Trump Disbands Commission on Voter Fraud

The president signed an order to end the White House commission even though he said there was “substantial evidence of voter fraud,” which experts say is rare.

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  1. Great News!!

  2. They probably started to detect suspicious votes FOR TRUMP, so better shut it down. How much did Republicans waste on this particular witchhunt?

  3. How strange that the thing everyone knew wasn't a widespread problem, backed by academic studies (remember those?) that said "this is not a widespread problem", turned out to be something that "the president" couldn't prove. He claims he won't waste any more on this (not exactly true if the project is moving to DHS), but how many taxpayer dollars has the president already wasted here? How many more will he waste on dealing with the fact that more people voted for the other candidate?

  4. The only fraud was the commission itself.

  5. No no no. The fraud was there - just was not what they want to reveal: they stole the election.

  6. You failed to mention who the other fraud is.

  7. far from the only fraud, but we can start there and then move on to this presidency, if one can even call it that.

  8. Our entire national election system is rigged? This from the rigger-in-chief, who foisted Trump University and shady business dealings on clients and customers, and lies and slurs about his political opponents on the general public. Even the voter fraud commission was a blind to legitimize the popular vote lie to his base. We have to throw this administration in the can and start over ASAP.

  9. It had an endgame, it just wasn't "restoring the integrity of the voting system". Quite the opposite, actually.

  10. Given the amount of neurosis in the public, this is very good news.

  11. Voters and voting are clearly crucial elements of a democracy. In Australia, voting is required (a fine is charged to people who don't vote). I have no doubt the two parties are most enthusiastic about tweaks or pushes that favor them, but I believe that universal direct election is the strongest single antidote to the concentration of political power. So, let's HAVE strong voter IDs....and make a part of the constitutional mandate (the Census) be the creation and maintenance of those IDs. Let's eliminate the electoral college: it contributes nothing good whatsoever, and the Founders created it in an utterly different context (electors rode a horse for weeks in the winter to represent their state in the most supportable way possible, at that time). Whatever the numbers on this most recent election, gerrymandering has been a tool for the political powers to use that power to retain that power, a clear violation of basic democracy.

  12. I am not against voter ID's but we have to solve the problem of the people who come from poverty and disadvantaged circumstance who do not know how to get one and may not have the documentation necessary of ability to gain such documents. I'm guessing but it must cost at least $50 to start from scratch and get the documents necessary to get an official ID then there is the cost of the ID itself and the travel to all the places one might have to get to as well as finding the time to do that since people that poor are usually working a schedule that is very tight and subject to random changes in their employment schedule.

  13. I'm not sure about all your suggestions, but I do like the one calling for universal IDs from the Census Bureau. Even better would be universal passports, but that would be unaffordable for many. A simple ID could be done automatically and cheaply.

  14. If the voting system is rigged, as claimed by the emperor, doesn't that mean his election was rigged for him? He can't be that dumb to see that irony....or can he?

  15. This POTUS couldn't recognize irony if it slept with him last night and had breakfast with him, this morning. He isn't dumb; he just hasn't had to know ANYTHING other than bullying, bragging, and using the law to his financial advantage for over 40 years. The emperor has been naked for so long that not only does he not realize that he doesn't have new clothes, he is unaware that he has no clothes at all.

  16. He never misses a chance to try and flip the narrative. It’s an essential skill of a scammer wannabe dictator.

  17. 'A spokesman for homeland security, Tyler Q. Houlton, said on Wednesday that “the department continues to focus our efforts on securing elections against those who seek to undermine the election system or its integrity.” ' Try starting with Russia.

  18. Start trying with Trump and republicans- they are the culprits. Russia merely provided a service - for a lovely “fee” I’m sure.

  19. And the Trump cartel that does Russia's bidding.

  20. One less government agency the people have to pay for, thanks for winning Mr. President.

  21. The winning indeed. We, the taxpayer, could not afford another government agency and pay for the numerous (I won't have time for golf) golf outings and visits to his castles on our dime. Yup, this winning is just making many of so happy and proud.

  22. Construction Joe, President Trump created and funded that new agency.

  23. Sigh. TRUMP put this commission together to waste your money, it wasn’t in existence before him. So congratulations are not in order. It was disbanded because he didn’t discover what he wanted to, and probably discovered what he already knows: that he contracted with Putin to steal the election. This “commission” was ludicrous from the beginning- and he DID waste your money. So much “winning”. Wake up.

  24. Maybe Trump shut down the Voter Fraud Commission because they found evidence that he is indeed an illegitimate president!

  25. Trump shut down an investigation that would uncover fraudulent voting by his own party. Perhaps not illegal, but it would expose gerrymandering to the 38 percent of Trump's base voters, those who don't know what redistricting is, and how the process effects elections. What was his statement? Millions voted illegally, I'm not a short fingered vulgarian, I signed more legislation than any President in history? Enough of his distasteful persona and lies. To all the news outlets and author Mr Wolff, thank you for yesterday! Let's get this man, staff and family out of DC and into FDOC!

  26. Gerrymandering is a tool used by BOTH parties as you well know. The last thing the Political Class wants is an honest election. Voter ID is a no-brainer, but it will never happen.

  27. Ounce of Logic, Unfortunately, you are correct. As soon as the Democrats are in power, they will gerrymander to their advantage. Alas.

  28. Sure, Ounceoflogic, and yet republicans have turned it into an art form. Far and away superior at it than democrats. Which is why they control the large majority of state houses, regardless of the fact that, in aggregate, more votes are cast for democrats in some of those states. Even so, I can agree two wrongs don’t make a right: so can you agree that ALL gerrymanders should be eliminated? That independent commissions redraw maps hewing to simple geometric forms? No? Why? Because that would shift power to democrats? Hmmmm.

  29. "Poorly organized and conceived"... Yes, ir's definitely another of Trump's half-baked concepts.

  30. That also explains the procreation that led to Trump the Elder.

  31. So, the Department of Homeland Security says it "will continue to focus efforts on securing elections against those who seek to undermine the election process or its integrity." I guess that means DHS is opening its own investigation into the many and secret meetings Trump campaign team and transition members had with Russian officials and operatives.

  32. Attention America! Anything that can be done to corral, subdue, attenuate, and hopefully eliminate any influence Kris Kobach has on public policy is win for freedom and liberty. Kobach is very dangerous. He is not anyone's tool. He truly believes this voter fraud insanity. This isn't a political position. It's a holy cause. Kobach is like an alchemist that knows lead can be turned into gold. He knows that the gold people are hiding the formula. He will find it. Kobach is not a scientist, an investigator or legislator. He's out of his mind. No wonder Trump likes him.

  33. Kris Kobach is running for governor of Kansas in 2018 and with Kansans preference for people with an (R) after their name, he has a good chance of being elected.

  34. I guess we'll never know. Historians weep.

  35. You're kidding, right?

  36. I think the citizens of Kansas should demand a refund of the salary they paid Kobach as Secretary of State, since he did so little work for them in their behalf - but roamed the country trying to convince other states (and the Feds) that voter fraud was rampant. This is criminal.

  37. Of course the system is rigged. Decades of right-wing illegal and unconstitutional voter suppression and gerrymandering have seen to that. And the fact that Bush 2 and Trump 1 both lost elections yet won the electoral college proves beyond any question just who has been rigging the system.

  38. In this case, “State’s Rights”, the US Constitution and the truth trounced Trump’s overreach by his own “Witch Hunt” based on “Trump’s Lies”. Thus one Trump swamp has been stopped in its tracks. Hopefully it also dies in Homeland Security bureaucracy.

  39. Right decision for the wrong reasons. True voter fraud is linked to Russian collusion, which this group would never investigate. With Mueller around, the issue will still be addressed. Just wait and see.

  40. The White House and Trump keep using the premise that they have proof of this fraud. Either they are lying, or they have it and aren’t using it because it most likely damages them. Regardless, shouldn’t this be obtainable via a FOIA request? If they have it, I don’t see how they could prevent it from being disclosed. This would also give the agency that did this even more cover from the fake news blabber that gets thrown around. They tried to follow up properly, but it was Trump who couldn’t perform when required.

  41. Unfortunately, when no valid proof of voter ID is necessary to vote in an election, one cannot say there is no voter fraud. As long as Voter Registration forms require no proof of American citizenship, one cannot say there is no voter fraud. When states accept college student IDs as a legal document for voting, especially when many colleges and universities both public and private require no proof of citizenship for entrance. Of course, there is voter fraud. Re voter suppression... a democrat won the senate seat....thanks to the black vote. Show me where the suppression was and where was the black vote all of these years? Indifference or laziness? Voter suppression is a fallacy as proven in Alabama

  42. @BeachBum, There is absolutely no incentive to vote illegally, PARTICULARLY if you are not a resident - as it is, voting is almost an insane act, to think that your one vote may count. And to vote illegally - why would anyone do that? The whole concept is ridiculous. And to think that there are millions or even thousands - it is just nonsense. Voter supression, on the other hand, is alive and well - reduced voting site, removal from voting rolls for no reason, reduced voting hours, the 1.3 million 'felons' in Florida who have been taken off the rolls, all of this has been documented, my dear. I dare you to go find one person to vote who is an illegal alien. What would that be worth to them - a lifetime's salary? Because that is what it could cost them. It just does not make any sense, and does not happen.

  43. As Vanita Gupta said, there has been no evidence of significant voter fraud anywhere in the country. So there was nothing for the commission to investigate. Trump continues to try to make something out of nothing because he can't accept that he lost the popular vote with legally-cast votes. I am insulted that he is casting any doubt on the integrity of our voting process, and on my vote, because of his own insecurities. I don't know where Trump wants to go with his attacks on our voting process, on our free press, and on other aspects of our critical democratic institutions, but, as far-fetched as it may seem, he is making me very nervous about the future of our democracy.

  44. The Trump Campaign itself was the only widespread form of voter fraud perpetrated in 2016. Coordinating with the Russians to change the results of U.S. Elections was treason. Politicians that continue to ignore this obvious fact do so at their own peril. Without concrete steps taken to stop outside interference in our elections including prosecution, more sanctions, and travel bans, the Russians will try again this year.

  45. I would like do know: in comparison of other countries, like Brazil, for a example, how safe or secure are the election process in USA? We have a lot of problems in Brazil, but we are proud of our electronic ballot box...

  46. Marcio, That is such a great question. Maybe someone working toward a PhD in political science can take this on as a research topic.

  47. Of course there wasn't widespread voter fraud. But as Emperor in Chief, he could spend our taxpayer money on investigations that he felt would validate his supremacy. Would love to have my privacy back...NC courteously gave our voters' information to the commission -- I think as soon as it was requested! Would that the money spent on this foolish and wasteful exercise were instead going to CHIP, DACA, Medicaid, education. Also that our pres was more concerned about Russian involvement in our elections than his ego.

  48. I hope that the Democrats take the House in 2018 so that they might assemble an ACTUAL voter fraud commission to investigate the ACTUAL voter fraud that ACTUAL evidence points to -- the systemic disenfranchisement by the Republican Party of black people from the vote in the United States. I'm a regular old white guy. But I can read history books -- we have such a shameful history of keeping black people away from the polls. You might think that an actual introspective voter commission would keep an emphasis on allowing ALL black people, and all U.S. Citizens, to express their political voice. Instead, we are moving steadily from "one person one vote" to "one dollar one vote." This must end.

  49. Absolutely. And how about investigating the Republican gerrymandering that's essentially disenfranchising voters of all races?

  50. I too am an old white guy, and frankly embarrassed when I see how our group polls. if we could just motivate the electorate to fight back against disenfranchisement and suppression. if we learn nothing else from this crooked, disgusting presidency it ought to be that we cannot continue to have around 50% of the people vote and expect we will get fair representation.

  51. No, I really don't trust electronic voting at this point. There may be more fraud than just disenfranchisement.

  52. Mr Kobach has built his political career on a non issue. He is a phony. Now, Don the Con is next in line to have his administration eliminated. 2018 will be a great year.

  53. This is just a darn shame - is what it is. How are Republicans now going to fabricate evidence about non-existent voter fraud to justify further suppression of minority voters ? Don't those non-cooperative States recognize the need ? Sigh ... well, back to voter suppression efforts at the State and local level I guess.

  54. It’s a mouthful, but the word uneducable perfectly suits Trump and this posse of sycophants. There are mistakes, and there are crimes. Trump assuredly recognizes the latter from personal experience and his career, and he hasn’t the character or the cognition to admit the former. When will enough mass and purpose accumulate to toss this fraud and his spineless base back into the trash and “cease and desist” from wasting the world’s precious time?

  55. Pretty sure I saw thousands of illegal immigrants come out of hiding and cast votes last election. What were they thinking?

  56. Hmmm,... Can’t help wondering whether the committee WAS finding evidence of fraud, in FAVOR OF TRUMP???

  57. A pathetic attempt to justify his fictitious campaign claims. The States were right to shut this kangaroo commission down.

  58. Small victories!

  59. Yet another example of flaws in our constitution. If you give people the freedom to govern themselves, you make room for them to elect a goon. How much money did Trump cost the taxpayers with this boondoggle?

  60. Yea, shut it down just before they'd have to admit there wasn't any. Now he can still lie about it being fixed.

  61. How much did this cost? I know the conservatives are concerned with wasting $$.

  62. Especially when it could be better spend enriching their donors.

  63. They are only concerned with expenditures that don't go to directly benefit their oligarchy. Or haven't you heard about the latest "tax cuts"?

  64. trump should be billed and required to pay for all costs associated with this committee, which sprang from the paranoid depths of his weak and oh-so-fragile ego.

  65. The Kings of 'Fake News' - Trump and his complicit GOP Foxers find it's so much easier to continue spewing lies rather than provide proof. It's a win-win for them. They get to keep saying there's widespread fraud regardless of evidence and thereby keep stroking those who are proud to remain willfully, and blindly ignorant. And then we have the real conern of voting fraud via hacking and undue influence that is the key to the Russian interference in our election, which Congress is doing nothing to protect.

  66. Russia maybe interfered with the election, but it sure didn't change my vote. But then I don't watch TV with all of its sensationalism. I get a much wider array of news by reading four or more newspapers from local to state to NYT and Washington Post. And boy, in all of them I get a much greater variety of news and opinions than I can get in a half-hour or even an hour of TV news program.

  67. As with every other objective, observable, reality-based fact that Donald Trump doesn't believe casts him in the best light possible, this commission sought to blame someone else...just as Trump does continually in every area of his life. It must be "the left" - it must be "illegals" - it must be "felons" - it must be "people doubly registered in multiple states" (like Jared, if memory serves), etc.'s that Trump won the Electoral vote, and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote...period. If he wants to blame anybody for that, he should blame those who voted for her, and those who refused to vote for him...but it's not these other populations whose supposed actions constitute "fraud" - if anything, this commission was fraudulent, and a perfect beginning to a coup attempt by the Trump administration, controlling the information on people's very identities. If the Trump administration, utilizing any of its many agencies, really wants to "focus our efforts on securing elections against those who seek to undermine the election system or its integrity" it need look no farther than the Trump campaign and Russia...of course, we shouldn't stop with Russian interference, we should be hardening our systems against any and all interference by any players, be they state sponsors or individuals with axes to grind. Spend the energy and money where it really needs to be, which is in protecting our systems, and respecting our democratic institutions.

  68. "If he wants to blame anybody for that, he should blame those who voted for her, and those who refused to vote for him." Well, yes, he does blame "blue states," and so does the GOP. That's why we no longer have deductions for state and local taxes -- taxes which, I should add, give us better access to health care, better schools, and bigger cultural institutions than found in, say, Missouri or Alabama. Can't fix envious and stupid.

  69. But even with this disbanding, the right wing false message will persist on right wing radio and TV for years. That liar Hannity will make another mini career of false "voter fraud" for years as will other talking heads

  70. The only reason for disbanding this commission is to short circuit the judges ruling to open files to the Democratic commission panel members who were locked out of deliberations. Now this treacherous commission want to hide behind DHS.

  71. Trump is the biggest election fraud ever perpetrated on the US.

  72. A commission based on a long held belief that people of color has no right of representation, good riddance that it has been wiped out. Lets move on to the next battle to free our democratic country of brutal assault by Trump regime and his GOP cohort.

  73. "Think of it as an option play" should be the title of the White House employment manual.

  74. At the very least, there should be a thorough public accounting of the tax money spent by and on this commission, including the cost of the litigation to ensure that the Democrat members of the commission received all documents and information. Transparency will limit this type waste of time and money.

  75. The only shame here is that dissolving the commission fails to delegitimize anti-democracy trolls such as Kris Kobach. Rest assured, he and his pestilence will be back in November.

  76. You assume that he would have run a 'fair and balanced' commission. Really?

  77. President abruptly shuts down White House commission he had charged with investigating voter fraud. Trump acting erratically. Sundowners?

  78. Hooray for sanity rarely glimpsed in this administration!

  79. Oh, I’m totally sure he shut it down for honorable reasons. I also have a nice, lightly-used bridge to sell you.

  80. Not sure sanity had much to do with it.

  81. What sanity? This administration CREATED the commission. And now you’re giving them credit for disbanding it? Wake up!

  82. Call me cynical, but I'm suspicious about the reasons the commission was disbanded. Maybe Trump realized that its existence mobilized people interested in fair elections, who would be spurred to watch the elections in 2018 and 2020 with hypervigilance—impeding whatever shenanigans he and Vlad have in mind next. Or maybe he finally realized that since he won, it didn't serve his self-interest to question the results of the last election. Or maybe there were indeed forms of voter fraud to be uncovered from 2016, except they favored Trump, and this commission risked calling attention to them. In any case, Trump stated explicitly that he believes voter fraud exists on a massive scale, so it's certain he didn't disband the commission for any of the good reasons against it.

  83. You're giving trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to logic, thinking, and ego. Nothing that comes out of his mouth has been thought through. It's his ego that demands the lie that 3 million more people voted for Clinton. Ego alone forced him to create his voter fraud commission and give them the order to find voter fraud that favored Clinton. Guess what they found? They found that trumpie is wasting their time, and your tax dollars.

  84. You're correct to be suspicious. Disbanding the commission and moving it to Homeland Security is simply a way to evade scrutiny. Here's the money line: "But Mr. Kobach insisted in an interview that the commission’s work...would be transferred to the Department of Homeland Security, one of the federal agencies charged with ensuring election integrity and one that he said critics would find more difficult to target."

  85. You are correct to be suspicious.

  86. They found out that Trump had even fewer votes than reported.

  87. Someone made money off this fake idea. Who? When the Dems take over congress, I urge an investigation.

  88. I find the timing ... odd. After months of inaction (or secret action), Trump dissolved the commission 6 business days after the commission lost a court case and was ordered to release information to the Maine secretary of state, Matthew Dunlap. But in any case, the explanation that States' refusal to supply information seems like a smoke screen. Heck, Kansas (Kobach's state) refused to release SSNs ( back in June.

  89. Maybe voter ID's would reassure us that ballots are not stuffed.I loved JFK but there were rumors that Mayor Daily rigged the election in Chicago in JFK's favor.Vote early and often was the mantra in Boston.

  90. ---Another example of time and money wasted ostensibly trying to prove...yet another presidential untruth. As to the system being "rigged", an ongoing, cover-all claim that the dishonest one likes to apply to a number of situations, primarily to appeal to the so-called base...the actual rigging is the gerrymandering and voter identification requirements that his party has been long engaged in, attempting to marginalize and eliminate votes they know will not go their way. The monumental dishonesty behind this hijacking of our electoral process IS real, and it is ongoing. It must be reversed.

  91. So I guess there was no “there” there; either that, or he got bored. But I’m sure he’ll find some place and some way for Kobach to further infest the electoral process. Nothing is ever entirely finished when Trump is involved. While it most likely does exist at every level, voter fraud is nowhere near the threat that the GOP wants people to believe. And even if it were, the Republicans would be the last group I’d want to have trying to fix it.

  92. and how much of our tax dollars was spent on this searching for a solution to a problem that never existed?? how long must we endure this nightmare?

  93. Law professor is dead-on when he states "the commission was poorly organized and lacked an endgame." Trump should not sleep well at night because Robert Mueller is well organized, and does have an endgame.

  94. On the surface, this is obviously good news. I remain uneasy, though, about Trump's motives to do something like this now as it so perfectly fits with everything about him and how he operates. It makes you wonder if he has something else planned that is even worse, and the fact that there was a "handoff" of sorts to Homeland Security is a red flag that they are not going to give up on this issue. Fanatics like Trump and Kobach never throw in the towel.

  95. We desperately need a voting commission in this country. Just not this one. The commission should examine global and national best practices for secure and accountable voting systems, make recommendations, and require states to meet minimum guidelines for their systems. And provide oversight for private voting system providers. It should also look globally and locally for ways to INCREASE voter participation, not decrease it. Can we offer more places to register and vote? Should we make voting mandatory? Change elections to weekends? Standardize vote-by-mail? Ideally, it would also review our entire system of primaries and national elections. Surely we can do a better job of picking candidates than the current system in which Iowa plays an outsize role. Options have been proposed, ranging from rotating (and shortened) primary calendars to regional primaries. But this would require a bipartisan recognition of the problem — not likely.

  96. The Federal Election Commission is a collection of drones. One of the commissioners surfaced recently when Trump appointed him to the federal judiciary. Once exposed in the confirmation process, he had to withdraw.

  97. If Donald Trump abruptly shut down the commission, it was probably because the commission was getting too close to discovering that the election was indeed rigged, and that it was Trump's digital team (more than the Russians) who rigged it. He was right to question how he won the electoral vote when Hillary Clinton managed 2.9 million more popular votes. I've learned always to pay attention to what Trump says. Especially in his many lies, there is always a germ of truth.

  98. That Trump determined it essential to disband the Commission on Voter Fraud should serve as a 2018 wake-up call to start acting like the president of the United States; that is, to start serving us rather than constantly patronizing us. But it won't. That Trump determined it essential to disband the Commission should also serve as a lesson to stop stoking our mounting Resistance -- Resistance empowered early in 2017 by his narrow, selfish agenda and bullying style of "leadership". But it won't. Trump's disbandment of the Commission on Voter Fraud is just one more loss for a presidency that proved to be a lost cause from its very beginning 12 months ago. Add to this the loss in the courts of his immigration ban, the loss of his effort to dismantle Obamacare, his losses in last fall's midterm elections, (etc.) -- and above all, our continuous loss of faith in him (the continuous fall of his approval rating). These losses, and many, many others to come, point to a probable and imminent culmination: an early end of his presidency.

  99. So Trump will save tax dollars by closing his ludicrous vanity project on voter legitimacy. If only he had sense enough to end his other vanity project...his presidency!

  100. Could it be that the Commission could only find fraud that was on behalf of Republicans?

  101. My FIRST thought.

  102. The fraud disbands the fraud looking into the alleged fraud `despite substantial evidence.' Sounds like fraud to me.

  103. I agree that the threat to voting integrity is still severe with Homeland Security running the show now. They will NOT be open and transparent. They will do what Mr. Kobach has always dreamed of (along with AG Sessions) and suppress any vote that may be made by "UN" Americans - people of color, Democrats and anyone with a 'foreign sounding' name. The GOP has not finished rigging the system. It's the only way they know how to win.

  104. On their website, the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative Think Tank, states. "The Heritage Foundation is providing a list of election fraud cases from across the country, broken down by state, where individuals were either convicted of vote fraud, or where a judge overturned the results of an election. This is not an exhaustive list but simply a sampling that demonstrates the many different ways in which fraud is committed. Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting such fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process.” Fair enough, but if you’re going to believe the Heritage statements, you really need to do due diligence. So I did, looking into their database. I chose to look at Arizona, mainly because it came towards the beginning of a long list. Roughly 2,300,000 people voted in the 2012 Presidential election. What I found was laughable. For Arizona, the Heritage Foundation database lists about 20 cases of voter fraud covering the years 2008-2012. Out of over two million people. As the Pro Football commentators say, “C’mon Man!” But how many people are going to look this stuff up? If you take what Heritage says without doing any checking, of course you can believe that voter fraud was rampant during the 2016 elections! But even their own data show that there was no significant voter fraud. It would be nice if Heritage would admit it...

  105. It really does take an expert to calculate where voter fraud would make any difference here in the US.

  106. " It would be nice if Heritage would admit it..." Yes, but it would go against everything they've worked to build over the last 60 years. Actually being truthful would probably cause them to break out in a rash of biblical proportion.

  107. According to the Federal Election Commission, 129,085,410 votes were cast in the 2012 presidential election, not 2,300,000.

  108. Congrats, NYT, on putting the word "false" right there in the dek! Hooray for concrete statements!

  109. The "fraud" sits in the White House and thinks he's qualified to be president.

  110. Baloney! The reason was that the gang found nothing and the states refusal was due to complete lack of evidence of votind fraud. Period!

  111. AnothervTrimp waste of taxpayer money.

  112. Hoorah!! Well, here's one con that the Fake President did not get away with. The American People: 1 ; Trump: 0. It feels so good to win! (And for him to lose.)

  113. You know, after the last 24 hours of listening to the quotes from Michael Wollf's new book, where every man, woman and child is calling trump "dumb", "stupid", "out of touch", etc., telling tales of what a laughing-stock he is, then I'm questioning exactly who it is that is giving the orders over there. DID trump: 1) order that commission? 2) IS he the one who shut it down? 3) Aside from a half dozen tweets on the subject, what PROOF do we have that he was the instigator to that commission? Do we have interviews? Papers written in his own hand on the subject? In fact, have we ever seen him write anything except his name? CAN he write? I ask that because the word is that he is incapable/unwilling to read at all, even a 1-page synopsis. So, what proof do we have that trump was the originator of that order? I now question every iota of trump. Who is writing the orders? Who is writing his tweets? I don't think it is trump. Writing (even a comment to the NYTimes) is a complex business. If trump is incapable of reading a 1-page position report, then he is utterly incapable of being President. Do we have a true "shadow government" running this show? The word is that at New Year's he was unable to recognize any of his friends as they greeted him. We had this little problem with Reagan. We don't need it again. The R's need to stop their boot-licking and get on that impeachment. The game is over.

  114. All you have to do is watch how long it takes Trump to sign his name. Most people who have to sigh their names frequently would not get much accomplished.

  115. Putin?

  116. Trump has friends?

  117. Yes, the American voting system is corrupt, a fraud. It is due to voter suppression masterminded by Kris Kobach in the form of "Interstate Crosscheck" that threw at least one million poor, minority, inner city residents off the rolls. Overwhelmingly Democratic voters. Investigate Crosscheck and prove Trump was not legally elected, and neither were many of the other Republican "winners" in 29 states across the country. NYT: get up the courage to do a full scale expose of Crosscheck and throw these traitors out of office. Put Trump and Kobach behind bars.

  118. Just look at the picture. Two people that brag about their education, proof that if you have the cash you can get a degree from our finest institutions.

  119. Well here is some grist for your journalism mill! I hope you folks will do a followup investigative article. It would be fascinating to see the internal communications, work papers, emails, etc related to the commission. Now that the Commission has been disbanded their work should be public information, right? Yay freedom of information act! Sic em!

  120. FIRE and FURY should make it to the NYTimes best seller list. This shows JUST how poorly organized, and conceived AND horrifying it is at the Whitehouse with the self proclaimed sexual predator at the helm.

  121. What a waste of the taxpayers money! The system is "rigged" but they found no evidences. So who are those 3 millions? Former students at Trump University? Donkeys who vote Democrat? Elephants who, without realize it, vote Democrat (Remember the butterfly ballot of 2000)? Aliens? Mexicans (quick build the wall)? But do not worry, they will find out, Homeland Security is on the case. Stay tune.

  122. Is it possible he did something good?

  123. I doubt it ....

  124. No

  125. Kobach is revealed for what he is - a blatant opportunist and Trump lickspittle.

  126. Yes, but what to do about the 3 million illegal votes for Hillary in California?! Sad.

  127. Don Jr. your avatar gives you away!

  128. Right, and Trump is greatest president ever. Wait, greatest leader in world history! that's it.

  129. "Despite substantial evidence of voter fraud . . . " He and his idiot fans will continue banging on that drum in spite of NO evidence. Ohmigod, I am so very tired of him, his ramblings, and the media covering every inane tweet. Please stop.

  130. To Trump and his fans, "voter fraud" consists black votes influencing the outcome of elections they care about.

  131. NYT Should stop reporting on every stupid tweet. actually they should stop covering him for a day or two and then he’ll be begging the time to write about him.

  132. How much taxpayer money was wasted?

  133. The Democrats should throw "fake news" claims right back at him!

  134. What a big waste of taxpayer money.

  135. Vive la Resistance

  136. It's depressing that the Office of the President of the United States actually wrote in a official statement that there was "...substantial evidence of vote fraud..." when there actually is none. That our current executive branch could actually put out a blatant lie and not care that the entire educated world thinks they are ridiculous is humiliating for our country.

  137. It's best to read all White House press statements after donning camouflage. Opioids seem likely to help, too.

  138. Your country's embarrassment will continue on a daily basis until the orange one is removed from office.

  139. "That our current executive branch could actually put out a blatant lie and not care that the entire educated world thinks they are ridiculous is humiliating for our country." See "2003 Invasion of Iraq, Rationales for"

  140. The only verifiable voter fraud were those claiming there was verifiable voter fraud. As with most other developments concerning this regime, truth will out.

  141. What was Mike Pence's part in this? Wasn't he overseeing this "commission?" The VP is involved in so much, yet, seems to disappear with no thought in wondering the who, what and where of his behavior.

  142. Between his "working vacations" and this fiasco somebody needs to look at how much Trump is costing the tax payer, after all he did say that he was going to drain the swamp or did he really mean that he was going to flood the swamp.

  143. Speaking of voter fraud, are we sure Trump is a US citizen, and not a Russian spy? If he’s a Russian spy and voted for himself....

  144. But it was the biggest commission panel ever, in the history of the US, maybe even the world.

  145. It would be appropriate for the New York Attorney General to hire the Federal prosecutors fired last year and those being replaced this week by the Justice Department that had been working in New York in order to strengthen New York State investigations of fraud by the disparate Trump entities.

  146. Want to talk about abuse of the electoral process in America? Fine. Let's talk about redistricting, let's talk about Citizens United, let's talk about the Electoral College, let's talk about Gove v Bush, let's talk about Russia, let's talk about paid Eastern European internet trolls. There is indeed plenty to investigate when it comes to "rigging" the American electoral process in the 21st Century, but the type of "voter fraud" that right-wing zealots like Kobach and Trump have targeted is not one of those things. The WH "commission" these traitors to Constitutional ideals assembled in 2017 was all about diversion and deflection and not at all about subversion of the system. This week, the "commission" ended the same way it began; with the "president" and Kobach piling lies so high that Americans would need to sprout wings to stay above them.

  147. Kobach is running for Governor in Kansas, hoping to replace the infamous Sam Brownback. Distancing Kobach from the Commission may have been seen as important to his candidacy. Heaven help the Sunflower State.

  148. Our problem in this country is extreme gerrymandering, illustrated by the fact that a majority of Americans vote for Democrats in House elections, and yet the Republicans maintain their majority. Here in Georgia, 45% voted for Clinton, 51 for Trump, which is a strong indication that the state is almost evenly divided, and yet Republicans hold 9 out of 13 congressional seats. That stinks of fraud if you ask me! I've had to show photo ID every time I've voted in the 21st century, and as an election worker who checks people into the polls using the Express Poll database, I know it would be extremely difficult for someone to beat the system, and I can't imagine why anyone would risk a felony to cast a single fake vote. There are many checks built into the system to prevent fraud, and the most anyone with a questionable ID can do is cast a provisional ballot. This whole issue is built on farce, and Republicans (and their supporters) should be ashamed of themselves for wasting time and resources on it. Our state election boards are full of dedicated professionals who take their work seriously. Let's face it: the real issue here is that too many Americans vote for Democrats, and that's a direct threat to the Republicon party.

  149. Voter suppression efforts haven't been abandoned. They've just been moved to DHS, where they can continue to operate without the scrutiny to which the supposedly bi-partisan commission was subject, and without the lawsuits.

  150. The goal was to intimidate voters by giving the Trump crime family our personal data -- names, addresses, dobs, social security numbers -- so that family's operatives could steal our identities or threaten us with financial harm in exchange for our votes. Even the right-wingers would have been at risk.

  151. Trump is setting himself up for an out or excuse if he loses the 2018 or 2020 elections...he might have disbanded the commission but still believes that millions of people voted illegally. Trump is setting up his base to believe that any elections he loses are based on a rigged and corrupt don't be surprised when Trump refuses to accept the will of the people in future elections.

  152. And how much did Trump's will o'wisp paranoia cost the American taxpayer? I never thought I'd see a more ridiculous expenditure than to investigate the question 'do eggs talk to one another', but here it is, and it's not even a boondoggle, which at least benefits some citizens.

  153. The president is admitting that his voter fraud commission was bogus all along, just another attention-getting device aimed at disenfranchising minorities. That states have refused to co-operate with his request for voter information and have found no evidence of voter fraud has told him nothing at all. He still wants to play the victim even after winning the election. Election integrity is at the heart of the democratic voting process and for a sitting president to denigrate the states’ handling of voter registration and monitoring is disingenuous.

  154. This is unfortunate. By not cooperating with the probe, the states that refused to provide voter data give Trump the ability to continue to claim massive voter fraud. If the commission had done its work - and the expected result of little or no evidence of fraud was confirmed - Trump would have been proven wrong. In the absence of any findings from the commission, expect red states to continue their efforts to eliminate "voter fraud."

  155. With this commission gone, and no conclusions drawn, Trump and the Republicans will still be able to cry "voter fraud" if/when they get romped in the 2018 elections, and when Trump loses his bid for re-election.

  156. I'm still concerned about states that use electronic voting machines. Everyone needs to go to paper ballots NOW. I heard there was a move in that direction across the country. It can't happen fast enough.

  157. A short-term win for democracy! Of course, trump ignores the fact that there has been no studies to suggest wide spread voter fraud. This was just another Republican attempt to suppress the vote of minorities. Thankfully, a free press shined a spotlight on their efforts and certain state governments resisted.

  158. Gee, given that Trump and his lackey Kobach insisted that 5,7 million illegal immigrants voted in the last Presidential election that they could at least find a million or so documented cases. Yes, the whole thing was an attempt to put onerous requirements on voters (their especially minorities) to prove they are eleigible to vote. Oh, and just who were these Republicans that so bravely stood in the path of Trump’s attempt to deny Americans their greatest franchise?

  159. A committee more fraudulent than anything it was supposed to be investigating.

  160. Another big "win" for Trump. When I think of the taxpayer dollars wasted on this fraud it makes my stomach churn. What makes my stomach churn even more is the notion that moving the "voter fraud" inquiry to DHS does raise a real threat, as correctly noted by Commissioner Matthew Dunlap.

  161. So the department of "we didn't know where else to put this" will be paying Federal government employees to look at state election practices for ....what? Applying the state election laws? Why does every Trump tweet end with a referral to some heretofore unoccupied Federal employee with presumably nothing else to do? Homeland Security is completely nailed down, obviously. Can't we transfer these detectives and dogged investigators to searching for cancer cures or criminal environmental polluters being championed by the new EPA of Business Puppetry, or doing something else we actually need?

  162. I demand an immediate return of my state's voter data with signed statements from Kobach swearing there are no copies of the data and an apology for wasting my tax dollars.

  163. Let’s not forget honorable Vice President Mike Pence’s role in this debacle. He’s back there waiting in the wings and every bit the disaster that Trump is.

  164. Kansas gave Kobach the power to prosecute voter fraud cases a couple of years ago. Since then, with a staff of Kansas taxpayer funded lawyers he has prosecuted nine cases of voter fraud. Most of the culprits were older Republicans who owned property in more than one state and believed they were entitled to vote on local issues. Kobach is a Trump sycophant, out for himself. He wants to be governor of Kansas. I think not. After Brownstain, Kansas will go Democratic I think.

  165. Maybe Trump finally realized that maybe he shouldn’t pry too deeply into the results, given where he now sits despite losing the popular vote. But that points to a valid area of study for a bipartisan or nonpartisan election reform committee, were we so inclined to form one — the continued usefulness and validity of the Electoral College, as well as how districts are redrawn by partisan actors that effectively disenfranchise many legitimate voters. Fat chance of THAT ever happening.

  166. The people who win elections do not have a long history of challenging those elections as fraudulent. When Trump started his fraudulent investigation, the people he was accusing of malfeasance were precinct poll watchers who were rightly affronted at the false allegations. Voter fraud is a myth generated by folks who find they can't use poll taxes and voter tests to chase minority voters from the voting booth. The problem with voter fraud allegations is that both parties have exactly the same incentive to steal elections, that individuals rarely see any benefit in taking the risk of federal offense to vote more than once, and that investigations therefore turn up nothing.

  167. I'd like to know just how much taxpayers' money was wasted on this fake commission investigating Trump's fake claims of voter fraud before this final acknowledgement that it was all fakery.

  168. "...Mr. Kobach said opponents of the inquiry had seized on in “a determined effort by the left” to hamstring its investigation." Short memory, Mr. Kobach. Red states, including his own Kansas, Kentucky and Mississippi also resisted the intrusive ruse. This is not a leftist fight; chafing at the fraudulent voter fraud commission is the legitimate response to those who don't want to indulge nonsense.

  169. Has it never been considered that 3 million more voters simply preferred Clinton? I know did. Maybe my vote was one of the 3 million--not fraud, just a vote from a person who didn't want Trump.

  170. All I can say is that I am deeply hopeful that this failure derails Kobach's campaign for governor here in Kansas. Right now he is the presumed front-runner, and after eight years of Sam Brownback the idea that Kris Kpbach could be running our State is truly terrifying.

  171. There was clear, documented, and publicized evidence of voter machine tampering in Wisconsin following the 16 election in districts that flipped for Trump--and a recount that started and then was suddenly shut down by a Republican judge. How about starting with that fraud?

  172. Well, Edith you got your good voter fraud and you got your bad voter fraud......

  173. For fear of being proved wrong on his voter fraud charade Trump thought it prudent to dissolve the White House investigation but he's getting restless as to how to get rid of the other investigation that's really moving closer to fix him and his near and dears on the Russian meddling.

  174. For fear of being proved wrong? He has been proved wrong and Trump and his diehard band of Trumpets who guzzle his lies like a Humvee guzzles gasoline are the only ones who don't seem to understand this.

  175. Great now lets dissolve everything else he's done.

  176. What wild goose chase will the Trump administrations waste tax payer dollars on next?

  177. Typical Trump garbage. He's lying again and poisoning the public's already dwindling faith in the electoral process. It's bizarre coming from a guy who lost the popular vote by millions and whose party benefits from widespread gerrymandering and ballot suppression. Every flaw in the system works in their favor, so Trump and others in the GOP need to pretend illegal voting is a real thing. It isn't.

  178. There is only the biggest fraud and it's not the voters. Sad!

  179. Yeah we had attempted massive voter fraud attempted in my adopted state of NC until the US 4th Circuit stepped in and invalidated the Tea Party legislature’s racially discriminatory voter id law. Similar laws in other states are the only voter fraud going around in these United States.