Policing Flint

Step inside the Police Department of Flint, Mich., to see how officers in this struggling city confront budget cuts and public distrust.

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  1. There have been a rash of supposed lone-ranger attacks on police - killing them while they sit in their cars and ambushing them in other ways - across America in recent months. Coincidence? No, it is not.

    Average citizens do not use violence and most appreciate good cops.
    The Con Don and his "brown shirt" law enforcement supporters want to make it an executable crime to kill ANY police officer, even in self defense. He and his supporters need fodder to get people to support the idea.

    Do you think it is beyond belief that these "attacks" are engineered by the same hard-right creeps who just stole this election through hate-anger-fear-lies-war rhetoric? Well, it is not.

    That is exactly how Hitler gained power. He sent his "brown shirts" in to kill elected officials and cause other social problems that caused unrest and deflected the blame onto other opponents of the very people/group he targeted. It caused social unrest and he then convinced the remaining public officials in those countries that 'only he" could save them. They believed him and did not stand up against him and he came in, took over their country and continued his march to destroy the world.

    As we learned on November 8, there are many stupid people who believe the bald-lie propaganda being spread in America.

    We need a small-donor cooperative "underground media complex" to get the REAL news out to people NOW.

  2. Law enforcement said they needed our moral support; now, they’ve got it. Law enforcement said society had to address economic root causes; now, it will. And now, it’s their turn, to address policing. The anger is real: some of it may be misplaced, but some of it is not at all misplaced; just accept that this is not a mass delusion; also accept that funding will never be adequate. They now have to keep up their end of the bargain, community by community.

  3. Thank you Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper for writing the article and filming T-Rex. The police in our country have come under intense pressure. I truly believe most police officers want to do the right thing - however, there are those who don't. Budget cuts, like those in Flint, have placed an even heavier burden on local fire, police and healthcare services. I appreciate the attempts to bridge the gap between the communities in the inner cities and the police. It's going to be challenging, but racial bias is something which needs to be constantly reviewed and managed with training. It won't disappear overnight. We can never give up trying.

  4. Neither cops nor crooks nor civilians can solve all of societies separate and unequal problems. A community is part of a city is part of a county is part of a state is part of a nation. What is still legal in a nation that enslaved and discriminated against human beings on the basis of their color, ethnicity, faith and national origin should shame and embarrass all Americans.

    That America has 25% of the world's prisoners with only 5% of the human race certainly makes America an exceptional land of the free and home of the brave nation worthy of a just God's blessings in the hearts and minds of a white European American majority. But slavery and involuntary servitude still live in the life of each of the 2.3 million incarcerated Americans of whom 40% are black.

    Policing America provides a very limited context and perspective on our natural diverse humanity. Coroners and undertakers see humanity from a very different point of view than pediatricians and gerontologists. So do cops.

  5. My God, what about the predators among that 2 million plus population?

  6. Another sad American city like Camden, NJ, etc. They should build a large penitentiary in Flint. Get all of the thugs, drug dealers, etc. off of the streets so the people can sleep at night. A prison would provide state/federal jobs and steady income for people in a depressed area.

  7. Would love to hear that Black Lives Matter and other Social Justice Warriors turned-off their Twitter and applied en Masse to Police Departments in their communities. Instead of complaining, do something positive to change things!

  8. instead of complaining...? if no one can complain, we'd still have Cosby reruns on cable. we can't all join the fight, but we all can speak up.

  9. Why don't you? It should not be up to black people to change institutional racism when they're not in charge of the institutions.

  10. The criminal justice system in this country is designed to lock up people for profit.

    Police in many black towns don't solve crimes so much as harass and kill people who offend them. Many of the most dangerous people affecting black communities are not even black-- gun dealers and drug traffickers have more resources than most black law-breakers. When was the last time you heard of a large drug or illegal gun bust anywhere in the US? But cops are always busting guys on the street. Why? Low-hanging fruit make quota.

    Getting the big guys gets accolades but doesn't pay the bills, especially if you find out you're messing with someone's sideline. Rich, important people commit crimes too, but you can't go after those guys, so...

    From the street to the private prison, we are locking up people for profit, pay, and pensions. But we are not interested in fighting crime, so please let's drop that myth.

    Cops don't fight crime. They regulate it.

  11. Michigan is a fine example of what happens when the people elect a rich business person with no government experience who promises to cut taxes and save money. let's watch.

  12. I'm sorry - but your argument that traditional 2D filmmaking was not adequate and you needed the VR approach is beyond disingenuine. You chose that approach to appeal to those people who would not hire you otherwise. Big difference.