Jared Kushner’s Vast Duties, and Visibility in White House, Shrink

Once master of a seemingly limitless portfolio, the president’s son-in-law now focuses on his own projects as speculation mounts about his future.

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  1. " Mr. Kelly . . . also said the Office of American Innovation, run by Mr. Kushner, had demonstrated its value, noting that he had recently sent some members of its team to Puerto Rico to report back on conditions." Well there may be more to it, but simply going to PR and return, reporting on conditions doesn't really sound like demonstration of value. Not by a long shot. All kinds of agencies and congresspersons have gone to PR and reported back on conditions. FEMA is highly involved. What add on value did these so-called innovators provide and why were they necessary?

  2. Those are Toll, embarrassing words.

  3. While it is encouraging that Kushner's influence is being diminished, it should not have taken Kelly to force the issue. No sitting president should ever be so cynical as to appoint his young, inexperienced son-in-law as a Senior Adviser, and justify the nepotism by saying that he is very impressive. It doesn't even matter how well paid Kushner is, it matters how much power he holds.

  4. The idea here seems of follow the old logo: "keep it in the family".

  5. Yes, after Mr. Kushner creates peace in the ME he's going to tell everyone how he & his brother-in-law, Don, got the Russians to back Trump with absolutely no collusion. Then he's going to take on China and make the biggest, best trade deal this country has ever seen. Then who knows what other major accomplishments he can do for this administration! It's amazing folks; simply amazing.

  6. Definition of “irony” in the dictionary: “See irony”.

  7. Jared who? If General Flynn flips the way that some suspect that he will, Mr. Kushner may well be back in the limelight again, but not by choice. We might then hear the President say something like, "Jared helped out from time to time, but he was just a low-level volunteer."

  8. Except it won't sound that fluent. There's something wrong with him, and it's accelerating. No way this ends well.

  9. "Mr. Kushner may well be back in the limelight again," He might follow in father's footsteps. All the way to a federal pen.

  10. Trump will claim he hardly knew Kushner

  11. Mediocre is as mediocre does. The only thing not mediocre about Jared Kushner is his chutzpah.

  12. Why am I having an impossible time feeling anything for this grifter's changed circumstances. Maybe I'll try again later if I think of it.

  13. There is something incredibly galling about Kushner; a neophyte who is in so far over his head yet acts as if he's the king of the world. Judging by the way he's tanking his family real estate business with bad decisions it's no wonder Trump thinks so highly of him. They're two of a kind. And the anecdote at the top of the story? What a charmer!

  14. Two confidence men is all they are. One vulgar and crude; one polished poseur.

  15. Like father ( in law ), like son. Remember, people claim to have voted for Trump because he had no experience. Like that ever made sense.

  16. Sort of like his father-in-law?

  17. Kushner is going to be slapped with a stack of federal indictments. Soon his role will dramatically shrink further, reduced to either defendant or cooperative witness.

  18. .....and it will be interesting to see what Ivanka does then. Will she shed Kushner, side by her father and betray her own kids? It's what the Donald would do. Or will she finally turn on her snake of a father and live her own life?

  19. Kushner will sing like a canary.

  20. What I understand from this article is that Mr. Kushner and the Trump administration do not have one iota of a clue about what is required to lead and manage the most powerful administration in the world. Mr. Kushner's presence clearly demonstrates the incredible incompetence and destructive nature of this administration. The sooner he and his spouse leave Washington the better off the country will be.

  21. The sooner Trump and his entire administration leave Washington, the better off the country will be.

  22. Nepotism leads to faulty talent presumptions.

  23. Jared and Ivanka will slowly disappear from the White House. They can't be effective in their mandates because they are both poor communicators, do not have good analytical skills and most importantly for Mr. Kushner, have too many ethics questions left unanswered. That Mr. Kushner did not disclose all meetings and relationships with Russians in his security clearance paper work will ultimately lead to a level of scrutiny in the Mueller investigation that will bring him down. He moreover has no credibility whatsoever among tech leaders. As for Ivanka, Tillerson and the WH staff are just crossing their fingers that she doesn't fumble during her upcoming India trip, support for which the WH has also scaled down. Yes, I think they will move back to New York and hopefully Dad will too.

  24. Why would you wish this on us? Long before he hit the political scene, this grotesque excuse for a human being was probably my one of the most widely despised individuals in New York. Don't make us pay to protect them. Please.j

  25. Agree with your comments. Just one thing -New York doesn't want him back. Let him go to Mar a Lago.

  26. I think Mueller will look very carefully at Jared's computer tech skills within the campaign.....I personally think he is guilty of arranging all that stuff, distributing the e mails and all those negative hateful ads....

  27. From the onset of his appearance on the national scene, I have considered Mr. Kushner to convey an insufferable smugness and to be almost terminally overflowing with hubris. On the positive side, he seems not to have brought with him a total hatred toward whatever assignment he might have received from his father-in-law, unlike most of the other people selected to fill secretarial positions or to head federal agencies (looking at you, DeVos, Zinke, Mulvaney. et al). Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear what emerges from his encounters with Mr. Mueller and his team.

  28. Kushners Manhattan building is awash in 1.2 billion dollars in debt. It sounds like he is following in his father-in-laws footsteps and they are both leading the country in the same direction.

  29. Yeah, towards bankruptcy, a situation Donald and his companies are quite familiar with.

  30. Before you try to "reform" government, you need to understand how governing and government actually work. This goes for the father-in-law also.

  31. it appears to me that inch by inch this house of cards is tumbling. Jared and Ivanka will surely shift away from the white house - it's inevitable and only proper considering the investigation moving in on Jared. Trump played a lousy hand with the family dynasty game.

  32. Other than having married the President's daughter, what are Jared Kushner's qualifications for any of the positions he holds? Other than inheriting wealth, like the President, what has he ever done?? He's way out of his depth in every possible way.

  33. As is his boss.

  34. Kushner has tapped several Russian banks and oligarchs for loans. Ms. Veselnitskaya who met with young Donald Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner also represented Russian firm Prevezon in a $230 million NY real estate fraud and money-laundering case brought by Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. A month after Trump fired Bharara, Sessions' Justice Dept. settled the case before it reached court for pennies on the dollar. Also at that meeting--Rinat Akhmetshin, a Washington lobbyist who waged a successful "cyber attack" against a mining co competitor that lost them millions in business. Akhmetshin, a former Soviet counterintel officer, is suspected of having ongoing ties to Russian intel. Why does this matter? In 2015 the Trump Organization hired Brad Parscale's firm for $91 million to target states with "cyber tools" such as paid advertisements, social media messages. Trump longtime consigliere Roger Stone admitted contacts with Russian GRU "Guccifer" which used email, Facebook and Twitter to target political ads "precisely" to individual voters. Kushner coordinated with Pascale and intel hints at cooperation with the Trump campaign to succeed. http://www.businessinsider.com/why-was-russian-money-laundering-case-dis... https://newrepublic.com/article/143586/trumps-russian-laundromat-trump-t...

  35. A diminishing role for Jared Kushner? It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. But I will be more than happy when his role diminishes to less than a speck of dust because of his indictment and conviction by Mueller's team.

  36. Daddy-in-law has already signed his pardon, one has to imagine. Along with his own. Then we’ll get to see how robust our republic is when they do, and then don’t budge from the white house.

  37. Possibly not! I do not think every offense is pardonable, but we'll check with Rob Muller on those fine points!! He'd be the person to ask, and who would know!!

  38. Politics 995, you ascribe waaaay too much power in Mueller. He is not judge and jury, he is an investigator. More power to him, but he does not get to decide what is done with his findings. That is up to republicans in Congress.

  39. Being given a title, obviously, does not give one the competence, as we have seen throughout the entire Trump "presidency?"and cabinet choices!

  40. He'll be even less visible from a jail cell. Like father, like son.

  41. Do you seriously imagine Daddy-in-law is going to allow his daughter’s husband and his grandkid’s father to be jailed? Why? It’s not going to happen. He will pardon him. It will be another lesson to us all about the dangers of nepotism. If we survive this.

  42. However, if Jared is charged with violation of any state laws, there is nothing his father-in-law can do.

  43. I second you.

  44. Jared Kushner is the perfect poster child for this administration. Utterly clueless, completely naive about negotiating with players who have their own considerable powers, and too self-absorbed to deign learning from others. The only thing that would be more absurd than the Israeli-Palestinian assignment for Kushner would be the trial balloon regarding Ivanka Trump replacing Nikki Haley at the UN. Who are these people and how soon can we get them in front of a jury?

  45. Sadly it will be a long, long time; or more likely never. Republicans will not impeach and the popular vote loser will be handing out pardons. Our bigger problem, given this is entirely possible, is what to do when we realize he is not planning to resign on his own accord after Mueller rattles off his list of crimes. We all assume this will all be sorted out, but that is not a given. Not at all.

  46. "would be the trial balloon regarding Ivanka Trump replacing Nikki Haley at the UN." However, she's too busy with her clothing company to have the time to become the US.'s representative at the U.N. But nothing anymore would surprise me in the Trump administration.

  47. Whenever a person in the Trump White House appears to have lost power, it always seems like they will be gone soon. That is what happened with Priebus, Mooch, Bannon, Spicer. Jared Kushner and Ivanka probably really hate their jobs now and want to go back to NYC. I honestly feel bad for them, and even if they leave their jobs, Mueller is haunting them.

  48. Don’t feel bad for them. They don’t feel bad for all the American lives they are ruining daily by being by the side of the grabber with the short fingers who tweets.

  49. Mueller wouldn't be haunting them if Kushner had kept his nose clean and reported the outreach from Russia and Wikileaks to the FBI as any law-abiding citizen would have done. Oh, maybe he didn't know that it was illegal for foreign countries to be involved with our elections? Sure. The "we're-too-dumb-to-have-colluded" defense. How does that square with our "very smart" President running the very best Administration ever in history?

  50. So, Jared and the president are allowing Kelly to believe that Jared works for Kelly. Sort of in the same way that president and Bannon are no longer working together to destroy the government.

  51. A 36 year old- with no experience in diplomacy or government before January, 2017- has whittled down his considerable list of ambitious bailiwicks to resolving 69 years of intractable conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In the Trump administration, the jokes continue to write themselves.

  52. He may be chief of staff, but he's still the help. Nobody's chief of Trump.

  53. Jared Kushner's attempts to re-forge his father-in-law's vision of government into a profit-and-loss enterprise mirror his--and the administration's--failures in 10 months of "governing." How anyone with foreign policy credibility and years in the profession could expect that the young Mr. Kushner could just simply step in, tell people that he's brokering the peace between ages-old enemies in the Middle East--and expect success--is indicative of the Trump camp's amateurish approach to all things government and governing. His clueless father-in-law probably supposed that Jared's being Jewish clearly gave him the high profile chops to take on a problem between Jerusalem and the disparate Arab capitals and find a way to peace, a peace that has thus far been kept at more than arm's length and one impossible to imagine in the best of times. If anything, Mr. Kushner's continued presence in the West Wing indicates that he is less of a difference-maker than the disparagement of his many critics contend. It is far less likely that the son-in-law shoved Stephen Bannon out of the White House than it was a matter of the "president" finally tiring of the media attention given to his former chief strategist on nationalism and white supremacy. The disappearance of Mr. Kushner also clearly points to the Robert Mueller waters beginning to wash upon his doorstep. That he is not innocent in the campaign's dealings with Russia (or during the transition) does not bode well for him.

  54. Born on 3rd base, he (and our president) thinks he hit a triple. And America's paying for the on-the-job training.

  55. I’ve always like the metaphor. But for some (like these guys), don’t you think it more accurate to say: Born on third base; thinks he hit a home run!

  56. Seems the Trump administration is an image and public relations farce and its policies cannot be administered without talented and empowered administrators. Trump's only concern is his fragile ego so he rages Obama who bailed us out of the Bush 2008 crash claiming he inherited a mess . History will surely note the country inherited a mess of a president inept ignorant of government and only fit to be a dictator however our system does not favor his goal to rule as Putin. Bringing in family members and your biz is not done in a democracy so Trump's autocratic style is a bad fit as history will show if Trump can hang on much longer under the attack of reality.

  57. Jared Kushner is a joke. Without any obvious sign of intelligence or diplomatic experience, the only thing he has to offer is being part of the same grifter brand of family tree. Honestly. This is someone who can't even remember who's he met with, and yet he's got National Security clearance. There's not really much to improve his appearance at the White House besides completely disappearing from view.

  58. Indeed, why does Kushner still have a security clearance? Isn't lying on the application form multiple times sufficient to pull his clearance?

  59. And besides, no one else could have gotten a security clearance with so many omissions of fact on his application form. It helps to be the President's fair haired boy.

  60. The whole family, top to bottom, occupying the White House is proof the American public is no judge of character.

  61. Gonna shrink even more after he's indicted.

  62. Because of family wealth and privilege, both Trump and Kushner were able to take high-level positions in the family businesses without ever learning the skills needed for true leadership, which demands seeing themselves as more than the center of their universe. They were bailed out by connections and family money if they ran into trouble. In the few times that may not have worked, they relied on the concept of Trumplaw, especially Mr. Trump. They simply did not want either the law or decorum to apply to them. They got their way by hiring only attorneys who would be willing to attempt to go along with what they wanted, others be damned. Also by bullying and stiffing business asociates, Trumplaw could also prevail. Amazingly and unfortunately, this has pretty much worked for them to this point. But Donald's Trumplaw now means edging Kushner out. Will Donald himself ever see his Trumplaw truly thwarted? Only time, and maybe Robert Mueller's team, will tell. Incidentally, Trumplaw and the spouting of lies at everything that comes his way is straight out of the playbook of Trump's late mentor, the despicable and discredited Roy Cohn. What a heritage and worldview we currently have in the White House.

  63. You want to see it from here.Up north I mean. Wow.

  64. well, at least I'll never have a hard time exlaining the word "Dilettante" again

  65. Well-played, sir.

  66. Kushner is exhibit A that money does not equate to intelligence or character. There are many examples of his deficits, but the most stunning is that he is an Orthodox Jew playing “white house” amongst anti-semites. I suppose it’s the delusion you are wealthy, growing up a rick kid, when the truth is your fate is in the hands of Russian bankers, because your biggest “accomplishment” is the disaster of 666 5th Ave (what an apt address that is). He must be a nervous wreck.

  67. It's funny. The other day I was in Livingston NJ waiting for my husband to return to our car. Across the way, I saw a man who looked an awful lot like Jared Kushner get into a late model luxury car. It was not Jared Kushner, at all, but I was reminded that he was born in Livingston and grew up in NJ. As I watched "not-Jared-Kushner" get into his car, I could not help but wonder about the real man. How much better his life could have been had he stayed on this side of the river........

  68. Aside from its sheer merit as a movie, it's a good idea for every new generation to watch "The Garden of the Finzi Continis."

  69. Kushner's incompetence in real estate investing as demonstrated by over paying for the 5th avenue property tells me he makes rash decisions without doing the necessary due diligence. These are not the qualities needed in a White House employee with a myriad of responsibilities.

  70. Kushner has done nothing except take up space in the WH. Another example of sheer incompetence in this administration.

  71. lock him up.

  72. Like father, like son...

  73. Maybe with all his knowledge, many positions and moves, Jared's next step might be a go to jail card without passing go. Of course, he will be 'saved' by the little hands in the white house. It seems this white house is full of these folks. Bottom feeders all and a perfect match for the big fish, t-Rump.

  74. As previously said, not all offenses are pardonable, but correct, those are "little hands".

  75. This kid is a wet behind-the-ears punk. If he wasn't married to the president's daughter would he be given the responsibility and prominence that he enjoys today solely on account of his talent? I doubt it.

  76. She wouldn't be working in any White House if she wasn't the President's daughter either.

  77. "the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy is largely a ghost town" Here we are in 2017, with science and technology leading nations into the future.....and the only interest in 'technology' coming from the White House is an a mindless stream of idiotic Twitter. No one sinks to the occasion like the economically, morally and intellectually bankrupt Trump Administration.

  78. Sorry, Socrates. I usually agree with what you have to say, but once you start preaching evangelical futurism, you lose me. Science and technology don't lead nations into the future. That makes no sense whatsoever. Time won't stop because we stop buying the latest gadgets. Human beings don't usher in "the future." It comes regardless. The great double-think of our time is holding the belief that science and technology are leading us to a better future, while at the same time being aware of massive evidence that science and technology (driven by arrogance and greed) threaten the survival of the human race.

  79. Trump is so stuck in the 19th century. He thinks bringing back coal jobs is going to make america great again. Next he will declare open season on dinosaur hunting. Meanwhile Putin is quickly gaining control over all our cyber security systems and electoral data bases.

  80. Complicating issue here: Jared and Ivanka are avid skiers and because of that, they're the only ones in that crowd who accept climate change and the need to fight it. If the world were simple, I'd be verbally flogging him right now too. But our world is melting now, and that to me is the issue that matters above all others.

  81. It would be a mistake to interpret Kushner"s diminished visibility as waning influence or a demotion in the family pecking order. Kushner is and will always be the husband of Trump's favorite offspring and the smarter son (in-law). Oligarchies are both dependant on the family hierarchy and allyships with other oligarchs. Priebus came to the Trump administration via the RNC and Koch-affiliated Scott Walker before that. The Kochs and Trump may not be enemies but having Priebus in the inner circle must not have sat well with Kushner or Ivanka. Getting rid of him also lessens Pence's sphere of influence. Kushner will remain a powerful figure so long as Mueller doesn't have him in the same vise he now has Michael Flynn in. When he does, then all bets will be off until Trump either trusts, or doesn't, that his son in law will remain loyal. --- https://www.rimaregas.com/?s=Oligarchy

  82. Rima, Preibus may be affiliated with the Kochs, but so is Mike Pence. Per Jane Mayer, many lesser administration people have been brought in by Pence and are doing pretty much exactly what the Kochs would like. Also, General Kelly may put even more of a damper on Jared than Reince did, or so it's been reported.

  83. It's about time Jared was given less--or is he just being hidden away because of his tendency to get into trouble (multiple lies on his disclosure forms) and to grate on the nerves of fellow staffers? There's nothing worse than inexperience coupled with arrogance. From reports I've read, these two qualities define the Kushner personality. Inexperience led Kushner to overpay for the New York Observer and to mismanage the financials of 666 Fifth Avenue. Arrogance it seems didn't help his poor interpersonal skills on display in the rather innocent question from Priebus. Both qualities must have contributed to poor morale among staffers trying to do their jobs while the golden boy remained untouchable and unaccountable. I suspect that of all Donald Trump's potential staff danger zones, Jared ranks on par with Manaforte and Flynn. It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next year. Trump may come to rue the day he surrounded himself by so much family, particularly those blinded by their superiority in being related to the president as opposed to actually achieving something measurable.

  84. Perhaps if Trump were not so I'll prepared for office poor Jared would not be so overworked. Sad.

  85. Oh, this is rich! "...noting that he had recently sent some members of its team to Puerto Rico to report back on conditions on the hurricane-ravaged island." That's all you've got, Jared? And Kelly dares to stand up and report that as if it's some sort of major accomplishment? They could send ten random New Yorkers to Puerto Rico and probably get more accurate and honest reports back. It should scare all of us that someone with zero experience in government was essentially given the keys to the kingdom. Oh, wait, no, that's his father-in-law....

  86. And he still has a security clearance despite numerous violations.

  87. It scares me more that the NY Times gave that priceless nugget so many column inches. Harden up, Gray Lady! We need you more than ever.

  88. Why is a person with such huge responsibilities, no matter how reduced from what they were, so seldom heard from in public? Secrecy and inexperience do not encourage confidence.

  89. I can't get beyond the probability that Jared Kushner and his wife would have never found themselves working at this level of government without the Electoral College's stamp of approval on Donald Trump. I support Mr. Kushner's best intentions, but with the lingering possibility of charges against him, how effective will he really be?

  90. It appears that Mr. Kushner has become an albatross around Trump's neck, given his ignorance of government workings and failure to disclose information as required by law. Yet, he's family, so he can't be quickly fired. I think we'll see less of him and his wife and they will drift back to NYC at the first opportunity.

  91. Some would say Trump is the albatross round this nation's neck.

  92. Putting family ahead of others? There is a name for that: Nepotism.

  93. I think Ivanka and Jared had grand dreams of becoming the royals, "Princess Kate and Prince William", of the White House. Actually they'll be lucky to escape without criminal indictments.

  94. Jared has consistently demonstrated an inability to actually accomplish anything on his own. When he does actually do something on his own, it usually backfires spectacularly. To wit: Dad paved his way into Harvard with a well timed donation. I am wondering what he managed to learn there, if anything, given his track record as an alumnus. Let's look at just a few examples. Jared bought the NY Observer and ran it into the ground. Jared overpaid by a large multiple for the property at 666 Fifth Avenue, putting his family's "empire" at risk. It would seem based on his propensity to make a mess out of his what were meant to be signature deals, he is not particularly intelligent. Jared has struggled with paperwork and memory issues despite a legion of assistants and lawyers that surround him. As a result, he still has a temporary security clearance, has failed to turn over documents that were requested etc. A reasonable person could fairly question his honesty and many of us do. In the end, he's the son in law, which pretty much seals his fate. Donald will cut him loose to save himself. That Harvard degree may get him a job in the prison library.

  95. Kelly is bound to irk Trump in his quest to control the "family ". Jared and Ivanka will never be disloyal to Trump, and Kelly is fighting an uphill battle. If they don't shape up, or go back to their " philanthropic " lives in New York, Kelly will ship out. Kelly knows he's dealing with reality show characters whose best moments are their photo ops and Twitter rants.

  96. Maybe Jared Kushner's diminished visibility is designed to avoid the attention and summons of the feared consigliere the White House is really leery of, Don Robert Mueller. It’s also puzzling that the president would give Kushner credit for pushing an agenda forward for the American people since Kushner wasn’t on the ballot, last year or ever. If Kushner stabilized the White House, why is he being marginalized, if not faded out completely by John Kelly? And why would anybody expect Kushner, a complete novice in diplomatic affairs, to be able to broker a peace treaty in the Middle East when better men and women than he is have tried and failed to do?

  97. when it is no longer possible to tell what is real and important from what is trivial and false "information poisoning" exists. it is partly the result of external conditions, multiple contradictory accounts of the sales events, and partially in the brain state of the victim. without secure identity based networking we must all continue to be victims and to pretend news stories like this are in some way a symptom of our sickness.

  98. Of course, from day one, Trump has been claiming he would bring only the "best" people into government. Now, a year later, with a steady departure of key people, and mystery man Kushner accomplishing zero, we now know this was just another one of his monumental lies.

  99. In any normal administration, Jared Kushner’s omissions of foreign contacts when he submitted his papers for his White House security clearance would have disqualified him forthwith, but as we know there is nothing “normal” about this administration. Kushner is an entitled political dilettante who believes his family ties mean rules do not apply to him and he appears to be just as out of his depth as his father-in-law- whatever the portfolio. John Kelly seems unable to do much about reining in his boss in any meaningful way, but if he keeps Kushner (and Ivanka) in check that would at least be something.

  100. Perhaps Kelly didn't intend that as a compliment. In Washington and other administrative quagmires, preparing and filing a report is a notable accomplishment in and of itself.

  101. I think it’s important to remember that running the government requires skill and intellect. And when we leave government to amateurs we see the result. It’s akin to me going to the doctor and as a result of that visit I declare that I can be a brain surgeon. Just because Trump and company interacted with government by no means indicates competency in running the government.

  102. Big surprise - A president brings his kids into major positions in the WH and lets them play with whatever toys they want, and it doesn't work out so well. The Pres doesn't know much about being a president and the kids know even less about being advisors. Kushner and Don Jr have pretty much done what they know from private real estate businesses; make deals for their own benefit, cozy up to some Russians for help, omit important things from National Security statements, trade visas for investments in Kushner family business, and lie to cover things up. They don't seem to have much of a clue that that's not how governments run, or possibly could run. One difference they may not recognize is that they can't trot the country through bankruptcy court if their dealings don't work out very well. A major dynamic for Kushner et all is that they are family to Don Sr. To their benefit, they are not subject to presidential rage and 3:AM tweets. But, as family they are very sensitive targets of investigations; if they are charged or seem likely to be charged it may cause the ultimate presidential rage, or it may cause the president to resign if it lessens the risk of his kids in prison. Once we get rid of this pres and his family, we need an extensive set of rules limiting what Presidents and their families, friends or business associates are allowed to do.

  103. This "presidency" is just a manifestation of ignorant, spoiled children doing whatever, whenever. From the top on down...............

  104. "Mr. Kushner typically would spend five or six hours a day with the president in what his advocates described as playing defense, making sure others were not gaming the system by persuading Mr. Trump to make decisions without consulting others who had interest in the issues." Is that an admission that the President of the United States is mentally/intellectually unfit for the job? Does he suffer from diminished capacity either from age, illness, or just general lack of curiosity (i.e. idiocy)? Because if so then all the generals and whatnot need to square with us, the public. It's their sworn ethical duty.

  105. Everything about the Trump administration gives me the Willies but General Body Fluids Kelly gives me the Willies and the Heebie Jeebies. I can't help but recall the Thomas Chandler Haliburton quote of two hundred years ago, "When a man is wrong and won't admit it he always gets angry." We have seen General Kelly get things very wrong. Instead of an apology to the congresswoman and the bereaved widow General Kelly doubled down on his very controlled anger. I guess Dr Strangelove still has resonance in 2017. My American friends, neighbours and family have assured me since 1980 it can't happen here. My father recognized who and what Ronald Reagan was in the 1950s. I grew up with a number of General Kellys and when General Kelly is the sanest man in the room you are in an institution. We live in a world of nuance and as little regard as I have for Jared and Evanka they seem residents of our real world. General Kelly not so much.

  106. With all this time and energy devoted into the power struggle against each other, does anybody in the White House actually do any work related to running the country? If not, maybe that's a good thing.

  107. Like every other member of the Trump circus it behooves us all to look behind the curtain. The true manipulations and aims of the Kushner scion simply amplify the greed and corruption of both real estate families. And he really is not all that bright.

  108. "But 10 months after being given free rein to tackle everything from the federal government’s outdated technology to peace in the Middle East, the do-whatever-you-want stage of Mr. Kushner’s tenure is over." And the fall of the Trump organization, in less than a year, continues. So much for Trump's claims that he hires "the best people." His demise and his legacy will be that he hired incompetents because he thought they would be loyal to him. Apparently Mike Flynn will prove this to be a "yuuuge" mistake.

  109. Let's hope that Jared will follow the "family tradition" of ending up in jail. With the example JK's father set in blackmailing even the closest of relatives in a cold-blooded, marriage-wrecking game, it gives one the impression that this training will only render another such misfit. Let's hope it is true! I'd like to see those tactics used on DT, as Jared tries to keep himself out of jail. And let's hope Muller finds Jared's Achilles heel!

  110. Charles Kushner's money may have bought Jared Kushner into Harvard but his money didn't buy intelligence. Wealth and privilege doesn't translate into skills and leaves nothing but a grifter pretending to be create innovation. He is only interested in how his position furthers his wealth.

  111. Good news for the functioning of our government, perhaps, but an indictment of the irresponsible and arrogant way that this miserable excuse of a president has seized power.

  112. The beginning of the end. The beginning of a long downward trend...toward the inevitable fall. When the fall from grace is fully realized for this administration and his family and how deeply it resonates remains to be seen, but this is a key first step. Otherwise, we are sitting ducks for... much.

  113. Jared Kushner is a good man who deserves our respect and gratitude, not derision and contempt. In just one year he has... he has ... well, ok, he hasn’t done anything. But just because he is handsome and has a winning smile is no reason to be jealous of him. Just because he exudes charisma and charm and is generous and modest and kind ... Ok. Nevermind. I’m just kidding.

  114. Handsome? I hope you are kidding about that too, he looks like the child of the Great Depression.

  115. "He also said the Office of American Innovation, run by Mr. Kushner, had demonstrated its value, noting that he had recently sent some members of its team to Puerto Rico to report back on conditions on the hurricane-ravaged island." LOL. The jokes write themselves. I think I saw this one in an episode of Veep. Who knows, if Flynn sings, then Kushner might be asked to demonstrate his value by being the fall guy for the administration.

  116. Jared's days at the White House are numbered. Trump's lack of any understanding of the issues he placed Jared in charge of led to his son in law's appointment to this myriad of positions. While Jared is not stupid he most likely benefited from father's multi million dollar gift to Harvard for his acceptance, and many of his business decisions have been less than prudent (666 Fifth Ave) The young man is clearly in over his head. Jared's hubris will be his downfall. The same can be said for the President.

  117. "Jared's hubris will be his downfall. The same can be said for the President." God, please make it happen.

  118. And, we the people will have paid dearly for their little adventures!

  119. Recommending his father fire Comey was another smooth move.

  120. Trump, via an Electoral aberration, a perfect storm, is trying to take over this country and control it as he does his own failing, worthless, "emperor's new clothes" business. Kushner, his daughter, his sons and his minions had intended to strip theAmerican Democracy raw for their own ends. Kushner is just as inexperienced and naive as his father-in-law, although behaving more like a sane adult at times. It's no wonder the boy Jared is being stripped of responsibilities that he had absolutely no business dealing with. It is s very small sign of sanity in the WH, NOT due to Trump. I would predict that Trump, in a last-ditch attempt to consolidate power, will fire his Chief of Staff and Sec of State, hopefully on his way out the door to prison or to meet Nixon. If he had half a brain (a great reach), he would have hired competent professionals instead of catering to the lowest common denominator of his "base".

  121. I'd like to know how Jared (and Ivanka) are perceived by the far right. That would be telling as well.

  122. Trump oversold Jared (to make himself look more important) as he oversells everyone until the moment they become a vulnerability. Then, what do you know, so and so was never all that important after all; just passing through; not even on salary. When her turn comes, Ivanka will get the same treatment.

  123. like Manafort, yes???

  124. I had noticed that since the Russian investigation has gotten serious, both he and his privileged wife were no longer in the spot light. I assumed they were both keeping a low profile on purpose because they fear one or both of them will be tied to crimes involving the Russians. I can only hope..

  125. Even if Trump were qualified to run this country, which he proves he is not qualified to do on a daily basis, it would not automatically mean his son-in-law was qualified to do anything specific. Kushner may have some skills at some things, but he has no government background which will make it difficult for him to succeed when working with career civil servants. You may want to head back to your world in NYC, young man, and please take your father-in-law with you. We absolutely do not need DT attempting to lead this country in any way, shape, or form.

  126. Well, he acts like a spy, apparently seeking back channels to Russia to avoid U.S. intelligence knowing about his covert meetings. He's had ridiculous excuses for incomplete security documentation requests, leaving off 100 foreign officials he's met and required to identify. He's at the center of almost all of the meetings Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating. And he just might be Trump's largest liability. He's a daily reminder of aristocratic rule + nepotism in this White House, with countless Russian connections. And one of many truly unqualified people 'working' in this administration. He's wealthy, and his wife's dad is the president. He's part of an erratic administration en route to turning America into a Third World Nation. And worrying many citizens by chaos and a sense of amateur hour. And he reminds many of us of the main character in the movie, The Ninth Gate.

  127. Trump like Obama and Bush have had some hits or misses in picking people but Trump seems to fix the problem almost immediately with an outstanding choice

  128. President Trump is distancing himself from Kushner, at least in public, so that he and his handlers can pretend his son-in-law was a low-level official when he is indicted. This will be a Herculean lift, even for the Orwellian masters in the White House, but it will likely play to the base and Hanity et al. Now Kushner is woefully unqualified to run a lemonade stand, let alone hold down any government job, so one could spin Kushner's slow walk out the door as Trump coming to his senses. But I doubt it. The president has assembled such a gaggle of unqualified sycophants that I cannot imagine his having realized the error of his ways inside of a year. From Mike Pence to Rex Tillerson (likely a good business man, but no diplomat), one sees Trump's disdain for decorum and government.

  129. I agree with your take, except I doubt Trump has ever realized the error of his ways. Time after time he has demonstrated that when his failures are too glaring to ignore, he always resorts to blaming others.

  130. Perhaps Jared should have been assigned to be the guy who orders the coffee? Does Trump keep away from experts because he is so ignorant he can't tell what expertise is? Or does he reject them because he can't bear to have anyone around him who knows more about a subject than he does? It's too threatening to his delusions of omnipotence and grandeur.

  131. That is, of course, the platform he ran under -- disdain for decorum and government.

  132. Kushner is way too young and inexperienced to be in the position he is in. Can't think of one accomplishment he has made in nearly a year other than collecting assignments that go nowhere. Thank god that General Kelly is around to control him. Ivanka is next.

  133. I've long thought that Jared's contacts with the Russians , the sharing of data and ensuing targeting of districts (by Russians) in Wisconsin, Michigan et al will be what comes out of Mr. Meullers probe. On the other hand, I'm sure he had a hand in keeping Christie out of the administration, and for that I'm grateful.

  134. Whether it's Kushner, Kelly or anyone it is much better than if it were Hillary and her pay to play crew. Wall St. is doing great, jobs are great, buyer confidence is extremely high, growth is good, If this was Obama's economy we would be hearing about it daily with great excitement by the media.

  135. We hear about every day, even Thanksgiving, as Trump gives enormous thanks to himself. And it is Obama's economy. The Republican's damage hasn't passed yet.

  136. This is Obama's economy. The last Republican economy was GW Bush. Remember him?

  137. It is Obamas economy; what has Trump or the do nothing legislative branch done?

  138. Mr. Kushner is a nothing burger. If not for his wife, he'd already be in jail for his questionable real estate dealings. He's also someone who has hurt many people, as a landlord. He is the essence of evil, an embodiment of everything wrong with America, just like his Father-in-Law.

  139. Trump's administration as well as the man himself is an exercise in mental illness. Kushner solving the Middle East crisis, Trump solving healthcare and solving crime were supposed to be first day projects. Truly bizarre. History will treat this like the people or yore who went mad en masse.

  140. It is true that Jared Kushner did not do great for the New York Observer as the owner or head cheerleader. But,he does have value in helping this President see options in his Make America Great Again playbook. He needs more time.

  141. What is that value, Mark? On what do you base your opinion? You are asking people to form an opinion that is contrary to what we can see with our own eyes. For you to expect that from us, you need to provide evidence.

  142. Real valuable when he advocated for firing James Comey. How's that working out for them? Bwahahahahaha

  143. Oh, dear, I don't even know how to respond to a comment that is so ridiculous on its face. Only a die-hard Trump supporter....

  144. No military experience. No academic distinction. No leadership record. No training in management or continuous improvement tools. No international relations experience. What has he done? Slept with the boss's daughter. In Trumpville, the casting couch is not dead.

  145. The blind leading the blind. And far, far, worse than that.

  146. Mr. Kusher is deeply enmeshed in the developing Russia investigation. He adived his father-in-law to fire FBI Director Janes Comey, he attemptef to set up a secret back channel to the Kremlin using the Russian embassy, he's misrepresented his numerous contacts with Russians including a bank run by a Putin-sppointed KGB agent, and was in attendance at the meeting in Trump Tower with Kremlin emissaries wishing to trade "dirt" on Sec. Clinton in exchange for lifting samctioms imposed by the Magnitsky Act. Mr. Kushner should have resigned long ago, but he may soon find himself indicted by the Special Counsel.

  147. along with all of mr. kushner's uh, "relationships" with the russians, i can't help but wonder what did Ivanka know? will she be called by mueller? is she the real messenger between her father and the russians? i'm curious about her role and her absence from any of the news stories?

  148. Jared Kushner---a shining example why nepotism makes for bad public policy. Nepotism is not an innovation. Jared holds no qualifications or understanding of the position he holds, nor would he have his position without his wealth and family connections. Yet his wealth has imbued him with the special power to believe that he is the brightest bulb in the room. Ah, the joys of being born on third base!

  149. More aspects of a third world banana junta seeping into our great and noble republic. We always had our faults but these past 10 months have demonstrated to the world that the leading Western democracy is only a hare’s breath away from being Greece or Spain or Italy.

  150. In my opinion, Trump is orchestrating a media fake news story to protect Kushner from further negativity. Just before the Saudi Prince began his recent purge, Kushner made a surprise visit to Saudi Arabia. Why? Also, as we have seen, Gen Kelly is more like Trump than we ever realized. I doubt Kelly would have any sway over Kushner and he probably holds Kushner in high esteem. I sincerely hope Kushner is soon called to pay for his arrogant incompetence by the special prosecutor.

  151. Noblesse Oblige? Not with this crowd of rich incompetents. The arrogance and sense of entitlement bleeding out of the White House would make the Founders catch the first four master back to the continent. These people are incredibility lucky and that luck has awarded them with the false notion that they know something, like how to run this country. Mr Mueller will reveal all. If any of these criminals receives a pardon, unlike the hateful Ford-Nixon pardon, this country will never recover. Ever. If we hear such bromides as 'preserving the dignity of the office,' after Trump, we'll know we might be rid of the symptom but not the disease.

  152. Turns out rich kids lack the ability to be good at anything, never work, get everything handed to them. Turn them loose in the real world and they go whimpering back to their "social circle" in New York. Imagine what any random poor kid could have done in Jared's place. It's time to stop pretending that money makes people smarter or better, the reverse is true in actuality.

  153. So how does that explain Bill Gates, who was born into an affluent family?

  154. Re, Gates: There is an exception to every rule. Gates and his buddy Paul Allen happened to become fascinated with computers when they were both students at a private high school. (I was also fascinated with computers (PCs did not exist) when I was in high school but found no opportunities to work with them.) They were at the right place at the right time. Ten years earlier or ten years later, you would likely have never heard of Gates. His greatest business coup, however, was not writing BASIC with Allen as a computer language, it was selling IBM an operating system developed by another company and, instead of selling it outright, licensing it for each computer sold. One great decision at fortune made. I have known and heard about many rich kids in my time in business, in broadcasting and technology. In the ordinary course of things, something is missing. In the main, the rich kids miss the education that comes from doing things from the ground up. Many, if not most, are lost at sea because they don't understand how success is achieved and how hard you have to work to get it. Gates, in addition to being very clever and very protective of his company, did not miss this education. He and Allen built Microsoft one bit at a time and struck pay dirt, big time, when the opportunity presented itself.

  155. There are plenty of rich kids who are talented/skilled in their own right: Jared is not one of them. "It's time to stop pretending that money makes people smarter or better, the reverse is true in actuality." Being poor doesnt automatically make one "smarter." Projecting a bit?

  156. As recent as Trump's Asia trip, finished less than a week ago, Kushner was all over the news. Now Kelley is begging for him to continue the Israel/Palestine solution. I don't see this as being pushed out by Trump.

  157. Outside of Trump, no one cares about Kushner's opinion. He has zero diplomatic experience and as a businessman, there are millions of Americans who have done better. If the white house wants to streamline technology, hire a Microsoft professional. What does Jared know? Is he a graduate of MIT? This administration is a joke. I expect Trump voters to get nothing from Trump. Where is the evidence of any success? As for Jared, he is in a position to get richer. Welcome to the new America since Reagan was elected.

  158. `Once a master of a seemingly limitless portfolio, Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is now focusing on his own projects.' Once a master? You have to be kidding!

  159. Jared does not deserve to hold a security clearance. Anyone that isn't pushing for his clearance to be revoked, isn't patriotic.

  160. The Trump family resembles the Ewing family on the old TV show "Dallas" with all the tangled family business and personal problems. And we all know how that ended--so which of them will ultimately cause the demise of 'JR'? Jared in certainly on my list of the top three.

  161. Kushner is wholly unqualified, but the Kelly radical nationalism and willingness to slander those who cross him (Representative Wilson) show him to be just as unfit, albeit for other reasons.

  162. Jared, "sorry to see you go", I was hoping you would solve the Middle East crisis in my lifetime. Maybe your father-in-law can send "a tweet" and everything will be better in that area of the world. Hopefully you have learned coming from a rich family and marrying into a rich family does not mean you have the requirements to work in a political environment.

  163. I suggest that Kushner is now limited by his own lack of experience and general incompetency. Those who snickered at the boy wonder's portfolio size after the inauguration are now laughing out loud at his ineffectiveness. That we now know more about his ethics--as a landlord, and with The Russians, makes it all the easier for people to enjoy the downfall of this arrogant and dangerous man.

  164. Re:"...Those who snickered at the boy wonder's portfolio size after the inauguration are now laughing out loud at his ineffectiveness...." I believe the technical term in my, (paramedic), textbook was / is: 'hurling, chunks!...'

  165. Anyone laughing out loud about the Trump administration is laughing as they, their children and grandchildren along with everyone else us being fast-tracked to the worst case climate change scenario. No one - no matter how rich or powerful - can escape the climate change catastrophe of a 6’ rise in sea level, salt water inundation of all gulf coast and eastern seaboard communities, permanent collapse of the real estate markets and national economy, mass migration on every continent (yes, even North America), ever more extreme weather - heat, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, disrupted agricultural cycles and constant fighting for basic necessities- adequate food and drinkable water. Climate change is happening now and is already costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars each year. By 2035, when today’s baby is just 28 years old, Miami will be history and Miami will not be alone; Miami will just be the first.

  166. The opening anecdote of this article says everything.

  167. If you think Kushner’s role has shrunk now, wait until you see how nonexistent it becomes after he’s been fitted for stripes.

  168. The Presidential Apprentice has an Apprentice. A very BAD one. Fail.

  169. Jared's giant portfolio comes from the fact that Trump and his friends believe any fool can run the government better than those who have run it in the past. As a result Trump goes around assigning people to office about which they know nothing -- and every day they make stupid mistakes because there is nothing to know about running the government. It takes giant doses of arrogance and ignorance to take on such assignments with no experience. Each of Trump's appointees should be given a copy of Government for Dummies.

  170. We should all give Jared the benefit of doubt. The day is still young. I really believe he is the right person for his jobs especially when working with foreign leaders. Who doesn't like "Golden boy and Jade girl"?! He is in the same league with foreign leaders (like it or not). He will be effective. Trump was elected to drain the swamp. Unfortunately, many people are still judging the administration by the old standard. Wake up. Trump will take care of the NK crisis. He might even win the Noble Peace Prize with Xi and Kim. Trump will likely make peace in Middle East. This can win him the second Noble Peace Prize (assuming the committee is not biased or political). The Trump doctrine is so brilliant. He didn't fault Xi for "stealing" American jobs. Instead, he praised Xi. However, Trump now will do the same thing for American people. Foreign leaders better get the message and work with Trump. They should not try Trump! "Try me" is becoming the most effective doctrine. Jared is the person working behind the scene and he can play the role of good cop. It really makes sense. Indeed, "the Pacific Ocean is big enough for two great powers". However, China must play fair. The rise of China cannot be at the expense of American people. With Jared's connections and this golden couple's popularity in China, I am very optimistic. Leave him alone and let him do his jobs. His charm offense will be the best weapon for this country.

  171. I don't even know what to do with this. So many options, all ending with: "charm offensive..." ???

  172. This is satire, right?

  173. Reading this article just reinforces what a total mess this administration is. It's so depressing to read article upon article showcasing the ineptness of Trump and his minions. It's beyond "it can't get any worst".

  174. Sigh. As much as I detest the trump family, a diminished Kushner role doesn't mitigate the long term damage caused by the trump horror show. Now if someone could get the goods on Pruitt, Sessions, Zinke, or even weird Tillerson, that would be far more beneficial to the country. (Yes, I understand another Neanderthal would be named in their place, but perhaps Congress wouldn't rubber stamp just any Neanderthal.)

  175. I love Charles Kushner's advice - Jared needs to stay in the Whitehouse so he won't be a fall-guy. How can you not have confidence in a son tutored so well.

  176. Thanks for the clarification New York Times. I was worried that he might have been taken off the Middle-East peace beat. I mean, who else has the international experience to end that conflict?

  177. Back to New York or wherever they come from FOREVER PLEASE.

  178. Kushner's businesses (financed by Daddy) are a trail of failures, litigation and properties in peril. He apparently even lacks competence to keep records, requiring numerous form revisions disclosing what he owned and who he met. Yet he continues to pose as Superhero Boy here to save the nation and install world peace. Isn't he a little old to be playing daddy's little lad goes to the White House?

  179. This story Inspires me to say, I told you so.

  180. Gollum in a suit, unwanted, unlovable and very dangerous.

  181. Lovely people, none of whom are good for OUR country. Anything worse than arrogance and ignorance? Just when you think the GOP has hit the rock bottom of the barrel, along comes this motley crew.

  182. The Office of American Innovation has shown its value by visiting Puerto Rico and "reporting back?" What is FEMA working on, new nanotechnology?

  183. Why was the occupation of Iraq such a disastrous failure whose consequences still haunt the region? One of the short answers among myriad others was the appointment of Paul Bremer, ignorant, inexperienced and unqualified. How about the "hero" of Katrina, Michael "Brownie, heck of a job" Brown an Arabian horse specialist? The litmus test for appointments in the Bush Administration was ideology and loyalty rather than expertise and experience. The meteoric rise of the callow, know-nothing criminal Kushner extends this horrific principle to dizzying heights. This PINO's rule of thumb for appointments is to head departments and agencies with true believers whose single-minded objectives are the destruction of the entity's mission.

  184. Kelly, the Robert E. Lee apologist, has disgraced himself multiple times. He can't even rein in himself.

  185. The emperor's son in law has no clothes. Just like the emperor. What a shock.

  186. wonder who will take care of their kids when they go to jail?

  187. Should not have been given those responsibilities in the first place! He has zero experience!

  188. Mari: The same could be said of his father-in-law.

  189. A president who has zero experience in government, and a knowledge base of government and American history to match, needs other people around him with zero experience. Please, be fair.

  190. Just like Trump! Absolutely unqualified and incompetent. Trump will do more damage than good, in whatever shameful length of time we have to watch our impotent Congress play their partisan games. How awesome it would be if we had more Americans in there, who are concerned for the good of our country and the world.

  191. "He went to Jared". The savior of the Trump Regime. Apparently, NOT. Thanks, GOP.

  192. He will be pardoned by daddy in law. They all will. I hope the states are working on cases of their own so we can see them all get their comeuppance.

  193. If Jared is so smart why did he vastly overpay for 666 Fifth Avenue, the building in so much financial trouble. He had no government experience yet was given so much responsibility. Why? Please tell me!!!

  194. It looks like Take Your Son (In-law) to Work Day at the White House. Letting little Jared see what the big boys do and putting him on the payroll as a goldbrick. What are his talents? From what I read about him, he seems like a Trump-lite real estate developer (no great shakes there) but without the fool's gold-plated glitz. If he were a wunderkind, I think in ten months hanging out at the White House, we would have seen a flicker of genius from the Ken Doll. Does he ever smile?

  195. It would be a pity if Jared Kushner were to depart the White House before the investigations in his financial, ethical, and security misdeeds are complete. He should stay where he is, so that he doesn't get off the hook too easily.

  196. What is this neophyte still doing in the White House? It's highly disturbing we have a president who has installed inexperienced family members in high level positions. This set up resembles a banana republic not the American I once knew. Has anyone seen an investigative article about what Kushner was doing in Saudi Arabia shortly before the mass arrest of crown princes there and the detention of Lebanon's prime minister? Did he have a role there and was this part of his "peace" strategy at the behest of the Saudis? Why has this family cozied up to the Saudis anyway?

  197. Kushner is the same gangster that his father and father in law are. Ivanka married her father. I sincerely hope Kushner and his father in law do a nice stint in prison.

  198. Why? I quite rather think it is money. The Saudi royalty have plenty of it. I doubt Jared and Co. are talking exporting American coal (at inflated prices) to Saudi Arabi. But then, who knows?

  199. Good points. Through 2015-2016, Jared Kushner and father, Charles, attempted to negotiate with a major investor in Qatar to refinance property on Fifth Avenue. After this half-billion-dollar deal fell through, suddenly Trump out of nowhere takes a hard line on Qatar, slapping sanctions against the country that is home to the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East!! Against Kushner's repeated efforts to get financing from Russian oligarchs and others and his questionable record in real estate, etc.--entrusting him with the nation's priorities doesn't bode well. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/07/jared-kushner-qatar-666-fifth-ave

  200. Jared, the Nepot, works for Mr. Kelly? You think Ivanka and Jared will quit the West Wing in 2 months? Mr. Kushner's father-in-law is fickle as a teenaged girl. If Ivanka Trump replaces Nikki Haley at the U.N., I'll cook my shoes and eat 'em.

  201. Nan, I laughed so hard when I read the last two sentences. Thank you, I needed a good laugh!

  202. He has a possible long prison term in his future. Best to clear the decks now to get ready for his incarceration.

  203. Exposed The million dollar education can take you only so far. Real accomplishments are lacking in Mr. Kushner's portfolio. (Plenty of duds, though) 666 FIFTH AVENUE - mismanaged COMEY- advised Trump to fire Comey- mismanaged GORKOV MEETING (meets with Gorkov, head of VEB, Russia's state-owned bank which is under sanctions)-really bad decision The list is endless If Flynn flips (which appears likely) Mr. Kushner will have another big decision to make. Robert S. Mueller has a million dollar education, a million dollar brain and a million dollar case.

  204. Jared and Ivanka Kushner along with Trump and his circle of enablers appear to have lived long in a rarefied world where reality can be softened, ignored, or escaped. Others have paid the costs for their inflated life-style, decisions, and mistakes. But now, in the public eye, reality will show up and real-world consequences will follow. The only way this protected crass of people will survive is if responsible adults step in. Let's hope near and far, we can before permanent damage is done.

  205. If Washington, DC is a political circus than the White House is clearly the menagerie. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up and see the Trumps. The world's dumbest rich family. They baffle science.