‘Homeland’ Season 6, Episode 1: Carrie’s a Civilian — and a Brooklynite

Things aren’t so happy though, despite the nice brownstone, and the return of Quinn.

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  1. "how ... has managed to procure herself such a nice piece of real estate"

    This New Yorker says... the old-fashioned way: money left to Carrie by her previous-season-deceased father.

  2. The episode was a bit of a mess...quite flat for the first 30 minutes. Last season had a more compelling start.

  3. Possibly. Also note how it's on a block with more decrepit buildings (Carrie passed one with boarded up windows), and the stove doesn't work. It's a fixer-upper in a gentrifying nabe, I think we're supposed to feel. So while it obviously cost some bucks, it probably wasn't a multi-million dollar purchase. It was "an opportunity"--a deal of sorts for Carrie.

  4. Quinn was always one of my favorite characters. (What a good actor he is!) That being said, I found this episode boring and not compelling enough to watch the whole season. Sometimes seeing characters again after an absence is terrific, but this time it is just bleh.

  5. Slow 48 minutes cause you to give up on the whole season. Great attention span!

  6. One episode and you're out?

  7. Well between last season and the start of this one... probably out!

  8. The President-Elect is played by Elizabeth Marvel (not "Elizabeth Keane".

  9. I think Elizabeth Keane is the character's name.

  10. Elizabeth Keane is the character's name

  11. Really good opening...
    interesting characters, plots,
    creates curiosity about how
    their lives will develop.
    TV at its best...like the
    opening of a novel with
    great visuals.

  12. The President-Elect seems to be an amalgam of Hillary and Donald since the writers didn't know who would win the election when the show was written - the character is like a female Donald Trump in many ways.

  13. Otto is a bad guy. There is something extremely fishy about his altruism. For that reason, he seems to want Carrie close to him in the hope that she won't notice his inconsistencies and white lies turning into bold-face secrets.

    This entire season will have as a plot thread how long it takes CArrie to realize the truth about Otto.

  14. I'm not sure I'll be able to get past the female president-elect. The producers clearly assumed they were cashing in on real-life destiny. Seems they weren't the only ones to be surprised.

    So Quinn's in the basement. Just like Noah Solloway. Doesn't Carrie watch any television - particularly other Showtime dramas?

  15. without doubt, so was I.

  16. I wasn't impressed with this episode. Hope it gets better.

  17. lol i thought the same thing when Carrie entered her flat. I assumed she managed to put some money away, but you are probably correct in your assumption of Otto. So glad this is back! Definitely the best thing on TV

  18. Wasn't the POTUS elect running against Frank Underwood on House of Cards?

  19. You are correct. Funny how they brought her over to Homeland as the POTUS.

  20. Poor Quinn. My favorite character (Rupert Friend is fantastic), but he's become a chew toy for the show. Hope the writers change their tack. I miss the Mighty Quinn!

  21. As one of my favorite shows I was really looking forward to the new season. Frankly I wasn’t overwhelmed and in fact somewhat disappointed. Saul and Quinn have always been my favorite characters. I think we all assumed Quinn was alive but to find him in such a poor condition was downright depressing. And Saul ? I mean, is he and Dar best friends or something now? Carrie (not surprisingly) is off once again, starting over in a sense, driving down another new road. It’s been clear to me for a while – but reaffirmed late night - Otto is a really just a rich dirt with all sorts of nefarious agendas. Bottom line, I found the season opening episode, slow and fairly boring. Going forward, I hope the plots become more interesting and compelling, drawing me in, whereby I look forward to watching the entire season.

  22. Heck, we should all be happy that we got through an episode without the pouty face and tears (ok, she came close). That was, in and of itself, refreshing!

  23. There was pouty face.

  24. Otto is super rich, so he must be bad. I would hope NY Times readers would be more worried about how Harry Reid got so rich on the govt dole vs Carrie's ability to buy a brownstone. I believe the CIA pays key personnel far more that reps from the far from great state of Nevada.

  25. Glad to see my friends back: Carrie, Quinn, Saul (not Dar).

    But the episode suffered for a decided lack of dramatic tension (somewhat expected on US soil). I'm hoping there is an upswing.

    I'll hang in of course!

  26. "How I hoped that Quinn would respond to Tommy’s jeer of “Dancing Queen” by drawing the thief near, faux-fumbling for his disability money, all the better to strike in a signature Quinn move, and take his revolting attacker out," is exactly what I was thinking as I watched that scene.

  27. It is surprising that Homeland did not have an answer for Trump's election. If the producers had had the foresight to plan accordingly, this would have been a very interesting interpretive experience for Showtime.

  28. The allure of Quinns character was obviously his good looks. His loyalty , decisiveness , and being slightly mysterious. That is all gone. We have a vulnerable shell of a character. It's very depressing to watch.

  29. No kidding. I don't think I can watch a whole season with Quinn like this.

  30. It is too painful for me to watch Quinn in his diminished capacity and being taken advantage of by heartless people. I think I will have to abandon the series.

  31. Homeland's first season was unique, provocative, and brilliant.

    Since then it's just become another boring and uninteresting show that has long since worn out it's welcome (kind of like House of Cards).

  32. I've watched Homeland from the beginning. This is the first time that real life events related to the CIA make for better drama than what the series presents, at least based on this first episode of the new season. Wish it was the other way around, you know, like Homeland used to be.

  33. How does Quinn qualify for treatment at a VA hospital? wasn't he always part of some shady sub-organization within the CIA? and last season, he didn't even officially exist as that, remember. They paid him under the table.

  34. My initial thought is that Sekou Bah will become the new Quinn. Remember when we learned about Quinn's past and how Dar brought him in? A street kid, out of alignment with society, etc. I think Bah may strike a deal with CIA to get out of his legal issue.

  35. I want Carrie to randomly run into Brody's daughter who is now, I imagine, an NYU PoliSci/International Relations double major, living with a Middle Eastern man. And, Quinn must heal.

  36. No Brody daughter!! No!!!!

  37. I tried getting into Homeland after a friend suggested I watch it. Liked Damien Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Moreno Bakula. The scripts amped up the drama with all types of improbable turns and twists and sexual entanglements. At it's core, though, the show is merely a sophisticated form of terrorism porn, which explains its popularity in the United States. Should have hooked me, too, but could not and cannot stand Claire Dane's terrible, terrible acting. Maybe that's why others watch it though. It's so terrible its compelling.

  38. Worth mentioning: Without a word, without seeing what she did, Carrie got the corrupt VA worker to tell her Quinn's location at the House of Thieves. I assume Carrie did this in her own Carrie way. Love it!

  39. Showtime never knows when to reel in their series. it should of stopped at season 5 which was pretty good. There is so much other good stuff to watch I think I will skip this season.

  40. I love reading your column the morning after each episode airs. I had to laugh at your comment about "...the oddly unattractive cut of her pants," when referring to Madam President (Elect's!) style. If I remember correctly, it was Alison's awkward hemline that raised the red flags for you about her, eventually. I love it - the sartorialist for spies!

  41. Ha! First thing I said. Love this: "Fess up: is there a single New Yorker — current or former — who watched this episode without wondering how Carrie, with her past career in government and nonprofit salary, now has managed to procure herself such a nice piece of real estate?"