Evan McMullin Would Vote for a Democrat if He Had To

The former C.I.A. operative on his presidential run and why there are so many leaks from within the Trump administration.

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  1. Mr. McMullin is a true patriot. If Congress doesn't find the good sense and courage to investigate and restrain or remove the President, we will have to depend on the courts and the many wise patriots like him in the CIA and elsewhere in the Civil Service to protect our nation and defend its democratic institutions. Thank you, Mr. McMullin, for continuing to speak up and for your years of service to the nation.

  2. Mr. McMullin comes across as a person of decency and principle. I have little doubt that he would have made a better president than DJT.

  3. Just one hetero Dem here but yeah, I do have a man crush on Evan McMullin. Would be nice is even 10℅ of GOP would admit comrade Trump is a fraud.

  4. Country first, ego second.

  5. This man is a patriot, not a term to be used lightly I might add.....

  6. I'm a Democrat and I would like to thank Evan McMullin for being sane.

    And ACTUALLY patriotic, as opposed to the current crop of Republicans, not to mention the Russian-owned Trump administration. Good luck to him in dragging his party back to a place where the conversations and compromises of REAL governing can happen.

  7. I've been following Evan specifically because, while I'm sure I know I disagree with him on a number of issues, he is fearless, vigilant, and outspoken about Trump's anti-democratic leadership and the apparent Russian taint of his campaign and administration. He is committed to the rule of law, constitutional government, and democracy served by honest, respectful debate. I believe we have to promote and honor those core values in Evan and other conservatives who have had the courage to stand against Trump at a time when so many Republicans have sold their souls for a ticket on the Trump bus, in order to secure and enjoy corresponding respect for a more progressive ideas, and a more egalitarian agenda in the future. Above all, it is about maintaining the belief, even in these times, that Americans of good will predominate, and that through and within the bounds of our democratic institutions, we can still live and build a future together even though we continuously debate policy particulars.

  8. Not many other Republicans are willing to stand up against Trump; McCain and Graham sometimes. I agree that Mr. McMullin seems a breath of fresh--free, honest--air in an environment of toxic smoke and gas.

  9. Interesting. Party before country is an aberration. as is occurring now, under unscrupulous ignoramus Trump. This must be changed, and reversed. Honesty still counts for something. Besides, we have to live with ourselves, even as we try to run away from our conflicted self.

  10. "Leading is saying and doing things that may not be popular in the moment but that you know are right and are important for your people."

    In addition to standing for bigger, better, more significant, more ambitious, and perhaps more virtuous things than the people you represent think are possible, leadership also demands expending the effort to convey why those things matter and are beneficial -- to them and to society as a whole.

    For as long as we continue to allow a system in which money, benefactors and special interests own politicians, leadership will be dead because the things that benefit the public will be in conflict with those that benefit our representatives and their masters.

    That said, Evan McMullin is a standout among today's Republicans -- intelligent, analytical, articulate, clear-headed, and unafraid to say what he sees.

  11. Very heartening to see a patriot that will put the health of our republic, our system of government and our national security over partisan politics. Bravo!

  12. Evan McMullen is a patriot. I am not a conservative;however I would be willing to support him if I had to.

  13. I am a raving liberal, but Evan loves his country and puts country first. I would gladly support him.

  14. Evan, Utah needs you as its next Senator or Congressman. I hope you'll consider it now.

  15. And as a Democrat, I would vote for Mr. McMullin, if I thought he could help change the scary course this country is taking under Mr. Trump.

  16. If one is to follow McMullin's reasoning, that is, that there are no real leaders in 'publican party, surely, in response to the question, Why do you think the Republicans aren’t leading an investigation? the last sentence of that reply should read "... the problem now is that we have representatives--not leaders."

  17. If for no other reason, I'm grateful to McMullin for giving my conservative LDS siblings the opportunity to vote for a man who embodies the decency that Trump lacks.

  18. " I just learned yesterday that I am considered part of the “deep state” by the unhinged Alex-Jones-and-Breitbart types."

    Being denounced by The Unhinged, especially the poisonous Jones, is like being on Nixon's Enemies List--a badge of honor. Congratulations.

  19. I will not allow my future, the future of my family, my country, its constitution and bill of rights to be held hostage on a question of the past sins commited by my country. We should not beat our chests while saying Mea Culpa and allow someone at least as imperfect as we to destroy our country. That is not making amends. It is suicidal. Point to a time, a country that is free of sin. Someone is trying to destroy the values of this country not because we are perfect but because even with our imperfections we are a threat to them. I was not a US Marine but I appreciate their motto: Semper Fi!

  20. As Mr. McMullin indicates, the nation is now at the crossroads: Disruption Junction at the corner of Dysfunction Square.

    If we "normalize" President Trump and his wrecking crew, we promote:

    1. Disrespect for the Constitution and laws of the United States;

    2. The refusal to accept the legitimacy of one's political opponents;

    3. Public officials' refusals to respect the people who disagree with them and the condoning of officials who deny a fair hearing to critics' claims;

    4. Diminishment of the media's right to communicate the facts and its duty to keep the citizenry informed;

    5. The failure of public office holders to bear the responsibilities of public office with dignity;

    6. Infidelity to facts and recourse to frequent distractions, falsehoods, and outright lies in order to manipulate the public;

    7. The abandonment of customary practices that insure some degree of transparency on the part of public officials and the hiding of public officials' potential conflicts of interest beneath layers of opacity;

    8. Disrespect for the members of the judiciary;

    9. Nepotism and cronyism;

    10. The condoning of public officials who are avaricious, self-servingly ambitious and vengeful;

    11. An authoritarian assault on democratic freedom;

    12. A thoroughgoing coarsening of sensibilities.

    Over two centuries ago, John Adams warned American citizens:

    "[A]varice, ambition, [or] revenge . . . would break the strongest cords of our constitution as a whale goes through a net."

  21. It would seem that in the person of 45, we have all three of Adams' traits that would "break the strongest cords of our constitution." Avarice, ambition, revenge--God help us.

  22. It is not just President Trump who causes concern. A dear friend, before their divorce, had a long-time experience living with a malignant narcissist. That friend recently noted: "Expect those around [a text-book narcissist themselves] to be damaged. They are either brain-washed into being extensions of him, into parroting his thoughts, or into faking same for personal gain, or [they are] bewildered by the madness. Expect chaos in any organization he leads: good people will resign in disgust or be fired, while marginal people will ascend to powerful positions."

  23. It was that important during the 2016 presidential election. Trump had made clear where he headed. Yet McMullin not only did not support the Democratic nominee, he was among several 3rd party candidates who contributed to her loss. We can't count on his predictions of his future votes. His past speaks for itself. He--and the FBI director, and possibly the Russians are why we have arrived at this ParlourSteakandFish state. However, President Obama's failure to speak up against the latter two probably played a greater role than McMullen's candidacy did. (My blame of President Obama pre-dates the election. I'm surprised an deeply regretful that it wasn't shared by enough people to encourage him to seize his opportunity to seize his own opportunity to demonstrate his own Profile in Courage.) This election offered us a choice between preserving our republic or elevating someone ignorant of government and history and therefore subject to being led by the worst advisors bigotry and anti-Americanism could produce. We know how the election ended, but the results of a Trump presidency were predictable long before Election Day.

  24. Apologies for not catching autocorrect and redundancy resulting from submitting from my cell phone.

  25. McMullin and other never Trump Republicans had the chance to vote for a Democrat. They didn't. This is an obvious pander.

    If Evan really loved his country he'd have voted and urged every Republican to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Every Republican - other than a die hard Trumper- has done a cost benefit analysis. The ones in office think there is too much at risk to take a stand. Many out of office (like Bush Sr) had nothing to lose by telling the truth and voting Hillary. Evan is looking to make an name for himself by taking on Trump. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. In the end he will be right,

    McMullin is pro life, pro gun, likes John Boehner, Neil Gorsuch and many of the deplorable cabinet nominees. He still isn't bad for a Republican. He is polite, not vindictive or overtly racist. I enjoy listening to his viewpoint on intelligence stuff. I would be fine with him getting elected in UT, but that is as far as it will go.

  26. If anyone ever listened to Alex Jones the realize that he covers just about every conspiracy from vaccines, gmo's, contrails and secret moon bases he can sound like a right wing nut and left wing nut often in the same sentence but you can never accuse him of the hypocrisy expoused by the mainstream press. He's rather clear and concise on subjects like politicians meeting russian diplomats. He might be bat guano crazy but he does have moments of clarity alien to a biased media.

  27. "But in the past we were a little more willing to turn a blind eye to benign nondemocratic regimes than we are now." Benign? Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, South Africa -- the list goes on. The United States has supported dozens of murderous nondemocratic regimes, often installed through CIA handiwork. Hard to square being a "huge pro-democracy guy" and praising the agency most responsible for violent, anti-democratic regime change.

  28. "we have leaders who lack the courage to do that." In other words, they aren't leaders.