President Trump’s War on Women Begins

A “pro-life” order will mean more abortions and women dying.

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  1. The people who oppose abortion are not concerned about women's lives or the unborn. They suffer from a sick need to tell other people how to live their lives. That takes precedence over their concern that Trump's executive order will cause more abortions. That same so-called pro-life group most often credits their high moral character and religion for their point of view, but by voting for Trump they proved how little they care for morals as long as they get the chance to blame someone else for their problems.

  2. Yes, Stuart, that is why NOW is the time for Women and the men who love them to DEMAND an amendment to OUR Constitution that says, "No law shall be passed in the United States of America that discriminates based on gender." Constitutional law is the only "settled" law in America. The 19th Amendment enshrines women's right to vote and cannot be undone with out a constitutional change. That is the only way to stop these ridiculous attacks on Women's Inalienable Rights to decide what they do with their own bodies and lives.

    Women's organizations need to collaborate and make a single push for passage of the ERA NOW to capitalize on this historic moment in OUR history of America.

  3. "The people who oppose abortion are not concerned about women's lives or the unborn. They suffer from a sick need to tell other people how to live their lives."

    If we demonize the opposition, we will only create more Donald Trumps. The vast majority of anti-abortion people are decent humans beings who believe they would be contributing to murder if they helped finance abortions through their tax dollars. They are wrong, but they are not evil or sick.

  4. Stuart, sorry, your comment is way, way off base. How can you possibly claim to understand the motivations for some/many/most/all of those opposed to abortion? Based on your rhetoric, I surmise you do not associate with anyone whose views on abortion are different than your own. Your comment is full of uninformed judgment and very little understanding. I hope you strive to do better.

  5. Trump's ignorance is being exploited by Republicans with a misogynistic agenda. This won't be the last time.

    Thanks for the phone numbers. I plan to keep them handy and use them often.

  6. Why would you ever say Trump thought he was doing g a good thing? For whom? All the white guys standing next to him? The vicious, vindictive supporters of the anti-choice movement who demand tax payer dollars aren't used for international family planning and then begrudge any US tax money being used for aid in the developing world. Or for the woman in a remote village in Congo who walks for days to the nearesr clinic to get reproductive services since she knows she cannot survive another pregnancy only to be told to go home and breastfeed exclusively to avoid pregnancy. I don't care what these people convince themselves is righteous - the reality is they are inhumane monsters inflicting their deranged sense of morality on women who are seeking help for circumstances that nobody in trumps cabinet would allow their own daughters to endure.

  7. The blatant lies and tweets are designed to distract from what
    he is up to. Real women are going to die and Trump and the GOP could care
    less. If they are dead, they can't vote.

  8. He lies and he believes his lies and the more you oppose him the more deeply he believes them: he can never let go, and he demands that his people and the rest of us support him in his lies and delusions. He is not a well man.
    As for policy, they will all be the same: bigly idea, no thought given to consequences. He has never had to deal with consequences. If he sets up a scam university, no thought to the people he scammed, just how good do I look in the promos and how much cash can I squeeze out of them. If he decides he doesn't want to pay a small contractor, he saved himself some money, and no thought to how that contractor is supposed to survive without being paid. All of the grand announcements he's made and will continue to make do not come with details of the issues, pros and cons, etc. If he read this op-ed, learned that there is more to the funding than just abortions, he'd probably be shocked because there isn't anybody advising him that wants him to have that information and he doesn't have the intellectual capacity or capability to even consider that women's health involves many things other than abortion. He will never change. He is not "like a really smart person". Get rid of him as quickly as possible, please.

  9. Karl Marx stated that the expansion of capitalism is always accompanied by a decline in morality. Donald Trump is an extreme textbook case of Marxist analysis.

  10. Trump did not "stiff" contractors; he declared bankruptcy and as is absolutely normal in a bankruptcy, his creditors received a percentage of their bills, from the remaining assets of the company.

  11. I very much fear you are right. I hope we can get these people out soon, at least in two years we vote in more sane Democrats to get into a majority to stop this maniac. Unfortunately his vice president is just as bad if not worse and so is the third man in line. I will now increase my funding to PLanned Parenthood and NARAL. We the United States women, need these agencies to survive and help those in most need.

  12. "Trump expanded this “global gag rule” — as critics call it, because it bars groups from mentioning abortion."

    Let's see; silence prevents pregnancies. Oh my. Now I've got it. Thanks, Nick.

  13. The Global Gag rule prevents mention of contraceptives. Yes, silence causes pregnancies.

  14. DT will be also be responsible for more deaths in the US if ACA is repealed. The rw Gop will be proud of what they think is their moral superiority on abortion/birth control funding, and American Freedom from big govt intruding in health care. But it’s really about freedom for more h/c profits, even than ACA allows.
    The US has a unique alliance of religious fundamentalism and profit motive. Religion and the power of the state, in a nation with explicit separation in the constitution.

  15. It's femicide.

  16. It's Pence, Trump's handler and puppet master. Yes, it all makes sense now, Pence. He's the one making this happen. Let's face it, the puppet doesn't have a brain.

  17. Yes, and it's not just Pence but the Republicans in Congress who are frighteningly behind this megalomaniac. And now they're trying to block access to scientific data from various agencies. By dumbing down the public and masking insidious intentions, this nightmare of an administration is making this country a dangerous place to be for the world.

  18. Michael Pence is America's answer to Iran's Ahmadinjenad : a secular religious obscurantist who is deluded in having a divine religious mission to enforce 'God's' rule on the body politic.

  19. "In fairness, Trump probably thought he was doing a good thing; that’s a measure of his delusion."
    No...he did it to hit back at women. They demonstrated against him and he immediately landed his counterpunch. That's how this is going to work for the next four years - beat people into submission.
    Had those millions of women marched in adulation of Trump, we would not have seen this "Mexico City" policy - yet. Pence saw an opening and pounced.

  20. This is horrific. Trump and company think they are standing up for their supposed righteous morals? And literally killing women by their actions. This is beyond the pale.

    My husband and I participated in the Women's March and we will continue being active ... this just pushes us to do more.

  21. Stop funding abortuaries!

  22. John in Thailand:
    What business is it of anyone else if someone chooses to abort?
    It may not be your choice. It may not be my choice or it may have to be someday, yet no one has the right to tell someone else what they can do with THEIR OWN BODY.

    What is it that makes some people so mean and uncaring and why are they the ones steering the ship of state ?

  23. Millions of Americans believe there a few acts more cruel and uncaring than the abortion of an unborn child. I appreciate that you don't subscribe to that point of view. I encourage you to consider that you may be way off-base in ascribing with certainty the motives that are driving the millions of Americans who have a problem with abortion. I can assure you that for most, it is the exact opposite of being mean and uncaring. You do not have the right to do with your own body if it harms another person. Thus, the fundamental question that remains -- at what point does an unborn child become a person with rights? In other words, when does life begin?

  24. The accompanying photo aptly describes the direction of this administration for the next four years. The newly anointed monarch signing an edict to his kingdom in front of his court jesters and policy advisors. When President Obama signed executive orders he was assailed by accusations of executive overreach and violating the Constitution. The new president makes a media circus of showing off his power and authority.

    This president knows nothing about policy or government administration. He doesn't read books and he has no interest in learning anything about his responsibilities or the foreign countries with whom he'll have to interact as Chief Executive. He will probably allow others to make policy proposals and do the homework necessary to advance his initiatives.

    Yes, it does matter if this president is a liar or a crackpot but if he has his enablers and apologists to effectively run the White House and the country, he may be content to merely be large and in charge and whistle while they work.

  25. His supporters in Podunk fail to understand that he will delegate ALL of the boring details to his sycophants. He is like a wealthy customer for a yacht who knows nothing at all about shipbuilding, simply dictates the 'broad strokes' to those supposedly in the know. I cannot see this presidency ending well.

  26. So then explain it to me: why was it absolutely OK and wonderful President Obama to do THE EXACT SAME THINGS -- issue and sign executive orders -- but when President Trump does it, it is monstrous and evil and an overreach?

    You lost. This is a consequence of losing. President Obama said that when he was riding high and never imagining his legacy crushed and gone in a few years! That hubris. Stuff happens.

    Why is it "a media circus of power & authority" when Trump does it? But you LOVED it when Obama did it! didn't you? Admit it!

  27. CC:
    Really? Your defending argument is, "I know you are, but what am I?" Pee Wee Herman would be proud of your impeccable logic.

  28. Sorry, but the health status of other, failed countries do not interest us. If these failed states cannot provide for their citizens, that is not our concern. We saved Europe from itself, twice. Let those "global leaders" in mainland China globetrot their brand. Perhaps you might just give a care about this country's problems - we'll even accept your listing of them. When they are all remedied, we may indulge your save the world obsessions. As to legalized infanticide, well you can sign on to that abomination if you wish.

  29. Look at the numbers in the article. Abortions INCREASE when contraception is cut off. Plus, far more women die in childbirth and from complications of pregnancy. Cutting off funding kills women and babies, and orphans children. Cutting off healthcare here in the U.S. does the same. These are heavy damages to answer for. Heal your own heart so that you can help rather than rage.

  30. "do not interest us" - thank you very much for speaking on behalf of others who might care.

    "perhaps you might just give a care about this country's problems" - false equivalency, you can address many problems at once. governments and people do this everyday.

    "legalized infanticide" - a bunch of cells about the size of a peanut is not a baby. plus we're talking about contraceptives too here, so your argument is not worth much.

  31. Smugness is not attractive. Maternal deaths in Texas went up exponentially after its Planned Parenthood closing, and no doubt cancer rates will also. In other states that did this HIV spread, dramatically harming public health in general. It is one thing to solve problems and help people and another thing to create the problems and deliberately harm people. The women's march showed what a true grassroots effort is. Americans reject forcing other people's cruel and heartless religious views on others. This has been considered torture by human rights organizations. Some so-called Christians are in for a big surprise on judgment day when they find out torture, cruelty, and indifference to the suffering of others isn't considered good.

  32. Trump will be torturing women and immigrants.

  33. The only way to make America 'great' again -- hurt the weak and defenceless, feel more powerful and even omnipotent. America has lots of experience in this domain : the maintenance of slavery for nearly a century after American independence, as well as the 'conquest' of the West facilitated through genocide and land theft.

  34. He has already tortured 3 women (2 are immigrants)--even if they walked into his snake pit, eyes wide open. No wonder Melania stays in NYC. If I was her, I'd find a Great school for Barron in CA and move to the west coast--further away from her (and our) mango menace.

  35. The Netherlands government announced yesterday that they were launching a global fund for abortions and to help women's reproductive health, in order to counter the Trump cuts, and EU members have responded positively. The Dutch Foreign ministry spokesman said-

    "Where decisions are taken that are bad for women in developing countries, we should help those women," he said. "It's not about politics, it's about those women."

    In America however, it's all about politics. Sickening!!

  36. Yes, the US right wing is nothing but a collection of bratty juvenile delinquents testing the limits of credulity of a badly educated public.

  37. Thank you for this important information, Susan. And hooray for the Dutch! How many other nations are going to have to step up to save the world from Trump?

  38. That's wonderful! think of all the money we will have saved right there! The Netherlands is a very, very wealthy (if small) nation -- it's about time they walked the walk, and paid their share!

  39. I hope it is becoming clear that the U.S. has a madman for a "president". Forget his small hands, it is his small attention span and small brain that we must all fear. I know that it will a truly egregious act to trigger a response from the U.S. institutions of state. Have no fear, one (or, more likely, more) is coming. Keep pointing our the lies and reaction will result. Save us from him, though I suspect that for many interests, Pence will be no better.

  40. I shall never attach the title 'President' to Donald Trump's name. His election represents nothing but an extravagant folly for a plutocrat accustomed to always having it all, his way.

  41. The US has a Congress and Senate of hapless fools.

  42. And the third person who would follow to the throne, is also scary.

  43. The Times' war on Trump began a long time ago.

  44. Timothy: Did the Time's war on Trump begin a long time ago? They certainly provided him with a lot of free press when he was running in the primary, the general elections and now today.

  45. And it won't apparently end for four years more. They refuse to accept the election results! as they once damned Trump for even suggesting. They (and HIllary) said that to "question the results of the election is UNAMERICAN!" -- even treasonous.

    Now THEY question it, because they didn't get their Golden Goddess, The Anointed One. it is now sinking in that -- hey, yes! elections have consequences! and when you lose, those consequences are all the fun things you wanted anyhow.

    For gods sake, the man hasn't even been in office for ONE FULL WEEK yet.

  46. I'm hoping they win. Keep it up Times.

  47. Trump's war on women is buttressed by Vice-President Mike Pence, whose voting record as a Congressman was the personification of the word misogyny and its anti-family implications. He voted against parental and maternity leave, increasing the minimum wage, financial aid for workers displaced by Globalization, stem cell research, funding PPH, the ACA with its provisions for women's health screening, expanding CHIP, and the Mathew Sheppard Hate Crimes Act. He voted in favor of cutting Medicare, cutting educational spending, and approving AIDS funding only if it contained requirements for the totally discredited and ludicrous Gay conversion therapy.

  48. While espousing disbelieve in evolution, Pence promotes devolution.

    These snakebitten wackos are serious social poison.

  49. Someone having a different opinion than YOU, Don Shipp, is not evidence of misogyny. Mr. Pence -- like tens of millions of Americans -- simply has a different set of beliefs and world views, it does not mean he "hates women" or tried to actively harm them.

    You are not the sole proprietor of "truth" nor is it that obvious that all of your proposed laws or policies would make life better for all women.

    If this nation were not divided on these issues, we would not have had a contentious election season.

    BTW: it was your big hero OBAMA who called to have the age for BOTH Medicare AND Social Security raised to 70. Look it up. He is on videotape saying this in a speech.

  50. "He voted against parental and maternity leave, "

    Maybe so, but Trump himself has come out strongly in favor of paid maternity leave.

    Why keep emphasizing the negative?

    "In September President Donald Trump announced during his election campaign that he would guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave for working mothers — the first time a Republican presidential candidate has made such a promise."

    And from Politico, Jan 11,

    "House GOP staff and Donald Trump transition officials will talk Thursday about the president-elect’s campaign pledge to lower child-care costs and guarantee women six weeks of paid maternity leave — policies endorsed by his eldest daughter Ivanka but which could meet steadfast GOP resistance."

    Look, the election is OVER, as Joe Biden said. Now is the time to work together for our future.

    Trump is in FAVOR of paid maternity leave. He may not succeed given the Republican resistance, but you still have to give him credit, IF you are fair, for trying.

  51. Hold on. If a lie is an intent to deceive, don't be squeamish about using it on Trump. He's been given all of the information about the vote collected from the 50 states and the territories showing there was no vote fraud. Thus his decision to pursue an investigation represents willful ignorance and a belief that a grand conspiracy, not even detected by 17 security agencies of the federal government, occurred and from there you can impute intent to deceive. Instead count this as exhibit one (there will be more) that the man is mentally unstable and incapable of being president.

  52. What difference could individual voter fraud make under a system that automatically discards a majority of the votes cast?

  53. Actually no investigations of any kind have been carried out -- pro or con. Jill Stein and HIllary accused Trump of voter improprieties in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, PA, etc. because he won in states that were supposedly "safe" for Democrats -- nothing came of it. There is paranoia on both sides of this issue.

    In 2000, the disputed recounts for Gore -- stopped by SCOTUS -- were carried our privately (and in a non-binding fashion) by the news media, and it took several months -- until summer 2001, I think -- before there were definitive results.

  54. The "voter fraud" investigation is there to distract us from the ever more serious evidence of the Hair Duce campaign colluding with Russia before the election and to get more voter suppression here by the enactment of more Voter ID laws, especially in swing states. Let's keep our eyes on the prize.

  55. So, the White House comments line (202-456-1111) is "currently closed". Is this a response by the administration to shut us down? ?

  56. This is just the beginning. I can see a time soon when access to Washington DC will be limited to residents and Trumpistas. Trump will not be able to concentrate on making America 'great' again with all of that commotion in the streets of the capital.

  57. Since Trump has shut down the comments line, try calling one of his hotels:
    Trump International Hotel & Tower
    1 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023
    (212) 299-1000

  58. Over 65 million Americans rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. Together, we can use our voices to remind congress they work for all of us.

    Each week "The 65" issues a Weekly Call to Action and makes it easy to find the phone numbers of your representatives - so you can contact them on any number of issues.
    The 65 -

  59. Next time the right goes into paroxysms of panic and hysteria over an epidemic like Ebola, it needs to look at actions like these. The anti-abortion zealots domestically and internationally do not care about public health, the lives of the many women and girls that will be lost, or the resulting broken families, diseases, poverty, hardship and famine.

    That circle of suited white men with Trump in the middle smugly seeking to control the uterus of every woman and girl might be a portrait in different clothes of any tiny patriarchal cult--religious or political-- leaders abusing women. Chastity belts, mutilation, forced pregnancies and marriages, honor killings, and women as property are all an ancient nightmare come back in Trump's bizarre worldview. His treatment of women and girls was literally criminal in the past.

  60. In what way did Obama, or any prior administration, prevent people and cultures and nations thousands of miles away, from using chastity belts (??? really?) or female genital mutilation, or forcing pregnancy or marriage, or preventing honor killings? These things have gone for hundreds or thousands of years in some countries. There is no way for an American President to prevent such things! nor could Trump have suddenly brought these imaginary "savings" to an end in FIVE DAYS!

  61. I could not put it better. I am a mother of daughters and granddaughters and met many women my age who had illegal abortions by Doctors who risk their license when it was illegal in till the 1970s. I was so glad when planned parenthood gave out free birth control pills to those who could not afford to buy them. I also know that the wealthy send their wives and mistresses to another country for legal abortions or knew doctors who would perform the abortion. This is indeed the war on women's recently acquired freedom over their bodies. If men would have to give birth to children there would be free abortions, free birth control, and vasectomies would be a norm all over the world.

  62. I agree with Mr. Kristof's and Ms. Collins' criticism of Trump's policies about women's health.

    I may be wrong but I think about the same percentage of males and females oppose abortion.
    53% of all white women voted for Trump
    51% of white college women voted for Clinton
    62% of all white non college women voted for Trump

  63. @David - You "think" you are right? Really? There must be poll research out there you can look for. And what do estimates of polls about voting have to do with abortion? I know men who voted for Trump, but have a pro-choice view.

  64. Rather than calling them lies and evoking a visceral response, how about something eponymous and closer in meaning? 'Trumped up' gives extra meaning to the expression.

  65. This leap backward is sadly not limited to the United States. It is perhaps not coincidental that the Russian Federation is passing a law under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church decriminalizing domestic violence as a means of 'protecting' the family unit and to ensure less state 'interference' in what Moscow interprets as events springing within the private sphere. America, wake up! the forces of reaction are back to crush the historically oppressed ALL OVER THE WORLD! I congratulate Mr Kristof for his no-holds barred revellations about the potential horrors Trump's anti-family planning policies will inflict upon women.

  66. Just made a donation to International Planned Parenthood Federation using PayPal (which is owned by Peter Thiel).

    The irony.

    Regardless support IPPF

  67. Great idea. I will too. If 3.2 million people who marched all gave $10 to $ 100 dollars we could make a dent in the destruction

  68. No wonder Mike Pence always displays that smug little smile in photo-ops. He's clearly pulling the strings.

  69. Nicholas, you, as always on this subject, are so right. Thank you for your important work informing the public with evidence-based, humanitarian logic.

    It's not surprising that Trump's gatekeepers are ignoring you, since it wouldn't be in their best interests for him to see the true consequences of the "global gag rule." It would make him gag. Then he might tweet something that Pence and the other religious zealots pulling his strings wouldn't like.

    Have you tried slipping videos of these suffering women and children to Ivanka and Melania?

  70. I doubt that it would do any good. Ivanka and Melania have too much to lose if they open their eyes and ears and speak up. You can bet that Melania has felt the back of her husband's hand many times. Just look at that dead look in her eyes. And Ivanka has been around long enough to know the high price of defiance, and has been sheltered enough to not have to care about any group but her own. You think they don't know which side their bread is buttered on, and for them, that it always lands on the carpet butter-side-up?

  71. The Mexico City Policy provides that organizations that offer abortions or abortion counseling lose their funding from the US government. The policy is designed to reduce abortions, but family planning organizations say the effect is the opposite because the policy indirectly reduces contraceptive availability. Numerous studies suggest that it is next to impossible to determine the worldwide effects of the policy. First, there is the fact that contraception and abortion are illegal in most of the countries where American money goes. The interplay between the law and family planning groups is not well understood. Moreover, regardless of the availability of contraception, about 50% of pregnancies are unwanted everywhere around the world. Contraception, contrary to popular belief, makes little difference in preventing pregnancy. Planned Parenthood tells us that unwanted pregnancies are almost all caused by non-use of contraception. mistakes in their use or contraception failure.

    Because unwanted pregnancies are pretty much a constant, the number of abortions depends on what accidentally pregnant women decide to do. In the end, some have safe abortions, some have unsafe abortions and some give birth. Pro-life advocates want to increase the number who give birth. Pro-choice advocates focus on the availability of safe abortion. People who care about women just want to put an end to unsafe abortions. That's what American policy should be all about.

  72. "Contraception, contrary to popular belief, makes little difference in preventing pregnancy." How about a link (to a credible source) to support this statement. It's become everyones' job to avoid spreading misinformation.

  73. "Contraception, contrary to popular belief, makes little difference in preventing pregnancy. "

    This is nonsense. Fertility awareness methods have a 25% failure rate - for every 100 couples using this method, 25 will be pregnant within a year. In contrast, implants have a 0.05% annual failure rate.

  74. "Contraception... makes little difference in preventing pregnancy"? Pretty sure the leaflet inside the box of condoms/pills and the hundreds of millions of couples who have never had an unwanted pregnancy will disagree with you there!

  75. Is another action to give to Planned Parenthood International?

  76. I truly believe that trump would do anything to get a moment of approval from those standing around him. Wreak the health of millions of women so that a room full of men think he is a great guy? Sure. Sounds like a good idea to him.

  77. To me, it feels like Trump is a driver recklessly out of control having taken keys to office less than a week ago. We're headed for a crash. Lives of women and girls around the world will suffer and so will lives of his supporters here at home.

  78. Liar and a crackpot. What a terrible mess! But, follow the women's march movement. They are crafting 10 things you can do to push back in the first 100 days of this miserable presidency. I have three to add to the initial 10: take the house back in 2018; impeach him in 2019; and sweep all three branches in 2020.

  79. Don't you get it: those are the people Trump (and others) would like to see dead. They would no longer be a burden on the wealthy (non taxpayers) like himself.
    Oh, and it "really" wasn't 3.2 million people that marched according to Trump speak. ("And why didn't they vote?" Remember).
    And reduced contraceptive use in Africa not only increased abortion rates, it also dramatically increased the rate of HIV. But then again, are Africans real humans? I mean, they are not white, American, angry white men (and women).

  80. Credit where credit is due.

    This sounds more like Trump is enacting some standard Republican policies. So the headline is rather misleading.

    But I suppose it attracts more attention than, 'Republican Party's War on Women Begins'.

  81. We need to worry about people who live in the United States and not continue to meddle ineffectually overseas. We are in a crisis ourselves. One that may be attributed as much to a doctrinaire fascist all-or-nothing version of political correctness as it may pertain to a right-wing irrationalist president.

  82. Kristof missed the 3rd choice -"liar or crackpot" - OR BOTH! The last 4days have certainly been surreal. The sickness of this presidency, spreading like a plague, has been around for a long time. This is just a microcosm of the putrid policies that the GOP, enhanced by its adopted Tea Party, have espoused for years and slipped surreptitiously into the fabric of our government. Perhaps there is a silver lining in the fact that DJT is so far off-the-wall that he has awakened the beast side of democracy. I can only hope that the resistance demonstrations prevalent this week is the unfurling of a massive surge of patriotic energy that can stave off disaster until the 2018 mid-terms. Already DJTs loose lips that don't seem to be connected to any brain cells have spawned a video circulating in Iraq with his declarations that we should have taken Iraqi oil, and that maybe will still have another chance to plunder their resources. That does not exactly keep our troops, who, side-by-side with the Iraqi military just cleared East Mosul of ISIS forces very safe. Like any out of control toddler, we must take his phone away, remove sharp objects like pens, and lock him in his room until he starts to behave and keeps him mouth shut. One other possible good news story is that a bill is being reintroduced in Congress to keep first strike nuclear decision out of the hands of the president. Maybe there are still some members of the GOP to give bipartisan support.

  83. Lysistrata. May be the only thing left.

  84. Lysistrata + a women strike on the Iceland model

  85. "A liar or a crackpot"? Does it really matter? If it were you or I, maybe not. But this man-child is the leader of the free world (at least until he destroys it). His actions effect others quite concretely and they really won't care about what he "truly" believes (i.e., according to Conway, what's in his heart). I do not believe that the media should try to divine the difference either - do the research, report the facts, and provide context and analysis. It's the only way to defeat such wilful ignorance or deceit (you pick).

  86. I voted for Trump. I strongly disagree with his positions on abortion and contraception. I believe, on these topics and some others, he is simply ignorant. I strongly disagree that this is a "war on women" and to say this is typical NYT media sensationalism. Trump needs to be educated quickly. I will do my part as a citizen to speak my mind about my anti-Trump position on abortion and contraception.

  87. Imagine, a President of the United States that needs to be educated abut an issue. One of his own voters calls him ignorant on the topic of reproductive policy. What else is he ignorant about? If he does no study or reflection on this issue why should believe that he will suddenly become reasonable and less ignorant about others? t

    The environment, climate change, judicial reform, immigration and even the cost of his precious wall. He has proven himself ignorant about all of that. Even crowd sizes. He is a purveyor of fake news and fabrications. Worse, he doesn't care. He is not pro life, he is pro Trump and anything that he thinks benefits him.

  88. Trump is ineducable. Education requires a brain.

  89. What did you expect other than this with your Trump vote? Elections have consequences, especially for 51% of the population and their fathers and husbands and partners. Reproductive rights are human rights.

  90. It's in keeping with Donald's other delusions that he thinks that not talking about abortion, which has been known to human society for thousands of years, will somehow make it go away.

  91. Is it just my paranoia when I think that this global gag order is Trump's petulant reaction to the Women's March?

  92. IVANKA HELP!!!
    You moved to Washington. You have an office in the White House. You have the sense to know this is wrong. Where are you? Find your voice NOW or just keep wearing pink.

  93. @Friendly Fire - She's not yet in Washington, they're house-hunting. And no, she doesn't have an office in the White House, why would she, she has not been given a job by her father. And remember, Trump said in interview a few years ago that putting a wife to work is "a dangerous thing".

  94. A look at the accompanying photograph is enlightening: five middle-aged (and white) men standing around an old one sitting at his desk. And presumably more men outside the frame. Were there any women at all involved in this decision?

  95. One meme I have been seeing is that American women should refraining from marching to kvetch about women's rights because women in other countries have it worse. (It is sort of a twist on that old parental argument "You want to have something real to cry about? I'll give you something to cry about!) We are expected to accept any problems with equality because we are no longer totally subjugated.

    But the flip side of this argument is that if we really buy the spurious argument, then the right should be lining up to help women abroad. We aren't so big on that idea either.

    We criticize other nation's and other religions for their total subjugation of women, then legislate against women's rights based on our own religious tenets. We don't like *their* theocratic ideas, we only like our won.

    So we will keep marching, and keep calling, and keep reading idiotic memes that tell us that real people don't march on Washington, they march off to work. But expect the people who don't agree with the idea we don't legislate morality to continue to see the movement as a group of shrill whiners who don't know how good they have it, and should be home doing the laundry while simultaneously working to support their families, by taking personal responsibility for their choices, in a small government way, except of course when it comes to reproductive rights.

  96. That kind of "spurious argument" is really a red herring. The rights that women in other countries enjoy or don't enjoy is completely irrelevant to the question of whether women "should" march here in the US. Of course, a consideration of the rights of women globally is not irrelevant to women's actual progress, but it is a distraction from the question whether we should march for our rights here. Thus - a red herring. It often smells like fish in the halls of politics.

  97. Why do our tax dollars have to support foreign recklessness? Are not some of these societies sexually repressive? So why are these people getting knocked up left and right? Whatever their moral situation, our tax money should not support. Why does the left preach a gospel of global abortion?

  98. I never fail to be impressed by Cathy of Hopewell, NY's comments. As someone who used to live near that lovely-named, rural area is what in a Trump area of western NY, I sincerely "Hope-well" that the NYT considers giving this wise, thoughtful, eloquent woman a regular voice as a guest columnist.

  99. Yet Trump and the right wing Christians claim to be crusading again believers in Sharia law around the world? These right wing conservatives condemn the treatment of women in Muslim countries while the Mexico policy kills women. Trump's election has ushered in the Christian war on women begun in the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992. Finally, a White House and a Congress, and soon a Supreme Court, turning their dreams of total control over women into reality. Who are the American women who couldn't see that voting for Trump would lead to this? If they don't have respect for themselves, what about their daughters? What about other women in the world? I know the Trump men lack humanity but I wonder about the women.

  100. May I take this opportunity to bemoan the fact that my niece — herself the mother of two daughters — voted for Trump and raves about him incessantly on Facebook.

    It just breaks my heart.

  101. Mimi and others: Please do not vilify all Christians as believers in the Republican party's backward-looking views on "choice." There are plenty of us out there who are Christian who believe in a woman's right to choose and who believe it is our duty as human beings to honor and compassionately assist all people with living safe and decent lives.

  102. Excellent point in drawing the perfect parallel between the Christian Right belief in its moral superiority and hence ability to force women to live under their rules, and Sharia law in Islam forcing women to live under their rules. Same anti-woman, anti-feminist, misogynistic views and actions. A War on Women everywhere. Not just hypocrites, but dangerous hypocrites.

    I say Freedom for all Americans to life by their own moral choices and rules and respect all others' right to do the same. Live and Let Live.

  103. Ignorance by choice is the very definition of stupidity.

    Fake ignorance is better described as fraud.

  104. If this does not shame the 'pro-life' crowd, what will? Oh yes, I know the answer. Nothing. The 'pro-life' are a religious cult, without a shred of mercy, compassion or common sense, as eager for more female corpses as the medieval witch-hunters. Please no longer tell me that 'pro-life' women have something in common with me. They don't.

  105. While I would like to blame Vic President Pence for much of this, I cannot ignore the fact that almost every Republican, religious or not, voted for this administration. Forget the fact that the President was married three times and committed adultery on multiple occasions. The current Christian right only has two commandments, "thou shalt not be gay and thou shalt not have an abortion". Everything else in their eyes is easily forgivable. Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump made numerous slights against women collectively and individuals and for the most part, his party and his followers found ways to excuse his behavior. However, those of us who oppose this must not get fixated on the abortion issue. It is important, but we need to expose the hypocrisy of a movement that waves its bibles at us when the have torn out many of the pages in their efforts to seize power.

  106. You also have to add, "Thou shalt not be a liberal or have spiritual values different from mine." Crush those groups, too.

  107. I find it ironic--that Liberals believe this country has no business being policeman of the world---but somehow we're to be health clinic to the world? And if we decide to let nations take care of their own citizens--Trump is anti-woman?

    It is not the obligation of U.S. taxpayers to provide abortions, abortion counseling, Zika vaccines, aids treatments and a host of other services to the world's poor. We are 20 trillion in debt--largely due to Barack Obama--who doubled our national debt. Is it the stance of Mr. Kristof that we can't cut anything?

  108. We're in debt pal because it costs money to pull the car out of the ditch everytime your party drives it in and then walks away. Otherwise, the cost of those foreign aid initiatives are a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the loot the music man is going to waste on that ridiculous boondoggle on the Mexican border.

  109. RE: "Liberals believe this country has no business being policeman of the world"

    Hey Jesse, I know the conservative talking points change so quickly it's hard to keep up, but it is Trump and the Republicans who are now saying the US should no longer be policemen of the world. Do try to keep up so your retorts fall into line.

    Oh - and BTW following your logic that U.S. shouldn't provide any healthcare or health related services to the world. That would certainly cut a lot. Or was that only certain other services?

    Those who can only think in terms of dollars and cents have no concept of the value that it can buy.

  110. Let's for the moment put aside the inhumanity of your statements, as it's clear you aren't moved by that. Let's instead look at the damage your position will do to the U.S. The damage (I'd call it butchery) Trump is influcting on women results also in damage to the fabric of a society -- women, men, and children alike. Creating instability will only benefit regimes hostile to us. And we will face the consequences down the (very short) road. Am I speaking your language?

  111. The GOP, maniacal christians and the right wing worship others' suffering and at core need to hurt women. An age old pattern, it needs to be fought and defeated. This is not just overseas either. The GOP gloat when they "crush the defeated", the GOP transition motto. They have no interest in governing the whole nation.

  112. Until the men supporting this gag order pay a price for doing so, they will keep pulling stunts like this.

    What moves are available to we the people to exact that upon them?

    It's time they felt the consequences of their idiocy.

  113. The folks on the left ahve been talking about the Republcians war on women since 2010, but we have not been taken seriously until now. Republican controlled states have been doing this all along.

  114. "Republican controlled states have been doing this all along."
    Women are 50% of the population. Don't they have any responsibility for themselves?

  115. Trump, and the White Guys in Suits don't care. Get used to it. "They" are mostly poor, black, or something else that make them sub-human. Maybe even women.
    Get used to it. Its not like they don't know, they do know. They just don't care. Face it.
    There is an evil loose in the world today more than in the last 60 years. They've cleaned up their rhetoric some but its them again.
    You start with the most defenseless, and then move on. Step by step, until the university professors are in their sights. Its happened before, its happening again.
    "You can't trust the media!" he Trumpets. So we trust you? Really?
    Even the NYT is caught up with it, insisting that he has a reasonable plan. If so, where is the reason?
    You at the Times are in an awkward position, having to somehow put a face on the faceless. Good luck with that.
    But fact check his butt off, its the least you can do.

  116. Thank you for this excellent column, Nicholas Kristof. Your inclusion of the personal vignettes makes the damage caused by this 'gag order' even more clear. Trump rarely does more than skim the written word, but perhaps Ivanka will be moved to read your column to him.

  117. 'a mother of three in Cameroon dying after her birth attendant sat on her stomach to hasten delivery; a woman in Niger collapsing from a common complication called eclampsia; a 15-year-old girl in Chad whose family dealt with her labor complications by taking her to a healer who diagnosed sorcery and burned her arm as she lay in a coma.'
    Awful but why is it our responsibility to rescue these people from their medieval beliefs often perpetrated by women on other women?
    I thought judging, criticizing and trying to change these practices was 'racist' and 'xenophobic' or is that only used when politically convenient?
    So long as we are always wrong and keep paying right Nick?

  118. It's our responsibility because we are a rich, medically advanced country. Science is not racist or xenophobic. As to your final question, I think a more searching inquiry might be: why, in one of the richest countries in the world, do slightly less than 50% of the population spend such an inordinate amount of their time worrying about their money going to help those less fortunate?

  119. The question was not whether we should help, the question was whether the government should be dictating how since their intervention makes worse what they seek to avoid.

  120. @CNNNNC You may want to read the editorial again. There was no judgement, criticizing or attempts to change practices, simply making birth control available to people in these places has served to avoid or least limit the type of trauma Mr Kristof mentioned. Your true colours are shining through when you state "these people from their medieval beliefs often perpetrated by women on other women"
    But march on, they may come for you next.

  121. " In a slap at all who marched, Trump this week signed an order that will cut off access to contraception to vast numbers of women, particularly in Africa."

    I thought it was access to abortion which is in question, not access to contraception.

    Just mentioning that a lie is a lie whether it comes from a conservative or a liberal.

  122. @Rohit in NY - A more careful reading about what Trump signed would have made your statement unnecessary. The order cuts off aid to any organization which even MENTIONS abortion. Such agencies often also provide contraception, maternal care during pregnancy, delivery care and general health care for many poor women, including those who might be infected with Zika or HIV. So, the liberal (Mr. Kristof) did not "lie," rather the conservative did not read carefully.

  123. The world access is being used a lot these days. Perhaps we could add safe and affordable. Access to healthcare does not mean you can actually gets it.

  124. Unclear - what "lie" is here? The order reinstates the rule that cuts off funding to family planning agencies that, among other things, even discuss abortion. If they do, they are cut off - which means that the women they serve will be harmed. Especially in poor countries, such funding is important in providing contraceptives, testing, and care. W/o funding ,they close. So, the order - based on a position toward abortion - has a much broader and more dangerous outcome. No lie - just a longer but logical truth.

  125. As Mr. Kristol continues his immature verbal assault on President Trump we all disrespect him and his divisiveness. Until the U.S. gets voter id (which the socialistic democrats refuse to allow), I believe there is voter fraud. One does not have to verify they are who they say they are. Get real, Nicholas Kristol; your party lost over 1,200 seats. We do not agree with you.

  126. Why are you and your Great Leader so insecure about the legitimacy of the election? To the world's collective chagrin, he is officially in power. I hope that a possible recount disqualifies his victory. That would be the best outcome for all of us!

  127. Oh, I think we have seen plenty of voter Id, without Voter ID. In our current President, it's all Id, all the time. I keep waiting to see whether he's capable of the kind of impulse control we expect in adult human beings. So far, no sightings.
    Since 1% of the US population took to the streets last weekend to protest Trump policies, and the preponderance of American voters voted for someone other than Trump, it's clear that many people disagree with him. Does Jan think dissent should be forbidden ?
    I believe that Jan's comment was written by a monkey at a keyboard. I don't have to verify that this is real to believe it: I'll just follow the rules of evidence I find in Jan's comment.

  128. Wait til the socialist democrats earmark that trillion dollars to repair the nation's infrastructure, then you're really gonna be mad. Oh wait,............ that's a neo "New Deal" socialist republican initiative. How mad are you now?

  129. In the 1960s, my aunt, who already had six children, was desperate when she found herself pregnant again. Without any way out other than illegal abortion, she sought out a back-alley practitioner. Home and hemorrhaging, she took to her bed. Her husband and children were at work and school. They came home to a blood soaked bed and a dead wife and mother. Evidently, my aunt was too afraid to call for help or go to a hospital. Six children, here in the United States of America, were without a mother because of ou laws–and, when grown, their 15 children had no grandmother.

  130. My grandmother told me a similar story about her good friend.
    She left behind 5 children and a grieving husband and father.

  131. A heartbreaking story unlikely to influence the antiabortion zealots. The worst among them would say she got what she deserved for murdering her baby. Those who would ban all abortions and even condemn the use of birth control would simply say it's the woman's lot in life and God's will that she bear children and that she should willingly make whatever sacrifices that requires. We have elected officials who believe this. It's likely our VP is one of them.

  132. It is possible that if your aunt had called for help, she would have been arrested. That is what Trump proposed in his campaign: That women who end a pregnancy should be prosecuted. Death by childbirth, death by unsafe and illegal abortion, or rotting in jail: Those are the "choices" these white men in tailored suits have given American women (read: Poor American women -- there will always be solutions for those who can buy them).

  133. Invite the First Lady to become the SPOKESPERSON for a GLOBAL Women's Rights Organization. Include her and the walls come tumbling down...Tick, Tock...

  134. The Republican goal of a putting in place a president with enough working digits to hold a pen and sign whatever is put in front of him has been achieved.

  135. Have the women use the pill or the morning after pill. It is called self responsibility. Africa needs to take care of themselves. The U.S. cannot support the world; get real. The abortion issue will probably revert back to the states. A much bigger deal is being made out of this than necessary. Birth control options are available that were not available decades ago; they should be utilized.

  136. As the article states in multiple paragraphs, this policy, in the past, has also curbed access to contraceptives. I agree that women should have access and should use it, but this executive order takes away the option to prevent the unwanted pregnancy.

  137. The ability to read in English is required to follow directions. Often that's not possible in poverty.

  138. Please go back and re-read the article. With the global gag order, organizations who focus on birth control get cut. Did you miss the part where with W's limited order, thousands of birth control devices were never shipped? Even in this country--shut down planned parenthood and poor and rural women's access to ANY women's healthcare disappears for many. That includes access to birth control.

  139. What about a Tax Revolt. The 65 miilion plus Americans who stood against Trump with their vote, The millions that stood up across the country . How about we withhold our Federal taxes this year. Donate them to the agencies that the
    callous Republicans and their greedy puppet are decimating . This knd of effort would shake a few trees .. IRS would be pretty busy chasing down 65 million Tax protesters . If Trump is going to formulate a government we don't want. That the world seems to be losing a lot of sleep over. Why not stand up? Why not choose how our money is spent? I for one do not want a wall much less a crazy man's which hunt over non existent voter fraud.. Which it seems Republicans are willing to fund from one side of their mouth but from the other and to the press,
    readily admit seems a quandary. Which is wierd as they have used Voter Fraud to stifle voter access for years.. But Ryan seems ok with wasting what could add up to millions. So you organizers buses, no hotels ..none of that is needed hit em where it hurts ..NO MONEY.

  140. Most of the states also have Republican administrations and have worked very very hard at dismantling support for women's issues (looking at you Texas and Kansas) and family issues, the environment, and the ability to vote. If we fail to send in our state taxes, it will close the door there as well but the state will have an easier time making your life miserable for failure to file/pay.

    More protests such as the Women's Marches are the only answer, especially since government phone lines (including, quite possibly your rep in Congress) are being shut down.

    Mobilizing to bring out the vote in 2018 for all levels of the ballot must begin to happen now. I would like to see all employers give their employees a day off (with pay) to go vote. That business would get my business.

  141. Where are the women in the picture????

  142. Funds from female health programs are being applied to starting another war.
    Population growth out stripping available resources and driving global warming is a fine stew. I want their resources, and they won't share.
    Jerusalem anybody?
    What do you mean there is no plan in place for limiting population growth?

  143. Indeed. Combine that with the recent news that in 2018, young women will have to register for the draft. Okay, put that aside for a minute.

    We can see the writing on the wall. Trump already thinks that what is good for him is good for America. Soon, if this hasn't happened already, his disease will progress to the point where he won't be able to tell the difference between him and America. In his pathetic little narcissistic mind, he "will be" America.

    So it's a lead-pipe cinch that some head of state somewhere will say something disparaging about him, which he will take personally, as he takes everything personally, and demand that we go to war with said country, especially if that country is smaller and weaker than we are. (I think his true goal is world domination.) And since he is the Queen Bee and the Senate and House are his mean-girl crew, (or, more accurately, he's the King Bee and the Senate and the House are his mean-boy crew) they'll go along with it.

    We, the American People, still remember the last ill-conceived war. Our service people came back to the States in boxes or with parts of their bodies and minds missing. We didn't accomplish anything good in that venture, so we're not going to be all gung-ho to go to war again. Which means that there will be a draft in order to flesh out the numbers, and young men and now young women will be unwillingly drafted into service to "King and Country" as cannon fodder for another futile, ego-driven war.

  144. Why is it that only women's bodies can be legislated? How dare anyone of those smug men in suits do this. It is outrageous and callous. Welcome to Trump world where women have no voice or value.

  145. Once again women have to look at a photo of their government taking action to control their bodies and their lives and see only men. Men who will never have to face the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy or dying in childbirth. Can you imagine a similar picture filled only with women enforcing a deadly law regarding men's health?

  146. So intrinsically injust. I just try to stick to the belief that things have to get worse before they get better. Perhaps America has to experience this train-wreck in order to reform itself. That said, dangerous adventures can carry mortal conséquences : ISIS in the Middle East is an example of where an anti-imperialist rebellion can lead.

  147. I can't imagine it, but I'd like to see it (enough women in control/power to make a positive difference in all our lives) soon!

  148. But this concerns people in Africa mostly, not the US. Why is that our responsibility? This article is just pro abortion rhetoric. American taxpayers should not be responsible for people in the third world who refuse family planning. It's not our issue.

  149. Whenever we speak of the war on Women's Reproductive rights and Women's Health matters, media (everyone) must use the correct terminology for the two factions. It is not Pro Life, Anti-Abortion, and Pro Abortion. It is simply: Choice v. No Choice, or Pro Choice v. Anti Choice. Period. As described in this op-ed, this war is not exclusively focused on pregnancy termination, never has been. The terminology matters to get that point across. Akin to alt-facts v. LIES.

  150. I agree. Words do matter. Perhaps we should add that those who want to defund Planned Parenthood are in favor of "unplanned parenthood". Who would be in favor of that???

  151. Thank you so much for pointing out the importance of semantics and verbiage in this discussion. Just as an example you cannot call yourself "pro-life" if you support the death penalty. But you see many many conservatives doing just that. For years now the right has gotten away with calling themselves "pro-life", well I'm pro-life AND pro-choice!

  152. Yes! I simply cannot agree more with this comment. The lesson I learned from this election is that labels matter a lot! When Trump's army said "crooked Hillary" we should have retorted to "Rapist Trump" or "Cruel Trump" and used it throughout. The far right is the master of labels. "Intelligent Design" to debunk science, "Pro Life" to refer to denial of fundamental choices' "Patriot Act" to refer to elimination of constitutional rights of citizens. Remember the use of "Flip Flop" for Kerry? Well, intelligent people update their priors when they get new information (Using the term "Bayes Theorem" will be lost on that set). We should have retorted to "Obstinate Bush" or "Close minded Bush". Please let us use the term Choice-No Choice henceforth!

  153. I don't understand how religious right wingers have such power. The evidence indicates that the flock is diminished, yet they continue to guide American policy.

  154. People who believe their own absurd falsehoods aren't crackpots, they're delusional megalomaniacs. Trump has only been able to function in the world for so long because his money insulates him from challenges to his very weak grasp on reality.

    We can only hope that one ethical Republican will demand that Trump undergo a full psychiatric evaluation under threat of impeachment.

  155. Indeed. There is something radically wrong with any manager or leader who promises to produce all sorts of flawless reforms or improvements so quickly. The most recent meme has been 'alternative truths', but let us simply use the older expression of 'magical thinking' to describe the Trump regime's modus operandi. Nancy Reagan had her astrology : it will be fascinating to see what gris-gris and other amulets influence Trump's cabal after the dust settles.

  156. Ethical Republican (as relates to those elected to DC), appears to be an oxymoron. Perhaps they exist. But much like Sasquatch, very little credible evidence exists to say for certain.

  157. A call to the White House resulted in a message saying that the Comments Line has been closed.

    Perhaps citizen input is no longer wanted.

  158. This is usually the harbinger of the Beginning of the End. Soon national network TV will be playing elegiac martial music to accompany the static screens of network identification cards when the regime in place really starts losing support from the majority of Americans, including those who were foolish enough to vote Trump. Buyers' remorse is human, don't feel ashamed.

  159. I've called the White House number in this column several times this morning and have gotten the message that the White House comment line is closed, even after 9:00 am. A google search shows it has been closed for three days.

  160. Ivanka Trump seems to have influence on her father.

    Where has she been? Can't she stand up for poor women around the world?

    Not giving funding for healthcare because the word abortion might be seen or heard? What gives Trump the idea that women cannot make their own choices regarding reproductive rights based on their own reasoning and intelligence?

    We make up our own minds. Just because we might go to a center where we can get cancer screenings and contraceptives does not mean we are going to get an abortion there. The word "abortion" before us does not mean we would choose to have an abortion, ever.

    We are smarter than that. But Donald Trump would never see women as very smart.

    And when he chooses one of his very few women for his cabinet, Betsy DeVos, perhaps that even reinforces that he really doesn't care about women's intelligence or lack thereof, either.

    I do give Ivanka credit for being smart. So it would be nice if she stepped in and had a little conversation with Pops about women's health. Women's health does not equate with abortion.

    Go visit women on an oncology unit. They need treatment. They need early diagnosis. They need preventative treatment. They need funding for centers so they can live. This has nothing to do with abortion.

  161. Thank you for your continued diligence in highlighting the global impacts of the Popular Vote Loser's actions. If only there were someone with your knowledge and analytical skills advising instead of an echo chamber of ignorance. #RESIST

  162. This all reminds me of Todd Akin’s claim that a victim of “legitimate rape” can’t really get pregnant. Pure obnoxious ignorance.

    But all of these deadly executive actions go well beyond ignorant to just plain cruel. I also smell in them a whiff of contempt, if not disgust.

    None of this is surprising when it comes to Donald. He is, after all, a proud, self-proclaimed groper, voyeur, and body-shamer.

    But a good Christian man like Mike?? I hardly think Jesus would approve.

  163. "6.5 million unintentional pregnancies, 2.2 million abortions and 21,700 women dying in pregnancy or childbirth" over what period of time? Every year?

    I'm not anti-Catholic, but the Pope needs to have these facts shoved in his face, not very politely, so that he cannot avoid facing the effects of his church's crackpot theology on the issue of contraception.

  164. The TRUTH is --- I know 7 people in my family who voted FOR PENCE ---that's right -- PENCE --- not Trump, solely because of the abortion issue.

    These 7 people want a Supreme Court Justice to be appointed to overturn Roe v. Wade. They are single-issue voters. They ignore the larger implications.

    I am pro-choice -- and all these 7 people know that.

    They still love me. The larger problem is:

    Our president is a pathological liar.
    Our president is a pathological liar.
    Our president is a pathological liar.
    Our president is a pathological liar.
    again, and again, and again . . .

    This is not a lie.

  165. Not a lie, not even an alternative fact!

  166. Tell them that they will limit access to contraception too, which always results in more abortions, and more death for women. Is that ok for them?

  167. January 20th 2017:
    A day that will live in Infamy.
    It gets worse with each passing day as we roll back to the early 20th century
    What have we wrought?

  168. The most catastrophic event in modern American history since Pearl Harbor.

  169. Trump is simply reinstating the policy taken by Reagan and Bush. Why aren't their actions denounced as "the most catastrophic event in modern American history since Pearl Harbor" ? Why are Democrats acting as if they never heard of such a thing?

  170. After another cogent article like this, heartbreaking and infuriating, I once again am demoralized "what can I do - how can this onslaught be stopped"... "omg this is really happening". The phone numbers at the end were so welcome.
    Suggesting an action along with an analysis of what our slide to 1984 means - such as numbers to call, names addresses to write to, emails, upcoming events and rallies, donation or volunteer opportunities - is very useful. Thank you, I will use them. Hard to know how else to handle the revolting photo of the wrong person at the desk signing an abomination surrounded by smirking men, violating the finest impulses of US aid around the world of which we should be proud.

  171. I've got some nice fat elastic bands - one each for all those suits standing around Trump as he signs that gag order. How long will they stay smiling then.
    But hey guys - it's only fair that I get to have some say on how to control the non-fem half of the world. After all, one gag deserves another.

  172. Here is the law in France:

    Abortion in France is legal on demand up to 12 weeks after conception (14 weeks after the last menstrual period),[1][2] since the Veil Law in 1975. Abortions at later stages of pregnancy are allowed if two physicians certify that the abortion will be done to prevent grave permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman; a risk to the life of the pregnant woman; or that the child will suffer from a particularly severe illness recognized as incurable.

    Germany, Italy and India have similar laws.

    The French law pays respect to a woman does not want to have a baby but also pays respect to the life of a developed fetus, which has a beating heart.

    What is fascinating is that no one in the US seems to be proposing something like this law which recognizes that there are indeed two parties in the dispute and both need to be respected.

  173. The laws in the US vary by state, but most "prohibit abortions, generally except when necessary to protect the woman’s life or health, after a specified point in pregnancy, most often fetal viability." Are you suggesting the specified point should simply be moved back to 14 weeks? Those opposed to abortion aren't interested in compromise. They want to outlaw all abortions.

  174. Roe vs Wade does make such distinctions in what is known as the trimester framework. There is already what you are asking. The number of weeks differs between countries but that represents a different balance, not a different view.

  175. Have you read the text of Roe v Wade? The decision says abortion is legal up to 20 weeks and restricts it after that. So the law does do that, but Republicans like Mike Pence show no desire to respect women whatsoever, and that is the problem.

  176. What did this executive order came right after women's March? Knowing Trump, it appears like a punishment to women. Bullying really. Poor African women paid the price for Women's expression of their opinion at other places.

    On another note: carrying gun is a constitutional right, even thought guns kills grown people and leave children as orphans. Abortion cannot be constitutional right because it kills a fetus. It is amazing that such an arguments survives in the 21st century.

  177. Actually, abortion IS a constitutional right as determined by the Roe v. Wade decision. It is included under the right to due process (14th amendment).

  178. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 97% of abortions that are performed in Africa are unsafe. In most of these countries, abortion is illegal. The only country that fares better is South Africa, where the laws are more liberal. The largest NGO in Africa is Planned Parenthood. PP's budget for America is 10 times that for the rest of the world. There are relatively few unsafe abortions in the US. Almost all occur in Africa and South America. The money spent by all NGO's in Africa and South America doesn't make a serious dent in women's health care problems. The United States doesn't send much foreign aid in these countries for women's health care or for anything else. Mexico City Policy or not, no one much gives a damn about African women. Pro-choice and pro-life are both pretty much pro-themselves.

  179. Thank you for sharing facts rather than outrage. This provides an important context to the issue.

  180. Trump acts in the interest of Trump. Anyone who suffers as a result, whether a contractor stiffed in one of his serial bankruptcies or pregnant teenager bleeding to death after a botched abortion, is a loser by Trump's definition, and therefore of no interest to Trump.

  181. The women marched and as quickly were ignored. I noticed, too, that "the gag order" was one of President Trump's first executive orders and fully understood its implications.
    Try calling those numbers--the Congressional switchboard now shuts down, puts you on hold or voicemails are full. The new ploy to ignore the American public. (They aren't hiring any new Federal employees). Representatives only take emails from their own constituents.
    Maybe you can get through to the WH as a journalist (but I'm betting not for long). And I doubt anyone is listening to this 1%.

  182. All of your Congressmen and Senators have local office telephone numbers. Call those if you are not gettiing through at the Washington switchboard.

  183. I must disagree with the notion that President Trump, that was cringe worthy typing out, would change his views on the order he just signed were he to see its effects firsthand. First, he doesn't even know what he signed. Second, these women are not Eastern European, blond, "10's;" thus they don't exist in his mind anyway. You could put him next to the woman on the cot and he'd think you were trying to convince him to provide more cots for the village. He would just make the plight of these people more acute by ordering a press crew over to film him personally handing over a crate of cots to the village.

  184. Calling President Trump a liar would at least acknowledge that he understands the issue and is simply trying to deceive. But not being able to distinguish fact from fiction is far worse. From what I've seen over the last year and a half, I have come to the conclusion that we are a rudderless ship.

  185. The women are fighting a losing battle. The War on Women has been in progress for thousands of years and the women are falling further and further behind.

    It is a mans' world. Accept that fact and live in peace forever.

  186. Agreed! Poor people from other countries should have more abortions. It's our constitutional responsibility to ensure this. The founders of this country would roll over in their graves if they knew some Americans dont support the black minorities of Africa's right and responsibility to abort pregnancies. The hospitals are just too unsanitary and behind the times to deliver babies.

  187. This article does not explain why American tax dollars have to support foreign population control. This is Pro-Abortion rhetoric.

  188. While I agree that we need to continue with this funding, you just sound ridiculous and are losing your audience. It is not our "Constitutional responsibility" to ensure that people from other countries have more abortions! When you say things like that you simply cause people to shut you out with your ignorance. We may have a moral responsibility but it is not our constitutional responsibility. Go back to your history books and do a little reading before you open your mouth. We want to be taken seriously!

  189. It "will cut off access to contraception to vast numbers of women, particularly in Africa. It will also curb access to cancer screenings and maybe even undermine vaccination campaigns and efforts against H.I.V. and the Zika virus. The upshot: Thousands of impoverished, vulnerable women will die."

  190. Be fair folks. This isn't an ideological decision, he's just trying to save our tax dollars. He's not worried about his tax dollars for as far as we know he doesn't pay any taxes. Lives traded for money, another great busines deal by the Triumphant.

  191. He has to get the money to pay for the wall from somewhere . . .

  192. If organizations like Planned Parenthood and others get out of the abortion business and refrain from suggesting abortions the funds will be provided. What is wrong in asking that abortions not occur or the subject not be discussed? This is very empowering for women and at the same time innocent babies' lives are being saved.

  193. Because in many of these countries, very young girls are raped, both as war bounty and superstition, and because they are complexly powerless.

    Last year, a girl of 9, pregnant by her step father, was denied an abortion. Consider that, and the consequence to her life because she was unfortunate enough to have a rapist as a step father.,8599,1883598,00.html

    If you google "9 year old raped and denied abortion", unfortunately you come up with multiple cases in multiple countries. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

    THESE ARE CHILDREN!! Their childhood derailed by a rapist and still their lives don't matter?

  194. What's wrong with asking that the subject not even be discussed?!

    15 years ago, I was pregnant for the first time. Unfortunately, my water broke at 16 weeks (PPROM), and I was one of the 10% of women with PPROM who didn't immediately miscarry. I developed an infection and was hospitalized. My MD said -very clearly- that my life was not in danger, and that my choices were to either have an abortion or wait to miscarry, which would happen sometime in the next two weeks. If I chose to wait, I was at significant risk of a secondary infection that would leave me sterile, and a small risk for sepsis, which can kill quite rapidly.

    This 'gag order' doesn't simply prevent doctors from discussing elective abortion - they prevent doctors from discussing it in situations like the one I faced.

    By your logic, by Trumps and Pence's logic, by the logic of every single pro-life person who says that abortion should only be legal in the case of rape, incest, or the life of the mother - I should have had no choice but to wait to miscarry, and hope that no further complications should occur.

    I went on to have three very healthy children - "innocent lives" that might not be here at all if people like you, who aren't even aware of this kind of risk, had been able to force me to carry that first pregnancy until I miscarried.

  195. When and if that happens, are you going to personally help take care of those unwanted babies? Or is their life just sacred until the moment of birth?

  196. Of all the awful, mean spirited and vengeful things Trump is doing and plans to do this is by far the worst. One hears over and over the raping of nine year old children in parts of Africa and the spread of STD's but the thought of a nine year forced to deliver a child makes me sick to my stomach.

  197. We, the land of the "free", smugly lecture the rest of the world about liberty, justice, and equality. But we have no problem taking that freedom away.
    Hypocrisy is not what makes America exceptional.

  198. This election woke me up. I am not going to stop marching, calling and working on elections locally and nationally.

  199. The very sad thing here is trump probable has no idea what he is doing to anyone. These topics are far to complex to interest him, he probable would not get half way through this before he gave up. He is being used as a stooge by other people and I believe pence is the one when it comes to women's rights.

  200. He doesn't know because he doesn't care. Even worse. I do think he knows that others are using him and is completely fine with it so long as they know that without his face they don't get what they want. So... when he wants approval of Russian / Crimean deals (Trump Black Sea anyone?) they will support his profiteering.

  201. The tragedy is the man does not even know what he is signing. The spectacle of these men standing behind him is atrocious. What a collection of hateful people!

  202. Evil people, imposing their views on half the world's population.

  203. Thank you Mr. Kristof, you are right, women will be dying from these Executive Orders and to call it "pro-life" is an insult. I also applaud you for taking a pro-action stand and publishing phone numbers to call but last I checked the Trump Administration shut down the White House phone number. Much like how Speaker Ryan made it impossible to reach his office by phone and how Rep Chris Smith of New Jersey, possibly the leader of this pro-birth movement for the last twenty years in D.C., hasn't held a town hall meeting in probably 10 years. Yesterday people in Texas said online that Senator Ted Cruz's office in Houston was locked and people in Austin had to wait outside. This trend of not be accessible to constituents is very disturbing. Maybe this can be another piece one day.

  204. Those brave men must be scared to death. I certainly hope they are.

  205. Yes, Ryan is unreachable and has been for weeks. No White House phone. And now antidiplomacy by twitter.

    Stay active people, complain to every rep and sen about this inaccessibility.

  206. The choice of liar or crackpot still does not adequately describe America's 45th President. The word that fits is sociopath. Only Trump exists in his world and no restraints exist. You can look it up.

  207. Really? Actually, I am disappointed because I thought that controlled fusion would already be on the market so soon after the inauguration. And what about that Southern Wall America needs so badly, surely a priceless tourist attraction whose erection shouldn't be delayed....

    Face it. Trump is conditioned by the time-distorting effects of new technologies which he apparently believes defy the laws of physics and bureaucratic inertia.

  208. Trump is someone who has never had to face consequences in his life. (Every time a business of his failed, he was bailed out by bankruptcy courts.) His lack of experience with consequences is a critical problem with his decision-making process. (And "process" might be overstating what goes into his decisions.)

  209. Coming soon, a total ban on contraceptives here in Amerika. I'm missing President Obama already!

  210. This is impossible, and illegal. Hysteria is not helpful.

  211. Mr. Kristof, if someone earnestly believes a lie it doesn't make it any less a lie.

  212. Ivanka Trump says she wants to work on Women's issues. Maybe she should start working on them at the dinner table, along with Melania whose working on bullying issues.

  213. Yes, and where are those two? They seem to have disappeared from the news. Have they been threatened by Trump? Are they just plain hypocrites?

    Meanwhile, I am a 76-year-old woman. At this point, all I can do is offer help. I live in Maine, I am in the phone book. I can provide tranportation to wherever a woman needs to go as well as financial assistance.

    To the evil nutjobs out there, don't bother threatening me. I'm too old for death to scare me, and too evil, according to my neighbors, because I am an atheist. And there will be no tears when someone kills Trump--he is pure evil.

  214. Maybe Ivanka should along with her father bring their businesses back to the US to show that they are sincere about jobs for Americans.

  215. I continue to be baffled about not allowing birth control in health plans.

    Don't men enjoy the benefits?

    Why don't men fess up and openly state birth control benefits men?

    Until we start calling birth control what it really is, a way for couples to use modern methods to plan their lives, btw, without the influence of "conservative male " leaders, in Congress and the WH--who probably all use birth control in their relationships -- and have access to some of the best health coverage in the country--for life! and likely many have a family member, even a partner or daughter who's had an abortion, or the other woman with whom they have had an affair and they begged them to get an abortion.

    I just don't get it. Any person who applies critical thinking recognizes it's a bogus argument to call birth control a woman's issue. Stop it.

    In the meantime, Viagra is covered. What a joke.

  216. Because none of this is about abortion itself.

    It is all about controlling women.

    If any of them cared so much that every sperm be allowed to impregnate, they'd be more careful where they dropped them.

    This is about imposing limits on females that males would never accept for themselves.

  217. It is a wedge to force religion into the law. People want respect for what they think God thinks.

  218. The reason why conservative male leaders oppose birth control is simple. It's the party line position. And for many (most?), it's merely their public position. More likely than not, many (most?) of them utilize it privately. Not to mention that they'd probably send their teenage daughter for an abortion in a heartbeat if she were to accidentally get pregnant. It's just part and parcel of the sickening hypocrisy that characterizes the Republican party in our time. Look no further than our toady of a Vice President, the devout Christian, who, if he had a shred of honesty or integrity, wouldn't get near Donald Trump, the lying, thieving, adulterer, with a ten foot pole.

  219. I vote for crackpot. And that's the scarier alternative.

    Most women who have control of their reproductive health choose to have smaller families. Smaller families generally means a higher standard of living, fewer mouths to feed, and also more opportunities for women to flourish economically and otherwise.

    And although I'm not a population hysteric, I do think we need to keep the birth rate at and ideally below replacement rate. On the right wing, more people means bigger markets and cheaper labor, hence more profit for the 1%, and that's all they care about.

    They're so simpleminded that they think only in terms of forcing women to bear children and killing people to resolve conflict. Birth and death with suffering in between. That's the right-wing vision.

  220. In other words you're a socialist who believes in population control measures. Can you say People's Republic of China?

  221. What's worse, and seems apparent in these decisions -- the gag rule, rolling back energy efficiency, a wall, repealing the ACA -- is that they are driven by pure spite. Spite against Pres. Obama, spite against Americans, spite against anyone who disagrees with a top-down control approach that doesn't want to know about facts. It's ideology flying in the face of the world's complex realities.

    As we now know, rule by slogan and impulse is the (cough) President's predilection, which plays perfectly into the hands of the so-called Republicans, who are silent on the President's mental and emotional state because they see opportunity.

    The Republican tide came in with Trump and should go out with him.

  222. I'm in favor of population control myself. We have way too many on the planet as it is. I'm also in favor of getting better testing for certain diseases and conditions such as Down Syndrome and Autism. With better testing we alert parents of their unborn having these issue and possibility of getting less of them brought into the world as whole.

  223. What's more American than a gag order ?

    What's more irresponsible in a world of 7.4 billion people overpopulating our finite planet than a lack of sex education and a lack of access to contraception ?

    Watch the world population explode on the attached link if you want a taste of of right-wing, religious ignorance, environmental overload, degradation and climate destruction.

    Abortion is a personal female choice which no man in history has ever had to make.

    But abortion of the climate and planet Earth is the official unspoken policy of America's Republican Party, whether they admit it or not.

    Supporting overpopulation is a climate killer.

    Supporting fossil fuels is a climate killer.

    Supporting male supremacy is a human rights killer.

    Supporting Republican Christian Shariah Law is bad for the planet, the climate, the future and very bad for women.

    You cannot be 'Pro-Life' when you are actively raping and killing Mother Earth and your grandchildren's futures.

    Fight the unAmerican Gag Rule and global Christian Shariah Law and Donald Trump's Princes of Destruction.

    Donate to the International Planned Parenthood Federation

    Give the Earth and women a chance.

  224. I agree with everything you wrote Socrates. One thing I'd like to add however: while abortion is a personal choice no man has ever had to make it is a choice men have been asked to support and that men often do support. They support it if continuing the pregnancy can mean the death of the woman. They may support it if having another child means that they will be unable to provide for the family. And they may support it if the child will be handicapped and unable to have a decent life or will die shortly after birth due to problems that are incompatible with an independent life.

    There are many nuances to what I'm suggesting here. However, if we respect individual rights and women we ought to be allowing women to decide what to do. My feeling is this: if you were to tell me that you wanted to have a child that was the result of rape for whatever reason I would support you. If you decided that you couldn't support a child, emotionally or financially and desired an abortion, I would support you. It's your body, not mine and I have no business telling you how to live your life.

  225. Why do american tax dollars have to support population control in other nations? Pro-Abortion is more ideological than Anti-abortion. You preach a gospel of global abortion. Do it without American tax dollars then.

  226. Socrates Very, very will said.

  227. It's one thing to be anti-abortion for oneself. It's quite different when one forces that on others. This country claims to respect individuals rights to decide their own fate. As a woman I am tired of hearing that my reproductive capacity means that my rights to have an abortion if I want one are everyone's business but mine. I'm tired of reading that the fetus, which depends upon the uterus of the woman to shelter and nourish it, has more rights than the woman. I'm also tired of hearing that all women are frivolous creatures who want abortions for no reason other than destroying an unborn child.

    We lambast women and families who have more children than they can support no matter how well those families have planned. We refuse to provide adequate assistance to families in general and families with children who are handicapped. We're willing to let our citizens live in poverty, go hungry, go without needed medical care, wind up in prison, or work for inadequate wages and live in poor housing. Then we castigate a woman if she's pregnant and doesn't want to have the child because she can't support it. Nine months later we call her irresponsible for having the child.

    Forcing women to have children they do not want, cannot support, or that are handicapped is a crime. It's a crime not to allow abortions no matter what the reason. It's a crime to force women to have unwanted children. It's a crime against the women and the children. I know. I was the child.

  228. Go for it, call them 'lies'. Watch the video of Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press and, just as she's about to unleash 'alternate facts' on the national consciousness, takes a deep breath and closes her eyes in preparation for justifying those whoppers. If you've ever dealt with a self-serving liar, you've seen the body language - and she's got it in spades. (I find the hair flip after tops it off.) Honesty and truth don't have a snowflake's chance in Hell with this administration - so assume you won't get any.

    She goes all in at 2:02 -

  229. Some advice. Turn your head to the west from the ivory tower you work in. You know, towards Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Start worrying about the waitress and the home health aide who can't make ends meet, rather that the poor souls in Africa and beyond. It is the only way to win elections. Then you can proceed to save the world.

  230. Plz take note: It is exactly those poor souls in the heartland who will feel the burn of Trump's policies the most, once they lose their health insurance, no longer have access to birth control or other affordable health services and government programs they've long enjoyed - and whose taxes will surely go up to pay for follies like Trump's wall.

  231. To compare the poverty in the US with the poverty in the world is disingenuous. It costs so little to save these women's lives. I have been a waitress, a single mother, and live in "fly over country" and my woes are nothing compared to the woes of these women and the tragedy of being born in one of these poor countries. The greed in this country absolutely shakes me.

  232. Oh, please. I’m so tired of this argument. Only one party has fought for a higher minimum wage, access to healthcare, school lunch programs, coverage of childcare expenses, improved housing for the poor, better treatment for veterans, Social Security, freedom for all individuals, a consumer watchdog, a clean environment, etc., etc., etc. Are they perfect? Far from it. Do they often aggravate me? Yes. But there is nothing in what the Republicans are offering that will help the poor and the working class in Ohio, Wisconsin, or my state, Pennsylvania. Nothing. I’m surrounded by Trump voters who think he’s going to make their lot in life better. Looking outward and trying to convince those who are closed, blinded by the lies of Rush and Hannity and Bill, who follow religious figures focused on prosperity but not the poor, is a near impossible task. And before you say the same about me, I’ve changed my tune on quite a few things because I listen to them, my stance on guns being one example. Many of us ARE looking outward. But they don’t back.

  233. the first days of the new administration remind me of a line from the Bob Newhart show: "I knew it was gonna be bad, but I didn't think it would be this bad this early." Make those calls!

  234. Liar OR a crackpot? Pence and Putin's puppet has demonstrated that he is both.

  235. A bunch of men, at least one of whom we know is a molester, stand proudly to limit women's control over their own bodies. DEPLORABLE.

  236. i wonder how many abortions trump has paid for over the years?

  237. "Pro-life" is a disingenuous term for a disingenuous stance, which makes it a perfect match for our disingenuous president. The "pro-life"ers don't care about women, and they don't care about children after they're born. Trump's death warrant for third-world women is perfectly in line with the puritanical "pro-life" worldview because it punishes women for having sex.

  238. Right on. Pro-lifers also punish women for being raped, as well as the victims of incest.

  239. Mr. Kristof is right to point out that the 3.2 million women who marched had no effect at all on President Trump's decision, but he fails to ask the obvious question: Where were these women before the election? How many of them attended Hillary rallies, worked on her campaign?... Did any of them think about the energizing value of a huge march to show support for Hillary and opposition to Trump? Indeed, did all of these 3.2 million actually vote? I have seen a range of reports, but according to one (The Boston Globe (11/10/2016), Hillary would have won the election if she had received (spread across the three key states), 54,000 add'l votes. In other words: we liberals, Democrats, women, men, bear a lot (all?) of the responsibility for the result of the election that now we find so disturbing--and will for the next four years.

  240. Hillary should have been out campaigning for Bernie to get the African American vote for him. HRC "won" the rigged Debbie Wasserman Shultz primary. That was the Dems downfall.

  241. Yes to all of your questions. Now, we have to stay involved. Also, there are women who voted for Trump who do not agree with all of his policies, and we invite you to help keep women great!

  242. I voted for Hillary and so did a lot of the people marching so quit parroting the Trump line that infers that none of the marchers voted.

    Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 3M votes. And Trump's lie about massive voter fraud is Yuge.

  243. Every man in that picture, maybe even the one seated, is educated enough to know the gag rule will lead to more deaths, and that is okay with them since it has never been about preserving life.

    What's he going to gag next, stories of women who were killed or maimed by illegal abortion, or raped by unscrupulous illegal providers? They hate it if rank and file abortion voters learned the facts.

  244. Trump and Pence are now officially murderers of the poor, the helpless; of women and children.

    They should be recognized and treated as such.

    This fact precedes the next important one, which is that they are both traitors, with a long line of traitors trailing behind them in the Congress.

    The United States of America no longer has a government.

  245. The vandals at the White House underestimate the momentum of the snowballing opposition against the Great Leader. As the recent flap with the CIA indicates, the government's intelligence and military wings are not necessarily unanimously behind Trump....beware.

  246. Don't forget Paul Ryan.

  247. Pence, Trump, Paul Ryan, et al have blood on their hands, and as in "Macbeth ", no amount of scrubbing will ever make them clean.

  248. In the minds of pro-lifers, life begins at conception and ends at birth. Once a baby is born, they could care less about the welfare of the mother and child.

  249. In Pence's mind along with his Christian tribes pro-life faux dogma, their God has a 'plan'. When viewed in the context of the real effect their policies have on us, this plan includes crimes like the murder of innocents. The Netherlands is right to step up to the task of softening this blow to helpless women every where. Except for the US. The "war on women' here is real. Living in a US Red State is a dangerous place to be for women.

    A group of middle aged white men stand around Trump while he gleefully signs his edicts. What kind of judgement day will they face? Pro-life is a misnomer for them, something like Death Panel would be more appropriate.

  250. Trump's irrational and impulsive actions, no doubt implanted in his immature and gullible brain by religious fanatics, are doing great harm to a population at risk, all so unnecessarily cruel, even despicable, as the consequences of his executive orders are so devastating to life and health. Have we lost our marbles, allowing this unscrupulous and irresponsible cadre of 'old white men' to dictate ruin for so many women? Aside from the republican party's cowardice and hypocrisy in urging demagogue Trump to take anti-democratic measures, aren't we complicit in our silence? Marches with irate folks demanding justice may yet materialize, but for now too tentative and timid to discourage despicable Trump from assaulting reason, and stopping his lying stance.

  251. "there’s a counterargument that lying requires an intention to deceive"
    This assertion does not seem to apply to Republicans, who, for 7 years, have called president Obama a liar because some doctors changed their insurance affiliations. If we are to call Donald Trump a liar, shouldn't we use his own definition? That would only make sense.

  252. No one explains why American tax dollars have to support abortions anywhere but in our country, if at all. Look past this great writer's use of horrific imagery. Why are whites so concerned about population control measures in Africa? Oh ...

  253. Why do you think poor women want abortions? So they can go back to their wonderful careers or contribute to the destruction of their race? They want their living children to have food to eat and be able to go to school. Perhaps they would like enough to eat themselves. Smaller families and women having the means to control reproduction lead to increased income and social progress. Too many children lead to famine, war and despair. One could argue this is not our problem--that is, one could argue that if we weren't continually exploiting Africa's natural resources and destroying their livelihood with climate change.

  254. I sm concerned about reproductive mattwrs around the world, sir, because giving women and their partners access to information that allows them to make informed choices about whether, and when, they have children may mean the difference between children being born to a healthy mother and father who can provide for them, who have a reasonable chanceto survive and thrive

  255. not relevant to the present argument, since no tax dollars fund abortions anywhere. This cuts off money for other health needs.

  256. I teach a class on engineering design for global health with a focus on Uganda. During class I was asked my opinion on what the Trump administration will mean for the funding of things like meeting the Millennium Development Goals and what could be done about it. After holding my tongue for a count of 5 I recommended that you pay attention to what Trump actually does and not so much what he says. And if you don't like what he does then speak up, vote, call your state representative, organize locally etc. After class I had a conversation with two students who are actually from Uganda and one said "Do not under estimate this man. He is full of surprises." Reflecting this comment off of Kristof's article suggests that we should not just avoid underestimating Trump. We should also not be duped by deceptive tactics like the wall, voter fraud, and the size of his ... um ... inauguration audience. These are intended to get his detractors worked up over outrageous notions A and B so they might not devote more attention to substantive items C and D. Crackpot? Maybe. Knows how to tweak people? Youbetcha.

  257. We need a simple chart shown everywhere that shows estimated death and destruction resulting from Trump policies and laws. Tacked on many posts around the country and the world. We need universal accountability for Trump.

  258. He would probably be flattered with the attention. Didn't Oscar Wilde say that one should start worrying only if they stopped talking about you?

  259. What is Congress doing while Trump issues his diktaats? Is this going to be rule by executive order or are our lawmakers going to show some spine and rein in this egomaniac?

  260. Why are you worrying? He has said on countless occasions that he is 'smart', his uncle was a 'smart' researcher at MIT, you know -- 'genetics'. I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall during his brainstorming sessions with Bannon et Co.....

  261. Where is the Congress? Where are our representatives? Is this bully going to turn us all into wimps? What has happened to the idea of public health? What affects the one, affects the many. Have women lost the right to determine whether or not they will reproduce? What's next, the legalization of forced reproduction in the name of America First?

  262. We are focusing on Mr. Trump, but there are a whole group of men and women behind him that are supporting and encouraging him toward this path of destruction. We need to be concerned and take action more broadly that just focusing on Trump. I hope that the Democrats currently in congress do what is necessary to address the decisions that are being made! However, we all need to do our part and continue to keep up the pressure and express our resistance to the direction that this administration is going.

  263. I am Brazilian, but I believe that the President of any Country, in the case the US, has to worry about his fellow citizens. Health is an internal case, place and duty of the President of each Nation. Trump is sure to cut off money to other countries and redirect that money to the health of Americans in need. Trump is very correct. That's what he's going to do, and he'll have money left over from all these actions. Trump will make the American economy strong again. To the despair of thieves of public money around the world.

  264. Dear wilson junior: Trump is also determined to make contraception much harder for impoverished American women to obtain, by defunding Planned Parenthood, which will lead to an increase in the number of abortions in the US as well as in the rest of world.

  265. Spoken by a citizen of one of the most unequal countries of the world. A country where some have drivers and safe guards and others die in emergency rooms before there problems can be addressed. A country that by economic numbers should look like Australia but instead many areas look like Mexico.
    Brazil is headed for its own guilded age, and Americans can expect their poor to track north to the American border.

  266. No, you are confused as to the nature of these beasts. They will put money where their supporters will profit and seek to destroy and cripple anyone who does not agree with their "message". It's already started with the press and women, and soon states like California and Sanctuary Cities will feel the wrath of the little men in charge because they dare to stand up to them.

  267. Dear Mr. Kristof,
    Easy enough, Trump is BOTH a "liar and crackpot".
    His "decisions", other than the wall and destroying health coverage, are merely what Mr. Pence tells him he should say or sign into law.
    For the "international stuff", Mr. Putin is only a phone call away.

  268. The stories contained in this column are horrible, and Mr. Kristof has done a great service by putting names and faces to the victims. But the policy is not just President Trump's, it is, and has been, that of the American Republican Party, which to me seems to have become a collection of crackpots, liars, or lying crackpots.

    This column should be read by every low-information, "look for the good", evangelical Christian, too-lazy-to-read person in American who voted for President Trump. They need to be confronted with the evil that they do. I doubt that it would make a difference, though. The only time I've heard a Trump voter mention Africa was to say that then-President Obama should "go back" to it.

    I'll be on the phone to all three of my elected representatives today.

    Keep writing, Mr. Kristof.