Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’

The powerful Republican senator’s remarks in an interview capped a remarkable day of sulfurous insults between him and the president.

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  1. But y’all knew this and gaslighted the rest of America anyway. So impeach him already. For once, when it truly matters, please place country over party.

  2. First things first, get Fox on board

  3. If you are truly worried about WWIII, and if as you say, people you work with daily are aware of the threat our own President poses to the American people, then don't you think it is all of your duty to prevent a horrific, human disaster caused by war? Please - we are all begging you - don't let him destroy us.

  4. I want to ask Trump voters... does threatening mutual destruction "Make America Great Again"?

  5. Senator Corker my new hero!

  6. Read this article to see how Robber Baron and Democracy Destroyer Steve Bannon plans to replace he and 14 other senators up for re-election with rabid people like Roy Moore. Sound the alarm. Send this to your local media and tell them to help you STOP him. NOW! If, that is, you care about democracy in America.

  7. Welcome to the club, Bob.

  8. The club of Trump opponents -- or the club he was in a few weeks ago, the club of senators ready to vote for "Repeal and Remove" the ACA.

  9. Here, here!

  10. Give Donnie a sandbox and a bucket of army men ... and leave foreign policy decisions to the grown-ups.

  11. I dunno. Seems we the people elected Ms. Clinton. A quirk of the negotiations to get the Constitution approved back in the 18th century elected Donald Trump. The Founders didn't entirely trust the people and they must have had their reasons. In this case we're stuck with some joker who has no business being President. Win some, lose some, strike out in the bottom of the ninth some.

  12. AJM: every President in US History from Washington to Obama and Trump, was elected the same darn way -- the Electoral College. This was not news to anyone but some liberals, who think we have a different system (*when it works against their favor). Hillary and her team certainly knew this, and conceded promptly. BTW: the Electoral College can just as easily work in your favor as against it, which is why Democrats have never seriously worked to get rid of it.

  13. It's about time some Republicans start expressing concern publicly about the moron who is our president.

  14. I've always been critical of Muslims not speaking up - by the tens of thousands in the streets - against terrorism. Now the GOP marches with the same silence!

  15. Apparently, for Republicans it is easier to be in denial, than to face a mirror and truthfully admit that they blundered enormously by propping up Trump during the elections.

  16. Expressing concern isn't nearly enough. It's about time that this lunatic is REMOVED FROM OFFICE. When will enough GOP politicians step up to the plate and do what's best for America? We're not talking about winning elections anymore -- we're talking about preventing WW3.

  17. We need more republicans like Corker who are willing to speak truthfully about the current administration, rather then to hold their cards to their chests for the sake of their agenda. Our country, left and right, depend on that now more than ever. Time to stop mumbling amongst yourselves. The world can't hold it's breath much longer.

  18. Out of touch politically is current a common and ridiculous condition. Odd times for sure.

  19. And we need Republicans who are actually willing to do this even if this isn't their last term. And even if it risks their political careers. Sure, Corker is all bold now. Too bad it takes the end of a senate run to prompt it.

  20. No, we don't need more republicans like Corker. We need one Republican willing to complete their condemnation of Trump in no uncertain terms by publicly declaring Trump incompetent to hold office and a clear and present danger against whom impeachment proceeding should immediately commence, "Our nation's preservation depends on it!"

  21. Thank god a prominent Republican has finally said it! It's a shame it took resolving he wouldn't run again to work up the courage to do so, and I can't forget that he was a Trump supporter during the campaign, but to hear a Republican senator speaking truth to the insanity, vanity and inanity of Trump is the sweetest possible sound to these ears.

  22. 'insanity, vanity, and inanity' . Excellent You win the NYT comments today, my friend.

  23. That being said, Mr. Cooker is exactly the right Republican to initiate proceedings to have Trump removed under the provisions of the 25th amendment. If he did, I believe he would have strong support among his peers.

  24. I'm afraid Corker said a corker when he called the White House "adult day care," since the Trumpster is indeed 71 going on 06 years old, and even our enemy understands he is indeed, a dotard: in 17C French and English Restoration Comedy, the dotard's the one who tries to marry young women who only accede for the money, the furs and expensive clothes. Really? How antiquated! How quaint!

  25. Senator Corker is probably right

  26. If I was Senator Corker, I would get extra security 24/7. Trump could order a mugging of Corker.

  27. Sen. Corkerbis one of the few adults in the Republican Party today. We have to wish him well.

  28. Looks like Corker has tossed his hat into the 2020 campaign ring. I don’t agree with him on much, but he is wise to distance himself from Trump. Anyone would be.

  29. Too late. Some of us remember 2016.

  30. It's a shame it takes not having to worry about reelection for a Republican to speak the truth. It seems like money, donors, and reelection are far more important to them these days than the oath they took to uphold the constitution.

  31. Bob Corker is a hypocrite of the first order. He was one of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters in 2016. Now we reap the whirlwind of what Corker and other blind fools sowed—many of whom still remain silent today, putting party and self-interest above country.

  32. Finally, finally happy to hear a Republican speak the truth regarding Mr. Trump.

  33. The Trump charade is crumbling, as it should. The Presidency has been destroyed. Let's hope that's all. Senator Corker has called Trump for what he is: a mad man. We can't afford four years of this insanity.

  34. The SEC of State called him a moron. He never denied it even though all the talking head have attempted to speak for him. Now we have 2 major players admitting to the truth. I watch trump on the screen. His grand pronouncements remind me of a very bad car salesmen, and I have seen many. His speeches, if one can call them that reek of the stupidity of which he has now been accused by the Sec. of State. The trouble is of course lacking common sense, he is the man with the bomb. maybe those around him have set up a block similar to the one put around Nixon during Watergate whereby any command to launch came from others, ( a clearly illegal move but lacking a congress willing to invoke Article 25, a necessary one).

  35. Senator Corker would make a good president.

  36. No, but he would have made the best Secretary of State we could hope for in this administration.

  37. Really? Corker supported Trump until it was safe not to. He's a coward with terrible judgment. I prefer a president who is a very intelligent person with excellent judgement. We just had one. We could have had another. But, no.

  38. I have a feeling that same idea is in Corker's mind right now.

  39. When will the Senate and the House do something about getting this dangerous fool out of the White House? Have they no sense of patriotism left? Or are they actually waiting for apocalypse?

  40. They ( the republicans) are only concerned about the patriotism of the NFL . 45 is a con man and a traitor to this country. Anyone with half an ounce of sense knows he is a moron- we did not need Tillerson to point this out. If these "so called" adults in the room really want to do what is best for the country, they would figure out a way to have both 45 and the useless VP impeached. If they are on their way out anyway- do the right thing by figuring out a way to take them down and realease us from this nightmare. Failing to do so will cement them as complicit in the ruin of the country. Corker and Tillerson- I'm talking to YOU!

  41. Now you think he's crazy!...It a little late, don't you think?

  42. Can we impeach him yet?

  43. Sometimes, only a lame duck can quack the Truth. The Presidential Apprentice is the most deadly danger facing us ALL. Absolutely NO competition. Congratulations.

  44. Which is why we should have term limits.

  45. Term limits are popular with Republicans in because it would make Congress critters even more ignorant, hence more dependent on lobbyists.

  46. This is why I don't understand the Republican Party. They can see the damage that Trump is doing, they know he's dragging this once viable party down into the ditch, and for whatever reason they simply don't care. This cannot go on. This country cannot survive one party's idiotic negligence and narrow-mindedness. If Bob Corker can see this, if other senior party leaders can see this, what are they waiting for? This needs to end, and the only way we can see to it is vote out whatever is left of the GOP in 2018 and return power to the Democrats (assuming they don't screw that up).

  47. The Republican Party cares only about the Republican Party. You confuse them for Americans; they are Republicans. Karl Rove taught them how to monetize the Presidency to financially profit their supporters. Cheap oil leases, no bid contracts, etc. on top of the budget spending to defense contractors, etc. that we see. It's hundreds of billions of dollars that mostly occurs out of sight. Note that when Republicans talk of 'budget cuts' they're not talking about a cut in total spending. Exactly the opposite. The budget is growing dramatically. Follow the money. They will sacrifice the country before they give this up and that is exactly what they are doing. Don't forget, Congress has the Constitutional authority to act. They have made a conscious decision not to do so.

  48. Unfortunately the best the dems have is Bernie, Warren and Booker. None will beat Trump. And the republicans know they have the smaller number of registered voters. so they can’t afford to stand up or risk losing the base that can get them by in their gerrymandered districts. Frankly based on how the republicans have long tolerated the aspects of “trump” that led to someone like him, the dems are just as responsible for trump. Their acquiescence to the far left has rendered them unelectable for the next few cycles. And it’s got nothing to do w racism and hatred of obama. But a whole lot to do w putting the entitled HRC on the ballot. Coker and Kasich 2020.

  49. It might be gerrymandered beyond repair.

  50. NOW you get it? Less than a year ago you and the rest of the feckless GOP embraced him. Your party gerrymandered and intimidated voters to get him in the White House and NOW you figure out that he's a disaster? Who will clean up the mess he's making of our country? Thanks for nothing!

  51. The Democrats will try to clean it up like Obama did after Bush but boy have they made a real mess this time.

  52. Your post should be the NYT's pick. I wonder why it is not.

  53. @MysticMaster, It's interesting to see how many folks are grateful to Corker for speaking out and that's understandable. But I can't shake loose of the facts that Corker has become truly emboldened only after Trump tweeted all over him. And don't forget that Corker was not only a Trump supporter, he was a big fan, a close ally. Add to that his rubber-stamp approval for every cabinet clown (DeVos, Carson, Mnuchin, Zinke, Price, Perdue, Perry) and department head (Pruitt), his multiple votes to repeal ACA, etc. and I personally find it hard to thank Corker for anything. He's done a ton of damage.

  54. Senator Corker is only stating the obvious-- the mad emperor has no clothes. Doesn't mean one can't enjoy a round of golf with him but as leader of the free world with the authority to order a nuclear attack... No. Just no.

  55. Senator Corker, Adult. President Trump, Petulant Child.

  56. What kind of adult hands a petulant child a nuclear arsenal then does not regret doing it?

  57. Trump should model himself after Vito or Michael Corleone and learn - as Tessio said - some things are business. For a man as weak as Trump - everything is personal and that is his single note. A distorted lens of weakness that imperils all of us.

  58. Forget it. They had more brains in their little fingers.....

  59. "He's treating the WH like a reality show and recklessly putting us on the path to WWIII - but I like him and wish him no harm" (paraphrased). "The vast majority of our caucus understands what we're dealing with here." So do something about it repubs...!

  60. Corker, like almost all other Republicans, is immoral, anti-American and cowardly. If Corker were a good American and decent human being, he would be praying for Trump and Pence to be transported to Mars.

  61. No useless praying! He'd push for impeachment.

  62. Those standing in the way of Trump's agenda are very wrongly reading the will of the people. I think that Trump is a very loose and disrespectful man to many people, but his followers are firmly in support of his agenda. The establishment politicians that are firmly against him, are risking their seat in the next election. Regardless of what party affiliation you are, or who you like or dislike, America has spoken that they are tired of the same old tired do nothing mentality that Washington DC is comprised of. We have gone along for a half a century of "compromise" that has rendered America fiscally and morally bankrupt. I predict a very energetic mid-term election, where outsiders will take seats away from these establishment people from both parties. I think it is way past time for us to hold our do-nothing politicians accountable.

  63. No, Jerry, the electoral college and the Russians spoke. The popular vote went to Hillary. I doubt she would have been a do-nothing politician.

  64. I don't think any Trump supporters voted to see Seoul incinerated.

  65. I prefer the old ways of compromise, even if "morally bankrupt." to chaos and nuclear war under Trump.

  66. Oh come on! This is crazy. Impeach Trump now.

  67. Raised in Pennington and I say Impeach him Yesterday!

  68. Impeachment doesn't mean he'll be gone. Much more to the point is to evoke Amendment 25 - incompetence, and that means removal from office. I fear time is running out. We don't have time to wait for Muller to finish with this ever widening investigation. Muller and his crew are buried under mountains of documents, and they take all the time they want to take. In the meantime, everything spins out of control. Trump's removal has become a national emergency. Don't count on the slow churning of bureaucracy to save us.

  69. The 25th DOESN'T remove him from office. It says he isn't capable *at the moment* of performing his duties and puts the VP in his place. He could claim he is, which would require an investigation to defend the move.

  70. “He concerns me,” Mr. Corker added. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.” He says this like it's his idea. The left has been saying this since he first began to run!

  71. I -and others I'm sure- knew that Trump would run the country like his reality show. He'd proven prior to his "election" that he was clueless about government. How anyone could have voted for him after watching the debates is beyond me. He puts down Tillerson's attempts at diplomacy...all he knows is running his family business - and we all know how that is. Trumps way or the highway. He can't entertain a differing point of view from his own. Dotard -in-chief...he makes no sense.

  72. I like what you say, but not making it about 'the left'. Hey, we're the ones who are right!!! I'm clearly on that side too, but that's more of what creates these problems. How about, many many people in the entire country are extremely concerned with this irrational narcissistic man for example. By continually giving this impression that 'we're right and most of them are wrong' it just exacerbates the problem. I have some people in my life who seem to be rational people who voted for Trump, but I just leave it at that.

  73. He is speaking to his fellow Republicans, who, like it or not, are the only ones that have the power to make a difference in what can be done about this man-child.

  74. Thank-you Senator Corker, for "telling it like it is" and speaking truth to power in an attempt to negotiate our freedom from the country being held hostage by a crazy man. We need to exercise ALL our rights to allow our country to regain its character and values, that once were the envy of the world.

  75. Sorry, friend, but the US never had ``character and values`` that were the envy of the world. It had an economy, technology, and military might that were the envy of the world, but the world never envied American racism, bigotry, and ignorance. Let`s quit this nonsense of American Exceptionalism, please, Trump is ample proof that it doesn`t make any sense.

  76. 25th Amendment time

  77. Is this liberal love, tolerance, openness to other viewpoints, and abstinence from hate language? It sounds like It. The very worst of all those qualities that I have heard and read have come from "progressives," without question.

  78. Too little, too late, Sen. Corker. You, along with the rest of the Republican establishment (including virtually every elected rep and senator from my home state of Iowa) “played along to get along” with this monster. And now you’re remorseful that you’ve seen what most rational people could see years ago? Because you couldn’t put country over party and support “that woman,” if for no other reason than to keep a mad toddler away from the nuclear launch codes? I’d say your grandchildren will live to curse your name—but their survival remains to be seen.

  79. Increasingly, the Republicans see their agenda is threatened by Trump...and that Trump is a pathological liar with perhaps judgmental deficiencies. Can "we" say impeachment...

  80. Just the latest former confederate to learn the lesson of the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion will sting even if he needs you to take him across the water. He knows you'll both drown, but can't help doing it because, after all, it's his nature. Today's show-and-tell is sending Pence to a football game just so he can walk out. Tomorrow? War with North Korea for the ratings? Not so far-fetched.

  81. War with North Korea to deflect attention away from Mueller ... I truly fear it.

  82. Good for you, Senator Corker. Nice to hear a bit of truth from a Republican. Will the silence from other GOP Senators and GOP House members be as deafening as I expect it will? Paul Ryan, gleeful in the Rose Garden, celebrating prematurely the repeal of The ACA, what say you? Or are your lips sealed because you think your fantasy tax bill is about to materialize? Mitch, are you happy about being Donald’s punching bag? And Mike Pence, starring in the new reality show, Lap Dog, premiering tonight in Indiana, dreaming of a theocracy, but not Sharia law, just old white holy rolling men, telling the rest of us how to live. I guess when Donald is hauled out of office, you’ll disavow but not until then. Speak up, elected officials. And for every other citizen, get out and VOTE.

  83. Thanks again to the Republican Party for destroying or corrupting almost every institution in the US.

  84. So Corker asserts Trump is lying and that trump lies persistently ( keeps saying things that are not correct ), yet he wont call him unfit for office and still make excuses for him ?

  85. Well said Senator Corker. Work with others in congress to protect the nation from the FAKE PRESIDENT. Thank you.

  86. The first in his party to publicly say "The Emperor Has No Clothes"! What took so long?

  87. Talk is cheap. I know it is hard to go up against the President of your own party, but if Republicans are truly concerned, they need to start voting no.

  88. President Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States and the world. The House has the power to impeach and the Senate to convict him. What could be more of a "high crime or misdemeanor" than recklessly endangering the safety of our citizens and our allies? Stop acting as if we are powerless to stop the madness that we see before our eyes every single day. Better yet, invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him because he is incapable of carrying out his duties sanely. Time is of the essence.

  89. This is the biter bitten. Holy Bob Corker was one of the loyal party-over-country Republicans who climbed onto the Trump bandwagon in 2016 and helped him win, and that must never, should never, be forgotten. Whatever's happened to him now in this childish exchange with the president he did so much to help into office will never excuse his share in the crime. Corker will never be a hero of mine. He's only a coward.

  90. Good to see powerful Republicans standing up to Don-Boy!

  91. Thank you, Senator Corker, for once someone is stating the obvious. If this man who is supposedly President is not stopped, we will be in a war, be broke, have no allies in the world, and will become a pariah of sorts. This madness of 45 needs to stop, where are the others in showing dismay?

  92. Better late than never. Please keep telling it like it is: GOP courage and honor are in short supply.

  93. Perhaps he should have thought about this before giving his enthusiastic endorsement and support to the election of Donald Trump. It was blindingly obvious that Trump as president would be a disaster and threaten the security of us all. Those writing here that Bob Corker is suddenly their hero should remember this. Suggests that you haven't learned from the election campaign.

  94. If only Corker and the rest of the GOP had had the courage to say this months ago. Still, better late than never, I suppose...

  95. If only the troglodytes who voted this guy in had listened to everyone else last year.

  96. It seems that Sen. Corker has come clean about his thoughts on the White House's occupant. Unfortunately, he achieved freedom of conscience only when he decided he was leaving politics. There are so few Republicans who choose to stand up for country rather than follow the party line. As far as I read the Senate's Republicans, there are only a few, including Sen. McCain who is probably terminally ill, who would do so with only a few more who never seem to summon the courage to buck the leadership.

  97. Senator Corker is a brave man to stand up to the president. Corker has standing in Congress and in the Republican Party. His comments weigh seriously in the endless tin box of Twitter and social media. It’s needed that men and women of standing and who have a platform speak out against recklessness, both in words and action, on the part of the president. Trump may believe that his brand of communication and leadership was effective in the past in a world of real estate deals in New York and elsewhere, but the rest of the world does not operate in that way.

  98. I am a frustrated independent and luckily enough wealthy voter. Why are not more speaking out and acting to remove this man from the White House? Republicans will still be fine and will be able to pass their legislation especially if this man is removed from office. Thank you Bob Corker.

  99. Dear GOP, Thanks for pointing out le enfant terrible is sans cullottes and proving what a majority have thought all along: GOP consciences are either absent, impaired or arrive when the status "Lame Duck" has been achieved. At the very least we know at ONE GOP senator has the courage... now let's start on those convictions... Sincerely, Sane America PS Capitalism has this saying you should be aware of: Caveat emptor

  100. More than anything else, it is the utterly gratuitous nature of the President's attack that stands out. He had nothing to gain by it, and, as usual, he surrounded it in a fog of untruths. By doing so, he seemed to prove the very point that Senator Corker was making. This attack is a kind of suicide by Tweet.

  101. it should be obvious to anyone that Corker is going to Primary Trump and become the President in 2020. That wouldn't be such a bad thing as the Democrats are hopeless and Corker is the only remaining hope to save the Republic.

  102. Corker is done. He has nothing to lose. You know what they say about people with nothing to lose...I just hope he goes away quietly...if you know what I mean....

  103. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean. Care to elaborate?

  104. No, I don't understand what you mean. Can we get a hint?

  105. Finally a republican who is speaking the truth we can all see. Senator Toomey, tax cuts won’t be happening if we’re at war. See if you can find your spine and do as Sen Corker. We will remember no matter what you decide.

  106. I was a Republican since I first voted, for Nixon. I left the party when Mr. Trump began winning primaries. Few Republicans spoke out forcefully then and few are speaking out now. At some point, the good of the country and even the planet must come first. This is a moment of truth in the history of the Republican Party. The GOP members of Congress cannot continue to enable Trump and allow his outrageous ignorance and instability to put all people at risk.

  107. I've registered as Republican in the past, though recently as Independent. However, the very fact that the Republican party can support this self-serving, narcissistic, childish ignoramus has really opened my eyes. I realize that many the congressional Democrats place their own self-interest above that of the country, but it's hard to believe that, on the whole, they do so to the extent that would be needed to support a creature as craven as Donald Trump.

  108. It wasn't just the Republicans that put Trump into office, it was also the stay-at-home Democrat voters. They are the ones who didn't vote because they didn't like Hillary Clinton but also were sure that Trump would not get up and win. There was an article in the "Sydney Morning Herald titled" The three things Obama wanted to give America from Australia" The first two you know: Our health system, and Gun control. The third though is compulsory voting. My comment for that article is just as true for this one: "The philosophy behind compulsory voting is that freedom brings responsibility. Those who don't vote are getting a free ride from those who do. In a speech in Dublin in 1790, Irish politician John Philpot Curran said: “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” (A quote often also attributed to Thomas Jefferson)." I strongly suspect that with compulsory voting in the United States, Trump would not have won. There, I've opened a can of worms, but so be it.

  109. Thank you Senator for speaking the truth about 45. Now please have some influence on other R’s. The madness since 1/20/17 must stop!

  110. As they say, words are cheap. Congress, if you care about the integrity of your office and America, you must act. We are waiting.

  111. I just don't understand why we are all paying so dang for "trumped" up day care. Why we should even be in the position to have to do this it is disgusting and degrading for America too be forced to stoop down to his (trump) low. Get him a nanny or two and send him packing back to his sand and legos. I, for one, dread waking up every day knowing he is still causing his famous childish rifts everywhere he goes when he throws temper tantrums the likes of what I see in a two year old.

  112. Any person who lived in New York City during the 1970s and 1980s as I have knew that Trump's presidency was going to be a disaster. Nothing that has happened during this administration in the least bit surprises me. It's actually *worse* than I would have expected.

  113. Indeed, you are correct. The problem is that most of the nation knew little or nothing of the Trump who ran wild, literally, at Studio 54 in the 1980s and whose business dealings led to bankruptcies and an unholy mess in Atlantic City. What other in-coming president has ever had to pay 25 million dollars to make a phony business deal, Trump University, go away? The nation of television viewers got to know him on his own terms and because he bellowed some things with which they appeared to agree or which caused their hearts to flutter, so they closed themselves off to any new information. They knew the guy who yelled out, "You're fired!" and they hated Hillary. Trump is a man utterly untouched by an ounce of humility, a person who wallows in his own self assured greatness, a man boy who cannot learn and who believes, truly, that everything he has ever done in his life is wonderful. Failure is one of the greatest teachers in life but Trump flees from failure and covers it over with lies and half truths as if it never occurred. Those who will not see have blinded themselves to fact. Entranced by the propagandists on Fox News, nothing can penetrate the brains of the utterly convinced.

  114. DrG, I have friends in NYC who told me the same thing, but when I tried to tell people here in Trump Country, I was told that I was wrong, my friends were wrong, and I didn't know what I was talking about. It's hard to underestimate the willful ignorance in this part of the world.

  115. My respect for Bob Corker grows every day. Finally someone with the courage to speak truth to power. He needs fellow senators to join him and soon. This AM at Mass I told a priest I highly respect how dark these times are—darker than I’ve ever known for sure. He agreed and actually spoke on the theme of anxiety in his homily. I feel things are coming to a head. Hopefully Corker can keep speaking out in the hopes someone with brains and guts can invoke the 25th amendment to disable this presidency before he launches the nukes.

  116. None of this is new, or anything the rest of us haven't known literally from the day of the inauguration. The only thing refreshing is that it is finally coming from a Republican. But, as long as Trump is president, the "malevolent toddler" is in a position to seriously damage our country and, perhaps, other countries through his behavior.

  117. I agree with you, and now also wish that Republicans who are planning to run for reelection will speak up too, not just a guy who has already decided to retire. Everyone is so scared of alienating a Trump voter.

  118. We've known it since well before the inauguration -- since the primaries and especially the debates.

  119. Containing this moron is simply not enough. The 'good guys' around the president need to figure out a way to get him out of our harms way.

  120. Many intelligent people voted for this Moron in Chief. Not "Deplorables". Just people who wanted to believe a Con Man.

  121. Too little, too late. (Is anyone supposed to respect or admire the Senator's statements after having helped get this cretin into the highest office in the first place?)

  122. WW III means nukes?

  123. NOW he concerns you Senator Corker?? This unstable behavior is nothing new, he exhibited it all through the primaries and general election. Why just now are you seeing this dangerously ignorant, man-child for what he is?

  124. So you have to be lame duck to be a hero now? You have to be lame duck to speak the truth? Renounce your lame duckness and be a real hero, run for President. I will vote for you.

  125. Impeach Trump or this good cop bad cop routine will result in dead cop.

  126. Thanks, Senator Corker. Pity you didn't speak up sooner.

  127. Sen. Corker should reconsider his decision to leave the Senate. He is a much-needed voice of reason in a body that sorely lacks independent Republicans willing to act as a counterfoil to an erratic and ignorant president.

  128. Thank you Senator Corker for speaking truth to power. I am in a prayer circle that seeks to have the rest of your Republican colleagues to join you in calling out this demented dangerous fool in the White House before we all are blown to bits.

  129. Well, of course Trump is treating this like it's his reality TV show! When someone tells you who they are and what they're about, and they clearly demonstrate by their words and actions who and what they are, you can't play at being surprised! This is what the idiots of this country signed up for, and may they find deep sorrow in their souls over it.

  130. Bob be the Baratheon and cork this asap!

  131. I wonder if the NRA Association Plan will cover gunshot wounds? That could raise premiums, I bet

  132. Wow! McCain AND Corker. The Trump Truth Squad is small but vocal.

  133. The nation is being held hostage by a group of Congresspeople whose self-interests have made them blind to the colossally inept, dishonest, amoral, and mentally ill man they have supported as president. This may finally be changing, and we can only hope it's not too late. If it is, history will remember them as complicit in whatever tragedies occur from this point on.

  134. clothes?

  135. Well, finally,a republican I can agree with on something...anything!

  136. Trump hasn't changed at all since the birther accusations yet Corker supported him during the campaign anyway. Republicans get no sympathy from me as Trump slowly decimates the party.

  137. We already knew this. What this gentleman needs to do is to convey this information to Mr. Trump's constituency in terms which they can understand.

  138. Yes, yes, yes!!

  139. Now it has been said and Senator Corker has fallen on the sword to allow fellow republicans to admit that the president is ill suited to occupy the Oval Office. Further delay in showing him the door will leave the GOP squarely responsible for any and all further misadventures domestically and with regard to foreign policy.

  140. Well, duh. Why does it take the "courage" of an elected representative who will not seek re-election to highlight the obvious? And where have his colleagues, safely cocooned in their co-equal branch of government, been for the past nine months? When will Congress exercise some oversight over our narcissist in chief? If not soon, then, yes, Sen. Corker's apocalyptic vision will happen.

  141. Corker said: "with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation “on the path to World War III.” The rest of this article is superficially rationalizing Trump's WWIII.

  142. That “ majority of our caucus “ will come in handy during Trump’s impeachment proceedings. Providing we survive until then.

  143. Bravo Sen. Corker But could we now get some GOP legislators who actually plan to stay in Congress to step up and be as truthful?

  144. Reminds me of the sports phrase "You can't stop him; you can only hope to contain him." That's what Republicans face with Trump and they are getting throttled in this game.

  145. This pathetic, infantile sociopath is unfit for an office he never intended to hold. Can't we just remove him from office?

  146. Sen. Corker's comments are correct. Trump is a moron, he should never have been allowed to run for POTUS. Trump is incompetent.

  147. Party over country, Republicans?

  148. Let him be the first of many Republicans along with those business leaders who have been way too quiet to call out how dangerous Donald Trump is. This is a Walter Cronkite moment and time for rational people everywhere to put their personal and political agendas aside and stop this dangerous man.

  149. Just about everyone close to Trump state that he is unfit to be our Commander- In-Chief. Will it take WWIII for action finally to be taken to remove this man from power? He undermines every expert, panders to his small base of supporters (who he later disappoints) and yet this madness keeps continuing. We,the people, are living in a world where the wheels on the wagon seem to be in a high spin wobble. It’s one thing after another, day after day, and this individual has access to instruments of mass destruction? He complained that the military isn’t providing him options quick enough, why? Maybe because they know he is unfit to review such information? God help us all.

  150. Will this be enough to urge other GOP Congressmen and women to do something about our unfit So-called president? I'm glad to see Corker's honesty but I'm afraid his colleagues' priorities still are campaign contributions and tax cuts for the rich.

  151. For once I want to believe, cross my fingers for, the domino theory. Come on, GOP, you can do this. Impeach.

  152. One the one hand, for the sake of the world, I hope more Republicans face reality like Corker has. On the other hand, for the sake of the world, I worry about what things Trump might do if his presidency is perched on the edge of the garbage chute. He needs to be managed a bit like Kim Jong Un. Don't back him *too* far into a corner. Give him a way to save face until he's away from those codes.

  153. I would not be surprised in the least if the military has already put in place means to keep his finger from the real button: see the orange one that matches your hair--that's the one that launches the missiles; the red one doesn't do anything.

  154. Hurling insults across the branches of Government controlled by Republicans won't solve the problem and dangers the country faces with POTUS #45. Time to demonstrate courage and responsibility. Invoke article 25 of the US Constitution and proceed with Impeachment.

  155. Article 25 and impeachment are two different things.

  156. Not just 25th Amendment, but then Pence needs to appoint Hillary Clinton VP and step aside for an adult to lead.

  157. This proud liberal’s one fervent wish, hope, and desire is if Senator Corker would see that the Democratic Party is THE place for him. You, sir, don’t belong in the GOP as it is today. It is not the party of America any longer; it is the sickening demented party of Moore, and trump and all the GOP losers who enable them. From my mouth to God’s ears.... and with a whole lot of prayers...on behalf of America.

  158. He would lose his powerful position, because the Democrats are in the minority, so that wouldn't wash.

  159. Thank you Senator Corker for speaking frankly about the threat this president poses for the nation. Now will you please lead the GOP in removing this threat?

  160. Senator these days is a derogatory term.

  161. My imagination kicks in: what if Senator Corker challenged President Trump for nomination at the next Republican Convention?

  162. " the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here,” he said, adding that “of course they understand the volatility that we’re dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road." So where are they, our Congress, those who have sworn allegiance to our nation? Still intent on feathering their own nests?

  163. Trump is a dangerous, very dangerous person to have in the White House. There clearly has to be an alternative to the two political parties but, at least they were holding things together for the moment. All hell could break loose before this is over. What would World War III look like with nuclear weapons in the hands of the adversaries?

  164. But couldn't some "good Republicans" make some big money if war broke out? And wouldn't Wall Street soar? And couldn't the Golfer-in-Chief become the Commander-in-Chief and get some respect from the undecideds in his party? Is war such a bad thing given the Pentagon budget? And the weapons trade? Not to mention that some of the 'leftist' riffraff could save capitalism on the altar of Mars. Come on, isn't this a tad too little a little too late. Trump has a record and a history. Isn't your party getting ready to launch the 2018 election where your goods will once again be on display for the base and the duh!....undecideds.

  165. So, even Republicans are starting to worry openly, at long last. Trump probably has dementia along with his painfully obvious psychological issues. The 25th amendment was written for cases like this. The fastest route is for the cabinet to invoke it, though they'd have to care more about the nation than they do about their temporary power. I'm not holding my breath.

  166. Either Trump goes down, or we ALL do. Period.

  167. This is the sad truth.... Trump will be the last President of the USA as we know it now. Either drastic change will ensue in the post-Trump era or there will be no post-Trump era....

  168. If he takes his kids with him, it will be worth it.

  169. Trump will start WWIII just as the British and the French started WWII, by objecting to intolerable excesses and seizures of territory by countries who want to throw their weight around.

  170. Time to get all on the same page and start seriously thinking in applying the 25th before is too late.

  171. I can't stop thinking of the 46% who didn't vote in the last election. Are they going to vote next year? Do they think the current occupant of the White House is acceptable? What do they want? If they don't vote next year, then truly, they have given up on our political system.

  172. Do you understand how the average American thinks? Hint: not very maturely. Americans are like little infants.

  173. Don't forget that many could not vote because the GOP has found so many ways to suppress votes that tend to go to Democrats.

  174. If it's not time now to start moving on the 25th Amendment, when will it be? What will it take? A mushroom cloud over Tokyo? Senator McConnell needs to start moving before an unthinkable catastrophe occurs.

  175. The 25th ultimately needs Mike "I Ran Away From Those Terrorist Anthem Kneelers By covfefe's Command" Pence to become President (Section 1) or sign off on the process in the first place (Section 4). Either way is not reassuring, given his even worse politics and far shrewder command thereof. I'm not sure which terrifies me more: that Pence would be eager to take the helm of this once-great country, or that he'd be eager to keep unfit covfefe in the White House, come hellish racism and high dementia, just to push the far-right, pro-gun, anti-life, anti-choice, anti-Obama GOP agenda. Better to invalidate and Ctrl+Z the electoral result, a tough goal now that the GOP forced in Thief Justice Gorsuch, and get the whole line of succession out. President Clinton won, after all.

  176. McConnell is devoted to his party. To his country, not so much.

  177. More likely a mushroom cloud over a city on the west coast--or over our bases on Guam.

  178. Speaking truth to power is important but what Trump really needs is an intervention.

  179. What Trump really needs is for the GOP to initiate either Article 25 or Impeachment. Or, force him to resign.

  180. That is a kind way to put it.

  181. This feels very momentous, having someone in power FINALLY say publicly what most people have known for at least a year. Apparently plenty of Republicans have said all this stuff privately, but lacked the honor to do the right thing and go public. I hope this greases the skids, and gets us in the path of correcting this most dangerous situation. Thank you Bob Corker.

  182. So Senator Corker, there was nothing during the campaign that lead you to question the judgment, intelligence and sanity of your compatriot Mr. Trump? All he said and did, all that was revealed about him, were so acceptable to you that you were one of his biggest cheerleaders. And now you cry crocodile tears. Be a big boy, Senator, and apologize to the American people. And then do your penance.

  183. I supported Bob Corker when he first ran for Senator from Tennessee. We have some good friends in common. My wife and I were very impressed with him. Later, I was appalled when his sense of party loyalty led to his enthusiastic endorsement of Trump in 2016. He has now regained my respect. I hope he reverses his decision and runs again in 2018. We need men like him now more than ever. I would not mind him running for President either. God save the American Republic!

  184. Those of you who've watched this GOP dumpster fire for more than a year have seen GOP Sen Corker (and other GOP minions) support Trump - they've all pushed his/their agenda. You've seen them only recently begin to question or criticize Trump. The country is in chaos; governance is a joke. And you'd still think we need "more like him" and you'd vote for him for President? You don't see the connection between a year's GOP nasty work and today's nearly insoluble issues? smh

  185. It sounds like Corker is either running for the Republican nomination for president in 2018 or paving the way for someone he supports, possibly family-friend Bill Haslam, governor of Tennessee?.

  186. 2018 isn't a presidential election year.

  187. A year too late.

  188. It's time for the other Republican senators to stand up and be counted. At one time, their reticence could be counted as loyalty to party. At this time, their reticence is disloyalty to their country.

  189. There's this crazed, rabid dog who's threatening to tear up all the gardens and bite everybody in the neighborhood and who really needs to be put down but, hey, what can I tell you? I like him, anyway.

  190. Trump is not displaying any new behavior here. We saw this in New York for years. He didn't act any different on the campaign trail than he's acting now in White House. If the GOP didn't want him running for the presidency it could have stopped him. The GOP valued power over someone more suited to the presidency. They are getting what they deserve. Unfortunately so are we. Ryan and McConnell won't do anything about him. Nor will Pence. Trump will have to put his figurative finger on the button and start a nuclear war or drive the economy into another depression or worse before the GOP will act. GOP = Greedy Overlords of Power (who don't know how to govern).

  191. “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center." It's amazing that 63 million Americans thought that a Pre-Schooler-In-Chief was the answer to America's complicated problems. Donny Day Care: Trump 2017

  192. Corker is not calling Trump a child. He's calling him senile. He's calling him a person--a "dotard", if you will--who needs watching by people in "shifts" in an adult day-care center (i.e., for people suffering from dementia.) My question is, who is Corker addressing, with these statements? The Cabinet? Is he saying Trump's impairment is increasing to the extent it's now visible to everyone who has personal dealings with him?

  193. More elected officials need to stand up to Trump. Trump is immature, uneducated, unable to understand or even study complicated issues, and is possibly mentally ill. Do we really want World War III or a nuclear war because the president is a sulking child?

  194. "The senator views Mr. Trump as given to irresponsible outbursts ". NYTimes: I don't think it's a matter of how the Senator "views" this anymore. It seems to be an empirical fact that Mr. Trump is irresponsible, child-like and dangerous. A majority of the voters realized this before voting, but I guess it's better late than never for Sen. Corker. At least, he's got the courage to say what the rest of the spineless Republicans (except for McCain and Flake) are too scared to say. Americans should be loyal to American values and ideals (we may not be there but we need to work towards these ideals) and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, not to Donald Trump or any individual. Thank you Senator Corker for being a person of integrity and a decent American.

  195. Senator Corker, If, as you say, the President needs "adult supervision", and could set the nation "on the path toward World War III" - then you have a chance to be a statesman rather than just settling scores. But as long as you dodge the question: "Is Donald Trump unfit for office", you're limiting yourself to being just a politician, even though you are very bright and astute. Donald Trump needs to be removed from office by the 25th amendment, or by being impeached; and you've made that abundantly clear, without being clear. Do you have the guts to say it?

  196. Senator Corker, Any thrill or pride you might feel in speaking truth to power needs to be tempered by a recognition that talk is not enough and the presidential audience is both vacuous and dangerous. The age-old burden of building political coalitions toward particular ends falls on every senator's shoulders. In this case, the duty is to convince your Senate colleagues and your confidants in the White House to engage the 25th amendment's removal procedure. Less than that is self-satisfying ineffectual bluster. Your invocation of the prospective horror of "WWIII" requires follow up, now. Please let your remarks and your station lead to useful action, not just small-bore memoir fortification. Thank you.

  197. Or it could be the military arresting him for treason. Everything Trump has does is toxic to the United States. Trump working with Russia and Putin...

  198. If Corker admitted that Trump is unfit to hold the office of President, it would call his own judgment into question (and it certainly should!), since Corker supported Trump's run for the office.

  199. I can't believe anyone gives credence to anything Trump utters or tweets. Sen. Corker, along with Sen. McCain, are powerful enemies. Given that true conservatives are already creating distance between themselves and Trump, it looks as though he has destroyed his majority in the senate. What a gift to the country.

  200. As a Town and County GOP Committeeman who is also involved in a local Ronald Reagan Republican Club, I can attest to the fact that rank and file conservatives are not distancing themselves from President Trump but rather have warmed to him. There may be a few self appointed conservative intellectuals talking differently, but that is not at all the mainstream sentiment. I can also attest to the fact that rank and file Republicans are quite disgusted and upset with a do nothing Senate Republican majority; and the Senate Republicans have done it to themselves. Calling Corker and McCain "powerful" reflects a D.C. mentality; neither Corker nor McCain can win another election; their time is passing.

  201. With an approval rating at 32%, I find it difficult to accept your argument that Donald Trump has strong support from anywhere outside his base. Certainly Sen. Corker and Sen. McCain have greater support within the senate than Trump, and they are, indeed, powerful enemies.

  202. Unfortunately for us all, JWL, 40% of the American public currently does exactly that. Tthose that buy into his reality-TV presidency are far more dangerous than Trump himself.

  203. Senator Corker's "adult day care" comment is the most spot-on, and funny, remark that anyone has made about Donald Trump. The fact that it is so apt, however is anything but funny in its implications for our nation. If it takes a "tremendous amount of work" by his cabinet members and staff just do keep Trump behaving intermittently reasonably, why is he still President? Does it not follow that his legal removal from office is a matter of urgency, before he blunders us all into catastrophe, nuclear or otherwise? Just for starters all these Republican senators who Senator Corker tells us know full well that he is unfit, need to publicly urge his resignation, emphatically and in significant numbers. If they fail to do so and disaster ensues what will they tell our children and grandchildren?

  204. There won't be any children & grandchildren, if disaster ensues because of Comrade Trump. What are you THINKING? We'll ALL be in ashes.

  205. If "disaster ensues, what will they tell their children and grandchildren?" A better question is will we even HAVE any children or grandchildren? My daughter and grandchildren live in South Korea. Every day, for way too long, has been an existential crisis for me. I can barely breathe. I speak to my daughter once a week; last time I signed off with "I hope you're still alive next week". She said it back to me. What on earth?! Please, please, why are our institutions not fulfilling their duties? The 25th is there for a reason! I cannot bear this agony. My country is betraying and my cherished ones.

  206. His legal removal will occur when enough Republicans in both the House and the Senate are willing to support a bill of impeachment and vote for conviction. At some point, Republicans, both of moderate and more conservative stripe, have to take their Senate Foreign Relations chairman at his word: the man is playing reality-TV with international politics and the danger he presents does distinguish by political affiliation.

  207. While Bob Corker was wrong to support Trump in 2016, at least he has had the sense to call him out, finally. He probably declined to run again so he could primary Trump. But whatever his reasoning and no matter how late, he has done the right thing. He has said that the emperor has no clothes. As much as the current Republican party saddens me, our system requires two viable functioning parties. I hope that Corker inspires his lily-livered colleagues to stand up to this frightening dangerous man.

  208. Can we make that "more than two viable functioning parties" ?

  209. I exposed a Trump supporter while in a VA hospital last Friday. Several of us were speaking when the man says "I voted for Trump" and initially I thought he was going to lament his vote but no. Me and the others were talking about The Clown's trying to move the nation backwards and his wholly inability to do the job. I than said that Trump is destroying American values. At that the Trump supporter said "illegal immigration is against the law." He said that like he was pleased at that, he said nothing about us becoming undependable as a ally and causing national embarrassment. Rather than continue I remarked that I had no more words for him and left.

  210. True that, Liz. I have one-and-a-half quibbles: Our system requires at least one functioning political party, as we have now with the Democratic Party, however weakened by decades of Republican Party political assassination conduct. Our democracy has been hamstrung for decades by both parties' rigging the political system for their own ends. But how many Americans now say they are not members of either party—40 percent? 50? Our democracy needs at least one viable functioning party, but it would be much better off with three, or four, or five. But the Republican Party shouldn't be one of them. The party belongs in the ash heap of history.

  211. Corker should either remain silent or resign from the Senate. His continual public criticism of the President does not serve the Country well. This should be a time of unity, not division in our foreign policy. The American voters elected Trump, not Corker, to be President and architect of US foreign policy.

  212. But we didn't really elect him, though, did we....

  213. My guess, he and McCain have got the go ahead to start going after Trump publicly so they can start the process of putting Pence in the Oval Office. They aren't doing this on their own. The GOP pick people that have nothing to lose and have them start yelling, The King is wearing no clothes.

  214. And therein you demonstrate a total lack of understanding of constitutional government as given to us by our beloved founding fathers. Trump is a loud mouth egomaniac who would commit thousands of American soldiers to death and injury to prove how tough he is. He is no president. He has the title. That's all. No one elected him to do what he is doing. He lost the vote by a wide margin, and has minimal support for his policies.

  215. It has taken Senator Corker a long time to realize what many of us have known for at least two years now -- that Donald Trump is utterly unfit for the office of the presidency. Now, can his cabinet step up to the plate and exercise their 25th amendment rights and remove this dangerous fool from office post haste?

  216. What does it take to impeach this paranoid, narcissistic, who drivin "Reality " personality? He is nothing more than a snake oil salesman. My stomach churns every time he says " maybe " or "we'll see". What will it take to bring him down?

  217. This is the kind of language that a diplomatic person uses about a raving lunatic - anybody else would say that he is one of the most dangerous personalities ever to occupy the White House, and this country is being held hostage, like it's being held hostage by the NRA. If I die now, it won't be a life cut short by much, as I'm ready to die now.

  218. Republicans are going to wait until a catastrophe occurs, due to Trumps foreign policy methods. Then we can all commiserate how we saw it coming, knew it would happen. Shame on all of you silent republicans. You will not be heroes when you finally take actions after the fact. You will be co-conspirators.

  219. More than six months before Trump was elected, I told my friends that Trump was mentally ill AND that he would start WWIII. I'm not super intelligent -- and I knew it way back then. Where was the Republican party and the rest of Congress back then? Don't tell me they didn't know long before Trump ever got elected. Where have they been all along? When our Senators and Reps come up for election, we need to remember this.