Chastened, Tom Price Tries to Deflect Anger Over Chartered Flights

President Trump let it be known that paying back his travel costs as repentance was no guarantee that Mr. Price would keep his job.

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  1. Price: these chartered flights "raised concerns"!!! Yeah, how about stealing from the Treasury, that's a concern.

  2. How can you complain about Price? He is just taking his clues from his boss.

  3. Nate, "raised concerns." That's all you'll get. They'll continue to embezzle as long as we raise concerns and nothing else.

  4. I suppose public shaming helps but this does not absolve Price from being a freeloader, fleecing the government, and an idiot to boot. Can't wait for the pretender in the white house to be ousted and his velcro to go.

  5. Price never should've abused the privilege of his office to use these funds for personal travel, and as well never should've been added to the cabinet. Hopefully he'll be under the microscope from now on. Kudos to the mainstream media on this one!

  6. I notice Price didn't say "I apologize for wasting the taxpayers' money; it was wrong." No, he regrets "the concerns this has raised...". Why can't politicians learn to say "I'm at fault and I'm sorry for the wrong I did"?

  7. Please tell me you're not waiting for a show of accountability from ANYONE in the Trump administration. The problem is with the guy at the top. He basically just placed his dishonest corrupt clones in his cabinet. None will be accountable and you know red state voters will never hold a republican accountable for any of this. We are at the mercy of stupid people in this country. This is the era of Trump.

  8. Because they are morally bankrupt. Disgusting.

  9. "I'm sorry you got offended"...that's how they apologize. Disgusting.

  10. Thank goodness he can afford to pay reimbursement, using the wealth he's amassed from insider trading.

  11. And with the new Trump-approved tax plan in the works, we get ever closer to the Republican dream of a government of, by and for the 1%. So glad Price can afford to reimburse . . . wonder how he'll write it off on his tax return?

  12. THAT deduction, unlike state and local taxes, will no doubt be preserved in the Trump 'war on the middle class and poor' tax plan.

  13. He (or she) will pay us back if we catch him/her - is that what we expect of cabinet officials? If we really want to send 'em a message, we should consider a criminal prosecution, and make the paying back part of the settlement. Is there any evidence that Price intended to pay us back all along, even if he did not get caught? Probably not, or he or his lawyers would have shown us the memo to the accounting department asking them to bill him.

  14. “I regret the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars,” Mr. Price said in a statement relayed through a spokeswoman. Another non-apology apology. Note that he doesn't regret his own mis-use of taxpayer dollars, only the concerns that were raised.

  15. "I regret getting caught." Isn't that pretty much all they ever say?

  16. He's sorry he got caught.

  17. “I regret the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars,” Mr. Price said in a statement relayed through a spokeswoman. How about the fact that he's only sorry because he was caught at it? He's a rich man. If he doesn't want to ride on the same planes the rest of us ride on he shouldn't be working in government. He's not the president and he doesn't require any special protection. The money he spent on charter planes could have funded at least one research grant for a year. That may sound like it's nothing but to the people who rely on government money to do the basic research pharmaceutical companies don't do that money can make or break a career, further our understanding of the galaxy, how our bodies work, or something else equally important. That money could pay for an entire year of treatment for certain illnesses, help build affordable housing units for some of us, fund someone's medical education, or, gasp, even be used to lay in a supply of certain vaccines to be distributed to the public if necessary. I guess Price didn't consider the price of research over his comfort while traveling. At least we know what's more important to him, to Mnuchin, to Pruitt, and the others: their comfort and enrichment through our hard earned money, some of which goes to their salaries and the departments/agencies they are supposed to head and run for our benefit rather than their enrichment.

  18. This is the main point and thank you for posting your comment. h Had he not been caught he wouldn't have paid. He was very careful to say " my seat" so his reimbursement is not for the whole tab. It's not an airline. You don't pay per seat. Tip of the iceberg kind of thing in the Trump White House.

  19. hen3ry, what do the valid points you make have to do with the current crop of swamp creatures (cesspool creatures?) putting food in their families mouths? They work in government solely because we allow them their extortion. Trump and the GOP: gorging on the public trough as a perk for shilling for oligarchs.

  20. Let's see if he really does it. I want to see the checks to pay for it.

  21. I want to see the checks, and I want to see the cancelled checks too.

  22. Isn't he paying only 52k when the charter price for the jets was 400k? That's not enough. He needs to pay the entire amount, not just his seat as he is wholly responsible for this boondoggle.

  23. Yes, jamie, and what about the $500,000 military flights? Of course, we peons are just supposed to shut up and pay our taxes. I'll keep paying mine to pay for people like Mr. Mueller and all those who are trying to save OUR governments from the Robber Barons. They are our front line of defense and I salute every single person who is informing the press and public of what is really going on. WE THE PEOPLE - all of us - must save The United States of America. Start with getting your money off the craps tables they call the "markets". Put your 401K money into IRA's in your local bank and/or credit union or into U.S. Treasuries through your broker. Neither one will cost you a cent to administer and you won't lose a dime. Then boycott twitter and all social media for one month starting today. WE must end their reign of terror and WE control taxpayer, 401K and consumer dollars - the only thing they care about.

  24. As to be expected, Mr. Price doesn't get it - mostly due to willful ignorance coupled with an extra helping of arrogance I suspect. It is a much bigger deal that Mr. Price thought it was OK to do this, than the loss of money from the treasury. At best, it calls into question his motives and priorities. More realistically, it brings a reoccurring trend of greed, poor judgement, and failure to put his duties and obligations to the public over his personal convenience and ego back into the spotlight.

  25. I believe there were questions years back, when Price was a Congressman, of Price trading on securities he was working on legislatively. Wonder what happened there. I would not bet the bank or real punishment.

  26. He still needs to be fired on the grounds of moral and ethical turpitude. How can taxpayers and voters trust a man of this caliber to do the right thing in the future. The President needs to give him the "Your Fired" gesture.

  27. So, if a manager stole $400,000 from his employer, and (after getting caught) said he regretted it and would repay it, would he keep his job and not be prosecuted? At the very least, Trump should fire this bad Apprentice

  28. His seat? He chartered the flight! Pay up price. How can a secretary of health make judgement for millions of Americans when he can't figure out the cost of his absurdity? This IS trumps swamping taxpayers.

  29. Price and Trump reacted identically. Neither of them were bothered by the loss to the taxpayers, only the impact publicity about it would have on their respective reputations.

  30. Notice how he said that he would "pay for his seat" on these flights, not the price of the chartered plane. I'm guessing there's a big difference there. Just sayin'.

  31. Secretary Price should clarify that he will be reimbursing the government for the entire cost it paid for the charters, not simply the cost of "my seat." The plane only flew because the secretary chartered it, and if others accompanied him on the flights, the entire cost of the charter should be reimbursed. It's not clear that Secretary Price has agreed to do this, but only that he's agreed to pay for "my seat" and "my travel" on the flights he chartered.

  32. Yet another example of the utter hypocrisy behind the statement 'draining the swamp'. Trump and his cabinet are there to amass as much power and wealth at the expense of the U.S. citizenry as possible. I'm just shocked that more people don't see it.

  33. He is not reimbursing the taxpayers for the cost of travel. He is writing a check for $50,000, likely what his seat in business or first class might have added up to. That leaves $350,000 of the actual cost unreimbursed; tax payer dollars squandered, misused, and embezzled?

  34. He should pay the whole amount and try to collect / recover as much as possible from other passengers on the luxury charter . One of the new residents of the "Swamp" . He should be fired.

  35. $350,000 = 3.5MM dimes. See? Not 'a' dime!

  36. “I regret the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars..." Translation: Mr. Price is sorry that he took heat, not for the act itself.

  37. “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes.” I think he should pay it from his brokerage account with some of the millions he made from insider trading on medical stocks while serving on a House Committee overseeing healthcare companies. Otherwise, he's just paying it with a taxpayer funded government salary. Just another day for this administration.

  38. Sec. Price should present two documents to President Trump. A certified check, a personal check doesn't cut it, and his resignation. President Trump should accept nothing less.

  39. “I regret the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars,” Mr. Price said in a statement relayed through a spokeswoman." So he doesn't regret that he did it, he regrets that concerns were raised and that he was called on it. And the only reason he's paying for the flights himself is because it turned into a damaging political story line for trump and reflected badly on trump. It's so comforting to know that our leaders are concerned about us, the citizens that they were elected or appointed to serve.

  40. Politicians and public employees are under the impression that tax money is play money. That's one reason Trump and other populist are gaining support. The swamp is pulling the people down under. To the barricades!

  41. "Mr. Trump, who is known to dislike appearances of financial waste..." That is, unless the waste is for his innumerable trips to Mar-A-Lago. Or the cost to New York City for securing Trump Tower. Or any of Trump's other wasteful habits. But he chews out other people without acknowledging his own fleecing.

  42. ...or the cost of the Trump brand water bottles on the conference tables in the White House.

  43. “Today, I will write a personal check to the U.S. Treasury for the expenses of my travel on private charter planes,” he said in the statement. “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes.” Dodgy Dr. Price; taxpayers won't pay for "MY SEAT". The American taxpayers will pick up the tab for the cost of the flights minus the cost of a single seat.

  44. My thoughts exactly: "How about the fact that he's only sorry because he was caught at it?" Either Price spent taxpayer dollars on private flights or he didn't. If he didn't, he has nothing to apologize for, much less to write any checks for. On the other hand, if he did, no apology or check-writing will undo it: He should be fired, or resign. I'm always skeptical when some official claims his apparently-private activities were actually job-related. But Price isn't even claiming that. As best I can tell, he's admitting he used taxpayer dollars for personal expenses, and apparently feels it's sufficient for him simply to pay back what he was caught stealing. I'm very much disappointed in this clown. Either he should deny wrongdoing (which he hasn't so far), or he should resign. Not today, perhaps -- tomorrow morning would be early enough.

  45. As a federal employee who has done government travel, the rules are abundantly clear and every effort is made to keep costs down. As a taxpayer, I understand the obvious need to be frugal with government funds. Not so Mr Price. The fox is in the hen house. Why does he make it sound like like he’s doing Americans a favor that we don’t have to pay a dime for his personal travel? Why doesn’t he simply apologize instead of acting so arrogant? He deserves to be let go. He does not accept that he’s in public service. He is not fit for the job.

  46.'s Rachana Pradhan points out that "It's unclear how much Price will pay to the U.S. Treasury, but it is likely for just a fraction of the total costs of the flights. Price's statement referred to paying for “my seat" and did not address the cost of staff and security officials that accompanied him."

  47. Those who fight against entitlements for the average American often seem the most lavishly self-entitled.

  48. After doing such a brilliant job on health care reform that attempted to steal funds for those needing health insurance to those wealthy like Mr. Price, HHS Secretary Tom Price is offering to pay his back for his theft for traveling in chartered jets. Let's hope our Apprentice President utters the magic words, "You're fired!" Dr. Price was revealed as being corrupt while using his position in Congress to personally profit, we don't need to allow him to continue this behavior as a member of the cabinet. Didn't he realize that's reserved for the president himself.

  49. This is factually incorrect. He is not reimbursing the cost of the charters, just the cost for "his seat," which presumably is the cost of the flight divided by the number of seats on the plane. This is utterly ridiculous, as: (1) the charters would not have been taken at all but for his direction and plans; and (2) you can't charter a plane by the seat. You have to charter the whole plane, and it doesn't change the price if you fill all the seats or just one.

  50. There are fractional private planes like NetJets, but he did not use any of those companies. Pay the full bill.

  51. If this is the case, and he does not pay the entire cost of the charter, he should be criminally charged, forced to reimburse American taxpayers and summarily fired. The same goes for Mnuchin and any other entitled oligarch that Trump, INCLUDING TRUMP, has appointed. How many millions has it cost us to fly the Dotard-in-Chief to play more golf than any other President in history (on his own courses) - and it continues.

  52. Duh, DGR, what does anything have to do with anything when the public response is a collective yawn? We are a nation of chumps as long as the GOP and their golden boy, Trump and his fellow swamp creatures (cesspool creatures?) are allowed to get away with their shenanigans. We gave our government away.

  53. Price is reported to have said: "The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes." The key word is "seat"--he is not saying he'll reimburse entire cost of plane. From "An HHS spokesperson later told TPM in an email that “Secretary Price will write a personal check to the US Treasury for $51,887.31. The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for his seats on charter planes.”" Again with careful use of the word "seats"...and the dollar amount quoted for Price's so-called reimbursement is about 1/7 of the total bill to taxpayers of about $400,000, per Politico via TPM. They must really think we're stupid that we will be placated by the "won't pay dime" lie so craftily concealed in their carefully worded statement. In fact, we'll be on the hook for 87% of the expense!

  54. As an university professor, I spent two years working as a program manager for the Department of Energy on an agency-university agreement. (BTW, I recommend this stint to other professors to learn how sausage is really made in DC. It will help you and your colleagues when you return.) When I visited the DOE laboratories or went to represent DOE at conferences, the airline that had won the annual contract was the only one I could fly on, unless it did not fly to my destination (that never happened). The connections were not optimal, but it minimized the cost to the government. I recommend this practice to the Cabinet officers.

  55. Right. Notice how easily the ACTUAL cost to tax payers - $400,000 - which Price is NOT paying, got lost in news of his fractional payment. Reimbursement it is not.

  56. When I see a receipt I'll believe it.

  57. He should be paying us back with interest and ALSO resigning in shame. Not writing a check and going on with his day as if he did nothing wrong. Talk about deplorable.

  58. "I regret the concerns this has raised...?" Is that supposed to be an apology for ripping off the taxpayers. He doesn't regret what he did, only the fact that it caused concern. In that case, I regret the concerns you might have on the day you're fired Tommy, but that's all I will regret.

  59. Can't believe theses people want the government to pay their way. I'm not wealthy but aways pay my way. Seems as if we have a bunch of "Freddie FreeLoaders" in Washington now.

  60. If most people stole that much from their employer, they would be fired, and maybe prosecuted.

  61. Price says he’ll pay for “my seat”. Did he have an entourage that the taxpayers will treat?

  62. The swamp indeed. And the other cabinet members? Impeachment can't come soon enough.

  63. Price writes: “Today, I will write a personal check to the U.S. Treasury for the expenses of my travel on private charter planes." What about the costs of his staff? This reads that he will reimburse the Treasury only for his seat on those planes.

  64. Paying for his "seat" is not the same as reimbursing the cost of the flights. It's the difference between $25-$50K and the full $400K cost. He should be paying the latter, because the charter flights wouldn't have even taken off if he hadn't chartered them in he first place! It makes no difference that there were other people on the plane, especially if they were just hitching a ride! What a hypocrite! This is the same man who wants to cut Medicaid support for poor people!

  65. According to NPR, Tom Price is going to pay $52,000 for the more than $400,000 in private jet flights he has taken since joining the Cabinet. Either that reporting is inaccurate, or Price's statement that “the taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes” is false. In any event, another so-called fiscal conservative, who wants to shrink the size of government had no problem greedily enjoying the unwarranted perks of office, apparently without question. It would seem that government spending is only wrong when it's spending on other people.

  66. Well, I guess, that takes care of that. Nothing more will happen to him, or to Pruitt or Mnuchin. There's a precedent- Sessions. They're loyalists, something that is vastly more important than integrity, ethics and accountability. Swamp creatures all!

  67. Mr Price regrets "“the concerns this has raised regarding the use of taxpayer dollars,” but doesn't say whether he regrets the lack of judgment and sense of entitlement that led him to charter the planes in the first place.

  68. He regrets "the concerns this has raised." That's a non-apology apology.

  69. Despicable abuse of public funds/trust/power by the Trump administration. Lame, insincere response. Rinse and repeat.

  70. The "real American people" includes his son, but nobody in Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia within reach of car or train.

  71. Just hoping for clarification: NPR is saying Price will pay $52,000 of his $400,000 tab. This article quotes him as saying, "The taxpayers won't pay a dime for my sear on those planes." Which is it?

  72. And he got that money through manipulative insider stock deals. No, no no, I'm wrong. He saved. He's got a little tin box that a little tin key unlocks.

  73. “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes.” I think Price may still be misleading us. For example, “his seat” may have been a fraction of the price of the private charter flight. I trust the NYT, WaPo or Politico will be asking to see a copy of the checks.

  74. Part 1: Translate: "Oh dear, I got caught. I'll replace all the cookies I took from the jar." Part 2: "In the past 24 hours, the president has told at least one person close to him that he would still reserve the right to fire Mr. Price even after the payback if new revelations came to light that reflected badly on Mr. Trump." Surprise! There's only a problem if it makes Mr. Trump look bad.

  75. So when Trump was vetting Price, he was unaware of how unethical the man could be. Didn't Price make several hundred thousand in an unscrupulous stock deal? I guess Price's biggest sin is he got caught.

  76. "OK, I'll give the candy bars back--sorry I stole them. Can I go now?" That, essentially, is what Price is saying, and it should work as well with him as it does a common shoplifter. Trump needs to set an example and a tone that's different from the examples and tones he has set so far and fire this clown.

  77. Caught in the act? No problem. Just buy your way out and hope they don't catch you next time. Ethics? What about them?

  78. this is big dollars for the 99% but no nothing next to trump's personal expenses that we pay and much of that money goes into trump's pocket. lock him up!

  79. I'd much rather having him flying around the world on private jets paid for my taxes than having him in Washington doing his job.

  80. This is typical of a republican really. They think of themselves as above the rest of us. Like royalty might think. It should not be unexpected for the party of greed that they would live out these rich person fantasies. There isn't a single one of them that wouldn't do the same. It all about the money, and it has to be, because they lack normal human emotions. Those things that allow the rest of us to enjoy life even as we are not the richest people. We want more of life, and they just want more money. Sad.

  81. I'd be happy to pay for one-way ticket.

  82. Mr. Price said he would reimburse the cost of his seats. That may be much less than the full cost to charter planes. Someone needs to be vigilant about his check-writing. In that same vein, where is Mr. Trump's donation for hurricane relief? Crickets. And it is rich (pun intended) that Mr. Trump is whining about Price's wastrel ways. Who is regularly boarding Air Force 1 for golfing weekends at Trump properties that are paid for his patronage (or at least the expenses of his Secret Service posse) with taxpayer dollars?

  83. Let me be the first to state the obvious and opine that our Republican president can take a page from his own book, i.e., he can pay back all the money he's stolen from the taxpayers through his frivolous, greedy spending on trips to Mar-a-Lago, etc. Better yet, he can threaten to fire himself, then make good on the threat. Come to think of it, a combination repayment/self-firing would be the best possible move.

  84. Only when the American people fire him and his enables, the GOP, in 2018 and 2020.

  85. Tom Price doesn't regret anything. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. A check would be nice (and let's have proof once this happens) but an accompanying resignation letter would be even nicer.

  86. Reimburse for the whole charter, not just "his seat", that's not how it works. Shared responsibility where everyone pays for just their seat is called "commercial".

  87. Price says he will pay for “my seat.” Did he have an entourage that the taxpayers will treat?

  88. He sure did and we sure will unless he ponies up the other $348K. You think that's gonna happen?

  89. He's only paying for "his" seat, even though it was a chartered flight - which means he's in control of all seats and where the plane goes and when. As far as I know, he did not use NetJets or other fractional private charter planes. He is not paying the 400K, he's paying around 56K for "his" seat. What ethics this administration has.....

  90. “I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.”.....Not sure if Price remembers that part of the oath. Such a sorry person. Of course, Trump,didn’t fire him.

  91. How how many of Mr. Trump's cabinet appointees can NOT write checks for $400,000?

  92. He is ONLY paying about $52,000 - out of a reported $400,000 total, Not sure how that squares with his spokesman's comment that "taxpayer's won't pay a dime for his seats on charter planes" - was the other $300K+ for his luggage???

  93. Great. Now how about Mnuchin, Pruitt and the entire Trump family?

  94. It must be nice to dine at a table where there is unlimited food or work at a place that has an unlimited amount of money for one to spend. Unfortunately for Tom Price, the United States government is not that place. I do not understand why he or any other cabinet official should feel entitled to special privileges when it comes to travel, secure communications (unless clearly indicated by the nature of the job), political favors, etc. Furthermore, he's a rich man who doesn't need the job. The Trump administration, like so many other corrupt administrations in government (local, state, and federal) is using public money to upgrade their lives while telling us that we don't deserve to have decent lives, to expect a functioning government, to expect them to be honest. If they want us to respect and trust them they ought to behave better. The same goes if they don't want to answer embarrassing questions.

  95. Doctor Price, it's the Hippocratic oath not the hypocritic oath!

  96. Draining the swamp, baby. Hiring only the best.

  97. I wish I could afford to just "write a check" for $400K for travel on luxury private jets. That Dr. Price is able to do so without batting an eye at the dollar figure (but only after being publicly exposed), yet availed himself of such travel at taxpayer expense in the first place is sad commentary on his commitment to America and its citizens, and of Trump's ability to "vet" his cabinet the way he demands refugees seeking asylum here be scrutinized before being allowed in. As I was composing this, the CBS evening news announce the size of the check was not the full amount of the unwarranted joy riding, but $52,000, 1/8th of the total he actually should cover. The people involved in the exposure of this disgusting display of privilege deserve to be rewarded for their work.

  98. Taxpayers will pay the $400,000 to charter the planes, but Price will graciously reimburse them $52,000 for "his own seat" on the planes. I see that economics is not his strong point. Self-interest? That's a different story.

  99. So many defendants in criminal courts who have defrauded others say they regret their conduct. Yet the courts convict them, and sentence them to prison. If a defendant is in a position of trust, the federal sentencing guidelines require an increase in the level of punishment. Price should have known better. Regret and restitution is no excuse for his sins. Price merely regrets getting caught. Trump wants the NFL to fire employees, so . . . .? Mr. Trump you have the authority, and ability to address "bad conduct" that the public abhors. You claim you want to drain the swamp. So, Mr. Trump, tell him, "You're fired."

  100. Two questions occur. Will Secretary Price deduct the commercial airfare costs from his payment? Will he be able to get a tax deduction for non reimbursed business expense. Taxpayers may still be on the hook. So what does, "not pay a dime mean?"

  101. Trump quickly set the example in this administration and wasted millions of dollars on his weekend jaunts to Mar-a-lago and the first lady maintaining a separate residence with a secret service, etc. It said to his employees, you have a golden ticket to fleece this country as you please.

  102. "Mr. Trump, who is known to dislike appearances of financial waste" Hum! Not his own obviously. And, if it hadn't made an appearance it would be fine?

  103. However, he’s only paying an eighth of the cost of the flights, $51,887.31 - or that is to say the difference between the cost and a regular commicial fare. This, it seems, is because he travels with an entourage of seven (!) who were on the flights - presumably because he required their presence. Surely he should be covering the entire additional cost to the taxpayer, i.e., $415,098.48 - and yes, it’d sting, sine his net worth is only in the ten million range, but tough.

  104. I suspect he is just paying the commercial fare. Where are the opposition Democrats? How about a congressional investigation? They should be all over this for the entire Trump cabinet.

  105. As someone else mentioned, it seems important to establish if Mr. Price flew any of his staff with him. Not to mention that this article states $400,000 was the full amount and Mr. Price is agreeing to write a check for $52,000. Who will reimburse the government for the balance?

  106. A, who you ask? The chumps who keep these abominations in power, the voters. It's already eight months and they're still yawning as these crooks keep stealing from the public cookie jar. Price will somehow get reimbursed for the 52,000 via the abundant loopholes the rapacious thieves' high-priced lawyers find and peace will return to the land where it's a crime to be poor and shameful not to be able to afford high-priced lawyers.

  107. "...known to dislike appearances of financial waste..." Indeed with this crowd, the appearance is the only issue. Not the financial waste itself. It's only a problem because it came to light. Self-awareness is in extremely short supply...

  108. Did I read this right? Price is going to write a persona check for $400,009 to pay for his 26 some odd flights at taxpayer expense for his private use of government planes? Just corruption, er, business as usual.

  109. You didn't read that he was going to pay $400,009. He clarified it by saying he's offering to pay for this seat, which is 1/8 of that amount. So the taxpayer he respects is still on the hook because of all those other folks.

  110. I don’t think you read it right. You have to very carefully parse the words of these people (not Trump, he just out and out lies). Notice that he said he would pay for the cost of his seat - not the cost of the aircraft. I expect that the amount he pays will be considerable less than $400,000.

  111. NO! What he is paying for is HIS seat on those flights - not the seats of his staff etc. Which means he is repaying ~$50k

  112. The square state rubes voted this elitist cabal in because they wanted to get rid of -- wait for it -- the elitist cabal. They ended up with the hardest-core group of rapacious capitalist east-coast elitists anyone could ever imagine. But because Trump, they're OK with it. Idiots, one and all. The best thing about this is that when we take back America for real Americans in 2020, we'll be able to shut down anything they want because they had a chance and blew it one hundred percent.

  113. I'll bet he is far from being the only person who thinks this kind of behavior is a given, a perk for government officials. I read somewhere that a low-ball, conservative estimate for wasted taxes in kickbacks, favors. padding expense accounts, charging to the Government tab is thought to be at the very least 25% of taxes paid and that's just Federal taxes – running the gamut from lunches, weekend retreats, the odd purchase here and there, to a vacation, house renovation and more.

  114. If work was getting done- If the government was functioning as it should, I wouldn't care if a Cabinet Secretary flew on a charter plane everyday. People who hold Cabinet posts should have a higher level of service available to them. It's hard enough to work a simple retail job dealing with the general public- imagine what it's like serving a nation? They deserve a break. Had Price peppered his travel with a few public transportation rides- or even a few coach seats- I don't think this would have been a big deal- but to rake up $400,000- somebody has some 'splainin' to do. And I thought the GOP is supposed to be the penny-pinchers? How many times did they attack Obama for his vacations and golf outings? Trump has out spent Obama's 8 years in 8 months! That's pretty amazing!

  115. Behold the new American aristocracy. The founders of our country decried aristocracy, but generally thought that if one had to emerge, it was better to have a landed rather than a moneyed aristocracy. Alas, the latter has emerged. They know nothing of service, only of self-dealing. Madison et al. are spinning in their graves.

  116. A landed aristocracy would be just as bad.

  117. What does he mean by offering to reimburse the US Treasure for his travel and that taxpayers won't pay a dime etc.? According to reports, the total cost of the charter jets is $400,000. Is Price reimbursing the taxpayers that entire amount or the $50K some-odd? Is he playing fast and loose with meaning and truth as so often is the case with this Administration? How much is Price paying, and if not the entire $400K, then how much, and who pays the remaining amount?

  118. First, he owes $350,000 more than he's offering to pay. Second, this isn't as much about the money as about his contempt for the American people, and that hasn't changed one whit.

  119. That is not true he is only paying 15% of what is owed. He isn't paying the full amount. HE NEEDS TO GO!

  120. The rich live in their own world. unfortunately, they just keep on making things worse for the shrunken middle class and the growing impoverished class. With his job and insurance and perks, he couldn't take commercial flights? Gimme a break. It's scary that these clueless people will. Ectruing to make decisions that affect ordinary people. Price has great health care coverage; he's. yay trying to get rid of ours. And so it goes.

  121. He regrets the concerns his use of the chartered flights has raised but not having done it. He lacks a moral compass.

  122. This is no less than the unauthorized use of private property to carry out government business, and it is the unallowable expenditure of government funds on what essentially is private gain. Both are violations of the law. He should be forced to refund All of the money, not just his individual use of government funds to benefit himself. Then he should be summarily fired and bum rushed out the door. His actions have had material negative impacts on the federal government's ability to carry out its business.

  123. Government employee here! As our leaders traipse around the nation in private jets (and cut our budgets while protecting their own salaries), we are overworked, have high staff turnover, are paid anywhere between 20-70% below market (at my department, can't speak for all of several million government employees in the US), get few opportunities for promotion or pay raise, and rarely receive authorization to travel. We are at the mercy of the taxpayer and face hiring freezes, pay freezes, and furloughs at congress' pleasure or inaction. We are constantly railed upon, blamed, and scapegoated for legislative incompetence. It is not a glamorous job, nor should it be. Sec. Price, join us on our level, or at least meet us halfway, won't you?

  124. Don't feel too bad for Mr. Price; Trump's tax plan will make him whole many times over.

  125. Who knows he mat even be able to write the repayment off with Trump's plan.

  126. If Price wants to pay back $51K, his estimate of the cost of the seat he sat in, for his $400K bill for private jet travel, that's ok with me. Next flight, buckle him in his seat and drop it from the plane at, say, $30,000 feet. Worth every penny.

  127. Now it’s coming to light Price used planes to travel to Europe, China and other parts of world to the tune of $500,000. Add that to bill. Go to Political and check the report added to the current abuse. PRICE SHOULD BE FIRED DONALD TRUMP.

  128. Over 400,000 in taxpayer costs. He has said he will reimburse only 51,000. Lock him up.

  129. In private industry you would be fired and potentially prosecuted. The swamp continues to fill up with elitist staff that feels they are entitled to use taxpayers money for personal use. He needs to reimburse on what a private charter would cost not business class. DTS! Drain The Swamp Trump

  130. With Team Trump, it's all about the optics. Not about the ethics.

  131. Why is everyone critical of Dr Price. He works hard. Deserved to travel in the style to which he is accustomed.

  132. He can use the money he got from insider trading.

  133. Note that you're in the minority of Americans and ask yourself why that might be.

  134. My local TV news station has a reporter named Hank who follows around various officials/politicians on the job and exposes their corrupt behaviors. I love Hank. There should be a very large team of these types of investigative reporters tailing our government officials in DC and where ever, constantly exposing these types of illegal activities. This is the tip of the berg here. They get away most of the time because they know they can. Hopefully someone will make sure his check goes through. He may 'mistakenly' write it on a check from a closed account. We don't know. Call Hank!