Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides

To the extent that there was a plan to take advantage of the first days of his administration, when a president is usually at his maximum leverage, President Trump threw it aside.

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  1. The President of the United States should quit complaining.

    His Administration should also show a greater respect for the American people and not push alternative facts which are obvious falsehoods.

  2. Trump = incompetant, disgraceful & dangerous behavior and is surrounded by those who encourage and endorse it. As one who is a veteran who has sacrificed for this country I am outraged!

  3. The word is LIES-not obvious falsehoods or alternative facts.

  4. Though people posting comments online are obviously the bottom of the media food chain, I think we should use the term lies instead of falsehoods which is euphemistic. If people like ourselves use the word lies exclusively and emphatically, perhaps it will "trickle up" to those who write and report the news.

  5. That he is brainlessly, mindlessly undermining the ACA before anyone has decided on a replacement will probably cause harm to millions, including many of his supporters. That ought to be a concern of his counselors, too.

  6. Don't forget heartlessly

  7. Those guys are all set. Thats what matters to them. They are all on a cadillac govt. health care plan now. Paid for with the taxes that DT doesn't pay. The rest of us can eat cake.

  8. He is not doing this on his own. He has had years of brainless effort from elected Republicans. I think he is just going along for the ride, or perhaps he is tilting at anything "Obama" to appear part of the team.

  9. "Mr. Trump grew increasingly angry on Inauguration Day after reading a series of Twitter messages pointing out that the size of his inaugural crowd did not rival that of Mr. Obama’s in 2009....when he awoke on Saturday morning, after his first night in the Executive Mansion, the glow was gone, several people close to him said, and the new president was filled anew with a sense of injury."

    A distinct minority of voters has elevated a Psychiatric Patient to the Oval Office, a man seemingly hellbent on vengeance, spite and fake reality.

    Angry people are famous for their poor judgment, lack of reason and poor coping skills - the Angry President is a perfect reflection of the the poor judgment, lack of reason and poor coping skills of the Americans who voted for this clearly unstable man to occupy the nation's and the world's highest seat of power.

    Short of impeachment, Congress needs to appoint a Special Psychiatrist to the White House in the interest of national security.

  10. Have you noticed that the angrier he gets, the more he refers to himself in the third person?

  11. S,

    As an "aid" to reporters who are looking for the absolute worst to report they might monitor the historic "objets d' art'" in the White Wouse to make it easer to tell if they have been removed or turned to face the wall!

  12. This is the real lens Trump needs to be viewed from. He is a deeply ill man who has, with the help of the Russians, Comey and the Electoral College, become our President.

  13. "a series of meandering and at times untrue statements"; a perfect description of the New York Times.

  14. Yeah, Sky, we all saw the tape of Spicer flat out lying.

  15. So why read it? However, we all hope by doing so some knowledge will sink in

  16. "Orwell Redux; Life Imitating Fiction"

  17. It is as if you thought the bada-Bing Presidency would suddenly not happen.

    Get ready.

    ...And move into Treasuries.

  18. Newt Gingrich says: "[The average American is] going to look around in late 2019 and early 2020 and ask themselves if they are doing better. If the answer’s yes, they are going to say, ‘Cool, give me some more.’”

    Obama just tosses his head back and laughs and laughs.

  19. Welcome to trumpland, where facts don't matter and reality is just a TV show.

  20. To the NYT and all media: please keep your foot on the truth and accountability pedal.

  21. Don't buy the euphemisms. There are no alternative facts, only lies. And that is what Trump is selling.

  22. Grow up and start acting like the President of the US.

  23. Not going to happen.

  24. He can't grow up. He's been a petulant little boy for the last 70 years, and he will never change.

  25. As disastrous as this weekend was for Trump, there is almost no doubt that it will be remembered as the high point of his presidency. God save us all.

  26. We survived Watergate during a war and a very divided nation, we can survive this clown's demise. Tяump being in office is a bigger danger to the nation than the eventual impeachment.

  27. You are so right!!!

  28. Hotel al-Hamara

    Shawn Spicer held an excellent press conference today. I think the President will be just fine.

  29. Unfocused, vindictive, and incompetent is the best one can expect from Trump. Unfortunately, it would be a miracle if his presence in the White House were limited to being unfocused, vindictive and incompetent. The American People gave the reins of power to a psychopath. Much, much worse is in store.

  30. A psychopath would have better self-control. He's more of a narcissist or perhaps a sociopath.

  31. Actually the Electoral College system did...the American People voted for HRC.

  32. Resignation is the answer for Mr. Trump. He needs to do it before next weekend. The nation cannot wait.

  33. How will that help? We'll be stuck with Ryan and Pence who are just a quieter, more controlled form of evil.

  34. Without doubt Pence is not a good person, his desires to oppress LGBT folks are startling in 2017. That being said, as one of his targets, I would much prefer to have him in charge. I will most likely suffer personally under a Pence presidency as my part of that spectrum(T) has the least public support and is the softest target. I will gladly take that abuse in order to no longer be afraid that trump will fly off the handle in a situation that matters. Presidents sometimes have situations dumped in their lap that require extreme sensitivity and delicateness to handle.

    Can you imagine what could have happened during the Cuban missile crisis if Kennedy couldn't take being insulted by the Russians? Its not that a situation that dangerous is likely to arise on his watch. But ones with far less consequences often require that same ability to be cool headed under pressure. Diplomacy is not a game, mistakes like that WILL cost lives, and while Pence might be a twisted evil man. He at least is far less likely to get people killed over his thin skin.

  35. If he and Ryan dismantle the entire U.S. healthcare system and reduce medical care to third world standards, it will matter. And the GOP is going that way. What are they protecting as they are held to do under law if all we have is an ill and unhealthy population?

  36. As long as the people are well enough to mark a ballot, the GOP think they've done their job.

  37. It seems especially strange given that the first to feel the effects of dismantling the ACA and slashing the social safety net will be folks who consistently - for whatever their reasons - vote for Republicans. Way to kill of your base, guys! You're going to need them in two years, remember?

  38. I have no words. I fear that the world is in for a very rocky four years with this manchild and his cohorts. I pray we come out the other side.

  39. did we expect anything different? Continued whining and all about himself.

  40. I am gratified to see the accompanying photo of the swearing in ceremony of new White House aides, Conway, Kushner, Bannon, and Priebus. Not a single straight-arm salute, not even from Bannon.

  41. On the other hand, that's EXACTLY the salute Hitler used in his later days.
    "Raising your right hand" has the same meaning.

  42. "However, Mr. Trump later adopted the more above-it-all demeanor that presidents typically take. “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy,” he wrote on Twitter. “Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.”"

    Come on. We all know that a Trump aide wrote that, not Trump. Please at least include a note that the wording, grammar, and tone bears little resemblence to Trump's own tweets.

  43. i so absolutely agree with this statement. the new guy has not shown once he understand noun verb syntax. yes this is too sensible. an aide wrote it

  44. They took away his phone because he was foaming at the mouth and momentarily paralyzed with rage in the middle of his tweet!

  45. There was commentary that the "later" tweet was from an iphone.
    All "twisted" tweets come from trump's android phone.

  46. It is good to see that the Times if finally willing to challenge Trump. I hope that this lasts.

  47. Yes. And where were these articles in October? Oh, yeah. Buried underneath Clinton's ridiculous emails.

  48. Times can start by calling "alternative facts" what they are - lies.

  49. Long overdue...and a serious lapse by the Times.

  50. At least they're ashamed of lying enough not to use the actual word. "Alternative facts" pffft; how about alternative reality? Trump is our alternative president, this Congress is our alternative legislature, and my next door neighbors with their incessant barking dog have now been relegated to alternative status as well. My boss is next!

  51. Donald Trump is upset from his self-contrived "running war with the media" and his ongoing war with facts? Heaven help us if he had to face an actual war!
    A person this emotionally fragile is not strong enough to hold the United States together.

  52. With his personality type, it is more likely than not, that we will be at war before the end of his term. War is how he seems to measure our strength as a country. ' To the winner, the spoils' said Donald Trump standing in front of CIA wall of honor speaking about taking oil from Iraq.

  53. Now of The NY Times will substitute the less arch word "lie" for "falsehood" to describe misstatements, we may have a toehold on how to demand some sort of responsible communications from the White House instead of suffering through denials worthy of a third-grade class

  54. " you walk into that building and you are in charge of the free world.”
    America has lost its leadership of free world already with the election of Donald Trump. That was demonstrated by worldwide protests on Saturday. The leader of free world is worried about the crowd size of crowd on his inauguration day when the world has so many other pressing issues. Is this what we are gong to see from" the leader of the free world" in the coming weeks ?

  55. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump tweets while Washington falls about his ears...

  56. No surprises here, other than that Trump has made it through two entire days without impeachment charges. I've heard that might change today though.

  57. ....or a massive coronary. With his temperament and who knows what underlying medical conditions - the guy is 70 and a blimp! - he's a walking cardiac time bomb.

  58. The people of the United States should be concerned that his first weekend as president consisted of him and his team telling easily proven lies that they have now deemed"alternative facts".

  59. This is why Mr. Trump was described as "not having the temperament" to be POTUS. He'll never find a way to rise above his immaturity to become an effective national leader.

  60. So, just how are American media going to do their jobs?
    Will they be as the reprehensible national Republican Party, who, humiliated at every turn, agreed to be Trump's battered mistress in order to gain power and steal from the poor and give to the rich? Think McCain and Cruz.
    Or will they be as the humiliated and sometimes assaulted Russian Press, agree to be dogs to be beaten and laughed at?
    For make no mistake about it, this has passed to a new time in America, where corporate fascism and crony capitalism take a horrible form, where the poor will be made subjects of Putin, to possibly fight his land war in China, and the billionaire class made into the new Pharaohs.
    And when they object, the American Press will be treated as all abused mistresses are, they will be ridiculed and abused and ignored and subject to a rule of terror.
    But without an independent press, we, the people, are without hope. Trump is that bad, and his alliance with Congressional Republicans that dangerous to us all.
    Hugh Massengill, Eugene Oregon

  61. Far too reminiscent of the old Nixon White House. It's going to be a very long 4 years.

  62. I remember the Nixon years. It is far too reminiscent, except for one thing - this is going to be much, much worse.

  63. Pretty hard to govern when you hate over half the people you are suppose to represent... Trump and his team of crack advisers better figure out how to sell his vision America to the ALL American's or we are going to be in for one bumpy ride and a very short Trump presidency...

  64. Mr. Gingrich, while both safety and jobs are important and both are at excellent levels. "everything else is noise" is not even close to accurate. Voting rights, healthcare, immigration, Roe v Wade, LGBT rights, "alternative facts" and Climate Change are not just noise sir. This weekends marches are a testament to these concerns and the voters of this great land will not sit by and have these concerns ignored or diminished.

  65. Maybe if you are a wealthy white male such as Newt Gingrich, none of the rest matters to you. He is not going to be affected.

  66. I would like to know when the NYT is going to start calling Trump's "false claims" what they really are: outright LIES and a concerted effort, along with his press secretary and other minions, to create a propaganda system from the top and feed the American people lies, while marginalizing the mainstream press and sowing seeds of dout. They are lying to the American people, please tell us the truth! The Times will look just as bad for its own indecisiveness and cowardice.

  67. My sentiments exactly. Please call a lie a lie--do not try to soften it unless you are afraid to stand up to this whining juvenile bully. Every person in the media and private citizens need to acknowledge and say out loud that Donald Trump is now the Liar in Chief.

  68. They've already made the decision that they will use the word lie sparingly. They will not do what you wish, which is why I think the NYT helped to get Mr. Trump elected.
    They have not retracted the position stated in the following article, and in fact, I think they wrote something subsequent to this article that shows that they will persist. Didn't they feel timorous about publishing some of the news regarding Trump's Russian connections? I believe that Baquet recently wrote that.
    "That said, I think The Times should use this term rarely. Its power in political warfare has so freighted the word that its mere appearance on news pages, however factually accurate, feels partisan." Liz Spayd, Public Editor

  69. I understand your frustration, but using the word "lies" would open them up to a libel suit. "Verifiable falsehood," which they used in this article, is pretty strong and does not leave them wide open to be sued for libel.

  70. 'is that after you stand out there in the weather and take the oath of office in front of an adoring crowd, you walk into that building and you are in charge of the free world.”' Honestly, that just made me sick to my stomach.

  71. Newt Gingrich displays his lack of a moral compass in everything he says. He seems to think -- and this could be true of Trump supporters -- that as long as people are working and their stomachs are full, nothing else the President does matters. Well, it does matter to a lot of us, matters greatly, because our democracy is a fragile thing and it must be protected. President Trump and his troop of gaslighters are paving a dangerous road to the next four years. The public is watching.

  72. Gingrich lacks a moral compass. Period. That explains everything about him. He possibly now understands the power he craves is beyond his grasp so he has latched on to the closest approximation to that power that he can find. Like Trump, Gingrich is what he is and he won't change. He only seems disciplined but on closer examination of many of his words, he can't help himself. In his mind, he created a clever response to questioning from reporters and went with it without thinking how it would actually sound. The people aren't paying attention? Yes, they are and they do, Mr. Gingrich, which is why you continually undermine your own objectives every time you set foot in the limelight.

  73. Yes, he's frustrating, too, because unlike Trump, he has studied history and is really quite bright. There's just this little problem - he's unethical and completely self-serving. Any man who could divorce his wife as she battles cancer is a blackguard (old-fashioned word, but an apt one).

  74. You can't change a zebra into a horse by painting over its stripes, and wishful thinking can't cure hard-wired personality disorders. Trump will never change. He will continue to be exactly who he has always been and has shown himself to be over and over again. Why would anyone of sound mind expect him to suddenly become presidential just because he is now the POTUS?

    Republican majority leaders, it is in your power to prevent the inevitable disaster that any thinking person can see coming. Down deep you know what you ought to do, if you will just for one moment set aside your hunger for power and remember why you are really supposed to be there. Do your job.

  75. Yes, personality disorders are pretty fixed. Short of removal from office, which I would eventually expect, the only option for Congress, and any of his staff who understand the stakes, is to develop of behavioral management plan and that everybody involved stick to it.

  76. So true. I am a mental health professional and left a similar comment.

  77. You are asking too much of the GOP

  78. Is the White House really serious when a spokesman (newt Gingrich) says that 'People aren't really paying attention...'?

    People are paying a whole lot of attention to what is being said, and right now none of what they are hearing is good.

    This is just proving people's worst concerns, that the new administration is not qualifies to do its job. If they can't make it through the first weekend, what will the next four years be like?

  79. I think Knewt meant that the people who elected Trump in the first place aren't paying attention. That much has been obvious for years.

  80. Ask yourself a few very simple questions: Would you (personally) want to work for a boss who behaves the way Mr. Trump does? Would you (personally) enjoy working for a boss who has Mr. Trump's temperament?

  81. THW - I think his cabinet will have a revolving door. People will burn out from his antics.

  82. The real question for us is, would you want Trump as your employee? It seems enough of us answered 'yes' to that the question. Even scarier.

  83. No same person would.

  84. There is truly nothing more unbecoming than the most powerful person in the world, whining about criticism.

    Trump my man, hate to break it to you, but you are now in the hot seat. Just wait until you start leaving your fingerprints on things, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Shoulda stayed a heckler...

  85. He only wanted the be a heckler. The best heckler. Ever. In a million years he never thought he would win. He is catnip to the press, and has a natural ability to superficially connect (sort of like a transmogrified version of Oprah ). His goal was to start a hate filled, alternative facts talk show - Trump TV. In a twist of profound irony, "winning" the electoral vote is the worst thing that ever happened to this guy.

  86. From my limited experience on a school newspaper, I know that headline writers love short words that can fit into a column. I therefore respectfully suggest ditching "falsehoods" and other euphemisms. "Lies" is more accurate and a lot shorter.

    In the text of your articles, that same word should appear whenever it is accurate, e.g. "Lying, President Trump said the sky is green." Hyperlink each instance of the word to a presentation of the actual facts. Repeat as necessary, until we either get new leadership or Trump closes down our free press, like his idols Putin, Erdogan, and Sisi.

  87. And whining in front of the "wall of stars" at the CIA, was particularly unbecoming. Find your big boy pants, Donald.

  88. He is unfit. He spoke to CIA officers like he was at a campaign rally. He thought they would be an adoring crowd. He talked about how many of them probably voted for him. That does not matter anymore.

    He is an embarrassment to the people who do pay attention everyday to this stuff.

    How awful that our society has become about the lowest common denominator citizen who only pays attention every four years.

  89. 96% of D.C. Voted for Hillary Clinton

  90. According to retired CIA officers who talked to friends who were there, as reported in various outlets, the only people who cheered Trump were low lever employees like cafeteria workers, maintainence people and the like, the analysts and case officers kept quiet.

  91. I believe he brought along a cheering section like he did at his absurd press conference. You remember - the only one, the one with the prop piles of manila file folders (the kind offices do not use) on a table next to the podium full of what appeared to be freshly unwrapped copy paper, which was guarded so no reporter would actually be able to check the blank pages.

  92. Terrible opinion piece by NYT in guise of reporting. Report says "lack of discipline troubled even senior members of Mr. Trump's circle". Then report failed to identify any "senior members" who were troubled. It did reference one Lin Woods, identified as a prominent libel lawyer who had been a Trump supporter who took exception to Trump's action. Woods is not a senior member of Trump's circle, but any smear by anyone will do for the NYT opinion pieces (in its news columns).

  93. It appears you do not understand how "access" works. For a reporter to "burn" the one or two people who speak to him frankly and off the record would be really ill advised...unless, of course, you are trying to insulate Trump.

  94. FALSEHOODs...alternative facts. When did we stop calling a lie a lie? Or let's say 5 in a row...lies. Because it came from the White House? The one place outside of places of religious sanctity we should be able to believe in? I guess Trump is right when he says we are a nation in trouble when it is a bigger deal to say radical Islamic terrorism than naming blatant outrageous lies for what they are. Shame America.

  95. Agreed. Please, NYTimes, stop using euphemisms for lies, lying and liars. "... Made false claims ..." sounds like fudging.

  96. More hatchet job "reporting" from the Hatchet Job of Record. What a demolition of a once great paper.
    The headline promises "senior aides" yet all we get is Gingrich and some libel lawyer whose quote fits your agenda hence makes it to the spanking conclusion.
    Leave the guy alone and let him try to do his job.

  97. Reporting what the President did and said is not a hatchet job. This President does a hatchet job on himself, all by himself, with no help from the press. Then Kellyanne Conway and Reince Preibus make it much worse by trying to defend the indefensible, succeeding only in making themselves look idiotic.

    "Alternate facts" indeed. Alternate universe, where obsessing about crowd size is what he thinks he should be doing. He doesn't seem to get that he is the President, regardless of how many people watched him take the Oath of Office. In the rain.

  98. Yes, please NYT. Stop that reporting and fulfill your duty: take Trump's press releases no simply copy them as articles.a

    That's what a patriotic paper would do.

    In the Orwellian world of alternative facts that the Trump administration wants you to publish.

  99. Exactly what we'd like him to do instead of filling the airways with alternative facts and self-aggrandizing nonsense. Get to work, Mr. "President." There is work to do. And you can start by firing the dopes who sent you to the CIA with no adult supervision.

  100. And what else were you expect from him.. ., and his administration.
    This is only the beginning...

  101. Time to get to work, Donald: you have healthcare systems to destroy, mortgage costs to increase, private sector overtime raises to revoke, trade wars to launch, intelligence communities to dismantle, global warming initiatives to halt, and tax cuts for billionaires to push through. Time's a wasting!

  102. Love this! My thoughts exactly!

  103. What excellent points. With this administration, the more chaos, the more empty desks, the greater the entropy and inertia, the better it will be for America.

  104. Mr. Camarda,
    Great comment. I would only add ground wars, mass deportations and internment camps.

  105. According to Mr. Gingrich, I am not an average American - and proud I am of that! I do not gauge my country's health by measuring whether I am better off than I was before. I will not hibernate till "late 2019" and judge leadership by MY "doing better". I can think outside my own orbit and care deeply about others. Mr. Gingrich, in his own words, and his fellow loutish profiteers are without those feelings and will trample the real America, leaving us without healthcare and alienating us to the rest of the free world.

  106. Absolutely. Those who were and are in a position to stop this menace can only see trump as some political beast of burden bringing them power and riches. They think they hold the whip, but he'll have none of that. The damage done to the country and the world as far as that lot is concerned, is only justifiable collateral in the pursuit of mammon.

  107. "Loutish profiteer" is the best description of Gingrich ever. Well, except for "hateful muppet."

  108. Very well said! What a marked difference from the right-wing agenda.

  109. Amateur led along by amateurs. That's what you get when you choose a self-proclaimed "brain surgeon" (I am so smart) who never went to medical school with a room full of support staff who have only been in an operating room on TV (except Ben Carson and he is in charge of buildings and grounds). And, you chose them to operate on a brain tumor that you don't even have (ACA, unemployment, out of control immigration, etc). Good luck with that!

  110. You are funny!

  111. I don't think he knows what it means to be president of a great country. And I don't think he has any idea of how to "make America great again". Paraphrasing him: Sad!!!
    America: I don't think you have any idea who you put in the White House.

  112. Not "America". Only a deluded minority put him in the White House.

  113. America didn't put him in the white house. A tiny fraction of eligible voters did, and fewer than half of those who voted (46%) voted for him.

  114. Demented. It's going to get worse. Never better. Worse.

  115. If the President were to say the weather is nice today, his opponents would disagree and find ways to oppose. Welcome to the state of politics today.

    Give our new president and his team a chance to be effective with our economy and keeping the USA safe. Now age 70, he's learned something about finding the right people and getting things done

  116. Problem is he's saying the sky is green. You gotta push back on sonething like that.

  117. Keep America safe? From whom, it's own gun-toting citizens? Of the last 10 mass slayings, all but one had nothing to do with foreign-bred terrorism, and everything to do with our own internal history of misanthropy. Gun control would do more to keep America safe than anything else, but that will never happen under a Trump presidency.

  118. Perhaps if Trump did not lie at every occasion and reach out to his detractors people would give him a chance, somehow I doubt that olive branch will be coming anytime soon.

  119. Are these the top priorities of the President? Crowd size disputes, berating the press and dismissing large swaths of his constituents?

    President Trump said he wanted to work on economic growth, jobs and domestic security. I find this deeply troubling.

  120. It WAS the first weekend. Hopefully, he will get to his agenda beginning today. If not, he will be a one-term President.

  121. I would suggest that it is and should be one of the top priorities of a POTUS to respond to attempts to delegitimize his presidency and, therefore, the government of the United States. Democrats and the NYT seem indignant and outraged at Russian attempts to undermine our institutions of government while simultaneously doing their level best to do the same.

  122. This is a typical point in leadership. When you don't know what to do you fall back on what you know.

    In my leadership training we learned that "the skills that got you to where you are may not be the skills you need to succeed now." Thank you Jerry.

  123. Rather than battle everything Trump, NYTimes, choose your battles wisely. You shot your wad during the last month of the election, now everything you post seems like nit picking.

  124. Do you think the press shouldn't scrutinize the behavior of the US president? If they do, that's going to seem like nitpicking to some. But the alternative is to let these people do what they want without citizens being fully informed of their actions.

  125. You want them to stop reporting the truth?

  126. The NYT is REPORTING the facts, and they aren't spicer-style. Trump is the one shadow boxing. He really needs to stop and show dignity and credibility, whether he has any or not.

  127. One of two things is going to happen. Continued efforts to destabilize the Trump Administration will feed chaos in the federal government, or New York and California will grow ever more alienated from the rest of the nation. The latter is more likely.

  128. We just moved up to SoCal... nice here, mate. Come paddle out with us.

  129. @Justaperson, I guess you didn't see all those "coastal elites" peacefully protesting in Idaho, Alabama, Utah, and Oklahoma on Saturday.

  130. Why not both?

  131. Not surprised at the drama. Who knew our President was the drama queen. Spicer and Conway's spinning is already tiresome and we are just starting out his term. I hope the media can continue to strengthen their processes with how they interact with this motley crew so we can understand the facts and avoid the drama.

  132. I would have been more surprised had he not exhibited his tried and true behavior. Nothing new to see here. In addition to surrounding himself with fawning sycophants, including family members on and off the payroll, he'll probably continue to do Victory, er, "Thank You" rallies in order to nourish his bottomless, ravenous ego. Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors: "Feed me, Seymour".

  133. As Garry Trudeau so accurately predicted in Sunday's Doonesbury. It was perfect.

  134. “Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.”

    Does anyone really believe he wrote this? This is not his style. These are the words of a staff person.

  135. Spot on! That's this clown's agenda for the next years...let's hope this old WWA has been throws in the towel before then.

  136. The Trump Axis - Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus all being sworn in a White House yesterday - Al Drago's photo for NYTimes will live in infamy as long as Donald J. Trump remains our 45th President. Hopefully, a very brief period of time.

    Trump's first presidential flap, whining that the crowds at his Inaugural on Friday were greater than President Obama's crowds, the the press lied about the size, that the CIA was akin to the Nazis. You name it. Beyond ghastly carnage.

    The President's favourite song, played at the first dance of Donald and Melania Trump's first Inaugural ball, was "My Way". Yes, he has become our President "his way". And now we have him, do we want him?

    Our new President's terrible start is like the huge boulder of Sisyphus which has rolled from the Capitol and the White House all the way down the hill, and now President Trump has to roll it back up all by himself, with his Axis lending their hands and minds.

  137. Trump himself may be the boulder. And the Axis (of Evil) is the unfortunate Sisyphus - trying, but NOW never succeeding!

  138. I agree with most of what you say, but I saw the speech and the crowds were enormous. I have no idea if the crowds were bigger than Obama's first Inaugural speech, but the crowd at the Trump speech was large. The media showed an audience of notably few people. THAT was a lie. If we had a media that based its stories on facts, we would have a media that we could believe. As it stands, the media is not honest, and we have little faith in what they report.

  139. "My Way," indeed. The opening lyrics are, "And now the end is near, And so I face the final curtain." Such an anthem for his Presidency. Bizarre choice.

  140. To borrow a new concept we all learnt over the week end, the new president's daily agenda will need to be understood using alternative facts. After all he is an outsider who got elected challenging every shibboleth of political orthodoxy. The learning curve for DJT will have to be an unlearning curve of bad habits the self proclaimed successful businessman has honed in over the years!

  141. Trump must have missed the memo. As of Friday, reality TV ended and reality began.

  142. I've seen the times coverage on Trump evolve from simply reporting his lies to categorizing them as unsupported by evidence or unproven. Now that we've entered his and Kellyanne Conway's universe of "alternative facts" can the Times now go a step farther and call these what they are, or is the media forbidden to print the word "lie"?

  143. The Times has used the word "lie" before with respect to Trump, including in an above-the-fold headline when Trump finally caved on the birther nonsense last September. The story use the word "lie" several times too. A watershed moment, to be emulated for sure.

  144. I noticed that pivot, too, but it's two months too late. There's a bias in the media, all right, just not the one that the racist right keeps trying to sell.

  145. If the POTUS continues to react like this to these perceived slights to his ego he's not going to last long in the oval. He needs to thicken his skin and put down the cell phone ASAP of his head will explode very soon.

  146. His legacy is secure, he will be remembered as the worst president ever.

  147. Trump's instability as a person is frightening enough, but what is more worrying is that he is surrounded by fantasists and demonstrable liars like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer. Mr. Bannon, who understands that fascism must appeal only to emotions and that facts will be only white noise to the faithful, is likely pulling all their strings from behind the scenes, and the real media will have its work cut out for it over the next few years to keep politely pointing out how reality does not support what is being said in what are in effect commercials for holding on to power at any cost.

  148. Agreed.
    Will KA Conway and the others ever find their sense of decency to say "enough" and stop trying to rationalize his irrational statements and lie for him ?

  149. There's a problem here though in that it has been made very clear that certain media institutions and representatives will not be made welcome and indeed will be blackballed by Trump and his goons. The media being controlled in a democracy is quite frightening. It remains to be seen who will tow the line in order to curry favour and who will stand up to them. Keep up the good work NYT!

  150. No. They are doing the job they were hired to do. Other presidents just never had jobs with the same description. If Kellyanne decides she's rich enough already and doesn't need the work, there's always the execrable Hope Hicks to fill in.

  151. Fact that Sun Comes up in East Troubles Some Trump Aides.

    Sorry everyone. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. He has exactly the same super load of narcissism coupled with short attention span, arrogance and grievance that he had the day before his coronation. Why would it change the day after?

  152. Meet the new boss
    WORSE than the old boss
    Just got fooled again...
    So I'll get on my knees and pray

  153. “The point is that the attacks and the attempts to delegitimize this president in one day — and we’re not going to sit around and take it.”
    --Fascinating, coming from a group and a man who spent nearly eight years attempting to delegitimize President Barack Obama.

  154. Indeed! Nothing like calling the kettle black...

  155. Right, Robert Savage, and the legitimization was done on the basis of race. Trump's words and actions are delegitimizing himself.

  156. Quoting Robert Mark Savage
    "--Fascinating, coming from a group and a man who spent nearly eight years attempting to delegitimize President Barack Obama."
    .... and delegitimized the government in his inaugural speech. The senators & congressman who are as much the people's representatives as he is.

  157. He's an immature self obsessed baby! Why is anyone surprised by this? He's always been that way and will never change. I as a citizen would feel better if it felt like anyone in his flying monkey coterie was paying any attention to governing and the safety of our country. The MAJORITY that voted for Hillary knew this would happen.

  158. Nikki S.: as a licensed therapist I feel comfortable with calling the man a 'pathological liar'. I think the newspapers would be in court if they did called this person what his real dx is today. I believe all the newspapers have to do is present the evidence. You are correct -the people will have to demand the real answers.

  159. Mr Trump is the apprentice now. We, the Boss's, have put him on notice. Pay attention, Mr. Trump.

  160. Great comment! But let us not forget that if Trump leaves office for whatever reason, the replacement will be no better. The sickness we see in Trump permeates the entire "new" Republican Party. Getting rid of Trump will not bring the relief some hope for.

  161. that is perfect!

  162. Really good point....for his entire career, Trump only worked for he was answerable only to, he works for all of us...which is a very uncomfortable position for him.

  163. I wonder if it's possible for a weapons grade narcissist to transform into a wise gentleman statesman that expertly advances our culture and common cause. And yes, I too, am prone to magical thinking.

  164. It is HIGHLY improbable this will occur, but no need to fret. He is the one who will be hand-wringing. Remember, he promised to release his tax returns. Now he says he will not. Oh yeah, he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said that. No need to worry, we can get them from Vladdy Putin (for the right price).

  165. We need to take the momentum from this weekends Woman's March, which was peaceful and beautiful and move forward with peace and respect in mind. This includes the media which needs to keep a steady eye on what is truth but also help pull back from the toxicity that all of America is oppressed by right now. When those that voted for Trump start to loose faith in their decision, those of us that oppose him need to be there with compassion for them.

  166. No compassion. They voted for him.

  167. Protests and compassion don't constitute a plan forward. More of Obama is not going to do it. What's your vision for the future? How will that create jobs?

  168. We can have a jobs agenda without a dystopian view of ourselves. We can work to lower our divisions vs exacerbate them. That is what compassion and RESPECT offers us as a way forward.

    Any more division is only going to destroy anything positive that this administration can muster.

  169. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end. Trump, you are the most HATED man in America. Millions protested against you, your policies, your appointees, your behavior, your beliefs......And this is just the beginning. Attacking the press, dismissing the protests, pathetic attempts to create false statements are all insulting to the intelligence of the American people. You are a disaster. We did NOT vote for you, we do not want you to serve us and we will expel you from the White House.

  170. For someone who loves to call people "whiners" it seems that the new POTUS whines a lot. An awful lot.

  171. Look at his personality. A man with a severe personality disorder. An old man who is more likely to get worse!

    I guarantee that if the Free Press keeps doing its job, the fretful baby will have more and more tantrums.

    Even the White House babysitters cannot construct a capable leader from a babbling baby in need of constant soothing and reiterating of lies, to prop up a fragile ego structure.

    The baby has the toy it has always wanted. And the baby is destroying the toy. Because reality will never match the baby's grandiose fantasies.

    Things will not get better. They will surely get worse. We're off to a terrible start.

    Unfit is an understatement!

  172. The sense of injury, injustice and persecution that President Trump feels now will only intensify living in the fishbowl of the Presidency and in dealing with Congress. The meltdown would be funny to watch, like a really bad political comedy movie, if only it weren't so dangerous for the country.

  173. Trump will continue to rant until he runs off the rails. Then the Republican establishment will execute Phase 2, jettison him and most of his inner circle, and install Mike Pence to replace him. What a brilliant coup!

  174. I completely agree. Most Republicans are as appalled by him as Democrats, but they need him and his pen to sign things they put in front of him. They are using him and he doesn't even know it. Once he's too big of an embarrassment, they'll throw him under the bus and install nice-guy Pence who looks much better publicly and could probably win a second Republican term. He would be even worse because he has manners.

  175. Now, now, we have enough alternative facts already. No need to generate alternatives.

  176. To me, Trump is cleverly trying to deflect attention from his promises to lower the national debt and deficit, stimulate building of infrastructure, improve health care and cut income taxes. Taken together, these are a financial impossibility. Trump must know this. Either he disappoints his voters, or he unveils a number of additional considerations to fund his agenda. One funding source could be a federal sales tax, another could be a public-private agreement to repair bridges and highways. yet another could be significant changes (cuts) in Medicare and Medicaid. An import duty on goods from outside the US is yet another possible action, but would bring on a trade war.

  177. “The point is that the attacks and the attempts to delegitimize this president in one day — and we’re not going to sit around and take it.”

    My, how people forget, as it was Trump who spent more than 7 years as a birther, delegitimizing Obama from day one.

  178. Yes, and show us your tax returns.

  179. I thought Reince was supposed to be one of the sane ones. It's going to be a long four years...

  180. Whatever gave you that idea?

  181. It won't be 4 years.

  182. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  183. I wish I could laugh at what reads like a very long toddler tantrum. It is utterly depressing, but hardly surprising to find out that DJT (Donald Just Tweets) stays the same reality-defying course post-election regarding the media, campaign promises and facts.
    I wonder how long it will take for Trump to find a constructive way to deal with facts that he doesn't like and the media just doing their jobs, reporting the news.

  184. @jellydonut: Trump isn't a toddler. He's an infant. And Sean Spicer gets to change his diapers every day in public. What a great job.

  185. Trump's apparent narcissism endangers everything. His obsession with the size of the Inauguration crowd is completely ridiculous. It's not surprising that it would be smaller than that of Barack Obama in 2009. Washington DC is a predominantly African American city and many locals would have turned out to see the first black President. He may complain about "media bias". But the same "liberal media" that deflated his claims about the crowd size also noted that Reagan in 1981 had the highest ratings for any inauguration. The truth, however, is that the size of the crowd is completely insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

    The problem with Trump is that his obsession with his image in the media is so powerful that he may not be able to concentrate on any major issue of public policy. The President, whoever he is, gets flack from all quarters. Either he learns to brush it aside or he will literally have no time to deal with anything else. But Trump can't seem to let any real or perceived slight go unanswered. And since he is now in the White House and expected to keep his extravagant promises, not traveling around the country to all those
    adoring crowds, his ego is going to be more exposed and vulnerable than ever before.

    Either Trump finally grows up and gets down to the job, or he is effectively incapacitated for the office he holds. We cannot afford a vacancy at the top. Somebody, somehow has got to either get him to shape up or get him out of there.

  186. The scary thing is that there are plenty of others who want vacancy at the top, exactly what we have with Trump. Weakness there provides opportunity to grab power, and the real power players, be they a Bannon, Conway, Ryan, Putin or Koch are plotting.

  187. At 70 years old, Trump has shown us repeatedly who he is: a pathologically disturbed man with a lack of ethics and morals. He will not change in office. We, the people, will seek his impeachment every single day until it happens.

  188. This weekend has been the most bizarre introduction to a new administration seen in my 64 years. Can we have a do-over on the election? Please.

  189. No. But the country can elect Dems and impeach him ... in two years.

  190. Instead of whining, lying, and destroying the ACA, why can't Trump give us a short list of positive things he intends to accomplish in his first 100 days? Maybe if Trump pledged to preserve, protect and defend Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, he would get better treatment. And why is he meeting with British Prime Minister Teresa May one week after his inauguration when he has done nothing to help American workers yet?

  191. Don't you see, destroying the ACA is considered a positive thing! At the very least, because Obama's administration created it and his very name is a nickname for it. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all those are on the chopping block for the Republican party in some way, shape or form, "reform", because now they're seen as government assistance. They've had time to remove all references to climate change and LGBT from the government website. America is well on the way to becoming "Great"--- for certain Americans.

  192. Which top aides were troubled? They were all defending him. Your headline is inaccurate

  193. NYTimes, I agree with Mr. Levin. Those of us who want to be vigilant about potential eviscerations of our country rely on you for accuracy. A more accurate headline, based on the article I just read, would be "Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Supporters." All of the on-the-staff people you quoted offered rationalizations and defenses, but not admissions, of the president's string of failures over the past few days.

  194. Sure they defended Trump, but what they were defending was Trump's own lies and, to do that, they fabricated lies of their own. That is troubling.

  195. Defending the indefensible by insulting the media and outright lying will not garner increased public approval for Trump moving forward. The resistance will grow stronger and expunge him in due time.

  196. POTUS Limerick #163

    There once was a President who had a mouth disease
    Which caused honorable people great unease.
    He lied. Spontaneously, continually,
    Habitually, to all appearances unconsciously--
    Providing enough material for many psychologists' theses!

  197. This is a NEWS story? It is a whining attack on President Trump one the worst of the liberal-biased media. All speculation and innuendo and repetition of opinions of others. This is a perfect example of the "fake news" and opinion-as-news that brought a wide cross-section of voters to elect Mr. Trump President.

    Your elitist arrogance and smug condescension is unfitting of a "News"paper.

  198. Fake news? The article is full of facts about the first weekend with Trump. Fake news is reporting things that never happened. Unfortunately, all of this is happening.

  199. Can you explain what you mean? How is this story "fake news"? I'd really like to understand what the heck you're talking about.

  200. Lying to everyone IS important news. You never believed anything from the pervious administration, why do suddenly believe everything now?

  201. Mr. Gingrich's remark shows clearly that the goal he considers "important" is solely reelection and not doing the best for this country on all fronts. This is important to keep in mind because he is one of the little whisperers perched on the president's shoulder.

  202. Gingrich said exactly what everyone who voted for Trump said all along. As long as Trump creates job -- even if it was by bullying or bribing companies -- nothing else matters. Dignity, honesty, morality, trust, or even Christian faith matters to the supporters. All things can be forgiven if he creates jobs.

  203. Any new administration has to find its path; however, pounding the press with factual falsehoods on day 1 is self-inflicted 'carnage.' To paraphrase Daniel Moynihan, you can have your own opinions, but you can't have alternative facts.

  204. Why is Trump's first few presidential statements? During the campaign he felt compelled to reassure us that his small hands and tiny fingers did not match the size of his reproductive organ.

  205. He needs to do something to reassure us that his small hands don't match the size of his brain.

  206. When a leader and his team see protests, their first reaction should be, "what is it they're trying to say? What's the larger message they're trying to send? How can I address this? Where does the fence need mended?"

    Instead we got "...we're not going to sit around and take it."

    Good leaders listen, and I've seen nothing but the reactions of a petulant child so far. It's troubling, to say the very least. But I will say this: I voted. With a ballot, and with my feet, my voice, my energy. The reaction I've seen only encourages me to do even more of the same.

  207. To clarify that would be a leader in a free society Kerri. Otherwise the leadership of the type Trump emulates would call it into question, fault it, deny it, or proclaim we're not going to sit around and take it.

  208. As one might say to "petulant child": Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  209. Yep.

  210. President Trump has already done things that Obama would have been impeached for... imagine Obama blatantly lying in a speech to the CIA... imagine his First Flack refusing to take questions after lying about and mischaracterizing events that had just been witnessed worldwide on live TV. The Republicans would storm the White House. The Jackie Robinson rule, indeed.

  211. Get ready to pay for the wall.

  212. Dave, if the wall went around *trump, a lot of us would be *glad* to pay for it!

  213. America has gone down the deep end. The Trump issue is just a reflection of this problem.

  214. I hope that the press understands that Mr. Spicer is not to be trusted. Skip his briefings and find other ways to ferret out the truth.

  215. Send the lowest ranked interns to cover Spicer.

  216. Spicer has lost all credibility, on day one of his new job. Sad.

  217. Russia got exactly what they wanted. We look like fools to the rest of the world.

  218. Yes, you do, unfortunately. However, you really earned this man. The Republican establishment and the financial "élite" have worked long and hard to create the environment that made this guy possible. Hope for your country that this is "not going downhill quickly". Maybe the Old Party ( nothing Grand left ) comes to their senses and stops his nonsense in congress though I am not very confident. 

  219. During the campaign, for Trump, the true Fake News outlet...Fox News, and on right wing hate radio led by Rush Limbaugh...the "big lie" worked. Hillary was a "crook", Obamacare was a disaster, the republic is in chaos and law n order is non-existent in our land. All lies, big lies, that they built his campaign and their political foundation. Once again, we see Trump and his loyal team of propagandists, led by K. CON-way, trying to re-write history and redeem their boss's mis-statements and lies. Please stand up to them. Don't let the big lie mentality and the revision of history and truth become institutionalized in the US.

  220. Most obvious statement ever made: "This is going to go downhill quickly if it's not changed and that's not good for any of us."

    The idea that this comes as a surprise to anyone at this point is mindboggling.

  221. We are not surprised. Just shocked.

  222. Four Horsepeople of the Trumpocalypse.....

    Seriously, just......FEH. He's a disgusting person, he's always been a disgusting person, and we should stick to the issues and policies. Get involved. Call your representatives. Organize.

  223. If everybody starts 'organising' instead of working - that's even worse, don't you think?

  224. @LS: "Four Horsepeople of the Trumpocalypse" made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  225. If he openly makes patently false statements about things we can verify how are we to trust him when he says things we cannot verify, such and intelligence information. I trust him on no topics. Keep asking for his tax forms and keep investigating his Russian links. In no way is he a legitimate president. Give him no peace and cut him no slack - he deserves neither.

  226. You can make sense of the whole mess if you take nothing he says at face value. The other part is to "follow the money." Just as you suggest.

  227. He says no one but reporters are interested in his tax forms, I am interested and I am not a reporter. Maybe everyone that is interested should write him with a copy to the New York Times.

  228. I think what we are missing is huge. DJT is mentally ill. Judith Herman, M.D. in Psychiatry from Harvard Medical School said, " Professional standards do not permit us to venture a diagnosis for a public figure whom we have not evaluated personally. Nevertheless, his widely reported symptoms of mental instability — including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality — lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office. We strongly recommend that, in preparation for assuming these responsibilities, he receive a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation by an impartial team of investigators."

  229. Then what does that say about all the people who voted for him? That is even scarier.

  230. POST HASTE.

  231. The problem for Trump's base about that remark is they perceive it as it came from some latte drinking elite, east coast liberal.

  232. The WH press pool should laugh when Spicer /Conway/Trump say something that is blatantly a lie. That will likely infuriate them and they will continue to bumble....what a petty, uninformed, and lying group. Bait them and they'll bite.

  233. I agree. Ridicule is one if the weapons needed at this time.

  234. I like the suggestion that, if they start lying, simply cut them off nicely and move on to those willing to tell the truth.

  235. OK people, we marched Saturday. Now it's time to never let up until Donald and his whole gang of criminal thugs just leave. I'm not joking. I refuse to deal with this or look at his face for four more years. Who is with me? Who is serious? Keep up the pressure!

  236. Yes. Keep up the pressure but we must deal with this adult-child. We can't child proof the entire country and must keep a laser focused eye on his actions.

  237. "Now it's time to never let up until Donald and his whole gang of criminal thugs just leave. "

    Given Trump's pugnacious and unnaturally self centered nature do you really think the resulting chaos would be good for America. Yes, create pressures that limit and shape his behavior, and work to weaken him in 2018 and replace him in 2020, but declaring all out war on him is only likely to make him more desperate, extreme, and dangerous.

  238. Let's DEMAND that he release his tax records. He says the people don't care -- that's another of his lies. As citizens, we need to know what he's hiding. It's something important, and knowing the facts will help us curb his reckless agenda.

  239. It's time to put a child proof cap on the nuclear football.

  240. Recommend 1,000 times. Says it all.

  241. Robert Davies, you win the internet today.

  242. Dear Media: please do NOT let up on telling the truth. Steve Bannon is in the White House! You have a formidable propagandist who will be pushing back. Those of us who want facts as opposed to "alternative facts," need you and appreciate you. In fact, we wish you'd go further by calling lies what they are. And please keep a running list of the lies.

  243. @JMM: It appears Bannon has more influence on Trump than anyone else. That dark, dystopian inaugural speech is Exhibit A. Bannon is an anarchist who hates the Republican establishment as much as or more than he hates the Democrats. Republicans crowing over their "victory" need to pay closer attention. Bannon wants to destroy everything, and he's got the perfect tool in his hands to accomplish it.

  244. On the contrary, Trump is laser focused on his real plans while the press is lost in the smokescreen of silly tweets and press conferences that he's thrown up for them. He's a master of distraction and has the press right where he wants them. The Times should ignore what Spicer et al. say and pay attention instead to what Trump does.

  245. I suppose that we're seeing a first in American history, a segment of the public openly in support of a president lying on routine matters to pursuit of his agenda.

    I wonder if that segment knows that it is supporting the end of democracy as we know it.

  246. Oh, silly blather.

    He's a narcissist obsessed with being stroked.

    He lacks all of the qualities minimally necessary to lead effectively.

    A president largely accomplishes his agenda by uniting people behind his vision.

    He is completely incapable of uniting America.

  247. Nixon did this too - and it took years to force him out.

  248. Trump's "alternative facts" managed to grab the news cycle yet again. The big news of the weekend should have been the Women's marches, but, no, it was all Trump. I was watching MTP and just after Chuck Todd's go-around with Conway, and just before his interview with Schumer, NBC broke for Trump's swearing in of his assistants. He grabbed the cameras.

    Kellyann Conway and Sean Spicer were spinning so hard that I expected them to churn themselves into a smear of butter. Make that margarine -- butter is real.

  249. The "alternative facts" thing is more than a distraction. It is an indication of how much they are willing to break Orwellian. It is dangerous.

  250. @Richard Green: The women's marches got plenty of attention where I live. The Trump-Spicer-Conway stuff was just a sideshow.

    I think the reason Trump's lies and obsession with his crowd size got so much attention on the Sunday talk shows was that professional news people were horrified with Spicer. His first day on the job, his boss forced him to go before the cameras and blatantly, provably lie. Former colleagues of his were appalled.

  251. Human beings are affected by feelings and instincts when they are challenged or sense they are not liked or experience they are unacceptable and not approved. This is natural.

    It's what one does with those feelings that makes the difference,

    Telling, cajoling or begging the president to manage himself will not fix or solve his reactivity. Only he can make the decision to work on this. The office of the President is replete with hourly challenges to bump up against differing views., some that will challenge his intellect, beliefs, and deciision making. Unless he starts to hold on to himself, we are in for an uncertain and difficult time.

    DT has chosen a role like no other. Until and unless he works to understand himself, it seems the world will face daily barrages of anxiety laden actions and messages by him and his staff. The Staff also need to learn how to manage themselves around their boss. It's obvious that caving into his anxiety and attempting to soothe him is not working.

    "Alternative facts" are just the beginning.

    One final thought: the nagging concern I have is who is really doing this tweeting? The realdonaldtrup messages are vastly different that those on potus.

    I am curious who is writing for Potus? It sure does resemble the DT I have observed over the last 18 months.

  252. I hope the official twitter account is being managed by a seasoned professional. Not only should he or she represent in a responsible, adult manner, but the president doesn't have time for such trivia.

  253. Donald Trump is mentally unwell. You can see the difference between tge Donal Trump if 10 years agoand the one today. This is the reason why his family is around toassist himand may be writing his tweets. This us both a tragic and a dangerous situation, and the vampires around him certainly will not help him.

  254. Do trump and intellect belong in the same sentence- ever? Have we ever had a pResident before that everyone with psychological training agreed had a DSM5 Diagnosis or two?

  255. Let's see if there is a dignified way to describe Trump in his first two days of office. The words that flood my mind are:

    supreme incompetence
    extreme ignorance
    severe emotional immaturity
    serious mental instability
    complete disregard for the truth
    total contempt for those that report the truth

    Am I getting warm? Would it be more politically correct to leave out the adjectives? Would that appear to be less hyperbolic?

    No, I think I'm on the right track. This thing is going south and fast. Pence, our new spiritual leader, holy man, and strict follower of the Commandment to not bear false witness, has repeatedly told us that the first 100 days are going to be whirlwind of activity. He knows what the score is. The career politicians realize that this train wreck will soon hit the wall and self-destruct. They will push as much of their Randian policies through as fast as they can before the collapse. And the rest of us will have to live with the consequences for many years. When conditions decline, the Republican alternate fact machine will just blame it on Hillary's email server, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Hollywood, the media, me, you, and everyone else but themselves.

  256. Exactly. One of the best descriptions of the new reality here in the U.S. that I've seen to date.

  257. @ Bruce, Sadly you're right. Hope this nightmare ends soon- sooner than later!

  258. Watching Kelly Ann Conway yesterday on two national political programs reminded me of my classroom experiences. Children will often divert topics to avoid what they don’t know or what they won’t want to truthfully admit. Ultimately I learned to ignore such children. I was not going to waste class time on obfuscations. Children either got with the program or they got ignored.
    Mainstream news media reporters need to engage in similar behavior. Ms. Conway's responses should have been rewarded with a polite “thank you” and “it’s time to move on to responsive guests.”

  259. Everybody should school themselves on the meanings -- both positive and negative -- of Sophism and Fabianism. It is clear from this first weekend that we will have a hell of a job deciphering -- beyond the usual political speak -- the utterances of this administration and that making the weaker argument stronger, by repetition and issue-deadening delay, will be their basic strategy.

  260. Though I agree with this approach to Ms. Conway, I have some deep sadness that you chose to treat children in your care in this fashion. I'm hoping you ignored their bad behavior but lavished attention on them in more positive and productive ways.

  261. If one were to look in an illustrated encyclopedia (or Google up "yes man") I am sure Conway's picture will be there. She has no original thoughs, instead is just a second mouth on the back of Trump's furry head.

  262. The real "alternative fact" people around Mr. Trump believed was that he would change once in the office. He just wants to swing his fists around and claim that he is a counter puncher, which is another alternative fact. The Truth is that without a sense of humility, genuine humility, humans are at their worst. Mr. Trump excels and revels in lacking humility. His internal, insatiable, constantly churning need for self validation will consume him for the rest of his term and for the rest of his life. His "advisors" should have the courage to tell him "enough already" this is not presidential.

    Let us hope that this constantly churning combustion inside Mr. Trump will not seriously hurt the country and the world.

  263. The Saturday was not "an early stumble" out of the gate. It was a precursor of what we are going to witness every single day of the Trump administration. "Thin skin" is the predominant characteristic of our president and this, coupled with his strangled, childish grasp of the English language, will leave us all aghast

  264. If they only way that this Administration feels it can succeed is by attacking the Press and using "alternative facts," we as a country are in big trouble. Trump may prove to be even worse for this country than we thought!

  265. Trump is a symptom of complete meltdown of public judgment in the US. The man is a spoiled brat who never grew up and never will.

  266. There's been reports that the twisted trump tweets come from an android phone and the more sane ones from an iphone. Not meaning to say one phone is better than the other, only that there are two people doing the tweets.
    trump has an android phone, so the twisted tweets are in his character.
    he does not have an iphone.

  267. “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy,” he wrote on Twitter. “Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.”"
    Get used to this good cop, bad cop approach. When he utters something resembling normalcy we are all to jump for joy and with a sigh of relief. But we know for sure the bad cop is just around the corner.

  268. He's seething. Seething. :-D

  269. It seemed obvious to me, after the events of the last two days, that the Trump administration is moving to exclude the traditional news media from the White House - basically to sever relations between the highest reigns of power and impartial reporters, so that President Trump et al. can provide his own reality to his citizens with as little opposition or examination as possible. Very scary.

  270. This is exactly the most ominous thing the Trump White House is doing. Be afraid!

  271. Who are the impartial reporters!!!!!!!!! They do not even exist

  272. With daily small explosions of the President's ego here is what, I think, is likely to result: the Republican Congress will get everything it desires. Why? Ryan and McConnell, seeing the President is simply distracted by his ego will put on his desk an array of legislation which he'll sign because let's face it, he will not be studying anything and as importantly, he loves signing things in publicly dramatic moments. His VP will work hand in glove with the Congressional leadership to hand him pens and America will become Kansas.

  273. It seems that our new president is more concerned with crowd sizes rather than the real job of being president. Too bad his ego has been deflated by the low crowds. Too bad, move on and take it. It is so obvious that the crowds were smaller than Obama's. Get to work. All talk and no action. It's not so easy being president. Alternative facts will be the norm with this administration.

  274. We must support the responsible media, organize resistance and be vigilant. Only acting to protect our civil rights will save them in this awful environment of malevolence and falsehood. God save America.

  275. "Responsible media." lol

  276. Unlike the poor people in Mississippi and Georgia hit by those surprise tornados, everyone saw this coming and should have been ready for it. Personality traits do not change and the Trump who showed up this weekend was not merely the one we've seen campaigning for a couple of years, but the Trump who has used questionable rhetoric, judgment, and business practices for decades. Furthermore, anyone who thinks this state of affairs will improve as Trump "evolves" is a fool - the man is 70 years old and thinks he is the smartest guy in every room - what exactly is going to change?

  277. I don't know who else has brought this up, but with this new administration in such disarray and so unfocused, I am afraid of another 911. I hope the Intelligence community is ignoring its mistreatment by Trump and going about its job of protecting the people of America.
    Those around Trump should put a gag on him until their routine and staff settle in and they have a handle on EVERYBODY'S SAFETY.
    PS I voted (as always) and I marched in DC on Saturday!

  278. Marya - If another 9/11 happens, Trump's team will just tell us that some friends from the Middle East dropped by for a visit.

  279. Marya - why would they bother? They can just sit back and enjoy the show, watching *trump inflict damage they could only dream of!

  280. He is not going to change without psychiatric analysis and treatment. This has been blatantly apparent from the start. "This is going to go downhill quickly." This seems to be an era of alternate reality . . . except it isn't. Sleep walking. People are using Trump as a tool for their own power and attention. A sad lot and the country as a whole pays the price.

  281. The US is a public mental health basket case.

  282. Clearly it was a mistake to take the bait offered up by the media which continuously showed photographs depicting the disparity between the crowd size of President Obama's 2009 inauguration and that of President Trump's 2017 inauguration. The crowds that gathered Saturday only confirm the divisions in the country. We already know that. Now it's time for Trump to produce. I expect he will and few of the Saturday crowd will like it. Most of his supporters will. If the crowds want to accomplish something for their varied causes they had better organize and vote in 2018 and 2020. I still remember my attendance at a huge Madison Square Garden rally for McGovern with A-Listers at the time (Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel. I was sure we'd win. We got swamped by Nixon.

  283. Yes, I recall the trouncing the Democrats took when Nixon defeated McGovern. How quick voters were to buy Nixon's promise of a "secret plan" to end a war in Vietnam he never intended to stop. But when things turned nasty and he was revealed to have spied on his fellow Americans, there was a structure in place to stop him. And Vice President Agnew wasn't allowed to step up, because bribes he took came to light. What worries me now is that should Trump be charged with impeachment for not revealing his taxes (or for what those tax returns reveal) we probably don't have a government with the necessary will to stand up to him. And Pence is an ideologue much in the vein of Agnew, who hated those "nattering nabobs of negativism."

  284. Why should anyone be surprised by what transpired over the weekend. And I'm not referring to country-wide protests, because stuff happens, and rest assured that there are going to many more opportunities for this administration to run off the rails. What concerns me is not how they handled the organized resentment to this man, and the totally expected blow-back by amateurs in charge of getting the word out, but how they handle a truly important crises that is sure to develop. North Korea firing an ICBM into the Pacific, Russia gathering many more tanks on the Ukraine border, China becoming aggressive in the South China Sea. Crowd size won't matter at that point.

  285. Trump cannot and will not be presidential. And anyone who expects anything different is going to be bitterly disappointed. He has already shown us who he is and there no chance of him changing. He does not deserve "another chance" to be presidential. He is unfit for office and his aides are equally unfit. How much more shock can we tolerate?

  286. I am figuring that you never had a high position job, and never said or did anything in a job that was considered a mistake. I am guessing you should have run for President since you are perfect. If you are expecting perfection in the Office of President, you are very delusional. You did not have it before, and you are not going to have it now. About 50% are always going to disagree with the President no matter who is in office . Funny thing is he creates very little policy, since most of it originates in Congress.

  287. Frank - I'm guessing that your own career didn't involve any high level of responsibility either.

    No one is expecting perfection, we do have the right to expect basic competency and an adult demeanor.

  288. Obviously Trumps taxes are a matter of provoking legal difficulties for himself. Otherwise he would release them. As Mr Trump refuses to release his tax statements, I in turn refuse to acknowledge him as America's President. He can take a flying leap into oblivion as far as I'm concerned. The sooner the better.

  289. "I in turn refuse to acknowledge him as America's President."

    But we tolerated draft dodgers and presidents doing antics in the White House.

  290. The office of President better start figuring out what to do soon besides putting up walls in every direction. The world is watching and unless he starts being presidential, support will wane even from his most die hard fans. His fans will slowly start to realize what they have put into office. I just hope we do not lose all credibility as the leader of the free world.

  291. The US has no credibility as a democracy after discarding 3 million votes to declare this disgusting lummox its president.

  292. Bella--CREDIBILITY is already gone. It's too late. Not a president. Never trump

  293. Good comment, Bella, though I'm much more concerned about the immediate harm that this administration will do at home than I am about our international standing.

  294. Rocky first weekend for all citizens of the world.

    Trump et al have ushered in an era of "Alt-Reality."

    Please Trump admin. it's been less than 72 hours.

    The administration's gross misrepresentations, distortions, divisiveness and combativeness do not bode well.

  295. Same goes for the media. Liars everywhere.

  296. By standing in front of a monument to people who gave their lives in service of their country (a level of sacrifice which he seems pathologically incapable of understanding!), only to complain about the media's reporting of his inauguration turnout, he continues to show a level of disrespect that began in the primaries with his comments about the Khan family and John McCain ("I like people who weren't shot down"). It horrifies me that this man may now be in a position in which he is called upon to send others to die, seemingly in service to his own fragile, pathetic ego. As his only substantial background prior to the election was in television, he seems to insist that it's all about the ratings...can't wait to see what he's going to do for Sweeps Week.

  297. Newt Gingrich is right that Americans will be asking themselves if they're better off. But they're going to start by asking about health insurance in 2017.

  298. I'd be cautions about trusting anything Newt Gingrich says. He has a long history of flouting the conservative values he espouses.

  299. Obama left our healthcare system in shambles so Trump's team has to unravel the mess.

  300. And they will get a positive response about their health insurance.

  301. Everyone keeps wishing there was more to Trump. That he will "pivot", that he will get focused on serious issues and get to work, that he will not get distracted with challenges to his popularity, and on and on. But...this is who he is. People at 70 generally don't change fundamental aspects of their personality and ways of doing things. And particularly so for President Trump.

  302. Intelligent comment. But you need to go beyond the obvious that 70-year-old-men rarely experience epiphanies and transform their very personas. The explosive personal defensiveness is a part of Trump every bit as much as vacillation and ineffectiveness at decision-making was to Barack Obama, a much younger man. The relevant point lies BEYOND that about him, which was well-known before he was elected. That point is what will he now do to cause our governance to be effective again and to make America great again?

  303. This is a man who has never had to work for anyone but himself, and like a prince, has been surrounded by people enabling him and paying for his mistakes all of his life. He seems so supremely immature and untested to me. America broke away from Britain precisely so we would not have to answer to royalty anymore.

  304. He won't because he can't. Over and over he excoriates a well known person who does his or her best for our country. I did not study psychology but believe there is a word to describe Trump's behavior, other than wealthy.