No Wonder Millennials Hate Capitalism

A generation maligned as entitled whiners will be particularly hard hit by the Republicans’ wretched tax bill.

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  1. In Canada we have three major parties, Conservative, Liberal and the New Democrat Party which is as close to socialist as you can come. It works well as rampant capitalism is held in check by the two left leaning parties...i think you guys need a third party as a honest broker, between the two you have now.

  2. Great American Con I In 2003 the Republicans under Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld invades Iraq and bills the American taxpayer $5 trillion dollars for the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie. The military complex consisting of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon etc. all cash in. The US treasury is raided. Great American Con II 2008/9 The Republicans are in office and the regulators are looking the other way. Wall Street in cahoots with the mortgage industry pushes America to the brink of economic collapse marketing subprime mortgages. The country avoids another 1929 Great Depression because of a $750 billion bailout from the Federal Reserve. The US treasury is raided again. Great American Con III 2017 Tax Reform Con. As a result of corporations like the Koch brothers funding the campaigns for the Republicans to recapture the White House and Senate, a bill has come due in the form of a tax cut. The tax cut is so huge at over 40% the corporate executives are likely orgasmic that Congress is so close to passing the bill. It’s the price you pay when you sell your soul to the devil. When Obama wanted a trillion dollars for an infrastructure jobs bill the Republicans said no, it would increase the deficit. The tax reform bill will increase the deficit by over $1.5 trillion dollars, yet there are no cries by the Republicans about the bill adding to the deficit. The US treasury will be raided yet again. As Al Pacino said in the movie “Heat”: “These guys are good”.

  3. Louise Linton, Steven Mnuchin, et al., might consider how things ended up for Czar Nicholas and his family. The rich have bought into the "natural order" narrative once again. History shows there is no such thing.

  4. Members of the anti-Communist Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation who are worried about 44% of millennials' preferring socialism over capitalism should spend less on monuments and more on dictionaries.

  5. Where did you find Goldberg? Great writer!

  6. (A short visit with the GOP 2, curtain rises.) Congressman (seated at dining table): A great meal, dear! Wife: Thank you, here’s your coffee. Now could you tell me more about these Donors you keep talking about? C: Certainly! The Donors are the true leaders of our nation, those who have climbed the mountain of capitalism & succeeded beyond all imagination, & are thus most fit to lead us. Their success just proves they are the best & brightest & have the best ideas about how we should live. Their brilliance is in taking everything they do to the limits of competitive capitalism so no one can compete with them! And their lobby friends are so helpful in telling us how to please them … many times we just let their lobby friends write the legislation for us. I mean, we don’t know anything about it & don’t really care. It makes my job easier. We are so lucky to work for them & they even give us huge donations to help us get re-elected! W: I never knew people could be so nice! They are so generous after having worked so hard for their money. It’s amazing that people could work to attain such wealth! C: Oh, well, many were just born rich & pay smarter people to think for them, but more about the Donors and their plan for America another time. (Curtain closes… To be continued.)

  7. Great column, Ms. Goldberg. Thanks.

  8. The revolution is coming, the Republicans and the entitled elites will reap the whirlwind. That is, of course, if we the people are allowed to vote....

  9. If millenials have been indoctrinated in their expensive, socialist-led colleges, about the benefits of a socialist society, they have lots of options available to them. They could join a monastery. They can form a collective. They can organize a kibbutz. Voluntary socialism is a wonderful thing; we should all wish them well. If they’re concerned about inequality, they can, collectively, stay out of jail, graduate from high school, refrain from drugs, and not make babies out of wedlock. If they want higher wages, they should support sending every single illegal home, and closing the borders to unskilled immigrants. They SHOULD, however, be taught that nothing is ever free. If they want more governmental services, THEY will have to pay for them and not seek to foist the bills off onto others. That’s how socialism “works”. Everyone pulls his own weight, and no one rides for free. If they’re worried about education for their kids, support vouchers, which cuts costs and increase freedom. If they’re worried about deficits – and they should be – demand lower federal spending and the repeal of boondoggles like the ACA. There is a certain macabre satisfaction in demanding that we “eat the rich”. But to paraphrase Pogo, “we have met the rich, and they is us”. The only thing socialists ever do is ensure universal poverty. Perhaps a field trip to Venezuela or Cuba might help these clueless kids. (Although, alas, it didn’t seem to help DeBlasio.)

  10. No accounting for millennials' ignorance. Half of them don't know who won the "Civil War".

  11. We need to update the alleged quote by the Gilded Age oligarch Jay Gould: I can hire half of America to kill the other half. The new quote that seems to capture DeVose-Prince-Koch's plans for 99% of America: We can hire half of America to jail and guard the other half.

  12. "Orrin Hatch ... argued that Congress still hasn’t reauthorized CHIP, which he helped create and still claims to support, because 'we don’t have money anymore'. He went on to rant against the poor: 'I have a rough time wanting to spend [billions] of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves — won’t lift a finger — and expect the federal government to do everything'.” I am disappointed in Sen Hatch's turn to heartlessness. I remember when prez Reagan wanted to cut a program for the poor, Hatch railed against it. Ever since I admired Hatch. I wonder what happened to him. It may have been a contagious disease that infected all the Republicans since prez Obama completed 2 terms, & left unscathed, though Obama must share the responsibility with Bush2 for the agony of Iraq & Syria, for his inaction. With the rise of Tea Party Republicans turned callous; non-callous ones left the party, became inactive.

  13. I am still using, every day, a purse I bought 3 years ago, on sale, for $28. It is the perfect purse for my needs, I have been very happy with it, so I don't envy the woman who is willing to buy several purses for thousands of dollars each. I think she is stupid and greedy to believe she deserves a tax cut while thinking that a homeless woman with children, living in a car, is a bum who doesn't deserve any help, or to ask for vouchers to send her children to private school while watching the public school's budget be cut. People get sick, people die, plants close, people work several jobs and still can't get ahead. They live on the edge, just one fuel pump or rent rise from disaster. Capitalism is almost the same as serfdom when not closely regulated. In many cases the lords and the serfs own their positions merely by luck, not by brilliance or laziness. No system will continue to work if it is top heavy. If people are questioning capitalism, we may be at the tipping point.

  14. The author of this article, just like the millenials she writes about, has absolutely no clue what socialism is or what it means for the people who have to live in a socialist country. Just in case there’s any confusion, we’re not talking about Scandinavian countries, which are capitalist countries with strong safety nets. I strongly encourage these young people, who have not lived in country calling itself a “socialist republic”, and who stubbornly refuse to read about not-so-distant history, to take five year stints in places that might enlighten them, such as North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela (after giving up US citizenship). For those looking for strong non-capitalist thrills, forget about debates in the US; try a few very special years the Cuban or North Korean gulag.

  15. Two words the US plutocracy forgets at their own peril: French Revolution.

  16. We need to impose term limits on Congress. It would rectify a lot of our problems.

  17. “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  18. Today's conservatives break my heart. If they read the Bible beyond passages that they believe urge them to hate gays above all, they'd know that as they treat the least of Americans, so they treat Jesus.

  19. This is a generation that is allowing itself to be robbed by its refusal to participate responsibly in the democratic electoral process. In the previous election (as in all elections), Millennials registered at lower levels and voted at lower levels than any other demographic. Their self-absorption and self-centered approach manifests itself in their refusal to show up to vote in elections when their preferred candidates are not standing. It's like having to show up to vote and get a migraine whereas not showing up guarantees cancer down the road. Millenials are consisting opting for the down the road cancer and this tax bill is exactly that price for not showing up to vote. You would hope that they would learn something from this, buy whining on social media and marching in the streets seems to be there preferred method of avoiding the cancer of Republican rule.

  20. I hold two values in my mind that I believe represent the ambivalence many people confront when they consider the possibilities of democratic socialism in America. One value is that we should build a strong, well funded social service infrastructure within which all Americans can access essential public services, housing, and health care. If I thought my own children would always have a safety net in their lives, even if they fell upon the worst of times, I would gladly contribute the majority of my annual salary to support such a system. At the same time, however, I have worked incredibly hard to shore-up my own private resources for such a possibility. I have worked long hours and multiple jobs, forgone vacations, and scrimped and saved so that I could build my own private safety net so that my kids, one of whom has a disability, might have something to fall back on if they come upon hard times in this selfish, ruthless capitalistic America we now have. What I am not willing to do is give up that private wealth for a promise, or even a temporary period of dispersed resources, only to find, at the end of my life, my hard-earned savings has been dispersed, and we are right back in the dog-eat-dog capitalist system I had prepared for. In order to get buy-in from people like me, people who believe in Democratic Socialism but fear being ripped off by it, too, there would need to be a promise of permanent change, and promises are suspect in this nation now more than ever.

  21. I am an old baby boomer but if I were a millenial or the parents of young children, I would move out of the United States. Under a system of predatory capitalism, the young will be footing the bill for supporting the !% forever. I would rather pay high taxes to support the country's infrastructure, education, climate change policies and environmental protections. One notices when one visits a country like Norway or Germany that there is a completely different ethos and psychological atmosphere. People are happier, more altruistic, more committed to society's well being. These counties are less violent because of gun laws too. The US is becoming a failed state.