What We Know About Trump’s Twin Blows to Obamacare

The law still stands. But the markets could get messy and expensive for certain groups of people.

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  1. It just seems that our chaos president needs to disrupt as many things as possible. The ACA made some things in the healthcare insurance market fairly standard. Pre-existing conditions may be chief among them. Insurance had to cover some basics. These are things most people like. But the man who didn't know healthcare was so hard, is determined to roil the markets. In his simplified view, insurance can be much cheaper. The fact that it really doesn't cover much goes right over his head. If that becomes an issue, I'm pretty sure his response will be --- Who knew?

  2. Don't worry, the people who asked the question, will have died by the time it got answered. I'm livid. As they will be, too, but in a different way.

  3. "The fact that it really doesn't cover much goes right over his head." Chances are, at this point, no one in the White House is going to say anything negative to Trump about what Trump says he wants to do. No one wants to get bullied and screamed at. It could very well be that Trump doesn't know about the issue of coverage. He's read nothing about it and no one says anything to him.

  4. Not sure honestly people will care individual markets go away as most of the people that have signed up are Medi-Aid or getting cost sharing subsidies of one variety or another. The elimination of those coupled with the destabilization of the existing markets will likely just hasten the single payer concept (although it would likely be multi-payer where the single payer would be those in need of assistance). I am 50 so not sure I will live to see if fully enacted but comfortable my 10 year old will.

  5. That is like somebody with a bruised toe letting a semi run over it, because then it will get fixed.

  6. Isn't that the way change happens in this country? Look how long civil right took to come around after slavery and still not even close. How long will it take before gay marriage isn't an issue, or medical marijuana? Frustrating but seems like all this country knows.

  7. "for those who want to try new insurance options." There hasn't been anything new in insurance since Gauss' description of the normal curve 200 years ago. See "Standard Errors: Our Failing Health Care (Finance) Systems and How to Fix Them" www.standarderrors.org Small insurers are inefficient risk managers. They have high losses or high premiums, neither of which are due to any action on their part. Large insurers have little variation in their operating loss ratios and tend to earn profits every year without any risk whatsoever. Small insurers have to cut benefits, increase premiums, and ought to maintain aggregate surplus reserves that far exceed their annual premium revenues. The most efficient insurer possible would be a national, single payer. A single payer can offer higher benefits, at lower cost, than ANY collection of 2, or more, smaller insurers.

  8. In other words Trump is trying (and will probably succeed in doing) to destroy the ACA without putting in the wonderful replacement he said he had in mind. Unless we are independently wealthy we cannot afford to pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays, etc., to keep the wealth care industry afloat. The one thing Trump may succeed in doing is convincing more Americans of the need to consider health care as a right and to fund a national single payor health care system. I don't think that's what he or the GOP want but they may get it. In the meantime because of the high deductibles that are common on ACA plans and employer provided plans more of us will go without the care we need. Why? Because we don't have the money or the time to fight with the insurance companies over who is supposed to pay what and if it's authorized. It's American ingenuity at work to decrease our lifespans and make sure that we can die prematurely from an illness that, in its early stages, can be controlled or cured. Let's have a big cheer for the most bigoted and racist party of all: the GOP which is still unable to govern even after Obama is out of office. (And still fails to grasp the idea that it's better to spread the wealth than keep it all to themselves and their rich donors.)

  9. I had a friend with one of these plans. Let me emphasize the word had. We told her not to buy it that it didn't cover certain points of care. She refused. She was diagnosed with cancer and the plan paid for absolutely nothing. You can guess the outcome. Bottom line: Caveat emptor.

  10. Very sorry to hear about your friend. As a self-employed professional, I've had ACA plans since the program began. Wasn't happy with the high deductible but figured it was better than taking my chances. Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and would have racked up (conservatively speaking) a quarter million dollars in medical bills. I still had to pay the deductible, but it was a damn sight better than the alternatives.

  11. Sounds like you had a fake friend. No such gap existed in any exchange policy. It is a shear fake story. On the other hand Trump care with no contraception coverage, no ER coverage and no mental health coverage is a fake plan. But Trump is a fake president so I expect like his fake businesses, fake taxes, fake wife's, and fake pronouncements he would need a fake healthcare program.

  12. I wonder if Trump will read this, to learn about what he just signed. I'm certain it was drafted for him, and he was told "here, sign this, it'll be great." The man has no clue what he's doing in this or any other area.

  13. Nor does he care. At all.

  14. And he almost walked away without signing it. Pence had to grab him back in. Non corpus mentis.

  15. Another exec order that does nothing but give the appearance of keeping a campaign promise. Once the details emerge as regulations are written and promulgated, will there be the same outrage as when the GOP's legislative proposals came into public view?

  16. "What Did Trump’s Health Care Executive Order Do?' Show that he still knows how to showboat his "Signing' sessions...

  17. I'll say it again. Only the U.S. is reinventing the wheel, when it comes to health insurance. Most of the rest of the world already has it. The insurance may be as good or as luxurious, but less people die, because of not being able to afford health insurance. A good example is Canada or Brittain. When people there get a major illness they don't have to declare bankruptcy or lose their homes. They recover and do not worry about the medical bills. That would be fantastic to have health insurance where you don't have to worry about how much the treatment cost and how much deductible is your share.

  18. Profit is more important than you or me....so get over it or move to Canada

  19. If Trump is for it, you can bet the farm it's a bad idea.

  20. These changes, like the ACA itself, don't address the rising cost of healthcare itself or do anything to fix the lack of price competition in the market or price gouging. Healthcare costs in the US were tied for the highest in the word as percentage of GDP in 1980. They have doubled since then. That is why the working people above the poverty line can't afford insurance without help. Ignoring the problem and just throwing borrowed money at the industry will just bid up prices further.

  21. If only we could insist that all executive branch and Congressional employees from the top on down be subject to these plans. I haven't heard one single elected official express any interest or enthusiasm for that idea. God forbid the president and his minions find themselves on the same playing field DJT is putting the rest of the country on.

  22. As self-employed, I have been purchasing individual insurance since before the ACA. The ACA rule and I presume less healthy people caused the premiums to rise considerably even with a higher deductible. Now I just found out that my insurance carrier is dropping out of the individual health insurance market in my county altogether at the end of 2017. (I presume threats by Trump not to pay subsidies had something to do with it.) If I don't do anything, in January I won't have coverage for first time in my life. Louisville, KY is now down to one health insurance company offering individual policies, and none of my current doctors accept it. From my vantage point individual health insurance is imploding thanks mostly to Trump's efforts to kill Obamacare. Way to go, Donald. We need you like we need a hole in the head.

  23. Fred, it's a good thing you are represented in Congress by Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul--right?

  24. Yup. The people in this country will have to DEMAND Medicare For All. This for-profit healthcare is inexcusable. Welcome to the "individual market." For a good part of my adult working life I had no insurance. Pre-existing condition: uterine fibroids. Needed surgery, had to live with the condition, which affected work-- massive bleeding, pain, anemia--for years (because lost job and healthcare due to domestic violence) until FINALLY I found employment that actually provided health insurance--and only when working 40 hours during the busy season--hotel housekeeping for a major hotel. MEDICARE FOR ALL.

  25. No sorry, Obamacare failed by 2010. Now we need to work together to get something that works. It's possible, if folks can lay foolish politics aside.

  26. Cheap premiums with little benefits are junkcare. Even Obama was smart enough to ensure equal coverage under OC.

  27. Q: What Did Trump’s Health Care Executive Order Do? A: Made the "white" base happy that they wiped out another achievements of the "black" guy whom they did not consider to be a legitimate presiden?!

  28. It's Trumpcare now.

  29. the real attack to ACA comes from the IRS decision not to enforce the insurance mandate. this is what trump care is now. you can get insurance (if you can find it and afford it) just in time only when you need it (say if you get cancer) but the pool of insured will shrink and drive insurers out of the market. its the worst of both worlds. just like trump

  30. The IRS didn’t just decide to stop enforcing the individual mandate. The current White House directed it to stop. In other words, sabotage.

  31. Undermined ACA, creating instability in the market—which results in increased premiums and co-pays with less coverage. Between Congress’ Repeal and Replace crusade and Trump’s bad-mouthing it, ACA cannot live up to a shadow of its promise. If only there had been an attempt to Repair...what a freakin’ waste

  32. There the Donald goes again.... Divert, Disrupt, Destroy! Mueller must be getting close.

  33. I am a healthy individual. In 2012, I had an individual plan through Anthem that cost $130 per month with a $5000 deductible. It was basically a catastrophic plan. But, I've been uninsured for the last 3 years, because I don't qualify for a government subsidy and the cheapest Obamacare plan I can buy costs $344.23 per month with a $7150 deductible. Like a smart consumer, I kept my money in my pocket. But, I am interested in an affordable plan, so if these plans become available, I'm definitely going to be looking into them.

  34. Good for you -- I hope you stay healthy forever. Because if you ever get sick, or God forbid, get a chronic illness, you won't get much from cheap Trumpcare.

  35. Were the terms, conditions and coverage of the two plans exactly the same? Or at least similar? Without any product information there no way to judge the difference. Finally, how each state implemented the ACA was up to the state. I'd be interested in how much two similar plans changed in your state before and after ACA.

  36. Adam - The Anthem plan was a PPO. The Obamacare plan is an HMO. My Anthem plan covered my annual flu shots. I also used it for 1 doctor visit and my co-pay was $40. I then filled a prescription that would have been $90 without insurance, but with my insurance, it was only $20. Now, I'm on the self-insurance plan where I pay out of pocket for everything and keep my fingers crossed.

  37. I had junkcare under Obama. Hopefully with this move by Trump I can have cheaper junkcare. The American dream, fellas.

  38. Actuarial value will help your Insurance consumer savvy.

  39. What did it do? Gave Him a "win". Gave his base a nice, juicy bone. But mostly, gave those who want Trumpcare their wish. I really can't wait until they discover the Trumpian pig in THIS poke. Seriously.

  40. The base won't care unless someone in their family dies prematurely from cancer or other illness.

  41. Ahh, the USA... oops- I mean "America". I never fail to enjoy the weekly, the daily machinations of the terribly untuned Trump machine. After starting to read this article about how "Obamacare" is finally being replaced, my eyes began to glaze over. Now sated, I've had my Trump fix for the day. And today's is far more satisfying, nay, re-assuring to me as a Canadian, than the periodic nuclear sabre rattling against that intransigent Kim-Jong fellow or those wacky Iranian mullahs. The world continues to unfold as it should, at least until tomorrow. Except of course, for those (potentially) sick people in the USA. Dear Americans, please accept my apologies for this sadly uncontrollable single-payer schadenfreude.

  42. Are you imagining that nuclear fallout will stop at a Canadian border? This man is a menace to ALL.

  43. We need health care in this country, but the wealth redistribution of Obamacare isn't it. The people I know affected went from budgeting for regular health needs supplemented with catastrophic coverage, to being coerced to spend $18,000 per year (premium and deductible) before receiving benefit. I'll believe we're serious about our fellow citizens' health when we stop subsidizing the things that are making us unwell https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2017/01/13/well/eat/food...

  44. I hope that those cheap plans on the market will cover catastrophic expenses.

  45. This is so depressing. I can't help but feel that we have an enemy combatant in the White House. I wanted to try to have an open mind when he won, but unfortunately he has raced to the top in record time to become the very worst president. I cannot for the life of me understand how his obsession with destroying the legacy of his predecessor is making America great again. When I look at what he is proposing as far as his cheap, high deductible, non existent coverage it brings to mind:Semper Lorem vilior avene cum perambulassent equo. The closest I can come is, " The oats are always cheaper, when they've gone through the horse."

  46. I can understand the Government wants to provide more variety and some flexibility on the type of insurance that can be purchased in the market but if it results from insurers pulling out from certain markets, that will not help the consumers at all.

  47. I feel attacked by my own government in myriad ways every day. The Affordable Care Act was hugely problematic, but better than nothing (that is not a compliment).. We need to provide everyone with universal, single payer health care—not health insurance, health CARE—now. Who has our back? The scariest part of all of Darth Cheeto and his cronies shenanigans is that more and more I don't see a way out. We have a radical takeover happening, and little real resistance to it (perhaps because most folks on both sides of the aisle are millionaires, have no idea what any of us are going through, and stand to get richer no matter what happens). We have to become our own saviors and heroes, and we'd better do it fast. Let's end the perpetual war, take back the money, and make a livable country for all.

  48. Mo, You put into words what I have been feeling since 45 was allowed into office: attacked by my own government. After killing myself for 30 years in corporate America and paying more than my fair share in taxable wage - I worry about being older, out of work and not being able to be insured. A basic right! America, you owe me and every citizen of this country more. I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and fight for justice. Thank you, Mo!

  49. Why does this sound like the sub-prime for the medical insurance market? Free-er, unregulated, re-packaged, re-bundled. Great for the insurance provider, and if the market collapses, they can get bail out by the government. When will we learn?

  50. At least we can have all the guns we can afford. That's all the protection we need, right?

  51. Trumpy blows things up left and right, but he never has a replacement plan for what he destroys.

  52. “Rife with fraud” is the description of the “insurance” that was unregulated and cheap but also worthless. Sounds like Trump is modeling healthcare on his own fraudulent “university”. Can it get more pitiful? Yes, probably.

  53. So true. Expose TrumpCurse's actuarial value fraud!

  54. That's exactly what I thought... Healthcare from the Grifter in Chief....a la Trump University. We have been forewarned...actually we were forwarned BEFORE the election. How many horror stories did we (those of us paying attention) have to hear about those cheap useless plans before Obamacare--and for which the ACA was trying to protect us from with "rules & regulations" for the industry. Anyone who thinks they will ever get a Good Deal from a Trump is asking for "it".

  55. These plans was a failure that ACA was able to correct. This guy is goung to destroy our healthcare just to show he is a winner even if the citizens are the losers. How anyone finds him to be potus material is beyond me

  56. So the name has changed to: Trump Health Care Executive Order, if not, what will NYT call it?

  57. Any proposal that results in fewer insureds and more "underinsureds" will increase provider bad debt. Providers will seek to cover bad debt by raising prices to private insurers. Separate point: You mention nothing about a third part of the executive order--- investigation re: the massive provider consolidation that has resulted in much higher prices to insurers and less competition in the few areas where it still exists-- outpatient surgery and diagnostic facilities. While "investigating" antitrust won't fix the problem, it would be helpful if journalists focused more on this threat to choice, innovation, and efficiency in health care. When we get to a sole payer system, unlike Canada, which has competing hospitals and physicians, we will have only monolithic health cartels.

  58. nNon-compliant policies are not cheaper; they simply offer less. Time for commentators to explain actuarial value in concrete terms.

  59. Insurers are nervous about enrolling in the ACA marketplace because there is no stability. If the ACA marketplace would become contractual for a certain length of time and not be able to cancel or pull out of the marketplace until the contract agreement was up, more people would be insured. To keep cost down there must be a mix of healthy people and not so healthy people. This is how companies base the cost of health insurance. The provisions of preventative care at no copay benefits the workplace as it gives more people the opportunity to get better healthcare and therefore, cuts down on absentees. Trump's plan leads to junk insurance policies being sold. Provisions of the ACA prevent junk policies. If you buy a plan privately with the same provisions of the plans in the marketplace, you will pay 60% more. Maybe people should do the math. We are the only country in the industrialized world which does not have single payer healthcare. Trump said this backwards before signing the executive order. This is not surprising since eh wants to take the country backwards in every way. Trump is a fraud and clear and present danger to the world. When do impeachment proceedings begin?

  60. Most of the plans available under ACA are junk insurance. I had health insurance in Japan. It was great. I checked the policies on the ACA exchanges in my state. For people not eligible for subsidy the premiums were sky high (as much as my rent) and the deductibles were so high that they would never be met unless I was hit by a bus. So you get an plan with affordable premiums that never pays out, or you pay through the nose each much in premiums for a plan that might pay out. What kind of world are we living in where we can't agree to spread the cost of care through all of society... How can we let people choose to not to pay their share in their most healthy years. This automatically means that premiums are unaffordable in those years when we need care. It's ridiculous.

  61. Health insurance in America now totally belongs to the GOP.

  62. The demagogue Trump is not stupid. He is signing orders that in theory can hurt ACA to please his extreme dogmatic right but he knows if he truly destroys ACA, the people that will be hurt the most are many voters in the states that went for him.

  63. How much does Trump pocket from this?

  64. Mr Trump has no idea what he is doing. The executive office is too big for him. All he cares about us destroying what our past leader accomplished without any concern for isn’t the American People. He is dangerous and embarrassing this great country

  65. He knows what he's doing. He just doesn't care.

  66. and in over his head! god help us as we're not doing us.

  67. Won't some people die as a result of Trump's determination to get even with President Obama by sabotaging the ACA? How many? Can someone provide a fairly accurate estimate? MURDER by presidential fiat.

  68. Murder by Palinesque Death Panels.

  69. Tennessee is the state with the highest number of bankruptcies per capita.

  70. It's time for Congress to step up and: 1) ensure the people the ACA was designed to help continue to have access to affordable healthcare, including poor and low income Americans, those with pre-existing conditions, and those using lots of medical care 2) ensure the people the ACA hurt, including middle income and upper income - yes upper income as well! - Americans have access to affordable health care which, they do not at this time. This requires Democrats and Republicans to work together. It's not enough to stabilize the market because the premiums and deductibles in what would be a "stable" ACA market are still beyond the reach of middle income people who do not get subsidies. Think out of the box!

  71. Agree, we can replace Obamacare with something better which will work. Call your Democratic Senator and insist they work with their Republican colleagues. That's how government should work!

  72. The courts suspended the executive order on banning immigrants from certain countries as discriminatory and unconstitutional. Isn't it so in this case? This order discriminates on race, gender, and religion, e.g., affecting lower income minorities and small business corporations, now that corporations are considered people.

  73. It's time to start shouldering some of the blame for the actions of Donald Trump. He was elected because of a base of extreme right wing voters who faithfully participate in the political process. That base is only the base because those with more moderate views do not participate in the political process, at least in the primary elections. If you want a full 8 years of Donald Trump or you want someone just like him, kick back and keep doing what you're doing. If you want someone whose views are more representative of the American public, get up off your rear ends and let your voices be heard, where it matters most, at the ballot box!

  74. 304 electoral votes. That's why he was elected, he trounced Clinton. Accept and move on.

  75. Interestingly, few of the "counselors" in the photo are actually working. That's our tax dollars at work, right?

  76. How do you know?

  77. Dude, the people on the left are the workers. The people on the right are sitting across from them, giving information, asking questions AND getting answers. Yes, it's a small, non-luxury workplace. Do you get out much?

  78. So basically it is the wild west for junk insurance.

  79. These days it's hard not to believe that he doesn't just want a lot of us dead. Keep as many guns as you can carry. Deny basic human needs to citizens rendered homeless, powerless and hungry by natural disaster. Sabotage a healthcare system that, while imperfect, works for many. I take that back. Maybe he doesn't actively want us dead. He just doesn't care about anyone who isn't stroking his sick ego.

  80. Brilliant move by Trump, force the congress to finally do something, fix a badly conceived law.

  81. I think it's an abdication of his responsibility. Congress always needs guidance from the White House to enact its agenda. And this Congress has become too extreme, even within the Republican party, to accomplish significant changes without direct and constant involvement from the White House. We all saw how some version of today's executive order could have been made law twice, but was sabotaged first by the Freedom Caucus and second by moderates. With a majority Dem Congress, ACA took over a year with constant and diligent White House involvement. If Obama had merely dumped ACA in the laps of Congress and said "Fix it," ACA would never have existed - obviously, because we didn't have anything like it before. Trump is the President. If this is really the best he can do to deliver on his promise because Congress is intractable, fine, but most Republicans in Congress want to enact his agenda, or say they do. So what is the problem? Why did Obama get it done and Trump not? I think he does not really dig in and commit, he just gives up when he fails. I am surprised he made it so far in business, but he came from money. He has had plenty of disasters, plus he hops from venture to venture. If Trump had started from nothing, would he be as successful as he is given his personality? Besides Congress can't be the whipping boy for everything. We elect Congress and choose reps not out to compromise, but to fight with the other side who we pretend are causing all the problems.

  82. You ASSUME they will fix it finally. I doubt it!

  83. Will the subsidies paid to the insurance companies end in/for November??

  84. No more subsidies to private companies. That's over.

  85. Catholic nonprofits run high quality hospitals throughout the United States that adhere to a Catholic view of doing no harm. Abortions and other objectionable procedures are not performed. Other Catholic institutions operate universities, life insurance, credit unions and similar businesses. Up until now, Catholic health insurance was prohibited, in part due to the contraceptive mandate that violates Catholic best practices. The proposed regulations could open the door to Catholic health insurance and expand both Catholic health care and much needed medical education. Catholic institutions tend to be competitive and non-Catholics are always welcome at Catholic institutions. The Obamacare design of intentionally keeping Catholics in the back of the bus must end. The monopoly of Obamacare insurance companies must also end.

  86. Everyone wants everything to serve just them according to their rules without compromise. Nothing can be solved that way.

  87. The statement that Obamacare "intentionally keeps Catholics in the back of the bus" is simply a lie.

  88. The Constitutional trend of keeping religious dogma out of national programs must end? Is that what you wrote?

  89. Let's review ACA (not Obamacare that seems to upset some people) A Republican think tank created this program which was implemented and fairly successful by Mitt Romney. Obama got what he could and we had a program for millions of people who didn't have healthcare. The Republicans voted 60-80 who knows times to repeal it. If implemented tweaked and allowed the process their is no reason why it wouldn't work well. It's main feature was not dropping out existing conditions for sick people and made everyone have some responsibility.The Republicans cut subsidies and did anything they could to kill this health service. Why? Because their masters the lobbyists and insurance companies didn't want to help people. Just make money. All of the western countries who have healthcare programs on average spend 3K per patient. USA with huge profits to insurers cost is 10K person patient. We should be ashamed in the country that we can't support healthcare needs.

  90. What does it mean? It means he is going use your emotional rage to steal your money and give it to the rich. It’s called the “art of the deal”.

  91. It’s not the art of the deal. With tiny hands at the helm, it’s the art of the steal.

  92. Art of the Steal. Art of Deception. Art of Duplicity. If you're not a rich man, just die quickly please. We can't be bothered.

  93. More like "art of the steal."

  94. One thing you can be absolutely sure about.....Anything and Everything that trump does to healthcare will be Harmful for the general public.

  95. They are designing these changes to affect a small enough portion of the electorate that outrage will be muted. Is that really how we should run things? Ignore groups in need to send a political message to the masses?

  96. Divide and conquer is the (anti-American) Republican way.

  97. In Trump’s defense, he just wants the money. It’s an unfortunate coincidence that he has to destroy the lives of most Americans to get it.

  98. As long as it doesn't impair members of Congress to lose coverage or pay a higher premium for their own policies that's what is important. The rest of the country is, once again, on its own. Thanks Donald and GOP!

  99. Congress lose coverage? does congress even pay for health insurance?

  100. What a total mess. I hope they call this Trumpcare, which means no care—as that is what people will get once they try to file a claim on a junk policy. As PT Barnum said, there’s a sucker born every minute. Plus plenty of con artists like Trump to make them pay for it.

  101. How interesting that the same Republicans - Trump included - who criticized Obama for issuing executive orders when he didn't have a majority in Congress don't critizes the same process when they ARE the majority and still can't get anything passed.

  102. Except most of Trump’s executive orders simply role back Obama’s. And of course it’s great fun that those supporting Obama’s directives are shocked, shocked!, that the next president does the same thing, only in a different direction.

  103. As a person having to buy my family’s health insurance for the past 6 years, our insurance cost has gone up over 500%, our deductible has gone from $10k to $16k, and our insurance provider annually threaten us with loss of coverage (with this year terminating our coverage). All this with our not having seen a doctor in all that time. So, what’s to like? I figure the only ones that like Obamacare either don’t have it or get it for free. What should have happened was that all our government and state employees should have been put under the program, increasing the number of participants while allowing our government employed brothers and sisters to live what they implement and/or support.

  104. Interesting . Because prior to the ACA in the Years between 2005 and 2010, ice or my health insurance premium go up here in California from 165 a month to $700 a month! and I also saw an increase in my deductible as well.

  105. "I figure the only ones that like Obamacare either don't have it or get it for free." I pay full freight and fit in neither category. Millions of people are reaping its benefits but also don't fit these artificial criteria. Years before the ACA went into effect, I was paying $1,100 a month for an individual plan and getting less and less for it. I now pay many hundreds less and have a private policy that has met every medical need and expense I have had. Suffering a chronic illness, I am required to visit an expensive specialist at least once a month and undergo expensive testing at least five times a year. But I spend a fraction of that cost in premiums, deductibles and co-pays. And I am so not alone. Why do people pick apart the law's well-known flaws while refusing to look at the far more numerous benefits? All the years and the efforts that have gone into the GOP quest to destroy the Affordable Care Act could have gone toward fixes. The mantra should be: Repair don't Repeal, Repair don't Replace. To destroy the entirety of a landmark law because you don't like it's creator in chief is to ignore the pleas of millions of people whose health and lives have been preserved or restored by it. How far will this administration and a Republican Congress go in their mean-spirited quest for equally mean-spirited votes? Obviously, we're about to see the answer in consequences and it's only going to get much uglier.

  106. I always find situations like yours so perplexing. I'm in my mid-40's, lived in NYC and CA, and I have had to change my doctor and adjust my plans several times. I've always been self-employed and bought my own health insurance. My costs pre-Obamacare for a top-tier plan were between $600 - 700 a month with a 6K deductible. Under Obamacare, they have been around the same or lower because I dropped to a Gold, then a Silver plan. This year the Platinum plans were over $700, I believe. I get no subsidies. Anyways, you are in the same situation as me, except in in Oregon and with a family, and have had a much larger increase. Is the difference that you have a family, that our ages are different, that your state didn't get as involved in the law, has different and more expensive metrics an insurer had to meet - what is it? It's strange.

  107. So having the option of reduced benefits and lower monthly payments will be offset by the tax penalties you have to pay to buy them since they are not ACA compliant. Sounds like a lose-lose situation.

  108. The 'law of the land' has always clearly said that Congress must appropriate funds. That was never done to pay private insurance companies, which is why what Obama did was obviously illegal. President Trump corrected that. A good thing.

  109. The Supreme Court didn't think it was illegal.

  110. The "law of the land" says many things. Since when has Trump cared about that? He has manipulated laws (particularly bankruptcy ones) for his own profit his whole life. It also says that guns are legal. Does that mean, as Trump has said, that he could shoot someone in the street with no consequence?

  111. Supreme Court has not ruled on this.

  112. What tends to be left out of the discussion is that while it is recognized that the healthy may [will] buy into the "skinny" plans, and then the unhealthy's premiums go up because the healthy are out of their plans -- there is an additional penalty on all of us. When the skinny plan fails to cover something, or its covered benefits reach their typically low limits [or doesn't cover the illness], and the formerly perfectly healthy insured now a seriously ill person cannot afford their care any longer, and then has to apply for Medicaid -- which we all pay for as taxpayers. We, taxpayers, now subsidize their health care. Worse, the originally unhealthy person is now paying a higher premium in their ACA plan, and they also get nailed in paying for the "I supported repeal of Obamacare but I exceeded my skinny plan benefits now can you [government] help me?" people in their taxes. Double whammy!

  113. Here's the con, people. And you won't know it until you've screwed yourselves and everyone else with you. This guy isn't content to destroy America, he wants to destroy Americans too, if it will help him undo Obama. What a pathetic wretch.

  114. If this is Trump's answer to "wonderful healthcare for all", folks we are all doomed by a certifiably insane occupant of the White House. You would expect some compassion to the health problems of many of the poorest among us. Unbelievably...........he doesn't care.

  115. If the ACA really is so terrible (which it is not), why is it that so many people and lives depend upon it? Trump cares for nothing except what he perceives as adulation - only about his brand, $$, and more $$$. He certainly wastes ours as though it grows on trees. Talk about a SWAMP!

  116. Trump conning his base; showing he is doing something. All core Trump supporters will cheer and support their President no matter the result. Big nothing burger to get a big cheer. Further, if Trump wants specific changes to law, he could get a sponsor to a bill and get a vote in a short time. I believe the reason he does not is that his base would not be inspired by something approved by Congress (the swamp).

  117. Having left US for Canada decades ago, I’m thankful daily for the foresight to do so. My self, family and colleagues are covered by Canada’s government funded universal health care. No co-pay, no pre-existing exclusions, no lifetime limits ... and no monthly premiums. It’s covered by somewhat higher taxes we pay, and enabled by cost-controls. It’s not perfect, and the well-off and sophisticated still tend to navigate the system better. And because everyone “shares the pie” you might have to wait longer for your slice. And our doctors do well financially. But given the chaos of current US health systems, many Americans would choose Canada’s universal healthcare system in a heartbeat. And it gives our companies, small businesses and self-employed a big competitive advantage in the global marketplace, and helps us continue to attract high skill immigrants.

  118. Until something affects Trump or his family, Trump really could not care less about the consequences of his behavior. Imagine finding yourself in dire need of help with people able to do so who prefer just to stand by and to see what happens to you, out of idle but really disinterested curiosity. Trump is such an onlooker, he just does not care. He made an campaign promise and he knows that his audience will be happy with him if he keeps it and that is the end of Trump's concern.

  119. Not all downside, here. Many Trump voters, after they lose their insurance, will take up residence below ground, thereby surrendering their right to vote. A world with fewer Trump voters is a better world.

  120. Answer to headline... it shows that Trump does not understand the fundamentals of insurance. It also proves that he is not interested in protecting the very people that elected him. Comprehensive health care should not be a privilege to only part of this previously great country.

  121. "Trump's Latest Obamacare Killer Will Cost Uncle Sam $194 Billion" The subsidies clamped by Trump, known as cost-sharing reductions, are paid to insurers, reimbursing them for lowering deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for low-income people. If the funds vanish, insurers will make up for them by boosting the cost of health coverage for everyone... But there are other subsidies in play. More than eight in ten individuals who buy Obamacare plans also get help paying their premiums directly from the federal government. When their premiums climb, so does the cost to the Treasury. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-13/trump-s-latest-obamac...

  122. What happened to his Fantastic & Terrific/Better plan?

  123. Glad to see it repealed. Promise kept. We cannot afford it, it's that simple.

  124. I really don't understand your mindset - the USA is a wealthy country and your President is proposing tax cuts for the richest in your society - yet you feel that heath care for all your citizens is too expensive? The selfishness of such sentiments is breathtaking and inhumane, however, if that has to be explained to you, then I don't think you can be reached.

  125. There was never anything stopping anyone from buying into an association or buying a short term policy. This executive order is totally pointless if people who buy a short term policy or join an association are still subject to the shared responsibility payment (the tax penalty) and it appears as though we will still be on the hook for that regardless. This is really too bad because a lot of people have fallen in between the cracks, not eligible for subsidies but not able to afford a compliant plan either. Even a junk policy is better than no policy.

  126. One small fact people don't think about that is an ACA benefit is the job market. Many semi-retired people vulnerable to financial ruin because of lack of health care insurance/exorbitant costs will compete and take jobs that they may not need if that had coverage without them. The job market is already a nightmare of competition for any half decent job.

  127. This could be classic. Most of the people who screamed the loudest about Obamacare premium increases were NOT those in the exchanges who were getting subsidies, but more well off people especially those who are self-insured (like my friend who owned her own business and retired at age 54 to travel). She can easily afford the premiums but it makes her so mad. These people will be hit hardest but NOW it's Trump who is causing their pain. SO they can't blame Obama anymore and most of them voted for Trump. LOL>

  128. It means he doesn’t like black people especially the educated ones

  129. GOP death panels are alive and well

  130. The USA is the most inexcusably unstable country in the world, full of hot air and bloated egos and pure, unadulterated selfishness. Shame!

  131. Mr. President, Get it right. You are not "letting" Obamacare fail. You are destroying it, chewing up bigger and bigger pieces. MHenceforth, whatever happens to our healthcare system is on you. Trumpcare, here we come.

  132. All of this pain because a good black man's name is associated with a law designed to help more helpless people.

  133. With each passing day, he is becoming the most hated man in America...

  134. If we want to save America from the sheer incompetence and stupidity of Donald’s so-called administration we can do something very concrete: Vote against every Republican on our ballots next year and in 2020.

  135. The President is a spiteful man child. Now I feel better.

  136. And what will now save us from the nightmare of “Trumpcare”?

  137. Mr. Trump is delusional.

  138. 'Trumpcare' is to health insurance and rational delivery and funding of health care services what 'payday lending' is to financial and retirement planning; and as 'Trump University' is to higher education. Psst. Hey buddy. Wanna buy a cut rate 'short term medical insurance policy'? You're gonna love it. Believe me.

  139. Sorry, no dreams no nightmare.

  140. I wish someone could save us from the nightmare that is Donald Trump.

  141. Who or what is going to save us from the nightmare of Trump?

  142. The only problem with Obamacare is that the name includes "Obama" - and it is doubtful Mr. Trump has either the intellect to understand anything about it, or the moral fiber required to care about human beings' lives beyond how those lives affect his personal monetary or political bottom lines. The only thing he wants is to please a base that, like him, cannot stomach a single accomplishment by a black man. 'Base' is certainly the correct term.

  143. Trump tries to scrap Obama care. It's past time to scrap Trump.

  144. The question should be: Can we be saved from the nightmare of Donald Trump?

  145. It is a meaningless statement. Dotard Trump governs in spite, malice, and anti-Americanism. He should be removed from office immediately and launched into the sun.

  146. "American People"= the ultra rich. That who he listens to. Nobody else.

  147. Trump is nothing if not spiteful. He's like a toddler in a tantrum, taking it out on his own toys. Whatever he can't make a deal out of, he will jolly well obliterate, instead. You don't like your predecessor's internationally heralded deal on Iran, destroy it. You don't like your own administrator's advice, cut the floor out from under them. Same with Puerto Rico. Don't wanna pay for hurricane repairs, why not abandon it in destitution. And since he doesn't feel like fixing like the largely successful though flawed Affordable Care Act, he's gonna demolish it instead. It's hard to believe this is a man who made his name by creating things. It's more telling to focus on all his business failures: his defunct airline, bankrupt casinos, dissolving university, flop of football team, flailing hotel/condo projects that had to be fobbed off on outside rescuers. Here we get hints of the healthcare travesty to come.

  148. President Trump is a domestic terrorist. He is arbitrarily inserting chaos into our health care system, into our national security apparatus. - threatening nuclear war, and into our fiscal health. The damage that Trump can and is doing to the American people will cost more lives and cause more chaos than any terror attack. The only upside is if he can scare Republicans into actually trying to help the American people instead of just lining their own pockets.

  149. Won't the surviving victims from the shootings and the hurricanes be part of the "pre-existing" condition pool who will now have to pay more for insurance? Does he care? Thoughts and prayers....

  150. Trump has no duty to bail out the Democratic Party's package of blatant lies, or the ACA's unconstitutional funding structure.

  151. Trump's attitude toward Obamacare is pure jealousy. Trump is no radical. He is just doing what Republicans have always done: cut, cut, cut. It doesn't take much brains to cut. What takes brains is spending four years to get more inclusive healthcare off the ground. Obamacare needs tweaking, not replacing. You see, how the Republicans, including Trump thinks. So easy to be cruel, more fun, a real turn-on. Tweaking is is also hard work. Something short-attention span lawmakers can't intellectually handle. Trump: United we stand divided we fall. Come on people let's get on the ball and work together (Wilbur Harrison) Let's reintroduce Trump to Sinatra and Beatles' music. Something anything

  152. Not a single one of the assumption in this article are accurate or appropriate because this game of chicken with Congress is just beginning and much is still to come. Not very good reporting.

  153. Let's see how people like having no health insurance and how they vote. Same with schools, billionaire tax cuts, no new infrastructure or jobs. If hating Obama and Hillary is still a sufficient trade-off to all of that, then good for them, they can ride that resentment into the grave.

  154. Obama care subsidised ins company's for lowering premiums for low income folks by about $8 billion a yr. Fact is spending bills must originate in the house of reps, not on presidential whims, no matter of intentions. For a constitutional law professor to have decreed taking $8 billion out of the treasury is incomprehensible.

  155. The only people helped by the Trump decisions on health care are those who have always been able to afford health care. The wealthy. The chickens will come to roost for all those who supported Trump and were waiting for the middle class to get a leg up. How naked does the emperor have to get before you believe he’s naked. Those getting cheap catastrophic care plans will go broke paying the balance of that catastrophe. We won’t hear too much about it because the odds suggest only a small percentage will suffer this. But it will be real for them. What kind of America are we living in?

  156. So it seems all the potential damage is to the private sector parts of the ACA, the parts that were Republican ideas in the first place.

  157. Since January 20, the American people have been threatened daily by this President with increasing vigor with proposals and edits and harsh words that promise to make our lives difficult, to say the least. Hope for the future is eroding away under this man. When are the checks and balances going to put a halt to this psychological destruction of the American psyche?