable likelihood of success" standard will not have been authoritatively ruled on. The outcome may turn on the arbitrability of the dispute. I have not seen a copy of the agreement between Ms. Clifford and "DD" which, among other things, would contain the agreement to arbitrate and some reference to the terms of such arbitration process. One question is whether Cohen, with or without Trump, can enforce the agreement; also, absent a signature from Trump, is Ms. Clifford effectively estopped from contesting the binding nature of the agreement by virtue of having accepted payment of the $130,000. This may be a tough case for Ms. Clifford. However, none of this has anything whatsoever to do with whether the payment by way of this "Hush Agreement" constituted an illegal campaign contribution. It clearly does depict the disgraceful, embarrassing, and despicable conduct we have seen SO many times from Trump.

  195. Jim Rutenberg's and Peter Baker's article lacks the kind of background explanation that usually accompanies excellent Times' journalism that anticipates and answer questions that readers will have. In this case, how does a private arbitration company, and its hired retired judge, have the authority to issue a "restraining order"? How could they enforce it without going through the official legal system and its due process? And why could not the formal legal system declare the contract engineered by Michael D. Cohen on Trump's behalf unenforceable on public-policy grounds, as it serves to hide evidence of criminal violation of election law? Examples of unenforceable contracts: Restrictive covenants on real-estate deeds barring sales to certain races are not enforceable. Nor would be enforceable entirely-voluntary contracts to enter into slavery (with life-or-death or physical-abuse rights ceded to the slave-owner), say, in exchange for a lump sum to pay for cancer treatment of a slave's kin.

  196. Another in the constant stream of presidential "shock and awe." It's hardly shocking anymore. In fact, you couldn't make this stuff up in a Hollywood studio.

  197. "life is stranger than fiction." being con-firmed over & over again.

  198. When a lawyer needs a lawyer, you know there is something quite rotten here. That said, I agree with Bernie Sanders: Instead of Stormy Daniels and the mysterious "David Dennison," pay close attention to the Bank Bill that the Republican Congress is trying to pass. The latter will have far greater consequences.

  199. bread and circuses! [at work & working since time immemorial.]

  200. So if Mr. Trump does not know anything about the payment, then, by extension he knows nothing about the non-disclosure agreement, and therefore he must not have entered into a contract, which requires among other things mutual assent to its provisions and terms. If Mr. Cohen represented to Ms. Clifford and her attorney that they were entering into a contract with Mr. Trump and that Cohen had the authority to represent him in this matter, then he misrepresented the party with whom the contract was being made. What representations were made to the arbitrator and the court? There appears to be numerous layers of potential fraud and misrepresentation at play here. Mr. Trump can't have it both ways, either he knew and authorized the contract and payment and the contract is valid, or he didn't and it isn't.

  201. One can't help wonder what "consideration" the Arbitrator, Ms. Conner, was provided by Trump's lawyer to gag Ms. Clifford over an agreement that he never signed and to do so without the knowledge or counterargument of Ms. Clifford. This decision stinks to High Heaven along with the parties that benefited from it.

  202. So the penalty for Ms. Clifford speaking out is $1 million. I'll bet there are at least 1 million Americans who would pony up a buck to hear what Ms. Clifford has to say.

  203. I think the cat's out of the bag. :-)

  204. There is a serious problem with arbitration if rulings can be made without any input from one of the parties involved. Recent concerns about the use of arbitration pale in comparison to this.

  205. The penalty is only $1 million or so if she breaks the agreement, which I bet Ms. Clifford could raise online in a day, promising to pay it back if not needed. Then she could speak out and wait for Trump and Cohen to sue for the money. They would only compound the damage if they sued her for speaking the truth.

  206. I am very familiar with how legal arbitration works (between ALL parties) and from reading this and other accounts, it appears this was a 'one sided arbitration'--Ms Daniels was left out of the arbitration. How could any determination be binding?

  207. The issue for me in the Trump-Clifford affair is the ongoing attempts to "hush" it up and the potential legal and political issue it raises. That Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, is currently actively trying to "restrain" Ms. Clifford from talking indicates to potential for further legal complications. As with the Steele dossier claiming similar salacious compromising behavior by Donald Trump, we now know that he, in fact, is compromised and has been and still is trying to "silence" her. Why? This and other questions about who actually paid the $130,000 just before the 2016 election, where did the funds come from, and, of course, now President Trump's involvement in all of this will have to be answered. And, the legal precedents from the Clinton-Lewinsky affair will require to parties to explain it immediately to the court.

  208. Around America, poor people idle in prison because they can't pay fines imposed for petty offenses, e.g. Ferguson, Missouri. Meanwhile, the rich live in an alternate universe where money solves all problems and they are never held accountable for their actions no matter how hurtful.

  209. The hush contract as I read it, is between P.P. and (EC and/or D.D.) I'm not a lawyer, all the pages were initialled PP and EC..., but unless EC and D.D. were identified as a single entity, which they were not, EC's initials covered EC only....D.D. (Trump) never signed and therefore this is not a binding agreement between him and P.P. (Daniels). I would be fascinating to place Trump under oath face to face with Daniels in a court of law. (how long can his wife tolerate this while protecting her son?)

  210. Actually, the first paragraph refers to EC "and/or" DD as being "the party of the first part," and PP as "party of the second part," so they may have an argument that DD's signature was not needed to satisfy the requirement that the Agreement be signed "by the Parties."

  211. No doubt Cohen has Power of Attorney for Trump. Why didn't he just sign as POA? What an interesting covfefe.

  212. Happy retirement, Ms. Sanders.

  213. Kissing and telling is all about money and opportunity. The American way. Go for it!

  214. An innocent POTUS would not need a restraining order to silence a false witness. The public funds, time and inexcusable distractions from serious global problems squandered by his gross embarrassments to our nation can not continue. With his administrative staff and ill-chosen, incompetent, self-serving appointees scattering like fleas off the carcass of a rabid dog, it is clearly time for dtrump to be removed from office and frog-marched to Guantanamo Bay. And too, that his entire administration and coterie of unqualified appointees be dismissed and replaced with qualified, dedicated public servants.

  215. So Trump's "bimbo eruptions" are claimed to be fake news, except that there are legal proceedings that outline the claims and the payoffs. Well, well, well. Trump and his lawyers have some splainin' to do. And some campaign finance forms to revise. Why do I think there are more revelations to come?

  216. Neither Ms. Lewinsky nor Marilyn Monroe were paid off so as to hide the reality and hence facilitate an election. This issue deserve full disclosure and investigation. Were campaign finance rules violated? It appears so. Commonsense says that in the event that an individual didn't sign his/her name on a document, then that document doesn't provide protection for the unsigned individual. Hence, that agreement ought not deserve any traction whatsoever. This buyout smells of fraud. After all, DJT's lawyer didn't sleep with this young lady, so why is a TRO being granted in the absence of the other side being given an opportunity to respond?

  217. So do not look for Sarah Sanders at the press briefing today. Trump is most unhappy that Sarah implicated him in the "hush-up-Stormy" arbitration case by claiming that "Trump won". David Dennison, John Barron, John Miller, Donald Trump.... You are all in deep trouble.

  218. "deep trouble." Isn't that what DT stands for?

  219. What strikes me is how much smaller the carrot ($130,000) is than the stick ($1,000,000). What a cheapskate.

  220. Nothing in the order says Trump won that the allegations are not true. I find the order bizarre. Although the order says it was granted in part, we do not know what else Trump asked for but was denied since we do not see the application for restraining order. Trump should release the application itself. The order fails to state that the Arbitrator found that Mr. Trump has standing to sue, that he is in privity of contract. In court, I would expect Daniels to prevail given that Trump paid nothing and failed to sign the contract. Another take away is Sarah Huckabee lied when she claimed Trump won. Nothing in the order rules on the merits. Moreover, the merits are NOT that no sex happened. The merits are whether Daniels is allowed to talk about the Confidential information. Clearly, Trump's lawyer drafted the agreement, not Daniel's lawyer and Trump was concerned that Daniels would talk about whether Trump had illegitimate children because that is addressed in Paragraph 4.1(a) of the Non-Disclosure agreement: "including but not limited to his children or any alleged children or any of his alleged sexual partners . . ." Clearly, nothing in the restraining order says Trump proved is not like Arnold Schwarznegger.

  221. Can we be done with this story? Can we please focus on the staggering size of the loans Kushner negotiated with WH visitors? Focus on the big stuff.

  222. Great opportunity for Larry Flynt to step up and and guarantee to indemnify Stormy for a Hustler exclusive.

  223. A slimy president makes no good news. He feeds on amorality. He is not a symbols of what makes America Great, but a sad show of how low a nation can sink when it elects an ego instead of a human being.

  224. Trump himself may need saving, perhaps through being "born again", but think of all the unborn fetuses and guns he can save. Is this the Evangelical calculus?

  225. Is it any accident that McDougal is accusing the arbitrators of a sleazy-lawyer trick that is perfectly matched to a sleazy Trump trick? The arbitrators are accused of including a provision allowing Trump to recover $1M for a breach of the agreement, and to obtain a restraining order for a threatened breach. Then Trump allegedly comes along and declines to sign the agreement, asking a third party to pay the settlement amount. Once McDougal "threatens" a breach of the inchoate agreement, they seek a TRO. It is a giant smokescreen that only a true creep could come up with. McDougal's only recourse is to go to court to resolve the vexing and expensive question of whether or not an agreement exists.

  226. Stormy Daniels for president! Even she'd be an improvement over what we have now.

  227. I'm hoping a settlement includes Stormy becoming press secretary. I'd order cable tv service for that alone.