Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees Amid Chaos and Outcry Worldwide

In a New York courtroom on Saturday evening, the judge said that sending the travelers home could cause them “irreparable harm.”

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  1. I weep for my country. Will anyone not stop this madman.

  2. We the People can stop him. Resist. Proactively.

    Crowdsource lawsuits against Trump. Demand an INDEPENDENT investigation of PutinGate. Download the INDIVISIBLE Guide and pressure your Congressional Representatives.

    There are no good guys who will come and rescue us. We must stand up and save ourselves.

  3. @esther clark: I wept this week when I heard about the black sites and torture coming back. I never thought we'd go back to such barbarism. Trump says he won't torture but he also says he sure wants to and he thinks it 'works'. How long can Pompeo and Mattis hold off? I doubt for very long.

    He absolutely must be stopped.

  4. Please, democrats in power, President Obama, help us.

  5. Shameful and cruel.

  6. And supremely ignorant.

  7. This is by far the worst thing Trump has done so far. Turning Iraqi refugees away, when we're directly responsible for the instability there? It's just sickening.

  8. People and the media were soft on Obama and his regime-change adventures in Libya, Syria and Ukraine and his coverup of Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11 and its spreading of terrorism. If it hadn't been for all these problems, Trump wouldn't have taken this very unfortunate and over-the-top measure. I hope the entry ban on visa holders gets lifted soon since they have gone through the proper channels for immigration.

  9. @Casey L.

    Bring back Saddam.

    Now that's a man, like Fidel, who knows how to keep people in line so we can mind our own business.

  10. We're only a little over one week in. "Worst" will have lots of competition.

  11. It's about time somebody with guts does something about our horrible immigration issues. I'm behind Trump 100%.

  12. You'll sing a different tune when they come for you.

  13. Mark I agree with you. But did you read the whole article? We can't abandon our decency as human beings in such a unique situation.

    Some allowances should have been made for people like this.

  14. Mark, speak directly to the issue highlighted in this article. The Iraqi men who for years risked their lives assisting the US military; should they not be granted asylum?

  15. If people like Hameed Khalid Darweesh risked their lives for American troops and have been targeted in their home countries, then America owes them a chance in this country.
    If Trump sends this man back to Iraq and he is killed, the blood is on that man in the tower that sits on golden chairs.

  16. Actually, he was living in Sweden and presumably would return to Sweden.

  17. You're right on everything except whose hands the blood will be on. Think more like the crowd before Pilate...

  18. He does not care.

  19. Good! There is no absolute right f refugees or people from other countries to enter our country.

  20. Read this again, Delphinus. If you ever risked your life for US interests the way this man did, please describe your service here.
    " Mr. Darweesh worked with the United States in Iraq in a variety of jobs — as an interpreter, engineer and contractor — over the course of roughly a decade.
    Mr. Darweesh worked as an interpreter for the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Baghdad and Mosul starting shortly after the invasion of Iraq on April 1, 2003. The filing said he had been directly targeted twice for working with the United States military."

  21. Yes this executive order appears to be in violation of the international declaration of human rights that successive US governments refuse to sign for dubious reasons and also appears to violate certain US constitutional rights such as freedom from discrimination based on country of origin and religion.

    Canada is not entirely guilt-free in this hypocrisy though the US Patriot act has shared all Americans criminal records and arrest history with Canada and Canadian authorities have gone along with this. The story goes this is to stop foreign-sponsored terrorism like 9-11 but it actually is a government theft of American citizen's freedom of movement rights. Americans who are not terrorists, can be harassed and barred from entry at the Canadian border now for often decades old petty infractions like misdemeanor DWI, marijuana possession, petty shoplifting etc. under the ruse it is to stop foreign would-be terrorists when it is really meant to steal an individual's freedoms. The irony is George "Dubya" Bush and DIck "shoot your face off" Cheney who enacted this freedom-robbing bill both had youthful DWIs as do tens of millions of other Americans who had youthful indiscretions.

    Basically, angry rich old white American men are all about limiting other peoples rights and freedoms through their use of dubious laws and the barrel of as many guns as it takes. It's not about more freedom for people, its about less freedom for the average pacifist unarmed person including Americans.

  22. Then you must be a descendent of two Native American parents who can both trace their ancestry back to pre-pilgrim times. OH, you meant, AFTER your parents, grandparents, etc., arrived here? You are the special case? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. This is not only illegal, it will only create the very thing that Trump, in all of his illogical reasoning, is trying to avoid--resentment against the U.S. Trump is like a runaway train at full speed, heading for a major wreck and hurting many innocent people in the process who have already suffered greatly.

  24. I totally agree with you. I have decided not to try to apply logic to his impulsive decisions because it does not work. I feel for the people in transit to meet their families that were detained at airports.

  25. By using Executive Order, Trump said he would undo the devastating effects of the Obama administration. I doubt you were complaining about Obama's illegal actions when he took them!

  26. The devastating action like helping the economy to recover. Oh I'm sure Trump will do that.

  27. This is news? The president orders the border closed to certain immigrants and they are stopped at the border. Dog bites man

    How about some reporting on health insurance proposals or something that affects us instead of wall to wall anti Trump hysteria? The man is still playing you like a violin to keep you off the scent. How stupid can you get?

  28. This does affect us. Not all of us are so concerned with our pocketbook that we will ignore human rights issues.

  29. you can't be such an expert on what people want - Trump won the election (promising to do exactly what he is doing)

  30. There is no way the Republicans will be stupid enough not to replace Obamacare with available insurance program. For one thing they saw the effect a bad program (Obamacare) had on the Democrats.

  31. This action is illegal.
    I am ashamed to be an American!

  32. Don't leave the country - you might not get back in.

  33. This action is illegal.
    I am ashamed to be an American!


    Sorry, completely legal and done on a smaller scale by Obama in 2011

    8 USC 1182
    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
    Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

  34. Nice try. When Obama did it, it was to bar individuals with ties to terrorism or other suspicious activity. Very different from barring entire populations from entire countries, and the ban didn't even cover some of the countries (like Saudi Arabia) that have produced the most international terrorists. It funny seeing Trump supporters admit that Obama really was protecting our borders all along.

  35. This is going to be tough for some because we are so use to not enforcing the law! We've gotten ourselves in this predicament and it takes courage to get ourselves out! Concern for American citizens is first and foremost! If not, then we don't have a country!
    Realize that there are many Arab countries that are wealthy and haven't lifted a finger...and are closer! Why not?
    I also agree with Trump giving priority to Christians and other persecuted religious minorities from these countries...they haven't had a voice at the Muslim dominated refugee table!

  36. But the people profiled in this story did obey the law. They weren't arriving here as illegal immigrants, but as refugees who'd been cleared for resettlement. So it's not really a question of being "so use to not enforcing the law", Lois, is it?

    It's actually more that it's tough for some of us because, as people of conscience, it's going to take us a little bit of time to adjust to the new reality where an Iraqi can work alongside US troops for years, be thoroughly cleared by the State Department for refugee resettlement in the US (that process takes about two years, by the way), and then be stopped at Kennedy Airport because the rules literally changed while their flights were in the air.

  37. Interesting how the "journalist" cherry picked interviews to support the article!
    Why isn't the same pressure put on the rich Arab nations to take part in this? They sit silently by building mosques in European countries where assimilation has been a challenge. They share the same religion and frequently the same language! Saudi Arabia, as we speak, is sitting on a million air conditioned tents! It isn't our obligation to take in everyone, we can't at the risk of the quality of our lives!

    P.S., I don't care how long it takes, if you don't like it, try somewhere else. WE decide! Just because you want and I have doesn't obligate me to give! I guess the rich Arab countries share that same philosophy! They are ones we should be protesting against...not the most generous nation in the world!!!

  38. Lois We're NOT the most generous in foreign aid. We're relatively stingy considering our size & wealth. Probably because of the vicious ill-will of people like yourself. You don't belong in any democratic country.
    P.S. re"I don't care how long it takes" Why should an reader care what YOU care about???? Wow, are you royalty, Lois? Are your desires more important than anyone else's?

    "if you don't like it, try somewhere else. WE decide!"
    WE???? Lois -- are you and Trump making these decisions together? Who knew!

  39. He said he would do it, and now a week into office he did it. Finally we have a President who means what he says. Keeping the U.S. and her citizens as safe as possible is one of his highest priorities, as it should be for any leader. God bless our President.

  40. This man risked his life fighting with US troops while performing the important job as an interpreter. He has his former Army lieutenant speaking up for him. He's been vetted, worked for US government for 10 years and his family lives in Texas. I don't agree with Trump but this case is especially egregious and Trump needs compassion for this man

  41. Finally, a president who will protect us from the hard-working Iraqi interpreters who worked alongside our troops for a decade at enormous personal risk and who have already been throughly vetted by the State Department and have families waiting for them in Houston.

  42. Fernando, if you believe this act will "keep the US and her citizens as safe as possible", given that all those refugees and travellers had to endure interviews, submission of numerous documents, more interviews, background checks, etc), then you really have no clue. What it will do is engender hatred of America by more people around the world. It will also pull countries away from the US towards China and Russia. Good job Trump! Mexico, and now 7 more countries.

  43. The absolute disgrace of this happening for real, to countless and countless of innocent men, women, and children is breathtaking!

  44. This is the day that fascism firmly planted its footsteps on American soil. America is now a terrorist-sponsored state and the terrorists are the present federal government, now controlled by Republicans. I wonder what those who voted for Donald Trump and Paul Ryan in 2016 and Mitch McConnell in 2014 feel about their new Big Brother. Probably something along the lines of "make America great again."

    We're far from it now, my friends, and don't be surprised when there's a knock on your door.

  45. I have to ask, how is this particular executive order terrorism, but killing thousands of civilians with drone strikes not? There isn't any doubt that the United States has been indiscriminately killing civilians in the Middle East and Africa for years. The only doubt is the body count. Obama has admitted as much...


    So please, how exactly is this WORSE than killing people?

    Imagine that I know two men. One says to me "You are not welcome in my house" and the other comes into MY house and kills my family. Which one do you think I would hate more? Which one do you think I would seek revenge on?

  46. False equivalence and deflection, David Hillman. If drone attacks were made indiscriminately against the entire citizenry of seven Muslim countries, then you'd have an argument.

  47. No, it has not been indiscriminate. Civilian deaths range from 10-25%. Given that Islamists don't clearly distinguish themselves from civilians, the indiscriminate characterization doesn't hold up.

    The drone campaign is against non-state armed forces and isn't intrinsically illicit. The executive order in this case is.

  48. This is what the United States of America has come to. May as well give the Statue of Liberty back to France.

  49. This is disgusting. Congress needs to impeach this lunatic.

  50. MORE HYPOCRISY : Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals SAID NOTHING! Was it disgusting when Obama did the same exact thing back in 2011? If so, where was Obama's impeachment?

  51. Where's the fire, Mr. Trump?

  52. Very simple response to all attorneys and their clients. Read 8 U.S.C 1182 (f)Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.

    The President has absolute unfettered authority to act as he has - there are no other requirements. READ THE LAW

  53. Executive orders must abide by the Constitution. Period. They are not absolute. They can be challenged in court (as Republicans did several times with Obama).

  54. Ljg- You do know that the Constitution supersedes any statutes, right? Just because it says the president has authority, it does not mean the president can implement a religious test that is contradictory to Constitutional intent.

    Additionally, just because part of his action may fall within the bounds of legality, that does not make it any more just or any less morally bankrupt.

  55. As any good lawyer, judge, et al knows, it is application of the law that is important. And as any politician knows, not all decrees are wise. His edict not only may violate laws already in place, politically it clearly is a disaster in implementation and deliteriously affects how the US is perceived by its own people and around the world. This clearly makes us less safe and us just downright inhumane.

  56. This is an appalling and hateful act. It is a betrayal of all that we, as America, have held dear for two and a half centuries. I am absolutely ashamed this morning. All people of conscience need to stand up and speak out against this.

    You tell us he doesn't mean any of what he says? Dear God, he actually does.

  57. Coming soon, Trump's latest book, "How to Turn Friendlies into Terrorists with a Stroke of My Pen."

  58. AH, do you think some white CIA agent is going to infiltrate Isis for intelligence? We need our Muslim allies who then need protection.

    Say goodbye to any credible intelligence related to terrorism or national security.

  59. Take down the Statue of Liberty.

    And hide our heads in shame.

  60. Her head should be shrouded in black to represent the millions of us who are mourning the rise of this wicked man and his cronies.

  61. Nancy - that's a stupendous idea - let's call the Greenpeace Seven - they'd rappel up in a minute!

  62. Shameful, unconstitutional, the maleovent bum who currently occupies the executive branch is not qualified but totally unfit to act as America's highest representative. He himself breaks our laws and needs to be removed forthwith from office.

  63. The silent Republicans are just as culpable...

  64. As a patriot and veteran I am sickened by this callous disregard for people who are critical to the safety of our men and women in combat. As an American I am sickened by the religious test. We can never have liberty and freedom when we deny it to others. This is unsustainable.

  65. This deserves elaboration. I had the privilege of being one of the first twelve non-press civilians to enter Iraq after we invaded in 2003. I hired and worked closely with Iraqi nationals. Trump's action places in harm's way Americans who serve abroad, military and civilian, because he has betrayed foreign nationals upon whom those Americans rely. One of the men detained was one of those interpreters. Trump just sent a message to all of those people that we will not protect them. He has therefore placed all American citizens serving abroad, again military and civilian, in danger. Trust, once broken, is terribly difficult to rebuild. Trump's actions will haunt us for years.

  66. Isn't it odd how folks who call themselves patriots don't understand freedom has a price. As a veteran from a family of veterans this is utterly appalling. We understood what we were fighting for at least in theory. True theory and reality didn't always align but we understood the basic premise in our bones. Does this so called, Patriot's Tea Party and the President have a clue? It appears not. Deplorable. This will be our generations trail of tears as we walk the length of Trump's Folly

  67. When the religion reforms itself and their populace stops murdering others then we can talk. Until then I am fine sacrificing you and your family and not mine in the name of my liberty and freedom.

  68. To be sure this is a humanitarian crisis, but not all humanitarian crises are equal. The scale of the humanitarian crises- civilian death, ethnic cleansing, mass exodus destruction of infrastructure, etc.- created by the policies of the Bush and Obama administrations puts the Trump humanitarian crisis in perspective. Those that willfully ignore the past, cause and effect are not part of the solution but voyeurs

  69. This seems to violate the 1965 immigration act. Congress needs to asset its authority here.

  70. This is a non-starter. The President can stop any group from entering the USA if he / she believes they are a threat to this Country. End of story.

  71. It is not the end of the story. Executive orders' constitutionality can be challenged in court. It is also not the end of the story that no American has been harmed by a terrorist from any of these nations since 1975. Meanwhile this ban does not apply to those countries who have produced terrorists harming Americans, such as Saudi Arabia where 15 of the 9/11 terrorists were from. So who is protected? Tens of thousands of Americans since 9/11 have died due to gun violence by American terrorists; will we ban those weapons of terror?

  72. Richard, Trump's actions will have to stand up in court. So it's not quite "end of story."

  73. Can and should are really two different questions. Here is a basic refresher of the concept. Somebody can steal, somebody should not steal.

    The question is not if trump "can" block immigration of these refugee, he certainly is doing that. The question is "should" he block their immigration with regards to moral, legal, or practical grounds.

  74. Trump's order is a national disgrace. As this article so eloquently demonstrates, sweeping immigration orders based on religion and national origin don't discriminate against terrorists and criminals. They discriminate against decent, law-abiding people and legal residents we should be welcoming with open arms.

  75. They are not legal residents lol get a clue

  76. But they ARE human beings lol. Get a clue.

  77. they ARE legal residents.

  78. Trump never served. Not only is this going to be a recruiting tool for terrorists, he's putting our troops at risk. Helping our troops has become a death sentence. Sending this man who served our country back to Iraq is short sited and will come back to bite this president. Exceptions should have been made in the order but that would have required thought.

  79. It's interesting that the vast majority of the military voted for Trump. I guess they wanted to be less safe.

  80. Quick, another photo of Ivanka and her kids! That will blunt the true immorality of this truly sickening administration - or should we now call it what it is, an illegitimate regime?

  81. President Trump is proving to be even more evil than originally thought. If he had even a sliver of compassion you would institute a grace period and not simply slam the door shut on families that have already mobilized and are on their way.

  82. Trump recently said he had a " big heart" and we would see that in his policies on immigration. To turn refugees back at U.S. airports after they spent up to 2 years of being vetted (at least one involved a family being reunited) is the definition of cruelty.

    No refugees have been involved in terrorist attacks on American soil. Our refugee and humanitarian assistance policies are defined by legislative statutes designed to help those most in need. Trump is not only turning this on its head (a priority for Christians) but he is abdicating America's role as the world's leader on welcoming refugees. (A role that spurred other counties to do more.)

    The man is an ignorant bully who has torn our nation apart and is aligning us with some of the world's most despicable regimes. What dark days for America and the world.

  83. Perhaps he meant to say that he has an "enlarged heart".

    If so, we can find hope.

    An enlarged heart points to a shortened lifespan.

  84. Re: "No refugees have been involved in terrorist attacks on American soil. "

    RB in CA, I think your statement is wrong. Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston bombers, were asylum seekers fearing persecution if they return which is essentially claiming refugee status. There are exceptions to every blanket statement such as yours.

  85. Big heart? He has a stone where it ought to be. Trump is an example of the dregs of humanity, the manifestation of ignorance and psychopathy, and he is our president.

    What does this say about us? And don't blame the Electoral College; we knew about this conman for thirty years. Remember his Taj Mahal and the Aberdeen golf course? Well, that's where we're heading with this "genius" businessman, the poster boy for bankruptcies, lawsuits, "universities" and outsourced men's fashion. Nice going, America.

    Notice: You bought a beautiful bridge crossing New York's East River! Please come and claim it ASAP. Every day it remains there, you will be charged a storage fee.

  86. Trump, with his thoughtless order, will inflame the vast Arab lands, as well as the many Americans who depended upon the goodwill of local employees, to succeed in our (phony) war on terrorism.

  87. Our country is in for a very tough ride as we witness the first tinges of authoritarianism. The flurry of executive orders and this ban on immigration are typical of how a businessman like the Donald operates, but it is inconsistent with the running of the U.S. Government. That's why history has shown that businessmen when elected President have done a terrible job. Just think about Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush for starters.....how did that work out ?
    The fate of the U.S. now lies in the hands of some unnamed Republicans who will decide that they must do the right things for country rather that heeling to Donald's will and also must put country ahead of party as well. I am not hopeful they have the spine to do that. Woe is us.

  88. Trump is running the country as he did his businesses, into the ground. He acts on the absurd fantasies that comport with his pre-puerile pre-conceptions, shooting from the hip while shredding the constitution.

    His actions of his first week could have been foretold by his business model: act like an ignorant bully and wait for the law suits to come quickly behind.

  89. Are there any? Some pretend to talk sense, but they're all Party First in the end.

  90. Authoritarianism is one thing; this is closer to a Reign of Terror.

  91. This is what happens when a man who doesn't think things through before acting, takes a sweeping, generalized action. First, individual people are harmed, as we see in this story. Next, more and more people around the world turn against the United States because they see that we do not live up to the values that we espouse. Contrary to what those who voted for this president think, and contrary to what he himself says, actions like this do not make us safer. In fact, they do the opposite.

  92. If more and more people around the world turn against the United States, that means lots of wars, and the child-man's handlers like that just fine. Lots of obscene profits to be made. His boss Vlad is also loving it because there's nothing he wants to do more right now than to create chaos in the world, especially in the democracies. And remember Bannon is a self-styled Leninist who wants to bring down the government.

  93. WHY was Saudi Arabia exempt from the list? They are the ones who funded 9/11! Will somebody ask Spicer at the next WH Press Conference [if they ever decide to have one].

  94. Saudis are oil producers, immune from any retaliation, especially with Rex Tillerson as state sec. This is not governance for the benefit of citizens anymore, is business to profit the wealthy and their corporations.

  95. The Saudis didn't just fund 9/11, they manned it.

  96. A country of laws...........and of executive orders issued by a scoundrel...

  97. In reply to A daily cook in Provence

    You obviously refer to President Obama.

  98. This is NOT AMERICA.

  99. But it is. This is who we really are. All of Congress gives their support through their silence.

  100. Sadly, it now IS America. 60 million people voted for this demagogue, and I would not be surprised to hear that the vast majority of them support this illegal action. (Just turn on Faux News.) He has put all Americans who travel internationally at greater risk with his action.

  101. @LTM: Why do you say this, in the teeth of the visible facts?

  102. This action by the so called president is SHAMEFUL.

  103. Funny that the ban does not include Saudi Arabia, the country of origin of the 9/11 highjackers as well as Osama Bin Laden, or Pakistan, where there are many radical madrassas funded by Saudi fundamentalists, where terrorism is known to be promoted. I wonder why

  104. Details, details. Too much reading involved-- and thinking--to actually figure this all out. Keep the words simple and flattering, and lead with emotion, preferably fear. No higher level thinking skills allowed. That's why some places, people, and religions are targets.

  105. Business iterests, I presume.

  106. Business interests, I presume.

  107. ...and it starts...

  108. Tim McVeigh who killed over 160 Americans in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 was born in America and was a Catholic. Fifteen of the 19 murderers in the 9/11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia. Trump continues to allow people from Saudi Arabia to come to the US and has not announced a Deportation Plan of all Catholics in the US.

  109. A comment from the land of fruits and nuts that makes no sense.

  110. Not one of the 19, and none of the Muslim-identified people who have committed acts of terror on US soil would have been banned by Trump's fatwa

  111. People are pointing out that he's not banning people from Saudi Arabia. I think it's hard to argue against putting restrictions on Saudi immigration, assuming Trump's objective is to keep America safe from Islamic terrorism. However, isn't this particular list just limited to those seeking refugee status? As far as I am aware, there are no people requesting refugee status from Saudi. I could be wrong, but generally people are trying to get into Saudi Arabia and not out of it. Just a minor quibble.

  112. Is this really US?

  113. Almost, again. It will take a while to undo the damage the left has done to us nationally and internationally.

  114. No. It isn't.

  115. Some of us, apparently, to judge by the number of ignorant and bigoted responses to this story and it's attached comments.

  116. Trump's executive order is illegal for a number of reasons. I am certain that a Federal judge will rule in favor of those being ILLEGALLY detained. Trump is fomenting the growth of terrorism and discouraging muslims in the U.S. and throughout the world to help in the fight against it.

  117. DJT & his supporters are deeply ignorant about how the refugee program works. This administration does not use evidence to make decisions. Remember facts are for the educated. If you act on facts, you are not part of the uneducated crowd Trump says he loves.
    My grandmother only had a 4th grade education, but she never made serious family decisions without getting the facts from her educated children & educated grandchildren. I believe that is called leadership.

  118. Their not being illegally detained lol. They are being refused entry at Port of entry which is 100% legal. They will be returned to their country of origin on the next available flight.

  119. Mr. President, have you no shame?

  120. President? He´s no President. He´s just an enraged and spoiled child. Nothing more.

  121. Mr. Weiss, I think your question has been answered loudly in the affirmative.

  122. Perfect question--except he doesn't deserve to be called "Mr. President."

  123. Sick, sick, sick.

  124. Trump is a racist and a fascist and he is relentlessly cruel. His own grandfather entered illegally and was kicked out of Germany.

    Does no-one has compassion for those fleeing war and barbarity?

    "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"
    It's time to take a grinder to the base of the Statue of Liberty to remove these words, if this un-American policy continues for more than a day.

    The people detained had already been vetted and cleared. They worked for us at their own peril.

    Trump's word is no good. It changes form minute to minute and even in the face of video evidence he denies saying what he said and doing what he did.He is a puppet of both Putin and provocateur and racist Steve Bannon.

    Our country is being destroyed, Trump is a malignant narcissist who is rapidly metastasizing. God help us.

  125. "Does no-one has compassion for those fleeing war and barbarity?"

    I'm wonder about that. The neighboring wealthy Muslim Gulf States don't seem to care about their brothers and sisters. What a shame.

  126. ...and all of this mayhem in only 8 days.

  127. The is the TWO, Trump World Order.

  128. Does anybody really believe that this is going to enhance the security of the USA? This includes an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, who are already subject to 'extreme vetting' (and the US only takes a tiny number in any event). Even green card holders are affected and could be stranded. Trump (and the GOP) are sowing fear and appealing to lowest common denominator prejudice. Shameful.

  129. they are not vetted at all

  130. Why not create safe zones in the Middle East? Have you, at all, looked at what has happened in London, Paris, Germany, etc. I agree that 99.99% of the refugees pose no threat! However, what about the other .01%? Even if 50000 people are admitted, that would mean 5 terrorists could be among them. Do you really believe 5 terrorists cannot hurt the US?

    Yes. It is inconvenient in the short term. However, it will be safer for all in the longer term. Let us give our leaders a chance to put together a plan so we do not end up with the turmoil in Europe.

  131. We are going to send them all to Australia.

  132. Incredible, absolutely abhorrent and illegal. The tyranny of President Trump and his Republican gangsters must be stopped now. Refugees with valid visas detained, sequestered from their legal counsel …is unconstitutional. What's next?

  133. Clearly Trump needs to modify his order to allow for cases in which prospective detainees are already known to the United States as harmless, or whose verifiable background makes it highly unlikely they are terrorists. The situation described in this article is not an argument against the main concept behind Trump's order, though it is a clear argument that the order is too sweeping.

  134. France should demand that we return the Statue of Liberty. Trump has made its promise a farce.

  135. This is how the police state is created. Create hate. When reaction becomes violent - say "see" we were right - and even further limit rights. This week everything from EPA gag orders to planned parenthood to preventing muslims with green cards back in to the place they call home. And this is just week 1.

  136. Most of the violence done to American is committed by Americans, not immigrants. Trump is delusional if he thinks a wall and closing our borders is going to make our country a safer one. And what does it say about Trump's financial interests that Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from, was excluded from this illegal order in the first place? Regardless, he has been in office a little over a week and has already inflicted more pain and suffering on already vulnerable people than I could have possibly imagined, and in doing so, have probably made our interests at home and abroad less safe.

  137. I have lived in the United States for 50 years. ( Decades ago I became a citizen. ) When I applied for a visa, I filled out forms with my personal information. I submitted a blood test and chest X ray which was certified by the doctor to the American Embassy. The FBI did a background check in every country I had ever visited. This alone took 2 months. Additionally, I had a job offer from a company in the United states. When I arrived I was taken to the immigration office in the airport. The officer looked over my documents and then said, "welcome to the United States of America." There is no such thing as an "undocumented immigrant." They are illegal aliens

  138. That doesn't apply to the people described in this article. They were screened even more extensively than you were. And they have already proven their loyalty to our country.

  139. The two gentlemen being detained at the airport in New York either went through the same vetting process as you did, or probably, given how the world has changed, a more rigorous one. In addition, they have both already worked for the US military. They deserve to enter the country just as much as you did. Shame on you for not being thankful enough for what you received to want to see them enjoy the same privilege.

  140. Congratulations to you.

    Now consider if that job you were offered had started before you got here; imagine further that it was a dangerous job that put your life and that of your whole family at risk but that it also sought to make America and your own country safer. Then imagine that at the stroke of a pen you ended up in immigration detention for having finished that job and boarded a plane to America.That's what this article is about.

    The world descends into cesspool pretty quickly when we rely only on our personal experiences to navigate life - we have to be able to put ourselves in another person's shoes and stop and think again about the things we're sure we know....

  141. I'm almost 30. Political life for me started with Monica, then Iraq, then Great Recession, now Trump. This is the first time I've felt ashamed of my country and frankly, my people. Growing up in Ohio I was taught this country had values. The cowardice and fear exhibited by my fellow Americans - mostly white people who have never even met a Muslim - is disgusting and shameful.

  142. I don't mind that we're tightening admission for people from states that sponsor terrorism.

    But why weren't allowances put in place for the people described in this article? This is classic "shoot, aim, ready".

  143. It's from states that sponsor terrorism that we don't have some kind of existing relationship with, regardless of their history, as I think needs to be noted in every iteration of this discussion.

    In other words: the countries from whence came everyone involved in 9/11--not part of this ban. While that doesn't preclude concerns about the countries that are included, it shows that this does not have (ostensible) safety as the highest priority.

  144. From what I understand exceptions and allowances were put in place for these people. Sounds like some over zealous customs and airline officials decided to take matters into their own hands and cause problems. I would hazard a guess if the NYT does a follow-up these folks with legitimate reasons to be here will be here very shortly.

  145. Why weren't allowances made? Too complicated. The Donald doesn't "do" nuance.

  146. Please please President Trump - let these people come home to their families. Show compassion. This is not pro-life - it's pro-strife.

  147. These people were already vetted and approved by our government. They have families waiting for them here. These detainments are cruel and illegal.
    This executive order will do nothing to fight terrorism. In a week, we've gone from a Democratic republic to an authoritarian regime.

  148. Doesn't matter immigration officers can refuse any immigrant regardless if they have a visa or not. It's always been that way the last and final choice to enter the USA is the immigration agents

  149. This is a very sad story. How terrible to tear apart a family like this. I hope there is a way, at least, to finesse this new directive so that those who were already in the process of immigrating to this country, are allowed to proceed. Families should not have to be split apart to adopt a new refugee policy.

  150. In war there are innocent civilian casualties. If they truly love America and follow the proper legal requirements, they will be welcomed with open arms.

  151. You missed the part where the article explains that they already did follow every legal requirement.

  152. How do you measure whether someone "truly loves America?"

  153. Sigh... America is a country of immigrants. Furthermore, one can make the argument that refugees will be the most driven to create value in our country given the circumstances they've left behind and the opportunity they've been given.

    Secondly, religion-based screening is the first step toward a state sanctioned persecution, which will only exacerbate religious extremism and terrorism -- essentially, the opposite of Trump's intended impact. Or is it? Trump and Bannon seem to be laying down the foundation (both by encouraging a national sentiments of bigotry in the US, and through state sanctioned orders) for a global holy war of epic proportions. God help us all!

  154. I wish people would stop this meme of 'America is a nation of immigrants'. Funny, I thought it was founded on white superiority since America is a nation created by white European immigrants. And those who came, came for the wealth and opportunities - not to spread Islam. We are not a nation of Islamists.

  155. religion based screening is state sanctioned persecution? Obama did not allow Arab Christians into our country as refugees. He only allowed Arab Muslims in under his program. Despite the fact the Christians were the ones being beheaded, drowned, torched, raped and many other disgusting acts by the Muslims. If you are saying Obama persecuted Christians I totally agree. Trump is simply trying to get some of them out of the Middle East while they are still alive.
    I feel bad for those Muslim Arabs trying to escape the terrors of war but everybody knows we have a enormous problem accurately vetting them. Until we can get a better handle on who the Muslim jihadists are vs the peaceful Muslims this is a step in the right direction imo.

  156. @Ilpalazzo:

    "I thought it was founded on white superiority"

    Evidently you are in favour of this concept. Interesting.

  157. Hooray a President that means what he says. Immigration in the 21st century is far cry from immigration in the 18th and 19th century. Today's immigrants receive free healthcare, free education, and other benefits on the taxpayer's dime. Why should the tax payers bear this cost, let alone the risk of security and safety? These immigrants don't want to assimilate but rather they just want a port in their storm.

  158. Hey I'm an immigrant and I haven't received free healthcare or free education.

    Although I do lean towards agreeing with you with regards to Muslims being less likely to integrate into society. I hate to say it, but I saw it all the time in Europe.

    The problem is that the left tend to avoid an issue that's real, but the right tend to exaggerate it much too far.

    Unfortunately we need a president somewhere between Trump and Obama on this issue, but I don't think we'll ever see one.

  159. More taxes have been paid by these immigrants than your president. They have pulled their weight in blood, sweat and tears, while your president has done nothing but build buildings and leave the taxpayers to foot the bills he refuses to pay.

  160. Common sense seems rare on this comment section. Glad I found one.

  161. How can this be happening? I can hardly find words to express my sadness and shame in the direction that my country is taking.

  162. Islamophobia now at full speed, in violation of the Constitution.

    Migrants flee their country not out of choice but out of necessity.
    Once here, they work hard, they study, they contribute to society.

    They don't sit around in sweatpants watching FoxNews and eating chips.

    Impeach Trump.

  163. MORE HYPOCRISY : Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals SAID NOTHING! Where were the screams for Obama's impeachment when he made an Executive Action to ban Iraqi's in 2011? Crickets!

  164. Who in our government will speak up for our country's moral values? This is beyond outrageous, and every American should be horrified at the callous, ill-informed, impulsive behavior of the president and his operatives. They call themselves Christians? I believe a more apt description is zealot. How many attacks have been committed in America by people from these seven countries? How many mass murders have been committed by Americans here in our country? If the president is truly concerned about the safety of Americans, and the possibility of terrorists, why is he not addressing gun safety in America and why is Saudi Arabia not on his list? History is repeating itself. First they came for the Muslims...

  165. Chris Murphy said exactly the same thing. He's my Senator and I'm proud of him.

  166. A man who has spent a decade literally risking his life in service to this country is denied entry into this country by a fraud who filed multiple deferments to keep from having to risk his skin in service to that very country.

    This is sickening.

  167. Yeah unlike Bill Clinton who actually dodged the draft by fleeing to England. Trump simply complied with the law.

  168. Oh, please, Sam. Trump doesn't even know which foot his "heel spurs" are located on.

  169. It's actually worse than that: Not only has he been denied entry to the country by a fraud who refused to serve, the U.S. troops this man risked his life to assist were sent there by *another* fraud whose daddy got him into the "Champagne Unit" of the Texas ANG to keep *him* from having to risk his skin in service.

    Sickening indeed.

  170. Thanks to all the people who stayed home on November 8 who said there was no choice, and the independent candidates who encouraged others to throw away their votes. Neither candidate was my ideal, but I knew that one was grown up enough not to play with matches. Oh, and a thank you to those who chased the adults away form the Democratic Party leadership, hoping to replace it with a structure of starry eyed people who have no idea who to talk to or motivate people who not unreasonably think that change has not been for the better. Myself, I repent my failure to support Sanders. He was right, I was wrong.

  171. I wasn't aware that the words on the Statue of Liberty had an expiration date. This action is fascism. Shameful and sad.

  172. I like it!

    Trump is sending the message loud and clear, worldwide, to not flood into the U.S.

  173. ThouDoest this maneuver is a disaster.
    How many millions of dollars are going to be spent detaining contractors, translators, family members, scholars, etc. while the bad guys slide in with fake passports?
    America is part of an international community whose safety and stability depend on diplomacy, not groundless acts of hostility.
    I guess Trump hates Muslims...unless they're Saudis. Because oil.

  174. Getcher English right: Thou dost.

  175. Absolutely shameful. And the preference to Christians bit is just the moldy cherry on top.

    I'm stunned that Trump doesn't have anyone in the White House capable of informing him how unconstitutional this is.

  176. Denying sanctuary to those who have put themselves in harm's way to support our troops is shameful. How does this equal "putting America first"?

  177. This is shameful! It is appalling that a man who actually risked his life to aid US troops is denied entry into the US to join his family. Even more appalling is the fact that the executive order was signed by a draft-dodging president who avoid going to Vietnam because of alleged "bone spurs." During the campaign, he could not even remember which of his feet had bone spurs. When you hear that big swooshing sound, know that it is the remainder of this country's reputation been flushed down the crapper by a lunatic.....

  178. Trump's xenophobic, short-sighted, anti-Muslim immigration and refugee bans are mean-spirited, irrational and hate-fueled. This is a stupefying rejection of our long-standing national heritage of welcoming refugees escaping unimaginable torture, war, poverty, and brutal dictatorships.

  179. None of Trump's executive orders are being properly vetted so now instead of every time a bell rings an angel gets her wings we have "every time Trump signs a lawyer fines and dines."
    Trump is an idiot. Is everyone in his administration an idiot as well?

  180. A hard-working, delightful refugee person rents a room in our home.
    This person lawfully entered the U.S. this fall, following extensive vetting.
    I am sickened by this un-American order - it is unconstitutional, lacks any rational basis, and is breathtaking in its mean-spiritedness.

  181. Ashamed to be an American.

    I don't display a flag but I think I'm going to get one and hang up upside down (a distress signal) on my front porch for the next four years. We all should.

  182. Since the election, I've often thought about moving abroad so I wouldn't have to see first hand our democracy unravel at the hands of the current administration. Reading about detained refugees, however, made me realize that leaving won't solve this for me. I would simply worry at a distance about the people who are being harmed. Reminded of an Eldridge Cleaver quote from the 60s, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." I'll drop my fantasy of moving and direct my energy to making a difference where I can.

  183. Trump has a history of "stiffing" people who work for him and routinely went bankrupt. Thus this action, while horrible was also quite predictable, given prior actions and management style.

  184. The true characteristic of a bully is cowardice. Trump, and his supporters continue to demonstrate that by their actions.

  185. First we make the region and their countries unlivable, then we tell them they are imprisoned there. Make America hate again.

  186. Yet another of Trump's pandering, knee-jerk executive orders. His policies are so thoughtless and rash. Our new king is in a hurry to prove that he is a man of action and gets things done, regardless of the far greater collateral damage and longterm consequences for this country and the world. At this rate, his first 100 days will likely be his last 100 days. Or perhaps that's the blitzkrieg plan: he will get impeached or step down so Pence, McConnell, and Ryan, the real puppeteers can enact their agenda directly.

  187. Regardless of whether you ascribe to the illogical proclamations of our unhinged president or not, any reasonable person would agree that to bar someone who has just recently been vetted and granted valid documents from the US Department of State to enter the US, is far more than cruel and heinous. It's actually an illegal act.

    This madness and the madman orchestrating and perpetuating it must be stopped!

  188. I read through the entire order. It contains exceptions for people who were in transit with valid visas at the time the order became effective. Mr Darweesh is being illegally detained - the CBE agents should have admitted him in to the US on arrival. In addition, the response of the CBE agent to Mr. Darweesh's lawyers is totally inappropriate and unprofessional. That agent should be be given a severe reprimand or summarily dismissed from his/her job. There is no excuse for such behavior from a US Government employee.

  189. Judging by some of the comments I am reading, that is sadly not the case. There are people who have no faith in the existing immigration process and think we have just been letting anybody in under Obama and maybe even under the Bush Administarion.

  190. It is shocking how quickly our revered democratic institutions have seemingly disappeared down the drain of history. I am a retired US History teacher who made students from all countries proud to be living here while preparing them for the citizenship test. Now France's thank-you gift to us, the Statue of Liberty, has sunk overnight into the New York harbor. I cannot even look at it in my mind's eye, and we can longer boast of protecting masses of people from undemocratic regimes "yearning to breathe free." And the sitting "President" on his TV throne has no pride in our origins.

  191. This policy is based on ignorance and prejudice. It will only breed more of the same and ultimately lead to violence.

  192. I share Danny's question, "Is this really the U.S.?" The fear and worry this will mean for some of the world's most vulnerable is difficult, and painful, to imagine. Trump has tapped--deeply--into a root nerve of FEAR that many in the U.S. are victims to. "Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering (as told to Gustav Gilbert during the Nuremberg trials)

  193. Our once great country has become the heart of a rising tide of evil fascism. There seems no help for it, at least California will secede.

  194. And now we Americans should simply sit back and believe that we are "just following orders..."? We know where that leads. America is also a country of civil disobedience. We need to refuse and resist, stand up and honor the values that our alleged president has chosen to trample on. Are there no thoughtful or even constitutionally educated Republicans to oppose this madness?

  195. "Are there no thoughtful or even constitutionally educated Republicans to oppose this madness?"

    No. And no one who's been awake since, oh, say the Emancipation Proclamation, would need to ask such questions.

    Most commenters here seem to be shocked that the nonsense is spreading. As long as they were safe and comfy, so what if fellow Americans were mistreated.

    Welcome to the real world.

  196. It is a cruel irony that this man, now America's president, hails from the same city as the Statue of Liberty. Perhaps even more painful is a warning many should have taken from his proclivity to buy and brand as many buildings and properties as possible -- except the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, or any other monument remotely related to our country's [former] democratic principles.

  197. They'll be next, don't worry.

  198. Morally unconscionable and repugnant. We are a pluralistic nation of immigrants. This lays waste to the very ideals we hold dear, we cannot behave so callously and ignorantly towards those seeking refuge from war and oppression. It is not who we are!

  199. I cannot believe what is happening to our poor country. We must act on each and every issue to prevent us from sinking deeper than we already have.

    I feel like we've lost the last 50 years of a growing nation.

  200. Detaining Mr. Darweesh (who holds a valid visa) at the airport and refusing to let him talk to a lawyer is the action of a police state. President Trump should be impeached sooner rather than later.

  201. Hopefully, the man has a good immigration lawyer. I'm waiting to see GoFundMe accounts open for the legal cases for these people. I'm sure plenty of us will want to help out.

  202. I spent 9 of the past 18 years in the Middle East. From 1998, when Kuwait and the Gulf states viewed America as an amazing friend, to 2006, when even in Saudi, people liked Americans. (Disclaimer, a la the NYT - I am not American). However, from 2003 the view began to change with the invasion of Iraq. America was viewed more critically and while citizens embraced American products, America itself was viewed through a skeptical lens. Obama's election changed that, but with Trump's election and new regulations, don't expect that feelings among the regular people will be favorable any time soon. Citizens of 7 countries have been Trumpled upon - and it isn't going to end anytime soon.

  203. I am so tired of saying, "You can't make this up." Every day, there is a new outrageous act, press conference, or interview that undermines the principles upon which our country was founded. In just one week, the Trump administration has turned America into a fascist country and the world's largest banana republic. I only hope that the legislative and judicial branches of our government can stop this descent into hell.

  204. I guess it's only a matter of time before they come after legitimate visa and green card holders inside the states, preventing them from acquiring green cards or naturalization. Then it's only a matter of time before they expand to non Muslim immigrants.

  205. Well, the proof that this is racist has already arrived.

    Obviously has nothing to do with protecting America. It's about racism, hatred, and ignorance.

    I don't know anyone, nor know anyone who knows someone, that was killed by a refugee. Guns, smoking, reduction in social programs kills millions every year. Thanks for the all death Republicans!

    There logic seems to be to spend billions to save a hand full of lives per year from terrorism, but ignore all the stuff that actually kills millions of Americans.

  206. Follow the money.

  207. One issue that deserves careful consideration involves the determination of the blacklisted countries whose citizens would be prohibited from entering the United States. Rather than focusing on the countries whose citizens were involved in previous terrorist attacks, Trump selected the ones what had suffered the most violence at the hands of the US military or special forces. Perhaps the fear arises from a guilty conscience.

  208. Trump's order also did not include countries in which he has significant business interests. Hmm.

  209. Another poorly thought and executed directive from Trump, who lacks the ability to think through the consequences of his 'off the cuff decisions". Is our immigration agents that stupid to react so quickly, when there is a docket of people already approved to enter the US?
    Trump's impatience (at the level of a fifth grader!) has past down to immigration officers, who are reacting like robots towards a directive that must first has abide by a 'grandfather clause', for all those who have been already cleared to enter the US...
    One man's madness (Trump) is triggering a chain of mindless actions by our immigration officers....this trend twill eventually destroy this country!

  210. Finally common sense is beginning to come back to us. Finally someone is taking terrorism seriously. Finally our borders will no longer be open to anyone and everyone. President Trump is already distinguishing himself from the lethal complacency of his predecessor. Finally a president who puts American citizens first.

  211. Have you ever spoken to a legal immigrant? Our borders have never been open to everyone. It is a long and expensive process. A process these two men in the article already went through. I am not so sure the president's actions will work to Americans advantage in the end.

  212. It seems to me that this policy is not about putting America and Americans first, but rather putting Trump and his business interests first. None of the countries on this list are countries where Mr. Trump has buildings. For example, Saudi Arabia is not on this list, and the 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Mr. Trump has many hotels registered there. In addition, it seems that this action will serve to make America less safe, as our allies begin to find our actions difficult to defend and our enemies have the best recruiting tool they could hope for.

  213. I think you are confusing Trump's predecessor with his predecessor's predecessor, whose complacency was indeed lethal.

  214. Turning our backs on humanity is not the America the majority of us have worked to build. If we go down this dark path we first turn our backs on "them", then one another. Our dream really does remain to help others not lucky enough to be Citizens and weave a web of hope, not hate. In the words of the British science fiction series, Dr. Who, "don't let fear make you cruel." Fear has made the man who would be king cruel.

  215. This is not about immigration! These are two men who have been exhaustively vetted and have all of the legal paperwork to enter this country. One of them served with our military, at great personal risk to himself and his family. The other has family waiting for him here. They are being detained on the authority of one petty and abusive man, who happens to be, to my great shame, the president of the United States. But he is not a dictator, and allowing him to act like one only encourages his meglomania. Americans must stand up against this now!

  216. The liberal backlash reflected in the comments here is disingenuous, naive, reflexive, and ill-considered.

    So to the liberal critics, although we've have had sanctions Syria and Iran for decades prohibiting Americans from traveling to these nations, investing in these nations or even doing business in these nations, apparently the Constitution requires us to import immigrants from these nations notwithstanding any contrary national security determinations of the President or Congress?

    Totally absurd criticism.

  217. It's OK for Middle Easterners to come to the US if Donald Trump has investments in the country of their citizenship. I now understand where you are coming from.

  218. The reasons for those actions you cite are different. The reason people are outraged is because this order forced labels of would-be criminality on entire groups of people just because of where they live and their religion. Do you really believe this same instinct of trump to blame "the enemy" will be limited just to this? We're already seeing his perverted need to find enemies to attack with his claims 5m illegals threw the popular vote and the media. It's just a matter of time before he finds other groups to vilify--could be you

  219. Trump has had business dealings in Iran.
    His Sec of State Rex Tillerson has has dealings in Sudan, Iran and Russia.

  220. The two men who worked for the US that were singled out in the article...why didn't they return prior to the order being signed? If the Google executive was recalling his people from foreign countries who might be affected by the order, wouldn't these two gentlemen reason the same thing? Also, if one or both of these two men have already worked for the US Gov't, then they've probably been properly vetted and should be able to return to the US after the 'time-out' period. Is this much ado about nothing?

  221. Apparently they were already in the air when Trump signed the order. I suspect Google had some advance notice this would happen. Mr. Darweesh had a special visa, which is available only to those who have worked for the US and takes a very long time to get, and he only got it on January 20. He probably couldn't get a plane ticket until he had it. This man worked for the US for ten years at great personal risk to himself. To keep him out of the country because of hysteria about Muslims is cruel. To send him back when he has already been targeted for his service could result in preventable tragedy.

    There is no "much ado about nothing" when children are waiting for their fathers.

  222. "According to the filing, Mr. Darweesh was granted a special immigrant visa on Jan. 20, the same day Mr. Trump was sworn in as president."

  223. Go back and read the article again. They just got their visas to enter the USA AFTER going through our extraordinary vetting process.

  224. When Americans voted for Trump some thought they were getting a decisive, successful businessman. Instead we got a reality tv sham suitable only for issuing shallow orders that don't require evaluation of policy, lawfulness and morality. Mr. Trump needs to immediately provide a solution for every person that was denied entry by his thoughtless order.

  225. As I have stated in comments to other pieces concerning Mr. Trump and his ill thought out policies and actions, he would better serve the country on "Celebrity Apprentice" rather than "Presidential Apprentice".

  226. Anyone who thought they were getting a "decisive, successful businessman" by voting for trump either cannot read, or is unbelievably ignorant and willfully refused to believe all the evidence to the contrary. The man is a terrible businessman (was that four bankruptcies....?), has absolutely no political or diplomatic experience and is clearly suffering from a mental illness. Anyone who voted for him and is now suffering buyers remorse should really address their own stupidity.

  227. Hey, its not like they are being beheaded, let individuals file for waviers, and a judge decide case by case

  228. most of those interpreters who work for us overseas don't for the money and especially when they heard they will have a chance to come to us after working with us for one year, they didn't do it because they love us, I work with many us citizens interpreters originally from those countries that didn't has any loyalty to our country, again they did it for the big money. the other thing is most of the peoples that are working at UN refugee camp and at western countries embassies and consulates are muslims, that's why only them were coming .

  229. So they come to the US to work and support themselves and their families...What's the problem with that? This affects people who have been living here and working productively for American companies for years, even own property here.

  230. I have family members in the military who worked with these people, they risked their lives to help us. I would take them over an ignoramus like you any day.

  231. My parents were refugees from Hitler's Europe. My mother's immediate family (parents and brother) were able to get a visa to immigrate to the US because they were sponsored by an American woman that my grandfather had met on a train ride from Paris to Vienna. My father and his brother were helped by the American Friends Service Committee. They were the lucky ones. This country closed its borders to many Jewish refugees and in some cases sent them back to Germany and other countries controlled by the Nazis.

    I grew up hearing stories of the horrors of that time. I had hoped that I would never see these actions repeated. I know that I have to find ways to stand up against them and to help the current group of refugees.

  232. There are millions if not billions who would like to come here. Take them all in?

  233. And Margaret, your parents didn't come from a culture that had people willing to blow themselves up in the name of their religious zeal in a crowd, either.

  234. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    He said this just a week ago, right?

  235. "to the best of my ability"

    If this is the best of his ability ... we are looking at a full-blow mental health crisis unfolding in front of us.

  236. This is Trump grandstanding to his ignorant base. Pander, act and then think about it. For example, one third of our imported oil comes from Mexico. Mexico cuts off the supply, and I think they should, and price rises at the pumps for everyone. Now it's your religion or your ethnic background. Trump has just given the terrorists another reason to attack us. Brilliant!

    The airlines have to refuse to board passengers if they have reasonable doubt that the destination country will accept them. If the destination country does not, then the return flight to the point of origin is on them.

    Lastly, all of those detained have a right to legal representation. I do hope that a federal court will grant a restraining order until this "diktat" by a pandering Trump is heard in court. Even Iran doesn't do this. Thanks Trump for turning us into an international pariah.

  237. I assume Trump will have no problem if oil is traded by Mexico in Euro's instead of Dollars. Trust me, you will see Trump backing down FAST the moment Mexico goes that direction. Its not about the economic price but it can bankrupt the US if countries in the world decided to switch to a different currency just for oil trading. There is a reason why the US has a licence to print money and its they way the dollar is tied into primary resources. When countries switch away ... The US probably invade Europe rather then letting that happen.

  238. What we need is Congress to say something. If the Republican's do not grow a backbone to challenge what their leader is doing, then I question their leadership. Maybe the truth about making America Great is to make it into a dictatorship.

  239. By law, CBP agents at ports of entry have considerable discretion.

    They ought to consider a future in which their grandchildren ask them about the choices they made over the next few days. That is, if we all make it that far.

  240. I'm concerned about Executive Orders

    It seems that they are binding and that it is a great way to bypass Congress and the American people.

    No President should have that much power.

  241. Too funny, you weren't all that concerned when President Obama used this authority.

  242. People seem to forget that Jimmy Carter revoked visas of Iranians that had nothing to do with the hostage situation and it was minor considering what is going on in today's world. While not the exact same it is within the presidents purview to take actions like these if if Carter can do this and Obama is allowed to fast track these people without proper documentation and allow them to stay via executive orders. The fact is this is temporary until immigrants from these countries can be vetted in a way that is in line with current laws.

    My only disagreement is that he wants to let in Christians from these countries. How they are supposed to make that determination is beyond me. Ban them all without exception and let the ones in whether they be Christian or Muslims once they can prove who they are and they do not pose a danger to Americans.

  243. This is how Trump makes America great again! America the beacon of light for the rest of the world has become the darkness of the world. After Trump finishes signing executive orders, I wait for him to begin to govern, which is the most difficult aspect of leadership. Bad for us, bad for business, bad for America... He cannot phantom the simple fact that America benefits from diversity and global talent. Wonder how our businesses will react to this. Trump is incapable of critical thinking and has surrounded himself with people seem like his butlers and/or hungry for power and can't stand up to him. Brannon for example is there for his own selfish end.

    Perhaps we deserve Trump since we have taken our democracy and voting rights for granted. Otherwise how can we explain how this great country can put this imbecile and loose cannon in power!

  244. Someone, please, tell me how the perceived issue with rule of law plays here, when many applauded Obama's executive order(s) that undermined immigration law? For example, suspending the deportation of children. He had a reason, and you applauded - humanitarian grounds. Trump has his reason too - national security. Rationalization is rationalization.

  245. An executive action is a more specific way, apart from agency and administrative processes that already exist, of a President saying "how" they will execute, interpret or implement "what" is in legislation, the law. Comparing an interpretation that errs on the side of compassion, and leaving good people, here children, well enough alone, to an executive action unsupported by anything other than a desire to point fingers at the "other", an action from fear, at best, racism at worse, not facts, is a comparison that's not even wrong.

  246. Your posts such a perfect window into the mind of a deplorable I've sent it to all of my liberal elite friends in both states, NY and Ca.

    "perceived issue with rule of law" - just perfect, thanks for that.

    See, Rob, not everything is about perception or how you read the facts. There are such things as facts. It's not a hard concept if you were taught critical thought and civics in school. So now it's hard.

    Wrenching children from their lives is actually a humanitarian issue. While this is reasonable it is also a fact.

    This executive order hurts national security. This is a verifiable fact.

    Certainly, you can choose to not believe the facts. This does not make it untrue. It only makes us collectively more stupid. Rationalize that.

  247. President Trump has done a shameful thing. In catering to the bigots who support him he has damaged the USA in ways that we'll be regretting for the rest of our lives.

  248. If the Republicans do not speak out and reign in the disaster they have unleashed, we may have to consider ourselves part of the once powerful Soviet bloc.

  249. Starry-eyed liberal Democrats don't realise that there is a real danger of attack from radicalised Islamic terrorists posing as refugees. President Trump's actions during this week show that he takes his oath of office seriously, "to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" from all enemies domestic and foreign.

  250. I am a "starry-eyed liberal" and I do realize that there is some danger of terrorism. I also have read a lot about the vetting process and know that it is incredibly stringent. True, it can't be perfect. But if you look at the history of mass attacks in our country, far more have been perpetrated by white male non-muslim citizens who were born right here in the USA. I would rather live with a very small (albeit real) risk of a terrorist entering than live with a policy that lets tens of thousands of people die in wars they could have escaped if it were not for our fears of foreigners. My own great-grandparents died in the holocaust because US fears would not allow Hungarians to enter this country. The threat of death is real all over the world; we are lucky that our risk is lower than in many places, and the vetting system we have in place already goes a long ways towards keeping it that way.

  251. Starry-eyed liberal Democrats are orders of magnitude better informed and more knowledgeable than the Trump constituency, and right-wingers cannot fathom a citizen understanding the complexity of immigration and refugee issues and still recognizing that nations have to take risks anyway, and that there are always counter-risks and unintended consequences of any policy, especially draconian ones. This is so far over the heads of the shoot-em-up "wall of meat" nutballs who make up Trump's fans that any dialogue has come to a grinding halt.
    As Trump himself would say: "Sad!"

  252. Up until now, "enemies" referred to the enemies of the American people, collectively. Not the enemies of a political and ideological power base that lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. This does not represent the peoples will. We've already heard Captain Deplorable describe political opponents as enemies. Is the end game to detain Starry-eyed liberals, too? What part of this protects our Constitution?

  253. Any change in the enforcement of the border or in immigration policy will lead to stories like these. It's a tough situation but are we not supposed to fix policies that are broken simply because they've been the status quo? Trump is hardly alone in imposing difficulty on families who wish to come or be united in the United States. Just look at Obama's action right before leaving office about doing away with the policy of "wet foot, dry foot" which has split Cuban families and upended lives indefinitely unlike Trump's order which is in force for a stated amount of days.

  254. We already have an extreme vetting process in place. This is all based on his paranoia and the fears of all his followers. These two people if you read the article had already gone through the process. And they were cleared. So I don't know what your point is because it doesn't reflect what's going on.

  255. How can we allow this to happen? Where is our collective compassion? I have worked with victims of war and not giving them hope or choice and about coming to the US is cruel and unjust. What civilians in the Middle East experience in war zones is literally unthinkable to the average American. This is an outrage and it demeans our democracy and our humanity as Americans.

  256. Our collective compassion is being asserted to protect our nation from the same fate that Europe is going through now with their refugee problems. We do not want to copy Europeans with their misplaced compassion that is now causing them harm.

  257. WAIT IN LINE. We are a nation of laws. It was unfortunate that they were caught up in flight but it is what it is. Rather than seeking exceptions, how about just trying to comply with the regulations and stop crying about it.time would be better served seeking an expedited vetting process for their clients. I'm a naturalized citizen, I and have served in law enforcement in this country. Forced into retirement after being injured in the line of duty. My own son was detained at LAX returning from Australia to live with me. His paperwork was not in order and he was held in custody for 10 months. At one point was actually placed in the LA County Jail on suicide watch. I did everything in my power to have him be released to my care so that we could move forward with taking care of his paperwork. Although he had committed no crime in the United States we were unable to do anything. Surprisingly enough his status for US citizenship was approved whilevhevwascin custody but there was a seven-year waiting list for Australians receiving US citizenship under these circumstances. I simply told him to allow himself to return back to Australia and return in six years. It seems unfair, but we have laws and regulations for reason and if my son had to comply with them, so should these people. Wait in line.

  258. The "we have laws" argument makes no sense considering an executive action is not legislative or judicial, and in the case of this particular executive action on immigration the administrative promises made before are being upended by a new last minute, arbitrary twist. Arbitariness and chaos do not make for good "law" and only serve to make respect for the law decline.

  259. Rob, these men's paperwork was in order, they had legal visa, they complied with the regulations. They were already cleared for admission to the USA by customs in Iraq and in flight when Trump issued his order, which is convincingly argued to be illegal under existing law elsewhere on this page. A POTUS has many powers, but not the power to repeal, violate or not enforce the law. That would make him impeachable. The detained men did not break any law and are now being denied due process (Fifth Amendment of the Constitution). I'm sorry about what happened to your son, but his paperwork was not in order.

  260. I hear how this makes sense for you as Australians. Refugees are a different class of immigrant; they are coming from war-torn countries where simply going home and waiting six years could actually mean death. In my mind, this changes picture dramatically.

  261. I live in the UK and have many American friends. I am very encouraged to see so many US citizens speak out against Trump. Restores my faith in the US. I was getting worried as Trump was begining to turn me against the US as a country. I have many great experiences of the US, having gone to University there, and admire many of its citizen. I can easily forget this as so much hatred is being stirred up in me and sometimes it is hard to separate Trump as individual and the US as a country and it all offers.

  262. Anthony from Hampshire: I can assure you the majority of Americans are even more upset than you are about the 45th president of the United States. "Upset" is a mild word for what most of us feel. He has been in office one week and has already begun firing a shotgun at our constitution. He has truth denying ideologues with no experience governing and at least one racist, antisemitic, neo-nazi, as his primary advisors. Trump doesn't like to read or study. It was reported that Donald Jr. told a potential vice-presidential candidate that the vice president serving with his father would be able to run the country. When asked what Mr. Trump would do, Donald Jr. told him his father would work to "make America great again." The United States belongs to the American people. We do not let anyone destroy our constitutional rights, shut us off from the rest of the world and attempt to make this great country into an oligarchy or a dictatorship.

  263. thanks Anthony - there are millions and millions of us. it is heartening for me to know the 'world' can see Trump's election does not indicate we have all lost our minds. i do think we here took our eyes off the ball, we took our system for granted, 'what does it matter?' many said. well, we're certainly paying attention now! your comment makes a difference and is most welcome to hear.

  264. We hate him and want him impeached. He is destroying our precious country and its only been one week!!

  265. This particular executive act has all the markings of Trump's Rasputin, the faith healer named Bannon, whose mission is to save white, Christian civilization from being overwhelmed by all them there foreigners. Trump, who seems not to have a mind of his own, may well be going the way of the Tsars.

  266. The president does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out of the country for any reason per 8 USC §1182.

  267. What protects you, then, Fallon?

  268. we can only hope.

  269. Errors will be made in any complicated situation such as this - either admitting terrorists (throwing caution to the winds) or excluding U.S. devotees (erring on the side of caution). Given U.S. history and recent bombings and shootings in Europe, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution.

  270. I do not see how forsaking our core values is erring on the side of caution.

    ANd let me just add that I knew people in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

  271. It feels like my country is dying more every day and there is nothing we can do.

  272. Oh, there is something we can do. Remove from office. When someone is unfit, Congress can do this.

  273. There are 6 billion people in the world and only 325 million in the U.S. Let's allow them all come to our Country so we can give them housing, medical, and food. Who needs borders and screening.

  274. We have borders, and we are screening. Read a bit more before you comment.

  275. With Trump as president, there's a chance that some of the (decent) 325 million will leave the US and the embarrassment that it's become, so don't over think it, it's obviously not your forte.

  276. This is just the beginning. The Trump madness will spread to illegal actions against American citizens next. Fascism has one foot in the door, the rest of the body will soon follow.

  277. The Bush administrations, particularly the younger Bush/Cheney administration, started a 'hate the U.S.' movement by their actions in the Middle East. Now Trump is causing more hate for the U.S. by outlawing those from Middle Eastern Countries from coming here. Next it will be all immigrants and perhaps a wall across Canada as well. And don't forget now Christians get priority. This man is a menace to the world order.

  278. Christians from Iraq and Syria are probably persecuted. Christians can also be betted through church records. I'm certain that the Syrian government records have been destroyed, so vetting would be impossible.

  279. Only a coward would deny entry to a person who helped the United States military.

  280. Yes, and a lot of those who have helped the US military, suddenly shoot our soldiers in the back - because they were not properly vetted. Tell you what, why don't we move the unvetted ones into your neighborhood. You can enjoy watching all the women in hijabs, smell roasting goat, and listen to al Jazeera blaring from their TV's.

  281. @Burnett1187: Nobody here is advocating letting unvetted aliens into the U.S., so your colourful rhetoric is irrelevant.

  282. Of course there will be some people caught in the pipeline. These are minor details that need to be addressed. It is to be expected. Many deserving people be held up. But we know the FBI was not vetting people properly. Good for Donald Trump.

  283. Finally, a letter by someone who makes sense. There was no way that the Syrian refugees, for example, could be vetted properly. Extreme vetting is necessary to protect the U.S.A. from terrorist infiltrators.

  284. Shame on you, people's lives and families reduced to "minor details". I'm aghast. Are you even familiar with our Constitution? The order is blatantly unconstitutional.

  285. How do we know the FBI wasn't vetting people properly? It takes Syrian refugees nearly two years to clear the whole process. How much more vetting do you need? And these "details" are human beings.

  286. Shades of the MS St. Louis during World War II. The ship was carrying Jews escaping the Holocaust. When they got to Cuba, immigration officials there, in the United States and Canada refused to accept most of the passengers. The remaining 907 were forced to return to Europe where 532 ended up in the concentration camps with 254 being murdered there.

  287. Will any leader, democratic or republican, speak out and condemn this madman? Trump is throwing out everything that made our country great, and replacing it with fear and anger. Trump is unfit to be president. Impeach now.