Summer Reading Contest, Week 7 | What Interested You Most in The Times This Week?

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  1. The Article "How Buzzfeed's Tasty Conquered Online Food" by Farhad Manjoo interested me the most this week simply because this is an article I can relate to and pertains to me. I came across these little 1 minute (or less) videos of people making these very good looking dishes all the time. I always say "Im going to make this" but I never end up doing so. Apparently these little videos has racked up Buzzfeed a lot of money. As stated in the article, one single video has been viewed 194 million times, and this is facebook alone. There are ton of these videos surfacing around the Internet, which include lots of different foods. There is no telling how much money Buzzfeed are making off the simple but enticing videos. Noone knows who invented these videos, either. It seems as if it just gained popularity overnight, amd i can honestly say i don't remember the internet without them. They are even working on an app dedicated to these little videos, which should be released later this week (as stated in the article). And I will be one of the first people to download it as soon as it releases.

  2. 'Afghan Scouts Apologize Over President Trumps Remarks at Jamboree'

    What sparked my interest in the article is that I have a friend who was there at the Jamboree. He was so excited to hear our president speak, but then was highly disappointed. It is a shame that our president is not mature enough to not gloat or disrespect another person. At this point, I'm used to his comments from seeing them everywhere, all the time, but this event was supposed to be about the boy scouts and he made it about himself. Although it is very Noble for the boy scouts to apologize, it is not their place, Trump should apologize. Trump should be the president we need him to be, mature, responsible, and civilized.

  3. ‘I Am Totally Burned Out’: Patients Watch Health Care With Dread
    By Jan Hoffman

    In the New York Times today, the article that caught my attention concerned the ongoing Congress debate over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. This has brought severe anxiety to many people whose health insurance is at risk. I am very shocked by the manner at which such a big issue is being treated by the government. The health care issue has been debated for months and still no ultimatum has been reached. This article appealed to me because there are many people with severe ailments such as cancer and every day, these people stress about about whether or not they’ll be able to continue their treatments. For people who purchased health care in marketplaces, the Affordable Care Act is their only way of continuing expensive medical procedures without having to worry about the costs. What I don’t understand is why Trump and the government don’t have respect or compassion for their people. Many of the people under the Affordable Care Act have been trying to battle their sickness and financial problems at the same time. When you think in the economic perspective, more people weighed down by diseases will result in less work being produced, negatively affecting our country. The least the government could do for its people is to give them a helping hand by allowing the Affordable Care Act to stay once and for all, relieving everyone’s apprehension.

  4. The article titled “U.S General- North Korea ICBM Threat Advancing Faster Than Expected” by RUETERS intrigued me this week. This topic peaked my interest after a conversation I had with my family. Throughout the past couple months, I have been scanning over news about North Korea’s plans to strike and never really taking the time to understand it all. I didn’t ask the important questions such as how the North Koreans plan to do this or why or when it was happening? After hearing my younger cousin voice her fears about the event, I took it upon myself to reassure her with a deeper comprehension of the situation. After reading the article, I could comfort her with the idea that the missiles lacked the “degree of accuracy” to precisely hit the U.S which alleviated her fears. I genuinely enjoyed and appreciated this article as it helped me become more aware of what is currently going on in the world and allowed me to intelligently contribute to my family’s discussions.

  5. I sit down to watch one of my favorite programs of the year, Shark week, and realize today was the day. Today was the day where Michael Phelps was going to race a great white shark. This was going to be, of course, the most entertaining part of the whole week. Finally, Phelps and the shark line up at the finish line. "Wait, that isn't a real shark," I thought to myself, as I was certain thousands more were saying at the same time. Of course, racing a real shark would've been extremely dangerous, but I was certain the Discovery Channel would've figured it out by now. Yet instead everyone watching was presented with Michael Phelps, and a computer generated image of how a real great white shark would've swam in the race. Of course, everyone watching the program from all over the world were disappointed; I however, needed more on the story of why Michael Phelps decided to race against a hologram. I knew there had to be a more detailed explanation to why a real race between the two didn't actually take place. I quickly logged on and found that it would've been highly unpredictable to have Phelps race against a real shark, and that the Discovery Channel was using Phelps' race as a headline for the week's biggest event to draw more viewers.

  6. 111 nfl brains. All but one had cte.
    This article is about how taking hits to your head can cause cte. The article talks about how they had 220 brains, 111 being nfl players, and 110 of the brains all had cte. All of those brains that had cte were nfl brains. 44 of the brains with cte were lineman. Lineman get benign head trauma every play, so they are thinking that cte is caused by repetitive small head trauma.

  7. "Endangered Rhinos Flee From Indian Floods Into Poachers' Hands"

    Nature is a wonderful place where new species are bred daily and where the delicate balance of life and death plays an intricate role in an ecosystem. In todays society, scientists are discovering new species of life on land and in our oceans that turn the public's head. Although there are many new species being discovered, conservationists are working hard to turn the spotlight towards the dwindling endangered species in the world.

    The article I chose grabbed my attention because I am very interested in wildlife and hope to study it one day. The severe floods occurring in Assam State are affecting the animals in Kaziranga National Park to seek shelter on high grounds. The park houses a many species of animals like elephants, Indian hog deer, buffalo, and also including the endangered one horned rhino. Animals have made it to the areas of protection from park officials, but others such as the one horned rhino haven't been so lucky. Poachers are killing rhinos that do not reach the protection that they deserve and the species is suffering because of it.

    It is unfair of poachers to hunt these animals when they are already in danger of flood waters. This article sheds light on the horrible act of poaching and spreads awareness that species are dwindling and need to be preserved.

  8. Hit By Lightning: Tales From Survivors By Lizette Alvarez

    This article delivered knowledge to me about how people survive from lighting strikes, which is why it interested me the most this week. I knew that not everyone died from lighting strikes but it was fascinating to know that so far 4 people in America have died from a lighting incident. Yet not everyone dies from these attacks, if you're lucky you won't die. For example on January 7th, Mr. Church was struck by lighting while fishing, while overestimating the lighting's distance away from him. Once he was struck his body "felt paralyzed" but he was a lucky one, the lighting blot had just missed a direct hit to his heart. Mr. Church stated “My will to survive kicked in." His willpower saved his life by forcing his damaged body to move and call 911 for help. If it wasn't for Mr. Church's willpower he probably would have died from the internal damages. The willpower that he demonstrated that day will continue to be reminder of how to fight for your life. What every survivor must overcome is to continue on living and not let your incident define who you are. After his attack Mr. Church said "I just pay attention to life more." I believe every person should take every day of their life and treat it as it could be their last. This motto is what I am going to live by from now on because this article reminds that one day my life could be taken away from me in a blink of an eye without warning.

  9. President Trump contradicts himself once again. This week president Donald Trump bans transgender citizens from being in the military. The announcement was revealed Wednesday, July 26th, 2017, through his infamous twitter account. His reasoning for the announcement is because the transgender community would be ‘too costly’ and would ‘distract from the military’s essential costs.’
    This change is not only confusing but contradicting as well. Early on in the president’s campaign he explained how he was a supporter of the LGBTQ community, and would always protect their rights. According to the video “Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Prompt’s Pushback” by Ainara Tiefenthaler, Good Morning America’s Matt Lauer Interviews Trump on letting Caitlyn Jenner use any bathroom she chooses. Trump said he agrees she should have the right to choose. If the president was as welcoming to as small of an idea as a transgender citizen using any bathroom he or she chooses, why is he all of a sudden stripping someone of their right to protect their country?
    As said above, the reasoning behind this statement is that the testosterone or estrogen is too costly and too distracting from other military essential costs. Trump announced this so quickly that most of his representatives don’t even know how to defend him. Whether or not president Trump has a plan, he still should not be able to take away this right from any citizen, especially if he claims to “protect their rights.”

  10. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed In the Military"

    When my friend called me, upset, because of Trump's ban of Transgender people in the military, I did not believe it. I did not trust Trump's claims of protecting the LGTB community, however I did not understand why our president would no longer allow able-bodied troops to serve because of their gender identity, especially when there are anywhere up to 15,000 transgender troops already serving. I read this article to understand the justifications for setting back the LGTB+ community's fight for equality.
    My bigger problem with this decision is the ripple effect it caused. This decision supports trans-phobic ideas, as I watched countless classmates begin to spew hate toward the transgender and LGTB communities. This had a huge impact on my life, as I am deeply connected to this community through friends, family and my own identity. Very recently one of my friends came out as transgender, and it is shameful that he must already question this decision because of bullies and his concerns of his own safety. By banning the transgender community from being in the military, Trump is encouraging unprecedented hate throughout the country. It set a message to those that identify as transgender that they are unwanted, and unable in the military and in their own goals. The hate this ban has caused is unjustifiable, as I watch my friends be attacked by other students and grieve for the progress of the LGTB community.

  11. Devon Teuscher, a Poet in Ballet Shoes, Takes On ‘Swan Lake.’

    The article discusses how Devon Teuscher is like a poet on ballet shoes. She joined the American Ballet Theater ten years ago and is now a soloist. Teuscher is now dancing the lead roles Odette and Odile. She has said, "I always wanted to do it, but part of me also never believed that I would. I don’t believe in myself as much as I probably should.”
    She doesn’t seem to lack confidence but, the ballet world can make a person doubt themselves all the time. She cried after her first performance but, then the second one the artistic director said that she made him cry in a good way. Mr. McKenzie, the artist director said, “It’s a rare bird — no pun intended — that can take a ballet like that with the technical demands and expectations and all of it and subjugate the technique to the dramatic through-line and then deliver the technique like she’s reciting poetry. There’s no apparent effort.” He she can dance perfectly without looking like she is trying. While doing Swan Lake Teuscher had to play two completely different characters. She was more comfortable with the choreography of Odile but could relate more to Odette.
    Teuscher said, "I would like to make this remain a beautiful art form that moves people and that people can relate to. That has been lost. I would really like to bring it back.” This shows me that being a ballerina is hard work but, I hope I will be ready for it one day.

  12. "Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Prompts Pushback"
    By Ainara Tiefenthäler

    This week, the article that interested me the most involved President Donald Trump's ban on transgenders serving in the U.S military. This action contradicts Trump's promise to fight for the LGBT community's rights and protection. Banning the acceptance of transgenders into the military was a huge step backwards for the Trump administration. Many consider the action to be transphobic and unconstitutional. The argument for allowing transgenders to fight in the military has two sides. The view that Donald Trump took: with the acceptance of transgenders fighting for our country also entails the burden of medical and health costs. These health costs will set back the force of the military and hinder its success. The other approach taken by most of the general public: all men and women are created equal, therefore anybody willing to die for this country should be able to serve. It was interesting to see these two sides clash. On Trump's twitter, he was attacked by many; he was called a disgrace to the country and an enemy to the nation. The decision by Trumo to ban transgender individuals from enlisting in the army has divided the country even further. The gap between hate and acceptance for the president is far from small.

  13. "Finland Has a Sports Screw Loose"

    All over the world, every place has its own sporting events. A lot of these places have different variations of the same sports. Finland has many odd sports that are very popular that no one outside of the country knows about. Many of the sports that are popular are very specific, such as swamp soccer, the World Sauna Championships, and the Mosquito Killing Championships. I feel as though it is great that some places in the world have such strange activities because it is boring and repetitive to always hear about the same sports every week. In Finland, they have something new to enjoy all the time and it never gets old, which must be a great thing for the citizens and competitors. If other countries had bizarre competitions like Finland does, sports may be more about having fun and enjoying the game rather than making a ton of money.

  14. “Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military”

    I first heard the announcement on TV, as my parents were watching the news. In a series of three tweets, Trump declared that transgender people were banned from serving in the military. Many people were caught off-guard by the announcement. This article explained that Trump was doing it to resolve an argument going on at Capitol Hill, about whether taxpayer money should pay for gender transitioning and hormone therapy. I was surprised because it seemed like a very abrupt announcement. This article interested me because I felt like we were taking a step back from where we were before. Last year, Trump had said that he was an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. This ban challenges that statement, especially since Obama declared that transgender people could serve in the military last year. Over 15,000 people could be affected by this ban. What will happen to the many already serving in the military? Will they get compensation for their service, or time to find a new job? Or will they be allowed to stay? This ban raises questions for many, and I hope those questions are answered soon.

  15. "I'm a Civilian. I'm Innocent. Who's in Congo's Mass Graves?" by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura
    I always knew that around the world, there is some sort of violence ensuing due to rebellion against government. I did not know, however, how bad this could be until I read this article.
    In the Congo, a militia group called the "Kamwina Nsapu" has been hunted down by the government. Apparently, the president sent out troops in order to "control" these dissidents, but the way the orders have been carried out have cost the life of hundreds of civilians. Babies, the disabled, the elderly, and just flat-out innocent people have suffered under this inhumane mission.
    What saddens me the most is that although the United Nations has attempted to investigate and resolve, this issue has gone on for too long and the graves holding the Congolese will leave a footprint of hatred and violence forever. My question is: How could a government-organized mass murder be justified? It can't and never will be.

  16. "Its High Time for Ticks, Which Are spreading Diseases Farther" by Aneri Pastani

    This article interested me the most because it explains how tick diseases can spread very quickly and shows how deadly it can be. In New York, the tick population is growing drastically which increases the risk of people being infected with diseases such as lyme disease, Powassan virus,etc. Cases of lyme disease infections is close to 300,000. A lone star tick can infect people with a allergy called alpha-gal syndrome which is an allergy that cause people to have allergic reactions to red meat. There are many ticks such as a the lone star tick, the deer tick, and the American dog tick. Lone star tick bits are increasing very quick even overlapping the rating the bites of the black-legged tick (deer tick). People need to find ways to protect themselves from ticks but for now all people can do is keep a look out for any ticks.

  17. LGBT discrimination is a common debate that is often pushed aside, but as we as a nation move forward in time, we seem to be moving back in our progressiveness. Recently Donald Trump proposed a ban on transgender troops on Twitter, claiming that transgender troops cost the military too much. This cost only accounts for about 0.04-0.13% of military spending, statistics found in the New York Times article titled Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military. Mr. Trump was already planning on increasing military spending by cutting funding from things such as the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. With all the money being added to the military one would think that less than one fifth of a percent could go to the transgendered troops. Countries allowing transgender troops to serve have been studied and results found that the readiness of the troops was barely affected, if at all. A quick Google search allows anyone the knowledge that the military spends nearly ten times the amount of money on Viagra than it does on its transgender members. Not only is the banning of transgender troops discrimination against the LGBT community, the reasoning for doing so loosely based on ideas rather than research, but the effect of transgender troops serving in the military is very little and far behind that of Viagra. Perhaps we as a nation should address the real reason people are upset with transgender troops rather than continue to come up with false excuses.

  18. "Trump Forbids Military Service by Transgender People"
    I was most interested in Trump announcing via Twitter that he bans transgender people from the military. Setting aside how I think that is outright repugnant, the thing that has been on my mind since he started his presidency is this: how is he still tweeting?
    I remember watching Jimmy Kimmel interview former President Barack Obama where Obama talked about the security restrictions he experiences as the President of the Free World. He stated that he is only allowed a Blackberry with no internet connection so it cannot be hacked. He also talked about how the only tweets on his twitter account that come directly from him are signed -b.o. Those tweets were very rare.
    This is why I am so confused to Trump's actions when it comes to social media. If he is so concerned about national security how is he always so close to an iPhone that he can tweet the moment he has a temper tantrum about something?
    I think the Trump administration needs to get their boss in line so they will be able to answer questions on his behalf in the future. Unlike what happened on July 26.
    "Land of the free. Home of the brave." I don't see how disrespecting an already marginalized group of people that spend their lives protecting is representative to home of the brave. Whether or not this was just a smoke screen reaction to his failing health care bill, Trump should be thankful to be so lucky to have transgender individuals fight for his country.


    The article "What We Finally Got Around to Learning at the Procrastination Research Conference," explained how little we know about procrastination. At the conference, professors and doctors from all around the world met together to discuss the problem that affects many people today. This conference was for professors and doctors to discuss their theories with others with similar ideas, without being shunned. While many ideas were tossed around, but none narrowed down as the "answer". About 20 percent of people are "chronic procrastinators" and are called procs. Procrastination was called a phycological disease, defined as "the purposive and frequent delay in beginning or completing a task to the point of experiencing subjective discomfort, such as anxiety or regret". As the research gets better, and the theories narrowed down, we may find the answer to ending procrastination.

  20. The article about fighting fires in New York was the most creative thing I have read in months. It is written in the second person point of view and the author tried their best to make feel like a real situation. It also shows the dangerous job that is fighting fires. They risk their lives whenever someone calls and they still get paid very little.

  21. "A Quick, Satisfying Fix for Weeknight Chicken"
    A Good Appetite
    By Melissa Clark

    This week, this cooking article interested me because recently I have been intrigued with the culinary life. A family member of mine got me a subscription to Blue Apron, which is an organization that you can order meals from and they send you all the farm fresh ingredients and the recipe to make it. Everything gets delivered to your house which makes it easy to get right to cooking. Coming from a family of six, homemade dinners were very rare in my house. However, with Blue Apron I am able to make a delicious dinner at least once a week.

    Therefore, seeing an article on chicken interested me because I love chicken and in my Blue Apron meals I have received two chicken dinners. Those chicken dinners involved me cooking chicken a way I have never seen before. This article gave me a few more tips on how to prepare and cook chicken as well. That's why I chose to read this article this week.

  22. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military" by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Helene Cooper

    I chose this article because it focuses on a major issue that has come to the forefront this week. President Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military has sparked anger and disbelief in many Americans. His actions have come across as transphobic and insensitive, as the announcement refers to the disruption and burdens of trans people serving in the military. The announcement has come as a shock to everyone, including his defense secretary, especially because he claimed to be an ally of the LGBT community when he was campaigning for president.

    The video attached to this article states that a Rand study showed that having trans people in the military would have little impact on health care costs and the overall readiness of the force. If this is true, this ban has caused absolutely unjustifiable hate. People who are ready and willing to sacrifice their lives to serve their country are being turned away and made feel scared and unwanted because they were unhappy in the bodies they were born with. This ban might be in place as a so-called way of conserving money and resources, the monumentally negative effect that this will have on the LGBT community is, to many, unforgivable.

    Finland Has a Sports Screw Loose, by Andrew Keh, was a really fun article to read. At first I thought it was just about crazy fads that have popped up, but the further I read, the more intrigued I was by the unique culture and attitude of the Finnish people. Although the sports mentioned in the article like Swamp Soccer and Mosquito Killing may seem far-fetched and pointless, I think the reason for the competitions goes much deeper than just crazy sports. The article portrays Finland as a challenging place to live geographically, but its people seem to live a life rewarded by both natural beauty and country’s rights for the people. The Finnish people are competitive, sports minded and healthy. The Olympic success this country enjoyed was at one time far and above the statistics for countries its size. Even though the world has caught up on the Olympic stage, the people are still highly competitive and have come up with other ways to demonstrate their competitiveness. It almost seems like the crazier the better. But beyond the crazy sports and the competition, the Finnish people are really just looking for a way to be social, have fun, and enjoy themselves and their country after a long and brutal winter. It makes me think that their attitude towards being healthy, active, and social, no matter how silly the reason is not a bad thing at all.

  24. “Donald Trump’s History Lessons”
    While I’ve always liked history class, I was never sure how the past related to my forward-looking life today. President Trump’s apparent ignorance of basic historical facts and his resulting flawed worldview demonstrate why a grasp of history matters. Roger Cohen skillfully employs snark and sarcasm to lampoon the President and advocate for historical accuracy.

    No one is asking President Trump to emulate the scholarly mien of past presidents such as Thomas Jefferson or John F. Kennedy. They expertly wielded their profound understanding of antiquity to forge effective foreign policies in their day. A deeper understanding of past events would help the President operate effectively in a time of calamitous circumstances in Asia and the Middle East. Though past historical incidents don’t always yield enlightenment useful today, at their most rudimentary level they provide a base of common understanding between nations. President Trump’s utter disregard for the truth when he claims that Korea used to be part of China or Napoleon designed modern Paris shatters this common understanding and imperils our country.

    It’s not too late for President Trump to embrace the perspective history provides to develop sound policies. Otherwise, he risks getting mired in his own self-exultance.

  25. "U.S. to Bar Americans From Traveling to North Korea" by David E. Sanger

    Given the rising tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world, it was only a matter of time before travel bans related to the hostile country would take effect. The United States is issuing one soon which will restrict all travel between the US and North Korea. This includes trips passing through N. Korea, even as a layover flight. This way there will be fewer Americans that will get held there for whatever reason. You can still get to North Korea with a special travel pass, but that's really the only way if you're traveling by plane.
    What made this article interesting to me was the United States' reasoning for issuing the travel ban. Lately, all we've been hearing about is missiles. Big ones that could potentially reach the west coast. This article doesn't really say anything about missiles, though. It quotes an expert when saying that "It's important to stop the flow of cash and prospective hostages into North Korea". I haven't heard anything about hostages recently. Is this really a big problem, or did we intentionally not bring up the missile threats?

  26. Scaramucci Stirs Up White House With Uncensored Rant

    I must say there is at least a little good news coming out of all of this. The fact that I don't need to wait for the next season of House of Cards to get my fix of crazy politics is great! Of course, it's much less enjoyable when I realize that this is actually happening, and I'm watching CNN, not Netflix. It is frankly a little scary when fictional TV shows draw inspiration from the real world in situations like these.

    When President Trump was elected to office, I could guess that there would be some shakeups, but never could I have predicted any of this. The White House and our country is apparently being controlled and managed by petulant children, and that just can't work out well for the American people. For too many years now (even before President Trump), the American political system has transformed into a breeding ground for guileless behavior on both sides of the aisle. It has apparently gotten so bad that a wannabe Henry Hill is cursing to the entire country, people are rioting, and our country is divided.

    This article simply proves how much trouble this country could be in if some serious changes are not made.

  27. Half of a Nation's Young People, High on a Chewable Leaf

    This article had some interesting facts of how Half of a Nation's young people, consumed a chewable leaf. Also, it explains the bad and good of the situation it cause to the economy but how it affect the population in a whole. We as American consider it as a illegal cause because as we know most of consumable drugs are prohibited in most states here in America while other countries consider it legal. It comes down to seeing the cause and effect of the economy and health state of people. Furthermore, the government of Ethiopia states that it provides good money for there economy and has help it grow up to 10% more in the last decade ,but yet finds it horrible in the eyes of the young people that waste there time on this drug named khat instead of looking for better life and education. Like most students in Ethiopia state that they prefer chewing this plant then anything else that has to do with the government. This means that most people like young people have some sort of feeling toward the government way to view political things. In recent years here in America this have been falling in government hands as well as Ethiopia state most teenagers now in day spend there time in secret areas to consume their drugs yet not know that their life are at risk.


  28. "Something Strange in Usain Bolt's Stride"
    By Jeré Longman

    As a fan of both running and kinesiology, I found this article particularly interesting. Usain Bolt is the current world-record holder for the 100 meters at 9.58 seconds, and the 200 meters at 19.19 seconds. But, what exactly makes the fastest sprinter in history so fast?
    Researchers at Southern Methodist University have found that Bolt’s running technique is rather peculiar. It has been noted that in Bolt’s stride, his right leg hits the ground with a peak force that is 13 percent greater than his left leg. A peak force is the force at which the runner hits the ground relative to their body weight. Besides the differences in his peak force, his left leg seems to stay on the ground for about 14 percent longer than his right leg. Thus, Bolt has uneven strides.
    Most research has found that having uneven strides is a disadvantage since it slows the runner down. However, the fact that Usain’s right leg is half an inch shorter than his left seems to have no effect on him. Bolt’s body has naturally adapted over time to allow him to run at top speeds. This is seen in the fact that his left leg stays on the ground a little longer in every stride to make up for the force lost in his right leg.
    Until researching Bolt's unique movement strategies, I had never considered such a fascinating approach to running, nor the significant impact and distinctive running patterns of different runners from all around the world.

  29. This week I read the article "110 N.F.L. Brains" by Joe Ward, Josh Williams and Sam Manchester. This article is about "a neuropathologist that has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players — and 110 were found to have C.T.E., the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head". C.T.E. or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease found in people who have suffered repeated blows to the head, usually football players. It can cause "memory loss, confusion, depression and dementia. The problems can arise years after the blows to the head have stopped". They found that linemen make up the largest share, by far, of those tested by Dr. McKee, partly because nearly half of the 22 players on the field are offensive and defensive linemen. Dr. McKee says that there is still a lot to study in the subject, and she says she isn't finished yet. I was interested in this article because the brain is so complex, its one of our main sources of life, and when you hit is a could of hundred times, somethings bound to happen. And it's neat to read about the studies that have gone on, and will someday possibly come to be.

  30. “Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’”
    By Stephanie Clifford and Jessica Silver-Greenberg

    After reading this article, I felt extremely sorrow. I couldn’t believe that parents are loosing custody of their children for mere misunderstandings. What disappointed me the most was that the main reason for these parents to be on the “faultless list of child abusers” or in courts to fight was because of where they lived. The article explains that families in poor neighborhoods receive a far more severe punishment than those in safer and more adequate neighborhoods. In addition, lawyers claim that their clients are “predominately poor black and Hispanic women”. With this, I am beyond upset that people who are already minorities and are already facing struggles have to face with another issue: child custody.

    What the Child Services do is extremely important in that it detects abused and neglected children; however, the department must also realize that not everything is what it seems. It might take awhile for these misinterpreted scenarios to die away, since the Child Service department is only doing its job, but I’m sure that the rate of children falsely being put in foster care will decrease over time if there are better rules implemented for these situations. Good parents should not have to be punished by loosing custody of their children. Instead, there needs to be a better system that sends help solely to children that need it.

  31. For Kids With Cancer, Focusing on Quality of Life
    What interested me in the NYTimes this week was an article about trying to improve the quality of life for children living with cancer using newly-defined palliative care. Palliative care was mainly used for adults when it was inevitable that their life was going to end after a battle with cancer, but now children are now receiving it to improve their quality of life while they are getting treated and don’t know what they’re outcome will be yet. The article discussed toddlers and adolescents understandings on what they are going through. It brought up points such as the question of would toddlers understand why the people around them are giving them medicines or doing things to their tiny bodies that would need them to feel worse to get better? Palliative care helps children that may think this way. The article talks about a patient who was in the hospital for a bone-marrow transplant and was able to have someone to talk to. The patient stated that they felt like a new person when she left the hospital. Children who have been in the hospital for a good portion of their lives may see life as something that they want to end, because they haven’t actually lived to see that life is much more than staying in a hospital bed and having doctors beside you at all times. Palliative care aims to help children see that life has a greater meaning than what they think it does, whether or not they are nearing the end of their lives.

  32. “111 N.F.L Brains. All But One Had C.T.E” by Joe Ward, Josh Williams and Sam Manchester
    People believe that this sport should be ended immediately but I think it shouldn’t stop. A few years ago I read an article talking about improving the helmets football players wear. If all N.F.L teams were able to get “safer” helmets I think the sport will go on. So many players come out with head trauma but there needs to be ways to fix it. Instead of people being alarmed about this article they should wonder how can we stop C.T.E, and the answer is not end football.
    What I found interesting is the one person who did not have C.T.E even though they played football, why is that and was Dr. McKee every able to figure out why this specific player didn’t have any problems. Many ideas come to mind, how long did this person play, what position did they play, did they have different equipment that helped them from not suffering from more injuries to their head.
    Think about all the parents that decide they never want their child to play football, if there is only a way for it to be safer then more people will be open to the idea of their child playing football.

  33. "Down the Mighty Columbia River, Where a Power Struggle Looms."

    Why this article was chosen was because it really starts a discussion in your mind. Where, either the Columbia and the 250 hydro-powered dams that reside on the river should be publicly owned or privately own. Already, it is publicly owned, where companies like Google use it for internet data, and about half of the nation’s hydro-power is from these dams. The Trump administration has suggested to make part of those dams owned by private entities, where part of the power would be split between different companies and such. Though it would make things easier, with running the dams and other operations there, there is still the problem of over-fishing, and how a Native American tribe had lost their river to those dams. What to do in a situation like this; keep the dams as they are, letting the power continue to flow as it is, but dealing with overflowing and an over abundance of fish, or let the private owners take over part of the dam, making the voice of the public and the tribe?®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news


    This article interests me a lot. I chose this article because i really enjoy watching celebrity's blog and learning more about their lives. This article is very interesting topic because love is a very difficult topic to explain. In conclusion, this article is very good and matches my preferences.

  35. As a child I would describe myself as a very apprehensive boy. I wasn't fond of going outside to make new friends when I already had a plethora of ones I could simply call to come inside. I preferred the reliable familiarity of kids of friends my parents had made rather than a hopeful march around the neighborhood hoping a life long friend was right around the corner waiting for me. And it's hope that that Arthur C. Brooks talks about in his article How the Modern World Made Cowards of Us All. In it he talks about how modern society has basically become a definition of the word prudence. And how it seems we have become paranoid of taking a leap of faith and instead we play it safe.
    This interest me due to the fact that it's hard to think that going out on a limb and believe that everything would be alright would be a way to get happiness. Society has social conditioned you to believe that taking risks are actions to only be used when its dire or that it only lead to bad things that will take away happiness. However Arthur talks about a test where people use a coin to decide their decisions and it's results say that when people got a affirmative action from the coin or the option to say yes from the coin they were much happier. I always wonder that if I had gone back to some thing and tried it after I said no how would my life play out if I didn't try to play it safe? That's why this article interested me, it has influenced me to want to try to experience more things!

  36. "Venezuela on the Brink" by Deborah Acosta
    The suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia are a peaceful place. We wave and smile at one another as we pass by on walking trails at local parks. We get together at “Food Truck Friday” every week at the Town Center. We bike to work and walk to school. We leave bags out in the open in our cars, trusting that no one will steal our belongings. The suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia are a safe place. It is practically beyond my capacity to understand the pain that is being felt in Venezuela. I cannot process how it must feel to see a 17-year-old boy die in the street, but I’ve decided to give it a shot. A mother and father lose their child, siblings lose their brother, a girl loses her boyfriend, a dog loses their owner, friends lose a member of their second family, relatives lose a cousin or a nephew, and every other person that this boy has met in the past 17 years loses an acquaintance. Acosta has helped me see that I take my life for granted. We walk around every day barely paying attention to what is going on in the world. We don’t realize that these dying people have families too. Children are shot in the streets of Venezuela and we don’t think anything of it. We don’t acknowledge the pain it causes. Thousands of people are participating in riots, being beaten, and having their freedom ripped away from them, yet we carry on, smiling and waving to the people we pass by on the walking trails at local parks in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

  37. "When Health Law Isn't Enough, the Desperate Line Up at Tents" is one of the most interesting articles I read this week. It is an article about the "nations largest pop-up free clinic" that provided free medical attention to many people in Virginia.
    I had many reactions to this article and my first thought was, why isn't this occurring everywhere? Why are we not making this a first priority for those who cannot afford health care/insurance? But then another question comes to mind, why are we not noticing how many cannot afford basic medical insurance and doing something about it? This is such a big issue that we seem to set aside as long as ourselves and our families have what we need. Why isn't our attention focused on the bigger problems affecting our nation? Instead of focusing on what matters we (as a nation) tend to only care about what Mr.Trump tweets next. Our priorities are off and it needs to be fixed. We all need to focus our attention on what actually matters instead of wasting time.
    Also mentioned in this article that really shocked me, was the fact that over 29 million American's still do not have health insurance. Where are our priorities? We must fix this because children are not getting the medical attention that they need. What happens when low-income families cannot afford the immunizations children need to go to school? They are going to be denied? Obviously everyone needs an education so we cannot let the price of health care change this.

  38. "In U.S. First, Scientists Edit Genes of Human Embryos"

    While looking for articles to read, this title struck out at me. I was doubting it for a bit because it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie (genetically altering human embryos) and especially since doing experiments on humans has been controversial. Of course, the tested embryos had certain requirements and the testing had good intentions but of course humans- even if they aren't fully developed, should not be treated like animals. On the other hand, the world keeps evolving with new sciences, so is this kind of testing inevitable? If the testing results with positive traits in the soon to be child, maybe scientists will know exactly how to prevent certain genetic diseases. After all, without any testing, nobody will know (so perhaps this is all for the better).

  39. Aftermath of a Deadly Mumbai Building Collapse by: E. Wexler, G. Mattioli, V. Shastri
    When many think of India’s most populated city, Mumbai, they think of small clustered huts in an unemployment-stricken village with the women serving men. In movies such as Slumdog Millionaire, it's what we see.Enough with the stereotypes that people in the Western world blindly follow. These stereotypes blind people to think of these cities as a poor village. In this edition of the NYT, I am intrigued by a video of the rescue mission for a building collapse in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.Officials say that an act of vandalism and illegal alterations must be the case. After watching this video, a thought of hopelessness has been plaguing my mind. Like an iceberg in an ocean, a thought of prevailing sadness. Vandalism. Those who partake in such activity become those who riddle the area with that disease. One might ask what leads a man to vandalize.These stereotypes prove to be nothing more than a simple taunt. Sitting by this laptop in North America, sometimes, I do not think to what extent these movies do to us. Over 17 lives killed, it gives us a wake up call. A call in the night when we are all blinded by sleep is when the attacker comes. A silent weapon. I’d like to emphasize the extent of these stereotypes that the world has laid out. Not just Asia, but for all of the world. It is my humble request to stop supporting these stereotypes as we can see the result in front of our eyes. Rest in peace.

  40. Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military
    This caught my attention because I had heard about this going on and wanted to know more about it. I think that these people should be able to serve for our country they humans like everyone else. I also understand how much money would have to be put into to help these people become who they really want to be. I think Trump is taking this a little to far. This is how I feel about this whole situation.

  41. Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military
    This caught my attention because I had heard about this going on and wanted to know more about it. I think that these people should be able to serve for our country they are humans like everyone else. I also understand how much money would have to be put into to help these people become who they really want to be. I think Trump is taking this a little to far. This is how I feel about this whole situation.

  42. A neuropathologist has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players — and 110 were found to have C.T.E., the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head.

    This article caught my eye because being someone who has suffered from chronic headaches for as long as I can remember, anything that has to do with the brain and how it works or doesn’t work always interests me.

    When I think about a professional football player the first thing I think about is all the glamour associated with them, the money, the fame, the continuation of being able to make a game you play for fun your career. It never occurred to me the true cost of playing football professionally, and in the case of this article it would be the degeneration of their brains. This slowly occurs over time due to the nature of the head hitting in this contact sport. While this condition isn't a death sentence it whittles away at their quality of life.

    All in all I think I would suck to have your quality of life striped from you all because you enjoyed your life by playing the sport you loved

  43. Brandon Rosenberg

    In the article, “111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had CTE,” chronic traumatic encephalopathy, neuropathologist, Dr. Ann Mcnee revealed that out of 202 brains that she studied, 111 of them belonged to N.F.L. players, and of that 111, only one did not have CTE. Out of the whole 202 brains, 87 percent showed signs of CTE, however there was a very clear bias due to the fact that the brains were all donated by families who noticed signs of CTE. The amount of brains of N.F.L. that showed signs of CTE should not be overlooked. This is a problem that needs a solution, and fast. We need to find a way to decrease the amount of people who develop CTE. A possible solution to this given the beyond noticeable percentage of N.F.L. brains that showed signs of CTE would be to disband the N.F.L., or outlaw Football as a whole, since it causes such severe injuries, that can even result in degeneration of the brain. If football is taken out of the way, then possibly the occurrence rate of this tragic disease will decrease, which if it does, then people could spend less time worrying if their loved ones will develop CTE due to previous head injuries and be able to relax more.

  44. "Half of a Nation's Young People, high on a Chewable Leaf" by KIMIKO de FREYTAS-TAMURA

    This topic caught my interest because there is a similar problem here in where I live, perhaps not as big as a whole nation; Weed is more of the frequent problem here whether in my neighborhood or on public grounds, you can smell it from a mile away. Of course Weed has medical uses too but its a different story when you are using it as entertainment or to show off. I just don't understand it of all the things that can kill time, like cards, games, and sports, why would you choose to hurt yourself? Going back on to this khat drug being used in Africa, I just wonder why these youths would choose to use this drug. As this article states, "It is because of this lack of jobs, many say, that they take up khat in the first place ― to kill time." The same reason why people near me use it, funny isn't it? People from across the globe share the same ideals about using drugs, well other than how Africa's youths have some sense, "“If you’re a chewer in these parts, you’re a dead, dead man,” said Abhi, 30, who asked that his last name not be used because his family “will no longer consider me as their son." I just don't understand why people choose to be addicted to harmful drugs just to get some thrill and to kill time. I just hope that the government in Africa hurries to put restrictions or ban khat before all the youths become addicted b/c it might start spreading to the rest of the world...

  45. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military."

    An article about Donald Trump's refusal of transgender people serving in our military held my interest most this week. I was very interested in what his reason for this ban was and what other people had to say about this. Donald's reasoning was this: the healthcare costs would rise $2.4 million to $8.4 million a year, which represents a percentage increase in spending. Although studies show healthcare costs will increase, the article states: "Mr. Trump's abrupt decision is likely to end up in court;" a nonprofit group vowed to sue for this situation immediately. Senator John McCain said: "There is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train and deploy to leave the military - regardless of their gender identity." He then explained why such major policy announcements should not be made up of tweets on twitter. Considering everything, the younger generation could also get the wrong idea about joining the military because of discrimination. Republican congressional leaders were fully aware that Trump was looking into the whole situation of whether tax money should be spent on medical help for transgender people in the military. They were surely surprised when he banned them from serving in the U.S military altogether. The country is now divided into a rival between whether transgender people should be able to serve in the military or not.

  46. The Case for Cursing

    Kristin Wong, the woman who wrote this article, says that the reason why we curse after we hurt ourselves, (for example: stubbing your toe against something) is because "profanity serves a physiological, emotional and social purpose — and it’s effective only because it’s inappropriate." We do it because it's inappropriate, so it makes us feel better. A study by Richard Stephens

  47. "Kyrie Irving Reportedly Tells Cavaliers He Wants to Be Traded"

    On July 21st, Kyrie Irving, the star point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, reportedly told the Cavaliers that he wanted to be traded. One of his most iconic moments, the 3-pointer near the end of the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the 2016 N.B.A. finals, completed the Cavaliers’ dramatic comeback against the Golden State Warriors and sealed the franchise’s first championship, also leaving the Golden State Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead. Although, he said he isn't happy with how the Cavs are performing and wants to help a different team. This article caught my eye because I'm a big fan of the Cavs, and Kyrie has been one of the best players to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Also, if he were to leave, the Cavs would fall apart and might not make it to the playoffs for the next couple of years. Which, could actually be a good thing and allow the normal season, playoffs, and championship to all be different and not be the Golden State and Cavs always winning and playing in the Championship. Also, LeBron, as stated in this article, said that when he becomes a free agent next summer, he wants to possibly leave the Cavs for the second time. So, all devastating news for the Cavs, but this could be a good thing too, to switch up how the NBA season, playoffs, and championship turn out.

  48. The Caae for Cursing

    Kristin Wong, the woman who wrote this article, says that the reason why one might cuss after hurting themselves, (for example: stubbing your toe) is because "profanity serves a physiological, emotional and social purpose — and it’s effective only because it’s inappropriate." A study by Richard Stephens, found that swearing can increase your ability to withstand pain. So when you stub your toe and you so happen to shout out a profane word, it might help you stand the pain. Dr. Stephens also said, “For pain relief, swearing seems to trigger the natural ‘fight or flight’ stress response, as well as increased adrenaline and heart pumping,” Dr. Stephens said in an email. “This leads to stress-induced analgesia — being more tolerant of pain.” So if you're allowed, go ahead and say some profane words if you hurt yourself. You might feel better.

  49. Parents of Charlie Gard, Ill British Infant, Abandon Effort to Prolong His Life

    The article about the Parents of Charlie Grad grab my attention. The reason why it got my attention is because the parents had fought a lot to keep there son alive and save him. In the article I saw that The Grad family so much support from people around the world. Furthermore, throughout the article we see that the parents are so hurtful as many others for what is happening to the 11 moth infant. This family had tried everything they could to save their Baby boy. It hurt not just the family but many others when Mr.Grad and Ms.Yates gave up their legal right to prolong Charlie's life. Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome , which Charlie has is mostly caused by different mutations. The effort that the parents show to save their child shows that the parents were devoted to save his life what ever the case was. No one should ever go through a suffering experience. The parents realized that it was time to say go bye to 11 month old Charlie by saying,''Mummy and Daddy love you so much, Charlie.We’re sorry we couldn’t save you. Sweet dreams, little boy.” In conclusion, no parent or child should ever go through so much suffering like this.


  50. Microsoft is a great innovator for software and software only. Now in the past few years they have innovated devices such as computer and tablets. There is allot of diversity between apple and Samsung but now there is diversity between apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Microsoft may even have better products than apple is what consumers are saying. Overall Microsoft has innovated software and computers and then combined creates a fantastic end product.

  51. Taylor Stark
    14 July. 2017

    Response for “If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die”

    Adolfo Kaminsky is a hero. At just age 18 he became part of an organization that saved 7,000 to 10,000 children from being killed. He did this by creating fake passports for Jews about to be deported to camps. Following this kind of path was not easy and had its risks but Mr. Kaminsky did it anyway. I want to do something unforgettable and be as dedicated as Adolfo. He once stayed awake for two nights straight to forge papers. Adolfo stated, “It’s a simple calculation: In one hour I can make 30 blank documents; If I sleep for an hour, 30 people will die.” Having that kind of weight on your shoulders couldn't have been easy. Doing this job I figured you'd feel good about yourself but it was quite the opposite for Mr. Kaminsky. He stated that one small error in the passport and you could send someone to prison or death. Kaminsky’s life wasn’t perfect. He dropped out of school at 13 to help support his family. I couldn't imagine what that'd be like. He also was sent to prison with his family but never got sent away to a camp because of his fake passport. But that didn't stop him from having to see other people be sent away to camps. It's time for our generation to step up and do more courage things for others like Mr. Kaminsky did.

  52. The article I read this week was “Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Wins Limelight at Competition” by Emily Cochrane.

    This article is very inspiring for young girls, reading about how teenage girls can construct difficult robots. Six Afghan teenage girls traveled to the United States to participate in First Global, which is an international robotics contest. President Trump and other officials granted them their visas after two rejections. The team got paired with four other all-female teams, including the United States, for a demonstration match for Ivanka Trump. The 6 girls completed their hand made a robot in two weeks, while other contests had 4 months to complete theirs. The team's supply kit had gotten delayed. The team's robot, Better Idea of Afghan Girls skirted out of bounds in the first round, but one of their teammates cheered them on. They didn’t place but their performance was better than they imagined. The girls received a medal for courageous achievement. The girls were so very proud of themselves for what they accomplished. I choose this article because they proved that they are not terrorists because of their race and they showed girls that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

  53. "The Glory of a Summer Sleep"

    As someone who has found sleep an impossible dream for most of my life, I have always been fascinated by the concept. Sometimes I wonder if it is simply because I have never been able to achieve it. As I have gotten older, I find sleep even more difficult. Even in the supposed tranquility of summer, anxiety and fears and hopes and everything in between still keep me awake. I think that when we are young adults we are convinced by all those around us that we are not truly worthy of sleep. We need to work harder and longer to achieve the sleep all those older than us have earned from a lifetime of work. But, as author Michael McGirr states, this mentality is driving young people into a tailspin. I think it we would benefit all, adults and children alike, to try and appreciate the freedom silence and sleep can give us, even though many of us increasingly get less of both.

  54. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military"
    By: Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Helene Cooper

    This article interested me the most because it adds to the list of controversial things Trump has done as president. He also announced this ban without informing multiple Republican congress leaders. Trump tweeted out about this and immediately recieved loads of backlash. This reversed many new policies that the former president, Barack Obama, had made. This new action by Trump has become huge on social media. It received criticism from many celebrities. Donald Trump's decision may end up in court, with many allegations that organizations are looking to sue. Transgender military members are allowed to continue to serve in the military.

  55. Boy scouts apologize over president Trump's remarks at Jamboree

    I clicked on this article because I myself am a Boy Scout. I was interested about why Boy Scouts would apologize about Trump's remarks. The Boy Scouts should not have yelled those things the the jamboree. But they did and they apologized for it. This article affects me because I am a Boy Scout and someone could assume I said those things when I didn't.

  56. What interested me most this week was the article "A Trendy Way to Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage" By NANA AGYEMANG. Why did this article interest me? This article interested me because (1) it has something to do with black culture. Black culture means the most to me , also because I myself is African American. (2) is because a good way to protect your hair is to braid it up. And if you really want to get special with it , you can throw some beads on it or even jewels. This is what has interested me this week and they also provided short videos to show you how to braid it.

  57. “Whooping Cough Cases Double in Indiana in a Year, Prompting a Call to Vaccinate”

    In only this year in Indiana there has been 136 cases of whopping cough, doubling from last year’s 66. This may cause an increase in concern among parents of young children or citizens of Indiana as whopping cough can be deadly. It’s treatable in older patients but can cause broken ribs in younger children due to frequent coughing and inhalation. In most babies, it is deadly. Along with the possible fatality to those infected with this terrible infection comes the fact that this infection is extremely contagious. This is most likely happening because since 2005, the vaccine’s strength has been weakened. Additionally, less parents are vaccinating their children. This small action is very impactful and deadly. Researchers from JAMA Pediatrics simulated vaccination rates and the increase of measles: “a 5 percent reduction in measles, mumps and rubella vaccination coverage resulted in a threefold increase in annual measles cases, with an additional $2.1 million in public-sector costs”. Parents need to realize that when they don’t vaccinate their children that they are not only risking their own child getting sick- but creating a variety of risks that impact the community. The consequences will affect the parents as their own child can get others sick, and perhaps get their own parents sick. As a country and a community, it is important that we address the decrease in vaccination rates immediately.

  58. "When Education is Hijacked by War"

    This piece was really interesting to me, especially since I had just finished 'I am Malala', a memoir written by a champion of girls' rights and educational rights. Here in the United States, we take for granted our access to education. To some people, it's just a burden we're forced to undertake but "I'm never actually going to use this, right?"

    In so many places around the world, education is a luxury, not a given. Kids stop school early, either to work or to take care of the home. More and more, they are joining the army or military, despite the fact they are school-aged children. There's approximately 123 million illiterate youth in the world. For children to be the future, and to continually improve our world, they need to have an education. Not letting kids be kids and making them grow up too fast, fighting fights that they shouldn't have to, is detrimental to the global future. War can take away these choices, and perpetuate the current conditions, meaning if we don't change, we'll never improve.

  59. Link:
    By Yasamine B-Razavi bengal10Yasamine082302

    This article immediately grabbed my interest, as it is a topic I have considered before. It is clear, however, that the author of this article isn’t from my generation. Being an ‘00s kid, I’m no stranger to text speak and internet communication. Years before I owned a phone I was using text speak in children’s online forums. Back then, my default laugh was XD, which is nowadays used to represent childishness.

    I myself use several types of laughs online. “Lol” and “lmao” are no longer acronyms, but feelings that you use to establish tone. There is a difference between “I know.” and “i know lmao”. The former shows grave seriousness, a straight face. However, the latter has a joking tone and isn’t serious at all. Using “lol” or “lmao” to punctuate a message can be an indication of casual familiarity or a way to make the message passive aggressive.

    However, these aren’t true laughs. If a friend sends me a joke and I reply “Lol”, it’s a way of saying “not bad” or even just “I’m acknowledging this”. Replying with “lol” would come off as cold, even rude. Replying with “LOL” would mean “THAT’S FUNNY” a way of actually showing that I laughed. A keysmash is, in my opinion, the best way to laugh online. If something genuinely made me laugh, I’m going to reply with a “LSKJFLSALJD” or something of that kind. It expresses an emotion that cannot be put into words.

  60. This week I read "Giant Squids, Giant Eyes, but Rather Small Brain Lobes"

    This article was interesting because it broke down the ways that cephalopods such as giant squids operate in their various environments. Growing up I would watch movies that showed giant squids as either these enormous horrifying creatures that lurk in the darkest depths of the seas or they would be portrayed as comically large beings in animated children's movies. The article explained that for years researchers often were unable to fully study the brains and functions of giant squids due to the lack of live specimens. Fortunately a specimen in good condition was found and from that they were able to determine how squid that stay closer to the surface rely more on camouflage and the sections of the brain that correlates to those functions rather than that of squid that are found in the deeper parts of the ocean that dwell in the darkness. A revelation such as this might seem like common sense to some, but to me this article was very informative and exciting to read about.

  61. "Unlocking Mysteries in the Sun's 11 Year Cycle"

    As a space nerd, this article taught me something new about our Sun and how it isn't as unique as we think it is. Though our Sun provides us heat and life here on Earth, it has cycles like us and the other planets.

    The article talks about what happens during a solar minimum and a solar maximum. They also discussed if our Sun is like many other stars or if it is unique. The answer wasn't clear because, though our Sun is a star and we have data from our star, we don't have enough data from other stars to confirm anything

    In September of 2005, Donald Trump, as well as some other celebrities, attended the BEST bigly charity event to fight illiteracy, and Trump donated a sketch he made of the New York City Skyline. Most famous buildings, such as the Empire State or Statue of Liberty, are absent. However, Trump Tower is right in the middle. Shocking, I know. And of course, he signed it in his golden ink. Now, twelve years later, where Trump has now become one of the most hated American presidents, that sketch has been sold for $29,000 at an auction (the original bid being $9,000). The final bidder has kept their identity a secret, so we don't know their political opinion. If they're not a Trump supporter, Nate Sanders, the auction house founder, said that some people just want art from hated political leaders, and will pay a lot for them (I assume that some people consider these items a novelty).

  63. "111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had C.T.E."

    This topic as a whole is one that I find very interesting due to my deep love for the sport of football which ranges back to my early childhood. Given my love for the game, anything that threatens it's culture and integrity is something that I believe is worth noting. This topic is a sensitive one. This conversation isn't about a player being traded or a coach being fired, it is about player safety and the health risks involved with playing America's game. The article depicts the results of a study done to determine the rate of C.T.E. in deceased NFL players. While the results were expected, they were still startling in a sense. Out of the 111 brains examined, 110 of them proved to have C.T.E.. This percentage is astonishing and far higher than the respective percentage for non-football players.

    I understand the importance of these numbers but do not believe it should change the game in any way. No one is forced to play football, it is a decision made by the athlete. The numbers are public and in no way kept secret, meaning the athlete should understand the risks associated with the sport. Football is a dangerous game, that's common fact, but you should Never live your life afraid of being hurt, especially if that fear takes you away from doing what you love. With that being said, I believe the topic of C.T.E. is an important one but not one to be blown out of proportion since the decision to play is entirely up to the athlete.

    I have never felt comfortable in my own skin. My immense yet insignificant fear is to pass under the eyes of judgement. Thus, I struggle to allow who I truly am shine through my suffocating anxieties.
    The LGBTQ community connects people worldwide with open acceptance to individual expression. Although the community accepts all, it is not accepted by all. Countless individuals worldwide, who identify with the community, are victims of oppression and may face imprisonment or execution due to their identity. Even the United States still restricts the freedom and equality of the LGBTQ community, most recently witnessed by Donald Trump's refusal to allow transgender individuals to serve in the U.S. Military. Without a doubt, however, the LGBTQ community has and will continue to overpower hate with unconditional love.
    The photographs of Ryan Pfluger, captured during NYC’s Pride Parade, represents the diversity of Pride. These photos feature individuals who express themselves differently yet wear Pride with a “badge of honor”- an honor derived from accepting their identity.
    I am proud and fortunate to be part of a strong community of which love dominates. With the influence of Pride, I will strive to overcome any obstacle so that my “true colors can shine”.

  65. "My Grandmother's Shroud"
    I was scrolling through the articles, glancing over the various titles and pictures, when this article of a grandmother caught my eye. The author, Teju Cole, wrote about his grandmother (Mama) who had recently past away in Nigeria. He was unable to make it to her bedside in the hospital and to her funeral three days later. I'm on vacation trying to focus on being relax which is proving hard because my grandfather is sick at home, five hours away, and three states over. I'm staring at glistening water and brick houses thinking about home. Hoping that he's okay. After Cole's Mama passed away he looked at pictures of her and recalled her words. I'm standing on a riverbed hearing my grandfather's voice, struggling to hear his laugh or see his smile. Cole wrote "Almost everyone is now captured in photographs — and outlived by them." My grandfather is not the "almost", he is the one behind the camera. He is the one who makes me feel alive. I never thought I'd see him in such a state as I do now, but here I am. I'm here, so far away, recalling the way he used to move.
    Cole writes of a cloth his grandmother had made him while he was in college. I don't have anything like that from my grandfather. He used to make me toys but as I grew too old for them I threw them away. I wish I hadn't. I don't have pictures of him, I don't have a cloth. I don't have anything, but this article made me realize something. I have him now and I have him in memory. Forever.

  66. "Airlines Try Biometric Identification for Boarding and Bags"
    By: Shivani Vora

    This article interest me the most because I love to travel! The current airlines that are incorporating the biometric scanners are making travel simpler and quicker for passengers. Instead of standing in line for hours trying to check-in bags, Delta and Jet Blue Airlines has limited that time to just three seconds per passenger. These scanners are currently only in a few selected airports, but I believe this will change the flying experience for every airline company.

  67. By: Ramin B-Razavi
    "A Sensor on Your Skin That Looks and Feels Like a Temporary Tattoo"

    Abraham Lincoln once reputed, “ The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and that is exactly what a group of scientists were able to do. Through the use of in the words of the journalist, “ nanotechnology, researchers described a new ultrathin, lightweight, breathable sensor constructed from nanoscale mesh, a spaghetti-like entanglement of fibers a thousand times thinner than a human hair. It can monitor vital signals over a long period of time without inflaming or irritating skin, a side effect of many current devices”. So basically, in the words of the average man, it is a fitbit that feels like a henna tattoo on your hand, made of small sensors that are able to track your heart beat, body temperature.
    This article caught my eye because throughout time, numerous companies have attempted to be able to read these vitals, but none with the simplicity and comfort of this invention. To conclude, inventions like these get us closer and closer to the next big thing.

  68. I read the article titled "Boy Scouts Apologize Over President Trump’s Remarks at Jamboree". I thought it was terrible how our president was bragging about his win to a group that requires you to be under the age required to vote. The fact that there were scouts chanting and booing is even more disturbing. Most likely, the opinions are not theirs and they just follow their parents. It was an informative article and I really like the way it was written.

  69. “As Workouts Intensify, a Harmful Side Effect Grows More Common” by Anahad O’Connor
    I hate working out, so naturally, an article that might give me a legitimate reason to avoid it caught my eye. Sadly, the article still encouraged exercise, but I was shocked and intrigued to learn that muscles can deteriorate from overly rigorous workouts.
    Rhabdomyolysis is when muscles is damages releasing chemicals into the bloodstream causing further damage to other organs, symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, swelling and severe pain. Although it is rare, I find the idea of this absolutely terrifying and would gladly use this as my excuse never to exercise again.
    A large proportion of rhabdo cases seem to be coming from first time users of programs like SoulCycle and FlyWheel and the amount of cases seems to be spinning (get it?) out of control. I think it’s strange that the increasing number of rhabdo cases has not deterred people from attending spin classes. Are there not less risky, but equally effective, ways to keep in shape?

  70. ‘You Create That Chemistry’: How Actors Fall in Instant Love

    I liked this article because it explained how two actors are able make their chemistry believable on stage. About four weeks ago my family and I went to see In the Heights and loved it. I love how actors are able to portray their characters so well for an audience. At the play, while the cast was singing and dancing I forgot that I was in fact watching Broadway and the characters they were playing were not real. It's amazing how they can suck you into their made up world and believe ever second of it.

  71. "Trump Forbids Military Service by Transgender People"
    By: Julie Hirchfeld Davis and Helene Cooper
    This article interested me the most because his decision seemed like it came with no warning. He announced the ban of transgenders from the military on twitter and claimed it was because the military "could not be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that the transgender in the military would entail. this was especially surprising the people because during his campaign he promised to support the LGBT community. It even surprised the Pentagon because they had planned to review the effect transgenders would have and come to a conclusion in December. The thing that interested me the most about this article is that he claimed the was banning transgenders because of their tremendous cost, but out of the 2,000-15,000 active duty transgenders their healthcare only affects 0.04%-0.13% of the budget. The Pentagon spreads 5 times more on Viagra than transgender services. Ultimately this is just another decision made by the president that seems rash and made out of ignorance.

  72. "In New Albums, 21 Savage and Playboi Carti Go Against the Flow" by Jon Caramanic
    Hip hop and rap is one of my favorite genres of music so, this article caught my eye and interested me instantly. Rappers 21 Savage and Playboi Carti came out with major-label debut albums this year. 21 Savage’s album, Issa Album, "is full of portentous silences, leaving" people questioning what's happening "in the gaps". Playboi Carti's album is self-titled. He, along with 21 Savage, use silence and ad-libs in their songs. Ad-libs are anything along the lines of "interjections, echoes, or barks". However, the article said everything on Playboi Carti's album "sounds like an ad-lib".
    The reason why I mention all these things about their albums is so you can see how different their methods are compared to rap and hip-hop back in the day. The point in the article that interested me the most and really captured my attention is when it talked about how rap was in the past. The article had a thought-provoking point of how in the 1990s and 2000s, hip-hop was all about flow and melody. For sure, this is not the case now because we see artists like 21 Savage "starting lines", but not finishing them. Due to this change in hip-hop, I see an adverse reaction by some. They want this genre of music to go back to rappers like Tupac and Biggie. This new style that rappers are portraying in their music is unique, but I don’t mind it at all; it's inventive and adds something new to the hip-hop and rap game.

  73. At P.S.G., Price for Neymar, and Elusive Success, Might Be Worth It
    By Rory Smith

    After reading this article, I was extremely concerned. I couldn't believe that the media is talking about Neymar moving! The article mentions that PSG tried to attract Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese player at Real Madrid. The article also mentions "P.S.G. also appears willing to pay the player a salary of €30 million every year, for five years, as well as guaranteeing his father, who acts as his agent, a fee that could rise as high as €40 million. Some estimates put the total cost of any potential transfer at around €450 million ($523 million)." This shows how desperate PSG is to put Neymar into their squad. Any team would want this Brazilian talent such as: Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City. It is evident that FC Barcelona urgently need to keep Neymar to harness him in his prime.


    "111 N.F.L Brains. All But One Had C.T.E"
    This article interested me the most in the times this week. It captured my attention because it mentioned the NFL and a head injury. The article discusses the impact football has on a player's life. The repeated blows to the head is almost guaranteed to shorten players' lives. Dr. McKee examined the brains of 111 deceased NFL players and 110 of them were found to have CTE. It is no secret that football can cause death and other serious illnesses, but the reality is that every single game damages the brain. CTE occurs more frequently than people realize. Linemen, running backs, defensive backs, and line backers are all at higher risk of being diagnosed with CTE. Players in high school were also diagnosed with mild cases of CTE. The article made it clear that football still has a long way to go to make the game safe. It was once debated whether or not football was the cause of these mental issues in players. It has now become clear that football is indeed the culprit of these damages and there must be greater changes to the game to make it safer for all. to achieve those changes, more research needs to be done. There is still much to learn about the affects football has on the brain. Day by day, new evidence and information is found to help understand the issue.

  75. "Spain's Long Economic Nightmare is Finally Over," by Peter S. Goodman

    I was intrigued by this article for one reason: the county. Throughout this last week, I spent six days at a summer camp where I learned more about God while building relationships with fellow Christians and having fun doing it. During this time, I met a man named Tristan who had just spent three years living in Spain as a missionary with his family. After taking a year off to live in America, he is going back to spread the gospel in this country. Due to all the interesting things I learned from Tristan about Spain, it only made sense for me to read this article.

    With high levels of unemployment during the past decade, Spain faced a catastrophic economic struggle. To counteract this major issue, a new auto factory was built in Barcelona. The factory gives Spain hope by providing many jobs and generating goods for export. Currently, the country's economy has become relatively stable and is no longer "one of the worst economic catastrophes... [in Europe] since World War II. I found it really interesting how a country could be struggling so much, but with the help of a factory be able to triumph over that obstacle.

  76. This week I watched a video of parents and their children debating about Donald Trump becoming president. The title of this video being, When Your Loved Ones Voted the Other Way. I was interested in this, because I wanted to see the families who are diverse in their political opinions. In the first pair, the daughter, working to be a lawyer, supports President Trump. While her father, is a lawyer, does not. The second pair has a son who is gay, he doesn’t support Trump. His father does as he's met and worked with Trump. The third pair is the more liberal daughter who doesn’t support Trump. Then the conservative, as well as religious, mother who does support the president.
    After watching the video, I took in the opinions of the different groups. For example, in the first pair the father and daughter agreed that Trump was trying to take away Obama care, which puts people out of their health care. In the second example, the son stated he wouldn’t talk to people who didn’t understand what he was going through due to the election. In the third example, the mother believes that God chose Trump to become president, because he feels that’s right.
    I feel that some of President Trump’s decisions were okay, and some of them were not. Though not everyone can be happy all the time, I think he should think of the consequences and outcomes of each drastic decision he's made. In conclusion, I agree with the people who made arguments against Trump.

  77. In David Leonhardt’s article, “The Trouble with Trade School” Leonhardt expresses that there is a problem with the way vocational jobs are being run and that more current students should look at college rather than a vocational school as those jobs are far more reliable. Yes this is true, but trade jobs are a crucial part of American life and if it was not encouraged there would be many long term problems. Many jobs in today's workforce are being taken over by machines. CNN tells us that in The US alone 38% of jobs face high risk of being taken by robots in the next 15 years. Vocational jobs such as automotive repair and plumbing on the other hand can not be taken over by machines and are a crucial part of American living. Another reason a vocational pathway should be encouraged is because the traditional way of schooling is not for everyone. Some disabilities such as ADD cause students to have a harder time to succeed in a traditional education environment. Vocational schools allow these students to learn hands on and give them a pathway which allows them to have more success. I agree with Leonhardt that the issue of many workers in the vocational workforce have a harder time keeping their jobs in an older age. Although this is true, there are many evident solutions to this problem such as Workers Unions. I think that in order for everyone to be a productive worker in society we need to understand that not everyone is “college material.”

  78. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed In the Military" By: Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Helene Cooper

    This week, President Trump announced via twitter that Transgender People will not be allowed to serve in the United States Military because of the medical burden they carry. Notably, multitudes of people have expressed their outrage and confusion over president Trumps sudden Ban. I found this article interesting because it exemplifies the impulsiveness and carelessness of President Donald Trump. Several Congress members were shocked by the impromptu Ban because of President Trump's lack of communication to those
    involved in the decision making. Many advocacy groups that once stood behind President Trump are reconsidering because of the total disregard of respect and service that Transgender men and women have provided. Many groups are seeking to file a lawsuit against President Trump for qualifying people based on sexuality rather than capability. Ultimately, President Trump's
    controversies divide the nation once again.

  79. “Scaramucci’s White House Drama Inspires Late-Night Laughs”
    This article interested me the most because last night I was bombarded with news about Scaramucci’s profane interview – the one where he drops the f-word every other sentence and says that the White House’s Chief Strategist does certain things to himself that I probably should not repeat. The comedy segments embedded in this article were hilarious, and I am glad that we can still find some humor in the tragic dealings of today’s politics. I also admire these late-night show hosts for their honesty in questioning the faulty logic, empty promises, and absurd reasoning of this administration, such as Scaramucci claiming that Donald Trump is not an elitist because he eats pizza and cheeseburgers. While it is great to be able to laugh now and then, these comedy sketches are all too realistic and reveal the frightening state of our country. “The Mooch” is only one example of how the White House, and therefore the United States, is becoming a joke under Donald Trump. It is embarrassing how this administration more closely resembles an episode of “The Real Housewives” than a smoothly functioning government that can negotiate with foreign leaders and resolve international crises, or even handle domestic issues for that matter. Moreover, I feel as though while these episodes of drama and scandal receive coverage, more important flaws in this administration are being overlooked.

  80. "Animals, Abandoned and Starving, Are Evacuated From Zoo in Syria" by Megan Specia was the most interesting article I read this week. Nine animals from the Magic World zoo in Syria were being transported into Turkey to be rehabilitated. The animals who were transported consisted of three lions, two bears, two tigers, and two hyenas. It was said that these animals were left behind in the zoo, starving, after the owner fled during the civil war which had started 7 years ago. It was heartbreaking to me because these animals were locked up in cages and then abandoned by their owner. There was literally no way these animals could survive without being able to hunt for food. Basically they were left to starve to death in their cages, but fortunately enough, a few citizens were able to feed the surviving animals. It was stated that these people barely had enough food to feed themselves but they managed to care for some of the remaining animals. The thought of these people who had little food but were kind enough to share with the animals was heartwarming. All thanks to those people who spared some food for the animals, they are now arriving in Turkey to retrieve the care they needed to recover.

  81. Article Link:
    One of a college’s primary goal is to make money. Subsequently student's needs for food and shelter are often overlooked by the presidents of colleges. The presidents of colleges, who make the decisions regarding who will receive housing and what meal plans the students will receive, are not the ones who are actually coming into contact with the students.
    This article does open up in interesting discussion about this topic. One of the most interesting parts of this article was simply admitting that the problems is there regardless of how the reader views what the solution should be. Harris mentions that there is “enormous stigma surrounding the issue” (Harris).
    In Harris’ article they make people more aware of the issue, but it is entirely new discussion on how to deal with the problem. The question is posed is it on the colleges or should there be more programs set up to help homeless students? There are already homeless shelters and programs for homeless colleges students, like “Students 4 Students” mentioned in the article, but should the colleges also be pulling their weight to help these students. Is it unfair that colleges are taking tuition money from these students without trying to help ensure that they have food and shelter?

  82. "If a Standing Desk Is Good, What About a Standing Commute?"
    This article brings up the recent studies which have found the benefits of standing compared to sitting for humans. Standing desks have recently become more popular, and now public transportation, such as trains, subways, and buses are getting rid of seats and encouraging passengers to stand. Although the daily health results for standing instead of sitting may seem insignificant, they can truly add up over time, especially when combined with other actions. I think that this is a good idea and a progressive step to aid in making society more healthy, even in a small way. Scientific studies and articles like this also remind people of various ways to live a healthier life, and make people more conscious of their actions, even if it is as simple as standing instead of sitting. Small actions like this will play a small part in society becoming more aware of ways to be healthier and improve their lives.

  83. “The Glory of a Summer Sleep”

    Sleep is a very important part of our daily lives, as it helps rejuvenate the human body as well as our minds. As a junior in high school I feel as if sleep is very important to the body as teenagers are still growing and if we do not get enough sleep it would be unhealthy for us. Most adults would disregard the importance of sleep as they would invest themselves in work more than benefiting from sleep. In literature sleep can serve as a symbol of relaxation, peace and well being. One classic story the author references in the article is “The Odyssey” Odysseus returns home to sleep most importantly of all, which is an example of sleep being used as a symbol of peace after the epic journey he was on. Sleep is a wonderful thing that is most important to teenagers my age and is very underrated.

  84. This week I read the article, " parents of Charlie Gard, ill British infant, abandoned effort to prolong his life." Reading and then seeing the images of both the heartbroken parents and their small, infant son broke my heart. Just imagine being a parent and being told their is nothing more anyone can do to save your child, that you have to let go of them. All these parents wanted to do was save their baby boy and they just couldn't. I had never heard of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome until this article and to see that this 11 month old infant couldn't hear, see, cry or swallow just makes me think how hopeless the parents must've felt. The parents seemed to get a lot of support worldwide, (although there did seem to be controversy), even from president Donald Trump, and Pope Francis who had their baby boy in his prayers. All I can say after reading that is that those parents wanted to do everything in their power to save their child and the amount of suffering they have to go through is absolutely heartbreaking. The sadness thing I have ever had to read were the last lines of the article where the mom says, "Mummy and Daddy love you so much, Charlie.” She added: “We’re sorry we couldn’t save you. Sweet dreams, little boy." No parent should ever have to go through this.

  85. “Michael Phelps ‘Raced’ a ‘Shark,’ Kind Of. Not Really.” by Victor Mather was my favorite article from The Times this week. The show “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” was a highly anticipated show for the viewers of Discovery Channel. The channel made this show seem so amazing, action-packed and something that would get your heart racing. However, the idea didn’t even get the participant’s heart racing. They thought that by bringing in an Olympic gold medalist it would increase the popularity of the show and it would have if the show was anything like people expected. I think this article was very informative and gave disappointed viewers some reassurance so that they would realize that actually having a human race a real live shark that can swim at least five times faster would have been extremely exciting and interesting but not ethical in any way. Unfortunately people were disappointed in the show but this article helped those thrill-seekers sleep at night by knowing their idea of the show was just impossible.

  86. This week I Read, “Michael Phelps ‘Raced’ a ‘Shark,’ Kind Of. Not Really.”
    I was interested in this article because I wanted to know if an Olympian like Michael Phelps would really race a shark and if he could win. As I got into the article I realized that it had to do with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. It seems as if everyone was excited that he was really going to race against a shark, but it turned out he just swam alone at the time trial. Once they showed the race there was a computer image of a shark showing how fast it could go and wasn't the real animal. To me this was a great disappointment because I thought Michael Phelps was really going to race a real shark. In the article, they mentioned that sharks and people don’t even come close to comparing times. An Olympian like Michael swims about six miles per hour where a shark would swim twenty-five miles per hour. Seeing how fast a shark can swim seems absolutely crazy for me to believe.Everyone on social media after seeing the show expressed that they felt cheated. But, the spokeswomen, Laurie Goldberg, for Discovery Channel explained that the point was to get people excited about sharks. Even though Michael Phelps didn’t win it was fascinating to read this article because I learned that sharks can go about five times faster than humans.

  87. Try, Then Buy? Amazon’s Move Is Part of a Shopping Trend
    By Claire Coghlan
    Online shopping is something I have had my ups and downs with. I remember first getting toys off of amazon after relentless and incessant begging to my mom, and being occasionally disappointed when the quality was below par, and ecstatic when the toy exceeded expectations. These occurrences have continued into my teenage years, especially with clothes. They might be too skinny, too loose, too long, etc. But with the changes promoted in this article, these things may be a thing of the past. Advances in technology have led people to be able to try on clothes and see if they like them before they have to pay, when ordering online! This may change the way we shop, and even eliminate the need for stores. These kinds of possibilities piqued my interest and made me find this article incredibly interesting.

  88. In the article "Vegan Ice cream Enters A Golden Age" the concept of vegan ice cream and its new found attraction was addressed. I was drawn to the article because I have been hearing a lot about different vegan recipes, and I find them very interesting. Since I have been into vegan recipes lately I decided to read this and found myself very intrigued in the article. Personally, I would probably never become a vegan but I could see myself trying some of the recipes, and finding more to expand my view of veganism.

  89. "Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were"

    The presidential election was a memorable event for everyone in America but in other parts of the world as well. A very unique aspect about that election race was that one of the candidates was a woman. Hillary Clinton was a reminder of how women are limited to a certain extent of power. Only is it now that a handful of women are able to achieve positions in corporate America. After the election a huge controversy was sparked leading us with the following question. Why is it so hard for women to be No.1?
    In the article written by Susan Chira, she discusses the impact of the gender barrier that is generated in businesses. Women are seen to be more dependable than innovative or visionary. This bias against women is extremely unfair. Going off of the experiences of Julie Daum, she did not realize that most of the aggression she faced was from men due to the assertiveness she exhibited for her work.
    Evident from the research that is mentioned in the article, many women do not convey the same intuitive confidence that men seem to portray which sets them back a lot.
    Business is a constant competition and is constantly innovating in order to appeal to their customers. It surprises me that after all these years we still live in a world where misogyny is still a problem. However it’s up to the next generation to fix the problems we face now so that the future is better and brighter.

  90. “Let Black Kids Just Be Kids” - Robin Bernstein
    This article gave me mixed emotions. It started off by giving some statistics that made it seem like the writer was NOT agreeing with “Black Kids Just being Kids”. For example in the article it said “A group of 325 adults viewed black girls as needing less nurturing...and as knowing more about sex and other adult topics” . Let’s pause and play that back.. as a bi-racial teen I sort of take this to offense and there are also 100 questions running through my mind as I read this. We’re the 325 people white, black, or a mixture and how can you just look at somebody and know they know about sex and “adult topics”? Honestly in 2017 any and everybody is judged on the color of there skin and the way they carry themselves. So in reality I’m not suprised that children are statistics. So then I go on.. and it starts to talk about back in slavery days Black Kids were portrayed as not innocent. Let’s take that back could you expect a child that IS a slave to be innocent at all , when do they have time for innocence? When do they even have time to be a child?As I read more of the article it came clear to me that the author was agreeing with “Black Kids being Kids”.She made it clear that they are on #teamequality and that all children should be treated and viewed equally.That’s what I really liked about this article.. the writer stated statistics and talked about some different scenarios but in the end she sided with equality.

  91. "Parents of Charlie Gard, Ill British Infant, Abandon Effort to Prolong His Life" This article, which talks about Charlie Gard, a boy with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, and his parents' fight to save his life, sparked my attention. I had been following the story about Charlie and his fight ever since the case came about, and was stunned to hear of what the hospital that was treating Charlie was saying. Great Ormond Street Hospital had said that the "only humane course of action" was to let Charlie die. Charlie's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, had struggled for 5 months to keep their child alive in hopes of bringing him to the US for experimental therapy. This article captured my attention because it told me that Charlie's parents had conceited to end his dependence on life support. It deeply saddens me that this child had only 11 months to live on this earth, and most of them were spent in a hospital bed. I believe that, because of this ground-breaking case, kids who develop mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome in the future will now have access to experimental therapies. The reason that Charlie's parents had decided to end his life was because of doctors saying that it was too late, so I conclude that early diagnosis and early treatment might be able to prolong life for children with this disease. Charlie, even though he may not have known what was happening, gave up his life to help bring awareness to this rare disease, which will lead to further research.

  92. The prevalence of C.T.E. is brought to attention in the article by Joe Ward, Josh Williams and Sam Manchester. Though the debate over the safety of football has been in the public eye for a while, this article corroborates the claims that American football is a dangerous sport. It is commonly accepted that all sports bring along with them some risks, but contact sports like this present special issues. On one hand, football has been played the way it is today for decades. On the other hand, players risk their precious lives just to partake. Concussions are more than commonplace, and long-term health affects, like C.T.E., are prevalent. The argument to leave football untouched is that it would ruin the game, however it was once altered before. Benjamin Franklin proposed safety gear and standardized rules in his time, and people thought he was absurd. That became the game we know today, and as humankind learns more about health we are able to see the impacts our behaviors and pastimes have. I believe in our adaptable society, a less physically taxing version of football could be formulated and enforced.

  93. While flicking through the Times this week, Alyson Krueger's article "A 'Fish Master' on Eating Tuna (and Other Fish) Responsibly" caught my eye. From a young age, I have always been passionate about food. Naturally, I read the article hoping it may give me some insight towards the seafood industry (of which I know little). Maybe I can apply some of it when I'm on the Pacific Coast starting Sunday. The article was an interview with Nick Sakagami, a certified fish master who has spent his life surrounded by fish. He helped bring new species of lab-bred tuna into high end restaurants and gives consultations for the wholesale of Tuna and other fish. He has travelled to Tahiti, Italy, and the Marshall Islands to try different cultural variations of tuna dishes. one of the most successful that he has found, he claims, is from Tahiti and actually takes raw tuna and marinates it in coconut milk and diced tomato. The process supposedly elevates the tuna in an amazing and interesting way, resulting in a phenomenal dish that has been made for generations. The most interesting part of the article for me, however, was the insight to the geolocation of climate conditions that produce the healthiest and most delicious fish. Apparently, waterways where warm water meets cool water are the best for producing fish as the movement stirs up the waters and allows for a variety of plankton that the fish can feed on. This article was very well written, I can't wait to read more pieces like it.

  94. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military," by Julie Hirschfield Davis and Helene Cooper

    In this article, I side with President Trump on this issue. In his series of tweets, he states how our military cannot be burdened with the great costs that come with allowing transgender people in the military. For example, the military currently covers sex change operations, which usually costs around $140,000, according to the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. There is no reason that the military should be forced to pay for these people's sex change operations, where as it gives our country no advantage in our military. Every decision made should be for keeping our nation safe, not for stuff like this. Additionally, according to the article, from 2,000 to 11,000 people serving in the military identify themselves as transgender, out of 1.3 million active duty members. That makes up less than one percent of the military, and by allowing them in the military, the article states that health care costs would TRIPLE. I don't like how the article tosses that fact in like its nothing, but in real, it is $6 million. If you think of it as two products, one which that costs $2 and $6 respectively, but the $6 product contains less than one percent more in value than the $2 product, you wouldn't pay triple the price for one percent. I feel like this is a major reaction by liberals to a minor change just because it was the President "tweeting" it out.

  95. "In Some Countries, Women Get Days Off For Period Pain"
    By: Aneri Pattani

    This article intrigued me because it establishes a feminine subject that should be discussed. Most women find it often hard to discuss their menstrual cycle to others but Akanksha Seda proved that statement wrong after she took the day off because her cramps were interfering with her work. Her company allowed her to take the day off and she still received her payment. Other countries have begun doing this, Italian Parliament is actually discussing the matter. Some people find this contradicting to women, but I believe it's a good thing for women because, as a woman, I know many people including myself who have experienced a pain so great from periods that it is hard to focus on work. I don't think it puts women down at all. Women should never be scared to speak about their period because it is a natural occurrence that majority of women go through. I relate to this article because there has been a time where the pain caused by menstrual cramps has been so harsh on my body that it's hard to even hear what someone is saying. The pain isn't even the worst part, the worst part is someone yelling at you because you couldn't concentrate enough to hear the question coming out of their mouth. So maybe the idea of having a day off for a cycle you can't control isn't the worst thing.

  96. “The Technology Behind Good Coffee”
    By DAMON DARLIN JULY 26, 2017
    I was immediately drawn to the title of this article which contained the words “good coffee”. This is because I’ve been spending most of my summer weeks working at a local coffee shop that is quite popular where I live. Although I could never consider myself a “barista”, I fulfill the needs of customers by making their espresso drinks as well as brewing different coffees. From my work experience, I get asked the question “how good is the coffee?” or “what is the best roast?” but never questions about how we grind our coffee as talked about in the article. Although I know the minimal amount to work the espresso machine and adjust the fineness of the grinds to achieve an acceptable flow rate, between 30-35 seconds, I never thought the actual grinds of brewed coffee would affect the taste. The article presented the idea that grinders are crucial to brewing GOOD coffee. It is stated in the article that “even the best coffee maker will produce bitter or sour results if you start with unevenly ground coffee” which makes me think; nobody actually knows what they’re talking about how “good” our coffee is. Many customers decipher good coffee and bad coffee by how recently we brew it or how hot it is. It also interested me that a $2700 coffee grinder did the same work a $230 grinder could produce because it shows that just because a device is more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily work better than a cheaper item.

  97. "How to Smoke Out Where Broadband Companies Stand on Net Neutrality" By Farhad Manjoo

    I found this article exceedingly interesting as a result of my deep fascination with the internet. I find it incredible that people are able to connect with each other over the internet. It came as a shock to me on July 12th when I had finished my work and tried to go on Netflix, only to find that there was a popup stating that my ISP was blocking Netflix, but checking more closely I realized that it was a popup linking to a website called which explained the whole spiel to me. This led me to disbelief when I found that such popular ISPs are rallying the FCC to allow them to charge websites to go in a "fast lane". I believed that it was greedy of them to be asking for money from websites when they already receive so much from their customers. I almost felt like it was a sort of digital blackmail, where websites were forced to pay up or have access to their content blocked.

  98. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military."
    This particular topic has been the base of much discussion this week all over social media, and also the topic that caught my attention and interested me in this weeks headline. This particular topic means a lot to my generation and future generations because of the widely spread acceptance in the LGBTQ+ community, and more people being open about who they really are. After reading the whole article it seems that the main reason Trump wanted the transgender ban was because of their medical burden they have, and that he suggests that taxpayers dollars should go towards something more beneficial for the country. According to the article the pentagon spends 5 times more on Viagra than on transgender services, and in my opinion the military and defense is more important to spend money on than Viagra. The United States alone already spends more money on military expenditures than China, Russia, and many other countries combined, but the United States is not even considered the biggest military in the world. Mr. Trump suggests that banning transgender people in the military will only be a small loss for only around 11,000 transgender people are currently serving in the military compared to the rest 1.3 million people. Stating my own opinion if someone decides to serve and fight for the country I live in, so I do not have to, I will give them all my tax dollars they need for whatever surgery's they need.

  99. This article intrigued me because it establishes a feminine subject that should be discussed. Most women find it often hard to discuss their menstrual cycle to others but Akanksha Seda proved that statement wrong after she took the day off because her cramps were interfering with her work. Her company allowed her to take the day off and she still received her payment. Other countries have begun doing this, Italian Parliament is actually discussing the matter. Some people find this contradicting to women, but I believe it's a good thing for women because, as a woman, I know many people including myself who have experienced a pain so great from periods that it is hard to focus on work. I don't think it puts women down at all. Women should never be scared to speak about their period because it is a natural occurrence that majority of women go through. I relate to this article because there has been a time where the pain caused by menstrual cramps has been so harsh on my body that it's hard to even hear what someone is saying. The pain isn't even the worst part, the worst part is someone yelling at you because you couldn't concentrate enough to hear the question coming out of their mouth. So maybe the idea of having a day off for a cycle you can't control isn't the worst thing.

  100. This week I Read about the north Korean missile that experts say could hit California. On Friday North Korea tested an intercontinental missile that for the first time seemed that it appeared capable of reaching the west coast of the US. This is a milestone that the United States have long declared could not be tolerated. “The missile launched on Friday remained aloft for roughly 47 minutes, according to American, South Korean and Japanese officials, following a steep trajectory that took it roughly 2,300 miles into space. It then turned and arced sharply down into the sea near the northernmost Japanese island, Hokkaido.” (Sanger). I believe that this will further increase our problem with north Korea and could eventually lead to war against them. America has warned North Korea many times about their nuclear program and it looks like they may be forced to act soon.

  101. "110 N.F.L Brains" by Joe Ward, Josh Williams, and Sam Manchester.

    I'm not a big fan of football and the only football games I've been to are the ones at school and that was only because I was filming and got in for free. The reason the article caught my attention was beacuse of the word brain that had been inserted into the title. I found it intriguing because I recalled the portrayal of football players in movies and TV shows and I wondered if the article would shed some light onto the reason for the stereotype we've all come to know as the "dumb jock". The article is about 111 NFL players whose brains were scanned and 110 tested positive for CTE. The disease is degenerative and can also be the cause of dementia, depression, memory loss, and confusion. This is probably why football players might not be doing so hot in school and this could be the cause of the 'dumb jock' stereotype. In the past I doubt that it was attributed to brain damage but now we are getting somewhere and I'm glad. At the same time, I'm also wondering why there's such a hype for football when there are serious consequences. But I doubt many are educated when it comes to it, so I can't really blame them. I hope that people will soon become acquainted with this article and realize the effects that the sport has on its players. Because it seriously affects them and can pose as an obstacle to students who play the sport. I also hope that we find ways to prevent it for those who enjoy playing the sport.

  102. "Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military" By Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Helene Cooper

    If a someone is willing to give their life for their country, the right should never be taken away from them due to their body's anatomy. Taking away someone's rights to serve their OWN country is beyond unconstitutional and it is such a shame our president is constantly making unjustifiable decisions due to how expensive certain areas of our country can be, such as military, health, and education. Presidents usually do not achieve what promises they made to the people of our country, but this decision has a large population of LGBT+ individuals who have supported President Trump in a state of distrust now that their "ally" has taken back on his promises to keep the LBGT+ community and their freedoms/beliefs alive. Where has all of his support for the LGBT+ community gone? It's amazing to see tweets from about a year ago, stating that he will "protect" and "fight" for the community. Why does believe he is doing the right thing by kicking out people who protect our country and keep us safe just because they are "too expensive" because of who they are?

  103. The most interesting thing that I came across on New York Times this week is a video titled “When Your Loved Ones Voted the Other Way.” I clicked on this video because I wanted to see how family members that has different political opinions deal with each other. I thought that their relationship might be affected because of their different opinions, but I was wrong. The daughter and her religious mother had many disagreements however, towards the end of the video, the daughter said that regardless of their different opinions, they need to remember that they love each other very much. In the other pair, the daughter and her father voted for different politicians, however, they agreed on some things. The father wants her daughter to be happy, secure and live in a country where she can pursue her dreams.
    In the last pair, the son was very upset after the election and he didn’t want talk to people who didn’t understand him. The father said that he doesn't want to say anything that will hurt his son. The son mentioned that Trump rejects science, not doing anything to make climate change better will affect the future. One of the reasons he voted for Trump was because he worked with him once, and knows that he has a great character. He hopes that next four years will turn into something positive for his son.
    Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinion. We have to respect each other’s differences and opinions, and definitely not let it get in the way of family and love.

  104. “The Black Sea Turned Turquoise, Thanks to Phytoplankton Bloom” Joana Klein
    I found this article interesting because it is cool to see that no matter how small, everything impacts our environment. Although phytoplankton are not available for the naked eye to see, working together they create something big enough for the world to be talking about, and able to see from space. The biology of these creatures is fascinating, because factually they only live a few days.. however, the mark they leave is incredible and can last for weeks.

  105. Michael Phelps ‘Raced’ a ‘Shark,’ Kind Of. Not Really.

    The announcment about the 'contest' between Michael Phelps and a 'shark' was worrying enough, but what came after the bordcast was outrgeous.
    Reading the disappointed twitter comments concerning the discovery channel "violating their promise" made me anxious and worried. Did people really believe that Phelps will risk his life or that the discovery channel will risk a 23 gold medalist's life for the sake of entertainment?
    First, the discovery channel are to be blamed for hyping up people for something that will not happen. Even if there was a detailed explanation about the contest they advertised the event defferently. Fact is people were expecting to see Phelps race a real shark. For me that is the worrying part and it through me right back to a movie I saw a long time ago named "Nerve". The movie is about 'normal' people getting into trouble when they start playing nerve - a truth or dare real life game. In the movie the players are challnged by the vieweres to all kind of crazy missions like hanging of a crane. With one hand.
    It seems to me as though Phelps was dared by a large crowd to do such a foolish thing as racing a real shark.
    In the movie "Nerve" the characters get told to kill each other and the game ends when one does pull the trigger. Only then did people realise what has happenned.
    If Phelps died becuase he raced a real shark, would people understand what happenned?

  106. I read Dog Praised As Hero For Saving A Deer, (Whether He Meant To Or Not)
    and it talked about how a golden retriever named Storm saved a drowning baby deer by dragging it back to shore in his mouth. I think it is so nice that when he saw that deer he swam off to go get it, especially since he doesn't play fetch. Some people argued that he might have just wanted to eat it, but when he got the deer back on the sandy beach, he stared nudging it and licking it. Also, Mark Freeley, the owner, said that Storm was just not that kind of dog. Storm stayed with the fawn until Mr. Freely could go and get help. The deer is now recovering in Middle Island, N.Y. at a Save the Animals Rescue Foundation. I don't know what compelled him do go and get that deer, but whatever it was, I'm glad he did.

  107. The most interesting thing that I came across on New York Times this week is a video titled “When Your Loved Ones Voted the Other Way.” Before watching the video, I thought that their relationship might be affected because of their different opinions, however, I was wrong. The daughter and her religious mother had many disagreements however, towards the end of the video, the daughter said that regardless of their different opinions, they need to remember that they love each other very much. In the other pair, the daughter and her father voted for different politicians, however, they agreed on some things. The father said that he wants her daughter to be happy, secure and live in a country that is economically thriving for her to be able pursue her dreams.

    In the last pair, the son was very upset after the election. The father said that he cares for him, and he doesn’t want to say things that would hurt his son. The son mentioned that Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and he rejects science. Not doing anything to make climate change better will affect the future generations. One of the reasons the father voted for Trump was because he worked with him once and knows that Trump has a great character. He hopes that next four years will turn into something very positive for his son.

    Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinion. We have to respect each other’s differences and opinions, and definitely not let it get in the way of family and love.

  108. “Trump Says Transgender People Will Not be Allowed in the Military” -- By Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Helene Cooper
        I found this article interesting because when I first heard about Trump’s tweet about the matter, I thought back to when he was first elected.  I had recently told my parents that I was gay, and my dad told me that trump was anti- LGBT rights; which, frankly, I didn’t believe. This was the first public act of his that disproves his claim that he is pro- LGBT. It is upsetting knowing all the good things that Obama did for this country are being undone by our new president. There are so many things wrong with  what he his trying to do here. Besides the fact that he has been using twitter to put out important messages in an immature way, he HAS NOT served in the military himself.  The fact that someone who has not served in the military is telling those who are risking their lives, that they cannot fight will cause even greater outrage. To me, it is surprising that trump is still choosing social media for messages such as this after he has gotten such a reaction from the public. I am interested to see what will happen with this because of the many controversial views within the white house; and I hope Trump endures the consequences of being so unprofessional.

  109. Charlie Gard Dies, Leaving a Legacy of Thorny Ethical Questions®ion=c-column-middle-span-region&pgType=Homepage&action=click&mediaId=thumb_square&state=standard&contentPlacement=3&version=internal&

    July 28th, 2017
    This truly is sad that this child had to pass away. He had such a low advantage to experience the world because of his lack of ability to hear and see. I wish that he would have been able to see and hear the impact he caused on the world. From the small bit I have read about him through this article I can tell he had a big impact on the world. This is because he caused questions about abortions and government policies to occur. These questions may not have been asked for a while without a substantial event like this. In all, I didn’t want to write this as a comment that depicted a side of this argument. I believe this time should be about Charlie Gard, thanking him for what he did just being here with his short amount of time in this world.

    Growing up, I watched almost every crime show you can think of, from Criminal Minds to Psych. Because of this I had always imagined that I would become an FBI agent when I was older. This is the first reason that this article caught my eye. However, as I have mature I have realized that the stress filled, dangerous life of an FBI agent is not exactly what I am looking for. Instead I have put a lot of focus on playing basketball in college. This was the second reason that I gave this article another look. The third an final reason that this article grabbed my attention in a way that made me feel I needed to discuss it in the contest was the fact that I am female. I think it is horrifying that so many women are objected to unwarranted sexual encounters. Although I know that things like this happen much more often than people will admit, I am glad to see that people are talking about it and investigating the terrible people who put women through such repulsive encounters.


    Jessica Mendoza is one of the most influential female athletes of our time, being an olympic medalist. Today, she continues her path in athleticism by becoming the very first female baseball analyst. There is a lot of controversy that surrounds her new job; with men complaining that a woman could never do their job. They claim that she is not a true analyst, but rather a girlfriend sitting in the booth, occasionally making a statement. This problem is something that surrounds not only the baseball field, but also many other careers in the world. There is a stigma around work and men. Futhermore, there has always been a stigma around female capability. Earlier throughout history, women were not thought to be as intelligent as men; not as strong as men; not as capable of men. Although times have change, there is proof that many circumstances have not. Mendoza has proven to be extremely knowledgable about her field of work. Being an olympian, how could she not? An male olympic medalist would be taken under in a heartbeat. The problem is not that Mendoza cannot do her work; it is the negative energy that she is constantly put under because of her choice to pursue this career. Yet, she still did it. This serves as a message for all females to pursue whatever they wish to pursue. Wherever a woman goes, negative testosterone will follow. So,it’s important to persevere through it.

  112. Beginning with the 2016 election, I have become more aware of the importance of current politics in this country. I see the necessity for me to become involved and get into discussions about the issues we face. To do this, I need to be well-informed. Because of this I have been looking into more and more articles such as “Russian Dirt on Clinton? ‘I Love It,’ Donald Trump Jr. Said”. I find articles like this very important as they highlight the unacceptable and distribute this news to the public to promote change in our government in this time of political unrest. For example, if evidence is found that Russia was involved with the Trump campaign with malicious intent (as this article explains), the people deserve to know. It is free-media news like this that causes necessary action to be taken against a corrupt form of leadership. These articles are the foundation of a developing story, and, collectively, articles about a certain event can be used to find the truth. The articles also act as a description of our history and we can avoid future mistakes by looking back at the ones we have already made and not repeat them.

  113. "111 N.F.L. Brains. All But One Had C.T.E."
    Nachos, check. Cold beverage, check. Every spring, millions of people across the U.S gather around their televisions to celebrate the distinctly American cultural phenomena, the Superbowl. What began as a recognition of athleticism became a national holiday and the largest commercial advertising grossing event.

    After reading this article, I quickly became aware of the toxic nature of not only the sport itself, but the athletic entertainment industry in its entirety. As an athlete, I empathize with the constant pressure to become the best physically and mentally on the field, even if it results in injuries. For a professional player, the duress of competition exceeds beyond my imagination. I believe the public should educate themselves on the extremities of N.F.L.’s players’ injuries, which sometimes are career or even life-threatening.

    As a consumer and observer, the article made me less ignorant of the dangers to our nationally celebrated event. Since brain damage often affects an individual’s ability to function on a daily basis, I appreciate the league steering children away from the violent nature of football. Similarly, I hope the league will take steps to support their athletes whose subsequent careers end due to brain damage. I hope the N.F.L will set an example for other national leagues by supporting and protecting their athletes—especially beyond their career as a professional player.

  114. SpaceX Is Now One of the World’s Most Valuable Privately Held Companies

    SpaceX has now become one of the most valuable private companies in the world. This is all due to the brilliant minds of the company's CEO, Elon Musk. Elon Musk has a brilliant vision of the future and what it holds. He is the head of multiple growing companies that are geared to the needs of the future. Since the government funded space agency, NASA has pretty much such down, space exploration has now turned to the private sector. Operating under the private sector gives SpaceX more control over what they want to do instead of having laws and regulations to follow. Musk's vision for SpaceX is being able to colonize on Mars. Since the Earth is already reaching its capacity and limits, he wants to find alternative places for humans to live. In addition to this vision of his, he also envisions sending people into space as a short of vacation. I highly respect Elon Musk and his doings for the future.

  115. “Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were”, by Susan Chira
    I was drawn to this article by its attempt to talk about the issues women face in the business world, but some of the conjectures it makes are even more interesting than expected. A large part of this article seems to suggest that the way women think about the prejudice against them hurts them almost as much as the prejudice itself. The article says that ambitious women are often seen as not being likeable, and so as poor leaders, and the knowledge of that causes women not to be aggressive in attempts to advance. However, the alternate behavior just makes these women more vulnerable to being overlooked. This concerns me, because as a country we are trying to move into the future, and allow all people to be equal. Many of the groups which the United States opposes treat women in an extremely unfair way, not as equals but as lesser beings. The United States tries to fight that ideology, but how can the problem be solved outside the country if we have not solved it for ourselves? If the United States truly wants to protect the future, the problem addressed in this article has to be solved, just as much as any military issue.

  116. “The Chemicals in your mac and cheese”

    There are many dangerous chemicals that we don’t know that existed in our daily life things. The article interested me because it was shocking to find out that there is a chemical called phthalates in some of the mac and cheese. I really like mac and cheese, but I don’t know if they include phthalates or not. They could be transferred from the plastic that warp up the food. From this article, they stated that phthalates could disrupt male hormones. Male hormones are important because they can reproduce and give birth. This could also affect the baby that they give birth. I feel a little safe that the FDA and other organizations are stopping the usage of phthalates in Mac and Cheese and other food that wrap in the food. The producers of phthalates even said that they are mostly in the plastics, which are, use to wrap up fatty foods. From this article, I learned that there are many foods that are tasty, but we can’t see if there are bad chemicals in them.

  117. 'You Create That Chemistry’: How Actors Fall in Instant Love

    I found this article interesting because of the rumors surrounding romance in the acting industry. Whether it be because of their lives in the spotlight or the nature of the industry, there seems to be a trend of relationship scandals. After reading this article, I understood more difficulties associated with acting, as actors are expected to fall in love with their costars in order to make the production a success. Costars are expected to fall in love with their respective characters and then calm down and return to their significant others once the job is over. While this may seem to be an impossible feat for the nonprofessionals, it is the job of an actor to set up boundaries between work and personal life. I was intrugued by the difficulties this article revelaed about the acting industry. It could be difficult to create chemistry with anyone and at the same time it is difficult to stop the chemistry between costars and not let it interfer with one's personal life. In addition, it could possibily be aggrevating for the actor's/ actress's significant other, as he/she is required to fall in love with another person for their job.

  118. I will be reflecting on the article " Trump Says Transgender People Will Not be Allowed in the Military " - by Julie Hirschfeld .

    This article interested me because I could agree with both sides of the story . I believe transgender people should be allowed to serve the country if they'd like to . I believe nobody should be neglected from wanting to be in the military. The members of the LGBTQ community most likely will take this offensively, because this is one more thing that they are excluded from or "not welcomed". On the other hand, surgeries and medical visits are pretty pricy and can definitely rack up the dollars . Although Trump is trying to save money he shouldn't ban the transgender people all together . He should make some sort of arrangement and not exclude the transgender people from serving our country.


    Recently, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests done by North Korea have been a security concern to the international community. South Korea has proposed a missile deterrent program known as Thaad to the United States in order to fend off any North Korean missiles targeting South Korea. However, this proposal was highly opposed by China. The reason for this is because China feels that missile programs in South Korea will not improve the already ice thin relations between North and South Korea. I believe the real reason China opposes this proposal is because they do not want more military influence from the United States in Asia. They want to continue being the dominant power. Having missile programs in an area gives countries leverage in the region for now they can potentially be a threat to others. I believe that South Korea and the United States should continue to set up the Thaad Missile program in South Korea to act as a precaution in case North Korea does decide to do anything irrational. Nevertheless, South Korea should not have any lethal ICBM's to use against North Korea for this can potentially start another Korean War. You never know what a sporadic dictator can do.

    We take our sports seriously in the south. Football is not a pastime; it’s a way of life. Events are scheduled around matches and tournaments. The Olympics is like a month long Fourth of July celebration. So, coming from such a strongly competitive and sports-centric upbringing, the article “Finland has a Sports Screw Loose” surprised me immensely. Playing sports the way the article describes the Finnish do, is something I haven’t done since elementary school. The idea to play for fun and the sole pleasure of being outdoors enjoying nature is just not something I do. But I should.
    I run cross country for my high school. We practice six days a week, all year around. Racing takes determination and lots of endurance. But as I’m starting my senior year a few things have occurred to me. The races I remember the most fondly are not necessarily the races I did the best on. They are the muddy races where I was slipping down the hills I tried to run up; the races where I danced to music at the finish line; the races when my teammates and I bought ice cream and hid from my coach. It’s important to put effort into things and compete whole heartedly; but in the long run (no pun intended) if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth your time.

  121. The article I read this week was "The Chemicals In Your Mac and Cheese." The passage was about how phthalates and other chemicals are in the mac and cheese you see in stores all over the country. These chemicals have very harmful long term effects. In paragraph three the article says, "...phthalates, can disrupt male hormones like testosterone and have been linked to genital birth defects in infant boys and learning and behavior problems in older children." The article was informational and well explained. It interested me because I love mac and cheese and all types of food. The information given in the article is somewhat alarming, however I will keep eating mac and cheese.

  122. After looking at the photos captioned, “The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet, and Gas Mask”, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the political situation here in the US. Although not nearly as violent, there are people who feel the same way toward President Trump as the Venezuelans feel toward their leader, President Maduro. The Venezuelans, however, and using much more aggressive means in an attempt to take down their political leader. Here in the US, the constant rallies and protests are not doing much to change the President’s ways at the moment, and we can only hope that the resilience does not escalate into violence and aggression in the future.

  123. "36 Hours in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan" by Steve Reddicliffe caught my attention this week. I love travel but have never payed much attention to anywhere without clear water and white sand. Now that I have read this article, I would be interested in exploring places that I've never considered seeing. There is beauty everywhere if you care to find it. My new goal; travel to every state in the U.S.

  124. Hat. Rabbit. Spy Cam? Claims of Skuldruggey at a Hot Magic Show.
    This article sparked my interest in the times this week because I've always been a fan of magic. So as soon as I saw the title "Hot Magic Show", I wasted no time in clicking on the article. Mr. Meade, a talented magician was caught at Mr. DelGaudio's magic show with his phone flashlight turned on. I think there's a chance that some part of the magic trick could be recorded because of the flashlight on the phone but, when Mr. Meade's phone was checked, it lacked any recording of the show. Therefore, I'm on the fence if the recording was leaked before the phone was checked or if the flash was just on by mistake. Later afterwards Mr. Meade did reach out to Mr. DelGaudio to inform how baffled he was to be accused of recording his show via Facebook. However he did not receive any reply. I'm interested to see what happens at Mr. DelGaudio's magic show because it might reveal if Mr. DelGaudio was copying Mr. Meade's act or not.

  125. Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military
    This story was very disheartening for a person who has the utmost respect for our military and believes that anyone who is willing to sacrifice their life for other's freedom deserves praise. Considering that the US already spends over $600 billion on our military, which dwarfs any other country, a couple million does not worry me if it. Also this is another one of President Trump's lies to the American people and members of the LGBT community. He promised to protect and fight for their rights, but he is doing the exact opposite in this unfortunate instance.