Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?

It feels as if the American workplace may be changing, at last. Here’s how to make sure it does.

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  1. So the Times somehow connects supporting Planned Parenthood with being against sexual harassment? Whether it is the Democrats money from Hollywood, Silicon Valley or Wall Street, these bastions of obnoxious and illegal harassment all pledge fidelity to the abortion crowd. Being pro-life or pro-choice has no impact on whether a person is a sexual harasser and to pretend otherwise is an embarrassing attempt to cleanse the Times' dirty hands.

  2. Sorry to disagree: sexual harassment is NOT a matter of money or power. It is OUR culture! And to be more specific in the USA, its cultural origin combines nowadays with our “Hollywood roots”: the western films with WASP macho men called cowboys, with a gun dangling from their belly. Their ancestors were the Greek Heroes, with their little dagger in their hand. They still influence our subconscious, conditioning our social behavior. An archeological find indicates that Ulysses was a gang rapist and Hercules a femicide. All this and more in a serious yet funny essay that explains the origin of the worst aspects of our society: “Our Lady Goddess & The Femicide of the Heroes”. (Free download from a San Francisco academic site https://independent.academia.edu/JeanSantilli)

  3. Since we're talking little cultural shifts and self-awareness here, why don't we abolish the necktie? I mean, seriously. Wearing a phallic symbol on your chest as the mark of a professional (powerful) man has always struck me as both overtly aggressive and sadly pathetic. Someone start a hashtag.

  4. So, what's next then? ... abolishing skyscrapers and trains???

  5. How do we change hearts and minds, specifically around sexual harassment in the workplace? By changing the law. Put real teeth into reporting sexual harassment settlements, give the afflicted a path of redress, and penalize companies with a persistent practice and pattern of sexual harassment. The solution is legal, but is it possible now? Not a chance. The serial grabber in chief and his enablers in Congress will not ever make a law that effectively addresses this human rights issue. To expect a #MeToo campaign to change that reality is naive in the extreme. Electing women to the presidency and a majority in Congress is the answer. Then we will have a more representative democracy and a chance for human rights protection.

  6. What makes you think women in power would be less predatory? The corruption that comes with unlimited power is gender fair. We really should start teaching history in this country.

  7. Conveniently left off the sexual predator list AGAIN, Bill Clinton. It's comical the way the left forget the women who accuse him of rape and sexual assault. Well, it WOULD be funny if it weren't real women who were being ingnored by the very people who SHOULD be standing up for them. I guess power does have its perks.

  8. clinton was impeached and acquitted. cosby had a mistrial.

  9. You need to reread the article. He’s named.

  10. From a European point of view you Americans have a puritan, unliberated relation towards anything sexual. You are uptight about it and that makes you biased. That to my opinion, makes this >Weinstein behaviour< possible! The reason is to be found in your puritan religious upbringing!

  11. The place to start is with the laws we know we can enforce. Weinstein, Price, and WJ Clinton seem to be guilty of rape and should serve time . Beyond that, each studio and agency in Hollywood needs to develop a clear code of conduct and enforce that.

  12. The headline to this piece is hysterical. Literally. All men? Racial profiling bad gender profiling good. I believe you may have created a new controversy. Fake news now has 'fake discourse' as its ally. I read a while back the NYT had got rid of a whole layer of subs at the paper. Shows.

  13. The tide may have temporarily receded, but It is very far from turning. The real problem which needs to be addressed is workplace bullying. Sexual harassment is an illegal form of workplace bullying because gender, like age and disability are legally protected classes. Everyday, unfortunately, millions of workers live in a microcosm of hell because someone who has greater power at work wants to control them. They are often singled out and systematically isolated from their coworkers. They are blamed for everything that goes wrong, real or imagined. They are denied information to get a job done and made to think its their fault for not getting it done. They are made to do tasks which are humiliating and in no way associated with their work. In severe cases, they are physically assaulted. In most cases workplace bullying situations are well known by HR and co-workers. The employer often has lofty statements of zero tolerance of harassment. The true problem is fear is pervasive, and bullied and harassed workers are afraid of facing the consequences of being unemployed and unemployable. In the Weinstein situation, it took a full multi-story expose to finally get the entertainment industry to engage in a moment of reflection. The Fox episodes were the tip. However, in the shadows of notoriety, millions trudge on in lives of quiet desperation.

  14. The cultural change will be the hardest, because it has to do with values. Unfortunately, there are many parents in the United States (men and women) who agreed that when Trump bragged about grabbing women it was "just locker room talk." Anyone who lives in a rural area of the country will know what I'm talking about. Those same parents don't see the need to bring up their boys any differently than the way they were brought up. They don't agree that a change is in order. And so the cycle continues.

  15. "Boys must be raised to understand why that behavior is wrong, teenagers need to be reminded of it and grown men need to pay for it until they get the message." 52% of white women voted for Donald Trump after having been bombarded by the media for years and years to his unrelenting verbal trashing of innumerable women, his boasting of sexual aggression, his documented adulteries and discarding of multiple wives once their looks were past prime. These female Trump voters are not innocent but full partners in the promotion of misogyny, and until this half of the equation is calculated we are evading the hard math. What will the editorial board say to them - they who proudly and defiantly ridicule feminism by any definition? Trump could not have become president without them. I fully agree with the letter and spirit of the NY Times editorial, so that brings us back to the quote, above, and the imperative to persuade the mothers (not only fathers, if they are to be found) of young boys to teach their young charges never to emulate the grotesque behavior and attitudes of the President of the United States, and that young girls should be never follow the example of financial opportunism and manipulative pampering given to the President by the many, many women in his life. These are dreadful examples to be avoided in favor of better choices.

  16. Couldn't agree more. And, for the women who voted for Trump, not only are they incredibly mislead, they betray their gender and like most Trump voters, act against their own best interests.

  17. Yes, but to be frank, women were choosing between a man who was accused of sexual assaults, and a woman who claimed to be a feminist but remained married to a man accused of sexual assaults. It wasn't exactly a win-win for women. Trump is appalling, but Bill Clinton settled with Paula Jones for almost a million dollars for doing exactly what Weinstein is accused of doing -- exposing himself in a hotel room and demanding sexual favors. The fact that the Democratic party never wanted to grapple with that reality and continued to claim Bill Clinton's behavior was consensual left a hole as wide as a barn door in their "Hillary the feminist" narrative. I voted for her, but not in the primaries, because I find Bill Clinton appalling and also suspected the Republicans would trot out Juanita Broaddrick (whom I believe) shortly before the election -- which they did. The Democrats have a reckoning to do before they can even claim to be clean on this issue.

  18. Regarding the women who voted for Trump, I live in the rust belt and talk to these women daily. They think feminism is about "wanting to be just like men" or being ostracized for being a stay-at-home-wife or Mother. Even though some of this is generational and therefore the numbers likely to be greatly reduced over time, Feminist needs to find a way to broaden the tent, speak to their issues, and then employ a marketing campaign to reach them with the proper message. Personally I think the Feminist agenda needs a bit of a reboot.

  19. I support this editorial if you'll allow men to legally disown the many tens of thousands of women who deliberately trap men with babies they didn't consent to father, each year. Shouldn't consent work both ways? Deal?

  20. I am woman who was been in the workforce for nearly 20 years. I have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment and lewd comments/behavior in every company where I've worked. Women (and the victims were mostly women) rarely made official complaints. And for good reason. As my best friend, who is an employment rights lawyer, recently reminded me after I sought her advice when my (male) boss grabbed the hem of my skirt, it is better to find a new job than put up the with the professional fall out of filing a complaint. Harvey Weinstein won't change a thing.

  21. I would like to repeat an insightful comment from Ms. Aitsahalia, a senior at Princeton High School in New Jersey: "I cannot speak for all women of my generation, but I would like for ours to be the last that teaches daughters to be modest rather than sons to be respectful." INES AITSAHALIA, 17 12th Grade, Princeton High School, Princeton, N.J. This was published in the NY Times on October 21 among a series of letters from high school students in reaction to recent news items.

  22. It all depends on the industry in question, the ratio of men to women in the that workplace and the willingness of management to support and enforce a zero tolerance policy related to sexual harassment. So, it will take time. The more egregious examples will continue to make headlines and that will keep the pot simmering. The Hollywood folks, who knew about the extent of the harassment and abuse, are all complicit. They should hang their heads in shame and do everything in their power to, now, set and example. Better late than never.

  23. This has turned into a national hysteria. Not every allegation is true, or even, dare I say it, wrong. I believed Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky, but Bush in his 90s groping woman from his wheelchair? Really? I informally polled woman in my community and no one said they were gropped or harassed. Perhaps someone should start #NotMe! I have no doubt this happens and those guilt - including several mentioned in this editorial - should be held to account. But unproven allegations are just that. And it is a bedrock principle n this country (which seems to apply to most other criminal behavior) that no one should be deemed guilty based on unproven allegations - especially of events that happened many years ago and were not raised at the time.

  24. Regrettably, "No". It's a different form of gun control. We know how that's working . . .

  25. So long as The Times and nearly every institution makes assertions about males being responsible for almost all sexual abuse, progress will be unlikely, whereas injustice will be most predictable. Had the editorial board bothered to check their unfounded assumption, they could have easily discovered that sexual violence among adults is much more evenly divided than is commonly assumed. (There is evidence that female abusers are less active than males until they reach their late teens.) Those wishing to fill in their blind spot regarding this matter might wish to have a look at a story from The Atlantic published last year: "The Understudied Female Sexual Predator." [ https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/11/ the-understudied-female-sexual-predator/503492 ] Many of the comments posted in the months since that article appeared explain how difficult it is to recognize female sexual abuse even when one is being victimized because we continue to believe it does not happen and, when it does, we struggle to name what has just occurred. No one likes to have their worldview upended by information that challenges what once seemed so, but fighting to deny the evidence is not a way forward.

  26. We have been around for millions of years, when the lions are circling the camp, you need people you can rely on. In Quang Bi in '68 I picked the ones that would not fall asleep at night while on watch. Today's women need yoga, self reflection and a good salad. My guys at work want to close things up on 7th Avenue.

  27. "It would be pretty to think so." But the current upheaval is most likely no more than the outrage du jour. Men who tend to sexually harass women will not change. They never have.

  28. sexual harassment is a symptom. the cause is lack of regard for women. simply put: misogyny. guys may be more careful about groping and grinding, but ending prejudice against women will continue to be as long and difficult a cultural transformation as ending racism has been.

  29. Individuals commit crimes. This piece is playing to identity politics pitting women against men. Please define the actions that constitute sexual harassment (not based on subject feelings) and then hold all people accountable regardless of their sex. That is how we stop sexual harassment.

  30. It seems to me that an awful lot of men are really, really messed up -- and I do mean really. They hate women. Why? Because ... and because, and because, and because. But mainly they hate women because they see women as prizes, objects to be competed for, objects to be gotten (by hook or by crook). And this puts them face-to-face with their own feelings of inadequacy. For many men this is shameful, and to run away from the shame of not getting or not deserving a prize, they fantasize about having one (or more) under their thumb (or other body part). Here's the thing that men, in general, don't get. Women, in general, are as at least as smart as they are AT EVERYTHING with one exception: men, in general, have an easier time lifting heavy objects than women, in general, do. That's it -- the only area in which men, in general, outshine women, in general. And it's becoming less and less important. We must do away with the notion that women are a prize. I'd suggest we should also do away with the notion that being a "real man" requires winning. In fact, a real man masters the art collaborating, not competing; of working with other people, not against other people -- and that's an area where women, in general, outshine men, in general, by a country mile. In a nutshell, then: Men, in general, are hyper-competitive jerks (i.e., all about power and thus quite messed up). That's the problem.

  31. "The answer is part cultural, part economic and part legal." True, but there's something you're overlooking. It's also part spiritual, and it starts with us but not by saying, in effect, If they were more like us, we would have less of a problem. How can that be, if the problem is us? Workplace sexual harassment is just the tip of the iceberg: this culture is drenched in sex, and we are all complicit. All of Hollywood -- producers, directors, actors, actresses, sound techs, to say nothing of the advertisers and theatre chains -- is involved in promoting open, casual sexuality. And of course it's not just Hollywood. It's everywhere, even in our schools! Those who sexually exploit others need to be called out, but that won't change them. They need repentance, forgiveness, and restoration, and who will be able to restore them? Not those who themselves are still doing the very thing they condemn. Thomas Alderman Those who exploit others sexually need restoration.

  32. There's another big message - that tolerating and keeping these action secret is complicit There were so many people, male and female, aware of all this for such a long time and yet they say nothing Including some very powerful folks who needn't have feared retribution. And with Trump's nomination and then election in the face of being a sexist and self described sex offender we have seen millions of male and female voters yet again cast a blind eye at this sort of behavior

  33. Nothing will change until there are more women judges and more female politicians.

  34. The answer is "NO". It will require the die-off of all living males between puberty and their expiration date, plus nationwide focus beginning in kindergarten, continuing through college, on equality and respect for girls and women, which "only"might have some measurable effect given the innate maleness in the male of our species, which absent DNA manipulation, will not change. Something akin to a a worldwide religious doctrine might do it, but only if there is a "wrath of God", fear, in the form of public shaming and appropriate punishment, meted out in every instance brought to light. While the opportunity to comment exists in this report, I want to use this opportunity to point out to those responsible, at the Times, that the expanding policy of refusing your readership the same opportunity in other critical reports, equally important reports wherein the welfare and wellbeing of the American people by government actions and policies is presented, is a shameful policy, which leads one to conclude that the Times has little to no interest in knowing how it's readership thinks, further indicating there is genuine fear in the mainstream media that published public opinion, might create some level of organized resistance to the corporate government economic disenfranchisement that is decimating the poor and the middle-class. Reporting on issues affecting life and living is laudable, but readership places equal if not greater value on its ability to comment.

  35. Women need more stealth in the modern environment. Luckily these predators are serial actors, easily recorded, filmed and posted online, in the act of harassment.

  36. What will reform this type of behavior is other men. Fathers need to set a good example and teach their sons well. Male co-workers need to be intolerant of locker room talk and the behavior of a bad actor in their group. Men need to report inappropriate behavior to their superiors. Men need to stop expecting women to act like men and value them for being women and what their femininity brings to the table.

  37. Judge Ginsburg made a great point in her dissent, but she, like this author and most discussing this issue misses another. Sexual harassment at the workplace is NOT ALL ABOUT supervisors. A great deal of the harassment comes from co-workers who are equal/lower in grade. I see it all the time. Mr Smooth (or so he thinks), Mr. 3x's Baby Daddy, the old guy who sweeps the hall, etc...are all on a constant hunt to score(although rarely) with female coworkers. Because work is where they have captive targets, where they can "dialogue" a female at will, while the female is trapped in her cubicle, her station, or has to ask for/rely on the male for something to do her job on a regular basis. Allowing the jerk to have endless opportunity to make their inappropriate comments, or incessantly ask her out for a date. We've all seen the video of the girl walking the streets being peppered with come-ons every 30-100 feet. Most women have experienced it, as many of us have witnessed it - but for many women, it doesn't stop at works threshold, it just takes a different form. And its too often tolerated, because the ladies in Human Resources determined that 'ol Mr. Hall Sweeper "doesn't mean anything by it." HR too often makes excuses for the non-supervisory "Come-On guys", making it all one big joke, that the New-girl, fed-up old girl, etc, needs to get on board with. "They're harmless, ignore them." Is too often the refrain I've heard when reporting the Come-on Guys.

  38. One issue not being discussed; men can report what they see, but unless the targets/victims do something the reports go nowhere! I know this, have experienced it at 3 different employers. Being a witness to harassment carries no weight unless a real crime has been committed, and/or the employer being harassed presses charges. Which, regretfully, most women, as well as men, simply do not want to do. The fear of being labeled a trouble-maker, or a turn-coat if you're male, is powerful. And even if its pursued, and the creep gets fired, or transferred...nothing follows him! The system is rigged in favor of the creeps! Not only procedurally, but in the excuse making apparatus that permeates Human Resources Depts everywhere. Where HR is more concerned about nonsense duties then real issues out on the floors and cubicle farms. HR would rather spend their time planning "moral building" events, that involve junk food, or silly decorations for Halloween, etc, then dealing with the things that are important and would actually build real moral! Like getting rid of what they call the "Harmless Guys" who harass and spend their days hitting on female coworkers. If the Come-on guy is good-looking, affable, and well-liked...forget it! HR might hands him permission to harass!!! "Okay, Mr. Shemar Moore, Brad Pitt look-alike, who always brings us pastries...here's your permission slip to harass." Its the system of do-nothing, at the highest levels of Human Resources that needs fixing!

  39. Your excellent editorial on sexual harassment is marred by one phrase: "...there would be fewer of these settlements, which can be good for individual women..." I wonder if any financial settlement can be an satisfactory compensation for sexual harassment, particularly rape. And, though I am sure the Editorial Staff did not mean that a woman would intentionally allow herself to be sexually harassed by a man so as to be financially rewarded, that is the first interpretation that came to my mind when I read the word "good". It would have been better to have written that phrase more thoughtfully by focusing on the punishing effect of such settlements on male perpetrators of sexual harassment.

  40. "This may turn out to be the year when the tide finally turned on sexual harassment."., they say the same thing about gun control after each mass murder incident. The appropriate response is "wanna bet on it?"

  41. Power corrupts and if we believe in true equality, women in power can be as evil as men. It is individuals who commit crimes, not entire genders. Please stop assuming all men fit in a single category. Women also do horrendous things which have terrible ramifications upon their victims. It is time for our country to move away from the labels and identity obsession. Treat everyone as a unique human being. When someone commits a crime, call the police. When someone does something you don't like, tell them. Nobody should be ashamed to speak up when wronged. We are all responsible for setting boundaries, keeping ourselves safe, and teaching others by role modeling proper behavior. Empowerment of the individual for the good of all is the goal, regardless of their sex. Now there are lots of real problems in this world, let's get to work solving them one by one rather than going on group witch hunts.

  42. Maybe the fall of Bill Clinton AND Donald Trump would reform men but as long as there are women and men who make exceptions for Bill and Don this will only be a Hollywood extravaganza. Most ordinary Americans don't even know who Weinstein is.

  43. "Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?" You've got to be joking...Not a chance. It hasn't happened before and it won't happen here.

  44. As long as the advice from 1600 Penn. Ave .is that you can do anything to them if you're a star, why would anyone expect anything substantive to change ? Perhaps some Democratic donors and some journalists who didn't play ball with the White House may get exposed, but as for a change in actual culture when the man in charge is calling 16 accusers liars and the press is afraid to print their stories in fear of losing access or worse ? Don't count on it.

  45. Any chance readers noticed that black is used to represent the looming, threatening man and the color white to represent the vulnerable woman? Even the people's ankles are dark and light. I simply cannot fathom how the artist cannot notice this before publishing. In which case, the image begs the question -- was it intentional? Is there some kind of point about race being made here? The possibility that something so obvious was unintentional seems extremely remote. The two examples in the article are of black-on-black harassment and white-on-white harassment. What was the point of this image other than to reinforce stereotypes?

  46. In the military, reporting a rape or sexual harassment can ruin your career. Most Americans assume that our service members, if raped, have access to a fair system of justice. But in the military, the rapist’s commander, not a legally trained prosecutor, has the power to decide if a case will go to trial or what the charges will be. The commander also picks the jury. The current military justice system is not fair. It is time to reform the military justice system. We cannot keep putting our military service members in a position where commanders, who are not legally trained, hold the keys to justice. Congress must enact laws to establish a military justice system that operates outside the accused’s chain of command. The boss of your rapist should not decide whether to investigate and prosecute your rape, and should not have the power to select the jury. It’s un-American. Male and female rape and sexual harassment are currently an "occupational hazard" that undermines the strength of the United States military.

  47. The highest compliments that a sexual harasser can pay to his target are a) she's a good sport and b) she gives as good as she gets. He treats it as an acceptable game in which the woman is expected to play with alacrity and enthusiasm.

  48. Reform is a big word. Reform to what? More aptly the work should be done to "reshape" the most enduring, and, too often, the most fraught and disrespectful of human interactions--between men and women. We have only had rapes (from Helen in Troy, to ISIS today), and abuses, and domination of various kinds to learn from in our history books, as we learn to be adults in this world. The world's religions, in the main, have codified woman as a servant to man to the point where the amazing pope Francis in Rome can kiss the feet of a beggar, but can't let women become empowered as priests. And there are lots of very decent religious men and women in this country who subscribe to this hierarchy, and for whom "reforming men" may well sound like 'treading one me'. What our society should be like is a very open question and no one should believe they can answer this for anyone but themselves. But hopefully, if guided seriously and truly openly this moment can help everyone begin to look together for that society. At the very least it should be one in which women don't ever feel degraded or are harmed because of a man's sense of entitlement. But getting the workplace fixed doesn't get to the heart of figuring out how a society can live with itself, when some its citizens believe in a hierarchy of men and women that others feel is, in itself, degrading .

  49. « Sexual-harassment culture is tied directly to the economics of the workplace. «  It’s certainly expressed there, but we know it’s tied to many forms of power in many different contexts. While predatory behavior is a serious problem in itself, it’s also symptomatic of deep sociocultural deficiencies -— we have to get serious and be willing to face the breadth of true structural change or this opportunity will be nothing more than a fad.

  50. Perhaps the real problem is allowing Men to leave the house, and seek outside employment. Just saying.

  51. Nothing will change.Outrageous behavior will modify over time to more subtle methods as promoted by Roger Ailes. Watch the women on FOX news to understand how they dress and the art of cosmetics are used.If you see a women over 40, it is a a rare event. The "casting couch" will change but not disappear. Well, women in Saudi Arabia can now drive, so anything is possible.

  52. The answer to your question is no, Weinstein's fall won't reform men, if by that it will keep them from sexually harassing women. I also do not agree entirely with the premise that sexual harassment is not about sex. Yes it is about power. But it is also about sex. Many men look at women as sex objects. This is so ingrained in our culture that it is hard for boys and men to avoid considering them sex objects. Especially with the easy availability of pornography and its increased acceptability in our culture, this problem will not go away. The Mad Men era has not gone away...it is just not as blatant as it was before. Another side of this issue for women in the workplace is what does this objectification mean for female workers who are not considered sexually desirable? How many do not get hired at all because they do not meet the male standard of beauty or sexual attractiveness? Certainly this is the case in the film industry. But how true is it of high tech or finance? Women are window dressing for men. Objects. Men want to have sex with them...and use their power to do so. It is not just about the power. It is also about perversion and general disrespect for women as human beings.

  53. I don't want to be a cynic, but I've heard this song before. When there is a serious conversation about gender equality, as has happened in other places, I will believe it. A narrative of salacious men and innocent women, a vastly disproportionate number of the men Black, Jewish, Conservative or otherwise outsiders in the mainstream society, is not such a conversation. Not yet.

  54. "Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?" That's a laugh. Did Newtown "finally" reform gun control? Will Vegas? No, sadly this is simply graphic gratuitous news. It's like rubbernecking: we can't help but stare at the damage. We'll get bored and move on. Gratuitous sex will remain in the movies, tv and especially video games -- always married to gratuitous violence unfortunately. It's what sells and what drives our more primal, darker instincts .

  55. Why is the focus here just on workplace abuse? Women are groped and demeaned at parties, weddings, on the street, in cars, in the doctor's office and every other place you can think of. What are we going to do about that?

  56. "It's a man's world". I grew up hearing these words and believed them to be a "tongue in cheek" expression, peppered with a bit of sarcasm. As a female member of the workforce in which men own, and continue to own the top seat in a hierarchical organization, I learned at a young age, "many a true word is spoken in jest." I have been a victim of sexual harassment. Honestly, my 'knee-jerk' reaction, the very first image that came to mind was a Neanderthal man pounding his chest, howling with exhilaration for his sexual triumph. Sexual harassment does not always mean a nonconsensual, physical act of intrusion against a woman. There are insidious words and/or actions of sexual harassment women are subject to each and every day. The unconscionable and dark acts of sexual harassment performed by Weinsteins, Price, Cosby, Ailes, O'Reilly ,……. of the world are being forced out the woodwork where they formally hide. This is far from being over. Keep this conversation front and center, sharing the stories of the brave woman stepping forward with their stories. This is a conduit of a safe haven for others to speak out, and there is great power in the voices of many. This must evolve from the fear of being caught to an end of such exploitation.

  57. There is too much generalized discussion about "men" as if every man who ever entered the workplace where women are employed has engaged in harassment. This is mainly a problem of some men and, in my mind, those who are like Bill O'Reilly are rather pathetic losers preying on women because they enjoy their power to do what they want. There is also likely a vast generational difference. The older guys, some of them, missed out on the necessary education and stupidly thought they could get away with it while most younger men are aware of the boundaries. Plus, some of these men committing assaultive acts lack complete mental balance and we don't blame the whole society every time someone mentally ill transgresses. Two generations ago, most professional and other work sites were primarily segregated by sex, many males, few females. Almost overnight in the 1970s and '80s, an entire generation of women went to work. That was a huge change and let's at least admit that it takes time, and effort, to adjust to such major social shift (in the UK, France and other nations, much of the older ways still prevail and, in many cases, "fooling around" on the job is still seen as acceptable). Sexual drives are the second most powerful, persistent needs in humans after survival and food. In some ways, those drives are a lurking beast that people often struggle to manage in socially acceptable ways. Society and attitudes can and must change, but the beast will not go away.

  58. but the beast can be tamed, or not allowed to mix in respectable society.

  59. Linda L, I don't take your comment as intentionally provocative, but some of the public discussion on these and other issues is trending awfully close to the idea of outlawing males. Using "beast", by the way, I was not referring to men generally or even to the overly aggressive types, I was using that as a metaphor for drives than can not be easily tamed.

  60. Without advocating violence, it's possible to note Huck Finn's prediction as to what might reform his father.

  61. "Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?" I wouldn't count on it!

  62. In 1978, my boss expected me to become his mistress. This was in addition to daily sexual harassment in a workplace of 5,000 men and 50 women. Playboy magazine at my workstation for a start every morning. At that time, there was no person or place to report or complain. The union representatives were dominated by men who engaged in the same behavior. The male labor organizers who claimed to be feminists were not interested in hearing or helping. I am angered and saddened to learn not much has changed, but relieved that the Women's March in Washington opened a tidal wave of protest and exposure. K. Hale

  63. Nothing is ever going to change -- about guns, the role of religion in our culture, climate, equal opportunity and equal pay. It's only going to get a lot worse. The big money won out, big time.

  64. Reform men? Sorry, men are biologically programmed to chase women. This isn't going to change unless you tinker with the DNA. What we have seen in the media is the public shaming of men who have gone on the dark side. The dark side is not in any way acceptable but psychopathology, which is what this is, is also part of our biology and social ecology. We can put men like this in treatment or make them pay millions in compensation but let us have a dose of realism here, men, young and old, rich and poor, are going to do this. We shouldn't ignore it or tolerate it, but we men are going to desire women in both healthy and pathological ways. There will be and should be consequences. But will men reform? On the margins yes. But every day and indeed every hour of every day, more male babies are born. And no matter how well they are raised, a few are only to do bad things and all of those who desire women are going to chase them, in some cases, all the time.

  65. It's OK to think about it -- and not OK to act on it. Some men don't get this, or can't help it and so far, society has let them off the hook. That is what needs to change. Not men's basic nature. People are taught to control their various urges all the time. They can be taught to control the urge to sexually harass women - or pay the price.

  66. This is the most ridiculous thing I've read in a long time. This is like saying "women are programmed to have babies." Are men not smart or strong enough to restrain themselves from such basic primal needs? You are discrediting men in a way that even I as a woman find offensive. What you describe makes all men sound like Neanderthals, unable to use reason, common sense and restraint.

  67. Are men programmed to rape women? Chasing women, raping, and/or sexual harassment aren't one in the same. The fact that you seem to think these differences are some how entwined ("the dark side")...disturbing but not surprising. Mr. Weinstein bullied and pushed himself onto women who demurred his sexual advances. Mr. Weinstein wasn't chasing women, he used his check book, his power, his physical presence to intimidate and push women into performing sexual acts. Mr. Weinstein is a sexual deviant, a rapist. Period. I haven't met many girls and women who don't have an experience with men exposing themselves, touching, or inappropriate sexual advances towards them. This leads me to believe these men aren't exceptions, they're the rule. That's why this lowlife behaviour continues...

  68. In the military, reporting a rape or sexual harassment can ruin your career. Most Americans assume that our service members, if raped, have access to a fair system of justice. But in the military, the rapist’s commander, not a legally trained prosecutor, has the power to decide if a case will go to trial or what the charges will be. The commander also picks the jury. The current military justice system is not fair. It is time to reform the military justice system. We cannot keep putting our military service members in a position where commanders, who are not legally trained, hold the keys to justice. Congress must enact laws to establish a military justice system that operates outside the accused’s chain of command. The boss of your rapist should not decide whether to investigate and prosecute your rape, and should not have the power to select the jury. It’s un-American. Male and female rape and sexual harassment are currently an "occupational hazard" that undermines the strength of the United States military .

  69. I am a 75 year old clinical psychologist and every time I read articles on this topic, I find it hard not to return to two memories of my years in graduate school. I was a married women in my mid twenties. Both my masters and my doctoral adviser, without any encouragement, approached me for sexual favors. I took immediate measures to draw the line, but I was still worried that they would take measures to harm my academic progress in retaliation, so I did not report it to the head of the psychology department. This still bothers me to this day. The fact that two well regarded men attempted this, leads me to wonder how prevalent this is even at this time.

  70. Over the past couple of weeks, I've watched numerous famous women come forward to detail the crimes of serial predator Harvey Weinstein. These women have little in common then those women who depend on their job to support themselves and their children. Anyone who works in a company, public or private, knows that there is no safe place to go to report sexual harassment. Human Resources is the only place to go and they exist to protect the employer, not the employee. When employers truly take sexual harassment seriously, then things will change for the better.

  71. "When employers truly take sexual harassment seriously, then things will change for the better." I would offer instead: They _may_ change for the better. History has indeed shown that it is possible to effect a major change in our tolerance of this and other aggressive/violent trends: Racial prejudice, homophobia, anti-Semitism, to name a few. These have all been marginalized, to some extent. But I don't think for a minute that we will ever truly eradicate these evil tendencies. It is postulated by the Jewish tradition that everyone, without exception, has a "tendency toward good" and a "tendency toward evil" ("yetzer ha-tov" and "yetzer ha-ra"). We've seen during this current administration that evil forces are always waiting in the wings for an opportunity to charge back. As Wendell Phillips said: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." (1852, paraphrasing John Philpot Curran, 1790).

  72. It starts with high school and college sports hero worship, fraternities, and continues into the higher paid white collar world. Too many young men are groomed from an early age with a sense of entitlement.

  73. Not quite Jill, That dude (not always a dude BTW) that was a (Bully) Creep in the 3rd Grade, once Puberty Enhanced his Creepyness,...he doesn't have to be Jock, Go to College (Frat), and he doesn't have to make a lotta $$s. Only the Creepy(Ness) Factor is the Constant. Not that your example(s) isn't true but it's more of an Enabling Symptom than the Disease itself.

  74. Boys are demonised and discriminated against at school, not filled with a sense of entitlement. Boys are told from an early age that the games they like, the stories they like, and their style of play is not welcome at school. Studies in most major Western countries have found that teachers mark boys down, systematically. When boys' test results are sent to external markers, with names removed, their marks go up. The same is not true for girls, who are correctly marked by their teachers and who are also protected from the consequences of failure when they perform badly. Boys are also punished more harshly: if a boy and a girl commit the same offence, the boy will be punished harder. If anyone is filled with a sense of entitlement from an early age, it's girls.

  75. I have never groped, objectified, insulted, or made unwelcome advances toward a woman. I have been married for forty-six to my wonderful wife. Still, I feel a collective guilt for everything I've read about women and this issue. I don't know what to do; I don't what to say. I'm not sure I can get past it.

  76. Just be more open and friendly to females, if they trust you, they'll seek your assistance and input. And you'll actually get a lot more advice from them on: Relationships, your +s amd -s, how to dress, too much nose/ear hair, your appearance,.. I knew/known about this stuff because: 1. I talk too much:) 2. I've had many girlfriends. 3. Even MORE Females that only wanted to be my friend (married, boyfriend, smart enough to only want my friendship:))

  77. I always believed Anita Hill.

  78. Unfortunately the tide may turn in the wrong direction. Out of fear of lawsuits...deserved or not...men in authority may simply start hiring fewer women.

  79. I didn't think of this possibility. UGH.

  80. It's about power more than gender. So the answer is no whether it's a man or woman in a position with lots of power. Finding a way to make people in power more accountable would help. Transparency in salaries, and information, etc. Non disclosure agreements should be restricted.

  81. As much as it's needed, male behavior will never change. It doesn't matter whether the male is rich or poor, influential or not, don't hold your breath in the hope that male behavior will change for the better. That said, don't let this opposition be today's fad. All rational humans, male and female, must be able to live free of abuse.

  82. We are suppoed to know or believe that - to put it briefly - we have "risen up from apes". Observing the primates (on many other animals which whom we share the environment and this Blue Planet ) we often see physical force present in sexual intercourse and it is not at all clear to what degree it is always of frequently enough agreeable to both parties, a female and a male. The Mother Evolution spent untold thousands upon thousands of years to made things working perfectly, i.e. as they do. That certainly includes (for continuity of life essential) act of procreation, even while these days in some areas of the world it become more or less an act of recreation. Thus bothy female and male of the species also here apply their perfected evolutionary skills and tactics of survival. While, as humankind underwent its civilization process, some behavior became undesirable and even unacceptable, such as violence and especially physical violence as a tool to obtain, one wonders if a "dirty joke" a transgression that President Bush Sr. has been now accused of committing while sitting on a wheel chair during a photo opportunity, qualifies as criminal (or just civil) law offense or a basis for demanding an apology. Then also, a "dirty" joke, earning such label just because the recipient might judge it "insensitive" joke (as all jokes, by their very nature a psychological relief valve, generally work), i.e. not any violent action is now getting, "micro-aggression" label at minimum.

  83. HW is but one domino. The WH has another.

  84. "Will Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Finally Reform Men?" In a word? Doubtful. With a President who dabbles in misogyny and is supported by ultra-right wing Christian conservatives - well, there goes one line of defense. And when corporations - in the interests of their bottom line - continue to employ rainmakers/serial sexual predators like O'Reilly and Weinstein - well, there goes another. And when elected members of The Congress like Tim Murphy embrace 'Do as I say and not as I do...' oh ho hum - there goes another. And when TV Networks ignore abusive behavior by the likes of Mark Halperin, Bill Cosby et al., what chance is there really of reform? It's not only the predators themselves we have to worry about - it's also the tacit acceptance by established institutions of these scoundrels where the problem lies.

  85. " how do we ensure that progress filters down to average American workplaces, where sexual harassment occurs all the time but rarely gets media attention? The answer is part cultural...." We can start by ceasing to objectify woman for power and/or financial gain and we can start with advertising, advertising that even the NY Times accepts. If the comments section allowed for uploads I could provide numerous screen shots from the NY Times of adds that use the objectification of women to sell stuff. Even this editorial had one.

  86. Advertising is not the reason men are attracted to women. It is not the reason powerful people exploit those with less power either. The first caveman to organize his tribe, brain his competition, and then grab the most attractive women never saw an ad.

  87. "One can hope..." Nope. In the era of Trump, it's still a man's world, and it's a man's world in which hostility towards older women is expressed more openly -- the other side of this ugly dynamic in which women are considered ornamental and utilitarian, until they are not. When it's clear that a younger male employee doesn't want an older woman supervisor (too much like his mom, or his 5th grade teacher) telling him what to do, we call that being HIllaryed. The disrespect is open and the progress is minimal. You can't "lean in" if someone's got his boot on your throat.

  88. There is definitely a difference in style between men and women bosses. Male bosses may tell the employee what to do, but leave it up to the employee to figure out the best way to get the work done. They're not supportive, but they give you freedom to make mistakes and learn by experience. If you screw up, then they'll get rid of you and hire someone else - nothing personal.

  89. Responsible? How about the law? These men have to be threatened with court and jail. Put them in jail. Sexual assault should be rewarded by a label of "sexual predator" and come with warnings where ever these men go. Sexual abuse is a crime, this is not some kind of lack of societal politeness. By the way, why hasn't Harvey Weinstein been arrested? Arresting these criminals is step one. These are gender crimes. Hate Crimes.

  90. Really? So the man pleads not guilty, and ruthless lawyers grill the 'victim' in an open courtroom, as dozens of grinning spectators look on? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me.....

  91. Punishment? Sure. Bad behavior should be punished. But what about the women who give them what they want in exchange for advancement. What are you going to take away from them?

  92. No, men will not change, they will seek sex from women whenever they can get away with it. If is NOF "about power and money", it simply and fundamentally is about sexual gratification.

  93. The only chance for change is to stop using women's bodies and sexuality in every TV, movie and/or advertising campaign. No more bikini clad women in beer commercials, no more ring girls in MMA fights, no more cheerleaders, no more dancing girls in rap videos, no more beauty contests- stop planting those [media driven] seeds and possibly there's hope.

  94. I see all the stories about past bad behavior of famous people and apologies for behavior from years ago. Yet one of the most famous people going is on tape bragging about groping women and all I hear is crickets. . . . Why is Donald Trump not being called out? Why is not there a line of lawyers waiting outside court to sue him? Why is the press strangely quite on the whole issue? Do they take on only the semi-powerful and leave the truly powerful alone? This is an issue where his own words will hang him and there is nothing but the sound of silence. . . . . Things that make you go Hmmmm!!??

  95. Don't be ridiculous. Do you really think Weinstein's problem was that he didn't know it was wrong, and if only he'd been told that when he was young all of this would have been avoided? Of course he knew it was wrong. That's why he did it. He enjoyed being transgressive, he enjoyed being a thug in other words, probably more than he enjoyed the sexual gratification. He was able to get away with it for the obvious reason, that he was in an industry in which the power imbalance was especially acute, with dozens or maybe hundreds of young, generally inexperienced women for every miserable entry-level position, and this in a field to which entry is primarily based on sexual attractiveness. The results are exactly what you'd expect. Weinstein may have been one of the worst, but he was far from being the first and he will definitely not be the last, not as long as these fundamentals remain.

  96. Much good in this column. I do take issue with the final thought, that boys should be raised to understand why sexual harassment is not good. No, boys should be raised to keep their hands off girls. They should be raised to speak respectfully to girls and women. They should be raised to behave. They’ll figure out why on their own.

  97. Most boys are raised that way, although it takes a bit of training and feedback for some. It's the moral failures that perpetuate this situation. And the women who go along with them to advance their careers aren't helping things either.

  98. While you focus on Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and Bill O'Riley, there is an individual occupying the White House who has admitted his own perverted proclivities toward women and yet the same standards and norms don't seem to apply. It seems there are two Americas when it comes to trump sexual assaults.

  99. Here's a thought I haven't seen: a lot of this has to do with America's weak whistleblower protections and general slanting of the workplace in favor of the employer (and thus management). Think about it: if you had evidence your boss was stealing money from the company, how many would report it? Engaging in insider trading? Lying to clients or customers? What if your boss was a nasty racist/sexist and abused the janitorial staff with slurs? So why should sexual harassment be any different?

  100. "Will Harvey Weinstein's Fall...?" What silly rhetoric is this? Did the real estate/banking crash of '07-'08 reform business practices? Did Newtown lead to the end of mass shootings? Did the in-your-face venality of Martin Shkreli halt abuses by Big Pharma? Did Nixon prevent Trump?

  101. I care about what Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, William Clinton and Donald Trump did before and during theiroccupation of the Oval Office of my White House. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby do not represent nor speak for me. Hollywood swinging is no concern of mine. Beyond the moral degeneracy and possible criminal conduct and the salacious nature it is all fantastic prurient entertainment. Ronnie and Nancy Reagan were the last media entertainers before Donald and Melania Trump showed up.in my White House.

  102. These men want, crave, and are addicted to power. They will lie, defame, and destroy their accusers. They will sacrifice their marriages, family life, and reputation to obtain and keep that power. And they are willing to pay huge sums of money to overcome anything that stands in the way of that power. At no time do these me stop, consider what they are doing, and say to themselves "I have to stop. Sooner or later I will get caught and pay a huge price." They, I really believe, are delusional. They think they haven't done any wrong and their accusers are all gold diggers. So the absolutely first place to start is for women to stand up. They will pay a price at first. Do as Trump says : find another job. But make sure you have documentation to what has happened and tell people why you are leaving. Anyone who asks: co-workers, the customers, etc. Imagine if every actress harassed and mistreated by Weinstein said at the time: "Forget it. I'll take my chances somewhere else." And when you apply for a new job, say why you left the old one. Easy for me to say. Hard to do? Very. But if the culture of excusing and enabling ended, imagine what would happen. Finally: the good old boy network in Congress and your state house and the White House needs to be addressed at the ballot box. And the women who are willing to look the other way and vote anyway for abusers to get something in return need to be called and shamed. And forced to wear the Scarlet DLT.

  103. The reform of men will begin with the reform of the women abused by them. It must begin with a firm "No!". Step Two is to leave the room immediately if Step One doesn't work. Step Three is to inform the police as soon as possible. Do not believe that sick, preying men will ever be reformed. They need to wear a red R on their trousers that stands for rapist. Yes, these steps Draconian. But these are Draconian times.

  104. It sounds like everyone wants to be a part of a union, where you can't be fired without a courtroom battle and a settlement. Sexual harassment allegations have been doled out like candy for the past thirty years, so this Weinstein guy isn't going to cause change. If you just want males to not have sex anymore, look at our birthrate. You are accomplishing this and sexual harassment will be a thing of the past, not to worry. The problem with your grand idea is two-fold: most allegations don't have evidence and are tantamount to slander, and that in our legal system it is cheaper to settle rather than hear a full criminal case and clear your name.

  105. Someone is going to make a lot of money with the "GoGirl", the soon to be invented piece of jewelry/body cam. That should serve as a deterrent.

  106. The answer is no. Have two decades of public awareness and tweaking the laws on domestic violence cut down the incidence of it. Not really. Media hype can't change centuries of testosterone poisoning. You would think that decades of feminist advocacy would have brought about a population more enlightened. And with tweetybird our testosterone poisoned leader getting off scott free for his sins is there even hope? When a woman press secretary stands up and enables him through outright lies?

  107. Why is this argument never going to work? Because women are just as cruel as men. I've seen sexual politics in almost every workplace I have been in and, as often as not, women were willing participants. If you're going to castigate men -- and their behavior here is despicable -- what do you say to the women who willingly slept their way into job or promotion over someone else (many times a woman) who probably deserved it more?

  108. As long as the US has a happily unapologetic molester and rapist as president, along with a Republican Party that protects his every perversion, there won't be any change. Republicans clearly believe women are chattel, just as it says in the Bible. And Trump, along with his handmaid Pence, are determined to make our nation "Christian" with white males always in charge (violently if necessary), the Constitution reduced to a list of suggestions, and un-Christian sex a felony. Trump, as we know from his first wife's divorce deposition, has beaten, raped and humiliated women for his own pleasure and/or spite. Those are the "values" that Trump's Republican Party now stands for.

  109. David: whatever you think of Trump politically....many people LIE during divorce proceedings (or exaggerate wildly) out of hurt, rejection, jealousy, pain and anger. They also lie to get a better position with the judge, for things like child support, custody, alimony. You simply cannot take such allegations at face value. Apparently Ivana and The Donald get along quite well today, and he has supported her financially all these years since they split. She also said he had a copy of "Mein Kampf" on his nightstand! come on! they had a bitter, public divorce and were bashing one another. There is also no evidence in her depositions that Trump RAPED or beat anyone. She alleged he had raped HER within their marriage, but later retracted that allegation. In our legal system, a person is not guilty until they have been judged and tried and CONVICTED by a jury of their peers.

  110. there will be less opportunities for women in the work force.

  111. Only if men are still in charge.

  112. Shameful headline. This isn’t a “man” problem, any more than illegal immigration is a “Mexican” problem, or racism is a “white” problem. Though indeed a clear minority of cases, women also engage in sexual assault. This is instead a human problem, and perpetrators need not be classified by gender, any more than race or religion, and it’s shameful for the Times editorial board to engage in the practice of sensational and sexist headlines at the expense of intellectual integrity.

  113. Why is anyone worrying about whether being 'outed' will reform men? What'll stop this is when men have something important to lose - their job or their family or their reputation - not when they're 'reformed.' Mark Halperin has lost million$ now that his Showtime show, HBO movie & book deal are kaput. But he had a 20 yr run tormenting & terrorizing women while holding positions of power & privilege. What I want to know is if all the women - who knows how many - who've been sexually assaulted, harassed or groped by Donald Trump were to speak out in public now - would it matter? The dozen women who told their stories about Trump in 2016 were instantly smeared by right wing media & Trump himself who branded them all 'liars' & threatened retaliation. But. We all know now Trump is one of history's biggest liars. He lies constantly about everything! Now that that's been established without a doubt - If all the women he's harassed spoke out now - & if they were believed & supported by millions of us (& millions believed those women who spoke up in 2016) - would that matter now? Perhaps Trump can't be forced from office or even shamed but I believe millions of women cringe or want to vomit every time we see his face. Will the women Trump has assaulted all come out now if millions of people who know Trump's a liar will back them up if they speak out? The least women want is to have the scale of Trump's depravity & crimes against women made public in front of the world.

  114. I've experienced sexual harassment since my first summer job as a waitress--about 45 years ago. Learning to smile and accept the boss's gropes were part of job training--job training that followed me and most women I know throughout their years of existence-not just at work. Because sexual harassment isn't limited to the work environment. It occurs everywhere. Women need the ability to control what happens to their bodies --this means having total reproductive rights control and having the ability to stop the mental and emotional abuse that they are forced to suffer due to inferior wages, verbal abuse, etc etc This means women need to be in political office and enact powerful laws that get rid of all forms of gender inequality. We need harsh consequences---jail sentences, huge fines. These disgusting men, who are everywhere, are serial offenders and they are committing crimes that go way beyond psychological warfare. It is also important for women to force a change in our male-dominated advertising and media culture. I'm sick of ads and movies and tv shows that demean women--portraying them as sexual objects or stupid. What kind of message does this send to society and the next generation? The media is part of the perpetual abuse machine. This means boycotts. We need to target particularly products that finance/support this anti-female message. We need to kick these companies in their bottom line.

  115. Get a group of women together and it will be 100% of them that were sexually harassed. Not once but many times. Mine started at 12 years old when my riding instructor kissed me full on the mouth. I was in such shock that it took me days to get over that first transgression. I came from a very conservative family, and neither of my parents had ever kissed me on the mouth. The man was a known pedophile but no one did anything about him. In those days it wasn't discussed. My mother however, took my sister, me, and our horses elsewhere. Cue to when I was 20 years old and working on a ranch in WY. The owner expected to have sex with all his employees, and he only employed girls. None were over 22. I escaped him but he pawed me plenty of times. I could tell you twenty other stories. Many much more egregious than those two. I'm not unique.

  116. Men need protection from women like KC and those 44 others who like her comment. She claims that “disgusting men” are “everywhere”. It’s not just one or two men who have abused her, but rather a 45 year continuous stream of groping sex crazed males who she wants fined and jailed. Maybe she’s had some bad experiences, but in my opinion KC and women of her ilk are a danger to all normal men. If a woman makes a false accusation (even if she is delusional) it is she who should be fined and jailed, and I think that men’s rights groups should lobby hard for such legislation.

  117. What about all the TV shows, particularly situation comedies, that characterize men as incompetent, clueless, doofuses? Is that okay with you? It's a two-way street. Hating everyone of the opposite sex and painting them all in a negative light solves no problems, but simply further divides our society. So you think you've been abused by some men, but how many men have come in contact with in your life that said or did nothing abusive? Has any man ever done something nice or helpful for you?

  118. Imagine a headline on an editorial: "Will Osama Bin Laden's Fall Finally Reform Muslims." Or an editorial that said, in stopping terrorism, "the most lasting change will have to come from muslims." The proud liberals on the New York Times editorial board would be overflowing with outrage, screaming that you can't blame all Muslims for the actions of some bad ones. But the Times and so many other commentators seem to have no such problem with doing the same thing with men when it comes to sexual harassment. "Men" don't need to be reformed. Change does not have to come from "men." It is men who harass who need to change. Men who do not harass have no more responsibility than women who do not harass.

  119. Why do you and so many other commentators here make the same mistake in misreading "men" as "all men" ??

  120. I can only speak for myself but: Men aren't all 'malformed' this way & needing to be 'reformed'! There remain some of us who read about all this with complete astonishment.

  121. A man who has lived around women for any significant portion of his life and has never witnessed the crushing impact on those women of the daily fact of normativized sexual harassment and sexualized abuses of power in the workplace, home, community and place of worship, who reads the flood of women's accounts of their experiences of being harassed and assaulted with "complete astonishment," can only have arrived at that shocked moment after a lifetime of willful ignorance. If your eyes are being forced open now, you should be asking why they were so closed before.

  122. If you're astonished, then you haven't been paying attention.

  123. Clarification of 'astonishment': I was trained young by feminists & activists about victimization, insensitivity & other abuse by the traditional patriarchy. The existence of perverts, abusers, even vile 'locker-room talk' that many guys seem to think is acceptable is to me not. But Weinstein? Cosby? Serial rapists in such high places, doing this stuff to such high-profile icons of the movie-star world, & expecting this to not catch up with them, & successfully evading exposure for decades?? That's truly astonishing. Further astonishing is the idea that any of this actually crosses men's minds, especially such successful men. I've actually been an employer, & no we don't all even have the capacity to think this way, it's just completely outside my personal lexicon of behaviorism, but then so is lynching. The Catholic sex abuse has gone on for likely as long as the Church itself, but not being Catholic or a churcher, it's not anywhere near me. Some who trusted in priests must have been astonished. While I have been close to women victims of abuse & certainly exposed to their traumatized scars, I'll admit to avoiding sexists, racists, bigots of all kinds, including those 'locker-room' talkers. Being sort of 'bigoted against bigots' doesn't necessarily mean wilful blindness, I see them everywhere & steer clear if at all possible. I'm not convinced bigots & abusers can really be reformed, better train them young. But I can't even imagine having impulses like Weinstein.

  124. Interestingly, my experience has been that men raised in more gender-egalitarian cultures may, at times, act like a bro, but typically they are shocked and offended when they observe the boldness of some American men's OUTRAGEOUS behavior. So, I have HOPE that if real detrimental consequences are in place and are implemented each time men's sense of entitlement overcomes their other senses, the behavior will change. A generation ago Fatal Attraction (1987) kept the average man in his place. Then, AFTER senators belittled Anita Hill in 1991 and many wrote off Bill Clinton's extramarital activities as "boys will be boys", the Bubba culture started. A decade later, after many men struggling to achieve evolved from blingy Bubba into the Bro culture and the romanticism by men of Mad Men's depiction of the 1960s NYC and sexual revolution was wide-spread, influencing many AMERICAN men aspired to be like Larry Ellison and Don Draper. Once media depicts businesses and their owners going bankrupt due to one harassment claim, families torn apart due to rape victims' PTSD, and other typical outcomes in the frequency that they occur (i.e., DAILY!!!), maybe, just maybe, harassers would use better judgement. If real peoples' names were publicized and companies were truly at-risk if they hired and renewed contracts with known abusers those companies could be held liable and most would be reluctant to take such a risk. Problem is that abused must & cannot wait for power to speak up.

  125. It may be naive to expect to change a grown-up man, immature and insecure as he may be, but used to abuse his position of power, into a respectful human being...and not a bully. What the current unmasking and shaming will due is prevent many sexual assaults but not it's elimination. What must occur is an awakening at home, while the boys are still pliable, to love or at least respect their sister(s), as the golden rule is applied. The current exposed abusers may have lived in a home where domestic abuse was ongoing, or absence of one of the parents, and the lack of solidarity experienced. If so, how can we expect these kids to give what they don't have? Let's remember that those respectful towards each other now, have always been that way, no doubt due to a loving environment they grep up in. Therapy for sex abusers is a joke, as it just teaches the culprit to accommodate better his appetites to conform to some lame excuse for the future. So, for now, we have to impose restrictive laws for power-hungry bullies, to disabuse the concept of 'cure'.

  126. You provide no evidence that men do "virtually all" the sexual harassing. Shame on you for claiming it without support. In a world with deeply flawed people, most of whom work to live, rather than live to work, and for whom sex is part of living, change will come slowly, and there will always, unfortunately, be a significant amount of sexual harassment.

  127. Sexual abuse happens every day to women--everywhere, when we least expect it. And from the least expected. On a bus in Jerusalem, an ultra religious man, for example, repeatedly pressed his parts against me... but having grown older-and been in similar circumstance before, l yelled, "He's touching me." Of course, as women up and down the bus looked up, he scooted away. My life-lesson for all women---IN ANY SITUATION: if you remain silent , you agree. SPEAK UP.

  128. To an abuser....a SILENT victim implies to them consent. They think you like it too. The best thing you can do is scream -- yell at the top of your lungs -- shove or push -- hit back if you can -- throw anything heavy you have access to -- RUN AWAY -- and above all else, TELL ON THEM. Tell on them, even if it does not work or you don't get justice at first. ONLY when people tell on abusers, is there any hope of change.

  129. I'm not sure men can be "reformed" regarding sexual harassment without reforms directed at our national embrace of wealth, power, privilege and violence. The human animal is defined by his or her culture, and the sexual aspect reflects what we condone and encourage in the broader picture. Limousine liberals are the biggest hypocrites, because the progressive cause has always championed women's rights. But its wealthiest and most influential proponents are no better than the arch conservatives keeping women down, if they don't see the petri dish in which their porcine behaviors flourish.

  130. Send a serious reporter to Columbia Business School and ask them about a faculty member with a history of abusing women. Just like Harvey, everyone knows about this too. There are 10,000 more Harvey stories out there and none of them has come to justice.

  131. And many of those 10,000 stories involve liberal Democrats....involve supposedly "PC" institutions like universities and non-profits....involve female bosses and employees who are both male AND female....involve gays and lesbians as well as heterosexuals. Money is power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  132. The key is disclosure. These predators are terrified of exposure, and confronting consequences at home as well as publicly. If no one kept the secret, workplace sexual abuse would cease. The blowback for the victims is enormous. Too many men in the workplace collude by their knowing silence, and face much less of a price if they tell. Their protective closing of the ranks behind the abuser should end. The key is disclosure. How about a confidential hot line to the NYT?

  133. In case my point wasn’t clear: you never have to go to a man’s hotel room for a “business meeting”, no matter what he says.

  134. Frankly, if a FEMALE in power asked me (a woman) up to her hotel room for a "private meeting", I'd wonder what the heck was going on. Sorry, but I do not believe that any adult woman over the age of 18 does not know what "come up to my hotel room" means. It is a solicitation for sex, not for your career or business ideas. DUH!

  135. We will probably enter a period, of as much separation of the sexes in the work place as possible. That in turn will possibly not be as constructive as we would like to believe. Hollywood on the other hand is a common cesspool of occurrences that feeds its fan base. They love stories like Weinstein, and who divorced who after finding a new playmate. Reality is of course females entered en mass what has always been a mans world. To think that would be readily accepted is naive. Lets not set aside the fact many Physicians are females, many who want to be CEO's are, females are pilots, females are in politics. Men will simply have to back off and hope they don't come in close proximity.

  136. This current. "Feel good" moment changes nothing.

  137. "Will Harvey Weinstein's Fall Finally Reform Men?" Don't be silly.

  138. Confused and dazed... I don't know. Men have been given a "Free Pass", "Get Out of Jail card" by the 25,000,000 women that voted for Donald Trump. Those 25,000,000 want to make sure their sisters keep being abused. And a good portion keep going to church, voluntarily, where they are treated as second class citizens.

  139. You are stereotyping women who voted for Trump.

  140. What has the media has done to downgrade and even mock civility ? If you are watching BBC news, you will listen to those who deliver the news broadcasts which are respectful; and when you listen to US news, you will hear crass and derogatory language.... The media in the US...has 'stooped to conquer' has allowed themselves to be degraded to Tabloid News. Tabloid News reports salacious news; and touts violence. So the messenger has become not only mediocre ; the messengers of the US daily news are become as perverted as the perversions they report on. The Media has lost its way; become undignified; so with all due respect to the present Editors of the NYTimes et al: I think a renaissance of the past Editors might be the good knights whose exemplary reportage our current journalists might try to follow. In other words, it is worthwhile to understand the reason for "the pot calling the kettle black'.....so examples of couth might set precedent.

  141. What needs reform is our educational system. Good science based sex education is needed starting in kindergarten. Predator education should be included from the beginning. Every child should know their bodies and minds are off limits to abuse!

  142. Maybe you could get a better read if you were less obsessed with Hollywood and did some actual reporting, such as, how's all this playing out in the chicken processing plant? This story reads like the US magazine section, Stars like us, where they show Gwen Stefani buying vegan chicken tenders or Brad Pitt reading a book. Why would you think the travails of the beautiful people will reshape our culture? It's TV.

  143. RE: “Women should dress more modestly. Throw out the décolletage and mini-skirts that invite attention.” And “a little more modesty on the part of women…” The cause is always the same. Women being attractive, tempting men. The solution is always the same. Women should change to make themselves less so. I find it interesting that men never call from themselves to change what they believe what makes them attractive to women. We even had a presidential debate that featured one candidate speaking to his sexual prowess. Since the President, as all as many others, claim that wealth and power attract woman and cause woman to “let you do anything” and that “women will throw themselves at you” it is high time to say that men need to more modest and that they should not: 1. Dress sharp. Or wear expensive watches or jewelry. 2. Take on a jaunty pose 3. Sport that 'too cool for you' haircut 4. Take their shirt off to show their build 5. Own a car that is designated a “chick magnet”. All get a minivan. 6. Display any swagger or overt wealth 7. And, certainly, no yachts or private planes like a gold plated 757s. How does it feel? Unfair? What is sauce for the goose...

  144. @Marie - love your list! #5 is great - don't own a car that is designated a "chick magnet". All get a minivan.

  145. So for a man to get sexually harassed by a woman, he must display WEALTH -- watches, yachts, private planes, sports cars -- but for a WOMAN, it is her body or youth or good looks? And what man OR WOMAN takes off their shirt in a business environment to "show off their build"?

  146. "And so it came to pass that the armed prophets conquered, and the unarmed perished." - Machiavelli, paraphrased Less "MeToo", and more" StrikeBack". Is it possible to start by setting up a private registry of complaints, unburdened by the need for proof?

  147. Does this qualify as "hate speech?" Or are there times when it's OK to blame a group for the behavior of a few?

  148. Paul Daley, what is becoming shockingly evident is that it is NOT a few.

  149. In every case in this article where it referred to men harassing women it qualified by saying "most" or "virtually all" etc. It also explicitly stated that harassment isn't exclusivly limited to female victims or male perpetrators. Yet here your are acting all victimized by a simple statement of statistical fact. Does the truth that most instances of harassment involve men harassing women somehow offend you? Are your "men's rights" being violated somehow? Do you need someone to protect you from the big bad truth?

  150. Doubtless to more than a few men like yourself, this may qualify as "hate speech" -- but all that would change if you, or someone whom you cherished, were the one of the receiving end of such abusive behaviour.

  151. It's not going to change. I'm a "me-too-er", and a facet of my own situation that shocked me was that I got much more concern and anger expressed over what I'd been through from men than from women, including (or especially) my own mother - who is a very progressive woman, and girlfriends. There is an important part of this discussion missing, though. We've heard from women who've been through it, and we've heard the usual and correct root of it, power, but what we never hear or talk about - and this is why I think it will continue - is that these men seem to really believe that they are flattering women when they behave this way. It seems to never enter their minds, no matter how repulsive the man may be (Ailes, Weinstein, O'Reilly) that the women would be anything other than thrilled and flattered to have bestowed upon them the privilege of being chosen by the powerful one. Perhaps we have to make clear that, not only is it unacceptable, women find it repulsive and we go home and vomit. It's not only the power struggle, guys, but the visceral repulsion of a grossout lech dragging you into their personal battle with their perverted sense of virility. If I stole $50 from the same man every time I was in his presence, he'd fire me, accuse me of a crime, and think I was insane, and he'd be right. Sexual harassment is no different, except that I'd never get a clause in a contract promising impunity for my theft and extracting non-disclosure agreements from my victims.

  152. Actually non-disclosure agreements commonly cover theft and embezzlement. Companies don’t want a thief publicly associated with their brand in a public civil or criminal case. So, they actually pay the bad actor to shut up and move along. It is shocking, but it’s true.

  153. ". . .it will continue - is that these men seem to really believe that they are flattering women when they behave this way." I agree, but it works both ways. I work in the same department as my husband, and he has on more than one occasion encouraged me to flirt with my superiors to get along with them. Flatter them, dress more attractively for them. He's basing this on his own experience, as female colleagues used that approach with him and other men in the department. He just assumes that's what women do.

  154. You're right. It's not going to change. We'd have to retrain all the males from birth and the grown men have created a culture that works to undo good, healthy training in boys. The men who perpetrate, and that includes many more than men wish to admit, believe they are innocent. I don't think they believe women like it. That's just another excuse. They like the feeling of power over women. I like your sentence about the visceral repulsion that women feel. Forty years after a man touched my neck inappropriately, I still feel that sense of nausea when I think of it. This is what men seek: the power to alarm and destabilize women however momentarily. It has nothing to do with sex. BTW, the man who did that to me is now a teacher with a title in my spiritual community, a Buddhist. Blech.

  155. If only the New York Times had followed its own advice on 'confronting harassers' instead of spiking a story on Weinstein in 2004 when he threatened to pull advertising (reported in Politico). NBC also spiked a story. He had many female journalists and well known feminists cover for him, including Tina Brown and Hillary Clinton. If anything, the lesson is we should reform the way the media and journalism works. All of these think pieces on the evils of harassment will let the powerful people who enabled Weinstein's reign of terror off the hook and will probably initiate a crackdown against men who ask women out for drinks after the plumbing supply company holiday party.

  156. Good job alienating half of the population with such an absurd headline. Great way to build consensus to move forward. Maybe your next editorial should be about how the fall of ISIS leaders is finally reforming the world’s muslim population.

  157. So many men never learn how to be gentle. It's all brawn. As a homosexual, I sometimes admire the male physique, but it can be dangerous to even _look_ at a man outside of safe "gay" places. So many men only know sex, and have never learned affection. Of course even something as beautiful as affection is not appropriate in the workplace. There, courtesy and respect serve the same purpose.

  158. Perfect prose from the NYT religiously-correct Nanny State of Never Neverland. In short,men will not change until A. Women are equal change partners. Until Google and/or Gov Inc. succeeds in synthesizing and neutering the biological differences held within our human male and female roles this issue will remain. Even the best efforts of the plastics industry to neuter males by polluting our human environment with artificial estrogen (California sperm counts are now down to 40%), testosterone levels are still too low in females rendering their equal ability to dominate that crucial first social interface held between the sexes as being sub par. That first leer, touch, kiss, grope, unwanted invite, sexual demand married or not, and powermongering entrapment- all lie within man world. If you truly wish to correct the global imbalance try more (testosterone fed) female initiative coupled with religious parental programming. Initiative institutionalization. Never going to happen. Huffpost reads that only 25% of polled females have ever 'initiated' while 75% of males welcome that role reversal. Why? Until women become the initiators who deign to periodically cross that private myspace zone, suffer rejection, force the same wrong-taught encroachment mistakes, will NYT Ed board ever witness true gender "equality" in our society. B. Vive la difference! Synthetic alien programmers go home!

  159. Sex is better when human animals can both feel equally empowered to express their desire. This is just reality. Today's world is a power play.

  160. Women need to unionize.

  161. Reform men? What a preposterous notion! Man is perfect, made in the image of God. Women are an afterthought, purpose-created to serve man. You can read about it in the opening book of the Holy Bible. Read further to discover the God-ordained social organization that satisfies Man’s needs. Man doesn’t need reform, but society needs reform to accommodate Man’s nature and needs. Man needs a large Biblical family consisting of several wives, as many as he desires and can afford to buy. Man needs the gratification of begetting children for his women to bear and rear. Man needs the constant titillation of concubines and comely maidservants and slave girls. Man needs uncontested power over his household. Just kidding, of course! But isn’t that when it all started, at the beginning of a civilization founded on superstition and prejudice? Man, in general, doesn’t need reforming but repulsive old men who believe wealth is power, position is privilege, and arrogance is sexual magnetism need harsh re-education. A woman who caters to senile male aberrations should be shamed as a prostitute. A woman who loudly resists it should be protected and rewarded with financial compensation. Remember, shouting “rape” attracts attention!

  162. AynRant - I agreed with much of your letter. But punishing women for not being able to stand up to a bully? And a woman who resists SHOULD BE protected? That's reality in your world?

  163. Biology predisposes men to think of sex especially when they see something that triggers sexual thoughts. Some men think, because they are having these thoughts, they have a right to act on them. Many men, also have developed a predisposition to think women are inferior, and that leads to all kinds of bullying. What these men need to be taught (maybe through punishment if no other means works) is that we live in a civil society where rules of good conduct must be followed. And that...not every thought that comes into your head is valid and not every valid thought should be shared. An "evolved" human can control their thoughts to speak and act civilly. Additionally, although women have a right to dress any way they want (without breaking indecency laws) however they also bare responsibility. For instance, there are many female TV journalist who show cleavage or outfits with the shoulders cut out exposing their bare and beautiful shoulders. They have every right to dress that way...however...knowing how easily these things trigger men to think sexual thoughts, if it were me, I would not dress like that on TV. How can a man with these thoughts take you as a serious journalist if he is getting aroused because he can't help but have your cleavage screaming at him the entire time you are on his screen. There is much work to be done, it will take all of society and its systems to correct, and I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime.

  164. Good for you. Most of these women do not get to manage their own TV image or even their office attire. Today's social etiquette has women dressing this way to join the conversation. I think it is a problem. It does send a mixed message which is inappropriate. But women who don't do this don't get hired. Or they are considered "gay." It is a total double standard.

  165. MK says, " ... and I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime.'" And, I don't expect IT to ever happen. IT is inherent in nature ... and made 'worse' by the styles and choices of our time. There is much more provocation in these days than ever. Suffice to say it was not like 'this' when I was a teenager.

  166. Am I the only one to notice that this headline seems to indict all men?

  167. I'm sorry, but when virtually all women experience sexual harassment in their lifetimes, you shouldn't be splitting hairs about whether or not "all men" do it. Do you think there is just a handful of men running around the country raping and harassing women? No. It's a LOT of men. If you're a good one, great. Instead of complaining about guilt by association, do something about it, because too many men are complicit by saying and doing nothing.

  168. Answer to the headline question--nope. Old Chinese proverb--When Little General stands to attention, Brain flies out the window.

  169. Ok, so here goes. When I was around 17 James Toback stopped me on a side street in NYC, said he was looking for talent for his upcoming movie and told me to meet him at the Princeton club. New to NY and completely entranced with the concept of being "discovered" I rushed to the Princeton club on time ready for my life to finally begin. Instead, I was shown a bulleting board with over 200 index cards full of other girls or women who were given the same invitation. Toback never showed up, it was his way of enjoying power. Ok. Later, as a young editorial assistant, I was invited to a trade show where my boss booked one hotel room for us both. I was around 23. He raped me there. Well, forced sex where I knew if I fought him off I would lose my job. When we got back to the office he fired me. After that I did not have any way to get another job because he promised only the worse reference if I listed my job there. Moving on. As a young comedian, doing stand up in NY, I sat in the little booth with the manager of the club after my audition. He placed his hand on my upper thigh and asked if it would be alright to keep going. I said no, it wasn't alright. He told me I was too "long in the tooth" to be a comic and that my act wasn't feminine enough. After that I felt the brick wall was too hard to get either over or through and went back to college. Oh, and as a child I was molested by a close family member for years. so, um, you know? @johannaclear

  170. The last point about teenage boys needs to be highlighted. As a high school teacher, I know that sexploitation of teenage girls happens all the time. Boys ask for "nudes" as a precursor to a "talking" relationship. Girls too often give in to these demands, and the pictures they send can then be shared with others, and often are. There is even a page called a THOT page, which stands for That Ho Over There, where these pictures can be downloaded for others to see. To educated young men and women on this level seems to be essential if we are to change the culture of harassment and inequality.

  171. Or will it just chill the hiring of women...?

  172. Is this a threat? Are you trying to scare women into shutting up again? I don't think it is working for you. The answer is simple. More women need to be in real positions of power within corporations and all centers of power, including their families.

  173. This is the kind of thinking that makes change impossible- Thanks, H!

  174. So If they can't Violate or Harass them,...why hire them?

  175. If you want to understand the future of vile aggressive entitled male misogyny, check out these 2016 books: American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers - Nancy Jo Sales and Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape -Peggy Orenstein. Predatory male conduct is carefully calculated behavior. Until the perceived risks outweigh the anticipated rewards, why would it abate? What constitutes prosecutable criminal sexual misconduct is much in need of comprehensive reevaluation. The Weinsteins of the world should be facing serious incarceration.

  176. I have been thinking about this issue a lot lately. Men are using young women's desire for sex against them. This just needs to stop. We need much more open discussions about about sexuality at home and at school. The girls need to feel that they have the power to have sex on equal terms. This is essential to the healthy future of our society. And no it is not normal. During the 70s in California, contrary to what Harvey says, women, myself included, felt empowered to seek out sexual partners and could find an equal playing field. Many of us came of age together. It was great. None of the new psychotic games and power plays were going on in my world. And the sex was really great. We also weren't into fetishizing everything. My kids see pictures of me from this era and can't believe it. Image was so different. Substance was what so many of us truly cared about. I think we had things right, but there was no money to be made (or not much) off our love of used clothes, vegetarian cooking, and thinking. But it was a wonderful time to be alive. I was a feminist in the Our Bodies Ourselves Era with lots hairiness, very nice male partners, and a lot of hope for our future. My daughter has not had this experience. Sadly. Women need to take back their power again. They need to see how they are being contained and constrained sexually, professionally. It isn't about blame. This just needs to happen for us to be a healthier society.

  177. Talk about "reforming men" is simple-minded. I had a neighbor who was a predator - sexual and otherwise, and violent. He bragged about his victims. When he realized what I thought of him, I reciprocated the hostility he aimed my way. Who defended him? Who relentlessly scolded me for being a bad neighbor, for "not trying to get along?" The women of the neighborhood, all professionals with advanced degrees, who giggled and flirted with him, though he concealed nothing of his nature from them or anyone else. After he was taken away in cuffs one night, for beating his wife and son one time too many, the women of the neighborhood were all so very very surprised, and ostracized his wife, maybe for "not getting along" with him. He spent a week in jail before he found someone to post bail, and that week in jail probably did more to reduce sexual violence against women than any nonsense about "reforming men". Better to put teeth into employment law enforcement, and teache women how to avoid those situations and how to fight back. In my opinion.

  178. If you knew about it (he told you), why didn't you turn him in to the police?