Conservatives Recoil at Trump’s Accommodation With Democrats Over DACA

President Trump came under sharp attack on Thursday for appearing to set aside a border wall fight while reaching a deal on DACA immigrants.

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  1. Many say the potus implosion was inevitable. He just took an unanticipated route.

  2. Dear Ms. Coulter, Ms. Ingraham and Mr. al...Welcome to the our, the liberal, world. The charlatan in chief has shown his true colors...

  3. He's setting the stage for his impeachment argument: "Would you rather have Pence?"

  4. Democratic Ninja move: After the Republicans impeach him, and conduct the trial, 34 $enate Democrats refuse to convict him, creating a Republicant Civil War...

  5. Republicans confused that deal making requires another partner! Presumably they assumed one hand would continue to serve them just fine...

  6. President Trump has changed course since General Kelly became his Chief of Staff. The Far Right and the Resistance are both outraged. This is becoming an interesting presidency.

  7. I believe that there's a fabled Chinese curse that has to do with living in interesting times.

  8. Interesting the way a car crash is interesting?

  9. @Mike Is it interesting seeing America become a banana Republic?

  10. Trump is a narcissist. so he doesn't care about his own promises or his supporters' feelings. Talk-radio, Fox, Breitbart, and others are getting what they deserve. When would Trump get what he deserves? Impeachment.

  11. I guess Trump supporters didn't realize (or mind) that Trump is a con man until now, when they're somehow surprised that he's been conning them, too.

  12. Surprise!! The President is unreliable, a con man, a liar, and is mostly concerned with his ego being bolstered by any means possible. There are no "principles"---something that has been obvious to most of us all along. Welcome to the crazy house, Conservatives. This is what you get with an empty vessel in charge.

  13. The nature of Trump's egotism is likely to impact the GOP as a whole, crack up his base, and cause spalling from the solid rock of Democrats. In business we would call him a disruptive technology.

  14. What is really appalling is how after his discussion with Schumer and Pelosi was disclosed, he has been lying to his followers that the WALL(all caps, no less!) is already under construction! I can see it now-a new reality show called "Americas's Great WALL" produced by his people all about the brave Americans building his wall. Of course it is a fake styrofoam wall on a remote set in the desert with wannabe actors in hard hats pretending his jobs changed their lives. Those actors will speak on his campaign trail, crying tears of joy when they think of how great America finally is.

  15. This is what happens when you hand over your country to a person who has no known philosophy or political strategy beyond his own enrichment.

  16. Such reversals can be a danger for a president who is an opportunist. Presidents Roosevelt and Nixon were opportunists in the sense that when conditions changed, they changed their political views. Neither had strong moral or political views. But Trump has taken opportunism to a new level, changing his mind within the space of one day or one string of tweets. Like all politicians, Mr. Trump wants to improve his poll numbers. But his sharp and rapid twists and turns will impress neither his supporters nor his natural opponents. As a pretty good politician once said: "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."

  17. Both his staunch opponents and the most vocal of his supporters combined represent just a sliver of the country. Most accepted a long time ago that politicians lie every day and fail to deliver on their promises. Most also would love to see the government work in a bipartisan manner for the good of the country. Honestly, we had a fine president for 8 years who checked all the boxes in terms of personal integrity and political right-mindedness and he was very effectively opposed for the most part by the Republicans in Congress. Had we elected Clinton we would have been guaranteed to have more of the same. Had we elected a conventional Republican we would have had the granny starvers in charge of our government. Here we have a guy who was always a Democrat but who went outside the norms, to say the least, to get into office. He's made a lot of enemies on both sides of the aisle and fomented a lot of enmity on the progressive side. But in the end (at least for the moment) where does this appear to be going? As the NY Times headline blared last week, (well, paraphrasing here) Trump Veers Left. Right now, this guy is, as you point out, worried about his poll numbers. That's not a bad thing. Do what the people of this country would like to see you do and watch the numbers go up. We can only hope that will be followed by Rinse and Repeat.

  18. I don' think that really matters, I don't believe he wants to win re-election in 2020. He just wants some approval and acceptance now.

  19. Churchill observed that some men change their party for the sake of their principles: others, their principles for the sake of their party.

  20. I always thought his supporters were chanting "Build the Mall! Build the Mall!", about some 80s style development scheme Trump had going, putting his name on a building somewhere.

  21. There's a vocal group bashing him for this but the millions upon millions who voted for Trump and who have stuck with him through what has been a nightmarish 8 months there is probably more a sigh of relief. A significant portion of those people want above all to see this president begin to act like a president and to begin to show that he can accomplish something. The Republican establishment as represented in Congress is I'm sure baffled and torn on this particular deal. On the one hand, they too would like to see something done that moves DACA-negativity safely away from their party, but they are now in full panic mode that Trump is creating a pattern of striking deals with "Chuck and Nancy." Interestingly, on the other side, the LA Times is reporting today that a sampling of San Francisco area residents (20 out of 20 surveyed) support Pelosi and Schumer making deals with Trump. That's a real surprise that cuts against the conventional talk that the resist movement would prevent any Democratic dealmaking with Trump. I guess there's hope after all.

  22. FYI, I am a member of the "Resistance" and I have no problem with them cutting deals with DT so long as the deal achieves goals with which I agree like DACA legislation, keeping us from defaulting and making a down payment on hurricane relief. Resist "yes". But don't do like Republicans did for eight years and obstruct just for the sake of obstruction.

  23. Why don't we carve out a few red states where republicans can build their wall and revel in racism, misogyny, and hypocrisy? Perhaps re-brand the US as the "Adjacent States of America"?

  24. We are certainly not the "United" States of America; haven't been for a long time. Perhaps a renaming to "States of America" would be more appropriate?

  25. Eh, you can still travel from state to state without papers. You can still pay for things with us currency, pretty much everywhere within our borders. We all have to file taxes with the same federal government. Our civil rights do seem to very from state to state, though.

  26. “He’s going to get creamed for this,” [Laura Ingraham] said, reminding her audience of all the times during the campaign that Mr. Trump chanted — and his crowds repeated — “Build the Wall!” ...“I don’t remember,” Ms. Ingraham said, “hearing ‘Repair the fence! Repair the fence! Repair the fence!’” She's right, except what I remember the crowds chanting was, "Build the Wall! Kill them all!"

  27. To the Conservative Trump Basers who now feel betrayed, it gives me no pleasure at all to exclaim, "I told you so!" And just because you may now see him as your enemy doesn't make him my friend. Trump cannot be trusted to help anyone but HIMSELF, period. I'm a registered Independent who tends to vote just left of center, and I sincerely hope the day will come again when I can engage in reasonable debate about what's best for our country. But first, we will need to have a president who has a brain and a conscience before that day will come. I oppose illegal entry into our country. I support better immigration reform, which is attainable. But I welcome newcomers to our great country. And I strongly oppose deporting Dreamers. And the idea of building an entire border wall, well that's just plain STUPID.

  28. If trump passes legislation that is good for this country I will be the first to applaud him, but I will never vote for him.

  29. As somebody said: "Show me a 50-foot wall, and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder". Sorry, I don't remember the author. But so, so true.

  30. Cykler, Steve King is so hyperventilated, I'd love to see the canteloupe calved Mexican flinging 60 lb. bales of marijuana over the 50 foot wall (and other Republicant delusions)

  31. I can't stop laughing. Republicans wanted consistency? A deep ideology? Which Republicans were those... there are so many factions and cliques to choose from, all claiming to have deep principled conservative ideology. Lol. When it comes to any of these republican extremists' hopes, karma is eating their dogma. Trump apparently sees one reality: ratings. And way of doing deals: partnership. The republican congress has failed to hand him any wins all year, and looks incapable of doing so ever again, so hamstrung are they by their long lists of People We Don't Work With At All, Ever. So now he's shopping for deals with Democrats and the right-wing and right-right-wing and right-right-right-wing are all OMG. Color me ROFL.

  32. I remember when George W. Bush was president, who got along great with Mexicans; the GOP was even talking about giving voting privileges to non-citizens who had been living in the US a certain number of years. The Obama got elected president and the moment it was clear that Mexicans preferred him to McCain, kicking Mexicans out of the country was suddenly in the GOP mission statement.

  33. Oddly, Bernie Madoff still has his supporters, sure that some day, they'll get everything they were promised. But I am happy to see the shabby likes of Ann Coulter being galled to discover that what we commies and rational conservatives such as Charlie Sykes told them was, of course, absolutely true.

  34. One of the attributes that so worries Liberals and Moderates about Trump is that he appears to have no moral universe let alone a compass. It was only a matter of time before his Conservative and alt-right base became acquainted with this fact as well. We all now know with certainty that what he says can change in an instant and that what he ultimately does is as predictable as any other random event. Do we know what he believes? No. He has no belief system. He has no set of criteria with which to filter: right from wrong, good from evil, left from right, principle from rhetoric,friend from enemy,fact from fiction and truth from lie.

  35. Yes. And we need to use that to best advantage.

  36. Speaking as a New Yorker who has witnessed the full 40+ years of the carnival barker called "Donnie", one would be tempted to say "We told you so". We told you so.

  37. You are right. In a curious way this "trait" can be used to our advantage. If he has no set beliefs we can determine how his decisions get made. I suspect they are made by a combination of who talks to him last and how much money is in it for him.

  38. “No promise is credible” -Steven King said of the president I would write that anyone who knew the liar in chief. like New Yorkers, realized that his word was worthless and that his contracts were not necessarily honored in full. In a mere sixteen hours there has been more than enough muddying of where he stands over DACA, over taxes and over his wall. The conman in chief has two goals: winning at something and reversing his declining popularity. However, such a win might come at the cost of support from his base. He had said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and he would not lose support. His calculus must be over whether his supporters could tolerate abandoning his wall.

  39. As the saying goes, there's a sucker born every minute. Trump had tens of millions of them on election day. "Drain the swamp," of Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs and the corporate world, well we have his Treasury Secretary and chief economic adviser coming from Goldman Sachs and the head of the Environmental Destruction Agency as the biggest shill for the oil and gas industry. Jobs? Moving along same as Obama- if you looked at a graph for the last few years without dates, you wouldn't know where Trump took over. Muslim immigration (more accurately, hatred of "them"), okay he tried but the courts stopped him. Stopping Mexicans from coming here (though more are going than coming), well the wall was always a symbolic fantasy, probably even to his supporters, a wall of venting against another "them." DACA? Seems like he agrees with Obama but just wants to make it permanent, probably because he knows deporting all these people will really hurt the rich, corporate leaders seeking workers and nannies. ObamaCare? Please. But do his followers care? Mainly not. It's easy to psychologize about Trump, the narcissistic, needy for attention, petulant, 4 year old bully. What we really need to understand is his voters. Not that they are the same, but Germany, the most educated nation of its time, elected Hitler, democratically.

  40. Anyone who believed in Trump has been fooled. Trump has no interest in anything except his own self-interest. As a malignant narcissist ( a diagnosis given by many psychiatrists) he is mentally unable to identify with or relate to anyone or anything outside of his own self interest. He is The Emperor With No Clothes -- the cautionary tale told to children. In that tale only a child was able to see the emperor's nakedness---all the adults pretended that he was dressed. Ah, the truth in fairy tales.

  41. Amusing to read how some conservatives are becoming upset about "broken promises". They'll put up with chronic lies and collusion with Russia but, oh no, not promises to THEM. Doesn't matter, though. Republicans will vote Republican no matter what - 2016 proved it.

  42. Maybe it's finally happening, after almost eight months in, Trump is losing the support of the extremely ignorant people who have been his most steadfast supporters. If he loses them, I think he's down to just the white supremacists, and their support might be shaky too these days. I call them extremely ignorant because of quotes like this anonymous caller's: "I want the wall. I want it to be seen in space, like the Chinese wall.” The Great Wall can indeed be seen from space, but it failed entirely to prevent the builders from being overthrown, as they were replaced by a dynasty who originated south of that wall. So it's beautiful but turned out to be entirely useless. Also it seems shortsighted to want to have a big wall visible from space, rather than regain the capability to get people into space to see it. Right now America has no manned spaceflight. We hitch rides on the Russian manned spaceflight program sometimes, that's it, we have lost the ability to put people into orbit on our own. So people who really want this useless wall should consider a few things, I think. Most illegal immigrants in the U.S. came in legally, and overstayed their visas, so a wall wouldn't prevent that. Walls can be overcome by ladders, tunnels, boats, and planes. And lastly, they should read "Ozymandias" and really think about how it applies to this brainless wall idea.

  43. the profoundly ignorant always applaud "easy" solutions that won't impact them

  44. But, the builders of the Great Wall were not overthrown. That's fake news.

  45. Read something? You surely jest.

  46. "Conservatives Recoil as Trump Bends on Immigration" We may call this a 'teachable moment' for conservatives who must come to the realization that they cannot have their way 100% of the time on 100% of every issue. The GOP congress needs to work across the aisle to get some work done and move forward; they must accept a half-loaf isn't a banquet but is a meal.

  47. Eventually Trump betrays everyone who trusts him, from wives to business associates to voters. His base is just now figuring out what sentient inhabitants of the planet have known for a long time.

  48. If loud, troubled, frenzied Ann Coulter is unhappy, something good and decent for our USA must be afoot.

  49. Can The Times stop referring to his "conservative" supporters and call them what they really are...."right-wing ideologues"?

  50. "Can The Times stop referring to his 'conservative' supporters and call them what they really are....'right-wing ideologues'?" I'd go with "deplorables."

  51. Surely this will cause a few of the Deplorables to leave Trump's camp. But not all of them; there's no delusion like self-delusion.

  52. Don't count on his loyal troops abandoning him; he might have been correct when he said that even if he were to shoot someone, openly, on Fifth Ave., his followers would remain loyal to him. He can sound sympathetic to the labor needs we have post two huge hurricanes.

  53. Mo Brooks says: "Anything that smacks of amnesty in Alabama, that gives American jobs to illegal aliens rather than American citizens, is not going to be well received." This is what the GOP is facing now. They either have to accept the bizarre and unpredictable choices by their leader or they are going to have to hold more tightly to their bizarre, irrational "ideals," as codified by Brooks. Brooks, like Sessions, will lie straight up to his constituency to feed its ignorance. Trump will do the same, but his actions are less certain. Which set of lies will conservatives choose?

  54. There was never going to be a wall. It was Trump's way of cornering the fringe market inhabited by Coulter, Ingraham, and those that they earn their own millions from shamelessly. Arnold didn't make his millions by being a great actor or get into office by acting skill. Trump's campaign by comparison was Oscar-worthy. Trump knows you can't govern from the fringe. One day his followers will catch on. Or not.

  55. I don't know which rock it is, but I hope they crawl back under it.

  56. The President is not consistent on anything except being inconsistent. The more the angry wing of the Republican Party recoils from the President's tweets, press conferences and congressional candlelight dinners the more we see the Vice President in photos with POTUS. Accommodation or continuation of past practice in some ways that's hard to tell but what is telling is the President's challenge to wealthy backers in the cosmic outline for tax reform. We may have President Pence to kick around shortly. I don't think Donald Trump intends to stay on. The President likes to use the media to float ideas and shift direction and if more of his key initiatives are transformed by Congress, Donald trump will vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His ego won't handle the challenge to his perceived authority as the American CEO.

  57. In assessing the impact of the deal, it would be helpful to know the details. Can the dreamers apply for Green Cards that won't be revoked unless they break the law? If after having a geen card for a certain amount of time, will they be allowed to apply for citizenship? How will marriage to a US citizen affect their status? Giving birth to a US citizen?

  58. It appears his most ardent supporters are only now discovering what everybody else has known since this whole thing started in 2015. Trump only cares about one person, and if he thinks there's a deal that has a chance to make him look like the fictional dealmaker he purports to be, then he'll jump at it and call it a win. Only thing is, I'm not so sure his unshakeable followers are going to accept it this time.

  59. They will eventually except it and ask for more. When you are that far gone, even Jim Jones seems rational.

  60. Yes, because as we all know, and as this turn of events proves yet again, the aspect of white supremacy and harsh treatment of colored people is the principal animus for trumpista voters and is where all the energy in the GOP is now.

  61. I hate to say this, but I think they will!! Well, at least the ones who do not think it is important to be open minded (for lack of any other explanation). They do not seriously do not care what he does or does not do!! This has become more and more apparent to me. I don't even try to change their minds. It is a waste of my time. And if I were to eliminate the Trump controversy, I would not probably spend any time with people who are this narrow minded!! I haven't in the past and don't plan to start now!

  62. Let me start by saying I am the furthest thing from a Trump supporter that one could imagine. However, he is simply following the polls with this stance. 88% of the American people support finding a way to accommodate those protected by DACA. There are differing views in terms of an eventual path to citizenship, but the vast majority of Americans support these young people. Let's label the remaining 12% accurately as the extreme right wing of the right leaning Republican Party. Seems to me that the president is simply reading the tea leaves appropriately.

  63. This is so much fun to watch! So, if he looses his base, what's he got???

  64. But that logic doesn't follow with other issues: better gun control, women's right to choose, or any of the other issues that 60%+ of the country think should be backed by the president.

  65. Just wait . . . it's coming. If his base turns on him, he'll turn to the "others" to be able to boast about his ability to make deals and win.

  66. Wait, are the Republicans upset that American dollars are not being set aside to pay for the wall? Do they want to tax Americans for this? Mr. Trump promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. Are the Republicans aware of some wall payments from Mexico that the rest of the country is unaware of?

  67. This has been a surprise. I'm not sure what it means, but I say let's slow down on the ol' Mueller stuff. The Dems are rolling him right over. Can the Dems actually get legislation to the floor? Not sure about that.

  68. Mueller's investigation is about seeing if there is wrongdoing. That needs to happen whether Trump suddenly becomes a liberal democrat, or tomorrow decides to veto every bill that doesn't help build his wall.

  69. Hey Trump, add in a few racist dog whistles into the deal and your people will flock back to your side.

  70. No Wall = No Trump

  71. This is actually fascinating. Only a fool would spend billions on a wall that would accomplish nothing in terms of checking illegal immigration. Trump apparently realizes this and so is creating an exit strategy--it's politically smart, because a wall that accomplishes nothing but draining coffers would be a massive political liability. And he has plausible deniability--I couldn't do it because Congress wouldn't let me, so I did the next best thing. Republican politicians aren't clamoring for a wall. The only ones howling for a wall are opportunists like Coulter who make their living throwing bombs and fringe nutballs who listen to her and take what she says seriously. Perhaps Trump is finally separating nutballs from the wheat, realizing that the nutball vote won't get him reelected, and trying to figure out ways to get stuff accomplished, because he's a one-termer otherwise. Stay tuned, campers. It's early on, and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  72. If the Right is dismayed and confused by their "blessed president" for waffling, much like a debutante before a mirror in prom night, well, they're way behind in the game. Most of us who have our heads on straight have never taken the liar-in-chief at his "word" for anything since it counts for less than nothing. Memo to the Right: The Wall will *never* get built. It's too costly and will rip the bottom out of the national treasury, a debacle that might require decades--if not a century--to rectify. Your hash pipe dream of an inviolable Wall on the Mexican bordervwill do absolutely nothing to staunch the inflow of people from crossing our borders--north or south. Or have you never heard of boats? The Coast Guard? Oh, please; those wishing to set foot on American shores have ingenious ways of tricking the rurales there and the federales (ICE) here. Oh, and BTW, when was the last time you heard either Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell lean hard publicly on your "blessed president" to hurry up with The Wall? It's not a priority with them. Wake up! You've been tricked!

  73. These Republican whiners need to read Edsall's column today. Trump's real base doesn't care about policy. They only care about Trump. It's a cult of personality, and they want him to succeed and will follow him wherever he leads. It doesn't matter what he does, they want him to win. He couldn't win with losers like Mitch & Paul, who only now how to oppose things, so he turned to Chuck & Nancy, who know how to get things done. They need to keep up their engagement. It's more surprising that Don hadn't started working with them earlier.

  74. I get the feeling that donald is reacting publicly to every twist and turn in the debate, constantly trying to take a stand that agrees with the apparent leaders of the swaying discussion. Or, maybe he really wants to please his "base," but a tiny hint of humanity lurking deep within peeks out occasionally and, being a man with no internal boundaries, he voices that. Then the "base" raises a stink so he says something to keep them happy. And so on -- round and round. If two sides of a debate both make a good case he says "You're both right..." and here we are.

  75. I see it more like Ivanka is in charge now that Bannon is out.

  76. This has nothing to do with humanity. It has to do with getting something through congress. He wants to win at something. The don does not have empathy for anyone but himself.

  77. This is delicious, of course, but I wouldn't celebrate the collapse of T's support just yet. Everybody quoted here as outraged is part of the sort of political elite that Tea Party types like to rail against--except they are their own. They might be tossed overboard, too, by the sort who adulate this pseudo-president.

  78. “Republicans have spent so much time and money targeting Nancy Pelosi as the enemy over the last few cycles, the idea that you’re now going do a deal with her has to rub people the wrong way” -- This sums up the root problem with the GOP. Demonizing Democrats might turn out the base on election day, but it is no way to govern. It has divided the nation, promoting bitterness and hatred. It has to stop. Political opponents are not (or should not be) enemies. They aren't trying to 'destroy America'. We are a nation of over 300 million people and we simply have honest disagreements. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't mean half the country are "not real Americans." What this country desperately needs is to stop promoting hate and to start promoting respect for opposing political views with the understanding that everyone is trying to do the right thing and we need to work together. Compromise is not a dirty word; it is the only way to pass responsible legislation. If Trump does only one thing right, let it be this.

  79. It seems pretty calculated to me - it causes anger in their base and when people are angry they don't act based on facts, they act based on emotion - this basically sums up the GOP's approach to motivating their base. It gets them active and prevents them from thinking very deeply about how they're actually voting against their own interests. ie Essentially this hatred causes them to support things which they feel will hurt their opponents (liberals) over things which will help themselves...this is in a nutshell why the GOP electorate went for Trump (they liked how angry he makes liberals...and don't care much about the rest of it)

  80. Chuck and Nancy - Chuck and Nancy - It's the Chuck and Nancy Show. Featuring Little Donny. Oh dear - really - He compared himself to PT Barnum - and yes "there is one born every minute". You wanted him you got 'em. Oh dear this is funny. Pray tell, what did you expect when you heard his multiple cheesy stump retellings of the frog and scorpion parable? And he would lean into the mike and bleet "but I told you who I am!" Chuck and Nancy - Chuck and Nancy - Donny - Chuck and Nancy Rollover Breitbart - tell Pelosi the News! Where is Peter Sellers when we need him?

  81. What, all the conservatives are surprised that this guy is stabbing them in the back? What rock have they been under?

  82. I find it hilarious that the Trump base has no problem believing this news is factual and not fake when their hero has clay feet. Time for conservatives to put on big boy pants and stop whining.

  83. “It is just confusing,” Mr. Schriefer added. Nothing more to add.

  84. Aren't most of these conservatives Christian? Haven't they read what Christ taught? Guess maybe i missed one. "Hate all people who have a brown skin. I say this unto you even though i have brown skin, dark eyes and hair." In this regard, conservatives have done well.

  85. And so The Worm-in-Chief turns . . . again. No surprises here. It's what all worms do.

  86. What kind of people "recoil" in the face of basic decency and mercy?

  87. Trump supporters.

  88. @Sherry: Trump supporters!

  89. You have answered your own question: people who have no basic decency.

  90. The Lord knows, I do not love President Trump. But I love these super-conservatives even less. A lot less. The people that scream. Chant their odious litanies. "Lock her up!" "Build that wall!" We heard it all last year. And an odious election it was! The worst in my memory. (Which, by the way, goes back to 1956.) I would say this to the President: "Sir, it was never in the cards. Run the entire U.S.A. just with super-conservatives? Springing up at the bidding of Ann Coulter? Or Laura Ingraham? Impossible! Sometime or other, you would have to come out. Leave the dark places, the caves and caverns of conservative America. Come out shuffling--blinking in the sudden glare of daylight. "And run the entire United States of America. There are three hundred million of us. The super-conservatives, the alt-right--oh I know, sir--they can be noisy. Awfully noisy! You should know this better than me. "But they are not all of us. Not even most of us. "They're just--noisy. "I think, sir, you have done the right thing talking to Democrats. Keep doing that. "A lot of us, after all, ARE Democrats. Or leaning that way. A lot of us are utterly repelled--turned off by. . . . ". . .all that clamor coming from the alt-right. "Ignore it, sir. Ignore it. "Thanks for listening. Good luck to you."

  91. the best news i have heard all week. laugh out loud funny. let the circular firing squad begin!

  92. If Trump said one time during the campaign he would work with Pelosi and Schumer he wouldn't have been elected. Oops, take it back; Trump was elected because AMERICAN WOMEN preferred him to Hillary Clinton.

  93. ...not really. They electoral college (the system) brought Trump to the White House. Hillary Clinton received 2.9 million more popular votes than Trump and we also know about 77,000 voters in the isolated Rust Belt gave Trump the Presidency.

  94. Actually he said that MANY times when he was telling his followers that he was the best deal maker, MANY times.

  95. The women who preferred Trump also preferred to marry men who loved Trump. How many intelligent women voted for him? None.

  96. Hey GOP, maybe you were wrong to spend all that time demonizing the other side and Nancy Pelosi. Sure, you picked up a few house seats with those tactics, but you have made your own party so useless and dishonest that the president thinks he needs to go around you. Come back from the edge of the cliff! We are waiting here patiently.

  97. Trump will do whatever Trump has to do in order to stay in office in order to reap its tangible benefits. If that means destroying DACA beneficiaries one day and then trying to save them the next, he will do it. The one glimmer of faint good news in this scenario is that we at least know he can be swayed by popular opinion.

  98. Unlike republicans.

  99. If Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Steve King and other people like them are opposed to the decision to legislate to benefit dreamers, then Trump and the nation must be convinced that such legislation is the right way.

  100. Anything those three losers are against is probably really good for our country. Really good.

  101. Some miss the point - it's all about him. He wants a deal, any deal, so he can say he won. He basically has no fixed opinions about anything. Besides, the Republican plans e. g. health care, are so bizarre and disconnected to the subject in question, and really so unpopular, that a vacuum has been created. Trump is about himself only, not Republican Party, not any principle, not even about America.

  102. "On conservative talk radio programs Thursday morning, listeners called in to voice their disapproval...The comments mostly added up to a damning conclusion: Mr. Trump had tricked his voters." The real damning conclusion is that Trump supporters and voters, both in the government and the general populace, were ignorant suckers who never thought critically about the outcome of their votes. It has only taken eight months for Trump to make fools of them with his Keystone Cops approach to governing. The majority of voters knew this but couldn't compete with the outdated Electoral College rules. It is time to rethink how we elect a president to avoid a disaster like this in the future.

  103. Any ratioal person who looked at Trump's record of 40 years in real estate should have known that Trump is out for the best deal for himslef. Nothing else is important. So I hope the voters for Trump learned something. I also hope they remember this in 2020. I also hope that the GOP, who backed Trump, are "rewarded" in the 2018 elections.

  104. There is another side to the issue of Trump losing his base. I consider myself a centrist, perhaps biased a bit to the right. I am no fan of Trump. I am impressed by his outreach to the other side to solve some of the issues facing our country. Bipartisanship and comprise is what is needed in dysfunctional Washington. If what Trump is doing is sincere and genuine, not some "art of the deal" move, perhaps we all can benefit.

  105. Read your last sentence.

  106. Uh..did yu just use the phrase, "sincere and genuine," in this context?

  107. Trump was extremely happy with the media coverage he received as result of the budget/debt limit deal he cut with the Dems. He hadn't received that much praise working with the GOP because they can't agree on what they are for and therefore, haven't passed anything significant. Trump has no policy program nor a governing vision. He simply goes for the applause lines. If the GOP could offer him a legislative win, he'd accept that too. The Dems have managed to be unified, giving Trump the ability to pass legislation with a minority of Republicans, which he is ok with. This is going to be a long and bumpy ride.

  108. It seems to me there is entirely too much giddiness about this DACA development. Let us remember that the more the Donald changes the more he remains the Donald. We still have 3 1/2 long years of this sad story, by then he could build a few more walls, explode the deficit, starve the ACA of funds and appoint a couple more right wing justices.

  109. not without cngressional approval because THEY control the money bags. Trump can create al the EOs he wants but if there is NO FUNDING, oh well.

  110. explode the deficit? What happened the last 8 years?

  111. His base said there was nothing Trump could do that would ever ever ever make them abandon him. Seems they were wrong. Apparently making a deal with Democrats and letting DACA immigrants stay are unforgivable sins. Poor poor ignorant Trump supporting snowflakes. Feel it baby. Suffer.

  112. I'm going to quote myself, writing in November 2016 in a little blog I started back then: "...we don’t have to wait anymore to see if a different pattern post-election pattern will emerge; it’s really very plain: We can not believe a single thing he says. It still amazes me that anyone pays the slightest attention to claims or promises made, then or now. All that means anything is what he actually DOES. Perhaps his base is starting to understand that.

  113. A politico who doesn't keep his word is new? How many red lines did Obama draw against Iran and Syria? Obama promised to secure the borders and? Closing Gitmo and? He ever eliminate oil and gas loopholes with a dem Congress for a few years? End income taxes for seniors making less than 50,000, he promised that. Lift payroll taxes on income over 250,000 which he promised. Look at all his broken promises Obama's base ever understand these?

  114. With Trump, it was always what you see is what you get. And if conservatives didn't see this coming, they have no one to blame but themselves.

  115. Why not just get to the heart of this particular matter: "Conservatives Recoil"? I think not. 'Bigots recoil', I believe, is most accurate. Ever since that uppity 'White House Negro' suggested a means for the children of illegal immigrants to be treated as a unique category in addressing immigration reform (or virtually any other Obama proposal), the Jeff Session, Hannity and Dobbs congregation have stirred this un-American aspect of the 'Immigrant Problem' pot. Disgusting, evil and ignorant. Sadly, it appears, a significant portion of our nation's population share their phobias, hatred and disdain.

  116. We addressed illegals compassionately under Reagan and what did it get us? Another 12 million? Check to see what Mexico does on its southern border. It isn't very pretty or forgiving. A country needs to control its borders and possible incoming populations. Easy access across borders in Europe has brought what? Terrorism and isolated communities within their countries. The reason China does little as to Kim in N Korea? The fear of millions coming across their borders. Little Havana in Miami still exists without the original residents having integrated themselves into America as a whole. Areas that continue not to speak English, the American language, does not unite us as a country. My family from Italy didn't speak Italian after the 1st generation was born here. My grandmother and grandfather both in their 20s when coming to America, living in an Italian neighborhood, spoke English well within a few years. Me as a teacher of high school students, working with 2nd and 3rd generations from Puerto Rico, Americans, who can hardly speak English. It can easily be guessed their success rate after high school. Teaching English as a second language isn't very successful when it isn't used across the dinner table nightly or on the school bus coming and leaving school or in the school hallways between classes. Bilingualism is good when both languages are used in everyday life.

  117. So am I missing something or is the conservative right supporting Trump when he panders to Nazis and fascists but when he starts working with Democrats to all of a sudden he is not such a great person. It seams to me democrats are a lot less offensive that Nazis and fascists. Where are their values?

  118. Reply to Craig, Yes, you just might be missing something here - something that most of us have been missing for years now, to wit: For the hard core Right (Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Jones, Sessions, Bannon, Meadows, Mulvaney, Pruitt, Imhofe, et al.) - the Democrats ARE THE ENEMY. They're all raving socialists - which means that they're actually Communists - and that makes them much worse than mere Nazis, racists and white supremacists (who, we now see, are actually tolerated, if not openly embraced, by a fairly sizeable portion of the GOP). In short, the Tea Party, The Freedom Caucus and all the nihilistic, far-right talk radio fascists have brainwashed almost half the country to believe that "Democrat" and "Demon" are synonymous. The racists, bigots and neo-Nazis are just a bit more to the right than the mainstream GOP now is - so they're sort of the "crazy uncle in the attic" - but still "part of the family". And yes, that revelation should scare the living daylights out of the other half of Americans who still believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and in "E Pluribus Unum".

  119. He will never do what is right, because it is the right thing to do. There will always be a beneficial, ulterior motive behind each decision. As he and his followers have stated repeatedly "he is a businessman" You may get this one thing, but down the road you always end up paying for it.Just make sure it isn't a price we all regret. Will it be the laughable tax reform, environment, education? Come on we all know whats going on here.

  120. The question not being asked is: should A.G Sessions resign? Mr Trump through his tweets has contradicted all the points Sessions made during his press conference last week. If Sessions were to resign, Trump will appoint a new A.G who will have control over the Russian investigations...

  121. too late. Any interference with Mueller would not be looked on kindly. Remember, even the GOP Congress likes Mueller. Mueller has been there too long and now knows too much. What a loose cannon he would be if fired or let go. He would make Comey look tame.

  122. Trump is not sincere nor genuine. Never has been, never will be. He is doing this because he wants to be seen as someone who can make the deal. So be it. Congress, the executive branch should be working together to help people. If that what comes from his deal making all the better for the country. But it won't last.

  123. I wish people would stop calling them "conservatives." It implies they are cautious, care about people, care about the environment and are moral. I am not seeing any of that in Trump's supporters. Money seems to drive everything they do, not God.

  124. Loyalty of conservatives to conservative candidates is absolute, so why is Trump risking their loyalty by betraying them with respect to immigration? Well it makes no sense if you are conservative because you believe that conservative beliefs are the only genuinely valid beliefs, that all who do not also share those beliefs are truly deluded. When a candidate appeals to them, they think that they are hearing from fellow true believers in conservative principles, not someone who simply calculated the values of the support from conservatives without caring about conservative beliefs. Trump has tried to work with Republicans in Congress and they have disappointed him both by failing to pass his legislation and by producing legislation that the majority of voters really don't want to see enacted into law. So it would seem that Trump is making a purely political calculation, that to be re-elected he's going to have to start gaining some voters in the middle and even from the center left, so he's got to make some deals with Democrats around popular legislation. DACA is popular because it's about Americans, truly self identifying Americans, who like many just like themselves throughout the history of the U.S. happened not to be born in the U.S. and whose parents just showed up here without any permission from anyone. Throwing them out is impractical and would only be supported by a narrow minority of voters who tend to think that they are being displaced by foreigners.

  125. My friend told me last week he would never forgive any democrat that worked with the Trump administration or any republican. I can't stand Trump personally and I don't in general like republican policy, but I understand that the only way to break DC deadlock is to look to the moderate factions of both parties. Leave McConnell out in the cold I don't care. Just get things done.

  126. Boo boo hoo! The wall was ridiculous to begin with. Now with billions required for real needs, like hurricane relief, this idiotic boondoggle needs to have a stake pounded through its heart. The trolls of the alt-Right and the Freedom Caucus can go pound sand and scream into the wind.

  127. "The comments mostly added up to a damning conclusion: Mr. Trump had tricked his voters." Thank the gods that this is finally sinking in.

  128. The marks have finally realized they've been conned by the Grifter in Chief. I only hope they use this as a teachable moment and not one that will drive them into the camp of the fascist right.

  129. We've all heard that Republicans built Donald Trump with 50 years of race-baiting, fear-mongering, immigrant-bashing campaigns, but they also built their base -- people who have learned to blame other for personal shortcomings.

  130. Simple minds prefer simple solutions to complex problems. As a symbol, the wall communicates, but do sensible people want to pony up $20B for a symbol. If the anti-immigrant folks had more than half a brain they would ask for laws requiring government issued ID and real time reporting for employers, with high and increasing penalties for those who employ those who don't have legal status to work in this country. The fact that they don't want to upset the status quo for employers is just one indication of their lack of seriousness about immigration control.

  131. The 60 million people who voted for Trump didn't do so because they believed he would put an actual wall 50' high and 20' thick from coast to coast. They know there will be additional fencing, a whole lot more law enforcement and border security and that is all they really wanted. They also never believed that 15 million illegals would be sent back, especially the DACA children. These hardliners on the right are as out of touch with reality as the hardliners on the Left who think open borders is ok with the majority of the country. It is not. I'm happy that after decades of abuse by both parties that something is finally, legislatively being done for these people. Handing out drivers licenses and bilingual classes, etc. has never been anything more than carrots to the undocumented by the Left. As nuts as Trump can be at times, he is getting things done and proving that he is willing to work with either party or both. Working with neither party was the Obama way and he knows that that is unsustainable for a governed society. He has already reached across the isle more sincerely than Obama did and that is the hard truth that every liberal needs to come to terms with. He is probably the most bipartisan POTUS since Clinton or G.H.W. Bush, and that, despite the tweets, is a big relief.

  132. Trump was never a hardliner when it comes to immigration. For he himself have employed illegal immigrants for his real estate projects. He only took the hardline approach to garner votes and support to get elected. Trump supporters are finally waking up to the fact they got played for their vote.

  133. I am utterly bemused on one level and sickened on another. If this guy can finally, at last, actually work with the Dems, he could possibly pull off the ultimate sleight of hand--gaining some support from those in the middle or the left, which he desperately will need if he has any chance at re-election. So happy to see the extreme left and his withering base "confused" over whom to now vilify. How about civility and collaboration as goals for elected government officials?

  134. Conservatives ought to recoil at who they voted for.

  135. " American jobs to illegal aliens rather than American citizens..." is another example of being completely out of touch. Jobs are never given to anyone, they're won in a competition known as a 'hiring process' and what conservatives need to think long and hard about is what innuendoes their heavy-handed immigration attitudes convey. That Americans aren't competitive with aliens for jobs? How sorrowful. Immigrants, who have a gauntlet of language, cultural and educational hurdles to climb over are somehow the biggest threat for an American getting a job? If conservatives truly believed in American hustle and work ethic, they would welcome the competition from new, eager people that want to come to this country and join, grow and benefit our economy.

  136. If Mr Trump, during his campaign, said he will build a wall, and all of you will pay for it, perhaps his followers would not have been quite as enthusiastic!

  137. Why are they in an uproar that he's not getting money for the wall? He never said Congress would pay for it. He said -- or the frenzied mob said in answer to his prompts -- Mexico would pay for it. Maybe Democratic negotiators need to be diplomatic for the sake of the DACA deal, but Democratic supporters need to hammer away relentlessly at the lie that Mexico would pay for the wall. Just like the lies about the beautiful health care he was clueless about, or all the coal jobs coming back to a place near you, or the great deals and how easy it would all be. We'll never get the core of Trump supporters to step back from their support for a wall (or many other things), but we might peel them away by showing how they've been rolled, by a master con man (I think Michael Bloomberg and Mitt Romney more or less called him that, surely I can in a NYT post).

  138. Agreed. The Democrats do not know how to play hard ball even when presented with a lob.

  139. Anyone who ever thought Trump was a man of his word (unless it had to do with gaining wealth) hasn't had their ear to the ground.

  140. Trump was elected as an outsider. Frankly, I thought he had a lot of room for achievement if he had bucked party leadership from the beginning and tried to do a ton of bipartisan stuff right out the gate. Next up, support for a public option? LOL

  141. Trump wants to be popular. He suddenly realized that the majority of the American citizens dislike him. Solution: give into what the majority wants. Very simple, he then thinks he will be more popular and he won't be impeached. The net result I can't predict.

  142. One commenter says: “I hope they still deport the parents who illegally brought children here.” And leave the children alone? Yes, the parents broke a law. How bad is it, really? They came into this country illegally because they wanted their children to be safe and have a future. Many come from countries that are practically lawless. Does anyone criticizing these parents ever think what courage it takes to leave the homeland and risk their lives to come here? I wish more red-blooded Americans had this kind of courage. What we do need is a revamped immigration policy that is generous and fair. And we should take in refugees. That, after all, is what the Statue of Liberty stands for. And we should give every opportunity to newcomers who work hard and strive to make America a better place.

  143. Yes, Jeff, mine risked a lot to come here by boat LEGALLY from Italy and had to work from day one with no government support AT ALL.

  144. We have a generous immigration policy. There are simply far more who want to come here than can fit. And it's not a massive crime - we aren't proposing a 20 jail sentence for the parents - just that they lose what they stole. When a thief steals a car, to help his family - do we say that they can keep the car?

  145. They are not eligible for support. Quit demagoguing.

  146. I hope he continues to be perfectly inconsistent in making the Dream Act happen and not pushing the wall. Ask the Dreamers how they feel about this development. We should applaud, not gloat.

  147. "It is not good for the Christian's health to hustle the Aryan brown, For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles, and he weareth the Christian down. And the end of the fight is a tombstone white, with the name of the late deceased: And the epitaph drear, 'A fool lies here, who tried to hustle the East.'" --Rudyard Kipling

  148. So many negative posts on Trump. Trump is a man that likes to be admired - if he is criticized, even when he makes a good decision, - he is not likely to continue that path.

  149. Ease up, Republicans. His ghost writer called it the art of the DEAL, not the art of sticking to your promises. My dream is that Secretary Clinton makes enough from her book to buy his family's real estate portfolio out of his next bankruptcy and turn it into affordable housing for the dreamers.

  150. Can't believe I am saying this. But Trump is finally doing the smart thing. 1. He is finally going to get something done. 2. He may just pull off what has been deemed impossible ... a third party (moderate Dems and RINOS). Let the polar extremes wither away. Lets truly take America to greater heights. Reduce Inequality. Create Jobs. Show China Who is The Boss. (I think Trump and this Trump Party can deliver on these.) Reinforce American Values and our moral fabric? Not so much.

  151. By not being affiliated with a party a President doesn't always have to lean left or right. They can simply do what's right for the country. Of course we're dealing with Trump. Soooooo?

  152. To be honest, no one can know whether Trump is agreeing to this because of poll numbers or because he sincerely believes it is the right thing to do. (Most likely, it's a combination of both.) But -- and assuming he does follow through (I am keeping my fingers crossed) -- the important thing is that it will remove the terrible cloud hanging over 800,00 human beings who have lived here most of their lives. Let's not lose sight of that. And, if there are to be further "betrayals" of racists and fascists like Ann Coulter and Steve King, I am happy to give our President kudos for that.

  153. Amen to that, craig 643!

  154. It is a cosmic mistake to refer to the the deplorables as 'conservatives' unless the implication is that they want to 'conserve' 13th century values. We need a better term but 'deplorable' will do for now.

  155. Trump kept telling his supporters he was the BEST DEAL MAKER. So who do you make deals with? Not Republicans, they don't do deals they are too obstinate.

  156. See! I told you he wasn't such a bad guy!

  157. These apoplectic Trump supporters should be offered free Ancestry DNA tests.

  158. The fact is that these "conservatives" can complain all they want, but the only danger Trump really faces is if the Republican party gets tired of being sidelined and decides to mount a primary challenge against him in 2020 with a real neo-Nazi rather than a guy who just plays one on TV.

  159. Republicans should ignore Trump, Schumer and Pelosi and introduce a compromise bill that grants citizenship to DACA enrollees but (1) authorizes state, county and city police to enforce immigration law, (2) empowers states, counties and cities to make it unlawful for unauthorized immigrants to reside within their jurisdictions, (3) makes E-Verify mandatory nationwide, (4) and changes asylum laws to deny asylum to anyone who enters the country illegally. If these measures were put into effect, we wouldn’t need a border wall or a border fence, but the compromise package could designate the existing border fence the “Donald Trump Border Wall” so Trump will sign the bill. We could tear down the fence after he leaves office.

  160. There is no way Trump will keep his word on anything, he never has. But the big problem is that the right-wingers of this country (whose inability to govern is right now so apparent) will get a new enemy in DJT to energize them. The Rigth wingers live to hate at this point and offer no guidance to how to better our nation. They don't deserve a place in the national dialogue, because they don't respect the dialogue or the nation. they need to learn shame and to find their ways back to the real USA. With this new twist they will continue their self-righteous assault on all that is good about America.

  161. None of us knew what we were going to get with this president. Is this move by Mr. Trump desperate or genius? He believes the Republican establishment failed him. In reality, they failed all of us. Moving toward breaking a seemingly unending gridlock may save his presidency.

  162. "Conservatives recoil", "Die-hard Trump supporters fume" yada yada. Nothing shocks me at this point. Trump, McConnell, Ryan, Miller, Bannon..all the characters in this American Story have twisted and contorted themselves into caricatures trying to pretend these last 8 months have been "normal". The one constant has been that Trump can be relieved upon to change like the wind period.

  163. So if the Democrats already loathe Trump and now the Republicans do, what could be more unanimous than that? Finally, a coming together. Who knew Trump could be such a healer. Just like after the Civil War, I'm sure another word of it will ever be mentioned again by the two sides.

  164. After this latest decision it will be fascinating to find out how Trump polls amongst his base; if his solid 36% support remains loyal, then Trump is right that he "could shoot someone and still win". However, if his base support begins to waiver expect the political sharks to sense blood and close in for the kill.

  165. Didn't Donald tell us his base is loyal to a fault. Surely if he can shoot somebody and still retain popular support, he can have sympathy for DACA kids. Fear not, Republicans, the rats don't even know the ship is sinking yet.

  166. These people are horridly humorous. Now it’s “Repair the Wall”, Repair the Wall” from Ingraham. I don’t even know who she is but SNL could use her. Welcome to “switcheroo” land. Our Disaster in Chief has been pulling these stunts for the last eight months on the Democrats, World Leaders, and just about anyone outside his base. But now it’s their turn. I’m used to it, and bounce back quickly now, but Trump’s base is now in for a ride of their lives. He wants a tax reform bill so bad he can taste it. The Wall always was a losing proposition, it does next to nothing for security, costs a ton of money and he probably knows now it won’t get funded. But tax reform, if he plays it right with Pelosi, and Schumer, may just get him a decent piece of legislation that he can sign into law. It’s all about image, and ratings. His base will see him now for what he is, but won’t let go, it’s all they have. Welcome to the Twilight Zone Republican base!

  167. Conservatives oppose illegal immigration and raise reasonable arguments against it. But they fail to see that the Dreamers have done nothing illegal. Suppose that. as 10 year olds. they were sitting in a car while a parent was driving drunk. The parent would be subject to arrest, but the child had done nothing wrong. The same goes for crossing the border. The parent's offense is not the child's.

  168. Finally a good thought and a practical idea! A wall that looks like the Great Wall of China! Architecturally beautiful and a tourist attraction the government could charge access to by designating it a National Monument. The Wall would practically pay for itself, even the Mexicans would want to walk on it and take their selfies. And it would be functional, too! At 2000 miles long, it could easily house the governmental offices of all the federal bureaucrats. By housing them inside the Great Wall of America we would save tremendously on border patrol, since now all the bureaucrats in the building would merely have to be instructed to keep an eye out for ropes and ladders on the Southern side of the wall and occasionally push them off, cut the ropes, or pour hot oil over the more persistent wall climbers. And the best part: All the lobbyists would have to pay Park entry fees everytime they want to bribe my representative. I can practically hear the ka-ching already! Of course, Our Wall has to be bigger and even more beautiful than its Chinese counterpart! I mean, that's a given. But if anyone can do it, then it's Our Donald. We are truly blessed to have him! I love it! I hope the Donald is reading this. This idea might just save his hide from his irate supporters.

  169. He's finally showing both political and common sense. Such compromising is welcome and useful for the country. I'm sure that his troglodyte minions will neither accept nor understand the true nature of good politics, and the positive effects such can bring. I, who dislike him, welcome these new directions and efforts.

  170. Dear Dr. Rudolph, Really I wouldn't be so willing to be taken in by his lies. Wait and see what actually occurs, not much reason to pay attention to the words of Trump, as he will go back on anything with no reservation.

  171. There couldn't be a more straightforward expose of Republicans being part of the "swamp" than: "... said Russ Schriefer, a Republican consultant who has worked for George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. 'Doesn’t it hurt all these Republican congressmen who want to use [Pelosi] as the liberal foil in their campaigns?'” In other words the position of these Republican swamp creatures is "don't solve the problem, keep it festering as a future campaign issue". However much or little any of us agree with Trump, on this aspect of immigration reform, he's trying for resolution of a situation that swamp denizens have allowed to linger for decades. Think of it. Someone moving ahead with the public's business!

  172. If you're just realizing now that the wall is never going to be built, well ...

  173. ..."then I have a Bridge to sell ya too!"

  174. Eventually we will all realize that Trump's many faces are the perfect reflection of a tribal public that only listens to those who agree with them. Our hatred or love of Trump is just a summation of how our nation has broken apart into each echo chamber. Trump's lying takes a back seat when one group hears what they want to hear. And that includes everyone.

  175. At a time when people are in dire need after two major hurricanes in two major red states, the whining of hard-right conservatives over wasting taxpayer money over a wall that now President Trump vowed over and over again would be paid for by Mexico is beyond absurd. It's time to meet the real and urgent needs of those suffering rather than cling to ideological symbols that are best set aside. This rabid rigidity is exactly why President Trump is finding it much easier to "deal" with Democrats to get things done rather than repeat the health care debacle over a wall.

  176. I'm surprised by the public attention to the wall too. Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall. What is the wall even doing in a budget negotiation? You might also expect DACA to draw more attention than the wall. Trump made Dreamers illegal but is now fighting for their legal status in exchange for a wall designed to keep out other immigrants seeking legal status but he isn't getting the wall anyway, just a border security budget. He then tweeted the wrong details about the conversation at 4:30 in the morning claiming he got the wall and then retracted the statement later in the same day. What?!? Did someone spike Trump's kool-aid? Is the man off his meds? Trump might not drink but he sure ain't sober. I can only suspect he needs Schumer for a deal on taxes. That or he's completely lost it.

  177. What the president is doing is giving his supporters a wall -- between him and them.

  178. You know your intellectual skills are limited if for every major wrong you blame people who members of either: 1) the .0001% super rich, or 2) the 20% poorest and most vulnerable.

  179. This is all hilarious...

  180. Nothing funny about it to the people whose fate hangs in the balance--allowed to stay, or not?

  181. Anything is negotiable to Trump's base except the racism.

  182. Well put.