New York Today: Fighting Fire in the Heat

Monday: Firefighters’ summer challenges, life guards for life, and warm-weather office etiquette.

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  1. To get the conversation started.
    How expensive are the smoke and CO2 alarms again?
    Just remembering the Quebec retirement home fire years ago know.
    One side had all the built in defensive measures. One side did not.

  2. Such inexpensive protection for lives! It doesn't have to be hard-wired- you can get the battery-operated kind for what- $15? If you buy enough for an entire building it might be even less! Of course someone has to change batteries every six months...penny-wise, pound foolish...

  3. I bought a combo carbon monoxide and smoke detector recently - it was about $50 at Home Depot. There was a $30 one, but it was sold out.

  4. Wonderful discussion of the brave firefighters! Inspiring way to start the day.

    And regarding the "And Finally" discussion of summer foot etiquette. I'd just never thought of it that way before!

    Tune of “On the Sunny Side of the Street”

    Ditch the sleeves and get your shorts
    Get the office set for summer
    Dress code is complete
    With the stunning sight of your feet

    There’s an etiquette of sorts
    Though Miss Manners can’t be glummer.
    Helps to beat the heat
    It’s the stunning sight of your feet

    Yes, dressing down is okayed
    With your toes on parade
    Your arches displayed
    That sandal’s no scandal

    You’ve got bunions and some warts?
    That don't need to be a bummer
    Just be more discreet
    ‘Bout the stunning,
    Stunning sight of your feet

  5. lol

    thanks for the chuckle

  6. The only places you should wear flip flops are at the beach or in the shower at the gym.

  7. "Yes, it will be toasty — we’re expecting a high of 86 today — but at least it will be sunny."
    AT LEAST it will be sunny!? The sun makes it feel all that much hotter. I will take the 80's with clouds any day over a sunny day. The only problem with the clouds is that it is harder to follow your golf ball in the sky. Otherwise, it makes a day on the golf course much more pleasant.

  8. What about firefighters in Eastern OR, Eastern WA, Western ID, and Northern CA where they are fighting forest fires that consume thousands of acres in triple digit temperatures?

  9. The human foot is a wonder in its construction and function. However, it is def not the most attractive part of the human anatomy. Far from it. Putting polish on the nails does not alter that.

    The office is different than the beach. Different attire please!

  10. Liberty bedazzle Mystics

  11. And this is why our Firefighters have my unswerving support and respect.
    343. WE REMEMBER.

  12. Just a plain old thank-you to all the Bravest who risk their lives and their health, day in, day out. Give 'em a thumbs-up, a wave, a huzzah - and when they're racing into action in our crowded city, the space they require to operate.

  13. I'm not crazy about looking at people's feet- there are exceptions but most feet aren't all that attractive. At least there are those who make an effort to make them attractive but far too often they're unappealing. I sit & read a lot on the subway, so my line of vision means that there are often unclad feet just above the page of the book I'm holding! Sometime I move the book around to block the feet from view but Lately I prefer to stand so I am looking down and not across the aisle.

    Men, please wear shoes when you are out in public. Ladies, I appreciate the effort and your sandals, etc. look nice but no flip flops, please. They look silly and juvenile.

  14. Flip flops a noisy. Should never wear noisy footwear in the office or in a professional setting.

    Some love the swelter of summer,
    A thing that truly amazes
    And comes as a physical stunner.
    Well, they can go to blazes.

  16. I don't live in the United States, but nonetheless I would like to contribute. I am working in an office at an expedition company in southwest germany. Personally I wear jeans (long leg), a shirt or a pullover and boots every day, from january to december, as they are very comfortable and look very nice. Female colleagues in my department do wear sandals, flip flops and shorts, most male colleagues don't dare to. As I am representing my employer, I think there should be some limits as to what to wear. But this is something, that everyone has to decide for her/himself, as each individuell has her/his standards. Needless to say, that I never wear shorts, even in my free time. A good outfit is something that I like to treat myself, even when it is hot in the summer months.