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  1. Great hot story on this frigid morning.

  2. I would imagine ANY firefighter that gets you out of a stuck elevator is hot.

  3. Actually all NYC firefighters really are hot!

  4. ...they almost always are! that is the true moral of this truly NYC story!

  5. Yikes, glad you got away from the creepy guy!

  6. People will react differently in this situation. I was stuck in a freight elevator for 20 minutes and the help phone in the elevator was broken. I started to ask for help in a loud voice but my friend panicked and started banging on the door(gate) to where sparks (you could see them, the door was only a gate) started to come down between the gate and the wall foundation. I calmed him down and the bldg maintenance people had us out in 20 minutes.

  7. I was once stuck in an elevator (OK, for not as long as SHE was), and kept on ringing the alarm bell and shouting. After they got me out, some young woman told me "We kept hearing that ringing, and we didn't know what it was".

  8. Nightmare turned to daydream. We need your humor now more than ever, keep sharing please!

  9. Are we now occasionally getting two Diary stories in one day? If so, hooray, that's what I call a Happy New Year!! Thank you, NY Times!

  10. That's what FDNY does every day in NYC. Got a problem; call us.

  11. Brings back such memories. NYC firefighters are hot. When I lived in NYC, if a fire truck was parked on 9th Avenue next to a grocery store, we (me and girlfriends) would go into the grocery to see the firefighters. Truly made our day. Thank you. Glad you are okay.