A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, are said to have terminated an information-sharing agreement with the president’s legal team.

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  1. So when does the "Lieutenant General" part of Michael Flynn's title get stripped away if he is found guilty? Definitely hoping it's part of the deal.

  2. Personally, I couldn't care less about Flynn. What happens to him is not a big deal. If he can clarify what was going on in the campaign, the transition and early days of Trump's term, that is all that really matters. I hope Flynn and Mueller have a nice long talk.

  3. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

  4. Several months ago I said win/place/show ... Manafort/Flynn and now just waiting for my 3rd horse come in but it may be Kusher and Don Jr tied for that slot. Neck and neck through the final turn.

  5. Kushner and Don Jr are not horses, just the rear portion

  6. Hmmm. This puts Jared in a tight squeeze. Only 36 and yet facing jail just as his father did....and yet, Jared has 3 young children. Why did he make such rash decisions that jeopardized his family and future? I bet he spends a lot of time crying these days.

  7. Flynn should be locked up but maybe, with any luck, his apparent split from Trump could take the maniac down with him.

  8. My fear is that Pence believes his religiosity will protect him. My terror is that there is a chance that he might be right.

  9. "My terror is that there is a chance that he might be right." Indeed, you can now be a serial child molester and still be a beacon of Christian moral values and a worthy senator for Alabama. On reflection, this is not a recent development at all.

  10. Trump orders everyone from the Oval Office and then tells Comey to lay off Flynn. Now Flynn is singing to Mueller. Don the Con is in BIG trouble and it could not happen to a nicer guy!

  11. En Garde, the Family of Trump to start making plans for a possible exit. Let it be noted that this American has always felt sorry for their ill-advised father. It is possible that he acted in a moment of despair. His Empire was in shambles circa the advent of The Recession; the casinos crumbling. He has caused our Nation to shudder, and hopefully The Healing Season is about to begin. Rebuild and Restore our Nation, Educate our children, and Fare Forward, Voyagers into 2020.

  12. Trump has authority to pardon any one including him self.

  13. Not for State charges.

  14. Big Domino?

  15. Just over one year ago, Trump had this to say about Michael Flynn: "General Flynn is one of the country's foremost experts on military and intelligence matters and he will be an invaluable asset to me and my administration." Um. I guess not so much. The stench from this "Administration" continues to grow stronger day-by-day. Those of us who still believe in truth and justice continue to hope that the endless wrongdoings by Trump and the former and current officials he hand-selected to run our government will be fully exposed to the sunlight by Mr. Mueller in the coming days.

  16. Sure, but don’t imagine for one minute that it will result in impeachment- republicans will not do it. So we will end up knowing all about the horrifying criminality riddled throughout the entire “administration” and they will continue to be in power. What do we do then?

  17. @Matthew We spend our energies doing grassroots work to turn out the vote. Just like we did in Virginia -- with spectacular results.

  18. They’re flipping everyone around him. It’s pretty clear that at some point Mueller will be issuing criminal charges against the President of the United States. My guess is obstruction of justice. But if you look at the people they’re flipping, it’s all people associated with Russia. Amazing.

  19. Great question. Should be relatively easy given that the GOP controls both the House and Senate, as well as the White House. Now all they need is an actual case. Oh, wait a minute...

  20. “When will Uranium 1 investigation start?” Oh believe me, Dingo, they will be distracting you with that forthwith!

  21. When there actually is something to investigate. No uranium has left the US to Russia. Only shares in the company traded hands. Not illegal. As for the foundation receiving money from specific people? It’s a foundation not Clinton’s own bank account. You have been fooled many times that I am sure of.

  22. "Lock her up" Flynn is, hopefully, singing to Mueller so that the man who allowed and encouraged him will be the one that goes to prison. I so hope and pray I see Trump in prison orange - and for a very long time. I'll take Flynn getting a shorter sentence if Trump gets a much longer one.

  23. sophia, Greetings on this 'Thankstaking' Weekend, as described by a favorite commentator earlier on our State of Affairs. and let us have a heart - Versailles is still weeping over the treatment received by the doomed queen of France by the Mob. Only her daughter survived, and it was really very sad. In the meantime, glad that you decided not to move away. 'Woke' and Namaste are a few words that come to mind on this holiday weekend in the sun.

  24. Trump is not going anywhere until his second term is completed....

  25. Is it at all possible that a billionaire would ever go to jail?

  26. We need Ivana to testify what low down lying man her husband is. That day may come.

  27. Careful: Ivanka Trump's mother, Ivana Trump, has been divorced from her father Donald since 1992, and from her most recent husband since 2009.

  28. If Mueller called her in that would be the end because it would mean the investigation had gone long and deep into the tax weeds.

  29. Here comes the sound of another shoe dropping..Flynn, then Kushner, and the draining of the Trump cesspool continues....

  30. Sure, and Trump will pardon them all.

  31. It's expected that the reason Trump was so concerned over the investigation of Michael Flynn will be revealed once Flynn begins to cooperate with Bob Mueller. This should provide a welcome end to speculation on both sides, and wake us from this national nightmare that began on inauguration day. The true awakening came the day after the election for most of us, when we realized the price of complacency in our electorate. The erosion of values and the normalization of outrageous behavior may finally face a challenge.

  32. Well said. The price of complacency- well said. We are awake now- and working every day and it is just short of a year until the 2018 elections when we can get rid of this rabble.

  33. "this national nightmare that began on inauguration day" The national nightmare began two years ago, with the assumption we were locked into Bush III vs Clinton II, each starting with an insurmountable lead of $100 million from donors, and more of the same for another decade of wars, neolib economics, and corporate dominance. We spiraled down from there, with never a sign of real light, not even a train's headlight. It has been awful. If we merely get rid of Trump and return to what went before, we will be worse off than we are now for another decade.

  34. Yes the Clintons were and are lawless

  35. This could be big, or it could amount to nothing if they can't convince Flynn it's in his interest to cooperate to save some jail time, not only for himself but for his son. Because from the list of things we've been reading about him, he not only had his hands conversations with Russians, but also this Turkey lobbying may be the tip of the iceberg in working with foreign governments. Just what did this former intelligence man think he could get away with? Obama had to fire him for his "Flynn Facts" and outrageous opinions he sought to turn into his own government investigations. It's alleged he faces serious jail time unless he sings. My fear with Flynn is more that he might not tell the truth, as lying seems to come pretty naturally to him. But I'm also pretty sure he knows ton, and now that Trump has stated he won't pay legal fees for any higher-ups facing charges, he's reportedly desperate. Flynn symbolizes the people Trump loves: firebrands, a tad crazy, wild in his accusations of others, slippery around the truth, and loyal to a fault. Wouldn't it be totally rich if the man who led the reckless charge at so many rallies, yelling "lock-er up" with such conviction, ends up convicted himself?

  36. I expect it's a foregone conclusion that Flynn will do time, if only for state tax evasion should Trump pardon him. I believe his main concern is for his son, and what a delicate calculus this must be. The more he reveals about Trump the less likely any pardons will flow. The less he reveals the more severe the punishments are likely to be for both Flynns. I have to wonder if he wasn't a deep cover operative for the rooskies all along. I believe he can sink Trump completely with what he knows, and the chances are improving he may do just that. The trick is to impeach and convict him before too many others are convicted so he can't pardon anyone, including himself. I'd like nothing better than to see the whole lot of them sent to Mar a Gitmo.

  37. Justice will be served only if she goes with him, and we clean house in both parties for a fresh start. Fresh, not return to the old.

  38. Yes, yes, the irony if that should happen. And even more ironic if he who stalked Clinton in the second debate were to face charges about his sexual assaults and then, of course, the illegal activities he has been involved in for decades. Trump is sooo guilty.

  39. From an outside viewpoint, I live in Scotland, this is all very entertaining, very like a conspiracy movie being played out in real life. I guess that's the effect of instant media access and reporting. However, it is also very worrying for the rest of the world that a dotard such as Trump is in such a powerful position and poses a threat to the wellbeing of this planet at a time when we should be joining together to ensure the planet survives the threat of environmental chaos. I feel that this is the biggest challenge facing us at the moment and Trump seems to represent a faction that couldn't care less about the destruction of the planets environment as long as they can drive their Hummers and shoot elephants. So I really hope that Flynn has turned and this is the beginning of the end for the abomination that is Trump and his criminal mobsters, even if it ends the morbid entertainment of Trumpism.

  40. Line em up before the big reveal. Mueller is playing his cards so the indictments line up to prevent President Fake Tan from ordering his dismissal. The closer he gets with round one the less likely Congress will be to let Trump get away without appointing their own, likely Mueller. Good moves.

  41. Keeping Russia off the front page seems to be one of the strategies of the White House legal defense team. To some extent, Roy Moore has accidentally helped with this as has the president's mad man tweets. Give Mueller credit, though. His investigation continues tenaciously and he just might be getting close to trapping a few collaborators, unless, of course, the leader of the free world doesn't fire him first.

  42. the most inexplicable thing about michael flynn that i've not seen addressed... is, how in the world did this man ever ascend to such a high rank? insatiable greed and lust for power aren't characteristics easily hidden.

  43. We are still a long way from Trump. There is a lot of speculation in this article.

  44. The title of Maya Angelou's autobiography, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" comes to mind about the possibility of Michael Flynn co-operating with the Robert Mueller probe into "all things Russia" regarding the president. Flynn is looking out for his son and in that regard, may be willing to throw the president under the bus about his interactions with Russian officials during last year's campaign. Blood is thicker than water. This president has never shown any loyalty to anyone, ever, and doesn't deserve Flynn's loyalty here either. If Flynn does sing to Mueller, it could signal the beginning of the end for the president.

  45. @silver bullet - this, the second stanza of Miss Angelou's poem, further illustrates Lynn's dilemma: "...But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage his wings are clipped and his feet are tied So he opens his throat to sing. ..." I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou Thank you for reminding me to reread this topical poem and I hope others will be moved to do so both as it refers to #metoo and as mentioned herein.

  46. The story about Michael Flynn should bother everybody. Here is a retired US Army Lieutenant General who was promoted to lead the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama. He later became a leading voice in the Trump campaign. How was a man so obviously incompetent promoted to such a high status? What does it say about the Army's leadership more broadly? And what does it about the leadership of the US government? Flynn is obviously a loose cannon, but one that only got tripped up in the latter half of his career. Flynn's career is a tragic indictment of the system that continuously promoted him.

  47. ACT, Your assumption that Flynn has always behaved this way is probably in error. Flynn's overriding concern about fighting Islamic terrorism spurred him to make a leap of faith late in his career to appeasement with Russia. His idea was to ally the US with Russia against ISIS and Al Qaeda as the greater enemy. These two organizations are certainly an enemy to the West and to Russia. It is only in the sense that they are enemies of rule of law civilizations. They are hell-bent on establishing a theocratic caliphate. This caliphate would impose on all within it a ruthless application of Islam. Afghanistan was an example of this after the Russians withdrew in defeat. Religious police roamed the streets, doling out punishment for insufficiently long beards and incompletely covering burkas. Osama Bin Laden was one of the Mujihedeen fighters there, who once victory was achieved, with help from the US CIA, turned its murderous gaze on the rest of the world. WSe can see their results thus far; the murder of countless innocent people throughout the world.

  48. You cannot pin this bad hombre on President Obama who, you surely recall, not only fired Flynn from his defense security chief post, but warned Donald that he would be wise to avoid appointing Flynn to serve in any capacity.

  49. You can imagine the leverage that Mueller's team might have, since, as I understand, the investigators are focusing on Flynn and Flynn's son. For Flynn, it could be a matter of not only trying to protect himself, but to not dim the prospects of his own son's future. Which brings me to my second point... ...the presence of Don Jr., Jared, and Ivanka in the White House has raised eyebrows right from the start, for reasons that need no elaborating here. Now we see another very clear reason why blood links in government is a bad idea: the vulnerability of one member of the family always extends to the others, and compromises their ability to make rational decisions in the public interest.

  50. So what. In the end, after wasting billions of hard earned tax payers money, hard earned if by the working class, President Trump will triumph. I support the President. I support Trump.

  51. However, you say nothing about supporting the United States of America.

  52. In response to Cletus, I support the United States of America, that is why I support President Trump; support for the nation and support for its president are one in the same. Thank you.

  53. Ironic that this story comes out on the day American's officially give 'thanks'. It may not be the 'first domino', or the last, but it's probably one of the biggest.

  54. This seems like it's taking forever, but if Mueller's investigation does finally show that there was a true Russian connection then it's worth the wait and watching DJT sweat will be worth every minute.

  55. Here's hoping that Flynn's concern for his son will result in some honest conversations between Flynn and Mueller about Trump's ties - financial and ideological - to Russia!

  56. I am afraid that there might be too much optimism about how much Flynn will reveal to Mueller. Trump has already pardoned one supporter (Arpaio) and won't hesitate to use his pardon power to protect himself and his family members from prosecution. An editorial in the WSJ has already advised precisely that, signaling to Trump that he might survive actions that Nixon knew would doom his presidency. The question is whether Congress and we the people will tolerate such blatant abuse of office, or will Democrats and Republicsns band together as they did during Watergate and throw the bum out?

  57. Trump can't pardon anyone from state charges (if they turn out to be needed) and he can't pardon anyone who isn't convicted yet. Meanwhile, they sing like criminal canaries.

  58. I hope this report is accurate. Some readers seem to think he'll lie to Mueller's team, but I do not. If there's one thing that's truthful about guys like Flynn, is that their loyalties are to: 1. wealth, 2. power, and their 3. family. With his wealth and power already having been denied, and his son threatened, I think he'll sing like a bird. Full cooperation is the best thing he can do for himself and his son at this moment, and remember that he immediately offered up his service to receive immunity. No, compared to Manafort, Flynn is a lightweight in the global black market for political espionage. He was just getting started on his career in international crime. I doubt he has the resources to be anything but truthful to Mueller... At least I hope so.

  59. Best news I've read all month! Keep up the good work, Mr. Mueller!

  60. Cue the countdown to Trump's disavowal of Flynn ... "He was a minor player" "I barely knew him" "Flynn who?" Selective and revisionist memory seems to be a specialty of this administration.

  61. This means nothing. General Flynn looks done. Trump will pardon him. And that, my friends will be that.

  62. soxared, It will only mean nothing if people don't vote next November and toss the Republicans out of office. If the Democrats don't take over the House of Representatives in 2018, that will be the end of our once-great nation. The burden now lies on the shoulders of the Democratic Party. They must put up a field of strong candidates. They did a bad job of this in 2016.

  63. He would have to be convicted first. Why do you think so much time is passing without Flynn's indictment? He's had lots and lots of time to make recorded phone calls. This isn't Mueller's first rodeo, and Trump can't pardon himself.

  64. @soxared: There is hope. Read this very interesting article: "Mueller set a legal trap to prevent Trump from pardoning Flynn: ex-prosecutor" https://www.rawstory.com/2017/11/mueller-set-a-legal-trap-to-prevent-tru...

  65. 'The big Turkey who goosed our Nation is about to get cooked'. This is called pre-celebrating, and let us not count our blessings before our Future is hatched in mending cracked political and social eggs. The Liberal Socialist, Ionesco, wrote a play along these lines, but the nuns had a production of his 'Rhinoceros' instead, which sailed over my head at the time. Charles Blow wrote that he might be the last man standing, I join him in being the last Eve. In the meantime, let us hope The Mob does not turn ugly. Not far away, if one listens carefully there is the sound of pitchforks being honed. What does T.S. Eliot have to say at this time of year. 'What is the late November doing With the disturbance of Spring And creatures of the Summer heat, And hollyhocks that aim too high Red into grey and tumble down'. Not that this American understands, but I always knew our Country was in trouble if Trump makes one feel like a high-brow. The commentator, Socrates, asked that we hold on and this is as good as it gets.

  66. It wouldn't be particularly surprising if Flynn ended up turning on Trump. Trump has made it exceedingly clear that he feels loyalty is a one-way street, and I imagine everyone who's worked closely with him is aware of how freely he would betray them. We all know they're guilty. We all know they'll turn on each other eventually. We're all just hoping this is the straw that breaks the camels back.

  67. If by "camel's back" you mean Republican members of Congress, I agree.

  68. Lock him up! And make Donald Jr. and Ms. Jared Kushner his cell mates.

  69. There are some major errors of fact and chronology in this article--see Seth Abramson's thread on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/933903761050865665

  70. I rarely read much more pompous than Prof. Abramson's endless series of tweets which blather on and on without actually adding much. And, in some of them he's just wrong.

  71. I cannot imagine a nicer guy locked up for 20 years or thereabouts. The judge should specify Hillary has visitation rights.

  72. Note to Mr. Flynn: The World is Listening. Do you solemnly (swear/affirm) that you will tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, (so help you God/under pains and penalties of perjury)? trump is a relentless Liar. Expose him. Redeem yourself. Demonstrate TRUTH to your son, our country, the world. STING trump with the TRUTH. Every breath you take, every move you make, we will be watching you.

  73. I hope there are pending some "State" charges... you know Trump wants to "Pardon" Flynn along with the rest of this "Best People" bunch... lucky for us they have to be convicted first before DJT can "ACT"

  74. Who cares? This does nothing to connect Trump to anything - and for you libs out there, Trump can pardon anyone charged with anything so there is not much bite to Mueller's bark - if Flynn is guilty of something he did on his own, then eat him up, otherwise Trump is good to go.

  75. Actually, that’s not true. The President can only grant a pardon to someone convicted in Federal (district) court. So if the charges are referred to state jurisdiction, he can’t. Don’t count your chickens...

  76. It's pretty amazing to me to try and follow Trump supporters reasoning. They simply don't care about the country and what is happening to it - as long as they get theirs. They will. And by the way, I'm not lib.

  77. No Trump will not escape justice because he has the seeds of destruction within

  78. This is a very encouraging piece of news to start the morning off with. Trump and his appointments scare me. Impeach Trump and end this nightmare. But is Trump was elected with cooperation with Ruskies is Pence legitimate?

  79. I think when push comes to shove and Trump gets rid of Mueller, all those republicans who warned Trump against that will suddenly become silent.

  80. Stay tuned for another nothing burger. Flynn's alleged crimes occurred well before he met Trump. The media can't get off this story.

  81. And neither can the special prosecutor.

  82. Steve, Treason is a "nothing burger"? But I suppose you have an inside track on what is going on with Mueller's investigation. Respectfully Steve, your filters are clogged if you can't see where this is going.

  83. right, and if Hillary Clinton were president, and her own family were up to their elbows in illegal cooperation with a hostile foreign country which illegally hacked emails in order to help her win, and if she herself had fired three people connected to the investigations because she wanted them stopped, and if a Democrat chair on the House committee investigating these things has snuck over to the WH in the dead of night to create a false narrative and warn Pres. H. Clinton and help her out....etc., etc., etc., we wouldn't be hearing a peep about her being guilty of something from the same people who want to lock her up for existing in the first place. Sure, sure.

  84. The case against Trump is clear cut. He is first US president who should be impeached for treason. Anything Flynn adds is just gravy on the record that exists. There are three clear grounds: 1. His pronouncement that he believes Putin over US intelligence agencies and clear evidence of Russian meddling; 2. Sharing secrets with Russian spies in the oval office with no US reporters present and no record; 3. Obstructing and attempting to undo US sanctions against Russia that were enacted by Congress; Added to all this is money laundering of Russian mob money through various real estate deals. Flynn and Manafort were cogs in the wheel of treason that this president made a part of his campaign and his administration. Mueller can just help bolster no. 3 above. This has to be the focus of Democrats and the primary reason to end GOP rule of Congress in 2018.Impeachment proceedings must be initiated.

  85. Very well said!!!

  86. Ty Cobb"s comments on behalf of Trump sound a lot like Pontus Pilate's as he washed his hands of responsibility. It didn't work then and hopefully it won't work in this case either. If I were in Flynn"s shoes I'd be singing like a soprano.

  87. So what? Even if Flynn is convicted and rolls on the entire Trump clan nothing will happen. Republicans will claim it's all being manufactured by the left and that Flynn is lying. Trump supporters will continue to worship him because he's the one who is going to "drain the swamp" and "stop immigration." Even if Trump is impeached he won't leave the white house (and legally doesn't have to.) And if he does go to jail we end up with Pence; which is not a better option. I fear we are stuck with this vile kakistocracy for 3 more years. And if we on the left don't get our act together we could be eating this vomit for another 4 years after that.

  88. It doesn't matter what the Republicans say. If he's impeached and convicted of course he would have to leave (where did you get the idea that he could stay?) and I'm more interested in seeing him convicted in federal court, anyway.

  89. Georgia, I am glad your cynical views are not shared by Mueller and his team, if they were they would not be pursuing the president and his team so diligently. I don't know what the outcome will be ultimately, but I am hopeful that we will see justice done. Republicans can claim whatever they want in the opinion-sphere. The rule of law has force and will come down on the Trump campaign members that should be indicted. But, by all means, let's work toward a positive approach to a more positive victory for all Americans.

  90. Not to worry; Donald Trump is working for the Democrats. How else to explain all the vile things he does? Already, he has driven away women, Hispanics, blacks, and Independents.

  91. Pence is in neck deep in this and needs to go. Let's not forgot Pence knew all about Flynn, yet he let him stay!

  92. Pence is a do nothing vice president, who they are trying to "keep clean" and in reserve, to take over when 45 is ousted. Trouble is, 45 is illegitimate and so is Pence. As always, they were 1 item on 1 ticket, not elected independent of each other. If 45 had the benefit of Russian influence, so did Pence. Lock him up too!

  93. No, Pence insisted that Flynn be fired once Flynn admitted he lied to him about speaking with the Russians.

  94. Meh. Pence is milk toast. And nothing more than a typical political opportunist.

  95. Are you hoping for schaudenfreudey retribution regarding Trump's knee-jerky reversals of any and all President Obama's policy decisions? You only need to recall who emphatically told Trump not to hire Mike Flynn.

  96. billjoe, Great point! Trump only listens to his gut. While trusting your gut can be a good thing, it is best used when you have no better intelligence on the individual in question. This is clearly not the case with Flynn and Trump. He was being warned about a man whose moral compass has been broken in his quest for a quicker solution to the ISIS problem. Trump, an untrustworthy man, did not trust what a trustworthy man, Obama, was telling him about another untrustworthy man, Flynn. It will indeed be cosmic justice for Trump if Flynn is the source of his undoing.

  97. Slowly I turned ... step by step ... inch by inch ...

  98. It would be laughable if there weren't so many people willing to believe the worst rumors of a woman and ignore the worst facts about a man.

  99. We still are in a paternalistic society and it slowly changing and one day the men will be screaming forgiveness! Really sad that we still have this behaviour in 2017 almost 2018! Men in general ( especially those of much weakness are hanging on ).I have much more hope for the younger generation of men who have grown up in a time of equal opportunity.

  100. Spot on.

  101. This is liberal fantasy, the particular kind of justice these commenters want, no longer exist. A fine and slap on the wrist will be sufficient in most of these charges. Sad really.

  102. If it drives Trump out of office, nothing else matters.

  103. If Flynn is being threatened with a mere "slap on the wrist" . . . why make a deal? Why cooperate with Mueller?

  104. It is a relatively modern (post-2016 election) conservative fantasy that the Russians have nothing but good intentions in all their dealings with the USA.

  105. What a horrible man. What a horrible father. He is accused of selling his country to foreign governments. What he is accused of amounts to treason. And in the process, he led his son into the abyss with him.

  106. The penalty for treason used to be hanging. It should still be.

  107. Flipper Flynn may soon out Traitor Trump, and this country can start to wake from this National Nightmare.

  108. I hope everywhere he goes he encounters changes of "string him up" for what appears to have been treasonous behavior.

  109. "As the plot thickens."

  110. Turkey Trump gravy thickening too...

  111. So Flynn finally noticed his foxhole was flooding and quit digging. Admirable in terms of self-preservation, but he’s a disloyal lying sneak, and quite possibly a traitor. How can anything he says be believed? His bloated ego and overconfidence will come in handy here. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has extensive notes or recordings stashed away somewhere. People like him balance their fear of exposure with pride in their reprehensible connections and inside knowledge. And even if he has caused damage to the safety and security of the USA, what general wouldn’t fall on his sword for his own son?

  112. Mueller just needs Flynn to confirm mounting evidence his team has already collected. Then, it’s time for Kushner and Donald Jr.

  113. Don't forget Sessions (who will be indicted late on) and probably Pence as well, who has lied consistently as this dumpster fire develops.

  114. This is the best news I've read since Trump's election.

  115. Apparently you don't follow the stock market.

  116. We have Obama to thank for this positive stock market. And don't forget the removal of ISIL from Iraq resulting from Obama's policies.

  117. So is it your opinion that we should trade high stock trading for treason?

  118. I hope "Lock her up!", "I want immunity!", "anyone who asks for immunity is probably guilty" Flynn writes a note of apology to Hillary Clinton on prison stationery.

  119. This country is being held hostage by that nobody Steve Bannon and his band of corrupt minions. Trump is surrounded by slime.

  120. Mueller is flipping suspects like hot cakes.

  121. Just follow the money to all these greedy grifters, including Trump and those three avaricious children of his. When they all move back to New York it will be to Attica and Bedford HIlls Correctional Facility for Women.

  122. An incredible story that a Lt. General and National Security Adviser basically sold out his country for $$$. Flynn appears to be a traitor. Hopefully he throws up his guts. It won't be pretty.

  123. At first, I felt sorry for Flynn; all those years of service and he threw them (and his reputation) away in the search for money. Everyone knows you don't get wealthy as a career military officer. It must have bothered him no end that lesser men were raking in millions---men who had never served their country in any way. Still, it was his choice to cross over to the dark side.

  124. The do nothing investigation continues with the typical garbage of DC politics. Eventually they will try to get Team Trump for actually talking with the Russians..LOL.. Or maybe Trump went to the same bathroom as a Russian and didnt tell someone? LOL

  125. Charles, The Mueller investigation has two objectives; Finding evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia and the other, Trumps obstruction of the same investigation. He is finding evidence of both. I don't find either a laughing matter and neither will Donald J Chaos & Co.

  126. Joe and Charles, I keep wondering if Mueller is also looking at money laundering by Trump. Remember those properties in Florida that Trump sold to a couple of Russians that paid far over market value? How would a thug like Putin get rid of tons of dirty money? Voila! Get a dunce like Trump to help him!

  127. Mueller better act fast, as the noose is tightening around him, Comey, McCabe and others with their Clinton and Obama scandals. Uranium One involves all of them, not just Hillary and Bill.

  128. Uranium One is just a squirrel, extensively analyzed and nothing there to implicate anybody - it won't take Mueller's team off the real target of the investigation. And where are Trump's tax returns?

  129. Except that there are NO scandals, just smoke screens thrown up by Donald Trump to divert attention....time to come into the reality-based world, Cj.

  130. I doubt if he's losing a lot of sleep over the fantasies of Trumpistas.

  131. I still want to see Trump's tax returns for the past decade. The explanations for Trump’s bromance with Putin and for the now proven fact that at least nine members of his transition team and/or current administration have Russian connections lie buried in those documents. Following the money trail is tried and true throughout the annals of criminality and successful prosecution. No reason to believe it won’t be the downfall of the greatest con artist ever to occupy the Oval Office.

  132. Concerned MD, I agree there should should be lots to discover in Trump's tax returns. It's also possible he hid a great many lies and episodes of tax evasion. He undoubtedly received illicit income from shady deals and mobsters laundering money through Trump branded properties. The feds should already be looking at the $50 million in profit from the 2008 sale of a Florida estate to Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch known as the fertilizer king. It was never occupied and subsequently razed to the ground. Perhaps a down payment on the Trump presidency? It was also recently reported the Trumps' first time foray into offshore real estate development in Panama was a haven for laundering money from Russian mobsters and oligarchs. Undoubtedly these reports are just the tip of the iceberg.

  133. Here's what I wrote six months ago, and looks like it may still be on the mark: "Flynn is/was such a loose cannon that it's not at all improbable that he was doing "coordination" chats with Russians during the campaign. So, was he doing this with Trump's knowledge? I would have to guess Yes. He already let the cat out of the bag when he said he would be the "scapegoat" in the affair. Are we just a step away from the beans being spilled? Yates testimony on what's known about Flynn. Flynn's facing jail time. Flynn telling on Trump. Trump denying. More people including Russians come forward. Trump caught lying. Trump impeached." So, Trump will be cooked. He never thought he would actually win, and he certainly played games with the Russians. Unfortunately, you can't play those games in the real world.

  134. If Trump knew what all of these ppl were doing, he’s a co-conspirator. If he didn’t, then he’s disconnected and out of touch at a level that would make him unfit to run a two-horse parade.

  135. Make that a horseless parade.

  136. The democrats are playing the same games in Alabama with Roy Moore

  137. Michael Flynn is this generation's Ollie North; crime syndicates are hard to take.

  138. And Trump is the Ronald Reagan of this Era. America will be fine if Mr. Flynn does his job and protects the Commander in Chief from his political enemies.

  139. Mr. Mueller and the Intelligence Community are not Mr. Trump's political enemies. They serve to protect these United States of America.

  140. Jam77: I was never a fan of Ronald Reagan, but he looks like Mother Teresa compared to Trump...

  141. I do hope Mr. Flynn cooperates with Mr. Mueller, not just because it will save him and his son jai time, but for the good of the country. He must know a great deal about the workings of the campaign. Perhaps, if he does cooperate, we can move on from this national nightmare.

  142. I "could" mean a lot of things. Endless speculation is now considered journalism. President Trump is just fine.

  143. That must be why every time another colleague is indicted or sings, he tweets some vainglorious bombast that no one even asked about. All of a sudden Turkey is job one?

  144. Mr. Durk, not sure if President Trump is just fine, but I do agree with "endless speculations is now considered journalism." This article clearly states, "The notification alone does not prove that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with Mr. Mueller." Sometimes the Times is borderline reckless - talk about showing and then leading lemmings to the cliff - but I still love the NYT!

  145. If by fine you mean completely incompetent. Then yes Trump is fine.

  146. How did this guy get clearance to be National Security Advisor, and why? And, why wasn't the Trump admin more concerned about his obvious foreign entanglements?

  147. Let me answer this one: Because the trump administration isn't concerned about anything other than itself and its individual members. Period.

  148. Mford, The Trump family foreign entanglements are numerous, so Flynn's would look like he was " in on the program." So, no problem for the Trump mafia there.

  149. Answer: Three stars on his shoulder. What could possibly go wrong?

  150. Under Trump, Stocks are increasing, 401 rising unemployment low, new hope for tax reform, while ms13 gangs that Obama and Bush let in and give taxpayer money to ripped out the heart of a Maryland man....i truly hope President Trump can be out President for 8 years. To undo what Obola and Bush did.....wars everywhere with Americans dying and racial unrest brought by obama and with only wall street and Obama's Goldman Sachs getting richer ...im so Thankful for our beloved President Trump. sad Hilary gave all our uranium to Putin which Mueller and Coney his !

  151. Wow. A prime example of the trouble this country is in...and will continue to be in once the Trump administration is relegated to the "dustbin" of history.

  152. Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen. This is the level of cognition that has the country pointed towards the worst constitutional crisis since Nixon. Guess what? Good old gumshoe journalism and law enforcement brought him down, and indictments of all the President’s men are once again increasing in number.

  153. The last gasp from the supporters of a dying presidency.

  154. General (Ret.) Michael Flynn was the former head of the 17,000-employee Defense Intelligence Agency, serving as the nation's highest-ranking military intelligence officer. Arguably, Flynn was privy to our deepest secrets and trusted to keep them until Pres. Obama realized otherwise and fired him. That he is now in Robert Mueller's cross-hairs, and that Donald Trump saw fit in his blind hatred of all things Obama-related to hire Flynn as his NSA, is deeply concerning. The public allegations against Mr. Flynn (and his son) speak to his, and Trump's, remarkably poor judgment and willingness to cross bright-line laws and regulations. Almost 11 months into his presidency, Donald Trump is sitting in a glass house ringed by former and current associates, all under enormous pressure from Mueller's team. How fitting would it be that "lock her up" Flynn casts the stone exposing Trump, his associates and, perhaps, his family members to the consequences of a massive cover-up? If Congress does not act when Trump does "a Comey" on Mueller then we are all at the breaking point in the rule of law.

  155. Unless of course Trump did nothing wrong. A little less than half the country believes he did nothing wrong and a little more that half the country believes he colluded with the Russians. Same could be said for Hillary.

  156. 65% of the country is not a little more than half. And Hillary isn't in office, but nice deflection attempt.

  157. Possible but highly unlikely. And at a certain point "beliefs" cannot be the issue, but facts alone.

  158. I believe it was in March that Flynn offered to testify in exchange for immunity. Mr. Mueller, being the wise man that he is, refused. With lawyer expenses piling up and a son on the list, Mr. Flynn may be rethinking his options.... or lack there of.

  159. Not only that. Mr. Trump just announced that Flynn will get no help with those lawyer expenses which must be getting very large. Seems like a ridiculously stupid move on Trump's part and good for this crazy show that's getting bigger and bigger.

  160. The split could also indicate that nothing has been found to implicate President Trump.

  161. Not likely. Mueller has a charge and its target isn't Flynn.

  162. Sounds to me like there's a Flynn in the ointment.

  163. Don't expect the Republican held congress to do anything if handed "high crimes and misdemeanors " by the Mueller team. It will all be spun as The Grifter in Chief just being naive. We are definitely heading for even more extreme polarization in America with a majority asking for the Trump to be removed and his supporters screaming for civil war.

  164. Mueller has nothing to do with impeachment. He takes federal charges to federal grand juries for federal charges.

  165. Before that ending, I see a giant march on Washington - and I'm going. Giant. March.

  166. They will only act appropriately if they feel the scandal will cost them their jobs. If that happens, the rats will leave the ship and leave DJT to face the music.

  167. The words, "Trump Russia is a hoax" will be remembered just like, "I am not a crook" is for Nixon. "Lock her up!" will be remembered as the principals, Mr Flynn among them, are spirited off to federal prison. "Let the Flynn thing go" will be remembered as Trump either resigns or is impeached for obstructing justice. Special Counsel Mueller will perform his greatest service to his country, in a lifetime of service for his efforts in ultimately redeeming our democracy by demonstrating again that in our constitutional form of government, "No One Is Above The Law."

  168. Mueller deserves the highest honors this country can give him. A Medal of Honor. A state funeral, when the time comes, and I pray that time is a long way off. Due to the stature of the man, he was able to recruit from the creme de la creme of prosecutors - immediatelyl and for lower pay - for the Investigtion of a Lifetime! My prayers for his safety!

  169. Also, "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

  170. Now when you say “no one is above the law” does that include Bill and Hillary or are you just cherry picking like 80% of the commenters on this NYT Board....

  171. So Mr. Trump denied anyone in his orbit during the campaign or the transition and after had any contacts with Russian operatives. He is on record nine times with these denials and sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies calling the inquiries a hoax and a witch hunt. We now have a total of 12 people, three of which have been indicted having had contact with Russians, including but not limited to Gen. Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr., all who when caught tried to minimize the nature of the contacts and their context. Republicans would have us believe Mr. Trump had no knowledge of these contacts even when he was briefed at what he called a National Security meeting wherein this guy Papadopalous suggested he meet with Putin. Sessions who was present claims he shut that idea down, but couldn't remember the encounter or discussion during his Senate Conformation hearings. We also have people like Devon Nunes running interference for Trump with distractions and lies and he's the chair of one of the investigative bodies reviewing these nefarious events. Apparently a tax cut is more important to Republicans than National Security, election interference by a hostile power and perhaps, treason. And this is the party that wraps themselves in the flag and screams America first? Republicans have put party over country too many times to have any credibility in the matter. They're a stain on Democracy and their country. Lock them up.

  172. And lock them out of elected office. Choices have consequences, and their choice to put party before country must be punished.

  173. tax cut for the rich you mean

  174. The Mueller investigation and the resulting revelations are far more important for the future of the American democracy and how it can retain its resiliency to take corrective action than the sentences any of the involved parties may receive. Undoubtedly, there will be parties who may be fined, reprimanded, or receive lighter sentences. However, it will not be surprising if some end up serving time in jail. Ironic, it will be, if the general who steered the crowds with chants of "Lock her up!" ends up being locked up. No matter what the sentence, the public humiliation will likely deter future election meddlers from interfering with the longest running democracy in the world. I truly believe the American democracy is quite resilient and self-correcting to digest all those involved in the shenanigans, and after a couple of burps will pass them out. Or, so I hope!

  175. America is far from the oldest democracy in the world. If you are comparing it to other nations, it is less than 210 years old. Switzerland might disagree with you for starters. Further, like many superstitions, until we acknowledge the Constitution is a Rub Goldberg contraption created by Indian killing, slave holding, landed gentry, as an illusion of democracy, these events will continue, as they have, since the beginning of America's colonialism.

  176. I hope you’re right

  177. You may be right, I will let the Swiss disagree with me. And I will let the Constitutional scholars address whether it was indeed a Rube Goldberg contraption or what the nation needed at that point in time, which to a large extent still serves reasonably well. The ills of the time as you noted should also be acknowledged and addressed no doubt. But a series of bad choices on one side should not nullify a series of good choices on the other.

  178. What's really sad about this guy Flynn is that he comes from a very humble background and seems to have a good record as a serviceman specializing in military intelligence. Somewhere along the way he decided to go for the brass ring (known as wealth) and decided to get it whatever it took. I'm guessing that the Russians targeted this man early on. He was a great "get" because of his knowledge about the US intel business and his career in it. And in time, he got in deeper and deeper in exchange for money. Even got his kid involved in that mess. He surely will be found to have been treasonous.

  179. My father came from a very humble background. And was a pillar of ethical behavior. Morality starts early in life. It doesn’t just “happen” that someone is ready to sell out their country “along the way” - it was likely evident early enough for the Russians to target. Sorry, I’m not sad at all. Except sad for my country!

  180. You have to wonder how much Intel Flynn gave away for a few measely rubles.

  181. Am thinking that initially it wasn't the potential money that motivated Flynn...but the arrogance of Flynn and contempt he felt for his superiors that didn't value his superior insight. Eventually he decided to pack up his marbles and take his game elsewhere.

  182. The abrogation of the cooperation agreement reveals a conflict of interest between the parties. Reporting indicates that documents and testimony about Flynn have been subpoenaed from the White House by the Special Counsel. It is just as likely that White House cooperation with Mueller concerning Flynn caused the breach in cooperation between those parties. My bet is that Trump is burying Flynn, and that Flynn has little to implicate Trump criminally.

  183. John Oliver has pointed out that "Whataboutism" is the favored response of Trump and his cult to accusations of impropriety (or worse). That is, they reply with "Obama did this", "Hillary did that", and "What about...(you name it)" to distract away from the subject at hand. And on this site, we see all the Trumpers doing exactly that. They want to keep their blinders on and defend their hero at all costs. Well, that won't work much longer, Trumpers, regardless of what Fox and Friends or Sean Hannity might be telling you. They're closing in on him, and I can hardly wait for all of you to eat crow.

  184. Exactly. The Trump supporters are suckling the right wing Russian influenced propaganda machine with Faux News and Breitbart leading the way. I will never ever understand what these folks see in Trump. He is a wretched human being.

  185. Is Flynn flipping? You bet he is. The TELL is Flynn's concern about charges against his son. Mueller would not offer Flynn a sweetheart deal if he could not connect the dots to Trump. Flynn's transgressions are far too serious. Trump was forewarned. President Obama warned Trump not to select Flynn as NSA. Sally Yates warned Trump about Flynn. (Meeting with Russian to discuss election interference sanctions.) Trump ignores warnings (Fires Yates, Comey, etc.). It's the Trump playbook (deny, deny, deny) versus the Mueller playbook (facts and indisputable evidence). Trump and his administartion are toast.......burnt toast!

  186. He is flipping before the flopping.

  187. I believe that's the sound of the other shoe falling.

  188. You stole my thunder.

  189. Why would Flynn take a deal when he has leverage? Doesn’t Vladimir Putin get detailed information regarding the Special Counsel’s organization? I would assume Putin directed Alexander Bortnikov and the FSB to tap every phone and intercept every email of anyone associated with the offices of the Special Counsel. I would assume the FSB is listening to the conversations of the people who work in the Special Counsel’s organization as well as their relatives and the lawyers for people interviewed by the Special Counsel. Hasn’t the FSB and Putin mapped out what Mueller knows and does not know? President Trump can pardon Flynn at any point. If all of this is true, why would Flynn take a deal?

  190. Mr Flynn should watch his back - with people like Trump and Putin he could end up floating in the Potomac River No worries, I'm sure the special council has him tucked safely away in his back pocket

  191. Flynn would take a deal because he knows he can't trust Trump to pardon him. As the chips fall and all the culprits are trying to save their own skins, there is no such thing as trust.

  192. Trump pardoning Flynn will likely result in his impeachment.

  193. This article has a number of details wrong, in a way that subtly distorts the picture of what's going on. For example, you state Flynn was pro-Russia since before he joined the Trump campaign. However, as of 2014, Flynn was fairly Russia-phobic (at least according to public statements). In 2015, Flynn was ALREADY part of Trump's campaign. And all of a sudden he was accepting cash payments from Russian entities and attending dinners with Putin. You state Trump fired Flynn for speaking to the Russian ambassador during the transition. That is not correct. Trump publicly praised Flynn for speaking to the Russian ambassador during the transition. Trump only fired Flynn weeks later at VP Pence's insistence after it became known publicly that Flynn had lied directly to Pence. None of these points is incriminating in itself, but together these corrections (and many others) paint quite a different picture from what's described in your article. A very good summary of the errors in this article, and their significance, has been laid out on Twitter by Seth Abramson.

  194. It cannot be said enough, Pence is not, and was not, an innocent bystander in this scandal. He expressed shock and dismay over Flynn’s transgressions but then went ahead and lied himself about what he knew about Flynn’s lies. He was the head of the transition team; his claims that he didn’t know what was going on defies logic.

  195. It's close enough to show where the Trump train is headed - all the way back to the scene of the crime.

  196. “fairly Russia phobic” - Flynn? And sexual predators also seem to be oh, so moralistic! Appearances do not always tell the whole story.

  197. "Lock her up" is now trying to avoid "lock me up". However, if that catches the big fish I'd rather see him free than "the Donald"

  198. The trump tactic of employing his kids as staffers isn't working out so well for Flynn, and it looks like Flynn may take the hit to protect his son. Would trump do the same for Jr. and Jared, or will they have to fend for themselves? It will be interesting to watch that unfold.

  199. Three star general....a remarkable career by any standard.......an unblemished reputation......one bad judgement call to join hands with the trump administration.....an administration that is taking the US down to a second rate world power.....ok, maybe more than one bad judgement call but nevertheless Flynn could have stayed retired were it not for joining hands with this perversion of a president. What fun it will be to watch when Mueller's team reaches the footsteps of the White House.

  200. We lived through Watergate. On that June day when the WSJ and NYT carried the botched break in, I turned to Carl Klemme of Morgan 23 Wall and said, this is Nixon. I just knew it. Today it's Putin et al. And DJT may believe he can slide by with his machinations and endless diversionary noises and dodges. We are skating close to the edge of the ice, and the water is cold. China knows. North Korea was a mess in 1950. Russia knew. Worms are the least of it. When they have nothing to lose, they are cornered. Hatred of Japan is lasting. But North Korea is something else. Flynn and his son are doomed. The nation is doomed if we cannot attract the most able and willing to serve. Our government is a mess. Our best journalists do not remember. Sen Sam Ervin and Howard Baker are gone. It was not about party then. It's not about party now. Our problems worsen with time and warming. We are in a staggering mess. Donald Trump were he honest would be inadequate. The Clintons are a mess. The Bush family is finished. McCain, McConnell, Hatch, Ryan, Romney, these men and so many others just hang on. We need the best - and we need them now. No one has the answers... right now. But we must start with the questions. We do not have leaders willing to ask the right questions... and take the dialogue to the floor. What's happened to us? Are we so well off that we no longer think?

  201. I share all of your thoughts and sentiments. We need a hero. Now. I have to take hope in Mueller and his pursuit of the facts. It's just hard to be patient when all seems so lost. Putin and his thugs (aka, Oligarchs - ha! nice name) are at the heart of this, as has been clarified in several reports. In the meantime, I'll keep reading the Times, the New Yorker, listen to Terry Gross and a few other good podcasts, and watch a few people on MSNBC to keep up - waiting for Mueller. My husband has a shirt that says, "It's Mueller time!" - can't wait.

  202. Responding to S B Lewis : This country is going to have its day of reckoning probably sometime next year when this debacle of a 2016 election pours forth. We, as a country, must come to terms with how got here and, in my view, the culprit is money. Citizens United blew the door open on "as much money it takes to finance the candidate that will do my bidding." It is always about the money. Whether it is funding an election or a person in the military with high level Intel clearance committing treason, it is always the money. Among other things, campaign finance reform must take precedence so that people who, in their era, were scrupulous and ethical such as Sam Ervin and Howard Baker can come forward. Current examples are individuals such as Elizabeth Warren and Democratic VP candidate Tim Kane to name two will put this country first and not the crackpot, yes crackpot, we have in the Oval office right now who is completely unacceptable (a 70 year old Twittering at 5:00 am...I ask you...really?) on every level. We, as a country a far, far better than this! And I hope that when the day of reckoning comes, American patriots will step up to the plate.

  203. To your last question, yes. I've oft asked friends "What would it take for us to take to the streets?" No one, including me, can answer. WE are a mess.

  204. I would also add that all these people who will be found guilty should be made to pay for their jail stays.

  205. Until he is removed from office Trump has the power to pardon anyone, maybe even himself. Thus no indictments should be made until after Trump is removed from office.

  206. Just collect all their worldly possessions on the way in!

  207. No, he doesn't--Presidential pardon does not extend to state crimes, only federal. Mueller has been working with NY State AG Eric Schneiderman: "The downside for Trump is that his presidential pardon power does not extend to state crimes — for the same reasons that underlie the dual sovereignty principle. Mueller, of course, knows this, and may be setting up the infrastructure to allow Schneiderman to pursue any prosecutions in the event he can’t – or to conduct them simultaneously." http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/the-administration/348989-trump-ma...

  208. Oh, the weather outside is brightening Mueller's work to Trump is frightening, Information is sure to flow, Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know! It doesn't show signs of stopping, Donald's mess Lawyer Cobb is mopping, So how low did Trump and Flynn go? Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know! When Mueller finally shows his hand, How Trump will hate it in the spotlight. There he has no choice but to stand, While Justice is meted out right! Oh, the fire is quickly heating, Trump's fate he'll soon be meeting, And his top he's sure to blow, Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know! Soon we'll know.

  209. Brilliant - just sang it out loud to my family. Bravo!

  210. Sing along, everyone! That is just great, Glen Thanks!

  211. Bravo! The best!

  212. I believe that Flynn is concerned with avoiding prison time for his son and so is doing everything he can to expose DJT for the crook he really is. I also believe that this will be bigger than Watergate and possibly the worst thing that could have happened to our country.

  213. Good luck with that Jordan but don't lose any sleep over it, it might not work out for you any better than the election did.

  214. Donald Trump is a traitor to this country, a fraud, demagogue, and clown. Anyone still backing is no better.

  215. I agree with Mr. Ford. The hopeless thing about President Trump is that anyone still supports him.

  216. The noose closes, slowly but certainly. Mueller seems, as would be reasonable, to be starting with the small fry and working his way up. Whether Flynn is actively cooperating with Mueller yet may be less important; it seems unavoidable that he will at some point, after all his son could face prison as well, and perhaps a few other people he knows. This must be a new level of discomfort for Trump. He knows how much Flynn knows about him, and its important enough that he tried to get Comey to stop investigating Flynn. And like Flynn, Trump has a son, daughter & son-in-law to think about. If Trump doesn't do his usual tweet-a-thon over this, it would seem a sign that it's getting too close and too dangerous; even Trump must have some level of danger at which he shuts up. Pence becomes more important as Trump's fate becomes more certain. Many have said if Trump is out, Pence would be as bad of a Pres in many ways. Yet Flynn would have knowledge that Pence too was aware of Russian contacts & meetings, so it seems unclear whether Pence would survive. As Arte said on Rowan & Martin Laugh-in; "Interesting, verrry interesting".

  217. And if Pence is out, we get Speaker Ryan as the next in line. He is neither insane, nor likely to have skeletons in his closet, but he is a radical conservative with legislative skills. He can also sound reasonable. While I seriously doubt Trump will be impeached, or resign, this situation is a case of "damned if you do, and damned if you don't."

  218. Don't forget his own frequent rejoinder to "Interesting, verrry interesting..." "But stupid!"

  219. I am concerned that the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome are going to become completely unhinged if Trump, in the end remains unscathed. I realize to the Lunatic Left, there is nothing that could occur that would leave Trump unscathed...he is already "scathed", and its only the technicalities they are waiting on and the actual impeachment, but the real world moves on out here regardless. You radical left readers of this historical publication can rest assured that if Democrats take back the house during Trump's presidency, they will impeach him, regardless of facts, because facts are not the issue, Trump is the issue in the twisted mind of a TDS sufferer. I'm not sure whats better, keeping you folks "on the chain" with these drip-drop issues dragging out, or ending all of this, leaving Trump in the White House, which is the likely eventuality. The former is painful and aggravating to your friends, family and fellow citizens not suffering from TDS; the latter is downright frightening because TDS, unchained...is deadly.

  220. I lived through Watergate. No one left or right wins when the President falls. The whole country aches.

  221. These constant "Maybe This Maybe That" reports is equal to filling up empty space. As they said some 50 years ago "Show me the Facts and Nothing but the Facts."

  222. Interesting that Comey's firing is mentioned in this article, but not Sally Q. Yates' firing. And so goes the systemic erasing of women's heroic sacrifices from history...

  223. To be fair it's an article about Flynn which involves a new development.

  224. Let's not forget, the only time Flynn got fired, was under Trump. Not that slap-on-wrist pseudo press-firing by Obama, complete with off-the-record unsolicited advice to incoming prez about how bad a boy Flynn really was, but a real firing with accompanying revocation of security. So, scratch this news as anything even resembling bad news for Trump. To the contrary, it's most likely a tactic to negotiate a pardon (fuhget it!!). The other possibility might be that Flynn wants to spill goods on Obama, who, don't forget, let him keep his security clearance, for reasons only the two of them know. Among them, most surely, Flynn's potential to embarrass Trump, and who knows, perhaps lucrative speaking contracts post-presidency? It makes sense doesn't it, that if Flynn starts to sing on his Obama-days, the first order of business would be to distance himself from Trump? In which case, a might fine move, one worthy of keeping that wishful-thinking pardon alive and kicking for a future date. At any rate, Mueller's got his plate full, that much we can all agree on. Stay tuned therefore, we must.

  225. Whatever this guy is smoking I'll have it.. fuhgeddaboudit

  226. I predicted ( virtual pat on the back ) as soon as Flynn was fired\resigned that he would be the domino that falls ( especially to protect his son ) and brings down a Presidency. It is now just a matter of time.

  227. Your prediction is a pretty safe bet. The time period will be seven years from now when Pence becomes President. The Trump Presidency will then come down. Keep on patting yourself.

  228. Remember there are a broad swath of politicians who are ready to ignore the most egregious crimes in order to further their agenda. There is still a cult of believers (see Dowds brother's column) who will blindly follow Trump without regard for reason and the rule of law but with passion of mob that will resist regardless of the facts and evidence. There is no reason to hope that this nightmare will end, until the narrative of Trump that suits his enablers changes.

  229. Flynn has too much to lose to resist cooperating with the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Flynn's legal fees were astronomical and not a guarantee against a lengthy prison term if he were prosecuted.

  230. Looks like someone's not going to get a pardon from Donald Trump. Which means he wasn't expecting one. This has the potential to become very interesting.

  231. This is hopeful news. Cause for Thanksgiving, from my point of view. Conflict is the intentional camouflage of incompetence, but it also does a good job of distracting attention from criminal behavior. The smoking gun is within reach, and people who love this country should stay on message: "Mr. President, show us your tax returns."

  232. It looks like Trump will likely need to pardon a number of turkeys other than Drumstick and Wishbone if he hopes to survive all this.

  233. When a president ensures others are in the room to testify to what he said you might graciously assume he has nothing to hide. When he clears the room, as he did when allegedly requesting that former FBI Director Comey "go easy" on Michael Flynn - well, there are no gracious assumptions to be made - that's evidence of the "corrupt intent" that legally underpins the prosecution of an obstruction of justice charge. Mr. Comey knew just what was being asked and, immediately, wrote it all down, preserving Trump's illegal request to influence the outcome of an ongoing FBI investigation. The path from there to Trump knowing exactly what Flynn could (and now may well) testify to is at the nexus of an embarrassment of riches for Mueller's team - and, we can hope, the return to moral health of our country.

  234. Funny how Comey didn't have anything written down from his interview with Hillary during his investigation of her, but he did have her letter of exoneration written many weeks before.

  235. Here we go. But but but Hillary. But but but obama. Hillary isn't president, remember?

  236. What's even funnier is that Trump himself triggered the appointment of Robert Mueller through his own actions (with the help of hapless Jared Kushner) and you're here with ineffective deflections about Hillary. The Trumpian fifteen minutes of fame are up, and have been since that day; now it just has to come out in a picture book as words seem a bridge too far for some.

  237. Flynn can flip like a circus acrobat but if there is no collusion involving DJT, there is no collusion. In fact it was the Republican Party and later the Democratic Party that PAID Russian operatives to get dirt on Trump. But whatever. Liberals don't get your hopes up too high. Remember what happened on election night and that left you all crying.

  238. This isn’t just about DIRT. It’s about the corruption of an entire administration that starts at the top. Exactly what was promised to Flynn, Zinke, Pruitt and the other members of Trump’s posse? It isn’t just about Russia. It’s about the back door deals that these people have made to turn this country into a Dark Money oligarchy.

  239. Another metric in the Flynn investigation includes and aside from possible prosecution of Flynn's son. Flynn a former three star US Army general is expose to military prosecution under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). That said, Flynn could loose his military retirement benefits to include retirement health care for he and wife plus the lost of monthly income. Flynn would be the highest military officer in decades or more to fall within the confines of prosecution for "crimes against the US"..as possibly be alleged. Men like Flynn are trained to be "loyal"..to follow the dictates of leaders; yet Trump would "sell his mother" type loyalty and nod doubt Trump will easily cut Flynn away from Trump flock. And lastly, Flynn's contemplates like General Stan McCrystal, General Ray Odierno and others no doubt if asked would encourage Flynn to "tell the truth". LTC US Army

  240. It seems like he's already made quite a bit of money being a traitor. Maybe they don't need the pension after all. Anyway he'll be in jail so no rent to pay.

  241. The sooner Trump is arrested, the sooner the GOP can get on with the business of turning the US into a banana republic of 1 percent haves, and 99 percent have nots. And the DNC can get on with pretending they are fighting that destruction of our middle class and democracy.

  242. The day when Bob Mueller steps before a podium to announce his findings would probably have a bigger audience than the moon landing.... We should be thankful for Bob Mueller, he might be the only person who can save this country.....

  243. I'm cautiously optimistic. Or is "optimistic" the right word; i.e., as opposed to "dread"? I must sort this out. I dread the fact that it can be proven our President had knowledge -or tacit approval- of collusion with our mortal enemy. I'm optimistic that a year or too from now I might see justice done ... and feel safer.

  244. Here's hoping that "Sing like Flynn" becomes a common expression with law enforcement during interrogations.

  245. And the walls come tumbling down. This means they are getting closer and the heat is turning up. The sooner Trump is out of office the better. Better for America. Better for the world.

  246. Consider Pence in office instead. Not sure that is better. He may be more effective in enacting a conservative agenda.

  247. I agree that Pence would be worse. Hopefully (x2) that Ds retake House and, thereby control grumpy Trumpie legislatively. I am very biased: I want trump* humiliated.

  248. Because it's Flynn I'm hoping they've got Pence too. If the Democrats pull it together in 2018 and win the House the speaker could hold the spot until an election.

  249. Trump is already the worst thing that has happened to our Country. Please take him down...................so we can begin healing.

  250. I am hopeful here, but I'm keeping it under control. No one knows how this will play out, but if Flynn co-operates then others who have information will probably testify as well. Something has to give and soon. The Trump Administration and the Republicans in Congress are tearing apart our policy structure, rigging our judicial system, creating a tax cut to benefit themselves and their donors, and quite possibly working for and with an unfriendly foreign power. America will not stand for a long period of time under such tactics. Things are already beginning to fall apart. We need to know just how far the Russian influence extends through the Trump campaign, family, administration and Congress.

  251. If anybody truly understands how dangrous this administration is to our Judicial System, I feel certain Mueller and his Crew know and keep that in mind every single day - as they work to right the Ship of State. Prayers for the safety and well-being of all working on this historic investigation.

  252. I couldn't have said it better, Meg. I worry day and night about everything that you worry about, too. It doesn't seem that Trump and his cronies like the word, "Democracy".

  253. ...and let's add degrading the environment to the list of awful things the Administration is doing while Congress does nothing to stop it.

  254. Please adress Seth Abramson's concerns on Twitter. But hey -- the good news is that the steps continue in the right direction. Go Mueller!

  255. Mueller and his Crew are not only doggedly pursuing their quarry. They seem to be using brilliant tactics to do so. We can only glimpse and guess. But consider this: The news that Flynn’s lawyer told the Trump team of lawyers late on the day before Thanksgiving means a Looooooong Weekend for the STEW to simmer. A long weekend for all the players in Mueller’s crosshairs to worry and wonder. As the Pressure Cooker drives the political temperature higher and higher. Think how the first indictments came. Surprising everyone. Especially when that news was followed by information that someone had already flipped! So it can’t be just an accident that this news came on Thanksgiving. Can it? There is just too much Coinkydink here! Across the board. For example, too many Russian connections. How far does all this go back? We know the Russians were arranging for Trump to spend time in Russia (under their observation, paid for by the KGB-allied Intourist Agency) back in the 80’s. And there’s suspicion his then first wife and he were surveilled by the KGB Putin worked for then. (One has to wonder if the KGB learned Trump’s sexual proclivities at that time. And did they have anything to do with future women/wives? Could Mueller’s crew neglect that thought if ‘little me’ has it?) Ah... the smell of the Stew...

  256. This act continues the suggestion that Trump is an illegal POTUS. Treasonous

  257. President Obama fired Mr. Flynn near the end of his term. It was probably because of Flynn's Russian ties and his willingness to sell America out for personal gain. Mr. Flynn supported The Con Don and helped put The Robber Barons in charge of OUR government. Another life-long government "military welfare queen" who bit the hand that fed him. Those who scream the loudest about the "terrible" government are the ones who have benefited the most. Plain old crooks. You Go, Investigator Mueller. All I want for this holiday season is the Robber Barons and Radical religionists OUT of MY governments at every level. BEFORE they can start WW3.

  258. As much as I dislike Flynn, he was not fired near the end of the Obama term. It was April 2014, which is just three months past the halfway mark for that final term. The public evidence also does not support the idea that he was already involved with the Russians, which is one reason why his subsequent behavior is genuinely weird. I would not make a bet on non-involvement, but nothing has been turned up so far to demonstrate anything except a very outspoken, patriotic military man until 2015. None of that changes the reality of his conduct since then. Personally, I think it is almost treason. As a military man with his long involvement in security and intelligence matters, he more than many, had reason to stay well away from Russia and Turkey. Supporting Trump, who can most charitably be described as erratic and ill informed, seemed like payback to Pres. Obama via Hillary Clinton's presidential bid.

  259. History repeats itself when those making history are too ignorant and too unwilling to learn from past mistakes. Mr Trump is Ignorance personified. He learned nothing from Richard M. Nixon's sordid foray into illegal activity. How sad that we have to live with Trump's ignorant appointments to his administration which will injure the United States for decades hence.

  260. The tide of righteousness has turned, th walls are now closing in on the president. Yet, in his juvenile way, the president will continue to lash out at his perceived enemies until everything around him is destroyed.

  261. I'm awaiting both the book and movie version of the disease that has infected our country due to arrogance and greed....called "Drain the Swamp." It will be translated into Russian and a box office hit in both countries.

  262. Where there is smoke, there is fire. A blind person could see that Trump ran a dirty campaign, that he thinks blatant lying is an okay thing to do, and that winning at any cost is acceptable practice. Say what you will about the Democratic Party, but people like Trump and his legions would never fit into the Democratic platform. Flynn is no fool. He is bailing out of a sinking ship. Others will follow.

  263. Retired General Flynn should be tried in military court on charges of treason! His support of RT by way of being a pundit is a shameful disgrace to all USA troops. Putin's desire to show the USA to be nothing more than a hollowed out hypocritical nation is advanced by Flynn's activities on Russia's behalf. Can anybody imagine Trump-Pence accepting this same behavior from retired military personnel who do not support them?

  264. What TREASON, exactly. He was in Private Business when these accusations arose, um after Trump accidentally "won." Find the timing and real story at www.newsbud.com and Sibel Edmonds

  265. I almost felt sorry for Flynn and then I remember his rabid screaming of "lock her up, lock her up" at the Republican convention. Flynn deserves no pity or mercy. He's another criminal trying to deflect his guilt on innocent people like he and Trump have tried incessantly to do to Hilary. Smart people didn't buy it then and don't buy it now.

  266. Looks to me like the Trumpettes are forming a circular firing squad. Anticipating this is like smelling Gramma's mincemeat pie; you can almost, but not quite, taste it. Exquisite.

  267. If Flynn, Jr.'s fate is a motivation for Flynn, Sr. to cooperate, I wouldn't be surprised if the investigative heat turns up on Don, Jr. and Jared. Perhaps even Donald Trump has some feelings for his family. Or perhaps they'll flip when they realize he doesn't.

  268. While I'm pleased with this news, it's just a distraction from reality which is that president Koch, Heritage & the Federalist Society are implementing their agenda which rigs every institution in the country to serve their ideology. They have planned this New Gilded Age for decades and are now in a position to put it in place. As a Canadian with great admiration for the America I knew I have one question. When will Americans take their country back from the band of libertarian billionaires that currently own & run it?