London Pride, Undaunted

In their quiet, stoical way, citizens defied terror by simply going about city life as normal.

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  1. Je suis London !

  2. Awww yisss! We should all be solid on this - the Brits show the way!

  3. During my lifetime, London survived the blitz. (OK, I was an infant then, but one of my dearest friends lived not far the city and remembered the whole thing.) Keep calm and carry on, indeed!

  4. Amen, Martha. I may be a wee bit older than you, having vague memories of the blitz, By the time the war ended I was very aware that the adults behaved like, well, adults, taking things in stride and going about business as usual (a phrase without the negative political connotations it now has in the US). I really resent the First Son, as loud-mouthed and ignorant as his father, misrepresenting and insulting London's Mayor,

  5. While any loss of life is tragic, it helps to put things into perspective:

    On average, drivers kill 3 people every 40 minutes in the United States.

  6. Let's also put your comment into perspective:

    Those drivers ACCIDENTALLY kill, not willfully.

    There, I hope that helps.

  7. Great piece. I think that it's worth emphasizing that twelve years have elapsed since last major terrorist attack in London. How many deaths by gun have taken place in large American cities in that time? Those are the cities to be wary of. And I say this this as an American (albeit one who loves in London!).

  8. Well said. I had a call today with a colleague in Los Angeles, asking me if she should cancel their Easter vacation in London. Absolutely not, I told her. London is incredibly safe, and to cancel your long-awaited trip is precisely the sort of news that would have our enemies shaking their fists in ghastly triumph.

    We will resist and defeat these people by showing, time and again, that random acts of violence not only fail to pervert our way of life, but actually strengthen it by reminding us all of just how essentially good and decent ordinary people are. This applies not just to Londoners but to our friends everywhere, whom we will continue to welcome and to cherish as our guests.

  9. Thank you very much for your comment. I visited London last summer after several years. To my surprise, London was getting cleaner and more modernised. Having lost the way to Charles Dickens Museum, one guy asked me where I wanted to go. He was so kind to tell the way. I totally convinced myself London was absolutely safe. I walked exactly the same place as the thing happened last summer. Listening to comfortable Opera sung by a lady in Trafalgar Square, I had nothing to worry about. However, I was getting worried after seeing the news two days ago... However, again, I got some kind of courage from reading your comment, especially the last sentence, "This applies not just to Londoners but to our friends everywhere, whom we will continue to welcome and to cherish as our guests."
    Thank you so much. As I have some lovely friends in London, I will visit them again.

  10. Agreed. I've two overseas trips planned this year and one of them includes a two-week visit to London (I visit every year) in June. I'll be damned if this, or any other similar act, prevents me from wearing out my passport.

  11. Tell your colleague to sell her house in LA NOW, since it will soon be in reach of Kim's nukes. And tell her the only place that looks reasonably safe for the time being is Antarctica.

  12. I'm embarrassed by the disgraceful tweet vomited out by the First Son.

    Shame on you.

    NOT my president

  13. How much longer are we to be embarrassed as a nation by this family's lack of compassion, good sense, conscience and class? From the Obamas to this! The Trumps are outliers, not the best that the U. S. can produce. Shame indeed. Not my president, nor my first family.

  14. Thank you. As a Brit whose heart is heavy thank you!!
    Spoken as a true New Yorker!

  15. Fredo Corleone

  16. Keep Calm and Carry On!
    One tragic incident, perpetrated by mad man will not dishearten our friends in GB!

  17. I have visited and walked on the deadly path many times. London is a great city just like my own New York. I think we share many of the same things that make us great. When I walk the streets of New York or London I always feel the reassurance that so many people come together just to live and share the daily grind of life. There is a vibrancy of each city that is usually peaceful and always interesting.
    London has unfortunately dealt with bombs from wars and terrorism longer than most cities. Our prayers go to the families of the dead and injured. We must never let the terrorists 'win'.

  18. London's stoicism is admirable but stoicism alone only invites more extremism to break the will of the people.

    There needs to be continued vigilance and a determined effort to root out and eradicate the clash of civilizations that extremists want to carry out in our home turf.

    Political correctness be damned with patting oneself on the back. If there are those among us, either native born or immigrant, who don't or won't ascribe to the values of the society we cherish, confiscate their passports and deport them to hell that is the grounds of those whose dirty work they claim to do.

  19. Forunately, you don't get too many people spouting the "clash of civilizations" rhetoric over this side of the pond, apart from the odd fanatic like the one that committed the atrocity yesterday.

  20. Chris and the 17 people recommending Chris's comment: for the umpteenth time, the attacker was born in Kent, in England, thus there is no point in confiscating his passport even if it could be done. He was not an immigrant. Why is it so important to your world view that the attacker be an immigrant?

  21. "There needs to be continued vigilance and a determined effort to root out and eradicate the clash of civilizations that extremists want to carry out in our home turf."

    The reactionary act of blindly turning on the "others" with your own country out of paranoia is succumbing to the very "clash of civilizations" tripe that our enemies espouse.

    The path to victory is to not play their evil game. Keep calm and carry on.

  22. "Kerp Calm, Carry On" is the London way, in the 1940s blitz, in 2017 terrorism. How very civilized, how very prorective of democracy.

  23. Of course. Terrorism is repulsive, but it is nothing new. I was a young man in London during the IRA bombings in the 1970s. It never occurred to us to stop doing what we were doing - how could we? We simply carried on, but tried to stay alert to anything unusual. And I was working in London on 7/7/05 when 50 people died in explosions on the tube and in London buses. The following day, we were on buses and tubes as before.

    It isn't that Londoners are especially stoical. It's that at some profoundly rational level we understand that as horrible as these sorts of attacks are, they are the exception not the rule. Far more of us are killed on the roads each year than are affected by terrorism; and knowing that may make us careful drivers, but it does not prevent us from getting into our cars or crossing the streets in traffic.

    And the other thing we - most of us, anyway - know is that this is not about immigrants. The culprit here was English-born, just as the right-wing extremist that murdered an MP last year was English-born. Twisted ideology, not nationality or religion, is the problem here.

  24. Coming from Mumbai, a city that has been attacked over and over again by terrorists over the years, I have read countless such opinion pieces on "the stoicism of ancestral pride and present realism" (or as we call it - the "spirit of Mumbai") that people show after terror attacks in big cities. Although admirable, these opinion pieces miss the point - everything goes on not because they don't feel threatened or because of some special "spirit" of London/Mumbai/New York; people continue living their lives because that is all they can do to survive. Its not like they have a choice. People have jobs, responsibilities, etc. and all they can do in such a situation is carry on. Its great that the writer feels proud of living in London, which is undoubtedly one of the great cities of the world, but to consider Londoners going back to their daily lives as some sort of message that they will not bow to fear is a misinterpretation of the facts in my opinion.

  25. Londoners are being stoic? I don't think that's an accurate term. Defiant and (exhibitionistically) nonchalant, perhaps. But it's all heavily mediated as is typical for Brits: tube signs, slogans, boasting in the streets and in pubs about carrying on. Which is admirable and endearingly British, but it's certainly not stoicism. If you want stoic, check out Scandinavia. The silent, head-down, blank-stare reaction to anything alarming is what I would call stoic.

  26. It's past time for the UK to undergo a total and thorough deworming. See: clash of "civilizations". If May isn't up to using government security powers she'll be shoved aside.

  27. Thank god our language has this homeland.

  28. Given our current President and his equally despicable son, I kind of wish the British would have won the American Revolutionary War.

  29. Noble words, Brexit animus notwithstanding. Neither Trump's self-serving idiocy. London is as good a metropolis as the best in the world, and it shows (courage, yes, but also common sense and a deep feeling of freedom as its most cherished feeling)'. And, thus far at least, London is staying clear of Trumpism ( both Donalds, equally despicable) as seen in the United States (the fanning of fear, hate and division). Terrorism remains, against all odds and reason, especially ISIS, trying to show 'spine' by the indiscriminate killing of the name of an invented all-loving god, a contradiction in terms; and gratuitously cruel; a most devious, violent, and radical interpretation of Islam.

  30. "This was not the first attack like this on London and everyone knows it will not be the last. . . . Donald Trump Jr.’s ill-informed and insulting criticism of our mayor, Sadiq Khan did not go down well here. Britons love a political row, but they also know that there is a time and a place. This was most definitely not an occasion to score political points. The president’s son should not plan on visiting a London pub any time soon."

    One of the many things I love about Britons is their total sense of honor and decorum. They don't stand around, ringing their hands, crying in their cup of Earl Grey tea, playing the blame game. They take decisive action. They stay the course and never, NEVER quit or lose their resolve. They set the bar of impeccable manners extremely high. When times get tough for Britons, they get tougher. I think a lot of people could learn from their example. Like one commenter from London said yesterday, Britons don't want anyone's sympathy or pity. They want answers as to how yesterday's tragedy ever got off the ground.

    I stand with Britain and will not be deterred nor intimidated by terrorists. My husband and I will be visiting London in a few short weeks and this visit will be shrouded with the upmost respect, admiration and reverence for the people of London and especially for those who were murdered and injured on March 22, 2017.

  31. This is how we should be responding to terror attacks in the US. We should ignore them. A US citizen is more likely to be struck by lightning than to be killed by a terrorist. The goal of terrorism is to provoke the enemy into overreacting and instituting draconian measures that alienate the populace. We should not play into this. Every terrorist attack ought to be reported as just a crime, nothing more, and every news story should emphasize what is already being done to detect and stop such attacks and make it clear that statistically people are in fact at only minuscule risk from folks who use political excuses for their crimes.

  32. "Donald Trump Jr.’s ill-informed and insulting criticism of our mayor, Sadiq Khan, via Twitter did not go down well here. ... This was most definitely not an occasion to score political points."

    Like father, like son.

    Back in September, the London mayor observed that the threat of terrorism is a fact of life and we need to be prepared. We all know DJT agrees with that, because he's been saying the same thing in his own special way.

    Now tragedy strikes London. Trump Jr, rather than offer a word of sympathy or support, digs out an old headline (from the mainstream media, yet!) in order to make his disgraceful attack on the mayor. He sent a number of other sneering tweets, too, just for good measure.

    I say, if you can't defend it, don't tweet it. But he says, “I’m not going to comment on every tweet I send.”

    Contemptible. Our own dear plonker Nigel Farage got in on the act, too. Shame on them both.

    And this is exactly like Trump Sr. DJT took the Orlando massacre as an occasion to tweet about people congratulating him for being so clever as to know that there is a terrorist threat.

  33. We have to be careful not to allow ourselves to become desensitized towards terrorism. Considering how common place its become around the world that's not always easy to do. The terrorists win when we stop caring.

    My prayers go out to the people of London. Stay strong and unified and keep showing the rest of us how to respond when these things happen. Not by embracing otherism but by staying united as a nation.

  34. Dearest friends in London and in the rest of the United Kingdom, no matter your origins:

    I am so very, very sorry you were the latest targets of this awful brand of twisted hate. Please know that you are in our thoughts, and please know how greatly we esteem you for the courage, strength, and resolve you've shown. I especially admire your refusal to be cowed... in no way, and no how.

    Sending you love and healing from another European capital,

  35. When I was young, Beirut used to be known as the Paris of the Middle East. Today, Paris, London and other European cities have become Beirut, thanks to foolish immigration policies, foolish politicians and above all, foolish voters. Congratulations, Europe.

  36. The problem is the NYTimes would have us let anyone in, so that we to have to endure what goes on in Paris, Brussels, etc.

  37. Britain is no stranger to terrorism. I remember well the news coverage of the Omagh Bombing as I was on holiday in Ireland at the time.

    The Provisional IRA's acts of terror were easier to understand because the PIRA had a clear goal: a united Ireland free from British rule. This meant that there was none of this talk about a "clash of cultures"; everyone understood that the IRA did what they did because they thought it would bring about an Irish nation in which their community would be free from persecution. You could argue about the extent to which the means were grossly unjust - evil even - but nobody was arguing that the culture of Irish Catholics as a whole was "fundamentally incompatible with Western values".

    The current situation is far more nebulous than the Troubles and crosses national boundaries. But let's stop for a second and ask ourselves if we're thinking about Islamic terrorism in ways we'd never have thought about terror in service of Irish nationalism precisely because the latter only involves white Europeans.

  38. Yes, the Brits are a lot smarter than we are. The terrorists win if you change your society as if you are all terrified. We can put a man on the moon here in the US (60 years ago), but half the suburbs are afraid if a coyote shows up from time to time. When are we going to get over ourselves and get on with life? This is why I fear not for the Brits over Brexit. In or out, the EU will trade with them. Everyone still wants their bespoke suits and better still their amazing power by the hour aircraft engines. Keep Calm (while the rest of of the world carries on like fools), that's the Brits' real motto.

  39. My family and I were fortunate to live in Great Britain for over 16 years. We arrived with a 3 month old. Our second child was born there. They both attended English schools, and thrived. They learned respect and discipline, and yes, knowledge. We grew up in England as a family with all the trappings; history, traditions and in a gloriously beautiful and pleasant land.
    To this day, my family is a better family for having grown up there. To be honest, when we moved back to the states, we didn't want to leave, and we would have preferred to have stayed. To this day, we regret the decision to return. We had created a home and memories that will never go away. England will survive as she has always survived. England will always be our home.

  40. While London asserts that "We will not bow to fear" Americans show that they will curtsy to it as if the Queen had just walked in the room.

  41. Obvious Europe and even the Brits are conditioning there citizens to accept terrorism . In the name of what is the mystery.

  42. "This was not the first attack like this on London and everyone knows it will not be the last. . . . Donald Trump Jr.’s ill-informed and insulting criticism of our mayor, Sadiq Khan did not go down well here. Britons love a political row, but they also know that there is a time and a place. This was most definitely not an occasion to score political points. The president’s son should not plan on visiting a London pub any time soon."

    One of the many things I love about Britons is their sense of honor and decorum and extremely dry humor. They don't stand around, wringing their hands, crying in their cup of Earl Grey tea, playing the blame game. They take decisive action. They stay the course and never, NEVER quit or lose their resolve. They set the bar of impeccable manners extremely high. When times get tough, they get tougher. I think a lot could be learned from the example they set. Like one commenter from London stated yesterday, Britons don't want sympathy, they want answers as to how yesterday's tragedy ever got off the ground.

    I stand with Britain and will not be deterred nor intimidated by terrorists. When we visit London in a few short weeks, this visit will be shrouded with the upmost respect, admiration and reverence for the people of London and especially for those who were murdered and injured on March 22, 2017.

    I too hope that "Junior" doesn't show his mug in any pub anytime soon because I don't think things would not end well.

  43. Land of my birth, I grieve with you. Together, all right-thinking people in the world will overcome this aberration and prevail.

  44. February 2012, first time in London, celebrating our daughter's 15 birthday. We asked a young woman to take a picture of us at the Westminster Bridge. She asked if it was our first time in London and said: welcome to London! We did and came back four more times!

  45. London has been through much worse, and not that long ago.

  46. All of us need to make a choice about how much we will allow fear to control us. We can acknowledge it, and try to minimize our risks, but letting it control us will make us part of the problem and not the solution.

    Thanks for showing us the way to do it, London.

  47. Londoners cannot be overcome by bombs, knives, maniacal driving, or any other violence. They are made of much sterner stuff.

    As an American wife of a Briton who has lived in the UK, I can say they would sooner be cowed by an organized queue barging campaign.

  48. Londoners come by their bravery honestly. More than a few are probably descendants of those who endured the Blitz so stoically. Eleanor Roosevelt said at the time, "I bow to the British people."

  49. Not just we British, though. The ordinary people of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, etc, etc, etc, all also courageously dealt with what was thrown at them. Britain and the other nations were fighting despotic leaders, not the ordinary people those despots purported to represent.

  50. Propaganda puff piece. London is not united at all. There are enclaves--primarily Muslim--where there is no assimilation and in fact an outright rejection of British values is the norm. The ''diversity'' talk is nonsense. Happy talk from the British Left which wants everyone to believe that importing a foreign, anti-western and Sharia compliant culture is good for the United Kingdom.

  51. Fox News is the president's source for so-called intelligence, but even they apologized for that so silly story about no-go areas in London and Birmingham. Perhaps you, Peter, might think of a few parts of town where there are Americans - of several generations - with whom you might not be wanting to assimilate.

  52. Dear London,

    The entire trump family is a blot and a stain upon this nation on the other side of the pond. But we citizens of the US can see that you stand tall in the face of terrorism, acting bravely. Please accept my apologies. Most of us who read the NY Rimes did not vote for him or his ilk.

    The courage of London, the bravery of its citizens and the enlightened voters who ushered in a Muslim Mayor are so opposite to our own shameful current White House "resident" - who unlike you, seems to prefer a cowering bunch of sheep as citizens.

    Please withdraw the Queens' invitation for a trump visit. It's possible may be indicted by then anyway.

    I must admit I envy your Parliamentary system. If we had one, we could save us all the trouble of impeaching him.

    Why not reconsider Brexit? Take it from us, "Better Together" is much wiser than trying to "fix it" on your own.

    Thanks for writing! Best wishes.

  53. From a close friend in the UK: it is not possible to reverse Brexit. In any case the EU is pretty fed up, anyway, having already treated the UK with kid gloves. The process has begun and it will now be about 2 years.

    I agree the Queen should not have to be in the same room with awful Trump.

  54. Sir,
    We stand with you, now and forever. You make us proud.
    Please understand that the ignorant few, do NOT represent the majority.

  55. A nutter (British vernacular) killed some people. Other nutters do so every week. Two women are killed by partners, would be partners or former partners every week in Britain. 1700 people die on the roads each year in Britain- far fewer than the US per head of population, but still a great deal.

    You need a huge demonstration to get a tiny fraction of the news coverage this incident has had. The level of coverage rewards terrorism, and encourages the dark forces seeking to turn us against those of our neighbours who look or sound a little different from us.

    If angry about the violence in Westminster, I am only angry with the individual responsible. I do not generalise, stigmatise or stereotype.

    After the IRA bomb in central Manchester, an inoffensive man I knew went into a pub and ordered a pint. "Another [expletive] Irishman" said the barmaid, and he was frightened of the man standing beside him. Yet the bombing was not his fault, and these murders are only the fault of the nutter who committed them.

  56. There has to be more widespread condemnation by Moslem leaders of the senseless murders of innocent human beings by religious fanatics. Where are the condemnations by Saudi and Qatar and other Moslem countries? Silence is a way of approving of the murders by all the leaders who fail to stand up and condemn the slaughter. Is the leadership of the Moslem world at war with the rest of the planet? There should be no doubt where Moslem leaders stand when innocent lives are being destroyed by some of their followers.

  57. What a rabid ideology and human beings to do this cowardly act.

    Of we shall prevail, not them. Them is a particular religion and very small part of that religion but not unique to that religion is either.

    That is why this is a battle now enters may be 5-6 century old, religion vs freedom.

    In many cities many people perished under vehicles with a driver coward brain washed hog.

    This is civility vs religion, this is modernity vs religion, this is simply life and freedom vs religion.

    We are going to die but we never surrender these people's ideology, this makes them mad and rabid.

    Their age has long been past, they will be remembered as pestilence nothing else, their time and reign will also come to pass.

    R.I.P to victims and Je suis London

  58. Mr. D'Ancona's piece echoes the sentiments of many cosmopolitans in this Age of Terror: "They killed, maimed, and tortured scores of us, but by God, we won't let that stop us from pretending it never happened!"

    The hugs, the candlelight vigils, the flowers — none of these things possess any substantive humanity if the reaction on the part of the survivors (see: future victims) is to re-brand oblivion and torpidity as virtues. Righteous anger has a place in the human world; it serves as a reminder, not only of the existence of good and evil, but also of man's capacity if not duty to distinguish morally between the two.

    The anesthetized response — can it even be called a "response"? — hailed by Mr. D'Ancona is both insane and inhumane. "Yes, it's a fact that the police are still trying to retrieve the remnants of an innocent mother's brains from the grille of a vehicle, but why let that bloody, horrible, soul-wrenching sadness direct our thoughts to political and philosophical questions of supreme importance? Better to take a minute to stick a Post-It note reading "Je suis London" to a concrete bollard, convert the visceral internal horror to a lifeless abstraction, and then get back to looking for discounts at the local grocery store.

    That's how you defy murderous butchers! See you next month, guys!

  59. Well, what else are they supposed to do? Londoners are still expected to go to work aren't they? And it's not like this was a 9/11 magnitude attack or something. Is the author suggesting that most of the rest of the world would take the day off and quake in their booties at home or something? My bet is that every country in the world would respond similarly to an attack of this type. Sure, there's admirable courage here, but nothing extraordinary. Sorry.

  60. You're missing the significance of the fact that it was an attack on the British parliament.

  61. "As they say in the East End, you’re having a laugh, aren’t you?"
    Shouldn't that be: you 'avin' a larf? Can't quite do the accent, though...

    Spent five days in London last fall, catching up with friends. Loved, loved, loved it. Saw a photo today of a sign posted in the Tube that went something along the lines of "Terrorists are politely reminded that Londoners will not cave to you. We shall simply carry on drinking our tea". Thought that was wonderful!

  62. God bless London and the UK. Any American who has spent real time there will find that in general life in the UK is safe and quite wonderful. Charming traditions. Beautiful countryside. No guns. Single-payer health care (excellent quality - don't believe rumors spread by anti-health-care people.) Prescriptions all cost the same thing - no exploitation by Big Pharma. People politely stand in line. People routinely say thank you to the bus driver as they get off a city bus. Drivers let you pass. The UK still has Arts. Still has Humanities. Still reads books. No televangelists. No weird debates about evolution. No hysterical climate change denial. Superb educational system. Outstanding journalists in both print and on TV. Sane people in government (even if you don't agree with them you can tell that they are all basically sane.) The best bit? In a bad situation, the most outstanding possible people to have nearby are British people. They are loyal, courageous and generous.

  63. hear! hear!

  64. Awww - I've gone all red now! :-)

  65. President Trump's too outspoken son, Donald Trump, Jr., should have thought for a moment before he attacked Londoners with his unintelligent and grotesque Tweet. Like Father, like son, and we the American people who did not vote for Trump, did not want him as our "unpresidented" President, are only hoping that he will be removed somehow or other from his job as Commander in Chief of the Free World. Impeached, ousted, removed Constitutionally from his office. Trump is more interested in golf, red MAGA golf-capped low-info supporters and his Palm Beach Versailles, Mar-a-lago, than in the safety of the American people in their homeland. London pride is undaunted. The English still remember Winston Churchill. Alas, the Americans have all but forgotten Abraham Lincoln. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Hussein Obama. How will Don, Jr.'s father handle a loss similar to that in Westminster yesterday, if it should occur? It is just a matter of time, sooner than later, till terrorism by an American-born ISIS extremist commits a mass-shooting within our blessed country. Trump's draconian immigration plans will not make much difference in our chances to be attacked by a home-made terrorist. All it takes is one demented terrorist with a cache of easily bought automatic weapons to wreak havoc anywhere from sea to shining sea or from our northern border to our southern border.

  66. I think the world can learn a lot from cities like London and Paris. It's true, however, that neither city has experienced an attack on the scale of New York. Hiroshima and Nagasaki far worse. Yet somehow life goes on.

    Seeing the deep fear, bordering sometimes on paranoia, that has taken root in Americans makes me fearful for the world. The real elephant in the room is climate change. It is a far greater global threat than terrorists. Yet we have the so-called leader of the free world denying its existence.

  67. Good grief,get a sense of have more chance of winning the lottery than being hurt in a terrorist act.

    Reading the American press, you'd think London and dear old Blighty is over run with terrorists and killings.

    It's not. Life goes on.

  68. "...New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, Brussels, Berlin — acknowledges the daily threat of low-tech terrorism."

    You forgot to mention Mumbai 2008 among others. Of course, these were not Europeans so I guess that would not amount to a hill of beans.

  69. The NYT is rather quick on the trigger to saturate the public with emotional, rather than factual, comment. This is a relatively minor event (and completely unverified by forensic audit) but that coordination behavior among law enforcement, media and government, makes it sensational, including by assigning linguistic links to conditioned association response ("Isis," "terror," "Muslim,"). Cognitive manipulation routines such as this one--appealing to natural human empathy, sympathy and solidarity--is masking causal speculation in the absence of verified facts and data, which if actually tested, would unwind the narrative. This is obviously programmatic.

  70. Devastating to hear of these British deaths including an American on his 25th wedding anniversary. My parents one of which was Irish born would be disgusted at this type of hatred. What parents did this killer have? God Bless the British people in their time of sorrow.

  71. I'm heartened to see our friends across the pond reacting to terrorism in the most effective way - by refusing to be terrified. Please do keep calm and carry on.

    I sure wish my government had the same courage, though. Once upon a time we had leaders of a better sort. "Home of the brave." "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." And they meant it, too, or so it seems to me. Certainly they could deliver the message with sincerity.

    The leaders of my generation aren't that kind of leader. Principles are nice, they say, but what about the frightening bad people? The world is too dangerous for us to naively stick to our principles. They are so far from such courage that you can't even imagine those old words coming out of their mouths today.

    When it comes to courage, it seems like our forefathers spent golden coins in abundance and our leaders today are left to scrape by on a little leftover spare change. If that.


  72. How many times can this paper emphasize that the terrorist was Briton-born? The argument isn't foreign born vs native born, it's western vs middle eastern ideology. Look at the guy's name. Was their ever a doubt?

  73. beacondoc, On the same day as the terrorist in London killed three people, here in America a man with a gun killed four people including a policeman in a "domestic dispute" in Wisconsin. Google it.

    Of course there were many other killings that day, here there and everywhere. In Wisconsin, it was a "domestic dispute," as reported by the police. The overwhelming majority of those are caused by men. In America, about 3 women every day are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. And yet, despite that fact somehow I -- along with most people -- manage to live our lives in friendship, and not condemnation, of all men.

  74. My condolences to the victims and their families in another senseless and horrible incident. Aren't we tired of seeing men behaving badly? What makes a male think he can beat his wife, or drive his car into pedestrians? We mentally put this behavior in a box as to the supposed motive, but basically it is a male phenomena - a sick acting out. It is time to find out what endocrine reward or twisted thinking makes some males into savage animals.

  75. I lived in London during the bombing threats of the IRA , and it was basically normal , people did carry on with their lives. I lived the eighties in NY with that supremely overrated and warmonger president Ronald Reagan ( Remember Iran- Contra ? ). And find very different attitudes starting at birth.
    In the States you are always under some kind of threat and constant readiness and stress for whatever reason uneducated people decides. World history is not a popular subject as The World IS "America". In Europe people, better educated, live at ease and accepts tragedy as it comes, but don´t live in constant fear of sudden death. You can´t live afraid all your life.

  76. As a British ex-pat I have been moved both by the dignity and grit of Londoners and the warmth of the support for my home country expressed in these pages and elsewhere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    In contrast I was shocked and appalled by Trump Jr's offensive tweet, sent when the Mayor of London was still involved in responding to this incident. Disgraceful and cheap! Even Putin sent his condolences...

  77. London. Paris. New York. All seem to deal with terrorism in the same way. Not with fear, but with a return to normal city life. Terrorism can't break us unless we choose to change our everyday lives in response to it.

  78. There is a higher cost here than just body count alone. A society under vague threat from ideologues becomes a fractured society. How about addressing the underlying problem here–Islamism. It doesn't matter if the attacker was British, what matters was his ideology. This is a conversation that needs to be had and the only one that will have any chance of preventing future attacks such as this.

  79. Dylan Roof? The unabomber? It's no excuse, but historically Christians (and Jews) have killed more in the name of their religion than Muslims.

    I blame people who get all self righteous. But mostly these three related one-god worshippers go out and kill people for their supposed gods. I say if your god wants you to hurt and kill, you've got a problem.

  80. EB has an intolerance for the truth when it does not conform to its p.c.agenda,so if the paper runs a dissenting view in its Comments column, it does so "a contre coeur!"Although Mr. Ancona is not a p.r. flak for Mayor Khan,he writes as if he were.All the words about London carrying on, we survived the blitz etc., overlook pertinent facts.First, it was P.M. Blair who sent his people all over the world to seek immigrants for the U.K. beginning in 1997, and he did so in order to crush the right wing politicians. Second,massive immigration was done over the heads of the average citizen, without its approval.There was no referendum. Why are we in the West put on the defensive? Why is it racist to defend your way of life,and why has it become a moral imperative for us to play good samaritan to the world's migrants , many of whom do not wish us well?It is possible to entertain two seemingly opposed points of view: to be in favor of limited immigration and assimilation, as is my case and that of others.First wife is from Ghana, settled in US with our 7 year old son ,,and second awaits her visa in Senegal with our middle son. Juliana and Djennaba have waited their turn.But am opposed to massive immigration, hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants admitted w/o popular consent, resulting in societies in Sweden, Germany and France which r crime ridden and divided.Athough I despise Trump "fils" for his cruelty towards animals, his tweet to Mayor Khan was appropriate.

  81. His comment about Mayor Khan was completely INAPPROPRIATE because it revealed either that Trump Jr. had not read the Mayor's article he quoted or that he deliberately misquoted it out of context for his own personal but uninformed self-aggrandisement. If the misquote was not deliberate then Trump Jr.'s comprehension of English is barely elementary level.

  82. What unspeakable rubbish. Barely merits any response. But here goes.

    The attacker was born in Kent (that's in south east England, in case ignorant people like you don't know) 52 years ago, when Tony Blair was a child.

    And Sadiq Khan - a highly intelligent, humane man with integrity stratospherically higher than any displayed by the odious Trump gang - said all great cities have to be alert to the threat of attack. If Trump Minor had read Mr Khan's article, he would know that. But why would we expect people with a 140-character attention span work that hard?

  83. I would just like to point out that the perpretator of this disgusting crime was not an immigrant. Unfortunately, many terrorist acts both in the UK and the USA are made by "home-grown" terrorists.

  84. There is a very good reason that the English can claim the phrase "a stiff upper lip." They earned it outright by being English, over and over again. The rest of the world can learn much from these indomitable people. There will always be an England.

  85. Winston would be proud. Carry on London, carry on.

  86. I love London. It is one of history's greatest cities. Londoners withstood the Blitz, the Troubles, and a myriad other, earlier crises. They go on, and I love them. I admire their fortitude, cosmopolitan spirit, and determination. #LondonStrong.

  87. That's a nice comment. Thank you.

  88. This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
    This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
    This other Eden, demi-paradise,
    This fortress built by Nature for herself
    Against infection and the hand of war,
    This happy breed of men, this little world,
    This precious stone set in the silver sea,
    Which serves it in the office of a wall
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Against the envy of less happier lands,--
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.
    William Shakespeare, "King Richard II", Act 2 scene 1

  89. Bravo!
    "There will always be an England."

  90. I thought of that the night of the attack; thanks for sharing it.

  91. Captures why civilization will inevitably win against this warped. thuggish impotence. It may take a long time, but real strength is deep.

  92. Mr Trump, you should pay attention to what Danny says. It might take awhile, but you too will go away.

  93. All Americans of good will and deepest affection for the stoic people of our closest ally are simply aghast at the shameful conduct of Trump Jr. in your time of national sorrow. While there is no acceptable excuse for such callous, self-inflicted behavior, many of us have come to realize that this vulgar tribe is totally lacking any human empathy gene.

  94. A good part about the UK is that their healthcare is nationalized, so if you ever do experience an injury, accident or whatever, you are covered by the NIH.
    After the Boston marathon bombing there were constant fundraisers to help the victims pay for their medical bills, etc.
    Yup, things sure are better in so many ways across the Atlantic.

  95. NHS (National Health Service).

  96. The charmless self-regard with which Donald Trump Jr. insults England and our longest allies is disgusting.

    I was in England on 9/11. Every person I met was sympathetic; the whole world was with us, including Muslims. I crossed my fingers and hoped GW Bush would rise to the occasion, and for a while he did. Then we clumped into Iraq without preparation of follow-up, leaving chaos and weapons and unemployed soldiers on the ground, making the word more dangerous and inciting terrorists everywhere. Obama helped clean up our mess and our reputation, but now it is even filthier than before, and it's only just beginning!

    We squandered all that concern and the world's loving kindness and respect, only to have the son - not the President himself, though he's a monstrous bully too - insult our best friends and supporters who shared with us for centuries. With his sneers, stupidity, and pretentious self-worship, he thinks he's better than the people of England, who deserve our sympathy.

    How are we ever going to rid ourselves of the stain of Trump and his enablers, bullying self-worshiping conmen, in it for what they can get?

  97. Obama did not clean up the mess ???

    Where have you been the last 8 years.

    He damaged the relationship with the Britain and Israel....and allowed China to gain a strategic military foothold in the South China sea...and allowed Russia to annex the Crimea !!!!

  98. Don't worry, Susan - as Hamlet said, we can tell a hawk from a handsaw. Thanks.

  99. One thing that really irks me is that Trump is half-British! Perhaps we should share the shame?

  100. I remember back to that day in September. Clear blue sky.
    Not a cloud to be seen in it. Until the planes hit.
    The world stopped. But we New Yorkers, kept on going.
    Much like London and her brave folk are doing today.
    London stood with us then.
    New York stands by London now.
    We Will Not Be Afraid.

  101. After the attacks in Paris, the French defiantly drank café in the open; after attacks in London, the English carry on. And in America we close our minds and our borders, and fear the stranger.

  102. Gerard.
    Your statement should be printed on every front page of every major newspaper and magazine in this country and the rest of the world. There is still much that this country could, and should learn from the rest of the world.

  103. You are mistaken.

    The British choose to exit the EU because they no longer want the open borders and requirements to take refugee!

  104. My beloved late mother-in-law used to tell me stories of what it was like growing up in London during WWI with the tear of the daily "buzz bombs" and then again in WWII with Hitler and The Blitz. She talked about those days so matter-of-factly. She was living in Miami Beach when Hurricane Andrew hit. My husband and I did not hear from her in three days and became extremely concerned. When we finally got in touch with her, we asked if she was okay. Again, with her almost nonchalant attitude she said everything was fine. We said, "Mom - a category 5 hurricane hit your area, how can everything be fine?" Her reply was "Andrew came and went in one day. Hitler came back every night."

    I think if my mother-in-law was still alive, she would be privately mourning the senseless deaths and injuries which occurred yesterday, but her inner strength and unflappable attitude would be what defines her. Dame Maggie Smith could have been her twin sister because they both have such similar personalities. People like my mother-in-law don't openly show emotion because they are cold, but rather because there are more important things that need to be done. She also considered it a waste of energy.

    I never thought I could be prouder of the British people than of our President and his ill-mannered eldest son. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed of their actions. Mr. Trump could certainly learn a thing or three from the Brits. He is long overdue for some serious schooling.

  105. your post offered a fine historical perspective. my mother use to tell me stories about the German V- rockets over London and going into the Underground(subway) for shelter.
    you could have left it at that and not included a gratuitous attack on the Trumps. it is somewhat unbecoming if you know what I mean.

  106. Sorry I have to correct you Marge Keller, but your memory deceives you. In WWI London was attacked by Zepplins. The "buzz bombs" were the V1 pilotless planes developed late in WWII which flew over the channel towards London with limited fuel. When the fuel ran out they fell to the ground and exploded with devastating effect.

  107. You know what Charles, you are absolutely correct. I guess I was so put off byTrump Junior's comments the other day, I allowed that to cloud my judgement. That last paragraph should have been omitted in light of what occurred in London. I deeply regret including it. Thank you for pointing that out. I sincerely apologize.

  108. It's a step in the right direction that people are carrying on. Four people died. Four. Meanwhile many more have died because of something they actually had control over like smoking, eating too much and not buckling their seatbelts. Sniveling about every terror arrack only encourages the terrorists. Us humans are terrible at keeping things in perspective. Newspaper writers can help by writing about things according to their significance, and not what's easy.

  109. God bless London and its people.

  110. How come (why is it that) the Brits can take a courageous stand and carry on in the face of actual acts of terrorism, but the US under the OrangeOne essentially cowers under the potential of imagined terrorism?

  111. Obama did nothing in Syria and allowed it to turn into a nightmare of millions of refugees & millions on innocents killed.

    He then allowed Russia to enter the fray and keep Assad in power.

    A winning strategy !!

  112. @pb: Speak for your cowering self.

  113. Because our leader stoke the fear of the people to win elections (see D. Trump) and the leaders in Britain encourage their people to stay strong.

  114. I can't believe I am going to say this - but give me a break! New York City puts up with this kind of stuff all the time. I lived here on 9/11, had a loved one down at the WTC (not hurt thank god, but ran for his life). I dealt with the burning smells and the anthrax attacks and weeks of fighter jets after (anyone in NYC at the time remembers), and the many bomb scares NYC has had in the years since. I think about the safety of myself and my children every third time I walk through Times Square on my way to work. I watched Paris, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, etc suffer. But I don't hear any of us congratulating ourselves on our stiff upper lip. It's called life, and we live it, and we don't brag about how tough we are. Britain is made of stronger stuff than this smug article would make me think. I truly feel your pain - it stinks to have life pierced with a terrorist attack. But we all keep living - because life must go on. Be proud, but grit isn't a uniquely British trait, for God's sake.

  115. "New York City puts up with this kind of stuff all the time."

    "....and the many bomb scares NYC has had in the years since."

    Some of us would like to put this in perspective. Would please be more specific? Thank you.

  116. Give the guy a break! It's not just the Brits who feel the need to congratulate themselves on their stoicism and grit at such times. It's a common and understandable human reaction. Or do you also begrudge the people wearing "Boston Strong" T-shirts or driving around with "These colors don't run" bumper stickers?

  117. Hello, "A" -

    I think your post is off the mark. All major cities around the world have to face the prospects of terrorism, as you say. When it happened in New York, a big part of the aftermath was "New York is special. New Yorkers can take it." You were entitled to do that, and it was appropriate and necessary. I don't remember anyone from London - or Paris - or Tel Aviv - telling New York "Give me a break." Instead there were messages from all over offering condolence and support.

    New York, London, Paris, Tel Aviv all know they will go through this again. Unlike you, I see nothing in the column professing the idea that grit is a uniquely British trait.

    I'll say it again. I think your comment is off the mark.

  118. Oh my. How quickly things change. After months of hyping every terror attack as foreign originated over here, and instituting every kind of outrageously extreme measure (not that our first responders haven't been doing an excellent job), suddenly pro-Trump forces are treating the Brits as special snowflakes and telling them to shut up about it?

    The hypocrisy, it burns!!

  119. Sending prayers to Londoners from NY. We admire your fortitude and grace.

  120. Americans could learn something from the British. You cannot let terrorism defeat you, you have to carry on, live your life.

  121. We could--and should--learn. Instead, we let unprincipled domestic politicians turn terror into a weapon to tighten control over us and advance their own agenda. This was done with 9/11 leading to the invasion of Iraq--which had NOTHING to do with it. The prototype, of course, was the Reichstag Fire of 1933, which was the pretext for the German police state.

  122. Someone's seen one too many Winston Churchill newsreels.

  123. You know what, it makes a great story, London Pride.
    But it is an every village, town and city in the world pride.
    We all just keep keeping on.

  124. I admire the "keep calm and carry on" British attitude. The terrorists can't win if you aren't terrified.

  125. Yeah, and every thief hopes for a calm guard dog.

  126. I understand that those effected by this attack suffered something horrible. The family members are showing determination by going on with their lives in this moment. The injured are showing grit by overcoming their wounds, but that does not mean that the city that they inhabit is somehow strong for "overcoming," an attack that had no effect on the vast majority of it's residents. That's, literally, saying that someone who had no connection to this attack, but lives in the city limits of London faced some sort of hardship in this. The inconvenient truth in this matter is that this fictitious Londoner probably didn't care. We live in a time of incredible apathy where concern for one's fellow man is dwindling, so don't tell me that people are strong for overcoming this. If that were true, every resident of a town where someone dies in a car crash, or of cancer is also demonstrating some sort of commendable act that deserves an article. Further, PM May's speech wasn't a declaration of principle, it was a calculated move to lift her poll numbers in hopes of fending off Corbyn, and thats just life. I apologize for the pessimism, but the glorification of everyone in these situations is part of what gave Bush the mandate to go into Afghanistan, and just because May isn't using this attack to start a war, it doesn't mean she won't be using her better numbers for some other political end.

  127. I just don't get it. With all respect to those who lost their lives in London, four or five deaths currently, scores injured, right outside Parliament, over the Thames, why is the press coverage so breathless, interminable, heroes there and everywhere? Speeches from all the leaders. Nobody, they say with tight jaw, shuts down democracy.... We will always have the strength, courage, will to defeat "terror". The press presents biographies of the dead. Lachrymose interviews, testimonials. Meanwhile, in Chicago in one year 3500 people shot; 750 dead. Where's the outrage about that? Where's the same, needless, bordering on maudlin, coverage of these daily events. Young - predominantly young black Americans - gunned down every day. We have politicized "terrorism" so falsely, egregiously. When will we face the realities in our own 'hoods? Fifteen thousand of our own slain every year, and four deaths in London hold center stage? Time for a grave reckoning, calling out the politicians, the iniquitous promulgators of such false terror.

  128. Because thugs in the hood shooting each other is a far cry from a well funded, well organized, worldwide campaign to kill as many innocent people as possible in the name of religious doctrine....that's why.

  129. This man was not able to get a gun in Britain; imagine what he might have done otherwise. We need far stricter gun laws.

  130. I and many Americans apologize for the comments of Donald, Jr.

    How admirable that one of the members of Parliament didn't flee to safety, but rather immediately started mouth to mouth resuscitation and applied pressure on hemorrhaging wounds of one of the injury.

    Much love to you, dear Londoners.

  131. It is tragic that this terrorism was also planned to reinforce the memory of events 1 year ago in Belgium.

  132. Americans for the most part have always been generous, giving and fair minded people, until they aren't.

  133. Nonsense. New Yorkers do exactly the same on a daily basis and are called cold-hearted.

    Fact is, stoicism is a nice word for alt-reality. That's what London was and remains today: a stubborn Breaminer-city living in Global alt-reality.

    Sure Londoners are grieving, but then prefer to move on quickly, instead of confronting hard facts, biggest of which is the enemy within. Mayor Khan typifies this puzzling behavior perfectly. He got a crisp jolt to reality in the form of a tweet, and what did he do? Delete and unfollow. Hmmm.

  134. The steel of resolve becomes stronger when alloyed with humor, of all things. It doesn't mean taking tragedy or danger lightly. It means affirming to yourself and your neighbors that you're more than equal to the challenge. Londoners and Britons have taught us that before.

    After an air raid blew the front out of a London shop during the Blitz, the shopkeeper famously hung out a sign. What was written on it was not a scream of defiance, but the words, "More open than usual."

    Carry on, London.

  135. I have searched the entire www for information on the terrorist's origin. Yes, I know he was born in the U.K., but from which country did his parents originate? Were they from Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Was the family Sunni or Shi'ite? Was he a fluent Arabic or Farsi speaker? Which websites did he frequent?

    Not a word on any of the above. Seems like a whitewash.

  136. Of interest"British born" is euphemism for someone whose ancestry doesn't hail from UK..

  137. He was English. Why do you think where his parents were from matters? Perhaps they were English, too.

  138. The Brits endured the Germans bombing and lobbing rockets at them for 4 years, I'm sure this is not much more than a tragic annoyance. They are made of tougher stuff than these vehicle-terrorism cowards.

  139. As a British bloke I appreciate all the kind comments, but as one said, this stuff happens all the time in NYC. It also happens far worse in places we don't really care about - a mosque and a school bombing in Syria, scores dead, where's the rolling news and outpourings of grief there? Yes, terrible for the victims families and the injured but really, are we supposed to be scared because of this? Putting on brave faces and stiff upper lips? Scared of what exactly?

  140. Scared that half of your city is not ethnically English and that a good portion of this non-English population would like to see your country go under. Scared that 1 in 5 of Birmingham's population is Muslim (including some of the accomplices of the recent terror) and aggressively patrol their neighborhoods as Muslim neighborhoods. Scared that every immigrant you accept from Muslim countries increases the chances that your way of life will eventually be destroyed.

  141. I think it's specifically the refusal to bow to fear in the face of spectacular acts of violence that evacuates the power of radical islamist ideology. Their only weapon is fear. When the world stands up to that fear, refusing to glorify it or heavily report on actions that cause it, they lose.

    Well played, London.

  142. Oh, knock off this song and dance. Every time it's the same tune...people are horribly murdered by a worldwide following of those who practice a radicalized Islamic doctrine, and then we retreat into the sorrowful mumbles of "we quietly go about our business".."we will carry on as usual and not bow to this evil." Blah Blah Blah...Make a stand, you chicken livers! The idiots who do this continue because they know they can. Get off your thumbs and do whatever it takes. Throw your politically correct trinkets in the garbage where they belong. Or accept this nonsense as a normal fact of life as it is dangerously close to becoming.

  143. Wow! More tedious OpEds on London's heroes! Stoicism for the ages! Immense fortitude under bombardment! Is there no end to this Anglo-centric universe? Leningrad, Stalingrad, Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Hanoi, Bagdhad, Gaza - an apocalyptic scale of destruction and thousands or hundreds thousands dead. The human catastrophe that Bush-Blair have inflicted on Iraq is beyond imagining and there is no serious reflection on the immense calamity for the Iraqi people (Bush apparently directed stop enumerating Iraqi deaths), maybe, one million dead, who knows or cares in the USA or UK, daily detonations in Iraqi cities killing tens, hundreds. We have a very cowardly press and D'Ancona's platitudes might better be directed to the consequences of US/UK actions. Any sense of human decency in reporting might also reflect civilian massacres from recent Trump-era interventions in Yemen (maybe 12 children killed in the Spicer designated "success'") and major civilian casualties in airstrikes in Syria, largely unreported.

  144. I'm so glad you used the term "London Pride." It set the needle down on a scratchy 1941 Noel Coward recording, bringing optimism to the days and nights of the Blitz:

    "London Pride has been handed down to us.
    London Pride is a flower that's free.
    London Pride is our own dear town to us,
    Which shall now and forever be free!"

  145. Bravo !!!!!!

  146. Islam= 'submission' in Arabic, submission to what? Islam is at the heart of the debate, the big problem. In a secular Western world in which one's religion is one's 'hobby', Islam has no place because the people who observe it want to make everyone else observe it.

    So what to do? It's obvious but I can't write this down. Hint: it's what these same people would do to us inside their countries. I don't see too many Christian churches inside their countries. I don't see crowds of Christians 'demanding' a Saudi Arabian or Yemen govt. give in to their demands. I don't see Christians praying and blocking up the streets while a bunch of touchy-feely Arabs in the United Arab Emirates wring their hands and murmur (like we in the West do), "Not all of them are terrorists. We can't judge the majority of good Christians by a few bad ones! They should have their freedom of speech even if it means destroying our own government and society."

    Come on! For God's sake, Western Powers, get a grip and kick these people out along with their idiotic backward beliefs.

  147. To any and all Brits who happen to read this, may I please say how deeply ashamed I am of Donald Trump Jr. and his remarks. He is dysfunctional, despicable, and dishonorable, and I'm sure many Americans regret, as I do, that he was malicious at a time when empathy is the normal, appropriate, human response.

  148. Of course Londoners go about their daily lives. The UK is so used to dealing with ineffectual scare tactics and violence that they throw a huge national celebration every year to celebrate the execution of a terrorist from the 1600's.

    There is a lesson for America here. American politicians would have you believe terrorism is a recent threat, but England has been dealing with terrorist attacks regularly for a hundred years. Terrorism is not a race or religion. It's the actions of whatever group currently doesn't like your country. Whenever one group vanishes, another will appear to take it's place eventually. You cannot stop terrorism. How a country deals with the now will influence exactly how many other groups will rise up in the future and where they come from.

    If Americans currently in the streets shouting for blood and banning had been around in the 70's and 80's, would they have been saying the same thing about the Irish? When Americans celebrate St Patrick's Day do they realize they could be sharing a beer with people who actively supported the murder of thousands of British civilians? Would you call for their execution or forced deportation of all Irish because of what they might have done or might do again?

    If a Briton can now share a drink with someone from Ireland or Northern Ireland then maybe some Americans should consider that the next time they meet a Muslim. In the future when ISIS is gone will you still treat all Muslims as murderers?