Discussing Bias Against Muslims After a Terrorist Attack: ‘The Media Does Play a Role’

Our guests on Facebook Live discussed concerns Muslim Americans have in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in New York this week.

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  1. Already worried for Muslim Americans? Sorry. When I see articles like this, I begin to have sympathy for Trump voters.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Try to be in the shoes of families of someone killed or blown up and dwell there for a little bit longer. Be in the shoes of a parent that lost a child there. NYtimes is way too quick to call a few hijabis and give them time to tell us how somebody looked at them the wrong way after a terrorist attack. They are not the victim here. I agree totally, this practice has turned me way away from liberalism and have sympathy for Trump voters.

  3. wow, after every terror attack, liberals' first and biggest worry is muslims. huh...almost like gun right people.

  4. When will Muslims stop killing Americans (and Argentinians and Belgians) in the name of Islam?

  5. It is sad that this newspaper would highlight non-existent discrimination against muslims after a terrorist attack. America did not discriminate against muslims after 9/11 except a few sporadic isolated incidents. this creation of false victimhood by a leading us daily newspaper is a prime example of fake news and an example of why mainstream America became disillusioned with elitism as exemplified by this paper.

  6. It’s heartbreaking for me to observe the prejudice experienced my Muslim American around me and to hear the comments from “Christian majority, English-only” people around me. For some reason they refuse to see that they are part of the historic flow of immigrants to this country seeking opportunity. I can identify with the discomfort they feel as I grew up in a distictive immigrant culture as well. Many of my people never spoke English and some of the women wore clothing that could pass as Islamic dress. Thankfully, we weren’t considered “terrorists” but there was some suspicion that some of our relatives lived in Soviet bloc countries. Our social and religious life did not resemble that of the Anglo-Protestant majority around us. I would like so much to make a difference by showing that acculturation and diversity is a part of American history by sharing my experiences as testimony. One factor that gets thrown in my face –even by people who are secular or who disagree with the Greek Orthodox or Jewish faiths practiced by my relatives is that ISLAM is inherently different, incompatible with modern life and can’t be trusted. My question how do we get past this?

  7. Anglos are not the majority

  8. Can we not at least bury the dead before the followers of Islam start a discussion about their discrimination?

  9. I get that the real problem here is the racist white Americans, but perhaps you could spend a minute questioning Muslims as to why they keep randomly murdering people around the world? They are allowed to come here and practice a religion that is not tolerant or associated with democracy anywhere it is in the majority and yet we are constantly accused of picking on them after they kill us. Muslims are strangely silent in their home countries regarding their muderous brethren but we are biased if we have some hard questions for them after these acts? Incredible.

  10. Muslims are not a race.

  11. I don’t know man I just don’t know I try to accept all people but yet they come here and do harm to us. I still think we should allow others to come here but now I just don’t know.

  12. I feel sad for the two women with their heads covered, a clear indication of their fear and subservience. Their false confidence and fake smiles. Very sad, this brainwashing. It's 2017.