China Falls Short on Curbing North Korea, Trump Says

The president’s statement was an extraordinary admission of failure of his strategy for dealing with the North, leaving him with unpalatable options.

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  1. We need to start indicting the North Korean regime. Start chasing them down when they travel, or covertly intercepting them in there own country. The north Korean government is nothing by a sadistic, criminal organization that needs to be dealt with.

  2. What did the naive Trump expect??

  3. That once he was elected, all world leaders would magically bow down and worship him, obeying his every word. That hasn't happened.

    No one knew being a world leader could be so complicated!

    No one except all non-Donald Trump people.

  4. “I’m the best negotiator evah!”

    I have the best brain. I have the best words. I know more than the “generals.”

    And no one cared...BUT HEY! Beyonce had twins!!

  5. News flash! Each country will think primarily of its own interests. You know, like "China first?"

  6. After four and a half months in the job, and devoting about four weeks to resolve the N. Korea dilemma, Trump throws his hands up and says...well, at least I know china tried.

    Kinda like healthcare..who knew healthcare would be so hard?

  7. Watching the NYT suddenly realize that the world situation and the US economy and needs have been ignored by the greedy, self serving and corrupt for 8 years since 2008 is itself good news.

    The propensity to blame the current administration in order to retain these same corrupt people in positions of power in less than 8 months... Not so good!

  8. If the (US) economy (and Needs?) was ignored after the historic collapse in 2008, why/how did it recover?

  9. Unfortunately, it seems that military action against the DPRK is unavoidable. The US simply cannot allow the DPRK to deploy nuclear weapons that can strike the homeland.

  10. Wait!
    You want 45, a twit who tweets as communication to OK bombing North Korea possibly with a thermonuclear bomb?

    And China won’t retaliate leading to WWIII?

    My best friend a 2 star USAF General QUIT because he refuses to obey an obviously unlawful order from this twit.

    THREE TIMES while getting intel briefing from the military 45 asked “If we have 'nuclear' why don’t we use it?” THREE TIMES!

    These generals and intel experts TRIED to explain what a thermonuclear bomb is and he would NOT focus.

    On September 14, 2001 our congress voted for The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against terrorists. This gave Bush unrestricted power to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING against “terrorists” even if they had to make up “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq.

    Obama PLEADED with congress to kill this law. He did NOT want this power! But the Republicans said “Hey if he screws up it’s not on us!”

    With Donald J Trump we may very well end up with full scale war on about ten fronts! Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, and on and on and on!

  11. The By God Homeland isn't the issue. Nor is South Korea for that matter. Japan is the issue.

    More than 70 years of Asia-Pacific strategy boils down to 3 short sentences: "Calm down, Japan. NO need to re-arm. We got this."

  12. Military action is ALWAYS avoidable, usually resulting from a breakdown in diplomacy. Remember South Korea and Japan before you begin to accept military action as any kind of real solution.

  13. Korea is the cat's paw for China and for anyone to think China will clipped this provocation of the West is mistaken.

  14. What's stopping trump from getting those three other Americans out of North Korea? He said Obama should have gotten Warmbier out on day one, so what's he waiting for?

  15. And he had five months to get Warmbier out, so why didn't he? I doubt he even knew who Warmbier was before the poor guy became a political asset.

  16. He's waiting for President Obama to do the hard work so tRump can take the credit for it.

  17. Which just shows what a cheap lying opportunist we have as our president. Depessingf

  18. PBS this week had a most wonderful program, "The Story of China." I am certain Trump didn't take time from his Tweet Storms to bother to watch this very enlightening program.

    It began with China's earliest history. What amazed me was how ancient the Chinese history really is. But, more importantly, when the moderator, a Brit, visited some of China's oldest villages and saw how they celebrate their traditions, I saw not the version of China Trump wants to create but people who were happy, smiling and for the most part enjoying freedom to visit their religious traditions and houses of worship.

    China today is so obviously not the China of the Han Dynasty. Rather, the Chinese give us a clue to what such an ancient heritage can produce in modern minds.

    Trump will never change this. Trump is a fly by night CEO who got himself thrown into government for power. Oddly, his lust for power and that of today's Republicans is quite similar to the earliest Chinese rulers.

    China's president is so far above Trump that Americans should be ashamed. When you hear the Chinese president speak, use all of the parts of the brain that have formerly gone unused. That's how far ahead of American minds this Chinese culture is.

  19. Is President Trump in way over his head? He isn't CEO of a 4 bit company competing with some 2 bit competitors. His 'thumb tweeting' isn't impressing the leaders and powerhouses of other nations.

    When he and his administration are assembling lawyers and law firms to represent them before his own nation, how can he expect other leaders to accept him at his word? Even the administration's lawyers are hiring lawyers to protect themselves!

    I don't know the answers or course of action needed. But, it is quiite obvious that Mr. Trump doesn't either.

  20. @Ken P
    “Is Trump in over his head?”

    Gee! Ya think?

  21. “I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem”! In other words, we'd pay China to take care of North Korea. What followed was: "While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out". True transparency! Refreshing! Why not release his tax returns?

  22. We need to shoot down every North Korean missile launch in boost phase, from a boat in the Sea of Japan. We need to start doing it soon, before they develop ICBMs.

    The technology exists. It needs to be developed into an operational system.

  23. The tech exist, but is not as reliable as you seem to think it is. The bluff that is can actually shoot down any missile N. Korea (or others launch) is the bluff that gives other despots pause. The USA is not going to show the world how inconsistent the tech actually is unless our hand is forced.

  24. Oversimplifying this mess is no solution. You do remember South Korea, not to mention Japan, yes?

  25. Who could be surprised at this. Trump has been in office only a few short months. He has no experience with diplomacy. He has no real leverage over the Chinese so why should they help him/help us out? He does the only thing he knows... he blames Obama.

    Trump will eventually get us into an armed conflict with another country and he'll blame them.

  26. No, he'll blame Obama. That's all he knows. Some Americans will die because of this unfit fool.

  27. Perhaps if this President had spent more time on learning about Chinese policy and less time playing golf he might had had more success. A meeting between two national leaders is the beginning of negotiations. Diplomacy in a complicated relationship takes more than two months. It also takes trained professional diplomats. Expecting China to solve our problems with North Korea is just another example of how bad this President is at presidenting.

  28. It's time to annihilate the North Korea leadership.

  29. If there isn't a special ops plan in place to do this, I am VERY disappointed in the CIA and our military. If we're too chickenpoop to do it, unleash SK and let THEM do it.

  30. @Ichigo and Janet Newton

    Just EXACTLY how do you think that we will “annihilate the North Korea leadership?”

    As a military vet, and widow of a field officer in the US Army and good friends in the military what do you want? Jason Bourne? Liam Neeson? Seal Team 6?

    We do NOT assassinate the leaders of countries that we “disagree with!” That is what Bush and Cheney did with Iraq...How’s THAT working out after 14 years?

    Our military is for DEFENSE not for pre-emptive strikes to take over the world and “take their oil.”

    Please! Think before making such statements.

    If we attack North Korea, they don’t have the firepower-yet--to strike back at the USA.
    However...all the artillery pieces in North Korea’s Corps can reach the northern outskirts of Seoul, just 30 miles from the DMZ, but the largest projectiles could fly to the south of the capital. ABOUT 25 MILLION PEOPLE — OR HALF OF THE SOUTH KOREAN POPULATION — LIVE IN THE GREATER SEOUL METROPOLITAN AREA.

    So if you don’t care about 25 million innocent people being annihilated by YOUR wanting to annihilate Kim Jong-un? Well that is unconscionable!

  31. 45 is a second tier reality TV host.

    He inherited his money, ran a terrible business, and understands NOTHING about governing.

    That this country has been reduced to tweeting from a twit is beyond anything in our 240 year history

    Why even take up space writing about him. He doesn’t even bother to understand massive brain injury-which can occur with “simple deprivation of oxygen.” You quit breathing for 4 minutes, the brain DIES!

    In my neighborhood only two of us had our flags at half mast for OUR seven sailors! Trump tweets “thoughts and prayers???”

    We have no Secretary of the Navy. We have no Japanese ambassador. BECAUSE TRUMP FIRED EVERYONE. The State Dept just doesn’t exist and Rex Tillerson is no statesman.

    45 is great at “You’re fired” to the EPA, FDA, NEA (So much for our vets using art as therapy!), froze federal hires (Sorry vets!) hires a wedding planner for HUD director of NJ & NY! She’s an African-American so MUST know about housing...right? Like Ben Carson.

    45 abdicated as Commander-in-Chief and as POTUS and handed the military over to “the generals” resulting in a spike of air strikes and killing of civilians and displacement of hundreds of thousands.

    But Hey the Trump brand is doing well, he’s making lotsa coin at his Washington DC hotel--$15,000/night for Penthouse suite! And he’s getting his 36 holes of golf in each week.

    Just quit writing about this fool as if he will SUDDENLY become “Presidential” or is that “Precidential?”

    45 is an idiot.

  32. China did not fail. The Chinese tour group was tasked with bringing sacrificial lambs and knew one hostage would be poached. Males can be expected to survive until ransom is paid. The group had only 2 males and one was twice as old as the other, and the older one was from a small country. Naturally, NK chose the young male from a super power. A nonsense story was made up to bring charges against the hostage. China succeeded. If think the Chinese tour group was innocent, you have never lived in China, Russia, or either Korea but instead have basked in the freedoms we take for granted in the USA.

  33. Mr. Landler and Mr. Harris hit the nail on the head when they say that China's lack of control over North Korea isn't a surprise to anyone familiar with the politics of the region. North Korea is China's scarecrow. China won't curb it; it will use it to put the US in its place in regard to Taiwan and other territorial muscle-flexing. North Korea, however, is only one item in China's bag of tricks in its pursuit of global power and influence: as we grapple with this sad presidency, China is expanding its export routes to Europe, taking the lead in dealing with climate change, and buying up allies across the world, especially in Africa, and Central and South America, not by bombing them, but investing in their countries. When I visited Costa Rica in the late 90s, a country closely entwined with the US, it greatly surprised me that the local soccer stadium was a gift from the Chinese. Furthermore, China is building up its military capacities to closely rival ours, not Russia. If the US doesn't keep a keen eye on China, soon we can stop calling ourselves a super power.

  34. Trump is continually attempting to defame former President Obama.
    What's The Donald doing about the 3 American citizens still being held by North Korea as we speak?
    Trump wasn't putting his efforts to return Otto to the U.S.---and wasn't even aware Otto was released until a reporter informed him. And technically, he wasn't released---he was evacuated while near death.
    Secondly, Otto had been detained in North Korea in early 2016. Not for the entire Obama term. What was Trump doing the past 5 months?

    President Trump is not known for his credibility, yet President Obama was well known for his. And Obama had no personal scandals during his two terms.
    A rational person would believe Obama.
    Ned Price, spokesman, reiterated that "...the Obama administration had no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas. Their tireless efforts resulted in the release of at least 10 Americans from North Korean custody during the course of the Obama administration.”

  35. He's feeling the hot breath of history on his neck. And he can't But Hillary his way out of it. No wonder he's so foul.

  36. The CCP will not act when they perceive weakness. And Trump displayed cringing weakness when he allowed Xi Jiping to utilize the "how great was China in the past" card and then purport to educate the clueless president that Korea had been a part of the Chinese empire historically and that the problem only needs Xi's deft touch. The roar against past currency manipulations, belligerence with neighbors and the South China Sea and other vital matters petered out to a whimper. Trump will learn what China's neighbors know; that China respect physical power over all else and has to be dealt with accordingly. It is not surprising that they have not moved on Korea as China perceives that Trump does not have many options. The ball is in Trump's court; show Xi the options.

  37. China isn't going to go against its own best interests. Keeping NK in place as a "buffer" to South Korea and as a continual thorn in the USA's side is good policy on their part. If Trump had anyone with actual brains working for him, they'd understand this.

  38. President Trump was fooled by Xi Jinping's sweet talks. China is a failed state. North Korea's Kim did not take China seriously. We must stop day dreaming that China is going to help us. Kim probably is more interested to talk to us directly. We should not waste our time with China.

  39. So what exactly is the administration strategic foreign policy regarding North Korea? Is it yesterday's tweet, today's tweet, tomorrow's tweet, then the next days after that? How dangerous can this president be? And who is calling whom a rogue state?
    God save America from Trump!

  40. So much for that great deal maker, Trump. Guess he got stumped. He taught he was smarter than all these foreign leaders, even dictators. His plan, to make deals for himself and his family with China would ingratiate himself with them to do his dirty work with North Korea. What a master plan by the master plan. Now the ugly mess with North Korea has laid in Trump's lap. No worries, will just go to Trump's Plan B, once he comes up with one.


  41. North Korea is playing Donald Trump like the fool he is. As did China, as did Russia, and he's so ignorant of the world that this pattern is sure to continue throughout the rest of his miserable laughable presidency!!!

  42. He suffers from this. But there are others who are not at all like Trump but suffer more materially.

  43. So. Mr. Trump's detailed, well thought out plan to deal with North Korea was to have China take care of it. And is plan B to delegate responsibility for North Korea to the military, like he has for Afghanistan? Trump is a master at foreign policy and Tillerson is AWOL.

  44. Tillerson was installed not because he knows diddly squat about foreign policy and diplomacy - my big toe on my left foot knows more than he does - but to suck up oil deals where possible to parse out shares to his buds in the Cabinet and Trump, behind closed doors and under the table, of course. Wouldn't want the rubes, er, voters, to get upset, dontcha know.

  45. Trump's go-to excuse is blaming everything that's wrong on his predecessor. Why stop at Obama...there's also Clinton, and how about Carter. Trump is a narcissistic blowhard whose bottom-feeder deal-making skills are pathetic in the real world of international politics. He doesn't dare blame Xi Jinping. I'm expecting this pathetic version of a president to advocate building a wall around North Korea. You know, to protect us from their missiles.

    Eclectic Pragmatism —
    Eclectic Pragmatist —

  46. China must make a decision when it comes to North Korea. Does China want to continue to develop their economy and become a major player on the world stage, or do they want to continue to be tarnished by the erratic behavior of the hermit kingdom? China can bring about regime change in North Korea. If China initiated a trade embargo and closed their border with North Korea, the North Korean economy and it's government would eventually collapse. If China refuses to utilize the leverage they have on North Korea, then it become incumbent upon the United States to begin the imposition of stiff tariffs on Chinese goods and sanctions on Chinese banks and individuals. No one wants a war on the Korean peninsula but only the Chinese have the leverage and position to avoid this outcome.

  47. China has been helping NK for decades. Nobody in the West seems to care about it. The reason is nobody in the West really understand that China is just a bigger version of NK.

  48. This kind of statement is completely unsubstantiated by any official or unofficial Chinese statements on the countery: "China has historically avoided because of fears that it would precipitate a collapse in a country with which it shares a 880-mile border."
    Why not stop making up stuff, NYT and help us to move forward on a problem that seems intractable at the moment.
    Quit trying to destroy the president's efforts to do something that Clinton, Bush, and Obama were unable or unwilling to deal with.

  49. North Korea is a surprisingly independent, if resilient puppet,
    but their strings lead inevitably across their border, to their ultimate masters, who are not Korean, but Chinese.

  50. It is not "independent" but has relied on foreign aid (including food aid from America) for survival. However, it uses this food, amongst other things to trade for arms. Rarely does it go to the starving citizens.

  51. A 2009 book by Joshua Romo (managing director of Kissinger Associates), "The Age of the Unthinkable," claims that we live in an era in which traditional paradigms no longer valid --- in diplomacy, military science, medicine, physics, economics and finance, and many other areas. Romo says that, "In revolutionary times, those who don't think like revolutionaries are called victims." He says we have to be very creative and agile, creating new paradigms on the fly. "Twill be very interesting to see if the current U.S. leadership can rise to this challenge --- not only with respect to North Korea and China, or the Middle East, but in areas like fiscal reform and health care.

  52. The headline on the front page says, "China Failed With North Korea, Trump Says. Now What?". Instead it should read, "Trump Failed With North Korea. Now What?". About the only thing Trump can do is organize the annual Easter egg hunt at the White House, and even that was a challenge for him.

  53. North Korea did a bad propaganda job with their weak excuse for Warmbier’s death. A more effective response would be that a "bad apple" prison guard beat the American into unconsciousness. The North could then claim that the guard was promptly executed for his crime, "as opposed to the American system of letting their prison officers get away with murder."
    That might even shut Trump up.

  54. The Liar-in-Chief says China attempted to pressure North Korea? Who says?

  55. Trump needs a BIG diversion. The next new moon is June 24 - probably too soon. July 23 might work.... August 21 gives us not only a new moon but a total solar eclipse as well. Assuming Trump knows about the eclipse and what good ratings it'll get, he might try to upstage that with his final solution to N. Korea. Meanwhile, let's all stock up on potassium iodide pills.

  56. China, being the ancient culture that it is, must feel some contempt at being told by a wet behind the ears self promoter like Trump what their position on foreign policy should be. Trump's stay will be temporary however the investigation turns out. Even conservatism will be temporary when the pendulum swings back the other way. Trump has the audacity to touch him on the back like he was one of his ambitious sycophants or a target for one of his deals. The chocolate cake event must have left the same impression it did with everyone. How stupid does this guy think everybody is? Is he gone yet?

  57. North Korea is Trump's problem, he exacerbated it with his rhetoric, bringing it to boiling point to show himself as a tough guy. For decades and under so many US administrations, the situation festered--it needed no solution.

    Getting or rather trying to get China to solve the problem was putting Uncle Sam's monkey on China's back. China does not want a war in Korea, and South Korea cannot afford a war. Give peace a chance, yes, but it is like asking a third party to arbitrate one's marital problems, while one is escalating it with threats of violence.

    What can China do when US is sending two carriers and holding military exercises and flying bombers over?

  58. Maybe Dennis Rodman could take one for the Trump Team. Rodman rebounds well.

    Jared has got to work on his "threes".

    Foreign Policy hah Foreign Schmallisy...

  59. Incredible - what a 'failure'. The President tries what I believe almost all Americans would support - getting China to dissuade North Korea from its continuing arrogant behavior - and he gets trashed in the press.
    At some point, no matter how held down, North Korean people - including lower level military and party members, will demand change. The next attempt at changing the Korean peninsula must come from the new South Korean president. If successful, has the possibility of, over time, accomplishing what Kohl did for Germany.
    Other outcomes are too tragic to contemplate, but I would hope that even the most liberal New Yorker would not want a loaded nuclear missile pointed at them by a madman.

  60. If they were TRULY serious about choking off North Korea, they would KILL the flow of ALL monies into the country. They know how it's being funneled and where it's coming from, but they do nothing. Gee, wonder why...

  61. Is it possible for the President this weekend to just kick back and study up on stuff? He might request briefings by subject matter experts say on: Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, health care, artificial intelligence, automation of jobs, climate change - whatever. Maybe he could make a promise that over the next 8 to 10 weekends he will try to become more knowledgeable and statesman like. Yeah right!

  62. Vincent--Unfortunately, having that information will not help, unless he magically develops critical thinking skill to go with it, which usually develops as we age. His clock is running out, thank goodness.

  63. Another EPIC failure to accomplish by the trump adminstration. Where's all the winning?

  64. We need someone in US who really understand the CCP regime, just someone like Marco Rubio, who understands the Castro regime. Xi flied thousands of miles to Mar-La-Lago, with the only goal to fool Trump and USA another round. The survival of NK regime is part of the CCP regime's own legitimacy.

  65. Will someone show El Hombre how to use an iron? Sheesh.

  66. Wow, they haven't done sanctions on Chinese banks doing biz with NK? DO THAT IMMEDIATELY.

  67. This seems like a typical Trumpian admission of failure -- He is so sorry that China failed.

  68. What mastery of foreign diplomacy--an imbecile. They're laughing at you Donald. Laughing all over the world.

  69. Guess Xi was not served the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake" he has ever seen. Trump the "deal maker"- what a joke.

  70. Is everyone prepared for war with North Korea?
    Hard to see an alternative approach from this Administration, with a failed policy, a shoot-from-the-hip leader and the need for a "Wag The Dog" distraction. Hope someone in Congress (remember Congress?) is scheduling a debate on whether war is authorized.

  71. What makes the North Korea issue a dangerous one is that it would be a war in times when the current administration needs a major distraction. This armed conflict might sound palatable to the White House because it could possibly be the only conventional war—military vs. military—the president can actually "win" in traditional terms and in contemporary times.

    Just thinking about the possibility of conflict with North Korea makes me nauseous.

  72. It seems the big, terrifying thing now is that Trump may now feel he has to start a war somewhere, to take the heat off his being removed from office, which seems imminent.

  73. This is right out of the GOP best seller "The Art of Distraction." Problems with the unstable Tweeting Commander in Chief, Russia investigation, President's mob ties coming to the surface, nothing accomplished in five months? Time to start a war. Make America oblivious again.

  74. If Trump thought he was going to impress Xi by showing his opulent MaraLago, and some how persuade him to "take care of NK", he knows nothing about how the Chinese mind works. Xi was being polite, and culturally correct, by accepting the invitation, but impervious to Trump's moves on him. He knows that Trump is a fool, just like the impetuous NK leader Kim Jong Un. Would Kim Jong Un ask Xi to "take care" of the US for him?

  75. You really think the so-called president "ardently" sought Xi Jinping's cooperation? He doesn't know what he's doing, and I'm sure it became quickly apparent that he would be almost too easy to "shine". China supplies ALL of the electronic components to NK's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Does anyone believe they couldn't stop that supply line at any time? China profits with all the hand-wringing and defeat admissions flowing from the WH. They're playing the fraud, and they're winning, while we have a rank amateur at the helm, steering us mindlessly into the clearly visible rocks dead ahead. And, much like the Titanic, there's a clear shortage of lifeboats, and those are reserved for First Class passengers.

  76. He should send Jared to North Korea.

  77. North Korea is like an ugly blemish on an arm. The only options are:

    -- Complain about it

    -- Ignore it

    -- Hope it goes away

    -- Amputate the arm

  78. The true headline should read "TRUMP ADMINISTRATION FALLS SHORT ON CURBING NORTH KOREA!" After all, isn't that what Mr. Trump PROMISED America that he, and he alone, could do?

    No rational person could blame China for its motivation or effort, or lack thereof. China (and South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines) are all within immediate nuclear striking distance of North Korea and certainly take the situation more seriously than what is seen as mere American interference in the region. Had Mr. Trump and the administration been more serious about engaging China to deal with America's concern, perhaps he shouldn't have (1) insulted the Chinese government by accepting the telephone call from Taiwan, (2) not used China as his verbal punching bag during the campaign (a little foresight would've been useful), and (3) held the meeting with President Xi in a more formal setting than his "I got lots of money resort" in Florida! The WHITE HOUSE comes to mind.

    Mr. Trump has once again relied on his tried and true behavior--blame someone else for the failure, in this case--China. A true leader (obviously NOT Mr. Trump) would've graciously acknowledged that his effort and/or strategy in the matter failed to produce the desired results and he was looking into new alternatives.

    Stability in southeast Asia will require NEW thinking! Bullying or dumping new weapons into the region is about as effective as the Cuban and Russian sanctions.

  79. Yeah, discussing sensitive matters over dessert in the open where others can hear doesn't give China any reason to think Trump is a trustworthy or worthy ally on this or any other matter. Trump makes it clear he can't take anything seriously and will tweet your secrets in a heartbeat to get some applause or a cheap shot at an opponent.

  80. ‪It's a mistake to take DJT's tweets too literally. Consider his intent. He's just doing what he does best: bullying and threatening. He's taunting Xi to action by accusing him of failure, an accusation accompanied by implied threats.

  81. How bout imposing a tariff on all Chinese goods and then asking China if they can help solve this problem? Nothing like a little motivation.
    Unfortunately, China has let this crazed step child too far and I am not sure if they is much they can do. War is on the horizon.

  82. Xi seems to thinks, at this stage, that PRC can take nominal secondary sanctions by the US with ease. If there is going to be a serious version of secondary sanctions, it will be the US that suffers more - this may be his another calculation. Trump must act swiftly for the first clear step of secondary sanction against many Chinese entities and, at the same time, issue clear warning that secondary sanctions would become far more serious. Trump must also press the South to show the world what they found in the debris of the North's missiles (parts made in China, bought through China, manufactured with Chinese materials...).

  83. So, the Chinese do not wish to cooperate in our desire to regulate NoKorea's militaristic activities aimed at the West.
    Trump now has to come up with his own plan instead of passing the proverbial buck. Since we do not have a braintrust in the depleted State Dept, the chance of getting a meaningful scheme is slim. I suggest we start adjusting to Trump's Bozo diplomacy.

  84. Imagine! In a whole week-&- a-half since Trump snapped his fingers & demanded that Xi turn China's overly lenient North Korea policy policy around, Xi has yet to comply. Why doesn't anyone mention how nuts Trump's time frame for compliance is?

  85. Well I guess he can now call out China as a currency manipulator.

  86. Jiminy Crickit, Xi, I thought you were handling this. Who else we got?

  87. Ratchet up the pressure. Drop a FOAB on North Korea's nuclear bomb research facility.
    Oh sure, North Korea might shell Seoul in response, but South Korea has had decades to prepare for that eventuality. Besides, South Korea has twice the population of the North, so any conflict would result in the North's defeat.
    As far as China goes, their illegal islands will do them no good and only serve to spread and weaken their military as they vainly try to protect all of their far-flung assets.

  88. This cowboy mentality that countries can be easily defeated is nonsense. It would do us well to remember that we won every battle in Vietnam, but lost the war. Before that, it took the rest of the world and 60,000,000 deaths to defeat Germany and Japan in World War 2.

  89. Trump was totally played by Mr. Xi. Big surprise. It is not in China's interests to rein in North Korea. China sees us as a rival, not a partner.

    North Korea will persist on their current path until forced off it. We do not know or are unwilling to do what it takes to accomplish that. Someday that chicken will come home to roost.

  90. It was obvious that President Xi Jinping was not going to deal with the North Korea problem BEFORE the next National Congress of the Communist Party to be held in the autumn of this year when major changes in the makeup of the top leadership of the party are expected, and when President Xi is also expected to consolidate his power.
    It seems that Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had no clue about the importance of this National Congress in China, and were naive to think that China was going to take serious economic measures against North Korea before this event.
    A typical case of amateurism foreign policy with serious consequences!

  91. “A typical case of amateurism foreign policy with serious consequences!”

    The problem is that we have NO idea just what those “consequences” will be! That is the terrifying part! With NO state department except for an oil company CEO as our Secretary of State, how will we handle even the day to day problems?

    “Nearly 100 days into his term, President Donald Trump hasn’t nominated anyone for 85% of key executive branch positions that require Senate confirmation."

    Basically the only ambassadors we have are career statesman from the Obama presidency, but we still have openings in Japan (would have been VERY useful with the deaths of 7 sailors in the Sea of Japan and no Secretary of the Navy), Jon Huntsman Jr is still waiting for Trump to nominate him for Russia. Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, most of the UN positions, Hungary, India (!), European Union!, Ireland, Cuba and on and on...are VACANT. The Holy See has Calista Gingrich but no one for Italy?

    Without statesmanship we WILL have war.

    The “serious consequences" may WELL be WWIII.

  92. National Congress or not, Xi will not help US. Period.

  93. How did the orange outrage know that China tried? I did not read about Chinese plans to stop trad with NK.

  94. I don't know why either China or N. Korea is worried about what we might do militarily since, despite the best technology our tax money can buy, we can't even keep our destroyer from being run into in the open ocean. No less a ship from a country that promotes itself as having the greatest military on Earth and that laughs when the N. Koreans can't get their missiles to work. Americans who visit the murderious dictatorship of N. Korea have chosen to put themselves in harms way. How many in our military should die to save them from a fate they brought on themselves? I'd suggest getting one of our military killed to bail them out is one too many. Worse, how many Koreans, North and South, need to die to save one American? Is one or two million enough or just about right? Let djt tweet bellicose comments all he wants but in the end djt can and will do nothing because he can't and that's fine with me. He can try pressuring the Chinese to squeeze their local client to bend and in that I wish our great negotiator n'chief good luck. The likely result will be that China will do nothing and, worse, the cost of our TV's will go up five times.

  95. I suspect the Chinese have as much or more on Trump as the Russians do.
    Some facts that people for some reason have forgotten or simply refuse to admit to any longer.
    North Korea is China.
    China is North Korea.
    They said it themselves; "We are as close as lips and teeth."
    The Chinese are using North Korea, their puppet regime, as a tool to manipulate the Trump administration into giving them the western pacific and more. The South Korean President it seems is being manipulated in a more sophisticated fashion by encouraging him to believe fantasies and ignore the history of how China and North Korea have behaved since they invaded south.
    It would be better that everyone focused on Otto Warmbier and the brutality and cruelty the Chinese and North Koreans would like everyone to forget is still the true nature of these regimes.

  96. The Chinese president made Trump look like the fool he is. Trump's naivete-- China will help us with North Korea while Putin joins us to fight ISIL--is simply breathtaking. Meantime, any bets on Kushner's success obtaining peace in the Middle East? Who knew foreign affairs could be so complicated?

  97. NK receives money from various NK run restaurants outside of NK. Shut down those establishments for good. No reason to hurt the workers.

  98. • No reason to hurt the workers.

    Who else would you be 'hurting'?

  99. "If he was brought home sooner" sounds to me like a statement of fact, not a criticism. He's not saying Obama could/should have done more.

    Asking China to help was a good move, even if unlikely to succeed. Saying that he's no longer counting on that help is a way of ratcheting up the pressure.

    I am in the "shelve engagement" camp. Impose a total blockade and let Kim know that the next thing going into or coming out of North Korea will be three Americans coming out. And may be one Canadian.

  100. Guess that Trump expected Xi to handle North Korea in a way similar to the way that he (Trump) is handling our "troublesome" neighbor Cuba.

  101. Mr. Trump has no knowledge of diplomacy. It cannot be conducted through tweets and bullying. His senior staff have no experience in diplomacy either. Tillerson ran a corporation and has no prior government experience.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that Mr. Trump thinks that a month or two is long enough for China to try to rein in North Korea, which is led by a dangerous but juvenile despot. It is scary, but not surprising.

    Even though China has done little about North Korea's missile testing, poor treatment of political prisoners, etc., we must give the Chinese time to recognize the danger to their country and citizens.

    I fear Mr. Trump is more likely to choose war than sanctions. I doubt any of these extreme options (war, sanctions, meeting with Mr. Kim) will work for long. Mr. Trump, long accustomed to instant obedience by his minions, does not understand nor have the patience for more subtle approaches. He does not understand how to compromise while moving toward a safer world.

    The sooner Mr. Trump is out of office, however that may happen, the better!

  102. Not to worry, Republicans. "Orange" will have his Four Horsemen Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Roy Cohn and Jared Kushner and his Two Mouthpieces Spicer and Conway easily pin American's further economic and geopolitical decline on the Kenya-born Obama, "lock-her-up" Hillary, and Nancy "San Francisco" Pelosi.

  103. Roy Cohn is dead. I think you mean Gary Cohn?

  104. If this is what DJT has to show for his efforts on North Korea, I can't wait for his plans to wipe out ISIS.

  105. Is there really some compelling reason for the U.S. to be concerned about North Korea? Seems like 60 years of fussing about them after the end of active hostilities hasn't accomplished anything but increasing their isolation and paranoia. Maybe they wouldn't have been so intent on developing nuclear armaments and missile capability if we hadn't been threatening them for decades.

  106. So it's smart policy for the U.S. just to wait and see as we did with Hitler and Germany in the 1920', 1930's until 1941 when that policy finally proved to be folly.

  107. We would really prefer they not nuke our allies.

  108. While the US has no doubt meddled in Korean affairs, at the invitation of a majority of Koreans, btw.
    The fact is that DPRK has been radically hostile to the United States and this kind of nonsensical twaddle is not constructive.
    That NYT would recommend this post is insulting to any reasonable person, and quite frankly disgraceful.

  109. Dennis Rodman does pretty well there. Maybe replace all world-wide diplomatic and military efforts with NBA games. Don't laugh, it might work

  110. Who cares? North Korea is not China's problem. It's "America's First".

  111. Maybe Trump and his family will curtail production of Trump branded products from there.

    Yeah, right.

  112. Trump's statements are just noise, and that's all they're intended to be. Focus instead on what he does.

  113. Yes, we need to look at what he does, but WORDS MATTER! They matter when other President's utter them, so no less with Tweeting Trump. When will someone within his sphere dare to tell him to stop? Like one does with a child, just take the tweeting machine away from him.

  114. There is a way that the Government of North Korea can be taken down and the path for reunification with South Korea can be paved. The method will be similar to the way that the then two Germany's were reunified. However, it will require the help and cooperation of China.

    What is proposed is the "Brain Drain" method. It is based on the assumption that many of the scientist working on the North Korea's weapon program would welcome the chance to escape that that hell hole. Unfortunately, China sends back any escapee from North Korea it detects almost immediately. What it should do is to build an airstrip capable of accommodating high capacity air crafts to ferry escapees to South Korea where they would be housed in leadership orientation and training communities to prepare for the day when the brain drain is complete enough to cause the collapse of the North Korea governmental apparatus. In exchange for Chines cooperation, the demilitarized zone would be disarmed and dismantled. To test the validity of the assumption of this initiative, creative and inspired intelligence would be used to check out the likelihood of key weapons engineer and scientists as well as key bureaucrats the desire themselves of the opportunity avail themselves of the newly developed safe escape!

  115. We should be stupid to believe in China. China will use North Korea as a proxy to have a nuclear strike on US. China can sit back and enjoy. We should put severe sanctions Chinese entities. Also, it is time that we have trade balance with China. As Trump said earlier, China has been raping US for 20-25 years. It is time to put an end to that. Our middle-class is getting wiped out since Chinas entry into WTO. Trump should not trust China. Period.

  116. I hope Calvn Trillin is working on a new book- although he's already used the perfect title "Obliviously On He Sails" on W. Oblivious is the perfect description for DJT - look at this picture- he's a rumpled mess- what my family would call a "soup sandwich".

  117. Really there is nothing the U.S. can do about North Korea, short of destroying it, and there is not much reason to do anything about it either. China is the only nation that can have a major effect on it, and they don't really want to yet, so we all have to just let North Korea keep being the hell on earth it is, until it collapses on its own.

    If North Korea ever makes a major military move on South Korea or anywhere else, then its military will have to be destroyed, but I think China will take care of that. China knows we would take care of that with nuclear weapons, and they'd rather not deal with the fallout, so they'd likely remove the fat little dictator themselves.

  118. Looked in a mirror lately?

  119. What our extraordinarily irrational President is doing is tipping his hand via his Twitter post, using China's 'failure' to deal effectively with North Korea as his excuse and pretext to take unilateral action -- an action which is sure to be disastrous, mark my words. We have an unstable President, surrounded by sycophants, with a hair-trigger temperament and absolutely no sense (or even curiosity about) history, not in our hemisphere, much less in Asia. This is not good for humankind.

  120. While unseemly to look at it this way - here's where the US should not shoulder any weight for Otto's lapse in judgement. It was a sever sentence and our disppleasure has been noted. Let's not start a war over this.

    Out of his all-too common American trait - arrogance and ignorance, Otto Warmbier made two stupid choices.

    1. Perhaps ignorant of the ramifications visiting a state with no American embassy, Otto did even worse. He took a trip, billed as one you wouldn't want to tell your mother about, to an enemy state; a country formally at war with his own. In essence Americans are considered enemy combatants when they visit North Korea un-invited (certain former NBA stars excepted of course.)
    2. Compounding the first error in judgement, while in this enemy state, Otto arrogantly broke a common law by stealing property.) Very stupid in general - more so while on a trip like this.

    NK is not blameless but we should not expect better from them either. The state is insane and run by insane leaders who have killed anyone with any hint of reality peaking through.

    Starting a war over Ottos tragic and unfortunate death is not wise. Three stupid choices don't make a right.

  121. Dear DJT, You can't declare bankruptcy in terms of North Korea… Better luck next time…

  122. Trumps so called strategy of keeping potential enemies guessing seems like a foolish way of doing business when the world is full of Nukes and one wrong move could set the whole thing off. Far better to be pradictable and stable in such a world.

  123. History has shown one thing in regards to our policy towards North Korea. No one can deal with this ridiculous little country in good faith. Nothing the DRNK says can be believed. Period.

  124. President Obama should be happy to hear that President Xi of China is taking the blame for not stopping North Korea. Everything else that happens in the world, including the tragic fate of Mr Wambler, is apparently President Obama's fault.

    Can't the 6th grade Blusterer-in Chief man up and take responsibility for anything? It's always somebody else job to handle anything that doesn't add to his image of himself.

  125. No, he won't and he can't. He never has. Why start now?

  126. Time to pretend to send another aircraft carrier in their direction.

  127. Kim Jong Un is stubborn to the core regarding ceasing his development of WMD, so I predict war. When the "shock and awe" comes in the near future, it will make the start of the last Iraq war look like child's play. This will not be a replay of the Korean War. The U.S. & South Korea won't tolerate mass civilian casualties caused by North's artillery and missiles. The plan should be to take Kim out in the opening salvos of the war, and demand surrender, or face annihilation. Kim has to be stopped soon before he develops ICBM's.

  128. Another secret plan? So secret that even Trump doesn't know his own secret??? Wow. Make America Dysfunctional, Again.

  129. Correction: Trump failed on North Korea

  130. He thought it would be easy. There is no depth to his thinking. Remember how he said he discovered being shallow is a good idea?

  131. Isn't President Trump's buddy, Dennis Rodman, still over in North Korea?? It 's time for the President to put his money where his mouth is. He criticized President Obama for not getting the hostages released - there are 3 still over there, get to it!

  132. China did not fail with North Korea. Trump failed with China.

    If China wants to, it will be able to curb North Korea. It doesn't want to

  133. America wants to rely more and more on drones to fight its assumed (or real) enemies. Trumpo wanted to transform Chinese {President into an American Drone. Through remote control of the Chinese President (a la a Drone) Trumpo wanted to overpower the Free State of North Korea, which he assumes to be noxious. Trumpo now has received a Mandarin message – the Chinese are not willing to be remote controlled, and carry out dictates from Trumpo. Poor Trumpo; how sad .

  134. Here's a suggestion for the malignant narcissist, Donald Trump. Please stop your adolescent Tweets and absurd comments as they only reinforce how utterly ignorant and arrogant you are. Other than the arch hypocrites in the GOP, your brainwashed supporters and a few brutal dictators, to the rest of the world, you are, as you might say, a "loser".

  135. China's top foreign policy priority is Taiwan. Until the US is ready to trade that away they don't really have any incentive to solve the US issue with NK. China's strategy for growing its economy and world power is succeeding, so they don't see any particular need to concede to any of Trumps demands. And the NK strategy to hold its neighbors hostage to the threat of violent reprisal is also working in that it stymies US military action and keeps the family in power. Trump meanwhile has alienated his allies and failed to consolidate his domestic power base and administration, so from their perspective he is weak and ineffectual, (doing to himself what the GOP did to the previous president) and as such, not a threat and unlikely to start the next big war. It's not hard to imagine this stalemate continuing though several more US elections up to the next NK great leader succession.

  136. The minute KJ-u acts aggressively by initiating an attack by fighter plane, bomber, submarine, battle ship, troops, or missiles against U.S. territory or its military personnel, DoD should have a plan in place to react immediately by arresting the NK leader -- before he ignites the planet with nuclear retaliation. If KJ-un fights back and is killed, that would be part of our defensive military response, not an assassination of a foreign leader.

  137. Can't Trump convince the Chinese to build an 880 mile wall and make Canadians pay for it ( they are international do-gooders ).

  138. As a Canadian I am willing to pay for a wall between Canada and the USA to protect us from Donald Trump.

  139. Here's the problem with that: He would put his name on it in gold to last for all eternity. Neither of us wants that.

  140. Child-like thinking may be an asset in private social settings, but it cannot advance national goals in interational relationships where long held paranoia, suspictions and national goals and interests come into play. China will not, and probably cannot, eschew its national interests and deeply thought out policy stands toward North Korea, simply because the US President wines and dines its leader in a cushy setting and heaps praises on him. China may be looking upon North Korea as a bonus rider on its defense policies against US willingness to match muscle for muscle against its expansionist moves in Asia. We may have to look for a different tack. Suppose we say, we are willing to consider going along with the nuclear arming of Japan and South Korea in the near future unless the North gives up its development of offensive weapons. Another possible solution can be the disarming of the both Koreas and guaranteeing the entire penisula neutral status, like that of Switzerland.

  141. So he finally realized that there was no easy button everyone else was failing to push. It just says it all about that mentality that they think there is, and President Obama and others are just not trying hard enough, rather than actually looking into the facts to realize that the easy solutions are already being used and tried.

  142. “While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter “At least I know China tried!”
    Can it get any more sophomoric than this? At least they tried? No Mr. Trump, they didn't try, and they're not going to. China and NK are joined at the hip. Any political solution, if there is one, will take years, not months. As far as a US military strike against NK, I doubt it very much. Even Bush wasn't dumb enough to take that bait. Yes, that Bush, GW.

  143. North Korea just does not build/develop nuclear bombs and missiles in a vacuum or just for the sake of it so resolving the North Korea's nuclear issue requires a grand bargain including Japan and South Korea, namely the station of American troops in those two countries. And China is not in hurry to pressure North Korea to give up nuclear arms because it is not in their strategic and security interests to do so. The ball is pretty much in US court to either risk WW III with the assured destruction of Japan and South Korea or recognize the reality of a rather super powerful China and nuclear armed North Korea and enter the grand bargain while there is still time to get a good deal for America as Trump often boasts.

  144. North Korea views the US as a threat because we've had thousands of troops in South Korea for over 60 years. Why are we still there? Time to think outside the box and begin downsizing our presence to nothing at the same time letting South Korea up size their presence, including arming them with nuclear weapons to counterbalance those of the North. As things stand now, South Korea holds veto power over our ability to preemptively strike the North before they have the capability to hold us hostage. Do we want to control our own destiny or not? Unfortunately, downsizing at this point would probably look like weakness as opposed to a smart long term move and Trump would not like the optics of that.

  145. Other than issuing "illegal" executive orders and running up 100s of millions of dollars of personal expenses to be paid out of tax dollars that he does not pay. What has this so called President done?

  146. Twit almost every morning.

  147. A twit tweeting.

  148. China may have fallen short of curbing Korea.
    But we have fallen short on curbing Donald Trump.
    Everybody in the world knows what a danger Kim Jong- Un is.
    He's crazy and unbalanced .
    But everybody in the world, except the deplorable's, and some Republicans, also know that Trump is a danger,crazy, and unbalanced.
    Kim is a dictator and will be very difficult to get rid of.
    But Trump is a wanta be dictator and unless we can get rid of his fast, these to meatheads are going to engage.
    Here the world is left without a winner.

  149. A young man is brutally killed by prison guards after committing a minor crime. The government is not willing to look at it and take responsibility because the young man is a minority race. Where have I heard this story before?

  150. This is in no way "an extraordinary admission of failure". It is the next step in a strategic approach. The only approach that will work is for the US to draw up two plans: 1) a military plan to destroy NK's nuclear forces, its invasion forces along the DMZ, and any follow-on forces NK might decide to use; 2) a plan to destablise the NK regime using a gradually increasing mix of hard and soft measures: soft measures of air-dropped cash, mobile phones, satellite phones, leaflets announcing the end of the regime, weapons, etc.; hard measures including incursions, sabotage of power and communications, etc.

    The US must then go to its regional allies and tell them that the situation is intolerable, and that the US intends to destroy NK's nuclear program and initiate regime change. US allies, including SK, must understand that this is serious and not a bluff. Selected portions of the plans could be shared.

    Then the US must go to the Chinese government and tell them the same thing, and tell them that the US would rather work with China on this, but will proceed without them. The Chinese must be given a reasonable length of time to make some progress. At first, NK and the Chinese will not take the US seriously.

    This is the stage things are now at. China will be given more time to show some results, and then the situation will move to the next stage of the plan. At this point, China and NK may realise that the US is serious and they may begin to negotiate. We shall see...

  151. You have made the same mistake Trump made: failure to consider China's side of the equation.

  152. common sense tells you that China see a new weakness in America and is taking advantage of it. America's Korean crisis has yet to have any negative effect upon China's economy. America's political and governmental confusion gives China the chance to enlarge its economic arms around the world.

  153. I think Trump is playing checkers in a Chess game.
    Let's look at the moves.
    1. Bring the head of China, people who have 5000 years of history and show them your golf club and think that will impress him.
    2. Tell your allies to jump into a lake.
    3. Paint yourself into a corner with a madman who is dyeing to lobe a nuke at you.
    4. Shoot your mouth off to the world via tweets.
    Maybe, just MAYBE, he is playing into China's hand.

    So when he takes action against North Korea he will appear as a trigger happy leader against a Chinese alley.
    Guess what happens next.

  154. The sad truth is that NKorea is like a Gordian knot. It is like a dilemma, no good alternative. Perhaps, pushing on Chinese banks can help but the real issue to me seems to be an enormous fear in NK that if they are not a scorpion, the USA will not empower SKorea to run them over, forcibly reunifying the Koreas. Reunification is a good goal if accomplished by peaceful, not violent means. As with the 2 Germanies, the solution started with the bankruptcy of East Germany. NKorea may not be near bankruptcy. The solution to the USSR was also its bankruptcy. Its successor, Russia, is not going bankrupt. The longterm goal should be to bankrupt NKorea. Bait them to spend more and more and more on military but be careful not to embolden them to attack SKorea. Eventually, they will collapse. More dangerous would be to warn them that any missiles that enter international water or come within short miles of SKorea would be shot down as part of the USA practice of shooting down incoming missiles. Be candid: if we miss, we will learn and become better by practicing on NKorea's missiles outside of any effort to attack NKorea. That will likely require submarines for the effort as aircraft carriers are easy targets for air-to-sea missiles. Dangerous policy...might be worth exploring, though.
    Now is not the time to invade or to attack NKorea. I doubt that a time will ever come to attack NKorea....I certainly hope not.