Trumpcare Is Already Hurting Trump Country

Just the threat that Republicans may destroy Obamacare has led insurers to pull out or raise rates in some states next year.

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  1. The entire country has deluded itself.
    Almost volunteering to be hoodwinked, this nation of ours has been sold the same bill of goods twice, maybe three times.
    We live in a world vastly different from the world of the Great Depression....fond reverie for the good ole days of FDR and leviathan federal bureaucracy to protect us from all evil is simply getting us nowhere.
    1930, or thereabouts, was the breakpoint.....the USA's "laissez faire" full throttle, exploitive, industrial mass production economy hit the wall.....and JM Keynes Central Planning Public-Private Model took over to save the day....and WW2 helped to set the new Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex on firm footing. The USA grew into the World's Greatest, Most Egalitarian, Prosperous Nation ever in history. The Global Competition become an argument not over the worthiness of the Keynsian model....but whether the USA's version was better than the Soviet Union's version....both Empires are/were based on Keynes.
    so now, here we are in the 21st longer an Industrial Economy...but something ole JM never Electronic Commerce Economy....based on instantaneous global communication.....
    Yet the political argument remains mired in Central Planning(ie...the ObamaCare swansong)...and how to tax a dwindling economic engine( paychecks).....We are beating a dead horse........just like the Soviet Union.
    Another sad delusion...ObamaCare is NOT "care"'s "insurance".

  2. "The mere threat that Obamacare will be dismantled or radically changed — either by Congress or by President Trump himself — has persuaded several big insurance companies to stop selling policies or significantly raise premiums." Can The Times prove it by reliable references? The CBO apparently does not agree with this assessment.

  3. The Trump GOP have utter contempt for their lower income voters. These gullible fools literally vote against their own self interest time and time again. Trump and his GOP Congress don't care if many millions of Trump voters lose health insurance. All they are interested in are passing tax cuts for the rich donors, including the Trump family.

    Still happy you voted to ruin your health, Trump voters?

  4. Voting against your own interests has now become a preexisting condition with Republican voters.

  5. I frequently watch fox news to see what the so called "base" absorbs. In real time just saw Ted Nugent(!) for the second time, featured on the panel in the morning.
    Quit trying to turn the Trump base around. It is hopeless. They live in an alternative reality, valuing what we denounce.
    It is beyond sad! It is decidedly frightening.

  6. Indeed, republican hypocrisy is patent, by seeking scapegoats for their utter failure to render affordable quality healthcare to the very people supporting them. And doing close to nothing to hold Big Pharma, Health Insurance C.E.O.'s, medical device companies, even hospitals, responsible for the gouging...that keeps health care so unnecessarily expensive (I know, Greed would object to alter this status quo). Trump's healthcare is a disgrace, as it would disenfranchise and even bankrupt those that dare get sick...without the insurance afforded by Obamacare. Can anybody smell a whiff of hypocrisy mixed with racism here? That Trump is reneging his wild promises as a candidate ought not be a surprise, demagogues win elections that way; and 'our' liar-in-chief is an expert in selling illusions but dispensing injustice and despair.

  7. Taking healthcare away from Trump voters is a smart idea. Isn't that what they voted for? Give the people what they want.

  8. The thing is, most like the idea of ACA, but not Obamacare. They don't realize that the two are one and the same. It would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic.

    Also pathetic is the GOP's cravenness to exploit this ignorance for its own selfish ends. Then you get Everyman Donald Trump, promising a terrific, fantastic, unbelievable plan that everyone will just LOVE without providing any specifics. And the crowd goes wild.

    Shaking my head.

  9. No believing Christian, Jew or Moslem could tolerate for-profit health care. It is anathema to every monotheistic moral system. More than 30 countries have "socialized" health care, and they all have longer life expectancies at a lower cost per capita than we do here in the United States of Cupidity.

  10. Whatever policy the AHCA becomes it will be phased in. Insurance companies aren't going to be stiffed, and they needn't leave in a panic. They've found a way to benefit each other by reducing competition in a quid pro quo arrangement that began before the AHCA was a gleam in Ryan's eye.

  11. there will be spillover to employer sponsored insurance as well, this does not get nearly enough attention by the press and media. Premiums, co pays and deductibles have all increased dramatically for these plans too.

  12. I am very eager to see how the single payer plan that New York is implementing works out. Perhaps it will provide a path for other states to follow.

  13. As long as we continue to keep the Insurance industry as the main vehicle to provide Healthcare to our people we would not be able to reform the health care delivery. As our interest is in providing insurance and not healthcare; our focus is on money/insurance.

    We do have three system of healthcare delivery that works for us and are providing Health care to millions – these are not insurance based but Medical care delivery based. Medicare serves 15% of the population and no one wants the politicians touch it. The program works, why redesign the wheel, just tweak it and make it work for 100% population.

    I wonder why the politicians are beholden to the Insurance industry to ensure their survival at the cost of either diminishing the quality or volume of healthcare necessary for the population. Could that be just that the lobbyist get their voices heard and the general population do not have anyone representing their interest in the Congress?

    Voters must hold their Representatives accountable and if they keep working for the big money Insurance industry instead of their interest replace them. Hold their feet to the fire. Every two years keep replacing them till you get the one who represent your interest; and that is the system we have. Presidents cannot make it happen – only you can. BE ACTIVE & VOTE!

  14. No option but to spend more on health care? What if there is no more money available to spend on increased premiums? What if family budgets are tapped as it is with premium prices that saw 30% price hikes last October? For those who do not get subsidies, many will have to join the ranks of the 29 million uninsured Americans who cannot afford the 2017 prices.
    The Republicans didn't have a viable replacement plan and yet ON DAY ONE, Trump had to create chaos with his executive order.
    I have a friend who has seen horrible changes in her employer provided benefits this year. Her employer changed insurance companies, required a 50% increase in the employee's share of the premiums, ended the health savings account program, and required higher co-pays for everything. They knew that enforcement of Obamacare rules regarding coverage and affordability were over. Just wait until November when other companies do this to their employees, and the rest of America wakes up and sees this train wreck caused by the GOP.

  15. Trump shoots holes into the bottom of the ACA boat then says "See? I told you it was sinking." He and the GOP keep trying to get something for nothing in healthcare (Better healthcare for everybody at a lower cost is clearly an economic impossibility). So what the House arrived at was a program that could not even be called insurance. These people are proceeding with hearings or cost estimates when it is clear they have no idea of what insurance is or how it actually works. Expecting a positive outcome here is wishful thinking.

    Medicare for All is a workable outcome that, for political reasons, they will not touch. But it is a rational solution to a complex problem. It is not socialized medicine. It is socialized insurance in the same way that the Fire Department and Police Department are socialized Public Safety. And private insurers would do just fine. Private insurers currently manage many Medicare lives through Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Plans. Analogous plans developed for Medicare for All would give private insurers some things that they really want: many new covered lives, market stability and (through risk sharing across a pool of 300 million people) protection against high cost outliers.

    The solution is there. The political will is not.

  16. Is it possible that there really isn't an interest in having a healthy citizenry, that will live (and vote) a long time? Do the people in power really want as many people as possible to live as long as possible so they continue to collect social security and medicare into their old age. What's in it for the wealthy to have old age for as many as possible. It may all be about finding ways to deprive people of health starting in school lunches.

  17. This is the perfect opportunity for the Democratic Party to address the often cited criticism that they don't "get" struggling working people in rural America, Rust Belt, etc.

    Trump has left his party wide open. Democrats should be expected to move in forcefully in 2018.

  18. Sounds great. Except you forget these "struggling working people in rural America" have bought the Trump bait -- hook, line and sinker.
    And for the most part they live in a 24/7 right-conservative news cycle, or get their info from unaccredited sources on the social media.
    While I fervently hope the Democrats get their acts in gear, it's going to take more than mere promises to get these folks on board.

  19. Health insurance companies were leaving Obamacare long before the Republicans decided to dismantle it. They found it was unsustainable and too costly to continue in the program. Obamacare was a failure for many people too who were promised that they could keep their doctors which was a lie. There needed to be a better plan than was implemented by the Democrats and the Republicans are working to implement one. They will succeed in making healthcare more affordable and of a higher quality.

  20. The Washington Post reported it slightly different. "But insurers have discovered that their ACA health plans tend to attract too few of the young and healthy customers needed to offset the expense of covering older people with medical problems. Aetna and other insurers have repeatedly reported financial losses on that part of their business."

    This opinion piece is a lie. Why would these companies react to a bill passed in the House when all the talk is that the Senate will not pass a bill like the House's.

  21. Your reference to polls showing 61% of republicans see the gop as the problem in health care is not borne out by my discussions with my rightward friends. When I point out that the problems with the ACA could and should have been handled by gop congress over these past six years they toe the line and simply blame Obama. Do not attempt to confuse them with facts

  22. It's funny after all of these years, that there are still people living in fantasy land thinking that Democrats ( under President Obama ) had any chance whatsoever to ram through single payer ( or even a public option )

    Obamacare was and still is a republican plan of private insurance. The difference between previous plans and this new version, was more people were supposed to join in ( mandates ) to help pay for more people and with more benefits. ( that could not be discriminated against or cut off )

    republicans stopped all that via SCOTUS.

    However, what is STILL in the plan is the option for any state to enact their own single payer plans. ( Vermont came the closest ) THIS is truly what republicans and the insurance industry are scared of and why they have fought tooth and nail ( with 60+ votes and counting for repeal ) .

    Single Payer is coming ( it is just a matter of when ) . It will either reach critical mass ( through the states a la same sex marriage ) or via the Democratic platform for 2020.

    Finally, America will join the rest of the western world as a modern republic.

  23. What we are witnessing used to be called "self-fulfilling prophesy."

    Insurance companies exist for one reason: Profit. Whoever decided that making buckets of money off the miseries of living did not do us any favors. Now, the US government bails out the insurance industry and yet they demand more...or else.

    A nation's well-being is a direct reflection of the well-being of its citizens. We have an armed forces, paid for by one and all to protect us all. We have law enforcement agencies ranging from one-cop to multi-thousand officer communities paid for by one and all to protect and serve one and all. They shield our well-being from the violences of the world as best they can. Why is health care, our well-being that is part and parcel of our nation's overall health, not financed in the same way our protective agencies are?

  24. As I see it, the ACA is and always will be a success. Even if it is repealed.

    The reason Republicans have been unable to act on health care is that they are now in the position of having to improve the ACA. Only a few, entitled libertarian-types still believe that health care is not a right, and their numbers are overwhelmed by people who want to, well, just be well and not go broke being well.

    As health care costs rise (as they will) there will be more and more demands from the government to help. How many people eligible for Medicare are opposed to it? How many people approaching age 65 are opposed to it?

    It is a mind-set thing. And the mind-set now is that citizens expect health care, and now see that there are laws (ACA or whatever) that can provide that for them. They aren't going to back away from this. It's their life that is at stake!

    So if Republicans do something that affects their ability to stay alive, they will be punished for it.

    Republicans have to improve the ACA. Even if they let it fail in a few states, and can blame the failure on the ACA, they have to do something to make it better. They can't just repeal it. People are going to demand insurance.

    Peoples' expectations have forever been changed with the passage of the ACA.

  25. I am sorry but I have a hard time conjuring up any sympathy for Trump supporters now paying the piper. You asked for it - and now you have it (surely, it cannot be said you didn't see it coming).

  26. It is difficult to think every Republican is in someone's pocket and even if so what does he or she get from steering more money into already bulging briefcases?

    Has it become a normal state of affairs that our former President and his wife are entertained aboard a yacht which costs more to maintain on a daily basis than many American families take home in a year? A grownup bathtub toy which cost over half a billion dollars to construct is the sort of excess that brings down empires.

    There is real wealth in our nation and the fact that over 160,000 children and young adults under age 24 have no shelter each night is if nothing else embarrassing unless of course there is no shame among the truly wealthy.

    This game is being played with increasingly higher stakes which invariably end up with human beings used as chips and I just don't get why anyone keeps sitting at the table.

  27. It defies common sense ( even in trumpland)that universal health care is the foundation for covering care of the masses in countries such as : Canada , UK, Australia, israel, Spain, Sweden, and others- but not good enough for the US. The public needs to force people like Paul Ryan and Mich Mconnel to Explain, in detail, the basis for their objections to to universal healthcare. Why is it good enough for the rest of the civilized world to consider healthcare a BASIC NECESSITY but not for " the American people " -?!

  28. What hurt the country was Obamacare with its high premiums and expensive cost to insurers. They were promised that they could keep their doctors which of course did not occur. Health insurance companies were dropping coverage long before Trumpcare was enacted. You cannot put the blame totally on the Republicans as there is enough blame to be placed on the Democrats. If there healthcare plan had been of a high quality, we would not be seeing its repeal and replace. People were dissatisfied with the plan and one of the reasons they were voted out of office. The Republican plan will be more beneficial to all Americans.

  29. I wasn't dissatisfied for three years. Now I have medicare.

  30. Democrats must be ready with viable options. Both a revised ASA or a complete workable new single payer system.They need to start working on these details now. They can`t follow in the Pubs footsteps of all talk and no walk. When the country turns their backs on the failed Pubs plans, which are no plans, have these options ready and workable.

  31. Why should the rest of us worry about protecting Trump voters from themselves?

    If the red states vote to be like Kansas, or even Somalia, then let them reap what they sow. Elections have consequences.

  32. People should bear the consequences of their vote. They adored Trump now they have to live with that. And who knows, perhaps the theatrics and entertainment of Trump will trump their need to have a healthcare and they will vote for him again. But maybe if they loose healthcare that will teach them a valuable lesson to vote their interests, maybe. So no, I do not feel for Trump supporters. I do feel strongly though for the others that didn't vote for Trump but are now suffering the consequences and that's the majority of us.

  33. Really? The ACA was a set up for this situation and we do all know it, we heard it and some care in denial.
    I'm surprised to see an argument blaming the incumbent president for the actions of late for profit corporations.
    Seriously, what did you expect? When rates went up last year and insurers left some markets who were you blaming then? Do your research properly.

  34. There are several points, about how Donald Trump--in all of his racist vindictiveness, eradicating all of Obama's accomplishments--and Affordable Health Care in Number One of his Hit List:

    1. The Risk-Pools, statistical projections of the possible incidence of the various covered illnesses, are not something that is easily tampered with. And hence, the companies cannot assure a certain amount of profitability.
    2. The Trump Republicans can dabble with the renewal of premium subsidies, when they next come up for review.
    3. As the universe of insurers willing to remain engaged, offering government-subsidized health care is reduced, the premiums will rise.
    4. The Plans that the GOP has been trying to force through have all withdrawn sizable amounts of funds, which will raise premiums, force many people out, and those Risk Pools will skew toward older and sicker Americans.
    5. One in five Seniors require Medicaid--which will be downsized considerably--to pay their Medicare premiums. That's who will truly be hurt most--Older Americans!

  35. The only things that matter is that Hillary is not the President and Mexico pays for the wall. Who cares about health insurance and tax cuts for the uber-rich?

  36. Oh, I certainly hope the Republicans do not keep in mind those polls suggesting Obamacare is popular.
    Those voters in all those counties which voted for Trump ought to reap what they've sown.
    This is what Democracy is all about.
    Of course, as you so astutely note, very few of those voters will admit to themselves the blame for what befalls them lies with themselves, but, eventually, they may on some level recognize indulging in their delight at government bashing and electing a colicky baby President was not a good idea.

  37. Sort of an obvious observation - The people who voted for him, for whatever be the reason, deserve the pain and agony that comes with it. That is the only way the system can be corrected. The next time around, they will be more careful about voting for a demagogue and TV showman.

  38. The Editorial Board thinks it's "bizarre" that a Republican strategy ends up hurting their own rank-and-file supporters? That's not a bug, it's a feature.

  39. Get rid of health insurance companies and their premiums and create a single payer system. The only losers would be the shareholders of those companies and every one else wins.

  40. Many on the left keep saying that republican office holders are damaging the interests of their own constituency but, while this is true, it is far from the whole story. In my conversations with right-wingers it has become clear that they don't care that much about the consequences, they care more about the ideology. Now that might strike some as bizarre; why would you cut off your own nose? It's a different way of looking at the world, for sure, yet it can certainly explain many things.

  41. That ideology is working great in Kansas (and in Somalia).

  42. It's beyond shocking that Trump's supporters, including those are or will be hurt the most from Trumpcare and other policies like trade and social programs, are still fervently with him and refuse, in the face of evidence, to believe that Trump's policies will make their economic situation worsen. However, let's not blame Trump's supporters for they are the victims of the perfect storm of indifferent and neglected government policies, of globalization, of politicians working for special interests, of the mainstream media focusing on the sensational and failing to inform, of stagnant wages. The list is long but one thing is clear and that is there is a spreading cancer with the American democracy and its political institutions. Can this cancer be cured or excised? American political history does not offer much hope.

  43. I realize that my own experience can only be described as extremely anecdotal but, at the same time, I can't be alone. When the Republicans swept the last election I took actions that I thought would be beneficial to my future. I took my money out of the stock market, took early social security benefits, investigated relocating to Costa Rica and investigated Obmacare so that I could retire early. I was happily surprised to find that the government subsidy would be enough to allow me to make my decision based on reason and math instead of fear and luck. Then Trumpcare changed everything. I now have to rely on Republicans to act in the public interest while caring for the most needy and the most likely to access healthcare. Needless to say, Trumpcare is already hurting this reluctant resident of Trump country.

  44. "and investigated Obmacare so that I could retire early. I was happily surprised to find that the government subsidy would be enough to allow me to make my decision based on reason and math instead of fear and luck'

    why do you think you should be getting a subsidy ?
    You are clearly able to work ("retire early"), so why should someone else have to work and pay taxes so you could retire early ?

    just another case of the "Obama special" at order anything on the menu you want, and the guy behind you pays for it.....

  45. @g, I consider the government subsidy the only alternative I have to the public option that was blocked because the insurance lobby was far more powerful than any ordinary citizen. I could also go without insurance and save thousands a year but I'm trying to work within the system as laid out by our lawmakers. The fact that I am an old man doing a young man's job shouldn't bother you but it does bother most of my, still working, parts. Stay in school kids.

  46. This editorial points out three reasons why premiums are going up and insurers are pulling out of the exchanges, and all are blamed on Trump and the Republicans. But premiums were skyrocketing under the Obama administration , and insurance companies were bailing on Obamacare before November as well.

    President Obama and Jonathan Gruber knew full well when they started on Obamacare that the economics didn't work. But they also believed (rightly) that once an entitlement is granted, it is virtually impossible to revert.
    So they cynically bought into a program that everyone knew would eventually crash, figuring that soaking the rich would be the obvious solution down the road.

    It is a shame that Obama didn't just say we need to raise taxes to pay for a new entitlement, and fight for what he thought was right in 2009. Instead, by being a very smart politician but a moral coward, he kicked the can down the road, until it was undone by the election of 2016, leaving just about everyone unhappy and confused.

  47. If you like your pre existing condition, you can keep it.

  48. A little gallows humor to reflect the times, eh? Now I know the democracy will survive!

  49. Even if you don't.

  50. The people in "Trump Country" who will suffer the most are the very people who saw their fate tied to Obamacare subsidies, who did not want to be forced to get insurance or pay a penalty, who hoped naively - perhaps - that Republicans could and would enact a better health care plan, at least for them (which is exactly what Trump promised) and were willing to role the dice, vote for change and chaos in hopes of better service for all. "A beautiful health care plan where all are covered and premiums are lower." Their problem at this point is that their "voice", their power at the polling place, is mute until 2018, or 2020. In the interim they have no recourse. It matters not to Trump that they will suffer. Trump feels he could shoot someone in Times Square and his supporters will still vote for him. Even if all the Trump voters were to abandon Trump today, what can they do when they see premiums rise, subsidies disappear, and Medicade dissipate over the next two years? Other than be vocal, nothing. They have been "Trumped".

  51. We've tried the Democrat's healthcare law, and now we see how awful the GOP's plan will be.

    How about trying the plan that works well in most developed countries, costs much less, and provides better outcomes? Single-payer or Medicare-for-all has proven itself over and over again.

  52. Politcal Darwinism.....extinction rate goes up for the species in Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee. Either they get smarter or watch their families pass away.
    Sooner or later they will realize that "Prayer" is the actual Republican healthcare plan, and it doesn't work.

  53. The heartlessness of the GOP knows no bounds.

    Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA, US House Republican leadership) claimed in a recent Washington Post opion piece that she voted for AHCA, because she has a son with Down syndrome.

    A couple days ago, the Post printed a rebuttal written by Allison Wohl, executive director of the Association of People Supporting Employment First, which advocates for employment and career opportunities for people with disabilities. Wohl has a son with Down syndrome, and is an activist who has worked with Rogers.

    See “My son has Down syndrome. The GOP’s health-care bill scares me to death.”

  54. Obamacare (including its Medicaid expansion) will eventually die in some parts of the country because the Trump administration and the Republican Congress are constantly provoking uncertainty in healthcare markets by intentionally undermining it. If they ever tried to do the same to Medicare, they’d be run out of town so fast their heads would spin.

    If Trumpcare ever comes to pass, it will take the least care of those in Trump country. But those folks won’t realize it until it becomes a reality. So until then hard core Trump supporters vacuously support “repeal and replace” of Obamacare because they are persistently lied to regarding its features, benefits and costs.

  55. NYT: "It can be hard to feel sympathy for bureaucratic and faceless insurance companies. After all, they often deny people access to medical procedures and drugs."

    The more important underlying issue is that for-profit insurance companies make and report huge net incomes -- in the billions -- to meet business models and to satisfy investors / shareholders. See any insurance company's annual report.

    The capitalistic nature of for-profit insurance needs to be recognized and understood and stated as such as we debate healthcare. I am increasingly frustrated and perplexed that this is not more regularly stated in plain terms.

  56. When William McGuire, CEO of United Healthcare Group, retired in 2006, he had been awarded stock options worth $1.7 billion. This is unfettered, free market healthcare that Republicans want. Not good for Americans who want affordable healthcare.

  57. Perhaps the authors of this article didn't read the previous excellent NYT articles which identified costs as the major problem in US health care. Obamacare is the opposite of what the country needs, which is to rein in the exorbitant costs of medical tests and procedures. Obamacare perpetuates the problem of costs, as illustrated by rapidly escalating premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for working middle class Americans who don't qualify for taxpayer subsidies. A sustainable solution to health care financing in the US will eventually have to be based on addressing costs.

  58. RC, high costs are a separate issue. This piece is about Republicans doing intentional damage to the existing system which mostly stable, then braying about how it's failing.

  59. Trumpcare is also hurting progressive Democrats like me and my daughter-in-law. I spent much of last December getting my son who has a pre-existing condition on a Medicaid subsidized health plan that now will end with Trumpcare. My daughter-in-law has a severely autistic brother who will lose his health care insurance and his ability to stay in a residential care facility as well as a mother on Medicaid. This is a national disaster that knows no party affiliation. Meanwhile, the President is whining that he's the victim of a "witch hunt." Well, all I can say is stop the self'pity Mr. Trump as we're the real victims of you and your Congressional Republicans vampire economics that draining the life-blood of our ability to stay alive and healthy.

  60. The Affordable Care Act is much more popular than Obamacare, so STOP calling it Obamacare!

  61. Trump is an unmitigated "disaster," to use one of his favorite projective criticisms. (Wait--that was redundant. All his criticisms of other people are projections of his own myriad flaws.)

    What we need is a single-payer healthcare system. The sooner the better.

  62. Thank You! And this comment from an M.D. speaks volumes.

  63. You got that right, Doc. As an American emigrant to Canada, I couldn't agree with you more. I see the problems with single-payer, and they do exist. However, they pale in comparison to what my friends and family in the USA have to deal with. Medicare for All is the only hope.

  64. Clearly this is Obama's fault. Or at least that's how it will be sold.

  65. When insurance companies stop selling insurance and leave that business to others, you can tell that the failure is because of government.

    Leprous politicians and bureaucrats unable to keep their diseased fingers out of a free market and trying to get something for nothing have destroyed more wealth and more entrepreneurial spirit than anything else can.

    Remember: Government only destroys, it never creates.

  66. Hopefully fox news and limbaugh & co. can't blunt this truth. But growing up in Louisiana and seeing my white middle and working class never figured things out and vote to improve their own lives I'm not holding my breath on this. The Koch brothers and allies have done a good job of distracting a significant group of voters away from what really matters for themselves and their families.

  67. So let me try to understand this; Trump is the reason Obamacare is failing?


  68. Yikes - that would take way too long to educate you as why.
    Did you read the article ???? Obama care is not failing - the insurance companies in 2016 had their best year under the ACA.

  69. It is very sad that none of his supporters will learn these facts.

    Where is the CBO scoring on what pasted the House? I won't call it a healthcare bill as it had nothing to do with healthcare.

    Why has not the CBO scored that bill? Trump will just say fake facts.

  70. When Trump said, ”I will be the greatest president for jobs that God ever created. That I can tell you," he was simply mispronouncing the name of the original pious peon, Job (long "O").

    There are those who believe in Belief,
    And like Job they're in need of relief.
    They could use single payer,
    But instead say a Prayer,
    Pinning Hope on their Deceiver-in-Chief.

  71. The effected voters will die, and it will have little electoral impact. The GOP strategy here is quite cunning.

  72. No sympathy for Trumpers who are affected. None. I'm done caring about them and hope they fully and truly find out what it's like to get exactly what they wanted because they blindly followed, with unquestioning loyalty, a loathsome individual who they actually think gives a damn about them.

  73. The problem with this, though, is that Fox and Breitbart and InfoWars and Limbaugh and Hannity will tell the kool-aid drinkers that it's the fault of Obama and Liberals. And we'll go back to cheap insurance policies (yeah--save money!) that DO NOTHING. And folks still aren't covered.

    Give it up. These people never learn and we on the left can't find a spokesperson who doesn't talk in 10-syllable words.

  74. I am sure like the poorly educated he will also love the poorly insured.

  75. I had routine blood work done this week, and the lab did not charge me anything nor even refer to a future payment. Meanwhile, in the next lab booth, an elderly man was on the phone with his insurance company, working through the speech-recognition menus in a loud voice ("MEMBER". "BILLING QUESTION".) trying to find out why his routine test involving prostate cancer was not covered. I don't believe he found out, at least not while I was there.

    I am waiting for a serious discussion about health care to take place where people recognize and have some empathy around the unfair and unconscionable chaos that exists in the current system. Such a discussion is not even on the radar with the GOP plan and was not fully addressed even by the ACA. Health care, and insurance coverage, are matters of life and death. It is not at all the same as buying car insurance, or buying ANY product for that matter. People's need to not be sick and to not be bankrupt and to not have to worry about either one kick this whole topic into an area not addressed under standard capitalist dogma. The system is still crazy and we need to rethink the entire discussion.

  76. that's all very nice, but who is going to pay for it ?
    you ?

  77. G: You are right, someone has to pay. And that someone is all of us. Everyone gets sick at some point, some more severely than others, some early, some later in life. If we are all in the pool, this will be expensive, but manageable. After all, we are the richest country in the world, right?

    The choice is pretty clear: either we decide that decent health care is something all Americans deserve, something that benefits us all by making our country strong and productive, or we decide we can't afford this, and people will have to suffer — and maybe die.

  78. Is that snake biting itself in the butt, like Trump voters did?

  79. What happened to all of Trump's assertions that everyone in the country would have insurance with lower premiums and all pre-existing conditions covered.? More of the same specious rhetoric from the Liar-in-Chief - yes Donald healthcare is complicated, duuuh. More tot he point, I wonder how all those members of the Senate and Congress would feel if suddenly those incredibly generous and comprehensive health care benefits just disappeared and they had to foot the bill in states like Tennessee and Nebraska. Maybe then there would be some concerted and positive action to help people out. Obamacare wasn't perfect but the scenario so far is worse for too many who feel prey to the mantra that helped propel this idiot into office.

  80. King Trump believes that he is the state. So did George III of England, Louis XVI of France Hitler. George III went insane, Hitler shot himself in a bunker and countless others like him be hung, shot, dragged through the streets. This is the 21st century and pitchforks, tax and feathers does not work against machine guns, pepper spray, gas water cannon, shutting down the social media and closing newspapers and taking over TV and radio stations.

    Yet the people are not powerless. There is the general strike, The selective strike. The refusal to pay taxes. All to make it clear that injuring million with impunity and malice means public rage and a true resistance movement which will sweep those who protect King Trump form power.

  81. Obamacare never covered more than 20 million at its peak, and 13 million of those were on 100% FREE Medicaid welfare.

    That's 20 million out of 330 million Americans.

    So if you are waiting for a general strike over this.....well, you are naive beyond all hope.

  82. The GOP hopes to place the blame for the collapse of the ACA on the backs of Democrates -- and with the Republican base that will work. It remains to be seen whether or not it will work with any one else. The best hope for health care in this country is a continued push for a transition into single coverage.

  83. Cherry picking at its best
    1)The so called 24 millions of people left without "insurance" would occur over a decade, not jut in the next few months
    2) little attention given to this article "Scheme Tied to UnitedHealth Overbilled Medicare for Years, Suit Says" NYT 2/16/2017
    3) the main success of the ACA was expansion of medicaid. Expansion of medicaid benefits for some has led to elimination of medicaid services for many others, at least in NYS. I guess this is not worth reporting
    Both Bush and Obama administrations have allowed insurers to fatten their pockets, and done little to go after blatant fraud. I guess the media is so busy trashing Trump that there is no space to inform the public about the corrupt medical industrial complex (it includes insurers, hospitals, doctors, pharma and the million "agencies" that have proliferated to cater to "consumers" needs)

  84. Thank you, claudia, for pointing this out.

    The NYT is johnny on the spot to attack Trump for "lying" -- but they engage in a lot of "fantasy truthiness" themselves.

    Obamacare was in a death spiral BEFORE TRUMP and this was widely reported in the media while Obama was still in office.

  85. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see is Trump in the news defending his RIGHTS. During the day I see many people working very hard for very little money. I see many people living in row homes in nice communities trying to deal with rodent and insect infestations, I see employers trying to make barter deals as payment for overtime instead of paying for services rendered. I also see many people having health care for the first time and this seems to be a universal stress reducer for families. I see young women getting IUD's hoping their birth control will outlast this administration, Mothers and Fathers attending to their surgical need while they still can. I also know that some of these people supported Trump and still do. In my state of Pennsylvania, we are the third largest carbon producing state in the USA and produce 1% of the world's carbon pollution.
    To tie affordable health care for all to economy and labor is wrong.
    To tie clean air to economy and labor is wrong.
    To tie clean water to economy and labor is wrong.
    It seems as if USSR 1986 is USA 2017.
    Will Trump follow Russia's lead from Chernobyl and tell us to 'breath less so that we may live longer?'
    Regardless a Trump supporter or Democrat these are human conditions which I want to see become Citizen's rights. The right to affordable health care, the right to clean air, the right to clean water, the right to have a healthy footing under our feet for generations to come.
    Trump cares for no thing.

  86. Expose, expose, expose! Keep shining the brightest media spotlights on Trump and his benighted party's true agenda, the plunder of America's middle and working class to further fatten the already well-off. We see the results as Americans protest and call out Republicans who dare behave like elected leaders and face their constituents in person. Drive these people into the public square to demand accountability. Punish them in humiliating defeat in 2018. Then maybe we can finally get to putting America, rather than the Republican Party, first.

  87. By now it should be clear to everyone that the only reason Obamacare is in trouble because of sabotage by the Trump administration and Republicans. Unfortunately, the people most hurt are Trumpsters along with the sick, the elderly and the poor. No wonder Paul Ryan is being called the "Irish Undertaker."

  88. Wow. So now Trump is being blamed for the abject failure of Obamacare? How precious. Next you'll tie him to the woeful state of the Knicks franchise...

  89. You know what? So long as his supporters think he's doing a great job, well, they'll get what they deserve. And if this angry racist misogynist white mostly male mob of his undereducated uninformed base continues to think he's great, well, Trump says it so it must be true and why should I care if they have no insurance and can't afford their insulin or oxygen tanks. Explain the rationale for my caring when this outspoken hateful underbelly surged to elect this administration with the help of the Russians and who knows what else. Seriously! They wanted this man. Explain to me why I should care.

  90. What is happening now is exactly what was predicted 8 years ago - long before Trump started trying to save the country's healthcare system that Obamacare is destroying.

    My premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses started skyrocketing long before Trump was even running for president. The NYT love of Obama and hatred of Trump is so great that they just can't bring themselves to be honest about it. Obama ruined our healthcare system. He and the democrats did that all by themselves - along with the help of lying liberal media like this.

  91. Or maybe it's your preferred media that is and has been lying to you.

  92. Or maybe you live in a state that did not expand Medicaid and that is the reason insurers raised rates to cover the costs of so many folks still clogging emergency rooms.

  93. As someone who wil retire after working 30 years in the health insurance business, finally some one with a clue. Someone who knows how the republicans have slowly undermined ACA to make it fail. When Mitch McConnell said to not let anything Obama wanted to fail and make him a one term president but did not, they now jump on him post term. Lies, lies and more lies and the complete destruction of anything he did. ESPECIALLY ACA!! They cut funding that kept premiums, down. They are slowly undermining the payments and then do what so many people like them do. BLAME THE BLACK MAN! Because they know their base, don't they??

  94. Cry all you want, but Trump is not going anywhere. He's not going to be impeached or forced from office. The people who voted for him in the states most affect by his policies will just have to learn to live with or die with the consequences of their choice for President.

  95. Excellent editorial.....the democrats should be plastering these states with the stats in this editorial instead of putting gender or race or sexual identity politics on the front of their agenda.

  96. Donald J Trump is what they voted for in Trump Country and Trump is what we got as a result. Until he resigns or is removed in disgrace, because Donald J Trump is and always was totally unqualified to be President, the results of this election will be felt hardest by Trump's supporters. Unfortunately, lots of other innocent Americans will also be hurt by Trump's presidency.

  97. Miss your healthcare? Long for the days of "no drama Obama?" Bring back the Democrats.

  98. Trump has nothing but contempt for the "little people" who so readily fall victim to his cons.

  99. Question: Where is the CBO report on the 'American Health Care Act,' a/k/a 'Tax Relief for the Rich Act,' that was hastily passed in the House before it had been read, much less thoroughly vetted?

    Our system of health insurance and health care delivery appears to be descending into the same chaos as everything else the Trump White House touches.

    Are we sure this isn't exactly the kind of chaos Stephen Bannon has had in mind all along? Odd, is it not, that he has become the silent, invisible man behind the curtain during all these months of Trumpian turmoil.

  100. CBO scoring is in news today, as it is due next week, Ryan is getting ready for another vote in house on AHCA.

  101. So, which of the editors actually thinks that it is "bizarre" that Republicans are quite happily trying to shaft the voters who elected Trump? What is new or different about the strategy - which essentially consisted of repealing Obamacare? And letting insurers do what they want? And I fear that all that the Tump diehards will take away from the current stalemate is NOT that the GOP House failed to act to authorize funds or to set up replacement coverage, but that "Obamacare failed."

    I hope that we do get to a place where there is strength enough on the Democratic side to push a single payer option.

    Obama's ACA effort treated the insurance industry as a vital part of the economy, a large employer which it didn't want to disrupt. It might push and pull, and set some basic coverage requirements, but it wasn't going after the core business. Given that insurers have chosen ( logically, I agree) to exit any iffy regions where they can't make a profit, they and the GOP have accomplished a disruption. What we do not need is some strategy which lets them cherry pick the healthiest, with the really ill and fragile population priced out or dependent on government.

  102. While Trump and his minions cost his core supporters more and more money they can't afford, it'll be interesting to see how long they continue to worship their idol.
    I'm hoping they'll wake up when Trump policies have driven them to poverty, bankruptcy, homelessness and even death as they struggle with their health costs.
    If not, then a new definition of stupidity would simply be 'Trump supporter'.

  103. AETNA has pulled out of all exchanges after being denied acquisition approval by the Obama Administration.

    I would hope all AETNA employees are brushing up their resumes because one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we Democrats will make Medicare for all happen to protect the citizens from the greed of the insurers.

    In fact, Medicare expansion would have happened sooner had it not been for the disgraceful actions of a Hartford Connecticut Senator who voted against it to protect one of his many lords and masters. That senator, Joe Lieberman, Trump lawyer and one of the leading candidates for the FBI Director's job.

    They are all compromised as they come... anyone near Trump's orbit.

  104. Re: Republican strategy is that it is likely to cause the most damage where many of Mr. Trump’s supporters live.

    Well - at least they can buy as many guns as they want! Yay guns!

  105. Millions will likely die and millions more will go bankrupt. Trump and the Republicans will try to blame it all on Obama and the Democrats. I don't think they'll succeed and then they will have to face the music.

  106. Many of those who voted for Trump are so down in the dumps they don't care.
    Their lives have slid so far down the slippery slope that they've decided to take the entire nation with them.
    Trump is the disaster they've been hoping for.
    He could do no wrong because they already feel wronged in so many ways that things could not possibly get any worse. Yes, there are a whole lot of despondent citizens of this country. The ones who got left behind, those we don't think or care about or if we do, it is not in a kind light. You KNOW who these folks are. They are the ones we ignore and overlook in our daily lives and pretend they don't exist. Well the the truth is that they are poorly educated, lowly paid, no safety nets, have no savings/retirement, live hand to mouth. And they just don't care anymore for they and their families are just barely surviving. They don't think that things could get possibly any worse.

  107. Trump is the disaster they've been hoping for.
    You are so right misery doesn't just want company it wants more.

  108. There were millions of folks in that same predicament before before they ever felt their current discomfort. These current unfortunates readily denied people the right to vote, live among them, decent employment or education. Sometimes the ugly things you do to 'others' in life come back to haunt you. This situation now is of their own making as they voted for those in their own likeness.

  109. Hard to die falling out of a cellar window.

  110. This is honestly quite ridiculous. Allowing insurers to choose whether to participate in the exhanges is like telling the United States Postal Service or the telephone company that they don't have to deliver mail or provide phone service in areas where it is not profitable to do so. It's a manufactured problem. Universal public option or Medicare for all!

  111. Allowing private companies to make there own decisions. Ridiculous!

  112. Everything trump touches dies.

  113. It's funny, all I wanted in my support of Obamacare was for people like them to have decent healthcare -- some options. And they despise me for it. They would rather die than support a liberal initiative.

  114. Who will benefit from the proposed cuts in Obamacare benefits to the elderly and the poor? The beneficiaries will be individuals such as my wife and I.
    Over the past 3 years, our s-corp income averaged 151,906 per year.
    Basically this is the return from investments in privately held companies. President Trump has proposed capping the tax rate at 15% for this income stream.
    This would generate additional income of about 22,000 per year for us.
    S-corp income is easy money. It is not earned income. I do not need to go to work, fight the traffic, or pay for parking, lunches or nice clothes. There are no performance reviews.

    My wife and I are retired and on social security. We do not need additional income.
    My hope is that the nation will address the problems with Obamacare in 2 ways.
    • Enroll individuals with pre-exiting conditions in Medicare, regardless of age. Let’s take care of our own.
    • This will allow for a reduction of insurance rates for the healthy population.

    And how will we pay for this?
    There are people like my wife and I who are willing to pay more in taxes. Instead of a tax cut of 22,000, how about if we paid an additional 22,000 in taxes each year?

  115. What's stopping you? You're free to contribute as much money as you like to the government.

  116. I'd venture a guess that you and your wife do not vote Republican...too much thinking about others and civic responsibility. Kudos to you!

  117. Even if the Trump voting population in these vast affected area's lose their insurance, see cost increases, and recognize that the Republican party is responsible, I'm not convinced that they will vote against the Republican party, or 'HOLD' them responsible in any reasonable manner. Too many times these same constituents have shown the inclination to vote against their self interest, or that of others. I'll wait to see, but it harks back to the story of the frog and the scorpion. It's built into their DNA. They just don't seem to be able to help themselves overcome the innate biases they hold so firmly. Trump and Co. know this, and have provided them with all the cover the need - Obamacare is imploding, Trump is trying to save it, but it's really bad. It's a weak argument for most,but adequate for those who want to believe, and can't bare to face the fact they they may have been wrong and/or mislead.

  118. This, exactly. As in the movie, some are neck-deep in "the matrix" and will fight to the death to defend it. They are lost to us, and no amount of logic or reasoning will penetrate. The bright spot is that there are actually more of "us" than of "them." But it is going to take every single one of us to band together and do what needs to be done for the health of ALL citizens, Trumpers included.

  119. They voted for Trump and he did exactly what he promised to do. I have zero sympathy for people who voted for Trump and complaining about loosing healthcare.

  120. "What’s bizarre about the Republican strategy is that it is likely to cause the most damage where many of Mr. Trump’s supporters live."

    Its not bizarre. This is what Republicans do everytime they get the power to do so. Afllict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable.

  121. Schadenfreude

  122. Hopefully the insurance companies will send letters to their customers explaining the reasons for withdrawing from the market or raising premiums.

  123. The new GOP health care plan eliminates coverage for anesthesia --- replaces it with a bottle of bourbon and a "bite stick."

  124. I know in Maryland, insurers BCBS and others were already asking for increases of between 30-50% before the Republicans had anything in the works. I think this insurance/health thing needs to be fixed. The question is who knows how to do it. I don't have faith in either party right now. Partisanship is only going to hinder progress but that is the reality we are in.

  125. Read the NYT article on expanding Medicaid.. Maybe it's Medicaid for all?

  126. Yes, Jamaica Estates is the site of the early home of Donald, his actions regarding the healthcare is nothing less than sabotage. The insurance companies are only responding to the attack on the program by Donald and his Republican Death Squad Gang. As they permit access to healthcare to slip away while the journalists don't go to deep to understand the process and use language that almost supports Donald's claims of the plan deterioration as he withholds the support contemplated and required.

  127. Surprisingly, blue collar and poor republicans will be hurt the worst. But, they still vote against their own best interest. Trump did say, he lives the poorly educated.

    A sucker is born every minute and Trump seems to have cornered the market.

  128. Republicans believe "corporations are people" and thus make laws benefiting businesses, not workers (people). Linking health insurance coverage to employment is a perverse benefit to businesses. Where do the private sector corporations then go for care when they get sick? Lucky for them they can go to the Really Big Corporation Emergency Department (US Treasury) and have the public bailout them out of their sickness.

  129. The American people have short memories. At some point, constituents in red states will start to believe the Trump narrative that Obama caused this and will support whatever non-alternative Trump/Ryan come up with.

    I say split the nation into European-style nation states. There is no, nor will there ever be, unity in the former USA.

  130. interesting suggestion---particularly when the red states ACTUALLY realize that the blue states subsidize them...sending more money to Washington than they get back, while the red states get more than they give

  131. The obvious solution is to expand Medicaid and allow people with significant income to buy into it at a fair price. (The buy-in can be via insurance polices that include enhancements. Apparently some states already allow some forms of Medicaid/Insurance cooperation.)

    If the insurance industry can't (or won't) be available, Medicaid is a good option.

    Problem solved!

  132. You know what they say about karma.

  133. Despite the fact that Republicans are directly responsible for the whole mess, they will point to this as another example of the ACA collapsing. It's like slashing your neighbor's tire then blaming him for all the air rushing out.

  134. NYTimes please, I read your paper every day, I don't think you're fake news, but don't blame Wellmark for leaving the Iowa market due to uncertainty over AHCA when the article you link to cites the reason as higher universal costs under the ACA. That's dishonest, and demonstrative of the kind of slant my more ignorant friends point to when they say the liberal media has an agenda. Take your time reporting, get it right. We need you now more than ever

  135. So explain to me why you think costs were rising under the ACA? You don't think that maybe it had something to do with the fact that Republicans REFUSED to allow for any adjustments in the ACA? Talk about dishonest.

  136. Jackson,
    I agree that the article may have ignored one reason for Wellmark's withdrawal from Iowa, but you do also. The CEO said that the uncertainty in the future market was a major reason to withdraw at this time.

    It is also important to note the main reason for withdrawing from the market is that so many who have signed up for their coverage have serious (and I would expect, expensive health issues). Many people people in and out of Congress ignore the basic tenet of insurance: by spreading the risk through a large group of customers, insurers make a profit, and the costs to each individual is mitigated. When you make a system where the healthy (and wealthy) are taken out of the system, there is no way to spread the risk, and mitigate costs. Every major country on this planet have recognized this with few exceptions, the U.S. being the largest and richest of the exceptions. A single payer system, where everyone contributes, including the wealthy and all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Congress, contribute is the only fair system. Right now it is repugnant that Congress passes rules on the rest of us, when we are bank-rolling their Uber-Cadillac health plan

  137. GOP controlled congress GOP White House a majority of the governorships in GOP hands= GOP owns this!

    Those are the facts!

    All voters need to remember this every time we go to the polls in 2018, 2020 and beyond.

    This is often made more complicated than it has to be. The Dems put a healthcare solution in place that has worked for millions of Americans.

    The GOP, as the stewards of our democracy, are responsible for its well being- or its demise!

  138. Because the kind of people who voted for Trump are ideologues who cannot see beyond the end of their respectives noses, they will not remember this come the next election, no matter how much it hurts them financially and health wise.

    They are willing to die and have the rest of us die too for their ideologies. What matters to them are the 2nd amendment (extended way beyond the original intent), white Christian fundamentalist laws, and the passage of tax cuts. In order to get the tax cuts they want, they are willing to sacrifice public schools, public libraries, municipal employees, street maintenance, police departments, public fire departments, parks, infrastructure repairs, and just about everything that government at all levels support. At the same time, they want to feed at the government trough.

    I think they are irrational and short sightedly selfish. Whiny too. Even when they win, they whine.

  139. If. as the Right claims, Obamacare is such a failure and the previous market-based healthcare economy was so great,

    - Why don't the Republicans just repeal Obamacare?
    - Why "replace" it with anything?

    Cowards. And hypocrites.

  140. Because the Republican health care bill is really not about health but about tax cuts for the 1% and partisan ideology. From what I have read about the new bill, it is going to mess with even employer provided health care benefits for employees and their families, not just people on ACA (Obamacare). Not the employers who were forced to provide health care benefits by the ACA, but the big employers who have been doing it all along. This Republican bill is an attack on health care for the lower 99%. It is an attack on the quality of health care provided, an attack on what is covered, and basically should be viewed by everyone in the lower 99% as a health care cut bill and a 1% tax cut bill. It's a stinker.

  141. "Several big insurance companies" going to stop selling policies or significantly raise premiums because of the POTENTIAL of Trumpcare. NO THEY AREN'T.

    They've reducing the sale of policies and raising premiums ever since Obamacare was implemented! This isn't anything new and it has nothing to do with Trumpcare, which hasn't even been written or implemented!

  142. There is no excuse for the US to not have a sensible and stable HealthCare system now. It will only get worse dinking around with it endlessly. AHCA is
    — How to make it even more complex, expensive and insecure than ever.

    The US missed an opportunity to switch to the metric system in the sixties. Now it would cost billions and we screwed up bigly because we think short term.

  143. Phase in Medicare for ALL over a 10 year period to allow our present healthcare, insurance, and employer systems adapt.

  144. Do insurance companies ever reveal in detail their gains and losses? Isn't it possible that even if they lose in one area, their gains in another more than make up for the loss? I suspect that many corporate executives are not content with a 5 percent or 10 percent profit. They aren't satisfied unless their profits top 20 percent or more, so they're quick to slough off any sector that doesn't meet that goal.

  145. Since day one of his presidency, Trump has done nothing but hurt his supporters! Mortgage insurance, student loans, for profit schools, etc. When is someone going to point this out to them? The media focuses on the major catastrophes in the Trump administration while, via executive orders, he is creating real financial and lifestyle hardships for his supporters as well as others.

  146. And this rant relates to the content of the article how?

  147. Living in east Texas I personally know more than several people who, while benefiting from Obamacare, voted for Trump because they abhorred our previous President. When I asked them what they would do if Trump cancelled their health insurance they either approved of such a plan or ambivalently shrugged their shoulders. Therefore, I find it hard to muster much empathy for those in rural areas who voted for Trump and are going to lose their insurance for the reasons mentioned in the editorial. It is rather sad and more than a bit bizarre to see people literally vote against their better interests as well as the those of their children and grandchildren. Sociologists may be able to explain such a phenomenon but I surely cannot.

  148. This has been going on as long as I can remember. I do believe it's a matter of believing a candidate is telling the truth, after this election things may slowly change. But this more wishful thinking.

  149. Awhile back I read an article about the brains of right versus left leaning individuals. Right leaning individuals tend to like authority and rules. Yes they abhorred Obama and Clinton. But, I feel like one of the differences between the two voting blocks is how much "the gut" plays into decision making. Trump's supporters I believe were very visceral. They felt Trump in their 'gut." Clinton's proposals on her website meant nothing to them because Trump made them feel good. Clinton voters used logic: "Not my favorite person. Full of baggage. But she is proposing what I want. Easy choice."
    That said - agree with you - I have no patience for the Trump voter worried about their ACA coverage. None. Get a job if you don't like it.

  150. Do you have any sympathy for the many people who didn't vote for Mr. Trump, but will lose their health insurance anyway?

  151. Insurance company executives had a choice when the ACA was being crafted and passed. They could have warned the public that Republican proposals would not, in fact, benefit those who were sick and in need of medical care. They could have made new Harry and Louise commercials explaining why a mandate was important, why Republican plans to allow competition across state lines was simply going to force insurers to go to the least regulated states, and why without regulations, insurers will always try to avoid insuring sick people.
    It was obvious that Republicans didn't have real solutions and that the only thing they were interested in was extricating healthy and wealthy people from the burden of helping insurer sicker and poorer people.
    If corporations are allowed to make campaign contributions, then don't they have a civic duty to speak up when politicians are lying?
    Don't blame them for raising premiums. Blame them for refusing to warn people that this is what would happen.

  152. @DebbieR: do I take then that you approve of the Big For Profit Health Insurance Industry that has been bled us dry for decades? The same industry that deep-sixed Hillary Clinton's 1993 health care bill? The same "Harry & Louise" commercials that ruined that effort?

    YOU APPROVE of that stuff? so long as it suits YOUR needs?

    Sorry but if you can think of a way to "sell" costly insurance mandates, for coverage that covers NOTHING and has high are an ad genius and in the wrong profession.

    And this whole article is false and unfair. The insurance companies were raising rates LAST YEAR. They have been pulling out of markets BEFORE TRUMP WON. This has nothing to do with Republicans. It would be happening under a President Hillary.

  153. "Trumpcare Is Already Hurting Trump Country"
    Good. Take the battle to the villages of Trumpistan...

  154. You think the ACA is failing now? Wait until the only policy you can afford from TrumpCare is a
    Catastrophic policy that covers nothing and has such high deductibles and co pays and exclusions that it never covers anything. John Grisham's The rainmaker is coming to a hospital near you

    You want healthcare? You may have to move to one of those coastal elite cities you hate so much that have State and sales taxes so that the citizenry can function

  155. Whats bizarre about the Repub it will hurt a large number of Teump voters... (paraphrased)

    Whats most bizarre is the Repubs really dont have a strategy, at all. Unless slash and burn is what goes for real legislative policy these days. 8 years of whining and claiming they would do it better...and they have ungatz! Less then ungatz! Why? Becuase the Repubs havent had a credible domestic policy idea in decades...and when it comes the health, if they cant figure a means for a few Senators to get a new job on a Rx Inc. board, etc...they have no desire to do much of anything helpful.

    Trump sold an impossible "product" idea, R&R. But he never believed he'd win. Sorta like a teenager making promises they cant keep (in return for a favor) and usually wont be agreed to...till they are, and the kid is doomed to fail.

    And everyone complaining that the ACA shoulda been a singlepayer plan, especially those late to the game...really!? Did you support that in any shape or form? Did you write your congressperson, organize, etc, etc..? Or is it all now hindsight?

  156. The 61% of Americans who "already know where the fault" of Obamacare properly lies are the core constituency of a single-payer system that Dems will bring to fruition in 2018.

  157. Putting the name Trump with care is a complete absurdity since he has never cared about anyone but himself.

  158. Trump Country does not care if they all die - this is part of Making America Great Again. What stupid, stupid people. They really believe that the 1% care about them. Whenever I feel depressed, I think about this and, seriously, it's better than any comedy relief anywhere.

  159. They bought it, they broke it, now they must live (or die) with it.

    No tears here.

  160. And yet Trump country sticks with Trump.
    So unusual.

  161. Many Trump voters already know that he lied about his plans for healthcare. A recent article described the dismal state of dental care and disillusionment among people waiting in hours-long lines to get their rotten teeth pulled. “The country is way too divided between well-off people and people struggling for everything — even to see the dentist. And the worst part is, I don’t see a bridge to cross over to be one of those rich people," one woman said. She hadn't seen a dentist in about eight years after her husband lost his job with dental benefits, and she and her husband couldn't afford their own dental care after taking care of their children's. After voting for Barack Obama in 2008, she voted for Trump because he promised to work for “the forgotten men and women of our country, people who work hard but don’t have a voice," and because Trump promised to build a “beautiful” health-care system that would cover everyone for less. Now, she was hearing that people would lose their coverage. “Is Trump the wolf in grandma's clothes? My husband and I are are now saying to each other: ‘Did we really vote for him?' Was he just out to get our votes?”

  162. The NYT may have turned a corner - this is not the first recent article that lays blame squarely on the GOP rather than on the orange-skinned clown puppet they keep in office! Donald Trump has been the chief distractor for the GOP since he was jockeyed into place and the media, including this, my favorite news source, has been complicit by rushing headlong to cover any fire that was started while ignoring the insidious dismantling of our country that GOP legislators have been engineering at the behest of their very rich benefactors. It is my sincere hope that at least the NYT will begin to focus on the people who are conspiring to turn our democracy into an autocracy - they've apparently been at it for some time (see today's column from Paul Krugman). Perhaps if the NYT leadS the way, other, more responsible journalists will follow. Let's hope so.