Is America ‘Backsliding’ on Race?

Do you agree with some that, since Donald Trump became president, America is ”slipping into an earlier, uglier version of itself”?

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  1. I agree that America is turning back "into an uglier version of itself." People feel this way because they have to live every minute of every day in a country that once had a black president but is slowly reverting back to racism. Even though most people won't ever admit it, I think that many Americans believe in the same things that Trump is voicing out. I have heard and seen with my very own eyes the racist opinions about immigrants specifically. Comments like these make me feel absolutely disgusted when I hear them. Immigrants already have so much to worry about in a place foreign to them, and they do not need someone to ridicule them every single day.

  2. This student is 10 days shy of 79, and the answer is clear. Donald Trump has worked cultural ambivalence to excite prejudice in an unforgettable and disgusting campaign designed to arouse fear and excite ignorance... the dual dynamics of prejudice. Trump will go down in history as the antithesis of Abraham Lincoln... And he will be reviled more and more and more... As our children awaken to the divisiveness he has exploded. Prejudice will always be a threat. It is for the more secure among us to rise. The significant differences among people matter, and they start with self understanding, not color, religion, race, or economics. What we do with our self understanding makes all the differences... Vanish in time. We all bleed the same color... We all grow up with the same needs. We must learn to nurture what we have in common... And enjoy what makes us different.

  3. I believe that America is turning back "into an uglier version of itself" because it is the thought and idea that sticks to everyone. This idea and thought is thought one race is to be held lower than another on a scale. This is not fair because everyone is born equal, and to judge someone by their race and belief is disgusting. Donald Trump has made this idea stick with everyone and believe that this is the 'way to make America great again' and to get rid of the people that don't belong. The people that don't belong want a better life; in a better country; with better opportunities and the many people are in the way of making things right for them and their families. In this country and world everyone should belong no matter the race or belief.

  4. I believe that some people forget how short of a time it has been since separate but equal, and segregation laws were still in place. Only about 60 years ago, these laws were still dominant in America. I don't think that people want to admit that changing a culture of a whole nation takes a very long time, and I think that over time, race relations will only get stronger and we will understand each other more.

  5. I think Donald was only speaking for his followers and not for most Americans

  6. I don´t think that Donald Trump was voicing what many americans believe. Nearly the whole United States doesnt like the guy and is no where near Barrack Obama.

  7. As far as slipping into an uglier version of itself, I cannot judge American due to my lack of experience there myself. All I can do is make a judgement based on what I have read and heard. From what I can tell no, we are not slipping. If anything we are moving forward and everyone is blind to this fact. The point in using some of the word he has used is an attempt to get people to educate themselves on what, for sure, counts as racist and what counts as a description. (They're called pronouns people, look them up.) I believe that I can get behind educating the public on political correctness, the ones in the wrong here are the people who refuse to see this as a learning experience and rather a prejudice act towards a select group of people.

  8. prompt four. I have seen/read racist views and racist comment and slurs toward immigrants such as mexicans and muslims. Ive seen all the comments as Donald Trump won the Presidency.

  9. yes america is backsliding is going back to how it used to be and that's ridiculous, america has to be fair.

  10. yes its all over social media and the president is always talking about it. and putting the aliens on the spot.

  11. Racism still exists today, and hasn't ever stopped in my opinion. It may have settled down for a while but it is still rising. Racism is aimed at more than one race today too, not just blacks, it's mexicans, it's caucasians, it's everyone who is different than your race.

  12. I don't believe that racism is on the rise in the united states, I believe that ignorance is what is on the rise in the united states. Most people that do or say racist things don't have the mental capacity to know that what they are saying is negativily affecting the people around them and for the people that do know what they are saying they are just a product of their invironment and not being raised to know what is right or wrong

  13. I don’t think that America is “slipping into an earlier, uglier version of itself” - I think that America has always had a dark underbelly. Beneath apple pie, baseball, and the glitz and glamour of the “American dream”, there has always been a side that most Americans have the decency to be ashamed of. America was built on slavery and racism, but the credit was taken by Europeans. In school, we are learning about the eloquence of previous presidents. We read speeches by Lincoln and marvel at how he was able to say things in such a precise and careful way. In present-day America, we read tweets by our child-president and marvel and how he is able to command anxiety with just 180 characters. Racism has been ingrained into American society. Beyonce’s quote sums it up best. In a speech she gave when presenting Colin Kaepernick with the Muhammed Ali Legacy Award, she said, “...racism is so American, that when we protest racism, some assume we are protesting America.” She is right. America’s dark underbelly should be shamed, it should be the thing that we feel disgust towards, the thing that we apologize for and work to end. It should not be the thing that is passed down to our children. I see the uprisings of racism in high school, unfortunately - it’s not my classmates’ fault that some of them feign ignorance at what he says and does. It is America’s fault, it is society, it is generations and generations who failed us.

  14. I do think that America is sliding into an uglier version of itself. We are teaching Minorities that they are oppressed and blaming it on White People. Yes some white people are racist but some Blacks and Latinos are Racist Too. We are teaching people that other people are more privileged then them and creates racism instead of stopping it. Everyone needs to chill out and realize everyone should be equal and not just tell people they are oppresed

  15. America has made a tremendous amount of progress in equality regarding race since the 1900’s. But that is not to say that there is not more work to be done today. After many brave black men and women fought and gave up their lives, no matter one's color they are still the same in the eyes of American law. Although, today I do believe we have taken a few steps back, beginning with the election of a man who represents what American had just freshly moved on from. After history was made when Barack Obama was elected president as a black man, just four years later our nation elected a man who has shown us time and time again that race matters. Yet, he would never admit to it, if anything he would admit to being racist towards muslims. It is in that fact that harms our country. Not to say that it is only President Trump, it is that there is still a generation that believes in the old ways. The millennials grandparents are still set in how they live and who they chose to judge. That would be fine if they kept to themselves but they slowly share their opinions with those that look up to them demonstrating what they believe to be “right”. But, If our leader is willing to discriminate against one race what will stop him from harping down on blacks as well. . How much is progress worth if as one nation we cannot keep it?

  16. I do not believe America is “slipping back into an earlier, uglier version of itself” I believe we are uncovering the racist roots of our nation. Over the past 8 years Americans have become more accepting of not just race but people of all walks of life. While it appeared that our nation as a whole was experiencing this becomes clear now that it is not the case. Donald Trump is screaming out the words of racist america. Between his tweets and speeches it seems like his own beliefs are out shining our nation's values. The head of our nation is voicing the beliefs of what we believed was a minority but now seems like a larger group of people. Having him as our president has not necessarily made our nation more racist but has made the racists in our country feel more comfortable and less ashamed of their beliefs. Donald Trump is bringing out the worst in our country, but luckily he is only one person. I believe that the actions of activist groups that are accepting of all peoples will keep us from slipping back into our ugly, racist america and push us towards a nicer, more accepting one.

  17. Personally, I do not believe that America is “backsliding” on race. Though it is unfortunate that some of the figures that happen to be portrayed in daily news obtain prejudice opinions on certain racial topics and concepts, there comes a point when people need to evaluate themselves, and their personal beliefs. Unfortunately, our world is a place in which many people are silenced, or they are far too scared to share their opinions. However, if people do not speak up when they feel that a statement is immoral, nothing is being done to stop the inhumane, inconsiderate comments being spoken of by others. As individuals, we need to silence the racially prejudice perspectives that are publicized and showcased. In other words, as a nation, we will not “backslide” on race unless we, as individuals, let such circumstances happen.

  18. Is America ‘Backsliding’ on Race? Is America backsliding on race? No. Are individuals backsliding on race? Now that is a different story. I think as a whole, America has improved upon the way different races view one another and it confuses me as to why people think the America we live in today is slightly comparable to the “earlier, uglier” version. I agree with Sterling Tuckers statement on how there is not a lot of honesty in the country because of how everything has to be filtered. Everything needs to be politically correct. Some individuals have a hard time facing the truth. Who we are and where we are as a country is impossible to evaluate. Do I feel as if America is slipping into the earlier and uglier self? No, I do not. I think society is deliberately portraying races either as a target or privileged. All over social media whether the person is young or old, white or black, they have something political to say. Racism is a two way street. One race should not be at fault for being more “racist” than the other because wouldn’t that be considered racist too? Ever since Donald Trump has been elected, racism and political correctness have been the talk of the day. In my opinion, I think racism is on the rise, and there is nothing to do about it because of the way people have grown up and individually faced racism.

  19. Despite the efforts of many to educate and encourage diversity, the weed of bigotry still pushes up through the cracks. But this infestation is not a new phenomenon; racism has been lurking in the shadows for decades. It is true that since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. we have come very far as a nation, and that black Americans are now given the civil rights they deserve. But even after America let go of unfair Jim Crow laws, did we ever fully let go of our internalized prejudice? If this ‘backslide’ is any indication, we have not. With Trump as president, people feel that it is acceptable to espouse racist beliefs. Want to rally for white supremacy? The president won’t hold you accountable for the riots that ensue.With every new comment from Trump, it becomes increasingly “ok” for Americans to be crude and close-minded.There have always been racist people in this country. The only difference is that now they feel secure in acting on their prejudices.

  20. part one I think he is trying to imply there are racist people that are hiding in the community. Think this absurd social media is booming and people from all over now have all sorts of platforms. I think Strering tucker is mislead and should stop trying to find evil that doesn't exist anymore. I think the people quoted in this article are just looking for bad parts of america instead of seeing it as better. When they said in the interview it was good when we had a African American president, just because someone is African American doesn't mean there better than a white person if you want to end racism and make America "Great again" a double standard is the worst way to go about it. When Donald Trump was talking about third world countries and Haiti he said that immigrants coming from their mostly aren't helping the economy. I agree and stand by his view point. When people voted Donald Trump clearly stated that his view was to put America first and he held by that, and I don't think we should blame someone by the way they go about doing thing and instead on the outcome.

  21. i believe trump was using "crude words" because not only is her preferring white americans but also is calling others out or saying their criminals etc.

  22. I have read racist comments on social media about immigrants. I have watched people argue on facebook about whether or not a immigrant should be here in the country. I feel as if people feel a certain way they should keep it to themselves.

  23. He thinks our people is hiding stuff from us and making us corrupt. I personally think trump is gonna benefit us because he doesn't hold anything back and speaks his mind. Just because Trump says something doesn't mean we all think that. Everyone is different.

  24. Have you seen, heard or read racist opinions about immigrants or any other groups? Yes I have heard stories and seen many racist things that trump puts on social media that I believe shouldn't be posted.

  25. yes i have heard racist comments from many people. i feel that they makes these racist comments towards each other because president donald trump does when he gives speeches or talk about immigrants,so they feel they can do it too.

  26. I do not believe that Donald Trump voiced what Americans think about African countries nor Haiti. He voiced his own personal opinion, which made our country look bad. African countries are not what he claimed them to be, they are beautiful and unique as well as the people that make the countries up.

  27. I read plenty of racist opinions on many different subject I feel that sometimes people are either jealous or just too caught up in other peoples lives than to focus on their own. Many people are too caught up in other people's lives to see what they are doing to other people and how they are making those people that they are talking about to care. People think that many "immigrants" are illegal or have been here longer than their visa allows them which is the case some times but most of the time these immigrants have went through the trouble to become legal citizens, to have jobs, and to try to make a better life for their family that have brought here to the U.S. I just wish that people would not discriminate about where they came from or if they are illegal. They should just worry about their own lives and stay put of other people's lives.

  28. I have seen, heard, and read about racism a couple of times. It should not be a thing that happens to anyone.

  29. Growing up racism was never a big problem with me and towards me or my family but recently that has all changed. All of a sudden inappropriate comments were always said and problems arose. The way immigrants were seen as has changed into all bad things. A specific group should not be categorized by a small amount of people of the same race's mistakes. Many arguments that i have recently heard in public end up talking about race and who is better than who.

  30. The LAAA journalism class do believe there is not a lot of honesty left in our country we lie about so much especially about where we are as people we come to a time where its suppose to be okay to be different and your not suppose to be judged but that is inevitable we are not at the stage where we can live without judging the next person about their race,religion,sex,sexual orientation etc The LAAA journalism class do believe the U.S is slipping to an uglier version. We are currently in the process of the horrible ending. Our President of the United States is the leader of this malfunction, he is the cause for all the bad things of the U.s.

  31. I think that racism is on the rise in the US because of the things Donald Trump promotes and what he believes in. I've read a lot of racist and dumb things on twitter that Donald Trump has said and it makes him seem like he is a racist.

  32. Yes, I have seen, heard and read about racist opinions. All over the news, i feel like terrorists attacks have something to do with racism. So forth and so on.

  33. Racism will always be a thing no matter what. I feel like people are stubborn and jealous if a black person is better then them at something or if they're doing better then them. People shouldn't be judged for anything because we're all the same in some way

  34. People still do racial things and say racial things also.

  35. I think racism has always been a big issue in the United States since we are such a diverse country but I for sure think that racism is on a rise since Donald Trump became president. We as a whole has came such a long way to try to gain our equal rights and independence back and it feels like everything we've worked hard for is crashing down on us within the last year. I also think that there is a lot of racists who think the things that Donald Trump is saying about colored folk is true but they now think it's okay to say their thoughts out loud since Trump says it's okay by setting the wrong example.

  36. *Sigh*. I feel so old as I sit at this desk and see how our country has burned. I'm not old because of age, but because of what I've seen and heard. I used to not be aware of the blight of other races, because I never thought higher or lower of any of them. When Trump started with saying that he was going to give jobs back to Americans, I felt upset about how that excluded immigrants who are trying to live the "American Dream" and fend for their family. A short few months later he back talked African Americans and endless other countries. My back feels sore and covered in blackheads without watching the news on politics. This country is stated to be free, but how can we truly be free when we oppress ourselves by excluding the power and dreams of others.

  37. Immigrants may have the "American Dream" as long as they go through the process to gain citizenship. We must keep our LEGAL citizens in mind while conversating about the "American Dream".

  38. I do feel as if racism is on the rise in the United States. I see it happen to my friends, peers, etc. at school, work, and in public. I think white people often deny it because it does not happen to them the way it happens to minorities.

  39. Np, I dont think the U.S is slipping into an earlier, uglier version of itself. Back then people were beaten, and not fed. people were even being owned and sold Todays way of racism is nothing near what we used to deal with in earlier ages.

  40. I have seen, heard, and read about racism. It still continues til this day without reasonable explanations. I personally think it all revolves around fear

  41. I feel as if racism is on the rise we've had plenty of killings in the United States on the account of another race not liking African Americans an it's not fair , as being a young African American lady I have experienced a lot of racism as I've gotten older from classmates to teachers to even cops an outsiders as well. I get on social media and run across racism not even in defense to African Americans its an attack to all races which is sick. But its going to continue to be on the rise because Americans let this acceptable.

  42. Yes, I feel that Donald Trump is speaking for many Americans when he makes racist comments. That is why hes in office because they knew he was a racist, so they wanted someone in office that has racist tendencies. Because even though they don't out it, they're many racists still in America.

  43. Although there is many people who use racial slurs in america, You cannot pinpoint all of that on to one person. Donald Trump is not forcing anyone to say such hateful things.

  44. Do I believe that America is “slipping into an earlier, uglier version of itself”? No. America has always been ugly, it’s just covered up. America has a foundation of prejudice, and many minorities suffer from this today. The fact that People of color aren’t granted things they ask for because white people genuinely care, rather, they do it to get these people quiet is ugly. The fact that black children need to be taught to deal with the police before they learn how to read is ugly. These reasons, and many more prove that early practices have just morphed into something that’s easier for people to digest. Since the election of Trump, more people are following in our presidents footsteps in regards to voicing their opinions on ethnic minorities. I have certainly heard racial slurs in person, but where I see the most insensitive comments is on social media. I see people responding to Trump’s barbaric tweets about immigrants, people say that “Only REAL Americans should be here”. My response to that is that any of us who are black, white, or asian are not “real Americans”, we trace back to elsewhere. The only true Americans race was nearly decimated. In fact, the people who are often told to “go back to their country” are Mexicans and people from Central and South America. What many don’t understand is that people from these regions often have a fair amount Native American ancestry.Therefore, this is their country. They’re the “real Americans”.

  45. I think in many ways our country is still racist and prejudice towards people. However, to say that America is slipping into an earlier and uglier stage of it's existence seems to me as a bit of a hyperbole. I can understand how one might say that police brutality today can be compared to the police brutality that occurred during the age of Martian Luther King. But laws and regulations have changed since this time, and are most likely to never come back. I am able to walk in a school that contains not just a race of white people. I am able to speak my mind peacefully without being arrested. America has it's problems with immigration and police brutality. But these are problems we are all fighting through. There have many been dark days as of lately, but not every day is a battle for peoples freedom anymore.

  46. I still see and hear racist things thrown at people, I wish people could get along, We have all been put together after segregation ended. We all throw hate at each other with reason or no reasons at all just because of race, sexuality, or our own preferences. We need to find a way to better ourselves with racism, and learn to pass it all.

  47. I find your article disingenuous when you state that the President made alleged inflammatory comments about other less fortunate countries, especially since there are conflicting statements as to whether it was actually said. Remember there are politics and political games here, so unless you have it recorded or actually heard it first hand, this is still up for debate as to its authenticity. I do not feel that this country is slipping backwards in just the past year. We had an African American President, who did more for undocumented immigrants, then he did for the Black population of our country. Now the Governor of New Jersey (D), who wants to raise taxes on the citizens of NJ, to pay for undocumented immigrants to go to college for free. What about the thousands of Black and Hispanic, as well as many Caucasian citizens of NJ, who cannot afford to pay for college – that is flat out discrimination or as your article and stance tends to stress – racism! I am not naive enough to believe that racism, bigotry, and discrimination does not still exist, but let’s look at facts, inflammatory articles and media cause the problem. Black and Hispanic unemployment has dropped a full if not more points in the past year. Black home ownership is up several percentage points, as is Black small/private business ownership in the past year. Now the same people, who pay taxes, will see even more in their paychecks because of the recently passed tax bill, which had no race tied to it.

  48. I agree.

  49. I do not feel that America is "slipping into an earlier, uglier version of itself". I say this because now in America people have to work for what they want without the easy option of help from the government. You went from having a president that let it be acceptable to get free aid from the government to the current president thats main purpose is to get people off of the aid and back to work where people belong. That statement is hard for people to swallow because it has been acceptable for awhile now. I personally think it is fine to get help from the government through a rough time, but I think people are abusing this privilege by living off of the help with no motivation to get back working. If more people were at work there would not be enough time to cause some of the big problems that arise in the world today because they would have better things to be doing with their time. Therefore, I do not think the world is becoming worse.

  50. With the issue of race comes politics and uncomfortable conversation- a dead giveaway that race is still a prominent issue in the United States. As a liberal, I am undoubtedly biased against Trump, but that doesn't change the facts. Nobody can deny the racism behind building walls to keep Mexican immigrants out. I do acknowledge that illegal immigration causes economic issues, however treating these people from Mexico like a dangerous animal instead of a fellow human because of where they are from is remarkably racist. Putting the label of ****hole on a group of countries is inexcusable, embarrassing, and above all racist. By putting this label on the countries included, Donald Trump is saying that the entirety of each county is garbage and the citizens (who are mostly colored) are not worthy of the United States. Every president has their faults, but never have we had a president this outwardly racist. By electing and standing behind Trump, we are sending the message that racism is okay and something to be ignored, which has, and will continue to, increase racism indefinitely.

  51. Our culture values political correctness, repressing anyone who harbors offensive ideas. We shame them and excoriate them. And although such excoriation, in some instances, is well deserved, it's detrimental in the long term, denying us of any serious talks regarding such ideas. It’s not surprising to see the wolves without sheep’s clothing. But that doesn’t mean we as a nation are wholly racist, for just as the election of Obama didn’t necessarily signify a post-racial era, the election of Trump doesn’t signify a racist one. For example, Obama generated 53% of votes in the 2008 election, capturing just 23% of the total US population, not even close to a “majority.” Similar analysis can be applied to the 2016 election. Racism is on the rise because more voices are given to those that have been historically oppressed. And people generally believe such voices are indicative of the entire race that such voices “represent,” not considering that those voices merely belong to individual, subjective experiences. These voices may shatter widely held beliefs, but they also perpetuate stereotypes, which are then unfairly applied to the entire race. If we venture out of our comfort zones, we will see that racism has a healthy pulse. A glance at the outer boroughs of NYC will reveal multiple ethnocentric communities, protected like a European country in the Napoleon era, by relying on stereotypes. Thus, racism is present, and white people are not the sole culprit – we all are.

  52. Sterling Tucker stated, “There’s not a lot of honesty in the country now about who we are and where we are,” when referring to race relations in the United States, and I agree with him completely. I believe many of us want to believe that racism died with segregation and the Civil Rights Act, and that we live in a “post-racial” society, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Racial discrimination and white privilege have always been deeply ingrained into American society, but are rarely acknowledged. The only difference today is that we have not only a president who is largely unafraid to express his own racism, but a group of people who defend this president regardless of his statements and actions. Despite how difficult and uncomfortable it may be for many of us to discuss and admit the bias we uphold, as well as the bias we see in our family and peers, it must be addressed if we wish to begin the process of purging the racism in American society.

  53. Race in itself is a matter of little concern to any serious person; culture is a matter of great concern to all. Unity without uniformity.

  54. When addressing the issue of racial prejudice in the United States, one must look towards other nations in an effort to determine the public race-relations of our own country. Being an immigrant, I can by far say that the United States is the most welcoming country when it comes down to ethnic background, race, and other cultural aspects. To say that the U.S. is "backsliding into an earlier, uglier version of itself" is by far a statistically inaccurate observation, as our country is becoming far more diverse in every social aspect (and still growing with Donald Trump as POTUS). Racism, however, will always remain in small pockets though - because bigots will always find race to be a justifiable quality for hatred. But, in regards to which countries have advanced the furthest in racial equality, America easily retains the top position. Sterling Tucker's position upon this topic is quite an accurate one, I would say, as America is caught in a cross-fire between those whom say it is regressive and those whom say it is progressive. Both sides will use false (and often irrelevant) narratives to support their claims whilst still leaving middle-ground America just as confused as it was before. After all, having the impact of Trump's undiplomatic comments, Maxine River's cries for impeachment, and the media's spin on racial relations is by no means a clear-set path on locating where our country lies on the racial spectrum. But, the data never lies - and it shows a diverse U.S.A

  55. Racial inequality has been a prominent issue in this country and Mr. Trump's remark is pushing the United States into the clutches of racism. Labeling a group of countries as ****holes is an attack on both the people living the countries and immigrants from there living the United States as well. In Sabrina Tavernise's article, "In Trump's Remarks, Black Churches See a Nation Backsliding," from The New York Times she states that Mr. Trump's crude words left black Americans in "frustration and disappointment." A president should not discriminate against a group of people but that's what Mr. Trump is doing. People migrate away from almost all countries but they are not referred to as ****holes. So why are African countries called so? This country is slipping into the grips of racial inequality but some people are not noticing. Noah from Illinois states in his comment that "people are abusing this privilege by living off the help with no motivation to get back working." But in Sabrina Tavernise's article, Miami's first Cuban-American mayor states that people from Mr. Trump's so-called ****hole countries are "law abiding, super ethical, and warm and kind to strangers." By discriminating against these people this country is backsliding on race.

  56. When it comes to the United States of America, one of the biggest issues faced is race.The increasing ethnicity issues between races are causing a further social divide between races. recently Donald trump, the president of the United States made a inappropriate comment about an African countries calling them ****hole countries. In Sabrina Tavernise's article, "In Trump's Remarks, Black Churches See a Nation Backsliding,", The New York Times she states that Mr. Trump's words left black Americans feeling frustrated and disappointed. Trump's discriminating comment about third world countries was uncalled for and should have never been said however as stated in the article "He was voicing what many Americans were thinking, even if it was something they no longer felt comfortable saying: America prefers white people." Even though recent racist turmoil has not reached the same extreme as in the past, racial division is still prevalent in today's society as America experiences Racial backsliding.

  57. Racism has been a concerning problem since the first day one color met another more specifically white american's meeting black american's. Constant battles have been fought over equality among the race's

  58. When it comes to the concern of racism and the United states "becoming an uglier version of itself", that does not necessarily have anything to do with our current president. When Obama was our president it did not stop the hurtful racial slurs and comments from being thrown around. Race issues will not end or increase because of one person. May it be true or false that Donald Trump is or is not a racist, does not explain or defend any of the racial complications that were already there before his presidency. Also, this does not need to go unheard, racial slurs and comments can come from any race, not just Caucasian people to African American people, but visa versa, and there is other races such as Mexicans, Asians, other groups of Latino consent, Germans, etc. that have discriminated other races. A large group or committee of white folks gathering against a certain race is no better than a large group or committee of black folks gathering against a certain race. The president doesn't make the united states racist! The people do! The racial conversations in the slums of Mississippi and in the city's of Iowa or any other place in our country, are not directly linked to our president. As a very wise man named Morgan Freeman said in an interview, "Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman." The solution to this issue is that simple.

  59. Out of Everyone that is commenting on this post, you are the only person that understands how to end racism. Every single comment I have read is trying to push the blame on one person or group, it is either Trumps Fault or White Peoples Fault. This is not true. As you mentioned, Racism goes between everyone, and the US is not the only country that has issues with racism. The truth is, the way to end racism is to stop labeling people. "Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman." This is probably one of the best quotes I have heard and I'm glad that people know what keeps racism alive. The way to stop racism, is to act like races don't exist, people group together to hate people that are different from them, and then guess what? Those people push back and the cycle continues forever. M.L.K did not become a leader hating and attacking other people. He achieved his goal through non-violent protest that got peoples attention. America needs to put the past behind them and start showing a little bit of respect.

  60. Well said, I couldn't have said it any better.

  61. No everyone like each other they are nice to everyone with respect. Martin Luther Kings birthday,African-america churchgoers to pray,give thanks and to reflect on the state race. They need to meet up for the day of martin Luther king it there way to pray to martin Luther king. I've been involved in the civil rights movement since my college day,and i'm not I've ever more confused than i am right now. No one should be race to anyone that not nice to be mean to anyone.

  62. no everyone like each other they are nice to one other we treat everyone with respect. Martin Luther king's birthday African-america churchgoers to pray,give thanks and reflect on the state race. They need to meet up for the day of martin Luther king it a tradition to meet up. I've been involved in the civil rights movement since my college days,and i'm not ever been more than i am right now. No one should be race that not nice to be mean.

  63. Racism has been a huge problem since the first day one race met another or for example when whites met blacks. Constant fighting has occurred in multiple ways from verbal too physical actions and step by step the world gets closer and closer to racial equality. In the article tavernise states, "Mr. Trumps words left black Americans feeling frustrated" Meaning that trump said some really offensive things targeting African Americans and frankly doing that was very malicious and ignorant of him. Overall hearing that racism is still a thing really upsets me and i hope it gets eradicated in the near future because we could be doing something else with our time instead of targeting eachother in a constant war for nothing.

  64. Racism is the past, yes we still have a problem with it today and why does it have to happen. Honestly for the longest time, New's networks makes every race like we bash each other and thats not what we need! President Trump has done more in one year than Former President, Obama has done in both terms Obama turned our races against each other. Yes, President Trump has said some offensive things. Taking down statues because its racist, no its not racist its past its history, why take down history? Why say black lives matter or white lives matter no it should be all lifes matter, we all bleed the same color we all are human so why discriminate one another.

  65. Rasicm has been in this world for so long every since the bible days but now we have a president AKA DONALD TRUMP that is trying to take us down hill cause Donald trump is a very racist person and trump is a very discriminating person against black, Indian,mexico, just all race but the way i see it i think they should impeach Donald trump because soon or later we are gone go to war with Kim Jumgawo president of north Korea.

  66. 1) please check your grammar 2) Donald Trump is not the reason the US is going downhill. 3) Why don't you try and become president of the United States? There is a reason he is in office.

  67. I think Sterling Tucker hits the bulls eye when he says , “There’s not a lot of honesty in the country now about who we are and where we are,”. I think people want to believe, I want to believe as well, that racism ended with the civil rights movement 60 years ago but that is just not the case. It’s sad that on a day to day basis we are exposed to racism and that it has in a way become a part of culture. Many people don’t truly understand the toll that what they and others are saying is taking on the victims of these slurs, they think it is acceptable and it’s not. I realize what’s happening today is nowhere close to being as bad as what was occurring pre-civil rights movement, but there is still racism and it is flourishing. Donald Trump’s comment about the Haitian people was unacceptable. As the President of the United States he should respect and be an advocate for all people and this comment proves how he is neither of these things. I do not believe that his statement voices the opinions of all Americans, but I do think he was speaking for a portion of our country. My hope is that in the years to come we as a nation will learn to respect and fight together against the racial backsliding that is thriving in our nation.

  68. I know that the majority of this article is about America “slipping” back into being the racist country it once was, but I don't agree. America has always been racist, people just feel the need to deny it. It would be great if civil rights activists ended it all, that racism is not apart of this WONDERFUL country that is home to people of all different backgrounds. But the truth is racism is embedded in this country. It is printed in the Constitution, reflected in the way drugs are miraculously shipped into low income communities of color. Trump is INDEED racist. His comment about predominantly black countries shows he is racist at heart. Another fact that many don't acknowledge is that after that he asked why did America not have more immigrants from places like Norway, a country with a predominantly white population. If the fact that America's president wants more white people to come to America instead of people of color is not racist, I'm not sure what is. Although trump is racist, he is only one of many. Yes, trump has said some very racist comments with clear lack of judgement but he IS America. He represent what Americans should already know, that the race relations are not all peaches in cream. Race is always a touchy subject when it comes to people, but it shouldn't be. Racism exists and should be acknowledged. It hasn’t ever gone away and at this point I don't know if there ever will be a world without racism.

  69. In my opinion, when Sterling Tucker states, “There’s not a lot of honesty in the country now about who we are and where we are,” he means that there are lots of people who are trying to pretend that they are not racist, because the majority thinks that it's "wrong", and others can't show the opposite because it's "unpopular" and in some cases illegal. That is totally right, but this doesn't change people's feelings, and if person is convinced in something it's really hard to change it. I think what Mr. Tucker is saying, is that because of our racist president, racist people decided that it's ok to show it now, and because the president is like that, everyone should be. But they are wrong. America is not sliding into an ugly version of itself because people are fighting back, they are protesting and as long as people believe and fight for equality, even if not all of them, the America will be a country for everyone. I don't think the racism is on the rise, it’s on its greatest downfall. Yes, some people believe to what Mr. President Trump says, but in three years (let's hope for less) he'll go away and we will make sure that a man like that, will never ever again become a president of the United States - a country for everyone, an immigrant country, a country where everyone is treated equally.

  70. Funny how you believe Trump is racist. Do some research and stop following false narratives.

  71. Well if you read carefully you would see that the article never actually says trump is racist and that if you had read thoroughly that it skirted around that topic entirely. It does say he used crude words to describe Haiti and other third world countries, which is simply not appropriate in this day and age, especially for the president.

  72. @Matthew So calling COVID-19 the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus isn't racist. Yes, it originated in china but calling it that is racist and prompts racism.