Sally Yates Tells Senators She Warned Trump About Michael Flynn

Ms. Yates, the former acting attorney general, gave a dramatic account of an unfolding crisis in the early days of President Trump’s White House.

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  1. Mr. Trump shared national security information with Gen. Flynn knowing that he lied about his contacts with the Russians. Additionally and more worrisome, Mr. Trump felt Gen. Flynn didn't do anything wrong. Not only was Gen. Flynn's conduct problematic, so was/is Mr. Trump's behavior.

  2. Perhaps Trump doesn't think Flynn did anything wrong because Flynn was acting under Trump's orders.

  3. Trump STILL does not think that either he or Flynn did anything wrong. His morality is like a toddler's.

  4. Perhaps Trump doesn't think Flynn did anything wrong because Flynn didn't actually lie to Mike Pence.

  5. To state the obvious, Mr. Emoluments & his international house of grifters are offering golden visas, investment "opportunities" & shelter for Russian moles.

  6. "Why did the President wait 18 days to fire Flynn?" is not the question.

    "Was Michael Flynn's call to discuss sanctions with the Russians done on Trump's orders in the first place?" is the question that needs to be asked of Flynn, under oath.

  7. Agreed, but how does it profit us to have this individual -- or *anyone* in this unspeakable administration -- under oath, when they lie habitually, with impunity, and fully expect to avoid any negative consequences whatsoever. And you know what? So far - they have!

  8. He was warned. He was given an explanation. Nontheless, he persisted in hiring General Michael Flynn.

  9. I watched the entire thing. The longer it went on, the more it became evident something was afoul. It reminded me of the beginnings of a thing called Watergate. I came away with the impression that something really stinks. We really need to see those Tax returns and not just trumps, Jareds and Ivankas as well. Maybe everyones in this administration.

  10. "It reminded me of the beginnings of a thing called Watergate."

    Those of us who are old enough to remember Watergate are reminded of it on a daily basis—all the little bits and pieces slowly assembling themselves into an ugly pattern, while we all held our breath and wondered if the system was going to work or if they were going to get away with it.

    It worked then. I certainly hope it works now. But what we've seen even just up to now is unconscionable. In that previous era, all these ties to Russia would've brought even Republicans to attention immediately.

    Now, watch them try to make excuses for (a) collusion and (b) early dementia. They are disgraceful.

  11. While there are constant reminders of Watergate for those of us able to remember those dark days, what is absent from the scene these days is the presence of those men and women of honor who considered the welfare of the republic of preeminent importance. Where are their like today: Peter Rodino, Barbara Jordan, Sam Ervin? If no one rises from the ranks to perform the terrible and necessary work of searching out and brining into the cold, hard light of day those who would bring us down, we are well and truly lost.

  12. To the intelligent hearer, the jaw-dropping comment by McGahn re lying is indicative of lying as SOP for this administration.

  13. ...more admissible evidence in the inevitable impeachment...

  14. Agreed...but good luck with a republican controlled congress.

    There is gonna have to be a real smoking gun, like a tape of Trump talking to Putin about enriching themselves thru their offices.

    Short of that the republican congress will not act.

  15. Neither a crime nor a misdemeanor.......

  16. As screwed up as the WH is, perhaps Trump's attorney forgot to tell the Trumpster?

  17. At the end of the day, the true Russian connection narrative will rise or fall on Comey's investigation and the FBI ability to turn a participant. Flynn wants immunity. He could be one. Carter Page is a candidate. Somewhere in this muck is a weasel who will want to trade his story for a stay out of jail card. It will take time. But it's inevitable.

  18. Again, so WHAT?!
    Flynn had 40K from 2015 speaking gig?
    There was more on Clinton for millions of dollars from Russian donors. She would have been a HUGE security risk.
    While Obama had him on the payroll and security list for years, Trump had him on for .. what... 40 days?

  19. Clinton is not president. You won - get over it.

  20. You should revisit your views! You've been listening to Rush and Faux News far too long!

    Public donations to the Clinton Foundation (which often failed to get access to her, but did go to worthwhile charitable causes) are quite different from *concealed* Russian connections, payments, and loans to Trump, Flynn, and others. And, Flynn's hiding of being on foreign governments payrolls (more than speaking gigs).

    Plus, there were Trump campaign connections with Russian Wikileaks email releases.

    Your man is now in the White House! 40 days of security risk, of inaction, is BIGLY!

    Didn't you learn in grade school that two wrongs don't make a right?!

    You're also ignoring the known law-breaking Trump did with his foundation-- using people's donations to settle his own personal lawsuits, pay off legal fines, pay off debts, no commission HUGE portraits! He even made illegal campaign contributions with it and had to pay the IRS fines.

    Sorry, you can no longer deflect the Trump scandals by bringing up Hillary!

  21. Guess it's okay that Trump and his kids are lining their pockets with taxpayer money by funneling events at Trump's properties.

  22. Of course Trump did not care that Flynn could be compromised by Russia.
    Trump does not care that he, himself, could be compromised by Russia.

  23. If you look at the Trump / Russia connection from Vladimir Putin's perspective, it's a no-brainer.

    Putin had absolutely nothing to lose by communicating to Trump that he was going to help him win the election, because he knew Trump was too dumb and self-absorbed to tell anyone. And he had everything to gain: just as this story outlines, Putin can now hold the fact that he told Trump he was helping him win as leverage over his head.

    The beauty of it is Putin didn't even have to really help Trump at all. He just needed Trump to sit on the information that Russia was tampering.

    Putin is a savvy KGB veteran who would never have missed the chance to compromise a potential US President. And it explains all of Trump's bogus wire-tapping claims and assorted Russian-themed histrionics. He was played pure and simple.

  24. I wouldn't use "dumb" but his bullying, Over-over Compensating attitude, and the way he speaks, can make one conclude he's not the brightest bulb.

  25. “Why does it matter to D.O.J. if one White House official lies to another White House official?”
    Well this quote sums up the Trump administration. Why does lying matter? We have a president who doesn't know whose on first, second or third base and the fact that White House staffers lie, and most probably to Trump to keep him on an even keel, is horrifying. Did Trump win the White House to simply outsource the job and have no need or desire to know that facts? Perhaps that is why White House officials lie.
    I read this article after reading the previous NYT article informing me that we are "upping our game" in Afghanistan. Is it a lie that Trump has decided to increase our military presence around the the world after criticizing Obama or is it that he feels that he knows better than Obama how to solve the intractable war problems that Bush left us? Apparently the power to make these military decisions now rest with the Pentagon, as the White House has granted them this power, apparently because Jared is simply too busy solving Middle East peace and selling citizenship to wealthy Chinese investors.
    We used to worry that oil interests were dictating our foreign policy but now it seems that the military industrial complex is. And does lying matter? Yes it does.

  26. Typical Narcissistic-Personality-Disorder-with-psychopathy-Trump: blames others for his own shortcomings, mistakes, failures.

  27. President Obama warned Trump shortly after the election that Flynn may be compromised by the Russians. What was Trump's reaction? He made Flynn his national security advisor. Why? Is it because Trump himself is compromised by Russia?

    Yates later warning about Flynn is similarly alarming, since Trump didn't do a thing to fire him until it was made public. It shows Trump didn't care Flynn was in knee deep with Russian intelligence. Why?

    The questions are unanswered, and will only be addressed once the federal grand juries issue indictments.

  28. “Why does it matter to D.O.J. if one White House official lies to another White House official?”

    Stunning. This is the White House counsel talking about the National Security Adviser and the Vice President of the United States.

    Nothing speaks to the absolute lack of ethics? scruples? morality? in the Trump Administration like this quote. Yates wasn't describing a quarrel over a sandwich between two interns. But McGahn couldn't see why Justice should care about possible Russian influence on a top US official.

    Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress demonstrated their own special brand of moral blindness, dragging the Clinton email server and Yates's refusal to support the travel ban targeting Muslims. The latter produced the other notable quote from the day, when GOP senators pressed her to consider whether the ban was NOT aimed at Muslims:

    “'I don’t believe there are reasonable arguments that are grounded in truth' that would defend the travel ban, she said."

    I wonder if the Republicans felt the sting.

  29. I wouldn't be so hard on McGahn. He was just trying to tamp down this inquiry, and he knew that there wasn't actually any lying going on. Pence knew all along what Flynn was doing.

  30. The headline was close, but should have read just a bit differently....
    "Twice Warned, Trump Stuck by Flynn BECAUSE of His Ties to Russia."

  31. Bruce, you nailed it.

  32. That is obviously true. Trump made no secret of his desires to improve relations with Russia, in fact he campaigned on improving ties with Russia. Flynn was no doubt considered more valuable because of his ties with Russia, and no doubt many others who played a role in Trump's campaign had contacts with Russian officials and were not candid about it, with no concern form Trump.

    There are no surprises here. It is what it is.

  33. I'm agreeing with Bruce. Trump needed Flynn to carry the message to the Russians that, after the Trump election, all of the Obama sanctions against Russia would be lifted. And then Flynn has to be rewarded for his hard work...hence the National Security post.

  34. We may see Flynn's connections and contact with Russia as a risk, but Trump more than likely saw it as an asset.

  35. Does anyone really think Trump and Pence did not know about the Flynn talks with Russia. These two bozos are too stupid to realise all these conversations were legally being taped. This is the one spot where Trump's inexperience (stupidity) may benefit America. Let's get this investigation going and charge both Trump and Pence with treason. What happens then? Don't we really need a new election if this one was so thoroughly tampered with by Russia. Why would we accept this "win" as legitimate? I am sure this is without precedence.....

  36. It will be revealed that Trump and his children were privy to inside information provided by Flynn, Carter Page, Stone and others. Trump is guilty of collusion and treason and he knows it. He will do everything he can to subvert the investigations and continue his pattern of preemptive delegitimization of anyone who has the goods on him. A person's true character is revealed by the choices they make under extreme pressure. With every Tweet, Trump displays his degenerative character flaws. I expect indictments. Any GOP representative that shields Trump, delays the investigation or joins his campaign of delegitimization of our intelligence community is an accessory.

  37. No surprise! Trump may also be in cahoots with the Russians.

  38. If Obama admin didn't trust Flynn, how did Flynn learn of Obama's new Dec 29 sanctions in order to have multiple Dec 29 conversations with Kislyak regarding the lifting of these new sanctions?

  39. Didn't Flynn learn the same way the rest of the world learned about the Dec. 29 sanctions, in the news media? Here's a public Dec. 29 tweet from the Russian embassy:

    "President Obama expels 35

  40. President Trump's counsel was advised that it appeared Flynn had lied to Vice President Pence about the nature of his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

    Ms. Yates testified that she was concerned that the lie, which would have been known to the Russians as it was published in the press, compromised Flynn. Once truth had been put to the lie he was no longer compromised. What occurred during this 18 day interlude between when this was reported, and when Flynn was terminated is the subject of speculation.

    President Trump was confronted with perfidious holdovers from the Obama administration who previously had every expectation of being employed by a President H. Clinton. If there is any doubt about whether Ms. Yates was disloyal, note her refusal to defend the travel ban in court, and her direction to her subordinates to refuse to defend it.

    In the hearing she acknowledged that the ban, on its face was constitutional, but relied on campaign remarks by candidate Trump to personally strike it down as unconstitutional. That means, had President Obama or President H. Clinton signed the ban (without having made such campaign remarks) she would have defended the travel ban.

    Fielding the reports of those like Yates, and others determined to undermine the new president would have been a challenge for any new administration. 18 days, maybe too long, maybe not -- we do not really know everything that was going on at the time.

  41. Once again, we see that Donald Trump is utterly unfit and unqualified to be president. But it also shows, also again, that the GOP is not willing to set politics aside for the sake of the country. Had this been a Pres. Obama or Clinton, this exact same Congress would have at least one special prosecutor and 15 special committees going already, as well has having had impeachment papers drawn up, with its base calling the president a traitor and screaming to "Lock him/her up!", for impeachment and a firing squad.

    Or the question is, what is wrong with GOP priorities that it believes a non-hacked personal email server no one knew about and something about a terrorist attack overseas (saying a video was a prompter?) - I still have no idea what - was much, much worse than what we've seen over and over from Trump and his admin., including the Flynn debacle?

    Putting the GOP in full power and in charge of making decisions for the welfare of Americans is like...putting Michael Flynn in charge of national security.

  42. Ignoring well intended warnings is the difference between being stubborn or just plain stupid.

  43. It would appear to me that there is significant cause for concern perhaps because Mr. Trump, having been "compromised" himself with the Russians, wasn't particularly concerned that his national security advisor was compromised with the Russians.

    This is yet another Republican administration in which façades take precedence over reality. Only when the façade around Flynn cracked did Mr. Trump feel he had to act. This administration is rotten with corruption.

    "A fish rots from the head down", goes the very old saying. In the present administration, that seems to me to be the case. If the Republicans in Congress didn't so transparently put Party over Country, they would be acting. As it is, we must wait for the midterms.

  44. Re-Trumps diversion attempt about Flynn's TS clearance. Glenn Kessler's article in today's Washington Post has a detailed analysis. Typical Trump nonsense.

    Highlight of hearings: Ms. Sally Yates showed extraordinary grace and poise! If she had resigned, we could have cited Gresham's Law: bad currency driving out good.

  45. Everything in this WH is problematic, yet the GOP senators were more concerned about leaks than Russian interference in helping Trump.

  46. Sally Yates made her inquisitors look like the driven amoral extortionists they are. Why is this woman not at least the leader of Congress?

  47. Since the republican congress has no problem with Trump enriching himself all over the world via the WH, why don't they just start the process to amend the constitution by getting rid of the "enrichment" clause in it re the president?

  48. The evidence accumulates that Trump and his merry band of thieves and scoundrels put self-aggrandizement and personal preferences above any sense of good governing for the USA. One minute with Flynn would disclose that he was a loose cannon with largely-deranged ideas. Trump probably waited the seventeen days because he liked the idea that, like any pouting 6-year old, he could put his thumb in the eye of a rival, in this case, President Obama.

  49. Presumably the Russian ambassador knows his phone conversations are recorded. Yet he held a conversation he should have known would compromise Flynn. Well played! They got either a blackmail candidate or an opportunity to disrupt the administration, win for them either way.

  50. The frightening truth: Flynn would still be national security advisor today had he not been outed by the "fake media." To Trump, lying and deception are honorable traits.

  51. Trump spent the last few years telling the American people that our political leaders are all idiots, incompetent etc.. so then they're excuse for Flynn is that he received security clearance under Obama? Why doesn't a reporter ask Spicer why someone as extremely intelligent and thorough as Trump effectively copied and pasted the security clearance given by his predecessor who he considers incompetent?

  52. People keep asking, "Why did Trump wait 18 days to get rid of Flynn?" I have a theory that Trump and all his closest advisors are part of an American oligarchy in league with the Russian oligarchy. They are all getting filthy rich off their secret deals and that funny business is worth protecting over U.S. democracy. Trump is crass and callous and our nation is just one more tool to be manipulated for the purpose of acquiring wealth. We made our first mistake when we let Trump run without revealing his tax returns. From there it has been escalating. He, his family, and friends are all suspect. Journalists, please prove me wrong but I think the Trump government acting illegally and immorally to compromise our democracy.

  53. “Why does it matter to D.O.J. if one White House official lies to another White House official?” Mr. McGahn asked at a second meeting the next day, according to Ms. Yates.

    Well if it was about who made the coffee that morning Mr. McGahn has a point. On the other hand since it involved Russia and a top security individual being compromised it might be a tad serious. Which also raises the issue of the Vice President also knowing and lying, oh excuse me - misspeaking, about Flynn to the public. Perhaps the committee ought to have a chat with him too.

  54. Maybe it's McGahn who will be going first, with lines like that. He also, according to Spicer, reviewed the Flynn compromise situation and gave it his okay.

    (On the other hand, McGahn would be doing the right thing to give it the okay if Pence was actually aware of the Russian cooperation and simply lied about it to the public. Is that why the Administration was so untroubled by Flynn's actions? Because it knew that Pence was not being lied to?)

  55. "Trump was warned. He was given an explanation, nevertheless, he persisted".

  56. Flynn was so completely untrustworthy that even Chris Christie had problems with him??? Now that is saying something!

  57. Yates was spectacular yesterday. She made Ted Cruz look like the small minded, attack animal that he his. Cornyn sounded ill prepared and a trump plant looking to filet her at any point which never occurred. She made small men even smaller. The fish rots at the head first. Trump is a treasonous, cartoonish, sexual predator that in the end, will get what's coming to him. It can't happen soon enough for those vile people.

  58. Such little, tiny steps – each one not very consequential in itself – lead us to slowly deconstruct this magnificent yet still imperfect edifice built with so much blood, sweat and tears over almost a quarter of a millennia – this American Republic.

    Then suddenly, a day will come when we will wonder while staring into the dark abyss: When did this happen? When did it all crumble?

    Actually, it is happening every minute of every day. Right now. Just go through the news headlines – the sheer stupidity of show-off decisions and proclamations, the naked self-dealing galore. And every day is worse than the last, with the worse yet to come.

    Do we have any sense of responsibility, of shame, of getting judged by future generations of Americans for whom we hold this grand and singular experiment of America in trust?

    Do we?

    This American By Choice is despondent.

  59. ...and this American by birth is embarrassed by my fellow citizens' greed and stupidity. It's clear that what calls itself the GOP today would have collaborated with the Axis Powers in 1942.

  60. I too am in disbelief at how every day is just bad news... and nearly all of it with Trump and the Republican Party as the root cause. I am furious at our Congressional Democrats who seem to be reluctant to stand unified and fight for us.

  61. Turn your despondency into action. Collectively we can turn this around. I believe that with all my heart.

  62. f

    While there is so much speculation about Gen. Flynn and his Russian activity, I’d like to add mine. There are certain pieces of this puzzle that fit together nicely. It comes into focus when you ask yourself why President Trump held onto Flynn long after being informed by the Justice Department about his interactions with the Russians. A highly plausible reason could be that he already knew. In fact, Trump had directed the activity himself. When the leak occurred about Flynn’s actions, he was forced to cut him loose. Trump did not want to admit that he participated in attempts to alter policies already in place as it regards Russia.

    President Trump had been laying the groundwork for a new Russian relationship during his campaign. He also avoided harsh criticism of Mr. Putin. If Trump could get Russia to join us in the fight against ISIS, it would be a major feather in his cap. In return, he would drop the sanctions. General Flynn was trying to put together that quid pro quo.

    Collusion with the Russians to disrupt the Hillary Clinton campaign is not likely. This is nothing more than Trump trying to execute the art of the deal, and nothing more nefarious.

  63. Most might agree..Trump is sheltering Flynn because Flynn knows Trump et al involvement either directly or indirectly with Russia's involvement in the elections.

    When all the facts are known to include the strong and enduring financial entanglements between Trump and Russia..the impeachment process or a call for his resignation will certainly materialize.

    Trump will no doubt "plead" old age..mental issues with "I cannot recall"..or it his his word against a "mass" of testimony from others.

    This entire affair will affect America's standing in the world, our overseas commitments and the stock market....

  64. Can you imagine what would have happened if Barak Obama had retained a National Security Advisor weeks after being warned that he had lied about his conversations with Russian officials and posed a national security risk? Ted Cruz's head would have exploded. It is most disturbing to watch so many Republicans defend Trump on this and other failings. Also, someone should explain to the Tweeter in Chief that Flynn was allowed to renew his security clearance in 2016, in case the government needed to ask him about things he had done while in service. However, after he was fired by Obama, he no longer had any access to the sensitive information that Trump gave him on a daily basis as national security advisor.

  65. Thank you for pointing that out regarding the security clearance issue. In addition, Obama NEVER made Flynn NSA. Trump was thinking his Russian connections would be aided and abetted by his lap dog Flynn, or at least that is what I think. Too much stink for their not to be dung.

  66. So, he's either loyal to someone he was led to believe was trustworthy, or he's in collusion with the Russians to steal the election.

  67. In other words, 45 is technically impeachable (knowingly keeping Flynn in place after Yates's repeated warning). Will the GOP put country first and initiate proceedings?

  68. This administration is either grossly incompetent at best, or grossly corrupt at worst.

  69. There's a third option: it's both corrupt and incompetent.

  70. Both!

  71. There is no favorable interpretation for President Trump of the events surrounding General Flynn. In the most favorable of readings--which are not at all favorable--either President Trump was aware of Flynn's behavior and contacts (and did nothing), or President Trump was completely unaware of Flynn's conduct.

    In the most unfavorable of readings, President Trump tried to hang tight with General Flynn because of Flynn's conduct, connections, and character (President Trump might find the type of man who has a special type of "facts" named after him to be somewhat appealing, after all).

    Regardless, even the Trump spin cycle can't get the stench and the stains out of this one.

  72. And yet, he (Trump) persisted.

  73. "After Sally Q. Yates warned President Trump that his national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, was vulnerable to foreign blackmail, Mr. Flynn held his job for 18 more days." and promptly fired Sally Q. Yates.

  74. Trump fired Yates after she warned about Flynn being compromised.He kept Flynn knowing that. Flynn got fired only because the press. They are both compromised.

  75. If this were Clinton or Obama, the impeachment hearing would have started this morning.

  76. No, November 9.

  77. Apparently, "vetting" of Trump administration personnel is limited to "Does he/she show the proper level of adulation, fealty, and loyalty to Trump?" and "Does Mr. Trump like them?" Pesky things like being a serious security risk and shilling for adversarial foreign governments aren't in the mix. Oh, wait, isn't that what Mr. Trump does too?

  78. Crooked Donald..........

  79. Is anyone still hoping for impeachment?

    The Military F.B.I. elected him along with the Russians.

    The Republican Congress never would.

  80. Donald Trump as well as Michael Flynn are Russian assets. There is only one explanation for Trump's behavior with his tax returns and with Flynn, which is that he is heavily indebted to Putin. Are all Times reporters and editors too dense to figure out that this is the only possible explanation, with 100 percent certainty and that all other explanations have zero percent likelihood?

  81. I don't think the Times staff are dense at all. They have dug into this story but won't publish until FACTS can be confirmed. They are not "fake" news. They've Got This!

  82. Lock him up.

  83. "Lock him up."
    Which one? There are so many to choose from--on both sides of the aisle.

  84. Sally Yates shows the men in the Senate what integrity means. She has twice acted heroically at a moment when we desperately need heroes. In refusing to implement an unlawful order, she upheld the Constitution, and in warning the White House about Flynn, she tried to save the Trump Administration from itself. The Administration is either fatally compromised by Russia or else even more incompetent then we ever imagined; either prospect is terrifying. And as for the Republican Senators trying to change the subject by implying she should have implemented the Executive Order, they would do well to remember what happens when an Attorney General goes along with unlawful orders; we end up with John Mitchell. She upheld the promise she made to them at her confirmation hearing. I hope that she will be the AG of the next Presidential Administration; l look forward to her confirmation hearing. Or the next President.

  85. This bunch looks like the old prevaricating, plotting Nixon gang -- except with less "competence" and due dilligence on their own schemes. Doesn't anyone have the ethics or moral fortitude to tell King Don he's doing the wrong thing? Even John Dean stood up and told Nixon "there's a cancer in the Presidency."

  86. Right on. Yates swore an oath to defend the Constitution. Not obey some puffed up fraud who fancies himself king.

  87. always about women versus men!

  88. Who still believes that the Trumpsters had no collusion with the Russians? Why were they protecting Flynn? The obvious answer is to protect themselves from a potential whistle blower.
    How many Russians were granted golden visas as a result of investing with Trump or his shills? And are they now moles?
    And how about an investigation into how Brightbart and Fox helped spread fake news. Were they knowledgeable about the source and willing participants in the theft of an election?
    A special prosecutor with subpoena power will be necessary and will eventually result, because truth does not die. Republicans can try to turn this into a leak investigation but the leak isn't a problem if the leaks are the truth!
    We need to know! And those Republicans standing in the way need their loyalty checked.

  89. Sally Yates said, "the Russians also knew that General Flynn had misled the Vice President and others." What she pointedly did not say was that he had misled the President. The question of what did the President know and when did he know it is not about the 18 days after Yates let the White House know what she knew. President Trump couldn't have been misled if he knew from the beginning the Flynn had spoken to the Russians, or had instructed him to do so. Isn't this what the committee should have been asking about? If the Russians knew that Trump himself was misleading the American people and other officials, wasn't he potentially compromised and open to blackmail in exactly the same way that Flynn was?

  90. Trump said after Flynn's alleged lie was revealed:

    "Mike was doing his job. He was calling countries and his counterparts. So it certainly would've been OK with me if he did it. I would've directed him to do it if I thought he wasn't doing it."

    I'm tired of news outlets saying straightforwardly that Flynn was fired for lying to Pence. That's only the ostensible reason. He was fired because he was found out; I'm not sure Pence didn't know all along.

  91. The answer is "yes". However (as hinted at by Sen. Whitehouse in his opening statement) I strongly suspect that the leverage that the Russians have on trump himself is a lot more potent than that. To wit: In the 90's the Trump organization was floundering on the ropes, and trump's access to credit was almost gone. As indicated by Don Jr., there was a lot of money coming in from the newly wealthy Russian oligarchs, and the distance between a Russian oligarch and a Russian mob boss is very small. Throw in the fact that real estate is a favored method of money laundering and you have a grounds for a reasonable suspicion that in fact the Don was thus involved with some of the world's worst gangsters.

    Which is a serious crime, worth hard time, and which would be a far more effective tool of blackmail than hijinks with Russian hookers --- after all, the "Access Hollywood" tape did no real harm. It would also be interesting to Google the name "Felix Sater" as a conduit between trump and aforesaid Russian mob figures. IMO, that is where the real scandal lies.

  92. The GOP thanks Russia and the rogue FBI groups for assisting them to Absolute Power.

    But now, the GOP wants the Power only for itself, and must kick Russia (Trump and cronies) out to complete the coup d'etat.

    This is the nature of REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION.

  93. I feel weary of these sorts of articles: clearly this is a woefully corrupt administration, but is anyone going to do anything it about it? It seems like a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  94. Things are moving slow on Trump, but we must continue to resist, and most of all, vote.

  95. This is exactly my question. All of these headlines about "potential" or "reported" actions that "could be" impeachable or able to be all reads just like headline fodder. Today I read that LA City council approved something about impeachment? It all seems like political theater. Can anyone tell me what will happen next?

  96. Do you remember the ACT UP slogan, "Silence = Death." In this case, as in 1940-44 France, Silence = COLLABORATION.
    Are you cool with collaboration with a hostile power?

  97. “See something say something” is drummed into our heads every day. Whistle blower protections exist so things otherwise gone unseen are revealed not only without penalty but with rewards. But somehow the Repub’s feel that a stealth warning about a compromised National Security Advisor is a crime. Yup, they’re selling that the real crime was committed by the people who “leaked” the reality about Flynn and are the ones that should be in jail. I mean really, you can understand what terrible people these leakers were to unmask that an NSD was beholden to the Russians. The nerve of them to leak that. They should have said nothing, should now be in jail and Flynn should still be our NSA. OK, now seriously, where do the people that buy this stuff come from?

  98. Face it. Donald Trump said it himself. "Why shouldn't the United States be friends with Russia" in so many words.

    Why would he want to protect anyone from his or his comrades' relationship with Russia? He wanted to establish a "great" relationship with Vladimir Putin, and when Donald Trump gets something in his head no one, except maybe Ivanka and husband Jared, holding his hand in the White House, can convince him otherwise. Nothing can steer him from his inexperience, incompetence, lack of concern, arrogance.

    Sally Yates, we applaud you. You may be the last person in the Trump administration to go down in history of "doing the right thing" - and thank you, as a woman, for making women prove yesterday we have our place. So important in this male dominated Trump World in DC.

    Best she got fired before she was dragged into even more corruption, and possibly treason, always fighting to do "the right thing".

    Right never seemed so good.

  99. Sally Yates did an excellent job of defending her actions and ran circles around the Trump minions that attempted to undercut her. Sally, who is a University of Georgia Law School graduate, is expected to enter politics in Georgia in the near future. She appears to be a rising star in the Democratic Party. In reference to Spicy's comment on Flynn, I held a top secret clearance and dealt with highly classified documents for a number of years. When you leave active duty, as Flynn did, your TS clearance is routinely revoked. It was up to Trump to either order a new background investigation or reactivate Flynn's clearance. In no way was that Obama's responsibility. Spicy knows this because of his Naval Reserve status. Another outright lie by Spicy and Trump.

  100. How many more lies will come from the White House? How long will it take to rid our country of the dogmatic and cognitively rigid ignorant group of power hunger insensitive shameful deplorables?

  101. In response, Trump tweets "The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?"

    Answer: When you are impeached or resign!

  102. Does Mr. Trump realize that when he labels the investigations a "hoax", that he is attacking his own intelligence agencies as well as the U.S. Congress which are all conducting these very same investigations?

  103. Rather pointed of Trump to refer to taxpayer funded isn't it? Since he doesn't pay any!

  104. How come the super-patriots i.e. Trump voters, his defenders in Congress and Fox News don't care if Flynn was a Russian agent? It is sad that Flynn did it for petty cash, a few thousand dollars in speaking fees and trip? Flynn's desperation to earn some money and get even with Obama for his firing are the motives that I can understand.

  105. i bet president trump used to poke at objects labeled WET PAINT too. just saying

  106. Why isn't he being charged with treason? Why isn't anyone who asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails being charged with treason? I have never believed in conspiracy theories, but perhaps it's a little too coincidental that Russia hacked the U.S. election and attempted to do the same with the election in France, to the benefit of the populists with a love of Putin. I hope the CIA, FBI, NSC are all over this. And Republicans should be all over this, as well, and would be if Flynn were a Democrat.

  107. Technically because Russia is not an "enemy" of the United States. We are not at war, nor is this an internal rebellion. (Most of the people convicted of treason in the US were involved in Shay's rebellion, Frye's Rebellion, or the Civil War.) The standards for treason are very specific, and there have been very few convictions.

    In the modern era the most common reason for a treason conviction is to have gone over to the enemy in time of war, and acted as a propaganda broadcaster for them -- "Tokyo Rose" ... etc.

    Flynn is vulnerable to many charges ... but not treason.

  108. Flynn supposedly is a democrat, not mention a traitor and a spy. Don't be surprised when he disappears only to turn up in Moscow receiving the order of lenin or whatever fancy medal they give out for job well done.

  109. Ages hence, historians searching for an icon that captures the depths to which twenty-first century American political culture has descended, need only consult this Times photograph of three Senators "at work": Richard ("Stolen Valor") Blumenthal, Patrick ("Man of Many Leaks") Leahy, and Al ("Why Are They Still Laughing?") Franken.

    For the rest, eighteen (18) days is not too long a period of time to check information conveyed by a Deputy AG who countenanced for a much longer period such politicization as characterized the Holder/Lynch Department of Justice.

  110. Really? Nearly a month's worth of working days and no attempt to keep him out of the secure meetings *until* he was checked out. sorry, Frank, but your excuse doesn't work.

  111. That disgraced icon you reference will actually be a spray tanned figure with a golf club in his hand. The ultimate symbol of political corruption in an age of unprecedented foreign interference combined with apathy and misplaced hostility from individuals with attitudes much like yours.

  112. Honest people do not overlook dishonest behavior of people who work for them. Michael Flynn has proven his lack of integrity on more than one occasion. By overlooking his conduct Donald Trump put himself in the crosshairs. I am confident that the disgraced general will have his due and hope for the same for his former boss. I even see the headlines full of irony:

    "Lock Him Up!"

  113. The order should be: (1) listen and (2) react. The fact that the republicans are (1) reacting and (2) not listening send up warning flags that should be heeded.

  114. on the other hand . . .

    Ambassador Kislyak must have known that he - as Russian ambassador to the USA - would be under survelliance and his communications monitored. Therefore, why would the Russians willingly let an asset burn himself? (because it's a safe bet that Flynn was compromised already during his trip to Russia when he dined next to Vlad P.)

  115. Of course. Which still doesn't mean that Flynn wasn't a security risk - just that this self-proclaimed expert on security issues was being played.

  116. It's a fair question that heads down the hall-of-mirrors one always confronts in these kinds of things. There's an obvious answer: Mr. Kislyak may have believed that Mr. Trump could control all the the internal security processes in the US, as Putin so evidently has done in Russia.

  117. Possible explanations:

    The asset was no longer useful.

    The Russians thought that Flynn's perfidy would not be investigated by a Trump White House

    The discussion was consistent with promises made and was not extraordinary.

  118. Willful ignorance is apparently Trump's modus operandi. He knows better than anyone else and doesn't need to be told what he doesn't want to know. After all, it's just "fake news". So don't bother him with reality. He is secure in what he believes and the Truth is how he sees it at the moment. Lord, protect us from the damages to come from this president.

  119. To state the obvious, Sally Yates and Obama's team in general have shown willingness to defend this country against foreign agents while the Trumpy folks feel there's no problem playing footsie with Putin or whatever tyrant is at hand if it's convenient. Trump and his gang are traitors to this country and the scariest part is that they seem unconcerned or unaware that the ground they walk on is quicksand. Will the GOP sell out our country in the face of the facts?..seems so. Calling Mr. McCain...

  120. If a corporation can be a "person", an administration can be a "sociopathic liar".

    They are defined as:

    "someone who lies continuously in an attempt to get their own way, without showing care or concern for others. These individuals are goal-oriented. The lying is focused on getting their own way. They don’t have a respect or regard for the feelings and rights of others. They are charismatic and charming, but they use their social skills in a self-centered and manipulative manner."

    While certain individuals within this administration certainly fill the bill, my argument is that the administration as a whole is a sociopathic liar. Each element, each surrogate, each speech, press release, press conference, tweet, employee, explainer, defender, web site, cabinet member, nominee, etc en masse forms a "person" that is a sociopathic liar.

    This is just the latest in a list too exhaustive to appear here. Sean Spicer stated emphatically to the country that it was President Obama that OK'd Flynn, not Trump et al, all the while knowing that it was Obama who not only fired Flynn but who directly - one on one - warned Trump not to hire him - a fact Spicer only hoped would never come to light.

    Then it's Ooops. Never mind. That's our story. We're stickin' to it. So are all our talkin' heads out there. And we'll hang on until the next story comes along to lie about - won't be long. And this will just be one to add to that exhaustive list that nobody can remember all of.

  121. Where there's smoke there's fire, as the saying goes. Though interesting that now Clapper and Feinstein have said they have found no evidence of collusion...

  122. because the FBI's investigation is not complete.

  123. That is not what they said. They were not aware but that other agencies were investigating, i.e., jury is still out.

  124. Flynn was Obama's man and while Trump was warned, he hired him anyway for whatever reason Trump had. Does that make Flynn, a decorated soldier, a total stranger to Trump, a russian spy and does that make Trump a Putin stooge? Of course not. Obama had a lot of reasons to bash Flynn including the fact Flynn basked Obama for Obamas military strategy. If Trump had known flynn for years, I could see everyones concern, but Flynn and Trump had never met.

  125. A sensitive matter - Michael Flynn in the White House for 3 weeks as President Trump's National Security Advisor. President Barack Obama, in a conversation with President Trump two days after his election, warned President Trump that he had fired Michael Flynn from the Defense Intelligence Agency. Didn't matter diddly to President Trump that Flynn took money from the Russians for speeches in Moscow and that he demanded What was, is, the Trump Dossier? Instead, Trump blamed Obama for vouching for Flynn. More lies, calumny, mendacity against Obama. Michael Flynn is just one more reason to kick the45th President from here to eternity.

  126. Or........because of his connections to Russia.

  127. No word on Mrs Yates trashing of Cruz, the know it all bully from Texas.
    Good going Sally.
    He did not come back after his being beaten up.
    Bravo, again!

  128. Everyone insists that Mike Pense was lied to, and had no idea about Russian connections. BULL-ONEY! Pense is being protected because he will probably be the next president. But, why? HE is lying. He was part of that campaign, and although he may not have had contact with the Russians, he knew all about Flynn's, and others', contacts with Russians. He knew about their interference in the Democratic campaign. Mike Pense has no more business being president, than donald trump! Impeach them both!

  129. Trump's (and Spicer's) dodging on this is comical. Blaming Obama for his own lack of judgement is absolutely pathetic. Apparently Trump is never responsible for anything except poorly considered executive orders and half-baked legislative triumphs. How dumb does he think we are?
    It's too bad that stupidity is not an impeachable offense...he'd be out the door on multiple counts in a heartbeat. Alas, we're just going to have to wait for the underlying scandal and hapless, inevitable cover up to be exposed over (too much) time, denied defiantly and lamely by Trump et al at every turn. This is going to be painful and exhilarating to watch. But the outcome is not in doubt.

  130. Yates testimony and the many lies coming from the WH goes to show poor judgement. It was all about loyalty to Mr. Trump and not about integrity. Kudos to Yates for a job well done..

  131. Watch Trump Tweet his way out of this one. He'll call Yates a liar, Spicer will again blame the whole thing on Obama and then Trump will create an some kind of international fiasco to deflect attention. It's a pattern that we've seen already in his short administration and that will continue for four very long years.

  132. It must be the sudden deploymentvof 3000 troops to Afganistan this time, wait, they're going to bomb a ladybug in Syria....welll on eof those deception tactics, sad!

  133. We don't know how long the FBI investigation into the Trump/Russian alliance will take, or when any of the Congressional inquiries into the 2016 election will conclude. But I believe there is now sufficient reason to believe Trump committed an impeachable offence by allowing Michael Flynn to remain in office and handle national security matters for 18 days after learning he was compromised. If the House flips to the Democrats in 2018, they should proceed.

  134. Who cares if Flynn or anybody has, "ties with Russia"?
    Are we at war with them?
    Are we, or the media, or the Democrats seeking to have a war with them?
    Why would they be interested in "blackmailing" anyone? To what ends?

    This whole effort to demonize Russia seems to me to be politically motivated - basically starting from an effort to shift blame from the DNC for its shenanigans during the recent election. Once again, frantic Democrats are finding common ground with right-wing Republicans stuck in the 1950s.

    What is in it for the media to go along with this stupidity escapes me, but if I have to put my finger on it, I would have to say a search for sensationalism, a contempt for peace, and a lust for profit.

  135. The Russian manipulation of our election isn't enough for you?

  136. Perhaps you need to pay closer attention to Russian meddling around the world. Was the Cold War a war?

  137. Does it matter what Russia's intent is, or whether we are at war with them? Another nation attempted to interfere with our elections. No matter your political leanings, this should be enormously concerning, and the fact that Republicans are brushing it off is appalling.

    Trump himself described our elections as "sacred." Americans' belief in free and fair elections is at the heart of our democracy. If that is compromised, we are in serious trouble.

  138. The Flynn episode and 45's reactions and snide Twitter comments show one thing only, and it's a scary thing: 45 is clearly not up to the task of understanding the complexities of leading a government and a nation. He may not even have the intellectual heft or inclination to spend the time trying to understand the Flynn situation and its impact.

    Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates emerges as the bright light and strong, competent presence in this situation. She has proved her mettle. Let's hope that our nation's future includes important roles for Sally Yates.

  139. Trump didn't fire Flynn because he was acting on his behalf. Trump had no choice once the Washington Post story came out and he has publically defended him several times, Trump did however fire Sally Yates and attacked the media. Trump's public statements, and Tweets, would probably be enough to impeach him if it weren't for Republicans who control Congress. It was obvious they were in lock step, with the White House, at yesterday's Senate hearing!

  140. The crucial point is not that Trump was warned but that he needed to be warned (Flynn's unsuitability could not have been more obvious). Sadly, Trump's juvenile and illogical tweets yesterday demonstrate that he may have little understanding even now of what happened, let alone what he should have learned. The problem didn't leave with Gen. Flynn, just the symptom. However, people who comfort themselves with the idea Trump is learning "on the job" deserve some sympathy--it's just another form of "this can't be happening."

  141. Why did Trump hire Flynn? The two most obvious answers are -- the Russians made him do it using either financial or political pressure or Flynn had information on Trump that gave Trump little choice. Yes, there are many unknown facts that might answer the question in different ways. Right now, the answer points to treason. Does Congress care enough about the good of the public to explore treason?

  142. I watched the entire hearing and yes, I may be overly invested. But what struck me, apart from the testimony, was how little invested the Republicans seemed to be. Chair after chair on their side of the podium emptied as the hearing went on. Senator Ted Cruz had his photo op with his preposterous questions on emails and statutes regarding Attorney Generals. After being schooled by Ms. Yates, he disappeared, along with several others. I guess he needed to go plan our premature deaths on the Senate health care committee.
    My last sliver of hope is pinned on these various hearings. Keep at it, Democrats and free press. Democracy is hanging by a very slender thread.

  143. Since he has been fired, what do these hearings matter at all. More massive waste of time, and perhaps they had other hearings that they needed to be at.

  144. They seem to be rank and file on issues of no real importance or significance to the people. When it comes to following through on something big like health care and taxes, they fall flat. They are just all hot air. They over dramatize the political failures of their opponents and we get more of the same rhetoric. This is the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus. They will be the death of America, because not acting on anything at all is their best defense and the very best that they can do.

  145. Cruz's little finger is smarter than you

  146. Please keep in mind that Yates and Clapper have not said that there is no evidence of collusion. They have stuck to their guns and not corrupted the investigation by speaking about evidence. They have been extremely responsible and professional. The evidence will come to light. Patience, my Padawans.

  147. One thing I'm kind of surprised I'm hearing so little about is Yates's having been fired. In hindsight, isn't her firing some kind of evidence or a smoking gun were Trump is concerned? It seems to me he had her fired not because of incompetence or the more banal and usual excuse, that the president can pick his own people and they serve at his pleasure, but more because she was a threat and was closing in on Trump's corruption and malfeasance?

  148. What is really bizarre about the Trump Whitehouse, is the continued effort to blame President Obama for General Flynn and their own incompetence issues, and we have stumbling and bumbling Sean Spicer trotted out in front of the media to lie without shame.

    Sean Spicer sounds not only disingenuous, he's sounds stupid when he was asked the questions about Flynn yesterday, and deflecting to blame President Obama.

    What I want to know is why Donald Trump refused to listen to President Obama not to hire or trust Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor?

    Why did Donald Trump not listen to the multiple warnings about Michael Flynn being compromised by the Russians and lying about his contacts with the Russians, when Sally Yates informed them?

    Why did Donald Trump keep Michael Flynn on as the National Security Advisor, knowing of his being compromised by the Russians and still keep him on until it was made public, would he still be in the Whitehouse if this were not made public and public pressure did not force his hand?

    What my take away on this is that we have a President in Trump, despite all his self-proclamations as a great businessman, someone who is woefully incompetent and in way over his head in the Oval Office; and every time Trump tweets out his nonsensical accusations and prostrations of fake news or hoax stories, he not only sounds like a guilty man trying to hide something much larger, but he sounds like a Gold Plated Fool!

  149. It ain't over until the Fired National Security Advisor sings.

    And (believe me), he is indictable, so he will sing. Since he was willing to betray his country for $$$, he will most certainly be willing to betray his president. He's someone's Trump Card, slowing twisting in the wind, sorry for the mixed metaphor, while the Machiavellians in the back room parse their options.

    Is Flynn the Trump Card the Republicans will used to get to President Pence? Stay tuned. Those of us who lived through Watergate and Monica Lewinsky know there's always a back story. Power is vested, the powerful are moved only by vested interest. If Flynn is useful, he will be used.

  150. Think very carefully about what this situation tells us about the character of Mr. Trump: he doesn't take advice.
    It's bad enough that he did not heed the warnings of a number of high-level people regarding Flynn (who held a critical position), but what does this suggest about his leadership if/when something truly terrible or catastrophic happens?

  151. Trump & Co are trying to redirect attention to the leak of the Flynn info, but the fact remains that if the info hadn't been leaked, Flynn would still be national security adviser. Whoever leaked it is a hero.

  152. At least the hearing yesterday had some great entertainment value, when the junior Senator from Louisiana, Kennedy, asked Director Clapper if he ever leaked classified or unclassified material.

    Capper deadpanned that 'leaking unclassified material is not leaking's somewhat a non sequitur' to the laughter of the whole room.

    It seems that the gentleman from Louisiana needs to take a remedial course in logic before opening his mouth in public. On the other hand he only follows the example of the man sitting in the White House.

  153. Flynn worked for the Obama Administration for six years, and the Trump Administration for three weeks.

    Guess which President gets the bad press?

    The instant Sally Yates was given the reins of the DOJ, she turned the actions into an orgy of ideology, and abandoned honorably being a part of a government. (Actually not "turned" -- for eight years the AG office was a tool of the Democrat Campaign.)

  154. And now the AG is a tool of racism. Also, stop the selective outrage. Flynn was fired by Obama, so Trump has nowhere to hide.

  155. He worked in the military, then in NSA, and was fired as an incompetent and overbearing manager. Look up "Flynn facts". Yates was a career prosecutor who was enthusiastically confirmed when appointed and then did her job, including speaking truth to power, as she pointed out to Sen. Cornyn. Your own ideology is showing, and not in a good way.

  156. We seem to have two choices: stupidity or collusion.

  157. Sally Yates was dazzling. Handled those good ole boys like the pro she is. (PS, you're also gorgeous, in a mature, businesslike, charming way, with a twinkle in your eye). Go, Sally! And thank you Whitehouse, Blumenthal, Franken, Leahy, Clapper, for injecting sanity into public. I'd love to see Sally take on Trump, face-to-face, her verbal agility and decency vs. his incoherent craziness.

  158. I wish she would run for political office. She is poised, articulate, intelligent and thoroughly impressive in the way she cut Ted Cruz down at the knees.

  159. You and I think alike. I'd love for her to be Queen of the Universe. Made me proud to be female.

  160. Trump strongly implied on Twitter that she was the source of leaked information (with no proof, of course). He challenged the committee to ask her directly under oath if this is true. When Grassley did so, she couldn't have been firmer in her response that she was not. We've yet to see an apology from the Tweeter in Chief.

  161. The threads continue to unravel one by one.

    I am supremely doubtful this administration lasts the full 4 years without impeachment and a lot of people going to jail.

  162. This President is just one mid term election away from repeal and replace.

  163. So what do Americans make of all this? Trump calls it all fake news but an overall review of this administration can be described in one word; Incompetence. From unconstitutional immigration executive orders, to the failed attempt at repealing and replacing the ACA, to the dismal failure of the administration's understanding of Michael Flynn having lied and been compromised by the Russians, to the complete absence of any meaningful legislation having been written into law the only conclusion that can be drawn from this failure of governance is Trump and those in his close orbit are completely incompetent. Some of his surrogates activity could be criminal which will come out sooner or later in spite of White House obstruction. We haven't even gotten to the violations of the Logan Act or the emoluments clause with so many conflicts of interest or nepotism and the list keeps growing. Trump has no understanding of National Security and is only concerned with his image, his ratings and personal financial enrichment. That's it. In every area he is completely incompetent and without doubt, unfit to serve. We now live in a fact free environment since like a petulant child if he's not flattered by the media he immediately moves to his default position of everything being fake news. And the Republicans all look the other way since their agenda could be threatened if Trump were removed which should be the first order of business. Trump is a terrible mistake for the country.

  164. Whats unconstitutional about the immigration orders that the President clearly has authority over?

  165. There are no acceptable explainations for POTUS to
    keep Flynn in place. And there no excuse for the Senate to leave
    him in office. Time is of the essence.

  166. Note to Frank McNamara...

    Does it match the obvious obfuscation, distraction and general lack of interest that the Republicans are showing about the Russian interference in our electoral process?

    Messrs. Cornyn, Kennedy and Cruz chose to use their time to try to smack down the credibility and reputation of a public servant (Yates) who came prepared and "loaded for bear" . These fools were on a political mission yesterday and they could not care less about the biggest threat to our democracy since the Cold War. Yes, we need to find out about Trump's collusion or not but Russian interference has been proven...a select committee and independent prosecutor would prevent the politics but the Republicans are all about party and not country.

    The historical analogy for your party is Nero and Rome...they are fiddling while our democracy is being undermined....Stop the politics and focus on what is important!!!


    Flynn has been a persistent headache for Mr. Trump. He retroactively registered as a foreign lobbyist and failed to disclose Russian contacts, resurrecting questions about the administration’s close ties to Russia. The F.B.I. is

    SO HEY - IF I go in my bank witha mask and a gun have the teller give me some money, but get caught walkking to my car.

    I can JUST RETROACTIVELY Apply for a loan !!!

  168. Perhaps Flynn was Trumps go between with Putin. Maybe it is Rex Tillerson , who never met Trump before being offered the job. But Putin met him , I guess this is friends in high places. When does someone use the T word? Treason should be a word always mentioned in the same sentence as Trump.

  169. Finally someone with integrity in government. Oh, right she's the former AG.

  170. I hope Hillary brings a gaggle of press and photojournalists with her while she pays Flynn's bail. Then I hope that, as he leaves the jail after she has paid his bail, that she hands him a cupcake - made by Trump's Mar-a-Lago chocolate cake baker - with a nail file in it.

  171. So, they fired him. This isn't news, This is just dredging up old mistakes.

  172. In addition to his Russian ties, Flynn is now admitted that he was an agent for a foreign government while serving on he Trump campaign. Another first for our "President". And these mistakes are not so old. It only feels like its been a lifetime.

  173. Oh, it's news. In fact, Trump is increasing its significance by claiming that it's not true. He should never have trusted or appointed Flynn to any positions, and now we know that he was directly warned about it. We have now concretely verified Trump's horrible judgement and temperament yet again.

  174. The Republicans in Congress need to do something about Trump. This falls on them. Trump is compromised on so many levels -- foreign policy, domestic policy, tax policy -- and they know it.

    The Bible to which Republicans profess to subscribe says a man cannot serve two masters. But Trump serves two -- his business interests and his elected office -- and evidence suggests possibly a third, Vladimir Putin.

    The citizens of the United States deserve a president who serves only them.

  175. Are we or are we not talking about treason? If we are talking about ties with Russia that compromise the present administration, and which led to that administration holding office, then where is the oversight? This isn't improper use of an email server! It is truly horrifying to see our branches of government eroded so quickly, all of whom are madly using laws when they are momentarily to their advantage, and discarding them when not. The entire country is being shorted by a bunch of grifters, and it is the American people--us--who will have to pick up the tab. America First? Remember your Samuel Johnson: "Patriotism is the last resort of scoundrels."

  176. Agree with your comment. Dr. Johnson said "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." The context makes clear he meant that the word "patriotism" was used by scoundrels to defend the indefensible. Thanks for reminding me of this. "Make America Great Again" really means "Make the Trumps and Kushners Even Richer."

  177. 1- trump is unfit to be POTUS. Something known before the election.

    2- As each scandal unfolds, and there will be many more, refer to item one.

  178. Are you kidding,..he was HIRED because of his ties to the Kremlin.

    His references were Russian.

  179. Trump is loyal. His supporters will see this like Reagan when he went to Bitburg.

  180. Sally Yates demonstrated the probity, honesty, and adherence to the rules that mark dedicated civil servants - ones who keep government operating as intended.

    This venal administration and their self serving appointees exhibit no concern for the country or citizen's interests beyond their own.

    I don't expect that Flynn damaged the US directly - he was caught - but the damage being done by Trump and his advisors - through their actions and their lies - will cement distrust in government if this is allowed to continue.

    Trump cannot be allowed to serve a full four years, and the Republicans who bow before him, or use him for cover, have to be called to account. They are turning the White House into Tammany Hall or the Teapot Dome scandal, selling off our future for their gain.

  181. If so when they disagree with their new bosses they should quit or be fired. I did not agree with policies of my management but did my job or would have left.

  182. Just imagine how true what your imagination cooked up would be if the Clinton Foundation was in power in the WH. It and its principals did enough damage when it was entrenched in the State Department.

  183. @Cheryl: Watching Yates and Clapper restored my faith that there are competent, intelligent, articulate people in our government. Or at least there will be once the Democrats return to power.

  184. why didnt obama fire him

  185. President Obama fired him in 2014. That is clearly stated in the article.

  186. He did.

  187. Read the article!! It clearly states Obama fired him.

  188. Republicans always act like a bunch of kids when they get elected. I wish that they would just take their ball and go home already.

  189. I always cheer when someone has wasTED Cruz for lunch. You go, Sally Yates!

  190. So why didn't the prior administration yank his security clearance?

  191. They didn't have to, it was revoked when he was fired by Obama.

  192. At the time his security clearance was renewed, Flynn hadn't lied to anyone about his connections with Russians.

  193. Unlike France, we are stuck with the loser of the popular vote.

  194. I enjoyed Sally Yates putting grandstanding Ted Cruz in his proper place.

  195. Sorry, this seems as clear as a flashing-light billboard. Russia wanted Flynn and Trump complied. There are far too many connections to ignore.

  196. and Manafort (to help with the Ukrainian situation) as campaign manager and rewriter of the Republican platform, AND Sessions, so he guard against any of them getting caught, AND Tillerson, to get Exxon's money for drilling in the Artic, when we withdraw our regulations and protections for the environment, AS WELL AS Trump as president, because he is easily swayed with money and status (Just call him a genius for pete's sake). I am sure there are others I haven't listed.

  197. What's the problem? It's just another thing Trump can blame Obama for, since he always "knows more then anybody".

  198. As Sen Franken said yesterday (not paraphrasing). How could Trump think Flynn was doing anything wrong when EVERYONE in the administration, including all the Trumps, had/have Russian ties and do every imaginable to hide them. About the only time Trump wasn't a hypocrite.