Critics Say FIFA Is Stalling a Doping Inquiry as World Cup Nears

In failing to contact a key witness, FIFA faces accusations of slowing its inquiry into allegations of failed doping tests by Russian soccer players.

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  1. I'm a fervent soccer fan who abhors game fixing and doping and expect the overseeing organizations to ensure the integrity of the sport. Given the lack of commitment to this by FIFA, I will not be watching the 2018 World Cup in Russia and will ignore any products that sponsor this event. I can only hope other fans will boycott this event in order to get housecleaning done, including banning the tradition of bribes for votes during the selection of where world events get held.

  2. FIFA is rotten and corrupt, through and through. It's long past time to disband the organization and replace it with a new one, founded on the principles of honesty, transparency and accountability.

  3. When it comes to corrupt institutions, Fifa is second only to the Russian government.

  4. corruption wins again when the big bucks are at risk. what else is new?

  5. No one should be surprised by this. FIFA has been essentially corrupt for years and old habits die hard even when the worst individual actors are taken out of the picture. At best it has an institutional ability to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and hide its head in the sand as long as possible.

  6. Maybe in protest the US can boycott the 2018 World Cup? Really, what does it matter whether or not the Russians are doped? They're unlikely to win a match, except against Saudi Arabia.

  7. Um, the US failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, so that's a moot point, unless I failed to detect your sarcasm.

  8. FIFA and Russia, two peas in a pod. Expect nothing to happen here.

  9. No surprise since there's a lot at $$

  10. So are we gonna ban the entire Russian football team if a few are discovered in the end like we did in the 2016 Paralympics? Thereby banning clean athletes in an obvious politically movtivated investigations, to achieve the goal of banning Russian citizens from participating in any international sports event. Clean or not.

  11. Dictionary definition of professional sports worldwide: dug abuse.