Black Executives Join Forces, Forming a PAC to Back Them Up

Once an informal network, a group of friends and associates is organizing a united political push on issues like education, employment and voting rights.

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  1. It's bad for democracy when people organize themselves on the basis of race. These people have not been the victims of racial discrimination; they are among the most successful (and richest) Americans.

  2. Please read the article. They may be organizing on the basis of race however, they are focused on supporting any candidate regardless of race that is focused on initiatives they deem critical to all.

  3. Its bad for democracy when one group of people have no real estate to leave to their kids, for 7 generations. It makes for un-equal opportunity, What's good for democracy is when all have a fair chance at a good life. It's bad for democracy when those already in a decent spot turn a blind eye to those who, for extraneous reasons, have not been able to obtain same. How about we work to fix our deficiencies, not deny them, as when all of us are empowered to reach our potentials, human beings as a species can reach our awesome potential. and we all will enjoy a better, safer, vibrant, productive society.

  4. So it's a healthy democracy when the Koch Brothers, Steve Wynn , etc use their power and wealth to create PACs to support religious, business and/or 1% ideology? Interesting.

  5. I want to help. And support (albeit not much). How do we get kept in the loop?

  6. This is terrific. Black people of means need to use their power!

  7. A PAC that seeks to improve educational opportunities, job training, employment, and voter participation (ie, strengthen democracy) with a social and economic focus? I am a white man, and those are my values. I applaud the goals of this PAC, wish it the best, and hope it's leaders can save us from this White House, whose values I do not share.

  8. It's past time this happened. African-Americans have a president that supports White supremacists and insults African-American Gold Star widows. Donald Trump has shown his administration is no friend to Black people. It's time Black people started fighting back. African-Americans with influence and power need to use their influence and power. Trump (and his deplorables) have shown that he doesn't care if a Black person is rich and powerful or poor and helpless; they're all Black folks to him.

  9. But will this actually OUTSMART anything? We've had the Congressional Black Caucus since the 70's to no avail. And these very elite people are so disconnected with the average African American they'll end up simply being an Black elite arm of the Democrat party with no respect from most Blacks.

  10. Looooong overdue.

  11. It is amazing to me that there is resistance to these group of executives and elites organizing. Anyone who believes in lifting all boats and providing opportunities to people who are underserved should be applauded. If you applied the same standard that "wealthy people haven't experienced discrimination so therefore can't organize" to everyone - you would wipe out most of the PACs which I suppose might get to campaign finance reform-albeit sideways. Good luck to this group I am looking forward to seeing what they do.

  12. Earl Graves at Black Enterprise, Reginald Lewis of TLC and others have long called for such a PAC. I'm happy to see it taking shape. Similar efforts are needed at the state and local levels.

  13. This is an excellent and timely submission.

  14. I wonder if these people feel that they are undertaxed and would therefore support higher taxes on the rich. The problem with identity politics is that we are rarely defined by just one aspect of ourselves, such as race. Hispanics and those with lower levels of education, just as an example, are less likely than the general population to support abortion. As blacks become more diverse in all aspects other than race, I would expect their political opinions to also become more diverse.

  15. Thank your for your considered and informed opinion. This may surprise you, but black people are already aware they are not all the same; in fact, many have been pointing this out to white people for some time. The cause is not based on identity but commonality. Herman Cain need not apply.

  16. The right to vote and opposing racially segregated schools unite well to do black people.

  17. This is long overdue, this country appears to be moving backward to the 1950's. Possibly new organizations in the form of the NAACP need to rise. I especially like the fact that it is not centered around one of the main political parties. black people need to be able to work with whom ever is in power. That was a main ideology of MLK

  18. I'm hoping the New York Times continues to feature articles on the progress of this initiative.

  19. A better idea would to get involved Personally and lend you time!!!!

  20. Identity politics has its obvious pitfalls - the loathsome white supremacy movement exemplifies it at its worst - but as a transition from the prevailing institutional and personal racism against black citizens to a truly equalitarian society, in this case it's essential. As a so-called "white" American, I applaud the organizers of this endeavor while hoping for a time, not probable in my life span, that identities can be unimportant to the community in its search for sound government and a healthy culture that honors each of us and our individual humanity.

  21. We should applaud our Sisters, and Brothers for their achievements around Business and Corporate America. We all have a responsibility to be of service to our communities. This is certainly the to way go. It is forward thinking to back political candidates regardless of party. Why not? bring meanful resources to a Africian American Super Pac. There are 21st Century Think Tanks that well indentify issues in the African American community. Yes, we can influence policies on the Local, State and Federal levels. If this group can push forward. The sky has no limits. We deserve a sit at the table.