Jeff Sessions, Unleashed at the Border

It’s no longer just scary speeches. Now as attorney general he has the machinery to make his immigration nightmare real.

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  1. Sessions is perhaps the most un-Americam elected/appointed person I've seen in high office in my 75 years. Truly pathetic!

  2. Since when is enforcing the law un-American? If you're here illegally AND committing crimes you need to go. Thank goodness it is starting to happen.

  3. @J
    Enforcing the law is not the problem -- it's how it's being done that's troublesome.
    You might also want to take a closer look at Jeff Sessions' speaks volumes.

  4. I see you didn't read the about the mom who did not commit crime but yes is here illegally? What about the husband/pizza shop owner from Indiana who did not commit crime but is here illegally?
    Are you sure that no one you know is here illegally? What if one of your friends did not commit crime but is here illegally?
    I can hear the back of your mind whispering, "Us against them, us against them..." And I am telling you, We are ALL Them. Be careful what you wish for.....

  5. The Trump era."

    Nevertheless, We the People voted for Clinton. Only the rigged Electoral College voted for Trump. He has a negative mandate for his policies, so all this is nothing more than a power grab.

  6. We the People is more than the United States of New York and California.

    Continuing with this babble is akin to the losing football team bragging about having more yardage in the game. Pathetic whining.

    You knew the rules going into Election Day, you should have devised a strategy to win with the rules in place since the birth of the nation. We don't change the rules to accommodate the Clintons. Oh wait...we did.

  7. I would like to live until those who voted for Mrs Clinton and were disappointed that Mr Trump was elected by the process prescribed in our Constitution quit whining and complaining about the Electoral College.

    If people want the Constitution changed, they can certainly propose amending it to provide for election by popular vote. The procedures are set out in the Constitution itself.

    What is needed are deeds, not words.

  8. My hope is that Mr. Sessions will be scooped up in the FBI dragnet soon to come.

  9. "This is a new era. This is the Trump era." Hateful, spiteful, paranoid, xenophobic, bigoted, fact-averse, driven by dark fantasy, blind to mostly tranquil reality.

    We voted it in. We got what we deserve.

  10. Your property taxes ridiculous because you are paying to educate illegal aliens......think about that !!!

    If you enjoy paying sky high taxes...please send the IRS & Mass tax authorities more money every year !

  11. The Trump Error would be more accurate.

    Sessions will not be fondly remembered.

    One hopes the punishment fits his crime.

  12. Undocumented workers do pay taxes which are deducted via paycheck withholding taxes.
    If you are suggesting that these people should be deported because they do not pay property taxes, you are incorrectly assuming that they do not own real estate; many do and they pay taxes on that real estate . Perhaps we should deport ALL the people, citizens not, that rent their homes and apartments,

  13. I've often wondered if a Hispanic or black child took Sessions's lunch money when he was in elementary school for him to have such an apparent hatred for people of color. It's obvious that Sessions has turned his life-long racial biases from the black population to the Hispanic community regardless of how he much he states that his actions are to make the the nation safe from drug-running, machete-wielding abuelas.

  14. More likely he misspent the money and then said they stole it.

  15. Given the laws and practices obtaining in Alabama in the 1950s when young Sessions was in primary school, it is vanishingly unlikely that he had any schoolmates of color.

  16. "... It's obvious that Sessions has turned his life-long racial biases from the black population to the Hispanic community..."

    Because they are easier to pick on, plain and simple.

    In the America where I grew up, we called such people bullies and cowards. Let's start calling guys like Sessions and Trump those names, and forcing them to defend themselves against it.

  17. "When Mr. Sessions got to the part about the “criminal aliens and the coyotes and the document forgers” overthrowing our immigration system, the American flag behind him had clearly heard enough — it leaned back and fell over as if in a stupor."

    I'm glad I wasn't drinking milk when I read that!

  18. When they come for me... no one will be left to stop this nonsense.
    The "deer caught in the headlights" will be "us" when the "border agents" stalk every neighborhood.
    Effective Action now is necessary because no action later will be effective.

  19. Yes, Sessions will try to hijack local authorities into doing his bidding through threats and intimidation. This "administration" will ignore local opinions, local community activists and local needs all to make front page headlines and massage the faithful.

    But it won't work... not in my State.

    Unless Congress authorizes billions in direct federal spending for this action, Sessions is a lame duck on this issue already.

    The real issue here is to put some teeth into hiring laws and jail any businessman convicted of hiring an illegal. But No! That can't possibly work! It will take too long to solve the problem! We must remove those horrible brown people from our shores.

    Besides, those businessmen vote GOP and they have money.

  20. Immigration and illegal immigration are two completely different things. If the Administration is against the latter, please note the word "illegal," I don't see the problem. I expect Attorney General Jeff Sessions to uphold the law, why don't you? People in this country illegally should be deported. What is stopping Maribel Trujillo-Diaz from taking her four children with her when she is deported? If people want the aliens to remain here, they should petition Congress to change the law.

  21. aliens. like from Mars.

  22. Have you ever driven 56 mph in a 55 mph speed zone?

  23. "I expect Attorney General Jeff Sessions to uphold the law, why don't you?"

    Because there's a huge difference between being legal and being legitimate.

  24. As an attorney who lied under oath, Mr. Sessions must be disbarred and impeached. It is the rule of law that he feigns to follow, but must be exacted.

  25. "...As an attorney who lied under oath, Mr. Sessions must be disbarred and impeached...."

    Nice thought. And I am sure that would be the case if the attorney who did so were some Mexican's son.

    But this is America.

  26. Trump, his entire administration, its "policies", and every appointee and nominee, all shall remain illegitimate unltill we have results of an independent commission finding they are not actually beneficiaries of Trump colluding with Russia to win the presidency. Every bomb, every new outrage is at its core simply a contrived distraction to divert attention away from the existential investigation of Trump colluding with Russia to take over the USA.

  27. It reflects badly on GOP members of the Senate who rubber-stamped Sessions' nomination, when they had been working with him for years and must have known what was likely to happen.

  28. Corbett a Scott King. Just a reminder...

  29. Yeah, wow, you sure nailed them. They'll probably all resign when they read this -- and take DeVos, Pruit, Carson, Perry, hey, maybe even Pense, McConnell, Ryan & Gorsuch with them.

  30. "It reflects badly on GOP members of the Senate"

    Why? Because he actually wants to enforce the law?

  31. As a life long Christian as well as the child of a refugee from Germany in the late 1930's who changed his name in order to avoid discrimination, I find these actions (among many others in this administration) to be unfathomably cruel and short-sighted, given all that immigrants and refugees have done over the centuries to build up our economy and develop new technologies. We are asked to have mercy on the poor, to give generously to those in need, and to love others as we love ourselves. Perhaps Mr. Sessions doesn't love himself very much, and I can only hope that he experiences a conversion of heart.

  32. Your refugee parent came here legally.

  33. This man smells of Jim Crow and archaic prejudice... He will do damage that will take us back 50 years. We are going to have so much work to do when he and his team of revisionists are done and gone. And they will be. History will see this era as one of our darkest.

  34. Onward Christian soldiers, I guess. Disgusting.

  35. the time is confusing legal immigration and illegal immigration again then blaming the government for people who knowingly broke the law are whining they finally have face consequence of there own action.

  36. Sessions is a dedicated neo-Confederate whose vision of America is shaped by a fear of those who appear to him and those like him be different: non-white immigrants, gay and transgender people, strong, independent women, secularists, . . . Having watched his less-than-stellar career representing a state that can only thrive on outsiders(ethnic, racial, religious and otherwise), I would predict that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will go the way of the Confederacy he adores.

  37. Jeff Session's crusade against immigrants is racist to the core. In his book, if a person is not lily white and Protestant Christian, the person is not American. Trump gets no pass as an empty vessel. He began his campaign with his racist Birther lie and continued it by calling Mexicans rapists and drug traffickers. The whole lot of them need to be impeached.

  38. He is doing his job! Unlike Obama!

    The results are obvious.

    Border crossings are down.

    Does America have to pay taxes to educate every illegal immigrant child who wishes to come to the US ??

    I concept of Open Borders that Liberals & the NY Times propose is unfair to tax paying Americans !!

    Each Chile that is in the US costs $20,000 to educate & another $4,000 for medical care!

  39. good to get your facts correct, Illegal border crossing has been down for over 2 years. you may want to re-check those tax $ figures as well but i guess these too are "Alternate Facts"

  40. The irony of your comment is that the NYC area probably has more welfare fraud (as friends who live there complain about) from US citizens than any illegal immigrant who pays taxes, yet receives little of the benefit since they are more likely to NOT pursue benefits.

  41. You blatantly (and I assume unknowingly) CONtradicted yourself.

    If border crossings are down that would (mostly) be attributable to the previous administration's efforts, staff, and the many government servants assigned.

  42. This particular pathological liar has made a career of raping the truth while wrapped in a flag. Why stop now?

    Like most of the members of the Trump administration, Sessions is concerned only with being a cheesy TV tough guy, pandering to the drooling troglodytes susceptible to his brand of fascism. Facts have never been welcome in his lexicon, compassion has been replaced by bloodlust, his vision of America is a gauzy, black-and-white movie of good old days that never existed, where the darkies were all kept in their place by the haloed good ol' boys with their ropes and crosses and women were meant to serve men.

    Be forewarned, if this is a new era, it will lead to civil war.

  43. "Be forewarned, if this is a new era, it will lead to civil war."

    Better lose a war than surrender. "Live free or die." You gotta love New Hampshire.

  44. Please stop the hyperbolic comparisons. This will not lead to civil war, not least because the armed forces, police departments and gun owners are all disproportionately right wing. Your average progressive doesn't know anything about guns other than they're bad and thinks that fighting is prima facie evidence of so called "toxic masculinity".

  45. For those who wonder how Trump ascended to the White House with such a xenphobic platform, look no farther than Jeff Sessions. As a Senator, Sessions took fringe views on immigration to legislators and made them seem mainstream. Sessions was one of the first officeholders to endorse Trump, and why is no surprise. In Trump, Sessions found a mouthpiece to normalize an outlandish agenda.

  46. Mr. Session's hyperbole aside, the NYT just can't stomach the idea of existing immigration laws being enforced, continuing the false narrative that efforts against illegal aliens is an assault on all legal immigrants...just not the case as they are two different groups, however much spin you'd like to apply.

  47. The U.S. actually has experience -- at state and/or county level -- with extremist anti-immigrant crackdowns.

    The harm to local economies has been so widely reported that if somebody doesn't know about it, they can be correctly characterized as "ignorant," however I'll mention that where extremist immigration crackdowns have occurred, crops have rotted in the fields because farmers can't find enough farm workers.

    Congress has known for a long time that we need sensible immigration reform laws for laborers already here -- and for their children -- but blocks such legislation because right wing factions want to keep certain sectors of the work force living in fear and therefore, afraid to complain about or report bad work conditions. Even George W. Bush wanted sensible and humane immigration reform but his own party would not work with him on it.

    People who were serious about an extreme crackdown would demand prison sentences for business owners who hire undocumented labor. Were that ever to happen, the negative effects on the national economy would suddenly bring a lot of shallow and/or hateful people around to a clearer understanding of the situation.

    And, Trump/Sessions have no credibility on this because Trump launched his campaign with a bigot attack against Mexicans, and Sessions lied under oath in his confirmation hearing so disgraces the office he holds.

  48. George, if the present laws were really being enforced the EMPLOYERS of undocumented people would be among the first to be prosecuted, but in general they have not.

  49. To George S: No, the editorial is about how destructive it would be to split up families, many of which have children who did nothing wrong and who are in most cases American citizens. You, obviously, don't seem to care about inflicting pain on innocent children by rearing away their parents.

  50. Whipping up people into a frenzy to create a nation in fear. It's a wonder anyone leaves their bunker. His speech is a caricature of the paranoid. Like the villain creature in "Men in Black" Sessions human disguise is slipping revealing the vile bug underneath.

  51. Sessions and his "Trump Era" policies will do more damage to our Country than we can imagine. The economy will suffer, our social fabric will suffer, our spiritual well being will suffer and our role as an international leader and beacon of hope will diminish.

  52. Other than being the beacon of hope diminishing I don't think any of that will happen. And I want us to not be a beacon of hope that you come to, but rather one that you emulate in your own country.

  53. Jack, all that you say seems not that it will happen, as in the future, but is happening right now. As a country we are devolving not evolving. But what can one expect from people who do not believe in evolution and believe that stories and mythologies is a book called the bible are real factual events?

  54. To misquote Groucho, "I wouldn't want to immigrate to a country that would have Sessions as a member".

  55. Good that is the idea, stay in your own country.

  56. Rick,

    "To misquote Groucho, "I wouldn't want to immigrate to a country that would have Sessions as a member".

    I wish the 13mln illegals shared your sentiment and took it literally.

  57. Now is the time for states and cities to be brave and stand up to this bullying. I personally do not want my city to allow police to create an underworld of people free to commit crimes against victims who are too afraid to call for help. If they really want to go after law breakers, go after the companies that use these workers, not after the workers themselves. If you stem the demand, they won't come.

    I believe this is all part of the plan to also lock up all the U.S. citizens that the ultra-rich and super-racist do not like.

  58. Now is the time for states and cities to be brave and stand up to this bullying.


    Are those officials prepared to go to prison:

    8 USC 1324 Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

    A) Any person who—

    (iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;

    (I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
    (II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,
    shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).

    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—

    (ii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;

  59. The detention centers should be declared illegal immediately before we have to relive the internment of the Japanese.

  60. Well Gee they were citizens, these are not. Where would you like them to be awaiting trial? Getting more used to living here, not showing up for trial???

  61. The Japanese who were interned by the Democrat hero of the progressives, were citizens. It's not quite the same thing. The illegal immigrants who are being detained are not citizens or even legally present in the country.

  62. Notwithstanding that President Roosevelt's internment order was upheld by the US Supreme Court and has never been explicitly overturned, Fred Korematsu was an American and US citizen. So there is no direct comparison to illegal aliens.

    Certainly a legitimate debate as to the vast expansion and abuse of Executive Branch powers that began with FDR and continued through LBJ, Nixon; curtailed some after Nixon and then renewed under Bush-Cheney thanks to Congressional capitulation after 9/11 and further expanded by Obama.

  63. People who wear a badge to protect our country need to decide what they are defending. Heavy handed compliance? If the concept of our country is dead, then what is the point? Who would want to come here? It's certainly not our great benefits and infrastructure. #sad

  64. There should be a weekly show for a half hour.

    Call it, "The Trump Truth - What You Should Know About the Past Week."

    Have some of the most trusted voices in America describe crazy, draconian policies being carried out by this administration.
    Policies where the public OVERWHELMING opposes the actions.

    Have the commentators rotate.
    Celebrities- Oprah, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg.
    Military- Colon Powell and others.
    Political- Bernie, Obama, John Lewis.

    Tell Americans how their will and opinions are being regularly disregarded by the Trump squad.

    Look at the findings of the CNN poll linked in this article.
    Imagine the nerve to give the finger to such clear public sentiment on this and other issues. (Planned Parenthood, PBS, etc)

    It's all about PR and a good show.
    Trusted voices whom Americans value.
    A half hour.
    Once a week.
    It will be wildly popular.

  65. Al Gore could put it on his network.

    Nevermind. His network was a failure, so he sold it to the Arab oil industry.

  66. meh! first, Sessions seems to be talking to those Trump voters who are so far away from the nearest community of Hispanics and Latinos that he may as well be describing life on a different planet and they will cower in fear. Second, with all the about faces from Trump on his core campaign promises, i won't hold my that he will do much about illegal immigrants than his predecessors... hey, his big money farmers need someone to pick the peaches.

  67. Trump needs them to make the beds and clean the toilets at his properties.

  68. Why is anyone surprised by Sessions' actions--look at his track record. He is a real "three for". He is a racist, homophobic xenophobe period.

  69. Jeff Sessions committed perjury that is a fact.
    Those who support Sessions try to say he walked close to the line but did not cross the legal boundary required for perjury.
    A very many people have been charged with perjury and making false statement that were much less clear than the evidence of perjury against Session.

    Plain and simple Jeff Sessions lied under oath.

  70. He did??? Bill Clinton actually lied under oath.

  71. No one seriously thinks Jeff Sessions committed perjury. When Sessions said he had have no communications with the Russians, he was responding to remarks Sen. Al Franken made during the confirmation hearing about “Russian operatives.” Franken said: "CNN just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week that included information that say quote, ‘Russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.’ These documents also allegedly say quote, ‘There was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump's surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.’” Sessions responded, “Senator Franken, I'm not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn't have — did not have communications with the Russians.” Sessions obviously meant he had had no contact with Russian operatives. An “operative” is a secret agent. The Russian ambassador is not an operative.

  72. Remarkable, the ability of Sessions partisans to get angels to dance on the head of a pin.

    Mr. Sessions knew exactly who he was talking to when he met several times with Russians." And any Russian outside of Russia who acts for the Russian Government is either an operative or a gangster.

  73. Mr. Sessions is likely the most dangerous of all outcomes of the November 2016 election (freshly appointed Supreme Court justices will come close). If Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond had a cherubic love child, and was raised in a gelatinous petri dish of Jim Crow - we would have Mr. Sessions.

    Some part of the American electorate is not bothered by Mr. Sessions, because they believe they will remain unaffected by his attitudes toward skin color. They may be of a lesser degree, but not of a different kind of supremacists. But deregulation and quasi trickle down - which is occurring at a dramatic pace - normally sends a powerful signal to the unscrupulous to make hay, and break laws (remember the number of Reagan appointees that were indicted?). And trickle down, supply side-driven changes, coupled with a tainted AG, means people will get away free after looting and pillaging. That will affect everyone - particularly Trump voters. I guess Trump voters' prayers have indeed been answered. What unfolds is likely a train wreck.


  74. Long Island had two dead teenage girls over the summer and an ILLEGAL group of central American thugs in a gang are being held in a jail. Today four more bodies are found. No, we NEED TO VET whether the liberals like it or not. The rest of us would prefer safety to gangs.

  75. sorry to see your fear is so large that you can not tell the difference between someone who has lived productively and peacefully, raised a family contributed to the economy of their community and did the crappy jobs that others would not and a disgusting rapist or gang member.

  76. So if we deport all undocumented immigrants there will be no murders in the United States? Well, I'm for that...

  77. But you are determined to keep out the victims of these gangs, some of whom have fled to my home town on Long Island..

  78. What a shame for the United States already in the second decade of the 21st century to have this guy Sessions as attorney general, an old-style Southerner bigoted to the core, still a proven racist, working diligently for the administration of an equally racist, xenophobic and despicable individual. One can only feel sorry for the lives of those who are living in this country with fear of persecution every day, wherever they go, wherever they work, wherever worship. All this horror despite that most of them do not harm anyone and do not break any laws. Sessions and his boss are unworthy of the United States.

  79. Thank you Carlos of Woodside.

  80. A racist who was voted down as a federal court judge now has almost unlimited power to enact his racist policies. How can any one who considers themselves to be a Christian support this? I do not recal Jesus ever saying "I got mine" and turning his back on the less fortunate.

  81. You're welcome to support them.

  82. I get it but isn't a crime to enter the US Illegally? Is it OK to say illegal immigrants can do as they please? Tough questions; The Congress has never answered the questions I have posed. Will they ever?

  83. Of course they have, there is federal law related to immigration. So yes it is a crime and they should not be doing as they please either.

  84. Technically, entering the US as a tourist and extending one's stay is illegal, but an estimated 50,000 "tourists" from Ireland have been here for years, some who actively fundraised for the IRA when it was labeled a terrorist organization. Illegal entry is generally a non-violent crime against regulations which have been selectively enforced (often against racial minorities) in past decades going back to Reagan's amnesty.

    Like illegal entry there are many other "crimes" classified as so-called "white collar" which often include insider trading, and other failures to follow the regulations which protect all Americans against fraud. No one has gone to jail from the crimes committed at Wells Fargo; it is unlikely anyone will. No one went to jail from the fraud at Trump U.

    Considering the ethics of many elected to Congress in hiring their families or in taking lobbying jobs after losing elections, I doubt Congress has any honest answers for you.

  85. Isn't it a crime to hire an illegal immigrant ? Why aren't we going after the business owners who hire them ? There is a legal requirement to obtain proof of citizenship before hiring, so they know what they are doing and are hiring these people intentionally.
    Stop the jobs, and the problem goes away.

  86. "... judges who answer to him"? Since when does the judiciary answer to the executive branch?

  87. When you are an immigration judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Oh for Pete's sake, immigration​ judges are employed be the Department of Justice. They answer to Jeff Sessions, as do the members of the board of immigration appeals (BIA). Very few decisions made by immigration judges are subject to review by a federal judge, an Article 3 judge. Congress legislates federal court jurisdiction and pretty much eliminated it over executive decisions on immigration. I think that's a travesty of justice. I dare say you'd agree.

  89. Ah, sorry to break this to you, but Sessions is the head of the judicial branch....

  90. Sessions is enforcing the law.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  91. John, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to hire undocumented workers. So why isn't Sessions announcing a crackdown on those who are "breaking the law"? I'm sure we all know the answer to that question. This is so disgusting, I feel like the flag in the article. Just let me lay down and cry.

  92. There are many things about the Trump administartion which are frightening to contemplate. The MOAB attack in Afghanistan is one. The Syrian missile attack is another. I did not think the use of miltary power was to send a message. How wrong can one be?

    But one error which the Times makes consistently is to refer to refugees from "Central America" as if it were a place or a continent or a country. Central America is none of those things. I know. I live in Panama which ACCEPTS refugees. In fact, the Panama Canal separates North America from South America.

    Please get your geography straight.

  93. Why is it that the 40% of the population of Guatemala currently living in the US illegally is not living in Panama?

    Central America is a region, in common parlance.

  94. For a lot of reasons. Number one, Panamá only has 4,000,000 people and is about the size of Kentucky. Number two, it is much easier for them to get to the US through Mexico. I am not sure what you are implying. The US which has a popoulation of nearly 300 times Panamá is accepting less than 50,000 refugees a year. Your comment might be demonstraing anti-Lationo bias.

  95. The only people that have to fear anything are people who broke our laws and are here illegally.

    We have over 15 MILLION illegals, and they are taking American jobs and/or depressing our wages. It's simple supply and demand. Illegals are an illegal oversupply of labor. They are generally low-skill, and they obviously compete with low-skill American workers, who have already been decimated by NAFTA and other "free" trade agreements.

    We need to look after our own, for once.

  96. It's supply and demand. You are right. There is a demand for these so-called unskilled workers. Let's focus on the demand side of the equation. Put hefty fines and jail time for any business that hires workers without using e-verify and I'm sure the demand will get softer. Let those in agri business advocate for the immigrant workers they need. Moreover introduce short term work visa of 12-18 months. Make it easier for these folk to come here and harvest our lettuce for us.

    It's racism and xenophobia coated with patriotic honey if businesses who hire illegal immigrants are not prosecuted with the same eagerness.

  97. I guess you haven't read the articles about how the farmers in CA are very worried. If we deport all the illegals, who is going to pick the crops? Chef & food critic Anthony Bourdain has said that if illegals are deported, every restaurant in NY would close.

    Your sons & daughters aren't doing these jobs!

  98. That's funny-- I don't see a bunch of white guys outside Home Depot at 6am looking for day work, only brown guys. Now why is that? White guys don't want to do day labor? White guys think it's beneath them? White guys don't want to seem as desperate as the brown guys?
    Hmmmm..... I don't see much competition at all. Where is that competition 'obviously' happening?
    What? I can't hear you.......
    PS--increasing economic growth depends on job creation AND increasing population. What will happen to the growth percentages when you decrease the population? They will go down. You can't have your cake and eat it too.....

  99. I wish Americans could see themselves as others, outside their border, do. How bad will it have to get before the shame becomes too much to bear?

  100. If the US had simply adopted an immigration system similar to the one in place in Canada, as African-American Democrat Barbara Jordan essentially pushed for 20+ years ago, low-income, working class, and middle class US citizens may have fared better and more similarly to our neighbors in Canada, instead of being battered by NAFTA, globalization and illegal alien labor competition. Unfortunately, President Clinton capitulated to the corporatists and his desire for illegal campaign cash from the Chinese, and thus betrayed the Barbara Jordan Democrats, ending the best chance the US ever had to implement Canadian style immigration system.

    BTW, Americans cannot just waltz into Toronto and demand Canadian health care and other benefits because the Canadians actually enforce their immigration law, to the benefit of the Canadian interest. I have even read recently about Canadian authorities denying asylum to illegal immigrants who first illegally came to the US and now have been fleeing to Canada.

  101. Ron the shame is too much to bear. I wish I could move to Canada or Mexico or Ireland.... anywhere but here. I look around at family and friends and know some voted trump.
    I want to not be American. I thought Obama was a wonderful thoughtful president and human. Yet I had to listen to the right's relentless ugly bigotry and disrespect for 8 years. Now Trump. Putin's president and no Repubs care because they 'won'. I am 70 and I fear I will be gone before this horror ends. I will die ashamed of what my country has become.

  102. Please do tell us about all those other countries that allow you to walk across their borders uninvited and start working.

  103. Why is Sessions still in the cabinet? Oh, yes, he was loyal to our illegitimate president early on. Perhaps one malcontent rewards another? He is proving to be the man of little stature and even smaller integrity who is still a racist and bigot and Alabama's biggest hero. That state has just rid itself of a governor who was a devout Christian who, as a dentist, "witnessed" before his patients, a contrived act to show religious zeal. The entire state is nothing but corruption. Even it's nationally ranked football team bears investigation. Funny. The number of black players on that team is perfectly acceptable---but don't let them into your restaurants or marry your daughters.

  104. Beware of Trump creating jobs for his base by creating jobs for them to be ICE, Immigration Enforcement Agents, and creating jobs for them as administrative types and guards at detention centers, and, as well, creating jobs for them as workers who are employed to work on the construction of new detention centers.

  105. Only in the Trump Era could a racist senator from Alabama, who was denied a place on the federal bench because of his racist past and who is known for racist remarks, become Attorney General of the United States.

    Only in the Trump Era could an Attorney General be forced to recuse himself from an investigation into the potential influencing of an American election by a foreign entity because he blatantly/publicly lied to a Senate committee per meeting with the ambassador of that foreign identity during the aforementioned campaign. One wonders how he remained in office after admitting he lied to a Senate confirmation committee. Oh, wait, Republicans.

    I never had any doubt but that Eric Holder was an honorable man who was sincerely interested in being just and trying to insure that justice was done---no matter the color of one's skin nor one's ethnic origin, etc.

    I felt the same way about Loretta Lynch. An honorable, just woman dedicated to justice equally applied.

    Jeff Sessions is a puny, pathetic politician given power he doesn't deserve and with which he cannot be trusted. He is a little man in every sense of the word and is possessed of a mean streak that should keep us all wary of anything in which he involves himself.

  106. From the dept. of justice website: The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the Office of the Attorney General which evolved over the years into the head of the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government. The Attorney General represents the United States in legal matters generally and gives advice and opinions to the President and to the heads of the executive departments of the Government when so requested.

    How does someone who lied to congress rise to this level of authority? So it is not just his racist pursuit of all things black or Hispanic but the lack of integrity that his lies confirm that make him unqualified for this office. Shame on congress for rubber stamping him.

  107. Let him have his way: just like the state of Alabama suffered billions in agricultural losses when they scared off all the farm workers with crackdown talk. Then, cooler (smarter) heads will prevail, and a more holistic, pragmatic policy can develop, with all the shrill-seekers having to eat crow for a may be the only way forward

  108. Seriously, Melquiades: that never happened. It is a liberal urban MYTH. Alabama is a small, poor state -- it couldn't survive "billions of losses" -- and did you see any shortage of fruit in your supermarket? lettuce? peaches? tomatoes? that was because THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

    Even if were true...we cannot have an agricultural economy based on foreign slave labor of illegal immigrants. That is a disaster.

    The truth is, only 1% of all illegals work in agriculture in any way. The other 99% live in cities, and do jobs like construction -- jobs Americans CAN DO -- DID DO and WILL DO -- when illegals are all deported.

  109. The administration is merely following the laws as they exist on the books and it's about time an administration did so.

  110. Hope someone is around in California to pick those veggies. You applying for the job???

  111. But is the administration following the laws that say EMPLOYERS should not hire illegal immigrants?

  112. This is bad for California. Last year no tomatoes because of the drought and this year because no labors.

  113. Plenty of tomatoes in California in the stores today.
    At lower prices than in New York.

  114. Rudolf,

    "This is bad for California. Last year no tomatoes because of the drought and this year because no labors."

    No tomatoes? This is the big news, cuz Costco has them stacked to the ceiling.

  115. This sums it up. The pro-illegal immigration argument has less to do with racism than keeping produce prices artificially low. The real racists are liberals who won't boycott produce harvested by slave labor. That's how you force change, not by whining about the price of tomatos.

  116. The Trump era makes me remember 'Giuliani Time'

    We all know how well that worked out for the people involved.

  117. The work that immigrants do is so useful, how will deporting them help Americans? Doesn't it make more sense to figure out a way to document and authorize seasonal workers? These folks cross the border to work not to steal.

  118. That's WHY (actually) all this is for Show.

    If Trump, Sessions,...or their "Fired Up" supporters wanted to stop Illegal Immigration they'd be arresting the folks that hire them. Unless they're all that uninformed and "Don't Know" where they work?

    But not only are they not doing it, they're not even proposing to address to suggest at hinting at doing it:):)

    This isn't an Administration; It's a (Lack of) Reality Show.

  119. Why isn't it obvious to the Trump cabal that chasing around grandmothers instead of felons is going to make the country less safe, not more safe? Do they think we have literally unlimited funds for immigration enforcement?

    We're already wasting 100's of millions of dollars dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan, on people and places that pose little to no threat to us, instead of prioritizing helping our own vulnerable people. It's sickening, but also just so illogical.

  120. "We're already wasting 100's of millions of dollars dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan, on people and places that pose little to no threat to us,"
    But they do pose a threat to some people, especially in the Trump Administration. They show Americans that that different is not inherently evil, and that foreigners are not all out to murder us. Although, in terms of threats to their narrow-minded dog-eat-dog way of life, Trump might start bombing the Netherlands for being a threat by showing that free healthcare and schooling through college are possible and easily done, or bombing Norway for showing that there is an alternative to mass incarceration, or even bombing Morocco, for showing us that no matter how impoverished a country, they can majorly improve their state by en-mass construction and installation of solar power.

  121. It would be invaluable to do a report for the newspaper (and the news) about just how hard it is for workers who are essential to the US economy to come in legally.

  122. Here here. How do we make our immigrant workforce legal? This is question Presedent Obama asked many times. Congress has been sitting on their hands now for 20 years. Executive orders regarding deportation of Immigrant workers only costs taxpayers money. It does not help create a legal working immigrant.

  123. "When a large portion of the unauthorized population has lived here for years, if not decades .."

    So ... if we stopped paying our taxes for years, if not decades, then that should turn into the new normal ? Yeah, I could get used to that idea.

  124. Or, alternatively, we should eject those who have not paid their taxes for years. Not necessarily deport them, but just acknowledge that they have clearly signaled that they do not want to be part of our society, or make use of things like public power, water, streets, healthcare, governmental protection of the law, or the ability to participate in government or hold public office. Though I wonder who would end up president then…

  125. The irony of your comment is that the vast majority of undocumented workers are working for a paycheck from which all applicable state, federal, and local payroll taxes are deducted.

  126. Of course the undocumented population pays taxes. Sales tax, gas tax, property tax (if not directly then in the form of rent), withholding tax; you are not special. Trump apparently hasn't paid a dime of taxes in years and is now sucking on the public teat to maintain his lifestyle. That's your new normal. Get used to it? I'd much rather legalize a few million people and welcome them into our shared community, and then together vote soul sucking leeches like Mr Trump out of public office.

  127. It seems like it will be a long time coming but America will eventually wake up from the nightmare known as the Trump Administration. Trump has America on the wrong track and the Republican controlled Congress has failed in their constitutional duty to be a check and balance on the executive.

  128. You woke up from the nightmare of the W Bush administration, and then after just eight years of wakefulness you went right back to bed.

  129. I truly hope that we get four years of this show. It will prevent even worse (Pence/Ryan) from stepping up. And it will plant so deep an understanding of the total failure of the Republican Party that we will reverse this and get back to the country I think we are. For a long time.

  130. When John Kelly was appointed homeland security secretary, he was viewed as a potentially moderating voice in an otherwise crazy administration. But it seems he has done absolutely nothing to push back against the seething worldview of Jeff Sessions.

  131. As a Marine who has a deep regard for General Kelly and all that he has given, and lost for this country, I have to say, so far, he has proven to be a disappointment to me. His apparent obsequious genuflections to the darker impulses running amuck in this nation at the moment is distressing to this Marine.

  132. In an uncharacteristic show of restraint, Sessions actually left out the part of the speech that referred to immigrants as "filth."

    This is policy based on nothing but xenophobia, arrogance and blatant racism, and it's no surprise that Sessions is sharpening his knives. He's nothing but a retrograde old Confederate who's noxious views on race -- particularly black Americans -- haven't evolved since 1963, and his nomination to the position of Attorney General by Trump (who lost the popular vote) is an affront to every American and a deep disgrace to the country.

  133. Trump also lost the non-manipulated vote, as evidenced by the Exit Polls.
    In all the excitement about the Russian interference in the US elections, which has gone as far as messing with voter rolls (or helping Republican messing with the voter rolls by removing 1.15 Million potential Democrats from them), the real elephant in the room had been neglected: the suspicious EXIT polls. Spineless Hillary conceded.
    Exit Polls “all over the world” have been shown to be accurate to about 0.3%, except in US Presidential Elections when they show that a Democrat actually won. Really!!!
    Exit polls from the 2016 presidential election showed Hillary Clinton winning four crucial swing states that, reflecting the National Result with Clinton 2.85 Million votes ahead. And this despite Republicans removing 1.35 Million Black, Latino, and Asian voters from the voter rolls in key states, making her 4Million votes ahead.
    The discrepancy between the exit poll results and the raw vote total count showed that the election was “rigged” in favor of Trump, a Mountain of Evidence, .
    This this is a replay of 2004, when Kerry was far ahead in EXIT Polls in Ohio. A group of experts determined 1 year later that Kerry won Ohio with 99.9% probability.
    Exit poll totals compared to an ongoing tally of raw votes totals show the discrepancy of what Trump himself calls a “rigged election.”

  134. His views haven't evolved since 1963? Try 1863.

  135. The “deportation force” isn't indiscriminate. It targets only those whose presence in the country is unlawful. The “Take Care Clause” of the Constitution tasks presidents to take care that laws are faithfully executed. The law Donald Trump is taking care to enforce is the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1996. This act, which passed with board bipartisan support in both houses, calls for the deportation of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States.

  136. If Trump were to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, he would have to lock himself up.

    The time to faithfully execute the laws was when the illegals were lured here by offers of work, so they could be cheap labor and union busters, and the folks against whom they would be executed would be the employers. But parts of the business community liked non-enforcement of the laws (actually, just enough enforcement so the illegals would not resist being dumped on for fear of deportation), and money trumps faithful execution of the laws.

    Faithful execution of the laws would have meant Federal occupation of the South until blacks had achieved enough economic and political power to defend themselves, and it would have made the South a far better and more Christian place than it is even today.

  137. You are so right to liken this to the post civil war and Jim Crow eras in USA's history. The Civil Rights Movement fought against Jim Crow's illegitimate laws and won after a long struggle. The same is true for the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980s and now New Sanctuary Movement supporting refugees and long time migrants who the broken system has denied a path to citizenship. Also any sensible reading of the Bible recognizes Jesus advocated for refugees - immigrants, as he did for the downtrodden in society. Finally, good point on the employers playing the broken system to deny labor rights for immigrants using them as unfair competition against USA's workers. this is not their fault but the system's.

  138. I don't want to live in a country where other residents are forced to live in fear and terror that even if legal, they will have to be prepared to be stopped at any moment by people (Trump's vaunted thugs), some of whom actually enjoy terrorizing people.
    That is wrong. It is not me and it is not most Americans.

  139. I've lived in Arizona for 57 years and I've been to and across the border many times. Apparently, in his zeal to justify his racism and white nationalist agenda, he hallucinated a completely different Arizona. Why can't he encourage us to "take our stand" against racism, poverty, inaccessible healthcare, inaccessible education, corruption, etc.? I guess it's just easier to stir up discontent.

  140. You make excellent points. To answer you point-by-point:
    1. Taking a stand against racism would undermine the fear and hatred that Trump requires as a populist leader. Without a common enemy within and enemy without, people realize that populist leaders are not actually solving their problems.
    2. Poverty is a long, ongoing problem, the main solution to which is a large-scale direct job-creation program by the US government on the scale of the Works Progress Administration. It is possible, and our failing physical (bridges etc.) and social (education, health) infrastructure is ripe for such a solution, but those solutions require money, and would need more taxation, especially of the rich, who generally oppose heavier taxes, and now have a representative in the White House.
    3. Wide-spread high-quality education and healthcare are not pipe dreams, but rather require proper funding and care. For example, with a high tax rate, especially on its wealthier citizens, Massachusetts has an education system that, taken on its own, would be in the top 10 in the world, above the rest of the US, and has universal coverage at a reasonable rate for all residents. What we need is sufficient aid invested in programs that create jobs and support people rising out of poverty, so that they can make a stand on these issues.
    4. Trump stands solidly in opposition to taking a stand against corruption. A man cannot stand in opposition to himself or his core values.

  141. I do not know if Mr. Sessions is a racist. But calling illegal immigrants criminals is NOT racist. Illegal immigrants by definition are criminals as they have broken the law by entering or overstaying illegally. Why have borders at all if someone can just walk across without going through proper channels. As I have said before, if we had plane loads of people getting off the plane at New York City and just dashing through customs and making a run for it I suspect people wouldn't be as charitable.

  142. That's not how they do it. They just overstay their visas.

  143. Some do overstay their visas. But they are apparently a minor problem. If we need an example of Lord Acton's dictum: Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely -- we needn't look further than our current AG, Mr Sessions.

  144. " They just overstay their visas."

    Thusly breaking our immigration laws.

  145. Sessions' enforcing immigration laws seems shocking to some because they assumed that Obama's non-enforcement would last forever.

  146. It is, somehow, completely ignored that President Obama had a VERY aggressive deportation policy. How does that work?

  147. Obama was actually quite an aggressive deporter of the undocumented.

  148. President Obama deported more illegals than any other Trump let slip during one of the debates...Obama was called "The Deporter-in-Chief". What Obama wasn't doing was tearing apart families, eg. removing mothers and leaving a husband and five children...mothers with no criminal records.

  149. "...gonzo-apocalypto vision of immigration..."

    I guess it is never enough to simply say that you disagree.

    After this administration removes all of the illegal aliens from our country, perhaps we will finally have a sober discussion about immigration.

  150. Why do we have to go back to square one for every issue. Like healthcare, "its complicated". It's all complicated enough that people have been working on some issues for generations. We can read, we can learn from history, we can learn from science, if we choose to do so. Let's not spend our children's education dollars extraditing people who help build and sustain our economy. Let's not destroy our environment for everyone so a few carbon extracting companies can make more money. Must we really eliminate NIH funding to build a wall? (Probably NIH cuts would only pay for a few bricks anyway.). Let's not reinvent the wheel.

  151. It would be simpler and probably less economically damaging to deport everyone in Ohio, which has a population roughly equivalent to the number on undocumented immigrants in the US.

  152. No, we'll be trying to figure out how to get them back once we realize how vital they were to the economy.

  153. So why doesn't the Trump administration heavily fine the employers of these undocumented people? Is it because business actually prefer the undocumented because they can be treated poorly without compaints.

  154. Because that would require Trump to fine his own business and that of his friends. If a policy is in violation of Trump's core principles (the accumulation of money and power for himself) then it will not be implemented.

  155. The administration is working on making the eVerify system functional, so that it can be used to verify those who are legally entitled to work without employers being at risk of federal prosecution for "profiling" if they fire employees who eVerify indicates are not eligible in error. Perhaps you were napping when the Obama Justice Department sued employers. They improperly transformed the law from holding employers responsible for not employing illegal aliens to requiring employers to hire illegal aliens if they had forged documents to support the employees' fraudulent I-9 forms.

  156. Mark- "So why doesn't the Trump administration heavily fine the employers of these undocumented people? Is it because business actually prefer the undocumented because they can be treated poorly without complaints"
    trump, himself, has employed many "guest" workers and treated them poorly. Why would he fine the employers of these workers when he is among them? How many of his administration are guilty of the same behavior? We turn a blind eye to them when their labor is needed as in the housing industry boom of the early 2000's but want to send them home when it's no longer profitable to keep them. This administration is an embarrassment and an utter disgrace. I wake daily to see if we are engaged in World War III and dread reading the morning paper for the newest atrocity. Yet his supporters still rally around him. Maybe that dystopian saying is true: we have to destroy the village to save it. Maybe when the deplorables lose it all will they realize how precious it was. When their health is gone, their quality education is gone, their environmental protections are gone, their children are massacred in yet another Middle Eastern debacle, they lose their jobs, their homes, their retirement, their Medicare and Social Security, maybe then they will realize how easily they were led to their demise, how they fell for the greatest con. Or in their stubborn pride will they refuse to admit how they were so manipulated to vote for the most dangerous president this nation has ever seen?

  157. The ascent of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third to U.S. Attorney General is a testimony to the power of ethnocentric populism (racism?) within contemporary American "conservatism" and Trumpism.

    On this point, it is instructive to read Jonathan Chait's detailed essay:

    I had already read news accounts of about 75-80% of the racially charged incidents or statements referenced in the above essay. Reading about those and the additional 20-25%, all within the context of a single continuous narrative, focused my awareness of this "conservative" trend. Prior to reading this article, I had tended to believe that Trump's own ethnocentric (racist?) statements and actions are tactical, mainly because I believe every one of Trump's statements and actions are tactical, transactional and of temporary significance.

    I always believed the ethnocentricism (racism?) of Jefferson Sessions and probably of Steve Bannon is visceral. Now I am not so sure how to categorize Trump's statements and actions. Anyway, the consequences of both tactical and visceral ethnocentricism (racism?) seem to be equally negative for the nation's well-being.

    My use of "(racism?)" is an attempt to indicate how charitable I can be when the spirit moves me.

  158. @ Andrew Bjelland - AB wrong place to be charitable. I have two submissions both dealing with racism in a formal sense. Unfortunately, because of the time difference, I only saw this article this morning in Sweden and I see that all comments showing are either from Verifieds or from people like you who submitted perhaps when this editorial appeared on TimesWire.

    My comments state that every one of the forms of racism used by Sessions and others should be noted exactly - racism directed at Muslims because of their religion, racism directed at Middle Easterners because of their nationality etc.
    Dual citizen US SE

  159. Perhaps instead of running the department to suit your personal preferences it will now be run to support the rule of law. Now many people who are here illegally are decent productive people except that they are not legally here.

  160. @vulanalex-I believe the farmers and meat producers in Nebraska have a different version as heard in a long and detailed program on BBC World Radio about 3 days ago. They made clear that their entire industry depends on immigrants and I believe they made clear that this group may include a great many who did not enter legally,
    Dual citizen US SE

  161. Legal? What's legal. Our elections aren't why should anything else be?

  162. Law and order. Hurrah. Except the only ones going to jail and deported are the illegal employees. The employers walk away and hire more illegal workers.
    Where is the justice in that? Sessions overlooks the real culprits.

  163. This reads like the nightmare our nation is becoming. The worst possibilities being realized. I did not vote it in and neither I nor anybody else deserves it. It is our duty to organize in the smartest and most efficient way to vote in people who represent the best in us just as soon as possible.

  164. Yes, Sessions and Trump make me want to let everyone in, rules be damned, just to show that we have love and generosity in our hearts rather than narrow minded adherence to "mere" laws.

  165. Sadly, the best in us aren't very good at all. That is what I have learned from this 3 month nightmare and his year long campaign of lies.

  166. I am behind President Trump and Jeff Sessions 100%....If you break the Law you suffer the consequences...That was the way I was raised and that is the way I've raised my Kids...We are a Nation of Laws and that is what makes the United States of America the Greatest Nation in the World...I do not belong to any Political gang...I am a Constitutional Patriotic American Veteran...I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States of America....

  167. If you are wealthy and well connected you do not suffer the consequences of breaking the law (except if someone has to be thrown to the wolves so that the rest can remain safe). Law and order should start with matters like scams to avoid paying taxes. The top management of Wells Fargo should be in jail. Trump himself has a long history of stiffing people who do work for him. He has been involved in thousands of lawsuits. Trump U. was a scam, but he was allowed to settle, and the records (as usual) are sealed.

    Constitutional Patriotic American Veterans who do not get bent out of shape by the corruption of the rich are phonies, fools, and patsies. May your bank make a mistake and foreclose on your house and may you find that when you tell them they dont listen. That experience might make a true patriot out of you.

  168. Shame on you.

  169. Laws are deterministic. The human experience is not. If you apply the law without taking account the context you may end up dragging a paying customer out of an airplane for no other reason than not letting common sense get in the way of a good process. Immigration is one of those scenarios where context is everything. You have to understand the human experience around it in order to administer it correctly. Throwing the law like a hammer and seeing everything as a nail is stupid, counterproductive and expensive.

  170. The most disturbing aspect to this story is that Sessions' hatreds' are essentially unchecked now: no one in the monocultural legislature will restrain him; the judiciary is happy to adopt a laissez passez attitude to enable him (Roberts disappoints more the longer he serves) and the executive is clueless.

    Sessions learned, of course, that it's politically incorrect to express his aversion to blacks, but browns: yeah, that kind of discrimination, that's cool in the Sessions' household.

    He's an odious, odious man, and I know for a fact that is toxicity is starting to effect the DOJ tangibly.

  171. Soon "Justice" will be but a memory. Replaced solely by punishment regardless of the or any offense.

  172. "...He's an odious, odious man, and I know for a fact that is toxicity is starting to effect the DOJ tangibly..."

    We can hope. Perhaps the fact that the louche, womanizing gambling magnate playboy who stumbled into the Presidency gave so much power to the leader of the Old Segs will be too much for even some Repub voters in places like Penna. and Wisconsin in 2020. Perhaps. Maybe. Please.

  173. We moved to Hawai'i more than decade ago, and one of the many reasons for doing so was the simple fact that we are in the minority here, because we are white. So FYI Jeff: there's really nothing to fear from "others" my little friend. Nothing at all.

  174. and what does that have to do with enforcing laws, as most other countries in the world do? try sneaking into mexico from the south.

  175. And when you moved to Hawai'i, I'll bet you did so legally.

  176. Yes, and? So you had the means to move to a very pleasant state with a very pleasant climate. But those in other states and cities may not appreciate the costs associated with bi-lingual education, preferential admission for "dreamers" to universities, strains on medical facilities. Many Americans have the rather quaint and old-fashioned idea that increasingly scarce public resources should be devoted to citizens and legal residents and not spent on those who jump the line to get in. And they might be indifferent to your virtue signaling for choosing to be a "minority."

  177. Time for AG Sessions to take a stand against those who employ these immigrants, unfairly competing against businesses that don't do so, at the same time cheating by not paying employment taxes. Throw a few of these employers in jail or fine them bigly and the problem will mostly solve itself.

  178. The problem being that he will not go after so many of his friends, and definitely will not go after President Trump, so few of those employers will be prosecuted.

  179. Ive been saying much the same for years. Train people and give them the authority to go to a business and as for certification that they have vetted all their workers. If they can't levy a fine of$10,000/worker that is non negotiable. Give companies 6 months to get their act together then after that they can be fined. That will end most if not all illegal immigration as there wont be any jobs.

  180. Another simplistic solution from the right that ignores all the facts.

  181. I usually try not to personalize my comments, but with Jeff Sessions I cannot restrain myself. To me he is that stock character of horror movies, the ever-smiling psychopathic killer.

  182. This is a very good description: the ever smiling psychpathic killer, who kills through others.
    It is the smile we normally only find in the ever calm smiling attitude of Islamist leaders.
    The same beautific smile reported from the Hunters of Protestants in the counter-reformation in Silesia after the Westphalian Peace 1648, and the Hunters of the Huguenots in the Cevennes after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes 1685.

  183. So people want fair treatment under the law? The same ones that they willfully broke because when it wasn't convenient, but now wish them upheld when it works in their favor?

  184. You mean like Hillary?

  185. It's not that simple Scott. Mexicans keep coming, legally and on flights, and over stay their visas because they get hired. They are hard workers and accept less while paying taxes and providing an important part of the US economy. It's time for Americans to wise up and stop making the most vulnerable people their scapegoats.

  186. Jeff Sessions has latched on to the one true issue that the Trump administration has an advantage with. I have seen the effects of the heroin and meth trade. I have seen the scream in the eyes of the patients. I've stared back until the terror passed.

    And of course, the organs were worthless.

  187. He is going after pot, not herois

  188. Do you really think that the illegal drugs wouldn't simply be brought in by a different route? Of course, you do. I understand you frustration, I do. The only way to stop drug sales, however, is to end the demand...

  189. reply to caveman007: I hope you don't really believe anything Jeff Sessions (and Trump) are doing relative to meth or heroin is because they CARE.

  190. When Sessions runs out of illegal immigrants to deport, or finds his arrests and deportations blocked, he can always go after marijuana users and doctors who prescribe it.

  191. The marijuana users may not be as sedate as Sessions believes if he attempts to visit his version of "justice" on them.

  192. Methinks his next target will be women who have abortions.

  193. "When Sessions runs out of illegal immigrants to deport..."

    It will be his time to retire.

    Deporting 13mln illegals will take a while.

  194. Forget America as the 'shining city on a hill'.

    Jeff Sessions and Trump Nation have reduced America to a burning cross on a hillside.

    Sweet home Alabama justice for all non-whites.

    "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever"

    "Thank God Almighty, I am white at last"

    Jeff Sessions - black vote suppressor, Mexican-and-marijuana-hater, and all-around mean-spirited Christian.

    I can't believe this angry elf from Dixie is the United States Attorney General.

  195. Indeed. Truer and sharper words have rarely been spoken:

    "a burning cross on a hillside"


  196. They're trampling on the grapes of truth as their wrath goes marching on.

  197. Neither can I. I grew up in Alabama and have followed Sessions through most of his career. The man is far from the sharpest tool in the shed and he is an unapologetic racist. An old-fashioned southerner whose mind is stuck in the Alabama of the 1960s.

  198. Yes, the country needs a comprehensive immigration plan. But its Republican politicians have never been able to sit down in a room and hammer one out, preferring to leave the impression that cruelty is the only approach to "doing something."

    This will be a shameful chapter in American history. Mr. Sessions, you are no Christian.

  199. Moderate Republicans and Democrats did, in fact, in 2007, and President Bush was ready to sign it, and it would have passed if all the Democrats had stuck together in the Senate and voted in favor. But around 16 Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, chose to vote against and kill the immigration reform. Was about 95% the same as Obama's failed "Gang of 8" reform bill that came up a few years later. So don't kid yourself that Democrats care any more about immigrants, other than using it as a political wedge issue.

  200. Indeed. Someday the USA will follow the lead of more enlightened Canada when it comes to refugees....unfortunately we're talking decades...

  201. I thought we have a "comprehensive immigration plan" that's working just fine.

  202. The Attorney General who lied under oath, and denied his racism, is the true "filth". His assumption that his god (made in his image, to affirm his white superiority) disapproves of stewardship and humanity is deeply flawed.

    I'm not a Christian any more, partly because of institutional Christian ignorance of the teachings of Jesus as described in the Gospels. To say the same thing in a different way:

    "Many evangelical colleges allow faculty and students to question inerrancy, creationism and the presumption that Jesus would have voted Republican."

    Wow, that's real arrogance. Wholesale, ignorant, narrow-minded bigoted selfishness.

    To me and many who are still Christian, this absolutely fails the test of Jesus's life and teachings.

    This is what strikes me every time I see Jeff Sessions. He is persuaded that his conviction of white male privilege was given to him by God, and that he has a right to lie and inflict pain on anyone who threatens him and his ideas of privilege. This is absolutely not Christian.

    On my primary issue, climate change, did you know that climate science "offends" Jeff Sessions? It offends him because it threatens his notions about "the creator". His notions of god are not spiritual, they are about protecting his class and rationalizing his willingness to inflict pain on others.

    My experience: his victims are waaay more Christian than he is.

  203. I went to a small liberal arts college in the south in the 1980s and had a very rude awakening about what some people do and think in the name of christianity. It changed my whole outlook on the world, and shaped my politics as I matured. I too no longer refer to myself as a christian, I had to retreat to a private sense of morality and spirituality when I saw so much hatred and closed-mindedness going on "in the name of the lord". Of course I know there are many, many good, decent christians in our country, but unfortunately, the political hatemonger-ing of Jeff Sessions, and the political manipulation of Christianity by politicians like Donald Trump, make Christian Conservatives seem like terrible, frightening hypocrites.

  204. @ Susan Anderson - Susan excellent comment, especially because you provide the link to the article where we can read this: "Dr. Jeanson is as important an asset for the ministry as its life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Ky. He believes the earth was created in six days — and he has a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard."

    I add that because I read almost daily in Times comments about Muslims who are said to believe that the Holy Koran is the only true guide needed in life and therefore should be seen by all right-thinking Americans as medieval. When I read these, I wonder how many of the commenters actually think as does the Dr. Jeanson quoted in "evangelical roots".

    You and I know the kind of education one must have to become a cell biology researcher. If Jeanson had that kind of education then it is impossible for me to understand how he can also believe the earth was created in six days.

    Larry L.

  205. Indeed, I feel fortunate to have known 'real' Christians. But, now if asked "are you a Christian?" I reply "No, I am a Southern Baptist".

    Sarcasm, but these faux Christian's like Sessions are giving the religion a very bad name. Evangelicals lined up behind Trump like sheep. Dreck!

    My Dr, a very good 'real' Christian, went on sabbatical to attend school so he could become an Episcopal priest. I hope he returns to his practice as our discussions were a real treat.

    I am not an atheist as that seems particularly arrogant but, at the same time, I always recall Deepak Chopra's comment "God gave us spirituality, the Devil gave us religion". Seems true these days.

  206. Xenophobia and racism cloaked in "concern" for the safety of "real Americans." 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses' - not.
    Sessions, Trump, and their supporters make me sick.

  207. The United States accepts about one million legal immigrants per year, far more than it did in 1886, when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. More than 13 percent of the U.S. population is foreign born. With 46.6 immigrants, the United States has by far the world’s largest immigrant population. It is home to 19.8 percent of the world’s immigrants. Accusing the United States of xenophobia and racism display total ignorance of immigration trends.

  208. There is medication for this -- the ballot box.

  209. 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses'

    We can all rejoice in the face that Emma Lazarus' vision of a state of Israel has been realized. There are no more Jews fleeing czarist Russia.

  210. One has to wonder how the editors got that flag to fall over at the perfect moment. It was an impressive achievement.

    You’re whistling past a graveyard when you lambaste Sessions for merely articulating convictions that may have been the one conclusive factor in Trump’s astonishing election, co-opting JUST enough normally-DEMOCRATIC votes in just the right places to put him over the EC top. You’ve lost this argument with Americans, and we’re going to enforce our laws and secure our borders. Period.

    What’s more, the Sessions lead that is buried here has little if anything to do with “immigration” – that word that has been so corrupted as to mean an assault on our borders by hordes of unacculturated merely seeking an economic sufficiency that their own societies have failed so dismally to provide them; and not of people who truly WANT to become Americans and are willing to stand in line with everyone else to do so.

    The real lead is Sessions’s apparent conviction that states may limit voting rights for any reason they deem appropriate – including complexion. If that flag were possessed of self-awareness, it fell at outrage at THAT conviction, and not that we have the right to insist that people who want access to our society as members obey our laws and stand in line.

  211. They are securing borders we forcefully and illegally took from the very people we are trying to exclude. We will push Mexico into the hands of a newly growing socialist movement from their southern borders. We have already lost millions of dollars in trade with Mexico and even here in NH there is now a shortage of workers because of these restrictions and Companies are hurting. This is a lose lose situation.

  212. You went off the reservation with "unacculturated," which just reinforces your own sense of ethnocentrism and nativism. Additionally, being so emphatic about "we're going to enforce our own borders. Period.", implies even more sinister, nationalistic undertones.

    The false narrative that Mexicans come here to 'steal our jobs' is pathetic and tiresome. Many take on jobs that most Americans wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, i.e. dishwashing and farm work. Then again, many people of your opinion also perpetuate the myth of the black welfare recipient buying a 60" flat screen TV. Again, false and tiresome.

    This is not the 19th century, and immigration laws are bound to evolve. Unfortunately, many feel the need to time warp to the past, instead of changing with the ever shifting realities of the moment.

  213. Enforce our laws and secure our borders. Kind of like the Nazis right?

  214. One of the most shameful episodes in US history may be unfolding. This, more than anything else, shows Trump's moral turpitude. Trump may be trying to fulfill a promise to his most fervent supporters but it is one in the same spirit that lead to the demonization of other groups of immigrants in the past and the rabid racism that the US has struggled for so long to overcome.

  215. The Trump administration seems to think that cruelty is a path to power. Such an attitude was evident throughout his campaign, most notably in his treatment of a handicapped man and a Muslim American war hero. It is evident in his budget proposal and in his threats about health care. Trump is a man who wants only to win even when the win at the expense of the least among us. While most Americans want their president to succeed, there are limits to how success is defined. Trump is someone who needs to be resisted.

  216. Today, it's the Justice Department detaining every adult stopped at the border--and the announcement that these people will have reduced civil rights while they are held. Against whom will Mr. Sessions and the Trump administration next turn their growing enforcement army? Those who are not Christian? Those who oppose the administration ("Lock her Up" was a campaign rallying cry for Mr. Trump). Which other liberties and rights will the federal government strip away as they build more detention centers, hire more officers, and put more handcuffs on men and women going about their lives? Once emboldened and allowed, the expansion of large-scale prosecution against specific groups often becomes persecution--of those perceived as enemies of the state. History tells us this will end badly for our democracy, our sense of decency, and all of our lives.

  217. You forget one thing. Those being arrested knowingly violated federal immigration law. Comparing this to a roundup of political dissidents is simply incorrect. President Trump is targeting criminals, which all illegal immigrants are

  218. Close to 1 million active deportation orders are being ignored in this country. These are people who have had a hearing; been afforded due process and been given a judgement that they must go back to their home country.
    In no other area of society would court orders go so willfully systematically unenforced.
    We cannot have a cohesive society that functions for the good of its people if an entire class is exempt from a long list of laws based on political advantage.
    It's unsustainable unless we really do intend to become a corrupt oligarchy.

  219. You mean like the bankers?

  220. This is giving us an opportunity to really think about how we view immigrants. During the Obama presidency we were so focused on surviving and recovering from the 2008 crash that we didn't really discuss immigration.

    President Obama deported more illegal immigrants than the last several presidents combined and no body blinked because he did it quietly and without fuss. He largely spared dreamers and focused on those who had committed crimes.

    Our immigration policies need an overhaul. The h1b visa has hurt Americans by giving jobs to legal immigrants at natural born citizens expense because companies can pay them less and get away with it. Our farmers and construction companies have been taking advantage of illegal immigrants for the same reason. Lower labor costs and a labor force who has no recourse against abuse.

    The beauty of America has been our history of immigration and our ability to absorb those who come here and their ability to do great things that has long made us an unstoppable force. Those who come here are more likely to start a business that creates jobs and new technology than the native born. They recognize the opportunity that we take for granted.

    Sadly Sessions and Trump are racist. They are not focused on implementing reform they are going to focus on getting rid of any person of color that they can legally do so. There are plenty of white or Asian immigrants here illegally but you don't hear about them.

  221. "President Obama deported more illegal immigrants than the last several presidents combined.."

    Not exactly. President Obama changed how deportation numbers were compiled, to now include those caught AT the border and quickly thrown out. Political slight of hand, that's all.

  222. Paranoia, a condition of uncontrolled fear and anxiety, has to find enemies to explain the fear. When one is found and eliminated, and the fear that led to the paranoia does not go away, another enemy is found and this keeps going on until all and everything is an enemy.

    The police state is a paranoid state - seeking and finding "enemies" to eliminate.

    Mr. Sessions and his boss personify paranoid thinking.

  223. Brick by brick by brick, Trump and his cronies are building the foundation for a latter-day Nazi state.

  224. i think he is taking over the one that republicans have been building for several decades. their increasingly un popular ideas have made them speed up the process in recent years.

  225. So enforcing laws on the books before he came to office makes Trump a Nazi? You're as bad as Republicans who think FEMA is going to enslave Americans. All conspiracy theories are dangerous

  226. This is where data is important.

    Illegal immigration across the southern border has been dropping for years now.

    A large percentage of illegal immigration is due to persons who overstay their visas but arrive through legal means.

    A $20 billion wall will do nothing to curb illegal immigration in this country. Nothing!

    And we still do not know where the money will come from for anything that this administration proposes. The purse belongs to congress and even that the GOP is in the majority few if any agree on this topic.

    If the GOP could not pass repeal & replace legislation, image the issues with this.

  227. "Data" without reference to any reliable source is suspect

  228. The very things you are criticizing Mr. Sessions for are exactly the positions Mr. Trump campaigned on, and which his supporters voted for. All you are doing is highlighting that elections have consequences. If Progressives (and I count myself as one) want to see our values protected and/or turned into law, we have to win both the presidency and Congressional majorities. The blame is not for Mr. Trump or Mr. Sessions, it is for us.

  229. No the blame it is on a crooked Democrat party!
    Really Pete you like pelosi and shimmer?
    Pelosi's husband got deal to sell post office properties valued at 6 billion!
    Yeah he gets 6%
    Why not put up for bid?
    I would do for 1%
    Is that good for you?
    Or your country?
    Did you know that over 50% or people convicted of federal sex crimes (in jail now) were illegally in USA? Look it up federal jails incarceration
    Read the Constitution Pete
    Ask your political reps to respect it and enforce the laws!

  230. The USA's immigration laws are illegitimate and deny people their human rights of escaping violence and reuniting with families. The Sanctuary Movement recognized this in the 1980s supporting refugees from Reagan's wars in Central America and the same is true in this new era of Sessions - Kelly - Trump. It is our moral duty to provide Sanctuary to immigrants who have just come but also who have been in our neighborhoods living as productive law abiding citizens. Talk about law and order is just a cover for your prejudices. So worried about illegality the solution is LEGALIZATION through meaningful immigration reform. And I did not see any comments properly address the deep issues that immigrants are productive necessary members of our work force doing jobs that others to not want, and less likely to commit crimes than the rest of the citizenry. Diversity through immigration and the education of their children is the basis for USA's competitive future. This has been proven by real social science research and so you anecdotes are nice but please base your arguments on real evidence. The current system is broken and must be fixed, what is being done will only make this worse.

  231. Every day I am more and more thankful that Mr. Trump is our president and appointments like Mr. Sessions and Mr. Gorsuch only reinforce my belief that we are finally back on track in this country.

  232. @JP Portland: So trump, sessions and Gorsuch have put us "finally back on track". We're on track alright - headed full steam ahead in the wrong direction.

  233. America was never on this "track".

  234. Sometimes those tracks head into a tunnel and the light at the end of that tunnel is a train.

  235. Jeff Sessions is just another shining example of this horrific Trump administration that hovers over all of us, and the rest of the world, like a dark, menacing cloud about to explode.

    Never in my entire life, spanning over sixty years, have I had such an overriding sense of doom, gloom, and despair with the leadership of this country.

    Clearly, Trump and his administration are ill-equipped to deal with the serious challenges facing us and the world. His lack of knowledge of important current events and history in general is shocking, demonstrating a lack of curiosity that most, if not al,l leaders commonly share. He has admitted that he doesn't "read books". He relies on his "instincts" which are often totally wrong.

    His thought process is self-centered. Protecting his ego, and his "image", are more important to him than gaining a more complete understanding of the challenges that lie ahead.

    Why on God's green earth did this man decide to run for President? I think it was only to satisfy his insatiable ego. He's simply too selfish to see beyond his own nose and lacks a natural inquisitiveness to seek and to find real solutions to the serious problems facing us and the world.

    He's an accident waiting to happen. Hopefully, we, the people, won't be the victims.

  236. I guess I'm a lousy liberal when it comes to illegal immigration, because it is just that -- illegal. On the one hand, national borders, indeed nations, are manmade creations of dubious value. On the other hand, by the time you've got a nation and a government and a system of laws, it helps nobody to ignore the latter. So while I agree that Trump and Sessions are grandstanding and are beginning to enforce policies that are too heavy-handed, I think there must be some kind of middle ground here. Perhaps there should be amnesty for people with citizen children or other exceptions, and those who are arrested should be treated with dignity, but if we liberals continue arguing against enforcing the law, we're digging our own political grave.

  237. I used to think the same as you but then I moved to California. I was ignorant. The issue is much more complicated. Many of these illegal immigrants were brought over when they were children. And many are children right now. We have already paid to have these folks educated and are now integrated into our society. Naturalization is a more humane and logical way to solve the problem. Naturalize those who are here and integrated and severely punish employers who would hire illegal immigrants.

    Look, if this were really about ending illegal immigration, and not about racism, this administration would be going after the employers. ALL the employers. Most folks in my neighborhood have a gardener and a nanny. And I am not in a fancy neighborhood. It's just so cheap because the gardeners are illegal immigrants. Start heavily fining people for hiring these immigrants, and many people would leave. But this administration won't do that because it's about something else.

  238. Well, since we drag doctors off planes to the point of physically hurting them, treating aliens as non-humans seems like the new American way. I'm a liberal too, and we are a country of immigrants. Don't forget history, or we will pay the price.

  239. Definitely old and tired Mr. Liberal. I am also old and liberal but not tired and against the Trump and Session routine of labelling everyone who comes across the border as rapists, murderers and criminals to watch up the fear and hatred.

  240. First they came for the illegal immigrants, but I was not an illegal immigrant so I did not speak out. Then they came for the voting rights of blacks and Hispanics, but I was neither so I did not speak out. Then they came to revoke the Medicare and Social Security benefits of Millennials but I was not one so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.

  241. @Wally. We are speaking out. We spoke and we were listened to.MAGA!

  242. In San Antonio Texas there are people of both German and Mexican backgrounds. The blending of those cultures resulted in a unique cuisine and musical genre. I have only been there one time but was struck by the success of the mix. What I didn't see to any large degree was the kind of tribalism that prevents such sharing of customs and traditions. I wonder what their secret is.

  243. "Be forewarned," Mr. Sessions said in Arizona. "This is a new era. This is the Trump era."

    Indeed it is, Mr. Sessions. Indeed it is. It is an era where truth and objective reality are no longer essential tools in formulating policy, allocating resources or engaging with our fellow humans from other nations. It is an era where asinine behavior is worn by Republicans as a badge of honor.

    Hopefully, the Trump era will be as brief as possible, with history and reasonable people regarding it with utter revulsion, along with the name of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

  244. President Obama reduced the flow of illegal immigrants, but never saw the need to debase people in the process. ilaws need to be upheld, but people like Sessions and Trump go far beyond this into abuse and dehumanization to make political points.

    The rest of our legal system and especially the police see this talk and behavior and soon follow suit treating everyone they encounter with suspicion and the same abuse. It is not only these refugees who suffer, but our whole society which soon sees our society as a place of law and order, but only of viciousness that no longer respects the rights of anyone.

  245. I don't know where to begin. Where would this country be without immigrants, including my own parents? Who dug canals, built railroads and signed on for the worst jobs? Immigrants! The Trump administration does not have demographics on its side. We are an aging population in need of young workers to support the rest of us in our old age. Beyond lacking basic human kindness, Trump and Sessions simply have not done the math. We need farm workers, military enlistees, doctors, and teachers. And, as my husband likes to point out, the meth heads will not seek out jobs at the chicken plant.

  246. The question is not whether this country has the right to deport every illegal immigrant, but rather whether it is in the best interest of this country to exercise that right. Clearly, illegal immigrants who commit crimes should be deported posthaste. A more difficult judgment should arise when deciding the fate of illegal immigrants who have been taxpayers and vital parts of their community for many years. Such people lack the necessary documents despite the fact that they have been the best of citizens. There are many citizens with the proper papers who have done their community and nation great harm. Shouldn't we temper justice with mercy when it is in the best interest of the community and the individual? Lincoln said it best at the end of the Civil War. "With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds."

  247. The best of citizens? Really? Such a romantic view of foreign lawbreakers is truly laughable.

  248. I have suspected that cases such as that of Maribel Trujillo-Diaz are a combination of the ghastly policies of Messrs. Sessions and Trump, and the exploitation of the federal bureaucracy.

    I am quite sure that the ICE people are given quotas, days, weeks of whatever, and if they don't meet them, they go through the list of "low-hanging fruit"-i.e., compliant individuals whose cases may or not be slightly criminal, and grab them, because they have a quota to meet and those people are the easiest. Not unlike the old parking violations quotas city drivers are familiar with, with about the same level of thought. The results for their families are tragic.

    What several correspondents fail to realize is that until very recently, the U.S. rarely deported parents of American citizens. Remember "anchor babies?" The anti-immigrant rhetoric, tinged with racism, of the Republican Party, infuriates me and most of my fellow citizens, who regard immigration as a good thing. I despair at what damage the sheer meanness of a few individuals in power can do.

    Mr. Sessions was a Republican back-bencher for many years in the Senate. There was a reason even Mitch McConnell (the destroyer of the Senate) wouldn't name him to a committee chair. Unfortunately, he country is finding out why.

    Coretta Scott King was absolutely correct about him.

  249. Some here have referred to Sessions' actions and inflammatory speech against immigrants as "stirring discontent." But can we reduce it to just that? It seems to me that Trump and the people he hand chose to the most important governmental agencies have a very real agenda. This agenda seems to be a concerted plan to create an autocratic state whose racist agenda is just part of a greater, overarching agenda to keep the money safe in the hands of people like Trump and far away from the so called "entitled" masses? What else if not this are the repeal of Obamacare and all the cuts in federal programs aimed at serving the needs of the working poor and the middle class about? As someone -now famously-put it (in reference to Trump's ties to Russie), "Just follow the money." However, I think it's more urgent than ever to heed this call with reference to how Trump and his administration are using immigrants and refugees to divide us, incite us, and obfuscate the real agenda of this administration. All abetted, needless to say, by a Republican Party whose own interests were and continue to be to uphold the same economic agenda albeit in a more covert and muddled way until Obama came along. Everything else is just noise.

  250. 1. How many unauthorized immigrants are in the U.S.?

    The Census Bureau tries to count the numbers of citizens, legal residents, and unauthorized residents who are living here. A paper on its web site by Eric B. Jensen, Renuka Bhaskar, and Melissa Scopilliti, gives several reasons why unauthorized residents might not answer Census Bureau questionnaires, and concludes that foreign-born Hispanic males are likely the most undercounted group.

    Even though the Census Bureau strongly suspects it is undercounting the largest component of the unauthorized population, PEW gets it number of 11.1 unauthorized immigrants from the census. The reality is that the number could be considerably higher.

    2. If the unauthorized are given legal status, then each one of them will be able to petition the government to legally bring in a spouse, any children under age 21, and any older unmarried children. If they become citizens, then they may also petition to bring in their parents, older married children, and siblings.

    All of these legal residents will also be able to petition to have their own relatives come here. We could end up with a preponderance of legal residents and citizens from one country. Largely as a result of the last amnesty, we give 30% of our green cards to Mexicans every year. If we again give legal status to the undocumented, this percentage will rise.

    3. If we legalize the current crop of unauthorized migrants, we will get another crop of unauthorized migrants.

  251. The real nightmare is the very heavy burden on state and local resources to support Mexican and other Latin American immigrants and their families.
    Case in point. Public K-12 education in California.
    Hispanic children lag far behind white and Asian-American children in California.
    Yet that cannot be blamed on the usual bogeyman -- unequal "resources".
    Why not?
    For more than 40 years, since the mid-1970s, California has funded public K-12 education on an equalized basis statewide by funding it almost completely via a statewide income tax -- a state income tax, by the way, with rates far higher than most states. This contrasts with most states, which rely on local property taxes.
    But despite the equalized statewide funding, Hispanic children lagged.
    So, in 2012, the state imposed an income tax surcharge to provide extra money -- over and above the already equalized statewide funding -- for school districts with large concentrations of English-language learners -- i.e with large concentrations of students from households speaking Spanish -- with the Los Angles Unified School District being the poster child.
    And yet, since then, the performance of Hispanic children has continued to lag even more.

  252. In California, aggregate average Asian student achievement is way ahead of white student achievement. Are you prepared to here Asian-California tax payers complaining about having to pay for the public education of the lagging white students?

    What's more is that in California, there is diversity within the group of HIspanic people -- Argentinians are not the same as Puerto Ricans, for example. And, studies show that Argentinians have a higher rate of learning achievement than native-born California whites.

  253. Oh yes, everything is find at the boarder, these are not the drug lords you are looking for. If Trump paints too harsh a picture of illegal immigration then this piece goes too far the other way. And reality is not in the middle but closer to Trumps position. Everyone that crosses the borders either suffers to come into this country or is intent on making people suffering when they get in. Regardless, the status quo is inhumane and unacceptable. Illegal immigration is down 70% since Trump became president because these immigrants no long feel that the US is the land of hope for them, but in reality it never was. Obama deported more illegal immigrants that all other presidents in the 20th century combine. The only reason that liberals today take exception to this policy is because they want to use this issue to attack Trump. I haven't heard one good idea from the Democrats about how to solve this problem and I doubt they have the true compassion, imagination and resolve to do so.

  254. Anyone not familiar with southeastern Arizona should take a look at Google Earth or some other aerial image of the area. This is NOT a hospitable land. The border-crossers who decide to make the 70-mile trek from Mexico to Tucson either are desperate, duped by coyotes, or drug-runners. The honest immigrants who complete the 70-mile journey are truly exceptional -- mentally tough, with physical stamina.

    I view any surge in law enforcement on the border as pure politics with perhaps a shade of economic payback to the state of Arizona for its support of Republican Party members in Washington. Practically, the surge is inconsequential. 95% of the time agents will be twiddling their thumbs and SUVs will be sitting in parking lots. That's simply the reality of the lonely land out there.

    Ironically, the AG has issued verbiage that could well lead to greater, not less, violence: (a) agents assuming they have greater leeway to punish border violators; (b) a real possibility that servants of the drug cartels may view the surge as a threat. I wince to think about how (b) might play out.

  255. So much about this administration comes down to their willingness, even eagerness, to pursue an agenda with no actual, credible evidence to justify it. But it's devastating when the Attorney General of the United States, in particular--the one who is supposed to be an expert on and defender of evidence--leads out.

  256. Jeff Sessions is vengeful just like his boss. It was obvious that after being forced to recuse himself from a major investigation ,this combative attorney general was going to show how tough he is and unleash his anger at those who can't fight back.
    This kind of despicable behavior is likely to continue because Trump sets the standard for his entire administration.

  257. Keep up this policy and there will come a time when farmers, businesses and the rich who employ illegals will start hurting as will consumers paying high prices for produce and other food products. Then, maybe the Congress will consider working on a fair immigration policy.
    In the meantime, this vengeful little man will continue his policies.

  258. A fair punishment for illegally crossing the border is deportation. Evading accountability for years or decades does not diminish the original act or make the perpetrator deserving of a lesser sentence. Having citizen children, the fruit of having them after entering illegally also is not a mitigating factor. Session's actions are a good start. I would go a step further and call for outright mass deportation of anyone here illegally.

  259. As another reader pointed out, the people you want deported are the millions of people who are "responsible for our landscaped lawns, clean office buildings, processed poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, child care, elder care, new house additions, and restaurant meals." Who do you think will perform all those jobs if those millions are kicked out of the U.S.?

  260. When was the last time so much governmental force was targeted against individuals in our society?

    Here we have the power of the President reinforced by hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars deployed against people responsible for our landscaped lawns, clean office buildings, processed poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, child care, elder care, new house additions, and restaurant meals.

    We will never be able to deport all 11 million people who are in this country without official papers - a civil offense. So we mobilize our power to arrest a small percentage of them, just to make an example of them, while money that could be spent on the welfare of our communities goes to detention facilities run by the Prison Corporation of America.

    Does anyone else see the similarity between this policy and our dropping the biggest bomb in our arsenal in Afghanistan?

    This is crazy.

  261. No, there is no similarity. Enforcing the law--the way the law is written, not the way advocates would like it to be--and making war are two separate activities. Facile comparisons do not an argument make.

  262. Your crazy!
    Illegal immigrates are illegal
    Why have laws?
    Is it not the job of the AG and President to represent the law and protect the people?
    About the bomb are we playing a game or trying to kill the enemy?
    Finally we have a commander in chief who wants to kill the enemy not "contain" them!
    Maybe you forget about the twin towers and the dead people?
    Or you just lost or never any courage

  263. Jefferson Sessions, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Steve Bannon, and the rest of the crew are an embarrassment to America. By electing Trump Americans have proved that they are as ignorant as Europeans and others have thought they were. Watching the performances of the GOP and the twitter storms of Trump leaves this American ashamed of our current leaders who seem determined to make their mark on America in terms of ignorance, bigotry, cronyism, and economic elitism. Noblesse oblige is a concept that they have never heard of. So is the concept of governing for all instead of just for their corporate masters.

  264. Jeff Sessions is either crazy or on drugs. Have you noticed his crazy smirk? It's always there. Who elected this crazy man?

    Get rid of him before his craziness can do more damage.

  265. Okay i'm crazy but i have noticed too the "Republican" smirk! Paul Ryan's is everlasting with the exception of ACA non vote. Mitch McConnel smirlks when he hurts people especially Dems but that must take a huge effort because he has a permanent frown and he needs quite a bit of adrenalin to get those cheek muscles up! But you are right there is glee in the Session's smirk when he is bashing minorities! Sad!

  266. Legal everything needs to be enforced. IImmigration is governed by existing laws which have not been enforced in decades to the absolute detriment of our economy and our safe communities where law enforcement must control illegal immigration.

  267. I have first hand knowledge of the effects of immigration on the economy, -- my economy. The seasonal immigrants I haired came from Mexico, Haiti and one from Brazil.
    Rather than "absolute detriment", I know the reality to be "positive productiveness". The immigrants I hired took real care of my product, made my company grow, helped me and my local community to prosper.
    Whereas, in contrast, the native born, laid off, locals I hired to do the same job, were frequently late to work, a few were disrespectful, a couple were disruptive and lazy, too many had difficulty following explicit instruction and damaged my product to the extent that it became "seconds" that were only half the value.

    Talk about safety? Not one immigrant ever threatened me or my family. But one of the local hires did.
    I felt very comfortable eating lunch with and enjoying the camaraderie of the immigrants I hired. (and I had very little Spanish speaking ability). In contrast, I was uncomfortable around some of the locals who had bad attitudes and abusive speech.
    Never had one immigrant that I had reason to fire. Can't say the same for the locals.
    Never had one immigrant that I even suspected of drug use. I had a number of locals who I suspected of drug use and a couple I had to let go after being caught smoking dope in the rest room.
    In a nutshell, the immigrants consistently did a good job and therefore took care of me and my business.

  268. "It denies the existence of millions of people who are a force for good, economic mainstays and community assets, less prone to crime than the native-born —"
    This fact argues against those who can only see " illegal ' as their mantra.
    A legal system that failed to produce a proper guest worker system unfairly stigmatizes those who are working here illegally. The law must be changed, not the location of the worker and her family.

  269. " When many of those arriving from Central America immediately surrender to border agents — having fled to the United States to find safety, not to do it harm"

    Unfortunately Wong's "many" has too many exclusions. The impact of that is seen in the crimes committed by illegal immigrants who had previously been in local law enforcement custody but then were released - free to commit crimes in their new illegally adopted country. Those local law enforcement agencies and their local governments share in the guilt of those crimes. It's worthwhile and just to have those situations called out for the public to see.

  270. Mr Sessions and Mr Trump ignore, and want us to forget, July 4, 1776. They want us to kick Lady Liberty in the teeth and seemingly would rather ship her back to France because to them she represents the opposite of their vision. They treat with derision her American ideal: "Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door." If your ancestors were not native Americans, from where did they immigrate? Mine are from France, and their French cousins idealized the American dream with the Statue of Liberty. What kind of moral leadership are we seeing here? What are MRs Trump and Sessions teaching my grand children?

  271. Anna Fels said in another column:
    Hate converts a sense of helplessness into one of action. It can even be the impetus for the formation of new communities in which people share grievances and plans for retribution, relieving their sense of isolation or powerlessness. As a consequence, though, there’s a loss of empathy, and beliefs become simplified and rigid.

    Now the haters have taken over our government and it's easy for leaders to lead through hate. That has been proven time and time throughout history. No one has a greater loss of empathy than Trump and the right wing. Trump flip flops all over the place but it doesn't denote flexibility. His rigidity is about himself. He always has to look great. He always has to be right even when he's wrong. None of this bodes well for our society.

  272. Deportation in the Trump era is merely a euphemism for the "cleansing" of America.
    Can't imagine living with such an irrational fear of immigrants. Before
    cheering Sessions and his cabal, the fearful ones should listen to
    Woody Guthrie's song, "Pastures of Plenty", a brilliant reminder of how much
    migrant workers give to this land and our economy and how much we depend
    on them. As my mother, the daughter of immigrants, used to say, "We
    are all God's children". What a waste of federal money to round up people
    with no serious criminal history. And then there's that wall which will
    waste even more.

  273. Good grief, these are not immigrants.....immigrants come here the legal way

    These are sneak thieves, who come here illegally, they are criminals, they are illegal aliens with NO RIGHT to be here

    We too are kids of immigrants, who here legally and obey the law

  274. I'm a retired cop, 32 years in law enforcement. Jeff Sessions is the top law enforcement officer in the land and I would proudly be insubordinate to his orders. If money can travel the globe in search of cheap labor, then workers can do the same in search of work.

  275. Perhaps you retired your mind, as well as your heart. Money can move around the globe in an instant with little or no cost. Men, women and children? Not so much. The US looked the other way for years as the undocumented came and filled jobs. When we need your labor, it's fine to come in. When we're looking for a scapegoat, step right up. As long as I live, I will never understand the vilification of the less fortunate by those who have been given so much. Happy Easter to you.

  276. Wow. Good point.

  277. I have traveled across the border dozens of times over the last few years by car. Initially I was tentative and, frankly, afraid of travel near the border. The media and demagogues like Trump and Sessions have done a good job of fanning fear.

    My experience has shown that the fear mongering grossly distorts reality. Immigration and military personnel on both sides of the border are professional and generally polite.

    The average traveler does not see or experience any aspect of the drug war. If one walks around a border town, on either side of the border, one sees families, with children, engaging in normal, mundane activities.

    Only through purposeful ignorance and lack of personal experience can people have and/or espouse the Trump/Sessions worldview. It is shameful and fact free.

    We are, and always have been a country built through immigration, legal or otherwise. Immigrants have always brought with them new culture, a drive to better their families and, ultimately, a great pride and loyalty in a country that ultimately welcomed and incorporated them; Irish, Asian, Russian, etc. Unfortunately, we have also always had people angry and resentful of the newcomers and political hacks who made their careers feeding off and feeding the xenophobes.

    Trump and Sessions will be seen through the rear view mirror of history as small and ignorant men.

  278. I'm so happy that Sessions is finally enforcing our laws. Otherwise why have the laws? An offense is a law that was broken. And there are consequences for committing an offense. Already the number of illegal aliens crossing over into the USofA has dropped dramatically. Thank you President Trump!

  279. What about jailing the employers, who are also breaking the law?

  280. No, thank you, President Obama. You've forgotten President Obama.

  281. There is a difference between enforcing the law and enforcing the law with extreme prejudice drumming up hysteria based on a warped and unrealistic viewpoint. There is a difference between a soldier and a gleeful executioner.

  282. The new Trump era is a shameful blot on our nation. If we really care about stopping illegal immigration, why don't we enact harsh felony criminal penalties for individuals, managers and companies who employ undocumented workers? Punish the source of the alleged problem, not the people who come to our country for a better life, work hard, and pay their taxes, like the woman deported from Fairfield, OH. I am ashamed to be an American at this point.

  283. No one has the RIGHT to come here...............every country in the world controls it's must not travel cannot simply enter any nation you wish to.............our laws must be obeyed, we need to protect OUR citizens......

  284. The penalties for employing illegal aliens are stiffer than for being an illegal alien. They range from a minimum of $375 per unauthorized worker for a first offense up to a maximum of $1,600 per worker for a third or subsequent offense. If you are found to have engaged in a “pattern and practice” of hiring undocumented workers, then you can be fined up to $3,000 per employee and/or imprisoned for up to six months.

  285. Most of the U.S. immigration problems would end the second Congress created and enforced tough laws punishing anyone employing illegal or improperly documented workers. A five-year, mandatory prison sentence would be a nice deterrent. Instead of building a stupid wall or wasting valuable resources patrolling the boarders, just send a message to the demand-side of the equation.

  286. But Congress won't do that. They prefer to allow employers to hire whomever they want even if the employee is an illegal immigrant. This keeps employers happy and gives them a weapon to use on American employees: if you aren't happy I can go and hire someone who costs a lot less. It also lets employers not follow safety rules: if one is a temp or illegal complaints are highly unlikely. It's time employers were held responsible for their part in employee injuries on the job and making it possible for illegal immigrants to find work here.

  287. Add hard labor to the prison sentence. That would help solve another problem.

  288. If Trump wants to get rid of illegal immigrants the most effective move would be to jail all employers, including himself, who employ them. Without any prospects of income the immigrants would not come.

  289. "The tide of evil" What a great metaphor for the people who pick our crops, work in slaughterhouses to deliver our meat and poultry, build and repair our homes and clean our elderly with respect and compassion so they can send a few bucks a month to their families.

    Jeff you're also part of an administration that is going to stop treating people for opioid addiction much of it the result of the legal distribution of pain killers by US pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals.

  290. I'm writing from San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. I am one of thousands of Americans that either travel here every year or have moved here permentely.

    One reason Americans choose to live here is that they can live on their social security. Others include healthier food, better climate, and trully friendly and helpful people.

    One elderly American with an aged car stated that as she traveled back and forth from Mexico to California she would rather break down in Mexico where the people would stop and help her than the United States where even the cops would not stop.

    And then there was the taxi cab driver who had spent time in the United States. He said he liked the money he made but when he had to rase a family he found Mexico to be a far better place. His words were "I really do not like your country".

    From it's religious festivals to it's impressive landscapes and rich history Mexico could teach the United States a lot if only Mr. Trump could ever give up his policy of being a total bully.

    ps Mexico has free health care for it's people.

  291. Feel free to stay......

  292. Sessions and Kell are now in the same club as Bannon. The new Trump will realize that he gave power to these ideologues in a time when he is trying to become an instant world leader and will replace them.

    The scary thing is who will get to the president next? It seems that we will be seeing a new Trump each couple of months. Whoever gets to the President first, owns his brain until the next person comes.

    So far, the shifts from isolationism, torture, Eximbank, NATO and China have been positive. Let us wait what will happen with health care, infrastructure programs, education, taxes... There are no guarantees: remember what he is doing in the environment and internet privacy departments.

  293. Notwithstanding Sessions rants, the U.S. must be humane.
    But until our Congress makes the necessary changes to immigration law, is it good policy to simply ignore a real crime? Illegal entry and visa over-stays, are all against the law, our law.
    Our Congress must clarify and adapt these particular laws- with the obviously needed changes.
    But are border jumpers and visa violators "unauthorized immigrants" or just plain old illegal aliens?
    We need to think about the probable future, wherein we will see the following:
    - increased world population, especially of the poor and unwanted-
    - heightened pressure on world resources like food, water, shelter
    - a continued pointless war on drugs and how it effects the border-
    - prison capacity and the cost of incarceration and handling-
    - the costs of medical care for everybody, illegal or not-
    -the cost of law enforcement, and non-violent crime-
    - illegal aliens produce unauthorized citizens, with full rights-
    - our already profound societal inequality and it's costs and influence-
    It is not a simple, feel-good , easily solved problem and even with Sessions cruel, hyperbolic responses, it is not just going away.