A Late Debut in the Tour de France: The Scars Tell Why

Taylor Phinney, one of only three Americans in this year’s race, suffered leg fractures and other injuries in a cycling crash in 2014.

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  1. Good luck Taylor! Best wishes to you and your parents, who I recall watching vividly when they were competing!

  2. A heart-warming story. Let;s hope the TDF (which I shall watch every day because of Phil and Paul) doesn't crash again because of doping and scandals.

  3. Bravo Taylor!! Cannondale-Drapac has just become my new favorite. Fourteen years ago, watching the "Blue Train" help me get through recovery from major knee surgery. I hope to send Taylor some energy for that final ride into Paris.

  4. I was a fan of Davis and now I'm a fan of Taylor. The kid has got dynamite genes and a tremendous attitude towards life. Allez Taylor!

  5. This sport needs a feel good story like this, but it is not enough. Unfortunately, for this one-time fan, it is not nearly enough to make me want to watch or care again. The sport has been forever tainted (ruined?) by drugs, cheating, doping, lying, cover ups, even hidden motors....Ugh.

  6. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for him. Hopefully Paul Sherwin and Phil Leggett will tell his story.

  7. The Tour and Macur, let summer begin.

  8. Yes, there's no question that Taylor Phinney is a major talent in road racing, but he will never win a Tour de France. He knows that. His expertise is the time trial for the most part. The winner again this year, barring a catastrophic injury, will be Chris Froome of Britain. A brilliant all-round roadman, he is head and shoulders above every other rider in the Tour. Even Lance Armstrong on drugs couldn't have lived with him.

  9. Bon chance Americain.

  10. I should probably stop complaining about my little shoulder injury. Good luck Taylor!

  11. His mom, Connie, is one of the few people to medal in the summer and Winter Olympics; Speedskating as a teenager!

  12. Viva La Tour!!

  13. I completely agree - only it is 'le Tour'. 'la tour' means 'the tower'.

  14. Allez Phinney!

  15. I will certainly be watching and pulling for those guys. Good luck!

  16. A cautionary tale here for other sports where doping is a problem. Once the fans are turned off, it's hard to get them back. Cycling will probably never enjoy the popularity it had in the USA before Armstrong was outed.

  17. Armstrong, like Tiger Woods, brought many new fans who would never have watched the Tour. The loss of someone like Armstrong has more to do with fewer Americans paying attention to cycling then his doping crimes.

    As for myself, I started following the tour because of Armstrong and have stayed because I really enjoy watching Peter Sagan along with the beauty of each stage of the Tour de France.

  18. the racing calendar goes from january to october. check out some other races!

  19. How can an article related to American cycling mention cheater Armstrong and not the real champion, Greg LeMond?

  20. Best of luck to Taylor, Andrew and Nathan. We hope to see all of you ride into Paris. These are the best weeks of summer. Cheers!

  21. enormous talent, and, now the humility to put successes in perspective.
    you've already won, Taylor

  22. A lot talent--and a lot of courage in that family.

    Good going...and good luck on the Tour.

  23. What a brave and determined young man. In spite of all the adversity, he continues to push forward. We can all learn lesson from Taylor: Never, ever give up!
    Best of luck in the Tour Taylor!

  24. Thank you. Well-done, and well-deserved for Taylor. Written by a writer who can get inside a rider, not just the sport. I'll be glued to my TV in the morning.
    One thought, please: The U.S. may have only three Tour-ready riders this year. But just look at the the young ones on the way up!

  25. Excellent start today in Dusseldorf under wet, slippery, dangerous conditions. It's great fun to watch a fellow American do so well in this premier event. We'll be pulling for you!

  26. We watched Taylor ride to a fantastic 12th place finish out of the field of 196 this morning. Well done! You're one of my cycling heroes, Taylor.

  27. Nice story. Used to live in Denver. After his father Davis retired (but before the Parkinson's set in), I was in a cross country ski race with him (and 200 other wannabes). Gun sounded, we started racing, and Davis took off like a rocket and disappeared into the distance. I think he had time to shower and change before I reached the finish

  28. Great post-race interview today on NBCSP, what a refreshing point of view in a pro-athlete. Go Taylor! I watch every day, at worst it's a lovely travelogue, at best, the highest drama in sport.