Roy Moore Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct by a Fifth Woman

The new accusations came hours after Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, declared that he believes the accusers and urged Mr. Moore, a Senate candidate, to step aside.

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  1. Why doesn't the same standard apply to Trump?

  2. Sessions? What!? No doubt Trump would like having a successor attorney general who hadn't recused himself from the Russia investigation.

  3. Oh My God. Tax cuts for the rich threatened! The Republican Party really doesn't care a whit about the accusations, the victims, or anything else. They widely supported the cretin Moore up to now. It's only when their sponsors ability to further loot the Federal Treasury is threatened that they react. The Republicans are immoral thieves.

  4. How low can the GOP and its hard core sink? Are we near bottom yet? I've never seen such utter filth in American politics in my (long) life. We have Moore, Trump and George Bush on the right, and Bill Clinton on the left. Maybe we should have a third party and lump them all together.

  5. Perhaps an 11th Commandment should be chiseled into those tablets which once graced that good, green Alabama courthouse lawn. "Thou shalt not abuse thy adolescent Innocents."

  6. Four Alabama women say Roy Moore made overtures when they were teens and he was a DA in his 30s. That's pretty close to proof under Sharia law, although admittedly you'd need 4 men to say it. And of course Moore's not in danger of loss of life and liberty, just in danger of not being elected to what was once a respected branch of government so innocent before being proven guilty is inapplicable. Common sense and decency is applicable. How anyone could doubt Ms. Nelson's detailed, heartbreaking statement about being attacked and left lying on the cold ground as Moore sped off is beyond me. That anyone could support this scofflaw judge who used his position to molest teenagers and attack marginalized groups,, who calls himself a CHRISTIAN, asks for prayers and demonizes his opponent demonstrates clearly the upside--down, rabbit hole aspect of the current GOP. In normal times, his opponent, who successfully prosecuted the KKK for the murders of four little blameless girls in a Birmingham church would be hailed as a hero. And hats off to Mitch McConnell. "I believe the women, yes" has a nice ring to it.

  7. Remember when Bill Clinton was accused of far worse, and everyone in the New York Times was saying “it’s just sex. It’s his personal life. It has nothing to do with his job performance!” My how it changes with that one letter difference D or R.

  8. No, I honestly don't remember Bill Clinton being accused of something "far worse" than child rape. Maybe on some conspiracy nut's website.

  9. Clinton's accusers were of legal age. However, rape is raps.

  10. Monica Lewinsky was at least of legal age. Yes it was still morally reprehensible, and Clinton indeed paid a price. Not for the act, but for lying about it. One of these victims was 14 years old. If I read the law correctly this is second degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony, by a sitting district attorney. A DA must indeed be held to even tighter standards than someone not in a position of authority over the victim.

  11. I thought that the issue of the time-lag for children speaking out as adults against sexual assaults was settled by the tens of millions of dollars paid as compensation by the Catholic Church. When the Catholic Church had to face its tragic and sordid past, no one blamed the children, now adults. Why are evangelicals defending the child predator in its midst rather than standing up for the victims? I believe the women. Roy Moore should be in jail, not the Senate. There must be no Statute of Limitations for the sexual assault of children.

  12. Thanks Mitch McConnell. I heard four women speak but did not know who to believe but now that you have weighed in, I know I should believe the women. There you have it folks, the words of four women are enough to convince a man that sexual assault happened. Next question Mitch, does this same rule apply to all women or only Republican women?

  13. Mitch McConnell would gladly throw Joseph and Mary under the bus if he could trade it for backing his tax scheme.

  14. Losing the seat in AL means he's not getting his tax scheme. He knows that.

  15. Holy cow. This would-be senator is doomed. Finally. No way can he proceed to the Senate. I can't believe it has gone on this long. He, in his juvenile cowboy outfit, obstinately holding on. Assaulting another girl at age 16? Where there is smoke, there's a raging fire. And his statement to Fox News' Sean Hannity was sickeningly weak. It was an admission blanketed in a flimsy denial. I've worked with victims of sexual abuse and male sexual predators in the field of psychology and dialectical behavior therapy, and feel kind of nuts right now.

  16. Susan Collins of Maine vs Roy Moore of Alabama.....hmmmm.....I sort of remember another Maine vs Alabama.....20th Maine Regiment against the 48th Alabama Regiment at Little Round Top, Gettysburg, July 1963. 20th Maine routed the 48th Alabama with a bayonet charge. Maybe Susan should do the same. Metaphorically speaking.....;-))

  17. Only Trump and Bannon and the likes can defend this. Even McConnell spoke up.

  18. Lots of Democrats defended allegations like this - when women alleged that Bill Clinton was doing the assaulting, raping or harassment.

  19. I hope MSM investigates this claim the way the Washington Post fact-checked the others. His fans would love nothing more than to discover a false accusation -- to the point that they might even try to provide one.

  20. How courageous these women are for telling their terrible stories. Sadly, I have a strong feeling that there will be many more.

  21. Cory Gardner is right. So when will the Republican Party start applying similar standards to the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump?

  22. Throughout all of the discussions on Moore (and previously on Trump) there have been cries of "where is the proof"? "Why didn't they speak up sooner?" Moore (and Trump) are getting a "pass" from the GOP for "he said / she said". But with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K, the GOP is ready to hang them from the highest tree. I don't see the Dem's making excuses for Weinstein, Stacey or Louis. Is it because the women making the accusations on them are for the most part powerful people in their own right, and the women accusing Moore are relatively unknown and less powerful? What a travesty! I have never been molested, but have endured my share of discrimination and "different" treatment over the years. I know women who have been molested, and I have no problem believing them as their accusations come at a high price, and usually after years of beating themselves up for not fighting.

  23. Looking forward to the law suit against WaPo and the evidence that the accusers have been paid. We'll see what happens. Maybe a big announcement next week ...

  24. @Glenn King: You may find yourself waiting far beyond next week. These guys love to bluster about suing, just as Trump does, but they never do, because they know that all of their bad behavior will come out in a trial.

  25. More alternative facts. Lol!

  26. I would think if you were outraged as Moore claims to be he could have demanded a lawsuit that day. It is not a game or a reality TV show. These were young people at the time up against the DA. Have a Congressional investigation. Let's hear it.

  27. You right wingers have never had a problem with old allegations when it came to the Clintons so why don’t you just scratch? Moore is probably toast so deal with it.

  28. It's Alabama y'all! He'll be elected in a landslide.

  29. These are brave women. To suffer this kind of attack and trauma as a teenager is a difficult story to tell later, particularly when the man involved is a powerful or wealthy one. As instantly happened in this case, even with all the witnesses, the women were personally attacked and their experiences questioned. This kind of behavior does not exist in a vacuum. The Washington Post tracked down rumors. A fellow lawyer said it was known at the time. This woman's attack is consistent with the predatory grooming of the earlier victims such as the 14-year-old's. Thank you for telling your stories. America believes you, not him. I hope you are able to heal.

  30. I'm not at all sure about this one. My question is... 1. Roy Moore has held many public offices for many years. Why are these allegations just now surfacing after almost a half century other than raw dirty politics? As soon as I saw the name Gloria Allred, I automatically question the veracity of the whole thing. She is the West Coast's version of the Reverend Al Sharpton. Both Democrats and Republican establishment crooked politicians couldn't give three hoots about these accusers. They are gunning for Moore for his politics, not for his half-century old past. Business as usual.

  31. I always had problem with people who hold religious scriptures Bible, Quran, Torah....etc, and claim moral high ground. I can guarantee you he is a liar

  32. So much for "innocent until proven guilty." Is that a progressive position?

  33. The earlier allegations against Mr. Moore sound pretty believable. Ms. Nelson's does not. This is partly because it does not square with Mr. Moore's alleged behavior in the other incidents, and partly because it just stinks of the caricature that clings to invented accusations. A couple other recent examples of this type of fakery include, on one hand, far-right tales of how the Sutherland Springs shooter demanded antifa allegiance from his victims before executing them, and on the other hand, fake racist slurs left on whiteboards at the Air Force Academy. Mr. Moore seems kinda creepy, and I'd welcome his exit from the Alabama senate race, but Ms. Nelson's allegations look for all the world like a political stunt.

  34. I disagree with you.

  35. Read the Washington Post for more details that back her up. She quit her job after it happened. She told her sister a few years later; she told her fiancé 13 year ago before they got married. And a few year ago she told her mother. You think she made it up and told people preparing for a day when others might accuse him? Makes no sense.

  36. Read the Washington Post again and pay closer attention. Everything we know about Ms. Nelson's story came from her own mouth today, in a Gloria Allred-staged press statement. There is currently no independent reporting to back this up. The Post reports that "Ms. Nelson said..." all the things you mention. The Post does not indicate that it has done anything whatsoever to verify her claims (e.g. ask the restaurant if she really did quit at that time; interview the people she says she told; etc.) I am happy to amend my impression if this stunt can be built into a strong, independently verifiable account. But as of now, it remains a stunt.

  37. Why would any woman, any person, vote for someone who not only bragged about assaulting women, but also maligned them personally when they came forward? More baffling is why a woman who has experienced sexual harassment/abuse herself would support such a vile predator for high office? Perhaps she felt no connection with any of those women -- until now.

  38. Earlier today, I saw an item that he was the sole vote in favor of a guy who molested a 4 year old girl (not himself, but some other guy, but honestly, what is OK with violating a 4 year old? Some interesting Biblical interpretation here: clearly his religion is about men's power over women, no matter what they do. Shameless, hypocritical, and truly disgusting!

  39. I'm just going to throw this out there. Is it possible this is one of those creepy guy things from back in the day where teenage girls were considered more likely to be 'clean' (meaning not having a sexual history) and, therefore, safer for the 'gentleman' in that he is less likely to contract a venereal disease? I'm old enough to remember older people saying 'there's girls that do, and there's girls that you marry.' I looked up Mr. Moore's date of birth. If he was born in 1947, I think the time frame kind of fits for this narrative. Eeew. Yuk. But there was this type of thinking.

  40. Roy Moore apparently has no morals, ethics or respect for the law. He just does whatever he feels like as evidenced by his being kicked off the judgeships not once but twice. For women to come forward is to face relentless attacks on their character. It is a no win situation for them which is why they stay silent and suffer for years.

  41. You'd think this would be an easy matter for the party of moral rectitude. They should have certain rock-bottom biblical values (set aside polygamy and slavery for now), and no man is above them. The only problem is the transactional nature of the modern evangelical. They'll accept a self declared sexual predator as president if it gets them a conservative SCOTUS appointment. Welcome to the new age of moral relativism.

  42. What kind of people, voters, would value a man accused of pedophilia, who had a reputation among his peers for dating "younger" girls and women at the time, over any other alternative of any other political party or no political party at all? This really must be a common enough practice in the South, the deep South. If you've experienced anything like this, you understand why it is either never reported or takes years and years to report it, a phenomenon, hopefully, that is being debunked with societal norms today. There are definitive findings, a "syndrome", if you will that is the aftermath of such an experience: a vulnerable female or male who is overtaken by someone more powerful either in family dynamics, politics, employment, even law enforcement, in any sphere of society. It's time for everyone in this country to be educated about the aftermath of such abuse, the short and long term effects on this kind of victim. Sen Amy Klobachar has been able to pass with 100% agreement in the Senate over the past weeks, mandate for the entire sitting Congress to attend a seminar on just this "phenomena" of sexual harassment...what it is, how to avoid doing it, et al....and to mandate every new member of Congress attend the same seminar, just as they attend others that tell them how the Congress operates. These members of Congress must understand it so that they do not engage in it and so they can legislate and make appropriate decisions in cases such as this one.

  43. 5 accusing Moore is still 7 less than accused Trump, not to mention Trump’s video confession. And Trump got 53% of the white female vote and of course won the White House. Moore should hold his ground. If anything Moore set his sites too low and should think about running for President in 2024.

  44. The fact that Moore has not followed through with libel or slander charges against his accusers give me the impression that he is guilty. We may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. After reading that Mrs. Moore is trying to learn if any of the accusers were paid to come forward. This makes me think that she and or husband may have bought off others with valid complaints in the past. Alabama considers anyone under 19 to be a juvenile unless they are self supporting. My guess is that a confidentially agreement that is signed by them or their parents will not hold water.

  45. I hope Moore wins because that would be bad for the republican party, and whatever's bad for the republican party is absolutely great for America.

  46. Why are the Republicans and McConnell in such an uproar over this? When the president is the poster boy for this type of past repugnant behavior (though to our knowledge, not with a minor) it's a little late for finger wagging. Also, when does being a "conservative Christian" give anyone the right to rape? The swamp is alive and well and growing.

  47. Yes, is five minutes before twelve Roy, precisely. You need to drop the race.. You have been caught. If not, you will be left to wind your way out that dreary, dark labyrinth the best way you can. It will be no easy matter, your lamps have been doused, you can not see a foot before you, your senses have been stunned, you cannot tell if you are moving or standing still. You don't have to be coy Roy, you need to take a long hike and sooth your guilty conscience.

  48. Mr. Moore, would you be willing to take a polygraph test?

  49. Trump must be chomping at the bit to have the governor appoint Sessions. Kill two birds with one stone. Cheaters and liars ruling our country!

  50. Moore's fall from grace is stunning. Someone should make a movie to rub it in even more deeply. The man is a pig.

  51. Actually it isn’t. If you’ve been following his story, he’s been a self serving, hypocrite in the public eye for years. Even the establishment GOP knew he was poison. This is just the icing on the cake.

  52. It's interesting to see the juxtaposition of the secular response to sexual misconduct vs. the religious response. For the last month and counting, “immoral” Hollywood has been ostracizing, firing, and canceling the productions off those who have been guilty of sexual misconduct. Many of these actions have been taken at substantial costs to the studios and networks. Evangelicals, the supposed bastions of morality, have ‘circled the wagons’ around Mr. Moore, with the usual claim of doing 'spiritual battle against evildoers’ – all in disregard of the victims who insist they were minors at the time of his abuses. Evangelicals should never ever attempt to claim the moral high ground again.

  53. It's all about hatred and subordination of women among evangelicals. Hatred of women who dare enjoy sex, and subordination of girls to the predation of older men. They're happy with whatever as long as women are judged or harmed.

  54. Sounds like the less their ages, the Moore Roy "loved" them. He may not get a Senate seat as a registered Republican, but he does get Megan's Seat as a registered sexual offender. Go 'Bama! Reap it.

  55. The bar of acceptability is dismally low among Republicans, and Moore's acceptance into the Senate would make the chamber hit rock bottom. Consider the delays to fill judges during Obama's last presidential years and the current approval of lifetime appointments with lawyers with little or no experience. Also remember the vote for Secretaries, who lack knowledge about relevant science, education, environment. Worst of all are throwing the Constitution on the rubbish pile and cheating during elections. While McConnell and most other Republicans disgrace the country through extreme partisanship that I would not want him or his senatorial colleagues for my congressional representative, he's needed right now to do the right thing in denying Moore.

  56. McConnell is right to believe the women because the Post published a very well sourced story. Why didn't they come forward sooner? Well, the women were reluctant to come forward even NOW after being approached by reporters. I think they finally agreed for several reasons: 1. They each learned they were not alone - there were other victims. 2. Even though they are women of faith and Republican, they felt it was time to expose the hypocrisy of this wolf in sheep's clothing. 3. The Weinstein assaults have emboldened women all over the world to come forward with their stories of powerful men assaulting them. Although McConnell really does think Moore is poison and doesn't belong in the Senate, he also realizes that if Moore doesn't withdraw, many people will write in Luther Strange, spit the Republican vote and possibly elect a Democrat to the Senate. If Moore does get elected then every Republican running for reelection in 2018 will face questions of why they belong to a party that elects a accused child molester to the Senate.

  57. It’s too bad Anita Hill wasn’t believed.

  58. Do you think Ms Hill was the only one Mr. Thomas harassed?

  59. Us women believed her.

  60. It's too bad Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp were not believed.

  61. I believe these women, but Gloria Allred needs to understand that her involvement doesn't help her clients. The mere fact Gloria is involved automatically puts the women who hire her into doubt. Gloria is very bad at prepping them for their statements and they whole production looks made up.

  62. The woman probably went to Allred because she was the only person she knew of who defended women.

  63. Please change the headline (it's too late on your text alert) to make it more accurate. It's an important detail. Only two women have accused him of sexual misconduct. One of the other three women accused him of an impropriety (giving alcohol to a minor). The other women just attested to the fact he showed interested in teens when in his 30s.

  64. No, one accused him of attempted statutory rape and another accused him of attempted rape. Fixed it.

  65. The death of the Republican party is a case study in karmic justice. Everything Republicans have done, starting with the Southern Strategy, Reagan tax cuts, and culminating in unprincipled, sustained opposition during the Obama presidency, systemic voter suppression of people like me, turning their backs on Merrick Garland and installing a shill, has resulted in the diminution of American society. Giggling to victory behind trump was the last metaphysical straw. They are now hoisted painfully on the petard of their relentless righteousness, and it is up to us to pick up the pieces.

  66. Well said!

  67. I have very low confidence the voters in Alabama would elect a Democratic candidate for any office regardless of the character of the GOP candidate. I submit they would vote for Charles Manson or the devil incarnate as long as he had an "R" next to his name. It would be wonderful if I was wrong- but based on history- I doubt I am wrong.

  68. Welp they did vote for Donald Trump.

  69. If Moore gets elected, maybe he can caucus with all those who believe that God gave older men the right to diddle with non-consenting kids. But I am confused is this southern culture or evangelical culture? Once again, the Republicans find themselves in a stew because they find some of the most unqualified people to run. Did they not hear the rumors or did they just not care?

  70. Maybe Moore did caucus with Bill Clinton. Maybe that's why Moore thought it was ok.

  71. Given the right alleged victim, lynch law and spectral evidence are both alive and well in the USA. I am not preemptively defending Moore, but I am not convicting him either. I am a retired attorney who spent 40 years arguing criminal cases (both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney) before the state and federal appellate courts, including the SCOTUS. In that time I seem to recall concepts such as "due process" and "presumption of innocence". Apparently this nation now follows a different standard, harkening back to Salem, Mass. Today, a woman can wait 40 years, and 3 weeks before an election can suddenly "recall " sexual harassment with the help of a Democrat-biased reporter and a little cash. I must wonder if these women would be coming out if the control of the Senate was not involved.

  72. SO glad you are retired .

  73. Mark...there is no due process! Has he been arrested? Moore is a fake Christian with fake Christian values. Do as I say not as I do.

  74. These women voted for Trump despite their own experiences of sexual assault and they have nothing to gain by coming out now and everything to lose. In fact two of them have had to go into hiding due to death threats by rabid Moore followers. There is such a thing as a person wanting to tell their truth at last for sins committed against them. Who do you propose they should have come out to earlier? Should they have climbed up on their rooftops-these women from humble backgrounds? This is their moment—a perfect storm of society finally airing sexual abuses against women by the powerful and renewed national interest in Moore because of his Senate run. The moment of this perfect storm is Moore’s deserved downfall and these women’s liberation. He sinned against young girls for a very long time—now is the time for this so-called Christian for him to beg for forgiveness. No wonder he wanted the Ten Commandments mounted in the courthouse. He knew what a wretch he was and how best to dupe people into believing otherwise. Oh, yeah, a great Christian is Roy Moore.

  75. So much for his christian values... lying on side of his mouth while defending the 10 commandments. The true definition of a hypocrite and apparently an unpunished criminal on the loose.

  76. If Moore is considered unfit for the Senate, why don't Republicans consider Trump unfit for the presidency for the same behavior?

  77. White men behaving badly. But for the GOP that is ok. They will put you in public office or maybe even the presidency. Not only that, but they will make sure you are not prosecuted because of all the white judges (some with absolutely no experience) Trump is putting to to let these guys off the hook. Justice is crying and the party of family values has sold its so called Christianb soul to the devil for power.

  78. I urge everyone to read this amazing piece by Katheryn Brightbill that appeared in the Los Angeles Times about Evangelicals "grooming" underage girls for marriage to older men. It isn't just Roy Moore. It's a whole underground culture. Excerpt: As a teenager, I attended a lecture on courtship by a home-school speaker who was popular at the time. He praised the idea of “early courtship” so the girl could be molded into the best possible helpmeet for her future husband. The girl’s father was expected to direct her education after the courtship began so she could help her future husband in his work. In retrospect, I understand what the speaker was really describing: Adult men selecting and grooming girls who were too young to have life experience. Another word for that is “predation.”

  79. Great comment. Thank you.

  80. Thanks for the recommendation! This LA Times story truly deserves wider coverage.

  81. Yes, and yet another word for it is "slavery." I'm afraid that the election of Trump and the ascendance of the movement he leads has exposed the whole festering underbelly of the christian right neoconservative movement. Modernity didn't leave behind the best. It left behind the anti-science, anti-progress, anti-gay, anti-woman, pro-pollution, pro-slavery child predators. Some of them, I assume, are good people. The reason that they've been left behind is that they aren't ready for life in this century. Or the last one.

  82. See Huff Post 10/18/2017. “Roy Moore’s Foundation Received A $1,000 Donation From A Nazi Group In 2005”. "A group “founded by Willis Carto, a white supremacist, Nazi supporter and World War II vet who famously said he regretted fighting for the U.S instead of Germany.” He funded anti-Semitic and racist conspiracy publications and Holocaust deniers. He supported Gov George Wallace’s segregationist presidential campaign in 1968." And see Talking Points Memo, Oct 6: ”Roy Moore’s Neo-Confederate Sugar Daddy Has Deep Ties To Secessionists.” "Michael Peroutkahas has given Moore over a half-million dollars over the past decade-plus. His beliefs make even Moore’s arguably theocratic anti-gay and anti-Muslim views look mainstream by comparison. Says the Christian South needs to secede and form a new Biblical nation." "His “League of the South was one of the organizers of the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, that ended with the killing of a counter-protester.” How 'fringe' is this, after the election of this president? As our politics gets more pernicious, how do we start cleaning up this destructive viral infection? The whole Moore mess exposes ever more gross undercurrents.

  83. McConnell may not really want him quit, because then the Democrat maybe elected. Depending upon the public outcry and the feelings of other Senators, he could move to expel him. If he's expelled the governor would appoint a replacement who would be Republican.

  84. I hope Moore doesn’t withdraw and Alabama votes for a Democratic Senator. I think Republicans are now calling for his withdrawal because they fear he’ll lose. Hang in there, Judge. I’d like to hear your consolation speech and see 1 less Republican to vote for just about anything.

  85. Just the latest from "The party of family values".....

  86. Paul Are you talking about the Clinton's

  87. @Don We are talking about the GOP since that is how they refer to themselves.

  88. Which makes the democrats the party of what??

  89. It was about time that Mitch McConnell said something to erase the alleged “ child molester “ Roy Moore . I don’t praise McConnell , he did what a normal , honest , law respectful human being should have unequivocally done . Now it’s time for the people of Alabama to show they have the courage to vote this monster out of politics forever .

  90. There are bad actors in all walks of life and political persuasions, so I'll not try to make political hay condemning an entire class of individual for the actions of some of them. HOWEVER, It does appear to me that the REACTIONS to the revelations certainly seems different between the political parties by and large. To wit, with Weinstein, Weiner, Spacy, et. al. the condemnation was swift and close to unanimous. They have been ostracised, fired, thrown out of prestigious organizations and charges brought against them when overwhelming evidence was presented that something was deeply wrong. Many Conservatives on the other hand seem to dismiss the evidence no matter how extensive and double-down on their support of the individual. This same pattern is of course mirrored in their approach to Climate Change, Evolution, and other matters. This common demonstrated tendency to deny unwelcome truths makes for dangerous leadership IMHO...

  91. You can bet that Republicans are at this moment looking for a woman to come forward and say that Moore molested her, only to retract it later and say that Democrats paid her to say it. They're that devious, along with plotting to have the Alabama governor either postpone the election or appoint Jeff Sessions to his old Senate seat. That would kill two birds with one stone -- getting Sessions out of the Justice Dept so Trump can appoint someone who will fire Mueller.

  92. Someone is thinking a few steps ahead.

  93. Looks like the solution is to call off the election and have Pres. Trump appoint someone to the Senate.

  94. Hope you are being facetious.

  95. Moore is obviously a high-level sociopath, but also an experienced jurist - his comments have been carefully parsed in non-specific legalistic evasions - his accusers have been very direct, extremely detailed and compelling Will his facade crack?

  96. Not his but he may find the ground very shaky.

  97. Time to stick a fork in Roy Moore, Alabama.

  98. I hope you didn’t mean this literally.

  99. While I believe that this man is a molester, the timing of his accusors is suspicious. With due regard to the young ladies, what about them made them such easy targets? Were there not parents? Brothers? Sisters? Any older family member to protect them and warn them of the idiocy of getting into a car late at night with a middle-aged man (who was probably a good tipper at the diner)? When molestation occurs within the family circle it is impossible to avoid the molester, but to be victimized by someone who does not have immediate power over you, and whom you can avoid by the simple action of not accepting a ride must mean that there is really bad judgment on the part of the teen who has not been listening to people who care about her /him. Many stories surfacing today about young women and men who have been victimized begin with, "I went to a party and I had too much to drink..." or, "I went to his room for what I thought was a meeting..." The only power these kinds of molestors have over their victims is the power they are freely given when the victims put themselves in harm's way. No, I am not blaming the victim. I am simply saying that these victims either did not recognize the line they were crossing or choose to ignore it and that people who do bad things to young women and men aren't necessarily lurking in the darkness. They are right in front of them, enticing with friendly smiles and fake promises.

  100. I note no one recommends this comment...I wonder why? The girl accepted a ride home from a customer...HE sexually assaulted her..

  101. "No, I am not blaming the victim." Yes, you are. If you think it's OK for a district attorney to force a 16-year-old girl's head onto his crotch and then throw her out into the parking lot when she resists because she had "bad judgment" or didn't recognize that she had "crossed a line," then I think you're the one with some extremely poor judgment. No 16-year-old girl "freely gives" herself to sexual violence. You disgust me.

  102. What do you think is suspicious about the timing of the revelations? Women have been coming out of the woodwork for a month, and it started with people connected with Hollywood. Moore is high profile. The women's he attacked and dated while they were teens have seen other women come out about their traumas. They probably don't want to see a child molester elected as senator of Alabama. So of course they are saying something now, as opposed to after he's been elected.

  103. It is interesting that the outraged NYT and its readers were very willing to overlook the sexual assaults and predatory sexual behavior of President William Jefferson Clinton. Where was the liberal outrage then? Why did his impeachment fail? Why was he not removed from office? I remember many liberals in the 1990s dismissing Clinton's numerous female accusers, often with a laugh and a slur. The moral hypocrisy and the degeneration of American politics starts from that epochal event.

  104. There is an enormous difference between affairs between consenting adults, and attacks on young teenagers by a man in his 30s in a position of power. A more recent and relevant example would be Trump who boasted about sexual assault, who bragged about roaming around dressing rooms where girls as young as 14 were nude, and who has had some 16 women accuse him of sexual assault, including a woman who was 13 at the time. Moral hypocrisy is entirely the property of the evangelicals and Republicans at this particular moment.

  105. Nah. Thomas Jefferson. Get over yourself.

  106. There is a big difference between having affairs with adult women and preying on teenage girls. Children cannot legally consent to sex with an adult.

  107. You gotta love those moralizing, sanctimonious, conservative family values!

  108. Bwahahaha! Them and their followers were born without a gene to detect hypocrisy.

  109. Despite claims by Fox News that false accusations of sexual assault are common they are not, and if was easy to gather a group of women to make plausible sounding false claims, then someone would’ve tried it on Obama years ago, and Fox News would’ve happily reported it. Over and over and over.

  110. So why did Democrats so loudly defend Bill Clinton against claims of sexual assault, rape and harassment?

  111. And what was Senator McConnell's attitude about Trump's many accusers? Spare us the selective piety. McConnell cares about his majority, period.

  112. I don't understand the point of your question. McConnell for being selective about who he condemns or for challenging Moore without "evidence" that satisfies you as to Moore's guilt.

  113. These allegations are disturbing. He should do the right thing and step aside.

  114. I'm not sure he has a history of doing the "right thing".

  115. Accusations in a court of law are proven or disproven according to the evidence mustered. In the court of public opinion, however, peoples' statements and opinions matter and the burden of proof is markedly lower for obvious reasons. It is grossly unfair to accusers of predators that hard, tangible proof of abuse and assault is generally fleeting due to the nature of the acts and the trauma they inflict. This is why the statements of five women with nothing to gain for their troubles and thirty others who were contemporaneously told of the abuse matter greatly and whose voices are overwhelming in the face of Mr. Moore's shrill denials. When his first and sole defence is to attack their character, it is a strong indication he stands on weak ground. Following the logic of those who bemoan injustice about 'unproven' accusations of predatory and criminal behaviour rewards predators and silences almost all accusations due to nature of sexual assault and is why victims routinely do not come forward. This is not in the public interest in either the courts of law or public opinion and is why predatory behaviour and abuse live fulsome lives. Reprehensible behaviour must be shown the light of day, discussed pointedly in the open and outrage focused intently on those who prey on people weaker than themselves. Otherwise, abuse will continue to thrive in the murky shadows and be endlessly whispered about when it must be railed against.

  116. I'm sure if you were accused of something like this you'd want there to be real proof offered. Or would you accept accusations?

  117. @James . . . Your point about objective proof of wrong doing isn't lost on me. On the other hand, the nature of abuse and sexual assault doesn't lend itself to limited standards of physical evidence either in criminal or civil matters or public opinion. Physical assault frequently leaves behind observable physical trauma which can be measured, documented and reported. Psychological assault leaves behind broken people whose trauma may be barely observable for many reasons. Moreover, it often leads to economic and social disadvantage which is even more difficult to present. So, if we are to follow your reasoning, society should ignore accusations of this behaviour because it is difficult to corroborate. I believe that in a case like this where there are several people with similar accusations and multiple people corroborating their stories their 'evidence' can be weighed against the denials of one person and his other public behaviours that demonstrate a lack of credibility to conclude it is likely the accusers are telling the truth. Mr. Moore has chosen to lead a public life and espouse his moral beliefs in a way that affects others. That there are people who have observed his behaviour and conclude it contradicts his own standards, is a serious matter and worthy of public scrutiny. Were you or I, as private citizens not seeking public office nor moralising, accused this way, then I expect public accusations would not be forthcoming nor debated in the news media.

  118. "I believe the women. (This time)."

  119. Moore's supporters remind me of Bill Clinton supporters. They had invested in the guy and had no way out once the bomb dropped.

  120. Uh, no. There were NO laws broken in what happened between Ms. Lewinsky and President Clinton. No complaint was ever filed by any of the parties. repubs did, however, pay Linda Tripp to cozy up to Ms. Lewinsky and Tripp took advantage of someone 25 years younger than herself. Then Tripp divulged something she was told in confidence by Ms. Lewinsky. This republican affair is about pedophilia. republicans are supporting a child molester for U.S. Senator. Try to keep up. And please quit making false analogies.

  121. Roy and Trump, shoring up the Republicans' women's vote deficit. Expanding that deficit.

  122. The Republican party is so desperate for power, they are willing to forgive an unrepentant pedophile.

  123. I suppose the numbers should matter since it's stated in the headline. The degree of the offense remains the same. The louder one shouts has nothing to do with if they're right or not even though some will tell you it does. Gloria has been a very busy lawyer lately.

  124. All this talk about presumption of innocence and due process is certainly applicable in a judicial setting: a trial. Here we are involved in a political battle, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion as to who is telling the truth, and who you wish to vote for. Moore is a renegade who believes he is a law unto himself. It thus would certainly seem consistent for him to disregard the constraints imposed by law and morality in his dealing with young women to whom he is sexually attracted. After all, who are these women to resist such a powerful dominating male figure? I believe the women, and urge you NOT TO VOTE FOR MR. MOORE.

  125. I would like to believe that Mitch McConnell is speaking out because supporting the women is the right thing to do, however it seems more like "killing two birds with one stone". 1. Get rid of Roy Moore and his problems (plus get back at Steve Bannon), 2. If Moore leaves, there is a better chance of getting the preferred Republican candidate elected without splitting the vote by "write-ins" and therefore less chance of the Democrats winning the election.

  126. I'm no fan of Moore but, there needs to be some evidence presented about these allegations. It's becoming way too easy to take down people you don't like or agree with politically by throwing out the harassment, racist or misogyny accusations. We will reach a point where everyone is attacked on this basis. The ladies need to be respected but they also need to put forward more than just their word.

  127. What should the ladies put forward? There are no witnesses because sexual assault is done in secret. Read this woman's statement then see if she has put enough forward to satisfy you- versus creepy Moore's "No, not generally" non-denial

  128. And just what would you expect them to put forward as proof? Women do not come out and expose themselves to the public with this kind of embarrassing information unless it is true. I would say five witnesses saying the same thing is proof.

  129. Unfortunately that is usually not going to be possible. What kind of evidence would you expect her to have, regarding something that took place in his car, when he offered to give her a ride home after work, several decades ago? What evidence would she be able to put forth that you would find strengthened her story? One thing that strengthens the story is when other women come forward with similar stories. Yet in many people's eyes those stories become more and more suspicious, not let. There are very, very good reasons these women did not come forward at the time. I am one of thousands of women who could tell you about an attack that I was subjected to that I never reported (though I did tell people about it). There was no point in reporting it because there was no chance the guy would be prosecuted - absolutely none whatsoever. There it is decades later. It doesn't get less true as the decades pass. I have no idea where the guy is or what became of him (I hope he's dead), but I can assure you if I learned he was running for public office I would come forward and tell people what he did to me. (Raped me at knifepoint. 1984.)

  130. I heard Mr. Moore's interview with Mr. Hannity. His replies were laden with evasion and obfuscation. "Not my usual ...." etc., etc. Why not a straight and simple "No"? And who on earth asks the permission of an adult woman's mother to date said woman? Anyone who watched Ms. Nelson's statement could not doubt the depth of her trauma. If she is lying (and she is obviously not) she should have been an actor; she would be an Oscar winner. As for not reporting the incident, why should these women bother? At that time, no one would believe or care. I know. Someone once tried to attack me (he failed). I never told my parents or police because I instinctively knew it would be useless. The people I did tell made jokes, or in the case of one church member, advised me to forgive the attacker. As for those who suggest that these incidents occurred so long ago that the women's memories are suspect, trust me. You never forget something like that. Ever.

  131. @Juanne Michaud - You said, "And who on earth asks the permission of an adult woman's mother to date said woman?" You know, I was thinking the same thing... that Roy Moore seemed to "justify" dating teenage girls because their mothers said okay. I thought how weird is that? Then I read an Op-Ed yesterday in the Los Angeles Times written by a woman who grew up in that evangelical environment and pointed out that Moore's attitude isn't that uncommon. Eye-opening article called, "Roy Moore's alleged pursuit of a young girl is the system of a larger problem in evangelical circles":

  132. yes! I too was told by my rapist, "I have a lot of power and nobody will believe you." Nobody did. That's what they told teenagers back then and it worked.

  133. lying and Christo-fascism seem to be a common theme coming out of Alabama. Confederate Jefferson Beauregard, the man who is supposed to uphold the laws of this great nation, performed himself under oath before Congress and he keeps lying his mouth off.

  134. We need a larger analysis of the legitimisation of sexual harassment and abuse---has the problem gotten worse since the election of Trump, or better? Either his election has sparked a backlash led by women victims, or people now desensitised to it, now that it has been normalised by the US President.

  135. Roy Moore wants to do to the US Constitution what he used to do to 9th graders (and maybe still does). Time to go donate a few more bucks to Doug Jones.

  136. And the world watches another example of the Trump & the GOP's standard of Greatness.

  137. McConnell says he believes the women and Roy Moore should step aside ... This raises a good question about McConnell's support for Donald J Trump, someone who's taped talking about sexually assaulting women, and are accused by twelve women of doing exactly that.

  138. The dysfunction and factions in the Republican Party are playing out before our eyes. I'm afraid you reap what you sow. Brannon made the bed and now the party needs to lie in it.

  139. I hope Southern women will discover that they can stand and speak out with the support of other women and, of course, the support of decent men throughout the U.S. It's a pity and a sorrow those women voted for Trump, and possibly, for other predators like him, despite allegations/settlements other women made public when they saw how far Trump had advanced. They tried to warn Americans of the amoral nature of the GOP candidate then, but nothing came of it, except renewed attacks against them. And this Moore, this alleged child molester, is beneath all. Since so many in the Greedy Old Predators party want to blame victims, sane men and women need to stand up for those brave enough to come forward. Time to exculpate reneged settlement gag orders and free those tongues; time to say, "no more" to such criminal element in our government. There's no place here for perverts, liars, con men and thugs. There is, however, an abundance of good people who would gladly take office, given the opportunity. Think Merrick Garland. Think Doug Jones. Plenty more like them.

  140. Sorry, but I don't feel all that charitable towards McConnell. I think that his motivations are political. He sees an opportunity to rid the Senate of a serious headache, and at what cost?--standing up to a person who seems to be a harasser and abuser. For him this is a win-win.

  141. The most disgusting reaction to these revelations has been the people who point out that the alleged abuse too place 40 years ago, as if the passage of time makes them less credible or meaningful. We know it can take people decades to gain the strength to speak out against an abuser. Google the abuser Dennis Hastert, whose path of destruction started in the 1960s. This defense of Moore is an actual example of patriarchy...that the women could hardly have been believed in the 70s and the only possible reason they're speaking up now is to derail his "career.'

  142. I speak as an abuse victim I find the most disgusting reaction is the hypocrisy--for instance clinton still gets a yawn for far more serious charges, and his victims are still, even now, attacked (eg on The View). Are you honestly saying that by pure chance, 40 years after the fact but 2 weeks before he is due to be elected - when the damage is highest - the victims came forward? Yes, the only possible reason is to derail is career. Period.

  143. It is worth noting that in Alabama, the statute of limitations was revised a while ago in this kind of case, to *no limitation*. That doesn't apply to crimes committed before that revision, but it certainly tells us that 40 years no longer matters to the law in Alabama.

  144. Thank you. I am disgusted by my fellow Americans.

  145. This country is now the most vulgar and being governed by the most incompetent people of my 63 years as a US citizen. My friends we must get out and vote - the day the majority of Americans step up to their responsibilities as citizens of a democracy vote, not the pathetic 40 % that voted in 2016, we will never see people like this in office again.

  146. With ya, Steven, but do know that 55% voted in 2016. Mid-term elections see typical turnouts of less than 40%.

  147. The hypocrisy of the GOP is on full display here. Imagine if a Democratic candidate for Senate had been accused in similar fashion. The howling for blood from the GOP would drown out every heavy metal rock band in the country and then some.

  148. Don't quit, Roy Boy. Lose the election instead.

  149. The party of family values will never recover from this era of newspeak, hypocrisy and lies. Commence whataboutisms...right GOP?

  150. "I believe the women, yes" There is a difference between this cynical statement (which, coming from the same person, anxiously viewing the same voters, 5 years ago, would have been very different, and might change as soon as tomorrow) and: "I neither believe nor disbelieve the women, but am trying to keep an open mind based on the evidence" I prefer the second statement. It recognizes that the cautious withholding of belief is not the same as the crass imposition of disbelief (and this applies to both accusers and respondents). Every case is unique. Every case should be judged on its merits. We recognize this with other serious crimes (murder, for one). Why can we not recognize it with sexual crimes?

  151. Let's not forget about the tax proposal travesty moving forward in congress.

  152. I think this is a difficult case. On the one hand, we need to be careful about doing something that destroys the life and entire future of a person based on what are essentially unproven allegations. But I suspect if people are like me, there is something about this case that absolutely has the ring of truth and we are seeing abused women eventually feeling that they eventually have a platform to challenge powerful men who treat them like dirt.

  153. There is nothing unfair about it. He is not somehow owed a U.S. Senate seat. No one is even suggesting prosecuting him as far as I am aware.

  154. As an observation, conservatives believed every single woman coming out against Bill Clinton during the 1990's, but doubt the word of these brave women claiming this outrageous judge made advances toward them. What hypocrisy!

  155. McConnell's response is noteworthy. Not that I believe he's suddenly developed a moral compass. I doubt that's the case. I think what we're witnessing here is some of the first decisive moves by Republicans in Congress to distance themselves from Trumpism. I'd bet that many of them are starting to realize that backing Trump and Trumpism is a losing proposition, even more so than the possible loss of votes from Trump's base.

  156. Master tactician McConnell has never uttered a spontaneous thing in his career

  157. There is no proof of the celebrety accusations or Bill Cosby either and that does not seem to bother anyone.

  158. The Republican party has lost its way. It is a party in crisis, floundering with no moral compass. It started with the election of the man in the WH. If he had been removed by the party elders, they would not be in this place. There would be no Roy Moores. It is very sad to see that morality is so flexible. McConnell once said he wanted Obama to be a one term President. It was his goal. What do you think now Mr. Senate Majority Leader. How can you stand to see yourself in the mirror? You are a very weak and small man and you deserve Mr. Trump and Roy Moore.

  159. Moore should be toast but the capacity of his rabid supporters, like those of Trump, to deny the awful truth is apparently infinite. Hopefully the splitting of the conservative vote results in another democrat in the Senate but I am not holding my breath.

  160. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, speaking in his role as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said that if Mr. Moore wins the special election on Dec. 12, he should be expelled from the Senate, “because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.” Is this humor, Russian disinformation, parody, ??? This is too rich. Don't know where to begin.

  161. Too bad they won't debate. The accusers could sit in the front row, a la Comrade Bannon.

  162. I am a 78 year old southern woman, wife & mother of four sons. I have kept to myself terrible things that happened to me 65 years ago. The reasons are the very one many others state: fear, shame, and undeserved guilt.

  163. Now if McConnell would just believe Trump's accusers and remove Trump from office. Then we'll believe you, Senator.

  164. McConnell, for the first time on record, believes a woman. Of course, the believing just so happens to coincide with his power play, but, I'm sure Fox News can overlook that. As can everyone that voted for Trump. BTW: Since McConnell believes these women, he, by extension, must not believe any of Trumps accusers.

  165. These accusations lacks credibility with the timing of them coming out one month before an election after not a peep about them for 40 years. Smells of liberals using accusations to condemn a man to achieve a political end.

  166. then he should sue for defamation. would love to see him assert his innocence before a jury of his "peers."

  167. It's funny when an election is on the line and the democrats are set to lose, ol' Gloria shows up. Just like she did she Met Whitman was about to stomp Jerry Brown into the dirt. Hook Moore up to a polygraph test and see if he is telling the truth. Then hook his accusers up to a test.

  168. Hook Moore up to a car battery.

  169. At some point will Republicans are going to have to stand up and assert themselves as not this collection of misfits, bigots and the uniformed Trump has morphed it into

  170. Couldn't be happening to a nicer, more deserving group of OLD MEN and the GOP ! Remember to VOTE early and often.

  171. How is it when old white man in hollywood do it, it not fake news but when old white man part of the republican party do it, it fake news.

  172. Remember this??

  173. He won't step aside and he will win. If you don't believe so just little over a year ago who won the presidency

  174. Can he be prosecuted on any of this? Is there a statute of limitations on pedophilia?

  175. No. Yes. 3 years for Moore's victims

  176. What is described here isn’t just pedophilia, it’s rape.

  177. I've been a yellow dog Democrat for 45 years, but I'm also a woman. It's time for Democrats to admit that Bill Clinton's behavior should have disqualified him too.

  178. Bill Clinton isn't relevant any more. The Republicans impeached him even though they knew the votes weren't there; they just wanted to drag him through the muck, and that they did. N.B.: Monica Lewinsky wasn't 14, either.

  179. you may recall that he was impeached and tried by the Senate

  180. And Clarence Thomas and so many others. But it was a different time then. Thankfully things are changing and at least sexual predators like Moore, Weinstein and others today are finally getting some measure of the derision they should have received long ago.

  181. Interesting to see the effect of real journalism on the people of Alabama... not very impressive. Let their values speak for themselves.

  182. McConnell may believe these women, unfortunately the people of Alabama do not.

  183. Ray Moore was just ahead of his time. How was he to know 40 years ago that a ticket to prominence in the Republican party- and ascendance to the presidency- could include sexual molestation?

  184. Can't believe some of the commenters are equivacating about child molestation . It is a false moral equivalency to invoke Clinton; we are talking about children and minors.

  185. Moore, McConnell, and Allred are all stains on humanity. It's hard to root for anyone in this scenario. The consensus seems to be, at least currently, that the poorly-educated but well-meaning people of Alabama will send this duplicitous miscreant to the Senate, perhaps in an act of defiance. If so, the only winners here are the people who never have to set foot in the state.

  186. It will be interesting to see which Republicans continue to support Moore, and make excuses for him (the comparison to Joseph and Mary was particularly nauseating). It really makes one wonder whether Moore is only one of many hypocritical, Bible-thumping sexual predators. The sad thing is how many "Christians" fail to see the big picture. Whether one is for or against abortion, surely it is a non-partisan, non-religious issue when it comes to child molestation?!

  187. While the 'good' people of Alabama defend Moore because they wonder why these allegations would take so long to appear - after all they cry, he has been in public life for decades! I cant help but wonder what their thoughts are on the accusers of Weinstein , Cosby, Spacey et al Somehow I think they believe those women. HRC was correct they are indeed : Deplorables

  188. You may deplore them as long as you realize that makes you one of them.

  189. Pure evil. As they say, God works in mysterious ways.

  190. I believe the women. Sad their community dismisses sexual assault, and blames women. I hope Mr. Moore loses the race. He is not worthy.

  191. They are ignorant and do not want to know the facts. A lot of people are like this because it will cause re-evaluation of prior actions and friendships and questions they do not want to deal with. These sorts of people like to believe in a finite sort of human social existence where nothing new ever comes up. I assure you none of those who still support Moore read the original article or if they did they did not comprehend the nuance and depth of what they read.

  192. As Bannon and Donald say Roy's just a Good Old Boy, spokesthingie KellyAnne says Tut-tut, He should withdraw, while Coulter will say He's a good old boy, while Fox will say He might withdraw. This is not "confusion" or contradiction; it's gaslighting. We must accept that this regime is not going to be responsible for anything it says, because it rests in the fog of war. I wish the media would call it the Gaslight Regime.

  193. I cannot believe that I have to say #me too...I was a 12 yr old girl. No one believed me, I felt I must have something to... Now I'm 67 and when I heard the Moore story and felt the pain of the 14 yr. old girl, I finally remembered all the details I had buried. The worst night of my life, a horrible week. The new woman who came out today reminds me of Fri this wk when I sat in my husband's office early and told him about when I was 12. That woman's tears are not fake. No MOORE

  194. Let me see if I have this correct. He claims, falsely, that Sharia law exists in the Midwest, he denigrates gays by calling them "detestable" and believes in the criminalization of their very being, he's been removed twice from the bench for disobeying constitutional law and this is what pushed Republicans over the edge? At this point, he could admit he's a cannibal and he'd still win the Alabama election.