Trump, on YouTube, Pledges to Create Jobs

Reading from a script in an update on the transition, the president-elect struck a softer tone, avoiding topics like terrorism and immigration.

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  1. So it looks like we'll be getting a series of scripted statements with no room for questioning for the next 4 years.

  2. We are blessed to be retired and to have a bit of a nest egg in a 401K. We will pull a good chunk out before the New Year, and another good chunk after January 1 and put that money in an FDIC-insured savings account. We will also make it a point to continue to use the power of our purse as our meagre weapon against policies that we don't like. I have a feeling that the next four years are going to be pretty bleak in terms of our spending, other than forking out for whatever increases we face with my wife's health insurance until such time as she qualifies for Medicare, IF Medicare survives.

  3. You realize, of course, that Ryan has set this March as his target date for beginning the "phase-out" of Medicare........

  4. Since I no longer care what this maniac does, I am fairly certain he will create jobs. Just not in the United States. Given that he owns 100 businesses in 18 foreign countries and has already been wheeling and dealing with leaders in the countries where his businesses are located, go ahead America. Tell us how this is "normal" and how this guy who refused to disclose his tax records is now courting his business associates in India, England, Russia and China.

    Get your visas and your passports ready. Herr Trump will make sure if you are deported, those deportations include jobs in cheap labor countries.

  5. The internet has the potential to "democratize" information, but there is a difference between "information" and "fact", as well as a difference between "fact" and "truth". Like all technologies it is a two-edged sword. It can just as easily serve the purposes of limiting information by denying anyone the standing to ask difficult questions. The ability to ask follow-up questions, to test statements in an adversarial forum, is critical to the ability to separate truth from self-serving story-telling. This is as true in the public political sphere as in a courtroom. This is a dangerous trend that the media needs to fight against.

  6. You can't get to the difference between fact and truth until you can at least get to fact. You can't get truth out of lies.

    What the Internet allows is the widespread and unfiltered dissemination of data. Too many people now accept any data as information, and then assume it to be fact. We even had people supporting Trump say they didn't care about facts!

    The Internet is a tool. It can't limit information or deny anyone the ability to ask difficult questions. Only people using it can do that.

    The fight starts at home and in our schools. More than ever, we need to teach our children how to analyze data to extract information, and how to analyze information to determine fact from fiction. It's difficult, because so many of us never learned that ourselves.

  7. I'm no Trump fan. And I agree with the idea that response, exchange, give and take are essential. But how is it that the media we call "social" are the ones Robert charges with lacking this interactive dimension while he implies that "traditional" media inherently possess it?

  8. Because the truly traditional media are professionals, usually educated and trained as journalists. Social media is anyone with an online account who wants to voice an opinion. It is the professional aspect informing response, exchange, give and take that is important. With social media, there seems to be a tacit assumption that all sources of data and information are equal. If one doesn't possess the ability to sift reality from that flood, then one has to hope to find media professional enough to provide help in a reasonably thorough and unbiased manner. Understand, though, that no human can be completely unbiased. Frankly, I don't care if I can detect your bias if I trust that the information you have reported are the facts and all of the facts you can possibly discover.

  9. It is not a coincidence that this video was released hours after the meeting between Trump and the media. This was a warning shot to the media that he will use alternative means of direct communication with the population and to prove that he can get his version of the truth out, despite anything that is otherwise reported. And this is a terrifying prospect if the networks feel that he is threatening their revenue stream and start to fall in line with him. Plain and simple, he is bullying the press. We will shortly see how much backbone they have to stand up to a tyrant.

  10. To Alan,

    Slight correction - there is "one version" of the truth. Anything else is opinion or lies.

  11. I don't think he is bullying the press at all! The media has shown its true colors in the past election cycle and they all lost! If I were Trump i would not trust them either. The media has been extremely biased against him - especially CNN and the NYT. When are we going to have a media that really covers issues objectively? Kudos to Trump for using YouTube to communicate directly to WE THE PEOPLE!

  12. my guess, not much....

  13. Ari Fleischer interprets and you print it? More partisanship from a person who needs work for his enterprise. Trump continues to mislead and misdirect and he hasn't been sworn in. Inept appointees will be followed by misguided policies. He has no ideas and no ideals. What will his followers get? A Supreme Court that will restrict individual liberties, bad air and opportunities to buy Trump goods on the Home Shopping Newwork. Bahhhhhh. Bahhhhhh. Bahhhhhhhh.

  14. Do not EVER show me and the rest of America a video of Trump. Why can't he speak in person? Why is the media making more exceptions with Trump than they have ever done? No. I do not except this as normal and never will.

  15. You are serious?

  16. Trump on youtube speaking of the "homeland," Ari Fleisher adding his two cents. Ugh. It is not fascinating, just sad as can be, scary too. I am sure Trump will be a font of wisdom and maturity when he visits the Times, just like always.

  17. Up next: State of the Union address on his sponsor buddy's Thiel facebook(c) account.....To all media: avoid reportage of his nonsense on youtube, twitter, etc., let him sulk in his own sauce of being ignored.

  18. Providing presidential elect updates via YouTube is straight out of 1984...or the Wizard of Oz.

  19. Those who would counter Mr. Trump should try to understand his appeal first, rather than looking for causes of his success outside the man (demographics, lack of education, racism, etc.).

  20. Media could meet Trump halfway if they sought a healing of American polarization. As if dogging him for everything he says and does isn't sufficient, this scales a new low in dogging him for not mentioning other issues.

    After jeering him in such a juvenile fashion all year long, the press can hardly be surprised they're not on his A-list of pals.

    The "new traditionalism" you created so you can jump on him for doing things his way is bewildering. If you want change, reform, American job safety and ridding DC of vested interests, then this could be the best opportunity in our lifetimes for getting those underway.

  21. Nice!
    Trump bypasses hysterical leftist communist media - issues statements directly to America!
    How refreshing.
    Cue liberal media hypocrite outrage...

  22. It's as refreshing as a trip to the Soviet Union would be. Or rather, make that chilling.

  23. So you are happy with a president who takes no questions, offers no explanations and communicates like a spoiled teenager?

  24. Two and a half minutes - but where's the beef? Every pol in America says that job creation is a top priority - so HOW is he planning on doing this? If there is no one to ask questions, he doesn't have to say.

  25. "Trump hints at a creating fascist government by castigating press then releasing video with no questions allowed".

    There, fixed your headline for you.

    Press: please do your job and hold this man accountable.
    We have a 1st Amendment for a reason. Our presidency is not a dictatorship. Where are our press conferences where questions and concerns from We the People are heard?

    Between this and his bullying of the news networks yesterday, he is clearly giving our 1st Amendment the finger and this must be called out!

  26. Thank you NYMOM - you couldn't have said it better.

  27. But when Republicans own the other two branches of government, they have a green light and all the constitutional tools they need right up to the next general election to essentially terminate this constitutional republic.

  28. Trump is very clever, he never makes himself available to answer questions.
    *How will be bring back coal mining jobs?
    *Whats his plan to defeat ISIS?
    *Won't cutting taxes and spending $1Trillion increase the deficit and debt?
    *What will increased coal consumption due to the air and environment?

    If a sucker is born every minute, Trump has cornered the market.

  29. A YouTube Video. Good-bye press conferences where he has to deal with intelligent people asking him to account to the public.

    Instead the media falls for the "play" to visit him, behind closed doors, and then Breitbart and Drudge run "stories" about how he cowed the media.

    When will you ever learn? Where are the stories of his job creation magic? His tax returns? The fraud perpetrated in the name of Trump University? His pay for play presidency?

  30. He's not even President yet. We still have the failing Obama doing nothing.

  31. Inclusive tone? How about delusionary tone. His ideas are fantasy. Coal jobs and steel jobs aren't coming back. Unregulated fracking is a nightmare waiting to happen. Which regulations are so un-important that he needs to get rid of them? The seatbelt law perhaps? Clean Air/Water? Vaccination before hospital workers care for patients?

    No mention of the rise in hate crimes. No disavowal of the "Alt-right" (aka white nationialists/neo nazis).

    I had a moment's hope after the election that he would appoint sane responsible people to steward the country. His staff picks disabused me of that notion. This man does not want to lead the US, he wants to rule his own fiefdom. Four years of Toupees for all! Let's hope he gets bored/scared once he actually has to do real work and quits. Pence is a nasty little zealot but at least he's not an unpredictable toddler.

  32. He mentioned the hate crimes. He said "stop it".

    Problem solved.

  33. I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare.

  34. Unfortunately, you're going to be well-rested.

  35. I would never watch this appalling man.

  36. I'll never watch him on YouTube either IP.
    Let's be candid about this. Trump would not be able to handle a conventional press conference and if the media kowtows to him on this we as a country are going to be even more lost than we are.

  37. Me too. I turn him off whenever he speaks. I'll get my information from other sources than his lying mouth.

  38. He is an insult to the eyes, to the brain, and to the soul. An embarrassment at the very least. Goal 1: ignore this Lunatic and his Lunatic team - what passes here now as 'leadership.' Goal 2: find my daily information via competent media (global) - and so happy I can read various European languages.

  39. I'm a skeptical citizen and I wan't to know what he's going to do about: 1) reducing greenhouse gases 2) protecting the oceans and aquifers from oil spills 3) getting Americans (especially wealthy dodgers like himself) to pay their taxes while closing offshore tax havens 4) business men of his ilk who export jobs to lower their labor costs 5) reducing income inequality, and not with only a small raise in the minimum wage.
    Everyone? Will he work with those millions and millions of us who have these concerns?

  40. Speaking of taxes, will we ever see Trump's tax returns? Come on people, insists that Trump show the citizens of the US what his past business dealings were and with whom. Stop giving him a pass. We have the right to know.

  41. Bea, we have no "right" to see a private citizens tax return.
    Frankly, after having one leaked by the august NYT, why should any more be revealed?
    Would you do the same?

  42. @Tony: In answer to your questions:

    1) nothing. 2) nothing. 3) nothing. 4) nothing. 5) nothing.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  43. "Others appear to be overblown political hyperbole, like his promise in the video to “cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy — including shale energy and clean coal — creating many millions of high-paying jobs.”
    This is editorializing within a news story and demonstrates reasons why the press is held in so little regard. We have no reason to believe that the reporters have a better grasp on things than Mr Trump. They have moved into the arena of speculation and then try to pass it off as news with the complicit help of the editor.

  44. Good to see that the NYT still doesn't get it.

  45. Shame on reporters for being skeptical about something Trump says when it flies in the face of reality! Their job is just to report uncritically what the man says, no matter how fanciful. That's what the press is supposed to do in this new version of the US.

  46. I encourage you to look into Mr. Trump's background. It is clear that you haven't. Mr. Trump has a pattern of hyperbole and deceit and abusive business practices that stretches all the way through his career as a businessman. This is not editorializing, these are facts upon which you would be wise to base your judgement upon.

  47. I love that Mr. Trump uses YouTube and other social media outlets to communicate directly with the world. Best of luck Mr. Trump we are all counting on you.

  48. "Best of luck Mr. Trump we are all counting on you".

    That is the definition of optimism, or is it denial? Since when would anybody consider a businessman good at what he does, who refused to pay his workers, filed for 6 bankruptcies and hides his tax returns? What you can count on his more of the same. When people show you who they are, believe them.

  49. What are you counting on him to do? What evidence do you have that he will do anything for you (or anyone else in the country). What will you do when/if he breaks all his promises?

  50. Stella, Time to move forward with our new President. Or you can refuse and wish him bad luck. Your choice.

  51. In 1984, George Orwell described a dystopian society where the leader, Big Brother, posted video addresses which were broadcasted to every person. It was unclear whether he even really existed. Yes, President Obama used social media. He also had press conferences, gave interviews to journalists, and was subject to vociferous questioning about every thing he did. Are we justifying this behavior? Should we all be getting prepared for the video addresses of our very own Big Brother?

  52. Obama did those, yes ... when he was President.

    Trump can be compared or contrasted to Obama after the end of January. Cut him some slack.

    Obama was rarely, over eight years. subject to anything vociferous from the press. Largely, he was given a pass for nearly everything, and we justified that behavior out of courtesy for the office and, frankly, the uniqueness of the Obama Presidency.

    Trump has already been shown virtually no respect, and he hasn't taken the oath.

  53. This is an absurd comparison - reference to 1984 makes no sense - in the novel the proles have no other choice than Bib Bro. When President Trump shuts down NBC and CBS and ABC (he may well shut down PBS and NPR, though) then you can start to worry. This id NOT Turkey!

  54. I guess you missed the 60 minutes interview he did a week ago then?

  55. When Trump says he'll lift restrictions on energy production, he means he'll end environmental regulations on the extraction of fossil fuels. Lowering the cost of producing coal, oil, and natural gas further distorts a market skewed by the externalities of burning fossil fuels.

    Increased fossil-fuel production is a dead-end policy. If Trump wants to show true leadership and vision, he should embrace the transition to non-carbon fuels immediately. That is the best course for both the climate and the economy.

  56. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Trump's vow to fight corruption will play out if he does not build a wall to separate his presidential duties, obligations and responsibilities from his business interests.

  57. Shades of George Orwell's "1984"! I think we need a press conference with questions asked!

  58. One of the first things dictators do is try to control the media. Be vigilant! I fear this is just the beginning of bad things to come.

  59. With every passing day Trump comes off as a third world dictator. God help us.

  60. I was, for a split second, tempted to think this was kind of cool, the big guy talking to the little people directly. But honestly, it's freakishly Big Brother. (Who knew that when revealed, Big Brother would look like a character from the Capitol on Hunger Games?) All those soothing lies. Do people really think Trump is in his bedroom, talking to his computer, without a script, make up artists, camera crew? It IS propaganda, fed to the masses through their great feeding trough - the internet. Trump doesn't want to go to traditional news sources because they actually ask questions. Well, I have been teaching my students that you can't use YouTube as a valid source, so nothing changed there.

  61. And to think that Trump mocked President Obama for using a teleprompter! Trump has to read someone else's script just for a brief PR bit assuring us he is serious.

  62. YouTube is an easy way for Trump to bypass the media, which will not relate unaltered his unique patter that conned 60 million Americans into voting for him, thinking he'll do anything that does not serve his own financial and narcissistic interests.

    Meanwhile, he and other billionaires will attempt to muzzle the free press with spurious libel lawsuits that will cause editors to self-censor or risk their organization's financial viability. He will appoint sympathetic Supreme Court justices so that the last recourse is also, um, rigged.

    Great start to what promises to be a pitched battle for what American values actually are. It's hard to have faith that the Constitution will be sufficient protection from this onslaught of oligarchs, but what choice do we have?

  63. ...and the story below this article:

    "Trump cancels meeting with the Times".

    This video is propaganda.
    This approach is fascist.

    Our democracy is at stake and he must be called out. Now.
    Call him out!!!

  64. Trump is incapable of appearing before reporters who will insist on details or dare to point out lies and distortions. So we can expect four years of scripted YouTube infotainment instead of press conferences. By the way, if you Google "how to remove lies from YouTube" it changes the search to "how to remove lice from YouTube."

  65. "Others appear to be overblown political hyperbole, like his promise in the video to “cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy — including shale energy and clean coal — creating many millions of high-paying jobs.”"

    I'm not sure what is worse: that that sounds like "overblown political hyperbole", or that Trump and the anti-planet GOP now have these existentially dangerous acts within easy reach and thus not so overblown at all.

  66. To everyone in America who voted for Trump, take stock of what promises he has made over the past 18 months and come back in 4 years to see what actually transpires (I urge the NYT to do the same). A few of these promises include:

    - Withdraw from TPP and renegotiate better trade deals
    - Dismantle the EPA and remove "job-killing" legislation
    - Drop out of Paris climate accord
    - Build a wall across our Southern border and have Mexico pay for it
    - Impose a ban on Muslims entering this country
    - Kick out all illegal immigrants currently in this country
    - Spend $1T on infrastructure projects
    - Create 25M jobs over 10 years and grow economy 4% per year
    - Repeal Obamacare (while providing insurance to the 20 million people who gained insurance through Obamacare, keeping the pre-existing condition provision, and at the same time, making health care more affordable)
    - Defeat ISIS
    - Reduce violence in inner cities
    - Lower taxes for all corporations and individuals
    and finally... Trump will release his tax returns when the IRS has completed its audit

    If he doesn't fulfill his promises, who will you blame? Will Trump still be the savior he claims to be?

  67. change "come back in 4 years" to "come back in 2 years". Democrats traditionally do not turn out for midyear elections. There are a number of Democratic Senate seats up for election at the midterm in 2018. If you want to strike back for the reasons you list, get out the vote for 2018. Hold your nose and vote for Democrats.

    Be there.

  68. Also, importantly, we must never forget the way he behaved during the campaign and before, as the "birther" who then blamed it on the Clintons. We must never allow that degree of character assassination, abject lying and bullying to be normalized.

    Do not forget, whatever "tone" he uses now, who he is.

  69. Tweeter and Youtube? Those are Presidential comunications? Can one of Trump's acolytes please jump in here and justify his aversion to Press Conferences?

    I smell cowardice. Trump doesn't know what he doesn't know, but he does know that an actual Press Conference would reveal that he is in way over his depth. Tweets and infomercials avoid Reporter's inconvenient questions.

    Reading Steve's Bannon's words off of a Teleprompter. What a pathetic. empty suit.

  70. Softer tone? I think leaving things out he in no way disavows while calling for wholesale deregulation hardly constitutes a softening. The phony jobs promise is straight out of Steve Bannon's playbook. Kellyanne Conway's promises of diversity in staffing is smoke and mirrors. And the cancellation of the Times meeting is pure manipulation.

  71. If does the things he said he will do on the video, and drops the controversial stuff he campaigned on, he will have a 70+ percent approval rating and win 40 states in 2020. Maybe they will even put him in on Mount Rushmore, though it is unclear whether anyone could carve a stone version of that hair.

  72. remember when republicans used to say govt doesn't create wealth and jobs, the private sector does? Ah, but trump is a populist with blind faith himself...not a republican. I can't wait to watch all this play out.

  73. ..."more inclusive tone"? He hired a racist/bigot now with a door down the hall from the Oval Room, giving likeminded hate groups national TV time. Instead of squelching hate, Trump has given them a voice. It does not matter what his YouTube speech may lead viewers to believe. The reality comes from his actions and we see where that is going....

  74. Ending TPP is playing right into the hands of the Chinese. Are you sure that's what you want? It's what you voted for. Now how about that wall that got him so many mention?

  75. "Me First" doesn't work in our world today

  76. These informercials make me long for Ron Popeil. If we could get the "new" Pocket Fisherman out of this mess we'd at least have something.

  77. BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump’s detailed economic and environmental plan

    After years spent tilting at windmills, Don vows to bring them back to America’s landscape to grind grains. “This will create badly needed jobs all over the country, that were lost decades ago due to automation. We firmly believe that we will provide opportunities for good, hard-working Americans to turn the grinding wheels themselves because, as everyone knows, the wind ain’t blowing all the time.” A senior economic advisor, Sancho Panza, criticized his plan and suggested that providing green energy would be a better use of windmills - especially in the context of global warming - but he was quickly deported to Mexico. (He also faces a lifetime bar from working for American interests, due to his lobbying ties to China.)

    Rich white supremacists rumored to endorse the plan, according to people familiar with the transition process (they were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the matter publicly). “Don is keeping his promises to the American people. We see a clear future where our friends and us own windmills and make grinding wheels to sell organic flour. America is becoming great again.” The president-elect office could not be reached for comment on twitter.

    This is fake news. Do not share on your favorite social network, as it may alter the readers’ sense of reality.

  78. Couldn't get past the headline. YouTube? And won't take questions from journalists? YouTube as the Roman balcony of our day.

  79. He gets it. Our kids get their news on social media, YouTube videos going viral feed into these news portals. Trump realizes convention media is not going to reach the future of this country. Just like Bernie who got zero press coverage and his supporters livestreamed his rallies and speeches to as many as 11 million viewers simultaneously. These supporters didn't care that the media outlets like NYT did not carry Bernie's messages, yet his word got through far and wide, to distant lands. Majority of democrats abroad voted for Bernie in the primaries. That proved that the liberal media hijacked by Hillary cult like supporters had zero influence on those who wanted the Democratic Party to change course, who wanted to reject status quo.

  80. Apparently many Sanders' supporters cared about the lack of coverage because they are still harping on it.

    Maybe this is their way of avoiding the worrying news about what Trump, the President-elect is doing?

  81. Your celebration of such use of media is misguided. Older news sources, at the very least, are vetted to some degree. Were you paying attention to the NYT on fake news articles? How are young people going to learn to sift through what is "real" on places youtube vs what is fabrication, propaganda. If we get our news that way, then we can believe nothing. Direct lies don't make them any less lies.

  82. Bernie Sanders' campaign was covered extensively by all media -- traditional and otherwise, speaking as someone who does not use social media. He was interviewed and handled with the utmost respect by all journalists.

  83. Trump is approaching his new job in a cowardly fashion. He hides behind social media while refusing to face questions and scrutiny. It is odd, or perhaps it is the bully factor, that one that talks so tough is also afraid to defend his own words in a press conference.

  84. The fear comes from not having a clue about what he is talking about. He is more a press secretary than a president. The press will never get details because he doesn't have a clue how anything in government works other than making donations to politicians for tax breaks.

  85. And exactly how many press conferences has Obama held where reporters were able to question him? In eight years, very few and far fewer than his predecessors

  86. So the propaganda campaign begins. There is nothing normal happening here. Will the press and reporters fold to the tactics of intimidation now being unleashed against them and join the regime?

  87. The best thing about YouTube is that you don't have to answer questions from those pesky reporters about your conflicts of interest, why your unelected daughter was in a meeting with a foreign leader, specifically how you're going to accomplish 'making America great,' or why you have white supremacists in your cabinet.

    American people, refuse to accept a YouTube president.

  88. For a man who supposedly received an Ivy league education and is well travelled Trump comes across a babbling ignoramus with a limited vocabulary. He would give an address where there is no opportunity to question him.

    The fact Trump met with the American media yesterday to whine about "unfair coverage" should send chills down the spine of Americans. The man has the mentality of a child.

    Trump won the presidency because he preyed on the fears and prejudices of desperate people. He promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US and he told Appalachia he would revive the coal mining industry. He can do neither. You cannot turn the clock back on innovation and technology. If Trump were serious and he cared about these workers he would have told them the truth. He would have proposed comprehensive job and education programs to ensure those left behind/displaced could transition into new jobs.

    The singlest biggest thing the US can do to improve the life of millions is to ensure full and equal access to healthcare for all citizens.

    Trump will use the office of the presidency to enact policies which enrich himself. He pulled off the biggest con of his life. What is even sadder is half the American populace voted for him.

  89. I agree, he is surprisingly poorly educated. I wonder if he has ADD? Nearly 2 million more people voted for the other person. He knows it, too.

    I won't listen to YouTube videos from this supposed president- he must engage with the Fourth Estate. But, what would anyone expect from a man who espouses grabbing women by the "pu***," wishes to prohibit freedom of religion, disparages Gold Star parents, mocks disabled journalists, hangs with the Stalinesque Putin, thinks that entire nationalities are rapists, is setting up his family for an illicit non-blinded money grab, and who wants to put a Breitbart anti-anything-not-a-privileged-white-male supremacist clown in the White House?

    I am thankful that the formerly publicly quasi-pornographic wife won't be in our nation's beautiful White House- perhaps she at least vaguely realizes how impossibly far over both of their heads this thing is? The contrast with the highly educated and erudite Mrs. Obama is more than anyone could take.

    YouTube? He is afraid of being challenged. His Hamilton remarks and his dressing down the press yesterday should induce terror in our hearts as he tries to control his clueless message. I believe that he has no idea how much he does not know. I already see the press legitimizing.

    He will be the most negatively disruptive President of all time. I continue to be apoplectic.

    Give him a chance? Who makes fun of disabled people and Gold Star families?

  90. More reliance on shale energy and coal? Lord help us.

  91. How can any reasonable person take anything that Mr. Trump has to say seriously? How can any reasonable person believe that Mr. Trump truly wants a better America for ALL Americans? Mr. Trump has the self-proclaimed leader of the alt-right movement as his chief advisor! Hello? The alt-right is merely a clean-cut version of white supremacy, making themselves more palatable and photogenic for a wider audience. And this is supposed to make America great again? This is only going to lead to more hate crimes, more retaliation, more protesting and more division. This is truly a sad time for America.

  92. Hold a press conference and stop with the so-called "social media". You are an adult, but who am I kidding, of course he isn't. Jobs do not appear out of thin air and nor can we go back to yesterday's economy. If we could, someone would be making whalebone corsets.

    Disgusting behavior, inability to tell the truth, self-centered and, the worst, an inability to admit a mistake. Hopefully, his own party will call him to task, but they don't hold much hope either as they have done nothing for the last six years but obstruct, lie and tarnish a perfectly good man and his family.

  93. Trump is scared of facing the media and having to answer unscripted questions on his feet. To the media, if you don't your job in the next two months, and maintain an adversarial relationship with Trump, you will get used again, and fail to deliver to the public what is needed: facts and truth.

  94. Using social media to communicate with the country is a great way to get young people interested in politics. If anything important happens, your ten-year-old will be the first one to know.

    President Snapchat may be on to something here.

  95. Trump elected to highlight an economic agenda for his first video. That's what got him elected. There will surely follow more substance on how this will be accomplished and more attention to other issues he has already cited for early action such as Obamacare, executive actions to eliminate President Obama's executive actions. Meanwhile the Democratic party ( Senator Schumer and Sanders excepted) seem fixated on the Alt-right. This is not a phantom but really a fringe like the Alt-left who promote violent revolution. The Republicans did not carry Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, not to mention Florida and North Carolina because of an outpouring of support from the Alt-right. Democrats need a laser focus on economic unrest in all races and regions of the nation. New leaders are needed, not the same old tired faces without a fresh message. Attacking Trump non-stop is not a message, at least not one that can regain the House, Senate and White House.

  96. No, Trump did not outline plans for his first hundred days of presidency.
    Trump read a prepared speech that someone else wrote.
    The content of that speech, means nothing to Trump.

    Mike Pence will be responsible for all Domestic Policy decisions.
    Pence will be responsible for all Foreign Policy decisions.

    Trump will be off being very busy, making America great again. (And selling Trump merchandise.)

  97. Yes, and I pledge to single handedly make my extended family's entire Thanksgiving dinner without taking a single sip of wine. The proof will be in the pudding, pun intended. Clearly there is no way that my dinner is going to happen like that, just like his pledge won't.

    I'm trying to be patient and give Mr. Trump time but the absolute displays of the last several weeks do not inspire my confidence. Is his first step to convince all our allies to swap in new ambassadors to make all new trade alliances and therefore new jobs for all? Possibly he and Nigel have a "top secret" plan?

  98. It is pretty much impossible to disagree with anything he says on that video, unless you are part of the problem and not in the asset column. And, those of us who supported him knowing A. He could defeat Hillary and B. He would repeal Obamacare, are going to hold him to B.

  99. Then how is it that Clinton has won the vote?

  100. cjhsa: Keep laughing! You're going to need it as you "hold him to [his promises].

  101. Trump is that very rare, presidential-elect coward, who is too afraid to address a room full of inquiring intelligent journalists. He's not good at thinking on his feet, or thinking, period. The GOP hasn't been able to come up with an alternate health insurance system to Obamacare. I don't think Trump's added brain power is going to boost their chances.

  102. Perhaps predictably, there are no subtitles on the video so deaf and hearing impaired people can have access to the content. Not that Mr. Trump has a track record of respecting the disabled. I can only hope the Department of Justice will ensure that the Trump Administration complies with the Americans With Disability Act--few things will please me more than the lawsuits titled "The United States of America v. Donald Trump".

  103. Trump is too much of a coward to face the press and respond to real questions. It's time to delete fake news youtube! Trump, and his entire family, should be indicted for corruption.

  104. This column's editorializing of the video clearly illustrates why Mr. Trump is circumventing the established media outlets. This article skews and maligns almost every word of Mr. Trump.

    It is not just a video but a "informercial-style video", which is absurd as there is absolutely no similarity

    His words were not merely read from a script but rather he delivered "highly-scripted".

    As to whether Mr. Trump would be able to negotiate bi-lateral trade deals the writers says that this coming to pass will be "in the eyes of the beholder" ...I don't even know what to say to this one

    The authors are also unhappy that this one particular message did not include items that they seem to be demanding as having been necessarily included when they write the "most interesting thing about the video was what he did not say...",

    Is this an example of what is coming as a result of Arthur Sulzberger's letter to readers stating a commitment to remove bias from reporting at the NYT.?

    BTW, this is not my first complaint of this note. The NYT staff has previously deemed that they should not be posted

  105. Then why not hold a live press conference and let the public hear the questions and his answers unfiltered? The man made a lot of promises in the last 18 months and he is being sworn in in less than 2 months. Grow up.

  106. To the contrary, the only story that matters here is not what Trump read off his prepared script but his refusal to participate in the traditional press conference and his fascist attempt to YouTube a one-way communication, thereby sidesteppig his responsibility as POTUS-elect to respond to legitimate questioning and oversight from our free press. This is unprecedented in American history and should be a red flag for all American citizens no matter who they voted for. History is our guide.

  107. Trump won't be President long enough to create many jobs. Eight of 44 Presidents have died in office,five others have had major health problems while President,and one has resigned. Two faced impeachment.Trump is a very likely target for removal from office by one or more of these means. His age,his lack of exercise,his angry nature, and the pressures of the Presidency are likely to result in his physical decline. His conflict-ridden business dealings which he won't put into a blind trust will open him up to congressional and possibly criminal scrutiny

  108. Perhaps true, but in this case I will be praying for his health. I don't want Pence to be our President.

  109. If you're depending on that to save us...well, it might happen too late. A President can put us on any of a number of one way tracks to Hell.

  110. The traditional media took a large risk by pushing Hillary so relentlessly, first steam rolling Sanders, then assuring all that Hillary was '86%' certain to win. Their credibility is shot, and now they are going to find themselves completely marginalised, with little if any ability to affect policy. Objectivity, once squandered, will be impossible to regain.

  111. How has media affected policy in the (recent) past?

  112. The press never affects policy, not directly. It is supposed to inform the People so that they can affect policy. This election polarized people so much that many saw any story from the press that exposed troubling facts or inconsistencies about their favorite candidate as an unfair, uncivil attack.

    In my experience, those who complain most loudly and vehemently about that the mere exposure of troubling information is unfair and slanted usually know, consciously or subconsciously, that the troubling information is probably true and they refuse to face it because of what it says about their willingness to overlook the facts.

  113. It's almost like he said those thing on the campaign trail just to get elected!

  114. Note that the "track Muslims" comments that he has made have been amplified and spun out of control by media. The US, like nearly all countries, records visitors who enter. The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System established after 9/11, put extra emphasis on adult males from "high risk" for countries. Those countries included places from which the 9/11 terrorists originated. The system more closely kept track of such visitors. Trump has never suggested a "registry" for Muslim Americans, and the word registry has been spun out of control to sow fear and resentment. Yes, we track visitors already, and yes the government can legally tighten visitor oversight.

  115. So he was only repeating what was already being done?

    He didn't know it was being done in advance?

  116. So why does he harp on tracking Muslims as if it isn't being done? Either he wants to take credit for it, because many Americans don't know about it...or he has something more than mere tracking of visitors in mind.

    Look at the history of his cabinet picks and candidates. People okay with the Japanese internment camps of WW II, for example. Hmmm.

  117. "Reading from a script and looking into a camera, he steered clear of his most inflammatory campaign promises to deport immigrants and track Muslims and his pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act."
    Trump is going to break many of his campaign promises, he is not going to follow through building a wall, deport all illegal immigrants,ban Muslims or repeal Obama care entirely. None of those ideas are realistic or workable. those are outrageous policies. His supporters knew very well that those were just campaign promises. Even trump did not have any idea or clue how how was going to accomplish those goals, He himself contradicted many of those ideas.Neither his supporters cared to ask him how he was going to accomplish those goals. They just voted blindly and they did not care either, their only aim was to express their anger and hatred towards minorities and immigrants and Donald Trump was the medium to do that and they won.

  118. The only promises he cares about are the ones that will line his own pockets and those of his children. His cronies, too, as long as they stay loyal, but he'll throw them under the bus too if necessary. Any good that comes from this will be purely by accident.

  119. Sooooo. The imperial president wasn't Nixon after all. It is this guy. On you tube. With a teleprompter. Wonder when he'll bring back the guards in royal livery? He will grant Fox and Brietbart access but not anyone else. Don't cave NYT. Do your job.

  120. Day after day after day, the thought of this man as president is a source of seemingly endless despair.

  121. I hear you Brian. I can only imagine what my WW II veteran father must be thinking watching this from above.

  122. This video was brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.

    “For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?” - 1984 George Orwell
    Seems like a text book these days.

  123. Poorly educated Americans don't even know what you're talking about.

    If that comment upsets anyone, realize that you must be admitting something about yourself. I accuse no one specifically with that remark.

  124. Goals are great, but the means and methods to achieve those goals are just as important because those means and methods are where opportunity is exploited by the selfish and self-serving.

    In this case, Mr Trump's character would suggest personal opportunity, not public good, is the driving force.

  125. Attention must be paid to subversion before it becomes the norm. The NYT was diddled by a Bannonite tactic. After rushing their trolls in to post "complaints" about "coverage," Trump is now crowing that the NYT is inundated with "complaints"... so don't believe NYT coverage of the unsavory Trump. Examine where the "complaints" came from. Perhaps the paper can continue to do the in-depth reporting. The real story is about independent media being infiltrated and colonized by Bannon-Trump Inc.

  126. And the Mercer family -- follow the money and the data via Cambridge analytics

  127. Thanks for that, Kathy. Watch the p.r. operation in action on the CNN website. After giving Trump and his paid surrogates free access, unfiltered, for 18 months; after the Lewandowski "firing" scam which they went along with; after enabling the Trump coup, they are now running banner ads: "Most [Americans] say Trump will do a good job"-- 10 days after an election, not yet in power! The latest banner is that Trump has [magnanimously] waived his threat to "Lock Her Up." I wonder if they have a jeweller creating the Imperial Crown or whether one will be sent over from the Kremlin.

  128. As Hillary said, "It takes a Village"

  129. 1. I support all our POTUS, for if they fail, do we.
    2. HowEva, I don't support (the attitudes of) folks that blatantly survive via berating others.
    a. (specifically others that have less than they do), have an adult history of displaying "Bullying" manners, demeanor, attitudes.
    b. And I have major difficulty in believing such character traits can effectively govern, build a consensus, formulate relationships outside their beliefs,...
    3. The unemployment rate has been quite decent for sometime now.
    4. The issue has evolved to be wage stagnation problem for the lower-middleclass wage earners.
    5. I hope he succeeds, where 35+yrs of policies have taken us. But that would require a monumental change,..which goes back to #2.

  130. He will doing what he needs to do to geometrically or possibly exponentially increase his own wealth and that of his cronies and, peripherally as far as he's concerned, other rich business people. The businesses that will be "re-Americanized" will be the large ones that have been making out like bandits anyway, and this will be on the backs of the middle class, who might see a slight increase in wealth and opportunity that will be minuscule compared to what the 1% will see. And it will be at the cost of lives, possibly our Constitution and our civil liberties, and the true meaning of the rule of law.

    When people get that job and have to blow the money on health care because they and their children are sick from a ravaged environment, or on law suits when newly empowered businesses rip them off, we will understand what we paid for this "win". When hate speech and action becomes the norm because the Administration's and the Supreme Court's newest members will relax prohibitions and punishments against it - and gun laws are relaxed so that anyone can use their "2nd Amendment Rights" to right those wrongs, we will understand what we paid. When America becomes marginalized as a world power for the sake of our economic comfort (which will only be realized by the top 1-5%), we will understand what we paid.

    I hope I'm wrong, but as someone educated as a scientist, I go by facts in evidence to form hypotheses, and so far it isn't looking good for my country.

  131. Not on your education level but I know "Bullies" and empowered ones don't have the effective traits, character, mindset, govern a "Free" Society.

    Now if we're not a "Free" Society when this is over, yeah maybe he will succeed but how we're (seemingly) currently constructed, no.

  132. For every new regulation approved by Trump, two from his predecessors revoked sounds mighty dangerous. A regulation relaxing reporting requirements of corporations could come at the price of the cancelation of regulation protecting the water supplies from heavy metals and the national forests from being clear cut.

  133. I watched the video. I had the disturbing sense that the words were written for him--the same feeling I had whenever he used a teleprompter. Only the asides sounded like they belonged to him. Made me think,"He doesn't know how to do this. He's in over his head." Are we in for a puppet-presidency?

  134. "No puppet, no puppet. You're the puppet."
    -President-elect Donald J. Trump

  135. Most President's speeches are written for them. That is, sorry to say, a lame criticism. Perhaps we got spoiled by the Obamas. We should judge those who lead us by what they do and say outside of speeches.

  136. Read up on the Mercer family who own him and installed Bannon and Congress to turn his campaign around. Then read about Cambridge Analytics

  137. Here's a thought. Stop reporting on him. YouTube? This is what he has devolved into? I listen to YT if I want to hear a song. Most older people that vote don't even have a computer and young people aren't going to go listen to him on YT. So who is the target audience? Can we please just stop this nonsense now and have the electoral college step in. Please???

  138. Theoretically, the Electoral College may be as corrupt as people think the rest of the government is.

  139. He should have a real press conference. He hasn't had one since he became the president-elect. What is he afraid of? Questions?

  140. Trump's last Press Conference was over 100 days ago.

    Trump's afraid of the press.

  141. He hated having to submit to them during his campaign. Now that he's President, he doesn't think he has to anymore.

    Like any dictator, he believes the people only need to know what he wants them to know. As we saw during his whole life and his campaign, so should we be surprised?

  142. Correct... he is afraid of questions... he is afraid of being exposed for what he is... a know-nothing incompetent unqualified buffoon unfit for the presidency... so much easier to just spit out your venom and lies with no countering in person from anybody....

  143. So it appears that we will have policy statements and executive orders via social media. I wonder how he will communicate with leaders of Congress, Twitter at 2AM? It is going to be an interesting four years.

  144. The hubris of this man. Please recall when President Obama, during his transition, made a video to address (read: reassure) the American public of his leadership plans? I can't. This is white (male ) privilege personified. Yet, Obama was taken to task for his use of teleprompters among many other nitpicking complaints during his terms. Sigh.

    So ladies and gents, whether you voted for him or not, expect this man to be lead from social media. Wouldn't be surprised if he gave his State of the Union address on Snapchat.

  145. Actions speak louder than words. Trump pledges to work for job creation, but he has busied himself working for his own business interests abroad, as the President-elect. He promises to work for everyone, but he is looking at divisive figures like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani. He assures us that things are going very efficiently, but he made time to have twitter feuds over "Hamilton" and "SNL."
    No, Mr. Trump, your PR bit does not erase what is in front of us.

  146. NYT....Thank you for having the guts to tell Trump "nothing is off the record" so he can't spin it to his propaganda devices. I have newspapers from 1776. The press didn't back down then and they shouldn't back down now from an overbearing proxy king like Trump. Everything is "on the record". It is the ONLY way to hold him accountable.

  147. How do you explian the lies in the media? Remember Hillary has a 98% chance of winning. Fabrication of the news to back their choice. No honesty No integrity in the media.

  148. I hope Trump goes slow on backing out of these trade deals. Manufacturing supply chains have become more like a worldwide supply web. For the US to be a prominent player in the worldwide supply web, it must:
    Negotiate and be part of multinational trading systems. Hotels and golf courses and the like might be amenable to bilateral trade deals, but manufacturing is now global.
    Raise it's own game. Workers must upgrade our knowledge, skills and commitment to compete, and investors must invest more in US-based R&D and production, and in their US workforce.
    Make the future work in the US. Forget about gutting the EPA, and all of the 'clean coal' baloney. Breathable air and drinkable water are things about the US that other countries admire. If the US is a big market for technologies of the future, those technologies and industries will thrive here.

  149. These are frustrating times for journalists as well as being uncertain times for Americans. With the too-early passing of Gwen Ifel where can we find frank and fair and informed reportage? Where is the next Walter Cronkite? Too much of even respectable journalism has the air of a food-fight among ego-centric rather than news-centric persons. Who would hold a press conference with this group?

    I believe that Mr. Trump is justified in reaching out directly to the people who elected him rather than risk the 'filtratlion' our media provided to his candidacy during the election process. I did not see Mr. Trump get 'straight' reporting during this election cycle. Too much attention seemed to be given to his 'Reality Star' persona. Reporters did not seem to find a way to get any deeper into this candidate and where he would lead us. This video shows that with President Trump, America elected a team of people rather than a single galvanizing presence. I say 'Thanks' for that. Seeing Mr. Trump stay on-message, even a scripted message is reassuring.

  150. But the people didn't elect him, the Electoral College did. Ms. Clinton won the people's vote by 1.7 million votes. He is not justified in his approach to the presidency and shutting down access. He is totally filtering his interactions with us by closing himself off to questioning.

  151. I agree. This article describes the video as an "infomercial" - when that is hardly the case.

  152. Much of that "filtration" was fact checking, which Mr. Trump needed very badly.

  153. If only there had been a more civil tone used in the press over the past year we could now have better chances of interviews and frank discussions.
    I hope the powers that be in the NYT internal hierarchy are re-thinking some of their policy.

  154. Civil tone? you are really joking. The TV media gave this uncivil man a bully pulpit to voice all his vulgarities and all you noticed was the belated reaction from the press?

  155. I hope they are digging into his 500 corporations.

  156. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When someone gets outed by the press on questionable activities and views, and questioned vigorously about it, that person's supporters will see that as lack of civility. Margo, it is the JOB of a free press to be vigorous in questioning such things. I have yet to see evidence of any major news outlet generally being uncivil to Trump. You might complain about unfairness because you perceive (eye of the beholder again) that the media went after Trump more than Clinton (but to be fair, during the campaign Trump continually provided more to go after than her), but that is different from civility or lack thereof.

  157. Is Trump so terrified of the press as to hide behind a scrim of twitter, YouTube videos, and last minute cancellations?

  158. He is a coward.
    This can't be news to you.

  159. No, I dont believe so. I agree, however, that he does not need the bias media. He can use youtube and other channels of communication to speak to THE PEOPLE! No need for the NYT, CNN, FOX, etc.

  160. YES, Trump must be afraid of the "Mainstream Press", at least what's left of it. He is using "social media" the way FDR used his "Fireside chats" to communicate directly with the "People". Though there is no filter or scrutiny at the moment he communicates on-line the "media" can still scrutinize and catch the lies. Will the mainstream media finally do the job they didn't do during the campaign that allowed a pathologic liar to become president-elect? We can't really fault the press however lax they were in challenging Trump's lies. The American electorate are mostly to blame for believing what most knew was pure bull s--t. Maybe we will all be surprised and Trump will be a great leader. Rome had Nero and Caligula and survived for long thereafter, America now has Trump. Will we survive him?

  161. Everyday, every self respecting media organization should submit a request to the transition team and then the Trump White House, for his tax returns, audit or no audit. Trump's withholding of his returns during the election was a slap in the face of every American and the media must not let this go unchallenged. Since the tax returns may be the only documents that may shed light on the Trump Organization's business dealings while he is president, there can be no concession on this. It may be the only tool we have to act as a check on the near certain self-dealing that will occur in the next four years.

  162. Taxes are an Imperative!...Without taxes we can not follow the many conflicts of interest.
    The Trump kids, who I am convinced are clones of their father should be
    totally in or totally out of government.
    Blind trust period..........
    the Consumer Protection Board should be in on this......

  163. Where is Wikileaks when you need them?

  164. How about we all put our taxes in escrow + do not pay until he does? Sort of a pedestrian way to show him the Kantian Categorical Imperative (Act according to that maxim whereby your deeds will be good if applied to all of society)

  165. Sounds like the standard Republican agenda. Old (and sour wine) in new bottles.

    I'm sure the people of Oklahoma will enjoy Trump removing fracking regs. After all, why should California and Alaska have all the earthquakes?

  166. Seriously, Margo? Do you understand the ramifications of a president that won't talk to the free press? The president, any president, needs to be questioned about his/her proposals and policies, not coddled. If Trump can't "man" up to this task, he needs to resign immediately.

  167. The Obama administration has a very good record at creating jobs, particularly in light of the economic mess it inherited. I certainly want to see the next administration build on the foundation laid by the current one.

  168. Every president in my lifetime promises jobs. Obama was stymied by obstruction, that Trump will have less of unless the GOP is serious about fiscal conservatism-which seems to only concern them when a Dem is President. I wonder what kind of jobs this man has in mind. He's against unions, against minimum wage, likely against employer provided healthcare, so I wonder if the jobs will be good jobs or subsistence jobs, temporary jobs (i.e. pipelines) or growth jobs. My feeling is that we will have a bubble of growth for a short burst, followed by another financial upset (due to those lax regulations) and a crushing realization that we've made the 1% really really rich while starving government revenue into further and further indebtedness.

  169. US wages are way too high, according to one of the most extravagantly overpaid people in North America.

  170. I visited Czechoslovakia forty years ago and saw loud speakers in the trees. They were for broadcasts of State TV to bombard people in the park and on the side walks about how great their leaders were. And I thought to myself, thank God we have a free press and if a leader is truly great we will know it from what he does, not what he says.

  171. What nonsense from a total idiot whose admission of settling for 25 million for one of his frauds is far more indicative of the Trump we will get. He will do a few cosmetic actions to assuage the extremely stupid people he represents. I know several tea party supporters that believe the Chinese have bought Lake Michigan; when asked how he would get it to China after showing them a map, the response was to take it in boats. Seems typical of his supporters nation wide, and how easy it will be for Trump to continue to fool them. He will take some action against immigrants, begin to build some type of wall, and talk about putting a tariff on some countries products. He will do enough to get by the 2018 elections but no more. He is not going to dismantle NATO, which would be an enormous benefit if he did so, or withdraw troops anywhere in the world. We see his kooks of retired military, but wait until we see who will be running the Military by those still in uniform. The typical Trumpism will be to take credit for something that did not happen such as saving Ford motors from moving to Mexico. There is only one way to treat Trump: resist everything he does, and continue pointing out how illegitimate his reign will be.

  172. A youtube video? Seriously? I guess he couldn't do it live. He needed a format where he could do a few takes. No doubt Ivanka was standing nearby to hold his hand and reassure him that he's doing great. And forget handling any questions.

    I feel sick...

  173. The media won in the short term, because America tuned into the spectacle of Trump as a presidential candidate. But, now that Trump is president-elect, who can stomach watching him in these videos? Images, twitter rants and "nuggets of wisdom" from Trump are skin crawling and likely to cause more to turn away from the news.

    Who reads or watches real news? It's not Trump supporters.

    I will miss having an intelligent president who could give a speech without looking like he's being held hostage in a bad movie. Oh, I know Mr. Trump, "Not nice. Apologize!". What a dope!

  174. For over a year, media outlets were propping up Trump and degrading Clinton to make it seem like a race between two decent candidates. They did this for ratings, because no one wanted to hear about a lopsided race between a qualified candidate and a wholly unqualified one.

    Now the unqualified candidate has miraculously won, and I can't help but feel that the news media is partly (if not mostly) to blame.

    I have no idea why Trump is upset with the news outlets. He has them to thank for this ugly period of American stupidity.

  175. The 'lock her up' and 'build that wall' crowd must be terribly disappointed today.

  176. Your moment has come Grey Lady. How will you meet it?

  177. Instead of using for-profit media businesses as his primary public communication channel, he is using the free internet medium to get his message across. Why is it so painful to accept that? missed ad revenue?

  178. It's been verified that 70% of what he says are lies. Bypassing the press means that no one can call him out on these lies or question him. I have a problem with that. Why don't you?

  179. He is issuing proclamations with no scrutiny of his policy details. "The devil is in the details", as they say.

    There is no single human being on earth that I blindly trust to have all of the answers.

  180. The issue is, using YouTube, he remains unchallenged by a free press. Without that challenge, his words are equivalent of a government run press spewing propaganda. As it is, many of his supporters have insulated themselves within a cocoon of phony news and phony science, and I for one, don't see them coming back to reality anytime soon.

    Have we forgotten the value of a true, free press? Was Watergate really that long ago? I'm not one to use apocalyptic phrases, yet the more I resist the urge, the clearer my internal argument becomes: I truly do fear for our country.

  181. What a spineless bully. Is he going to conduct his entire presidency like the Wizard of Oz?

  182. . I see his berating of journalists as juvenile, immature and an attempt to intimidate them with respect to future reporting.

    A free and open press are essential to democracy. Trump seems to be using the Putin playbook of trying to suppress dissent.

    We're only into the first twelve days and I've seen no signs that suggest Trump has changed or intends to change his ways. And as far as brining jobs back to America, how about starting with his and his daughters clothing lines both of which are made in China

  183. Speaking on You Tube, no questions to be asked. Sounds like the modern version of Mussolini speaking from a balcony to cheering throngs.

  184. The line between policy and propaganda is getting blurrier, we now have a new concept "polipaganda." Using the social media channels allows him to bypass probing questions and continue hollering on the megaphone. At some point, "the media" will likely realize that they are still enabling his polipaganda and being pushed more and more to the side.

    Clearly, anyone can communicate through any channel s/he chooses. However, without robust journalistic standards, this conversation will continue to move in the direction of propaganda. Time to reconsider the dead end road we are on.

  185. Liar in Chief, wants to control the information, the first requirement for a dictator. But in your other article on attacking press freedom, the 1st amendment, and all of his libel suits, you don't mention much about the alt-media. That vast right wing machine that cranks out propaganda, with malice aforethought, led by Rush and B-bart and all the radio rant wing empire is not held accountable by anyone.

    Take back the playing field, take us back to responsible news, back when the news content was not intended to guild the bottom line. The "press" is better than the broadcast or cable "infotainment" where news is an afterthought, and only included if the news will enhance ratings.

    And please, stop reporting on the Name Brand hotels, golf courses, towers, and the guilded throne room of "he who shall remain nameless". I'll try to avoid ever using the T-word again; how about you?

  186. Liar in Chief? That is Obama's title. Please find another title for our nation's new President.

  187. I, to, intend never to use the "t" word again. I've substituted the term "Abomination" whenever I have to refer to the would-be-fuhrer.

    It doesn't change what just happened, or what is looming, but at least I don't feel like I have to wash my mouth out with soap after any discussion of the current situation.

  188. Welcome to 1984.

  189. I wish it were 1984 again.

  190. Do Democrats now oppose jobs, support trade deals voters hate, and support lobbyists in government? Democrats support corruption?

    As Bernie already said, the alternative is to work with Trump on the things Democrats support that he says he will do. Put it to the test.

    Pick and choose. Stop the reflexive opposition that is worthy only of McConnell.

    It is time to move on from campaign mode.

  191. Let's put it this way...we support jobs, preferably living wage jobs that have some sustainability. We support the concept of trade, the peace that is a by-product of trading partners but not the offshoring of jobs to take advantage of lax environmental and safety regulations and exploitative cheap labor. We are wary of the corruption innate in Trump's international business dealings which he shows no signs of relinquishing. Lobbying to present the people's desires on climate/environmental protection, civil rights, small business concerns - maybe. Big corporations desiring the right to poison and plunder at will - not so much. Trump's presidency is the last experiment of tax cuts and trickle down theory. We will wait and see how it plays out.

  192. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades due to Democratic policies enacted by Obama. It seems unlikely that the number will be lower in 4 years, especially by "millions".

    The campaign is over, but the process of people coming back to reality from campaign promises is a long and painful road. We've just begun.

  193. One thing is for sure, Trump is being handed an economy in much much better shape than the one Obama inherited from Bush. If he can't improve on it-or at minimum maintain it, his incompetence will be quite clear.

  194. It's early, and although evidence to-date is less than encouraging to this progressive, I'm willing to give him a chance to deliver. After all, aided as he is by a GOP congress, what alternative do we have at this point? That said, it is incumbent on journalists to hold his administration and this congress to account - consistently, relentlessly, and thoroughly. If they'll do that, we'll be alright in the long run. Either we'll make progress, or it will be abundantly apparent that we aren't. A free and engaged press is perhaps the single most important characteristic of our democracy. Lose that and we lose everything. We don't have to have press conferences, we just have to have a press.

  195. I remember cutting Bush II a lot of slack. Do we make the same mistake again?

  196. Which Donald Trump are we to believe?

  197. The wisest course of action is never to believe his words. He lies over 80% of the time, impossible to know when he's telling the truth. Watch and see what he does instead, like nominating Bannon, the racist misogynist.

  198. There is only one, and he is a fake.

  199. That one, Ok, that one,...Now that I think about it,..that one,... make it, that one over there.

  200. It's been two weeks, Mr. Trump.

    Where is your press conference?

    You think you can play by your own rules. but you got 2 million less popular votes. You did win the electoral college votes, but there is a huge swath of Americans that doesn't care for you. We will hold you accountable.

    Where is your press conference?

    The media needs to stop being diverted by your tweet tactics. They will figure that out and start hitting you hard on your conflict of interests, your shady business dealings, your banana republic attitude towards your children, the $1 million per day it's costing Americans in New York to pay for NY City cops for your security because you refuse to use Washington D.C. as your base, your lies about keeping jobs in America, what a shyster you are in your Trump University scam. Maybe there will even be some Republicans who figure out the real treat you represent to our Republic.

    The media needs to stand up to you and this off the record baloney of you summoning them to your tower and dressing them down, belittling them, should really reveal to them what a terrible person you are and what a real threat you represent to the fourth estate.

    But, at the end of the day, I don't think you fully understand that you work for us, We, the People. Not the other way around.

    Where is your press conference?

  201. it's not that he doesn't understand it. It is that he believes, for Donald J. Trump, that concept does not apply. Read about the words to that effect that have come out of his own mouth, if you can extrapolate their meaning which is confirmed by his actions through his whole life .

  202. I don't want to be the disgruntled Democrat who can't stop harping that HRC won the popular vote by over 2 million votes and that the EC gave Trump a wobbly and shocking path to victory. The Clinton campaign made numerous mistakes that were subsequently aided by FBI Director Comey. A better team would have won this easily. It's done and we are less for it.

    But watch the video: Trump doesn't care about governing. He's about to make BILLIONS off this trade. He will soak up every global deal he can get his hands on. He won't release his taxes and he will not put his 500 businesses into a blind trust. He said as much yesterday. Sorry America, WE have all been duped. 46% of the country fell for the con. Keep an eye on the Deutsche Bank fines( $14 Bil) and the Mercer family IRS $6 billion fight. They both have Donald's ear and purse. These battles will disappear under the Trump family. Just watch....The Clintons are school children compared to this organized crime outfit. 3,600 outstanding lawsuits? Poof, gone. Ok, I'm harping...Apologies.

    "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

  203. Very presidential. Need I say more? Thank you.

  204. Ludicrous.

  205. Steven Hawking is going to have to reassess his prediction of the human race disappearing in 1000 years. Trumps roll back of every environmental protection and climate agreements will surely knock off 200 years off the Earth. But hey, in the mean time, America will be "great" sometime...maybe...perhaps....I'll get back to you.

  206. Well, it looks like the era of the gatekeeper press is over. No longer will authority speak to reporters who tell the public what authority actually meant. Poor old press! It's time to get up from the desks and do some real investigating. Look on the bright side: this is opportunity. All those dead-wood writers who've been hogging the limelight for so long are out, and a new breed of journalist can take over.

  207. and why does anyone think Celebrity Journalists could trump Trump? Off the record, NYT? are you really going to allow that privilege? What for? what's the point? Access to the cesspool?

  208. Why is Trump referred to as Mr. Trump, and President Obama often called just Obama? Honest question.

  209. Mr Trump has not be sworn in yet. One could call him President-Elect Trump but that is a mouthful.

  210. Those that do don't think a black man in the White House is worthy of respect...

  211. And Hillary Clinton is just Hillary.

  212. Trump will either be a dose of fresh air in Washington or, given the amount of rope he has taken, hang himself. Time will tell.

  213. Trump is starting off extremely well. He is putting together a great cabinet and his comments on Youtube are terrific. WE need Jobs!! Make America Great Again!!! GIVE HIM A CHANCE!! you too will benefit from his work!!

  214. Serious questions: When do you think America stopped being great? Why do you think that electing a narcissistic game show host as our chief executive will return us to greatness?

    I measure the greatness of a country, in part, by the way it takes care of its most vulnerable residents. Universal healthcare is a big part of national greatness and I thank President Obama and the Democratic party for the enormous strides they have made in that direction. Nothing that Trump has done so far would suggest that he will build on that progress. We can only hope that he is limited in his efforts to dismantle it.

  215. It is a great cabinet if you happen to be a white supremacist.

  216. I wonder why he doesn't--or perhaps prefers not to--list such an important policy outline on a, for instance, Transition web site. That way, some Americans with Disabilities might be better able to understand what the President-Elect has to say.

    Due to a hearing impairment, with the aid of my cochlear device, I can hear reasonably well. When it comes to understanding some forms of speech--delivered over electronic means--I don't always fully understand what is being said. But in written format, I can bypass the hyperbole, and read for myself.

    Mr. Trump, don't we count?

  217. He mocks the disabled.

    Probably thinks they're losers like POWs.

  218. Whatever. He just says whatever at any given moment. That's the track record, and why anyone would believe otherwise is mystifying. There will be too much pivoting, lies and corruption to keep up with. Pay off what you can and be ready. What's coming will be ugly.

  219. YouTube in place of a press conference....Unstable Twitter Rants.....Alt-Right White Supremacist whispering in his ear.

    Welcome to the Trump Version of the Presidency.

    Is it too late to get W back?

  220. Trump can put off the press conference for just so long and he will have to face the cameras and questions. If he didn't know it before he will soon find out the being President of the US requires you to be out there alone with only your wits and experience to back you up. I'm looking forward to that event.

  221. But...why? There is no law to make him be out there. I doubt he cares about a second term, so he doesn't have to worry about the long haul. He won the election basically playing the media and catering to his base via social media, so to him his way works! For the hard stuff, he will depend on Bannon and the others to provide enough framework for him to operate while he remains the bombastic front man keeping the base on board and giving the finger to opponents. As we see with his refusal to run with a press pool, he doesn't care if the people see what he's doing and where he is. We can't impeach him for not having press conferences!

  222. Why a campaign commercial now?
    Doesn't he realize the campaign is over?

  223. No.

  224. Expect that this years State of the Union address to be on Twitter or You Tube. Remember there is no requirement to go to the Capitol.

  225. The republicans are behind the curve. They are science and fact phobic. Solutions to problems that don't exist. There is a need to heal and bring the country together but these plans are more of the same ineffective antiquated strategies from tired old men who only look out for themselves. I hope to God that young voters get in the game after this. Minority voters too (unless they continue to be excluded from the process by the republican party).

    If he doesn't choose to participate through the regular news channels because he's afraid of participating in the debate so be it. The media should be very tough on him now that he skated by in the campaign.

  226. Will President-Elect Trump's pro-American-jobs, anti-globalist and anti-establishment populism be the major force within the new Republican Party?

    Or will Speaker Ryan seize the day, continue to claim a "mandate" directing his "united Republican government" to fast-track the tried and found wanting GOP establishment agenda? Will the GOP remain the party dedicated to tax-breaks, primarily for already wealthy individuals and corporations; to financial and environmental deregulation; to privatization and or "reform" (weakening) of the social safety net, etc.?

    Can we rest assured that whatever accommodation Mr. Trump might receive from the Ryan-McConnell establishment, by 2018 it will be evident to all voters that the GOP has led the citizenry further down the path toward laissez fairer crony capitalism and a new Gilded Age?

    Under the "united Republican government" lauded by Mr. Ryan, can there be any outcome other than greater wealth for the plutocratic few and serfdom for the many? Does this "Road to Serfdom" perfectly serve the interests of the Ayn-Randian Speaker Ryan and of the opportunistic Senate Majority Leader McConnell?

    How can a plutocratic "populist" like Mr. Trump resist the force of Mr. Ryan's mandate and effectively abandon Mr. Trump's own lifelong commitment to self-interest and plutocracy?

  227. Fine. Let him stick to You Tube if he's afraid to face any real questions. At least he's not blustering all over our televisions anymore. This could work out pretty well for those who would rather pretend he just doesn't exist.

  228. The Trump YouTube message can be described as propaganda and yes, it appears than Bannon wrote it or at least the economic part. Sit back a moment and consider what the NYT daily slams against Trump and dismissal of Bernie Sanders for a year on its front page and editorial pages did for the country, while lauding how wonderful Clinton was, despite her total lack of a clear vision for America. Well, that is not totally true, Clinton's clear vision was seeing herself as President. The NYT should have been reporting on facts about not just Trump, but about its champion, Clinton. Of course, the entire election might well have gone to Bernie had the HYT not dismissed him summarily in the spring. While the NYT subscriptions are apparently surging, it might consider reporting facts so that the little people can decide whom they support.

  229. What did the NYTs not report about Hilary?

    BTW, I H8 to quote a great Hall and Oates song (also Tavares) but "She's Gone".

    So is Sanders. I didn't notice Trump focusing on them in his Pledge to create jobs.