Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’

The powerful Republican senator’s remarks in an interview capped a remarkable day of sulfurous insults between him and the president.

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  1. Don the Bully has this addiction to win. So he creates an enemy to beat o. He did this in Republican primary and then in General election. He beat hillary in election but he has not beaten her personally. So he keeps on harping abuses at her. He created North Korea. He tried to beat up n China but got beaten by an equally smart bully. He is upset about the Alabama election., so he is now after Corker. But Corker has insulated himself by deciding not to run. Donald does not know, has never learned any civilian ways to compete. He learned from his father to use money and "Whiteness" to bully al others. Well FakeDonald, Corker is White and more quaified that you on all counts. And he has integrity, the word you do not know or understand.

  2. Trump had wanted to speak at a Corker reelection campaign rally, and is probably angry that he won't have the chance, since Corker is not running, and lashed out. After seeing what happened to Luther Strange in Alabama, my bet is that candidates will twist themselves in knots trying to prevent Trump from speaking at campaign rallies.

  3. Corker helped create this monster.

  4. We knew this before the election. Who did you vote for, Mr. Corker?

  5. People who didn't see through Trump inside of five minutes never grew up.

  6. Yes! Perfect, simple and to the point.

  7. My thoughts exactly. Thank you!

  8. Senator Corker, you are a true American hero speaking truth to power!!! Please do not retire.

  9. He's retiring to avoid $100 million worth of character assassination funded by people utterly devoid of character themselves.

  10. We need more Republicans who are willing to put country first and get this idiot out of the WH before something truly horrific happens. He's already dividing the country, and damaging our democratic institutions. He's like a bull in a china shop, constantly creating chaos. It's exhausting, frustrating, and infuriating. The Republicans in Congress are blinded. They choose to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to DT's destructive nature, believing he can be "contained", while they impose their radical agenda. Many Germans were fooled by Hitler, and those who weren't convinced themselves he could be managed. Meanwhile, this president has convinced millions of Americans that the NFL is the enemy. He's taken the focus off himself once again by creating another senseless wedge issue that many have fallen for - hook, line, and sinker.

  11. No, we need fewer relublicans overall.

  12. Good for Corker. He's saying what a lot of other Republicans are thinking: Trump is indeed a moron who belongs in an adult day care center. Unfortunately they only have the courage to speak out when they announce their retirement and no longer seek re-election. So yes, Corker got his guts rather late.

  13. We need more people like Corker to stand up to the idiot president. Trump is the worst president to ever grace the steps of the White House. let's hope that republicans start to stand up to him before it's too late

  14. "Mr. Corker, 65, has carved out a reputation over two terms in the Senate as a reliable, but not overly partisan, Republican." --------- So the New York Times suddenly loves who they hate, at least for a microsecond.

  15. I do not see the connection all between your citation and the conclusion you draw from it.

  16. It is time to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. The 25th Amendment could be the vehicle if most Republican members of Congress feel as Senator Corker does. One consideration to their advantage is that an acting President Pence would be amenable to their agenda (which I certainly am not). The danger that Trump poses to the world is so enormous that ghus removal has become essential.

  17. Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution allows for the VP and others enumerated to declare in writing that the President is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office." But the VP and those enumerated owe it to the President and the country to meet with the President first to discuss these matters and try to find a less draconian solution.

  18. I believe Trump needs the consent of Congress to actually wage war. So he can't just nuke Pyongyang without Putin's explicit approval which isn't going to happen. Oh, the Congress, what was I saying?...

  19. Study up because there is NO need for Congress or any committee to confer on the president launching unilateral nuclear strikes against any countty. No declaration of war is required. Just another reason this dangerously unbalanced situation should scare the crap out of all humans. All #45 needs to do is tell the Secret Service guy holding the "football" he needs to see it and the nuke warbirds will fly. He must be removed and so must Pence, who is complicit and now revealed as a complete fraud and thief of taxpayer money. The entire administration should be removed and an emergency declared. To think that a buncb of military men- only men!!- can "control" him 24/7 is ludicrous. No other president in history has needed a bay sitter to prevent nuclear war.

  20. When one can see Trump smiling and winking at the camera when asked about his calm-before-the-storm remark, then we know how delusional his enablers have allowed him to be. Quite!

  21. To be honest, after Bob Corker stated he will not run, Mr. Corker is now an INSIGNIFICANT Republican, not an important Republican. One wonders why the leader of Senate Republicans keeps a person who is stepping down in place in any kind of "leadership" role.

  22. Hardly insignificant. He is there another two years and he can have plenty of influence as chair of foreign relations. I can see you are not a man who would support country over a failing party.

  23. It has come to an immediacy, correct minded republicans need to speak out, then act accordingly. Paul Ryan and Mitch MsConnel do something right.

  24. Finally. I was wondering when we’d see a Republican speak the truth instead of mealy mouthed platitudes and talking points. Will the real GOP please stand up?

  25. As a Democrat, what should I do? Should I hope that the Rs take their sweet time sawing through the axles of the Trump train and thereby deliver the republicans to a mighty train wreck in the next election or, is the risk of a nuclear battlefield by our very own Napoleon such that we should accept a Pence presidency sooner rather than later? Now this is a moral hazard.

  26. Corker had the courage to say what he said about Trump and yet he also says that he does not regret having supported Trump for president. How's that possible? Trump has proven again and again to be a disaster and everyone who supported him for president should be regretting having done so.

  27. Welcome to reality, Mr. Corker. That’s been obvious to a great many of us for months, but most of us aren’t in any position to do anything about it. However, you and your other like-minded colleagues (if there are any), are. I really can’t congratulate you on your “courage.” Trump has run roughshod over this country, its reputation, and its credibility for almost a year now and the prospect of casastrophic war has never seemed closer, thanks to this man’s reckless and dangerous language and leadership. And you’re just now finding the spine to speak out?

  28. Thank you Sen. Corker for effectively kneeling on the Senate floor during the national anthem. We need more in congress who have spine and are willing to resist this foolhardy rush into yet another war.

  29. Mike A wrote (below): "If Trump is actually undermining the strategy and *putting the country at risk* in the eyes of his senior NS, DoD, and DoS advisors then they would walk." I don't agree with your logic. If someone cares about the safety of our country, then they wouldn't walk away from a position of potential power to try to control the mess. Granted, they'd feel frustrated that their boss doesn't listen to them and makes stupid, harmful decisions. But they're not working at a business, where the only harm done is financial, and limited to their former employer. Here, if they walk away, lives are at stake; and they themselves will continue to be affected by the damage done to their own country. Look at Gen Kelly. Why else would he give up doing important work at DHS just to take on the more frustrating (and less real-impact) job of Chief of Staff? Because he's a patriot, who believes it's his duty to do whatever he can to try to control Trump's lunacy. Walking away just because it seems pointless would be similar to a soldier deserting because he/she doesn't believe the war is winnable.

  30. Sen. Corker stated what most others know. That Donald Trump, an extreme narcissist and thus mentally unstable man, is a "clear and present danger" to everyone. With his taunting tweets he has taken us to the very brink of nuclear Armageddon. The mental health community has begun to speak out in a book published last week, "The Dangerous case of Donald Trump," and now members of the Republican political community, like Sen. Corker are also speaking out. The sad and very worrisome truth (and I speak as a mental health professional) is that Mr. Trump needs much more than good men like Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to "calm him down." He needs therapy and they need to invoke the 25th amendment before we find out that "the calm" is "before the storm" that we'll never recover from.

  31. It's nice, even quaint, that a Repubican is concerned about our country. But sad, that this statement is less sarcasm than truth.

  32. I guess leaving office suddenly gives you a moral conscience. Corker is right. Trump is itching for WW3, as Trump thinks that all of his Saber rattling will keep the distractions of war from the Russian investigation. If the Republican Senators actually had a conscience they would be working hard to get rid of the Trump Administration. But it suits their nefarious agenda of Tax reform for corporations and the wealthy, repeal of healthcare for children, the poor and the elderly and the dismantling of all of the consumer protections. And I am sure they have plans to eradicate Social Security and Medicare I would at least expect the Women who serve in the Senate to have protected Women's rights. But even their conscience is questionable.

  33. Clearly, our nation is terribly burdened by the Trump presidency. Chaos and division have reigned supreme. The vast majority of citizens who actually pay attention to the "real" news (and not the fake news from Fox that spews Trump propaganda like raw sewage on a daily basis. Anyone who has been paying any attention at all can clearly recognize Trump's deliberate avoidance of saying anything negative about either Putin or Russia, whereas on the other hand, Trump has had no trouble or hesitancy, from the very beginning of his administration, in insulting our strongest allies. Why has he been so very deferential to Russia while ignoring the needs of the country that he was presumably elected to represent? Why has there been so much chaos and division cultivated by Trump? Could it be that Putin has in his possession a treasure trove of evidence that could end Trump's presidency in a heartbeat? Again, I say, it's blatantly obvious that Trump is bending over backwards to prove to Putin that he will do his level best to give him what he wants...for fear of the consequences? If you do believe the above, and I very much do, (despite the sanctions that have been initiated and imposed by our Congress and NOT our fake president. He had to sign off on those lest he look like an "enabler".) Trump is not putting America first. Ask yourself why. Too many of his decisions have weakened our position around the world. And now a significant majority of Americans don't trust him, either.

  34. I like Bob Corker. I wish he would make it known now that he plans to run for the GOP nomination for president in 2020. I think this would settle things down and give citizens some hope that there is positive change in the works . . . and someone other than the crazy Clintons and berserk Bernie. I think Bob Corker has said what most Republicans are thinking . . . except that the other Republican politicians do not have the guts that Bob Corker has.

  35. I was beginning to think there was a republican left with any courage. Thanks to Bob Corker, there now may be a safe opening for his fellow republicans to speak truth to power. I don't care if they impeach Trump on collusion or on one of his many corrupt business deals, just so they get him out of office so America can be out of harm’s way.

  36. Could? Trump has already set us on the path to war. He's engaging in childish name calling and one-upsmanship with an equally unbalanced leader with an equally large opinion of himself. It's like the two bullies from the second grade facing off, except now they have nuclear weapons and no teacher seems to want to step between them and stop the fight.

  37. Bob Corker, McCain and their likeminded American political leaders have earned gratitude of non Americans for their fearless non partisan checkmating the reckless Trump. Americans ought to understand their country geopolitical reality: "When America sneezes, the world catches cold." We have every reason to feel concerned about the psychological health of US President. Checks and balances of the US ought to ensure the President is one hundred percent mentally healthy. After all he has in his powers to obliterate humanity.

  38. I am also worried about the psychological health of the Republican Congress and Senate They are equally responsible for this recklessness. St any point in time they could use their votes to help their country but they continue to use their power against the best interests of the American public and by extension the interests of our Global allies

  39. at last, some truth from a Republican in Congress about the incompetency and emotional stuntedness of Donald Trump. With 'friends' like this, Trump doesn't need enemies. Waiting for the rest of the spineless Senators to step up.

  40. I don't know why nobody mentions the fact that it is obvious that Trump has never read the U.S. Constitution, the document which he has "sworn" to uphold. He never had the attention for it, like with so many other important things. Therefore, he has abrogated his oath right from the very beginning, and this is grounds for impeachment right there. I have never heard anyone else mention this!

  41. POTUS, over and over again, has shown himself to be little more than a loose cannon. Finally, someone in his own party has spoken truth to the man. The lies emanating from the White Hiuse re Senator Corker underscore how disconnected Trump is from reality. Are there any other Republicans willing to put country before party?

  42. Can't be said enough. My favorite is "adult day care center". So laughable it's sad. God help us through this national nightmare.

  43. What underwhelming political courage Mr. Corker displays. As he leaves the Senate he finally says what he thinks, since he will no longer have to deal with the radicals in his party. What needs to happen is for members of his caucus with similar opinions about Trump to stand in unison to oppose this disaster of a chief executive in the oval office. Political courage left Capitol HIll years ago.

  44. How would this play out had the NYT and other media not chosen to treat tweets as news? It would have deprived Trump of one large megaphone. I did not understand from the start why they gave front page, above-the-fold status to his tweets - especially since they refused to even report on what Sanders was doing of a truly serious nature. Inanity beat out substance, and look where it lead: to the brink of nuclear war with a dangerous child at the controls. Thanks, editors, for your contribution to influence the election. As the saying goes, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

  45. It is well past time to put the American people and our country first rather than the PRIVATE organizations that are Republicans and Democrats.

  46. Thank you Senator Corker, for speaking out against this monster, and for at least trying to encourage other Republican leaders to put the country above politics. So many Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, now fully understand that this man is destroying the United States of America. Courageous leadership is needed to stop this madness. We cannot afford to let this play out. The stakes are way too high.

  47. This exchange reminds me of the Little Rascals movie where Mel Brooks' character says, " If you were my child I'd punish you." And the child says, "If you were my parent I'd punish myself." What Senator Corker is telling the rest of the room is he is the one that is having to be an adult. Too many in his party keep hoping their leader will become what he is elected to do, lead. They need to becomes adults. As soon as they and the newspapers that keep us informed realize that chutzpah is not charisma, we may get the change we need. Tweets are not news, they are drivel broadcast that becomes news. The intelligent end of the planet knows it, so can the majority party. Do your Job. Lead.

  48. All living in states with Republican senators need to deluge their offices with visits,calls, emails and letters to get them to put Country above party and invoke the 25th amendment or impeach. Contact party leaders,and representatives as well. Patrick Henry spoke “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party", or there will be no party, and no nation.

  49. President Pence would be better at the sheep/wolf's clothing right-wing thing. For example, when it comes to things like taxes,we will find ourselves 'in Kansas'. And it was disastrous for Kansas.

  50. Corker has joined McCain & Graham as the few righteous Republicans that make Country rather than Party their priority.Unfortunately, they are too few to make a difference.

  51. And Collins. And Murkoski. These women stood against Trump early on.

  52. Graham? Surely you jest. Puts forth a horrendous bill that would cause suffering and death to millions of Americans. Then declares-- tee hee!!!-- that he has NO IDEA WHAT WAS IN THE BILL . And who knew health care was complicated? He spent a few hours on line grabbing a paragraph here and a clause there never bothering to THINK about the real world.impact. He should be censured, not lauded! Lady Lindsey- time to hang up your horror show and fsde into oblivion, and not a moment too soon!

  53. Comet, I stand by my comment Graham's Priority is our Country, only not your kind of country. He is an outspoken Critic of Trump, but he is still a Republican, & will never approve of Socialized Medicine. Like McCain he is for small Government, and like all Republicans for State Rights. It doesn't make him evil it just makes him a conservative which to liberals is synonymous with evil.If we are ever going to unite our Nation for the common good, we have to respect each other differences & try to compromise on the issues that divide us.Don't expect Corker to vote like a Liberal, he may not like Trump, which is to his credit, but he is first and foremost a Republican.

  54. While it is unbelievable that such a man as Trump could be elected president, you've got to admit that it was bound to happen. Who will we get next? Roy Moore? David Duke? Ronald McDonald? The system is flawed. Why on earth would we give so much power to a single man? It's ludicrous. The office of the president must therefore be reformed. Abolish the one-person presidency and replace it with a new system, one not based on personality. Several fine ideas have been floated. Someone please tell me that we don't really use personality to determine who becomes King of America (because that's just about what the office of the president has become.) No more kings!

  55. It seems like the only Republicans in Congress that will speak out against Donald Trump are those not running for reelection. True patriotic Americans should put their country above their political ambitions. The silent majority of Republican politicians might "pledge allegiance to the flag" but not "for which it stands".

  56. What took Corker so long? Intelligent people understood during the primaries if not before what Trump was all about. Croker's procrastination and that of his colleagues potentially have placed America into a sea of implacable troubles. Not only has America launched a cultural war with itself, we may soon be involved in yet another unilateral war in Korea all compliments of Trump.

  57. I look forward to the day when Trump is shown the exit sign from the people's White House. Clearly, he is not equipped to lead our nation. The only thing that he has brought to the White House and our nation is chaos and division. He's careless about the thoughts and words he chooses to express. Our country's reputation around the world has suffered greatly under Trump. I wish Mueller Godspeed with his investigation. I am confident that in the end, it will convincingly reveal Russian collaboration with the Trump administration in his election.

  58. Republicans should (1) force Trump to resign, based on a combination of 25th amendment and results of Mueller investigation; (2) impose Mitt Romney on Pence; (3) in one month, start impeachment proceedings against despicable Yes-man Pence for treason; (4) end up with Romney as president. This would force a break with the "Christian" Right, neo-Confederates and deplorables, who have been so whipped into action by Putin's clever manipulation. Church leaders (led by Episcopalians, the sane, moderate, responsible, adult Christians) must then vigorously try to get their flocks to (A) love their neighbors as themselves and (B) promote stewardship of God's creation. What's there not to understand?

  59. Senator, I applaud, applaud, applaud your speaking the truth, taking a corageous stand against this travesty of an administration!

  60. Trump's myopic view of the world, his insistence that he is always right and his ignorance concerning history and culture is undermining our national security.His mismanagement of the executive branch is appalling in its disregard for ignoring checks & balances . I wonder if Trump somehow in his subconscious thinks he is still enrolled in that military academy that he was sent to. To think that those who thought that Hillary was a "hawk" would thrust us into foreign mishaps. There is now more than ever a clarion call for those who know how the world works , history and the true cost of war to step up to the plate and constrain and if possible stop Trump from mismanagement of military & foreign affairs. I am glad that Senator Corker is speaking out but who else in the Republican party will do so? Trump's blatant ignorance of the Iran deal and his erratic approach to North Korea could end costing millions of people their life.

  61. Mr. Corker’s support for Trump was noticed during the campaign—Trump has done nothing since his election that has changed his persona. Perhaps it’s Mr. Corker’s “liberation” of not having to face a possible punitive Tennessee electorate that has aided his vision on the dangers of Trump. Senator Corker’s views of Trump add to the volume of disparaging observations—everyone is observing Trump’s unwinding but Wall Street doesn’t share the majority’s vision. The day after Las Vegas, the Dow gained 20+ points. I don’t know how stock market reports reflect American reality, but every news outlet reports the three major markets. With each disturbing Trump tweet, the stock market gains 20 or more points—every day is a new record high. What are the Trump critics missing?

  62. That the stock market does not reflect economics or political reality for most Americans

  63. I have the view that our situation isn't as much about individuals as it is about a general malaise in society. I think we are all regrettably extremely limited as individuals - 70% of the same DNA as a slug, none of us so much as able to make a pencil on our own. It is our functioning together as humanity that makes a difference either for good or bad. Over the centuries we have pulled ourselves up from the depths of violent depravity to some wonderful insights into what allows us to function best as a society. And the societies that work best (Scandinavian countries, Japan, some others in Northern Europe) are characterized by generous treatment for the less fortunate, by policies that ensure some standard of care for everyone, and a generally compassionate approach. Less crime, greater mutual trust, higher educational attainment, etc. Increasingly in North America we are sinking under a tide of mutual disrespect and hostility in our politics, and heartless adherence to "morally pure" positions. We are very sick as a body-politic and Mr. Trump is just a symptom of a huge underlying problem stemming in my view from the accumulated effects of a sick spirituality wedded to materialism (we are rich because we are good and they are poor because they aren't good - we are what we own - buy more, have more to show our greatness) and a general societal loss of respect for the truth (winning is everything) and knowledge (increasingly disrespected). Evolution in reverse. Dark days.

  64. Your observations may be true of the US but not of Canada , we are closer to the Scandinavian countries in supporting our disadvantaged. The US is not North America by itself. nevertheless your points resonate

  65. We are a pale shadow of the countries with good health care - not even covering drugs. I see a great deal of the same problems in Canada as the US. Brad Trost did pretty well in the Conservative Party leadership race AFTER he said that the Calgary crowd that was chanting to have Rachel Notley locked up had the right idea. "Nice Guy" Andrew Sheer says that our government's moves on a carbon tax are nothing but a tax grab - not a difference of view on correct policy but implicitly he is suggesting corrupt dishonesty. So many of the attacks are character based ("nice hair") it makes me cringe even when I agree there is valid criticism to be made. Do you realize over half a million Canadians own property in Florida? We can't easily separate ourselves. We have a LOT in common. And there are huge numbers of Americans I greatly admire even as there are Canadians I wish were as good.

  66. Should be a NY Times pick comment. Yes - the problem is systemic. I'm afraid for the future of the U.S.

  67. I find it hard to believe that Senator Corker didn't know this a year ago. This is not courage. The Senator put party over country. That should not be forgiven.

  68. If there is a discussion about who is telling the truth, there is absolutely no doubt about who is lying and his name is not Corker.

  69. Where are the Democrats who should be echoing Senator Corker? Where are the other Republicans for that matter?

  70. Courage now a days is very tough to come by...Corker is released from close mouthed disease among Republicans because he is not running again. This is not courage. Courage is having a guy like Ryan the House Speaker call out the Trump for what he is...a fraud and a charlatan. Trump wants loyalty almost an oath from his people....that sounds like what Hitler demanded from every member of the military. History always repeats itself and then some. Don't hold your breath!

  71. A little late, Senator Corker. You're one of the reasons this moron is in office, and you must share blame for the harm he's doing.

  72. Its one thing to say Trump is a "moron." It is another thing to say his recklessness may cause World War III.

  73. Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. Dwight D. Eisenhower Trump is increasing spending on the military and cutting help for the needy. I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell. William Tecumseh Sherman Neither Trump nor Tillerson have any military experience I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed. Albert Einstein Trump has, on many occasions shown his fascination with the use of nuclear weapons. Do you believe that Trump would be willing to kill 2/3rds of the world’s population? YouTube “declassified documents expose why 9/11 happened “

  74. Corker “likes” trump? Mmmmm. How can you like someone who is an inveterate liar,a misogynist,a racist,and a traitor? Seriously, Mr Corker?

  75. Thank you, Senator Corker. I only hope that more Republicans can find the courage to call out Trump for his irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric, as well as his asinine tweets.

  76. We may be witnessing the beginning of Trump Phase Two, where GOP leaders grow a shred of courage, say something akin to "Have you no decency sir, at long last, have you no decency?" as was said to McCarthy in 1954, ushering his downfall. Thus, Republicans will emerge from the cesspool of their own making by looking "good." Once the trend grows, one by one, GOP Reps and staff and bloggers will portray themselves as unable to swallow Trumps most recent outrageous antic. They'll be lauded by the public for their conscience, their principles, and enjoy heightened popularity as they quietly get back to work under President Pence, enacting the same level of damage on America's institutions as under Trump, but with more efficiency and without the daily firestorms that need putting out.

  77. So do something about it. Initiate 25th Amendment process and remove Trump from office for gross incompetency. It's pretty obvious to the rest of us that he remains clueless.

  78. President Trump has the psychopathic inability to distinguish between himself and his interests and the country and its interests. He needs to be the center of attention every day, and what he says and does satisfies this craving. It does not reflect rational thinking. What sane person, especially as president, would create a commotion every single day, then ppspend much of the night watching people react and sending out attack tweets? An additional problem is that his VP is almost as creepy, with his 1950s values. Simply impeaching Trump doesn't go far enough in addressing the wrongs done in the 2016 election. If Russia if the presidential election to Trump, then the election should be invalidated. Whether that is possible is for the Supreme Count to decide (with Trump's appointee recusing himself). To deal with the election itself would send a pretty clear message that America remains the greatest country the world has ever known.

  79. What is sad about this is that Congress holds Trumps' leash. It is their job to determine if he leaves or stays. And their culpability for any bad stuff that happens because they did not give it a jerk every now and then. In truth it appears that none of them are fit for high office. I hope the US will survive.

  80. All you Trump voters who will not see this remember as far as foriegn policy goes you elected him and you will be lucky to live through the next three years.

  81. Senator Corker should speak his mind. Given that, he remains a prominent do-nothing republican that has let the government grow to an unmanageable condition, loaded with dishonesty and incompetence. May he have a nice retirement in Tennessee and not on Washington's K street.

  82. Every day in some way Trump reaffirms that he is a vengeful, mendacious, incompetent egomaniac, with a cruel streak a mile wide. But, pardon my canine analogy, it's not the barks that hurt the nation, it's the bites. When it comes to the bites Sen Corker is on the same page as Trump, a faithful member of the GOP pack, global warming, ACA repeal, Paris Accords, DACA.. But hopefully Sen Corker has made it easier for other GOP congressmen to speak their mind, maybe even objecting to some of the the bites.

  83. As a registered democrat since Harry Truman's day, I used to have respect for republican viewpoints, even conceded from time to time that they were right on issues of current interest. No more! Their radical "right" has finally culminated in electing a madman, petulant bratty kid and every derogatory adjective I can think of to the highest office in the land, and could at this point result in another conflagration, another unwinnable war, yet another ugly sight of broken bodies of our youth being sent home in boxes. Ridding us of this worldwide embarrassment is the only remedy I can think of to redeem their present status. Enough!

  84. By many measures, Trump doesn't look good compared to Hillary Clinton, but this is not one of those measures. Hillary, not Trump, is the one who voted to attack Iraq. Hillary, not Trump, is the one who encouraged Obama to jump into Libya with both feet. Hillary, not Trump, is the one who encouraged Obama to go to war in Syria -- and even vowed to declare a no-fly zone over Syria. Repeat: Hillary, not Trump. You may feel Hillary deserves credit rather than blame for her hawkishness, but please don't pretend that she isn't more hawkish. It's entertaining to accuse Trump of doing things that might get us into more stupid wars, but please don't kid yourself -- or at least don't kid others -- that Hillary would have been the safer choice on that score. Hillary would have been much more likely to get us into war. It's not really a close call.

  85. The voters are to blame for this fiasco and this crazy train needs to keep rolling down the tracks. It's a Dr. Phil teachable moment. Next time we will have more adults in the room and the voters won't be so foolhardy.

  86. As John Lennon, who would have been 77 today, said; "No More War" Imagine that.

  87. Senator Corker is a highly respected public servant whose honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. The President of the United States is an ex show business flim flam man, the charlatan who brought us Trump University and the despicable pants on fire accusation that his predecessor in the Presidency was not even a citizen of the United States. Bob Corker. Donald Trump. Who ya gonna believe?

  88. I believe anyone who assures me that Mexico will pay for The Wall......

  89. Hopefully other senators will follow Mr. Corker's lead in REALIZING the exceptional risks of a unhinged POTUS.

  90. Dear Senator Corker, I don't agree with you on a lot, but on this we certainly agree - he's a loose cannon no matter how you look at it.

  91. Senator Corker has elevated his criticism of Trump's behavior since his initial claims in August, which I take as a carefully considered strategy to contain Trump and garner support against Trump. Let us hope that a majority of Republican Senators agree that Trump is a danger due to his incoherent positions on all but his tacit and not so tacit racism and neo-Nazi support. It is astonishing that Trump picks fights with those in a position to support him.

  92. There are many Republicans who see exactly what Mr. Corker sees, but he has the courage to be public. I am in the middle of watching the Vietnam series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Almost a decade of destruction and death continued unabated in part because Robert Macnamara, kept his intense and correct doubts about continuing the war silent. Insane, erratic, ignorant, narcissistic, and racist behavior needs to be called out every day. The potential resulting policies are unpredictable and terrifying.

  93. 'Not all is lost' in American politics it seems. Good news!

  94. Mr Corker’s comments are of course merely acknowledging what is obvious to thoughtful people. And obvious common sense is a rarity in the GOP, making his public comments newsworthy ... but there is common sense abounding elsewhere in the republic ... vote Democratic!

  95. The time has long past to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. We all know he is unfit. Anyone who says, “If we have nuclear weapons, why can't we use them?" is unfit. Please, God, save us from this monster.

  96. Anyone who says that or prints that or recommends that course, has never been in a war - nuclear or otherwise.

  97. Finally, a Republican with a mind of his own. Come on Mitch and Paul, figure it out!

  98. I just wished the Senator Corker's good judgment would have kicked in earlier, around the time when he was a Trump supporter.

  99. Some might say that Corker's comments are coming late - and they are - but this is a case of better late than never. If it stops Trump from scrapping the Iran Nuclear Deal, that would be a good thing. If it emboldens other Republicans to stand up to his nonsense, that would be a bonus.

  100. Almost 3 million more voters knew what Corker is just now getting. It's about time.

  101. It's frustrating that Senator Corker's comments are an "extraordinary rebuke" of Trump. Trump is so obviously unfit to be President, you'd think that sort of realizations would be common by now.

  102. They created the 25th amendment for a reason.

  103. Senator Corker your words are a call for you to stay in the Senate and fight for your country. This is not the time to run away it is the time to fight for your beliefs. Defend us against Trump's man child behavior before people we love die needlessly.

  104. Why don't you encourage other senators of Mr. Trump's party to jump ship? You surely know that what he says is true. The world s shaking in its boots,

  105. Too late and, remarkably, still too little. If Corker had the guts to call for Trump's impeachment, maybe this would be a profile in belated courage. As it is, he can go sit on the garbage pile with the rest of the so-called reasonable Republicans and ineffectually criticize their small-handed Nero's fiddling while the capital burns.

  106. Maybe, but on the other hand Iran and North Korea simply were not scared of Obama and so here we are: Iran spreading its tentacles in the Mideast and even in Latin America through its extensive agent network and North Korea once again testing nuclear bombs and threatening to use them on the US despite 25 years of diplomacy and trying to buy them with food shipments and trade allowances. We also may recall many especially among the progressive Left were sure Ronald Reagan was going to start WWIII, too (remember George Carlin's "Ronald Raygun" routine?) ... with his missile defense shield ideas scientific experts and Democratic politicians were sure would never work, his attacks on Grenada and Libya, arming anti-Sandinista rebels, and hardball stubborn negotiating tactics with the Russians over nuclear arms reduction, including his accidental live mike "We bomb in 15 minutes" quip. Instead the Soviet Union collapsed. Oh, and THAAD, Aegis, David's Sling, and Arrow missile defense systems seem to work just fine.

  107. In the event that Trump unilaterally decides to start WW III, I am hoping the Joint Chiefs have a plan to surround the White House, handcuff Dotard Donald, pick him up by the elbows and escort him from the premises. At that point McConnell and Ryan will join Sen Corker in condemning Trump, claiming they were always working behind the scenes to impeach him.

  108. Impeach him. Remove him BEFORE the investigation into collusion is over and he can pardon the criminals convicted for their roles in the process.

  109. If Trump is happy blowing $250000 of taxpayers' money to send his VP to football game just to have him walk out, allowing Trump to crow on Twitter, the situation is beyond hopeless. Corker sounding off changes nothing. And it's obvious now, if not before, that Pence is no more principled than the great man himself (nor apparently are any members of Congress who have been decidedly quiescent as the country tears itself apart). Meanwhile, millions around the world are left wondering if US bombs will kill them in their beds, for no reason other than a broken American federal government. In Canada people are scratching their heads over what they have done to get the US government to destroy their aeronautics and forestry industries through unprecedented punitive trade measures when the putative enemy was Mexico. Things are well beyond crazy; the damage is mounting at home and abroad.

  110. If we've had it with political correctness, let's say everything like it is about Trump!

  111. I'm astounded that there is a republican who doesn't see the trump administration through rose colored glasses. It's just possible the world can be saved. No, I'm not kidding. Melania is correct. If you say something against trump, he is going to lash out twice as hard. But they are only words, impotent at best. Baby tantrums. Whether it's golf or making believe he's president, trump plays by his own rules as he goes along. Forget about trump's ignorant hard core supporters, who are waning in numbers. Get the democrats back in congress control.

  112. So one of the supposed grown-ups in the room has finally spoken up and called a spade a spade. Great; spot on; what took him so long? And when will he, and the great many other cynical, craven enablers who have failed to even meaningfully speak out, actually remediate the utter catastrophe that is unfolding daily in the White House? The vindictive, incompetent, unstable narcissist with the nuclear football and his incredibly destructive cabinet have to go. It's so obvious now that even a Republican member of Congress can see it.

  113. "The senator views Mr. Trump as given to irresponsible outbursts — a political novice who has failed to make the transition from show business." Ya think? There are things in this world worth fighting and yes, even dying for, but the whim of an inept, incompetent, out of his league commander-in-chief is not one of them. None of us want to die because this buffoon couldn't be muzzled by his caretakers and provoked an attack. His approval ratings are tanking. This is a good time for any Republicans who still retain a sense of responsibility towards this nation to rally and begin the process of getting Trump out, before it's too late and what was unimaginable becomes our reality. They have the majority in both houses, the ball is in their court, and so is the blame for allowing this madman to even get into the White House.

  114. Where was Bob Corker when 9/11 happened and Bush-Cheney's response was to push the PNAC neo-con vision of using a catastrophic event on US soil as excuse to invade Iraq? Where was Bob Corker when Bush-Cheney were talking about nonexistent WMD & the "Axis of Evil"? Bob Corker was Mayor of Chattanooga then but he has been nothing but an Iraq War defender and apologist, in favor of continuing the endless Iraq (and Afghanistan) wars. One can guess the military industrial complex probably loves Bob Corker.

  115. Yes, he certainly seems to want the glory of a wartime president, rather than negotiate with North Korea, as his generals suggest. Kim's original message was to fire missiles near Guam, not target the island, per se, or use nuke. If North Korea really intended to attack America, wouldn't he target San Francisco, Seattle or, perhaps, Honolulu" Trump seems hell-bent on escalating the situation, and his use of terms such as "Missile Man" are high juvenile. What must any interested nations, who might have joined in negations with North Korea, or did join into negotiations with Iran be thinking now? Donald, you've just been fired from "Celebrity President", and so has your whole Regime!

  116. Donald can plunge the country into war all he wants as long as Donald Jr., Eric and Jared all enlist and go first.

  117. A very rare sighting - a republican with a piece of anatomy most do not possess: It is what they call a "backbone" A few other republicans in Washington, DC are reported to have one as well.

  118. 'Ah! Now if only other Republicans would now follow suit.' What a ridiculous thought ... and clear example of the definition of insanity. See now? Collins is reasona.... We knew it! McCain is a real maver... Now Corker will... And on. And on! And on! The Republican party is radical, disciplined, and implacable. I turned my back on them in 1980, and I'm will only consider them again when they show clear evidence, through sustained actions, that they've changed, Their little verbal forays, and token votes against the party bloc, are meaningless.

  119. Well, slap my fanny and call me a turnip! There is a patriotic Republican out there who cares about is nation and humanity in general. Good for you Corker. Now, note to every other Republican: Every moment you don't join this man a call a nut a nut, you own this.

  120. Trump is a LIAR. He is dangerous. He does act like he is in a reality show on tv. Stop this man now before our environment, our education system, our justice system, our global reputation are ALL Destroyed, not to mention our safety from ANOTHER War. Throw Trump out NOW. He is a disgrace to the office of the Presidency. He gets his briefings from FOX and Friends, for God's sake. May God help us to survive this horrible man.

  121. Wow! Think anout what Corker is telling us. The president is a 72 year old infant. Get him a binkie

  122. Adult day care is used for people with dementia or cognitive impairment who cannot be home alone safely. T is not an infant. He is impaired. That is the discussion we need to be having publicly.

  123. If Sen Corker is so concerned about the country he should be talking impeachment. Anything short of that is just the same old Republican hippocracy.

  124. Aiaiaiai.... "And you may ask yourself, 'Well, how did I get here?'".... "Same as it ever was, same as it ever was"

  125. How much longer do we have to wait until this nitwit is impeached?

  126. Democrats need to hire a comedic tweetwriter like Corker's to "punch back harder" when Trump Twitter-punches them. The best comedians are Democrats and they might even work pro-bono for a good cause. Why concede the Twitter turf to Trump when the mainstream media are covering his every juvenile insult as hard news? Get in the game, Dems!

  127. Hey Bob Corker, all of the problems that engulf the Donald Trump administration were completely foreseeable back in 2016 and well before that! Why did you support a mentally-ill narcissist to become the most powerful person on the planet?? Now, you seem to be concerned. Why didn't you put country before party before the elections?? Please don't suggest that Donald has somehow changed because he hasn't in the slightest. Maybe just more drunk with power is all. Now it is up to you and other Republicans in congress to stop your chaotic leader from seriously damaging our country.

  128. Thank you. Was thinking the same!! Corker foisted DJT upon us.

  129. Hey Dems...if you replace "Reagan" for "Trump" have your 1980's foreign policy agenda! That worked out really well for you...

  130. Barack Obama- thoughtful, cautious, capable adult- in charge - "presidential"-surrounded by a staff of professionals. Donald Trump- petulant man/child-needs to be "handled" by babysitters- surrounded by and large by fellow incompetents. Crass, crude, corrupt, inept, just plain stupid. His ill-advised tweets- a real danger to our continued existence. Scares me to death!!! I don't care if he has to by carried out of the Oval Office kicking and screaming- he has to GO. Given the choice between him or us - it should be no contest. Our madman-in-chief is expendable. Washington powers that be- WAKE UP!!!

  131. I miss Barack Obama.

  132. Its wrinkled old career government employees like this one that represent everything that is wrong with America and our congress. Do some real journalism NYT's and find out what lobbyist have this government wonk in their back pocket.

  133. Corker's concluding sentiment echoes my own increasing astonishment that Trump clearly has no idea he's the President of the United States. He insists upon being the same disagreeable, clueless idiot he was before he was elected, and there's no place for that now.

  134. Novice? No , FOOL.this joker thinks he’s running his 2 bit real estate business in a reality tv sow. “ telling like it is” defenders just demonstrate how little they think, much less think critically. There is a reason the world is run with diplomacy as its’ centerpiece: helps to avoid potential conflicts and war. For a joker who is a draft dodger, liar , it still amazresme how little this country sees of this man:the true danger in this country is not this dumb chump, who will arrogantly go diown swinging , but the rendering of the American social fabric in the name of a truly timid weak . “Strong man wanna be. Trump is pathetic. So are those that put him above the nation’s best interests. Theyshould be ashamed of themselves., for they as selfish and self absorbed as he is.

  135. Dire warnings of WWIII mind you!!! Ironically, I've been thinking the same thing. Early in WWII PM Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler just made things worse. Churchill was ridiculed at the time for taking a hard line against Hitler and the nazis. History proved Churchill was right. The dems are now being ridiculed for their warnings, as well. I've been pleading with my Senators Nelson and especially Marco Rubio to be weary of this president. The seriousness of Senator Corkers warnings should be heard loud and clear! This is a prominent tribe member calling out his own. This is real and dire circumstances. We need more members of our government to speak truth to power - past and present. At what point will things tip over the edge? Hoping that things don't get worse or that this man-child doesn't do the unthinkable is not a plan. We have nukes now! Being silent is a form of appeasement and in this context we have history to show us the way forward. Mr. Rubio where is your voice? As Mark Twain said "you're never wrong to do the right thing."

  136. Trump continues to think that he can still get away with shooting people on Fifth Ave. This most detestable of leaders needs to take a knee and admit he is a pure jerk. His continuing presence is a pure and certain danger to our nation's well-being. Trump was campaigning in Greensboro's most upscale neighborhood this weekend. How much did that cost American taxpayers? Yes, the Old South loves their old slave plantation mansions you still find in Irving Park.

  137. Name one administration in the last 100 years that was as chaotic and incompetent as Trump and his. Make it 150 years. I challenge you to name even a close also-ran.

  138. a leading republicon has (belatedly) done the honorable thing to warn the country that donald trump is a threat to our national security. anyone paying attention came to that conclusion months ago. but it's good to see him step up now that he's no longer interested in serving in the senate. is there anyone in washington dc who values the security of the country over his own political standing?

  139. Since becoming president, Trump has waged fights with, bullied, and badmouthed so many people working with or for him. Thus, this latest incident is nothing new, but further reinforces him as an unfit, unethical leader who should have never resided in the White House.

  140. "The left has been saying this since he first began to run!" So have many others, including me. But the only real alternative on offer was Hillary Clinton. Many voters dutifully voted for Hillary Clinton, but some of us didn't think much of her either and so we didn't vote for either of them. Somehow we all missed the memo explaining that it was our "duty" to do so. I continue to be amazed that so many voters were willing simply to accept the lesser of two evils. True, the lesser of two evils is a lesser evil, but a lesser evil is still an evil. If Democratic Party had offered voters a reasonably qualified alternative last time -- rather than some war-mongering mediocrity like Hillary Clinton -- Trump wouldn't be President today. The Democratic Party may blame it on "deplorables" all it likes, but it should accept some responsibility for not offering voters a reasonable alternative.

  141. Never mind the left, any actual conservative with anything resembling honor or ideals has been saying this since he first began to run. Trump is the first troll president, running on a platform of spite and anti-"liberal" and "other" ism. I wasn't thrilled with Hillary either but I consider myself a one issue voter- which is that I like the lack of nuclear apocalypse and WWIII. Tell me with a straight face you're confident right now we're just fine and not headed in that direction and we can have that conversation about the lesser of two evils again when we're sitting on the ash heap that remains.

  142. In the land of cartoonish, glaringly unfit, exceedingly dangerous world leaders, the main difference between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump is that Trump was elected to office.

  143. Translation:"Be afraid. Be very afraid." I think it's time we faced facts. There are roughly 30% of Republicans who will never, ever, admit to not supporting Donald Trump. That number will not waver, unless there is rock-solid evidence that he committed a crime that people actually get sent to prison for, and I'm not talking some white-collar embezzlement scheme. Short of outright felony, that base will always be there. Say what you will about their intelligence, blindness, ignorance or idiocy, they will. Not. Move. Which leaves the rest of us. More than half of this country felt he was not the right choice. That number has only grown since his inauguration. There has not been an increase in his popularity, only a variation in its decrease.

  144. Senator Corker, thank you. Your courage to publicly identify the limitations of the President is patriotic. Hopefully your peers will follow your lead. It is apparent that the President is unable to make the transition from entertainer and businessman to the Presidency. He poses a real danger to national and international stability. McConnell and Ryan have been derelict in their duty to protect our democracy. They are not ignorant men but their public silence is shameful. You Senator, are doing the right thing.

  145. The reluctance of the Republican congress to criticize Mr. Trump -- someone they know is unfit and is on track to being a disaster for our country -- oddly echos the reluctance of Hollywood players to criticize Harvey Weinstein, even after his grotesque history of sexual harassment was revealed. They think they still may be able to use him, or need him, or they want to avoid his wrath. Not a lot of heroes in either camp. But it just takes a few.

  146. So working across the aisle now means moderate Republicans having to work with the crazy for Trump Republicans. I have no doubt this Congress will set the record for the longest period of time with zero legislation passed - and quite frankly - that will be a good thing.

  147. There are too many people who will support Trump as long as he does something for them regardless of what he does to the country. Either he will get them legislative wish lists, tax cuts, channel their racism, their anger, say things they are ashamed to say, or speak to their fears and insecurities. Unfortunately there are too many people in this country like our fearless leader.

  148. There's nothing indisputable in Sen Corker's remarks about the President. The fact that he's only willing to take on Trump after he's decided to not run for another term is not what I would consider as being particularly courageous. Trump's current inability to grasp the enormous complexity of the job along with the threat to the country and world his narcissistic and tyrannical proclivities represent were clearly observable while Trump was a candidate. Corker has yet to admit his earlier mistake in supporting Trump.