New York Today: A Sweet Spot for Fishing

Friday: Angling season in New York, weekend events and a milestone at the Temple of Dendur.

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  1. Braves raze Mets

  2. Great column today, and I loved this fascinating link in the “In the News” section: “The luxurious bathrooms at Bryant Park reopened.”

    Imagining tourists raving about New York for the luxurious bathrooms. :)

    Tune of “Autumn in New York”

    Bathrooms in New York
    They’re filled with music and flowers
    Bathrooms in New York
    You could just sit there for hours

    In Bryant Park
    From morning to dark
    They wait there for you
    There’s not much to do
    Who cares?

    ‘Cause bathrooms in New York
    You can’t just call it a restroom
    Bathrooms in New York
    It’s much more like an event

    Tourists with lots of dough
    May opt for a Broadway show
    But bathrooms in New York
    I’m oh so happy I went.

  3. Happy Weekend, Freddie

    ... bathrooms filled with music, flowers & lyrics by our Freddie

  4. I recommend you almost every day, Freddie, but the last line of this song? A bit much. I'd been hoping for something about the sparkling fish. Still I thank you, as always.

  5. Hi Martha, sorry about that in that last line!
    I’d done my take on varieties of fish before, so didn’t want to repeat, but here it is (since you asked, LOL)

    FISH! (to the tune of Zip)

    Fish! The sashimi isn't brilliant today
    Fish! Does McDonald's have to fry that filet?
    Fish! I was eating Arthur Treacher's last night
    Fish! And I think that Arthur Treacher's not right

    I'd prefer a lunch at Esca
    Crab and tuna with a Fresca
    Fish! That sounds so appealing!

    Rods and hooks in ocean breezes
    In the spring where no one freezes
    Fish! That could set me reeling

    Fish! They say April, May and June is the time
    Fish! When the angl-ing is prime.

    Fish! Cappellini with raw salmon is fab
    Fish! Sturgeon goes real well with almondined crab
    Fish! The bodega sells their skate a la carte
    Fish! Those omega oils are great for the heart

    I don't want a Nathan's weenie
    Get beluga on a blini
    Fish! I’d be so ecstatic

    I don't need to call a pal up
    Just get me a giant scallop
    Fish! I’m so damn aquatic

    Fish! I like any seafood, raw or well-cooked
    Fish! You might say that I am hooked!

  6. "Property records show that Mr. Ponte, 70, whose city salary in 2016 was nearly $220,000, and his wife sold their home in Wiscasset, Me., in March."

    Mr. Ponte, whose absence from his job in Corrections has finally been called out, may yet regret leaving Wiscasset, billed as "the prettiest town in Maine,"
    although with the fairly hefty salary he earns here and the sale of his home, he'll do very well. If he keeps his position.

    (By the way, Wiscasset, unlike its near neighbors, voted for Trump. That does somewhat tarnish the "prettiest" label.)

  7. Is it really necessary to torture fish that aren't even going to be eaten, for the sake of a selfie?

  8. I don't want to be overly sentimental, but the same thought occurred to me. Doesn't removing the hook hurt their mouths?

  9. Catch and release is a disgusting practice that is cruel and should be outlawed.

  10. Nice to know the stripped bass are back, and one can even eat them! -- for years the waters were so polluted they were deemed inedible.
    Also. Thanks for the nod to "Dock of the Bay"...
    And for those who don't know the great Otis Redding version, you've got a treat in store for you!

  11. Let's leave the fish alone.

  12. I agree with several commenters that catch-and-release is a practice that should be --let's say, released. Almost as bad as keeping birds in cages as pets!!

    I would also comment that I see gazillions of drivers using a hand held phone as I wait for the bus or to cross a street. PREVENTIVE law enforcement would put a stop to this practice--long before, unfortunately, a fancy device is called into action to look into the content on a driver's phone after a devastating accident.

  13. I doubt very much anyone will see a sea otter in New York Harbor, as they are only found in the North Pacific. You might see a river otter, which are occasionally found in brackish water.


    Bar codes are a business boon
    Marking prices throughout the land,
    Saving time that used to go
    To stamping cans and boxes by hand.

    Now the bar code’s crossing over
    And becoming a tattoo device,
    Solid proof if any’s needed,
    Every man has his price.