What’s Going On in This Picture? | May 8, 2017

Look closely at this image, stripped of its caption, and join the moderated conversation about what you and other students see.

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  1. In this photo I see an old boat suspended on top of the water by some sort of netting in between two platforms. The platforms are also connected to the net and are build with a lot of machinery. Since the boat is deteriorating, losing color, and on its side, I believe that the the two platforms are some sort of recovery device and lifted the boat from the bottom of the sea. This could be for scienctific purposes, like to study how fast organisms will inhabit a nonliving article, or to understand why this boat sank, or it could be for a museum if this was a famous boat.

  2. Good observations. I did not think about the scientific experiments that they will do with the ship, but that sounds pretty accurate.

  3. Good morning, @Esther Joy, I appreciate your careful looking and willingness to propose a few ideas to explain why the boat is being recovered. Can you offer an idea about which conjecture you favor the most and why?

  4. I think that they are most likely to be recovering this boat to find out why it sank because if they were using it to find organisms they could have used a smaller object and if they wanted this boat in a museum the could had a replica made.

  5. I see a bird's eye view of a boat being lifted from the water. This boat looks old, as the paint on it is fading. Maybe it has been underwater for a long time. The boat is suspended on the water by wires connected to two piers. Wires are connected to a lot of machinery, so the boat must be unusually heavy. The sign on the left pier says "Shanghai Salvage", so obviously this must take place in Shanghai. They are probably salvaging the boat in order to conduct research on it. I don't think that they are conducting a rescue, because the boat looks too worn and damaged for anyone to have survived.

  6. In this photo there is a boat that seems to have been sunk. This capsized boat seems to have been the way it is for quite a while due to the grim and rust that has built up on the side of the boat. There are also docks that I believe have been put in next to this boat. These may have been put there to help the rescue mission of those that were on this sinking boat, or they may have been put there more recently. I am unable to tell when they were put in, but if they were put in recently, they may be there to help stabilize the boat to keep it from drifting off into the sea. This ship must have capsized in a foreign country due to the foreign language on the signs.

  7. Why do you think that they are recovering the boat?

  8. 1. I barely have a clue what is going on in this picture.
    2. They'res two big boat things in the ocean and
    3. It looks like a ship is going down in the middlle, between the two.

  9. @Ashley, even though this picture is confusing to you, it's good that you made an observation and a conjecture. What do you see that makes you think the ship is sinking?

  10. in this photo it seems like a boat was hidden and the other two boats pulled it out from where ever it was stuck they are going to do a research and also go through it and see what can they find.

  11. @Luis, thanks for looking and commenting. What do you see that makes you think this is a salvage operation?

  12. It looks like there are two barges that are holding up a sunken ship. I say this because an old ship is being brought up and held up from sinking back down in to the sea. The ship also looks pretty old.

  13. In this picture, it looks like something was taken apart. I see cords and electrical stuff that makes me say that.

  14. Thanks for responding, Appie P. You and many others think this is some kind of electrical/computer device that is taken apart. Many other people think it has something to do with a boat being salvaged. Look again and see what you think of their idea. What other evidence can you offer for your interpretation?

  15. In this picture, I see two large platforms in the water. There is a net attached to both platforms, and it is raising what looks like a sunken boat. The boat is covered in dirt and algae, and the boat is rotting, so I can assume that the boat has been underwater for a long time. The platforms have posters on the front, with foreign words or an acronym written on them. The platforms have lots of machinery on them, as well as many workers. In conclusion, I see a sunken ship being rescued.

  16. Nice observations about the boat rotting!

  17. In this picture it looks like people are lifting a sunken boat out of the water. They have 2 barges to drag the boat to land. There are many people working to get this done.

  18. In this picture it looks like a boat has capsized. It looks this way because it is tipped over. The other platforms look like docks, they couldve been put there to rescue the capsized boat. I also see some kind of signs on the docks.

  19. There are two water platforms working to save a sunk ship. I say this because I can see what looks like cables connected to the ship, as if trying to pull it out of the ocean. I can also see two yellow "ropes" surrounding the ship, im guessing that their there to prevent any wildlife from getting in the way. I also see people working around it so it is active and not abandoned.

  20. i think it is a ships electric circuit for a ship that the countries ocean floor

  21. @keith joseph, can you let us know what you see that makes you say it's "electric circuit" that you see?

  22. There isn't really much in this picture. But I would say this is a boat that has been sunken for quite a long time. There's a net and a few wires connected to this boat and the two platforms are the making the think they were going to push those together when the boat is lifted up. The color of the boat is detouring and also there's rust on the boat.

  23. 1.it looks like they are trying to pull a ship that sank out of the water.
    2.i say this because the ship looks dirty like it had dirt on it for a long time and there are wires or ropes on the ship connecting it to the other two boats.
    3. i also see that there are white banners on the two boats and yellow ropes connecting them on each end of the ship

  24. There is a boat that is being brought up by some sort of cranes in the water. There is a capsized boat with two rectangular platforms that seem to be pulling and holding it up out of the water. There is ocean surrounding it and the picture is taken from the sky.

  25. @Mac Rich, it's interesting that you've considered the point of view of the photographer.

  26. It looks like a a machine(s) is picking up a boat from underwater, presumably old or abandoned.I see strings or ropes attached to the boat and it looks like an above or areal view because a camera is up that high showing it's significance.

  27. In this picture I sea boat that was sunk and now is being brought up by some sort of machine. The picture was taken in the sky rather than down low.

  28. @Bj, you and others have noticed the high perspective of this picture. Can you make a conjecture about how this picture was taken?

  29. In this picture I see a boat that is sideways and looks like it is being lifted from the water. The boat looks kind of old with a lot of rust. It appears to have been under water for a long period of time.

  30. What do you think the two large platforms are?

  31. There seems to be a sunken boat being pulled out from the ocean. You can see ropes attached to the boat. This also seems to be from a foreign country because of the language on the signs. The boat seemed to have sunk a while ago because it is rusty and broken.

  32. In this picture i see a hard drive that looks like it was open in half you can see all the lines and buttons and wires.There is also this tab on the top corner and the middle i really can't understand the writing that much but one i think say coes or cues i'm not really sure but the other one i have no idea.It looks like like its on top of water and theirs some type of ink oli looking thing around one of the hard drive.

  33. In this picture, it looks like this is 2 ships in the water. One is old and probably have sunken, and the other is new helping the sunken ship back up. It looks like the old ship has been broken down for awhile due to the rust and flim on it. There is a side of a boat in between the two cargo ships. Or it could be a type of dock in the middle of the boats. There is some type of posters on the boats with different sayings but I can't really see what it says.

  34. In this picture there are two barges with lots of equipment on them. In between the two boats there is a huge sunken ship that has been brought to the surface by the barges. They could be getting the boat to search it and find any treasure that may be on it. Or it could be a historically significant boat that they are trying to search for historical clues.

  35. In this picture there seems to be a sunken ship and they are trying to bring it out of the water. I say this because there is a old boat that have metal cords holding the ship.

  36. This photo is taken at an areal view of a ship on its side and two big "boats" on the side of the ship. There seems to be oil coming out from the back part of the ship but the ship also looks very old and abandoned. I don't think there are people on any of the items pictured but there is a possibility that there could be some people scuba-diving. There are also signs on each of the "boats" that are on the side of the sunken one; the signs are in Chinese.

  37. What I see in the picture is a boat that is getting lifted out of the water. And the boat was capsized and the people are lifting the boat out of the water and they will put it on the barge.

  38. In this picture there is two floating platforms side by side with what looks like is a sunken ship between them. This picture was taken from above by a helicopter perhaps. The platforms both have different signs with what looks like two different languages. The two sides seem to be working together to get the ship but they might be arguing as to which country or side gets the ship. There is a dark liquid in the water surrounding them.

  39. In the photo there seems to be a damaged sunken ship. The boat is lifted sideways and beside the ship there is two plat forms that are helping the ship rise out of the water. On both of the platforms, it is tied with the sunken ship and their are people in uniform and are working to lift the ship out of the water.

  40. In this photo it looks as if there are two planks holding the ship up from sinking. I looks like the help is getting the people and the cargo off the ship. The ships looks like its been under water for a while and there just now getting it from the ocean.

  41. In this picture it looks like there was a sinking boat, and is now being brought up. The boat is a medium sized boat, and looks like an old boat. I think this because its dirty, and the back of the boat is missing half of its pieces. This could be somewhere in Japan because the words on the flag is in Japanese.

  42. whats seems to be going on in this picture is some sort o boats are helping recover a sunken boat. both ships are flats and very big. they have many colors on the and two banners that say something i cant see. the ships are also sraying water from the corners.

  43. I see two docks and a boat between them with strings on the boat. The right dock has a banner that says coes and thats some military group I think . the picture was taking by water and the left and right boat at the end of the boat has water flowing out

  44. In this picture, it looks like there are two barges, that carry cargo, but in this picture these to barges are moving what seems to be a sunken ship and the are moving it to its destination. What I see that makes me say that is the things attaching the sideways boat to the barges. What I can also find is what looks like banners in the back of the barges, I can't tell what they say but they might have some purpose towards the barges.

  45. IN this picture you can see a ship that has been sunk and i guess the other two things next to it are trying to get it out. In this picture you can see that there is a lot of wires or white lines going toward the boat.

  46. Looks like 2 tug boats tailing out a boat that they probably ran into.The sunken ship looks old being brought up to shore from the sea its maybe worth something to them.

  47. The ballast blasts indicate the two rusty barges, attached to the sunken ship, are moving away from the aerial photographer. We say this because the ballast blasts are always at the back of a moving vessel. The belly of the sunken water vessel is easily seen because of its bright blue color. The belly also shows signs of scratching that evidently took place on ledges or the bottom of the ocean.

  48. A found ship in the ocean in china. looks to be a passage ship not a supplies ship. the boat doesn't look to be that old and not too big for a ship.

  49. it looks like they took something apart and you can see whats in between.

  50. @Vanessa Lopez, thanks for looking at the picture this morning. Please let us know what you see that supports your conjecture.

  51. they found a ship that probably broke down in the middle of the ocean or something .

  52. @Areli, thanks for your comment. Please look back at the picture and let us know what you see that makes you say the ship broke down in the middle of the ocean?

  53. It looks like oil coming out of a ship in China. We can tell this because the flag on the left ship says Shanghai Salvage and Shanghai is in China.

  54. @Mr. Weeks' 7th Grade, thanks for commenting this morning. Can you look again and consider any other interpretations for what's going on here?

  55. We are wondering why they are trying bring this ship up out of the ocean...

  56. It looks like a ship that's being drained out ,so it can be removed easier and not cause damage to the environment.

  57. @German Mar, can you explain what you see that suggests that water is being removed from the ship?

  58. Our advisory thinks this is a picture of two tugboats trying to pull up an old historical boat in Shanghai. We also thought it could be two motherboards from computers but the spraying water and the waves and the people we noticed made us decide it was two boats.

  59. @Ms Brabs Fabs Middle School Advisory, thanks for responding to the picture this morning and showing us your train of thought in figuring out this picture. Wondering what you see that makes you say this takes place in Shanghai?

  60. Good Morning, WGOITP? Community, so glad you could join us this morning. I look forward to reading your comments. Remember to look carefully at the picture and ask yourself for evidence to back up your assertions. It's compelling to comment on other people's posts--helps us all gain more insight into the picture.

  61. As a class we see a sign that says Shanghai Salvage, therefore we conclude that this is taking place somewhere in China. We also see two barges tugging the wreckage of a ship somewhere. We know the barges are transporting the ship somewhere because there are many ropes attaching the wreckage to the barges. There are also yellow barriers on either end of the barges connecting them. We believe this is to keep the wreckage from sinking or floating away. The ship is very rusty and missing its stern, suggesting it is very old or a disaster of some sort occurred. We see workers wearing red uniforms and white hard hats. They seem to be watching to make sure the wreckage is secure. We are not sure whether the wreckage is close to shore or the dark splotches are oil leaking from the wreckage. Finally, we see another sign that says COES. We looked up possible meanings for this and came up with the following:
    1. College of Engineering and Science
    2. Centres of Excellence - Ocean Science

    If we look at number 2, then there is a possibility that the reason this wreckage is being moved is to protect the ocean oil leaking out of the shipwreck.

    A lot of possibilities here. It will be interesting to read what other individuals came up with.

  62. @ND Life SKills, you've done an excellent job at careful observation, noting many details. You have used these details to justify your idea of a salvage operation. It makes it more interesting for all of us that you've dug deeper to find an interpretation for the logo/lettering. Thanks for your additions to today's discussion.

  63. There's like 2 tugboats with alot of things on top of it and i think they are trying to pull up on an old boat

  64. I see two big boats pulling another boat out of the water. I know that because the boat has wires or ropes attached to it. I also think it is in China because of the words on the left boat and under the letters it says shanghai salvage.

  65. in the picture there is a boat being pulled out from the water by two platforms you can tell because there is tons of wires all over the sunken ship it looks like the picture was taken from above

  66. It look like the picture was taken in a helicopter. There was a bad accident that just happened. It looks like the ship was landed and the dock fell apart and the ship fell into the water

  67. @Kyra, thanks for responding this morning. I'm wondering what makes you think this accident just happened?

  68. @TTH believes the two items on each side are piers. @Vanessa Lopez thinks the two objects represent something cut in half. @Jordan has suggested they might be barges. Lots of conjecture and supporting evidence. Keep looking. Remember to consider other people’s ideas and respond to their posts.

  69. In this picture it looks like a sunken ship is being pulled up and out of the water. This is because there are wires and strings connected to the boat and two other boats surrounding the sunken ship. This most likely takes place in China because of the Chinese words on a poster on one of the boats. It also looks like in the picture the wires are either taking electricity or providing electricity to the boat. This is what I believe is going on in this image.

  70. The picture takes place in Shanghai, China. And is like a mini boat of transportation, maybe an engineering boat because you can see people in the boat and they look like the are engineers or they're trying to rescue a boat, and the boat is in the middle of the 2 boats and has a lot of cables on it.

  71. What makes you say it was taken in Shanghai?

  72. i think the boats are trying to pull out a boat that the boat sink because you can see the two other boat next to the boat that was sink, And you can see in the boat the was sink that have ropes tied to the other boat. And i think this photo takes or took place in Shanghai, China because firstly the boat of the left have a flag that have words in Chinese and in the bottom says: Shanghai salvage and Shanghai it a city or a place of China

  73. In this picture there appears to be a large machine lifting a broken boat out of the water. The boat looks old and rusty. I think this boat was a sunken ship, and this machine is being used to retrieve it.

  74. It looks like it's from China because of the flag on the left boat and the signs. It looks like there trying to take an old boat we can tell because of the wires and oil is coming out.

  75. I think is is an old phone that someone is taking apart becuase it looks like a phone i know this becuase my dad let me break open his old phone

  76. I disagree with that. Because phones can't be that big and they aren't even close to being that big.

  77. It looks like this picture was taken from a helicopter. It looks like there is a boat in the middle of 2 platforms. The platforms look like it could be a dock, or like a generator of some sort. Or the boat could be getting pulled out of the water, and onto shore.

  78. I think people could be trying to remove a shipwreck from the water to put in a museum or something like that. The ship looks like it had been underwater for a good amount of time, and, you can just barely see ropes connecting the ship to the two things to it's left and right which could be whats pulling it

  79. This picture appears to be a picture of a machine trying to lift up a boat that has fallen over. Those lines could be trying to pull the boat right-side up.

  80. or maybe pulling it upside down the world is crazy these days huh

  81. I see two fairly large boats pulling another boat out of the water. I know that because the boat has wires or ropes attached on to it.

  82. this looks very similar to the costa concordia, which was a passenger ship which similar to the titanic had its hull breached below the water line and it ended up going on its side, the ship was only recently raised, and the barges appear to be attached to the many hydraulic pulleys that where used to raise it off the small plateu under water and upright it

  83. this seems to be the inside of a phone or computer. It seems to have suffered going through a fire because I see things that look like burns. I think it may be the insideof a computer that a terrorist used as a bomb. I think this because people going in and out of certain countries and either going or coming from the USA cannot bring computers or any larger electronics because it is possible to hide bombs in them

  84. I thinnk it is a device that they are taking apart to examine it or see home the maker put it together. I can see a piece of metal in the middle of the 2 pieces. I know it is a device because i can see wires from and to different objects. So i think it is a device that somebody is looking at to see how it was made.

  85. This looks like a bird's eye picture of an old boat getting pulled out of the water. I think this is true because I see two big boats with lots of ropes connected to the boats. This boat looks old because it is very brown and chipped up

  86. It looks like the picture was taken by a helicopter or a drone. It looks like a boat had a bad accident. The boat has flipped on it's side into the water. It looks like the boat has been there for awhile based on the color of the side of the boat. Two platforms are trying to pull the ship so it's not on it's side.

  87. I think that this boat sank long ago because of how the boat looks and that it is getting pulled out because either in the way or it's just an exploration.

  88. I think that they are two platforms trying to pull up the wreckage of a ship. The ship must have sunk a long time ago, because it looks rusty and a bit beat up. The people may be trying to save it because it might have some important thing in it. The reason the two platforms are connected is because they don't want to float away from each other as they work together to lift up the boat.

  89. And is like a mini boat of transportation, maybe an engineering boat because you can see people in the boat and they look like the are engineers or they're trying to get a old sunken ship out the water and they got the cables to stop the oil.

  90. In this picture it looks like it was taken by a helicopter, There had to of been a accident with this ship because it is on it's side and it might sink soon. It looks like the ship is gonna get pulled out of the water from the two big docks.

  91. This looks like two boats that are pulling an old boat that they discovered underwater.

  92. @Azalea, thanks for presenting your idea. Please look back and give some supporting evidence for your ideas.

  93. I think is might some sort of transportation dock because you can see the boat in the middle and it looks like the big docks are taking it somewhere because it looks like there is some sort of workers on there

  94. I think this ship had some type of accident, and ended up underwater, I am not sure what the machines are on each side but considering the ship has to be extremely heavy they are probably using the machines to bring it back up to the surface. There is a lot of scratches all over the bottom of the water vessel, that could mean that it was at the bottom of the the ocean.

  95. In the picture it looks like there was a ship crash or something. I see that there are two other boats that are helping the ship get out of the water. On the boats it looks like there are some sort of word on the boats. They are in a different language so I think that they are not from America.

  96. William - It looks like a cruise ship that sank, is being pulled up by two other big ships.
    DJ - Oil spill
    Zane - It looks like a computer chip.

  97. @ Shumway's Class, thanks for responding. Please look back at the picture and provide evidence for your individual conjectures

  98. It looks like they are trying to get something from out of the water like and old boat and there using both boats to help get it out. It looks like there over seas like not because there in the sea but because the boats and it looks kind of a like a cumputer chip

  99. So, @Mia V.M. you see two interpretations for this picture--rescue of an old boat and a computer chip. Please let us know which interpretation you favor and what you see that makes you say that. Thanks for taking another look.

  100. I think these are two salvage ships from china because the ship on the left of the picture is one of China's rescue and salvage called Shanghai salvage. It's pretty obvious they are pulling up a ship for salvage, no writing on the sides so you don't know the name of the ship however it somewhat looks like the construction of the Titanic. There is also an oil spill and they have nets on both sides of the boats. Maybe to catch any floating debris?

  101. @Olivia F, thanks for considering this image this morning. You've made observations, inferences, and asked yourself questions. Great! I'm wondering why you used the term, "obviously," to explain what is happening? @Emmie Mayson thinks the two barges may be sinking the middle ship to make an artificial coral reef. Can you look back and be more specific about what you see that makes your interpretation obvious.

  102. These look like two large barriers attached to a ship, out of the image, that are preventing a capsized boat from floating away. This is probably not in the U.S. or North America, because the letters on the barriers are in a different language. The capsized boat has also spilled oil, which is why there are yellow barriers surrounding the boat.

  103. It is interesting that you noted the use of the yellow barriers to stop the oil from spreading. Is the oil a reason they are pulling the ship out?

  104. In this picture I see an old, wrecked boat and two things on the side that look like they might be floating piers or another type of like aircraft carrier boat. The banner on the left says Shanghai on it so therefore we can tell that this takes place in China. There are people in orange which might be workers trying to get the boat out of the water.

  105. Great observation! I did not notice the Chinese writing.

  106. it looks like 2 boats probably used for cargo because of the wide space, and it loos like they are trying to help, or study the flipped over boat in the middle.

  107. this picture looks like it was taken from a really high point of view, probably like a helicopter. it looks like the ship has had a terrible accident and it has flipped over to the other side. and these two docks are trying to help this boat flip over to the other side. and keep it from drowning.

  108. I think the boat is on its side because the other two boats are trying to get it out of the water. Also the boat doesn't seem to be destroyed like what an accident would do to it, it just seems old. What to you makes it seem like a terrible accident happened to it?

  109. There seem to be two prevailing interpretations of this picture so far this morning. @Aracely M suggests that this is a hard drive that has been opened so that you can see both halves, and @keith joseph considers it a representation of an electric circuit. @Clayton S. among others believes there are two platforms or barges being used to raise a ship. Be sure you’re including evidence for your assertions.

  110. Because of the writing on the blue banners, I believe this is in China. The two ships appear to be towing in a sunken ship from where it had sunk.

  111. I like your use of the posters and relating it to the language on it, but I do nt believe that it is Chinese on there; on the contrary, I think that it might be english because the poster on the right looks like it might read "goes". But, that is what I see.

  112. I believe that 2 barges are pulling in a broken or destroyed ship from sea. The ship appears to have sunken. This is taking place in China due to the Chinese writing on the signs on the barges. The barges have come from two different companies, and each is represented by the sign on the barge. I can see the signs, which clearly indicated the Chinese writing. I can also see the ship in the middle of the two barges. The ship appears to be broken and dirty. It is faced sideways, which tells me that it cannot stand up straight. I can find a lot of different equipment on the different barges.

  113. Did not notice the two different signs.. Maybe they are working together to bring the boat up?

  114. This picture takes place in China and I think a wreck or something may have happened

  115. @jilyssa coffee-jackson, thanks for responding to the picture. Can you be more specific about, "or something," happening. Also wondering what you see that makes you think this is happening in China.

  116. I believe that this picture us of a sunken ship being pulled or rescued from the water. I, along with most comments, am saying that it takes place in China due to the Chinese writing on the barges.

  117. @Marie Rose, thanks for looking at the comments of other respondents.

  118. They are pulling up a sunken ship from the ocean. It could be an older ship with artifacts in it or maybe humans are realizing they can't leave their stuff laying around. There are wires or ropes attached to it, but this could also mean they are sinking it. This could be to create a reef or pollute the ocean. Who knows these days right?

  119. I really enjoyed your thoughts that are written down. I agree that humans should not leave their stuff lying around, but do you really believe that they would really sink this ship to pollute the ocean?

  120. They are sinking a ship to make an artificial reef because that has become a somewhat common practice and reefs need to be rebuilt.

  121. @Emmie Mayson, thanks for commenting. Many people interpret this picture as a salvage operation--bringing a ship up from the bottom. What do you see in the picture that could convince other people that your idea explains the picture more clearly?

  122. That is very interesting idea, and I really enjoyed the thoughts behind it. How do you think this ship will effect the building of a reef? Do you believe it will help, or hurt?

  123. @Julie AOSE, thanks for taking the time to respond to @Emmie Mayson.

  124. They are bringing a sunken ship up that has been sunken because there are two barges next to it.

  125. Thanks for commenting Will Breland. @ Emmie Mayson thinks the two barges are lowering a ship to make an artificial reef. What do you see in the picture that could convince her of your idea that the barges are bringing up a ship?

  126. The two barges are trying to move a sunken ship. The ship is spilling out oil and it's getting into the ocean. It is probably in China because of the Chinese writing on one of the barges, maybe in Shanghai. The ship looks old and possibly broken. They are trying to get it out of the water because they want to salvage the parts since it is a salvage company. They also might want to research what happened.

  127. I didn't notice the Chinese writing what do you think it says?

  128. @Emmie Mason thinks that the barges may be sinking a ship to create an artificial coral reef, while @ Will Breland thinks the barges could be bringing up a ship. As you consider these two ideas, what do you think? What evidence could you find to support either hypothesis?

  129. It a crash of an ship, and now they are retrieving what´s left.

  130. @ASNC, what do you see that makes you say it was a crash?

  131. I do agree that it is some sort of sunken ship, but what gave you the idea that it was a crashed ship?

  132. I'd like to encourage you all to consider the picture, look at the comments of other people, and then respond with your own comment. There is a "Reply" button for you to give feedback to other people. Your interaction with others creates a deeper discussion, and affords you a chance to encourage or challenge the thinking of your peers.

  133. This picture is a bird's eye view of what appears to be a ship on water. The ship looks old and it is turned on its side. On the sides next to the ship there are two docks, and it looks like there are ropes or lines of some sort that are attached to the boat. Maybe the ropes will be used to help pull the boat upright so it can be fixed and restored.

  134. I didn't really think of it that way. I agree that it could be from a birds point of view. That is also a good point that it could be restored.

  135. @Mason, notes that the picture shows a, “bird’s eye view.” Many of you have noticed this interesting perspective and have suggested the photographer was in a helicopter. @Juliana I has offered the possibility of a drone taking the picture. What evidence in the picture could support either of these views?

  136. Based on the sign on the left barge, "Shanghai Salvage", we believe this to be a bird's eye of a ship retrieval in Korea. Both barges are containing what looks to be an oil spill from the ship, the yellow ropes are what indicate this to us. The ship (perhaps a cruise or ferry) may have capsized some time ago due to the condition of the ship. We think it is a cruise or ferry because of the many portholes on the side of the ship.

  137. @HTSherlockers, yep, the games afoot this morning. Thanks for looking carefully and offering your ideas. Please elucidate us on your mental process between "Shanghai Salvage" and Korea. Thanks.

  138. I agree because I can see dark plomos of oil in the wTer and it looks like there's something around the boat to cantain something.

  139. I didn't notice that! Now that I see that I do agree with you. There is an oil spill probably from the boat that was sunken. The ship is in poor condition and has been under the water for some time.

  140. It’s always interesting to consider the ideas of other people in the WGOITP? Community. @Maddie D suggests the picture shows two boats lifting another from the ocean bottom. @Andrew Krause thinks the picture shows a device that was taken apart to learn how it functions. @Chaaaarlie conjectures that this is a computer that may be rigged as a bomb. Think about different ideas. Think about specific details in the picture that can support your own interpretation.

  141. This picture is an aerial view of a sunken ship being pulled out of the ocean. I say this because in the middle of the picture, there is an old-looking side of a ship. They could be wanting to pull the ship out of the ocean because there is oil or some other substance spilling out of it and it is damaging the ocean. In addition, on one of the big ships there is a sign that says "Shanghai Salvage" which could mean that this is an organization that is trying to salvage this ship, or is trying to salvage the ocean because the ship has toxins that are ruining the environment.

  142. For this weeks picture, one could see a bunch of different things. First, I took notice of this rather large and old boat in the middle of the photo. The boat looks like it has been in the ocean for a while based off of the corrosion. Also, this photo has the back drop of the ocean, which helped me make the assumption about the boat. Anyway, on each side of the boat, there seems to be two rather large wooden docks; I believe that these docks are in some way trying to help salvage the boat, or they are helping to hold the boat up.

    For my final analysis of this photo, I say that the two wooden docks are being used to hold up the missing boat. This boat has been lost for a few years now because of the coloring and corrosion on it. That is what I see.

  143. I think this is a big boat that helps other boats come up from under the water and the ship in the middle is a ship that has sunk. In china somewhere.

  144. @ joseph, thanks for commenting. Let us know what you see in the picture that makes you say the location is China?

  145. I completely agree!!!

  146. I think that these two boats are bringing up a ship that sunk a while ago in South Korea

  147. @Eleonora Newell, thank you for considering this morning's picture. What evidence can you find in the picture that supports your idea that this is a salvage operation in South Korea?

  148. The barges are from the Shanghai salvage company and the sunken ship is very old.

  149. In this picture there are 2 boats travling on the water. These 2 boats are getting salvaged parts froma another sunken boat. These boats are getting scrap metal and other salavageable things.

  150. good thinking

  151. @Frederick Cameron, thank you for considering WGOITP?. What evidence can you offer from the picture to support your assertion that scrap metal parts are being salvaged at the time of the photo?

  152. Their are two boat collecting salvage parts from a sunken ship.

  153. There are two boats/ ferries with people on it. The white specs on the boats are goats. Obviously this is the annual Shanghai Salvage Goat Race.

  154. It says Shanghai Salvage on the left sign in blue letters and the object in the middle looks like an old ship so they might be retrieving a ship in China. They are pulling the object up with the lines of strings.

  155. In this picture, 2 boats are rescuing a sunken ship from a body of water near Shanghai. I think this because on the sign it says "Shanghai Salvage" and salvage means to rescue or save.

  156. @Trey Carpenter points out the “Shanghai Salvage” sign. Is there additional visual evidence that indicates this mission is taking place near China? Could you or others make a case that this salvage effort is happening elsewhere in the world?

  157. I see 2 boats "salvaging" a boat that has obviously sunk a long while ago. I don't know why they are salvaging the boat; it could be because the boat was contaminating the ocean with the corrosion or the oil that is still in the boat, or it could be for research to find out what caused the boat to sink.

  158. In this picture i see an old boat that has been found, in the middle of two boat docks. I think it has been found because of how it is turned over, and it looks very dirty. I think the two big boat are trying to some how save whats left of the boat.

  159. The boats on either side of the sunken ship are from the company "shanghai salvage", so the boats are trying lift up the ship and salvage parts from it.
    I see that there is a company other than shanghai salvage that is helping it recover the ship.

  160. In the middle is some type of ship, and judging by its discoloration and position it is old and had some type of damage. Because of the writing on the outer ships, the middle ship has probably resurfaced somewhere near Asia or belonged to an Asian country. The outer ships are trying to rescue and bring in this old, middle ship. This is quite an undertaking when you consider the size of the objects using people as a scale factor.

  161. @Rachel has pointed out the enormity of the task at hand through her comparison of the size of the people and the ships. Can you describe where you see the people in this picture? For those unable to find figures, click on the ‘larger size’ hyperlink under the photo.

  162. This looks like the recovery of a ship that's been missing underwater for years. The boat is very damaged and discolored, which makes me think it's been underwater for a long time. The two large blocks on either side of the boat, are there to help keep it afloat. Perhaps they are cement docks, to keep the boat up, by the ropes and lines crossing over and through the boat.

  163. Very interesting observation. I like how you described the sunken ship as being old by noting that it is discolored, meaning that it has been underwater for a long time.

  164. In this picture, two barges from the Shanghai Salvage company are removing an old, wrecked ship from the ocean, where it has been for a while based on its condition. I know that it is the Shanghai company because it is written on the banner on the barge to the left. I also noticed that the barges looked old and decrepit, which could mean that the company is not very prosperous,

  165. I believe that two ships are trying to pull a ship that sunk out of the water and get needed supplies from the sunken ship. This is happening in China

  166. I think it's a boat that is being brought back to the surface and is being taken into land by two other boats along side it.

  167. There taking a boat out of the water I can also see there are 2 big boats and I know this because there's a boat in the middle with strings on it

  168. Its two boats because they're on water, and it looks like they are transporting parts to different countries

  169. Some kind of salvage operation
    The two boats are tied to a run down ship that looks really old or they could be a cleanup crew

  170. In this picture two boats are bringing a sunk ship back to the surface. I think that's what there doing because there's 2 ships and an old damaged one in the middle of the 2 that looks severely damaged.the could be salvaging parts from the wrecked ship or just investigating what happens. -Dominic.A fhs

  171. @D.A is suggesting two possible hypotheses for why a sunken ship might be brought back to the surface. What evidence can you and others find in the image to support these theories?

  172. It this picture there is a boat in the middle and they are trying to pick it up because I think it is dumping oil in the water. I think this because if u voom in you can see the boat and there like a lot of pullys that are trying to pic it up. That what I think the picture is.

  173. The boat in the center of the photo looks like a sunken cruise ship of some kind. The two objects on either side of the ship look like two very large barges from a salvaging company out of Shanghai, China. Based on the origin of the company, this most likely is somewhere of the coast of China.

  174. I think that there is two boats helping s boast that had sunk in the water return to the surface. When it comes up to the surface they can get parts from that boat. I say this because two boast are helping lift this boat up with chains and ropes.

  175. Two boat are trying to pick up a sunken ship because I think it is spilling out oil

  176. Yeah there is oil and a lot of it

  177. I didn't notice that there was oil around the boat.

  178. I didn't notice there was oil around the boat

  179. In this image, there appears to be two ships trying to take out another sunken ferry or cruise ship out of the water. In the water, there also seems to be black and yellow strips; that may indicate there was an oil spill. Maybe the sunken ship contained a large about of oil that is polluting the water.

  180. @Cecelia Connally can you share with us where in the image you notice ‘black and yellow strips’? What about those makes you think there has been an oil spill?

  181. Here in this picture is of two tug boats picking up salvage parts from a sunken boat. There seems to be Shanghai Salvage sign or banner going across the boat.

  182. @JakobP is noticing two vessels sandwiching a capsized ship. What do you see that makes you say that the ship in the middle had been submerged?

  183. One group of students identified themselves as, "Sherlockers," this morning. Thanks to all of you for using your detective skills to reason out what you think the picture is about. Many of you have responded to your peers, probing for further evidence, commenting on their thinking. Continue to uncover WGOITP and tune in Thursday to see the original caption.

  184. A tipped over boat that tipped over and made a oil spill. Now they try to take the oil out.

  185. @Leif thinks that the goal of this salvage mission is to remove oil from the water. What do you see that makes you say that?

  186. In the picture above, There two platform in the middle of the ocean am assuming. And i think there was an oil spill an these computer are trying to clean it up. Because it killing the fishes.

  187. @Isaac A thinks that this picture is showing an oil spill clean-up effort because oil harms ecosystems, killing animals who live there. What do you see that makes you think they are trying to clean up the oil?

  188. it looks like the boat is about too sink in the water.and they are seperateing and like going to sink with the boat sometimes when people move on sometimes they dont come back to their famliy.or never se them again.