Blocked by China, Taiwan Presses to Join U.N. Agency’s Meeting

Taiwan’s president and ministers want the self-ruled island to have observer status at the World Health Assembly’s annual meeting in Geneva.

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  1. The Republic of China on Taiwan lost its UN membership in 197l, when it was replaced as China's representative to that body by the People's Republic of China. The U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Taipei and recognized Beijing in 1979. UN membership and diplomatic recognition of one country by another are two different matters.
    Sarah-Ann Smith, Ph.D.
    China specialist and former U.S. diplomat

  2. The PRC’s response to ROC’s efforts to gain recognition in International Organizations is easy enough to understand. If enough participation is allowed the question of Sovereignty at some point must hang in the air. Taiwan should keep applying and China will keep resisting. No surprises; as Trump’s acceptance of Tsai’s call rose for a period.

  3. I am sympathetic to the people of Taiwan for wanting a voice on international stages and control their own destiny. However, I cannot find myself outraged by the behavior of the Chinese government. After all this is how the game is played by the world powers. In fact, every time Palestinian authority wanted to take part in any international organization, Israeli and US governments always oppose. The Chinese may oppose to Taiwan's participation in the WHO but it has not occupied the island yet.

  4. International party crusher! You will not get in unfortunately.

  5. I can feel the burning desire to see China fractured in this article. Really? Look at your own "president" before meddling in other people's business!

  6. What does our President have to do with the fact that the citizens of Taiwan have chosen not to come under the dominion of the PRC ? Just who is " meddling " with whom ? The citizens of the ROC do not want to be governed by the PRC - - -not now , not ever . No one who has chosen their leaders through free , public elections will ever submit to a non- elected central authority . Cannot you accept this FACT and allow them to determine their own destiny ?

    You must be a citizen of the PRC studying at UC Berkeley , so I understand that the notion of self - determination and self - governance is " not in your DNA " , as we say . Just try for an hour or so to think it through from the perspective of the average citizen born and raised in Taiwan . He / she does not want to be part of the PRC , and there is no way that your government can arm twist or sweet talk them into wanting to join you . Just accept it .

  7. Why do not you think about it through the perspective of citizen born in China?

  8. 'I understand that the notion of self - determination and self - governance is " not in your DNA " , as we say' Thank you for injecting your racism into the conversation.

    The Taiwan issue is more complicated than merely an issue of self determination. Every civil war is potentially a war for so called self determination. The Republic of China to this day claims a border far larger than the People's Republic of China does which includes all of Mongolia, parts of Russia, parts of India and Afghanistan. But because it can not possibly hope to assert sovereignty over this claim it presents itself as a victim of mainland aggression to the world. Were the Chinese Nationalists concerned about self determination of the native Taiwanese when they invaded Taiwan after losing a civil war?

  9. If we are to judge the legitimacy of Taiwan's sovereignty , we must apply the principle we hold so dear - - - namely the democratic right of self - determination by the majority . The citizens of Taiwan have never been a part of Communist ruled People's Republic of China , nor do they want to be now or in the future . The PRC has only existed as a nation for a mere 70 years . Why should it be entitled to rule a citizenry that has never been under its dominion ?

    Taiwan is an independent country no matter how many organizations have succumbed to the PRC's bullying by excluding its participation in various organizations . The mere fact that China can only bring Taiwan under its control by brute military force says it all , does it not ? !

  10. You opinion of fairness carries little weight with Chinese or American policy makers. America signed onto the One China policy for many reasons at the time no doubt, but today there was relief around the world that Pres. Trump backed down from his questioning early on. For the PRC this is a non-negotiable position of utmost intensity, any attempt to bridge it will lead to war.
    There may well be some time in the future where the two parties come to a different agreement, but that is their matter, not America’s unless the desire is war. Not a good idea.

  11. No, it does not. Chinese mainland has not used brute military force to bring Taiwan under its control yet.

    President Trump did order a cruise missile strike against Syria, a sovereign nation. We are not letting them self-determine, are we? Why do you think you have more say about those Chinese affair than Chinese themselves?

    Time to get off your high horse and stop contradicting yourself.

  12. The so-called one-China is actually in the ROC (aka Taiwan) constitution, which
    is openly ignored by the president of ROC. As all those organizations Taiwan
    wants to participate are under UN, and so UN rules have to apply.

  13. The Communist Party leadership in Beijing would likely respond immediately--and quite forcefully--to any attempt by political leaders in Taiwan to amend the constitution used by the island's government in a way that removed the reference to "one China".

    In other words, the UN must comply because of rules that the Communist Party of China itself wants in place in order to reinforce its claim of sovereignty over a place where it has never exercised control--not during the entire existence of the People's Republic of China.

    What is at issue here is an unresolved civil war that the CPC is forcing everyone to see as having been resolved--in its favour.

    To keep such a consequential part of the world on the outs is, to say the least, a deeply unethical way to behave.

  14. Yes, the Chinese Civil War has not resolved. Therefore, the fact that Taiwan is Chinese territory has not changed. Both sides fought to represent "China", which at the time of the start of civil war include both Mainland China and Taiwan. The unresolved status of Chinese Civil War does not change territory of "China", therefore PRC claim to sovereignty over Taiwan or ROC's continued claim to sovereignty over mainland China (at least officially) are valid. If ROC government want to become "independent", breaking off from China permanently, a formal treaty between PRC and ROC is the only way to do it. As independence for Taiwan would officially changed what constitute "China", shouldn't all Chinese people, including those on Mainland, have a say? If self-determination only requires people in a region to vote and not the whole country, why did North fought to keep South from succeeding in American Civil War? or Why British parliament had to approve before there was a referendum on Scottish independence?